Hunter S. Thomcat has the unique ability to see things on tv screens.  This means that when I watch Doctor Who, he watches it with me (which is nice), but it also means that he’s constantly leaping onto the screen whenever David Tennant makes a particularly quick move.  Not that I blame him.

The problem, however, comes about when I’m typing, scrolling down on my computer, or watching something on youtube.  Then he attacks the monitor (accompanied by mewling and banging that’s so loud that Victor assumes an angry neighbor is at the door again).  This will go on for hours if I let it.

For the sake of example, this is what happens when I pull up a screensaver that looks like a pug is licking your computer screen clean.


(If I’ve done this right it should be a short gif.  If not, please just pretend it is.)

Honestly, I don’t know whether Hunter is trying to play with him, rescue him, or murder him.  Regardless, it’s adorable.  And almost impossible to work around.

And this is why I need an office with actual doors.

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  1. Ha..that reminds me of my husband.

    I just started watching Dr Who because my youngest is an enormous fan and I wanted to be there with him. I really like it. I do. But the Daleks? It seems all you would need to get away from them is a staircase. Or do I need to be trained up a bit?

  2. I think he’s trying to beat him into submission. And Hunter S. Thomcat is totally winning.

  3. That GIF doesn’t seem very short. I’ve been watching for 3-1/2 hours now, and it’s still going! Has anyone watched it all the way through? If so, let me know how it ends!

  4. He’s so cute!!!!! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a spelling error on your site but “write” should be “right”. Sorry. :/

    (Dammit. Freudian slip. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  5. That is fantastic!!!! Instead of bats on the cover of Hunter S. Tomcat’s book “fear and loathing” it will be pugs.

  6. Am I the only one worried about that bottle of water that Hunter is about to tip over onto the computer? My cat once saw another cat on the screen and decided he needed to “mark” the computer to defend his territory from the intruder. That was the opposite of a sparkles, ponies and rainbows kind of day.

  7. Or you just need a TV in your office. I’d suggest the Tennis Channel. My Herbie (who may be Hunter’s petite long lost twin sister) loves tennis… but it’s at least a bit slower. Or this: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B006JIT2M4. Herbie loved it at first, but now gets bored after about 5 minutes and skulks away. Problem solved. 🙂

    PS: Hunter is TOTALLY trying to take out that poor dog. No question.

  8. I love your cat! We used to have a cat who every time George Bush came on CNN during Operation Desert storm would bat the hell out of him- but not nearly as ferociously as Hunter S.!!

  9. LOLOL That. Is. Awesome.

    I mean, I can see how it could be problematic for you, but that .gif? Awesome.

  10. An office with actual doors? No. You just need a 2nd monitor on the computer dedicated to Hunter.

  11. I love you… but um you wrote “done this write” instead of “done this right” and it may be driving me insane…

  12. We have dog named Polly who loves bark and attack the T.V. screen if a dog or a horse is on. I was playing Assassins Creed one time and I was riding a horse so Olly chose to help us run at full speed.

  13. That video is hypnotic. I just can’t stop watching it. Hunter isn’t hissing at all, so it would seem that he’s just trying to play with the dog. You must recreate this with an actual pug inside a plastic box (with holes in it of obviously).

  14. I’m pretty sure Hunter S. is trying to punch the shit out of that pug. One of my cats is absolutely fascinated by light and shadow of all types, and will stare obsessively at iTunes visualizers for HOURS.

  15. My Maine Coon not-really-a-kitten-but still growing only watches the scroll at the bottom of the news shows. But with my prior generation MC we could not watch National Geographic on a large screen if we didn’t want a cat-shaped hole through it…

  16. My cat does this anytime we let her out of the sliding glass door and she wants back in. I think Hunter S. wants a piece of that Pug. LET.MEH.IN.

  17. My cat had a thing for Alton Brown. If I wanted to keep her distracted, I would just have to put on Iron Chef America. She would watch that for hours.

  18. Clearly what you need is a second monitor that is constantly playing that video.

  19. animal planet is no longer allowed on our tv. my husky is completely convinced that dogs,puppies, cats or kittens when they cry or bark must be rescued and only he can save rh because I apparently dropped the ball by not saving them for him. I think most furry children and their parents need a support group for this ” superman/ dog” syndrome

  20. My cat does that. Except she’s sitting on the bookcase under my window and digging at whatever animal she sees in the yard outside. It is mesmerizing and impossible to get anything done while she’s being so industrious.

  21. I had the pug screen-saver on an old computer.
    I love self-referential statements.
    If I could, I would combine the two and have Hunter’s fight with the pug as my screensaver.

  22. We totally have a cat who will sit on the end of the couch and watch TV. It’s hilarious because you can see his little head following the movements around on the screen. Kind of how I feel when I sit too close to the screen in a movie theater. Only cuter.

  23. Really, this needs it’s own Youtube video. With a catchy( see here: annoying) song, entitled “CatsNPugs” or “Scratch Yo MuthaFucking Face Off”.

  24. My cat, Loki, does this too. Lately, his target has been his own reflection in the bathroom mirror. Then he’ll catch a glimpse of him attacking himself in the (perpendicular) medicine cabinet mirror, and have to go check out the cat-attacking-a-cat over there.

    He also loves to lick my monitor, much like the pug on the screensaver.

  25. Also… I think I was traumatized by the whole changing doctor thing. My son assures me that I will adjust

  26. How is HST NOT knocking over that water bottle. ha ha ha. Love this post. I wish the video was longer. I wish my screensaver was this video.

  27. So, do you leave the TV on for him when you leave the house? Cuz yeah, I’m kind of guilty as charged. I even switch it up with the stereo days, and I might change the stations too. I’m not sure if they prefer pop or oldies or country, but I like to think I’m making their days more interesting.

  28. Too funny! I have tried to show my dog to herself in a mirror but she is not at all interested. Which is probably good, because if she acted like that, I would probably waste a LOT more time holding her up in front of a mirror. So it all works out, I guess.

  29. I’d assume he’s trying to rescue people or snimals out of the funny looking box they seem to be trapped in. He wants to play with them! 🙂

  30. Gotta love fun kitties! I miss having a cat.. their shenanigans are hilarious!

  31. That pug by itself, adorable. Hunter S. Tomcat with the pug! The Internet just exploded.

    I used to have a cute who loved watching Jeopardy! Oh, I miss little Apeback (don’t ask).

  32. Adorable, sort of like my ex-husband not being able to tell the difference between me asking him a question from another room, and a character on the tv show I was watching asking someone on the show a question…or his not being able to distinguish between tv door bell rings and our actual door bell. sigh In hindsight I’m beginning to see why marrying him was a grave mistake.

  33. Both our cats do this when my husband watches soccer They go after the ball.
    Its ridiculously adorable!

    And I still believe my Lily Mae will marry Hunter S one day, although they can’t live together.

  34. My cat is obsessed with basketball games. He tries to catch the ball, or maybe it’s the players. I’m not sure, but whenever my UofA Wildcats are on TV, Baby Mr Kitty (don’t judge me, my daughter was 5 when she named him) has a front row seat. Also for RageMichelle, keep watching, Daleks can levitate!

  35. There’s got to be some way to harness that movement and turn it into something productive. A spinning wheel, a battery charger? Something?

  36. Last night my husband was trying to engaged me in conversation by telling me there is a Bill Murray photo circling around with Hunter S Thompson and I asked him “The person HST or Jenny’s cat?” He just walked out of the room with me shouting….”I bet HST looked very regal in his fur coat!!”

  37. One of my cats loves Dr Who and Game of Thrones, another loves the X-Files. Most of them are enthralled by the Wii.

    I also pet-sit for two rabbits who love every version of Peter Pan, and MAS*H, respectively, the latter will thump her foot with displeasure if you turn off the TV before her stories are over.

  38. We’ve got a kitten who does that. Only she doesn’t know better than to use her claws on the expensive flat screen so we usually go “awwww” for about ten seconds and then remove her from the area. Most of the time there’s tiny pawprints on the tv though.

  39. Make sure you pick a nice cat friendly door lever, so Hunter can open the door whenever he is sure you have somehow forget to wait for him to decided to come in to work, or not to come into work or come into work, or not.

  40. Damn you, Jenny! I have work to do, but now all I want to do is watch Hunter S. Thomcat scratch the crap out of that poor pug’s face. If my instructions for the class I’m teaching on Saturday don’t get done, I’m blaming you. Yeah, it’ll be ALL your fault. My procrastinating until 2 days before the class doesn’t figure in.

  41. Absolutely adorable! You get that app that can be fish or bugs and it’s just for cats. I think it’s made by Meow Mix…But I could be wrong…

  42. Cats, pugs, Dr. Who and Jenny. These are a few of my favorite things. Throw an otter in this post and you’ll reach blog perfection.

  43. I have one that will come running any time he hears the printer come on….he can be upstairs sleeping under a bed and will come barrelling down in time to attack whatever scary piece of paper is about to come out.

    BTW, link to my blog still not working 🙁
    It’s http://psb1969.blogspot.com

  44. Same shenanigans in my house. Is it abnormal for cats to see tv? I feel like I can’t change the channel if he is watching his stories.

  45. There should be some kind of warning of that gif. Honestly!
    Our cats watch golf and try to catch the balls. It’s bloody annoying to be honest, but they are so cute too. Tennis is even worse!

  46. I keep trying to tell my husband that my licking the screen while watching David Tennant on Doctor Who is PERFECTLY NORMAL. I shall use this as evidence in my favor.

  47. My cat does this when I try and make the bed…he hates wrinkles in the sheets. Perhaps h\Hunter is trying to make the pug wrinkle free?

  48. Your efforts to keep the cats out of your workroom – or ANY room – will be worth at least one post. Probably twelve. It’ll be epic. I can’t wait.

  49. If he doesn’t calm himself, his arms are just gonna fall off. My cat does that with the laser pointer, but they generally leave the TV alone. As for the dogs? My mom and I watched Charlotte’s Web (because we’re 7 at heart) and decided to play the little game thing now included on the DVD (because it’s an immature 7).

    It’s like one of those toys that you spin and whatever animal it lands on, makes a random noise. So we did that. My puppy started crying (like legit tears) at some animals, growling at others, and woofing at even more. We went through every single one. Apparently, by his reaction, he doesn’t want me to have a baby, a goose, a donkey, a cow, a chicken, a duck, a pig, or anything else.. except a cat.

  50. My goodness, HST has gotten big! He’s going, “Dog … dog! Dog! Dog!!”

  51. Must be a ginger thing, my cat Yoda does the same thing, especially the mouse on my laptop, and he loves David Attenborough documentaries….

  52. Aw JEEZ. One of my cats does the same, especially when there are mewing kittens on TV.

  53. i’m just hoping he’s declawed (all of mine are) because that’s going to cause a lot of damage! Also, a lot of a replacing of computer screens!

  54. Adorable post, love that screen saver too!! And the animals are alive!!!– it’s nice to see animals that are moving. Nothing wrong with the stuffed ones either, but this is refreshing. LOL

  55. We don’t have a cat. Unless you count our youngest child who I swear is part cat. If I point a laser pointer on the ground, he’ll stop what he’s doing and chase it around the house. No animated GIF yet, though I should get it on video for future blackmail… I mean to remember the good times when he was young and cute. (And blackmail.)

  56. My mother’s cat watches cat videos on YouTube. He insists on seeing them everyday at 3:00. They are considering getting him his own iPad so my mom can actually use her computer. Of course we didn’t even have cable when I was a kid. But their cat gets his own iPad. Not that I’m bitter or anything…..

  57. I had a cat that would watch TV. And then desperately stretch his paws behind the TV to chase, for example, a car that zoomed across the screen. I’d sometimes put on car races just to watch him desperately fishing for all the cars that must be behind the TV.

  58. Put a little TV on the floor next to you, with the pug (or something similar) playing on loop while you work? Hunter gets to “play” with the TV, you get to work, and whenever you’re feeling down you can glance over at him and get the adorbs. Win/Win!

  59. I have never watched Dr. Who but I pretend like I do because all the seemingly cool kids like it #confessions

  60. Brilliant! I need that screensaver. Jack Keroucat does the same thing whenever I’m watching something. Also, he thinks he owns the desk chair.

  61. See, why don’t my animals do anything this neurotic? My dog doesn’t watch TV, my cat doesn’t chase laser pointers. Nothin’. I’m feeling ripped off right now.

  62. Getting a cat declawed actually involves cutting off the last joint of its toes, pretty horrible. I used to have it done to mine until I figured it out. Most breeders now require a contract prohibiting declawing before they will sell you a kitten. Please don’t do it if you get a new cat. Thanks

  63. I’m just obsessed with your screensaver.

    The cat is totally awesome as well, but the screensaver…. can’t…. stop…. watching….

  64. Two things:
    1. Get HST his own computer. Or would he take over the internets?
    2. “angry neighbor is at the door again” – Again? How often does that happen?

  65. When I was a kid, we had a kitten for a brief time who would chase the letters on the Scrabble game show. Just the horizontal ones. She’d run back and forth. It. Was. Hilarious.

  66. Never mind the cat’s antics, you’ve figured out how to post a .gif. Now see, that’s some big shit.

  67. we used to play nintendo using a projector to project mario and luigi on the wall. the cats would jump to catch them and look on the floor when the bricks fell. 2 decades later, the current whackitron cat watches tv with us. He really enjoyed The Notebook the other day. Romantic at heart.

  68. Offices with doors will not stop a cat. I’m sorry to have to be the one to tell you this.

  69. My Male cat does that to the fridge door every afternoon at 4:00 ‘cuz that’s where his supper comes from. Only it really does look like a GIF because he just won’t stop. So by extension, Hunter obviously wants to eat the Pug for supper.

  70. What would happen if you showed him a video of himself attacking a camera? Would he fight his own image? It could be dueling twin kitties! I wonder if they’d have the same moves.

  71. My cat does that all the time. We even play YouTube bird videos on our TV so we can adore how cute she is, chattering and begging them to play with her. We’re obviously very easily entertained.

  72. Well, you’ve done it. I just saw an obituary for Russell Johnson — the professor from Gilligan’s Island, on whom I had an early crush — and I had to fight the urge to murmer “Don’t come back as a zombie to eat my face off.”

  73. This has been a REALLY slow day at work so this entry has really, um, helped me use my time more efficiently?

    Also, back in the days of CRT TVs and VHS players we had something called “Video Catnip.” It was a 45 minute tape of birds and squirrels in nature with an accompanying sound track of their chirps and noises. The cats used to go bonkers for it. They’d sit on top of the TV, chase the animals “behind” the screen, DROOL, the works. I think I played that tape until it wouldn’t work anymore.

  74. He is totally wanting a piece of that dog.
    My dumb fat cat thinks if she bats at the window long enough, the glass will magically dissolve and she will finally GET THAT BIRD. Good thing she is cute.

  75. OMG, too cute! My goldendoodle, Mayzie also watches television intently and attacks when any animal is onscreen. Only animals. How do they know, when there’s no scent? Am I the only loser who has actually rented movies, like Santa Buddies, for my dog?

  76. My boy does that, too! It’s fantastic when he is trying to save a starship from enemy fire. It’s not so fantastic when he decides to save the day from across the room and leaps from the couch to save a crew member from a phaser blast… knocking over the TV.

    …but that gif of HST is the best thing EVER.

  77. My aunt has a Jack Russel that can see other animals on the TV. Being a Jack Russel, this means he leaps at them as well as barks everytime there’s a dog or cat on the screen. We’ve had to secure the TV to keep him from knocking it down. This though? This is way funnier.

  78. That’s fantastic. I keep trying to entice my cat with pictures and videos of fish but he could care LESS. Although he is a big fan of trying to attack my fingers as I type.

  79. when pope john paul II was dying, i had just been in a bad car wreck and spent my days lying in bed with my cat piglet and my painkillers. i watched the news all day, waiting for the news of the pope’s death. mostly because netflix didn’t exist yet and there was nothing else on. you know how on the news channels they have that bottom line scroll? piglet was trying to ‘catch’ the letters as the ‘fell’ off the screen. it was really cute. and then the pope died. that was okay. i’m not catholic, so i wasn’t really bummed.

  80. Boy that water bottle is hangin’ tough. Aside from that, this footage made me laugh on several accounts — I love cats (though I don’t currently own one), I think I used to have this screen saver in college, I actually own pug at present, and I loved reading about the former Barnaby Jones Pickles in your book. Except for the part when he died. But other than that, he sounded totally awesome. Just like this post.

  81. Lol – thank you for sharing. Our Lab, Tulley, can see things on screens as well. She barks & growls at anything animal when it comes on screen. Makes life pretty entertaining often as my husband loves outdoorsy type and hunting shows.

  82. My cat has a thing for Letterman. She especially loves the Top Ten List.

    She also used to attack the computer screen when my brother would play MapleStory. And the TV when I was watching a nature program about birds.

  83. We just got new TV’s and our Bichon goes nuts during dog food commercials.

    Thought I’d pass along a tip. You can change how much we see in our email alerts and in the reader. If you set it to “summary” then readers have to click to your blog to read. It will only show 55 words instead of the whole post. Yep. 55. Sometimes I count each one to make sure I hook them into clicking over to my place. 🙂

  84. I can never get my kitty to play with the screen. It would be an adorable excuse not to work but she looks at it and then looks at me like I’m a puny human and goes back to clacking at birds in the yard.

  85. I scrolled to the bottom and didn’t read the comments so someone else may have said,

    We can’t stop here, this is pug country!

  86. Jenny,
    Thank you for the belly-busting laughter. I needed this today – and how. My world has been crazy busy these days and you particular brand of madness is like ambrosia for my brain.
    You rock.
    The Hook.

  87. I let my cat Sheldon watch videoes on my iPad. He’s kind of a dick about it when I’m using it, he’s all like ‘Bitch, where my birds at?’ I’m not sure why he sounds like a pimp.

  88. Recently I was whimpering to a friend that I wished I was rich enough to go on a luxury cruise, and he emailed me back “But you are rich in cats.” As you are Jenny, very rich indeed!

  89. If you would just buy HST his own iPad, he would leave you alone. Until the new ones came out. Then he would be all over you. Apple cats are like that.

  90. Have you thought of buying him a goldfish bowl (with a top on it of course). I’m sure he’d be endlessly entranced, although the fish would have to be booked into twice weekly sessions with a therapist 🙂

  91. Oh cats and their affinity towards computers. We have 2 cats, both of which love the husbands computer. Our black cat will hide behind the monitor and you will forget she is there until all the sudden there are two yellow eyes peeking around the back, scares the crap out me every time…lol


  92. We can’t watch Wheel of Fortune at our house. The sound effect that plays when the correct letter lights up drives the Chiweenie into an insane barking frenzy. Other than that, she doesn’t react to the TV at all.

  93. One of my cats (who looks suspiciously like HST) hops up on the coffee table and faces the tv whenever I pick up the remote. He’s also learned what the Blu-ray player sounds like when it turns on-he’ll come in from other rooms to see what we’re going to watch.
    My parents had a golden retriever that thought the television was another window. Any time he saw horses or dogs on television, he’d run to the windows to see where they went.

  94. I LOVE that screensaver!! Sometimes when I’m feeling sad I pull it up and watch it, and it makes me smile and happy. I LOVE PUGS!!! Your cat is adorable, BTW

  95. That’s amazing!! I want to video tape random animals licking cameras just to see Hunter react. Maybe he just doesn’t like (and/or LOVES) pugs?

    An office with doors would be no fun at all. 😉 🙂

  96. I saw something similar in real life once when a confused wren repeatedly tried to fly through the kitchen window and the cat repeatedly tried his best to catch that little fucker. The wren wasn’t hitting the window hard enough to hurt itself, just enough to bounce off and be even more confused about the nature of kitchens and windows for a while before mounting its next attempt. The cat would sit at attention on the back of the couch and launch himself just in time to hit the window from the opposite side, fall to the floor, recover his dignity, and take up his battle station again. I don’t know how long this dance went on before the wren got bored with it and flew away, but it probably seemed longer than it really was because of how hard we were laughing. Bonkitybonk! Scrabble scrabble scrabble. Wait wait wait. The cat, however, did remain on full alert for at least a half hour after the bird was gone.

  97. We had a cat who liked to watch football on TV. I always wondered if Sam thought we put all the toys away into the box when we turned the TV off.

  98. My cat Pocket has really gotten into tv. It all started when a Sunday news show ended with birds singing. She rushed behind the tv to find them. Then some English murder mystery show with bird songs in the background. Now she checks out tv shows to see if she’d like them.

  99. I’m pretty sure that’s the reason why you should NEVER get a real office with doors.

  100. RageMichelle, the Daleks can levitate now. Also fly, shoot lasers, and they have stolen timelord technology and can create spaceships that are bigger on the inside. You have been warned!!

  101. I used to have a cat that watched sports on tv. He could follow the action in football, but in ice hockey he was always behind the play (the puck was too little, so he followed the skaters). Thanks for making me miss him!

  102. I love the Iams commercial with the soldier and the wolfhound. But EVERY time the wolfhound whines, my Dane starts barking.

  103. My old-lady cats are 17 and 18. Mother and daughter, BTW. But still. The only thing that excites them is the prospect of waking me up. Why can’t MY cats watch TV?

  104. This makes me so, so happy, Jenny. Next time you’re feeling down I hope you’ll remember you made a random lady smile and remember her cat Tigger, who was fiercely interested in every round of Combat played on our Atari 2600. And who disdained food in the bowl, preferring to scoop it up pawfull by pawfull from the giant iced-tea jar we kept it in for God-knows-what reason. Oh, I remember. It was because if we left the food in the bag, the cats would cheerily eat through it. Tigger is also the reason that there are still, 20 years on, virtually no chipmunks anywhere near the house, and she was a survivor. Branch broke a hold in the roof of the shed in the sheep pasture, cat was AWOL for several days but that wasn’t new. Pop went in there for some reason and always-slender Tigger was bag-o-bones Tigger…but she bounced right the hell back. As a Tigger would.

  105. Your posts never fail to make me chuckle; I appreciated this one even more since I am indeed a cat lover as well.

  106. Jenny, I love this. My dog thinks she’s a cat and if birds are on the tv, my tv gets the same treatment, lol

  107. The updated, new web location worked great for me, but then, my own place is on WordPress, too. (And yes, I realize that I’m replying on the cat GIF post and not the other.)

    May I ask a special favor of Victor, Pete, Nate and Nick? I sometimes have to read more than one post at a time (in order, as you may recall). When I get to the bottom of the comments (of an individual post) there used to be a next post/previous post option. Could they bring that back, or invent something like it?

    (who is not a cat person, but IS a Bloggess person)

  108. My Yorkie only watches Portlandia…everything else she ignores, but she will watch HOURS of Portlandia, in one sitting, if I let her.

  109. Doors will not always save you. This is what happens when I shut the door so I can get less cat distraction. scrabblescrabblescrabblescrabble-scritchscritch…pause…. then the tiny cat tries again to scratch the door down….scritch-scritch-scritch-scrabblescrabblescrabble….looooong pause while the big, 20 pound cat comes to evaluate the situation then……THUMP. THUMP. THUMP! At this point the 20 pound cat has hurled his 20 pound body at the door a couple of times and the door has given up and come open with a creeeeeeeeeek….then mrrr? Then I have cats all up on my desk anyway. It’s hopeless.

  110. Aww he’s awesome! None of our 4 cats do that. They do, however, work as a team if we are eating anything remotely interesting to them. This makes eating slightly problematic and more of a workout than eating should ever be!

  111. Your cat looks identical to my kitten (had to give him up :() but his photo is forever on my debit card and it makes me smile every time. That is the best gif ever 🙂

  112. “that’s so loud that Victor assumes an angry neighbor is at the door again”

    I have nothing to add, other than how hilarious this particular statement is. Plus, Victor’s name makes it all funnier. I don’t know why.

  113. HST would probably also enjoy staggeringbeauty _dot_com…. it’s most fun on a tablet or similar device, but beware: there should be some sort of screen scratch guard on! It works with the mouse, on a desktop computer as well, he just doesn’t get to play by himself. My cat Caspar Milqtoast thoroughly enjoys it!

  114. My old kitty used to watch football and try to catch it when it was thrown. It was silly.

  115. My son has an iPad app that is a mouse running across the screen. The cats go crazy trying to get it. They have even tried to get under the iPad. Cats are so much fun to mess with. LOL!!!

  116. Hunter is beyond Cute!!!
    Our problem is the 72 pound English Bulldog barking and hurling himself at the screen at other dogs and animals. We can not watch Ceaser or the West Minster Abby Dog show. Even for some regular shows he’ll go nuts. He almost took out a 100 pound Sony 40 inch TV and we have to keep close eye on him at the parents house with their 60+ inch TV. Dad insists on watching hunting shows… whew

  117. I stacked a few pet gates in the doorway of my sewing room to keep the cats out while I try to sew. As I do not appreciate having delicate fabrics ripped out of my hand and dragged all over the house getting damaged as I scream for their release. They are the kind with the doors on them, and I have one on bottom right side up, and one on top upside down. It makes it tricky for me to get in but was great at keeping the cats out. That is until one day when I went in to find 3 cats in my sewing room who promptly squeezed back through the gate slats to escape their impending doom. This is why I do not have nice things.

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