Almost exactly like Amy Sedaris

I’m sure you remember the many posts I wrote about loving Amy Sedaris, wooing Amy Sedaris, and being harshly dumped by Amy Sedaris and really I’m sure we’ve all had just about enough of f*cking Amy Sedaris.   But just as I was ready to admit that Amy and I were possibly not going to end up being bff’s I noticed that Lotta posted some videos of Amy Sedaris making balls on Martha Stewart and I realized that Amy was wearing almost exactly the same Heidi-esque frock that I own. Which means the stalking?  Is totally back on.





I can only assume her naughty nurse outfit was at the cleaners.  I hate it when that happens.

PS.  I look way skinnier in this picture than I actually am because my elbow fat is creating an optical illusion.  Yay for fat making me look skinny!  The apocalypse is nigh!

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  1. I love Amy Sedaris too. Much more than her brother, and I already really love him.

    Cute outfit, huh? Although one should really make sure never to be caught on the hop with important outfits at the cleaners. That’s why it’s important to own at least two naughty nurse outfits.

  2. my gum just fell outta my mouth and into my coffee.

    that’s like linda carter in her wonder woman outfit goodness.

    now why the hell was i chewing gum and drinking coffee?

  3. I snorted, then started choking while I laughed and my boss just stuck his head around the corner and asked if I was watching the Monkey tape again.

    I may have to go home now…

  4. You should totally wear that dress EVERY DAY Jenny.

    Except when out with me. Unless I have on my suede mini-skirt, high heels and rouge. Wait, sorry wrong programme. Umm my Laura Little House on the Prairie gingham.

    And I’ll be glad to help with the stalking. I have my hands totally full now with Wil Wheaton but I can probably fit Amy Sedaris in on…let’s see…Tuesdays probably. 🙂 Oh. Crap. I pray on Tuesdays. How about Thursdays?

    Using My Words

  5. You look totally hot! I wish my elbow fat would somehow make me look skinnier. Hmmm – I’ll have to practice posing in the mirror later.

  6. I just have to say…..what elbow fat? Girl, if you want to see elbow fat, come to my house! I have enough for the whole nation to share! Pluuuease…elbow fat…..yea, I should look so hot with my elbow fat.

  7. Smok’n hot but way mean of you not to explain why you have that outfit!

    By the way – did the picture you took of me crouching behind Amy Sedaris ever come out? Or was it so awful you are sparing me?

  8. A-1 sauce… bong water… where do you come up with this stuff? It is obvious, though, where Hailey gets her imagination (and maybe her table manners – remember, I’ve seen you eat 😉 ) from.


  9. Lotta: “Smok’n hot but way mean of you not to explain why you have that outfit!”

    Why else would I have a saucy wench dress with mini-petticoat? For church, of course.

  10. Clearly it’s fate, Jenny. You and Amy were meant to be BFF. Want me to help you stalk her? I can fit her in to my “Stalking Wil Wheaton” schedule, no problem.

  11. WOW!

    Uhhh, can you tell me where those dresses can be purchased so I can get one for my wife?

    Also, can you explain the elbow fat=skinny thing so I don’t have to start working out again. As you have seen from my illustrations I have tiny little legs so it isn’t easy for me to jog.

    Thanks in advance!

  12. Hey! I have an austrian dress like that, too! Maybe she was talking to me? After all, I haven’t been stalking her and creeping her out… yeah, she’s sending me secret messages…

    (PS that *may* have been an apron on her. Maybe.)

  13. Jenny, I think you should put a picture of you, Amy Sedaris and Britney Spears in that look-a-like o’meter. You know, just so we know for sure whose side of the celebrity family you fall on.

  14. She WISHES she could be like you.

    I’ll totally buy your drinks if you wear that the next time we go out. LOL. Which should be SOON by the way. 🙂

  15. That outfit is so totally great on you. I don’t know what look Amy’s going for there, but she looks like poor substitute for Belle in Beauty and the Beast (before she meets the Beast). Yipes, I don’t mean to sound crude, that’s just the impression I get.

    Btw, do you know wtf is going on with the Chronicle online? It won’t let me see any inner pages, which means I can’t see MamaDrama. 🙁 How about stalking ‘Evil Dwight’, too, to find out the goods. >:-]
    Thank goodness you have your own ‘hideout’ away from there, so I can get me ‘fix’. 🙂

  16. I wish my fat could make ME look skinny! You look awesome! 🙂 And, what IS with you and Amy Sedaris! I barely know who she is…..!

  17. Tell the truth…you’ve been lookin’ for just the right chance to spring that piccha on your adoring public, right? You don’t just look HAWT…you are SEXYHAWT!

    If I wasn’t a happily married hetero…nevah mind…;).

  18. honestly? I was just really surprised to hear you say that you’d considered *not* stalking her for any length of time. the woman is pure gold. no. she’s pure diamonds. or maybe chocolate. and diamonds. and also gold.

    plus some weed thrown in for good measure.

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