Thank you.

I’m incredibly lucky to have an amazing group of people in this tribe who are so supportive and lovely and wonderful to me and to each other.  Even when I get critical comments or emails they’re mostly things like,

“I like you a lot, but you’re sort of stupid.  But I still like you.  And maybe you know you’re stupid and that makes you smart and I’m stupid for not getting it.  You’ve given me a headache.  Hugs.”


“You are very funny, but if you don’t stop putting two spaces at the end of each sentence I will hunt you down and set fire to your cats.  Have a blessed day.”


“Women like you should be forcibly stoned.”

I agree with the last one, but I might be misunderstanding the intent.  On the second, I can’t stop with the two spaces after a sentence.  I wrote on an old-fashioned type-writer (the kind that has its own suitcase) for years before word processors became popular and I’m stuck in my old ways.  At this point you’re lucky I don’t use white-out to correct my posts.  The first critique is very flattering, as Edith Bunker and Gracie Allen are great heroes of mine and I do try to emulate them at times, and it’s also nice because when I unintentionally say something incredibly stupid (quite often) people just dismiss it as being part of my satirical hyperbole instead of me actually being stupid.  Do not be fooled.  I’m actually very stupid.  But I’m aware of it and I think that’s what makes me vaguely entertaining.  I can say illogical, ridiculous things and people will laugh at me (and with me) because most people are just as illogical and ridiculous as I am, but they try to hide it in the real world and they find great relief in finding like-minded, happy and self-aware stupid people here on this blog.  Some are doctors, engineers, astronomers, even a large number of rocket scientists, and they are all happily stupid.  Which is lovely because the wisest people you’ll ever meet are those who know that they know nothing.  Someone said that once.  I’m pretty sure it was Edith Bunker.

I don’t have good way to end this.  I just wanted to say thanks.  This last month has been difficult.  I had a cancer scare, found out I was sicker than I thought, had to go on narcolepsy meds, missed out on a family trip to Japan because my anxiety flared up, and spent much of the last 6 weeks helping with Victor’s meemaw, who hasn’t left the hospital since February.  The good news is that I don’t have cancer, I got meds for my sickness (more on that when I feel like I can talk about it), Victor and Hailey went to Japan together and had fabulous bonding time, and meemaw was moved to rehab today and looks 100% better and we might get to bring her back home in another week.

Things are looking up.  Thanks for looking out for me when they were down, even if you didn’t know about it.  It makes a difference.  You make a difference.  I love your stupid faces.

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  1. Not necessary to say as this post proves that you know, but you’re loved! And we’re all stupid, especially the ones who feel the need to tell someone else they should be stoned. WTF is that?

  2. You’re human. And it’s refreshing to see someone so unashamed of that fact. Thank you for being you, and not censoring yourself.

  3. holy squirrel-bait…that’s sappier than a sugar maple tree inside a fried double-stuffed oreo. Wait, that sounded better in my head…oh well, it’s out now. hugs m’blogging friend. 🙂

  4. I cherish reading your blog, because you are honest about your struggles. If I have to read one more blog post about a perfectly placed fiddle leaf fig plant I may spray roundup on every living thing I see from now on. Life is messy and thank you for being a voice in the darkness.

  5. You make me happy that I am not the only self aware stupid person in the world. I also think you are goddamn amazing and reading your blog and tweets makes my eyes happy.

  6. You know what they say…”stupid birds of a stupid feather flock stupidly”, and that must be why I like you. I also can’t give up the two spaces after a sentence. It’s hard coded in me. I’m glad you don’t have cancer.

  7. Grateful for all the good news you have received and hope it continues. I’m not funny. My sister has said it outright, so you help me fill that void.

  8. Knowing you also use two spaces at the end of a sentence fills me relief that perhaps I can still do the same. I’ve been trying to wean myself off and it’s so bloody difficult!

  9. I’m am now acutely aware of the double space issue. My brain must have ignored it as a way to protect itself.
    Now I can’t NOT see it.
    I don’t know what to do.
    Maybe I can have some your drugs?

    (Totally. Right now I’m on narcolepsy drugs and also anti-malaria drugs. So I’m awake to wonder why I’m on anti-malaria drugs. It’s highly distracting. ~ Jenny)

  10. Thank you for this- illnesses of any kind are difficult to deal with, some more than others, and I hope you are better soon. I also am a molecular microbial ecologist with 20 years of research experience, and I say dumb things often, and can’t open doors with keys half the time.

  11. Thank you for all you do, Jenny. Especially for helping to take the stigma out of depression. Your Depression Lies saying has really helped me a lot.

    Your video chat type things you did when your book came out were something I really needed when I was in a terrible hole. I couldn’t participate in talking because my anxiety was too bad, but I loved your stupid face, too.

    I feel like I’m just rambling, so I’ll just say thank you again. You rock.

  12. You can pry my two spaces after each period out of my cold, dead hands. My month had cancer in it, but it (and my boobs) are GONE-ZO! I’m glad you are trending upward.

    (Cancer is such an asshole. Sending you love, sweets. ~ Jenny)

  13. We love you more. 🙂
    Glad you’re okay. And you do know, you make being stupid cool, right?

  14. I am glad to hear life-things are on the upswing for you, Jenny. Hooray!

    Those old manual typewriter class habits are hard to get rid of, aren’t they? I still can hear the cadence of tap-tap-tap space from the eighth grade class in my head, messed up by the kid who couldn’t get it swearing from the back of the room. And when all the kids hit the return lever for that in concert zzzzzzzzzz-ding, that was power!

    You’re welcome.

  15. People who DON’T put two spaces at the end of a sentence are assholes. Just saying.

  16. I wish I had something really clever to say, but apparently I’m not that smart. Or else I’m very tired. One of those. Either way, so happy to have helped, even though I did nothing but continue to read your tweets. I do love them. And you. So you’re welcome for that.

  17. RE: looking out for you even if we don’t know it … Back at ya. You do the same for many of us. We are symbiotic parasites, apparently. Which is good and a little gross.

  18. Jenny, you may be stupid but your the smartest id10t I know. And you’ve nailed it right on the head about how being supportive of each other, no matter what, makes a difference and makes us all better.

    I had no idea you had a cancer scare or that Victor’s meemaw was that sick either. Both of those mirror my own personal struggles except that my cancer scare was so much more than a scare. My grandmother just came out of rehab and is back home now. And it’s impossible to say just how much your moment of supporting me made things better.

    Please know that I am always here to listen if you ever need someone. I am horrible at putting words together that will make things better but I can listen for hours end. And things are looking up for me as well. Still not even close to being out of the woods but at least there is hope now where there wasn’t any before.

    Thank you Jenny, you do so much for others whether you know it or not and we are lucky to have you in our lives.

  19. That third one implies that there might be women who are voluntarily stoned.

    Which, if we’re talking about pot, makes perfect sense to me. Let’s go volunteer.

  20. We love you! Your words, struggles, thoughts, etc. mean a lot to me. The last few months have been difficult for me as well and even though it’s a one-way dialouge, it’s nice to have you. And it’s great knowing I’m not struggling alone.

  21. When did they change the two spaces rule!? I’m mid game here. They can’t change the typing rules that were forced into my head by that nice old lady with a big ruler and unusually quiet way of threatening. They’ll pry that habit (and correct way of life) from my cold, dead brain! Although I’d prefer they just let it not come to that. I’ve just realized my goal in life of dying my hair bright red. I’d appreciate if I could enjoy that for the “up to 6 weeks” quoted on the box.

  22. For a second I was confused and thought you went on necrophelia meds, and I was like, HOLY SHIT! They have those now??? But then I reread it and realized it was the falling-asleep thing not the funky-corpse-luvin thing. whew. I’m glad things are going better for you and meemaw too.

  23. I think you’re awesome just as you are. And I think you have fodder for a new T-shirt in “should be forceably stoned” Plus, would anyone every be willingly stoned, well maybe the other kind of stoned.

  24. I’m glad to hear things are looking up! A selfish part of me wanted to pop my commenting cherry out of pure glee that I am not the only person using two spaces after a period. It’s how I was taught, even in the early days of the computer. I know it doesn’t matter in HTML, but whatever. Let me, er, us(!) have our two spaces. Let us have them!

    (Did I do that right? The commenting thing?)

    (Totally right. Welcome! ~ Jenny)

  25. I always tell people I know nothing…..then they don’t ask you shit.

  26. We love your stupid face. And if that was a Doctor Who reference (Amy loving Rory’s stupid face) I love yours even more.

    Even if it wasn’t you’ve grown on me. Feel better! Depression lies, you taught us that.

  27. I’m glad you are feeling better and not cancer-y. Cancer is an asshole.

  28. Aw, we love you, too. Thanks for giving so much of yourself to people who may never meet you.

  29. You do more than put other people at ease because they think “stupid” stuff too. It’s not all herpy derpy. Your real-ness is a gift to everyone who comes across you. You give people permission to be real, too.

    Sorry I couldn’t think of a whacky way to say it, but, it’s true.

  30. I really just like that you tagged this post Edith Bunker. I’m going to go see if there is a whole section of these posts I’ve missed.

    I never learned about double spacing (I’m 26) and I feel left out of the club. Can I start? Is it as simple as it sounds?

  31. I can’t tell you how much I love this post. You are showing that yes bad things happen, but you are coming out on the other side. That’s fucking huge. #kickdepressionsass

  32. Too bad you can’t roll up people who are mean to you and blow them out of your ass….I wonder how far would they travel…would they be burned….or perhaps slightly scorched…maybe it just best to ignore the meanies.

  33. Jenny, you and this community that you’ve cultivated have saved me from myself more times than I can count. Thank you for always finding the strength to remind us all that it’s okay to be human. And thank you for being such a weirdo because, quite frankly, this sad sack right here needs a good laugh and you always deliver. Don’t you go changing.

  34. Your blog is the thing that is guaranteed to make me laugh out loud each day. I am a college professor (and most definitely stupid) and still put the two spaces after each period. I had cancer too and, although it wasn’t too much of an asshole,we never need to meet again, SO glad you don’t!

  35. I have no idea why anyone would be mean to you, except that the world is full of idiots and not the good kind. It’s been a month of hiding under the covers (not literally) (mostly) with a major depression battle but at least I’ve kept up my commitment of visiting your blog whenever the hell I remember that oh yeah there are awesome, damaged, and awesomely damaged people out there to shine a little light into the darkness here under the blankets.

  36. Well, they’ll stone ya when you’re trying to be so good
    They’ll stone ya just a-like they said they would
    They’ll stone ya when you’re tryin’ to go home
    Then they’ll stone ya when you’re there all alone
    But I would not feel so all alone
    Everybody must get stoned

  37. I learned two spaces too. I was unaware that it was wrong now. Maybe that’s why no one’s giving my resume a second look. Or maybe it’s because I can’t figure out how to get the little tick mark over the last e in resume…
    Anywho, I also had a cancer scare this month. And while it wasn’t cancer, I still lose my lady organs on Tuesday. In other news, my husband’s grandma is also in rehab and seems to be doing better. Are we related or something?
    Thank you for everything you do for those of us who need encouragement, but don’t actually want to talk to anyone.

    Love your stupid face too!

  38. We’re not supposed to put two spaces after the end of a sentence any more? When did that change? I’m only 36, I can’t be THAT old, right? GEESH!

    I’m glad you’re better. Sorry you missed out on Japan – it’s good that Hailey and Victor had bonding time though <3

    BTW, just ignore the people who are mean to you, they are idiots.

  39. I’ve needed your style of brilliant truthfulness this week as I go off my depression meds. Funny how easy it is to fall into tears every single day again, and yet this tribe is back here helping me cope. It is way easier to thrive when I know I’m not alone.

    Thanks, jenny and all the rest of you amazing people. You help me know that my idiocy is celebrated and wonderful.

    Prayers for you and your family, since that’s the kind of person I am.

  40. I’m pretty sure that “know nothing” quote is Ted “Theodore” Logan.

  41. Sometimes I like to squish my face up funny just to see how silly it looks.

    I’ve deeply appreciated this tribe this week, as I go off my depression meds. Strange how dependent I had become on them, and how easy it is to break into tears these days.

    Y’all, stay strange and brilliant, you help me keep going through the times that make absolutely no sense whatsoever.

  42. Two spaces is technically correct in business writing. There isn’t a damned thing wrong with it.

  43. We love you, too. And I’m glad things are looking up. Hope they stay that way and the big ugly life monster will stay in its closet for a while.

  44. Your writing has helped me when I’m in a bad place, and I’ve never posted a comment before, but it’s nice to think the benefits are reciprocal. Also, I proudly defend the rights of all to be wildly stupid on a regular basis. All the best stuff starts when we aren’t worried about making fools of ourselves.

  45. Had a high school teacher who used to say: “The more you know, the more you forget. The more you forget, the less you know. The less you know, the less you forget. The less you forget, the more you know.” And as a side note; I realize you often slant your tales toward absurdity and ridiculousness and I laugh at that. Just every now and then, I get disturbed by the angry, vengeful responses of your readership even though I know it is just to show you support. There is too much anger and hate in the world which is why I turn to your blog for the laughs it/you give(s) me. Thank you for that.

  46. I don’t understand grammar police. Hey look two spaces…and by the way I could give a fuck about grammar in general, but I always put two spaces. I am glad things are looking up. I hope it just keeps getting better. Much love, a fellow idiot.

  47. Glad you’ve made it through the latest bumps in road of life. Whom does one have to blow to get a road crew out to smooth this shit out? I can’t say I show up to read your blog every day, but every time I do, I come away with something, even if it’s bewilderment. Thanks for making the effort especially when you don’t want to.

  48. How, exactly, is one stoned without force (in the traditional, violent sense of stoning)? I think at that point, you’re just passing someone a rock. Carry on being a “woman like you”, Jenny. Carry on.

  49. I don’t get people who leave shitty comments. Maybe if they got stoned (the more pleasant version) they’d be nicer.

    And your stupid face is nice to look at. I’m glad things are looking up…and Japan will be there the next time.

  50. What did Hailey think of Japan and enjoy the most? I want to take my daughter who’s just a year older than your girl. And, I suppose I will take my husband too. I’ve already been to Japan and would love to take my family and go again in the next couple of years.

    Also, I didn’t notice the 2 spaces post-period. What does that mean?

    (Feeding the deer in Nara was her favorite. Also, the Ninja Academy. ~ Jenny)

  51. Sweetie, you are responsible for the smile on my stupid face and the fact that I crawled out of bed for the first time since January when my German Shepherd got hit by a car, and killed, as a direct result of me not paying attention that afternoon when I brought him home from the groomer’s. I was caught in the worst clinical depression that I’ve ever experienced, of course, it slips ip on you so imperceptibly that you never look at what’s happening, until it’s so far along that it seems perfectly normal not to be able to come up with the initiative or the energy to take a shower for 4 days… (helllloooo?!) I have read your book, in the past (loved it!! I even bought it, at a concrete touch-them-before-you-pay “real!” bookstore!), so I knew you wrote wonderfully, but when I discovered your blog !! Rapture!! You have given me laughter and empathy and the realization that I’m really not alone in pretending that everything’s ok in this hard world of life:) I’m back on both my medications now, after feeling that I couldn’t afford them both , (true, but I finally got better to the point where I decided to put me as a priority and find the $$ necessary to get both Rxs — all due to you, my Texas friend. Thank you for giving me my life back and I’m serious. (!!) hug Victor and your adorable daughter for me:). Gratefully, Mary Jane Sepmeier, veterinarian, in Ada, Oklahoma (Aka “The Meth Capitol of the World”! (you need to write on this topic!! )

  52. Ya, I never really noticed the double space thing before.. I mean I Knew about it somehow but I never Noticed it. Weird. Please remember that you help so many people Jenny and we love helping you back! I’m actually taking a creative writing class at school and when we did a free write last week all I could think about was how crappy I felt and..well I used the #DepressionLies in my poem. It has been so much help to me and too many others to count. Thanks you!

  53. Wait, what? You’re not supposed to put two spaces after sentences now? Crap, I even do that when I text…

  54. If you can’t stop typing two spaces after a period but want to make them disappear because an evil overlord will destroy all the marshmallow fluff in the world or something equally horrendous, you can do a find-replace and use it to find double spaces and replace them with single spaces. It’s amazing. I highly recommend it.

  55. I want you to know there’s a lot more of us here that don’t comment often, but still think of you as our weird friend. Sorry for what you’ve been going through, glad things are looking up.

  56. I don’t have anything witty or clever to say — I leave that to you. But I did want to remind you that you’re adorable and brave, and I really, really appreciate you. xox

  57. What we do for you, you do for us. So we’re even. Except that I don’t have that weird crusty mermaid thing, and now I really want one. So we’re even. I think. Hugs.

  58. When I read you had narcolepsy I had to Google it to be sure it wasn’t necrophelia because I get them mixed up. And they are two very different things.

    Although there is the dead animal obsession you have going on so maybe not that far fetched… 😉

  59. I’m with Courtney. I’m volunteering tooo! I haven’t had much to say but I am following and paying attention. Ok so im already stoned. BIG DEAL! BUT according to your responses I am not the only one xo

  60. I appreciate having an author show herself, warts and all (no, I don’t think you have warts!) SO many people only want to show the upside of life. Without the negative, only happy is less precious. Thank you.

  61. My stupid face has much respect for you Miss Jenny. I bought your book for my sister for her birthday. It’s not until the end of April. I sent her a text. Me: Laur your birthday present is here, Do you want it now? Want it now? Want it now? Laur: Is it food? Me: No but you want it. Laur: Na, I’ll wait. She is going to be so pissed that she waited.

  62. The two spaces after periods things cracked me up because I still do that and I doubt I will ever stop. I have been told it is no longer necessary, but like you and apparently a lot of other people here, it is how I was taught, since I was born before computers could fit in one normal sized room. I know they existed before I was born because my mom talks about having to use punch cards for a math project she did in college, but it was still before you could buy one for at home. I remember the best game on the first computer my parents got was opening what was the equivalent of word, typing in a random word and then using the thesaurus function on the first word, and then use it again on the word it came up with, and then again on the next word it came up with after that, repeating until you ended up with a word so far away from the original word you had no idea how the two were related. It didn’t always take that long either because English is a messed up language.

    Is trying to figure out why I felt the need to explain all of that, I also ramble way more than I probably should for being someone online a lot of the time. But at least online and typing I am more likely to actually finish my original thoughts because I can go back and check what they were, unlike when I am telling a story out loud and I get side tracked on another story and then a third story gets thrown in there because the second story reminded me of something completely different and then after a while I have no idea what I was talking about and have to ask and sometimes it has been so long even my husband doesn’t remember and he is much better at those kinds of things than I am.

    Also, love you, love your blog, love that it has helped me to better understand what my mom deals with on a daily bases as she has always suffered from depression, the chemical kind, and while I didn’t realize it until college because she hid it so well, it really helps to have an understanding of why sometimes she would say we’ll do something in an hour and then an hour later she wouldn’t be able to do whatever she had promised to do because she needed to go lay down for a while. I never understood that growing up, I just thought she was very sleepy all the time, now that I know what she was dealing with and more about how it can manifest itself, I realize there was more going on and I no longer feel annoyed about all the times she promised we would do something together and then didn’t because she needed to go lay down for a while, usually the rest of the day and sometimes a whole week. That really means a lot to me and I think it has helped our relationship more than I could have ever expected it to.

    Also, I know one time you mentioned a fear that you may pass on your depression to your daughter. I know it is possible, but it is not necessarily going to be so, because so far I have not slipped into depression and even with debilitating illness that I am currently trying to recover from, I still haven’t slipped into depression, which my doctors seem to all think is impossible, but they have yet to be able to actually find anything about me and my personality that shows any kind of depression chemical or situational so I confuse the heck out of them because they seem to want that to be the answer because it is a lot easier to medicate for than trying to figure out what is actually physically wrong with me. I also write horribly long run on sentences, or at least I have been told that, I am frequently unsure when I hit run on status or if I just write really long normal sentences. My English sucks and I have spoken it my whole life but grammar always escapes me somehow. I blame my brain’s way of processing sounds that also makes it so if I have never heard a word said out loud before I cannot read it. I have zero ability to sound out words either trying to read them or write them. I am not sure how not being able to sound out words would influence my poor grammar skills, but I need something to blame and that is the only thing I can think of.

    Am I over sharing? That seems to be easy to do on this blog, but it feels good to get it all out.


    P.S. Totally unnecessary signature because this feels like a letter more than a comment and letters get signatures, so there internet! 😛

  63. Zaftiguous totally cheated and looked at my paper and wrote what I was going to write. Now I feel stupid in the face so I volunteer to get stoned.

    Or something like that.

  64. I’m very, very glad that things are looking up for you and yours. All of us here in the blogosphere really do love you and are rooting for you.

    I shall now hug a pillow and hand it to you (virtually, because I haven’t managed to get that transporter working) so that you can hug it and receive a safe hug without needing to actually come into contact with me, a stranger.

    (You may have noticed that I put two spaces after my sentences. I did not learn to type on a typewriter, but my typing teacher was very definite about that.)

  65. Thank you for being awesome, and I’m glad things are getting better for you.

    Also, proper formatting is important, but not set-someone’s-cat-on-fire important. Wow.

  66. I’m sorry you had a cancer scare & Victor too on your behalf. So glad you don’t have cancer.

    I still use two spaces & always will. In the grand scheme of things what’s it really matter? And that person thot it was funny to threaten your cats? (I’m assuming they were attempting to be funny.) Not funny. That’s never funny.

    Thanks for being there for me too. It’s been a rough go for a while.
    Hugs to you.

  67. I must know whether your second quote actually had two spaces between the sentences when they sent it to you, or if you added one in there. Because I really did LOL at that.

  68. I believe a) that you are awesome
    B) if one does not put two spaces after a period, my grade nine typing teacher will gleefully rap on my fingers with a metal edged ruler, &
    3) I (and possibly a lot of us drawn to this blog) suffer from a little known affliction called life dyslexia.
    I am most awkward when it is most important to NOT be awkward. AND 98% of the time i completely reverse the neaning of something, both in my understanding AND delivery.
    .We are your tribe.
    Bowing mindfully.

  69. Pedantic former-English-major-now-going-into-library-science note: the next time some ignoramus starts giving you crap about using two spaces after a period, point them towards this, and then oh-so-sweetly invite them to kindly go fuck themselves:

    This has, indeed, been a crappy winter on my end as well–mom had several fainting spells and damn near flatlined in the hospital while munching on her broccoli at dinner (“…And it was damn good broccoli, too!” “Do you realize your last thought on this earth could have been about friggin’ BROCCOLI?!?”), dad ended up in the hospital for a transfusion due to too much bleeding into a massive bruise (that coumadin is a BITCH, I tell you), various friends have dealt w/their own traumas, I’ve been unemployed and looking for work (anyone in Boston want a good legal secretary/admin. asst.?), and, finally, I had to have my much-loved almost-18-year-old cat Jezebel put to sleep after she went downhill fast and turned out to have a large tumor. But…mom now has a fancy pacemaker, dad perked up after his transfusion is and back to shoveling snow off the roof (at the age of 82, no less), I was accepted into a Master’s program in library science (anyone want to fund my education?…), and, at some point, the Universe will conspire to send a new furry friend my way, so I’m hanging in there. In short, if misery loves company, I can definitely sympathize with you, and wish there was more I could do cheer you up. Instead, all I can offer right now is virtual hugs, a standing invite to hang out the next time you’re in Boston, and chocolate…would a batch of Hawkeye-approved chocolate-chip cookie dough truffles dipped in dark Belgian chocolate help? (Yes, there’s quite a story behind the truffles, available upon request…and how the hell are people getting your mailing address to send you stuff? Did I miss it somewhere on the site?)

    Thanks for providing a whole lot of us with our regular dose of desperately-needed humor, and take care of yourself, OK? hugs

  70. Everyone’s a critic. As a professional ice hockey official, and the worst one ever, all I can say is keep rocking. One day, I’ll write a dirty book with all the expletives that I’ve been called over the years. It’ll be huge. Some guys and gals, can throw together a string of F bombs that are truly mind boggling. The F word truly is the most versatile word in the English language. I see it played out every Tuesday through Sunday. People are creative.

  71. You gotta love the judgemental holier than thou assholes trolling the blogs! Don’t they know “If you don’t have anything nice to say then fuck you dead”?

    You are a big chemical mix of fantasticness!

  72. I’m up for being forcibly stoned. But if I’m up for it.. that might be volunteering. Do we have to go to Colorado first though? I’ve got a big honkin’ SUV. I bet we can all fit. Road trip? Anyone?

  73. Oh no. I had no idea about the double space thing. It’s the way I was taught. Forgive me for looking at all your double spaces?

  74. Seriously, what’s wrong with two spaces? Only one looks lazy and stupid to me.

  75. this is the best thing I have read on the internet in ages – and I love you response the #3 – take care of yourself

  76. Hi Jenny

    I’m SO relieved you don’t have cancer and that things are looking a bit better for Victor’s meemaw. I discovered your blog about three weeks ago (I know, late to the party or what!) and you’ve given me so many laughs and made me cry a few times, too. I had no idea there was a place online where we can all come be misfits together and love each other for it. You’re a beautiful person. I can’t think of anything witty to say so basically, hang in there, ignore the haters, remember you’re loved, and here, have my extra spaces because I’ve long since gone to the dark side and started using only one space after each period.

  77. I’m so glad you said what you said. You make crazy normal. I feel so much better. I’ll look for your future med post. Meds scare me. It’s a struggle between fear of being turned into a zombie and fear, constant fear and sadness and worse I can’t openly speak about yet. Thanks for making me awesome

  78. That double space thing must be an American thing. I am older than you and had typewriting classes in high school(did my homework on the old fashion non-electric types that KILLED your fingers) and we didn’t use double space. I notice and don’t give a sh*t.

    I am a touch-person who can speed type like you wouldn’t believe it, but give me a cell phone and I’m helpless, My thumbs don’t know what they’re doing and I end up typing shit that nobody understands, least of all me. Talk about stupid!

    PS! You’re NOT stupid, you’re AWESOME!

    PPS! Sometimes I wish I was American, just for your weird meds. Over here it’s more “Your pain is chronic, no meds, learn to live with it”

  79. As someone up there already said: our stupid faces love you too! 🙂
    My face is particularly stupid just now. I’m only on my first cup of tea.

    You make a huge difference you may not even always hear about through your writing and the community you’re created so it seems fair that sometimes your community makes a difference for you without realising it.
    I’m so glad you’re ok, and meemaw too, and that H and her dad had a wonderful time together.

  80. I’ve been having a hell of a couple months myself, and Thank YOU for being weird enough to keep shit in perspective. Plus I splurged and got a couple of shirts that make me feel better every time I wear them. I need a new F Bomb shirt because I’m wearing the old one out. Stealth cursing is very relieving.

  81. I thought everyone used two spaces! I suppose that means I’m stupid too.

  82. Anyone that doesn’t use two spaces after a sentance is just lazy. It makes me sad for them. It isn’t like we are paying for space on a print ad here and the greedy bastards want to save (sell) every available space. Shame on them.

  83. I will never stop double spacing. Just had a super long debate about this on my Facebook a couple of days ago (yes, I’m that self-righteous nerd). My point was that everyone should use at least ONE space after a sentence but really, nothing will ever look correct to me other than two after a sentence and one after a comma. Plus there is a really interesting article out there that counters the snotty Slate article which tells us we are all stupid for using two. Haters gonna hate! Fuck ’em.

  84. I just wanted to say that I’m glad you’re doing (mostly) better, and to thank you from the bottom of my heart for inspiring me to stop being an irrational fool and start taking anti-depressants again. Your honesty and courage has been a great source of strength for me, as has the words “Depression lies”. Like several people have commented, it’s been a rough couple months, which included the death of my elderly Pug, and I hit rock bottom enough that I ended up in the E.R. Wacky Ward after apparently wandering out of my house in my socks and Halloween jammies and heading towards traffic (I barely remember doing it; thank Bowie for my husband noticing I was gone and grabbing me in time). I already feel a lot better, and I’m looking forward to being my old normal zany self again, instead of a mess. And I have you and Wil Wheaton to thank for it; every time I started to doubt my decision, I’d think “Well, Wil Wheaton and The Bloggess both say that depression lies and that meds help them enormously. You love and respect them both, so STFU and heed them, stop hurting yourself and your husband with all this whacked out shit! TAKE CONTROL.”

    So, yeah, here’s something I bet you never thought you’d hear from a Klingon: Thank you for saving my life.

    Please, continue to jam out with yer clam out,

    Storm the Klingon

  85. w00p w00p for meds 😀 I recently (last week) got put on anxiety/depression meds for the first time, and this first week has been HELL – BUT it was my birthday and my best friend BOUGHT ME YOUR BOOK. And this makes dealing with the rollercoaster that is new meds amazing. Also I used to be really self conscious about having to have meds for my mental – but NOW… Now I feel like I’m just like you – and that makes it OK in a really weird way.

    Also for my birthday I got a toy monkey – normally I love monkies, which is why I got this one, but this one has the LARGEST FREAKIEST EYES EVER… it spends its whole time watching you. I’ve named it Copernicus

  86. Yay for not having cancer! You are the best. I am currently going through my first, difficult & utterly terrifying but desperately wanted pregnancy. Your writing is helping me cope, even when I’m not reading it and just know it’s there, if that makes any sense.

  87. I I always figured you were the smartest blogger around BECAUSE you double space. Who decided to single space anyway and how did that decision arise? “That’s it! I am only hitting the space bar ONCE! There simply aren’t enough hours in the day for all this double strike crap!”. But then again, I am 40 so you know. Patient enough to double space which is as ingrained as the old memories of ftftftft(spacespace)ghghghgh(spacespace)hyhyhyhy etc 😉

  88. Two spaces to begin a new sentence after a period is proper. One is ridiculous, and I’ll hunt down anybody who thinks otherwise (but not their pets; I happen to like animals).

  89. You are, quite simply, awesome. You always make my day, and as a thanks, I throw happiness at you in abundance until it knocks you out.

  90. Oh, apparently one space is automatic in responses on this site, as I placed two in between my two sentences above. But, it shows up as one. Not cool.

  91. I like the fact that they felt the need to clarify with the words “forcibly stoned”. To distinguish from the voluntary stoning that you do for fun every other Tuesday.

  92. I always thought of you as a modern day Lucille Ball. (with your own in-house Desi, of course)
    Yay for doctors scaring you about cancer (erm… that came out wrong. Yay for it not being anything more than a scare!)

  93. I still use 2 spaces most of the time AND the Oxford comma, so there you go. Hang in there, honey!

  94. Glad you’re feeling better. I think you’re stupid funny. (<-I’m pretty sure that’s how the kids compliment each other nowadays.)

  95. People who say you’re stupid, even ‘sort of’, simply show themselves up as having had a sense of humour lobotomy. As for two spaces, that’s the correct way to type. Stephanie is right – Lucille Ball is the perfect description. Hurrah for that. And hurrah for no cancer!

  96. You write better when drugs course through your veins. Not that you write bad. Just better good. BTW are you a Harvard comma user too?

  97. Anyone who gets THAT worked up about someone else’s post-period spacing is obviously unbalanced. And just for that, I left three spaces.

  98. Wow- thanks for sharing & I am so glad everything is ok and things are looking up! 🙂 also, did I miss something… Why would we not use two spaces in between sentences? Am I too old?

  99. We are here for you always. We may not know exactly what is going on, but tribes stick together. Know that. =]

    Also, I always put two spaces after sentences too. I think all the cool kids do…

  100. HOORAY for Meemaw getting better! Keep up the double spacing, I do it too 🙂 and stupid is a s stupid does. love ya Jenny!

  101. I’d say “I love your stupid face, too” but here’s the thing: your face is not stupid, it’s pretty. I’ve seen pictures. So, unless you have a body double, no. And YOU are not stupid, not one bit. The world is just catching up with you. And me. And us.

  102. There is a couple who lives locally on an old farm estate that they purchased and restored. They have developed a lifestyle brand, and part of their contribution to the world is issuing a weekly blog with the 5 most beautiful things they have seen that week. I thought this link to some beautiful taxidermy might cheer you up:

  103. What ignorant fool said anyone should be forcibly stoned?! That statement alone shows how little we have progressed. I have found that the people who are most ashamed of themselves lash out at those they look up to. NO ONE should be stoned for being themselves. That is a horrible way to be punished. You say what most of us only say to ourselves. NEVER let some ignorant fool demean the awesomeness that is you. They’re just jealous that they’re not half as fabulous, my dear.

  104. Knew you were struggling, glad the situations are resolving. Yay! I read those nasty posts as jealousy – they just can’t get over their lack of Bloggess awesomeness. Thanks for being there for all of us, we’re here for you.

  105. I already knew I had a stupid face but I’m glad you love it anyway. Glad you’re cancer-free; um,who else would make me laugh on my awful,down days? Love you too Jenny!!!

  106. I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been experiencing some particularly nasty bumps in the road lately. Glad to hear that the road ahead is significantly smoother … or you bought new shock absorbers. (I think this analogy is getting away from me.) And what’s all this nonsense about not using two spaces at the end of a sentence?! Isn’t that what we were taught in school … back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and militant nuns could legally whack you on the knuckles with a wooden ruler when you didn’t use two spaces? Maybe this is “new grammar” for the millennial generation. Regardless, you, my friend, are wise beyond your years. The fact that you are uncompromisingly YOU brings joy to the universe. No joke. We love you just the way you are.

  107. I’m just happy to feel like I get to be a part of this tribe of weirdos.

  108. I LOVE YOUR STUPID FACE! And what’s wrong with two spaces between sentences? In handwritten, typed, or word process – I never get squiggly lines under two spaces unless it’s in the MIDDLE of a sentence!

  109. I suffer the slings & arrows of outrageous double-spacing myself… high school training on a Selectric, and years of typing in monospace are hard to break. So now that we’re doing automatically justified text in automatically self-spacing programs, I go my merry way and type however many spaces come out….and then search-and-destroy double spaces before going to press. But not on comments or facebook or whatever, just at work where the engineers might notice.
    I’m glad you’re better, and I hope that H&V had a marvelous time in Japan.

  110. Happy to hear you are doing better. You are my medicine. Whenever the world is crappy or the people in it are crappy, I can always read about this one weird girl who struggles through life, but ultimately gets the craziness and joy of it. So thanks for being my medicine. Side effects of the bloggess may include increased heart rate, abdominal cramps, sudden outbursts of laughter.

  111. March was a hard month for me as well..which is why I come to your blog everyday and always leave feeling a bit better. So thank you.

  112. We love your stupid face too, Jenny. You’re always there for me when I’m having a bad day – I can go read about Beyonce and be pulled a little bit out of my hole almost instantly. I’m glad you have so many people who are here for you, too. You are awesome, depression lies, and cancer scares suck. Hope the new meds help you, whatever they’re for, and we’re here for you when you’re in the dark place.

  113. You should know… you make me laugh everyday and then I know I can carry on. Thank you.

  114. Two spaces at the end of a sentence is the right way to do everything. If you try to talk without them you will stop breathing.

    Sorry you have had such a rough time of it. Glad that Meemaw is better. Also that Meemaw isn’t just a made-up word invented by The Big Bang Theory.

  115. Your writing made me realize that I don’t just have to be funny all the time to cover up sadness – that I can actually sometimes be both funny AND sad, or even just sad. This is a great gift, so thank YOU for making my days a little bit brighter and a little bit more honest.

  116. Thank YOU, Jenny. And I’m sorry that you are dealing with all those rough spots. I can surely relate (and I think Shirley can surely relate, too). Glad to hear there are bright sides for each. Cyberhug.

  117. HUG! Glad you’re better and you can find love, strength, and joy here. Thanks back. It’s been a rough patch for me and you always help! Sometimes just the laugh. Or the reminder that depression does lie.

  118. You are the best kind of weird. And I don’t care how many spaces you put between sentences as long as you keep letting us read your sentences.


  119. I love your stupid face as well. But hang on a sec, you’re not supposed to use two spaces after a sentence?? I’m not that old (24) and I took typing/business/whatever classes in high school and we were taught to use two spaces. So those classes were in like, 2005 and 2006. Definitely on a computer. I need to go look this up.

  120. I have a little secret for you…you are actually a very bright, witty woman who generously shares herself within anonymouns weirdos on the web.

    Thank you.

    Also, I’m pretty smart and I spend an inordinate amount of time being told I don’t get it by people who don’t actually get it. I feel like much of my life is being embarressed for other people.


  121. Yay for no cancer, awesome for daddy/daughter bonding time and sweet on the meemaw news!

    I had to break myself on the two spaces between sentences. I found my NaNoWriMo word count came out better without the two spaces. Strange but true. Not sure why their word monkey counting software works that way, but it does. Even with the two spaces, you still rock. Period. 😀

  122. I had a suitcase typewriter too! And about the wite-out, I have a co-worker who when he makes a mistake on the computer asks if he can use wite-out on the monitor.
    Love to you, Victor, Hailey and Meemaw.

  123. I love your stupid face too. You’re the person (blog) I send people to when they need a laugh. I’ve added to the tribe, do I get a finders-fee? 🙂 One of my dear friends was struggling so I sent her your book. Another of my dear friends was struggling so I sent her some stuff from your shop. You’re like therapy for me, and I like to share that with others. THANK YOU!

  124. What’s wrong with putting two spaces at the end of a sentence? I always do that – I thought everyone did.

  125. i’m so glad it’s not sucking anymore. and I love YOUR stupid face.

    so, you talked about what your critics say. what about what the rest of us say?

    you have saved lives with this blog. actual humans are walking around today b/c your honesty about depression and suicidal thoughts and how it IS possible to get out of the dark place and how it’s OK to ask someone for a hand, or a light, was here when they needed it. b/c you know what it’s like to have your brain seize up and tell you that everything is wrong and bad and scary and that leaving the house will end in terrible, unmentionable, unimaginable things — and then you tell us that you went to a concert and sat in a techie cage… b/c sometimes you can at least compromise w/ the demons. and these stories get a lot of us through. so thank you.

  126. I should thank you. Of all people who put themselves out there you are the person I admire the most. Sure some of what you say leaves me shaking my head and wondering W-T-F? but some of your other stuff (taxonomy!!! No wait TAXIDERMY!) fills me with super green envy because it’s awesome and funny and makes me want to pee in my pants because I’m laughing so hard and I wish I could think to do stuff like that. We all have our stupid moments but that’s what makes us human. I love that all your humanness keeps poking out so don’t stop. Ever.

    Oh, and stopping that two space thingey after the end of each sentence? Ain’t happening.

  127. i completely support your championing of the two space rule.

    now let’s talk about your needing meds for necrophilia…?

  128. I am totally in on the two-spaces-at-the-end-of-the-sentence thing. I think we should form club. It could be an almost secret club, because most people wouldn’t even notice we are doing it. And the ones that do will be our secret enemies. Anyway, don’t fret the “stupid” thing. I once had a very good friend tell me that I was cute, but no one was home. And finally, I wish I knew about the Japan trip. I could have sent my mom along in your place. She could use a trip home, but can’t travel alone. All the best. Hope you are having a good day.

  129. Two spaces forever! I honestly do not understand people who do not use two spaces. Don’t they kniw they are doing it wrong? I greatly appreciate your wit,humor and above all your honesty about your humanity. I greatly enjoy reading your book,blog and tweets. They help remind me that it is ok to be stupid about some things and to not take myself so seriously. I am so glad to hear that you don’t have cancer and that meemaw is on the mend. Keep on being awesome. We love your stupid face right back. <3

  130. We love you too!! And I can’t help doing the two spaces after a period thing either…

  131. I didn’t even know that less than two spaces was acceptable, let alone desirable, until a few months ago. My boyfriend informed me that the entire world had moved on to this new one-space age while I was under a rock or reading a book, or doing whatever one-spacers don’t do too much of.

    Anyway, I want to thank you for sharing all of the hilarious, the ridiculous, the personal, and the personally terrifying that you do here. It reminds me that each day has the potential to be all of those things, and that all is not lost even when the unpleasant stuff seems to be winning.

  132. When my daughter was 8 years old she said, “Everyone is a geek or nerd. If they’re not, then they’re liars and are just hiding it.”

    We love you. Hang tough.

  133. There are supposed to be 2 spaces after each sentence. God! Where was that amazing commentor when I was in typing class in 1977! Sheesh!
    I love you too Jenny. You replied to one of my comments once and my daughter was all like “geeze mom, do you feel famous now?” yeah. a little bit.. You are amazing and I am so happy you do what you do and allow me to follow along. Thank you Jenny 🙂

  134. Stupid is not knowing stupid, so you are not.

    Jenny, I’m so glad to have found you and this tribe – it gives me some strength to venture outside my bubble with the hope of possibly meeting or connecting with some of you who truly understand. That I’m not the only one with weird shit in my head and that the solution is not simply “Buck up, Gumbo.” You (plural) get it and I need to find y’all. Since I struggle with communication, coherency, empathy and am saddled with an aversion to writing it is tough for me to connect with people.

    [A side note to any parents who might think it a novel idea to repeatedly meet a bright child’s “crime” with punishment disguised to be a learning experience: please don’t sentence (pun definitely intended) your kid to write 20 page research paper(s!), complete with footnotes, on educational subjects related to their transgressions – you may forever stunt your offspring’s desire to use words to express themselves.]

    Thank YOU.

  135. I’ve always confused narcolepsy with necrophilia. I’m glad that you don’t want to have sex with dead people, and am glad that you are feeling better in general. 🙂

  136. So true about everyone just covering up their stupidity out in the real world, which is why I like the virtual world so much better (& twitter the most). Hey, thx for following me on twitter btw. I may not be followed by Grumpy Cat BUT I AM being followed by The Bloggess.

  137. I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been having a rough time as of late, but glad to read that things are looking up. I also wish you wouldn’t call yourself stupid, because you are not stupid, and you deserve better than to use such verbally abusive language against yourself. You write very intelligently, are wildly creative (which is why you have a book deal and legions of fans, such as myself!), and exhibit many of the signs of having a huge amount of brain matter between your ears! I hope things continue to improve in your world, and I look forward to reading more of your magnificent writing!

  138. It’s like you’ve graciously invited us all into your home and some people are wandering around insulting your stuff. What kind of human does that? Also, you know what’s worse than double spaces after a period? Threatening someone’s beloved cats. For everything you have been through, everything you are going through, and for all of what you’ve shared with us you are my hero. You’re brave, you’re strong, you’re awesome. Thank you.

  139. So true about everyone just covering up their stupidity out in the real world, which is why I like the virtual world so much better (& twitter the most). Hey, thx for following me on twitter btw. I may not be followed by Grumpy Cat BUT I AM being followed by The Bloggess. Also, you may be interested in learning about co-ed naked yoga if you’re not already in the know. I wasn’t until Wednesday, and I desperately want to go back to that time.

  140. You’re decidedly NOT stupid. You’re great and wonderful and beautiful AND intelligent in so many ways. I’m glad to hear things are looking up 🙂

  141. I was terrified when I found out I was narcoleptic and then freaked myself out reading about the medications used to treat narcolepsy (Damn you WebMD!!)

    But now that my narcolepsy is under control, I’ve had less and less panic attacks & anxiety attacks.

    I hope your meds help you like mine have helped me! Ill be thinking of you! And thanks for being such a stupid writer, cause without your blog I never would’ve considered writing again!

  142. Love your stupid face, too. From a of-course-I-type-two-spaces-after-a-period-and-I-love-the-Oxford-comma-too-and-I’m-not-going-to-stop-so-shut-the-fuck-up gal. 😉

  143. Every time I see somebody bitch about two spaces after a sentence, I decide it’s time to start putting THREE spaces in there. Fuck them, I do what I want.

  144. I’m sorry things have been so sucktastic. I’ve been mired in my own nonsense and haven’t been following you as closely as I usually do (yes, I’m admitting to not stalking you very efficiently). I’m glad things are looking up, even if it looks like a long climb.

  145. I use two spaces. Or one. Or 17. Or none. Depends on how I feel. And I’ll continue to do so because FUCK THE MAN! and DOWN WITH ESTABLISHMENT!
    Really…. I just have different moods and my spaces reflect that.

    I love you, Jenny. I’m glad the month of misery has passed and things are looking up, again. xoxo

  146. I CAN’T NOT put two spaces at the end of a sentence. I WANT to stop but I CAN’T. My blog format hates me for it. Notepad used to strip it out but now it doesn’t. So, when my blog margins look all crooked as hell it’s because I took typing in the eighties and that’s how we rolled. SPACE SPACE Rivers, out.

  147. I automatically press the space bar twice at the end of sentences, too. Always have. Not planning on stopping any time soon either. I learned to do it in typing class in high school over a century ago. Most websites and software these days are able to recognize and remove the second space auto-magically. (Or maybe they actually remove the first space; we’ll never know.) I also believe in typing out what I want to say in text messages rather than use this modern text-speak garbage. Oh, and let’s not forget the Oxford comma! Some people give me crap about it, but I just tell them to suck it up and deal.

  148. I had no idea that single spacing after your periods was the new rule. I just thought people were getting lazy. We love what you do, so keep it up!

  149. We OBVIOUSLY love your stupid face, too. Plus I get the nandouble space thing.

  150. First, two spaces at the end of a sentence is correct, so don’t bow to the philistines who can’t type. Second, I love your stupid face as well. Third, today is my birthday, which is neither here nor there, except that I have occasion to reflect that you have added more laughter to my life, which is the greatest gift ever. So thanks, and keep being stupid. We’re all right there with ya.

  151. Yeah…two spaces AND Oxford Comma, goddammit! Also, I’m genuinely hoping for a youtube video of Hailey showing off the super-secret-ninjaing (yes, I KNOW that’s not a word) skills. I mean, that’s like going to the Jedi academy!!

    On second thought…you should probably be afraid. Just imagine all the sneaky moves she can teach HST when she gets home…you’ll never pee alone again. Sigh. Damn ninjas.

  152. We all love your stupid face too, in the best way possible. When I feel like I am the only one… I read what you have written for the day and feel very less alone. So, thank you for that.
    P.S. Most of us should be forcibly stoned, it would make our days much more interesting or maybe make the people we come in contact with more interesting.

  153. You mean there are NOT suppose to be two spaces at the end of each sentence??? When did this happen? Damn I’m old!

  154. I’m still laughing about the foxen! Can’t wait until your next book. And about the two spaces: that idiot probably inserts hyphens into plurals. (I’m not a rocket scientist, just an old country lawyer who has an undergraduate degree in English lit.)

  155. When I’m having a shitty day, I look at how you’re handling your shitty days, and suddenly, my day isn’t so shitty. Thank you.

  156. Again, I say, Thank YOU, Jenny. Because of you, we all know we’re not alone in our weirdness. Because of you, there is a safe place on the Internet for us in our brokenness, a constant voice in the darkness telling us we are good enough, we are enough, we are beautiful. And a place I know I can go and find a smile, a laugh, and a friend I’ve never met in person but I love all the same.

  157. I nearly always use two spaces too. That’s how I learned in typing class, where the good typists in the business prep track got the electric typewriters and the rotten typists like me in the college prep track got punished with the massive manuals so that now, many years later, I beat my keyboards nearly to death with my mighty manual fingers. When did it become one space?

    Be well.

  158. I love reading your writing. I love the irreverence and wit! Your approach to life and humor inspires me to be more true to my own self than I ever knew I wasn’t. The weight of conforming to conventional ideas of propriety has been lifted and you help hold it up with every post. I now use words like “bitey” and “douche canoe”. And when I feel like I want to curl up and disappear, you’re there and I know you’ve been there too. And I put on my big girl panties and I say a quiet thank you to you and everyone else I know who struggles with depression and anxiety for giving me the strength and support I need to push through and survive til things get better.

  159. Hmmmm….Forcibly Stoned? Is there any other way? Do people voluntarily get stoned? (other than the obvious way.) Maybe that’s what Dickhead meant…go smoke something!

  160. Thank you for being your weird self and sharing it with the world. Your posts about deppression have been so helpful, you have no idea. Please keep being you!!

  161. awwwww Jenny…. I love you. You’re so open and honest… its quite amazing.

  162. Feels good feelin’ good again (that’s a song – Robert Earl Keen), so thanks for sharing with us!

  163. People are naturally stupid… join the club…. one more nut like you on the roll call just makes it MORE fun! I adore your writing and the fact you can make me laugh! Can I am glad you are feeling better…. NOW back to work and finished that next book!!!

  164. Did anyone else catch the second space added to the second comment? That kind of attention to detail deserves to be noted. I hope the cats are someplace safe.

  165. I love being able to come to your blog and read all kinds of silly-stupid stuff. It has really been appreciated these last two weeks. My husband was in a car accident on the 18th. Someone ran a red light and hit him. They totaled our van, and my husband got such a wonderful concussion that he’s been out of work for 2 weeks. Reading your blog helped bring some lightness into my dark weeks. Thank you!

  166. Nothing is permanent, the good times or the bad ones. If we keep in mind that it’s all temporary we can get through anything (like labor pains). Good luck and thank you for keeping us in stitches.

  167. Ahh you are forever my favorite… Everything you say and all your stories are always something I can see happening in my life. Even the crappy stuff. Hang in there sister! You are just AWESOME! And thank you for always sharing!

  168. I hate narcolepsy. Nice to know I’m not alone but I’m sure my other crazy will trump yours. So I’m still alone. Dammit. At least we are both stupid too, except I don’t hide it offline. There we go again. Vicious circle between feeling alone and tribal stuff. Now I have a headache. So in this tribe do we get to use war paint on our faces?

  169. No one should threaten your kitties just because you like to put two spaces at the end of a sentence, like a gasp normal person who learned how to type on an old fashioned typewriter. I for one think you’re one smart cookie for recognizing that sometimes you can be stupid, and most of the time it’s freakin’ hysterical. That old saying if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry may apply here. I recognize a lot of times I’m stupid and I usually just beat myself up over it so being able to laugh at your mistakes makes you a genius in my book. As the Billy Joel song says,
    “Don’t go changing to try and please me
    You never let me down before
    Don’t imagine you’re too familiar
    And I don’t see you anymore
    I would not leave you in times of trouble
    We never could have come this far
    I took the good times, I’ll take the bad times
    I take you just the way you are”
    In all your awesomeness. Hugs!

  170. That double space thing. That’s not a thing! Who doesn’t double space? I tell everyone to read your book and your blog. Your being open about your struggles helps me feel better about my own. We all have them. Also it helps that your are pee your pants funny. Hope April is better for you.

  171. We need Likes under the comments ,there are so many I agree with & I don’t want to become repetitive. Got health scare too, ITP which is short for WTF!!! As long as I don’t bump my head or cut myself I won’t die! Bonus I can use it to get out of all sorts of work!! Hugs,
    Love your honesty!

  172. Also: What kind of a human being even NOTICES that you put two spaces at the end of every sentence?? And then bothers to write a comment about it?

  173. You can at least relieve your cats’ anxiety. After you’re finished writing something, use the “find and replace” function to change all those double spaces into single spaces. Zap! It’s done!

  174. squeezes and twirls you What is people’s deal with the double space? It just makes sense and makes things more readable. They can all bite my shiny metal ass.

  175. OK, this is the first I’ve heard that the two spaces at the end of a sentence is no longer a thing. Now I don’t know if I’m formatting anything correctly! I am questioning all my typing skills and I’ve done this since the 70’s. Where to I go to get the new rules?! I’m seriously panicking!

  176. Oh, and double spaces. I have forcibly gotten myself out of that habit in the last 10 years. I still do it sometimes and I don’t care. I also have been purposely leaving out necessary commas because that’s the in-thing, except I keep the comma at the end of a list, like Tony, Lucky, Silly Rabbit, and that honeybee. I’m such a rebel with that comma. It drove my editor crazy when I had one.

  177. Always sending you many hugs, love, light, and positive vibes! (two spaces) You frequently make my day, so I hope you have endless days made by all those who love you. (two spaces) I cannot quit the two spaces thing. Not going to happen.

  178. I will hunt you down if you don’t put two spaces in between sentences. Where did this one-space rule come from? I really hate it. Sometimes you need a bit of space between thoughts.

  179. I’m so confused….we are not supposed to add two spaces at the end of a sentence anymore?? When did that happen? I’m still having a hard time with the fact that you no longer have to have a comma before ‘and’ when listing things. And the new math. That causes SOOOOO much anxiety. I have (mostly) embraced not indenting new paragraphs but for some reason, I like the way that looks. You know, people were so much smarter with old math and old punctuation and old grammar and whatever else they have changed. Look at what happened when they changed the way they taught people to spell…..a whole generation who can’t spell. THAT is probably how text speak was invented. Not as a shortcut but a bunch of ignorant kids who don’t actually know how to spell. STOP FUCKING WITH THINGS, PEOPLE IN CHARGE!!! YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!!!

  180. Reading the current happenings in your life first scared me a little, then I felt relief when the happy news was revealed. I also use double spaces at the end of sentences as it is the right way!!!! Also, it just looks prettier. Take care, keep laughing at the insanity of life and let us laugh with you.

  181. I am so happy my friend told me about your blog and book. You are so real. I love your book! I can relate although I never had my arm up a cow like that. I do relate to many other parts of your story, even the not so true parts.
    I just figured that comment about getting stoned was about what they think your mental state should be. Kind of like using a doll head to get high. I also love you’re stupid face.

  182. So, if that is an exact copy of the 2nd comment, they too are using 2 spaces after a period! Maybe you should go find THEIR cats instead.

  183. Every time I read your posts I spend a few moments feeling like a better person. And on one hand I wish I could comment on your fans’ comments but then I realize if I could, I’d never get anything done because you attract amazing people and I want them all to be my friends, and I’d comment on their comments all day. Think of THAT server bill every month.
    I’m just grateful for your bravery, your writing, your humor. I’ve been a fan since your chicken post went viral in 2011 and I like to tell people “Me and Jenny live in Texas. You should read her book because she’s my best friend almost.” I don’t really say that out loud, but I think it a lot.
    Mostly, thanks for pushing through so many shitty afflictions to keep coming back here. For a scary moment I thought you were doing the whole “Thank you. Thank you for six great years, I’m closing the store.” Ahem. So that’s not it, right?

  184. The more I think about the two spaces, thing my OCD is telling me I have to correct all my stuff! Do you know how long that is going to take! I am in such shit right now.

  185. I still call the ‘enter’ button ‘return’, as in “Hit return, and start a new sentence.” I had a college professor refuse to take papers with 2 spaces after the period, so that habit got broke my first semester of college, 7 years ago.

  186. Aren’t cancer scares sooooo much fun…Glad that the big C did not come to mess with your life. Hope the medications help, and just remember depending on the type of stoned, it might be fun (road trip to Colorado anyone??? Bueller… Bueller…)

  187. hugs I’m glad things are looking up! I’ll happily be stupid with you. 🙂

  188. I’m also glad you don’t have cancer-especially cancer of the fingers. Then you couldn’t type this anymore. Is there cancer of the fingers???

  189. The other day I posted a long, personal, hormonally fueled blog post about serving my six year old (any my husband and self) plain oatmeal and and a hardboiled egg to teach him about privilege and I envisioned über-mommies, habitual playgroup organizers and the heads of PTA phone-trees to chime in with their betterment wisdom, but my only comment was from a dude and it read: *waste. BURN. I had used waist instead of waste no less than 5 times, because I put the sexy in dyslexia. God bless the internet and their virtual stones.

  190. Well, I just wanted to say “Thank You” for all the writing you’ve shared with us. When I need a really good laugh I still pull up your post about how Google must be broken and “Why are there so many ostriches?”

    And I agree with you about the two spaces. I do it too. I like it. I’m sick of people acting like I’m harming anyone by it. Go be useful somewhere and stop bugging me about my two spaces!!!

  191. I normally don’t post a comment because I am number one trillion and I know you don’t read this far down but I have to tell you that for a stupid person, you say a lot of great things and make over one trillion very happy. Smart people can’t do that.

  192. Hooray for two spaces! Never give up, never surrender! I think some stupid-head on Galaxy Quest said that.

  193. And the double-space thing apparently screws with some of the coding stuff they use on webpages. That’s why the ‘net uses single spaces after a period.

    And I totally use the Harvard comma.

  194. WTF?? Since when are there NOT two spaces after a period?? I too come from the land of manual typewriters and Gestetner copiers.

  195. Doesn’t reading your book cure cancer? Hurry up with the second one. Cure more cancer. BTW, I also double space after sentences. Can’t help it. Mrs. Vinson, my high school typing teacher, hardwired it in my brain.

  196. Glad to know you don’t have cancer, sorry you are sicker than you thought (apparently more than mental illness – which to my family is actually normal), and I hope you are able to deal with things soon. For what it’s worth, hugs to you and I hope the meds help you.

  197. After reading your post and all the comments, my problems seem minor by comparison. Just my stupid brain making stupid choices. I send out bunches of love to you all! Thank you, Jenny. You are awesome!

  198. Of course we all love you! Even though that should go without saying, we can never say it enough! And I personally think that two spaces at the end of the sentence looks better. It tells me to take a breath before going on. It tells me that the sentence is really finished and not just an abbreviation in the middle of a sentence. The only time I ever use one space is on Twitter, where every character is precious.

    Those kids with their new-fangled single-spaced sentences should just get off my lawn!

  199. Thank you for putting yourself out there and letting so many of us know we are not alone. Also, thank you for putting two spaces after your sentences — I do that and use the Harvard comma too. And ain’t no one gonna stop me from doing so, not even by forcibly stoning me. Which just sounds awesome.

  200. I am a mechanical engineer and the first to say WE ARE ALL STUPID! No one knows anything and I do that space thing too sometimes. Never noticed it. Oh well. I come here for comedic relief, not to nitpic 🙂 you are LOVED!! By people who don’t know you at all, yeah, that is creepy sounding to me too lol. But thanks for opening up your amazing life to the world! Wish mine was filled with stuff. I sit at home and cry in pain from migraines (going on 4 years STRAIGHT NOW) and depression. Nothing interesting here, but you are my escape! And thanks for that!

  201. Seriously, I felt truly complimented when you said, “I love your stupid faces.” WE ARE RORY!!! YESSSSS!!! And,yeah, two spaces for-ev-ah (think “The Sandlot”).

  202. I use 2 spaces after each sentence when I write papers. Sometimes it bleeds into my casual typing but it is never consistent. I absolutely love you in a totes non-creepy way.

  203. Ha! Sorry Jenny, I just got a better idea about spacing. Howboutifwejuststopusingspacesatallmotherfucker?evenbetweensentences.hellletsjustdoawaywithallpunctuationaltogetheryoustupidasshole.

    how’s that for a response to two spaces after a period?

  204. I am a little confused now. Are we no longer doing two spaces after a period? I even do it in my texts.

  205. Very happily stupid, and proud to be a stupid face lost amongst the tribe. For all that you’ve given to me, it’s the least I can do.

  206. I would say “a pox on all the haters who send nasty comments!” but they give your amazingly creative and funny brain such good fodder, it’s hard to completely wish them away.

    Though I write and edit for a living, I never noticed your double spaces. But I gotta say, really? You’re reading — for free — some of the best stuff on the internet (in my humble opinion), and your response, instead of “thank you, Jenny, for being so awesome” is to nitpick about typesetting rules that, like grammar and spelling rules, are eternally transitory in nature?! Really!

    Just had a brilliant idea: profilers for the FBI should have an app for tracking the grammar police because grandiosity is one of the key markers of the deviant mind (according to the many crime shows I watch) and what’s more grandiose than some dickhead offering up unsolicited editing tips to someone who has generously shared her humor as well as her pathos with complete strangers?!

    I’m too stupid to do anything with that brilliant idea. Putting it out there so the universal subconscious can pick it up and run with it…

  207. You typed Edith Bunker and Gracie Allen and I read “Edith Ann”. I was hoping it said Edith Ann!! 😉

  208. I don’t think I even knew the two spaces rule had changed. Oy vey. I feel sorry for those folks who don’t understand you. They will live a shallow and sad life. 🙂

  209. I’m glad it was just a scare. My dad is fighting non Hodgkin’s lymphoma as we speak, and so gracefully it leaves me speechless sometimes. I am his coward daughter. The one that avoids face time because I can’t keep my shit together when I see the bare smooth white version of himself. Keep fighting the good fight.

  210. As someone who is chronically ill your blog sometimes keeps me going. I’m a very liberal slightly insane person living in a very unaccessible very conservative town. I need your brand of light heartedness in my life.

    Also…. I always double space blog posts. One space doesn’t look like enough!

  211. I feel for you, I found out I have skin cancer this month and am going in next week to have it dug out of my nose… bad side it might take a big chunk of my nose… good side my insurance might actaully have to pay for a nose job… also I have a dot dot dot problem that I’m sure drives my readers up the wall… so I feel you for the double space complaint.

  212. According to MLA rules, two spaces after a period are a must. So obviously this person isn’t in tune with grammar rules. We heart your writing style, keep it comin’!

  213. Long live the stupid people as we are the most fun! I hate health scares. I love you.

  214. Sweetie pie, you are a gem. Rare, precious and lovely. Thank you so very much for your writing and sharing.

  215. I’m glad you are doing better and things are looking up. It has been a hard month for a lot of people. I was getting really down on myself then my niece went through something so horrible that my heart has broken for her. She was standing right next to her best friend on the side of a road when a drunk driver hit her friend so hard she killed her instantly. My niece could have been hit as well and it is amazing she was not. She is living with that relief she was not taken from her husband and three girls and guilt that she could not get her friend out of the way when she saw the car coming. It is a reminder to me that life can change in an instant. Please for anyone reading this don’t drink and drive. Thank you for giving everyone a safe forum to say what they feel they need to no matter what it may be.
    Also, I think some of the smartest people are considered stupid at some point.

  216. Everyone is stupid, some just don’t have the courage to admit it.
    We all have our burdens, some are of our own volition, some are thrust upon us by others, and some of us just got the booby prize in life.

    I’m glad your cancer scare turned out to not be cancer, I’m glad memaw is in rehab, and I’m glad you’re doing okay.

    Like you I have many crosses to bear, mental health, physical health, traumatic experiences, family illness, nasty people around me that just don’t try to understand me and think I must be a trouble maker, but it’s people like you, and websites like yours that put it into perspective for people like me; sometimes giving us a laugh at yours (and reflecting our) stupidity, dumb luck or misfortune, or just quirky view of the world.

    If only there were more people like you Jenny, the world would be a better (if slightly weirder) place!
    Keep it up Jenny, we love you, and need you to keep bringing brightness to our days.

  217. There should always be two spaces after a period. I don’t care what anyone says otherwise. I learned to type on a computer and that was how I was taught. Who decided it should be different?!
    I am glad you don’t have cancer and that things are getting better for you. I love your blog and honestly, it has gotten me through the last few months. My husband has severe anxiety issues and doesn’t leave our property and I deal with pain everyday. It is a relief to me in the hardest moments to know we are not alone. Not that I wish this crap on others, but it does somehow make it easier to live with knowing I am not the only one facing these issues. Thanks for being you and for all you do for all of us.
    Praying things keep improving for you!! HUGS!!!!!

  218. God, I love you.
    And one of the absolute best compliments I have ever recieved came from my high school boyfriend (who was older and wiser). He said, “You are beautiful, and funny, and smart, and just enough of an airhead to be a lot of fun.”

  219. I use two spaces at the end of sentences, too. I think that’s the way it’s supposed to be done. But I may be living in the past. Or forcibly stoned.

  220. Hun, I have the same problem with double-spaces. I grew up writing on a typewriter as well. I know it isn’t much but may I introduce you to:

    Awesome plugin I use on my site. I know it’s cheating, but screw it, I’m a sucker for proper formatting even if I’m stuck in the past.

    As for cancer… Been there. Done that. Had Hodgekins as a kid. Smoke now (occasionally) and the doctor always looks at me and goes, “You know, you’ll get cancer someday.” And I’m like, “Been there. Kicked its ass.” shrug

    The fun thing I get to take care of soonish are some pre-cancer cells developing on my face. It runs in my family on my mother’s side and is non-malignant. Definitely nothing to scare me, but its certainly something I want to take care of. Reaching 40 sucks.

  221. Narcolepsy drug – Modafinil? I took that stuff when I had to drive long distances over boring terrain and would become somnolent. Didn’t get jittery or have to urinate as with coffee. I have suspected it would become an “abused” drug for college and grad student because it helps with learning as well as staying awake.

    You provided some big clues there. I hope you don’t have lupus added to your RA. – Take care.

    A good thing about saying flippant silly things is that when you really say something totally stupid, people think you’re trying to be funny. — HA!

  222. We love you Jenny! I am comforted by your face (you are on my favorites bar so I see you always!) and your beatuiful humor everyday. Stay weird cause that’s who you are.

  223. I hope things keep looking up a little bit for you. Slowly but surely. . . Hugs to you! I am always happy to be part of your tribe. We love you and your family’s stupid faces too!
    I had a cancer scare myself last month. Glad we both received good results.

  224. The double-spaces between sentences are exactly WHY I read your blog. You’re anything but stupid. You is kind, you is smart, and you is important.

  225. Not dealing with the two-space thing until I get the Oxford comma figured out.

  226. I prefer to spell it “stoopid”, and I don’t think you are. You’re real, you’re awesome, you’re hilarious, and yes, you have strange, exotic thoughts only I can hope for.

    Very grateful you don’t have cancer, are feeling better, and Hailey and Victor had a good time in Japan. Will keep you all and VIctor’s grandma in my prayers.

  227. Jenny, we peeps who are special are kindred spirits. And we should not give up … even when it seems impossible (like you felt this last month or so). It did turn around to something shiny and bright and we should all remember that. Love ya, love ya!

  228. Hugs! Harder than usual month. Jeez life! Give a girl a break, would ya?

    Two spaces is wrong now? When did that happen? Is that even true? I’m going to have to spend the day on google figuring it out. I don’t think I could stop if I tried. Four years of typing in the 80s. Two spaces is the rule!

    Glad things are looking up at least a little! Just keep swimming…

  229. GRATITUDE BACK AT YOU. I am so grateful to have found your blog, your book, your sense of humor, your honesty and integrity. THANK YOU for daring (all of it).

  230. I don’t think you are stupid, I think you are absolutely lovely.

    You have brought a lot of laughter and joy to me and the people I love, and I am glad for who you are, what you do, and what you do to help others.

    Also, hell YEAH to two spaces after a period. It lets you get a little breath before you go to the next sentence! I love the two spaces, two spaces forever! Although many blogs will automatically remove two spaces down to one.

    Here is one space. One space (god, that felt wrong even typing it).
    Here is two spaces. Two spaces (sweet relief).

  231. So, your blog comments delete the extra space. All my double spaces are now single spaces.

    In other news, sometimes I forget that my favorite authors (you, Rainbow Rowell, etc) aren’t my real-life friends. But, I bet if we ever meet we will be. ^_^

  232. I just want you to know that I think you’re brilliant! No one makes me laugh like youdo. Your tender heart makes me smile, even when my depression is trying to drag me down. You give me hope! Ignore the haters. No one is as awesome as you are even in your bad days! Keep doing you, girl!

  233. We should get forcibly stoned together some time. Sounds like fun

  234. I’m so confused. I’ve never ever ever heard of only using one space at the end of a sentence, except by stupid people. I’m almost thirty, and I was taught to type on actual computers, my whole educational career. I was always marked down if I forgot that second space. I’m currently in college and have not been marked down for using them. So I’m just going to go ahead and assume that I’ve been doing it right this whole time and that my whole life hasn’t been a lie.

    PS, “In order for the light to shine so brightly, darkness must first be present.” -Sir Francis Bacon (his last name is bacon so he must know his shit!)

  235. I generally just lurk, but want you to know that the silent folks are out here wishing you well too.

  236. First of all, hugs and love to your stupid face from my stupid face. And then I must know when did typing two spaces at the end of a sentence stop being a thing that you should do?!? Is it because of the interwebs? I’m still a typewriter-trained monkey so I also type two spaces after each sentence and I couldn’t stop if I tried, which I won’t because, stupid.

  237. You are so like me and my best friend that I cherish reading your thoughts. I love how you write more like how it comes to your head (I do the same) and how you share your struggles. I know it means a lot to me when I see I’m not the only weird stupid person out here who can’t get out of bed sometimes. Your proclivity towards geek stuff AND abandoned houses damn near makes us twins. I wish the best for you, always, and hope your new med helps! Bless your pea picking heart! 🙂

  238. Wait! What? You’re not stoned when you write your posts?
    Glad things are better for you now.
    BTW does anyone else get narcolepsy and necrophilia mixed up? No? Just me then? Oh well. And they call you stupid

  239. I’m sorry Life threw all of that at you at one time…although that seems to be Life’s MO. I’m sure others have mentioned this before, but I look forward to your posts. Every single day I check to see if there is a (1) on my RSS Reader next to your name. It is one of the best parts of my day to be able to spend a couple of minutes inside of your beautiful, crazy head! Thank you for being you!

  240. I’m actually intrigued by the narcolepsy thing…I’m imagining you falling asleep at your computer and waking up with keyboard keys stuck to your forehead…

  241. As a weirdly stupid, anxiety-driven (or anxiety-immobilized) two-spaces after periods writer myself, I can relate. And as long as my Compy gives me the option of 2 spaces, 2 spaces there will be on my screen. I am SO sorry you missed your trip to Japan, and so pleased Victor’s MM is recovering. Love your writing, your humor, and your animals – the purring, the stuffed, and the metallic. Thanks for your blog.

  242. I’ve never had a thought that you are stupid or smart. I actually have had discussions with my husband that you are very REAL and BRAVE for putting your life out there for everyone to see. And you are hilariously, laugh out loud funny whilst doing so. You make me want to be more REAL and BRAVE. So in retrospect, Jenny you are actually incredibly smart because you have found a way to be you, make money being you, and help so many people, too.

    I’m glad your month has ended with answers and good news! My best to you, your family and your Meemaw.

    Yep, I actually used the word “whilst.”

  243. I’ll stop reading your posts and books if you stop using two spaces after a period. This new fad of one space drives me NUTS. It’s not right. Period. I learned to type on a manual typewriter too! Those were the days.

  244. Sister Gabriel taught me to double space in 1968. I have heard nothing from the Vatican about the rule changing, so I’m sticking to it. Of course, I am pro-choice, don’t go to Mass, and may have a big ol’ juicy burger this Friday, but there are some lines I will not cross.

    On a different subject, I had “Allons-y!” inked on to my foot last week. It looks like “APceygl” I’m not kidding. Will it get better?

    Feel better soon.

  245. Fuckin’ A, man. “Sicker”? that’s bullshit. As is the notion that any fewer than two spaces go at the end of a sentence. Communism, I tells ya.

  246. Couple things here:

    1: I love that you cite Edith Bunker – in all her fictionality – as an influence.

    2: ALWAYS TWO SPACES BETWEEN SENTENCES. I learned the same way as you and It Is Right. (And never type comments in all caps, unless you’re an asshole.)

    3: Is there a way to be voluntarily stoned? (Well, I suppose there is. But we start to lose some context then, don’t we.)

    Listen – the tide goes out, the tide comes in. Be well. Rest. Stay stupid.

    Stupid, but not yet an astronomer,

  247. Not typing two spaces is just laziness. Work for it, bitches! PS: Thank you, stupid face, for being you.

  248. Double space at the end of a sentence is polite, and anyone who thinks otherwise can shove it up their arse. 🙂

  249. I love your writing and therefore found it surprising that I had to force myself to read the rest of the post before saying I DO THE DOUBLE SPACE THING, TOO!!!!! I didn’t even know it wasn’t correct until my boss corrected me one day, and I was taught to type in high school on a computer. Education fail, right there. <3 you.

  250. Jenny, I love you so much! I found your blog through the author Christopher Moore, who was the first person I followed on Twitter. I think you’re the most amazingly hilarious non-stupid stupid person in the whole world and I have turned all of my friends on to you (which for some reason sounds worst written out than it sounded in my head). The best people in the world are people who are pure silliness. My favorite thing about my hubby is that he’s frequently unintentionally funny so I naturally glom on to people like that. I have no clue where I’m going with this (so you’re not alone in that aspect) but I just wanted you to know how awesomely awesome and hilarious you are and I’m so sorry you had a rough month but so glad you’re pulling through it all. You are sweet and kind and funny as hell and you deserve all the good the world has to offer. I hope that commenter suggesting you be forcibly stoned was in a good way or s/he’ll have the rest of us to answer to. <3

  251. Yup, you are loved. And shit, I cannot stop with two spaces either. Does that make me stupid? If so, I am in good company.

  252. I always put two spaces after each period. Also, I’m glad you don’t have cancer. Cancer is killing too many people. Can we put it in jail already? Seriously?
    (Sending you so much love.)

  253. It took me forever to get over telling my students to put two spaces at the end of a sentence. I will accept one or two when they format, but they have to deal with two spaces from me. It’s muscle memory as much as it is habit. One space still looks wrong to me though, it just looks off.

  254. For each paper I submit at college I do a find and replace to get rid of the extra space after the period. For some reason this is a really big deal to some folks, even though I was so thoroughly taught this in my early keyboarding classes that I cannot rid myself of it. Why this is a cause for complaint is beyond my imagination. Oh, wait, maybe I give people enough to complain about they just let the little one’s go? So if someone is complaining about the extra space it must mean you are a superior human being in every other way. Or so I choose to look at it. 🙂

    Oh, and you can hold a wonderful life, even with narcolepsy. Uncle Robb did and I adored him to the day he died and beyond. Sorry you have one more thing on your plate. Hugs.

  255. I pass by a lot of updates on Facebook. I NEVER pass up yours. Stay strong, Jenny! You give a lot to the world. Stabby hugs from Minnesota!

  256. Take good care of yourself…what would we do if you ever stopped writing? You are incredibly talented and witty; and in your honor I am going to put 2 spaces after each sentence!

  257. <3 It’s always helpful to have people rooting for you, even if they don’t know you. You have such a wonderful community of ridiculous, hilarious, creative, and supportive people. You can count on us. We’ll mind the store. And be weird in ways that hopefully sometimes entertain you in return.

  258. I am glad you don’t have cancer, I am happy that MeeMaw (you all really call your grandmother’s that) is getting better. It is good for a Father and daughter to bond, so you didn’t hurt anyone by have a little anxiety. And when my friend took me to see Gravity in 3-D half way through the movie I turned to her and said : You know life should be in 3-D. Five minutes later when I looked over at her she was still staring at me. What can I say about smart and stupid, it’s all not as awesome as GRAVITY IN 3-D.

  259. I’m glad to hear that things are looking up. Health scares are awful and exhausting. (Also, though I have been retrained to use a single space after a period in typing, I have put extra spaces in this comment in solidarity.)

  260. I think saying stupid things is perfectly normal, like the time my husband and I were driving his elderly parents from Huntsville, Alabama to Atlanta. As we passed several cotton fields, I wondered out loud if that is where gin comes from. Should’ve kept that one in my head.
    Love your blog and book!

  261. One who knows they know nothing is wise, in their way. They at least can seek knowledge to fill some gaps, and coping strategies to deal with the others.

    One who knows nothing and does not know it is a fool, for they will seek neither education nor coping strategies. Many such fools seek employment in politics, where their refusal to learn is seen as being firm in their platform.

    This is why Jenny Lawson will never be a success in politics. She is too aware of her own limitations to pursue the blissfully oblivious narcissism of a politician.

  262. Is there a place we can sign up to be forcibly stoned? Cuz I’m willing to travel for that.

  263. I aspire to be the kind of person who can have someone tell her that she should be stoned, and then say, “Ok, pass that joint over here!”

    I don’t know you but I love you!

  264. Seriously – thank you, Ms. Lawson. When you post stuff like this, it helps me get past my own stuff. “The Bloggess can do it, so can I.” Even if it takes you a month, or two years, or forever, the fact that you can step outside of yourself long enough to realize that people care about you – even if you can’t always internalize that they care – it helps me to remember that I should too.

    Or something. That probably sounded stupid. 😉

  265. part of what I love about you is that you seem to be reading my brain much of the time. It’s a bit freaky and unsettling, at times, and quite comforting (in a we’re-not-alone kind of way) at other times. Our brains seem to work the same, which is to say – fucked up. But fucked up can be pretty hilarious, too. Gotta find the humor some days because that might be all we have. When I can’t find mine, I read yours and I feel better. I hope you have someone or some blog or whatever that you get the same kind of pick-me-up?

    Also, is forcibly stoned like forcibly raped? because both seem pretty shitty and not something one would willingly sign up for. Whatevs.

    Thanks for being you.

  266. i’m pretty sure i should be stoned also. and who doesn’t put two spaces after each period? it that not a rule anymore? wtf. i don’t know what to think anymore. i can’t live in a world without order, rules, and two spaces after periods.

  267. I love YOUR stupid face, too and everybody else’s here in our TRIBAL SPACE (aka the Comments)! So happy you’ve had good news and that things seem to be on the upswing!!!

  268. WAIT A GODDAMN MINUTE!!!! did my computer just unspace my two spaces after each period? i can’t….even….why? is it conserving space? this is very unsettling. and i have never even noticed it was subtly sabotaging me all these years.

  269. I am glad things are looking up for you and yours! Still waiting for things to turn around here, but they will. My son loved Japan. He especially liked the Netherlands when he was there last fall. He was forcibly stoned while there. Okay maybe he was not forced to get stoned, but he had a lost weekend, which he loved! I always use 2 spaces after a period Always have, always will! Waiting patiently for book number 2. When can we preorder?

  270. ha! Thank you for the Edith reference, now I am going to be walking around calling people Meathead and Dingbat all day! Well you get us through the day too you know….I was having a particularly crazy moment last week where my anxiety was through the roof and I thought, hey- Jenny’s 7 shades of crazy and tells us all about it and that’s what makes her loveable. So thanks for being both stupid and crazy. xoxoxo

  271. As I told my daughter last night after her first ever (and hopefully last) panic attack, our life’s struggles make us who we are today. Some might be harder than others but we come out better on the other end (hopefully) – so go write your wonderful storybook fairytale and live a wonderful life. So thank YOU for writing your book and your blog.
    Also, you HAVE to put 2 spaces at the end of a sentence. My son tried to tell me otherwise. Hogwash.

  272. We tell everyone new that becomes part of our “family circle” (especially our kids’ friends), “If you hang out with us, we’re gonna be doing LOTS of dumb stuff together.”

    And two spaces is just…civilized! We can fight that off as successfully as we fought off the big Metric Number Push of 1979, right? Solidarity, guys!

  273. I’m glad things are looking up. Also, people are unintentionally hilarious, especially when they’re trying (and failing) to be insulting.

  274. I’m glad things are getting better for you. And uh . . . can I blame my stupidity on you? Because I couldn’t convince my boyfriend to read your book, so I came up with the idea of reading it aloud to him during the morning drive to work. Except he started laughing so hard that he couldn’t see the lanes through his tears and swerved a little bit into the passing lane. And then he declared your book both alluring and dangerous, which basically means your book is the book version of a femme fatale. That could have killed him but also me. Both of us dying would obviously be horrible, but it would doubly suck to die and then have everyone at the funeral be like, “It was all because SHE READ A BOOK TO HIM.” In a very literal sense, I had to ask him to Let’s Pretend This Never Happened.

    The good news (aside from the not dying) is that he totally wants to read your book now. <3

  275. Deer Jenny, you have gotten me through some really rough times- you and the rest of the tribe here — so Thank You.
    I do not consider the rock throwers who leave comments like the ones you mentioned as part of this tribe. Obviously they got lost on the ‘internets’ and stopped by to make themselves feel better. That is not stupid, it is just plain mean.
    To quote an old meme: All Your Base Are Belong To Us. We are your base – and your percussion and anything else that makes noise.
    The deer part is on porpoise, because I can be as stupid as the next person.
    Oh, and we love you.
    Most Sincerely, PB

  276. Thank you for trusting all of us Jenny. Your struggles are huge, and your strength is heroic, even when you don’t think so. And I love the double space thing – I know it’s old fashioned, but if you the proper typing rules, then double space makes sense!!!!!! 😍

  277. Wait, we are not suppose to type 2 spaces at the end of a sentence any more? When did that rule change? I guess I am stupid too.

  278. I’m glad that things are getting better for you and so proud to be part of the community of people who help you get through it all.

    I was taught that you put two spaces after a period too and have no intention of stopping so I’ve got your back sister!

    I wish that somebody would force me to get stoned 😉

  279. Im in the line that leads to the cancer haunted house now. I’m scared, I need my friends, and it is hard to know if there will be a real chain saw in there; Because unlike haunted houses cancer is a very real threat. I think you are far from stupid. I believe fully you are bright, lovely, and inspirational. Have you read your book?!? It’s great!!!! You totes should 😉 I have been grieving the loss of my mom and not keeping up with your blog but I’m growing everyday and feeling better, literally. Not bitter which is just an “I” away. Trademark 😉 love you and all you do. Never alone-Melanie ♡♡♡

  280. Jenny your brilliant so Fu@#@#!! I believe we should all “embrace the stupid” cause we can!!! Remember as the great Oscar Wilde stated: “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” I look forward to all of your Jennyisms!!!

  281. Jenny, WE LOVE YOU!!! Hard times are dumb. But I tend to come out on the other side a little wiser (HA!) each time. You’re the best. Also, what is this thing about two spaces at the end of a sentence? I always do that. Am I doing something wrong?!

  282. We love you! And the two space thing is an incredibly hard habit to break.

  283. “I can say illogical, ridiculous things and people will laugh at me (and with me) because most people are just as illogical and ridiculous as I am, but they try to hide it in the real world and they find great relief in finding like-minded, happy and self-aware stupid people here on this blog.”
    THIS. One million times.

    I Love Your Stupid Face, Too.

  284. Dear Jenny…
    I’m so glad to read that you don’t have cancer because the world would be a bit quieter and way too sane without you in it . I discovered your book last summer, read it, puked laughing, then suggested it to my hubby. He is a scientist/engineer type who usually only reads journal articles…but he started it and could be heard chuckling over in his office (a gift to me, so thank you!). We are so awaiting your next book!
    I, too, struggle with severe depression that runs a river through my fathers family. We just had my only daughter (14 years old) tested because of school troubles and she has been diagnosed with anxiety and mild depression. My biggest fear realized was her having to struggle the way I have. But, I tell myself that a. I didn’t choose my genetic past, b. I am doing things so differently by getting her help early, and c. I have been giving her the best parenting I know how and it’s a lot better than where I came from. And I thank you for your blog entries because they help me laugh at the crazy and figure out ways to reach out when I need to. I don’t know you, but, thanks sweetie.

  285. I cannot read your book in public, people think I have a serious mental illness because I laugh to the point of tears, thank you 🙂
    a fellow double spacer

  286. You are SUPPOSED to have two spaces after the period. See? Whoever grumped about that is officially a dork who never took a typing class.

  287. So good to know there are people out there like me…stupid faces and all. You have brought laughter into my life when I couldn’t find anything to smile about and for that I am grateful. So if the few comments and remarks I make on here help you, then I am glad I could help you back. Just keep it up and so will I. Thank you.

  288. YOUR face is stupid! (Okay it’s not. It’s a perfectly clever face, but still…)

    On a sensible note, I’m glad to hear there are some silver linings to your recent clouds.

  289. I want to hunt down the person that is bothered by two spaces between sentences! That’s how I was taught and that’s the way I’m gonna roll so suck it!

  290. A couple of days ago, a friend of mine posted a pic on Facebook of a giant metal chicken in the back of an El Camino–an advertisement for some kind of chicken place in Cincinnati. Every time any of my friends sees a giant metal chicken, one of us comments “Knock, knock,” so I dropped that on her. One of our other friends commented “Who’s there” and I froze. Because how in the world does one of my friends NOT know the Bloggess?! So I linked to the Beyonce post and she messaged me later telling me this was opening a whole new world to her and she had to stop reading because she was a) afraid she was going to wet her pants and b) she’s a radio producer and was totally neglecting her job. Thanks for enriching all of our lives.

    The only people who are truly stupid are people who think they know everything. I’ve spent most of my life winging it and wouldn’t have it any other way. Keeps me on my toes!

  291. Jenny, I just wanted to tell you that you saved my life more times than you know. I also suffer from clinical depression and things have been really hard lately. Mostly because I’m older now and I’ve come to the realization that I’m going to die alone… literally. I am unmarried, childless and don’t have any family ( because they don’t understand mental illness and think that I just needed to deal with stuff so they disowned me) and my social anxiety has isolated me out of any close (or even distant) friends. It terrifies me to think that if I got sick and needed hospice or something nobody would be there to make sure they don’t write in sharpies on my face or something. So, anyway thanks for not making me feel like I just need to get my shit together to make things okay.

  292. I also learned to type on a typewriter so I also space twice after a period. People who don’t are the weirdos here, not you. You’re just delightfully odd. 🙂

  293. Sigh… I feel so sorry for the people whose hearts are full of piss and feel the need to spew hateful words.

    You are lovely. Thanks for not using unnecessary spaces.

  294. Love you too and I’m glad things are looking up.
    Instead of spacing once or twice after a sentence, you could always just start a new paragraph with each new sentence. Problem solved.

  295. Thank you for making me laugh. For making me cry. For making me think. And, especially, for putting two spaces after every sentence…BECAUSE THAT’S THE WAY IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE DONE, DAMMIT!

  296. Your posts really help me get through the bad days. I have read your book so many times because it makes me laugh, when all I want to do is go into the fetal position (if the RA allows me to move) and sob for no reason (hello, depression, you big fat liar). I have RA that moves around to different joints regularly, bouts of depression and anxiety, Achalasia disorder (the rarest form of course), all the joints in my neck are herniated and now require direct shots to my neck every month, and I’ve gone through cancer twice (and can’t have children as a result). But you always, always make me laugh until I’m spewing green tea all over my laptop (which may be the reason my “A” key keeps falling off…pisses me off so much I want to just stop using the letter A)… THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU and your family!!! Keep it up, you are helping people more than you know…and if you personally know Allie Brosch, please let us know if she’s doing okay, I’m very worried about her! Hugs & more hugs (unless our joints are hurting…)

  297. I adore you and feel that you’re one of my tribe– you could be what Anne Shirley would call a “bosom friend.” Which means precisely nada, but I still read all your stuff. 🙂

  298. I can’t stop using two spaces either, and I didn’t learn to type on a typewriter. I’m a teacher, and I’m influencing young minds with my wrong double spacing. Oops. And I might possibly have told my 8th grade classes about your blog which isn’t really 8th grade appropriate but is so freaking funny I don’t care. Oops again.

  299. Sounds like you might have narcolepsy (maybe?). My fiance has it and while it’s not fun to live with, the meds can help a lot. If you don’t have narcolepsy, feel free to disregard this.

  300. Thank you for giving me strength, thank you for making me laugh, and thank you for the 2 spaces! Honestly, some people are just asshats! Happy for you, Meemaw, and Victor/Hailey bonding time! Cheers Jenny, and to the haters I say “fuck all y’all”! (((HUGS)))

  301. You are seriously the first person I have ever heard reference the whole two space/one space thing. Where have I been? I hate when there’s a whole debate going on out there and I don’t know about it. See, I’m using two spaces. Always have. Thought people that used one just didn’t know how to type 🙂 Seems I’m the one out of the loop! Hope your meemaw-inlaw gets to go home soon!

  302. You are definitely becoming one of my favorite blogs to follow! Don’t let anyone or anything get you down. 🙂

  303. Awww Jenny! You’re the third nipple on my overstuffed teddy bear. Or something wondrous like that. Hope things continue to inspire you to find the humor. Because really it’s all about entertaining us, which has to bring you good times. It’s a circular thing. **smiles

  304. Frankly, this is one of the better hangouts 😉

    Thanks for sticking with it.

  305. Wait, narcolepsy drugs? Isn’t that like, stay-awake drugs? I thought you needed to sleep! D:
    WELP, glad you don’t have cancer! I’m rooting for a friend on that topic right now, but hopefully soon things will be better! YEAH! I’m pretty darn optimistic and confident! 8D

    And malaria. Glad you…don’t have that? I hope not….
    I truly hope that things continue to get better and better! I just want you to know that once upon a time you helped me out of a very bad time, and not that I can REALLY credit you for ALL the good that I’ve found since then, but I’ve found an awful lot of good since then, so thank you. I’d like to share all my happiness with you, it’s a lot! I want you to have some. So here! Happyhappyhappyhappyhappyhappyhappyhappyhappyhappyhappyhappyhappyhappy!!!!!

  306. I can’t believe people say mean things to you. Those people are mean and stupid. And THANK YOU for being you.

  307. maybe she meant stupid in the good way…like, “that chick is stupid funny,” or “those boots are stupid cool.” when i use it that way, i try to pronounce it more like stoopit. it’s a good thing!

  308. Delurking just to say that I adore you. I think you are among the funniest, most brave and most honest women I have ever known and in my opinion, you are a rockstar! Thank you for sharing yourself. You make us all feel better about ourselves and our struggles and self-doubt. I love your stupid face, as well.

  309. People who don’t use two spaces drive me nuts. Things that are written should be easy to read, or why bother to write it in the first place. That means one space just doesn’t cut it. Full-justified text is evil too. You are not evil. Or stupid. The comments prove that you are loved, admired, and receiving good thoughts and positive vibes from everywhere. I hope can feel that good energy coming your way.

  310. I just want you to know that I cried when I read your memoir and you discussed your autoimmune disorder. I have recently been diagnosed with one myself and it gave me hope to see someone able to continue life successfully and with humor after that kind of diagnosis. I hope your condition is stable and your docs appreciate your humor and charm.

  311. Jenny I hope an abundance of adoration doesn’t sound superficial or disingenuous. I have had a horrible year, losing my father to cancer and not even a year later my mom has been diagnosed with lung cancer and the list goes on. You are my light. The day my mom was diagnosed, which was a shock we went in for a totally unrelated reason, I happened to have your book. In order to even be able to drive as we were in the deepest fog and four hours from home (We live in the middle of nowhere) I read portions aloud to my mom and 11 year old daughter. It was and is the only reason we made it out of that day in one piece. I continued to read the book to my 11 year old every night before she went to sleep because I’m a normal mom. Who doesn’t read your book as a read aloud to their 11 year old? I did have to edit on occasion but she heard a majority of it. Now I read your blog routinely and my family all relaxes when I can get a belly laugh, as I walk about most days deeply distracted about my mom and her cancer. Anyway you mean the world to me. You inspire me and I need you!
    so keep on rocking.

  312. After reading through all 400+ posts, I am tempted to write ‘Ditto’. Ditto. Plus, I guess I’ve forgotten every single typing rule since high school, (1978 graduate), because I’m one of those lazy people who only put one space after a sentence. Unless it’s supposed to be two spaces between lines. I’m confused now. Also, I honestly don’t know the difference between a Harvard comma, an Oxford comma or a UMKC comma. Yeah, I know there isn’t a UMKC comma.
    I am so sorry that you’ve been going through such a craptastic month, and I’m very glad you’re doing better. I love your writing style. You are real to me. I mean that as in you say it like it is – with humor – screw the political correctness – this is how I feel and think.
    Thank you. Hang in there, baby. Love your stupid face, also. Hugs to Meemaw, too.

  313. i hope you know how many days you have made better for me. and i hope you know how many of us out here love you dearly. ps. every sentence NEEDS two spaces afterwards.

  314. It’s funny that I used to get criticized for NOT putting two spaces at the end of my sentences, and you’re getting criticized for doing it right! There’s just no pleasing some people…

  315. I’m so curious about where the other space at the end of the sentence went to.

    The u in colour is often missing too.

  316. People who don’t use two spaces at the end of sentence are the stupid ones! I’m pretty sure I was taught in typing class while in middle school that two spaces were mandatory. My teacher would count more or less as an error.

  317. Good lord I love your blog! And I love the other people that love your blog and reading what they have to say about loving you and your blog! And there are so many of them I fell asleep reading what they said (maybe I need narcolepsy drugs…or some sleep). You are so awesome I want to be just like you if I ever grow up. That’s not creepy is it? Keep up the awesome stupidness! Hugs

  318. I just ordered your “feeling stabby” t-shirt off of zazzle and I didn’t even know you were going through all of this. That’s how much I love you. I do nice things even when I don’t have to. It’s a great shirt BTW. I’m going to wear it to work even though it’s wildly inappropriate. I like for people to think I’m slightly that way.

  319. Keep on blogging Lasy. You’re hilarious. I am sorry to hear you’ve been having a crappy time. That sucks. I’ve been having a crappy month too, though in different ways. Reading your blog cheers me up. I wish I could do the same for you.

    Alas, c’est pas possible. But I will continue to convert everyone I know into readers for you. Book & Blog! hugs

  320. I am so happy to hear about the two spaces!! I do it too. Even when texting. I am even more happy to hear your health is getting back on track. You blog goes well with my morning coffee.

  321. You are absolutely not stupid. I would say you are borderline genius with your ability to write and I love your blog. I read it each week and normally giggle out loud, which makes my office mate wonder what I’m up to. Good times. I too double space after sentences, so clearly we are the smart ones. As for the stoning…. Well, last I checked we weren’t living in biblical times, so I think you are safe. Personally, I love you and the positive things you do are amazing. I would love to spend a weekend flea marketin with you. anyway, don’t fret over dumb people. There are SO many more of them than us smart folk. 🙂

  322. I don’t think you’re stupid! Reading your blog and/or book, is like taking a peek inside my head (which is scarier than most people would imagine). I love you in a “she’s just like me, but she isn’t afraid to let people know, or maybe she is afraid, but that doesn’t stop her”, kinda way. You make me feel more “normal”, which kinda makes you my hero. Never stop being YOU, YOU are awesome!

  323. I am older than you so was raised on the two space thing, and I swear my fingers are unable to stop. See? Sorry things have been difficult. Good news – am almost five years (boob) cancer free, bad news – my depression/agoraphobia has gotten so bad I may not be able to make my appointment. Always something….

  324. I’m with you on adding two spaces after a period. I just have to do it or everything just feels wrong. Jenny, I’m so sorry that you’ve had so many problems cropping up over the last few weeks, but I’m very glad that things seems to be working out.

    You are an amazing lady. Even though I’ve never met you in person, I feel like you are a good friend and I care about you deeply. Judging from the comments, it’s clear that most of the people who follow your blog feel the same way. Do you realize that you are probably one of the most genuinely loved women in the US?

    Sending a million hugs and kisses to you. Please share them with Hailey, Victor, and Victor’s Meemaw.

  325. “Trending upward”. Love the term, and the fact it is happening for you.
    I always have and always will use two spaces after every sentence. If people need something to gripe about they should read my friends Lisa’s messages that have absolutely ZERO punctuation. They almost require a translator.
    Forcibly stoned? Is that where they MAKE you smoke weed?

  326. No greater argument has risen then that of the two spaces after a sentence, except perhaps that of the Oxford comma. I’m glad to hear that you are getting the medication you need. We all want you to be healthy for a long, long, time.

  327. I don’t think you’re stupid, I think you’re human and you own it. Your writing has helped me more than you’ll ever know, both as someone with anxiety and as a recovering Texan. 🙂

  328. I’m so sorry things have been rough and glad that they are now looking up. I often use 2 spaces too, because that’s how I was taught, but I’m working on it. I miss white out.

  329. Great news about no cancer! You know what IS stupid? Not letting a woman have all the space she wants around her period.

  330. Please don’t stop using two spaces. It means I’m not the only one. I need that extra space. It’s important to me. <3

    Also, in the medieval/hurty sense, how would one be unforcibly stoned? Do folks volunteer for that sort of shit? Really now.

    For your first email I’m thinking the best response is a simple “Bless your little heart.”

  331. You have also helped me get through a tough couple of months without realizing it! You are still helping because I have no idea how long I may need the smiles you always provide. We lost our grandson in February, he was 4 weeks old and they don’t know why he had a sudden sever nose bleed that caused him to stop breathing and his heart to stop. He was a healthy happy baby and my daughter is devastated. Coming here and smiling or sometimes crying with you has meant so much. You touch so many in so many ways we are always so happy to be here for you!

    Thank you for being stupid with the rest of us! BTW, one of my best friends is a stupid rocket scientists! Sometimes I have to remind her that she needs to dumb it down for me a little. 🙂 I like to think I was put here to help her realize we aren’t all rocket scientists. lol.

  332. I am write there with you on the double spaces between sentences. (See what I did there? “Write?” Hehehe) I was totally unaware this had changed! My friend threatened me in pretty much the same way. I was clueless.

    Huh. I guess that makes me stupid too!! Mix in the anxiety and we are practically sisters!!!! :0)

  333. You make a difference, too, Jenny.

    I’m glad you “are.” To start with, simply because you exist. In addition, though, I’m glad you “are” because you come up with such wonderfully silly things. And as if that weren’t enough in itself, I’m glad you “are” because I have a little go-to statement that I didn’t have before knowing that you exist: “That’s just my mind lying to me.” And I then I promptly disregard what it says.

    Like I say, you make a difference.

  334. I love that you double space. So do I. I can’t stop, even if willingly stoned was an option in order to try & stop. I make no sense. I’m a lurker, not a poster. I’m going to go back to doing that. <3

  335. I love reading your blogs. Your book was hilarious. Keep on being who you are and having fun and know that you can’t please everyone (and there are some people that honestly no one in their right mind wants to please) but you have have a loving family and HUGE numbers of fans. I am looking forward to your next book. You are awesome!!

  336. I also type two spaces at the end of each sentence.##Will spend hours adding spaces to other peoples’ work.##Period.##

    My mother used to say “why would you want to be normal?” Wish I had learned to appreciate that earlier in life, but better late than never!

  337. Hey! Now that’s a rough month you had there. And to the person who wants to force pot on you, I say take them up on the offer. YOLO and all that crap.

  338. As a techno-phobic Baby Boomer, this is the first on-line post I’ve attempted. I’m moved to do this because I want you, Jenny, to know the positive difference you make on my daily life. You’ve made me laugh harder than I thought possible; several times my husband has checked on me from the other room to ensure I’m not about to have a stroke, but not so much anymore, because he knows what will ultimately follow is my recitation of pages of your writing (it’s not that he doesn’t find you funny; he just thinks he’s really busy). Perhaps I feel so close to you because I have a narcissistic streak: we have the same sense of humor, the same disease, the same politics, and the same family constellation. When I think of you, my heart swells, and I hope you can feel how much you are loved by so many.

    I’m kind of sorry this is such a long post (is that appropriate?), and I’m kind of not because I’ve been wanting to find a way to tell you this for a long time. Love to you and to everyone else who loves you.

  339. You’re my best friend I’ve never met. Hang in there. Please notice all these sentences are separated by two spaces. Royal typewriter, portable from Sears. One of my dreams is to actually succeed at meeting you rather than giving up when the lady passes out in line. I wish they would give you a number and let you go hide in the ladies room until your turn.

  340. one. i don’t think you’re stupid.

    two. i marvel at your powers, because that would’ve pissed me off (especially the “hugs” at the end) if someone had said that to me… but then i’m an incredibly temperamental and hypersensitive gal).

    three. good lord, all that drama’s way too much for one gal to handle, and i pray that the next long while is incredibly kind and gentle to you.

    four. i’m stuck on divergent lately. that middle paragraph reminded me of some buzzfeed quiz about which faction are you or something… one of the questions was about the job you’d like to have. the choices were lawyer, doctor, astronaut, police officer or i just want a job. i chose the last one because all of the others were NOT me AT ALL. i’m pretty sure the quiz through me in the factionless category just because of that one question. (and that had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with your post, really, except that for some reason, reading that made me think of it.)

    five. i could give a rat’s ass how many spaces you use to separate a sentence.

  341. People take communication WAY too seriously! It’s soo….what’s the word? Oh yes STUPID.
    I learned today that the sport I’ve known my whole life to be “Bally Ball” is actually called Volley Ball. Jenny because you are straight up awesome I am making this tribute in your honor. I am refusing to call Bally Ball by it’s rightful name for life. F Volley Ball and all those who deem others stupid for communicating with their own easy spirit! They are living life all wrong.
    Feel better Jenny. xo

  342. In my mind, my chemical imbalance nods respectfully to your chemical imbalance. My anxiety attacks wave hello to your anxiety attacks between intentional breaths. And sometimes when I am so depressed that I cannot find a single pleasant thought, there you are with a mention of Gracie Allen. I love her. She makes me smile. You make me smile. You lift my spirits. Now that I think about it, your kind of like that poem about walking on the sand and then you find out that someone is carrying you. Wait. Does that mean you are Jesus? The Bloggess sounds like more of an ancient deity. You can tell me.

  343. K, was sad that your life that mirrors mine and read it without serious emotion until the “stupid face” now I am crying. Why does the Doctor make it real? My Dad is recently diagnosed with lung cancer, my youngest is autistic, and I just want to buy a coffee from a shop when I damn well feel like it… but alas.
    You make me smile and I appreciate that like you wouldn’t believe.
    Hugs and hugs.

  344. Sorry you are having such problems. On a weird note I had to go to the hospital last night and after the nurse said I was stupid for not being able to go thru the machine (damn claustrophobia!). I told her she needed to read your book since she obviously has perfect minded family with no anxiety problems and needs a point of reference. lol

  345. Sorry you missed the Japan trip…Anxiety sucks.. and believe me I know. Glad you are feeling a bit better, and I hope whatever this new illness is, it goes away, or at least pretends to so that you feel better. Your blog is a good thing, and that’s because you write it. so….

  346. I didn’t even finish reading the post before I knew I had to comment on the whole, one space/two space after the end of a sentence. I have had discussions with my husband about this conundrum (btw he calls them arguments). I am so confused on this whole issue because personally I think there is something wrong with my brain, but also because I can relate to the whole I started typing on typewriter thing. I will also be driving people mad for the same reason because I can never remember what I should be doing, so in the same paragraph I will flip from using one space to two and back again. or the other way around. or perhaps I should go have a bath, and another beer and forget this ever happened

  347. ummm, okay. I finished reading and I really wish I had read all of it before I started going on about periods at the end of sentences. ugh. Anyway, on my low days, you help me through them. Because I know I am not alone. THANK YOU!

  348. I was totally unaware of the two spaces. I feel so stupid. And thanks to the commenter who quoted Bob Dylan, everybody must get stoned. I couldn’t remember any of it but the tag line. There I did 2 spaces. I’ll do 3 if I want to. Oh this will drive em nuts……….
    so fun. Love you and however many spaces feel like using!

  349. oh, I can so relate. the past few weeks have been really hard for my family too. my mom’s cancer has come back, and the treatments were doing much more harm than good. her body just couldn’t take the radiation anymore. she had to stop treatment and has been put on hospice care. we are all just devastated, especially, my dad who loves her more than life itself, and my kids who have never lost anyone they love before. on top of that, we are having some financial difficulties that are interfering with my ability to help out as much as I would like (mostly caused by the freakishly cold and hideous central texas winter of 2013, coupled with an extremely, groovy, old house that i LOVE, but has very poor insulation and a super crappy and inefficient heater, which generated some jaw dropping electric bills. + Christmas, + birthdaypalooza, + business issues, + blah blah blah!) luckily my sisters are doing well, and are able to help with paying for extra nursing care that my mom needs, but nevertheless, it makes me feel terrible that they should have to shoulder it all. I hate that I have to make sure I have the money for gas just to make it down to visit them, but I’m grateful that I can contribute time, housecleaning, and home-cooked food. oh, and I quit smoking 10 days ago (because i needed to do it, and i felt super shitty being a smoker when my mom is dying of cancer.) I’m proud of myself for doing it (again), but I went cold turkey, except for some lame herbal stuff that is supposed to help, and kinda did, but I still mostly feel pretty stabby. I cannot break the habit of double spacing at the end of a sentence, even though I heard a story on npr about how it was really never called for anyway, and obviously I have a problem with capitalization. anyone who gives me or you crap for these irrelevant things at the moment can suck it! also, I have no life insurance either, so let’s just agree not to die until we can afford to do so
    . I love you – coming here and reading your posts always brightens my day – even when it’s been a super shit storm, and your book is the bomb – I recommend and gift it to everyone that I think can handle it. glad things are looking up for you – keep your awesomely, stupid chin up! reading about your stupid life is a terrific part of my stupid life. thank you!

  350. Jenny…thank you for being YOU. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you sharing your life, thoughts and other stuff – it makes me laugh and take a break from the world I live in. Know that you are appreciated and loved!!

    And…I am so happy to see that others still double space at the end of a sentence. I learned to type in the old days of typewriters and the “double space” habit will likely never end for me either. Frankly, if the grammar police need to focus on that one…they really have TOO MUCH TIME ON THEIR HANDS. 🙂

    Wishing you a fantastic April!!

  351. Well, I think you’re HILARIOUS and BRILLIANT. I read your book and practically peed my pants every couple pages. I laughed out loud. I come here all the time to read your hilarious posts. I. LOVE. YOU.

  352. My stupid (but, yay, back to normal size after stopping the prednisone…really it was like a beach ball!) face loves you too.

  353. I admire your courage and your humor even in the midst of a difficult time. I’m pretty sure you already know this but you’re quite the inspiration to those of us suffering from anxiety disorders. You give us strength to “come out of our closets” and ask for the help we need but were too afraid of the judgements we’d endure. Thank you for your honesty, your emotional nakedness and the support team you’ve created (intentionally or not). Thanks again, the other Jenny 😉

  354. A story that I always meant to tell you and never got around to- I gave your book to one of my girlfriends last year. She had it with her while returning from a difficult trip that involved family and she was reading it on the plane. She was laughing so hard- she had to bury her face in the window and the old couple next to her on the plane thought she was insane. It was the best part of the entire trip.

  355. just so you know, if you ever STOP leaving two spaces after a period, i’ll hunt you down and set fire to your cats. your cats are pretty much doomed, apparently.

  356. I think you are fabulous and I’m glad you’re willing to air your stupidity publicly because I have the same kind of stupidity. So sorry to hear that you’ve been having a rough time. I’m glad things are looking up. Cheers.

  357. Is there any other type of stoning? “So hey, we wanna hurl these rocks at your head…. but only if you’re okay with it. Whadda ya say?”

  358. So speaking of all the people who love you, I was in the middle of loving you and googled Jennifer Lawson… Have you done that? You’ve got to see the images that come up. Words cannot describe.

  359. I never got the memo that you aren’t supposed to use two spaces at the end of every sentence apparently. See what I did there? Yep, TWO SPACES. It is just a nicer way to write people. Ha ha and, not that this needs saying, I, along with everyone else here, love you a lot which is a tad weird considering I have never met you, probably will never meet you and you wouldn’t recognise me amongst a pack of squirrels. I am very, very glad you have this little unfiltered corner of the internet alive. ‘Depression lies’ as a mantra has saved me a few times now (not to mention reading everyone else’s comments and feeling like my tribe lives here too). So, thank you right back and you are welcome. xx

  360. Damn! I got hung up with giggles at Debbie (47) comment. I have rolled them up 14 different ways so I could get them up my ass; but find, alas, that it takes so much crushing and flattening that I am too exhausted to blow them out… pffffutt…pooot…. Well, it was a great idea, Debbie. Thanks so much.

  361. you people are awesome. there is also an age where you realize so much little shit doesn’t matter. like how ever many fuckin’ spaces I want to put where ever the hell I want.

    love e.e. cummings

  362. holy crap. the fuckin’ comment Nazi auto correct took all the inappropriate extra spaces out of my previous message. boo. please re-read my previous post putting some inappropriate pauses where ever the hell you want.

  363. I’m so happy things are looking up. I can’t imagine having a cancer scare. Thank God you’re okay. I walk on water after an, “I think I thought I had cancer scare!”

    I love your staircase reference. I love the way you inside out a comment. I love, love, love …

  364. Jenny: You rock. Don’t let the assholes get you down. Your humor and honesty have kept me sane. I owe you, and you don’t even know me. People who threaten stoning or your cats should get stoned with cats. In the good way. I think it’s legal in Colorado.

  365. You have brought so much happy laughter into my world, and wish I could do the same for you. Thank you for your humor, outlook and honesty and and in your honor I promise to always use two spaces after a period. Period.

  366. I’m really confused. I thought you were supposed to leave two spaces at the end of sentences. Even my iPad automatically capitalizes the next word when I do that in anticipation of sentence start.

  367. Am I on crack (again), or are there two spaces at the end of the sentence in the middle of the complaint about two spaces at the end of sentences?

  368. We love you too Jenny. It sounds like it has been a trying few months, but you have built a wonderful tribe and have helped so many of us through so much. Glad we could do the same.

    And holla for learning to type on old school typewriters. That’s right… two spaces. Look. Four spaces. That’s right. I’m gangsta.

  369. you are just fine.. uh, what exactly did “they” mean by stoned?? literal or metaphorical??

  370. I love you. And your stupid face. Glad things are looking up. Also I’m sorry I don’t comment more often to tell you how awesome you are.

  371. I need to stop in more often than every other week or so. Take care of yourself! You are too important to feel yucky. I read a weird story recently that cats can give you Tb. Maybe that’s the problem?

  372. You continue to amaze me with your honesty and courage. Thank you. Heard this poem from Jennifer Michael Hecht and thought of the courage I’ve received from you and your tribe:

    Poison yourself, it poisons the well;
    shoot yourself, it cracks the bio-dome.
    I will give badges to everyone who’s figured
    this out about suicide, and hence
    refused it. I am grateful. Stay. Thank
    you for staying. Please stay. You
    are my hero for staying. I know
    about it, and am grateful you stay.
    Eat a donut. Rhyme opus with lotus.
    Rope is bogus, psychosis. Stay.
    Hocus Pocus. Hocus Pocus.
    Dare not to kill yourself. I won’t either.

  373. Every day I am thankful for stuff like this, and for people like you all. Most beloved weirdos…! x