Happy Halloween from Dorothy Barker

dorothy barkers first halloween

PS.  I should have gotten a gold lamé leash for her Lasso of Truth.  Dammit.

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  1. Dogs are funny. you dress them up and they’re like, “look at me, I’m fancy!” Cats do the death flop.

  2. I have a dog for the first time! My husband would not let me buy the puppy a Halloween outfit. What’s the point of even having a dog if I can dress him up?

  3. She looks great! We bought a costume for one of our dogs once. It…didn’t work out.

    The rain is basically murdering Halloween here in southeast Texas, so it looks like we’re about to head out to THE MALL.

    Save me.

    My kid had the best idea for a Halloween costume ever this year, though. He decided to go as Netflix, so my wife and I could watch him all night in our fat clothes. He’s the most postmodern 9 year old ever.

    (Picture’s at the bottom of my latest blog post. And, yes. He’s ADORABLE.)

  4. Adorable! I hope you’re not in the area of The Great Flood! Damn, things are getting Biblical lately.

  5. Be fair, the cats would be thrown out of the union if they wore their costumes quietly.

  6. It is pouring down rain here is the Great Lakes area of Canada so no kiddies trick or treating tonight. Husband is happy. He is scarfing down chocolate bars as I type….;). Cats have too much class to wear costumes.

  7. Im having a sudden slip into the pit. I skipped a party tonight because I knew I couldnt do it tonight, and now im under blankets, sobbing for no reason. I know this will pass, but I needed to tell somebody who would understand.

    (You are not alone. This will pass. Breathe deep. You’re going to be okay. ~ Jenny)

  8. I feel really weird right now and I blame facebook 😛 I even paid full price for a bag of halloween candy JUST IN CASE we get a knock on the door (we won’t), but that’s ok because I like candy. Apparently everyone is wearing costumes and getting together. I’m just Sitting here in pajamas, husband and I staring at our laptops, not talking, lazily baking a potato for dinner, wondering what it must feel like to be enthusiastic about anything.

    Every dang holiday.

  9. Adrienne,
    Listen to her. You’re not alone. The great thing about this wonderful little tribe Jenny has gathered together is that we’re ALL here with you, each of us occasionally slipping unexpectedly into the pit ourselves – and then a thousand hands reach out to catch you.

    You’ll get through this. If things get too dark, or you just need a distraction or a sympathetic digital shoulder to lean on, hit me on Twitter (@unclejeet). I’m always around, and I’m not above making really lame dad jokes you can’t help but groan at.

    And don’t worry about skipping the party. It was probably lame anyway. 🙂

  10. Too cute! Yeah, our American bulldog is dressed as an American bulldog. And the hubs and I are parents. I know, pretty exciting! Happy Halloween to all!

  11. Good idea for the lasso of truth as a leash. Maybe she can find a reason to wear it again. Christmas time? Other major holidays. My cats are not nearly so agreeable.

  12. A lady of class and distinction, obviously (and great patience).
    Your interview with NPR came across my feed this morning!! I don’t know why I find that ridiculously exciting, but I do!

  13. I just wrote about your new book on my two blogs, janetcobur.wordpress.com and bipolarjan.wordpress.com. I know you don’t need the help publicizing, but I hope you like the posts!

  14. Seeing Dorthy in her costumer reminded me of this– when I was little, my sister and I would pretend to be Wonder Woman. Lynda Carter had some nice cleavage, so to look more like her, we would take the pom-poms off of our roller skates and shove them under our shirts. Fortunately each pom-pom had one little round bell in the the middle, so we positioned those to look like nipples. We were pretty much the best Wonder Women ever.

  15. I’m almost finished reading Furiously Happy, I hate to see it end ! Thank you Jenny for your insight, and for sharing your life stories. My struggles have been ( and are ) similar to yours, is nice to know I’m not so alone. Thank You !

    Bobby B.

  16. Adrienne, many of us slip from time to time & can’t see any way out, but when you come back to yourself you’ll almost find it hard to believe you could have felt like that for no reason.

    There almost certainly is a reason, but it may be an accumulation of things, rather than a particular incident; sometimes the smallest things can set us off if we’re already primed.

    A couple of weeks ago, my estranged 15 year old daughter died of cancer.
    I hadn’t seen her for almost 2 years, & not at all since her diagnosis, subsequent leg amputation, & numerous hospitalizations.

    This was due to animosity between her mother & me, her understanding of negotiation & compromise being, that you beat down the other person until they relent & give you what you want.

    I opted out of this harmful psychological tactic, for the sake of preserving my sanity, & to save my daughter from being exposed to behaviour I grew up with myself as a child.

    The only way to do so was estrangement, & it hurt like hell, but not as much as the guilt would have, had I played along with the toxic mind games.

    At first I just felt relief that her suffering was over, that the struggle with her mother to maintain contact & communication was over, & that I would be able to move on.

    Then a few days later it hit me, & I had an uncontrollable urge to self harm.

    Thankfully I eschewed the knife or other sharp objects, as well as the heavy blunt objects, & decided on trying to snap myself out of it with a rubber band.

    I flicked myself until I bruised numerous times, I cried until my eyes hurt, I shook & sobbed uncontrollably,
    I’m not advocating self harm, but if you can’t stop yourself, sometimes harm minimization is better than the risk of long term injury.

    In the end I felt purged, like a weight had lifted, & that for the first time in over a decade, I could really know who loves me, cares about me, & who is worthwhile to have in my life.

    There was minimal interaction with my family, who sided with my ex after the divorce, so it brought closure to me, in that my decision of estrangement from my own family was justified.

    After all, if they weren’t going to be there for me as I struggled whilst my daughter was dying of cancer, what support are they, & how can they say they truly love me or care about me?

    We all matter Adrienne, whether it be to our partners, children, parents, grand-parents, nephews, nieces, cousins, friends, workmates, neighbours, or even just the acquaintances you pass in the street.

    It’s ok to not got to a party if you don’t feel like it, & people may be curious about why you didn’t attend, but they won’t judge you anywhere near as harshly as you judge yourself.

    Just because you fall into the pit & don’t know why you get sad & huddle in bed, doesn’t mean you aren’t entitled to feel sorry for yourself, or that you need to pep up.

    You can’t force yourself to feel good, & you shouldn’t punish yourself if you feel sad, depressed or lonely from time to time; sometimes you just to have to ride through it & hope you’ll come out of the other side feeling better, which usually happens anyway.

    Just do what you need to do to feel safe, & you can come back out into the world when you’re ready.
    It will still be waiting for you, & those that matter won’t care that you needed some alone time, & those that judge you for it aren’t worth a damn.

  17. Something weird happened here… I woke up this morning and the daylight savings time had turned off… and no one had told me. I have an idea. Let’s just switch time completely. Let’s take 12:00 AM and make it 12:00 PM, then it would be light all night and dark all day. You could party all night and think “I can keep partying, it’s still light out.” And you could sleep all day and not feel bad because it’s dark out outside.” This goes hand-in-hand with my theory that says people in the southern hemisphere should be in charge because, since they are upside down, the blood circulation to their brain is better. I have walked around out of sync all day! And yesterday was Halloween???? I didn’t miss Christmas did I?

  18. The fact that you KNEW Wonder Woman has a truth telling lasso made my whole night 🙂 thank you for your book. Your writing helped me so much . I so far have bought three copies and given them to people, all who love you. My best friend and I are dressing up as taxidermy raccoon’s next year for Halloween. I can’t describe how helpful your writing has been to me. You make me feel accepted. Thank you.
    Also here is a clip I think you might like:

  19. Can’t stop looking at these sweet pictures of Wonder Dorothy. (Like, “can’t stop” as in “they make me feel happy”. Not “can’t stop” in a creepy, stalker way.)

  20. There is another dana??? I saw 3 yesterday. I shall be the dana with a small d because I have done nothing to deserve a capital letter. But I did leave the time comment. And yes, that is a wonderful costume. Did I mention that I am a scatter-brained crazy?

  21. I’m reading Furiously now. I don’t know if I’m supposed to laugh, cry, or hiss like a racoon, but I’ve done all three. Thank you for that. 🙂

  22. I’m reading Furiously now. I don’t know if I’m supposed to laugh, cry, or hiss like a racoon, but I’ve done all three. Thank you for that. 🙂

  23. My dog would do the death flop of I dressed her up, too. One the floor, paws out, head down. As though it were toxic.

  24. who says Dorothy can’t wear the costume every day of the year if she wants to! Go get the gold lame’ leash & turn her awesomeness out into the world!!!! we could all use a little Dorothy Barker in our everyday lives!

  25. Hi, dana with a small d! 🙂 I would be scatter-brained, too, but I don’t have enough brains to scatter! 🙂

  26. oh my she is too cute. I feel that maybe papillon owners dress them up more so on halloween than other breeds owners. I am on a facebook group with papillon owners and pretty much we just put up cute pics of our pups and go ‘awww’ but Halloween is just filled with insanely cute costumes.

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