Fun with Len

My friend Len does a Geek-a-Week project which is pretty bad-ass, and I was flattered to be asked to do one so here it is if you have a few minutes.

Also, it comes with my very own geek card made by Len and Storm.

PS. That’s a sonic-screwdriver-blow-dryer. Not a sex toy.

PPS.  Here’s our podcast if you want to give it a listen.

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  1. Haha I love it.

    Ashley Pariseau recently posted What is the hardest thing about being a Miss?.

  2. This may need to be added to my Geek Wall of Fame along with my Malcolm Reynolds action figure and myStan Lee autograph. Shockingly enough, I actually don’t work in IT, nor do I live in my parents’ basement. Huh…

    Jen in Portlandia recently posted Puttin' the "Fun" Back in "Funeral".

  3. It’s awesome! BTW, I LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED that you talked about the Zombie Apocalypse on CNN!!

    Jana recently posted No....I Just say NO!.

  4. Hah, that’s fab! 😀

    Oly recently posted Help make it safe to talk about mental health.

  5. Best. Trading card. Ever.

    Miss D recently posted You can’t say Happiness without saying Penis.

  6. Holy Cannoli! I’ve been claiming card carrying geek status for years. You’ve just upped the ante and actually GOTTEN A CARD! You win, Bloggess, but I’ll be back!!!

    Queen of All Things Good recently posted Chipmunk Masks and the Zombie Apocolypse... Yeah They Go Together.

  7. That is SO a sex toy!

    GirltoMom- Heidi recently posted My Mommy is Coming to L.A. and so is Jenny Lawson.

  8. Oh, so you plug it in? That must be for longer lasting pleasure… oh wait. Never mind.

    Bil Simser recently posted Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

  9. It does resemble something else. Just saying. But it’s an awesome card, nonetheless. Geek cards rule!!

    Carol recently posted Because you don’t have to burn books if the world starts to fill up with nonreaders, nonlearners, nonknowers.

  10. Speechless… Want!!!

    Kerry :) recently posted … Saved your LIFE!!!.

  11. “That’s a sonic-screwdriver-blow-dryer. Not a sex toy.”

    Can’t it be both?

  12. Yeah, because “sonic-screwdriver” doesn’t sound at all like a sex toy. (I’m choosing to ignore your “hair-dryer” ruse.)

    Daddy Scratches recently posted I wish these kids would demonstrate a little self-confidence and individuality.

  13. So INSANELY jealous – I want my own geek card!!

  14. Totally blows away my Reggie Jackson rookie card

    Rob R recently posted I Wonder What It’s Like To Be Gay.

  15. Awesome card, but would be awesomer (totally a word) if it mentioned your zombie apocalypse preparedness.

    Neeroc recently posted Charity Giving and Questions About Soles4Souls.

  16. I love that you had to point out it wasn’t a sex toy hairdryer.

    Karen W recently posted Great Scott! They are making a sequel..

  17. “That’s a sonic-screwdriver-blow-dryer. Not a sex toy.” Uh huh…suuuuure.

    Erin recently posted Slow cooker mango (or peach) chicken.

  18. Maybe we should now introduce ‘adopt or love a geek week’ and then you can come and stay with us all for a week at a time, but only if you bring the stuffed menagerie with you!!!!!!!

    Tom Stronach recently posted Book Review: Dull Knife by C.J Box (with additional comment).

  19. You look so geeky in that blazer with the chest pockets and the skinny tie. And I’m so glad you clarified about what you are holding…’cuz I WAS thinking…

    XLMIC recently posted Just hurt me..

  20. The pin stripe suit is perfection.

    Jillian recently posted Quite the Slumber Party.

  21. Fantastic, it is wonderful to see all the good things happening for you!

    Tara recently posted Just keep swimming (or partying in this case).

  22. Well, now you’ve done it. You’ve crossed that fine line into the geek universe. There’s no going back. You’ll have to start doing comic book & sci-fi conventions. In costume. Start hunting down your silver boots and red bustier now.

    Vinobaby recently posted Joshilyn Jackson made me change my book.

  23. I like how you’re wearing a brown suit that makes you look flat chested!

    Wendi recently posted Smile.

  24. That is awesome! I am jealous of the geek card. I surround myself with geek folk. Not consciously it just seems to happen. Not that I don’t have my own geek tendencies. I didn’t think that looked like a sex toy until you mentioned it. Now I think it’s kind of more bad ass thinking of it in the dirty way…

    Stephanie H recently posted 6 month Veggieversary.

  25. OMG That is so AWESOME! I like that they made you more 1oth Doctor than 11th Doctor. 🙂

    Eleanor recently posted Storytelling Styles.

  26. What does TARDESS stand for? I’m guessing it’s something like Tall Aluminum Rooster, Delightfully Displayed, Entertaining Spectators Superbly.

    Laura @ Unlikely Explanations recently posted Better Living Through Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

  27. Come along Wheaton and grab your coat!

  28. Holy schnike that’s brilliant. And, I’m sure that crazy ass blow dryer can be used for many things, like blending drinks for example.

    Cubicle Views recently posted Click and Ask For Forgiveness Later.

  29. Fab-u-lous! Of course that isn’t a sex toy, my sonic-screwdriver-blow-dryer lights up just like that…although mine uses batteries, guess yours has more power.

    Very cool card, show it to TSA when you travel, I’ll bet it works just like photo id.

    Susan recently posted Monday, Tuesday...SAHMday.

  30. Who looks at a screwdriver and says “This could use more sonic?”

    Congrats, and rock on!

    El Guapo recently posted Trifecta – Observe.

  31. GAH! Let’s try this again…

    Who looks at a hairdryer and says “This could use more sonic?”

    Congrats, and rock on!

    El Guapo recently posted Trifecta – Observe.

  32. Awesome!

    For the record, I totally got that it was a sonic blow dryer. I didn’t even think of a sex toy. I really have to work on that I guess. My mind isn’t as in the gutter as it used to be. Does that mean I’m getting old?

    NewMommyConfessions (@NewMommyConfess) recently posted Month of the Military Child.

  33. 34
    Helen Van Patterson Patton

    OMG, just when I think you can’t be any more awesome. Although just when I think I have “varied” interests, the universe conspires to show me how everything is geekdom for me. Not that I’m complaining.

  34. I NEED a copy of that “geek” card!!!!! Completely awesome!!!!

  35. OH I WISH I COULD COME SEE YOU! I live right next to book passage but that’s my daughter’s opening night of her show…. drats! And out here I think boob signing is legal too!

    Jennie Jackson recently posted Book Connection: Why be Happy if you Could Be Normal? by Jeanette Winterson.

  36. Now all I can think of is Doctor Who. Dreamy Doctor Who… sigh.

    Allyn recently posted Garden Grows: Chapter 3.

  37. See, you made me type “sonic screwdriver sex toy” into the search box, and now Google knows much much more about me than it should.

  38. Okay, but I thought your battle cry was WOLVERINES!!
    Though, Let’s Pretend This Never Happend will be so much more useful in real life.

    cassie recently posted queen mary highland games.

  39. I knew it was a sonic hairdryer immediately…but I think it requires Doctor Who knowledge to even comprehend your Geek of the Week card. I want one! Actually I want all of the “Geeks.” Love Thank you Jenny for being you!


    Melodie recently posted My Beautiful Daughter.

  40. Oh, so much fun!

    Kathleen recently posted Heavy Red Chair.

  41. I was thinking that blowdryer looked pretty handy!!! 🙂

    Kayla recently posted Are We Human, Are We Dancer, or Was it Just the Beerita?.

  42. Certainly better than my business cards! Kick ass!

    Pish Posh recently posted N is for Nervous.

  43. I just watched “Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” on the plane yesterday, and that thing in your hand looks suspiciously like something said girl uses to torture this disgusting character in the movie.


    Need brain bleach.

    Otherwise, COOL BEANS!!

    Stephanie C | Seriously? Really?? Seriously? recently posted Bleeding Love: A Reunion.

  44. You have a Tarddess. Wow am I jeallouss.

  45. I’m so glad you clarified the hair dryer thingy. I was wondering. LMAO

    Momma Fargo recently posted Betty White Is In The House.

  46. Ha! Very cool. A “baseball”ish card definitely shows you’ve made it

    Mayor Gia recently posted Things that Make Boyfriend Angry: a Dinner Adventure.

  47. I especially loved the sonic hairdryer!

    I <3 <3 this!

    Brandon, The Ho from Idaho recently posted Wells Fargo in Idaho Falls Robbed by a Neck-Brace Bandit.

  48. 49

    You had me at sex toy….

  49. FANTABULOUS!!!! A real collector’s item fo’ sho!!!

  50. Love the card and that you are 10, who I considered tied for best Doctor with 4.

    Hate that your book tour does not include Chicago (we are better than all those cities combined…as long as it is between May and September-excluding August).

    Am surprised there were no Bloggess costumes at C2E2. There was sad Batman, though. As in, they don’t have my favorite flavor of ice cream…sad Batman. We may have to do something about Bloggess costumes at cons.

    Pissed Off Type 1 Diabetic recently posted Browned Spanish Tortilla.

  51. You should print a load of these off and hand them out on your book tour as if they were business cards.

    Amanda recently posted I need to procrastinate, so here's a summer to-do list.

  52. Your famousity continues to grow. How great is that?

    Bodaciousboomer recently posted Apparently dumbassery knows no bounds….

  53. Now you have a geek card?!! That’s pretty cool Ms Bloggess, in a geeky-cool kinda way.

    weezafish recently posted Heard in My House .. Tallen Changed His Mind.

  54. I want one!! The card. Ah well… Even the screw driver thingy… So what? It’s not what it looks like…
    You are better than the best awesome around!

    neers recently posted strangers by default.

  55. That is some hardcore, jen-you-WINE badassery right there.

    jennielynn recently posted Back on Track.

  56. the awesomeness of this shall not be contained!!

    lena recently posted Invasion of the Boy-bands: Here comes The Wanted.

  57. I agree with Cassie–anyone who knows you knows your battle cry is WOLVERINES! Despite that, totally awesome and completely collectible.

    Laura recently posted Sunday Funnies, April 15.

  58. Only one geek a week? That’s utter bullshit. Oh well, You can check out my non-geek blog if you want to. Nerds need a laugh too, don’t they?

    Birdman recently posted Porntivirus Web Condom.

  59. That does totally look like a sex toy now that you mention it. I was thinking some kind of ray gun or something, I have no clue why I thought that somehow that fit. Very cool trading card!

    Rebecca recently posted Zoo Botanico Jerez.

  60. That thing in your hand looks suspiciously like one of the intravaginal ultrasound machines that our fine representatives in Pennsylvania want to use on women seeking abortions. Hmm. Well, I know you’d employ yours only to perform good deeds.

  61. I love this in soooooo many ways!

    Corey Feldman recently posted Yizkor.

  62. My life gets geekier and geekier by the day. Which is totally amazing! Thanks for being an awesomesauce geek!

    Ashleigh recently posted Winning the Depression War....

  63. I’m glad you clarified that blow dryer. I was both intrigued and alarmed. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

    Jaime recently posted Random Monday: In which I discuss Twilight, Thai tea and TURQUO-TEAL.

  64. Best wishes on your journey, thank you for preventing my suicide this week 🙂

  65. But what an awesome sex toy it would be. I want my own trading card!

    Melissa recently posted 5 People That Make Me (almost) Hate Concerts..

  66. Just checked out the whole site. You are among excellent Geek company. Muchos congrats!

    Kadesh recently posted Updated Wish List ... if you're feeling generous.

  67. Wish I could look so bad-ass holding a hair dryer…

    Aging Gal recently posted Five Ways to End Job Stress.

  68. I’m glad you clarified about the hair dryer.

    Cindy recently posted I Can’t Take Me Anywhere.

  69. Hilarious, I love it! Good clarification Re: the hairdryer. I like that they also made you a doctor.

    Theresa recently posted AT&T is a Bunch of Jerks.

  70. Um… I thought the battle cry was “WOLVERINES!” ? Pretty Bad-Ass card, though. Well done! 🙂

  71. That is a trading card set I would love to have. not just geeks, but blogger cards.

    I may start making some.

    Brett Minor recently posted I am a Person and Other Complaints.

  72. Well fuckity fukc fukc fukc!!! Just learned that my husband tacked on a book to our Amazon Order that won’t release until April 24th. So I had been anticipating receiving your book ASAP and now won’t get it until the end of the month at best (assuming his book actually releases when it is advertized to). I am beyond PISSED. Now I may have to go to Blue Willow and buy an extra copy for you to sign just because … I.NEED.YOUR.BOOK.NOW!!!!!


  73. I once whipped this card out at a Magic the Gathering Game… Not only did I win, but everyone owes me their first born son… Or a beer. Dealer’s choice.

    Valerie recently posted Somebody hold my jacket... I don't know how big this is gonna get..

  74. -damnit- i knew i should have gotten an iphone


    Lori recently posted Saggy Bottoms are only good on George Clooney.


    I just saw this on Pinterest and immediately thought of you. Maybe you’ve seen it already, but if you haven’t, you’re welcome. Now you have a matching animal suit for Victor to wear so he won’t be jealous of your wolf-pelt.

  76. Wow! That is the awesomest sex-toy-looking hairdryer ever. I’d totally buy one and leave it sitting proudly on my bathroom counter so as to spark interesting conversations with guests and visiting mothers.

  77. Sister- you can WORK A Pinstriped zoot Suit. Think of the blow outs you could administer if you dressed like that everyday!

    LA Juice recently posted Morphine for Everyone! Everyone except Albert..

  78. I was a little confused about the hair dryer thing at first.

    BTW, you were fantastic on CNN!

    Amanda recently posted My Partially Written Nursing Autobiography.

  79. How can you say that a sonic-screwdriver-blow-dryer is NOT a sex toy? Come-on girl! Live a little!

  80. I keep aspiring to be a geek, and my friends keep assuring me that I really am one. I think if I had a geek card I would finally feel secure that I have my place in the geek world. Is it a cheat if you make it yourself.

  81. I always thought a hairdryer was a sex toy. No?

    "Susan Says..." recently posted Susan Says Goes to Washington....

  82. You are getting the best publicity money can’t buy! You go, girlfriend!

    [Note: Of course, you realize the rest of us bloggers are now insanely jealous and are busy sending sub-cerebral psychic messages to Beyonce, Copernicus, and Ferris Mewler to thwart your collation powers! i’m just sayin’…….]

    Sj recently posted "There's no satisfaction for a man, unless.....".

  83. I just got the book sent to my Kindle. Yay!

  84. Just started reading your book 15 minutes ago. Completely absorbed already!

    BeLinda recently posted Building a Pond: Part 3, Waterfall & Fancy Bits.

  85. Love the sonic hair-dryer

    Invader_Stu recently posted English Breakfast Radio.

  86. 87
    Elizabeth Grace

    I got my book on the Kindle! It’s freaking awesome! Forcing myself to go to sleep right now even though I’ve only read half. Can’t wait for tomorrow to finish. Jenny, you never disappoint. Please. Don’t. Ever. Stop. Xoxo

  87. Your geeky street cred has risen exponentially with the inclusion of a geek card. Congratulations.
    Is this like Pokemon cards? Can we battle you against anything? And what would you win against in a geek-out battle?
    AND…Are you worth or less more geek collectors’ points than a Neil Gaiman or a George Takei?

    Claire J recently posted Things they DON’T teach you in foreign language classes.

  88. That’s so totally a sex toy. No matter what you say. 😛

    Nat recently posted L is for Lazy.

  89. I’m bringing my wife home from the hospital after her knee replacement today. If she doesn’t have a doctor’s appointment on the 26’th I’ll bring her up to Allen to meet you. Of course at our age to sing her boob you start at the belt area. I have to check with the bookstore to see if you can meet Bingo T. Pug who is not taxidermied.

    Peter recently posted Panic!.

  90. AWESOME! Interesting they went with the 10th Doctor outfit, but the sonic hair-dryer looks more like the 11th Doctor’s. Yes, I know. I’m a nerd.

  91. what an HONOR to be selected for a geek-a-week card? the only distraction — they gave you 10’s costume and 11’s screwdriver? it hurts to be an obsessive nerd… ANYway — can’t wait to meet you at blue willow! it’s really hard to put off buying your book until the 24th!

  92. The thought of the sonic screwdriver as a sex toy is making me coddle mah cooch. Because ouch.

    Also, HOW FUCKING COOL IS THIS? (Not my cooch coddling, silly, the geek card).

    Arnebya recently posted Wordful Wednesday: Every Year, Y’all.

  93. “PS. That’s a sonic-screwdriver-blow-dryer. Not a sex toy.”

    Anyone who needs to have this pointed out to them…doesn’t DESERVE to have it pointed out to them. Let them suffer in ignorance.

  94. This is the greatest trading card ever! WAY better than Garbage Pail Kids.

    Jen @ Jen's Favorite Cookies recently posted Intense Dark Chocolate Cake.

  95. This is pretty freakin cool!

    The Rebel Chick recently posted What’s the difference between a housewife and a slave?.

  96. So excited about your book tour!

    Naked Girl in a Dress recently posted An Exclusive Interview with The Bloggess.

  97. Absolutely fantastic! NOW you’re famous. I would, however, like to know why the East Coast is getting no love on the book tour . . . .I really seriously could have used a stop by the Bloggess in the Washington D.C. area.

  98. That looks a lot like this:

    Which is okay, because I totally want one and am therefore jealous you got one before I did. 🙂

    Megan recently posted FebruaryStar02: @mametown This week's #YDAD should be about the Tupac hologram. Or Snoop Dogg. Gin & juice time!.

  99. I would never trade that card!

    Jenna@CallHerHappy recently posted como tomo Review & Giveaway.

  100. This is made of awesome. Tardess–heehee!

    Dana the Biped recently posted The Swiss: No Longer Neutral.

  101. Listened to the podcast. I have to tell you that even though my mom has never read a word you’ve written, when she watched you on CNN she also expected your voice to be a whole lot different, based only upon my descriptions of your blog postings. All I can figure out is that I must have said “Knock, knock motherfucker” in a deep-throated, Kathleen Turner voice.

    Zippy recently posted Now the media tells me I'm sick of bacon. And am possibly a man..

  102. I think you should add Atlanta to your tour. If you do I will attempt to find you another mushroom shaped like a boobie. Or maybe I’ll just print off the picture you posted and try to convince you I took it. Either way: come to Atlanta!!!! <3

  103. Just wanted to leave a comment saying I read your book, I freaking loved it and it’s 5am here in NZ! And I’ve only just been able to yawn because I’ve been too busy giggling to be able to get a yawn out 🙂
    And now I will go back to lurking (sleeping, temporarily) – hope the tour goes well ^^

  104. First time commenter here… I think they have your motto and battle cry mixed up, it should be:
    Motto: Let’s pretend this never happened
    Battle cry: Like Mother Teresa! Only better!

    That is all.

  105. Whoah. I might have to rent Little House on the Prairie now. Also, I don’t see the orangutan on your card. Am I confused? Did he draw it somewhere else?

    Sharon Wachsler recently posted Call for Posts: April Assistance Dog Blog Carnival.

  106. Why can’t it BE BOTH?

    Sonic *blow*dryer?



    Now I’m thinking about my hot air being sent up my cooter,
    and how uncomfortable that could be.


    It was a good plan!

    Rebecca recently posted Yesternight’s Workout:.

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