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  1. At first I thought you were yelling a me… Then I realized you just left your cats lock on.

    (Marry me. ~ Jenny)

  2. Fairly certain Ferris Mewler would approve. (Our Friday night is being spent watching Game of Thrones while tipsy. You officially win.)

  3. The Y guy is just cracking me up! Although I get the feeling that pose isn’t entirely voluntary…

  4. i understand, I once lost an afternoon typing in llamas. Have a great weekend!

  5. Sometimes it feels like the Internet was built just for you, doesn’t it.

  6. That’s f’ing amazing.

    And, you wrote when I actually have time to read…

    and all I’m reading is cats. 😉 Bahaha.

  7. Oh, wow. That’s just…

    I can’t even put into words my feelings on this. Holy shit indeed.

    There needs to be more animal fonts.

  8. That’s most disturbing. And so many questions are raised: who’s cats are they? Why are the position themselves in the shape of letters? And where can I get some?

    Oh. There’s a link? Thanks!

  9. It is even in all caps. So in Internet speak, are they yelling? Or meowing loudly? I think my cat would type like this write now (if he could tye) since I kicked him out of the room for excessive snuggling and he is now yowling outside the door.

  10. Thats awesome!
    I’m sitting here watching Weird Al Yankovich videos…can you say flashback?? Totally!

  11. I love you more and more every day. This just made my weekend, too. 😀

  12. I see no problems with this being the highlight… says the teenage anti-social shut-in. On the other hand, my highlight was getting the crap beat out of me at karate. So…

  13. If it makes you feel better the highlight of my night is waiting for someone checking into my hotel to just say something I don’t agree with so that I can prove them wrong, which 9 times out of 10 they are right. But I really don’t care, I have to watch other people on their vacations and I have to wear a horrible uniform and act pleasant when really I just want to be at home mostly eating bacon and watching dexter. Also I am pregnant and I am sure I am using this as an excuse to be completely out of order, but thank you for posting again because it will get me through my last hour of work. Also I did graduate from high school but I didn’t do well in English and am sure there are several incorrect sentences, but give me a break I’m emotional and pregnant.. Oh Oh and also my boyfriends pet snake died a while ago and I asked my dad, who is a taxidermist, if he would stuff it for someone and he said no. Sorry I tried to get you a snake! Ok good bye Sorry for sounding like a teenage girl on crack, but I sure do love your blog!

  14. My husband loves cats more than people. I just sent him a message. He is going to love it!

  15. Happy Friday! I just bought somewhere around 60 books at a clearance sale where they were charging 1.50 per pound and I payed less than 30 and *flail*

  16. If I hadn’t watched last night’s episodes of “The Office” and “Community” today, this would have been the highlight of my day.

  17. My laughing comment of, “LOOK! She’s typing in cats!!!” precipitated an extensive and intense lecture (?) from my wife about how I interrupted her to share my excitement after earlier this evening getting after our 9 year old for interrupting us to tell us what was happening on a Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon. Crap.

  18. This is awesome… I wonder if there are other animal fonts…. Now I’m gonna be up all night looking…

  19. And to think I was just browsing the internet for calligraphy typefaces the entire evening…….. I am ashamed.

  20. I agree with Valorie P.
    WHOever can find a website that changes fonts into little Doctors wins the Internet.
    No real prize, I’m afraid. Just bragging rights.
    And when I say bragging rights, I mean the opportunity to share with other people on the Internet because your friends and family members will probably just stare at you for a long time before telling you that you have far too much time on your hands…

  21. Just when I thought I had everything I needed, once again you prove me wrong! Now if only I could speak in whales, and paint in dogs, life would be complete. Oh, but then I’d have to hear in snails. Oh great, I just realised how lacking my life is

  22. That’s ok. It’s Friday night and I just drew Abe Lincoln’s face and filmed myself doing it because man I’m bored and also I’m more of a dog girl.

  23. My wife and I were sitting around the other night making up a wish list for a dinner party. You were on there with Keith Richards and Michelle Obama.

  24. Are you kidding me? You don’t need to get out more. Cat font is fuckin’ amazing.

    I remember seeing the puppy one ages back now. Glad they finally made the kitten version!

  25. Totally looks like the “T” cat is getting a blow job you know if cats got blow jobs.

  26. That is officially awesome. Are the apostrophes mice? I refuse to go get a magnifying glass. It’s embarrassing enough that I need the flipping thing to read the funnies in the daily paper because the font they use is the size of bacteria. OK, I’m old.

  27. I can’t decide if the “Y” cat is attacking me or being robbed. I’m sure it’s not dancing to YMCA, because I feel slightly apprehensive looking at it. However, I’m totally on board with the “T” cats.

  28. I just said earlier today that I need stress therapy in the form of a pile of kittens. I believe this is a close second!!

  29. The word y’all, which is a fantastic contraction unto itself, is rendered into complete epic-osity by cat font.

  30. OMG How did I miss this?! I was right here!! 😮 Jesus, Jenny, you don’t need to go out. You’ve got all this awesomeness happening at home…it’s hope for me. Cause I have to stay in for the whole of next week…:/

  31. Soooo glad the washroom is right next to my computer. An old man and laughter overload often requires proximity
    and agility! The tribe strikes again!

  32. If you squint your eyes, it looks like watercolors.

    If you close your eyes, it looks like cats dancing around on the backs of your eyelids.

  33. And she now embarks into the internet wormhole. It’s cool. Tomorrow’s Caturday so I can sleep in.

  34. You think you need to get out more? It probably took some guy/gal a year to get the cats to pose *just right* (which you know was annoying, because when they’re not being cute and cuddly, cats are total divas), then they had to take a course in how to make internet fonts, then they had to make the font and upload it, and then they probably sat in front of their computer for weeks just waiting to see when you would figure out that they had made a font especially for you.

  35. I am soooo posting that on the crazy cat man Facebook page!!

  36. you just made my son’s day, never saw a bigger smile on his face when I changed his name into neko font. Japanese and cats. I think they are the ones to get out more because they are the ones who supply most of the internet cats. I think cats actually rule Japan and are slowly planing on taking over the world through the internet.

  37. I LOVE the “Y” cat! That pose is hilarious!

    You find the coolest shit Jenny 🙂

  38. The cat who posed for the letter Y should get an Oscar for best dramatic cat.

  39. There’s also a llama font. Possibly even more entertaining for the obscurity factor.

  40. Don’t feel bad about how your Friday night turned out.
    Alcohol fades after a few hours…
    …But cat-lligraphy remains awesome for weeks.

  41. Does the hair ball come separately? And do the letters silently judge you while licking themselves? Now that would be a real set of cat letters.

  42. I love cats, and I always use a unique font, but this shit is just creepy.

  43. This is fantastic! I wonder if my clients would notice if I changed their 140 page loan agreement into cat font. Make that 140 pages of awesome!

  44. I’m assuming that the punctuation is made of kittens. That, or little cat parts which is just wrong. I’m sticking with kittens. Awesome.

    My weekend is laundry and carpet cleaning. I think your life is much more fun than mine, really.

  45. But, before I cat-type, are you SURE no cats were harmed in the making of this font?

    Because the LAST thing I need is those cat-tard PETA people fucking with me.

  46. I suppose we could try to stop you, but why would we want you? Because seriously, where else would I have learned about cat alphabet?

  47. This. Is. So. Awesome. I’m sending this to my bestie, who’s a self-proclaimed cat lady, in hope that I’ll get cat-font emails from her sometime in the very near future.

  48. And is there a danger that the kitteh font would be incompatible with a Crack Puppy story.

    If we had a reaction, and it exploded, fur could shut down New Zealand and half of Australia.

    And don’t even think about my living room.

  49. Oh god, now the LOLcats can be labeled WITH cats and the internets will implode from awesomeness and hairballs.

  50. I have seen the lama font, which is cute. But the cats font is cuter. It’s like they are doing Yoga.

    I’ve looked for a dog font, but can’t find one.

  51. I would stop you, but that is too cool. Your husband though, he might have his doubts and try and stop you, but I’m sure your daughter will come to your rescue

  52. i read that as- i’m tripping in cats, which is also probably relevant so whatever

  53. You know, typing in all cats the mark of an interwebs noob – it looks like you’re shouting. In cats.

  54. How do you use this or any other font is Facebook. I don’t see where they give a choice. Please help.

  55. My friend Todd says: the Paws Break key is right by the Cats Lock key.

  56. My husband and I just agreed that if my cat-crazy sister dies before us her headstone is in cat font. Should we tell her?

  57. I shouldn’t have been surprised to discover that the cats-font website comes to us courtesy of the Japanese! For such a reserved people, they sure know how to be weird.

  58. I just found your site – surfing & snooping the web and twitter 🙂 You are hysterical!!!

    Absolutely loved this post and the current on about EBay – can’t wait to get caught up 🙂


  59. Can’t be the highlight of your WHOLE weekend, unless you forgot to watch Doctor Who!!!!

  60. I wish I would have seen this earlier in the weekend. It would have made the pop-in visit from my in-laws MUCH easier to handle.

  61. There once was a font made of cats
    Which persuaded the world to say, “That’s
    The font that we’ve sought
    Since the year noughty-nought
    So we’ll use it in all of our chats.”

  62. Typing in cat font is 10x awesome. So does if I print and mail this does it go in the litter box?
    I could write nine tails in cat font.
    If I keep my journal in cat font, does that change it to a catalogue?

    Cat puns in cat font…..Purrrfect.

  63. I typed in “69” to see what it would look like, and there ain’t no cats just fuckin numbers! WTF!?? Kitty Porn no like numbers? Or they just can’t count? WTF!??

    Does this make me sound wierd, or cat perverted? I don’t own cats in case you were wondering…..

  64. I don’t know, but if a human man can do anything like that “T” effectively, he gets his laundry done for him.

  65. I think this just made my life! Imagine getting a corporate memo IN CATS! What about receiving a hefty bill typed IN CATS! How about a letter that you were adopted written IN CATS! Oh, the possibilities…

  66. Arrgh! Seriously, I have a huge final project due and I need NO MORE of your distractions!

  67. It s like you get me, people! I read your book, then started stalking your.blog….THEN you connected me to hyperbole ( not really sure what that means) and I had already bookmarked her Kenny Loggin’s Christmas blog-have.you seen this? It’s genious!!!!

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