This is what happens when your coworkers are all cats.

Victor:  What the shit?

me:  I know.

Victor:  The cats are in suits.

me:  I know.

Victor:  You’ve turned into a person who puts cats into suits.

me: I know.  But in my defense?  They were totally on sale.

Victor:  That’s not much of a defense.

me:  *sigh*  I know.

PS.  I know.  

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  1. OMG I NEED one for one of my kitties. Only for one though. The other would remove my hands if I tried to put clothes on him.

  2. I love this so much! At it’s awesome your cats allowed you to do that. Mine always fight me when I try to dress them up. Don’t they know I’m trying to make them look respectable?!

  3. You should just go all the way and buy tiny hats and monocles, I mean we all know is coming..

  4. There is a strict “no clothes on the animals” rule in my house. I did not make this rule. I keep asking if it applies to the snake, but then I realize that dressing her would not exactly be possible.

  5. This looks scarily like my twitter feed, only my guy gets stuck with a dinosaur hat. They make for good lap warmers, though… and that wouldn’t work so well with non-feline coworkers 😉

  6. I have not yet become one of these people but I feel I am getting very close. You may have just pushed me over the edge.

    I will tweet you a pic…

  7. I would have said it’s too early for seersucker, but clearly I’m the sucker. Cats in suits = Pure awesome.


  8. Completely in awe of the fact the cats are not ripping off the suits and sat still long enough for a picture. You my dear are a cat whisperer/magician person.

  9. That is the cutest thing ever. I don’t ever want to become one of those people that puts their cat into like a baby Onesie but I secretly admire them.

  10. This is the best thing I’ve seen all day and I just watched the Tim Burton Unicorn Apocalypse Samsung commercial AND the Kid President Pep Talk.

    Only thing cooler would be if Ferris or HST could be mewing, “Not cool, Robert Frost.”

    (My boss has a 3lb mini yorkie she dresses for work. He’s a boy named Coco Chanel and in the summer he wears polos and in the winter he wears sweaters and a gold lame puff vest.)

  11. Come back to me when you’ve handmade a suit for your dog to match your husband’s 11th Doctor Halloween costume.

    (How is someone this pathetic married? Exceptionally good luck)

  12. Have they managed to get them off and shred them yet? Or alternatively, do you have any pictures were they’ve gotten them halfway over their heads before getting stuck?

  13. Pukey and Whiny would just like to state for the record. “Hell no, I won’t bow!” I think they’re referring to the ties. Pukey saw the pix and immediately puked his disapproval. Pretty sure Whiny just flipped me the bird. They’re apparently really upset that you dressed up the cats.

  14. You and my daughter must be related. I’ve heard that same ‘logic’ come out of her mouth when dressing her dogs. And her horse!

  15. You. Are. Ridiculous. In the most awesome way. This is why we’re friends*.

    *Substitute “I stalk you on the internet” for “we’re friends.”

  16. Sorry to be such a stickler, but feline fashion rules must be followed: No seersucker until Easter.

  17. It’s also better than making suits OUT OF YOUR CATS.
    Don’t ask me how I know.
    Cutest thing I’ve seen today.
    (your cats in suits, not suits made of cats).

  18. Can you imagine if we didn’t have our pet kids? We’d be dressing up cactuses and Boston ferns. They are adorable!!!

  19. SO formal. The grey cat looks more like a Jack Johnson, chill, type of cat. If I see a floral print shirt I will send one his way so he can let his hair down. Oh and BTW you are, as always, awesome!

  20. I’m rather impressed you convinced your “co-workers” to wear the suits. When I tried to have my “co-worker” Freya wear a tiny Darth Vader helmet she just told me in her kitty meows that she didn’t need accessories to join the Dark Side. Sigh!

    Both your kitties look extra dapper.

  21. Hunter S Tomcat does indeed look very dapper. But I think what I love most about this post is the implication that if your co-workers were human you’d put them in bowties too… 😉

  22. They are definitely sending out a vibe that says they are very pleased with their appearance. Also that they are better dressed than most of us. As if cats NEED a reason to think more highly of themselves!

  23. Very fetching… I think the coloring works off Ferris a bit better than Hunter… but don’t tell Hunter I said that! *giggles madly*

  24. I hate animals in costume but secretly want to do it just once to see if my cats will cooperate. I suspect they will just shit on my pillow afterwards.

  25. Given that they are in seersucker, I think you should bring them to Kentucky for the Derby. A grand time would be had by all.

  26. I’m usually very opposed to folks dressing their animals but I must admit…………these cats looks quite smart in those duds.

  27. Wow, none of my cats would put up with that (imagine the scratches!) Plus I would tend more toward a formal/tuxedo look. Very debonair.

  28. Cats in Suits should be a regular TV show. Maybe a talk show for cats where they all wear suits (except for the lady cats, who wear dresses and pearl necklaces) and all the guests make fun of dogs and humans. Also, I need to get some cats!

  29. Coworkers have to respect the work dress code too. I think we are already making too many allowances for their lack of pants so they can at least don a shirt and tie.

  30. The short sleeves mean they’re totally keeping it casual, like they’re going to brunch or something. I hope it’s a champagne brunch.

  31. You have to be professional when working, right? Unless its naked Tuesday
    , then all bets, and clothes, are off 🙂

  32. These two could be leading a revival in seersucker suits. I work with engineers, and believe me, I’d like to get some of them into suits. (without any inappropriate touching, it goes without saying). On another note, my cat Winnie would rip my face off if I even attempted to get her into an outfit – or even just the bow tie.

  33. My cat is my coworker, and we already have conversations on a regular basis, so this post is dangerous. My husband would leave me if I dressed up our cat, though. Maybe I could get away with a bow-tie as a collar….

  34. Do you really need an excuse to put your cats (coworkers) in suits?! I mean, heck, if you choose to have your office go more business-casual, that’s your prerogative, right?!

  35. It’s like rule number one of a home office, anyway, that one should attempt to dress properly and “go to work.” Should be a given that your cats look smart during daytime too. It’s your workplace, after all.

  36. Build-a-Bear clothes are the perfect size for cats. My daughter’s cat, Katie (who could be HST’s twin sister) loves the purple hoodie from there. 🙂

  37. If it helps any, I’ve been considering knitting matching sweaters for my chickens.
    Umm…maybe I should have kept that to myself…

  38. I feel like posting pictures of your cats in suits, and not telling your cat-crazy readers where to get said suits, is kind of a tease…

  39. Oh my word…I have fainted dead away from the cuteness. WANT CAT SUITS now. For cats. Not a cat suit for me. Because that would be well, un-fun.

  40. I’m not sure how you even GET a cat in a suit. One of ours would shred me to bits, and the other would look so sad that she would guilt me into not even trying to get it on her.

  41. I am going to be the nay sayer in the bunch (sorry!)…because I know cats, and cats don’t love bowties. Ever.

  42. OMG! They look adorable. Like they could run for President as the most progressive candidates and lose horribly.
    I just got a bow tie for my service dog. Crocheted for me by a friend who made one for her guide dog. So, you know, we are legion.

  43. If I may draw a truly weird comparison –

    Grey (left) cat = Gene Wilder (I wear bowties now! Isn’t it wacky fun?!)
    Hunter S. Thomcat = Johnny Depp ( Bowties are cool, kids.)

  44. I cannot BELIEVE that no one has taken you to task yet for dressing the cats in seersucker in winter. It’s a SUMMER fabric, y’all. Don’t tell me they were wearing white shoes too.

  45. Clearly Ferris is 100% used to your shenanigans: He looks accepting of his dapper-ness and not weireded out in the least.

    HST’s expression…”first she paints my nails Tardis blue, then she steals my pills, now this?? WTF?”

  46. there WILL be a fez soon, right? maybe even a Sonic? How about a TARDIS catbox: you can call it the TURDIS!!!

  47. Can you put the mustache cone back on Ferris Mewler with his suit & retake the pic?? And then a hat and boots to complete the ensemble!

  48. Just tell Victor that you (as management) have decided to implement an office dress code, and he cannot question your authority. Fortunately the staff have acquiesced and now he is the only dissenting voice. This makes him trouble and a rabble rouser, perhaps something that should be brought up on his performance review next year.

    And OMG *gushhh* soooo cute!!!

  49. This is what is missing in my life. My cat co-workers are not properly attired! I must remedy this!

    Thank you so much, Jenny, for helping me see what was missing in my life!

    *zips off to order ties for feline co-workers*

  50. I’m starting to think that those are just stuffed animals. No cat I know would let you dress him in a suit.

    Now, I’ve put my cat in dog dresses before (and they were freaking adorable) and my dog used to get stuffed into one of my brother’s old onesies when he was little (the dog, not the brother).

    But a suit? Never.

  51. You should have mentioned the seersucker! Suits on cats are silly, unless they are seersucker! Then, well it just works.

  52. Bowties are cool…pink bowties are even better. I think they both need a starbucks or something. Maybe one of them could pass around an interoffice memo? Which one works in HR?? lol

  53. The Doctor Who reference is what keeps you from being a crazy person…. right? Seriously though it’s adorable.

  54. That is adorable and totally legit. I think I may need to do this. Growing up my cats all had their own tuxedos (they were tuxedo tabbys) but my current cat does not. I think I need to change this. Meeko would probably disagree. 🙂

  55. The sweater I’m knitting my dog suddenly seems much more normal, but sadly lacking in bow ties … Maybe I should get her a Stetson to wear with it.

  56. Erin (comment #10) mentioned Stetsons. If you go the hat route, Stetson is definitely the way to go. Nothing but the best for your kitties. Be sure they are fedoras… although the comment about fezzes is somewhat intriguing. I guess if a fez is good enough for Sidney Greenstreet, it’s good enough for cats/co-workers. I’m sure there were cats in fezzes somewhere in Casablanca.

  57. You should have told him that the cats have started dressing themselves and he needs to be more supportive of there choices. Wouldn’t want them to have self esteem issues.

  58. And they’re seersucker suits. How can Victor be upset? They are clearly stylish. And cool.

  59. I see nothing wrong with cats in suits…my cat is a girl and I still want to put her in a suit and get her a tiny TARDIS and let her play with my sonic screwdriver and pretend she’s the Doctor…

  60. Holly cow (or cat) how on earth do you get your cats to stay still long enough to dress them? Mine are both sprawled out on the sofa by me now, completely comatose, but one sniff of an outfit for either of them and they’d be off like grease lightning.

  61. Ummm…I am kind of in love with the suits 🙂 They look they are ready for a Spring photo shoot. Of course, if they are like most cats, they are plotting your death for putting them in clothes at all. I would sleep with one eye open tonight 🙂

  62. So on one hand I want to be mad, but on the other hand I’m utterly smitten by how adorable they look! Like homg! <3

  63. Wow, those are some pliable kitties. One of them is giving me the evil eye even as a sit here looking at the pictures and thinking about it. How does she even know!?

  64. Your cats look very calm about the whole thing. My cat Tigger would get one leg hooked through the neck and then proceed to spin around like a whirling dervish until he barfed on something important. That’s what happened when we tried to put a collar on him, so we gave up on that. He will allow us to snap him into a sausage-like straightjacket thing and take him for walks, so there’s no explaining what passes for “acceptable” in his brain.

  65. I think Hunter S. Thomcat looks very dapper and rather satisfied with his new spiffy outfit. win! 🙂

  66. Matlocks. They are tiny, furry Matlocks.
    Egads – how did you dress your human coworkers?!?

  67. I didn’t think it was possible to adore you any more than I already do, and then you go and put bow ties on your cats…

  68. I am totally instituting bowtie day at work – I don’t have cats but I do have co-workers. If I can plan “field trips” (read we go out to breakfast, or lunch, or go shopping all for the sake of work) surely I can plan bowtie day!

  69. Dress codes, Casual Fridays, Vacation days, Smoke breaks, Insurance, what next ? I can’t take the pressure! If my cats see this………………

  70. How do I get my hands on one of these suits (okay, maybe not the seersucker)? My kitten, Harley, would be adorbs in one of those…That is if I can get her to keep it on…

  71. Oh Dear Bloggess, you have a long way to go to catch up to me. I not only sew my pugs new Easter and Christmas dresses every year, I am the person who has made matching outfits not once, but twice so far. I’m in school so I haven’t had time to sew as much as I’d like.
    See, matching pajamas.
    And matching Halloween outfits.
    Hey, we won best group costume at Pug-O-Ween!
    So, it’s okay that your kitties have adorable suits with bowties. Check back with me when they have a closet of their own.

  72. Cats make better coworkers than people.
    Cats look better in suits than some people 😉

  73. My cat became broken and utterly useless when we put clothes on her… like totally paralyzed… she couldn’t even prevent herself from sliding off the couch… and when we added the hat… we had to check if she was still breathing.

  74. Oh dear God….now I *need* a cat. Just so I can dress it up.

    My husband, on the other hand, hates cats. So now I have to figure out how to make him realize how much I need this….maybe to battle the empty nest syndrome?

  75. Just so you know, they make tiny cat-sized fezzes with elastic strings. The fezzes are plastic. Also, if you didn’t know, Cabbage Patch Kids-sized clothing works really well for cats. Especially the rotund ones – not that they make fat Cabbage Patch Kids, but that CPK clothing works well for fat cats. Not that your cats are fat. This isn’t really turning out the way it sounded in my head…

  76. I would like to point out that people put bandanas on dogs and no one says a damn thing. I’m assuming you were slightly drunk when you did this. In which case, I think we can all be glad that there were no sequins involved. And if you start dressing them up as Vegas showgirls, it may be time to get out of the house a little more. Just saying.

  77. Quite the professional kitties you have the joy of working with. Hell, my human coworkers don’t dress this nicely.

  78. OMG! I love it! No defense needed. It’s like Victor has never met you or something.
    I’m allowed to dress my own cat, but my husband draws the line at dressing his cat. Well, except for the Santa hat and beard I got her to wear at Christmas! haha It starts with a hat and beard…

  79. Ferris Mewler looks amazing! I’m not really feeling the green on Thomas though… Still super cute with the bowties! 😀

  80. Haha! I usually work on my laptop at the neighborhood coffee shop, but I’ve been working from my house more and more…My Labradoodle better watch out!

  81. I’ve never had a cat you can dress. ANy time I’ve tried, they sink really lower and skulk around, completely humiliated. There’s no other word. They are just humiliated. Your guys look like they love it.

  82. Those suits are awesome!

    I mean – what poor cats.

    (where did you find them suits?!?)

    I mean – you shouldn’t do that. It’s embarrassing to their delicate egos.

    (omg I want suits for my cats now)

  83. I had to write and tell you how much I’m loving your book. It’s been a rough couple of months at work leaving me down as stressed. Coming home to your book and getting a good laugh in has made the World of difference. I’m telling everyone to read it! Thank you!

  84. Not only are bowties cool, but those cats could do with a fez and a Stetson..

  85. I don’t have any cats, and I work from bed, so I am thinking of putting my pillows and pill bottles in suits from now on.

  86. The cat in the seersucker suit can go as Matlock this Halloween.

    or “Catlock” if you want to go right off the cliff via an Acme rocket launcher.

  87. Your cats look fabulous! My cat wouldn’t allow clothes if her life depended on it, but I had a dog who just LOVED to wear a t-shirt. Just an ordinary kids’ t-shirt, pinned up a bit. We had to put one on her after she had surgery on her shoulder and didn’t want to put her in a Cone of Shame, and she thought she was stylin’. She’d actually pose in front of the mirror admiring herself, it was SO cute!

    Panther at post #19 at 2:08, check Cute Overload from a couple of days ago if you think you can’t dress a snake. 🙂

  88. I am blown away that a) you can get your cats to “work” and b) that everyone knows what seersucker is and when you wear it.

  89. The cats look completely comfortable and at ease with the situation. If Victor is the only one feeling out of sorts about it, maybe get him a bowtie so he won’t feel left out? And some seersucker?

  90. I’m allergic to cats, so my co workers are all imaginary friends, and for the most part they are dull and bitchy, and don’t dress as well as your cats, so go figure

  91. How in sweet holy hell did you get them into the suits without resorting to Photoshop???!!! Seriously.

    My vet seems to think I should be brushing their teeth every day and I say HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA–NO! to that, so I cannot imagine getting any one of my Four Kitties of the Apocalypse into a suit. It’s exponentially more difficult that tooth-brushing.

  92. Cat clothes are way better in Texas, evidently. I have never seen such dapper feline wear, much less at discount, in MN!! The pink bowties, I am dying.

  93. Ha! I love it! I too work with cats. I don’t think my cats would wear suits. They prefer to go commando. My cats could learn a thing or two about being proper gentlemancats from your cats.

  94. I would love to put clothes on my cats…real pretty little red dresses…but since I really enjoying my sense of sight, seeing they that would scratch my eyes…I guess I will just have to settle for my furry little girls!

  95. It appears to be a seersucker suit. Cats + seersucker = AWESOME. Ferris and HST look very smart.

  96. Those cats totally need to be The Doctor’s new assistants. Why? Because BOWTIES ARE COOL and you know it 😉

  97. I have often thought of putting my dog in a sweater and a nice pair of plush antlers before taking a walk in the woods. During hunting season. And the sweater has a bulls eye design.
    Your cat actually looks really sharp

  98. Bowties are awesome – Senator Paul Simon has a bowtie shaped Highway sign here in Illinois! It is a little known fact that he also dressed his cats in suits.

  99. At least they are wearing seersucker suits so they look like good southern gentlecats. I approve. If my bunny would wear clothes I would totally put her in a seersucker suit.

  100. Seersucker with bowties? Very southern…they need a cold iced tea to go with their gumbo now, please. And now I want to watch Steel Magnolias.

  101. Since the suits are seersucker, I can’t help but imagine that they have the accents of old southern gentlemen.

  102. OMG, that’s hilarious! Those bow ties are definitely The Bomb!

    p.s. Victor get with the program, laugh and be glad she didn’t get you a matching outfit 😉

  103. My 20-pound Maine Coon has a black leather biker vest with little chains.

    It makes the cats feel important. Right?

  104. Bowties are totally cool.

    On a side note, I’m curious about whether you’d have your cats taxidermied someday or if you’d think that was creepy.

  105. I have to admit I have never seen cats in a suit before. They loook really sweet. If I tried to get my cats in one of them, I would have no hands left.

  106. I feel like maybe there ARE no fashion “rules” for cats. You’re a feline fashion trailblazer!

  107. You’re in good company with Colbert in being nominated for the Audies. Congratulations! And challenge him to some kind of duel or smack-down. He loves that stuff, and maybe you’ll get on his show.

  108. Hi, I’m a high school student who would like to use your work for a prose interpetation performance. However, I need the year you were born in order to compete. Email me PLEASE and thank you!!!!!! 🙂

  109. They look completely comfortable with it. If you ask me, it means they WANTED them. Perhaps they were cold or fearful of the PETA people going after anything wearing fur . . . but they defenitely needed those . . .

  110. They really don’t seem to mind, and actually look quite pleased with their new duds. They are sexy and they know it!! I think Victor feels threatened by their new found sexiness.

  111. They are super cute!! I put my dog in a dress every know and then, I see nothing wrong with it. She actually likes he sweaters in the winter time. She gets so excited when I pull them out.

  112. They are adorable and I’ve dressed my dogs up as bunnies, flowers and once a bug. It’s cool…they love it!

  113. Haha, this is really so adorable! I know some pets may not like it, but they just look so darn cute in their little outfits!

  114. I didn’t know you could get clothes on cats. If you’re going to try, you have to go with the bow ties.

    Bow ties are cool.

  115. Your cats kind of look like used car salesmen from the 60’s. All they need are those birth control glasses. 🙂

  116. AWESOME!!!! (literally, you’ve rendered me speechless except for the word “AWESOME!!!!”)

  117. Of COURSE you need cats in suits!! It says a few things…
    A. I’m a respectable business feline and will handle any situtation with class…
    B. I’m always ready for a good martini…we’ll call it a catini
    C. (there always has to be a C.) it’s ADORABLE!!

  118. I am clutching my pearls in your general direction! Seersucker in February??? They will never get into the Junior League of Cats. I am afraid to ask whether they were wearing white boating shoes or nubucks. GASP.

  119. Great looking cats! My dog begrudgingly lets me dress him in a sweater and jacket since we moved to Virginia but only so he doesn’t freeze his tiny balls off….well, he’s been fixed, so maybe he already has.


  120. Your cats must be sweet; mine would rip my face off if I tried this. You are brave.

  121. I actually just shrieked. My cats are getting bow ties. And fez’s. And maybe a pair of Amy Pond round reading glasses so I can put them on my girl cat and have an excuse to say ‘Come along Pond’ to her when we play Doctor Who. OMG I’M GETTING BOY CAT A GLADIATOR COSTUME THEN HE CAN BE RORY!!!!!

    I swear to god I’m an actual grown adult…. Good lord I’m in med school… people are going to trust me with their lives one day :

  122. Bow tie cat collars. That I could get behind. And possibly survive an attempt to put on my cats.

  123. One of my kittehs has a pink sparkly tutu that she absolutly loves. She wore it all night and pranced around the house and licked it. The tutu, not the house. Now I need to make her ballet slippers to complete the outfit. And I think your cats need a fez. Because fezes (fezs, fezi, fezzes?) because fezzes are cool.

  124. My dog is wearing a leather jacket. My mom’s dog is weather a leather jacket. All we’re missing is for the only girl dog to wear a pink poodle skirt. We saw one at the pet store but didn’t buy it because we’re dumb.

    My cats take their collars off, otherwise they would be dressed up in something too. Just because I think it would be funny.

    P.S. I wish I could say I’m not a crazy animal person, but I would be lying.

  125. Oh my god! That is the cutest thing ever. I am not sure my cats would let me live if I ever tried to “dress” them. Oh, but I wish they would…

  126. I don’t think it’s dressing your cats that makes you a little kooky…it’s dressing them like friggin’ Matlock that pushes you into the red zone.

  127. Only you could figure out a way to combine cats with a Doctor Who reference! I LOVE IT!!!!

  128. OMG! I just zoomed in and saw that their shirts are searsucker! That totally ROCKS!

    Yeah, I know…

  129. Anyway I’m not one to talk. I used to have a cat who loved to own balloons. I’d tie one around his tummy and he’d walk all around the house purring and showing it off. Once, I even knitted him a scarf. I don’t think he liked it as much as the balloons. Maybe it was itchy.

    Yes–I KNOW!

  130. Love it!!!!!
    Every Christmas each cat except Robert gets to wear the magical christmas hat and bow tie and get their picture taken to be sent out to family and friends. The Dog too…

    On Patriot Football game nights Shaney the lucky cat gets to wear his Patriots Jersesy and get posted to Facebook for good luck!

  131. This reminded me of a comic on The called The Bob’s. They are evil office cats who make everyone’s life miserable. You’d get a kick out of it. (if you haven’t already seen it, that is)

  132. Do a photo shoot with the cats in suits and then make a line on zazzle about how bow ties are cool, and not only will you have a defense, but you’ll have profit. Not sure where copy right falls on this though. Not how this compares to putting a bird on it.

  133. Bowties on cats are easy! Now, if you could get them to hold little coffee cups and ask for TPA reports I’d be impressed.

  134. You should really let the cats know that seersucker should only be worn in the spring and summer seasons.

  135. I really, really wish my co-workers were cats. With only a few exceptions, cats would be a vast improvement. Or even better, how about cats in management – LOVE IT!

  136. I love it! We were always known as the crazy cat family growing up. We had at least 5 cats at any given time and yes, they hated being dressed up. They looked so cute that it was totally worth getting scratched and clawed while trying to squeeze a Cabbage Patch dress down over their ears.

  137. How did you manage this without them trying to yank it off immediately? My cats try to rip off anything that even looks like it’s THINKING about being on them.

  138. Thank you, thank you. Hubby is away, kids (3 boys) are rebelling. I needed to laugh so loud I snort in front of a bunch of strangers, who in turn stare at me.

  139. Well, I would have preferred regular ties and chucks, but I can see how that would get awkward at the litterbox… Victor must have the best life EVER. His burdle is lightened by daily hilarity.

  140. My coworkers are nudists. It’s not just a fact of my not buying them clothes, it’s a deeply held philosophy. When I ask them what I should wear they sigh deeply and tell me to give in to nudity.

  141. Please tell me where you got these suits! I am house-sitting for my niece, and I really want her cats to be wearing these when she returns from her trip.

  142. OMG cute! I went back to work and I miss my feline coworkers. We never played dress up though.

  143. What’s even more amazing is that your cats LET you put them in suits. And that they didn’t immediately start writhing and running in circles in order to escape them.

  144. My boyfriend is allergic to cats, and sometimes that makes me want to punch him.

    It’s not fair. I want to dress my cat up in suits and bowties, and take him for walks, and put him in the Christmas stocking for annual Christmas cards, and teach him to play fetch.

    But noooooooooooooo……..I have to chose the man I love over the cat I don’t have.

    Where is the justice?

  145. Really, 366 people commented on this!!

    I only came in because this was on some world’s best blog’s site.

    Guess they have an entirely different opinion to me.


  146. Having just finished your book (reviewing it for BHBC next week!), I have to say – at least they’re alive and not taxidermied. Spellcheck says that taxidermied is not a word, but you know what I mean.

  147. I’ve been desperately dreaming of getting my Beagle a necktie, and everyone keeps trying to talk me out of it! NO LONGER. He’s getting one. Thank you, Jenny.

  148. P.S. I just searched for “dog neckties” and was momentarily confused when neckties for humans came up, just with pictures of dogs on them. I guess this says a lot about me. :/

  149. I bet it was cat nip. I bet you got them off their whiskers on cat nip then dressed ’em up and photographed them before they remembered who they were The old “get ’em pissed and take compromising pics” trick strikes again. An oldie but a goodie.

  150. I just sent a link of this to my boyfriend with the following subject line: “I have found a blogger who could be our friend”. My boyfriend does not work in an office and spends his time at home with our 20 pound cat. He often calls me and tells me about their board meetings and how I will receive an emeow (email) recapping the minutes.

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