You are fantastic and I would live under a bridge with you.

It’s been a rough week but if you’re reading this it means you’re still alive.  Or that you have very good internet reception in the afterlife.  Either way, this calls for a small celebration:


It’s the small things, y’all.


And now, our weekly wrap-up.  Buckle-up, Buttercup.


Shit I made in my shop (Named “EIGHT POUNDS OF UNCUT COCAINE” so that your credit card bill will be more interesting.):


Shit you should buy or steal because it’s awesome:  

This week’s wrap-up is brought to you by a book you should check out:  Surviving Mental Illness Through Humor by Alyson Herzig & Jessica Azar.  One in four people suffer from mental illness and this book aims to break that stigma with tales of hope, despair and hilarity by writers walking their own mental health journey as they discuss their experiences with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, anorexia, agoraphobia, panic disorder and more.   I ordered several copies because it’s right up my alley and probably yours.  Bonus: They lowered the price this month in honor of May being Mental Health Awareness month.  Buy it here.

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  1. That doesn’t look like a high five. More of a hallelujah-ing kinda pose. Or even clinging to the outside of a screen.

    And I would definitely share my troll under-bridgeness with you. You’re strange, and strange is the new cool.

    You’re welcome. :.)

  2. I have given my work friend’s little sister a Jaunita card for her past three birthdays. I already got her’s for this year and her birthday isn’t until October. This year, the inside is going to just say ‘This is just getting fucking ridiculous’

  3. I think that sloth has been smoking and has a serious case of the munchies. Maybe those ladies can help him out with some of that kamikaze-cooked shrimp… Congrats on the advanced copy of your new book, and here’s hoping new week is an up week!

  4. By the way, Surviving Mental Illness Through Humor is written by some A M A Z I N G bloggers and everyone should buy a copy.

  5. Hi Jenny, I have been a huge fan for ages and you have genuinely got me through some less than stellar times. I’d like to take a couple of seconds to show my sincerest thanks for your support for Jared Padalecki. Sometimes we think that we are alone in our little SPN family and it was heartwarming to see him receive kind words from outside of it. I love you for that. Keep shining :o)

  6. I have a lot of those teacups – just need to add the Elder Gods. I liked your lederhosen unicorn, but the Santaur was better I thought

  7. I think the Santaur was better, although the pink lederhosen were a treat.
    I have inherited many of those teadups,which are waiting to be filled with elder gods it seems.

  8. Hey Jenny. Our family definitely fell under the ‘rough week’ category. Dealing with the impeding loss of Bazinga the Wonder Dog. Blargh.

  9. Reblogged this on DiHard and commented:

    This is so appropriate for my feelings this week. Can we all just accept that I’m highly self destructive but incredible lazy and easily discouraged?

    I think I’m the only one who gets my brand of humor. (…about sex, sexuality and suicide)

  10. You’re right it’s been a rough week. Today was the cherry on the top: after a near-miss-needing-stitches situation, our four children have finally reduced me to tears. I might amend “rough” to “brutal”, if you don’t mind.

  11. Stop telling me about things that I need that cost money!!! (Or maybe, keep telling about things that I need that cost money so that I can be inspired to stop wasting mine on coffee and candy bars?)

  12. That sloth looks like David Hasselhoff with a Wendy’s hamburger…

  13. Sorry, guys, I think I stole all the goodness this week. I’ve had a hard time this year, but this last week has rocked. So glad I’m still here to enjoy the awesome. I promise not to hoard the awesome, so I’m high-fiving to let someone else have an awesome week!

    I agree with KED’A, that’s totally a hallelujah pose. Love the shrimp cooking video! Also, I really hope that “this way to the midnight racoon rodeo” ends up somewhere on the copy we get buy. It makes me smile.

  14. It’s been a week of hurdles, and not the good time I used to jump over (or fell over if my foot was dangling even a tad). It’s definitely a day for celebrating : D

  15. This has been one of those weeks where I have been constantly reminding myself that “depression lies” so, Jenny, I wanted to give you a special thank you for giving me that phrase to chant when my depression is telling me lies, terrible, terrible lies. I am fighting to hang on and make it through and knowing that my tribe out there understands makes such a huge difference. Thanks to all of you who follow and love and support Jenny. We all help each other through these awful weeks!

  16. high five It certainly has been a rough week, I just wish they would stop being so rough. But the timing was great, this was just what I needed to see right now.

  17. That sloth reminds me of that video of David Hasselhoff drunk-eating a hamburger off the floor. David Hasselsloth??

  18. I’ve found things like that in my tea this month. We in the education field call this MayHem.

  19. We really, really, need this in a magnet or poster or bag. Jaunita high five is amazing!!!

  20. I think I would want to drink Irish Breakfast with an Elder God instead of Earl Grey…

  21. I don’t cook shrimp quite like that, but I do let out a little scream. I think the shrimp deserve it, don’t you?

  22. I’m not a compulsive buyer (I’m too poor for that shit), but I immediately bought the book you recommended. Don’t know why. Maybe because May has been a shitty month for me, maybe because I’ve been feeling lonely in this ocean of depression and anxiety, maybe because it was on sale. I hope it’s a good book and that it makes me feel better after I read it.
    Looking forward to reading your new book on september. Wish I could hug you.

  23. I’m kind of used to your links to weird shit on Amazon warping what they recommend for me based on what I’ve looked at recently, but I have to admit, I’m kind of afraid to visit my Amazon home page now after the lederhosen unicorn ornament. Very, very afraid.

  24. its my first week of NOT doing schoolwork. I am not taking classes this summer so I will be rediscovering how to read for pleasure and write stuff people will read for pleasure.

    Mostly I been sitting around the house marvelling at how clean my desk is.

  25. I treated myself to the Leiderhosen clad Unicorn last Christmas. It looked completely at home on the tree next to the Dancing Pickle and the Blown Glass Bacon. I wish we could upload pictures here :/

  26. It’s Monday morning and I feel sick. Not really. I’m not sick. I just don’t want this week to start. I want the weekend back. I should be getting ready for work and instead I’m reading comments.

    Here’s to hoping this week isn’t a rough one because last week was a dick.

    I’m taking your high five to work with me and if anyone acts up, I”m hitting them with it.

  27. I see people also like to buy the Santaur and Bigfoot when they buy the lederhosen reindeer. And that makes sense to me 😀

  28. Am I the only one who thinks that Juanita looks like an extra from the Little House on the Prairie or maybe a Stepford Wife who has just burnt her Victoria sponge?

  29. Thank you so much for the link to the Lederhosen ornament! I know have some new Christmas gift ideas. Did you check out some of the other ornaments by that same company? They were equally awesome. For the HP Lovecraft fan in your life, I would recommend the “Cthulhu Christmas Tree Ornament”. The Charles Darwin head was also a winner. Suddenly all the ornaments at Hallmark seem incredibly lame.

  30. Not sure if you are interested, but somewhere I saw that there were actually rat slippers online. Tail and everything. Could be gross. Could be awesome. Can’t wait for your new book !

  31. I SO needed to see this today. And now I’m thinking that I will venture out into the woods behind my house to seek out my own taxidermy. I NEED some well-behaved animals in my house.

  32. So, we have pack goats (goats that carry some of your stuff when you go hiking/camping) and we’ve long been calling them our totes magoats tote goats. But if I got that bag for them, we could have totes magoats tote goat goat totes.

  33. Re the 3-second shrimp: I can help but think this is what would happen if th MythBusters guys were allowed near a kitchen.

  34. Thanks for this, I needed the laugh. Like, really, really needed it. It’s been a nasty few days, topped off this morning by having my 16-lb, fully-clawed cat jump onto my back with no warning, no reason at all while I was bent over, trying to look into the back of a lower kitchen cupboard.

  35. I need a high five mofo mug or beer stein or martini glass. Just saying. And the universe shit upon us all last week I guess. Blerg! You are fantastic also, Jenny!

  36. I’ll live under the bridge but only if we get to go to Sydney and live there. That bridge rocks! I’ve had my fill of the Golden Gate, it is so yesterday.

  37. It’s a good week when you simply make it through alive. Your blog is always porn for my mind Bloggess. I hope I’m half the blogger you are and I’ll be somewhat less likely to stab people. And I would so help you bury bodies.

  38. My best friend and I exchange nutso Christmas ornaments as a gift every year. This Christmas just gone I got them the unicorn in Lederhosen 😀

  39. How did you know I lived under a bridge? Are you stalking me or psychic? Either way are you coming to visit? 🙂

  40. I hope you ordered your lederhosen unicorn ornament because there are only three left!

  41. Totes tried to steal my heart, but Juanita is still my favorite. High five!!

  42. WTF was up with last week? Was there some cosmic event that triggered a universally severe episode among those of us with anxiety disorders? I was a complete basket case. Like, instead of a partial basket case (which is as good as it gets for me).

    Dear Pharma (a goddess I just made up),

    Thank you for making benzodiazepines. I love you.


  43. It’s been hell on earth week for me. My pretty-much-fiance called it quits over reasons that he wouldn’t explain to me. We had the best relationship, and I can’t for the life of me understand what went wrong. I miss him more than anything, and he hasn’t even talked to me in a week.

    I also made the decision to get tested for anxiety because I’m pretty sure it’s getting in the way of things. Mostly I just want to sit in bed and cry this week. But I can’t afford to. Shitty job and all.

    Your blog posts are the height of my day. I’m going to reread your first book when I get the chance, and I can’t wait for your second.

  44. I will send you $20.00 if you will mention my blog on your blog. Smother Retired. My daughter says you remind her of me. A little insanity is a beautiful thing.

  45. Weekend before last I was on the verge of printing out the “Depression Lies” poster (and could you make the link to that easier to find? I finally had to find the copy I saved to my hard drive because I can’t find it in your blog) because I’ve been going through a bad patch, probably brought on partly by finally filing divorce papers (even though we’ve known this was coming for years and even though it’s a friendly divorce — still, it’s the finality of it all…..shit) and partly because I’m trying to figure out how to afford to send my kid to college on no income (bleurrg!). I’ve been having trouble getting out of bed in the morning, much less doing anything once I got up, and so I’d been having to remind myself of “depression lies” constantly, the first time I’d had to do that in ages, probably since before you’d posted that actually (and truer words have never been spoken, thank you for putting it so well and so concisely). So I’d finally gotten to the point of repeating that to myself.

    Also, better living through chemistry: at my regular med check I told my shrink about this, and one of my meds is upped to help me deal. I also have a referral to a counselor and an appointment, unfortunately in about a month, but fortunately I’m finally getting in to see someone (a full psychiatrist, no less), because my last counselor moved out of town over a year ago and I’ve been without for months now, waiting for her to be replaced. I’m going to be at a different clinic, because where I was thought they were going to get someone rehired but it hasn’t come to pass, and they are finally referring me out. Thank god!

    There have been some reasons for depression to be lying to me lately.

    But this week, suddenly, something wonderful happened — a little thing in the eyes of the world, but for me, this picture of Juanita Weasel (I hope I got that right) says it all. A Hosanna in the Highest! I got an award, a rather major award in a medieval recreation society I belong to, and I feel just like this, like throwing my arms up and yelling Hurray! and Thank you!! to the universe. In the SCA I was inducted into an order which carries a grant of arms — and outside of the SCA this means nothing, but inside this is a big deal and days later I’m still stunned, amazed, and riding a natural high. I know the feeling won’t last, heavy as the depression has been lately, but at the moment it has been as though the sun has momentarily broken through clouds and I am glad and thankful for it.

    You don’t get awards like this without being recommended for them and being recommended by more than one person. I have to hold onto that through the despair of my mind lying to me, hold onto that there are unknown people who recommended me for this, who thought I was good enough and deserving enough to get it. That doesn’t come lightly.

    Sometimes it’s important to see ourselves through the eyes of our friends rather than our own, because our illness (and I call it that purposely) skews our visions badly. Our friends and colleagues see us far more clearly than we do ourselves — because as you say, depression lies.

  46. This picture is so completely me right now.
    Also, the shrimp. Yes.

  47. Congrats on the advance copy of your book. I agree, the promo “this way to the midnight raccoon rodeo” should appear on all the copies. I’m hoping everyone feels better this week. On the other hand, I’m struggling with a medication change that isn’t going so well. I’ll keep slogging.

    Slog makes me think of sloth and that video. I’m sorry, but there is nothing cute about a sloth, and the idea of having one so close to my baby gives me the chills. Eek! The teacup creatures are one of the creepiest things I’ve seen on your website. I’ll have to buy that book to overcome the trauma. But, hey, high fives to everyone! Screw ’em if they can’t take a joke.

  48. Jenny: check out Fort Wayne Vintage Home Decor. There is a full-sized stuffed emu for sale. Think you might like it for your collection.

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