UPDATED: My heart grew three sizes and now I have an enlarged heart. WORTH IT.

The past few days have been a whirlwind and I’m exhausted  and have given myself hives so please forgive the typos.

A few days ago I put up a post offering $30 gift cards to the first twenty people who didn’t know how they were going to give their kids Christmas gifts this year.  They went frighteningly quickly.  When I got to the twentieth person I saw that there were still a few more people who needed help and my heart sunk.  Then a few comments in one person said “I’ll take care of the 21st person”.  Then another person offered a card for the 22nd.  Then another.  Then it avalanched.

In the past few days that post has gotten over 500 comments and so many heart-breaking requests were from people who need a small hand-up to buy food for Christmas dinner or from people who are planning on telling their children that there is no Santa because otherwise they wouldn’t understand why he didn’t come.  You can’t read the comments and not ache a little because so many of us have either been there or see how easy it would be to be in their position one day.  But here’s the amazing thing…every time someone would leave a comment asking for help someone else would leave a comment asking to help.  And that’s why as of Friday morning, every single person who asked for help here is matched up with at least one person who will be sending them a gift card.  In fact, so many people offered to help that we were able to give out multiple gift cards to people who had a greater need.  And when things seemed dicey and I was about to call for an end to comments a wonderful man emailed me and told me that he’s so enjoyed the community on this blog that he wanted to donate $1000, no questions asked.  So, ten people who were really struggling woke up this morning to $100 in their paypal accounts.  Another reader offered $250 to a family in desperate need.  A doll-clothes store owner sent sent seven beautiful Madame Alexander/American Girl dolls to wait under the tree for seven little girls who truly needed a single happy surprise in their lives right now.  People getting the gift cards are vowing to pay the gift forward next year.  Emails are flooding in from people in shock, in tears and so grateful.  And the funny thing is that half of those crying, grateful people are the ones who are donating.  They’re so happy to have finally felt something warm and true that they’re feeling a Christmas spirit for the first time since they were children.

I know exactly what they mean.

Thank you.  Thank you for donating and thank you for sharing your story.  Thank you for asking for help so that others can feel like miracle workers.  Thank you for kind words and thoughts and for being you.  Thank you.

I’m going out of town for the weekend to pick up my mom and bring her here for Christmas but if you’ve asked for help and haven’t received it by Monday then just leave me a comment next week and I’ll see if I can find another donor to help you.  And if you still want to help leave a comment too.  There are still people trickling in and we may need some angels to swoop in on Monday in case any of the matches flake out.

PS.  I just want to point out that my traffic the last two days has been exactly the same as usual.  What that means to me is that the people donating and the people receiving are all part of the usual community of people who regularly read and comment here.  That.  Is.  Amazing. And I’m so proud to be part of this community.  You guys are the best minions ever.

UPDATE: So many people have gone on their own blogs to offer up their own gift cards to people in need and it’s amazing.  Thank you!  One of those people is the amazing Maureen Johnson who helped a ton of people herself but still has twenty more people in dire need.  If you still want to donate I have their addresses and I can set you up to perform a small Christmas miracle.  Just leave a comment.  I’ll be here for the next two hours at least if you can donate.

UPDATE AGAIN: A lot of you have asked if you could just paypal me money to give to the people in need.  You totally can but I’ll have to pay taxes on that money since it goes into my account so it’s not as ideal as you getting matched with someone and sending them the card directly, but if you’d rather just give money you can paypal me at jenny@thebloggess.com.  Don’t spam me or I will stab you.

SATURDAY UPDATE: As of right now (noon Saturday) I have emailed hundreds of donors and over 500 gift cards are scheduled to go out to people who need help.  If everything goes as planned (Please, God, let it go as planned) everyone who has asked for help as of this moment will get at least one gift card and many will get several.  Some got cash for medicine.  Some got money so they could keep the electricity on and buy food for Christmas dinner.  Some only asked for help in buying presents for their brothers or sisters so their moms wouldn’t be so worried.  Some received help and then got more help than they needed and decided to turn around and become a donor themselves.  I wish I could tell you what this has meant to me but there aren’t words for it.  The emails and comments coming in from people who got a Christmas miracle are incredible but the ones from people so thankful to be able to help are even more moving.  Right now we still have a few more donors available and another 20 are standing by in case someone who asked for a donation hasn’t heard anything from their donor by Monday.

That’s one hell of a Christmas miracle, y’all.

This calls for a theme song.

Thank you for making me believe again.

UPDATE (10am Sunday morning): As of this minute (barring any mistakes) we’ve matched everyone who asked for help with at least one donor and we still have a few donors on standby for emergencies. So far over 600 gift cards have gone out to provide a Christmas miracle for strangers in need. If you wanted to help but haven’t heard from me please leave another comment. I’m sure by Monday we’ll need more to fill in any gaps. Now if you’ll excuse me, my hands are about to fall off.

UPDATE (2pm Sunday): With no marketing, no push, and no fanfare, somehow hundreds of willing donors have  come forward to send 650 gift cards to people in need.  Many people who wanted to contribute a $30 card came back and told me that instead they gave $50 or $100 or $200.  As of right now over $22,000 has been sent out in small electronic chunks all over the world to make Christmas a small bit brighter for a complete stranger.  People have contributed in (and have been helped in) America, Canada, England, Germany, Australia, Asia…and they continue to help.  Every time we get down to our last donor someone else steps forward.  I wish I could share all the emails from people who felt that this gave them the hope to get through the next year and the strength to keep looking for a job or a place to work because they now had faith that people cared.  There were even some who admitted later that they were considering suicide until this gave them hope.  Some of those people considering suicide?  Were the donors.  Some felt isolated and depressed in the holiday season and being able to have someone somewhere count on them made them feel connected and less alone.  I know just how they feel.

Thank you for letting me be a part of this.

UPDATE: (A few minutes from Monday morning): Wow. Just…wow. In less than an hour it will be Monday morning and so far pretty much everyone who asked for help is going to matched with at least one donor. I still have another hundred emails to mail out before I can go to sleep but it looks like well over 800 gift cards will be sent out if everything goes through as planned. I’ve been running on adrenaline and caffeine for the past 4 days but I can tell I’m about to crash so I’m going to call this as of right now and say that this has been the most successful, unplanned, disorganized celebration of awesomeness that I’ve ever accidentally been in charge of.

If you still want to help then please leave a comment because we’re about nine donors short right now.   I wish I could do more and I’m sorry that I can’t but I’m so incredibly proud of the fact that we were able to help hundreds and hundreds of people (both givers and receivers) make Christmas magical. If you were matched with someone as of comment 1033 and you don’t get a response from your donor by 11am Monday morning then leave me a comment. We have a few donors on stand-by to help people who may have fallen through the cracks. With any luck by noon tomorrow we’ll be done and I can finally sleep and shower and actually maintain eye contact with my family for more than five minutes at a time.

Thank you. To the donors and to the recipients and to the people who came to cheer on both. Thank you.

You’ve made all the difference.

Final update:

Done.  It’s Monday night and over 900 gift cards were sent out to people needing help.  I’m sure we didn’t get everyone but hundreds and hundreds of people were helped.  Some got enough to buy their children new books.  Some got money to put food on the table on Christmas.  One 9th grader asked if anyone had a used laptop for her disabled mother before coming back and asking to delete the comment since so many other people needed help.  That young girl will be surprising her mother with an ipad from one of our amazing, regular readers.  One woman emailed to say that because of the support she got they were able to save their house from foreclosure.  I wish it could go on forever but I have to stop before I get sick.  If you don’t get an email from me matching you with a donor by midnight, please donate to your local food bank.  There are still so many people who need help this year just putting food on the table.

Some small miracles happened here in the past five days and I don’t know exactly how I fell into being involved but I’m so glad I did.  It may be the lack of sleep but I’m finding it hard really understand what happened here and why it feels like such an important thing to have been a part of.  It was just a series of small gifts sent one by one to perfect strangers in need.  It doesn’t change the world.

Or maybe it does.

Thank you for changing mine.

PS.  Final tallies: Over 900 gift cards were sent out by 689 people who were so thrilled to help.  450 people who needed small Christmas miracles received donations for medicine, food, or presents under the tree for their children.  No large corporations got involved.  No one only offered to donate if they got something out of it themselves.  With no sponsorships, no ulterior motives and with only a simple need to reach out and help a perfect stranger, 689 everyday, normal people (Jewish, Christians, Atheists, Muslims and more) sent out over $40,000 worth of donations to make sure Christmas came.

You did this.

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  1. That’s just amazing. Seriously, I am very impressed and it makes me smile that people can be that generous and caring. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that that kind of thing is possible.

  2. This just totally made me cry. I dont have much, but I could afford a 20 dollar gift card if someone needs it. Let me know.

  3. You are amazing, really, as is everyone who has offered to help! I got $50 I can give to a family in need. Shott me some details, and I’ll make it happen ASAP.

    Have a wonder, wonderful holiday with your family.

  4. I have cried way too many times over thast couple of days – all your fault! I’ll be contacting Maureen to offer what I can.
    Have a safe trip and may adventure follow so you can tell us all about it!

  5. Hi Jenny, so happy to read about the generosity of your readers to those in need- it brought tears to my eyes. And it makes me grateful that once again this year, Hubby & I will be able to provide for our kids – a little smaller present list than in years past but we’re all healthy and warm and the bills are paid, and Santa will be giving some neat stuff – who cares if its a used bike, I’ll shine it up gooood. Thanks for asking, and thanks for giving. You are so awesome, in so many ways.

  6. Firsting on such a heartwarming post without even having read it is in poor taste.

    Making somebody’s holiday happen, however, is not. Thanks, Jenny, for using your powers for good.

  7. Jenny. You are wonderful, and apparently so are we minions. I have just enough money to buy for my family (we have several toddlers in the family and those baby toys/clothes aren’t cheap). I wish I could donate something and this post coupled with the last one really makes me feel the Christmas spirit again. Thank you. And thank you to the other minions.

  8. I would LOVE to help! Please contact me if you still need people to donate. This has got to be one of THE BEST things I have seen in a long time. I mean, it’s been a pleasure helping out with the Spark of Love donations and even the little tree at my daughter’s school but this is an amazing way to reach out much farther than locally.

    I know what it is like to have to tell your kids the truth about Santa- I had to do it many years ago because of financial straights. This year has been amazingly full for us and I am sooo beyond grateful that I can help the way we can. Just knowing you have a community (and that it is extending outside of yours) that allows for this makes me tear up. You’re funny AND good! =D

  9. I’m here to offer my donation. Please let me know the best way to go about it! I’m literally choking back tears here at work and can’t wait to hear who I’m able to help. Best gift I’ve ever given, by far.

  10. Hi Jenny…this is what is so cool about the internet. I have some doll-hairs I can put towards a gift card for someone who is in need. Let me know!

  11. I know I’m a little late, but I would love to donate. Please let me know the best way to make this happen. I can send a $25 gift card, or $ through paypal.

  12. Whoever says the Social Media is incapable of doing any actual, substantial good, should come and read this. yes, Malcolm Gladwell, I’m looking at you sir, you who have benefited from the social media phenom.

    I did not think of the Paypal tax implication. SORRY!!!! So I will do it right this time. Count me in!

  13. Thank YOU for starting this movement that caught like wildfire. You, and all of your readers here, are amazing.

    If there are unmatched people in need, I can swing another gift card and would be happy to do so. Please let me know!!

  14. This is but one reason I love you. This and your awesome writing and propensity to drop f bombs like a vulgar B-52. I less than three you.

  15. You and everyone here (donors, receivers, readers) is amazing. All this incredible outpouring of care and love for other people, regardless of the time of year, is truly inspiring. Y’all are giving me the willies (in a good way). I deeply wish I could help out someone less fortunate than me, but we’re swinging near the bottom of that pole ourselves. Instead, I’ll think about extra warm fuzzies for each and every one of you. Karma is a wonderful thing; I’m certain it’ll make nice visits this Christmas.

  16. I’m in. I can send a gift card or pay pal to someone. Let me know. And thank you so much for just being you.

  17. I just wanted to say thank you — I’m one of the people who needed a little extra help, and when I got to tell my husband that we could afford Christmas after all this year, he cried. It takes a lot to make him cry. Thank you, to everyone. Just, thank you so very much, from the bottom of our hearts.

  18. Re: tax implications. There are no tax problems. Each individual can gift up to $13,000/year (or stuff valued up to that amount) to another person and neither the donor nor the recipient owe any taxes on the gift. And you can do this for as many people as you want, so you could give away $130,000 if you gave the max to 10 people.

    If people transfer money to you, and you are acting as a conduit to further transfer the money as a gift, then you won’t be taxed on the amount. The trouble is keeping records of it – but if the transfers to your paypal contain a description with GIFT in it, it should be reasonably easy.

    And if anyone out there knows of any job openings for a tax lawyer, let me know. I’ve been unemployed for 19 months and am getting by only because my brother and his wife have taken me in. I’m in Dallas now but am happy to relocate. I’m flying to Chicago for two interviews on Monday, but if Santa doesn’t come through with one of these two jobs, I’m really not sure what I’m going to do. At least all the people The Bloggess community have given me some Christmas spirit!! Thank you everyone for making me smile.

  19. If it’s not too late, I would love to send a gift card. Thank you for what you are doing.

  20. I’ll say it again (like I did on the last post & on Twitter, because I’m just ridiculously excited about this) – I’m in seminary, and (not to get uber religious but…it’s kind of what I do all the time so it’s become sort of a life pattern for me) what’s going on here is ministry. This is what churches should be doing, this is what Jesus was all about, was caring for each other and loving and trusting. Jenny, your blog is a gift to so many who can feel free to be honest about their brokenness in ways that they can’t be anywhere else. If I ever have a church, I really hope that I can create a space there like you do in your comments section.

    Merry Christmas.

  21. Being an avid follower of your site, you inspired us to do a little gift giving ourselves …
    This is the very first year I have not taken my children to an Angel tree and shopped for those less fortunate. I couldn’t believe that this tradition fell by the wayside so in an effort to redeem myself … we are donating from my Facebook page .. and you were the inspiration
    (you can go back to being all snarky in the New Year!)
    I suppose I should share this philanthropic plan with my husband altho I doubt he would be all bah Humbug for a good cause!

  22. I’m fortunate enough to have a job AND to have gotten a small Christmas bonus/gift from my company. I’d like to share it. Sign me up. And thank you for all you do, Jenny!

  23. Fucking amazing. Jenny, you are such a rockstar. You and you minions have made all of those people’s lives a little easier by speaking up for them. By being there for them when they needed you. You are like the hard drinking, foul mouthed Aunt that every one loves around Christmas Except more kind and giving and awesome of course. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

  24. You have the right stuff to bring tears to my eyes with your generosity, and the generosity of this wonderful community I’ve only recently (kind of) become a part of.

    I didn’t want to ask for anything in the original post, because I know there are people in much worse shape than me. I know, because I read their stories and cried. But I was also crying because I know how they feel. I wanted to get my 4 year old just 2 presents this year, and now I’m not sure I can even afford them. So, as much as it pains me to type this, if there is just a small gift card out there for me, I would really appreciate the help, and will be certainly paying it forward during the next year in any way I can.

    Thank you Jenny, for reminding me that there is hope for the world my kid is growing up in. Thank you a trillion times.

  25. I would love to help. Let me know who I can donate to!

    Thank you for doing this Jenny. When so many people forget what this season is all about, you’ve remembered and you’ve reminded everyone else.

  26. I can donate something, paypal is best b/c otherwise it will not happen. Email me w/ someone who needs it (I’ll say how much by email b/c it seems weird for me to say in a comment).

    ~ ElizabethPW

  27. This made me get all teary-eyed. I paid for the person’s coffee behind me at Starbucks the other day and felt awesome all day. I can only imagine how good it will feel to make someone’s Christmas better! Send me an address and I will play Santa!

  28. Well. I’m usually a hard hearted bitch of a Grinch, but this might have made me tear up.


    That’s all I’m saying.

  29. Hi Jenny –
    Money is tight for us this year, so I can’t donate money. But I make things – dolls, purses, and the like – for little ones and could certainly send some out. Is there any way you could use that?


  30. Metamorphosteph, good luck with your job interview next Monday! (I will be sending good vibes to you on Monday directly from Chicago!) I hope you will come back and keep us updated about it!

    Tabatha, I just want to wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year!

    (Jenny, I know you don’t mind. But I just want to apologize for using your comment section as a “message board”!)

  31. When I have kids, I’m going to teach them that Santa is not a person. Santa is a frame of mind that is represented by a person who does for others and that Santa should not be relegated to a short time of the year. Santa needs to be a year round thing. I’m going to hit up Maureen and see what I can do, but I’d also like to help out anyone here you can hook me up with. I don’t have a ton of cash, but I’m very willing to help who I can. You really are an inspiration, Jenny. It’s really fantastic to see and to know that people aren’t as horrible as a few can make it seem sometimes. That’s reason #ILostCount why I love your blog. Merry Christmas to you all!

  32. I just learned about Wish Upon a Hero yesterday (http://www.wishuponahero.com/) and would like to suggest it for any other people still looking for a match, whether you’re a giver or a wisher. It’s certainly making my holidays much nicer to know that I’m able to help people who are in the boat I was in last year. Love to you all, but especially Jenny for taking on this big task.

  33. I don’t believe in Santa and I don’t believe in miracles , but I believe in people. Match me up so I can send my money!! And thanks for this….

  34. This is still so amazing to me. Jenny, thank you for being the amazing catalyst for this movement. Yes, I called it a movement… because that what it feels like. I have been in the situation of so many of these commenters, and so being able to finally be able to give back makes me feel like I am repaying the favor for all those who helped me. I can guarantee that if you do this again next year, I will be donating once again, and hopefully more.

    Jenny, you are amazing, wonderful, and genuinely care about people… qualities I felt were in short supply recently… until I saw the outpouring of you and my fellow readers of your blog. Thank you, for all that you do, have done, and will continue to do.

  35. Hi Jenny- If there are little girls out there who could still use American Girl / Madame Alexander doll dresses I have 4 in my Etsy shop holiday section that I’d like to donate. Just let me know where to ship them. I know you are going out of town but if you have any way of letting me know by tomorrow (Saturday) so that I can get them to the girls before Christmas it would be awesome. http://www.etsy.com/shop/ChrissisCloset?section_id=7495828

  36. I cannot say this enough. You people are fucking amazing… I have never witnessed such an outpouring of love and generosity and from a community of crass, sarcastic folk to boot! You will change the World and make Christmas brighter for so many. I was one of the lucky ones to recieve a gift and I am still in shock.

    Having it continue and continue is so wonderful. Jenny you are the leader of an incredible following. I have been part of some good communities before but have never seen anything like this (even at church).

    Love and happiness to you all…. I have to go blow my nose now


  37. A couple days ago I blogged about a family who just lost everything they owned in a house fire. The couple, plus their six children lost everything a week before Christmas. It’s heartbreaking. I have been overwhelmed at how many people have offered to help, donate items they needed. It’s so warming to see people in the spirit to give and it gives me renewed faith in our society. A society that can normally be selfish and centered around the “ME ME ME” attitude. to see people reaching out to help it always the best miracle to witness!!

  38. I want to donate! just let me know who needs me!! I’m glad you’re part of my worls, Jenny. If I was god-fearing I would want him to bless you.

  39. I was thinking this morning that I hope the two people who received a $20 gift card from me were humble enough to put themselves back on your original list. Mine was a drop in the bucket, and to add your readers’ generosity would make a real Christmas for their kids and other family members. Thank you so much for allowing me to participate.

  40. I’m just a graduate student but I’d love to offer a $30 contribution. Just give me an address and tell me the best way to send it.

    Thank you for giving people something to smile about this year.

  41. I can’t do much this year, but if anyone reading these comments knows of someone with a baby boy, I would be happy to send some clothes along. I have nb to 3t and they are in great shape. Wish I could do more.

  42. holy *&%$. seriously. this just made me bawl too. I didn’t ask for help,and I can’t afford to help (I don’t need help either, no kids, lots of family support)
    thank you for making me know that there *is* a Christmas Spirit out there.
    I’m going to go out on a limb, and say: I’m doing a craft show this Sunday in Toronto Ontario Canada. I make stuffed guys, called Li’l Scrappers…and $10 of each is going to http://www.kidshelpphone.ca/Teens/home.aspx …if you are in the area come out! http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Plum-Judy/10534784308

    is that ok? I want to give too, but all I have is my time and talent…

  43. This is such a beautiful and amazing thing you have done. Tears, tears, tears. Merry Christmas!

  44. I don’t even know what to say. I’m in tears. Every time another bunch of people show up who need help to make Christmas special for their kids even more show up to help.

    Looks like I have a lot more emails to send out.

  45. Thank you Jenny for giving my girls a great Christmas. I will never ever forget the kindness and support you have shown me. I hope your family has an amazing holiday. I can’t think of anyone that deserves it more.

  46. I’m totally on welfare and have no money to send. I got Christmas presents for the kids but it broke me completely. There are so many who didn’t get to.
    I however, baked a crapload of really good cookies. If any of the needy families want cookies… send me an address and I’ll ship them some!
    I want to be part of this, because I’m surviving and so many are just.. not.

  47. If Maureen is still looking for donations, please let me know. This is what Christmas should be about.

  48. After all the gimme gimme’s from my almost grown children, at a time when we are, not hurting, but needing to be careful I really need to do this put me down for a $30 gift card.
    We need to remember how lucky we are.

  49. I am happy to help- I have $100 for someone who needs a little extra. If you’d rather split it into 2 gifts, I can do that too.

  50. You’re a lovely person Jenny. I can donate a 20 to 25 dollar gift card. I wish I wasn’t such a lowly college student or I’d donate more. I also have some “teenage girl” shirts that I’ve never worn before. They don’t have the tags on them anymore but they’ve literally never traveled out of my closet. Just throwing that out there in case anyone’s interested.

  51. I didn’t ask for help, I simply left a comment to explain my hard times and to thank you and everyone else for being so thoughtful to others. And I’ve received two amazing emails from total strangers that were very uplifting and caring…..and I’m a blubbering mess. Sometimes, all the help I need is for someone to care. Thank you.

  52. I’m one of the people who got helped, and seriously — this has made my entire year. This is the first time I’ve felt anything like holiday cheer since I was a kid myself. You and your readers made it possible for my son to wake up to presents from Mom on Christmas morning, and I cannot thank you enough. I don’t know how to express the way it feels to have the holiday dread I’ve been carrying around since Thanksgiving just… drop off, and change to anticipation. Y’all are amazing.

  53. Okay bitches. You are all making me cry.
    And we don’t have a ton of cash this year, but we are doing okay, and I know that it sucks for adults, too so: could you match me up with a grown up with kids who needs a holiday bauble? I have a few bracelets in my etsy shop that need a good home.

    hugs and kisses, both drunken and sincere:

  54. Sign me up baby! I’m good for a couple of PayPal donations. Today we are going out to buy a toy for Toys For Tots, a gift for one of the Veterans at the Veteran’s Home in town, and a box of food for the food bank. We are so very lucky and we want to SHARE!!

    PS You so rock baby, your heart couldn’t have grown anymore, because it was already almost too big to fit in (I’m certain!!) your impressive and bodacious chest!

  55. we don’t have a lot to spare but we have enough to make a small gift to someone. just let me know.

  56. These posts keep making me cry. I can’t wait for Xmas to be over so I can regain my stone cold bitch status. Honestly though, thank you for doing this, and reminding me that there is an amazing amount of light staving off the dark. You’re one of the good ones, Jenny. Now go stab something.

  57. ok seriously we have been super fortunate so far this year I mean my wife just won an iPad so I want to give back. I can’t donate much but maybe put me in touch with someone else can donate $20 and together we can do a more substantial giftcard? let me know. Cheers!

  58. I left a comment on the other post, but I haven’t heard from you, so I may have been missed. (Your head must be spinning by now!) I would love to help if you want to match me up with someone. Thank you for organizing this. This makes me very happy.

  59. You make me laugh out loud and that gift is a treasure. Now you have warmed my heart. The least I can do to say “Thank you” is to help. Besides, it breaks my heart to think of a child without a toy on Christmas morning. Send me details and I am happy to add to the gift cards. Merry Christmas everyone!

  60. To be completely honest, I was about to comment to ask for help. My sister is in a dire financial crisis, and my parents have been struggling to keep her from going under. Meanwhile, I am silently dealing with my own crisis, but I never mentioned it to my family because I want them to have at least a little peace of mind. And for the first time ever, we are not exchanging Christmas gifts with one another. I hate to sound like a sad panda, but I used to get so excited about the holidays, and I’ve lost that. I bought my very first Christmas tree this year, but I haven’t even bothered to put it up because it would only mock me with its cheeriness.

    Yes, I would appreciate a boost, but I realize that no matter what my situation is, there are many out there who are worse off than me. So I would like to contribute $30 to someone. Just because I’m not feeling the magic of the season doesn’t mean I can’t help someone else get it back.

    Thank you for taking care of this and providing a simple way for us to help one another.

  61. Hey Jenny, sign me up. I want to help! I can do a gift card ($25-30) or if a family has a present for their child in mind, I’ll order it and send it. Just let me know how I can help.

  62. Jenny, this is so amazing. YOU are amazing and all of your amazing readers are amazingly amazing. I am in total awe of what’s happening here. It’s wonderful.

    With that said, I totally missed your original entry because I’m apparently a complete knob. BUT, I’m here now and I want to help too!! Hook me up and I will get a gift card out to someone right away. Not sure if it makes a difference, but I’m in Canada and so some of the stores we have here are different. Ie – we don’t have Target.

  63. Just sharing that I’ve fallen on very hard times. This year has been rough. I am not asking for help, just trying to explain what it’s like for people in this economy. I haven’t been in the mood to blog much, but there is an open letter to the president on my blog, which was written when I was working earlier in the year. I’ve seen no work or UI or anything since, due to a contractual “thing” with the job I had. It’s all I can do to muster up any Christmas spirit at all. Compounded with this, is I am not Christian.

    To others who can, please do what you can for those less fortunate this year. It appears we’re all on our own – the government certainly has been very little help in this regard.

  64. I’m one of the ones blessed with being the first 20 on Jenny’s original post. I just wanted to tell all the givers how much of a difference even $30 made. I was able to get a 24 pack of play doh to share between my two youngest, and a new baby doll for my youngest daughter, who’s never had one of her own. I haven’t finalized my purchase yet because I’m looking for something great for at least one of my oldest kids with what’s left. These were gifts that I would not have been able to purchase otherwise and I cannot tell you how appreciative I am. I’m going to finish up my shopping when I get some away from the kids time, and I know that, that $30 will bring such huge smiles to their faces. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this, Jenny and everyone who has given just a little something. You have no idea how much even small gifts make a difference!

  65. I received a gift card last night and ordered my son an Alphie robot. He is going to freak out! Thank you, Jenny,and Maura for making my little boy’s Christmas. I hope to be able to pay it forward very soon.

  66. I’d like to donate $100 through Paypal to a friend or two in need.

    It is truly amazing what you’ve done here.

  67. We are in the military and don’t have much money either, but I do have lots of size 4-6 women’s clothes for the mom of the family that Alena commented about above. I will get in touch with Alena.

    I also have a sale and ready to ship section in my store that still has a few items left (gift certificates, picture frames, aprons, etc.). All the items there are 30-40% off regular price. If I can sell those items, I can ship them out tomorrow and I will donate the 30% of each sale to one of these families in need.

    My store: http://peggyanndesign.bigcartel.com/category/ready-to-ship

  68. I’m heading out of town Tuesday in the AM, but would love to send a gift card or cash to someone. I’m in Canada, so if there’s anyone in Canada that needs something please let me know – I don’t want anyone to be affect by exchange rate or slow shipping.

    Thankgoodness I have a luncheon today, crying at my desk is not becoming.

  69. Jenny, you have started something wonderful here. Please match me up with someone with a paypal acct and I will send a little something to help out – whether they need to buy gifts or keep the heat on. THIS is what the season is all about. Thank you.

  70. Jenny, please let me know how I can help! I haven’t got a lot to spare, but I got lucky and got a job recently, so I can certainly do $30 for somebody in need.

  71. Oh, and if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the volume of people looking to help and receive help, I’m around to help YOU match people up, if you think it’s feasible. Try to take some of the load off. Just email me if there’s any way I can help you out with this, Jenny.

  72. I’d like to donate $100 through Paypal to a friend or two in need. Thank you for doing this. It’s simply amazing.

  73. Jenny,

    I started following/reading you because you are hilarious (true story). But this is so touching. It just proves to me that there truly are decent, caring humans out there and there is no better time than Christmas. This is like the real life version of Love Actually US Version. What a blessing. I’m retweeting just in case someone who follows me needs or is able to help someone that does.


  74. Thank you so much for all of the generosity! Our family was helped and I cant thank you enough! Its nice not to have to tell the kid we cant afford that and then hear then respond its b/c mommys sick we have little money. So thank you

  75. thank you so much Jenny, for your spirit and inspiration! You’ve reached a lot of people through your kindness and it won’t be forgotten.

  76. Sign me up to give a gift card too! No kid should be without something on Christmas morning! This is like a real life “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

  77. Bre- I think you might need to send those cookies straight to Jenny! It’s looking like she’s got a ways to go and a lot more email to send. Sugar and butter will definitely help!

  78. I’ve been crying since I got your email, and then doubly so since I got the email from my donater, and now swimming in tears reading this post. Damn right I’m going to pay this forward next year, whenever I can. Thank you so much, Jenny, and to all the wonderful people who have been so generous. I just can’t get over how wonderful this is. My toddler keeps asking me why I’m crying and then thinks it’s hilarious when I tell him it’s because I’m so happy. Makes a difference from him seeing me crying over bills!!

    Thank you, and have an amazing christmas everyone. XXXXXXX

  79. I’m a little late getting to this, so hopefully someone is still willing to help. I lost my job in may and haven’t been able to find another one since. My unemployment was denied and in August, I had to sell my car and leave the wonderful house I had been renting. I wasn’t sure where I was going to go or what I was going to do, as my family is not the greatest and wouldn’t offer any help. My wonderful, wonderful boyfriend offered up his apartment and invited me to move in, no questions asked. He’s been 100% financially supporting me since then and while the situation has been stressful on us both, he still gives wholeheartedly and reminds me everyday that things will get better and I am loved. I know he’s bought me an expensive Christmas present, something I really wanted, and I’d like the chance to give him a small token of my appreciation and love, and get him a book he’s been wanting for quite some time. Thank you.

  80. I’m a reciever. And I broke down in tears when I received bonnies email we had 5 gifts for our Lily this year. Nothing for each other and croched scarves and cookiess for everybody else. After seeing what bonnie was giving me I cries even more.

    The items were EXACTLY what she wants. I didn’t have the words to explaine to my fiance.

    However since the only words I have are thankyou, that’s what ill do. Thank you. Thank from every part of my body. Nothing can describe how much this means to me. How much this whole movement means to me. And I know u have helped two of my friends who were also in neeed of help. Both of them Called me crying yesterday thanking me for telling them. I told them to email u and comment their thanks because its all because of you.

    Next year, it doesn’t matter what it takes. I’m going to be a donator. Even if I have to start crocheting the items on jan 1 or putting pennies in a jar.

    Thank you. You are truely my santa this year.

  81. This is the first time I’ve read your blog and I haven’t read past this one, but I think it’s amazing. Can you please hook me up with someone in need? I would love to help. Thanks so much and high five from Germany!

  82. When I read this entry (and the others preceding it), I thought of Nancy Kappes and how she wrote about her struggles raising her kids and the Tuna Helper minus the Tuna (“…so it was just Helper…”) and food stamps and all that, and despite that she and her kids turned out awesome — well, I think if she were here to read this entry today, she would be so, so, so fucking proud of you.


  83. Jenny, thank you. Add me to the list of willing donors, I can manage a gift card or two. And, if you or anyone here happens to know of (or be) a family here in the San Antonio area who could use help with buying Christmas dinner please email me. I remember all too well the “mustard sandwiches” of my childhood (yes it is exactly what it sounds like) and am blessed beyond measure that my boys have never known hunger.

    Happy holidays to all.

  84. Does anyone have a need for baby boy or baby girl clothes? I have bins and bins of both- size 0-3 months to 6-12 months. I also have baby toys- nothing fancy, but rattles, little animals, etc. We were given so much when we had our twins, I would be more than happy to pay if forward. Please let me know.

  85. Like other commenters before me, I didn’t speak up, because I know there are other families, and other Momma’s who could use the help more than I can this year. I still feel terrible about asking for help, but I’m about to, I suppose. Last April my whole family had to relocate for work. The little Canadian mining town we lived in was basically shut down due to an ongoing strike. My husband and I both lost our jobs. We had to move into my brother in laws house, until we could get back on our feet, which, frustratingly, doesn’t seem to be happening fast enough. With all big changes around here ( house, school, friends), and the lack of being able to afford to even pay our own rent, Christmas will be *very* different for my two daughters. I’m not sure how to even end this message. Regardless of what happens with this, I want you to know that I am dead set on putting away money to help someone out next year. It is unbelieveable what is happening here. You, all of you are amazing.

  86. Okay, I’m just gonna throw my name in the hat. It would be really really nice to be able to buy all my little boys some presents this year, instead of relying on my (just as broke as I am) mom to do it. Bloggess you rock and all of you willing and able to donate are just amazing people. Thank you so much and you can bet your bippy that I’ll pay this forward when I can. <3

  87. Hi Jenny:
    I would be happy to pick up a gift card this weekend if some one would like one. I know that times are tough and you never expect yourself to fall on really hard times but last year at this time I was struggling to pay rent and other bills.

    Thank you !

  88. This is absolutely beautiful!! I am in tears over this… this is what life is about right here, helping each other out! I have $30 I can pass along to someone who could use it. Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

  89. Sorry I’m late too, but I “accidentally” won a $50 gift card at my company party yesterday and work has stressed me out so much this week, I don’t really want it to remind me. Please send me an address.

  90. Please put me down as a willing donor. I’m in the Houston area and if you know of anyone who needs a food basket for Christmas dinner let me know.

  91. This is not my real name. We are kind of scared this year because the rent and bills are in arrears.
    Christmas? We have food. I’m good at stretching my food dollar, but there won’t be presents for sure.
    My kid is technically a grown up, but his disability will not let him get a job, which would be fine, but my health has kept me from working flat out the way I’m used to. (No sick pay).I wanted to be sure all the folks with little kids are taken care of first.

  92. I think this is such a wonderful thing you are doing, I’d like to donate as well. Please let me know where to send a gift card.

  93. I just got sent here by a friend on another community. I would like to offer help to someone if it is still needed. Please email me if there is someone with out a match.

  94. Just a quick note to all the wonderful and generous minions out there- if you don’t get matched up with a specific individual through Jenny or Maureen, please consider donating whatever amount you’d offered to a charity of your choice or a family you may know who is in need! We’ve all taken a hit in one way or another this year, and it’s amazing to see such a great outpouring of love- donating directly is beautiful and heartwarming, but moms and dads struggle year-round to provide for their kids and themselves. (We’d already committed to adopting a family this Christmas, but otherwise, I’d love to donate. If I can find more cash after purchasing final family gifts, I’ll be back on Monday to share.)

    And by the way, Jenny, I think Santa lied- he’s totally jealous that he has to share Christmas with 8 lb 6 oz baby Jesus, no doubt.

  95. Add me to the list of donors! I can manage $40 or so!!! I love books; they are the one thing I can’t say no to buying so I’d love to donate to someone who loves collecting books for them or their child as much as I do!

  96. I am quite late, but I would like to donate $50 to help out someone in need. Please let me know how I can help.

  97. I haven’t commented before, but have started reading your blog on a regular basis. I’d LOVE to help- please put me on the list for a $50 card, or let me know what else I can do to help.

  98. Hi Jenny,

    I collect Swagbucks all year long by using their search engine, then use the points to buy gift cards (I sent you the link a while back and you signed up too but haven’t used it). I usually use these gift cards at Amazon.ca to buy books for my girls but I would be happy to donate them this year. I have $20 in gift cards for Amazon.ca so if you have someone in Canada in need, please let me know.

    If you don’t mind posting it, my referral url for Swagbucks so other people can collect points too is:

    And thanks for doing this! Things are tough for me this year too but this makes me feel so grateful for all the things we do have.


  99. Jenny, I’d love to donate $50 to a family who really needs it. Just let me know what I need to do!

    My husband and I always like to donate around this time of year (on top of donations that come out of all of my pay cheques). You’ve really helped me through a tough year just by writing this blog, and I’d be honoured to use this opportunity to pay a little bit of it forward!

    Also, you should make this an annual thing and get set up as a registered charity.. that way you won’t have to worry about taxes! (I think.. I’ve never actually done it.. )

  100. I am happy to help! Just read about this on Twitter – would love it if you could match me up with someone in need.

    Have a fun trip with your mom!


  101. Having been a single mom, recently divorced, no job and trying to figure out how to pay for gifts OK for my three year old – I have to admit I cried when I read this. Remembering how hard that Christmas was and how that Christmas was once made very special by a few very generous people. I always have a single paper foodstamp to remind me how hard it once was and to know how good it is now.

    Please count me in to help out someone – I would love to help another parent have a little less to worry about this year.

  102. Jenny, you are my definition of a hero.

    I spent a year without a job and were it not for the support of my family, I would not have been able to make Christmas happen for my girls. We’re not rich, but we are most certainly blessed. If you need more help on Monday, please send me a note. I can swing a $30 gift card to be a part of this magic.

    – Will

  103. I’m so in! I missed grabbing a tag off our giving tree at work & hadn’t figured out yet what I was was going to do, but this is perfect. I have $50 for whatever is needed. Merry Christmas!

  104. We don’t have much, but I just realized that there’s $20 in our Paypal account, so if someone could use a $20 donation, I would like to send that.

  105. I have been crying reading the comments on both posts..All of your readers are absolutely incredible. I would love to be able to do something small for a family in need. I am currently expecting my first child and am on an emotional rollercoaster anyway these days but all of these posts and comments made me feel so much better about the world I am bringing my baby into..Thank you all for renewing my faith in this world. Please let me know who I can help with a $30 giftcard for either Amazon or Target or Walmart…whatever would be best for the recipient. I love you all.

  106. I can send two amazon cards to those who might need a little bit of loving this season. I’m so late to the game but, you helped a friend out already and with the holiday bonus this year being //far// more than expected (which is better than none last year). My grandmother raised three of us and while we had meager christmas’s we still had something //and// we always gave up a present each to give to the angel tree someone our age.

    So put me down for two, send me the details and I’ll have cards sent off lickety split.

  107. Match me up, Bloggess! I got some $$ burning a hole in my pocket. I would be honored to donate, especially for some children who wouldn’t otherwise get something under the tree.

  108. Son of a crab apple – I don’t know if my comment went through or not. If you need donors, let me know – I have $50USD to spare.

    (trying this again >_>)

  109. I have been reading your blog for years and never commented…and I think this is a perfect reason to break my blog commenting virginity-please match me with someone in need either here or with Maureen.

    Thanks for all the laughs and tears you have given me over the years!

  110. I’d love to give a $30 gift card (to whatever store they like) to a family who needs it. Please let me know how I can help!

  111. I’m in! I can do a $30 online voucher, or paypal – whatever someone needs. huge thanks for starting this 🙂

  112. I can donate a card to one of the addresses Maureen has left – or will be around Monday if needed also.

  113. I’m one of the people who commented hours later, and got the wonderful unexpected surprise of an Amazon gift card anyway. Thank you to someone! I just ordered DVDs of Despicable Me (which my kid had said he wanted after we saw it), Pixar’s UP, and The Secret of Kells. You’ve made a rather grim year much brighter.

  114. Going to Target AND the post office this afternoon. Email me an address, if you have one, and I will mail a Target gift card.

  115. Add me to the list of donors as well. I’d be happy to spread a little holiday cheer via Paypal or gift card.

    You and your commenters rock, Jenny!

  116. We have had a rough few years; hubby out of work, BK, foreclosure…but we are lucky and blessed to be getting back on our feet. My company gave us surprise bonuses this year and I’d love to share.

    Please match me up with someone. I’ve got $30 for a giftcard/paypal.

  117. I just wanted to say that this is awesome! My grandmother sends gifts, and my parents sent gifts, so each of my kids will have two gifts, so we are not in need, I just wanted to say that it was a great blog post and thanks for having such a big heart. 🙂

    My husband just lost his job, so we know how hard it can be, but we know we have each other. The 10 of us are safe and warm and we couldn’t ask for more.

  118. Sign me up, I’m happy to help however I can. Or if you need help organizing, shoot me an e mail, I have 2 hours every day I could send out e mails while the twins nap!

  119. Thank you for the chance to let us see how lucky we are. My husband was unemployed for 9 months and got a job the same week both of our cars broke down – just in time that the car place gave us credit for a replacement. He worked for a year on contract, and then went unemployed for ANOTHER 11 months – nine of which I spent gestating our second child (oops). We didn’t see my stepkids for 6 months because we couldn’t afford to fly them out for visitation weekends between summer break and Christmas. When he finally got a job (the week our daughter was born), for the next 9 months he commuted two hours EACH WAY, daily, (with our only car) because as awful as it was for me to single parent two-under-two and him to never see them, it was better than losing our house. Luckily I have wonderful neighbors that helped us get my daughter to doctor’s appointments when she was little and sick.
    But even in those circumstances, we always have had enough to eat and right at Christmas time that worst year there was just enough provided to allow us to buy plane tickets for the girls, and gifts. We didn’t lose our house; miraculously they decided to cut us a break and restarted our mortgage, so we’re paying interest on interest (ugh) but we have our home.

    I look at our budget and how we’re still doing it week to week, with just one car, and let myself get all worked up, until I read the stories here (well, on the other post), or hear about a friend-of-a-friend whose husband left her and her two toddlers without warning a couple weeks ago, taking everything. The furniture (including the cribs!), the housewares (no pots and pans), her clothes and the kids’ clothes, every toy, every single possession they had, and she is holding it together for her kids, keeping her heart up, saying everything happens for a reason.

    We don’t have room in our budget for donations, and yet, do we? We are so much better off than so many, can I really justify saying “we might be late on one of our bills if we do that” or even worse, “but I need to buy presents for our kids before I can buy presents for other people’s kids!”….

    I just wish I could get this concept jammed deeper into my heart and mind so that it’s easier for me to act the way I know I should, instead of digging in my heels and looking out for only myself.
    Thanks for the reminder and the extra elbow nudge and round kick of the concept to squeeze it a little farther into my heart.

  120. I read your every post but rarely comment, but I needed to today – I find you inspiring. As well as making me laugh all the way over here in Snowy and dreary London, you bring a tear to my eye. You are so kind and it makes you realise that there are some beautiful people in this world.

    I don’t need anything, and just scraped through with Christmas this year, but I just wanted to comment to say it’s an amazing thing you’re doing, and all the people donating are just as wonderful. I really hope I’m in the position to donate next year.

    You’re inspiring, girl. Have a lovely Christmas.

    PS – Give James Garfirld a sloppy french kiss from me. He looks like he has the tongue for it.


  121. No one ever likes to go hat-in-hand, especially not at the holidays. My husband would cringe if he knew I was asking for help; he comes by his stoicism naturally. We have had a very difficult time in recent years but have done ok; our income has been eaten up by paying for student Ioans so my husband could become a nurse. He was a professional engineer but couldn’t find work for over a year after we moved back to my hometown to be closer to family support. Our only child is multiply disabled so I cannot work and take care of his needs as well. My husband works his behind off to take care of the family. He maintains our cars, the house, he helps with cooking and laundry and never complains. We were fortunate enough to receive a gift for our son which we wouldn’t have been able to provide. We aren’t making a big deal about Christmas this year simply because we cannot afford gifts for each other. I really would love to be able to surprise my husband and treat him to something simple like dinner and a movie just to show him how much I love him and appreciate all the sacrifices he makes for our family.

    Jenny, you are an amazing spirit. Just the idea that people are reaching out to help one another helps me hang on to faith that things will, ultimately, be ok. I hope one day, when Hailey reads about the amazing stuff her mama does to help other people ( well, after the therapy for learning about the burial/exhumation of her poor doggy), she will be proud of you. Merry Christmas to you and your very generous minions.

  122. i can certainly drop a Target gift card into the post…please forward me a name/address. you are the GREATEST…thanks!

  123. Jenny, you are so amazing!! I love you for doing this! Please match me with someone. I would love to help!

  124. I can help. If you’ve got someone in need, I’d be happy to donate a $30 Amazon gift card. Just email me and let me know what I need to do.

  125. More and more, the blogging community has warmed my heart this season.

    At the beginning of the month, I blogged about how money was tight for us this month. About how for the first time, we were really not sure how all of our bills would be paid. I was nervous about opening up, because I thought I’d get lots of nasty comments (i.e. “If you’re so broke, why did you go out to dinner last week?”, when really they didn’t know that we went out because we were using a gift card from last Christmas). On the other hand, I felt like I owed it to the people who read my blog to be honest about the fact that because we chose to do whatever it takes to have one of us stay at home with our daughter, sometimes we do without. Period.

    Anyway, after I blogged about money being tight, I was *overwhelmed* by offers to help–to send old clothes. To send Christmas presents. Offers of gift cards. It was so incredibly humbling. And incredible. And it’s totally re-shaped the way that I view the blogging community.

    So, I get it. And I so appreciate everything you’ve done.

  126. Trying not to get all teary at work while reading this. Truly fantastic. Please sign me up to help. I’ve had $30 stashed randomly in a drawer in my bedroom for no apparent reason and now I know why I put it there. It was waiting for this. Thank you all for reminding me that true awesomeness still exists in the world.

  127. Jenny, you and your readers are awesome.

    I am just in awe, not only of the courage it took for people to ask for help which I still can’t do but also at the number of generous people who are so willing to help.

    It’s so hard to sit back and watch people all over Facebook and Twitter talk about finishing their Christmas shopping and posting pictures of their Christmas tree while some of us sit here facing homelessness, unemployment, not having family around, not even having a tree much less any presents to put under it.

    This is the last year, I think, that my daughter will still believe in Santa Claus and I hate to say it but I am almost relieved because my heart sinks when I think of how disappointed she’s going to be in him this year.

    You’re a wonderful person for getting this started.

  128. Jenny,

    I’m double posting–I’ve added a post to the previous blogpost as well–but didn’t want you to miss the offer to help an additional person if you need it. Checking the email regularly in case you are sending an additional name to me. If you want to hold my offer in reserve for Monday, that works too.


    @Metamorphosteph–best wishes from Austin! I will be thinking of you on Monday and sending good vibes your way.

  129. 🙁 Oh, I wish I could help… But I’m more likely to be one of the poor souls who needs help than able to give it. You all are such amazing people for doing this, and if there’s anything like this in years to come where I can give money, gifts, anything really, I’ll be in like a shot. Thanks for making me smile when I expect this December to be the worst Xmas of my life.

    Lots of love to everyone xox

  130. I would love to help and send a gift card or pay pal. I’ll await my instructions.

    This makes my heart fill with awe for everyone’s generosity.

  131. This is making my heart swell, and my tears fall! Jenny you started an amazing thing, and you inspire all who read this. The only time I ever feel any kind of Christmas spirit is with the kiddos and their joy. I hate Christmas, But You Miss Bloggess, YOU put some nice logs on the smoldering Christmas spirit in my heart, and for that all i can say is Thank YOU!
    All of you that could donate, would donate if you could (that’s me, too) and all of you that had the courage to ask for help, YOU ALL are amazing spirits and have made me see that not all humans are evil, thank you for helping me see that humanity is not lost and when i have been beat down by the out side world, THIS My Friends will help me keep strong and going, despite what i see out there!
    Much Much Much Love and Respect to ALL Of YOU! ?

  132. I would be thrilled to help someone out -to send a gift card or whatever they need most. Please let me know.



  133. Words can’t describe how much I love and admire you for what you’ve done — and your community, too. This IS what the Christmas spirit is all about. (And I bet it takes some work on your part to do all this matching!)

    Please match me up with someone on Monday. And enjoy the weekend with your Mom.

  134. Doug and I just got some great news. I’d love to help. Hook me up with a couple of folks in need. We’ve been there. It feels good to be able to pay it forward.

  135. I was also one of the lucky recipients of gift cards from people through the post yesterday. I can’t even tell you all how much it meant to me. We all know what it feels like to literally not know how we are going to provide for our kids and I really hope I am never in this position again. I can’t wait until I can help out someone in need. A big heartfelt thank you to those who are able to donate, it really does make a huge difference!

  136. Okay, it’s taking me this long to get my spreadsheets in order but emails are going out to donors right now. Also, we actually have more donors than people asking for help at the moment so if you’re struggling to get your kids presents please leave a comment.

  137. Match me up please! I have a $100 gift card to Toys R Us I would really really love to give to someone in need. They can use it on-line, but I’ve been trying to deal with their website to order gifts for my kids with another gift card I have, and frankly, I can’t recommend it. I’m sure they’re a wonderful company but their website is awful, but since we don’t have a store in my town, I’m kinda screwed. All that to say, I can get it in the mail to someone, if there’s enough time before Christmas or give them the # to use on-line. I’ll have the envelope waiting for an address…

    Jenny, what a gift you’re giving to so many of us. You’re wonderful. Thank you. I’m kinda dry and sarcastic but you made me cry. Thanks a lot.

  138. So I was told about this sight by a really good friend of the family. I like a lot of others I have read about on here know that there are soooo many other people out there that are way worse off then my famliy. We have 4 kids all under 4 (oldest son is 3, middle son will be 2 the day after Christmas and we just had twins, a boy and a girl, on June 1st)! We have been able to buy a few small things for them but it has been tight. It’s been a struggle to find the money to buy the formula and diapers for the little ones. And I am stressing on what to do for my sons birthday as well. Im not big on asking for help bit honestly any help would be ever so much appreciated! I would also like to say what a bleasingthise of you who have helped are to all of those who have been on the receiving end! You have touched their lives and their hearts! God bless all of you!!

  139. It’s hard being one who needs help instead of being able to be one of the ones who CAN help. It’s been a rough year, but this holiday season has been hardest. My husband and I have 3 children between us and he got laid off the weekend after Thanksgiving. Not only that but they stiffed him on his holiday and vacation pay. He and I will be fine, but I hate not being able to give the kids at least some sort of Christmas. We would be grateful for any kind of help, no matter how small.

    And even if no one can help us, still what an amazing thing all of you are doing! What a relief to know that there are so many generous and kind people in this world. It gives me hope. 🙂 May karma smile on each and every one of you.

    To those who are struggling, here’s to a better 2011 for us all!

  140. Jenny, I’m not asking this for myself, but for someone else. I’ve already sent them something, but this couple is desperate. They have been in the hospital (at the same time) with serious medical conditions, have lost their home and he is doing the best he can to work enough hours to keep his job until he can retire in January. (Yes, they are an older couple who have worked all their lives and helped many others along the way, I might add.) She has to drive him to work, men come and help him out of the car and into his wheelchair and she sits at a roadside park until he gets off work (so she can have access to a restroom) and then drives the distance back to their daughter’s house. Both of them are diabetics, plus several other issues and he has dialysis three times a week. They can’t even buy all the medication they need each month, nor the groceries for the special diets they have and buying gas is hard. If there is enough, would you please consider them? Thanks for doing this, this is wonderful.

  141. Hey Jenny, I don’t have kids, but I love reading your blog! Christmas is my favorite time of year mostly because generosity seems to be in the air during this holiday. Please let me know if there is anyone who is in need and I will be happy to contribute.

  142. Wow, I think I just found my holiday spirit. You’re amazing, Jenny, as well as all the people who stepped up to help people in need. What a wonderful community of funny, smart and giving people!

  143. Yep, got teary-eyed while buying a couple of Amazon gift cards. I’m so humbled to be in a position to help.

    Thank you, Jenny, for taking on this amazing project. Many, many good karma points for you.

  144. I would love to help anyway that I can. I must admit that I don’t have a lot to give this year, but if somebody needs a gift in the $25 arena or you could pair me up with somebody else who is donating so that we can give a larger gift I would love to help out. Please let me know what I can do! This kind of Christmassy Goodwill To Men is my favorite part of this time of year and thank you Jenny for being the organizer of this.

  145. Hello all. I can’t believe I am here but I really need some help. My husband is lucky and has a job but I have been staying home with our 3 children because daycare would cost more than I would bring in. We thought we had Christmas covered and would just be a week late on utilities so we bought gifts for our kids. An hour ago I received back to back phone calls from the electric and water companies that they would be shutting us off on Monday and Tuesday if I don’t come up with the minimum payments. I have no choice but to take the kids presents back this weekend and hope for cash and not store credit. If you have anything left over after helping the others my family would be so grateful. Thank you Jenny and all her wonderful donors.

  146. When you are done with all your wonderfulness going on and have a moment, i wrote a post to you Jenny, and i hope you get to read it, thank you for everything you do for me.

  147. I know you have a lot of doners right now, but if you need any more, I’d be glad to donate. Maybe someone who got a $30 gift card could use a little more. Merry Christmas!

  148. If you still need donors, please e-mail me and let me know. This is so wonderful! Thanks so much for having such a great idea and for bringing it all together.

  149. Jenny, this once again proves why you’re my hero. I don’t have a paypal account, but I’d be happy to mail out a $25 gift card to a family in need. Please give me an address if you have someone.

  150. I have 2 family members in GREAT need this season. We are all hurting but I managed to get a loan and our Christmas is covered and the greatest news is my husband just got offered a job that starts in January. But my sister and brother are not so fortunate. My sister told her kids there is no Santa this year. My brother’s daughter is fortunately only 1 so she won’t know the difference. Normally my father helps us all out during Christmas but this year he is strapped as well. Any help for my sister and brother would be miracles. Really.

  151. This story made me cry. People can be surprisingly fabulous! I couldnt read the comments because I didnt want to cry even more!

  152. Hey girl, I thought of someone else that I personally know. I sent an email because of the circumstances.

  153. My previous responses have been cached due to my blog site so I am removing it. I would love to be able to help with a gift card..please let me know if I can forward a $30 card for Amazon or Target to anyone in need. You are all absolutely incredible and have completely renewed my faith in humanity. Thank you all!

  154. Well, damnit, and I just did my “stop-oppressing-me-with-your-damn-commercial-Christian-holiday” post. Let me know where to send the money. We’re poor, but not broke, and I’m a lot less broken after reading this. 🙂

  155. While my Christmas will be smaller this year, I am able to still get my friends and family presents (however homemade they may be!). However, I have a very close friend who is in the middle of an acrimonious divorce and is the sole provider for her two children, ages 3 and 6. While talking to her yesterday, she confided to me that she was not going to be able to purchase any Christmas gifts for them this year. I know that anything would be so helpful to her and would really make her children’s Christmas so much better!

  156. Shit, I’m tardy for the party.
    I’ll take 4 people or $120 to one person or some combination, just match me up, whenever, I’m on it.
    Thanks for being a catalyst. And I don’t mean the cow kind.

  157. I would love to help. Please match me up with someone!
    Thanks for bringing some Christmas spirit into this little Jew’s life. 🙂

  158. You are an angel, Jenny. I am inspired by you. Thank you for being you and having such a big heart and embracing the “misfit toys” of the world.

  159. So I shut off the internet for a couple of days and come back to THIS MAGICNESS (<—- totally a word)??? I can't give a lot, but would be happy to team up with someone else to make this time of year easier for someone who needs it. Let me know. I'm struggling a bit these days, but I would love to give $10. I know, not a lot, but I figure it could go towards something bigger for a family in need. Love you, darling.

  160. Let me know Jenny if you need more donors. I can’t do a major donation… but would be honored to give. xoxo…

  161. If needed, I’d like to send a $25 giftcard to someone. It’s not much, but this outpouring of generosity makes me realize that even a little bit can make a difference, and that I’m a very lucky person.

  162. I’m one of those souls that got matched up with one of your magical elves through Maureen, and I’m not entirely sure how I can ever say thank you. Thank you for speaking up in the first place, thank you for being so generous with your time, thank you for helping everyone, not just the souls like me who’re trying to make ends meet.

    Just. Thank you.

  163. Hey, Jenny.

    My husband & I would love the help. We have a 7 month son who isn’t going to get anything thing Christmas. My husband had to take a paycut at work & I was laid off the day after my maternity leave ended. I know he is young & doesn’t know the difference, but I’d love to be able to put at least one gift under the tree. We manage to pay all of our bills, but there is hardly a cent left.

    Please pass us up if there is a family with children older than ours. We will definitely pay it forward next year. Even if we have to save our change.

  164. Just commented elsewhere in blogsville about not feeling the Christmas spirit this year. Well, I am floating in it in now!
    Money’s tight, still out of work but I can do $25 in Paypal or gift card. Thanks for the reminder. You are all magic.

  165. Jenny, I just started reading your blog about a week ago, and I’m hooked. Tears are pouring down my face as I read the comments. My family would love to help- a $50 Visa gift card, just let me know the address. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  166. Hey Jenny – It is an amazing community and thank you for the being the foundation. I said it yesterday and I will totally keep my word today – if you can match me up with someone, I’d love to help. I can only give $30 or so, but I hope that could be used towards giving some family some joy this season. We could all use it. And also damn you Jenny for making me cry two days in a row in my office!! 🙂

  167. Would love to help! I can donate a $25 giftcard, or if the person has an Amazon wishlist, I can just make a purchase through that.

  168. I just commented on your prior post but want to make sure I am added to your list of donors. I would love to donate $100 to someone in need this Christmas season. Times are tough out there and I tear up everytime I hear a story about some stressed out parent wondering how they’re going to make the holidays special for their kids.

    And I have to say……your readers rock! Seriously guys….you are amazing, kind hearted, warm spirited individuals. I applaud you!

  169. If you need more helpers, let me know. I sent a gift card last night, and then today I got a refund (!) from the cable company (!!) and in about the same amount. So I’m thinking that as long as the universe is going to keep giving me that $30, I’m going to keep giving it back.

  170. Crap, commented on the wrong post somehow. So, that other comment… this one:

    “Oh, and I also have two or three winter jackets for girls, sizes 18mos-2T, I think, and a snowsuit for 6-9mos, all in perfect condition, if anyone has a need for those!”

    That belongs here.

  171. I spent the last two months in a hospital room and then a funeral home, burying my mom at age 58. My daughter – her only granddaughter – is about to have her first christmas. We’re tight financially, even though my job pays great, because I’ve paid all her bills since I was 18 due to her health (I’m 23 now) and now her funeral expenses, credit card debt, etc, fall to me.
    It’s tight – really tight – and my Husband and I aren’t doing gifts this year for each other, only for our daughter – thank goodness she’s tiny and will just be happy with the fun and excitement and the little new things to play with. We’re trying desperately to get together money to move, living where I am and seeing her room and things is killing me.
    But after the depression I’ve been in since I’ve lost my mom, I think giving to someone who needs it will make me smile more than being $30 closer to my getaway. I’d love to spread some christmas cheer (and try to find my own, again). If someone needs help, I am here.

  172. We coul really use some help this year. We’re currently 3 months behind on my car payment (got paid today, so it’s about to be 2 months behind) and my husband’s car (paid off, fortunately) just broke down – needs a new head gasket & head cylinder. We’re really struggling this year, and I’d love to be able to give my son a good Christmas. This is the first year he’s been old enough to really understand what’s going on, and I really want him to have a good one. If there are any donors left, we would really appreciate the help.

  173. If there is still help available I would humbly ask for assistance. My husband and I are struggling ourselves with our 4 kids but my brothers 4 kids also are going without. Between the two families we have three special needs children who’s medical bills don’t allow much room to stretch for holidays. They recently moved and the kids had to leave much of their clothes and toys behind. They don’t ask for much but it would be nice to be able to help them out.

    Hey there! I want to help but you forgot to leave an email address. Just leave a comment with your email address and we’ll get you all hooked up. ~Jenny

  174. I’m actually not a part of the usual community, I’m here via @hhoagie and @wonderkiller over on Twitter — but I want to offer a $30 gift card for a family that still needs it. Match me up!

  175. I already received an email from my Secret Santa. Ok, so I’m in tears now. I don’t even know what to say to thank you properly. This means more than you know. We came so close to being *homeless* last month. Homeless with an injured vet and 3 kids. I felt so alone and scared. This gift doesn’t fix all our problems, but it does help and I think more importantly, shows all of us that we’re not alone in times of despair. There ARE people who care. That’s a truly priceless gift.

    (I know this is so sappy, but you made me cry first!)

  176. From one Jenny to another – I heart you and your site! This is fabulous and so touching. I would love to help someone in need out. Please connect me I can donate a $40 gift card or transfer $ via paypal.

  177. I just now saw this today, right now, so I’m late to the party. I could absolutely swing $50 (which isn’t much, I realize, but still), so if there is anyone still left unmatched, please feel free to match me up to them and I will happily provide a gift card or a paypal deposit.

  178. This so awesome what you’re doing! I would love to give someone a gift card if that’s possible. Please let me know.

  179. I was laid off in June and had my unemployment stopped thanks to a rule I was never informed of. My husband lost his job in October and hasn’t had been able to find anything that wouldn’t Cost him More to get to and from work than he’d make.

    My in-laws did send a small box, so they will have Something… But if there is someone who would be willing to help me be able to get something for them Myself, or let them buy presents for each other, I would be So grateful. I’m pretty sure I’d cry. And I’m not a crier.

    If not, if there are other people who are worse off and don’t even have a few gifts the grandparents mailed, then please help them first and we’ll be ok. But with so many people being willing to help, I thought I’d try.

    Either way, I think all of you are Wonderful people. Jenny for starting this, and everyone else who ha pitched in. It’s what Christmas is Really about. You all turned a bad week into a good one just Knowing that all of you people are out there.

  180. I don’t have the largest salary, but a family friend emailed me that she had mailed a check to my mom to deposit for me (I live abroad). I don’t know how much it’s for, but I promise the first $30 of it are for someone else. I don’t make tons of money (English teacher) but my needs are met just fine, and it will be a privilege to help. I always love doing the giving trees at church at home, and someone here is organising a toy drive for an orphanage, but I remember my dad being out of work a couple times in my life and would be glad to help the way my folks needed it. Please match me up with someone in need. I am in Russia but from the US so I think the best would be a person in the US (being in Russia and sending stuff to another country might gum up the works with a bank alert or something) and I can paypal it directly or order on behalf of someone or some electronic gift card or something. Just let me know – this is so wonderful. Never been here before, but someone posted it on facebook, and I have reposted.

    Thanks a lot. I’ll be thinking of and praying for all donors and recipients, not to mention the Bloggess!, this Christmas and in the future.

  181. Oops, ‘them’ being my children of course. 4 and 6 years old. Thankfully they’re used to small Christmases, just never this small.

  182. Hi Jenny, you are wonderful – this is wonderful – I would love to send someone a gift card if its not too late!!

  183. I am happy to pick up a gift card or two this weekend. Please let me know.

    Thank you for all that you do !!

  184. I am really late to this game but I would love to help too! I’ve never used Paypal before (gasp!) but I would be happy to send an Amazon gift card. I can only swing $30, but hopefully it will help make someone’s Christmas a little brighter.

    I still believe in Santa Claus and I am 28 years old. People laugh when I tell them, but this…all of this…THIS is what Santa Claus is all about. It’s THIS feeling that is what Santa Claus really means. This is so amazing, I don’t even know what to say.

  185. I absolutely love this. I’d also be happy to send a gift card to someone that needs it. Or cash in a paypal account.

    And if someone wants to send me a real, live, unicorn- I’d love that, too. And then I’d re-gift him to someone that needs him more.


  186. Jenny, what you do is amazing. I have been afraid to ask for help with anything (ever) because I’m one of those people who takes care of things for my kids, regardless of the cost to me…but…I’m asking now…I’ve sold possessions to biy gifts only to have needs for
    THAT money to arise, and I don’t want to tell my munchkins that there isn’t a Santa…

  187. This is the most awesome thing I’ve ever read. Thanks, Jenny, for getting this started and thanks to all those who have helped others. It’s so inspiring to read this time of year. Or really, any time of year.

    I would love to help but we have been pretty broke this year. Not so broke that we can’t afford a small Christmas for our family but sure wish we could help out others in need. Thank god there are others who can.

  188. Dear Jenny,
    I feel a little embarrassed to be leaving a help needed note. My husband and I are usually the ones who try to help everyone and their brother. This year has been a very trying one. I was diagnosed with a tumor (Thank the lord it is treatable) and had a slip and fall accident that has left me going through extensive medical treatments and without a job. My husband does what he can and works very hard to provide for our family. We have 4 kids who are teenagers. Only one is biologically ours and the others are kids that we take care of, but call our own. This year I know that we are not going to be able to give them a nice Christmas and still pay our bills. Even to have a small token of help would make this year a blessed year. I am praying for a blessing to all or your contributors and for your family this year for the giving that you are bestowing on so many people. God bless every person who gave and is receiving this year.
    Humbly and with great thanks,

  189. Seriously?! This is beyond awesome and proof of the power of social media. I love this. I’ve been feeling all grinchy this Christmas and started giving stuff away two weeks ago and it made me feel better. You are incredible. So are your fans.


  190. When I was younger my mom would always sit down and have us kids do crafts around christmas. She would then send them to family as gifts. As I grew up I realized it was less about giving them a cute and unique craft and more about giving them a meaningful gift while still spending as little money as possible. It took me a while to realize how hard it was for my mother to rais three kids by herself! Especially coming out of an abusive relationship. After 18 years of divorce we still life off of the child support cheques.

    I wish I could give my mom the gift of not having to rely on child support from my father, but that might be out of my reach to obtain. I would never dream of asking for anything for me, I don’t need presents. But I would love to be able to give my mom something, anything for christmas. God knows she deserves it!

    I live in Canada so it’s a little trickier, but if someone was willing to help me show my mom how much she has done for me I would be forever grateful! To everone who has given, you are rays of light making the world brighter. Thank you! And to Jenny, who inspired this, you are a whole sunshine! Thank you as well!

  191. This has just made my holiday season, my week, my year!!! Huge thanks to all of you! The gift cards that I was sent will make a merry Christmas for my family. I hope you all know that every one of you have made a difference. And the biggest thanks to Jenny for bringing this miracle into reality.

  192. I cried reading this post. My family is going through some tough times. Luckily, we are able to pitch in and help them, but I’m so glad to know that there are good people out there who would step in to help. Thanks for organizing this movement, Bloggess.

  193. This is such a beautiful idea. I may be late commenting, but I have had a very tough year. I left my job to move down south to be near my only daughter whom I am incredibly close with after living apart from her for nearly 14 years. She is the amazing mother to my darling grandson and I couldn’t bear to be away from them any longer. It took years for me to take the plunge and after working a full time demanding job for 13 years I am now having a terrible time finding employment. I finally got a job and as soon as I did they cut the hours to 8 per week which is making finances extremely difficult. On top of it all I have been caring for my mother who recently had her third stroke. My daughter has helped me in so many ways, including financially until I get back on my feet, and I feel terrible that I can’t give them much of anything for Christmas this year.

  194. I am happy to send along a gift card directly. Please let me know an address and I’ll get it in the mail!

  195. This is exactly what Christmas is about. Thank you Jenny for using your blog as a tool for good. Wishing your family a very Merry Christmas.

  196. I’d like to help. I can only really afford 30$, I am a student that works part time, but I want to help!

  197. Gah! I have to stop coming back here! I am bawling again! lol. You guys are so amazing. For real. THIS is Christmas. THIS is what we are supposed to feel. I love it.

  198. I work with teachers across Texas and I have one in the Houston area that is basically homeless. His house was foreclosed on because he is a “good” guy and is making child support payments on his 3 kids, which doesn’t leave very much for him to live on. He is staying in a motel, and although he has never asked me for help, I know he needs it. I would prefer that he didn’t know I had anything to do with it, as I’m really not supposed to get involved. But if you end up with more “givers” than “receivers,” I would love for him to be able to provide some sort of Christmas for his kids. The hard part is that all I have is a work email address for him, so I don’t even know if it would be possible?

    All of you are amazing. Even the grinch would have tears in his eyes after seeing the generosity displayed….

  199. Jenny,
    I’m a long-time reader but first-time commenter…sorry to lurk for so long! I’d love to help out anyone I can, so get me on the list in case anyone still needs a hand. Christmas isn’t the only time people are hurting…I would love it if people watched out for each other all year long.
    All of you that are commenting on here are so very special! If everyone cared this much about everyone else, the world wouldn’t be such a scary, dark place sometimes. Hope you all have an amazing Christmas!
    Love from Minnesota to all of you!!

  200. I recieved
    From: Katie
    I looked through the comments on the Blogess’ post and I’m not sure if there is more than one Becka, but I hope this gives you and your family a little bit of holiday cheer. I hope that the future brings you good luck and best wishes for a brighter new year! Merry Christmas! -Katie

    To Katie:
    THANK YOU!! I got him a new train and some shoes for Xmas.. So he gets his “Christmas Shoes”… Sept his Xmas shoes are Paul Frank sneakers. In the end your kind heart put something from mommy under the tree. So today I had a little less worry.

    I hope everyone on here who has been so giving has the best holiday ever.

  201. If you still need help I would love to be matched up with someone. Growing up my mom was in the same position as many of these families and I would love the chance to pay forward some of the kindness of the shown to us.

  202. Hubby and I are lucky to have made it through another round of layoffs at both jobs. I can definitely swing a $25-$30 gift card somewhere for someone who needs it. Let me know! If they’re in or around St. Louis, I’ll be happy to get one from a grocery store here.

    Best thing that’s happened during Christmas for a long time! You, Jenny, and your loyal subjects are making so many dreams come true this Christmas. I am honored to be an online stalker/friend

  203. Blessings to all of you who have helped others. I was delighted to receive a gift card from a Ms Elly Lou, for which I am so very, very grateful. On behalf of a struggling, single mom, I want to thank Elly and the hundreds of others who have chosen to share their blessings. Love to you all, at Christmas and always.


  204. Jenny,
    I sent you an email yesterday to say that I can help, but I guess you are on overload. I am willing to help, just let me know. This is a great thing you are doing.

  205. We could use a little help if there is any left? We have to have our van fixed so, that we can take our four kids to visit grandparents (they only get to see them once or twice a year). We’re to the point where it’s close to either paying for the trip to see family and skimp on the gifts or get the kid’s the gifts in their letters to Santa, but not see family.

  206. I’ve got $100 for anyone who can accept via Paypal–I’m living in Ireland so that’s probably simplest. Just hook me up with someone.

  207. I wrote earlier saying I have a $100 gift card to give, and I keep checking my email to I can send it to someone. Jenny, I’m sure it’s so much more work than you imagined, but thank you so much. This Christmas I’m really relating to those in need so much more. I can’t complain. As a child we had very very little, but enough. As an adult, I’ve never really wanted for anything. This year has been tough. Today was the last day of school, and I had cards ready for my daughters teachers, but no gift cards to go in them, and absolutely no way to pay for them until my husband drove 25 minutes to his work, got his paycheck, drove 25 minutes back down to the bank, got money so we could get the cards (I have never been in such a position before – NO MONEY, no credit….), and he could drop them off before school got out. We’re fine, but very much living paycheck to paycheck, and Christmas is so freaking demanding financially. Next year should be much better.

    I am SO HAPPY I can give something to someone really in need. It restores a tiny bit of my self-esteem right now. Thank you again. I don’t think I can come back again because I’m tired of crying 😉 Can’t wait for your email.

  208. I’d be happy to help if anyone flakes out or if you have new/additional needs come in. What an amazing idea to help those in need!

  209. Curse you, Jenny the Bloggess for making me cry.
    And bless you for being such a giving soul.
    This makes me count my blessings – a healthy, happy family fortunate to have enough.
    And bless all of your “minions” who have given from their souls. I’m only sad that, although we have enough we don’t have much to spare.

    THIS is what Christmas is.

  210. @Jessica I: if Jenny hasn’t matched you up to anyone, feel free to send me an email. I’m at mommyismoody {at} gmail {dot} com.

  211. I have sold many of my own possessions to make money to give my ids a Christmas this year, only to have new needs arise for THAT money (since when do seven year olds get root canals?!). I am a take care of myself kind of gal, but I don’t want to tell my sweet (and stop believing) babies that there isn’t a Santa…so I’m now asking…for a little help…every little bit matters…if it’s possible…

  212. Hi, I happened to read this via a friend posting it on Facebook, and I would like to help. I am on a fixed income, but I can send $30 cash – just please tell me what I need to do, thanks.

    This really is amazing, you have brought back something that I thought had gone the way of the dodo – kindness.

    Thank you.


  213. Hey Jennie, you’re just… amazing. I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now, and your posts always make me laugh and sometimes cry. You’ve got an amazing heart, as do all of your followers who have commented. I am completely in awe of how wonderful you all are.
    I want to help someone. I’ve been extremely lucky this year. I lost my job in April and was unemployed for for 6 months before I found something part time, using unemployment to survive until then. Now it’s Christmas, and I have been able to buy small presents for all of the people I needed to buy for.
    I’ve been super selfish and haven’t really thought about others outside my bubble, but reading your posts and how amazing all of your readers are, I’ve managed to snap myself out of it.
    I can’t give a whole lot, but I can definitely do a $25 gift card or paypal or a gift sent to someone. Please email me and let me know who’s in need and what I can give.

    Thank you so much for reminding us what Christmas really is about. With so much love,

  214. I was really really lucky to have receive from Jenny and a lovely gal named Pam. That gift enabled ME to give things to my kids and for that I am forever grateful. Thank you.

  215. Can’t even make it through all the comments as I am totally in awe here. Don’t know how I missed the initial post, but am going to read it soon and check out Maureen’s blog, as well. Let me know how I can help. Whether it be sending a giftcard, or something electronically, I would love to help out. You are AMAZING! Everyone here is AMAZING!

  216. I want to help. Let me know who and where. I could go up to $50.
    Thanks for starting this avalanche, Jenny. You’re a peach!

  217. Hi there! Thank you so much for doing this – I would love to help donate a $50 amazon gift certificate if you still need donors!

  218. Jenny, I just received my Secret Santa email. Thank you. I have been in tears for a while now, and the thought of a complete stranger willing to help us make Christmas a bit more special for my one-year-old means the world to me. We have been struggling for a while now, and almost weren’t able to make rent this month, let alone water, electricity or gas… All things that have been taken care of now, thank God. My husband always tells me not to worry, that we’ll figure it out, but it’s hard when he’s the bread-winner, me being a SAHM, pregnant with our second and not able to work. This financial bind came out of nowhere, and thankfully will be over by spring, hopefully. I’ve been so ashamed of our predicament I haven’t even told my husband about the Secret Santa… perhaps I should surprise him Christmas morning?

  219. I would love to help with a $100 gift card for a family in need. Thank you so much Jenny for this lovely opportunity to make a difference. Your blog kept me laughing in 2009 when I was out of work and now that I am working I would like to give back. Merry Christmas!!

  220. Jenny, I only recently found your blog, and the first post I read made me laugh hysterically. This post makes me want to hug you.

    If it’s not too late, I’d love to help someone out. Please let me know what I can do & for whom. Thank you!

  221. I have $40 to share with anyone to any place I can buy a gift card. I also make weird little stuffed animals & babushka dolls if anyone has a smaller child who would like a little something handmade. Jenny, I just don’t know what to say about your generosity. You’re a blessing & an inspiration.

  222. My husband just got his Christmas bonus and I would feel like a selfish B for not helping. Please tell me how I can help send someone money or a gift card.

  223. So many emails sent out. So many more to go out in the next hour. You guys are the best!

    PS. Anonymous who had 4 kids and whose sibling has four kids: You didn’t leave an email address. Please come back and leave one so I can set you up. Thanks!

  224. I’m getting here kind of late, but a friend of mine sent me this way. If it’s too late, that’s cool.

    I’m 34 weeks pregnant, newly married (June 25th) and this Christmas is going to be nonexistant as far as gifts go. See.. we have insurance, problem is I’m in the middle of a 365 day maternity waiting period which means they won’t pay anything. Not regular visits (set to be around $3800 by the end of the pregnancy), not trips to the ER ($610), not the stay in labor and delivery when I went into early labor right before Thanksgiving($8,753.78), not the and not the ever looming upcoming fees associated with the delivery (Dr, Hospital, Anesthesiologist… Lord only knows how crazy that will be). I’ve been unable to work since the 19th week so we’re living off of my husband’s fast food management job (which has somehow kept us afloat, but barely). At 29 weeks when I went into early labor they put me on bed rest after finally getting contractions to stop. And now we wait…

    If the pregnancy bills weren’t adding up quickly enough, add in that (after years of having no dental insurance or way to pay out of pocket for dental care) my mouth is falling apart. Literally. Two broken teeth so far and several others that are just begging to destroy me.

    I don’t need a whole lot. Somehow we’ve kept the rent payed and food on the table. But when my husband told me the other day that things are so hard it doesn’t even feel like Christmas it just broke my heart. If anyone can help me give him a little bit of Christmas, they’d absolutely be our angels…

  225. I am usually late to everything, and this is no exception. But I’m here now, and totally ready to help make some Christmas miracles come true. At any rate, this is probably cheaper than renting a Santa suit.

  226. Dear Jenny,
    I regularly read your hilarious blog and when I read about how much you were helping others I was amazed. I personally do not need help this Christmas but I am writing on behalf of my mother. She is a single mother with two children still at home and she also has my sisters four children. She has spent her life helping others as a nurse but has been disabled for some time now. She has lupus, fibromyalgia and a severe back injury. Anything you could do to help her would be so appreciated.
    Thank you so much for being so wonderful… you always make me smile!


  227. I very privately did something like this a few years back for a fellow blogger. I’d asked 5 blog friends to help me give her and her kids a christmas. They, unprompted, asked a few of their friends. Before I knew it, there were something like 20 people mailing her gifts. She didn’t know it was happening until boxes started pouring it.

    To date, it was the best Christmas gift I’ve ever receieved, watching that go down.

    I’m glad you did this, Jenny.

  228. After reading yesterdays post I was thinking, I’m all the way in Sydney Australia, how can I possibly send a gift card and have it arrive in time? So I didn’t.
    Then I read this post and though, how can I not?
    So I just purchased a $25 gift card on amazon and am very willing to pass it onto someone who needs it.
    And I’m going to go out today and ‘buy’ some donations from the wishing tree or a duck or goat from the places that ‘sell’ them and include them in presents this year as well.

    Thank you. Thank you for making me feel selfish about only buying one donation while Christmas shopping for my extremely large family. Honestly, this makes me want to donate more.

  229. You should totally sell a book of the pictures (from the other blog) for this each year. I’d buy a couple.

  230. Hey, I hate to ask this, but I need help. My Dad has walked out on us over Christmas, he won’t be here, well I say that wrong, my Mum chucked him out after finding out he had an affair and he is going to my Granny’s house over in Ireland, he is not going to come back to us. I have just come back from college and I am flat broke, I have no money to make my Mum’s and Sister’s Christmas special and believe me we all need it, honestly even just a little bit of help would be so super.
    Thank you so much for the opportunity to even ask this.

  231. I would like to help! I’m in Canada, so it might be easiest to match me with someone else in Canada. I can give at least $30 to a store of their choice, plus someone gave me a $40 gift card that I do not need and I would like to donate that too (the store has many locations in Canada and sells housewares, clothing, toys, etc.). Thanks!

  232. Add me! I want to help somebody! This is so cool. Thank you, Jenny.

    I am a computer doofus and am not sure how to go about being a donor, so…can you walk me thru the process? Kthnxbye.

  233. I would love to help out. Just tell me what to do! I don’t have gift cards, but I do have cash. 🙂

  234. I will help, match me up, matchmaker. I’m into horseback riding, pina coladas, gettin’ caught in the rain, and sending gift cards. Not into yoga, into champagne.

    And? I love you, really. There’s a lot of love on this blog, and almost none of it is inappropriate.

  235. Hi Jenny,
    I have been reading this blog for a while and have never posted before…but I had to tell you (and everyone else) that what you are doing is AMAZING! While I would absolutely LOVE to donate to someone, I am a young struggling single mom and student and don’t have much. But I would like to share with you what I am doing in San Jose, CA to help those less fortunate…
    My 5 year old and I are going shopping for toys tomorrow to donate to our local Toys for Tots drive, she is really excited to do this, and we have already donated 5 bags of clothing/blankets/etc.
    Instead of getting my hair cut and buying new work clothes, I am using that money and part of my daughters present money to buy enough food (along with my mom and a few awesome friends) to feed at least 100 of the homeless people who frequent a local park. This will be the third year that we have done this!!

    Hopefully next year I will have some extra money to donate to this because it is awesome and I would love to be a part of it!

  236. Jenny,

    I am one of the grateful people one of your Angels helped thank you so very much. The smile on my little mans face Christmas morning will be because of you. Thank you.

  237. I commented on the other post but haven’t been matched. I’ve got 2 $30 Walmart (Canada) gift cards all ready to go out if there are any Canadians still waiting.

  238. Hi Jenny,

    I can’t do much, but I can provide a Target gift card to someone in need. It’s the least I can do. Just reading all of this has restored my Christmas spirit and my faith in humanity. Let me know!

  239. Jenny,

    I was sent to your blog by a friend of mine and I have always found you to be very whitty and amusing and at the very very least a great artist in your own right but now seeing that you are doing this as well brings warmth to my heart

    I’m not much of a donator but I would love to help out in any way I can – What can I do to help?



  240. Jenny,
    You are one of the most incredible people. One of my friends received help from you or your readers. Her little boy will get to believe in Santa this year. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  241. Jenny, this is amazing. I’m moved, and in a sincere way, not a sarcastic but mildly funny way.

    As much as I need help (I was let go by my company when I told them I was going back to college, my car payment is three months late and may be repossessed in the not so distant future, I JUST got my gas turned back on after almost a month of cold showers, I have no idea how I’m going to pay rent in January, blah blah blah), it’s only me in this tiny apartment. Well, and the Great Dane that saved my life after I saved hers. And the tailless cat that had nowhere else to go. What I’m saying, though, is that I have no children (human children, rather). The only person relying on me is me. So if anyone would be willing to help someone more in need, maybe by offering to be a second donor if their situation is dire, that would help me immensely. That way, I would feel as though I helped, maybe even just through suggestion.

    Happy days, everyone. The sun will come out tomorrow. xoxo

  242. I would love to help! I hope I’m not too late. I don’t have a paypal account, but I can certainly do a $60 gift card… or $60 divided into different cards. Are we emailing these gift cards or mailing them?

    This is all so wonderful. Thank you for making me smile!

  243. Are there Nobel Prizes for bloggers who are absolutely brilllllliant? Look at the beauty you brought into the world these past few days!

    Sent you an email, please let me know if I can help…

  244. Im late in reading this and wished I had read it sooner. My family is beyond struggling ,as I know so many are. Our heat was recently shut off and we are having to make due with space heaters. I have no idea if there will be gifts for my kids…we have a 4 year old daughter and 16 year old daughter. I cry every night thinking about how sad they will be, I know times are hard for everyone,and Im ashamed and embarrassed but I would do just about anything for my kids..I am at the end of my rope and am praying for a miracle.

    Maybe this is it?
    With Love,Jennifer

  245. Okay, here’s what I can do. I have money sitting on Amazon I’d like to donate. However, since I got it in a gift card, they won’t let me regift it into a gift card. I’d like to donate $30 on Amazon — I just need to know what gift and where to send. (Does that make sense?)

  246. I love this idea & would love to donate $100 to the cause. Please let me know what to do to make it happen. Thanks so much for doing this! Merry Christmas!

  247. Hi Jenny (and all her awesome friends!)

    I can help with a donation, please let me know what’s needed. And hey, my company has a job opening on our Customer Experience team for an awesome, smart, writerly/techie type…part-time, benefits, flexible hours. Maybe someone who’s out of work would be a good fit? Please apply, we’d love to meet you! http://batchblue.com/jobs/customer-service-rep

    Happy holidays everyone and best wishes to all.

  248. What you are doing is amazing. I really could use some Christmas help this year. I wasn’t going to ask for help, but my children could really use some Christmas cheer.

  249. I’m just a college student, so I can’t do a lot, but I got a Christmas bonus from the thrift store I work at and could totally manage thirty bucks if you still have people looking for help. I’ll go check and see if my paypal account is still up.

  250. Jenny, I saw you’ve still got some to go. I’d like to get something for my friend Robyn Mervoli who has been living with her children in a shelter for a little while now. :-/ Let me know if you want her info.

  251. Jenny, thank you so much. Every little bit helps, and this year is twice as hard. My step-daughter recently came back into our life…so instead of making Christmas morning magical for our two boys, we had to find a way to keep it alive for her as well. Such an emotional, hard year…and you have helped.

    Thank you. xoxo

  252. I wish I could be one of the people chiming in to say that I can help. Unfortunately, my family is one of those that would be blessed to receive ANY help. My husband works full time and I work part time on the side of full-time mommying, but we’ve been living at -$7,000 a year thanks to medical debt (no savings, no credit left, no assets, no life insurance, but apparently $12 a month too much for food stamps because they don’t look at how money goes out, they only look at what comes in), and we’ve never since our son’s premature birth had more for Christmas than our hearts and charity can give us to share. The hidden blessing until now has been that our son, who has four neurological disabilities (Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, Seasonal Affective Disorder and an as-yet-unidentified neuro-muscular disorder that apparently isn’t mild Cerebral Palsy after all), did not really understand holidays, and had no expectations to let down. This year, Ash has finally “gotten” Christmas. He’s still not a typical kid by any means, which in this case means he’s also got no reflex to get greedy around this time of year, but it breaks our hearts that he’s finally developed enough to start asking for things, and we still can’t quite do anything about most of them. We know what he’d like, and what we’d like to get him that would be good for him, therapy-wise, that he wouldn’t think of. We just can’t do anything about it yet. After years of fighting, we finally got coverage for him to have the state-formalized diagnostic evaluation that allowed us to apply for Disability for him, but that’s only just started coming this month. It’ll take us a year or two before we can pay bills AND buy groceries without worrying about being evicted.

    I know there is need everywhere. We’ve quite literally survived for this long because here and there, someone has taken special note of ours. Not all are that lucky. But if there is still help left over, we would truly, truly, truly be grateful for it. Honestly, if anyone would even be willing to send USED toys or books that would suit our son, that would be fabulous. It’s more than we’d have, without it.

  253. I cannot afford to give my son any gifts this year, but seeing as he’s only 3 months old, I don’t think he’ll notice or mind. 🙂

    You are awesome.

  254. I posted a link on my blog, I really hope people see it and go here so they know about what you’re trying to do. I also retweeted you, so hopefully that will help as well.
    The turn-out has been heartwarming. It definitely brought a tear to my eye.

  255. Such an amazing thing to do. We’ve had a tough couple of years and had lived without heating and hot water for over a year but we manage to scrimp together to have that fixed. Ive managed to win some gifts to wrap up for my children but youre truly an angel helping people like this.

  256. I have gone summers without hot water and early springs without heat (temps can be as low as 20F in March/April where I live). This Christmas I got my daughter her Eclipse dvd and several packs of her favorite gum. I get a free ham from work so I’m good. I feel fortunate that I’m able to have those things for Christmas, and also spend this time with my family, not to mention I have a job that I love. I wish I could give to others that have less than I but I can’t. Reading this makes me feel like there is still humanity in this screwed up world of ours. You guys rock!

  257. Jenny you are amazing as always.

    For years I would go to the post office and get letters to Santa Claus to answer. For years we have done things for others who had less through non-profits that worked with people living in pay-by-the-week motels (sooo many children there). Things are tight for us due to my being sick, but we have each other (and Eustice!) and we’re very blessed.

    I have a wonderful friend in OK that could really use some help… We met though a support board for the disease we both struggle with. We’ve been fortunate enough to meet in person and for years I’ve been blessed to have her as a friend. She wouldn’t take help from me (we offered to send gifts to her kids) because she knows how tight things are from us. But I know that being able to get some nice new things for her three boys and two girls would mean the world to her. I told her I was asking for her and she couldn’t stop me! Please contact me for her email address.

  258. I’m so touched to see such wonderful outpouring. This is the true meaning of Christmas. It restores my faith in humanity. Normally I’m a terrible Scrooge because all the grabbing makes me sad. I have a huge smile along with my tears. We don’t have the huge need of some people in here. We were blessed with our first child this summer & he is too small to understand that we don’t have a tree or gifts this year. I’m praying that next Christmas will be a better one for all. Blessings to you Bloggess & all the angels who are helping!

  259. This phenomenon is remarkable in a lot of ways; most of all,for me, you have created and nurtured a community in which people are comfortable admitting imperfection in their lives. It is so challenging for so many people to allow themselves to be seen as they truly are, and not with a thin veneer of faux perfection. It is challenging even for me, which is why I’m still amazed that I’m about to tell all these complete strangers that I haven’t been able to buy a single gift for anyone this year.

    Last Christmas, I had just found out that I was pregnant and decided to move back in with my parents. For the last 12 months, I have only been employed for about 90 days. (It’s hard to find a job when you’re visibly pregnant and they know you’ll be taking time off in the near future…) My daughter and I have been living off the generosity of my parents, and the situation is very stressful. I had so looked forward to my munchkin’s first Christmas, and now I just feel empty about it. What kind of mom can bring a child into the world and not even provide for it? (I ask myself this daily.)

    She’s still so young, only 5 months, so this Christmas really isn’t for her so much as it is for me. And I know there are many people out there more deserving than I am. I just don’t want, years later when she asks about her first Christmas, to lie and tell her how wonderful it was.

    Jenny: you rock my face off. In a whole lot of ways. And if there is someone out there that would help me, I know you’ll find them.

  260. I can’t even express the joy I feel when I read post after post of kindness. I would like to ask for help, but not for me, for my grandparents. They are 88 and 90 and two of the most giving people I know. They are losing their house this year and barely make enough money to to buy groceries. My heart breaks for them everyday, because I am not in a better position to help. The reason they’re in this position is because their kids took advantage of them. They live in a very small town and don’t have access to the internet, but they would love to get something special in the mail. No matter how small, anything would help. My grandpa is always on the lookout for a good deal! I know that this really is for children, but my grandparents have helped so many and even at 90 years old, my grandpa still works as much as he can. I’d like to be able to show them that they are loved and they are cared about. That God is watching over them and he sees all the good they do for others.

    Jenny, you are amazing and all the donors that have followed in your footsteps are amazing. I haven’t felt the spirit of Christmas in a long time, but I have been so overwhelmed by reading your blog the last two days.

    Merry Christmas!!!

  261. This is absolutely heart warming, It was funny because i grew up doing things like this and the biggest joy was running up to ppls house that we bought presents for because their family couldnt afford it or their parent was in prison, knock on their door and then leave. It was the best feeling ever.
    I truly wish i could give to this, but seeing that we are selling clothes, books and pretty much anything we can to pay bills this year we cant. But i will share this with people that i know would prbly love to give.
    God Bless you all, and know that you will be rewarded amazingly in heaven and on earth!

  262. Okay. This is embarrassing. It’s humbling and a little humiliating to ask for help, especially when you have always been able to provide for your family. Yet I am so grateful for what you’re doing. I stand (sit), hat in hand, asking for help. I’ve been out of work for over two years. We moved an hour away so we could have more affordable housing. We have been waiting for Friday (today) to arrive since today’s my husband’s payday so we could go Christmas shopping for my twin three year olds. Unfortunately, last night my son grabbed my husband’s glasses during a rage (he is autistic) and broke them. So, this year, instead of getting presents from Santa, my husband is getting his glasses replaced. I am so grateful for the timing (even though it kind of sucks) because he can go and get new ones, but we were thinking last night that Christmas would be very light for the kids (can’t NOT do Santa, but I was thinking I’d just get some coloring books and crayons from the dollar store).

    If, you would be so kind (I’m kind of horrified I’m even asking this) to enable us to get a toy for each of our kids, I would be so so SO very grateful. So very grateful.

    If it’s not to be, I can totally live with that. I feel like we’re not a priority here — we are fortunate that my husband has a job and we are able to keep a roof over our heads, but to be able to get something for my kids would be amazing. I really appreciate your time — and I really appreciate what you’ve started here.

    Much <3.

  263. God bless you, Jenny. And God bless the two kind souls who sent me gift cards. I feel so lucky and overwhelmed by the generosity of people I don’t even know.

    My mother is going to be so thrilled on Christmas morning when she gets her presents. She’s really a remarkable person and I know of few people as deserving of gifts as she.

    Thank you so much. Thank you a million times. I’ve never felt such heart warming love from people I don’t even know.

    Merry Christmas and may all your good deeds be returned to you with interest. I vow to try and reciprocate next year.

  264. My sister is too proud to ask for help but I am not. So I am leaving you her email address. I love my nephews and sister, much more than I can even stand anyone else in my family, and if I had a job and could give them anything, I would.

    I don’t know if there’s any help left, but I know three people who deserve it very, very much.

    Thanks, Jenny.
    And thank you to everyone else who is able to give.

  265. I tried posting before, but was embarrassed aout askng for help tha I used my anonymous email–only to find a few minutes later that can’t access it anymore. Now can’t find that comment, either, so maybe I am losing my mind.

    If you could help us, I would be forever grateful. I hve three kids, twin 6 year old girls and a boy who just turned 13. They’re going through the wringer since their dad walked out, and what was supposed to pay for a small Christmas is now keeping food on the table til the end of the month. I found out about you when my kids’ guidance counselor told me that it was too late to get help with Christmas from any of the agencies and charities he knew. Bless you, either way.

  266. So of course, with my heartfelt plea, I left MY email instead. I don’t celebrate Christmas, so I don’t need anything. But my family does. So here is her email, as I originally intended.

  267. My friend, Janet, sent me here. What a great thing to read!!! It’s so wonderful to see so many people willing to help others. I don’t have a lot, but I have $70 to contribute to someone who needs it. We own our own business and have four sons – times are definitely tough. But, we have enough to share. Just let me know.

  268. A little late to the game as I am literally just reading this now, but please email me if you still need help come Monday. I’d be happy to donate 🙂

  269. I guess if anyone can, I will ask for help. It’s all I’ve got right now, and my only hope. Thank you.

    Jenny, this is so amazing what you’re doing. You’ve got to be exhausted… if too exhausted for this request, I understand. Thanks again.

  270. If it’s not too late my family could use some help please. Can’t find a job, 3 kids age 3,6, and 13. Anything would be so appreciated. It’s amazing to know how many good people are still out there.

  271. Jenny, this has touched so many people, the ones giving just as much as the ones receiving.

    I sent a link to this post to a few friends and family as an example of the true meaning of Christmas. My mother just called – she loved this so much that she asked me to offer a $30 gift card in her name and she will send me a check to cover the amount. So please let me know if Shirley in Des Moines, Iowa can help someone in need.

    Thank you – this has done my heart good!

  272. This is amazing. Seriously, I have tears in my eyes.

    I’m not in need, but I have a good friend who’s husband was on disability for several months after his leg was broken in a car accident, and then he was far away from his kids while he was rehabilitating, and now that his doctor has given him the OK is going to ship out (he’s in the Marine Corps) in January, two days before his kids’ birthday (they have the same birthday). Their family really struggles to make ends meet on mom’s salary, and since dad couldn’t work for a while and was on inactive duty they are having a simple Christmas. I don’t have a need, but if possible, I would love to surprise my friend and her kids with something special this year.

  273. Words fail.

    Just wanna know if Canadians can help? We can’t always buy gifts on U.S. sites when it reads the IP address as Canada. Let me know if we can work around this…

    Hugs from Canada.

  274. Is this still going on? We have never been in such need. My husband and I are living apart in separate cities while finding work and we just found out I’ve run out of unemployment insurance. I have never been I this position before and wounding when the humbling will end! Haha I have great hope for the future but have been completely caught off guard bythis season in our lives!

  275. I think this year has been hard for a lot of people. We are definitely not in the worst shape, but we haven’t bought any presents for our 5 year old little girl, & unless something changes, we won’t be able to.

    I am grateful for what we have – a roof over our heads, clothes on our backs, shoes on our feet. Groceries are slim at times, but we’ve never missed a meal.

    I know my husband would be upset that I’m asking for help, so if you are able to match me with someone, I will be telling him I won a giveaway. He’s not one for handouts, even at Christmas.

    As I said, we aren’t the worst off, so if there isn’t anything for us, I’ll understand. If there is, I will be sure to pay it forward once we have a few extra dollars.

    Thank you so much for doing all of this. It is amazing, even if we don’t benefit.

    Merry Christmas!

  276. Unreal people in this world,My girls will now have one gift each and thats better than an empty Christmas..im thankful they will have at least a small gift to open..thank you from this grateful Mama..We all want to give them the world and I can hardly put food on the table but its something thank you thank you thank you. I am including my paypal jennifercondon87@yahoo.com..maybe just maybe I could fill my fridge this Christmas, Love to all of you..

  277. I cried my eyes out on the kindness of others and the need of some. I wish I were able to help but I’m in need myself. The company I worked for closed down in April and part time work has been the only opportunity I’ve been able to find. I’m on four months with no electric and I’m constantly running weeks late on my rent. This if the first time that I can not provide Christmas as it is a struggle to buy every day supplies. Things have never been this bad for me and I know I have the same story that thousands of Americans are experiencing at the same time. Bless every one of you that are Angels on Earth.

  278. I’m almost crying. But it’s from happiness so it’s A-okay.

    I should be thanking all these people for giving a shitload of faith in humanity. Oh, thank you. Thank you so much.

  279. My Fiancee and I dont have much to give, but we can help out a little bit. If you have someone who doesnt have a donor, let me know. We’ll do what we can.
    Once again you’ve made me realize that humanity isnt the lost cause it usually seems like. Thank you Jenny.

  280. This is the true spirit of Christmas. I was so tempted to ask for help when you first posted, because this whole year has been such a struggle for myself and my two children. I’m disabled and we’re currently living in public housing…which is humiliating to me, but at least my kids have a roof over their heads. It will be a very meager Christmas but we have love and that’s all that’s truly important. You are reminding us all what the true spirit of Christmas is – generosity, kindness, and love.

    Thank you for helping soooo many unfortunate people.

  281. It is hard to ask for help, but if there are still kind people out there who want to help, I could use it. I have three boys and a Christmas shopping budget of $26. They won’t get nothing without help but it will be very tight. I’d really like to be able to get my sweet, hard working husband a present too but I don’t think the $26 will stretch that far.

    If you are out of donors that is okay. This has been an amazing thing to watch.

  282. How I’d love to be helping this year instead of feeling a bit desperate. I think my 3 year old has enough to make her eyes sparkle on Christmas morning, but I am unemployed, single mama… just went back to college this year to become an RN. I’ve had the gift/trial of surviving a critical illness and have a great deal of respect for the nurses who were so wonderful to me during that year. After working in the social services field for 20 years, I didn’t expect to be 40, laid off, returning to school, and the mother of a wonderful kid. Anyway, we are stuck for rent money for January. I am praying that my job search will pay off soon. If anyone has the ability to help a little, I would appreciate it so much. Last March I got sick again and had major surgery unexpectedly right after the holidays. I am just so scared that I’ll get sick again, this is rough going. I will pay it forward, asap! Thanks for considering it… this is a beautiful thing that is happening here. Kalli sanders.kalli@gmail.com

  283. Please count me in to donate to someone’s PayPal account. I know it’s been said many times — this is an extraordinarily humane thing you’re doing.

  284. A friend shared the link to here. I have to say, these are the sort of things that restore my faith in humanity.

    Even little things can make a huge difference. There was a homeless guy outside of my local supermarket for the better part of a year; he was a mechanic who’d lost his job and was stuck living in his van. I always asked if I could get him anything inside, and all he ever asked for was a small thing of milk that he could keep in the cooler in his van… just enough to have with cereal in the morning, before going out to job hunt. It was such a little thing, I figured why not? I never really thought about it in the long term.

    Then one day he wasn’t there anymore. Four months later, someone calls out to me in a coffeeshop… and here’s the mechanic I’d seen before! He’d found a job and was back on his feet, and wanted to say thank you; he said that being able to have a bowl of cereal each morning meant he was able to face the job-hunt feeling more human.

    That has stayed with me, even four years later.

    Ever since then, any time I go shopping I’ve made a real point to ask the homeless folks outside a supermarket if there’s something I can get for them inside. Sandwich, coffee, whatever. It won’t add much to my grocery bill, but even little things like milk — or a $30 gift card for the holidays — can make a huge difference.

    If you’re still matching donors up with those in need, I will happily put together a gift card to brighten someone’s holiday.

  285. I want to help, Jenny. I love you for doing this, for making me laugh, for making me cry… I can contribute 30 bucks or so. Let me know who to send it to. Thanks.

  286. Hey Jenn, I’ve been a commenter for a wee while (I did your Country Dancing elves of last year) and I’ve been really touched by all the comments. I feel like my heart really has grown 3-sizes and all I had to do was read your blog to achieve that.
    I was in the same boat as the person from Sydney, Australia I wasn’t sure how I could help (I’m in Melbourne). However, I’m more than happy to figure out how to contribute to an Amazon Gift Card or if you know of anyone who needs help this year via PayPal let me know – I have $100 spare.
    Also…I’d probably be able to send a cuddly koala to a wee kiddie too! Although…considering the late offer it may not reach the family by Christmas.
    May you all have a great Christmas,

  287. Jenny,
    A friend sent me your link and suggested I write… we’ve had a tough time since my beloved husband of 20 years finally passed in 2009, after 13 years of fighting the congestive heart failure, pituitary tumor/emergency brain surgery and resultant diabetes, kidney failure, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, etc….
    His church buried him and we’ve yet to set a headstone.

    We count our blessings, but it has been so tough on my two disabled adult stepdaughters, who suffer from closed head trauma syndrome and seizures and have no source of income save myself… neither of whom are getting adequate medical care because we just can’t afford the tests and doctors and all…. and my brave adult stepson with mild Aspereger’s syndrome, who works and pitches in as he can. I haven’t been able to renew the title or get the inspection done for the 1989 wheelchair lift equipped van… we just didn’t have the extra $120 in July. The vehicle my stepson uses needs additional repairs so it can also pass inspection and we can renew it’s tags , so it’s being driven out of legal compliance. I’ve been in the hospital myself this year, and since May have had repeated procedures for degenerative disk disease and arthritic degenerative spine stuff, operating now on less pain medicine than would make me comfortable but I have to function, I’m still paying off the deductible to the hospital but thank god for insurance… and I can’t take off 3 – 6 months for the recommended surgery because who would support the household? Every month something goes unpaid so something else can be, and so we rotate what’s behind. Sometimes it’s the choice between the utilities, medicine and food. Linda needs a new computer, one with a graphics capability, so she can put her art on line, to sell and generate some income. She is an amazing artist,,, all hand drawn… and inspired. I know we are not as bad off as a whole lot of folks, and we are grateful for that, but we are on that razor’s edge, and it won’t take much to knock us into the abyss. If anyone would consider helping us, the above email is also our paypal.

  288. Thanks so much to Jenny and our Secret Santa Maura. I keep tearing up when I think about the amazing generosity my family has been shown. I’m so excited for Julian to wake up to a tree full of presents on Christmas morning!!

  289. I’d like to help – we have more than we need. I can donate $ or send gifts or whatever the need is.

  290. I am looking for help, to help 2 little girls who just went back into fostercare.They are being placed in a temp home an we are trying to put christmas together for them. They are great girls 3 an 4. If anyone would like to help us out that would be great.

  291. I promise I will help next year if you do this again. I am so unable financially to help this year though i wish i could. It breaks my heart i can’t help. After reading your blog my landlord and her secretary gave me a month free for christmas, since they know i am unemployed. So you ended up helping by showing. Thank you Jenny, you are the best.

  292. My sister has just this moment told me of this website and generosity,I don’t know if it is too late and I’m hoping its not. My wife of 15 years passed away last January leaving myself and my 15 year old daughter to pick up the pieces,we have love for one another in abundance and she honestly does not ask for anything I don’t know what could be done at this late date but we are struggling and any help would be appreciated. God bless all of you,even the very idea of this has blown me away

  293. Are you completely exhausted, Jenny? I’ve read every word of the last two posts and comments, made my Toys for Tots donation, but I could be counted on to do more if you need me.

  294. Becka,

    I am so happy I could help you out with getting your son some “Christmas Shoes” and a train! It brought tears to my eyes reading your update and it feels nice to help out!

    Merry Christmas! 🙂

  295. WalMart gift card: $30. Paypal donation: $30. Helping someone in need renew their faith in the holiday spirit and human nature in general: priceless.

    Hit me back and let me know where to send it.

    God bless you: you’ve made all of us better off for having known you this Christmas.

  296. I read your blog a lot, and this is just amazing!! I wish I was on the other end and could help someone in need. I was able to buy my kids a few presents this year, by dipping into my money I am supposed to pay daycare with, but it will be worth it to see their faces Christmas morning, as long as we don’t get kicked out of daycare, lol. This makes me believe! This is what Christmas is all about! It’s not about what you get, it’s about that feeling. Thank you for being awesome!

  297. I’ve already surpassed my charity budget for the holidays, but I still want to help. Do you have a mom on the list who has already received help for her kids, but could use a little love for herself? I can offer up a $35 gift certificate for my etsy shop and provide some mama-pampering goodness. Please give me an email and I’ll send a gift certificate. Thank you for letting me participate! My shop is picnicbasketcrafts.etsy.com if you want to see what I have to offer so you can match me up good. (-:

  298. I would love to help however I can. Thanks for bringing us all a bit closer in this great big blogosphere. I am in awe.

  299. Your post brought tears to my eyes. My husband and I are very fortunate this season – we are both gainfully employed and live comfortably. For my husband’s present this year, we rescued a kitten. I want to help more though. I would like to offer $250 (in total) to those in need. You can decide how many families it will go to – just let me know where to send the money.

  300. I’m willing to help and can donate a card .. Just let me know who/when. You’re amazing and inspiring!

  301. Jenny: You’re an inspiration. While I won’t be around to make this happen on the internet community, I’ll be sure to make some sort of donation to my close-knit rural community where a lot of people are in need of assistance. Thanks for your kind heart, genorosity, and making me laugh all year long!

  302. If there is anything extra I could use some help. My son has outgrown his infant car seat and we need to get a convertible one so he can be safely in the weight limit. We have some money set aside but it’s just not enough. I would so appreciate it. Jenny, thank you so much for starting this!

  303. If you are still looking for people that need help, I’d like to put in a request. Several business in my town shut down in the last year. As a result, more people applied for the local charity, Shop with a Cop, then it was able to help. So my daughter’s school is collecting toys to give to some of the families who missed out being helped. I would like to help them, but we only afforded Christmas by the skin of our teeth this year. I would use any money given to contribute to these families.

  304. I would love to help out! Just tell me who and where and I’ll be happy to do all I can!

  305. Hello Jenny and all of you amazing and wonderful people!

    I’m not asking for financial help. I am so very fortunate to have a family that will never leave me without. However, I am asking just for some words and prayers for my little family. My husband has been hit with depression really bad and he has been out of work for almost a year. He’s shipping off for the Navy in Febuary. We just got married and the thought of being without my hubby next year is heart breaking right now, (we won’t even be able to be together for our first anniversary). I recently had to switch jobs, so I’m making very little money. The total topper? Now we have to struggle on whether to put our kittty to sleep or not due to bladder problems that we just can’t afford to keep fixing.

    I’ve been having to put on a brave face for my Hubby and family because I would never want them to see me down. Sometimes, it would just be wonderful to get some words of encouragement and prayers. I battle bi-polar disorder and I’ve been without health insurance for over a year, so somedays all I want to do is weep and let someone comfort me for a change. I’ll even admit that I seriously almost killed myself back in October, which my family doesn’t know. However, I have to put aside my own feelings so that I may be strong for my husband, for my kitty, (vet said that our cat is very sensitive and he feels our stress. He totally does), and for my family.

    I know this is a weird request, but I figure people who read TheBloggess like I have for several years understand what I am saying. All I want for christmas this year is for a chance to put down the brave face and jokes that I make all day and to know that I’m not alone and someone out there really does understand. Some nights it all seems so overwhelming that the thought of stopping life seems better.

    I feel so lame and stupid and even pathetic doing this. I just hope you guys understand.

    Thank you everyone for reminding me that not everyone sucks.


  306. long time reader small time voice 🙂 while I don’t have the means to help I don’t have the need either! I have however spread the word and I hope it helps! Happy Holidays!

  307. I left a message on your last post not realizing you had updated (I linked from another blog) Please let me help if I can.

  308. I have a special request, not for me, but for a fellow blogger/friend who suffered a devastating house fire this summer. Not only did she lose her home, but she lost 2 of her 5 children. I know this probably sounds like an odd request, but as this is going to be a difficult time for them financially as well as emotionally, I thought I’d take a chance at sounding odd.

    I can give you additional details (her email address, the link on my blog to her story, the link to her blog, etc.) if you contact me via email.

    Nothing can replace her loss, but I know a little Christmas joy would go a long way for her and her family.

  309. I just wanted to say that your last two posts have moved me to tears. It’s so easy to forget sometimes that people are capable of such grace. Thank you to the giftees and the donors for reminding me of that. And thank you, Jenny, for giving them the opportunity to do so.

  310. Jenny: I just discovered your blog a few months ago and since then have been an avid reader. I’ve been addicted to it for your hilarity, your personality, that really comes through in your writing. But this and the previous post are unbelievable. I know it’s the people who contribute who deserve thanks as well, but you are the one who started all this and it seriously brings me to tears.

    I’m not sure how the matching up is going, and there are a lot of families here in more need then I, but I have a request for my mother. It’s just me and her and has been my whole life. She’s done a wonderful job raising me but unfortunately is in a lot of debt. She would probably kill me for posting on here but she really does need help. I have a minimum wage job and always give her my paychecks to help with the bills so there’s never really money for extra things, which is not a big deal. But she has basically, single-handedly, payed my way through a private college education: taking loans, refinancing the house, cashing in her bonds – and that leaves a lot to be paid off – and I know my education to her pales in comparison but it’s hard to see her so stressed, even though she tries to hide it. Absolutely any money that is extra would make her so happy and help a lot, I know it.

    And I suddenly feel the need to confess one other secret – I know she refuses to even acknowledge my birth father (who I never met, thank goodness, beacuse he abandoned her and she had me on her own) but when I was first starting college I found this letter in the trash (on the computer – beacuse my mom doesn’t understand how “permanently delete” works) titled with my name, and it was a plea to my birth father for money to help with tuition (I didn’t even know she had his address) and I know there was never any reciprocation from him. I never told anyone that. I also know she never got a dime of child support from him beacuse, she told me, if she put him down as my father, he would have been able to fight for custody and even though he didn’t want me in the first place, she didn’t want to take any chances. My mother’s love for me and her generosity overwhelms me and I am more grateful for her then anything in the world; she is my best friend.

  311. Words cannot express the blessing you have been in my life. Even before this, you were my hero. You make me laugh every time my world gets too blue, and now you’ve saved Christmas.

    I love you Jenny.

  312. Hundreds of emails matching people have gone out so far and I have another 85 that will go through tonight. I just need to take a break to relax for a bit and then I’ll get back to work. This is taking over my whole life but it’s so worth it. More matching to come…

  313. The winter is hard on our budget not only for the obvious reasons like heating our home and kiddos growing out of their clothes but because we make $50 too much to qualify for food stamps. My daughter has a severe heart condition and she is g-tube dependent. Our insurance pays for formula but we believe the blended diet has really kept her healthy and growing strong. I buy, prepare, cook and store her food on a shoestring budget. We qualify to get a Vitamix blender for medical reasons through their company but at $299 there is just no way we could swing it. We need a second deep freeze since her frozen foods take up at least 1/2 of our current one. We are a family of 8 doing the best we can. We never expected that we would have a special needs child but we would never have it any other way. She reminds us that time is precious and it’s all we really have. God bless.

  314. I’m only re-posting beacuse I realized that I gave you the wrong email address a minute ago and was not sure how to go about correcting that… this is the right one….

  315. I keep coming back here to read more comments and I end up in tears every.single.time! It just amazes me. This really restores my faith in people. I am in so much awe over how kind people can be, especially after seeing over the last 6 months just how cruel people can be. I just…. um…. wow. Ok, I’m gonna start crying again.

    (I hope the people who sent us Amazon gift cards received the “thank you” messages that Amazon gave me the option of sending when I added the cards to my account! Again, thank you so much!)

    Jenny, please do this again next year so that I can pay it forward and help another family the way mine was helped today.

  316. In the spirit of this I randomly gave away a GC I’d not used to a Twitter friend after he randomly mentioned how broke he is. To do so makes me smile, it makes me happy and the saying is true – it really is better to give than receive. I only wish I had more.

  317. I was one of the lucky one blessed by TheBlogessClaus and her ‘elves’…..I hate to admit that I have ‘feelings’ and ’emotions’ but I must admit, I cried tears of joy this morning when I saw the email and the gift card. I can’t tell you how much that $30 helped me get my girl Christmas presents. Some may think ‘$30..big whoop’ and let me tell you, to a mother like me and so many others, it really is a big friggin whoop and it’s a whoop that wouldn’t have happened without you. Thank you, so very much for helping me and so many others….thank you~

  318. I was wondering if anyone could give me advice on trying to establish a college fund for my very best friend’s son in South Africa. I lived there for 5 years and saw this sweet boy grow into a man. He graduated from highschool with very high marks and wanted to enter college last year but the family cannot afford the fees. Many times I visited htem and they were eating tea and bread with butter. Since he couldn’t afford college he is working now as a sort of socal worker at a police station. He would be the 1st person in FOREVER in his family to go to college. His mom and sister and grandmother never finished highschool. One sister finished highschool but doesn’t want to go to college. He said he wanted to go to college to take care of his mommy.

    If anyone has ideas, I’d love to hear them!!

  319. Jenny, if you need another donor, please contact me. I’d be happy to help. I didn’t offer before ’cause it looked like you had a lot, but since the need keeps growing, I must step up. Thanks for all you do. I’m n ot exactly sure how to handle the transaction, but if you give me a hint, I’ll follow up.

  320. Hey everyone just want to say thanks to the people that have done what they could to make my kids’ christmas a happy one.I still have one small problem after getting my oldest 3 the one gift they wanted a piece plus shipping and handling I still have 1 child that won’t get anything.She is 2 yrs old.If there are still any donors out there willing to donate my family just 1 more gift card.Or maybe someone that lives in Nashville,tn that has any Barney the dinosaur items and or winter clothes for 2T we would so appreciate it.I posted my story earlier today but ill write it again here.My husband was deported yesterday(I can give his info to anyone who needs it as well as the ICE deportation website so you know I am not lying.he was the only income in the home because I have health issues and was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.my kids have cried themselves to sleep everynight and we pray that one day he will come back to us.he is in honduras.they are good kids that deserve a good christmas.they are already heart broken over the fact they won’t have their daddy for christmas.I as their mother am there voice.so I am asking if there are anymore donors out there who can spare just a little more plz contact me.I will give you what ever info you need to prove that my story is legit.please help my children have a good christmas.

    Thank you,
    Christina pena

  321. Hi Jenny, I can help. Thanks for reminding me what Christmas is really all about. Just let me know who and how!

  322. Jenny,
    I am commenting not for myself but for a dear friend who I have known for over 10 years. Every month, let alone Christmas, she plays a delicate balancing act to make sure she has enough to eat. She works hard, but like so many is trapped in her place of employment passed over so many times for advancement. I myself am limited on funds this year, but sent her Christmas Cheer by way of a tin of baked goods. However if you find you can spare a gift card to help her it would be amazing, especially as she is facing a transportation issue this month which is causing a health issue. I can go into more details privately.

    My friend would never think of asking for herself, but she gives everything she can to her friends. She deserves a break, even if it is just a small one so she can have an amazing Christmas dinner or get the love of her life a small gift.

  323. To Anna Marie, Dan & Elena & of course, Jenny,

    Thank you all so much from the bottom of our hearts. Christmas will be rife with joy, laughter. love and running water because of your generosity! Our early New Year’s resolution is to pay it forward. We will start on Christmas Day by volunteering at a Community Christmas Dinner. I will bus tables, the hubby will help in the kitchen and the kids will “sing for their supper” caroling throughout the tables. I know this year is going to be better, I just KNOW it!

  324. Pretty sad when my daughter, age 20, sends her mom this link to ask for help. I’ll be alone for Christmas, and I can’t buy my 3 kids or 5 grandchildren anything for Christmas, again, this year. Nor will I be expecting anything from them either, as we are all struggling like many many others. My husband is living 30 miles away, on the streets. He, at least, will be able to have Christmas Dinner courtesy of the community. I don’t even have a car to get to town to go with him. My last bit of income will be coming in January, but I owe back taxes and may lose my house. It hasn’t always been this way. But it’s never been this lonely.
    I was impressed reading the blog and posts, and I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. I know I’m way too late in asking for something for myself, or my family, but God Bless you all who have visited here.

  325. I’ve commented on a few of your posts because you remind me so much of a hybrid of my BFF and me, it’s a little scary. Right now, I’m sitting on a mountain of overdue bills, a husband bringing in $250 or less a week working a shit job, and a 3 year old daughter who getting up every morning and asking me when Santa going to bring her her presents. I don’t have the heart to tell her that the only present “Santa” has for her is a secondhand Candy Land game that one of my friends gave me to give to her. I’m not asking for anything huge because I know there are people out there who have more debt than me, more kids than me, less food than me, but I just need a little something so my girl doesn’t think Santa didn’t bring her anything because she accidently broke the DVD player by trying to load a PB&J sandwich in it.

  326. You deserve a break, Jenny!

    First of all, I want to say that I’m officially a reader of your blog now. I’ve stopped by a few times in the past, but I never think to “follow” anyone’s blog. But you seem like an amazing person. I look forward to reading your future posts.

    Second, I want to thank my donors (again!) for being so kind. I was able to get a few gifts with one card and buy essentials (toilet paper, laundry detergent, shampoo, toothpaste, etc) with the other. Those may seem like small items, but I absolutely could NOT afford them right now. This is the kind of thing that doesn’t cost a lot, but it really goes a far way in improving our life. Now I don’t have to take money away from a bill or drive with my gas light on. All thanks to the wonderful people here. THANK YOU.

  327. I am willing to help someone in need. My husband is currently deployed and I love helping others when I know that my girls are taken care of. Please let me know. Thanks.

  328. Hello, I was given this link by a friend and I feel so moved.. I want to help out. So if you match me to a family in need I will send a link for an amazon gift card. Thank you for this amazing opportunity.

  329. I’m ashamed (enough that I’m not using my real name) to say that I really could use the help, although if someone else could use it more…
    I have $50 to my name and I don’t get paid again until 1/4.

  330. Your post provided money to a great new friend of mine – MaybeCrazyMama. I very much appreciate that you were able to help her out and would like to pay it forward. Please let me know if you are still in need of sponsors.

    My husband is not employed, but I am, and I feel very fortunate and want to share my blessings. Please point me in the right direction to help pay your kindness forward to another family.

  331. Asking for help is a very hard thing for me, but I have two daughters who keep asking me when we will have some presents under the tree. So, I am swallowing any pride I have left, and asking for help. I just want my girls to have memories of a happy Christmas, not a heartbreaking one. Thank you to Jenny and all the other angels keeping the magic alive.

  332. Oh, and if you have any extra people that want to donate… my friend, Heather (I work with her) sewed and raffled off a handmade quilt to raise funds to cover her nephew’s deductibles. He is 15 and has a brain tumor and his mom, Heather’s sister, had to quit her job to care for him due to all his seizures.

    She was able to raise $2,000 of the $3,000 he needs. It was a great fundraiser, but I didn’t have the influence to get the word out wide enough to help her quite meet her goal.

    Please don’t take away from families that have kids that need Christmas. But if for some reason, you have some extra… please consider Tyler’s cause.



  333. Don’t mind me. Posted on your previous entry because I am an idiot, it is late and the week has been long. This experience has been so incredibly restorative and awesome, I’m back to offer another e-giftcard. (I’ve read every. flippin’. comment. here and there. Beyond atypical: I help folks all day, like I need to fixate here? *smile* Good on ya, on all of us. Smooches to Anderson C.

  334. I am a bit late on this train, and am not sure how to even ask…but I am a single mom of 3 daughters, trying to support them on Unemployment benefits(that are about to run out) Christmas is very small this year, only able to make it happen by asking for extensions on our utility bills. I know there are people worse off than I, but when it comes to my daughters, I felt compelled to see if there was room for one more donation. I want to be able to buy them some new clothes and shoes, as they got very little when school started, and have worn thru most of that already. I hope to be back on my feet soon, so I can pay it forward to another family in need. Happy Holidays to all 🙂

  335. If there’s anything left, we could really use some help. I saw yesterday where you ran out, but I wasn’t sure. My husband’s driving on bald tires (past the legal limits) in this bad snow, and I’m scared to death any time he’s on the road. He says he has to drive really slow, bc his tires spin easily. They don’t plow the roads out where we live. So this Christmas it’s “Do we buy the kids gifts, or do we replace his tires?” I’m just waiting for the call that he has wrecked. We are trying to get back on our feet after I lost my job, but it always seems to be one thing after another. He’s only bringing home $220-240 a week, but he carries our health insurance. I know a lot of people have it worse than us, but in this case, it’s a safety issue. Any help would be appreciated. If it’s not possible, I totally understand.

  336. Is it too late to ask for help? I know there are so many other things to worry about than presents, but obviously we’d like for our son to have some. I recently had to return to work after many years of staying home with our boy. My husband’s been sick for over 3 years with some unknown illness – debilitating abdominal pain, no explanations, on hard-core life-altering meds… We were living with my parents, but it’s been a year there and we drove each other crazy. Perhaps literally.
    We are moving back home to San Diego to live with the hubs’ mom this weekend. They are carrying us financially until we can figure out some way to live on my measly income.
    *sigh* I don’t know why I feel like I have to fight my case. We’re really fine and the boy will get some stuff from his grandma… I’ve just never had to imagine what it feels like to not buy my son a toy to put under the tree.

  337. Hi Jenny,

    I have read your blog religiously for a couple of years now, and this is the first time i have ever left any kind of comment on your blog.

    Reading your latest posts literally made me cry, and if i’m honest, i’m still sobbing a bit now, because what you have done is so unbelievably touching.

    When my partner was growing up he struggled for a very long time, and it really means a lot to both of us to try and help someone else struggle a bit less. I told him this story because I knew how much it would mean to him, and because I want him to know there are GOOD PEOPL