END SOPA. Or stop it. Or reverse it. Whichever is most accurate

A friend of mine asked for a video of me talking about what the SOPA/Protect IP bill would mean to me, and I don’t know much about it so I looked it up on the internet and it sounds shitty. Here’s why:

(There is supposedly a video in this big blank space here but I don’t see one so I assume it’s being preemptively blocked by SOPA’s Death Star. But you can click right here to see it. Damn-the-man, and all that jazz.)

[protected-iframe id=”77e8efe8a717e82ba4498d14f5e25266-58006636-3982706″ info=”http://download.macromedia.com/pub/shockwave/cabs/flash/swflash.cab#version=6″ width=”480″ height=”360″]

In summary, I don’t know much about SOPA, but I do know two things…I don’t like internet censorship and I should really research these things better. Also, when I say I “found these facts on the internet” I really mean that I made up these facts and then posted them on the internet myself. Which is practically the same thing and doesn’t necessarily prove that they aren’t actually true.

PS. If SOPA was here I bet this whole thing would be censored. Which might be for the best.

Comment of the day: A very eloquent speech on something that I still know nothing about. That’s talent. Bravo.~ Rachel B.

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  1. This is very funny, but my favourite part is that your notebook says “People to Kill”. You are full of awesomeness.

  2. Yeah, SOPA will totally break the internet. And web sites like Regretsy and Youtube and other things we love will be among the first to disappear. SOPA and PIPA need to be put down, and fast.

  3. You are still SO beautiful, inside and outside, and one of the most amazing people I’ve never met! xoxo

  4. A friend of mine shared the following link with me that shows this guy’s research into SOPA and the companies supporting it. It’s rather disheartening.

    Basically, his premise is that the companies behind SOPA are the very ones who distibuted and encouraged people to use their software for piracy to begin with.

  5. “A never-ending visit from your parents” is enough to strike fear into my soul.

    Must. Defeat. Bill. For the cats.

    (also, is that an octopus on your necklace, or are you happy to see me?)

  6. AWESOME! You should totally do PSAs for sea turtles too! I saw an existing ad for them yesterday and it really sucked compared to this. The spokeswoman asked if I was still on the fence about sea turtles. What the fuck? Like, that’s a real problem. Sea turtle indecision. Anyway, I think your PSA would have been much more definite and had something for both people who already know that they want to help sea turtles and people who already know that they want to hurt sea turtles. I say FUCK the people who can’t decide anyway.

  7. Do it for the cats!

    People to kill!

    These are the things that SOPA will stop me from stealing…which was the intent, I believe, but the execution is just that- an execution of the internet. Our home. Our workplace. Our scratching post.

    SOPA is NOT the way to go! Nicely done, Jenny!

  8. I’m against this because I spend a lot of time talking about vaginas, why I smell like Jennifer Aniston’s pussy AGAIN!, hookers, lesbians who I am all for but not one (yet), my drunken escapades and my addictions. Oh, and bacon flavored lube. I’m pretty sure SOPA doesn’t want Jen Aniston’s pussy to smell like pork, which I’m sure this bill is full of.

  9. if you can’t distinguish the difference between a domain name and an IP address you probably shouldn’t be trying to regulate the internet.

    It that doesn’t make sense, for god sakes stop it for the cats.

  10. Depressingly, the list of things that will happen if SOPA is passed is more accurate than a lot of what Lamar Smith has been saying.

  11. This video is awesome.
    You are awesome. Absolute insane Doctor-Who-and-octopus-loving perfect awesomeness.

    (I mean that from the heart, I swear.)

  12. Every time I see SOPA, I just think of sopapillas. Mmmmmm… powdered sugar and honey on a dough pillow from heaven.

  13. Sorry, I got distracted. First by the cats in the background and then by the dolls. I’m fascinated with them in a I’m-afraid-they-come-alive-in-the-darkness-to-eat-human-flesh kind of way. So I had to watch the video twice. Valid arguments, though. We don’t want dogs to be armed. Because technically they don’t have arms or thumbs, which leads me to believe they’d be really terrible shots.

  14. Today I was asked to take down my a blog post. For reasons I’m not permitted to write about. I am absolutely NOT kidding. I feel sick. And sad.

  15. “They” told me not to post about SOPA, so instead I’ll just say I like your steampunk necklace.

  16. My cat will be super pissed if SOPA comes to be. P.S. Do your cats run back and forth behind you like that all the time? How distractingly precious!

  17. How is it you make me love you more? Seriously, you are now on my list–not the People to Kill list. 🙂 I’m off to make the world a better place for cats.

  18. And, you may already know this, but for you and all your commenters, if you use GoDaddy for your domain name registration and/or website hosting, you might want to switch to someone else, b/c GoDaddy SUPPORTS SOPA. And, elephant-hunting, according to someone else on the interwebs. Probably also cat-spiking. Probably.

  19. So funny, I had no idea what it was either. My husband who is in the industry and is a bit more on the up and up with this sort of stuff was fired up enough to move our domains from Big Daddy to somewhere else, because according to him, they support SOPA. And yes, Internet censorship is just a terrible, terrible slippery slope, and I would hope that all the goody-goodies and prissy folks out there would realize before it’s too late.

  20. My shitty job censors the good websites at work. Wait . . . do I work for SOPA? Damn, I may actually be part of the problem, and not the solution as I had previously hoped.

    A never ending visit from my parents? SHUDDER. Just 1 visit from my parents causes me to run and hide in my bedroom. You know that part in The Neverending Story where the Nothing is coming for them and eating up everything in sight and it is just the scariest thing ever? Yeah, meet my mom everyone.

    So, basically, SOPA must fail. For the safety of us all!!

  21. HOLY MOTHER OF GOD. I love your necklace. I legitimately have seen that necklace before and thought about buying it before deciding I’m too poor/not willing to spend the money. Because I’m a cheapskate. 😀

  22. Ferris Mewler wrote that for you, didn’t he…he’s afraid he’ll be one of the 50% of cats put on spikes after all of his tree destroying antics…that and he really hates internet censorship like any savvy cat so rightly should.

  23. Valerie above stole my comment. I’m not kidding. She came into my house and took it. Damn you, Valerie.

    If we were ever to play for the other team, please marry me first, before Valerie!!! Do it for the cats!!!

    (You are so frigging funny. I just love this vlog. Lots of non-lesbian love going out to you! Not that there’s anything wrong with lesbian love. I just don’t have it for you right now. Not until you change teams. Then I will too. You go first.)

  24. If milk goes extinct then I’m pretty sure that cheese goes extinct. And if I can’t wrap slices of cheese around dill pickles and call it lunch then what the fuck am I going to eat?

  25. please tell me you’re selling the “People to Kill Notebook.” SO need it for department meeting notes!

    that was off topic, huh??

  26. I hate SOPA. But my comment is about the commenters. I find massive amounts of brilliant & funny blogs by following ComLuv links off this site. So the Bloggess obviously rules, but I just wanted to say to all you people who keep me entertained: Thank you. And I sorta wish I was a girl so I could wear a red satin ball gown just *because*. But that isn’t really relevant to this comment, and could have a negative effect on my marriage. Or a positive one. My wife is pretty cool. The neighbors would think it was weird though. And can you wear a ball gown while riding a motorcycle?

    Wait, what was I talking about again?

  27. You don’t sound anything like I thought you would.

    Not that pertains to anything.

    Also, we have a lot of stray and/or neighborhood cats who shit in our yard. The yard where my kids play. I am not a fan of cats. Except the one we have inside, who does not poop in our yard.

  28. Yes! What you said! And, well, I wasn’t listening to the last bit because I was laughing about your cats behind you from the start of the video. And cats are awesome, and as you said we don’t want them on spikes, so no to SOPA.

  29. That’s way less delicious than sopapillas. I can’t believe SOPA is even being considered. What country do we live in?

    Rampant erectile dysfunction and continual visits from my parents is pretty much the worst thing ever.

  30. Censorship is bad, period… plus we can’t let my dog have a gun. Every squirrel and stray cat in the neighborhood would be mowed down.

  31. I had to watch it again because I got distracted by your cats running in the background 🙂

  32. @JimK – the ballgown is for EVERYONE! Wear it. On the motorcycle. And send pictures!

    SOPA is definitely bad. It’s worse than the never ending visit from your parents. It’s when your parents get to take away your computer because they suspect you’re downloading any type of porn. Could we make the comment section here into a petition?

  33. SOPA could be good for cat-haters though … if the dogs have guns, the remaining 50% of cats aren’t going to stick around for long. But since I’m against cat-dog gang wars, I am definitely against SOPA.

  34. So, I had no idea this was going on because I’m mostly living in a country that requires an extra tax for a television (seriously, wtf?) and had to read the link you posted. First, I got to the tweet war in Congress and laughed my ass off.

    Second, any law passed that bars me from watching House online while overseas (because Fox won’t let me watch their videos in what I assume is some kind of conspiracy against my enjoying a weekly dose of Hugh Laurie) is an abomination and should be erased from existence.

  35. Thank God. I thought it was some sopapilla crap, too.

    Now I know more.

    Or less.

    Or exactly the same as I knew before.

  36. Tell those congresscritters to put that damn bill on the table, then NEVER, EVER PICK UP THE SOPA!


  37. Somehow you’ve managed to turn that sort of youtube meandering opinionizing and parody it so perfectly that you come across as totally convincing.

    You need acting lessons. I’m not kidding. There’s a TV show calling your name.

  38. SOPS means bad thhings… worse than you’d think since I am using a touchpad & meant SOPA. Bad things for censorship, sharing, and free speech. Bullshit, really.

    Also? Why tje bloody hell did I agree to a touchpad? It’s a perfectionist’s nightmare!!!!


  39. Jenny, I LOVE you! Thank you for being you! I’m in favor of that whole cat thing, I think, but in the meantime- thanks for the heads up on SOPA, and would love and totally buy a ‘cats are assholes’ anything.

  40. 1. SOPA sucks.
    2. Your cats have excellent comedic timing. And furry hindquarters.
    3. Nice job with the book product placement back there.
    4. I’m always surprised by how sweet your voice is.
    5. There is no 5.
    6. You make the internet better.

  41. I have the same octopus necklace as The Bloggess! This makes me feel so incredibly cool and with-it that I am distracted from being adequately upset about SOPA.

  42. Between the no funny porn downloading, an endless visit from my mother, and the arming of my dogs, I hav enough fear of SOPA to send threatening Gris Gris and voodoo dolls to all legislators and companies that support it. My dogs WILL AVENGE getting their nuts cut off, and I WILL NOT be held hostage by my pornless mother, without one hell of a fight! General Butler thought holding New Orleans was uncomfortable? It was a cakewalk compared to the all mighty hissyfit my friends and I will have. It will be an epic throw down, captured on live streaming media. Complete with yowling cats and neutered dogs.

  43. I don’t have much to add re: SOPA but I will say that your voice sounds nothing like I thought it would.

    But yeah… Please, think of the kittens. And the porn. But don’t think of the porn too much, since your parents are probably sitting RIGHT THERE.

  44. I was just worried about the 50% of cats…front half or back half on spikes. Neither sounds appealing.

    Down with SOPA!!

    Up with SOPAPILLAS!!

  45. “DON’T PICK UP THE SOPA!!!” Thank you, EdT. That was brilliant!

    “DO IT FOR THE CATS!!!” A rallying cry if ever there was one. I’ll be adopting it forthwith.

    And, I figure SOPA would basically make the internet a vast wasteland of propaganda. I mean, that’s out there now but it would be nothing BUT that. Which could easily mean no more Bloggess as well as no Youtube. And that shit is unacceptable.

  46. Happy to see you take a stand on this issue.
    Were any cats harmed in the making of this video? The one walking behind you suddenly seemed to disappear…just sayin’.

  47. Whew, glad that’s settled.

    Could you now do a video explaining Rick Perry, who happens to be YOUR Governor.

    We don’t hold you personally responsible, but still…

  48. I too was distracted from the topic at hand by your wit and your jewelry. On many levels, you’re just….well, awesome.
    Now I have a craving for New Mexican food after all this Sopa talk. Yum.

  49. Dogs getting guns, and all those dead cats, I mean, seriously, WHERE WILL IT ALL END.

    Also, I love your notebook, necklace, and that behind you, near the beginning of the video, there was sort of an Easter parade of cats, half of which, according to your research, may or may not be impaled on spikes soon, if SOPA passes. Very worrisome. (SOPA, and cat impalement, not the Easter parade of cats. That was awesome.)

  50. my favourite things about this video:
    you speak exactly as I had imagined
    your cats are sniffing each others butts in the background
    you have blythe-esque dolls on the shelf behind you
    you’re as cute as a freakin button and I wanna be you when I grow up.
    That last one is not neccessarily specific to the video, but just a general observation

  51. I personally love the excellent placement of your book in the background. If you’re going to get shut down on the Internet, it’s time to move to print! They never ban books! (wait…what?! They ban books?!)

  52. I’m all for protecting copyrights, but up to 5 years in the slammer for interweb offenders?! Don’t we have better uses for our prisons — like saving us from those gun-toting cat-spiking dogs?

  53. I watched the video and after Posey and the tree killer ran thru all I could think about was your Empire Records reference and how my original Empire Records has disappeared and all I have are 2 copies of the extended version of Empire Records which is entertaining but is not to be compared to the original Empire Records and WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO MY ORIGINAL and WHY DO I HAVE 2 OF THE OTHER????

    It’s probably time for a xanax right now. Great post as always. Much love.

  54. Anything that could POSSIBLY keep you from coming into my home office is a bad thing, in my opinion.

    Also, milk being extinct tells me that cows (the primary, but certainly not only) source of milk would therefore be extinct and that means no more tasty steaks or burgers (oh sure, you can use other animals for that but I am really not looking forward to ratburgers in my future).

    I think, though, that the cat lobby would keep the “dogs with guns” thing from ever coming about. Cats aren’t about to let that happen.

  55. My cat ran and hid after hearing you talk about the spikes. He’s shivering in the corner. We HAVE to act now to protect poor little (who am I kidding? He’s huge!) Tigger.

    P.S. You’ll sound great on your audiobook! No worries.

  56. Oh Jenny…thank you so much! Best post today. Good to see you getting back to your spunky self! And as many have already said, I about died when I realized that your notebook said “people to kill”. Until that point you really had sounded serious. I spit on my computer once I read it. Thanks. From me. Not my keyboard.

  57. Why can’t we just censor ourselves, and our children, like they did before all the idiots who have no jobs and no lives decided that they needed to police others!

    PS Jenny, is that your book on the shelf behind you ? Can’t wait!

  58. When I glanced at the title of this post at first I thought it said “End SOAP” and it made me wonder what you had against SOAP so I continued reading because maybe you had a really good argument against it? Something that, for years, children have tried to tell us but we just never listened? (Because all adults are assholes. Except those that don’t bathe.) But then you said something about a bill, and I knew that the kids couldn’t have gotten organized to do like, legal stuff, even if they were hardcore SchoolhouseRock junkies, because they don’t even know how to properly use commas yet.

    But I kept reading and realized my mistake (SOPA, not SOAP.) And an argument against Internet censorship makes a lot more sense than one against SOAP because this comment could not have been written without the help of the Internet (had to Google “bill song” because who sang it was since been replaced with more important adult-like useless facts. I don’t mean sexy adult things, just, you know, what TARDIS stands for and the names of Ron and Hermione’s children.)

    I don’t think this comment does much for the case against Internet censorship so we probably shouldn’t tell anybody.

  59. StOPA the SOPA. Continue the soap. Bloggess, can I wear glasses like yours even if I don’t need them yet? So librarian sexy.

  60. Censorship sux balls. I’m against anything that takes away people’s freedom. Vote for Ron Paul cause he would never impose such laws on us.
    Anyway! Sorry to get all political. Have I mentioned recently how much you rock my world?

  61. If you want to see SOPA in action, go to Beijing and use the Internet. ‘Nuf said.

  62. Half cats is bad. Really bad. Dogs with guns? Terrifying! I can just see my 70 something kg Georg going wild with a shotgun. Not good.

    Save the cats and save us all from dogs with guns. Stop Sopa!

  63. So courageous! And it wows me that you have asserted this position despite lacking the IT/geek chops it takes to really know. THANK YOU!!! Next, please God, let’s all get our parents to cry out in protest as well! They need to go straight on YouTube IN THEIR UNDERWEAR, and assert their rights to a world WITH FUNNY PORN, and without perpetual VISITING GROWN CHILDREN!

  64. I have been following the censorship law development thing with horror. It´s wrong in so many ways. Those people are like little sulky kids, because the only reason they want “a war against piracy” and censorship in that extreme manor, is because they themselves did not want to come up with new business plans (or was too lazy to do so) when the Internet proved to be a much easier distribution channel than anything else seen before.

    Things evolve. Get on or get lost.

    Piracy would not even had existed in the same degree, if they had not been too lazy to listen to all the experts many years ago saying that the music and film industry (and the like) needed to get down with the new trends. Which would be natural – you follow your market and the consumer trends. But nooo… Let´s pretend the Internet is the same as printed media, ignore all the new possibilities for getting a much larger audience and cheaper distribution and instead start calling our costumers criminals and hunt them down like dogs.
    (good plan, yes.)

    They totally don’t want to get the point with the Internet. They want control. Don’t waste your energy, SOPA people. You cannot control this shit – Its pure power to/by the people. And this aggression will not stand!

    And what is up with “solving problems” that way, anyway? I just heard that in Texas kids can get arrested for misbehaving at school. WTF, Texas? Americans totally scare me. (Except you Jenny, I am so glad I found your blog – thank you)

    And sorry for the rant. I must have PMS or something. Or maybe this shit just really gets me going.

    This is why I don’t usually comment on blogs.


  65. Wait. I’m torn. I’m all with milk going extinct cause milk is just eeewww. But then, a never ending visit from my parents? I’m not sure there is enough alcohol to get me through that. And then, half cats on spikes is not good, especially if mine still insists on sleeping on my bed like that. But then, dogs with guns could be really helpful during the zombie apocolypse. I’m just so torn!!

  66. Jenny, there is something deeply, profoundly, wrong with you. Every time I read your writing, I end up in tears. Never change!

    SOPA is definitely a crime against speech, freedom, and the Internet itself. And cat-halves.

  67. I am so glad that you were able to educate me on SOPA. I have now decided to be against it, as I am pro-cats and pro-flirty-coffee-guy.

    Also, dogs with guns is a horrible idea because, let’s face it, the constant panting makes it pret-ty hard to aim.

  68. Can we start a petition to have Jenny do all the political ads that will doubtlessly be running this year? Because I would love to hear “Don’t vote for Mitt Romney. President Romney would give squirrels atomic acorns and you can’t buff that shit out of your car.”

  69. You’re like me: I believe everything I read.

    Which is why I write everything down first and then read it. That way I’m never wrong.

  70. My dog got a hold of a gun once. He was able to commandeer a pizza being delivered to the neighbors before I figured out what was going on and took the thing away from him.

  71. I believe in censorship. I made a fortune out of it.
    _Mae West
    In other words in a world were somebody turns somebodies enjoyment into a taboo, they will pay extra and seek out loopholes to get through the law. Making something enjoyable have the excitement of doing something wrong will have an opposite effect than intended. Jenny if you have an outlawed website, if there is a way for me to not get caught I will find your sight to read your blogs 😀

  72. I feel wonderfully more informed about less now. You absolutely should do more videos on timely news. I would decidedly be a subscriber. And THANK YOU for all very empowering things you’ve done lately (red dress, silver ribbon). I, for one, appreciate you and your work and your battles.

  73. When you said “END SOPA”, I totally read it as “END SODA”, and I was about to be really sad you were so anti-soda, and secondly because as a southerner you said “Soda” instead of Coke. Anyway… DOWN WITH SOPA!

  74. Jenny, is it wrong that, sure..I heard your words, but was distracted by those things on your chest….I mean the octopus pendant…and the other pendant…and yes lets do it for the cats ( I live in Canada, so there will be no vote for me. I am just going to run to the store and exchange my blue money for some bacon…they will do that here)

  75. LOL> Heck yes I’d do it for the cats. I also like your journal title. Internet censorship is always a bad thing…I mean China doesn’t even allow Facebook! What crap is that!?

    Anywho…I also wanted to add that I’m glad you’re out of your depression slump. As Koreans would say: “Fighting!” (with a fist pump.)

  76. Jenny, please forgive me…this will take up ALOT of space in your comments.

    The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) which you may have heard about is a terrible bill well on its way to becoming a law. It is imperative, that is it is stopped. First of all, it isn’t an obscure bill that only activists are protesting for the sake of activism.


    1. First and most importantly, spread the word by telling ALL of your friends. We need to rally to stop this thing.

    2. Sign the petition at this link: (ITS TAKES A SECOND)


    -This site is run by the government, so the petition is a fast way to attract attention. It has already began to draw some press, but even more signatures will have a greater effect. You create an account with your name and then click the sign button. Takes LESS THAN TWO MINUTES.

    3. A far more effective way to stop the bill dead in it’s tracks is to CALL YOUR STATE REPRESENTATIVE and let them know that you don’t support the bill.


    This link automatically can connect you and also has other information on what to do next as well as more information.


    Watch this video

    and/or read below

    It should be national news but you probably haven’t heard of it yet because special interests are paying massive amounts to have it go though congress quick and quietly.

    The Stanford Law Review had this to say after taking an in depth look into the bill:

    “It would be not just ironic, but tragic, were the United States to join the ranks of these repressive and restrictive regimes, erecting our own “virtual walls” to prevent people from accessing portions of the world’s networks. Passage of these bills will compromise our ability to defend the principle of the single global Internet—the Internet that looks the same to, and allows free and unfettered communication between, users located in Boston, Bucharest, and Buenos Aires, free of locally imposed censorship regimes. As such, it may represent the biggest threat to the Internet in its history.
    Copyright and trademark infringement on the Internet is a very real problem, and reasonable proposals to augment the ample array of enforcement powers already at the disposal of IP rights holders and law enforcement officials may serve the public interest. But the power to break the Internet shouldn’t be among them.”
    Full article-

    Basically SOPA/PIPA gives the U.S. Government the power to block domain names of any websites that it believes are infringing copyrighted material. Large corporations will also be able to do the same, by reporting a site for infringement. ANY SITE. They can then sue legally, or the government can step in, and force net neutral search engines to completely remove a site from their index’s. Not only can this censorship be abused, but it will split up the net. Sites can entirely disappear. Internet start ups that depend on copy written media for their beginnings will completely disappear.

    As the bill has progressed, it has also become far worse. Now a single link to infringing material is grounds for a site to be taken down. This will force sites like Youtube and Facebook to censor their users, as they will now be liable for what their users post. And even just uploading a video of you singing a pop song now will count as “infringement” and will be a felony offense.

    And SOPA doesn’t even work. All of the measures that it will take to block sites can be countered by someone who is tech savvy. The government will be able to censor the internet, companies can stop start ups, users will have to be exponentially more careful on websites, and piracy WON’T be stopped.

    As described here it will even cripple bigger websites such as reddit, as described in this article:
    We need to fight this thing, and we NEED everyone. The bill is approaching becoming a law, we need to stop it. And we can. Even just one of the following steps below will help.

    1. Once again…First and most importantly, spread the word!

    2. Sign the petition at the link above. It takes less then two minutes.

    3. AND/OR CALL YOUR STATE REPRESENTATIVE and let them know that you don’t support the bill.


    There are a ton of articles on SOPA. A quick google search will yield tons of results to look through. The bill is universally unpopular among human rights groups, free speech groups, tech companies, and internet users everywhere. Its only beneficiaries are large companies, particularly the media conglomerates who hoping to gain money from “lost” sales. For starters, its been proven that downloads almost completely don’t correspond to sales, and while the media industry tries to paint a picture that it’s employees are getting hurt by piracy, the entertainment industry continues to grow.

    Viacom, one of the large media conglomerates heavily fighting SOPA had higher than expected earning this quarter.

    Also the money its top executives receive would make Occupy Wall Street cringe.

    “Philippe Dauman, chief executive of Viacom Inc., last year earned the distinction of drawing the largest compensation package in corporate America: $84.5 million. That was a 149% jump from the previous year, lifted by a one-time stock and options award totaling $54.4 million.”

    This complete lopsided attack from special interests for a bill that almost everyone who uses the internet opposes. Lets keep the net the way it is!
    The internet should not be censored! It is the one thing that must forever be free, that’s why it’s the internet. That’s why we love it!

    Sign the petition, call your representatives, and spread the word!

  77. I’m really not into idolizing or clown porn (mostly because our family has been learning a lot about dwarfs after a guest speaker at the kids school, which turned out to be surprisingly interesting. Who knew? However, I was pronouncing it Dorfs, which my 7 year old son pointed out was incorrect… repeatedly. For the record, my children only know about the facts and myths of dwarfs, not about dwarf porn… Well, if they do know about dwarf porn, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t me that told them about it. ) BUT, if I had an idol besides Dr. Oz, it would be you. Thanks for your incredible insight into every subject from giant metal chickens to depression. I’m glad you keep running towards the bear and that weird looking donkey. You have repeatedly made my day.

  78. Down with the censorship! [spoken in a Mad Hatter/Johnny Depp kind of voice]

    By the way, while the Google experimental closed captioning is absolutely hilarious, it…um…doesn’t reflect the brilliance and AWEsomeness of the Bloggess and her points. So in the Spirit of inclusion AND since I am in the business of including people in society as a sign language interpreter, I will volunteer my services to any reader who is Deaf, if need be…

    To infinity and BEYOND!

    Prevail~Tattoo Girl

  79. erectile disfunction becoming rampant = freaking fabulous. a life without hard cocks is a life worth living! 😉 x

  80. This is the perfect opportunity to use my all-time favorite quote which comes from the most unintentionally hilarious movie ever filmed (IMHO) “The WIld Angels”:
    “We wanna be free! We wanna be free to do what we wanna do. We wanna be free to ride. We wanna be free to ride our machines without being hassled by The Man! … And we wanna get loaded.”

    P.S. I copied & pasted that from IMDb just to thumb my nose at The Man. Anarchy!!

  81. I only want winos that wear cat suits to die. Like why are you trying to play on my emotions Mr. Wino? You know I like cats and will want to pet you and give you money. You’re a dick Mr. Wino in a cat suit. Shame on you!

  82. LOVING the “People to Kill” notebook!

    Also, definitely anti the never-ending visit from the parents thing!

  83. Coming from a two-cat two-dog household, I can see where the allowance of guns to all dogs would result in the death of half the cats in the world. Luke might shoot Ophelia (but only accidently). Casper is a total pacifist and would never touch a gun. M’aiq (who always puts on the front that he’s actually a dog) would be completely safe.

    I’ll buy Ophelia that bullet-proof vest that she will need. Thank you for alerting us regarding SOPA.

    (…but speaking as one of a gay couple, that part about erectile dysfunction is completely disturbing)

  84. I thought SOPA was what you yelled in a Greek restaurant when you do a shot and throw your glass on the floor. No?
    I have to say, I’m not sure guns for dogs is a bad idea. My dog is little and really cute. I’m not sure she could protect herself if there was, say, a home invasion. Then again, without thumbs, what can she do with a gun besides gnaw on it. Maybe SOPA should give dogs THUMBS first, then guns? But the censorship thing is bad. Very very bad.

  85. SOPA is more like Mom and Dad take away YOUR laptop, that you need for schoolwork, because your little brother on the main desktop for the household might think of downloading porn…

    Selling your own work on Zazzle or elsewhere may turn into Megamegabig Corp likes your design or idea so they file a complaint and get Zazzle or other site where you sell your stuff blocked by all the IPs so no one can see it, THEN Megamegabig Corp send photos of your work / designs to factories in China, where it’s mass produced… and now available at ALL the stores, and YOU don’t get a penny, AND there is nothing you can do about it. AND you can’t even sell your designs and clever silly cat photos directly to people anymore… because now MegaMegabig corp made your site invisible, and is selling them on coffee mugs and greeting cards at MegamegabigMart…

  86. I can’t take you seriously without a cat on your head…

    Wait..wait…a pussy on a head…would that be considered funny internet porn…

    Well, you just got yourself banned sister….and your parents aren’t even in the room!

  87. I can’t remember a thing you said in that video because I was completely distracted by the unmitigated FABULOUSNESS of your necklace. I love it. I want it. If I cant’ have it can I have a photo of it, so I can convince my husband to get a tatoo of that octopus? Becuase he is DEAD SEXY!

  88. Thank you, Jenny, for whatever it is you did in that video (hey, raising awareness is raising awareness, right?) and also thanks to Lori Beth for her really really long but really really informative comment. I hope people take the time to sign the petition and do whatever they can to stop SOPA from being passed into law. So it for the cats, but this is Very Serious Business, too, for anyone who loves the internet (and I am looking at ALL of you!).

  89. Go back and watch this video again, but this time, watch the dog and the cat in the background.

  90. I finally had to read up about it on Wikipedia. And all I can say is: Cthulhu on a cracker, what an ignorant piece of legislation.

    Your summary was much funnier than Wikipedia though, so I did, in fact, write my congressperson.

  91. SOPA is like the Gestapo of internet laws. If you don’t want that kind of Nazi crap on the net, then we all have to fight it. And stay away from GoDaddy. They support SOPA. You have domains there? Move them to Netfirms. Being hosted by them? First, are you stupid? They get hacked all the time. Second, go to another host like Hostgator or BlueHost or something. ANYTHING but GoDaddy.

    And Jenny, is it so bad for dogs to have guns? There are some mean ass people out there, you know. LOL

  92. your voice isn’t what i imagined. is that weird? i mean, i read your blog and apparently i’m giving you a voice without realizing it. i think i thought you would sound more like a cross between Queen Latifa and Scarlet Johansson with a touch of Claire Huxtable. nevermind, my point is: you, not knowing what you’re talking about, then making a video about what you don’t know about, is incredible.

  93. This SOPA obviously will be met by massive protests and backlash. Imagine what would happen if it actually passed into a law. Internet surfing would basically never be the same again. This one is approved by lawmakers would suck the joy out of the internet.

  94. One more day of awesomeness. Thanks for the analogy about parents visiting. This SOPA business sounds scary. Thanks for pointing it out. Yikes.

  95. Really, are we turning into a communist country? I wrote a rant on my blog last week about the CHiPs lunacy. I am about to lose what’s left of my mind thinking about how this country is going to shit from people we elect and pay sitting on their asses thinking of ways to ‘protect’ me. Fuck them. I can protect myself.

  96. Prince says the Internet is dead, so I don’t think it really matters, because you can’t censor something that’s dead…although I guess you could put a piece of tape on a corpse’s mouth.

  97. Wwwwwwwhhhhyyyyy (I’m whining) do I never see my typos until I post? HATE that. Up above, no “to” between Stopa-ing and SOPA. “whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyy me,” Nancy Karrigan style. Carry on. and Thank you.

  98. Your’s is the first Blog I reallyc ared anthing enough abou to read on a regular basis…and it is because of posts like this. <3

  99. bottom line: SOPA would shut down Zazzle for your “put a bird on it” merch.

  100. This may have already been asked or maybe not. I didn’t look through all the 170 some odd comments. BUT….are those hands in a jar behind your head?

  101. I missed the cats walking through (and the gorilla) but I also love the necklace. I got that octopus at Beadazzled in Berkeley, Ca. Still haven’t figured what to do with it, but regretsy was helpful.

    SOPA. If the US Chamber of Commerce likes it, it’s BAD. /www.nytimes.com/2011/11/16/opinion/firewall-law-could-infringe-on-free-speech.html

  102. SOPA really is horrible. Would you be willing to use your internet influence even further and consider doing a blackout of your page on Jan 18 to coincide with Reddit’s? The actions another commenter posted above are a useful way of directing your readers to what they can to do help. stopping SOPA really is that important.

  103. So I have been reading your blog for a while now like years and never heard you speak. UNTIL NOW. It’s kind of this odd place where I’ve had a voice picked out for you already and then you actually had your own sound which was different then what my brain picked out by reading your blog. I’m so not sure what this emotion is…

  104. All I can pay attention to is the awesome rim you used to connect all those bookshelves together! I love that idea! Also, SOPA = bad

  105. Essentially, SOPA will hold the owners of various sites responsible for public posted information. The best analogy i heard was, if someone were to call the white house and make a threat on the presidents life, very illegal, the appropriate authorities would go after the person making the threat and not the phone company for letting that person use their service to make the threat. Under SOPA, the phone company would be held responsible too. So, lets say some dope comes to your blog and makes a threat on the presidents life. Not only would the authorities come after the person making the threat, they would also come after whomever hosts your blog. SO…this would essentially force you to setup censors and force you to review every comment before making it public. But, it doesn’t stop there, all it would take is one person to say that something on your blog is violating SOPA/PIPA and you’d get shutdown before getting a chance to defend yourself. Kind of a “Ready, fire, aim” mentality. Since your blog is becoming fairly popular, this could become a very daunting task and since the risk wouldn’t be worth the reward, you would eventually shut down the blog. Imagine the likes of youtube, facebook, twitter, wikipedia…it’d be impossible to review all user generated content and censor the bad ones. SOPA/PIPA would cripple the internet.

  106. I am obviously against SOPA as well, but that infographic had me smiling because some of those graphs are obviously made to scare the living daylights out of people. Not very factual, but speculation of the end of internet as we know it.

  107. ACTA 2.0 is like a backdoor way to enact SOPA. Actually it was government who tired broke our freedom and america are protest against SOPA, PIPA, and ACTA.
    No one like ACTA. ACTA is the 2x worst than SOPA.

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