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About a year ago one of my good friends, Christine, kept pestering me to start a photoblog so we could post our pictures.  I did it half-heartedly, but the best part about it was being able to see her photos.  In the last year she’s gone from a girl who never talked about pictures to a true photographer whose work has been sold in galleries

I used to think that one day I’d meet a bunch of hip movers and shakers in this city but I haven’t.  Instead the people I’ve loved all along are becoming those movers and shakers and I realize that I couldn’t like them anymore than I did before.  Plus they have less time for me now.  So I guess what I’m saying is if you’re my friend, please stop being successful because it’s cutting into “me” time.

You can check out Christine’s work here and also below because I know too many of her secrets for her to threaten to sue me for not getting her permission first.


“Double Vision” ~ Christine Kovach

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  1. Great work. You need to become friends with some lazy people so you never have to worry about losing your “me time”.

  2. That’s a wonderful photo…stand on your head for a totally different perspective.
    Take your helmet cam off first.

  3. Hey, if the up and coming movers and shakers are hanging out with you, that says something about you, too. Like that you are also morphing into a mover and shaker. Birds of a feather and all that.

  4. Hi, moving and shaking here a lot but not in cool “art in gallery” kind of way like you and your friends but you can shake and move with me any time. 😉 That’s an awesome photo…talented friend!

  5. You could always be her model or just hang around inspiring her sort of like those people that used to hang around Andy Warhol in his Factory days. Well, except without the drugs.

  6. yep meet some lazy people. or get somthing contagiuos like the flu and share it like all good froends do so they have to have some down time and be there to nurse them back to health 🙂

  7. Jenny, you are an internationally known blogger, invited to visit and party with Californians and Canadians, been insulted by Australians, met Amy Sedaris, and been commented on by Wil Wheaton (and snubbed by Ken Hoffman!). I think you’re quite the hip mover and shaker yourself!

    (P.S. You’re lucky about all the secrets, ‘cuz I would totally have sued you!) 😉

  8. I agree, nice photos. The only criticism I have is that some of them display the “aura effect” that comes from being a bit too aggressive with the unsharp mask filter (at least, that is what produces this effect on *my* photos.)

    But then, *her* photos are being seen in a gallery – something *I* haven’t managed to accomplish. So, what would I know? 😉


  9. We all await your book so we can complain how fame has gone to your head. I know if you wrote one it would be brilliant!

  10. Hey Lotta,
    She did.
    And it was.
    And it just made her cooler.

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