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  1. I just love that she’ll actually sleep on her bed. Both of mine look at pet beds with haughty disdain, and snore on the floor. Now that they’re old men, that’s pretty much all they do, other than morphing into CUJODEATHDOG when the lawn care dudes are in the yard.

    Weedwhackers are apparently the instrument of Satan.

  2. You are so fabulous with your photos, I love them. What about the other creatures in the house do they get jealous of Dorothy Barker?

  3. You have the coolest pets ever! My cats are usually licking themselves in the pics I get of them!

  4. Totally needed this!! Dorothy Barker…you are the bees knees for sure!!

  5. Kaiju does this same pose! It is totally adorable (and impressively without any shame or modesty!).

  6. So, you’re not calling her Knives, anymore?

    (Only when she’s biting. Or growling. Or eating my food. ~ Jenny)

  7. She is clearly not worried about her upper arm fat, and is not positioning herself for maximum upper-arm slenderizing. Damn her and her skinny, furry little arms.

  8. Point a camera anywhere near our dog and he vanishes into thin air in under 5ms. It’s a talent…

    Great pics Jenny!

  9. do you rent Dorothy Barker out for parties? mainly parties of one sitting on the couch for snuggles? Can you make a plush of her and put it in your Zazzle store?

  10. Awww! She’s adorkable. The Titanic reference is disturbing. Hilarious. And disturbing.

    Our Papillon went through an awkward inbetween stage. (Caterpillar stage?) I’m not saying DB is anywhere near the gangly, pre-adult, puppy-fur-hasn’t-quite-transitioned-to-full-on-floofiness stage our RN went through. She is already super-lovely.

    And on closer inspection of that last photo, girl seems to know it. Or it could be the “eyebrows.” Angry or confident?

  11. hey.

    you’re funny. flying to israel from south carolina would be way better if i could read your new book while doing. let’s just release it tomorrow. k?

  12. hi. any dog named dorothy barker is totally a french girl of mine. my writing recently has your influence written all over it, but not enough where i’m freaking out, unsure that i’m plagiarizing my idols, which is NOT so punk rock.
    ps. you make me want to go to texas. <3xo, peach s.

    “as basically copied word for word from an actual text.
    despite my oft sensible choices in life i still have a fucking headache [that’s clearly going to try to kill me any minute now, and i did the thing i do where i dismissed my auras as ‘just me being stupid’ as fucking usual], and i’m pretty sure this migraine thing is something i will eventually give the same buddhistic regard [to] as i do with the rest of my [oft ignored] logic, [like you’re supposed to] with [all] parts of life you [feel like are all about] learn[ing] to deal with- but NOT THIS ONE QUITE YET. [because i have to develop patience, which will happen after i deal with this god-fugly perfectionist problem that i inherited from my grandmother and her mother whose visage i bear an eerily uncanny resemblance to, and she also suffered from the grammatically fucked up condition called “chronic migraine”, as if it just is always there but sometimes dormant, waiting to strike whenever, and i really feel the perfectionist thing has everything to do with being the source of my chronic migraine i has thing. [i mean, come on, i cut a fucking sentence on my thigh and i hate it because the “handwriting” is not only un-stunning, but it’s completely sloppy, like serial killer handwriting. I WAS BLEEDING, HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW. I KEEP WISHING IT WAS OKAY TO CUT SO I COULD JUST FIX IT. i’m really glad i didn’t stab myself with india ink this time, because that would be more apparent and way more annoying to explain to whoever sees my thigh and actually asks why i have “THE EYE WOULD PREFER TO LOOK AWAY” tattooed to my poor unfortunate skin. over a scar, they’d probably assume i was an angsty teenager with a penchant for linguistics.]

    i don’t hope your phone explodes diarrhea or anything, but my texts are long, languid and devastatingly articulate by default, and could never pass as tweets. and this one is off the radar due to surviving my newest claim to fame: holding the guinness book of world records award for “LONGEST PSYCH-RELATED INTAKE EVER….furthermore, i didn’t even cry, because that’s exactly all my anti-depressant seems to do- SUPPRESS TEARS…..and furthermore, the guy giving the intake was like my age and exactly fucking like me.

    by the way, my brother is exploding the diarrhea for you right now, complete with post-diarrhea moan. now a sigh. lol. be glad it isn’t you.]

    (okay two actual texts)

    DUDE i’m being dead serious- MTV PRESENTS: THE GREAT GATSBY, PART TWO. WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK [zelda fitzgerald is still alive!?!?!?!?!? that must be really hard for her.]

  13. This is the truth, I went on a really important job interview yesterday and the woman’s name was DOROTHY BARKER. I couldn’t concentrate on making myself seem amazing enough for her to hire me so I probably blew it… but I am still chuckling today so I will consider it a victory. Sidenote – I think you are awesome and hilairous. Thank you for being the Bloggess.

  14. the spoon theory is one of my FAVORITE things I have read. as someone with a movement disorder, depression and a huge ration of stress in my daily life I think it works to explain a myriad of different issues people may struggle with all the time. Love your blog, and kudos to you for bringing light, smiles, and thought to other people!

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