And then I staged a live zombie apocalypse in Utah

Last week I was invited by some bad-ass Mormons to do an IGNITE speech in Utah about “whatever it is I’m passionate about”. I did it, in spite of the fact that I was terrified and was on a brand new anxiety drug that made it feel like the whole world was in slow motion. And it was fine, except for the fact that half of the people in the audience were murdered during my speech:

I apologize to those people.

PS. You can’t actually see the mayhem caused by the zombie apocalypse in the video but I can say it surpassed my wildest expectations, and I will never forget the sight of a quiet grandmother running after screaming strangers, as a demure girl in a dress stood on her chair to violently simulate firing a grenade launcher.  These are the moments you cherish, people.

Photo by @JustinHackworth

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  1. I actually teared up a bit. You are really preparing people for what is a possibility in our near future, since science is advancing every day, and the number of drunk scientists increases weekly (source: I’m a drunk scientist. We also make up statistics). You are an unsung hero, Jenny.

    Never forget.

  2. I’m sorry I can’t get over the fact that the song that they played for you mentioned your vagina and how it is eight miles wide.

    Your voice is far more sweet and kind and nice than I expected.

  3. Rock the hell on!!!!! I totally love you!!!!! Be furiously fucking happy!!!!!!!

  4. I walked out on the front porch one day last week to find my almost-four year old daughter and her 5 year old friend holding up signs and yelling at every passing car on our quiet street to warn them of zombies. I swear I am not making that up, and I didn’t put them up to it. Their idea from conception through execution. I couldn’t be more proud.

  5. I thought the Mormons would all run when they heard the “8 Mile Wide Vagina” song. Are you sure there were any left for the zombie apocalypse? Or maybe it already happened (how else would a Mormon grandma wield a flame thrower in a ballroom?).

  6. This sums up why I love your blog as much as I do. You’ve made me ridiculously happy so many times and turned a bad day into a better one. You seriously are amazing.

  7. The vagina song and impromptu zombie apocolypse were definitely worth the show, but I also wanted to let you know how much LOVED hearing about the James Garfield inspired Christmas wishlist. What a great thing to be a part of!

  8. FURIOUSLY HAPPY! YES! I recommend making up some character traits, putting them in a hat and drawing them out at random with your best friend at a shopping mall. That is how I spent a whole day being a confused German woman desperately seeking sauerbrauten at a Victoria’s Secret in Florida and she became a well-known celebutaunte who had developed a debilitating stutter. Just saying, “That’s h-h-h-hot.”

  9. I have a number of friends who are Mormons and Mormons are fine with zombies. Well, with killing zombies and being prepared for World Ward Z and all. They’re all about survival. And they’re cool with vaginas, too. But ONLY if the vaginas not in intimate contact with other vaginas. THAT’s when you get in trouble with the Mormons. Or when you try to make them drink coffee.

  10. Great speech Jenny!

    I try to do silly shit at work all the time because I work with a bunch of grumpy old men and sometimes they just need to be woken up, I mean that literally because they take naps at their desks after lunch. Anyway, yesterday someone on Twitter said that he thought he pulled a nose hair out that was attached to his brain because it hurt so fucking bad. I instantly thought about how it would feel to be stun gunned. So I went around the office and pretend stun gunned people. It was a hoot.

  11. Sometimes – you make me laugh until I cry. Today I laughed, then I cried – thank you for inspiring, motherfucker.

  12. This. You justify being so amazingly weird and insane, and I love it. I now have more excuse than ever to say stupid things. Thank you for everything you’ve done.

    Also, footage of that zombie drill would be lovely. Someone there had to tape it. I demand we find them and get it posted. Like, now.

  13. You are amazing & inspirational. Thanks for sharing this. Also, my husband keeps a hatchet under the bed in case of rapists or zombies, but I’m wondering a) should we also be concerned about zombie rapists? and b) should we get more weapons?

  14. At first I heard the 8 mile wide vagina. Then the zombie apocalypse happened and I shed a tear because it was like my 8 years of diligent planning, training, and hoarding booze went down the drain. Then you showed a motherfuckin’ festive boar’s head by the name of James Garfield. And as ridiculous as all three of those seem being put together in one speech, it made your point that much clearer. You are truly an inspiration.

    No, really, you’re an inspiration. I’ve held at least three bathroom booze parties now and it’s AWESOME.

  15. Jenny, you are such inspiration to me! That speech was amazing, and I’m so glad you posted it! you’re an incredible human being!!
    love to you!!!

  16. Wow! Your rock on ……large vagina and all! Very inspirational. Thank you.

  17. “A few of you have been preselected to die.” That is now my favorite phrase of all time. You have no idea how much I’d like to walk into a room and say that.

    I still have a sizeable gash on my arm where I collided with a oven rack . Now I’m positive I should tell people I barely escaped a zombie takeover.

  18. Hey Jenny,
    I really wish that these conferences took place in Australia, because that would have been awesome to attend.
    Your blog makes me happy. You make me smile every post, and I am so in love with Beyonce it’s ridiculous, and that’s after you take into account my bird phobia.
    You know what makes me furiously happy? Creating “blank face”. You know when you say something so randomly ridiculous, that all the person you’re talking to can do is stare at you blankly? That there is my happy place.
    That and telling jokes or puns so bad that people look horrified. Sends me into paroxyms of laughter.
    You rock. Thank you so much for making my life better.

  19. I mean, these things are needed. In fact, the real shame is that these drills are news at all, since in an ideal world every man woman and child would be practicing their personal zombie drills once a day before dinner.

  20. Wow. I am so glad that you took whatever drugs necessary to make that speech because you kicked ass! I am relatively new to twitter, love your blog, but didn’t know all that about you. Thanks for sharing. Absofuckinglutely wonderful.

  21. This was great!!! It remindes me of when I was in high school my friends and I used to make up fake coupons to give to the lunch ladies and they loved it…I still remember that and smile (many, many years ago). We also used to ask them where the swimsuits were.

    It is wonderful that you have done so much to help others!

  22. You are absolutely adorable and oh so right!!
    What a great speech and good on you for keeping your swearing to a minimum for the Mormans.

  23. Does anyone else find the term, “live zombie apocalypse” to be a mild oxy-moron?

  24. Thanks for posting this, you were brilliant, and you’ve reminded me of my purpose in life: to do whatever looks fun, no matter what anyone else thinks. <3

  25. I really loved this! What a great message. I had no idea behind all your hilarious posts you were suffering from anxiety, depression, etc. You rock, sister.

  26. There ARE more people in the world like me!! THANK GOD!!

    I have found a soul sister in you, Jenny. Thank you for sending this message out to the masses.

  27. That was seriously awesome. Cholera is fucking concerning to me too by the way. And maybe the Black Plaque. Or are they the same thing?

    I am rooting for a Bloggess conference up here in the Great White North. Make it happen would ya

  28. That.Rocked.Hard.Core!

    You are such an inspiration. If I had to pick only one blog to read for ever and ever because my life depended on it – it would be yours. Or the Late Enough blog on the days you don’t post. Shit. I’d obviously die because I can’t choose.

    You keep reminding me to look for the humor in everyday life. And how much fucking power your blog possesses. $43,000 for children?! That…gives me chills…I want to do that.

  29. I laughed. I cried. I breastfeed. Fabulous!

    Wish I had been there in person to witness the apocalypse in person.

  30. Okay…so who knows how I can get my hands on the 8-mile wide vagina song? This is important.

  31. I almost peed when I heard the song on the video……. LOVE it. Wish I could have been a zombie for you……..

  32. Thank you thank you thank you. Rock the hell on with your Furious Happiness !

  33. Awesome. I found you via your chicken post. Thanks for making me really think. Also think about how I parent. Being happy and finding happiness is very important. So if no one gets hurt (meaning bodily or feelings) then go for it. Those things that make you happiest do (usually) make others happy.

  34. I don’t usually watch videos because I’m Hard of Hearing but I watched that and it was worth it. I love the whole idea of being furiously happy and the fact that you were able to get people Christmas gifts who would have had nothing if it wasn’t for that.

    You’re amazing.

  35. Great, now I’m all weepy and stuff, and I’m not wearing waterproof mascara. So unprepared for that speech. Seriously, worse than the time I went to the gym and forgot my shorts… But not as bad as the time I came out of the shower at the gym and realised I’d forgotten my underwear.

    I think what I’m trying to say is that your speech was really touching. And while totally unexpected, it made me feel a lot better.

  36. So great to know a little bit more about you. I just started following you after the metal chicken post (which frankly had my neighbour and I looking for Depends in a “club size” package while reading it together) and love hearing about James Garfield and the gift cards. I will search for and try to create furious happiness more each day!

  37. Absolutely brilliant! I think I have a great big girl crush on you! Shh! Don’t tell my husband

  38. The story of how Beyonce found you was the first entry of yours that I read and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’ve often thought of starting a blog myself, but always thought of an excuse why I shouldn’t. You’ve inspired me to quit being such a chicken-shit and just do what I want. You’re just that fucking good. I love this speech!

  39. I love you people.

    PS. The vagina song is by Storm Large and you can hear the whole thing here:

    It’s awesome. Also, I purposely chose that song because the sound guys were teasing each other about the silly girly songs they were having to look up for the conference and I thought I’d give them perspective. I think it worked.

  40. I’m nodding my head with #57. Totally unprepared. And wearing non-waterproof mascara.

    Jenny, you are amazing. With your metal chickens and your zombies and your gigantic heart. Amazing.

  41. I don’t know what I liked more: The 8 Mile Wide Vagina song, or your speech.

    Also, I watched this with my soon to be 15 year old daughter and when it was done she exclaimed, “I want to be just like Jenny when I grow up. Only maybe not as insane.”

    Ah but the insanity is the very best part. Love you J.

  42. Beautiful!! Both the speech and you. And you have also given me a new-found respect for the Mormon community. Who would have thought that they would just let you come out to a song about letting people into your vagina?

  43. also i once tried doing the thriller zombie dance at a wedding and it only looked like i had hurt myself. it wasn’t even 20 years ago either. it was last month.

  44. That was great. What a winning combo, zombie apocalypse and inspirational speech. It reminds me of a story my husband read in a parenting book that talks about a father who remembers being silly with his dad as they walked down the sidewalk, but when another person showed up, the dad “grew up.” It saddened the author so he vowed when he and his son were acting goofy he would not let others’ opinions bother him and he continued to be silly with his son. Now I want a shirt with some great line about being furiously happy. Thanks Jenny!

  45. LOVE. You inspire me to be ridiculous. I already am, but I suddenly feel the urge to be more so. Excellent choice of song too-Storm Large is awesome!

  46. I think I found my new slogan for my classroom next year – “be furiously happy!” Excellent speech…

  47. Wow, that was such an awesome speech! I am so inpired by you… Somewhere along the way I lost my inner child, I lost the ability to be enthusiastically ridiculous and I MISS it! Hopefully with some inspiration from you and other awesome people I can stop self censoring, stop my self-consiousness, stop caring what other people think and just get on with being furiously happy!

  48. I felt as if I was there. Except for becoming a zombie and what not. I mean, that isn’t happening here. Right now. I don’t think…

  49. You rock! Furiously happy is my new goal. Your blog definitely keeps me laughing and smiling!

  50. That was the most motivating speech I’ve ever heard. I need to lighten up. Thank you for making me see that. Also, anyone who can start a speech with a zombie drill and end it making everyone in the room want to be more spontaneously happy and feeling that they deserve to be so is pretty damn amazing.

  51. FYI, a friend of mine got cholera LAST MONTH and I’m not even kidding. She got it in South America. She looked into getting a cholera bed. (apparently they have a poop hole so you never have to get up. Cholera or not, that’s just genius.). I loved your speech. You are adorable and amazing.

  52. i love you so much it’s insane.

    i look up to you a LOT, please never stop doing what you’re doing.

  53. Dayum, I hope Eminem isn’t all up in your biznezz about that 8 Mile Wide Vagina song…. of course you have the zombies on your side, so you can probably take him.

  54. LOVE the speech! And the zombies. Especially zombie-granny. Even though we didn’t get to see her.

    I need more furiously happy moments right now. Next police officer I see I am asking if I can tase somebody. Or, if he’s cute, maybe I’ll ask if he will tase me. You know, just so I can be the damsel in distress.

  55. Merriam-Webster doesn’t have enough words to adequately describe how fucking awesome you are.

  56. Thank you thankyouthankyou for the link to that video! Its now my second-favorite song about female genitalia…after Amanda Palmer’s “Map of Tasmania.” (the video for that one features MERKINS. Wonderful, glorious merkins.)

  57. You are so totally awesome! I’m one of those who always thinks of ridiculously funny and stupid things to do but am too embarrassed to actually do them. Next time I think I will.

  58. Ok first of all I love you. We could totally be best friends. And second, thank you for reminding me to find joy wherever you can. I used to do that but I forgot because I have been so depressed and anxious and stressed out and everything else. I am going to ask a police officer if I can taze someone the next time I see one. And I want an 8 foot chicken, for my husband to find of course. Thank you.

  59. That was kicktastic.

    You are like the Tony Robbins of Blogging, only hilarious. And way better-looking. Also, not creepy.

    ps. “My Vagina is 8 Miles Wide” is going to be my wedding song.

  60. First off I have to say, I ALWAYS ask EVERY police officer if I can tase someone. Haven’t be successful yet, but I’ll let you know.

    Secondly, and MOST important, I LOVE YOU! Seriously! Listening to you reminds me that I need to keep being myself even when I get the rude stares or mean comments (from my family). I love living life and find so much joy in living life out loud. I’m not joking when I say that I’ll be watching this EVERYDAY before I begin to work. You are such an INSPIRATION!

    Third, do you ever dance in the grocery store/department store to the piped in music? Loads of fun! Really great if you can get someone to dance in the aisles with you.

  61. So I need to play that song for one of my friends. She’s a wee bit slutty. Not that I think you’re slutty. But I admire how casually you drop the f bomb around a bunch of Mormons. Could you come do a zombie seminar in my hospital dept? Cuz let’s face it, I’m pretty well screwed if a zombie apocalypse happens. The hospital workers are always the first to go.

  62. Thank you for making me simultaneously laugh, cry, and wonder where I can wear a tutu to tonight. (Try saying that 3 times fast.)
    You’re the reason my mom doesn’t want me to move to Texas. (She’d be heartbroken if she was replaced and you’re even more awesome than she is.)

  63. Yes! Jenny, you are my mutha-fuckin’ hero. I always try to live furiously happy, no matter what is knocking me around at that given point.

    I dressed up like a witch once, took the day off school, dragged three friends into the city (also in costumes), and we spent the day chasing each other around the whole goddamn place. Why? Because we were getting too serious about the work we were doing at school.

    I shaved my head last month on a whim. I’ve made various excuses to everyone who’s asked, but honestly? I just felt like shaving all my hair off to get a reaction out of people. I’ve walked into a tattoo parlour and got a tattoo for a similar reason. Sure, I hate that tattoo (well, I hate that I got it on my wrist!) but it reminds me of a certain point in my life. A time I could do something like that with no forethought.

    My son died last year. Worst time of my life, and when we had to leave him, I walked out of the hospital sobbing uncontrollably. My pants fell down as we reached the exit, and I couldn’t help it – I burst out laughing. It was just the kind of thing I would’ve taught him how to do to cheer me up, had he been able to grow up.

  64. Jenny,
    This was the very best part of EVO for me. I’ve laughed about it so many times in the last few days. Great laughs and exactly what I needed.

  65. I’m going to start stalking you so when I become a zombie I’ll be the first to bite you 😉

    You’re awesome, adorable, and seriously off your rocker – love you!


  66. Jenny,

    My 4 children and I all suffer from mental illness and the last year has been very hard. I found you several months ago and you have brightned my world. Thank-you for being you so publicly so we can all benifit from it…..oh and my husband and I want to tell Victor that it so is a nice chicken. 🙂


  67. Jenny, I want to be you when I grow up! Actually, I’ll just be like you now. That way it’s not creepy, and I don’t have to grow up either.

    Now the only thing left to do is to find something random and silly and fun to do…

  68. I swear I commented, but maybe I just hallucinated the whole thing because a zombie was attacking me at the time. Either way, you’re brilliant. Hilarious and inspiring. Wish I could have been there, but I’m so glad it was taped.


  69. My nephew once did a survey… Which would be better in a zombie attack/apocolyse – torch or pitchfork? His favourite answer was a flaming pitchfork. He would have totally loved your zombie drill – as would I.

    I’m going to go to the supermarket and yell Wolverines in the dairy department. It’s my duty to spread the cheer.

  70. A friend linked me to your chicken post, and now I’ve put you in my google reader list. And this is by far one of the most fucking amazing speeches I’ve even heard. I listened to you and got chill bumps (as lame ass as that sounds). You are the awesome for today. And possibly tomorrow.

  71. That. Was. Awesome!!
    You are such a star Jenny. Thank you so much for sharing your crazy life with us. Sometimes we just need a reminder to be in the moment and have fun!
    You are very brave and I love you xo
    Ps. I totally have the vagina song stuck in my head.

  72. I saved this to my YouTube account, because I want to be able to go back every so often and remind myself to be furiously happy. Thanks for the reminder.

  73. Ok so I promise I posted my latest post while you were still asleep so I did NOT steal the line about drugs that make the world go in slow motion, we just must be on the same planet, except yours has wine coolers and mine has cooking sherry, ok so yours also has 300,000 people who decide that liking you on facebook is a cool thing to do and mine has 1, but I like to think that’s because my slow motion drugs are stronger than yours and people are just slower so we’re still waiting for the 299,000 other people to move let alone like me on facebook. I loved your speech by the way … I can’t watch it all now as baby in high chair thinking ‘like where is my mother gone? she must have something really important to do leaving me here by myself….’ Think I’m in the last group and looking forward to hearing what to do with the assholes.
    Nicole xxxx

  74. Everyone’s already said it, but it bears repeating…. You are amazing!

    P.S. Not literal bears.

  75. Its allllll your fault now I have 2 songs simultaneously stuck in my head, I must say thy are both frequent visitors but together???? Storm Larges 8 Miles Wide (my hubby gets this one stuck too) and the Cranberries Zombie.

  76. From one of the girls who would’ve been in the back corner watching the zombies die, thank you. You really are an inspiration Jenny! Thank you for posting this!!

  77. I’m just in awe that there’s a company called Mustache Power Productions. If I had a mustache, and a company, I’d totally be all, “damn, I wish I thought of that.”

  78. You’re so very brave. And awesome. And hilarious. And sweet. And you make having a mental illness not nearly as sucky and lonely as it was before you “came out” about your struggles. Thank you.

    Plus – red is totally your color and are those real eyelashes? I’ve been pondering fake eyelashes, but thought that would be RIDICULOUS. I’m 46, living with my dying mother, clinically depressed/anxious and (surprise) unemployed because I couldn’t stand another day of practicing law and just fucking sad so why would a person like me need false eyelashes? BECAUSE I AM ABOUT TO GET FURIOUSLY HAPPY, MOTHERFUCKERS!


    (They’re fake mini lashes. Not too big, but just noticeable enough to make people question if they’re real. Much like good boobs. I highly recommend. ~ Jenny)

  79. Jenny … thank you sooooo much for posting that. I laughed through tears for most of it.

    I can’t remember the last time I felt “happy”. Maybe if I started doing crazy, silly things like you mentioned (or coming up with my own) … maybe it would lift my spirits. I need to just throw caution to the wind and do it (whatever IT ends up being).

    I’ve been reading your blog and following you on twitter for quite a while now. I have to say, you are inspiring. Keep doing what you’re doing.

  80. Jenny,
    Brava! Brava!

    From another who suffers from severe anxiety disorder and panic attacks, but would never be able to get up in front all those people no matter what kind of drugs I was taking.

  81. Your video made me think of a friend of mine who was furiously happy and ridiculously inappropriate. She didn’t have an easy life either and died about 2 years ago. She would totally have shouted out “wolverines” on the subway…

  82. I had a dream the other night that we were invaded by aliens that turned us into zombies because, hey, it was easier to conquer humans by having us kill each other. It made absolutely no sense, but there I was trying to figure out how to stay away from the zombies and kill the aliens. I think I’m watching too much apocolyptic TV.
    I loved your speech. Thanks for being you!

  83. I absolutely LOVE reading your blog. and I LOVE sharing it with everyone and anyone who will listen to me read your stories out loud. I think that you are a wonderfully amazing woman and I loved this video of our presentation. Your statement at the end about enthusiastic ridiculousness has made me so happy and I just can’t express how inspiring you are. Thank you for everything that you do. I love you (but not in a creepy way, in a “i have been reading your blog for a long time and feel like we are friends, and on top of it all I am really 8 1/2 months pregnant so I am super emotional and prone to overreacting anyways.”) Please always keep writing!!

  84. Awesome speech. Well done.

    ps. You make me want to blog again. Pretend this is the best compliment you’ve received today. =)

  85. Fabulous! As a way too serious person, I love living vicariously through your posts and your speech was the ult! I did lose myself enough in whimsy to order the miniature chicken. In the meantime, I’ll just keep following you and trying to emulate you in small ways. Go Jenny! Wolverines!

  86. You are everything I want to be. I am a mother to 3 perfect kids and have been married for 13 years and I have to say you are my hero. If there were more people in this world like you we would have a fun and near perfect world :0)

  87. Laughed, cried, and feel uplifted! Thank you so much for posting your speech!

  88. This video made me laugh and cry. Thanks for pointing out how important it is to be silly. You rawk. Wolverines!

  89. I let my children watch the video and they said you were AWESOME. But I told them it would be more respectful to you if they said you were “MOTHERFUCKING AWESOME.” And then they did, they said, “She is totally MOTHERFUCKING AWESOME!” Because I believe in allowing my children to do ramdom silly things or abnormal things as long as they are still getting straight A’s in school. Next month my 14 year old is dyeing her hair neon teal!
    P.S. My husband said, “She’s a MOTHERFUCKING AWESOME BITCH!”

  90. I want to pocket you and keep you and your speech somewhere close by. Being furiously happy sounds like something I need to be.

  91. Jenny, you are funny, witty, and beautiful. You may not change the whole entire world, but you can know without a doubt that you have made a tremendous difference. Good stuff. 🙂

  92. Yep, a zillion folks have said it, but I’m gonna say it too: You’re all kinds of awesome. You got up there, panic attack and all, and you rocked the world. Thank you for being you, for promoting the idea of joy for the sake of joy, for making me laugh and cry at the same time. I’m glad you’re in this world, Jenny. Keep smilin’! xoxoxoxoxo

  93. YOU.TOTALLY.ROCK. Congrats on ignoring the anxiety and doing something that I hope made you furiously happy as it did those of us who are lucky to experience you.

  94. Jenny, I just love you so freakin much.

    I can’t say anything anyone else hasn’t already said, plus I’m at work (…nonchalant whistle…) I would like to be funny and I would like to be poignant and I have to get off the computer so this will just have to be what little bit of lameness I can spit out in 60 seconds but I had to, HAD to post and make sure you know that you’re reaching me.
    I hope that doing the furiously silly things always do, in fact, make you furiously happy.

  95. i too have anxiety problems and take stupid amounts of drugs to keep me “sane”. You are hysterical but i really loved the speech. I would totally have bought the boar head and hung it on the wall and my husband would have told me i was crazy haha! secretly i think we are related lol:) ok not really … but thanks for the laughter:)

  96. Jenny, when I started reading your blog several years ago, I decided that I wanted to live the same kind of furiously happy that you do. I deal with mental illness, obesity, infertility and most parental figures in my life died by the time I was fifteen.

    But you inspired me and reminded me that those things are not good enough reasons to prevent me from being happy. To prevent me from diagnosing myself with Enchilada Cancer. To prevent me from supporting Whores everywhere. To prevent me from blogging about the time my husband tricked his mother into having a conversation about “caulk”. Or most recently, to bring joy to my readers, followers and most importantly friends by blogging about how Wolverine conducted my yearly pap smear.

    So thank you, from the bottom of my painfully “snikt” cervix. Thank you.

  97. Shit.

    Okay the above question marks under my reply were totally supposed to be little hearts but apparently the internet hates me and now my really genuine comment full of love for you looks like I questioned the whole damn thing.

    <3 – There.

  98. Such an awesome speech, Jenny! I’m in that third group and you are so right. My whole life needs to be infused with this. Thank you!!

  99. And here my parents/teachers have thought all along that I just do crazy-assed shit (like stuffing balloons down my shirt and stealing bathroom signs across Europe) so I could be the center of attention, when really, it makes me furiously happy. More importantly, it makes other people laugh, too. So kids, rock your furiously happy self and if anyone tells you you’re crazy, take it as a compliment.

  100. Congrats on the new drug working out so well. The whole audience murdered during your speech was totally coincidental. Does this mean you’ll still be holding court in the ladies loo at BlogHer?

  101. You know, I needed a dose of Furiously Happy today. I’m not usually one to watch things people post (I’m more of a reader), but I clicked today and am so glad I did. Fierce is as fierce does, right? You, madam, are effing fierce.

  102. I just “found ” you …because of your knock knock motherfucking chicken….and I think you are AWESOME!
    I loved this post too!

  103. Jenny, that was just beautiful. I’m going to remember that speech!

    PS-You’re adorable, and you have the cutest voice ever.

  104. Oh, I would so love to have a zombie apocalypse in my office! Unfortunately, they wouldn’t get it and I’d end up unemployed. But imagining it is delicious, so thank you for being a fine provocateur.

  105. I have said it before and I’ll say it again, you are absolutely one of the most amazing people ever. And I am honored to share Texas as a home state with you. I did not know about your health troubles, since I’m fairly new here… so I hope you’re feeling good in this outrageous heat. I know it sucks where I am. Basically to get to the point here… You are great and for the love of Beyonce, don’t stop doing what you do.

    And for no damn reason, here’s a stupid joke that made me giggle all day… How do you titillate an ocelot? You oscillate it’s tits a lot.

  106. And now I feel really fucking stupid. I’ve just realised that you said “ask a policeman if you can taze someone” when in fact I thought you said “ask a policeman if you can taste someone.”

  107. Goddamn it, I furiously love you. You manage to make me happy and bawl pitifully simultaneously. All I want, all I’ve ever wanted my whole life long, is to be able to be furiously happy. I’m off to tase someone now. Hey, it’s a start.

  108. Jenny.. you are my fuckin hero girl!
    I found you by total accident, and have been silently stalking you ever since.
    I recently suffered a small accident that gave me two surgeries and a lovely scar on my left leg. I have been out of work for two months, which has sent us into a financial tailspin,,,,, but I am FURIOUSLY happy. I love my life, I love my family, I love my job.. and I love your wonderful enlightening awesome mutha-fuckin outlook on life!!
    Thanks for helping me see that though life has its sucky ass pitfalls, in the end, happiness can be found.
    And just for the record…. I would survive the zombie appocolypse because I AM ONE BAD ASS BITCH!!
    cyber hugs >>> Kristie Taylor
    here is a link to my artful blog if you care to have a peek

  109. That’s totally the last scene from The Perfume. Total cannibalistic, sexy bliss.

    See, I knew you were really going there to kill Mormons. You’re like a Spanish conquistadoress. Maybe drop the chicken and get a helmet and some armor? Victor could even wear it.

  110. I’m all about applauding the enthusiastic ridiculousness and putting smiles on strangers’ faces. Also, how awesome is it that you not only got to say motherfucker to a bunch of Mormons & their kids, but also made it to the stage and made it through your whole speech… You’re such an inspiration, and not just because your zombie apocalypse tips are going to save my life 😉

  111. This is just like a dream I had once except there was less ‘zombie apocalypse’ and more ‘heavy lesbian overtones.’

    I really need to start attending these conferences.

  112. I don’t know you. And I will probably never actually know you. But I’m so impressed by you. However, as of now you are a stranger, But I want to know you. So hello, because every friend was a stranger at one point right?

  113. I swear to fuck I’m opening a church of the immortal bloggess. I shall be your first high priest of awesome, though I don’t believe myself worthy of the title.

  114. So in this ‘zombie drill’, do you get to drill a zombie, or does a zombie drill you?
    I’d only be interested in the former, please make this clearer in any future ‘drills’.

  115. I hardly ever watch videos, but that was awesome! Reminds me of the time I ran around the mall asking people if I could tell them what time it was. So priceless.


  116. Based on the number of posts here about how you are inspiring, I suggest that you starti giving some serious thought about who will play you in the Lifetime Movie about your life that I’m sure is percolating even now. I vote for Megan Mullaly but if she’s unavailable, perhaps Meg Tilly?

    I just suggest that you get a final veto on casting decisions when you cut the deal, K?

    P.S. You inspire me too and I took work on being silly. I have a 7 year old that helps. His favorite game is to pretend that he’s food that I cook and when it’s done, he comes alive and runs away screaming. Not Zombie Apocolypse but fairly close.

  117. Awesome!!! You made my day! (I’m going off now to conduct my own zombie drill…I’m going to bet that my boyfriend totally fails this. I guess it will be up to me to protect us when the zombies come…..)

  118. Love the fact that the background music was Storm Large’s “My Vagina is 8 miles wide”. Knew her back in the day when she was performing weekly at Dante’s in Portland Oregon.
    Favorite song EVA!

  119. This year I was struck with crippling depression and anxiety, a major depressive episode that lasted 3 months. I reached out to everyone for comfort and one of the people that responded was Jenny. I’m better now and I keep a copy of Jenny’s response in my wallet for the days when the depression and anxiety creep back. I love you Jenny and will spread your message of being furiously happy as far as I can!

  120. I think the last time I did anything really crazy was about five years ago, and it involved public nudity and sprinklers. I think I really, really need to have some crazy fun again – thanks for reminding me.

  121. So. What I have for you is $500,000.00 in pennies. (In response to your advertisement costs) I sent then to a non-profit with 3 volunteers and they refused to take them off the semi. I’m just curious to see what a pancreas looks like in a jar. Oh, & hey, the speach was great. Even I actually laughed. Be bad until you’re caught, then find a new way to do what you want to get away with.
    PS; I hacked this address, so you can’t catch me. (As if you would want to.)

  122. your speech was really awesome! it made me want to tell you that you completely made MY day with the chicken post and everything that has happened since then. Good luck with everything you’re doing!

  123. Jenny,
    I love your blog! I admit to being drawn in by Beyonce, but like a 12-step meeting, I keep coming back! I wanted you to know I’ve just linked this post to one on my own blog. Don’t worry my small following will knock out your server or anything drastic like that. To give my readership a hint (in case they live under a rock and have not read about metal chickens) I used a picture from your site giving you credit, of course. I hope that’s okay. If not, let me know and I’ll remove it. I’m going on the premise that it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. But I’d rather not have to explain that theory to a judge!

  124. You probably don’t read down this far, but I just watched your speech, and I have this fantastic urge to tell you I think you are amazing. Your wit and courage inspire me.

  125. Dear Bloggess
    I flucking love you. Reading about your antics seriously makes my day. Thank you for existing:D

    Much Love from a newly devoted follower (you’re like seriously a cult leader)

  126. I humbly offer my services either as a minion or henchmen (henchwoman, henchperson. whatever…I’ll do your bidding) on the day you achieve world domination.

  127. I love you Jenny. And you are right. I am making a move out to CA…I have been in a 3 yr slump and I am ready to change my attitude…chase a dream and start living the way I want to live…not how I am expected too.

    WOLVERINES! Ha…love that.

  128. You are absolutely my hero for this (among your many other awesome deeds). You give me hope to carry on. THANK YOU.

  129. Why are you so awesome?!?? Incredible speech. My version of Wolverine is just throwing your arms up and screaming, “WOO!” as if you won something. Makes cubicle life awesomer. 😀

  130. I’ve been reading your blog for a year now and I have loved every post! This video is amazing and had me crying in my popsicle… Love it and you!

  131. You know, the other day an old friend of mine was harrassing me — not THAT way — about why I’m such a freakin’ Pollyanna and how I find so much giddy joy in doing silly things. He knew me back in college when I was timid, so the idea that I’d do anything crazy and public (I LOVE the Wolverines thing! Shoot, how did I miss that???) and would love it confuses him. I have now sent him the link to your video to ‘splain it to him.

    I love you, my dear. In a bloggy follower kind of way.

  132. You/your blog are my new favorite discovery.


    PS. I work for the chron too…shhhhhh don’t tell anyone!

  133. I LOVED your presentation! Great message – so true to my heart – as the girl who’s been known to don a silver lame jumpsuit and stand out in traffic to attract attention for a yard sale – or pose with a blow up pirate doll on New Years eve in all the key neighborhood spots – it really hit home! Keep up the great work!

  134. Your blog is always a happy spot in my day! Loved the conference vid and posted a link on my facebook. I think we should start a movement for “knock knock motherfucker” to replace hello has a standard greeting…people would smile more.

  135. thank you for making me furiously happy, and reminding me that it is what I want to do and be!

  136. I cant stop crying now! Thank you for your speech, it has made me want to live again….I forgot that life doesn’t need to be taken so seriously all of the time. Never stop being you! =)

  137. Excellent speech, will be practicing zombie drills for upcoming team meetings. Nothing says “bond together as a unit” as effectively as preparing for the upcoming zombie apocalypse. Also,

    I suspect when he writes “My wish for today is that everyone watches this, and gets inspired:” he means your video. I don’t know, up here in Canada all I got was a giant blank space, which I guess could be inspiring too.

  138. *love*
    You might already know this but Wil Wheaton just linked to you in his blog and said you were amazing. It’s like this endless cycle of joy and furious happiness.

  139. You are super cute! What an inspiring speech — I teared up a little, too, but (in all honesty) I’m a “tad” hung over and sometimes that’s how I detox. Nevertheless, you’ve inspired me to scream “Wolverine” at my kitchen table and start the 21 Day Simtrousers Twitter Challenge. Only 20% of my thoughts are typically shared with the public … it’s time for the 80% to come out and play. Keep up the great mother fucking work. 🙂

    Oh, and YAY, AUSTIN! I thought that chicken looked familiar.

  140. OMG #83…that’s just crazy AND awesome at the same time. I need to look into this holy bed.

  141. Your blog makes me ridiculously, furiously happy. Thank you for being such a fucking crazy lady Jenny.

  142. What a way to get your crowd moving! I loved it. I think I’m going to put that trick in my hat for the next time that bible study gets boring (they would LOVE IT) and the follow up discussion could be “What would Jesus do in a zombie apocalypse?” (wow, now I have that whole debate going through my head…)And @Jenn, there must be equally cool Baptists-must be, assuming you fit the bill! We can’t be the only Christian chicks that think that the humor, transparency and honesty found on this site is awesome.

  143. Holy SHIT!!! I watched the video, and all I have to say is…Storm motherfing Large!! I am from Portland, and so that girl, and her songs, hold a special place in my heart.

  144. Beautiful speech, Jenny! Cursing and all!

    You totally deserve to be furiously happy. I wish I could hug you. That’s how happy you’ve made me, lately.

  145. LOL, I found you on Babble’s list and I think you are pretty hilarious. A zombie apocolypse is fantastic. I sure wish I had been there!

  146. You are more fabulous than I thought at first. That was funny, inspiring and awesome. I want to be the Bloggess!

  147. I’m the eight millionth person to say this but you’re my fucking hero. You inspire me to do something ridiculous and fun and spontaneous like I used to when I was a teenager. Depression and anxiety have made me afraid to be myself for a long time and you make me want to find that me that I’ve lost sight of. Thank you for inspiring me to live my life in the moment, to be a better blogger, and to be more joyful! Oh, and also, for making me laugh so hard on a regular basis that I’m in tears and also pissing my pants. That’s awesome too.

  148. I always wonder if really awesome people know they are awesome… do you know how stinking awesome you are? You ROCK!

  149. Nice, I smiled and like the phrase… ‘furiously happy’

    Some good essence there.

  150. This was totally wonderful. I’ll have to follow you more closely in the future. Thanks for the smile.

  151. Bloggess,

    I am a new follower, and this was great! This past weekend my mom, sister, and I told the tour guide we couldn’t have our pictures taken because we were in the witness protection program…he totally went with it and we all laughed a lot. Life is fun when you’re willing to be a goofball. You’re an inspiration!

    Knock, knock…xoxo

  152. I freakin’ love you! You are seriously my hero… You don’t even know. I hope somebody I get the courage to be like you. EVERYBODY should read this blog. Also… I practically had to scroll for like five minutes to leave this comment so you KNOW I love you <3

  153. You’re my hero. As someone who also suffers from severe anxiety, which has morphed into slight agoraphobia, is diagnosed bipolar and has rheumatoid arthritis, I find you inspiring and beautiful. I went on an airplane today to make my dad smile after his brother’s death and I now feel even more proud of myself. My actions made many people happy and that’s what it’s all about. Thank you for reminding me to be happy!

  154. Well done! I have a free app on my (Android) phone called “Zombie – Run!”. (Also on Iphone.) Uses a google-map type of screen and GPS to show you where the zombies are on the move in your area. Get a group together with the same app, try to get to the pub without a zombie getting you. Tee hee.

  155. I…you…wow.

    Why the fuck did no-one tell me about this blog before now? You are a stone-cold furiously happy inspiration, thank you.

  156. I needed to see this this week. Thank you for reminding us that even with our anxieties and the feeling the world is spinning out of control sometimes . . . we can choose to be silly and happy.

  157. I can only aspire to infuriating an A-list celebrity like Shatner at some point in my life. Rock on, bloggess. Rock on. Now — if you’ll excuse me — I need to start researching giant metal chickens. My husband and I have an anniversary this Fall, and I’ll be damned if that man is gonna get anything as mundane as towels.

  158. I need to tell you that you are fucking brilliant. This made my day. Thanks.

  159. I have a friend who thinks no day is complete without doing at least one thing completely pointless and silly. You two in the same room would cause armageddon. And it would be good.

  160. That song is going to be stuck in my head now. LOL!

    I was inspired to do something very silly and would probably involve the police, but my inspiration was struck by lightning and burned to the ground. So, if it ever gets rebuilt, I’m so going to put you on my list as potential co-conspirators if you are interested.

  161. Wow Jenny!

    I just read through all the comments…look at the amazing amount of good you’re doing by being you. You’re freakin’ amazing!

  162. I love this!! I couldn’t agree with it more. I suffer from anxiety disorder as well as mild agoraphobia…and I love making people laugh. I do some crazy stuff at my office just to make peoples day better and to make me not so uptight. The other day I took my coworkers camera from her purse without her knowing and took about 100 pictures of office related things and the last pic was me with a sticky note on my head that said, “I hijacked your camera.” Hilarious shit. Anyways, you rock. Keep making the world laugh!!!!

  163. Will wheaton tweeted your youtube video. I pretty much do whatever he tells me to do in his tweets (much more rational than the voices in my head) and that’s how i found you. See?

  164. Thank you! You have inspired me to let go and lose myself in the absurd, savour the silly and be grateful for this amazing world we live in… and you are a so amazingly funny but in a kind of twisted way that is in of itself magical and witty

  165. Your so brave going up in front of all those people being so nervous! You are officially my hero now whenever I have to do public speeches I will think of you. If you can do it so can I! (: And also I love your blog found it a couple of days ago and now I’m addicted, thanks for making me furiously happy with your hilarious blog entries!

  166. I think we were seperated at birth… You’re brilliance is phenom! I laughed until I cried and then cried tears of oh-who-the-hell-knows-but-they-were-happy-tears when you told the story about random strangers helping others. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  167. You are such an inspiration for life and happiness! Rock on, girl! 🙂

  168. Wow, that was truly amazing! You have such a refreshing attitude on life and I only wish more people would grab onto the happy and let go of what weighs them down (if even just for five minutes). I laughed, I cried, and I wished it were me standing in that fountain (it was beautiful!). Thanks for the do good, feel good, crazy cool wake up call.

    Have a super day!

  169. Brilliant zombie drill! Your speech was incredible. I, too, like to dare to do something crazy. We just have to grab the hands of those unsure and pull them into the fun.

  170. This is the first time I have actually heard your voice- it’s higher pitched and much bubblier than I imagined! Not a bad thing, no worries. Great speech!

  171. Ahh, thank you so much for bucking up and powering through something that must have been hard to do- what a great message! .. and I’m totally still kinda snotty from crying a little about the whole gift card story reminder, too.

    Also, pretty sure I’ve got arthritis creeping up on me which has been terrifying to ponder, but you’ve helped put an amazing, funny, beautiful face on it and make it slightly less frightening, in some ways.

    * more hugs from random strangers*

  172. Epic speech and zombie drill. Epic. I forced my partner to watch/read this.

    Them “Who’re you laughing hysterically at?”.
    Me: “The bloggess.”
    Them: “Who?”
    Me: “With the chicken. Read it.”
    Them: “Ohhhyea, her. Ok”

  173. “I’m Jenny!” That pretty much does says it all doesn’t it?

  174. That donation thing? That is a thing I would hope that sometime in a MILLION years I might accomplish. If my blog could do that much good through the stupid things that I write I would know that I had made it as a decent human being. You are an awesome person Jenny, one day I hope to meet you and suffer anxiety attacks with you in a bathroom somewhere… It will be awesome.

  175. Zombie drills should go hand in hand with those crazy earthquake drills we had to do in elementary school. I’m going to go ahead and say there’s a lot more unexpected shit to prepare for in a zombie apocalypse than in an earthquake. Go ahead… try escaping a zombie by hiding under your desk. Yeah, that’s what I thought.

  176. I LOVE it when people really, truly get the vital importance of humor in our lives, and then do everything they can to gleefully infect everyone they know with the magical power of laughter. You’re just such a person, Jenny. 🙂

    On top of all that, you’re a really nice person too. That makes you aces in my book. 😀

    May you get back all the good you’ve given others, and more.

  177. Jenny, I love you, your crazy-ness, and your blog. And your fans (aside from myself-I’m not a narcissist, Gawd!). Because of you, I know there’s hope during/after WWZ, I’ve felt proud of myself and others ($43000 is fucking A-MAZE-ing), and I’m reminded daily to laugh more, and accept myself more. I join you and many others with depression and anxiety, but frequently struggle with the, “I’m not really sick, I don’t REALLY need to be on this medication forever, right?” thoughts, then get hit upside the head with the unleashed insanity when I’ve gone off meds. I then quickly go back to medication, and berate myself for being an idiot. On the bright side, now I’m less likely to do that again, as I have photographic evidence posted above my desk of what happens when I choose not to be medicated (fyi: people look really odd without eyebrows and eyelashes). What I’m trying to say is, Jenny I love you, you make me smile and laugh, and feel better about everything. I also love your commentors. They make my days too. 🙂

  178. Adorable.
    With a very important message.

    We have to have the confidence, or maybe it’s losing the self consciousness, the fear of being judged.

    And just LIVE.

  179. You just made me furiously happy with this Jenny.

    I love that you harness the power of your blog, your voice, to give back to those in need.

    And I really love that metal chicken.

  180. Yeah. OK. I needed this.
    (And I will, instead of continuing to cower under the blanket sobbing like a god damned baby, stand up in the morning in the office and shout WOLVERINES!!! Maybe not as loud as I should but I will.)

  181. Oh you are my super duper hero! Love the giant metal chickens for a starter (that was my first introduction to you and your marvellous blog), but to hear of all the things you have gone through and to still be furiously happy with life, you’re awesome. I too have RA, and it has been a bitch. Rock on, gorgeous girl!

  182. You are awesome, Jenny. What a brave, funny, adorable person you are. Thanks for posting this funny and amazingly inspiring speech. I LOVE you!!!

  183. Thank you so much for this speech. At first, I thought it was going to be something silly, because a lot of your posts are silly (in a good way!) but the end really meant something to me. I am so glad that I found your blog. Don’t let anyone bring you down lady!

  184. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You constantly bring smiles and laughter into so many people’s lives.

    You inspired me to do something outside of my comfort zone. This morning, The Man and I visited Glenwood Cemetery here in Houston and took some photos (totally and subconsciously ripping you off – oops). I told The Man that I was going to post the pics to Facebook but then chickened out, scared that I would freak-out or offended some conservative friends or family. And then I thought after seeing this video, “Ah, to hell with it.”

    If anyone is offended, then they don’t have a sense of humor and need to invest in one. C’mon … I think a picture of me with my hands in the air between two goal-post stone angels is pretty damn funny.

  185. This is AMAZING, inspiring, wonderful. I was diagnosed with bipolar early last year. It is probably something I’ve had my entire life (looking back) but last year I was hospitalised with a manic episode. I spent the rest of the year in a deep, medicated depression. I was terrified of being happy, as I had felt so happy when manic, that any fleeting moment of joy brought up a vast anxiety ridden response of guilt and fear.

    I stopped (with help from professionals) taking my medication in October, and since have been able to share the joys, trials and tribulations of a ‘normals’ life. I am currently attending a DBT (dialectical behavioural therapy) course here in NZ – and that finally is helping me to realise I can be, happy, crazy weird ol’ me, without fear of joy bringing on mania. I can laugh with my daughter, cry when I have to leave her to go back to the course (she lives with my folks) and feel OK laughing again later when she’s not with me.

    I bought a bike on a whim (raleigh 20, $40 NZ dollars) rode it without a helmet on the footpath with the wind in my hair – I even split my skirt on it, and simply let the split become part of the skirt, i sewed it up nicely – and even tho I did crash into a car zooming out a drive way, and I will buy a helmet, I know that I can have fun, be a lil reckless and enjoy life without too much fear of the consequences. I can be crazy, without being mental.

    I found your vid accidentally when looking at zombie things. I’ve never read your blog, but you now have a loyal follower. I have shared your vid on FB and encouraged everyone to do the same – we’re aiming for 10,000 youtube likes. Have fun, aim for the stars – and be furiously happy!

  186. Not really off topic but have you seen the Toshiba commercial???

    There are ZOMBIES in it. No lie.

  187. You are amazing. I love reading your blog and the comments. A true blogging heroine…..I was wishing for a like button on some of the comments because they are just so many that are funny, true and rather than trying to say, yeah, liked what so and so said…..
    Anyways, I have talked to so many people about your giant metal chicken. That was the best story ever, ever ever…..As you were.

  188. I just want you to know I had to google “The Bloggess panda suit”.
    My mother is demanding a multi-generational family portrait. I demanded panda suits. I did not win, but I’m going to try to sneak a mini metal chicken in to the picture. It can be captioned “Cheese, motherfuckers!” 🙂
    Thank you for being awesome.

  189. As always…thankyouthankyouthankyou for bringing smiles to me and mine 🙂 You are awesome, Jenny…keep it up!

  190. You made me cry, and I am not a person who cries. I too have suffered setbacks in my life, but I do not let it change who I am and the hope I have. I will live my life furiously happy and I’ll share your talk with others in hope that they will do the same. I <3 you!!!

  191. Whenever my husband says I am getting too weird, I just direct him to you and he is alright with my antics again. You are awesome and inspiring and kind {under all those cuss words}.

  192. I’m a recent follower but I have already fallen madly in love with you. If Victor doesn’t mind, will you marry me?

  193. Thank you.Thank you.Thank you.Thank you. This video opened my eyes up, Thank you for being one of us <3.

  194. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. This video just made my day, maybe my week! I keep Zombie Finger Puppets around all the time in case I need to be disguised, by the way. You just never know. I gave a set to each Grandgirle, and now their parents are thinking it is time to have a chat with me. Sheesh. Be prepared! You’d think those people would know by now.

    Your speech was amazing. I can not imagine what you went through to give this speech. I have to have fun every day. I have to live life on my terms. I have to laugh. Thank you. Bravo.

  195. Jenny, I love you. You spread humor and happiness and joy and that makes you one of the most wonderful people in the world. I would tell you I love you every day, but that would be creepy and stalkerish, so please know that every time I read one of your blog posts or tweets or Stir columns (because in actuality, at least on-line, I am stalking you, but not in a creepy way), I am thinking it: I love you! : ) : )

  196. i loved the story about the gift care, thing like that really get to me. I love random acts of kindness and that’s what that was. I also cracked up throughout the talk.

  197. Jenny, that was awesome! I teach high school and give silly awards at the end of the year – this year Most Likely To Survive the Zombie Apocalypse was one of my awards. I’m thinking random zombie drills should become part of my classroom activities. If I do it, I’ll tell you all about it! Thanks!

  198. I have been visiting your site ever since your blog went viral with Beyonce, and I must say, you’re rather awesome to read. You know how to bring a smile to people’s faces. I watched your clip from your speech in Utah, and it was really funny, and moving. Truly, inspiring. Thank you. Now, where can I subscribe to make sure I dont miss a thing?! Also, so getting a mini Beyonce.. it’s just a must have.

  199. Your little voice. It is so fucking darling. Makes me want to pinch your butt and braid your hair. Hmm. BlogHer is coming up and I’ve already licked you. Time for some hair braiding, no?

  200. If you wrote an HSEEP (Homeland Security and Exercise Program) After-Action-Report – you would qualify for Homeland Security grant dollars to conduct another drill. 🙂

  201. I saw this today on my lunch break and instantly thought of this particular blog. I am also using the “Zombie Apocalypse” drill in a department meeting for the company I work for. We are making it a little more “work appropriate” though. We have a group of 40 girls (and one guy/poor soul) and we’ll have a few zombies in the audience. The idea is that bad attitudes spread quickly and affect everyone. I really wish we could play the “my vagina is 8 miles wide song” to open up, but sigh… that would be grounds for termination I’m sure. Plus the one guy in our group may quit.

  202. That video was super inspiring, and I love that in spite of all your “issues” you can still get up there and deliver and amazing speech. I WISH there was video of the zombie apocalypse…I wish I could stage one in my office…

  203. It was brilliant. I was glad to have survived.
    No zombies got near our table, but I had my (imaginary) bow staff ready, just in case.

  204. That’s an amazing video. I wish I had the courage to do weird and ridiculous things more often. I’ve done a few (probably the weirdest was helping a pirate win an election) but I’ve not done many since leaving university.

    I must fix this!

  205. love love LOVE your speech. Every time I read one of your posts I think: “I need to be this woman’s neighbour just so I can befriend her!” You’re hilarious, open and honest about what life has thrown at you and woman after my own heart. Thanks for being, well…you.

  206. I just wanted to tell you, after watching this video, I adore you more today than I did yesterday. I didn’t know that was possible. I am in the 3rd group you mentioned. You do the things I only think of doing. It is my goal to live life a little more like you!

  207. I came across your blog and fell in love with it right away. But now that I’ve seen this video, I’m even more obsessed! It motivated me to live every day with passion and with no regrets. I have a blog ( where I talk about living life one day at a time and with happiness and hope for a better tomorrow. I’d love if you checked it out, but even if you don’t, I just wanted to let you know that you are an inspiration and someone I now look to be like.

  208. I just watched this speech, and Furiously Happy is how I try to be everyday. I get called silly quite a bit, and have had ex-friends tell me to grow up, but just because they want to brood and whine and be sad doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be able to do a funky dance in the grocery store, or make people make goofy faces, or climb on stuff I probably shouldn’t be climbing on. I have to keep the goofy in my life, or else things like panic attacks in parking lots over seeing the wrong color oldsmobile, or almost crying and being unable to buy some lunchmeat because I thought the wrong person was there, or any of my general anxiety bullshit would take over and I don’t know that I could deal with that. So they can go ahead and be “grown up” and talk about being miserable all the time, I want to live.

  209. The speech was awesome and I wish I have attended that event…I think it is much fun if I were there at that time…You are really fantastic!!Thanks for the video…

  210. I am pretty sure I would have been one of those people waiting in the corner during the zombie attack, but your speech was inspiring, and I resolve to be furiously happy! You are amazing.

  211. That just totally made my day! Thank you! I’m sooo going to take my 8 month old daughter and enjoy life to the fullest, living with her as a child! YOU ROCK!!!

  212. You are such a beautiful and inspiring person. I started reading your blog because it was fucking hilarious, but I kept reading it because it’s real, and it’s uplifting, and it’s still fucking hilarious. You do deserve to be furiously happy! Rock on!

  213. Ohhh Jenny! You are even more badass than I’ve already been giving you (much deserved) credit for… you used a Storm Large song and I love my Stormy too! Thank you for being your ridiculously happy self and spreading the belly laughs. You are some excellent Big Metal Rooster for the soul! ?

  214. This was amazing! I love how honest, crazy and in the moment you are. Thank you for giving the rest of us a little inspiration and comic relief!

  215. To wake up my classes today we did a Zombie Apocalypse drill in all of them. They had so much fun that I may be holding drills randomly throughout the school year.

  216. OMG. I told my kids to be quiet so I could hear the clip. I turned up the volume. I laughed. They said I was too loud. I thought, “Yeah, payback’s a bitch, isn’t it?” Then I got a little teary because I realized that I was part of the target audience for the “it’s ok to be happy damnit” part of your presentation. Oh well, today is a good day to start!

  217. I stumbled upon this post by accident today, and LOVED it!!! Furiously Happy is sucha a great visual, I vow to live by it! Thanks!

  218. Weird….. I thought you would have a Texan accent.
    But that’s just me being a stereotypical Idahoan dumbass who is rarely exposed to actual culture.
    Seriously, people, there is not one black person in my town.
    Just Mexicans, white racists, and Mormons. (Albeit bad-ass ones.)
    I should quit typing now.

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