I think I got a pig heart in the mail. UPDATE: No, it’s a dog sleeping bag.

I know I said I’d have more info on the People’s Party today but apparently I’m a big fat liar.  Instead I’m going to show you a screenshot of my email.  Please keep in mind that all of these emails are from real people and are not spam. (Click to enlarge.) Also, I just got a package from the girlContinue reading “I think I got a pig heart in the mail. UPDATE: No, it’s a dog sleeping bag.”

Drunk algebra

So I said I’d write more Blogher stuff but I’m easily distracted and can’t fit in all of the wonderful people I met or missed or drunk-dialed and so instead I’m just going to skip to the part where I tell you the things I didn’t do.  Like how I totally didn’t force Evany to give me her autograph while IContinue reading “Drunk algebra”

Almost exactly like Amy Sedaris

I’m sure you remember the many posts I wrote about loving Amy Sedaris, wooing Amy Sedaris, and being harshly dumped by Amy Sedaris and really I’m sure we’ve all had just about enough of f*cking Amy Sedaris.   But just as I was ready to admit that Amy and I were possibly not going to end up being bff’s I noticed that Lotta posted some videos of AmyContinue reading “Almost exactly like Amy Sedaris”

Back off, bitches

This weekend I met my idol Amy Sedaris and we totally had a connection.  Click to here to see the love letter I gave her:  Check out Mama Drama to see the emotional response I got from Amy as she received the letter (plus drunken photos of bloggers, as requested) today. PS.  Many people at the Blogher convention were under the impressionContinue reading “Back off, bitches”