Watching Doctor Who is like learning a strange new language you can’t stop speaking

FYI: Posts this week aren’t real posts.  They’re mostly just pictures.  Sorry.  I started new meds and I’m sort of fuzzy this week.  Also, if you don’t watch Doctor Who you can skip this one.

It will come as a surprise to no one who follows me on twitter that I’ve finally started watching Doctor Who (2005 reboot) and it’s sort of taken over my life.  From twitter:

Yesterday Victor and I were picking up my meds and the pneumatic box that delivers your drugs at the pharmacy came plummeting down and I screamed “OHMYGOD, MY DRUGS JUST CAME OUT OF A TARDIS.”  Victor just looked at me like he thought I should start taking extra meds immediately and he could be right, but it doesn’t change the fact that the man has no imagination:

It’s a sickness.


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  1. Don’t worry, this is normal. And once you see the Cybermen and Daleks other everyday things will look similar. You must find other Doctor Who fans to converse with to compare notes. Non-Fans will never understand. I had to convert the whole family to keep them from having me committed! Keep watching, we are here for you!!

  2. A) This is perfectly normal. B) Wait until you start inheriting phrases from the show.

    Nothing beats in a room full of people saying “wibbledy wobbledy timey wimey” and realizing three people just laughed and everyone else thinks you’ve gone round the bend. Also… Statues of Angels will start to freak you out, a lot. I’m not kidding.

  3. This is absolutely normal. You will also begin thinking sonic screwdriver sounds whenever you see an electric screwdriver.

  4. It is a sickness, but such a wonderful amazing one! The British can’t be wrong (can they?) I’ve been watching Doctor Who since i was a kid and i love it more with every episode. Make sure you watch Torchwood too!!! That’s the one that Hailey should probably not watch with you!

  5. Hehehe. I’m not a die-hard fan, but it is fun to watch. Plus, when i was little my dad always watched on Sunday mornings at 11:30 so that theme music is so nostalgic 🙂

  6. As you know, it is bigger on the inside than it first seems from the outside… Wait! You’ve just given me an epiphany– this is why it sometimes takes forever before the meds appear. They send it from the inside straightaway, and your order arrives in 5 Time-lord minutes!!

  7. Very normal for a Whovian, and it makes the world much more fun. Wait until you see “Blink” — you’ll never be able to look at a statue again, I kid you not.

  8. I just woke up at midnight to a crack in my ceiling. First I wondered if I it was in time and space and then I was angry I have an ordinary crack. With water a not prisoner zero. So no it doesn’t go away.

  9. That is. completey normal. My mother and I actually debated buying British phone box shelf thing from hobby lobby today painting it TARDIS blue and putting it in the house. We also had a long discussion aboun how I should change my Christmas theme from let it snow to doctor who since I already have blue and silver ornaments. Once you enter the Doctor Who world it sort of becomes part of your life

  10. This is totally normal. It has become routine for my family and friends to now ignore me yelling out “it looks like the TARDIS” and “it’s just like Doctor Who” in public. In case you’re wondering, the machine that keeps your blood from separating at the blood bank sounds just like the TARDIS.

  11. That is totally normal. Just wait, soon you’ll look at average, every day items and think they could stand to be a little more sonic.

  12. It will blow your mind when you watch Harry Potter movies and spot Doctor Who actors. Like Cassandra is Madame Hooch. The 10th Doctor is Barty Crouch Jr. And the list goes on and on…

  13. Normal. Totally normal.
    You’ll just keep watching it as it slowly takes over every part of your daily life and you’ll be able to save the universe using a kettle and some string! While wearing a vegetable.

  14. Have no fear, Jenny. It is completely normal. And you have an army of Whovians I. Your side should you need us to defend you to Victor.

    How far have you gotten on the series?

  15. Dude, your meds were totally delivered via the Time Vortex! That’s badass. We’re going to assume that no cat nuns were involved in filling the scrip.

  16. Lol…it’s just the beginning. You’ve got lots of great episodes left to go. See how long it takes for a certain blue box to appear in your dollhouse.

  17. I swear, the airplane I was on yesterday started making Tardis noises during the flight. I seriously began to wonder if it was just me or if we were going to land where ever & when ever the plane wanted

  18. It’s only a problem when you grab a rubber bath plunger and run up to a policeman yelling “EXTERMINATE”, I think you only get to do this…..once.

  19. Oh Bless. It is also a recent obsession for me. So much so that I have a Tardis ringtone, that I think is amazing and everyone in my life thinks is ridiculous. Pfft. What do they know anyway

    @Kathleen Oh Crap I am just about to watch Blink. Alone. I am scared………ooohhhh….. I see that Carey Mulligan is in it. I like her. Still scared though.

  20. This is normal and actually a preferable way to live your life. Dr. Who rocks (David Tennant is the best Dr though, Matt Smith is pants). I wrote an end of primary school play for my leaving class where the storyline was based on Dr. Who and my husband made a Tardis for them.

  21. On Christmas I kept making Dr. Who jokes. Problem is, I’m the only one in my entire family who watches the show. And I watch it obsessively. On my 2nd go thru in 2 months time. My family is used to me being incredibly weird, so they just roll with it at this point. Welcome to the wonderful world of Whoviana 🙂

  22. It is totally normal. I also completely agree with finding other Dr. Who fans to discuss the show with, because sometimes when a show is over, you will sit back and go… WHAT.THE.HELL.JUST.HAPPENED???

    Do a Pinterest search on Dr. Who, there are lots of jokes and things to look at or buy etc.

    I saved this year’s Christmas special to watch tomorrow, I have the cheesecake at the ready and I’m sooooooo excited!!!

    What Series/Episode are you watching or have you caught up now?

  23. It’s totally normal (she says, having only been a Whovian since August). Before Doctor Who, my life was quite mundane. Now, our fridge makes a sound like the TARDIS, there are Daleks hidden in the columns along the freeway, all stone statues are out to get me, and when my mum asked for my opinion on a pair of brown pinstriped trousers yesterday, I said “They remind me of the Tenth Doctor’s suit. ALLONS-Y!!” and she thought I was totally bonkers.

    Welcome to the best and weirdest obsession in the world!

  24. It’s normal…but also not. Did you know there’s a dalek in a Rugrats episode? You’d never know it was there if certain Whovian minds weren’t trained to spot one so quickly. You will never stop noticing these things.

  25. ….. Oh and you’re a true Whovian when you start thinking which tattoo you would want to get.

  26. Yep, totally normal. I guess I’m just lucky my entire family watches it now, so I haven’t gotten any really strange looks from them in a while. Heck, my husband regularly pretends his sonic toothbrush is a sonic screwdriver, I don’t think he can really blame me for calling things wibbly-wobbly at this point. 😉 I did get a lot of confusion when I took my daughter trick-or-treating this year, though – she was a Dalek, and after we went for the regular trick-or-treating where absolutely nobody knew what she was supposed to be, I took her to my work where I knew there would be at least half a dozen Whovians who would act properly scared when she “exterminated” them. 😛

    Just curious, how much have you watched so far? It took me about two months to watch the first five seasons, but that was with lots of backtracking and waiting for my husband to catch up. I’m pretty sure I would have seen the whole thing in two weeks or less if it was just me and my daughter. XD

    And since people seem to be talking favorite Doctors now, I’ll just say personally I never really liked Christopher Eccleston that much, but I loved David Tennant from his very first episode (even though he was unconscious for most of it :P), and while Matt Smith took a little bit longer to grow on me, I absolutely ADORE him now. I know a lot of people are still very attached to DT, and I really didn’t think anyone else would ever be My Doctor (TM), but Matt Smith managed it and then some. Seriously, just wait till you get to the end of season 5, it’s pretty much the best thing I’ve ever seen on any show period.

  27. Hell, yes! I make TARDIS comments and references all the time (IRL and on my blog), and I figure if you’re scratching your head, too bad! You’re just not one of the “cool kids” then. Seriously in 1984 I was a card carrying member of DWFCA (Doctor Who Fan Club of America). And I’m probably buying myself a TARDIS case for my iPhone. Yes, I’m a Sci Fi geek. Does it show?

    Also Happy New Year, friend!

  28. Love it! I’ve been watching the reboot – did watch some of the Tom Baker era also – and can’t wait for the next season to start. Best Christmas gift was a TARDIS mug this year.

  29. Grew up on Doctor Who, scared the life out of me when I was 4, had to hide behind the couch everytime the Daleks came around! Love, love, love David Tennant as the Doctor, he brought sexy back to timelords. And Stephen Moffat is an amazing writer. Good luck getting out of the addiction, once it has you, you’re a goner.

  30. I just started watching it too, about a month ago! That shit changes EVERYTHING.

  31. Completely normal.

    I want to build a tardis and have it in my paddock. 90% of passing traffic won’t know why the fuck it’s there, but they aren’t the people I want staring in my yard anyway.

    Doctor Who is an addiction. A sweet sweet addiction.

  32. Watched the OLD Dr. Who with my dad some, years ago.. and the only Dr. that I can recall his name, was my favorite.. Tom Baker. Never cared for any of the others. Sad news, his partner in crime at the time,Sarah, passed away this past year.

    I have a friend that watches the new ones, and got me interested in seeing them.. but I never got around to it, yet. I just started watching Vampire Diaries on netflix streaming.. and when that’s done, I may find time to start watching the new Dr. Who episodes and get lost in it.. although, I never was a HUGE fan of it way back when, it was a fun thing to watch with dad.

  33. I have only 2 things to say to you….K9 and The Face Of Boe……(I’m also thinking of getting my house front door painted like a TARDIS)…:)

  34. When I was a teenager, the local PBS station showed Doctor Who on Saturday nights. So I’ve been noticing randomly placed TARDISes for over twenty years…definitely perfectly normal.

  35. Doctor Who is magnificent. OK, it has some drawbacks like an irrational fear of statues and gas masks, but otherwise it is a sweet addiction. Also very painful every time a companion is swapped out. I *really* miss Martha J.
    DW also has some really heartbreaking moments. In one of the final Tennant episodes was a brief encounter where the doctor appears at a book signing. His face as he talks to the author has to be one of the most pained expressions I’ve seen. I cried buckets, and I’m not ashamed to say it.

  36. My husband has watched the new series for years, and I just recently got sucked in. Donna is the best thing since sliced bread, and if my grad school grades slip next semester it will be all Matt Smith’s fault.

  37. I’m not a huge fan, but completely secured my place as Number #1 Auntie when I casually remarked “Your Mom’s kiln in the basement looks just like a Dalek.” to my Who crazed nephew.

    So being fluent in Whovian has its up side. Don’t see it as a sickness but as acquiring a new life skill.

  38. Perfectly normal.

    And rejoice! The fact that you’re enjoying it is pretty close to proof that you’re intelligent, according to Steven Moffat.

  39. I watch the show in spurts, so I’m not the greatest WHO fan on the planet, but I do happen to know that David Tennant, the 10th incarnation of Dr. Who is engaged to Georgia Moffett, the daughter of Peter Davison, the 5th incarnation of Dr. Who, and they have a daughter, Olive.

    Somehow, that just strikes me as perfectly right.

  40. Very nice! My girl got me a gift engraved with “I’m The Doctor…” this Xmas since she once made the mistake of trying to mock The Doctor and saying “I’m a doctor…” Then we had to explain the show to everyone else at the gathering..noone really understood…

  41. Yup. You’re screwed. But it’s in a fun your not going to wake up pregnant or screaming at your stalled car kind’ve way.
    Hubs and I just got the fourth (new) season. It’s only because I love tht man dearly that I have not watched the whole thing already.

  42. I currently make fun of the one friend I have who watches this show like it’s the best thing since granulated sugar. Personally I haven’t watched a single episode. I have a tendency to get uber-addicted to TV shows and my time is taken up mostly with Glee and Criminal Minds…which makes me believe that all my family members are going to attempt to kill me and then sing a song about it…The real fear is that I will like this show, and then I won’t have anything to tease my friend about.

  43. I totally get it because I have friends who are HUGE Dr Who fans. I have never watched it much myself, but I totally see what you mean at the pharmacy drive thru!! 🙂

  44. Perfectly normal.
    Unless Dr. Who shows up in your living room. That would be the meds.

    Any thoughts on why they used a toilet plunger for the Daleks?

  45. It’s perfectly normal. Just wait until your toothbrush starts looking like a sonic screwdriver! Then you can start having some REAL fun!

  46. That is totally normal. I’m sure it’s also perfectly normal to be watching the royal wedding and have to rewind because you thought you saw a blue box in the background….and to never be fully sure you didnt.

  47. I was at the graveyard a couple of days ago and there was a weeping angel… and I kept staring at it so it could not move.

    Just DON’T BLINK!!

  48. I loved Dr. Who back when it was cheesy and had the fluffy-haird Dr who wore the incredible long, long scarf that had to be wrapped around sixty times. Then I moved here and there’s no public television, let alone Dr. Who. I’m about six doctors behind and I don’t have enough hours in the day to catch up on the missing years of my life.

  49. Yay! A new convert! I was totally addicted as a kid (late-night PBS FTW), but was a total hold-out on the relaunch because I was afraid they would “ruin” it. Fell head over heels, though, when the first Eccleston episode was Autons! Those scared the CRAP out of me as a kid, much more than Daleks or Cybermen–I remember watching the Jon Pertwee episode where his companion, Jo, almost gets suffocated by liquid plastic sprayed over her nose and mouth that was shot out of plastic daffodils, then looking around my house and thinking, “Anything in here could kill me at any time.” Ah, fond childhood memories.

    I now have gotten my husband addicted. He thinks our washing machine sounds like the Tardis, and he got me a sonic screwdriver for my birthday last year!

  50. Your daughter would probably love the Sarah Jane Adventures. The Doctor shows up from time to time.

  51. I am a recent whovian and couldn’t agree more! Next you’ll start watching Torchwood so you can figure out who Captain Jack Hartness is. Then you’ll find yourself having conversations with random strangers wearing bowties or stetsons who have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about, and it just goes downhill from there…

  52. Angel statues totally freak me out now. My roommate bought one and put it in my room. I had a panic attack and *almost* peed myself. Friends are so great. I’m glad it’s just your pharmacy.

  53. Yes, it’s a normal whovian reaction. And I want my meds to come out of a Tardis. By David Tennant or Christopher Eccleston, if possible.

  54. I completely feel you Jenny!! My 5 year old daughter watches with me. My husband doesn’t get it.

    Once when we went out for chinese food I had my daughter pose by the doors for a picture because they looked like Daleks …. She got it and thought it was awesome. My husband rolled his eyes and walked to the car. *giggles madly*

    I can not explain how extra happy I am that you now share my Who obsession. It’s like a Christmas present 😀

  55. YEP… a sickness!! My son watches it OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER!!! Ugh!!! I refuse to get sucked in. You enjoy that little foreign world and the rest of us will take care of the REAL world. LOL

  56. I totally understand. I drive a blue nissan cube…someone got in it recently and said “wow, this is much bigger on the inside” and i immediatly thought “my cube IS bigger on the inside…omg, my cube is made of Time Lord science…OMG its blue…OMG MY CAR IS THE TARDIS!!!!” And then they asked my what I was thinking so hard about and if I was ever going to back out of the driveway.

  57. I can totally relate to this. I’ve been completely sucked in while my husband has not. So I have to watch it as I have time (which is just about NEVER). But I love love LOVE the David Tennant episodes!

    Also, you’re totally right about the dropbox thingy. Holy cow!

  58. A large part of what I took away from this post is that you have some sort of fancy drive through pharmacy where you live. I’m finding it distracting from the main point, heh.

  59. Oh and also, i baked a pumpkin pie on Christmas and it cracked in the middle and the crack looked just like the season 5 crack in time. I was waiting for light to come out of my pie and kept an eye on it until it was eaten.

  60. If you’re not a Whovian, you just don’t get it. Excellent pharmacy box hallucination, Jenny. One of the best thus far.

  61. Ranks with saying LOL out loud to a cashier at the supermarket.

    Just remember, if anyone ever asks how you fit stuff in, it’s bigger on the inside.

  62. Wait until you get to the episode titled “Blink.” Then you’ll start talking about angels in a way that no one but Whovians understands. btw… the angels have the phone box…

  63. Welcome to the dark side. Really Victor needs to start watching otherwise when you get to Blink he’ll really regret it.

  64. Oh, yeah you have to watch the Angel episode, “Blink” scared the crap out of me, still don’t like angel statues. Oh, and the one with the kids that get taken over and point silently at the sky, scary.

  65. Welcome, welcome down the rabbit hole! Can’t wait for you to discover all the Doctor Who based arts and crafts out there. Your head will explode.

  66. Reaffirming, this is Totally Normal… or, as normal as fans of British sci-fi ever get….
    Wait till you get into the gadgetry. My dad just got a Dalek alarm clock. We both have sonic screwdrivers and use them to open car doors (key buttons in our coat pockets) or to turn on lights…
    My seven year old son’s teacher’s aide has one he uses to open the class room door…

    It’s a whole new world of geekgasm entertainment

    and… you won’t be able to help yourself.

  67. I’ve been Doctor Who obsessed since a very young age, but I recently turned my husband into a Whovian as well. It’s an obsession that cannot be stopped. I actually bought him a replica 11th doctor bowtie for Christmas (he in exchange ordered me the TARDIS cookie box, which makes the TARDIS noises and is currently on serious backorder from ThinkGeek). It’s best just to embrace it.

  68. My daughter (8 years old) watches it with me as well. I already have plans for a Dalek birthday cake. It is going to be fantastic!

  69. I ADORE Dr. Who. Nobody at work gets it, but my friends do. We discuss the timelines in restaurants with complete seriousness as if these are real people. (and they are!!!) Marvelous writing, marvelous acting, wonderful production values this time around. The old ones were so delightfully cheesy. I now say things from it all the time and can tell who is a Whovian when somenone smirks back at me. Ah, Love…..

  70. So, I’ve been interested in starting Dr. Who, but it’s been on for many years, correct? Where do I start? On the most recent one?

  71. “Ronda C. December 28, 2011 at 8:45 am

    Oh, yeah you have to watch the Angel episode, “Blink” scared the crap out of me, still don’t like angel statues. Oh, and the one with the kids that get taken over and point silently at the sky, scary.”

    Are you thinking of TORCHWOOD? Children of Earth. Cos I love TORCHWOOD but its SO messed up and not like Who at all.

    The kid in the gasmask asking “are you my mummy?” is pretty dang awesome tho. And if you saw Time of Angels before Blink then Blink seems less scary.

    Midnight is the scariest episode that I think I’ve ever seen. No special effects. Just the inside of a transport… *shivers*

  72. My kids watched the Dr. Who marathon on BBC America all Christmas day. I had to go watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” in my bedroom. Little bastards…

  73. I watched my very first episode of Dr. Who the other day – the 2011 Christmas Special – then I watched the compilation of the Best of Christmas Specials. So, now I’m totally HOOKED! Feeling overwhelmed by all that I’ve missed and wondering how I will dive into this show. Guess I’ll start with the MARATHON on BBC America over the weekend. In the mean time….total Tardis looking thing on my corner! Pics to follow.

  74. My daughter is like a crazy lunatic about this show. I saw part of an episode and also thought it a bit stupid. I should try to make myself watch a few more…

  75. I was looking for your archive drop down and had a freakin panic attack when I couldn’t find it. Then I found it.
    Just wanted to let you know that when you rearrange your blog it fucks my shit up. But I also enjoy rearranging things, so I appreciate the change.

    Also, I can’t wait to read your book. It will change my life. Probably. I can’t be sure.

    AND now i feel like i need to watch Dr. Who because I have no idea what this post is about.

  76. it will take over your life, especially when you start getting into the classics and the books… and comics… and – ahem. Not that I would know.

  77. YES! Another Whovian! I got a little TARDIS keychain for my purse, and the 10th and 11th doctor’s sonic screwdrivers. And I may or may not have attempted to get the microwave to go faster. 🙁

    Love, love love. I told the mister that I would forfeit a Beyonce statue if I could have a Weeping Angel statue. And we would have to hide it in the bushes. And move it every now and then.

  78. OMS! My husband has been trying to get me hooked and its working. My five year old is completely addicted to the Dr. After watching “The Empty Child” (ninth episode of the first series) he would freak out my 8 year old by saying “Are you my mommy?”, with a full on British accent. Hilarious!

  79. I *just* took a banana to a party – Fucking love Doctor Who- Just started watching the Torchwood beginnings too…. Good Luck!

    *David Tennant will make you cry and laugh all in the same episode. I am certain that Psychiatric Wards are filled with Doctor Who fans because those other people just DON’T understand.

  80. It’s a sickness when you start muttering “Extahmeeneight … Extahmeeneight …” in a warbly voice whenever there is a lineup at the bank. Actually, anywhere. Whenever you mutter “Extahmeeneight …” under your breath, even if you’re alone, you know you’ve gone off the reservation.

  81. It’s a TARDIS for Barbies.

    I have Rose & 10 action figures on my desk. My co-worker once accidentally knocked the sonic screwdriver into the large kitchen garbage can. Nothing like watching a grown man hunt for a piece of plastic the size of a quarter of a toothpick through a week’s worth of coffee grounds and fast food wrappers.

    There’s now a ball of scotch tape holding it David Tennant’s tiny plastic hand.

  82. Statues of angels do freak me out and all of my kids LOVE watching the Doctor. I started watching him myself when I was about 8 so I am inherently damaged. My sense of humor has never been and will never be normal. 🙂

  83. Perfectly normal. I started watching it in college. Got my mother and my then boyfriend hooked. Even went to a few conventions. Still watch it now (20 yrs later) though I can’t get my husband to watch it either. He’ll sit with me, but ends up watching it through closed eyes (snoring).

    My daughter’s best friend is a huge fan. Goes to convention in Florida when she can called “Hurricane Who.” She took her new husband to meet her friends there this year for the first time. That seemed to go well…

  84. Oh, it’s all good. My whole fam watches Who (my fault), and the daughter (who is nearly 15) still thinks mommy rocks, especially because I yelled, “Don’t blink!” in front of an angel statue and startled many museumgoers.


    Someone also recommended Torchwood, and I agree with caveats. Definitely not for Hailey yet–it’s far more adult, and it’s a quite different show from Doctor Who.

  85. Oh my word, yes! If it isn’t normal, then there are a heck of a lot of us freaks out here! (Which is probably true also)

  86. I freakin’ love the new Doctor Who. I started watching the reboot this year and I just couldn’t stop. Once you start, there’s no stopping. When you find fellow Whovians you have an instant connection, because they actually know what a TARDIS is. I wanted to name my car the TARDIS and my husband thought I was saying the “Tard” (as in a mentally handicapped person). Hilarious.

  87. 1) I saw a pic on fb I think where a guy built a DVD cabinet that looked like a Tardis. I need some power tools so I can get on that.
    2) I don’t think my husband would be happy if I painted my front door to look like the Tardis, but I think it would look pretty amazing next to the life-size alien already inhabiting my front porch. His name is Carl.
    3) WHERE DO YOU GET A TARDIS RINGTONE?!?!? Gotta have it.
    4) My fave Who moment happened when I was reading Graeme Base’s Animalia to my 5yo’s preschool class, and noticed a Dalek hiding in the D illustrations. I totally freaked out and now I’m pretty sure my kids teacher thinks I am insane.

  88. One very special day about five years ago, I had a nasty cold. I stayed home from work and for some reason something on the sci fi channel caught my eye. It was the first episode of the Doctor Who reboot. My life changed that day. I completely understand what you’re going through. The worst part for me was that although it was a Dr. Who marathon, it was all they had at the time. I never got to watch it again until about three years ago when I got Netflix. Best day of my life when I saw Doctor Who in my reccomended to watch. Anyhow, I love all the comments about Blink, it’s my favorite. Scared the bejesus outta me. Also the one where the shadows killed you. I have one problem though, I loved David Tennant so much that I haven’t started the newest ones yet.

  89. Well, looks like I’ll have to set the DVR to see what all the hoopla is about or start seeing your doctor.

    It appears he gives out the good stuff.

  90. OH MY GOD! I completely know what you mean. We are totally in love with that show around here. I really, really wish my pharmacy’s drop thingie looked like a TARDIS. That would rock.

  91. I started watching in the 80s with Tom Baker on PBS. There were a couple of regenerations after that but I couldn’t get used to the new Doctor’s. Then it went away. Then it came back and I was hooked again. Also loved Torchwood and Sara Jane. It is an addiction but mostly harmless and less fattening than chocolate. Enjoy and I hope your new meds make you feel great.

  92. Both husband and I have been addicted since watching it on PBS as kids. It definitely possesses you. To this day every time I pick up a plunger I have the urge to stick it out, run around and yell “EXTERMINATE!”. This does not go over well in Target. Unless you’re in the aisle with another Whovian then it’s BRILLIANT!

  93. Doctor who has taken over my life and dreams in the last 2months too. I started watching the 2005 series and I swear EVERY morning I have dreams about the 10th doctor (because OMFSM David Tennant is fucking HOT). It is becoming a little bit of an obsession. My six year old son has also informed me that he is in fact a time lord but he lost his TARDiS but that’s OK because he forgot how to fly it.

  94. Dr. Who is the best show ever! And if you watch Torchwood as well, you’ll never be able to look at people with Bluetooth headsets the same, ever again.

  95. Totally normal. Screwdrivers are now disappointingly non-sonic and weeping angels are terrifying.

  96. When I started watching it, it was when my husband was on disability after his heart surgery. I literally watched all the episodes in about 3 weeks or less. I got so obsessed with that show that I started shouting “Brilliant!” and “Allonsy!”. My husband, who loathes sci-fi shows basically looked at me like I needed meds too. I do the same thing with a good book, I start acting like my favorite character. Is that normal?

  97. so many of your fans are giving you SPOILERS but I must say, WELCOME to our world! I grew up on Doctor Who but never really “got it” until my husband did for me what YOU are doing now… starting at the beginning of the reboot and working our way thru.

    I didn’t mind Chris Eccleston and was a bit sad when he regenerated; LOVED (LOVED LOVED adored lusted after and LOVED) David Tennant and was VERY sad when he regenerated; am still giving Matt time to grow on me but am a bit sad that I don’t LOVE him yet. For all the SCARY episodes there are BRILLIANT and FUNNY episodes and when a certain companion was lost to the Doctor, I cried my eyes out and called my hubby “a stinker” for getting me so hooked!

    Anyone who WON’T watch Doctor Who for fear of getting hooked is watching the wrong stuff (I’m talking to YOU, Nic)! Jenny, I can’t wait to read about your progress as a Whovian. WELCOME!

  98. Like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, this is a show that’s been highly recommended to me but I’m afraid to watch. I know I’ll get really sucked in and fail out of graduate school.

  99. I thought the exact same thing when Walgreen installed that this summer, I posted a pic to my G+ stream and heard crickets. I’m glad to know I’m not alone…. let’s go paint pharmacy drop-boxes all ninja style. Like Dr Who Pharmacy Drop-Box Avengers!

  100. Am I gonna have to start watching this show? Everyone who starts watching it seems to become an instant fan. And now I need to know about this whole Tardis thing.

  101. The message I just sent to my husband with a link to this post:

    “I thought you might think this is funny. I don’t get it, but then I don’t watch that show with the murderous garbage cans.”

  102. Welcome to the fantastic world of the Doctor! 😀 We all have our favorite Doctors (10 followed by 3 & 5 for me) as well as our favorite companions (JAMIE, all the way). Before you know it, you’ll be arguing why YOUR Doctor is the best one. 😀

  103. I love that you are into this show now. And it will consume your life, says the woman who bought a Doctor Who phone case, a Chicks Dig Time Lords t-shirt and has the Weeping Angels as her screen saver.

  104. The really freaky shit starts when you’re walking through a Massachusetts graveyard, and run across one of the Weeping Angels.

    Trying not to blink while getting the hell out of there will land you sprawled out on the ground and missing a shoe. Ask me how I know.

  105. It truly is a disease. My holiday cards this year are based on Dr Who (Keep Calm and Don’t Blink!), and I’m painting a Tardis on the basement wall at my roommate’s request.

    ….and my phone shouts “ALLONS-Y!” when I get a text message. I need help.

  106. Ohhhh, Dr. Who. I cry so much watching that show! The first season of the reboot (with #9) was less sobby, but omg… #10 is just killer. Gut-wrenching, sobbing my eyes out and threatening my husband’s life if he actually turns off the internet (which he wanted to do because I was crying so hard). And pffft to the people who say #11 sucks. He’s AWESOME!! (Bowties ARE cool, although fezzes aren’t.) Welcome to the addiction, and may you enjoy it just as much as the rest of us!

    Oh, and don’t blink. 😀

  107. I spend a ridiculous amount of time thinking about all the things a sonic screwdriver would take care of. I bet it could even find me a job.

  108. I’ve been getting harassed by friends to watch this show, and finally broke down and added it to my netflix list a couple weeks ago. Guess what I’ll be doing on New Year’s Eve? Yup.

  109. I love Doctor Who, especially the older ones. New ones also good. I think it really is a love or hate thing. And yes I judge those who don’t get it. Too bad, suckas.

    And once you are caught up on Who, check out the semi spin-off Torchwood, where aliens come to earth and we are defended by our secret band of bisexuals. loooove….

  110. One night out with some friends, one wanted something out of my purse, so I handed it over to him; when he opened it his mouth got really big and he went, “Ohh!! My God!! It’s a tardis!!”. Needless to say i now have my first named purse.

  111. and one more thing: I set my text message alert on my phone to say EXTERMINATE. then i forgot. so i’m in the kitchen doing dishes. the house is quiet. all of a sudden i hear “EXTERMINATE” come from somewhere behind me and i nearly had a heart attack. i seriously thought, for one brief minute, that Daleks were in my house and I was about to be exterminated.

  112. 1. What the heck is that scary drop-box thing? I’ve never heard of that before. Is there a law in Texas about a pharmacist just picking your order out of a pile?
    2. I’ve never had the slightest interest in Dr. Who (despite growing up with two geeky older brothers who watched it), and now I might have to start watching it just so I can understand your tweets and posts. Goddammit.

  113. Damnit. Too many people have mentioned Dr Who…I’m now going to have to check it out. It’s my rule of 3. If I hear about something 3 times in a certain amount of time, I have to check it out.

  114. I don’t think I better start watching Dr. Who. They haven’t invented meds for my flavor of crazy without watching it. I don’t want to make it harder on researchers. But you keep tempting me.

  115. I built my hubby a Tardis for christmas! The light even works!! I used to watch the original when I was a kid, but my daughter and hubby are really into the new Dr. Who. Hubby loved it and we are now in the process of re-arranging the living room for the Tardis bookshelf!


  116. Welcome to my addiction. Did you know, David Tennant is my future husband? He’ll realize it soon enough.

  117. Prepare to have your minds blown: There is a Doctor Who-themed bar in Brooklyn called The Way Station ( My head basically exploded when I randomly discovered it one night. Among other draws, THE BATHROOM IS A FREAKIN’ TARDIS (I mean, it doesn’t actually take you to different times and relative dimensions in space, unfortunately, but still), the bartender will wave a sonic screwdriver over your drink depending on what you get and if you are a Whovian, and they have a “Gallifreyan Cocktail Menu.” It is a magical place. We Brooklynites are very lucky.

  118. Watch out for the episode “Blink” — seriously, get Victor to watch it with you and for goodness sake don’t let Hailey watch it. If she does, statues of any kind will scare her for the rest of her life. It would be a kindness to let her go a few more years without being terrified like the rest of us who have seen that episode. Also, if you’re feeling crafty, I found this pattern and made one for my beloved for Christmas:

  119. When you announced on Twitter that you needed a “Doctor Who mentor,” my phone practically combusted with people tweeting me your request because I’d gotten so many of them addicted to the show. It may be a sickness, but I’m not looking that hard for a cure. Heh. After all, I’m the girl who planned a vacation to London solely around the slim possibility of meeting David Tennant. Damned if I didn’t pull it off though. And met Catherine Tate, too!

  120. My boyfriend is a total Whovian. He got two Dr. Who shirts for Christmas and has “Exterminate” as his ringtone.

    I admit…I have watched many episodes and it is a hilarious show. I love the “Doctah”!

    You guys are giving spoilers away talking about the Angels…but seriously…some freaky shit!

  121. If you *do* sneak out and paint the drop box blue, bring along your crazy friend so she can video tape you. Also, make sure you wear your coyote skin.

  122. Just wait. Soon you will be terrified of gas masks, statues, bluetooth headsets and all sorts of other fun things 🙂 Doctor who is just that awesome.

  123. Never mind Dr Who which I totally love, and the Christmas Special this year was as usual perfection, but can you suggest to your pharmacy that there MUST be a market for queue busting drive through ones in the UK, PPPPPLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEE

  124. Yep! It takes over your life. But you’re now in a cool new club that makes you instantly MORE awesome, and that’s what matters. It’s definitely a sickness I never want to be cured of. *G* Keep us updated of your progress…there are some brilliant monsters to come up. Especially those weeping angels. *shudders* Those fuckers are scary!

  125. OMG this is SO true. Did you watch the Christmas special. Great wasn’t it?

    BTW You are awesome.

  126. I wanted a TARDIS shed for the backyard, but my husband wouldn’t do it. I also wanted the man-sized model of a Yeti I saw in SkyMall. I thought it would be a great conversation piece for the neighbors if I could set in in the woods. How great they would have been together!

  127. I think you may have just saved my marriage- my husband insists on falling asleep every time I try to force him into watching “Dr Who.” We’ve watched “Torchwood” in its entirety, but no dice on the good doctor himself.

    However, if The Bloggess says it’s right, it must be. (See Ex A- Giant Metal Chickens.)

  128. doctor who rocks. david tennant is my favorite doctor who…although Matt smith IS entertaining…still miss that david..

  129. Behind the couch watching Dr Who is one of my best childhood memories!

    “Do like I do, hold on tight and pretend its a plan!”. (11th doctor Christmas special)

  130. This is perfectly normal. Yesterday at the mall, both my husband and I realized the concrete security pylons in the parking garage were Dalek shaped. And then we worried that the store mannequins were Autons and it was some sort of take over team up of the mall.

    Then we got ice cream because ice cream fixes everything.

  131. I’m pretty sure I have scarred my 10-year-old daughter for life from watching the Blink episode. Those Weeping Angels scared the crap out of her! Also, our entertainment center would be easily turned into a TARDIS, but I can’t talk my husband into it.

  132. a dog named Teegan, a strange aversion to plungers, a love for long, funky scarves, and a son who gave me a “disappearing Tardis” coffee mug (put hot liquid in the cup and the Tardis disappears from one side of the cup and reappears on the other – SWEET) for my birthday – we are Whovians, no matter the regeneration! Welcome!

  133. I need more geek co-workers.

    No one would get this joke.

    They’d think I mispronounced “tardy.”

    Like I said.

  134. I don’t quite know how to explain this but between Doctor Who, True Blood and your cat ruining Christmas, I think we might be the same person. Excpet you are waaaaaaaaaaay more funny and a much better version and married and you have a kid. If you start talking about how Zac Efron is too gorgeous to be true, I’ll know I’m right.

  135. I’m a Doctor Who nut as well. My ring tone is the 10th Doctor’s theme music. This year for Christmas I got two Who necklace pendants (which brings my Doctor Who necklace collection to 3), a Tardis messenger bag, a Doctor Who lmited edition Tardis lunch box, and a Dalek t-shirt that says, “Stay Calm and Exterminate Exterminate Exterminate.” My family knows me so well.

    Welcome to the obsession! And I agree with another commenter that “Torchwood” is also worth watching from a crossover perspective (Captain Jack rocks).

  136. I started watching doctor who this christmas season, actually, and haven’t been able to get it out my head!!! THAT SHIT’S ADDICTIVE!!

  137. My 16 yo daughter was the 11th Dr Who for halloween, bow tie, braces, and sonic screwdriver to complete the look. I got her the Tardis treat jar for Christmas and she absolutely loves it.

    There are so many gross and disgusting shows out there (nothing rhymes with Kardashian) that the flights of fancy in the Dr Who shows are actually fun and entertaining, and also very emotional too.

  138. I set my ringtone to the sound of the TARDIS leaving that way when I am at work or home (or anywhere I really would rather not be) and I get a text, email or call I smile in hopes that one day it will really happen, the TARDIS out front waiting for me.

  139. In case you didn’t already know this…Pinterest is a fantastic place to see a ton of stuff related to Doctor Who.
    And, if I hear you cursing me for the time suck, I must remind you that it was YOU that turned me on to Pinterest in the first place. So there.

  140. A doctor writes: “We’re at the end of the universe, eh. Right at the edge of knowledge itself. And you’re busy… blogging!”
    It’s only fair that we return the compliment by watching the show.

  141. Dr. Who makes your imagination like a TARDIS–it just goes on and on and on. Also, wait till David Tennant. I’m in love with David Tennant, and also his glasses.

  142. A coworker today told me her sister just had a baby and named her Tegan. I asked if they were Doctor Who fans. She now thinks I’m crazy. Well, crazier. (Tegan was a Fifth Doctor Companion)

  143. Oh…Doctor Who. My Doctor is the Tom Baker Doctor. I started watching it right after he came on. My viewing went like this:

    Episode the 1st: Wow, this is so stupid! What lousy special effects & production values! Well, my friends can’t shut up about it, so I may as well watch the next episode.
    Episode the 2nd: Ooh, that was neat.

    Epidose (cuz really, it is a drug!) the 3rd-??: Must watch now! Don’t care if the house is on fire!

    I loved when the new version came out. I got to discover my love for him all over again. I also got to introduce the Husbandoid Unit to the Doctor. It was so fun to watch his reaction to the first regeneration.

    Also? I finally realized that Doctor Who is completely based on Sherlock Holmes, and his many companions are Doctor Watson. Watch the British show “Sherlock,” and you will totally see what I mean!

  144. I fear Dr. Who. It will transport me to an alternate reality from which I will not be able to escape. Plus, when we were teenagers, I told my brother and sister that I thought the show was retarded and they would make fun of me if they found out I was watching now.

  145. All of you that abbreviated Doctor to Dr cannot be true Doctor Who fans. It’s just not possible.

    He isn’t a Dr with a PhD. He is: Doctor Who

    It should never ever ever be abbreviated. Ever

    You may say “The Doctor”, “Doctor”, or “Doctor Who”. It is INCORRECT if you say Dr. (period)

  146. I started watching Doctor Who the day after Thanksgiving, and am halfway through season three now. I’m buying a TARDIS keychain. I love this show. I want to shout it from the rooftops, from the highest mountain.

    Glad we’re on the same page.

  147. Oh my god 200 posts about this!! Several blogs I read are posting about Dr. Who like its a CULT? Everyone keeps telling me to watch it and now I’m scared!!

    Should I? Should I just do it? Do wine slushies and meds need to be involved? Because I can make that happen..

  148. You are morally obligated to see TARDISes wherever you go now that youv’e seen the show. The choice of time machine in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure might also make more sense now.

    And just you wait until you get to “The Empty Child”. . . “Are you my mummy?” And you need to have kleenex ready for “Father’s Day.” (Just don’t let the farting aliens put you off. Wait, this is the Bloggess. Never mind.)

  149. My 7 year old has learned to play the 11th Doctor’s theme music on the piano, and I’m afraid he’s developing a complex about statues.

  150. In the first season, just wait until you get to “The Empty Child” two-parter. And be sure to keep your eyes open for a certain phrase that starts popping up all over the place.

    By the way, the Doctor’s favorite phrase – which isn’t used until Tennant – is spelled “allons-y”. It’s French for “let’s go”.

  151. It’s just so effing good. Your synopsis is totally right though. I was hooked after a few episodes but I was a LIFER after Tenant/Rose. It’s been years and I can’t even think about it.

    Smith rocks too though. I can’t believe we have to wait soooo long for the next season!

  152. Totally normal. You may also experience sonic screwdriver sounds whenever you unlock ANYTHING and leaping around the kitchen as though you were flying the TARDIS.

    Welcome to the Whoniverse! 😀

  153. A long time Whovian, since the 80s, the reboot happened just after the birth of my only child. Since she has been watching it SINCE SHE WAS BORN, she has a very good imagination! The Doctor helped me spend more time with this guy who later became my boyfriend, then my hubby, so DW is a very important part of my life! 🙂

  154. I have every episode dating back to 1965……… its addicting, and the fans are fun to interact with. Try a Tardiscon sometime

  155. OMG, You are awesome!!!! I never thought of the pharmacy drop box as a TARDIS 😀
    WE ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My mom told me about this, as soon as I heard doctor who, and bloggess I went running full speed almost running over the cat to get to my computer on the other side of the house just to read your post 😀
    You are now my Doctor Who buddy 😀
    Your invited to my house to watch Doctor Who with me!!!!!
    Im going to buy a License Plate that says “TARDIS” or “DR. WHO”

  156. I totally agree bastards never let you get in and go back to drug heaven though…
    Victor needs to understand that TARDIS’s are everywhere and No, No, No we are not overmedicated

  157. I’ve never watched Dr. Who but I’m really impressed by how cool your pharmacy drop box is. We just have a tube thingo. Jealous.

  158. oh my god i literally just started watching the 2005 reboot the other day for the first time and that was my exact reaction

    first episode: this is stupid, but give it time, right?

    episode two: that was interesting…


  159. We watch Doctor Who all the time – especially my daughter and husband. Which doctor do you like best? David Tennant or Matt Smith? I loved David Tennant, but now Matt Smith is growing on me. It is a sickness. But a good one.

  160. I love this! Dr. Who rocks!
    Did you like this seasons Christmas special though? My hubby and I did not think it was as good as past ones.
    ~Naila Moon

  161. My husband got me and my kids hooked on Doctor Who. They are 3 years old and anything blue or rectangular is a Tardis. It’s hysterical because “normal” people have no idea what they are talking about.

  162. I haven’t watched Dr. Who just yet (and my fiance suffers from a lack of whimsey), but I’ve always felt that perhaps “tardis” was a poor choice of name.

  163. Oh my gosh, my son and I are his biggest fans! For me, David Tennant will always be “my doctor”. Fan-tastic!

  164. Wait a minute. You have a drug DRIVE THRU? Do they also sell guns and booze that way? You should totally get a little Matt Smith figure and put it inside next time for the pharmacist to discover.

  165. wait til you start hearing a rythym of four beats in your head everywhere you.

  166. Totally! I was actually hooked from my first episode, but it’s now deeply rooted in my heart and not letting go. I went as the Tardis for Halloween. I can’t do much but stand when I’m wearing it, but I feel so geeky and lovely when I’m in my converted Petsmart box. And it took me for ever to even find a box big enough. I went to grocery stores, the local hardware one, all asking for boxes. I tried to find some on garbage day too, but I always found the perfect box after it rain and they were rendered useless. It would depress me for the entire day after that.

  167. Same thing happened to me! I sucked in my family and now we are total Whovian nerds. My son had a Dalek cake for his Birthday and made an incredible Dalek Costume for Halloween. This post just made me love you even more!

  168. I turned on BBC America on Christmas night and found a BRAND SPANKING NEW Dr. Who episode was showing–the annual Christmas episode. It felt like BBC America had saved a special little Christmas gift just for me. And THEN, after Dr. Who, the Nerdist came on, and who did Chris Hardwick have on as guests? Wil Wheaton and Nathan Fillion! Yes, really. I kept expecting you to pop out of the audience and join the group, but perhaps you had other Christmas plans and had to turn down the invitation? Sad, really. The one tiny flaw in my Christmas night entertainment. Maybe next year? Or maybe you can get a part on Dr. Who?!

  169. I asked my eldest daughter to remind me to go to the newsagent while we were out grocery shopping the other week. As we were leave she suddenly shouts “MUM! Don’t forget we need to go to the…TARDIS!”

  170. Love it! My son got a sonic screwdriver & a dalek alarm clock for x-mas. They sell a tardis cat home that is rather pricy, but looked totally worth it!!

  171. Youll know you’ve arrived when your kid tells everyone who’ll listen that “My Mommy wants a TARDIS.”

  172. This totally happened to me this year. I’ve been watching it on Netflix. At work. I am all the way into the fifth season and that makes me sad because it’s the last one that is available online. Please don’t tell work they pay me to dick around and watch Dr. Who.

  173. I wasn’t entirely sold on the Doctor either when I started watching. But by the fifth episode I was totally hooked! Now I wait with baited breath for new episodes…

  174. So maybe watching Dr. Who IS required to understand the post. Thought I could just follow along. Unsuccessful. Completely unsuccessful. I follow you better on meds and alcohol I think. Not sure what that says about me.

  175. Oh my, so many Doctor fans! Wahoo! My hubs is a fan from way back in the 60s and turned me onto the Doctor after we met. I even made him his own Doctor Who scarf 🙂

  176. Think how much business would pick up if the drug store actually painted their drug dispenser thingies to look like that. On the other hand, it might result in thousands of folks rushing to their doctors for fake prescriptions.

  177. “…(from behind the couch).”

    Ohhhh, y’all have it BAD. Them’s old-school Who tropes.
    Also : yay! Another one snared!

  178. How Doctor Who works is that at some point you succumb to the will of the masses and grudgingly watch it. But by then, it is too late. It already has you forever.

    It is the eternal octopus of time. Except it’s in your TV! And it loves you.

  179. Haha! A TARDIS that delivers your medicine would be even better than the real thing, if that could be possible.

  180. Just WAIT till you get to the weeping angles – You will never look at a piece of statuary without staring and you simply can’t walk thru a cemetery ever again!

  181. Yeah, once you’re hooked, that’s all she wrote. You’ll be watching the classic eps and knitting yourself an 8-foot scarf before you know it.


    Doctor Who has been my sickness for about 34 years (I’m 38) and it always shall be.

    I never want to recover and I hope you’ll get as much enjoyment out of the show as I always have done.

    Try watching older episodes from the Sixties and Seventies – and definitely check out the Doctor’s rebirth in the form of the incredibly yummy Christopher Eccleston. You won’t be sorry!

  183. I have my husbands ringtone set to the Doctor Who ringtone. So far no one has recognised it while I have been out and about. My hubby got me a sonic screwdriver for christmas from the BBC shop 🙂 and got the BBC I-player hooked up to run on our tv so we got to see the Christmas Special when it first aired in England 😀

  184. Yeah I flatted with two Doctor Who fans and they got me into it so I decided recently to go back to the beginning of the reboot and watch – that was about a month ago. There was also a Doctor Who marathon on TV on Christmas day and I was trying to explain the relationships between Amy & Rory, River and The Doctor.
    The problem I have is that when I obsessively watch any TV show in great quantities I start dreaming about it. This wasn’t so bad when it was How I met your mother (dreams about hanging with the gang in McLarins? Great) or Castle (I want to be a writer so I had a dream that I was tailing Castle as he tailed Beckett) but Doctor related dreams, on a windy night when there are lots of loud bangs? Not so great

  185. My favorite way to enjoy the Dr Whooness of it all is based on a game from 2009. Instructions:
    Slip quotations from Doctor Who into everyday conversations and you score points if no one notices what you’re doing. Two of the phrases listed include, “Sleep is for tortoises!” and, ” Have you ever thought what it’s like to be
    wanderers in the fourth dimension? Have you?” I mean, those are just great things to say any day!

    Check it out at:

  186. I dream of the day that I hear the TARDIS noise in my backyard – it’s not going to matter what I am doing or who is nearby, I’m going full tilt out the door and I will tackle the Doctor back into the TARDIS!

    You know you are a proper fan when a co-worker says “Doesn’t TARDIS stand for something?” and without even pausing you reel off “Yes, it stands for Time And Relative Dimension In Space!” and then need to slink away, because they are all of a sudden looking at you in a very different way to before!

    If you need a good dose of David Tennant Doctor Who-ness, try this link I laughed my ass off – oh, and RUN!

  187. I’ve watched Dr Who for what seems like most of my life. These new series’ are fabulous and of course the ‘monsters’ and special effects are wonderful. However if you get a chance to watch any of the old original Doctors, they are also wonderful in their own way, with wobbly sets, cardboard monsters and all! You just have to suspend disbelief a little more to appreciate them.

  188. Yes, I agree with the “very normal” analogy of this everyday occurrence, and it will keep happening. I mean, we all want to see the blue box pass through our lives because it such a great concept- we want it to be true, Who can prove it isn’t.

  189. OMG I freakin love it! Seriously, I grew up watching Dr. Who when it was Tom Baker. That guy had some hair I tell ya, but I can still remember his crazy facial expressions. I want a time machine! Please and thank you! Can you have it here by dinner? I mean it is a time machine! Thanks for the great memory.

  190. Happy late-early birthday! (I’m commenting late but on a post that came before your birthday, so that averages out to on time, I think.)

    I love Doctor Who — for Halloween this year I dressed up as the 9th Doctor. There’s a schoolmate of mine who’s got a FREAKING AMAZING TARDIS hat. has an entire tab of things related to Doctor Who. It’s awesome.

  191. Having no idea what a “pharmacy drop box” is, my first reaction was “what the hell is that?!?”
    And then, “yeah, that’s a Tardis.”
    You’re fine until you start demanding scarves.
    Doctor #4 rules!

  192. I grew up with Dr Who on tv and I was the same as your little one is now, hiding behind the couch. All it took was the opening music to scare the living daylights out of me!

    I love Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant and Matt Smith each for their own take on the Doctor.

    I’ve never seen a medicine ‘box’ like that; it looks like a drive-through?

  193. That’s awesome!!! I’ve been meaning to start watching the show myself, but, I definitely already love the Tardis and who doesn’t love those darn pneumatic boxes! My favorite one ever was at a Mexican restaurant in Dallas that had a double drive through. Dinner from the sky!!!

  194. When I read this post last week, I had no idea what a Tardis was other than the picture above and truly no desire to google it, as I’ve never watched Dr. Who and thought I probably never will…still probably won’t. However, in my latest bout of depression I spent a day watching the BBCAmercia channel as they had some pretty good movies going back to back and wouldn’t you know it Dr. Who commericals. I about spat my drank out when they referenced the Tardis! Jenny-You’re right…your drugs were delivered via a Tardis. I’m not sure what it does, or why it’s even in existence other than there are keys to it and apprently you have them 🙂

  195. I considered naming our new puppy Tardis. I still think it’s a great dog name, but the family protested (even though they also love Dr. Who). Here is a photo of the Daleks who have invaded our apartment complex:
    /Users/angelahahn/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Originals/2011/Oct 10, 2011/IMG_0751.JPG

  196. Dr. Who is like crack for your eyeballs. I completely turned into a lazy load and blew through two full seasons over the holiday break – totally worth it.

  197. If you like Doctor Who then you should check out Torchwood. Captain Jack is just beautiful. :o)

  198. Oh, wow… I feel a lot better. I have a number of friends who are more-or-less rabid Doctor Who fans, and since I am a reasonably hard-core geek, I thought it was time to give it a try. I have now watched Ep. 1 of the 2005 reboot and my reaction was – precisely – “This is a bit stupid.” it sounds like perhaps I should hang in there…

  199. I honestly have never seen one of those things. Ever. My prescriptions? Are handed to me by a REAL LIVE HUMAN BEING over a counter. In a store with many other humans. Totally weird. I KNOW.

  200. I had the same reaction.
    My friends: You have to watch Dr. Who!
    Me: Do you think I really need to watch MORE TV? You know me, right?
    Friends: It’s that good!
    Me: (goes to computer, finds episodes, starts with the David Tennet season)
    Me: (hours and days later) Friends, you were right. It’s an eccentric British man time traveling. I will never doubt again.

  201. The real question will be, what will be your opinion of Doctors 10 and 11.

    P.S., the best eps from season 1-3 are the ones written by Stephen Moffat. The best ep from season 4 is “The Doctor’s Daughter”, which is kind of an in-joke.

    You should also make sure you see the Christmas eps, and the “Children In Need” shorts.

    P.S., thought you might find this of interest, as I’m sure you wind up on a lot of mailing lists you don’t want to be on… — totally OT, of course

  202. It took me until episode 10…. but yea. Can I just scoop David Tennant up and keep him in my pocket forever?

  203. Welcome to the club! It’s much bigger on the inside. And you will start stalking David Tennant in 5….4….3….2…..

    (N.B. I was really sick with a kidney stone right before Christmas, so I’m just catching up on my bloggess now. I had to have the sound wave treatment where they blasted Oedipus – that’s what I named the stone – with sonic waves. So, my kidney totally got sonic-ed!)

  204. I watched episodes 1 and 2 over the holidays, and your above responses to both are my sentiments exactly. Given your review of episode 3, I think you’ve motivated me to dig a little deeper. Now I’m intrigued. P.S. The new Sherlock series from the BBC starring Benedict Cumberbatch (how much more fucking British can you get with a name like that?!) is KILLER.

  205. I’ve been watching Dr Who for about 23 years (I’m 32). It is one of my favorite things. Two summers ago my husband and I stayed a hotel in Canada which had outdoor cement stairways and one of the stairs had a big crack. I told him there was a crack in time and space at the hotel and we couldn’t stay there. He was not amused and continued carrying our bags up to the room.

  206. Funny…so I rolled over in bed last night and said to hubby, “…and where the hell is my T.A.R.D.I.S mug? It wasn’t under the tree…” Yes, it’s been bugging me for three weeks!

  207. Fantastic goods from you, man. Watching Doctor Who is like learning a strange new language you can’t stop speaking — I have understand your stuff previous to and you’re just extremely great. I actually like what you’ve acquired here, certainly like what you’re stating and the way in which you say it. You make it entertaining and you still take care of to keep it wise. I can not wait to read far more from you. This is really a great Watching Doctor Who is like learning a strange new language you can’t stop speaking — informations.

  208. So for Christmas this year I put Dr. Who Christmas special quotes in all of my coworkers cards that I HAND WROTE. Needless to say only one person got it and everyone else thought I was crazy. But it is pure gold…I’m telling you.

    “I shall be taking you to Old London town in the country of UK, ruled over by Good King Wenceslas. Now, human beings worship the great god Santa, a creature with fearsome claws and his wife Mary. And every Christmas Eve, the people of UK go to war with the country of Turkey. They then eat the Turkey people for Christmas dinner, like savages.”

  209. Ohmigod my husband and I just started watching it a few weeks ago and are OBSESSED with it!!! We’re already to season (or series, as the Brits say it) 4. We’re super awesome nerdy sci fi fans who go to Dragon Con whenever possible and will find any excuse to dress up as something. I want to be watching Doctor Who right now, but my lame ass husband (i dont really think he’s a lame ass) has to put together his class schedule for school, so instead I’m reading your blog and what do I find but a DOCTOR WHO POST?!

    Also, I came across your blog thanks to the giant metal chicken story that made its way to Pinterest and I want to be friends with you more than anything in the world because you are HYSTERICAL!!! You also inspired me to write my own blog about all the funny things my best friend of 16 years and I have done. So thanks for being awesome!

  210. Bad news: I broke my toe this past weekend. Good news: While lounging in bed, icing my toe, and trying to ignore the pain, I finally decided to see what all the hype was about over “Doctor Who.” I will never be the same 🙂

  211. The only unfortunate thing about Doctor Who is that I am now living in fear of angel statues. And I’m pretty sure that there are Cybermen living in my attic.

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