Seven years later…

Today I had a video shoot for something I can’t tell you about because apparently publicity is bad. ย I don’t entirely understand it but it was fun and at one point my friend Maile tried to do my hair, but as I was blow drying it I realized that I was in some sort of time warp.

Me, seven years after my icon picture:
7 years later

A little plumper, a little more wrinkled, a little wiser, the exact same hair dryer, but all in all…still me.

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  1. Beautiful as always!! Also, HOW in the world do you have a a hairdryer that still works after SEVEN years?!? Mine usually die after two or three years!

  2. You look amazing in the new pic, the seven years is really working for you!

  3. And still gorgeous and impossibly hilarious. I may or may not have read through your entire archives last summer. You were genius back then, but if it’s even possible you’ve only gotten better with age.

  4. Good work keeping the same hair dryer! I have bought about five of them during my life. I use them for a day or two, then forget about them for a year, have a sudden hair drying need, buy a new one…wash, rinse, repeat!

  5. I have the same hair dryer since my first year as an undergrad. That was 16 years ago.

    And I think you look prettier now than you did in your picture 7 years ago, and I thought that was a glamorous shot. So there.

  6. Please do a Pinterest tutorial. There would be so many curse words and booze and goodness that we could all die happy.

  7. I think you look better now. Happier. I vote for an updated icon.

  8. The absolute best part? You’re still you…even after relative (the quit-my-job-to-write) success AND the uber (I’m a bestselling writer!) success. Go you!

    Also, it’s fucking disturbing that you still have the same hair dryer…wait, I never use mine so I think it’s old enough to be dangerous. Damn. I retract my statement: just stop reading this comment at “Go you!”

  9. You look great! And mad props to you for finding a hair dryer in the universe that lives longer than any I have ever owned.

    Ps and totally unrelated as I have recently moved to the midwest which is rought with tornadoes and 100plus heat, how exactly does one make a wine slushy because that might just be the cure. Yes yes I know margaritas and tequila but after an unfortunate mechanical bull incident I have been banned by the public at large from partaking of tequila or any other agave based spirits. your help is greatly appreciated.

  10. can you do a blog on how to set curlers? I have been wondering about this (how to set curlers, not whether or not you can blog about same) for awhile. Does it last better than a curling iron?

  11. You not only look lovely, but you look much happier in your “now” picture than in your “then” picture.

  12. The SAME hair dryer? Maybe it’s my hair’s uncanny resemblance to Don King, but I blow through a couple a year! I’m going to buy the one you have!

    Oh, and congrats on 7 years! You look fabulous!

  13. Awww. You are adorable!

    Glad to see you are still in it seven years later!

    Angel (@themommytsunami)

  14. There is something about large hair curlers that just screams “I am so much better than you because i know how to use these things”

  15. You still look fantastic and continue to amaze me!! A hairdryer lasting 7 years?! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. Still awesome seven years later, will still be awesome when 7 more have passed. XXOO

  17. Hm. Pointier on top.

    More curlers on top=looking taller. Adds height.

  18. Personally, I think you look happier now and I like this picture better. Success suits you ๐Ÿ˜‰

  19. You look happier. I mean, I know you’re smiling a bit more, but aside from that I mean your eyes look happier.

  20. And of course the edges of the mouth are now pointing ever so slightly upward, as if about to break into a smile. Happier now, yes?

    I bet yes.

  21. That is a really good hair dryer if you are still using it seven years later.

    And I can’t wait for the surprise something that you were filming for.

  22. You look beautiful! I can’t wait to find out what’s going on (even though I THINK I have an idea…)! <3 ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. My vote: they are moving forward with plans to make Let’s Pretend into a full length movie – your version of Channing’s Magic Mike, only with less strippers/stripping and more random adventures hiding out in public restrooms. I have to say, your decision to have Matt McConaughey to play the younger/childhood version of your dad is pretty brilliant – he’ll pull off that Texas Crazy no problem – while Joe Manganiello will be fabulous as Victor. I can SO see him snarling “it is NOT a nice chicken” at the UPS dude. You should, of course, be playing yourself because anyone else would be just WRONG and I’m looking forward to purchasing my advance tickets.

  24. Hmmm…I think you’ve changed the hair a little.

    (I think I’ve had the same hair dryer since at least 1995)

  25. What kind of a magical hairdryer do you own that it’s still in operation after 7 years? I’ve got to get me one.

  26. I love your updated picture. After seven years, the biggest change would probably be that you’re the writer being stalked rather than doing the stalking. But? We’ll always have BlogHer ’07 and writing stalker notes to Amy Sedaris. But in a good way. Not creepy stalkers because that would be a whole different kind of fucked up.

  27. You are beautiful!

    I can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. I can’t believe it’s been seven years. So glad your talent is finally getting the attention you deserve, and that you’re still the totally awesome person you were when that first pic was taken. We’re so lucky to have you in our lives!

  29. I’m all kinds of shades of impressed that the hair dryer as lasted so long. Or do you only take it out for special occasions? ๐Ÿ˜€

  30. You look slightly happier in the more recent photo, dunno if that’s on purpose or not, but hell – plumpier be damned ! Happy is awesome :O)

  31. The Bloggess: Now with added inspirational…um…-ism. Yeah, that’s a word. (immortal hairdryer not included.)

  32. You know, when I’m having a shit day and depression and all the other crazy dysfunctional things my brain tells me to do are kicking my ass, knowing that you are out in the world and not at all unlike me makes everything seem… more beautiful. And so are you. Keep on keepin’ on.

  33. I think you look amazing & younger now too! My hair dryers last that long too, it’s called lack of use from never fixing my hair!

  34. Don’t you just come to the conclusion that you may be a little plumper, wiser, wrinkled but then when you really think about it, happy too. I am all of those things but also very mentally stable (fingers crossed) and that means the world to me, even if the arse is bigger and half my wardrobe doesn’t fit. And you look all goddessy anyway.

  35. Jenny, when that liar comes back around, please come back to the comments on this page. Love you.


  36. Honestly, I think you look happier now. Maybe a little more settled with yourself? You’ll have to take another one in another seven years.

  37. the change I see is a different way of “hairstyle”- I believe “Beyonce” has had an influence. ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. And still gorgeous. Your beauty shines straight out from your soul. Keep on doing what you are doing Jenny and I will keep on applauding you from Australia.

  39. Blahblahblahhairdryer7years!blahblahblah

    I want to know what the secret is. TELL US, DAMMIT.

    Oh, and we really truly need more about the kitten. He is hysterical and adorable.

  40. Love the change in the look on your face. You go from a bit annoyed looking to very hopeful. The eyebrows say it all. We are all getting plumper with age . . . but that hides wrinkles.

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

    Also, I am so happy for your success. It is well deserved. Love the book. Hang in there, the best is yet to come.

  41. You haven’t changed much, but man, have you changed the world. It’s incredible. Congratulations.

  42. You look fab. And the makers of that hairdryer should pay you for free publicity. What’s it like being a goddess to so many people? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  43. Still just as beautiful! I can’t seem to keep a hair dryer for 6 months.

  44. I can’t believe you have the same hair dryer I feel like I am buying a new one every year. Perhaps I am doing something wrong. Like buying shitty hair dryers.

  45. You look a little bit happier, in some way. Must be the addition of the roller right on top of your head. And I know the world is a whole lot happier now, for knowing you.

  46. To everyone shocked that Jenny still has the same hairdryer from 7 years ago, let me tell you a little something. I got my current hairdryer *used* around July, 1998. And yes, it still works, like a champ. That was what? 14 years ago… The key? DON’T DROP IT ON THE FLOOR! Same goes for curling irons. (Easier said than done, right?)

  47. I can’t believe you still have the same hair dryer! I usually burn them up within a couple of years. actually had one catch fire one day…I should probably write about that.

  48. You look awesome! And how do you keep a haridryer for 7 years? That should be in the guinness book of records!

  49. You look glamorous in both photos, but what struck me immediately is that bit of a smile in the new one… It looks good on you. And it’s a well deserved smile, you’ve helped a lot of people be furiously unapologetically happy.

    I love you dearly, Jenny! Stay awesome.

  50. I still have the hair dryer that my mom bought before i was born, probably around 40 years ago. Stool works like a charm too!

  51. Still lovely after all these years….!
    btw….I thought of you while in Kirkland’s today… They had a big metal chicken for sale. But it may have been a somewhat smaller rooster. I took it’s picture in your honor!

  52. Awesome as always.
    I just got your book yesterday afternoon (FINALLY), finished reading it today, and then proceeded to use the word stabby in three different conversations. I’d say you’re a good influence, yes?

  53. I like that your mouth tips UP in your new picture. You look happy and healthy to me. My husband and I both enjoy you blog and loved your book. Thanks for being a constant source of pillow talk for us ๐Ÿ™‚

  54. Gorgeous!

    None of my hair dryers have lasted that long without breaking.

    I’m a little jealous of your hair dryer.

  55. you still have the same dryer ?

    ps: Australia loves you. (this sounds a bit sucky but your book is a great inspiration. thanks so much)

  56. Are you all buying your hair dryers at the dollar store or something? I have not 1, but 2! hair dryers that I’ve had for years upon years! LOL

    Love the pic, I too think you look happier <3 and I'm also curious about hair curlers vs a curling iron …

  57. Wait, you have the same hairdryer 7 years later? What hairdryer do you have? and where can I get one?

  58. And just like that, you just inadvertently created crazy demand for that brand of hairdryer. So by my estimate, that hairdryer maker owes you a gazillion dollars for your endorsement. Bazinga!

    PS – is the pic flipped around? Cause I can’t read the backwards writing on the dryer. Or else I’d run out and buy it, given your endorsement. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  59. You look WAY smarter in the new pic!! Happier too!!
    Oh, wait, WE are all smarter and happier people because of you!!!
    You rock lady. You totally rock.

  60. Gorgeous, funny and…how did you manage to keep that hair dryer from over heating and/or shorting out after seven years? That is an amazing feat. Looking forward to the video of secrecy which shall not be publicized!

  61. You are still the same, but if I may say so, you seem to be quite a bit more content and happy today ๐Ÿ™‚

  62. Two things got bigger … not those – dirty minds
    1. Your hair curlers
    2. Your bewdiful smile!

    P.S. Your hair dryer is a zombie. I’d keep an eye on that.

  63. I’m with Caramelia (#165), my first thought was that you have a twinkle of happy about you in that little quirk of lips etc. ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s good to see.

    Coincidentally, I’m still using the hairdryer my brother gave me for christmas the year I turned 15 and I’m 38 now. lol. I’m almost afraid of it giving up one day lol.

  64. I’m impressed that you still have the same hair dryer. Mine tend to catch on fire every 3 or 4 years or so. Keep doing what you’re doing (being hilarious and fabulous)! ๐Ÿ™‚

  65. Was it an audition for Tom Cruise’s new wife? I hear the Scientologists like to interview first…

  66. Sometimes it’s best if history repeats itself. Like your hair. And every “new” version of technology that makes the previous one obsolete after a week. And the remake of 21 Jump Street.

  67. That hair-dryer must be part of the family at this stage. I wish any of mine would last that long… =(

  68. And just as awesome as ever. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m sorry if this borders on stalker-ish but you are seriously my favorite person on the internet. And probably the most helpful too (except if we’re counting Google, but the almighty G is not human, so probably not). ANYWAY. I stopped seeing my amazing therapist (long story) and I’m now seeing one that well, put nicely….kinda sucks. And I think part of why I’m not collapsing into a helpless heap of mess is thanks to you, your adventures (and mis-adventures) and the legion of followers you’ve amassed over the years. It seems like you went around the internet and picked the nicest, coolest and more compassionate people and brought them all here to hang out. So, long story short- you’ve come a long way in 7 years, and you’ve helped a lot of us do the same. ๐Ÿ™‚

  69. Let’s do the time warp again! Honestly, I think you look better now.

  70. Timelessly beautiful!

    p.s. totally unrelated– but my friend Sal was having problems with fruit flies and she got rid of them by flipping that little switch on her hairdryer that reverses the flow and she sucked them in and fried them up! Creepy yet so creative.

  71. You still rock the extra large curlers. And that’s the truth – all of us (okay most of us) end up a little plumper and more wrinkled but I’ll take the wisdom that goes with it any day!

  72. Gorgeous, woman. You look tickled over something … maybe you could not tell us what the video shoot was for in the form of a fill in the blank?

  73. You look Mavalous Daling! Even after 7 years you own that Curler in your hair style! Love it! I hope it was fun and groovy or groovy fun!

  74. Hey? Remember? That one time? At band camp? And I made your icon a Flair on Facebook? And you commented on my blog? And then I died of happiness a little bit? Yeah, good times! ๐Ÿ˜€ **gets out freak flag and waves it proudly**

  75. you make me laugh & cry at the same time. passive aggressive tendencies can be so soothing ๐Ÿ˜‰ You make me feel normal–in a ‘fuck normal’ kind of way ๐Ÿ˜‰

  76. I think you look fabulous and they’re not wrinkles but roadmaps to the fun and crazy life you lead. Reading your blog everyday since discovering it, I can tell you love fun, have a wicked sense of humour and I shall continue to stalk you ๐Ÿ™‚ but not in a creepy way. Even my husband gets a smirk now and then….. and that’s saying something.

  77. 7 years, and a whole lot hotter.

    You were cute back then, but now, you look real. You look like someone who has lived and loved, and held a motherfucking sloth.

    It looks good on you.

  78. There are times when i wish your comment section could be upvoted like reddit simply because you have so many awesome commentators. and they’re all right – you look fucking fantastic ๐Ÿ™‚

  79. You’ve still got it! The look, I mean. OK, the hairdryer, too, but I meant the good looks. But why on earth are you using a blowdryer in central Texas in the summer? Just go outside for a few minutes! Especially if the sun is out.

    And some kinds of publicity actually can be bad, depending upon who is being publicized and who will see it.

  80. You look beautiful, but could you please do a post on how to do your hair with rollers? Everytime I try, my hair ends up kind of half-dry and looked like something that just crawled out of the sewer.

  81. And still yummy cute. That picture makes me want to shoot Victor. But here’s a virtual high-five instead. Cowboy up!

  82. I have had my blow dryer for a long time too! does yours make funny noises like mine?? no? hmmm. mine does. it hasn’t burned up yet- it’s still good!

  83. Ooo…a photo shoot. For… a new book already?
    … a guest spot on a popular TV show?
    … A GIANT BUS AD!!! …or billboard…
    … your debut in the political arena.

    That’s it: VOTE FOR THE BLOGESS! Jenny Lawson for President!

  84. So fucking weird that it’s been seven years. I remember the first comment you left me about naming your next baby ‘cakelet’ because it made me laugh so hard.


  85. The question mark was accidental. All keyboards are trying to destroy me this week. No really, it’s true.

  86. Ummm thanks a lot. I have now continued to purchase and listen to multiple books on audible in hopes of finding a book that remotely entertains me as much as yours did. I’m now $64 and some change in the hole and have credits that I am scared to use because the continual disappointment is well…disappointing. I don’t like disappointment (not said in a crazy way). Sigh. Please write another soon and please please please realize that it isn’t just how good the book is but how well the author reads it when you are listening to it. You did great (said like Tony the Tiger ๐Ÿ™‚ Hugs from a fellow Hill Country Girl (was going to write Cunt-ry but then I realized i would be calling YOU that and weelllllll that’s rude. Kind-of, no it is,…I think?? Personally I thought it was clever. Peace Mel

  87. The picture looks great to me. Your hairdryer has lasted seven years? Mine only lasted two years and it started to smell like smoke.

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