It’s like a battle for who’s geekiest.

A minute ago I finished the final piece of my halloween costume and I can’t wait until Halloween to show it to you, mainly because almost no one I know in real life will have the slightest idea who I’m supposed to be and I need you to tell me that you get it so that I can proudly make it through a night filled with: “Wait.  WHO are you supposed to be again?

Please tell me at least one of you gets it, because otherwise I will have wasted even more time than usual.

Now guess, you clever readers:

Hunter S. Thomcat wouldn't get out of the frame. He's not actually part of the costume.


It's sort of a costume in a costume.

Final hint:

Yes. That is Juanita Weasel. And - as always - her motherfucking soufflé is ruined.

In related news, Victor, Hailey and I are all inadvertently fighting to see who is going to wear the geekiest costume ever.  Hailey’s costume is based on her favorite app, and Victor is finally getting the costume he’s wanted since he was six.  More on those when they’re finished.

PS. This year let’s cancel Thanksgiving and Christmas and just having two more Halloweens instead.  Someone pass that law while the government isn’t looking.

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  1. Please let us know whether people get it when you go trick-or-treating! (Because you’re totally going, aren’t you? It’s not fair that grown-ups don’t get to go anymore . . .)

  2. What I really want to know is why Hunter S. Thompson is staring at the wall like that…

  3. A costume *without* a cat is still good. I guess.

    😉 You look awesome! I’m not gonna give away who you are. Or I don’t know. But probably the first one.

  4. There is a group of moms that are boycotting Halloween because candy is evil or some such nonsense. If we boycotted Halloween, we couldn’t get fantastic costumes like this, whatever it may be.

  5. I think you’ll need to trail a dog house behind you for people to get it. Note: “I THINK” is not an official statement so if I’m wrong it’s because I’m officially still trying to guess. Or something.

  6. Is Hunter in timeout? I can’t wait for the reveal of what you are. It looks like the Tardis and a Dalek had a baby. I know I’m way off. You’re adorable whatever it is.

  7. I’ve got the dalek part…the chain is throwing me though. Just the excuse (as if I needed one) to re-watch every episode of Dr. Who.

  8. First I was all “TARDIS” because of the blue, then i was all, “no, looks like a Dalek,” then I was like “What’s with the chain?” and then I thought “K-9?” Now I’m just confused.

  9. Since I’m only a wanna be geek I’m completely clueless as to who/what the heck you are. You look freaking adorable though!

  10. A Dalek? But I don’t get the chains or the souffle. I guess I must be wrong.

  11. My daughter will love this – she’s a huge Doctor Who fan – and just make sure you say “Eggs-terminate” a lot!

  12. First, this: “PS. This year let’s cancel Thanksgiving and Christmas and just having two more Halloweens instead. Someone pass that law while the government isn’t looking.”
    PLEASE! Please please please please, yes, yes, I support this and vote for it and will give money to the campaign and YES!!! PLEASE! OMG, it would be like heaven!

    Next: I only see the Tardis part. I’m not quite geeky enough to get the rest of your costume but I will be all, “Oooh! Yeah! That’s BRILLIANT!” once your other commenters tell us what it is.

  13. Clara Oswin Oswald!!! Soufflé Girl!!! LOVE!!! I went to Comicpalooza as a Dalek and had to explain to my coworkers when they saw pictures LOL. this makes me furiously happy!!!

  14. Cutest. Dalek. EVER. (over the age of 10 because, let’s face it, children as Daleks are adorable on a whole other level)

  15. Are you… a Domino? in Chains? in Bondage? A … bondimo? Hahahahaaaa. I give up. WHO are you supposed to be again?

  16. I love this, you are Clara in her Dalek incarnation! Also I may be wrong but it looks like your dress if from Her Universe too. 🙂

    (It totally is. Love HerUniverse. But this one runs small. It’s an XL and it’s still tighter than I’d like it be. ~ Jenny)

  17. I’m going as Souffle Girl for my Doctor Who program at my library this Saturday! Only I’m doing the red dress, belt and sneakers bit. High five!

  18. Oh, yeah, I was way off, though not so off that I was in the wrong show. I got that part right, at least.
    And that really could pass as a Tardis dress if you wanted it to.

  19. Hmmm, OK, it looks dalek-y to me, but not sure about the chains. When I see the chains and think “geeky”, my first thought is Princess Leia as captive to Jabba the Hutt. So, are you supposed to be a “sexy” dalek?

  20. AWESOME Clara costume! Geez, all I’m wearing is a goofy t-shirt that says “Life’s a Witch & then you Fly.”

  21. Clara. Souffle pin, I see what you did there. Clever, clever girl.

    And a big loud second on two more Halloweens instead of the loathesome Thanksgiving/Christmas misery.

  22. I totally vote for two more Halloweens.
    I also vote for you to make my costumes from now on. I’ll be needing three.

  23. Love the Clara as Dalek idea, but the fact that its in Tardis blue makes it even sweeter!

  24. I want to know why poor Hunter S. Tomcat was relegated to have to stare at a corner of the wall during this picture incident.

  25. Whee! You are Clara Oswin, AKA Souffle Girl, after she’s turned into a dalek! LOVE!

  26. OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!! If I lived anywhere near you I would stalk you because you are so AWESOME!!!!!! 😀

  27. I knew you were a Dalek right away, then when I noticed the chains I figured you must be Clara as she appeared in “Asylum of the Dalek.”

  28. That’s so awesome! I am going to go as the Empty Child for Halloween…

    Are you my mummy?

  29. Wow, I’m totally impressed with those who knew which specific Dalek. I’m afraid my Who Fu isn’t that strong.

    BTW: costume I’ve wanted to do since I was 20 (I’m 48) involves a dog costume and a pair of roller skates.

    I’d be a bitch on wheels.


  30. Love the Costume! Run you Clever Boy, And Remember!! Have to ask, How did you get all your pictures to line up correctly going up the stairs? How do you keep them that way? I would be bumping them all the time and getting them all crooked!!!

  31. I have a magnet that says “Be nice or leave” and my Gram won’t let me have it back. 🙁

  32. Brownie Girl. No! Run you clever girl.
    Dalek Does Dallas Girl. No! More like Central Texas, if anything.
    Soufflé Girl with an angry weasel and a cat who is not amused.

  33. Souffle Girl/Oswin Oswald from Aslyum of the Daleks

    Took me a minute because she’s made into a gold Dalek….but the blue looks much better with your hair 🙂

  34. Love it. I guessed probably Oswin from the chain. But the Button sealed it. Such an awesome costume. 🙂

  35. Everyone guessed the costume, but what I want to know is – can I come eat off your floors? Cause, girl, they are CLEAN and SHINY.


    Hey, Hunter S. Thomcat is a ginger, and the Doctor has always wanted to be a ginger–how does he feel about bowties?

  37. Is Hunter S. Thomcat in a time out? He looks like he’s being made to put his nose to the wall, which is a punishment I more than familiar with from my childhood.

  38. OMG YES!!! Cancel all holidays and have extra Halloweens. That’s what we (and by “we” I mean “I”) need!

    And totally kick-ass costume. You’ll have to post all of them so we can decide who is the geekiest!

  39. Souffle Girl’s Final Form!

    Really cute execution! I think the chains are a really rad way to do a really clever Oswin. All the one’s I’ve seen are just her red dress and baking equipment.

  40. did you DIY or buy? It’s fantastic! It’s the best doable Dalek I’ve seen!

  41. This is so brilliant it made me tear up a bit! Amazing job you clever girl!!

  42. This is amazing.You win Halloween this year. Last year I was the Tardis and my boyfriend was 10. I even had the light on top of my head that actually worked! And of course, nobody knew what we were supposed to be.

  43. That is a pretty kick ass costume. I haven’t don’t Halloween in a long time. I am either to lazy or busy. But I am impressed your costume. I feel like the world would be a better place if more people watched Doctor Who.

  44. I adore this. I’m not particularly on board with Clara as a companion; I never felt like she was well-written. Exception: that episode. LOVE souffle girl dalek, and I always thought of Juanita when he called her souffle girl! You know how to pick ’em, and YES two more Halloweens, because we always multiple costumes and never have enough Halloween events to wear them to so we end up just wearing them around in early November and that (apparently) makes us weird.

  45. Wow…I have no words for the awesome. I’m just going as a wizard, but this makes me dream of clara-dalek costumes. Seriously. Freaking awesome.

  46. Dalek Oswin! Fantastic! My daughter was a dalek last year, and this year she really wanted to be Clara (in that gorgeous red victorian dress) — but you managed to make it a twofer. Excellent work.

  47. nicely done. You win at halloweeen. I initial thought was MILF Dalek.. but I’m not so sure that’s what you are going for.

    I got the Dalek- missed the reference to Clara and I even watched all her episodes. I am however watching all of the reboot in prep for the 50th anniversary special. Last episode we picked up Martha.


    I LOVE IT FOREVER AND ZOMG IT IS BEYOND AWESOME! Seriously though it’s ACE. I’m a witch this year. Because I am always a witch. Just like when I was 4.

  49. Eee! I am also going as Oswin this year, but the red dress version like Kristi(e). WE ARE CONNECTED ACROSS TIME & SPACE. Also, yes, it is a battle.

  50. i have to say, i’m freaking out about how cold you’ll be. oh, wait, you don’t live in the mountains of colorado!

    LOVE the costume, my friend! i want a dalek dress. (and BTW – you look FABULOUS.)

  51. SOooo, since the guesses are guessed I’ll just second or third the vote that you look fab, GREAT legs with an accompanying smile filled with mischief. Love the creativity. Keep on keeping on. – A fan.

  52. obvs i have to start watching this dr. who thing. it’s so bandwagony now though. and too many hipsters watch it… makes me uncomfortable.

    however, you’re fucking adorable and hunter looks like he’s put himself in time-out. my cats do that too.

  53. You’re the cutest dalek ever!

    I’m with you on the extra Halloweens. Put up decorations Sept first and refuse to take them down til New Year’s Eve.

  54. Ahh, you clever girl. I’m quite impressed (and somewhat proud that I knew the correct answer well before I got to the comments section). You’re making me wish I had plans worthy of creating an awesome costume.

  55. I could guess about the daleks..but I haven’t come to souffle girl yet? But you look awesome!

    Also I love that “Be Nice Or Leave” hanging you have there…super!

  56. LOVE it, Soufflé Girl!!! I’m going as the TARDIS this year…even have the little light on top!!!!

  57. I’m clearly not far along enough in my Dr. Who education to get it, but it struck me as a Dalek right away.

    I also just told my uber geek husband that all Daleks sound like they are having a temper tantrum. [read in robot voice] “The Doctor took my ball. I’m going home. But not before I… EXTERMINATE!!!”

    I clearly have too much free time. I have spent a good 14 hours this week watching episodes from Season 2 & 3 (Newer) of Dr Who for the first time.

  58. I absolutely love this and am now trying to figure out if *I* could make a Dalek costume in time for Halloween. The answer: probably not. But I love it anyway! Did you make the hat/gloves yourself?

  59. Emily says there’s a red one too and you should have got the red one because Clara is the girl in the little red dress. I think she is geekier than you. She’s going as Amy Pond as the policewomen.

  60. I don’t know because I couldn’t get past the perfectly spaced photo frames on the wall behind you. LOL

  61. OMG I totally agree…who needs Thanksgiving and Christmas when there’s Halloween (which is also my anniversary: 10 whole years without killing each other!)?

    Maybe you should somehow paint “BADWOLF” on HST. 😉

  62. Did Hunter S. Thompson do something wrong and been banished to stare at the corner???

  63. Of course you’re supposed to be a beautiful Dalek named Clara, or Oswin, or whatever she is this week 🙂

  64. Ok, I read the spoilers before I figured it out, but on another topic- something fun to fill up the extra two Halloweens we’re going to get: A Gross Out Dinner! My Dad (yes, I will be 40 next month and my family LOVES Halloween) started this a few years ago (supposedly for the Grandkids, but we all know it’s really for him). We serve things like witches fingers (chicken wings- spicy ones are from bad witches, sweet from good witches), maggots (mac & cheese made with orzo, with a little food coloring) and jello worms. This year I am planning an autopsy for the main course, complete with ribs (BBQ) and intestines (various sausages strung together), all presented with a little homemade gore. I’d love to see what your creativity came up with for a dinner like this. 🙂

  65. Obviously you are a Dalek! 🙂 I’m pretty sure it’s the one chained up in the 9th Doctor’s first encounter with the Daleks in “Dalek.”

    Also, I love Thanksgiving so let’s keep that, but yes, another Halloween instead of Christmas for sure!!

  66. I’m not even a geek but I got the Dalek thing… because I read you. The Bloggess, educating non-geeks the world over

  67. Tardis Blue Dalek Oswin Oswald as she appears chained up in Asylum of the Daleks. Love it!

    Also, my family does a second Halloween/thanksgiving mash up. We call it a themed thanksgiving. We dress up and play theme related games or do a murder mystery. This year is a superhero theme. We have to make up our own superhero, costumes, and alter ego. One of our games is we have to come dressed as our alter ego and we have a cardboard phone-booth and timer to see who can change the fastest!

  68. Clueless, but you look like you are in an animal trap. Showed my husband to guess and all he had to say was, “Wow, nice house!” I said, well maybe if you write a book and blog you can have a house like Jenny!! He was of no help!!! Love your cat!!!

  69. Oh…I “remember” that character! She’s my favorite companion!! 😀 awesome costume!!! Can’t wait to see what Victor and Hailey do! I, myself, will be having a 11th Doctor and my 4 year old wants to be either a Pink Dalek or a Pink Tardis. She wants to be both, but she has INSISTED that she be pink, no matter what.

  70. I am all over that more Halloweens idea! My employer had the “fantastic” idea to put the annual conference (and the one evening a year we’re required to work) on Halloween (and in business dress, to boot). WTF is that?!?

  71. For some reason I keep thinking of the Dalek from “Dalek” when the Doctor and Rose wind up in Van Statten’s collection?

  72. Okay, so I need to start watching Dr Who (do I have to go alllllll the way to the beginning or can I just jump in?) because I miss too many geek references. But I wanted to ask–who lined up all the picture frames on the wall behind the staircase *so* perfectly? Because I am mildly obsessed with it right now.

  73. I have no fricken clue but still a fan!! Oh and holy hell Jenny – look at you!! So completely HOT! You have always been HOT though….but, you have lost some weight, yes? On purpose or stress-related? Stress makes me balloon – although I’ve been good lately even though my world is riddled with nothing BUT stress. FUCK!!
    Don’t lose any more – you look amazing!

  74. I got it before the last clue. Clara Oswin as a Dalak. I am IMPRESSED. That is a GREAT costume. I love it.

  75. I totally knew what you were without having to look at the comments! Love the costume!

  76. I got the Dalek part immediately. The final clue made it clear you are Souffle Girl!

  77. The cutest Oswin Dalek ever!

    BTW, love the sign, “Be nice or leave” — totally need that for my apartment… my work cubicle… my car! (especially my car after the accident)

  78. WOOHOO! It took the button for me to make the connection with Clara but that is just freaking awesome!

    And I wholeheartedly support the idea of having another Halloween instead of Thanksgiving, but I need Christmas. Maybe we can amend Christmas to include costumes?

  79. Squeeeeee! You make a fabulous soufflé girl! (So many other comments about milk and eggs and you’re awesomeness…..ditto.)

  80. Lovely. I feel it needs a whisk both for the souffle and also as a gunstick/ manipulator arm stand in

  81. I glanced at the top half of your picture and thought, “Oh, cool Dalek!” before I ever read a word.

    You win.

  82. Well, yeah, getting turned into a Dalek WOULD TOTALLY RUIN any souffle an impossible girl was working on!!

  83. I loved Oswin! Clara isn’t as good as Oswin, also I loved the name, I wish they would have kept it! 😛

  84. I got the dalek part, but can tell that there’s more to it. Can you get Hunter S. Thomcat to wear a long scarf?

  85. Okay, my son just yelled at me saying, “That isn’t the Ironside Dalek! It’s the CLARA Dalek!” I just hope that one day this kid of mine is President. THEN you’ll get the double Halloween gig you’re looking for…. 😉

  86. I first saw it and thought “Tardis” as well.. but then my brain noticed that you FLIPPED the 2nd picture and I there it stalled out. I can’t stop comparing the perspective to make sure the picture was truly flipped and you didn’t just turn around and move the chain.. so I couldn’t make any other guesses. 😉

  87. But where does she get the milk? *giggles* Please run up to strangers all nite calling them Chin Boy or Nina… then say Run you clever boy! And Remember!

    I lurv you so for many reasons, and this just adds to the pile of good ;D

  88. I’ve never even seen Dr. Who (please don’t hate me) but I at least knew you were a dalek, even if I couldn’t name the specific one like some of these commenters. 🙂

  89. I thought Tardis at first, but wasn’t sure why the chain. So right universe. Now I totally see that it’s Clara. Love her.

    And you look cute.

  90. My 12 year old daughter has asked for help in coming up with something creative for Halloween. I haven’t been able to come up with a good idea. Clearly, you would be better at that job. *sigh*. Oh well, hopefully we’ll have some sudden inspiration.

  91. This. Is. Amazing. You are like everything Doctor Who, all in one. A Dalek. A Companion. An impossible thing (girl). A human being. You make my heart happy, and I am jealous of your intense cleverness.

  92. This brought on a classic light bulb moment. I stared and stared then, light bulb moment, what a great concept ‘Dalek Clara’. I loves it I does (bit of Welsh phrasing there at the end).

  93. You have been PHOTO BOMBED by Hunter S. Thomcat!@!!
    My guess….you are the ghost of Christmas past!!

  94. I haven’t seen series 7 yet, so my first guess was “some kind of weird-ass Dalek I don’t know about yet.”
    Pretty damn close. I am quite pleased with myself.

  95. I too want to know what is going on with Hunter S. Thomcat. If he thinks he can pretend he isn’t with you…he’s wrong.

    Your costume is awesome! You are a Clara Dalek, right? Except, with the chains, you must also be Stavros?

    Either way, I could tell the Dalek right away and the fun layers came after. It’s very clever! Now you just need a photo album with you super-imposed through time.

  96. Besides the fact that Oswin Dalek is A-MAZE-Balls, can we focus for a second on the fact that your costume is done on October 10th! I think you win the “I’m on top of the sh*t that matters” award for the day.

  97. I knew from the chains (well, that you were trying to be a specific Dalek) and then with the pin, I knew I was right. Good job!

  98. Now I feel like I must have missed an episode!!!
    Dalek is my next Cardboard Con costume so I guess GMTA – however, you could totally have pulled off Amy Pond.

  99. I know … image conscious society, blah blah… but *have you lost weight?!* Looking damn fine!

  100. LOVE IT. That is so awesome. (Oswin trapped in the Dalek) I wish I had somewhere to go just so I could wear a similar (but obviously not as wonderful because duh, I am not you) costume.

  101. The eggs… and milk… for the souffles!!!! Oswin!


    very clever. Favorite app… is it Plants vs Zombies?

  102. Don’t know about the costume but I love the frame collage in the background.

  103. I am jealous of how pretty you are in that costume!!! And how pretty you are, in general.

  104. Ah, Clara in her original manifestation! I was thinking of the (we thought) lone survivor the Doctor got locked up with under the American Southwest. Doc-tor? The Doctor??

  105. Of course you are Clara the Dalek, but where did you get that Be Nice or Leave sign. I want it on my front door, and am willing to support whatever artist created it by buying one instead of making my own.

  106. This might be the most epic costume of all time. I don’t even… you win the internet. All of it.

  107. Pretty AWESOME but WHAT THE FRAC BALLS IS HST doing???? Love the meows.
    And Extra Halloween’s for everyone!!!

  108. I wish trick or treating had stayed in the U S – over here it spells fear among the elderly and frail and local police officers visit social clubs to advise them on how to deal with this unasked for and unwanted intrusion. My 90 year old mother has had eggs thrown at her house. Many people hate the whole Halloween thing – apart from those making money out of it. Mind you we do enjoy The bonfires and fireworks on 5th November when we celebrate Guy Fawkes night.

  109. This is why you should like Disneyland. We went to their Halloween party and to Legoland’s Halloween party this week. We’ve already had 2 Halloweens and October has just begun! 🙂
    It turns out our costumes were too obscure. My husband, son, and I were Quack, Peep, and Chirp from the PBS show Peep and the Big Wide World. I lived through the pain of hundreds of people not getting it. It’s funny how gratifying it then became whenever I heard a kid say, “Look! It’s Peep and the big wide world!”

  110. It took me a moment to figure out why there were chains on a Dalek . . . but when I got it (soufflé girl!), that made it even BETTER because it was not super-obvious!

    Somehow, none of my friends in my town would “get it” either.
    I wonder why it seems like the friends with which I have the most in common are my interwebs friends, whose real names I don’t even know?

  111. Souffle girl!!!! I’m so jealous!

    I’m letting my students vote on my Halloween costume and right now it’s a tie between Pippi Longstocking and Voldemort. I’m pulling for Voldemort.

  112. I love this!! My 8 year old son is being the 11th doctor for Halloween. Awesome people!

  113. OMG, adore this combo of Dalek and Oswin! And I wholeheartedly agree with throwing out Tgiving and Xmas for 2 more Halloweens. It’s my favorite holiday by far. Candy, fantasy and scary stuff…squee!

  114. Not only do I get it, but I think it is BRILLIANT!!!!

    The Doctor could rely on you, any day!

  115. We should trick or treat together. I’m going as the Tardis. Which is funny because I am actually a doctor’s wife. Is that funny? Or just sad…?

  116. I want to know why the middle picture is a mirror image. The door and chains are on the opposite side as the other 2 pics.

  117. Holy shit you’ve gotten so skinny. That bod. Love you always, though. (also I understood your costume right away!!)

  118. I’m sorry, even after reading the answers I don’t have a glue what a Dalek is or who Clara is or any of it although I did think Tardis so do I get points anyway because you’re freaking adorable! P.S. your cat is staring at the wall.

  119. Oswin! Clara the first time we see her, in chains as a dalek. At first, I thought a souffle would totally make that, but then I saw the Juanita button, you’ve got it covered!

  120. In case no one else has said this, your costume is BAD ASS! Just watched Asylum of the Daleks again the other night in fact. 🙂
    I am trying to hunt down a suitable jacket so I can be the fourth doctor for Halloween. Time to scour the thrift stores…anything remotely close to the style I want costs WAY more than I should be spending on a costume. :-/

  121. Unrelated to anything: you’re really quite beautiful. Just thought you should know.

  122. Epic costume! Also, I was working with a tutor today on a paper and in one of the articles it mentioned you as an author who’s used social media to talk about your struggles and by doing so you’ve lessened the stigma of OCD, depression, and anxiety disorder for others who struggle too. When I saw it I yelled, “HELL YEAH SHE DID” and then everyone in the room stared at me and I almost got kicked out for “creating a disturbance”. I might as well have said fuck instead of hell because they would have been just as pissed. Worth it.

  123. I got it! It’s awesome.
    P.S. I love how Hunter looks like he’s in The Blair Witch Project back there. Your cats are the best.

  124. You’re very obviously a Dalek, and the chains make me assume you’re Oswin Dalek in blue. You could consider adding a whisk (or even a mini plunger) hanging off a belt, but that won’t help anyone get it who doesn’t already get it. But those who do get may appreciate it all the more.

  125. I’ve never seen an episode of Doctor Who, but if you like it, it’s good enough for me. Do you know where I can get a bootleg in Japan?

  126. My daughter is going for the Dalek look this year too! Her hippo sidekick Emmett is the inner alien thing. She’s hoping that her Dad will be the Doctor.

  127. A skinnier version of your former self!!!!! You look fantastic no matter what costume you are wearing…don’t have a clue who you are though.

  128. Oh girl rock that daldek look. May son is going as Arthur Dent this year. I told him he’ll get lots of “who are you” as well I’m going as Maud Liebowski

  129. So, obviously others have already guessed, but I had to say: Yes! I get you! I would stop you on the street or in a bathroom at a party and gush over your Clara Dalek costume and we would jump up and down together and giggle. And then you would look at my Suzy Bishop from Moonrise Kingdom costume and do that awkward slow laugh and say “um, great costume…you are ..?”

  130. That’s Oswin!!!! I love it!! Also, it looks like Hunter S. Tomcat is standing in the corner. That made me start wondering what he did to be put there.

  131. Dalek Souffle Girl! Brilliant! Seriously, you have just put a much needed smile on my face with this costume.

  132. All I could think up was a Princess Leia Dalek (bc of the signature chain…)

    What a fantastic costume!!

  133. I so thought Hunter was a stuffed wallaby doorstop when I first looked at this picture. you really need a stuffed wallaby ….

  134. This is no fair because I’ve not yet met Clara because the next Dr Who in my queue (I swear I’m not a Dr Seuss descendant) is “Blink” and I am askaywd.

  135. Yeah, I don’t know what the hell that is but I wish I had your legs. Or, I wish my legs looked like yours. I don’t know what I’d do with them if I had YOUR legs. I guess I’d make ’em part of a Halloween display although I don’t really get into the macabre. Maybe I’d put glittery tights on them. Anywho, I wish I had good legs.

  136. I recognize your cleverness but full disclosure, I am not a Dr Who fan *hangs head in shame*. But damn gurl, there is less of you to love! You look fantastic! Good on you Jenny!

    (Thanks! I’m in RA remission finally so I’ve been able to start swimming again as long as I keep doing the injections. I’m still technically overweight, but I’m 45 pounds lighter than last year. ~ Jenny)

  137. SQUEEE!!!!!! Love it! The button makes the outfit, by the way. Souffle girl totally shoulda been a weasel.

  138. The most important question isn’t who are you—it’s: Do you know where you are?

    Oh, you need a “Where am I” button! Although the chain is a brilliant addition.

    Very clever, Souffle Girl. Now run…and remember!

  139. Clara when she was a Dalek. You’re such a nerd. And I’m a bigger nerd for knowing what your costume is! 😉

  140. YAY!! I thought Dalek but then started second-guessing myself – I must be more of a geek than I thought.

  141. Umm…this is a boss outfit. And if people don’t get it…I mean, what kind of friends are these? Like the kind who you can go over to their house, in your jammies, freaking out holding a bottle of whine and a bottle of wine friends? Or do y’all just know each other? On the other hand some of my IRL friends wouldn’t get it either.

  142. I knew you were a Dalek, but the souffle pin clinched it — you clever girl!

    If I could get back into my blue pinstriped suit, I’d go as Doctor Donna (redhead, don’t you know), but I just got too fat for it!

    Well done, Impossible Souffle Girl!

  143. Totally Dalek Oswin (Clara) an incarnation of the impossible girl! Love it, you look great.

  144. I’m not a Whovian, but now I wish I was. That is seriously awesome and adorable and you made me smile. Juanita made me snort. Thank you, Jenny. You ROCK!

  145. I must say you look very cute in that outfit, Jenna Coleman would be so proud 🙂
    Now I’m gonna bet that non-Doctor Who fans will think you are trying to set a new trend in bondage wear!

  146. oswin and dalek. Very cute. I miss Halloween… (my b-day is the 27th) but I celebrate PAM instead… Penni Appreciation Month. I’m on Day 10… if I tried to celebrate two “holidays” at the same time… my family would explode.

  147. I just wanted to say that you and my dog both have the same Halloween Costume. She is a German Shepherd and 6 months old – her name is (actual) name is Oswin.

  148. My cat Richard Parker has asked how Hunter S Thomcat remains so svelte. He cares nothing for your Whovian costume. Richard Parker is quite burly at 25 pounds and 3 years old, and is anxious to look as buff as Hunter. I cannot help him. And I think you should be amazed and proud that so many of your friends/fans/followers/fstalkers totally recognized the costume. Personally I’m waiting to see what Victor has come up with.

  149. Obviously you’re a total screaming genius who’s also modest and a tiny bit sexy.

    (freaking awesome. Sooo jealous & wondering if I can steal it without anyone recognizing. Damn me for recommending your blog to so many people!)

  150. Not a Dr. Who devotee, so I didn’t know which character, but I guessed she was from that show. Did you knit the hat and gauntlets? They are awesome. And, woman, those legs!!! I’d die for legs like those. Work ’em baby.

  151. Penni (no. 322): my birthday is also on the 27th. I always felt gypped because it got meshed with Halloween, then years later, my brother was born on the 26th. Arg! Not only did I have to babysit the rugrat, but we had joint parties from then on. :-{

  152. I got that you were a Dalek right away, but I didn’t figure out that you were Oswin until I saw the Juanita pin. That’s fantastic!

    My daughter went as a Dalek a couple of Halloweens ago, but nobody in the neighborhood where we trick-or-treat had any idea what she was. Luckily I was able to take her to my work, where there are a bunch of Whovians who could appreciate her costume properly!

    This year we’re going with a geeky theme again: she’s going as Chell, I’m GLaDOS, and my husband is Wheatley, all from Portal/Portal2. I’m pretty sure nobody is going to recognize us again, but hey, WE’LL enjoy it.

  153. That is awesome!!!! Overweight schmover weight. Fuck the charts. You look great, and more importantly, I’m guessing, you’re feeling so much better. I am so so happy for you!!! Also,gotta say, I kinda feel like a ssssupahstaaahhh *forward leg lunge with arms in “Y” position* cuz you answered me directly. Day made! 😀

  154. OK, it took me to the third hint that you were Oswin Oswald–because of the blue, I thought you were a TARDIS/dalek hybrid. I hope you post pictures of Hailey and Victor’s costumes.

  155. Am I the only one that had noticed that you look GREAT???? wow! what at change, keep up whatever you are doing!

  156. I knew from the pose you were Daleks Oswin. LOVE it!

    My husband looks like David Tennant so everyone asks him to dress as The Doctor a lot. I told him he’s not allowed to this year!

  157. I think you need a small plunger and the wire part of a paint roller to make it complete.

  158. I have seen just enough Doctor Who to understand this! Well…that is, I knew it was “Souffle Girl”, Clara. I had to ask my girlfriend what the point of the Dalek was, though.

  159. I love this and I cant wait to see your kiddo’s and Victor’s! I’m still on the hunt for a fez…

  160. Except wasn’t Clara’s Dalek red?
    Still an awesome costume idea tho. Hope other people will come out of the Whovian closet and geek out with you!!

  161. That dress is NOT too tight … looks adorable on you! I guessed TARDIS … but I’m clueless about the rest. Sorry – can I still be a fan if I’m not a Dr. Who fan?

  162. You’re Oswin from the Asylum of the Daleks! that’s so clever and adorable I screeched when I saw it. You have won Halloween.

  163. Without peeking, I’m going to say you’re a Dalek, right?

    Okay, now I peeked and it seems you’re a particular Dalek! I need to catch up on the Doctor!

  164. Please don’t ever change.

    Although your dedication to a good costume makes me hang my head in shame. I think I’ll be a Hogwarts student again this year. (It’s totally the only time I can wear my robe and carry the wand without all the judgy people judging.)

  165. I got the Dalek bit but not the other bit, probably because I’m from the UK and not down with you US types on all things topical…

    Also, I couldn’t help but notice your “Be Nice or Leave” sign. Is that from the House of Blues? Only have I a t-shirt with that on and I just LOVE the slogan!!

    And also again, Hunter S Thomcat is AMAZING!


  166. You look sexy as hell in your Clara Dalek dress – Victor will be walking two feet behind checking you out while trick or treating.

  167. I knew it was a Dalek but having just watched Season 1 (reboot) I was thinking of the episode when Nine and Rose meet that one who’s chained up in the basement. Now I am kicking myself because the soufle pin should have told me all I needed to know. Me not a clever girl. 🙁 You have very clever readers though. Maybe if you had another pin that said “Got Milk?”

  168. Easy peasy! You’re a dalek, and in particular you are Oswin Oswald/Clara/Souffle Girl as a dalek! Fantastic! (I know wrong Doctor, but it just fit better than Geronimo.)

  169. Just in time….

    Did you hear about the nine lost episodes of Dr. Who from the late 60’s they found in Nigeria? I immediately thought of you when I saw it on the news over here in the UK….

  170. As Hallowe’en is a big deal at our store (Northstar Goodwill), I would happily back a few more Hallowe’ens in the calendar.

    @Jenny in comment 46 or so, ” >implying tight dresses are a bad thing… “

  171. Sexy Dalek!

    AND YES, there should be more Halloween. At least in place of Thanksgiving. Just make it a candy turkey. I must insist that we keep Pumpkin Pie. It’s still topical, and really… it’s pumpkin pie!

  172. This is FANTASTIC and you are BRILLIANT! Love the Dalek costume. We are doing family DW costumes next year

  173. Awesome! Yay Halloween! It’s the only holiday where you get to do all the fun stuff like decorate and eat sweet stuff, without having to cook special meal!

  174. I would not be clever enough to compete in your contest. Your costume is a-mah-zing!

    I’m on board for 2 Halloweens. I’ll work on rejiggering the calendar.

  175. I keep getting msgs from people asking if we are one in the same- and now that I see this picture, it is REALLY EERIE. Except I have an R2 ensemble that I wear.

  176. Oswald for the win!

    With at least 372 comments ahead of me I know I wasn’t the first to get it, but I can take some comfort in knowing that at least I got it.

  177. Love the Oswin/Dalek costume! But why is your cat staring at a Silence? Is that part of costume too?

  178. Is Hunter in the corner facing the wall for some reason? Do you do kitty timeouts? Wish I could get mine to do that.
    Have to admit had to peek at the comments…but know I totally see it! Weren’t you the TARDIS last year?

  179. Don’t watch the doctor sorry. But want to say how great you look AND will you be selling those Juanita buttons?? Love it!!

  180. Exterminate! And, someone can easily make 10 Halloween holidays legal right now because the government actually ISN’T working. We have free reign!!

    I totally agree about David Tennant – best Doctor. I’m tied on Donna and Rose as fave ladies. Donna just didn’t get enough time.

  181. I’ve never watched Dr. Who, so I am out of the loop. This is why my costume is simple and easy to make. I’m painting a piece of cardboard black and sticking it to my back. What am I? A refrigerator magnet. My sister is sticking sponges across her body. What is she? Self-absorbed!

  182. This is the BEST costume ever!! The Juanita button (screeching of ruined souffles) is inspired. You need to send this to Stephen Moffet post haste. He’d be so impressed maybe he’d even give you a walk-on in one of the Who episodes. That would be awesome to the nth degree!!

    My vote is for more Halloween.

  183. Woman, you look fabulous. Your legs go for days! But sadly, I have no idea what your costume is supposed to be. 🙁 I must relinquish my geek card…

  184. My friend’s three-yr-old informed him after Halloween last year that he wanted to be Batman for Christmas. I think this idea could get somewhere.

  185. I have no idea what the costume is but you’re looking fit and fabulous! You go girl!!!

  186. That is so clever! Mad Dalek Clara, awesome! Unfortunately, the souffle is a lie… Great job :).

    Now I’m really curious about the rest of the family’s costumes! And I’ve been saying for ages that we should just have halloween for all the holidays, but not many people seem to be down with it… I’m thinking of just dressing in costume for christmas anyway, hahaha.

  187. Darn it, I thought it was some type of jeopardy before and after category of Star Rappers and you were “R2D2chainz”. That might make me the geekiest of all.

  188. Our best geeky Halloween… We both went as our favorite web browsers. He was Safari (African campaign hat like an old Brit would wear, and toilet-paper-tube binoculars) and I was Firefox. I wore my foxiest red dress, red ears, and made a red feather boa into fire-colored by adding in some orange and yellow feathers near the tips. Then carried a globe-looking rubber ball to represent the earth on the icon. No one got it, but it was my favorite Halloween ever.

  189. I kinda want to go as Miss Foster and carry around Adipose stress dolls (because they are ridiculously adorable and I love mine and really just want an excuse to buy more of them….), but I worry that NO ONE will get it.

    Unless they are a Doctor Who fan like me….. So maybe really only the BEST PEOPLE will get it….

  190. We could have a “Hollow Christmas”? How’s that sound?
    Admittedly, for many people the holidays are quite hollow; that is to say, devoid of any true meaning or heartfelt emotion. But I bet those folks would perk right up if we added cosplay and candy….

    I think I’m onto something, what do you think, folks?

  191. You are pretty much my favorite person today. Well not just today, but especially today.

    Write you clever blogger, and remember: Be Awesome.

  192. Not only is it fucking awesome that you are dressed as Clara-as-a-Dalek, but it is MORE fucking awesome that so many of your readers GOT IT!


  193. I haven’t been watching Doctor Who (I know, I know; i’m sorry), but I kinda thought you were going as a “sexy tardis”….

  194. When Allison comments (above me a few comments), “you would be beautiful in a garbage bag”. Does she mean that she wants to suffocate you, and you would look beautiful dead? And that she loves the thought of it?? I’m concerned!

    I’m going as ‘EVIL UNICORN PRINCESS BITCH’ for halloween. In case you wondered.

  195. Is there anyway to put your Tardis on wheels and drag it along behind you? if you did that then surely people would know what your costume is, but maybe not, just might be more questions about what the hell the Tardis is…or if you are just answering the door, could you put the Tardis in front and sorta step out of it to give the candy?

  196. Fantastic costume, worn with aplomb. And, as an aside, do you realize how fabulous you look? You shine. 🙂

  197. I will admit it took me to the second picture before I got Clara. Don’t know why i missed the chains in the first pic, I got the Dalek part right away. That is seriously awesome! (And you have a beautiful smile!)

    I’m completely for three Halloweens.

    11/23/13!!!!! *checks calendar obsessively*

  198. Oswin the Dalek – if your friends wouldn’t get that right away, then you need new friends. You can come to my Halloween party, my friends would TOTALLY get that right away! (Plus, my 11 year old son is going as the 11th Doctor!)

    Awesome costume!

  199. I didn’t know the costume – had to google it (don’t hate), but I love, love, love the idea of cancelling thanksgiving and Christmas in favor of two Halloweens. I. am. in. on that mofo.

  200. You’re Dalek Souffle-girl! SO. MUCH. WIN. And you can totally wear that dress on a non-Halloween occasion. I would.

  201. The cat with his nose in the wall corner reminds me of the end of the Blair Witch Project.

    I don’t know what’s wrong with me that makes me think that.

  202. (Thumping head on desk) I am too old to get this even when it is explained to me. Next I will lose the ability to use the Internets.

  203. Sorry … I disagree: Dalek wears lots of red, whereas you’re blue. I think you’re a combination pad lock. And you like a lock that means business. I gotta admire that.

  204. How much of this costume did you already own? You didn’t just happen to have the chain hanging around the house…. or did you?

  205. I have no idea but all these comments are seriously scaring me to the point where I just may have an anxiety attack. Reaching for xanax bottle…just in case.

  206. Hell, woman, I had no idea, except now with these handy hundreds of hints I think I get it. My very first thought was that you should dress like that more often. Like, even at the grocery store often. You’ve been dieting and/or working out or mentally making yourself more beautiful. This is a very good look for you. You should buy things in smaller sizes more often, you look great! (and yes, I’m straight and married but I know a beautiful woman when I see one).

  207. I love the costume … Halloween was always my favorite holiday. The government well they aren’t looking at anything right now but the ceiling. Me I need your help spreading the word about new charity for nursing home patients. We just started it , not sure of what we are doing but we know we want to help people. Drawing at straws one of our new friends knows a famous film maker but he hasnt responded yet. Dont really know anything about blogging but here we are. Our charity is Love 4 the elderly. Everyone can see it on our facebook page or Ever ribbon. Just plug in love 4 the elderly and please go to the first one listed. Second one is inactive but we cant figure out how to delete it ( told you we are still a work in progress =) ) We need people to like us on face book and to send us friend requests so that we can spread the word and help as many people as we can. Patients in nursing homes are often left and forgotten. The government doesnt pay for all of their needs and the facilities they live in are only required to supply food and shelter. Many elders need clothes, shoes, electric wheel chairs, electric razors, podiatry care ( medicare only pays for certain disease processes and medicaid does not pay at all . Facilites are not required by law to pay for it either.) Same goes for Vision and Dental services. We are asking for donors and for REQUESTS for assistance from nursing homes across the United States so that we can help the elderly people who reside in their facilities. I worked in health care for years. Nursing home patients truly are the forgotten ones. Many of them have no family. Christmas is coming and we are striving to make a difference this year. Please everyone spread the word . And I really do like the the costume .

  208. You look adorable….I hope I am not being rude but you have lost weight and look fabulous. I hope you are feeling good and feisty!

  209. Imma be honest and say I have no idea, but I’m cracking up at the cat staring at the wall all like… Sweet Jesus she’s at it again, can’t even look at her.

    You look amazing, btw. I need skinny legs tooooo

  210. but…where are you getting the fresh eggs…eggs….egg-sterminate. Oswald love it.

  211. HELLOOOO you look A.MAY.ZING. Your post should be about showing off your fabulous figure!

  212. You. . .you are my hero! And I totally got why you had chains on. Oswin the Dalek was chained up, because she wouldn’t submit and accept being made into a Dalek, and continued to exert her own brilliant independence. I was so sad when the Doctor found her. Go Clara!

  213. I haven’t seen the last Christmas special and I gather that this is in reference to it, but I still knew it was a Dalek something if that makes you feel any better. 🙂

  214. You look adorable in a bad ass way. Are you a chained Tardis?
    Love it whatever it is !

  215. best legs i’ve ever seen on a dalek!…well, ok, the *only* legs i’ve ever seen on a dalek…but great legs just the same…not objectifying, just appreciating 🙂 …i’m going as an H-test (‘this time of year? i was lucky to find a bikini atoll!’)…oh, and i propose we not just supplant all other holidays w/ halloween but make *every* day halloween (ie mondoween, tuesdoween…you get the idea)…y’all w/ me?

  216. Ok, I haven’t had enough time to put together something cleaver, nor to read the 400 plus comments made before mine but I did want to point out that I noticed the middle picture was “flipped” all of the stuff from the right was on the left and vise versa.

  217. This costume is the perfect test for finding new friends. People who get it should immediatley be pulled into the inner circle of trust and be taught the double unicorn success club hand shake.

  218. Ok, so I am going to fully admit that I had to google all of the references so I would understand who you are. I am commenting only because I want you to know how cute and happy you look, and bravo on your entryway.

  219. So, I’m sitting here reading this, staring at your picture and trying to figure out who you are, while watching the Daleks on “The Seventh Doctor”. So basically staring at your Dalek costume while staring at a Dalek. Duh, now I get it………. Great Costume!!

  220. i agree %100 that we should have multiple Halloweens! i tried to convince my mom to repeat Halloween instead of Christmas one year, she did not go for it. though i did have a friend that gave me Halloween presents instead of Christmas presents

  221. I have no idea what the costume is, but I’m completely wigged out that you flopped the second photo. Also, congratulations on the tv deal.

  222. Is Hunter S. Thomcat being punished? He is facing away from the action with his nose almost on the wall as if he were scolded. “Maybe next time you’ll think before you…”

  223. First thought: it’s your Tardis costume, You wore that last year.
    Second thought: no, that’s not the Tardis, that’s something else. It’s a Dalek? or a Dalek-y thing?
    Third thought: I’m not nearly as geeky as I claim. I have no idea what that is.

  224. I am sure that dozens of your other readers have already identified the costume…as they are all “interesting” people. So…My question are you going to carry the plunger?
    I do like it though…it is well done and most amusing.
    pleasant dreams (do you realize you have to blink to sleep?)

  225. My company used to encourage us to dress up for Halloween. That was back before we were absorbed by the amoeba…excuse me, assimilated by the Borg…excuse me, invaded by CorporateOverlord(R)….oh you get the idea. When I was watching Babylon 5, I did a great psi-cop costume …but I fielded questions about my job interview all day.
    COME ON PEOPLE — who wears strangler gloves to a job interview?

  226. Oswin freaking Oswald! My mom had to ask me who it was because (Despite my frequent efforts and her love of Stormageddon) she is not a whovian. And at first I was like ‘Oh she’s one of the mad Daleks from the asylum, hence the chains’ But then I saw the pin.
    Oswin the Dalek.
    You are absolutely wonderful.

  227. Great costume. I’m working on a Doctor Who costume also. I’ve already sewn my fez. I just need to work on my bow tie. (Fezes and Bow Ties are cool.) Of course, I’ve been finding any excuse to put the fez on pre-Halloween. Feeling a bit blue? Fez. Time to clean the dishes? Fez. Watching Doctor Who with the boys? Ok, I might leave the Fez off for this lest they steal it from me.

    Fezes make anything better!

  228. I think my favorite part of these pictures is Hunter S. Thomcat staring at the wall in the first shot. He needs a thought bubble that says “I just can’t with this Whovian anymore.”

  229. Oswin in the Dalek, or Dalek Oswin or “I’m new to Doctor Who and have been watching things out of order. Isn’t that the chic who plays Clara?”

  230. I have no idea what the costume is – but it is supremely flattering on you. If I owned that dress and looked that good in it I would wear it every day.

  231. Clara owsin oswald, soufflé girl, a dalek in the asylum, the impossible girl, you are many costumes in one!

  232. Totally late to the party on this because I was traveling – but last year my mom decided that we were going to combine Halloween and Thanksgiving into Hallowgiving! We had Thanksgiving at her house but we all had to wear costumes.

  233. OMG I love your costume! How did you make it? I was going to do that this year but ran out of time and now i’m going to be a sugar skull.

  234. I concur with others, it needs a plunger and perhaps the paint roller holder, too. But the plunger at the least.

    I def thought… Dalek like, when I saw it, so you succeeded.

  235. Is anyone else distracted by the fact that you have the most balanced, organized, evenly spaced, straightly-hung staircase picture collage EVER??
    My OCD loves it.

  236. YES, OMG, All I can think of is how great your house looks. And how skinny you are. And that is not at all the point of this post. But thereyago. My OCD loves your staircase collage, too. Stephanie wins.

  237. Love it! I’m going as the Fourth Doctor this year myself. Wishing you a very Whovian Halloween, Jenny!

  238. Well, this puts my Clara Oswin Oswald costume to shame, I must say.

    Seriously, you look rad and I’m only extremely, devastatingly moderately jealous.

  239. I love the process required for figuring it out. Dalek… dalek in chains… souffle YES!!!

    Random Who story: One of the ways I knew my now-fiance was the man for me was that we determined we could go as Amy and Rory (in their Christmas Special honeymoon costumes) for Halloween BEFORE WE EVEN STARTED DATING. He agreed to it without having watched Doctor Who before. Hmm… we should bring those on the real honeymoon.

  240. I’ve strayed from Who since the late 80s. Perhaps I should return. That said, not only is the geekiest costume ever, it’s the most obtuse geekiest costume ever. Well done.

  241. 1.awesome costume. dr who references are agree vividly underrated outside of the internets 2. Just read your book- amazing. I’m a little late to the party, but a party it is indeed. I find it simultaneously insightful, moving and often so hilarious that my abs have never looked better. I kept accidentally waking my kids up at night snort laughing as I read. Totally worth it.

  242. My daughter always picks characters that no one knows either… although the time she picked Coraline when she was 8 I thought she’d be more recognized since it was a movie and all, but oh well. This year she’s Nepeta. I guess she’s just ahead of her time for a 12 year old.

  243. why is hunter s tomcat just starring face into the wall? like bad cat time out punishment / demonic cat trance. it’s disturbing. he’s totally stealing your thunder in that picture. kick ass photo bomb hunter. kudos. slow 809’s clap for you

  244. why is hunter s tomcat just starring face into the wall? like bad cat time out punishment / demonic cat trance? it’s disturbing. he’s totally stealing your thunder in that picture. kick ass photo bomb hunter. kudos. slow 80’s clap for you

  245. OK, I know I’m fashionably late to the party as always, and you probably won’t even read this at this point, but I adore you, so screw it. I think we are tied for winner of the Awesome Doctor Who Costume It Takes People A Second To Get (If They Do At All) Award (though you and yours is way cuter, so you win). This year, I made a costume consisting of different pieces of ten Doctor’s outfits (1= String Tie, 2= baggy plaid pants, 3= ruffley shirt, 4= THAT SCARF, 5= red ? on my collar and celery on my lapel, 6= rainbow umbrella and cat pin, 7= fedora, red suspenders, and paisley hankie, 8= brocade Victorian waistcoat, 9= black leather trenchcoat and 10= Chuck Taylors), made no effort to disguise that I am a woman with big cans and long red hair, and went to a con as “Donna Noble At The EXACT Moment of Trans-Species Metacrisis”. People were like “Oh, I get it, you’re Doctor Who, right? But wait… which one? I see bits of several…?” “I’m DoctorSdonna, dude!” “OHHHH! Now that I get it, that’s awesome.”

    They REALLY won’t get it at the Big Gay Halloween Party I’m going to, so I’m going to that dressed as Divine in “Pink Flamingos”; my drag queen friends are gonna PLOTZ. 😉

    Girl, please, continue to jam out witcha clam out,


  246. I’m not sure where this places her on the Geek scale, but my 9 year old daughter decided in September she’s going as Clara as a dalek (same dress, only red). And she doesn’t think anyone will know who she is either.

    I’m going to pretend she’s actually dressing as The Bloggess in her Geek costume 🙂

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