Pintrest. Kind of a dick.

I just spent two hours on pinterest looking at intricate school lunches that are pandas carved out of fruit and shit, and do-it-yourself paper-mache-glittery-giraffe heads and I was thinking, “Who in the hell has time to make this shit?” And then I realized that I just wasted two hours looking at shit that I’ll never do on pinterest.

Touché, pinterest.  You win this round.

PS. That booksgiving experiment we did this week?  Holy shit y’all.  Go look at the comments and cry.  From happiness.  Or from sadness if you bet someone that humanity was doomed and now you’re like, “Shit.  I owe you five dollars.  Good people are still out there.”  Personally I think that’s worth the five dollars though so maybe stop complaining.  Although technically if you decide to welch on the bet you’d probably convince the person betting on humanity that people do suck and then you’d win.  That’s a shitty way to make five bucks but I’m not judging you.  Much.

PPS.  Today I thought I was going to have to pay $1700 cash for a single shot to keep me out of a wheel chair (long story short: INSURANCE COMPANIES SUCK) but then a nice nurse helped me out and I melted in relief so I’m paying it forward by buying going into those comments and buying more books if I can even find any wish lists that haven’t been filled.  Because good pushes more good and I need all the good karma I can get.

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    Yes, but “free market” and “Go ‘merica” and “Build a wall” and … oh, holy fuck, there’s no way I’m going to make it to November without having an aneurysm.

    Sorry you’re hurting so badly that you need a $1,700 shot. Hope you feel better.

  2. It wasn’t time wasted…it was ‘research’ that led to this blog post. It’s all in how ya spin it!

  3. I cried like a baby when I found booms at my door syep for my son. Good people still.

  4. I get lost on the Internet all the time and then scoff at memes I find of people who do so, then realize I’m those people. Gotta love it 🙂

    In what world should anything like that cost that much money. I’m glad you got it sorted and paying it forward is a beautiful thing Jenny!!

  5. I’ve always thought that books are the best gift ever! I’ve been known to give other people books that I love just so I’ll have someone to talk about them with and say, “Wasn’t that fabulous?!”

  6. I agree one billionty percent about insurance companies. It took 31 days, a gazillion phone calls and spending $750 out of pocket for about half the amount of meds actually needed to get “prior authorization” for a script for my husband that he’s been taking for two years and still has refills. All because we had the nerve to change insurance companies to try to save a few dollars!

  7. My friend Barbara got her book yesterday from one of your awesome readers! (Post #411 on original blog)…she keeps messaging me that she can’t stop laughing, is peeing her pants, and is SO thankful she received that book! I told her she needs “Let’s Pretend…” as well – it is so so good to hear her laugh, she hasn’t in a very long time!!

  8. I have to call my doctor Monday (instead of today because I took a much needed nap that lasted too long) and follow up on Insurance Bullshit for my own latest biologic injections. I’m not convinced they’re working, but I’ve got to try to do something to make me feel less atrocious. I’m glad someone gave you the hookup for your injection!

  9. I’m not a Pinterest person. I think I’d be boo’d off if someone heard that I buy loaves of bread and make two dozen PBJ’s at a time and freeze them. Take that or have school lunch, the end.

  10. Insurance does suck. We are low income enough to qualify for free coverage. I received a small inheritance and got immediately kicked off the insurance. After finding out I’m pregnant. So. No insurance here, missed open enrollment. Have no idea what next. Sorry to rant. Just a bit stressed. I’m glad your ridiculously expensive shot got sorted out! Also, your blog always cheers me up.

  11. The fact that I was on Pinterest when I got the email saying you posted a new blog haha this is now freaky.

  12. My job is to say YES to that $1700 shot. I’m lucky I live and work in a place where this can happen. I spend tens of thousands of government dollars daily but I get to pretend I help people feel better.

  13. We’re working to raise $50,000 for much needed medical care for our daughter Melody, because INSURANCE COMPANIES SUCK! But PEOPLE are awesome, and we’ve raised nearly $7,000 so far. So, there’s that. ♡

  14. Yes, insurance companies totally suck. They have us at their mercy but they do make it worth the doc’s while with special “gifts.”
    Are you okay? Please be okay. The only time I even smile, let alone laugh is when I read Furiously Happy.

  15. I posted the above “annonymous” post, because my phone is crazy and wouldn’t let me type my name. So, insurance companies and my phone suck. But people are proving to be really lovely.

  16. I agree about insurance companies! I’ve spent most of today going around with them trying to get my 7yr old son’s diabetic supplies refilled. They’re making us switch brands on everything and get prior authorizations from his Dr. for everything. At one point I told them that I was pretty sure the Dr. would be cool with authorizing the medication my son needs to, you know, not die and stuff. Ugh.

  17. Nothing’s worse than It’s a knitting and crocheting social network site that lets you browse patterns and see stuff that other people have made. Ask me about how much time I’ve spent on there looking at stuff to knit and crochet instead of actually knitting and crocheting? Nevermind, Don’t ask.

  18. I read, but mostly missed the booksgiving (which was awesome, and why wouldn’t it be?.)
    I have not the ability nor patience to go through the comments looking for the 3 people who may not have received, so I’ve picked a donors’ choose project (that I backed a couple christmases ago) for a contribution in your honor and am donating 4 pounds of bacon for a band trip.
    (I don’t need any bacon, but it’s a bacon fundraiser and I’m willing to contribute, so I’m buying bacon for someone I don’t know – how much fun is THAT?)

  19. I think we are on the same meds. $5 a month after insurance, but when I first open the box and see retail price $3,425, I temporarily stop breathing.

  20. Never been so thankful that I just can’t get into Pinterest, other than for saving recipes.
    Also very, very thankful for military healthcare coverage — and my husband’s 25 years of service that earned it for us.

  21. I missed the book post! You were so gracious about giving me a book the first time that I would love to pay it forward. I’ll look through the comments and see if there is any one that has not gotten one yet.

    I set your book, Let’s Pretend This Never Happened, free yesterday. I know a girl that is in ICU and not doing well physically or mentally. I took her your book cause I know it will make all the difference in the world.

    But, I was selfish with Furiously Happy. I have only read it twice and I am not releasing it just yet.

    Love you lots.

  22. Our gang is the best. My mom has already reported books arriving from folks! Thanks to the folks who bought off the list! I had even added a few more because I thought the ones I added somehow got off the list! Free dinner I realized that thwy were purchased. (im #106 on booksgoving)
    Pinterest IS a dick! It makes me feel hugely inadequate as a person. On many levels.

  23. Search for fun things on Pinterest, like “angry ducks” or “drunk animals” or just “hilarity.” It’s much nicer that way. Also, I’m pretty sure that $1700 is the going price to get someone else shot.

  24. Can’t hug you so I hugged the poor unsuspecting UPS guy who just brought me Booksgiving instead.

  25. I’m glad you got your shot. I’m assuming it was for your RA, I have Psoriatic Arthritis and they are treated the same. The insurance companies never want to pay for the shot. If you run into that again and it gets down to the wire, call the medication’s number directly. I belong to a support group and many have received shots for free if it looks like the insurance company are going to take a long time or if you have one of those trigger shots and misfire. In short, insurance companies are collosal dicks.

  26. booksgiving was amazing, and you’re amazing for getting that ball rolling. thank you SO very much to whomever sent me something. it made my week. actually, longer, because i’m going to save the book for moments when i really need to get out of my own head and maybe have a laugh. <3

  27. Okay, I have read your first book about 100 times and lent it out to show everyone how great you are. It’s basically falling apart with my notes and dog-eared, all that stuff because I love and relate to it so much. I saw that you did this and thoughtt it was adorable. Made my rough week in grad school a little brighter. I come home today and find a book in the mail even though I didn’t order anything or put my name down on this. I’m not sure how but I think somehow someone sent it to me. That really made this crappy week that much better. Thanks random magical person who somehow stumbled upon my Amazon wish list! And thanks for doing this in general. You’re the best.

  28. Jenny–this is the proper way to use Pinterest: make a board of all the great ideas you find. Add your sister to the board, and she will make all the things you liked. See? Simple.

  29. Very grateful for the Canadian health care. It isn’t perfect but everyone gets medical care when they need it. And also when they don’t. Jenny, hope your RA settles down.

  30. Jenny, insurance companies sure do suck, for the most part. So far, I have been lucky, but I know of others who have not had my experience. Do I need to buy another 100 copies of your book? I’m sure I could find that many people who would love it.

  31. I just have to chime in on the costs of shots. My son and I both need EpiPens so we don’t die horrible, painful deaths from anaphylaxis. The shots (pens) are only good for about a year. The cost for a two-pack? $725. I don’t have to pay the full amount, just a co-pay, but I feel sorry for anyone who has to pay full retail. If you can’t afford it I guess you’re just supposed to pop a Bendadryl and hope for the best when you start having a life-threatening allergic reaction. :/

  32. Thank you for the warnings about Pinterest. I’ve gone there a couple of times, but keep getting the pop-up “Join or No Pinterest For YOU” and I don’t join. Looks like it’s working in MY FAVOR, damnit!.
    On another note – I truly hope you feel better, Jenny. Enjoy the beautiful weather outside while it lasts…

  33. I would so dearly love to have this book. Jenny? Your first book brought me so much joy and laughter, I feel like we could be friends, that you would “get me”. I’ve battled depression and overwhelming anxiety since I was a teenager. It never gets easier. I plan to buy your book as soon as my husband goes back to work, he works in natural gas and unfortunately, oil prices cost him his job. We lost our insurance and have a child on the spectrum who requires medication and therapies. Even if you have fulfilled all the requests you can, know that I will eventually get to have your book. You life let me up so often, and for that I thank you.

  34. My daughter ran in from school and has been on the couch reading Princeless ever since. Thank you, Booksgiving gifters.

  35. Pinterest ALWAYS makes me feel inadequate with all that crafty-foodie-artsy shit. So sorry about needing the shot. Insurance companies most definitely do suck big donkey dongs.

  36. I was in tears just looking through the comments the other night. Every single wish list i clicked on, was already empty. You do so much good for people and you and the people here are awesome!

  37. One of my nervous medicines cost $420 a month WITH INSURANCE!!! I got pissed and went off of them a few years ago – then decided that a nervous breakdown cost alot more, so I’m back on them.

  38. I forgot to mention – I hate Facebook and Pinterest for the same reason – you can’t “represent” being a couch potato in the fetal position and have any cread…. phewwwww

  39. Oh hey Jenny! Who’s that insurance company, by the way? Because I can tell you for certain that UNITED HEALTHCARE wins at suckage!! 100%!!!

  40. Thank you, Typpi, for making my day brighter! I was so surprised when I received my copy of Furiously Happy. It truly made my day! You are amazing, kind, generous and beautiful, too! ☺️📚📖📚☺️

  41. Insurance companies do suck!! (and so do pharmacy companies who charge so fucking much for meds in the first place!!!) I’ve been struggling with newly diagnosed psoriatic arthritis since Oct. – it’s so bad that some days I can barely walk. 6 months ago I was a super active and busy mom of 3… now I celebrate if I can get down our stairs in under 5 minutes. My insurance company waited 60 days to deny a med my doctor wanted to start me on, and now we are waiting for approval on the next option even though it isn’t what my doctor wants to do! Every month they delay they save themselves a couple thousand dollars, so yay for them. In the meantime my whole family suffers.
    What I planned to type when I started was… Glad you found someone to make things happen for you Jenny! (sorry for the rant!)

  42. I had the same scare recently, have injections once a month that are 8,000 without insurance, it all worked out, thank goodness !

  43. I really did get ranty in my above post. yikes!
    I want to also say that I think booksgiving was amazing! I was lucky enough to be gifted a book and had a book hangover this morning from staying up late last night reading. Thanks again to my giver and to Jenny for creating such awesomeness in the world!!

  44. Hi Jenny, I started going thru comments yesterday with the thought of totaling up how many books went out but I ran out of time at 225. Here’s what I found 165, 181 & 222 still have one book on their lists. There were others but they had multiples and I couldn’t tell if they’d gotten one or not. Between 1 and 225 there were: 32 people saying they would buy someone a book, 61 people saying what a great idea, and 90 people who said they needed a book and had an empty wishlist. If we extrapolate there’s perhaps 664 people who had books purchased for them by your tribe. You are amazing and you inspire people to do good in the world. Thank you Jenny!

  45. You and me both, my friend. Pinterest suckers me into these things but doesn’t give me the time, energy or talent to re-create any of those damned kiwi pandas at home.

  46. I love that you’re recognizing and loving on nurses. It makes OUR day when we can help someone like you with stuff like that. RNs rule and insurance companies drool!!

  47. And every time I find something on Pinterest I love – the link no longer works. But on the positive side, I sent 3 books to one of your readers – 1 of yours, 1 of mine, and an additional book from her list. I hope she has a great day to remember when the box arrives!

  48. My friend, Neesh, has a rare blood cancer and needs twice weekly blood transfusions to stay alive. The cure is a bone marrow transplant, she has a donor, and insurance only pays like 7%. So we try to raise money for the transplant, but keep going nowhere because first insurance said she had hit her maximum number of transfusions for the year and she should have “planned better” so all of the funds raised go to keeping her alive. Then insurance resets for the new year, great, right? Except they dropped the hospital that provides treatment for her rare cancer from their network and the hospital that is in her network doesnt treat her cancer. So now she has to pay out of network costs. Now the insurance company says that they “are under no obligation to cover rare diseases.” She’s been doing without because she simply can’t pay the cost of keeping herself alive long enough to try and raise the money to receive the cure. Now she’s in organ failure and may not make make it through the weekend without a transfusion. Her life is being measured in dollars and cents and it SUCKS BIG DONKEY BALLS!

    So I can sympathize with the $1700 shot.

    (Didn’t come here to ask for donations, but since I’ve already established she needs them, i might as well post her link. If you are moved to donate, tell Neesh to keep fighting, she is getting so discouraged by the insurance bullshit, I’m afraid she’s giving up! Even if you can’t donate, could you copy the link and share? We need this to go viral! )

  49. Pinterest, like the rest of social media, is a time suck. If I could organize my brain like one of their closets, I could get so much done!

  50. the most insane thing I’ve seen on pinterest was a lady who soaked rolls of paper towels in a paint/water mixture, left them outside to dry for two days, then unrolled it, scrunched it up, and basically used it like tissue paper. WHY COULDN’T SHE JUST HAVE BOUGHT COLORED TISSUE PAPER?????

  51. Once again, just when I’m feeling sorry for myself, with my own “invisible illness” (which, while frustrating, probably won’t ever lead to considering a wheelchair permanently), and my own physical and mental limitations, you go and do something that makes me think, “Jesus! If she can accomplish THAT while living with her health problems, then I should be able to handle washing the dishes/attending a parent-teacher meeting/building a Flux Capacitor.” Thank you for giving me all these inadvertent kicks in the ass – I need them!

  52. Boy, howdy, do I agree with insurance companies sucking. Glad you are getting shot. Huh. That doesn’t sound quite right, but I feel like you’ll understand that I really am hoping you feel better. And you don’t have to pay $1700 to get shot.

  53. I know what you mean about wanting to pay it forward. Booksgiving was the day we found out that we didn’t have to put our dog down. She has a serious illness, needed surgery, and her vet was asking $1100. We couldn’t afford it. Then someone referred me to another vet who would do the surgery for… wait for it… $70. I kid you not. So we gave a big donation to a low-cost spay/neuter clinic in our dog’s name. Because sometimes paying it forward is a gift to ourselves.

    And Pinterest? I applied to join, and then they accepted me, so I knew it wasn’t worth belonging to.

  54. I’m pretty sure I’m using Pinterest wrong. (Or at least not the way THEY want me to use it.) I Google things I’m interested in, and then pin things to my boards from there. Mostly because sponsored pins make me angry.

    As for insurance… yeah… I’m pretty sure actuaries are actually demons, and adjusters are their minions.

  55. Tatortot Mom can you add your shipping address to your Furiously Happy wish list? (Jenny gives a tutorial in the Booksgiving post).

  56. Margie, you need to add your shipping address to your wish list (Jenny put a tutorial at the end of her Booksgiving post).

  57. I just wanted to say thank you again for hosting booksgiving – my book arrived yesterday! I finished working early tonight so I can start reading it!!!

  58. Hope you feel better soon! My dr wanted to try one of those monthly shots on me but my insurance wouldn’t cover the cost which at the time was around $1000. I had to decline because after checking my wallet I was $999 short!😂

  59. Not that I want to defend insurance companies or anything, but the fact that drug companies are ALLOWED to charge $8000.00 for a drug or a shot in some cases is the real problem. Insurance companies have so much money in premiums that they have to make cover everybody’s needs (and yes, I realize they make WAY too much profit, but this can be said for a whole host of businesses as well). When drug companies are allowed to charge these kids of ridiculous prices for life saving drugs – this is the real problem we need to have fixed. Just my very humble opinion 🙂

  60. Pinterest is magnificent for people like me who have hoarding impulses. You can pile up a bunch of virtual lifestyle-curation wishes, and then just delete the bastards whenever you need a moment of clarity. But the only way to deal with Pinterest is to have at least one “FFS, Pinterest” board containing all the worst Pinterest excesses, like roses carved out of apples and penguins made out of olives and photo walls hung via laser level, stuff like that. Keeps things in perspective.

  61. I cook a lot and keep a cookbook of recipes I have modified to my family’s taste. I periodically send a copy of these recipes to friends and family who have a copy of all my “good” recipes. This is what it says as an introduction for COWBOY CORN DIP: “This is from Donna (via Pinterest), who brought it to Bunco. She gave me the recipe since I don’t belong to Pinterest. Why don’t I belong to Pinterest, you ask? Because Pinterest is so cool that it will become a time-suck if I start looking at it. And if I start on Pinterest, it will be like starting drugs. And you can blame the drugs for your behavior, but that still gets you nowhere. So I am just going to say no. Thank you, Nancy Reagan. Donna modified the recipe a bit, and did a great job. This spicy bit of heaven is great for Super Bowl Sunday, or some event with lots of guys, who will snarf this right down. And it is served with FRITOS!! When was the last time you talked yourself into THOSE? Yup, you’ll be snarfing it down, too! It’s a win-win if there ever was one. (And it’s easy to make!)” And so I continue to be Pinterest free….

  62. Pinterest IS a freaking dick!!! And so are insurance companies. They both are great in theory but are time sucking holes in reality. Keep on keeping it real, I just adore you so much. You speak my language lady…anxiety ridden, Whovian, paranoid about birds…I have read both of your books AT LEAST 6 times each. And now I think I will read them again! Oh my kindred nerd spirit, you make me feel a little like I’m not the only one that feels like life is some sort of test to see how much crap one can take before building a closet nest and never leaving. Xoxo

  63. I have wasted way too much time on Pintrest!

    I took Sheri’s original list (#1309) of active wishlists on the Booksgiving post and removed all of the empty ones and added the more recently posted ones, and I have to say there were A LOT of empty lists. People here are awesome! For those still looking to buy books, the newly updated list of wishlists is at (#1644) all of which were still active as of about an hour ago.

    (You rock. I just bought a bunch from your compiled list. Super helpful. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  64. I’m so sorry. I’ve been fighting insurance to get my Botox covered for my migraines after a plan change at the first of the year. I’m glad you got a nurse who was able to help!

    I didn’t get a chance to read about booksgiving, but I really want to. Your book has helped me through some hard times, so I’m glad others were able to get it too!

  65. I’ve been promising myself I won’t be late for work.
    I’ll stay off of Twitter.
    Skated in with two minutes to spare.
    Damn Twitter.
    I totally get your frustration with Pinterest.
    Those dicks.
    But insurance companies are the biggest hateful meanie dum-dums of them all.
    Yay YOU!!
    Yay GREAT nurses!
    Yay Booksgiving!
    Yay Unicorns!
    (I just thought it fit 🙂 )

  66. You are a remarkable human being. I have shared the story of booksgiving with several people. Brought them to tears. Good pushes good…love you

  67. Insurance companies DO suck. My favorite thing about the insurance companies is that they get to tell my doctor what meds I will take and not only what I will take, but how much I will take. Because the insurance company knows so much more about what works for me and all. Not my doctor who has been treating my arthritis for 10 years. Why would he know what’s best??

    And Pinterest is a time suck but don’t worry – it loses it’s power to pull you in eventually.’

    And booksgiving was the most awesome thing ever. Thank you again Lita Hegemier. I still don’t understand why you picked me but wow. Thank you.

  68. Oh my! People are crazy – but if I still worked at a desk? I’d want one.



  69. Being blessed means not having to pay the $1700, even when you have it. Glad it worked out for you!

  70. Pinterest is why the terrorists hate us. And why I sort of hope they win. But not really, because I hate terrorists. But I hate Pinterest almost as much. And oh, snap! Perfect brainstorm idea for beating the terrorists: WE MAKE THEM DO PINTEREST PROJECTS! Forget that waterboarding shit. Just make them plan a 3-year-old’s hybrid Doc McStuffin’s/Elsa birthday party. Or, even better, make them plan the perfect upscale wedding on a budget for a Bridezilla. They’ll be telling us all sorts of secrets, and bam! America’s great again!
    God, I should be President.

  71. Is there a way to search these list for booksgiving? I’d like to be a part of giving back…

  72. Insurance companies suck… and so do companies that run flex spending cards… especially if they’re hooked to an insurance company. (Woe to mine on Monday when they open and my Celtic temper rips them a new one.)

    Booksgiving was awesome. I got mine today. (Yey. Surprise. It made all the scheiße of today not so bad.)

    Someone explained Pinterest to me, and I still don’t get it. I’m not stupid, just all why?

    Feel better.

  73. I really want to be included for booksgiving. I am at home, with no books & sick.I saw the post late and even tho I just put Jenny’s 2 books on my wish list, I cant figure out how to link it😟 blame my Fibromyalgia ‘fog’. And it is postedon as a public list for Debra Disney. Have a Furiously happy Feb. If you are lucky enough to get a book. I’d appreciate positive thoughts for my 2016 health crisis if you have a moment. Thank u, Jenny & her Tribe. 🌸

  74. Is it too late to participate in Booksgiving? I’d love to read Jenny’s books. I made my wish list, but can’t figure out how to put an address with it using my phone.

  75. Insurance… I wish. I live in Canada. Here, when you have rheumatoid arthritis they give you pills that will make you liver explode and whistle at the ceiling when you say, “WTF?”. Eventually, you forget the doctor, buy a kick-ass blender, and make green smoothies all day. Weirdly enough, this actually helps. Like a lot. (I know what it’s like to be in that wheelchair. I also know what’s like to get sub-standard medical care for RA. Trust me, you can go a long way towards fixing this on your own. I’m not saying you can defeat RA. I’m saying you can beat the crap out of the disease on a very regular and satisfying basis, if you make the right choices. Honest.) 🙂 Lynne

  76. I got a book from Booksgiving and it was exactly the reminder that I needed that people are good and that I can get through this slump. Thank you.

  77. There’s a website whose name eludes me at the moment (because it’s almost two in the morning), but it’s something like “WTF, Pinterest?” and it’s just a collection of the weirdest/saddest/most presumptuous things on Pinterest, some of which make panda-shaped edibles seem like a logical everday decision. Lemme see if I can find it (unless we can’t link things here, I don’t remember. Because it’s two a.m. Ish. brb.)

    5 seconds later

    Okay, so there is a place called that, but it’s not what I was thinking of. The place I was thinking of was this:

  78. Haven’t had problems with my health insurance yet this year (I’m sure they’re just busy and will get around to screwing me soon) but I have had to take my car in for repairs which I thought were going to be covered under the warranty…and they weren’t…oh and the registration tags you’re supposed to get every year are paid for but until my car passes the smog test I don’t get them…which I can’t do because I have to drive the car around until the computer in it has run all the monitors. Yep, gotta drive with expired tags so the car can finally run its monitors and then I can go do a smog test. Oh and if the repair place had actually done all of the work they were supposed to back in August 2015, which they were paid for, this would not be happening now! If you see a news report out of Southern California about a crazy lady attacking a car repair place, it’ll probably be me.

  79. Booksgiving was awesome – had my book, posted a pic on Instagram, which you probably haven’t seen (admiralandrea). Thank you! And thanks to the person who bought the book too 🙂

  80. Today was a horrible day, one of those days I wished I hadn’t forced myself to get out of bed. But I came home and saw a package waiting, a book I’ve wanted for years inside. I’m now crying tears of joy over the selflessness some kind soul bestowed upon me. You made my day end on an incredible high note, thank you for the light

  81. Booksgiving was an EPIC sucess!!! Thank you!!! I felt so guilty for posting a wishlist I decided to gift also. WE BROKE AMAZON!.!.!. How freaking awesome is that!

  82. Thank you MARY💜 #101, For your kindness & noticing my post (#99). I am dealing w a sciatic nerve flare up that took 2 shots + 2 Rx & most of my $$. It put me on bedrest & I am reading Jenny’s blog backwards all day/night. @247am I found Copernicus the $7 monkey & 😅. IF I get a book (either of Jenny’s) I know I will treasure it cause I am a major bookworm 🐉.

  83. I tried making those pretty lunches. For about a week. After which point my chirren told me to knock it off and give them back their sammiches and bags o’ chips.

    (The hot dog octopuses were my favorite.)

  84. You are the most awesome kind of person ever. I am going to donate now!

    And my husband is Welsh and quite generous and Tom Jones-y (in his heyday) to boot. I always ask people respectfully to use to use the word “renege”.

  85. There are doctors out there that are breaking away from the norm. They basically end up doing a monthly “membership” fee, and then a small fee for any visits, but not only does it work out to not be that costly, but they also do things like get many drugs through wholesalers, keeping costs much, much lower. I’m working with one here in Raleigh, NC. There’s actually a couple here, and they say there are doctors all over the US that do this. Try looking up Direct Primary Care in your area. The really nice thing about this, besides the lower costs, is the doctor can actually take time to sit with you and help you, as opposed to giving you 5 minutes and throwing whatever pills at you that they get kickbacks for.
    Another cheap way to look for other insurance is some groups, I think church groups, are doing some sort of co-share insurance plans. Might be worth Google-ing as well.

  86. I actually like Pinterest. LIke Anne said above, it satisfies the hoarder in me, without my having to make tunnels through my house. It’s all about things I never have to cook, or sew, or paint, or build, or buy. They are still pretty things, and I can appreciate that. They are just things I don’t need, and I can enjoy the pretty pictures and feel absolutely free from guilt. I have one Pinterest board called “NO” where I save some of the most weird, horrifying, and ludicrous stuff.
    I also like Tasty, which is a website or an app, I’m not sure, but it has these little 30 second videos of someone speed-cooking some yummy-looking dish. I have some food issues, and I can watch those little videos and think, oh that looks good and so easy! But I don’t have to REALLY cook it or eat it. 🙂
    Booksgiving is awesome. I salute you for coming up with it!

  87. I have a board called Pinterest Is Not Real Life. Because no one needs to make homemade twinkies. Or elaborate lunches for children.

  88. I am super artsy and super craftsy. I mean, when I actually have time/money/metaphorical ‘spoons’ to DO anything, I’m the kind of person that people will pay to buy what I make. Admittedly, that hasn’t happened much over the last decade, what with being the physically (and progressively) disabled, full-time mom of a neuro-disabled kid (who has a habit of requesting Halloween costumes it takes me two years to get through making because no one bloody well sells what he thinks up, even if we could buy it). All the same, friends that possess both an understanding of our financial desperation and a very flexible sense of deadline still bring me commissions from themselves or others, whether that’s for portraits or jewelry or custom chain maille for a service dog. One could get a bit of an ego boost (challenging as that tends to be for me, on a visceral level) from that sort of thing.

    …And yet I have dedicated distressing proportions of my limited mental reserves, over the past however many years, to STAYING THE HELL AWAY FROM PINTREST.

    I put three books on that Booksgiving Wish-List — one for each of our birthdays. Someone decided to get us the book I chose for our kiddo, and it arrived approximately 10 minutes before I found this post. I’d actually gone to your blog to find THAT post, to write another thank-you. I now have to hide my glee until the end of April, when his birthday actually is. I am completely ok with that. Life needs more glee, both to share and to hold inside to squirm in your spirit for a while as it itches to get out!

    Insurance companies suck like possessed vacuums. I’m so glad today worked out for you! (Although I’m not terribly surprised that you’ve accrued good Karma.) Wanna know what I’m getting for MY birthday? A bilateral lumbar spine nerve block. Insurance companies and I have vastly different outlooks on my need to be able to put off requiring a wheelchair, myself.

  89. Booksgiving was such an excellent and generous idea – how awesome to see so many people participating! I hope you feel better really soon and that people just stop charging you for anything because you are not only a Bloggess (The Bloggess, I should say), but you are a lady amongst ladies, and totally generous and good at cursing to boot. I hope you do the Booksgiving on a regular basis going forward. Hopefully, I’ll catch things in time next go-round.

  90. There are still wish lists available! If you scroll way down, some fabulous person put them all together. Keep giving books, peeps!
    Thank you for your thoughtfulness, Jenny.

  91. I work for a great big insurance company. In our last town hall, one of the (hundreds of overpaid) suits stood up and gave a speech about how our company was going to “fix health care” and how much we all needed to “value and care for” our members, etc. The next (overpaid) suit to stand up talked about how the company was raking in “record profits” and we were projected to “earn” even more this year, and how the company was financially superior to Google and Apple, etc. Personally I think insurance companies should break even… My insurance benefits as an employee? The premiums are outrageous, and the deductibles and co-insurance are so astronomically high I’ve never even met them despite having had surgeries and visiting three specialists in one year. Every single thing is out of pocket, always. I dream of a day where the doctor doesn’t have to pay attention to who is paying the patient’s bill, and everyone can get the health care they need.

  92. Bless you, Jenny for “booksgiving”. And for doing Good things for All who read & comment here!! This tribe (& You) are my friends in my head. You make me feel better! Doctors SHOULD provide – – Not Prescribe – YOUR books to patients who need them! We have multiple illnesses in common, but We KEEP our sense of humor Always. I send WISHES for More healthy, happy days to EVERYONE😊 & my heartfelt gratitude for the Book💜🎉 THANK YOU So Much!! I am overjoyed!

  93. Pinterest is Satan’s Craft Room. If I see one more 25 step Life Hack involving binder clips and silly putty, I’m going to jab my eye out with a freshly sharpened pencil.

    I’m sorry about the insurance struggles. I’m dealing with the same crap right now, so I feel your pain. Well, I feel my pain because I’m selfish, but I understand other people are in pain as well. But I digress…

    I got my Booksgiving book yesterday during an excessively crappy day, and I have to say I crumpled into joyful tears on my front steps. I was overwhelmed with the kindness of a stranger who just wanted to help.

    Enough babbling. I need to go make a fairy village out of twigs and pebbles.

  94. @groovylittlecity

    Ohhhh I should not have looked at your fabric sources post on your blog! The fabric addiction is a harsh mistress, requires a whole LOT of space to store…things…and it cuts like a knife when that amazing fabric you found on sale and there’s no more of anywhere becomes the latest victim of too many rounds with a seam ripper and the sewing machine. Spending hours at a local fabric warehouse digging through the flat fold stacks and the “pit” (all special occasion fabrics of assorted yardage jumbled into a great big bin-like thing about 4′ tall and 4′ wide constructed of particle board) while the store employees stare at me like I’m crazy (because there’s a growing mound of fabric around me that can get to near waist high and I’m 5’1…I always put it back in the pit when I’m done!) is something I’ve had to quit doing for lack of storage space left. A friend’s mother has 40 gallon sterilite tubs on 3 shelves that go the length of one full side of her garage – they can’t park in there because of it, but I adore her because she gave me one of her extra sergers – she’s got 3 at home and 5 regular machines, when she travels she brings an empty suitcase for whatever fabric she picks up along the way.

  95. My husband had emergency surgery and complications with a subsequently readmitted to the hospital for 9 days. I am dreading to see that bill. He’s mending though, and that is what matters. Still…the bill is gonna suck.

  96. Insurance companies DO suck. Insurance sucking like a goshdarn Hoover is why we don’t have a primary care physician anymore. If our favorite Nurse practicioner can’t handle it in her little clinic at the CVS, we go to an urgent care. Because we can’t afford real doctors anymore. And it sucks ass.

  97. I left a comment last night asking if it was too late to participate (#100 above). I finally figured out how to put a shipping address with my wish list, so all I do now is paste the link here? I’ve also got RA like Jenny (bet I know what shot costs $1700!), plus Crohn’s disease and a few other things. Life’s been really rough this winter. I need something to give me a boost. I feel awkward asking. Thank you. 🙂

  98. I can’t believe any of us worry about insurance when every illegal in Texas gets care and doesn’t give a shit about the bill.
    Monkey see monkey do. I’ve followed their lead. Get care and toss the bill.

  99. I’m sorry you even needed to find out insurance sucks. I hope you feel better.
    Thank you for the book you gave me. It smells amazing and I’ve laughed so much I cried and my eyes got squinty and I couldn’t even read more until I called down the last two night. You have that effect on me. 😉 thank you. I’d totally send you a thank you card, but I’m pretty sure that might require me beginning a stalker and I just don’t have the energy.

  100. I figured out how to send a non-stalkey thank you card through amazon, but the card was freaking out and having a fight with my phone. So it’s a little weird. Hope you enjoy it, anyway! 🙂

  101. IF your food ends up looking fucked up then just add the word “artisanal” and suddenly it’s “artisanal”.

  102. John – 1738 – 3 on their way. Madeline, Flower Fairies, and Brothers K. Hugs!

  103. Laurie – 1717 – Your last listed cookbook is on the way. Good luck with the cooking 🙂

  104. adjusts glasses, grasps podium and leans over it, intently focusing on the audience

    Let’s talk about dicks. Wheaton’s Law tells us not to be one on the internet. Dicks are the trolls, the gamergaters, the haters – folks intentionally out to do harm. (Not sure about Poes, but we’ll let that go for now.)

    So, technically, I don’t think Pinterest can be a dick. I’ll tell you the science (and science fiction) of why we all have such a hell of a time with it. Getting onto Pinterest can be like traveling through a long, vortex-y portal into another dimension (or time-space – I’m not sure. I’m still only dabbling in Doctors 1-4). You get there, look around a bit, fall to your knees and vomit up lunch from a week ago Tuesday.

    The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way. There are better portals into better dimensions of Pinterest – you just have to know where & how to look for them. (Like the End Portal(s) of Minecraft).

    You can build your own organized portal(s) into Pinterest if you know what you’re doing, but still get a bit weird of a sensation going through. You can, of course, still get into trouble if you are not prepared & don’t have a plan. (Like the Nether Portals of Minecraft.)

    If you really want to have a great experience on Pinterest, you need to know what to expect. You have to be properly prepared, have a good plan going in, and know the hazards and how to handle them. (Much like going to The End in Minecraft – if you don’t have it together, you WILL die there.)

    Once you are in Pinterest through the right portal and with the right stuff, you may as well be (and probably are) a Pinterest Time Lord. The virtual stuff you can accomplish is amazing. (I could practically have a fabulous Memory Palace on Pinterst if I had my fecal matter properly organized. Right now, it’s mostly a Collyer mansion.)

    I should have posted this all on my own blog and just linked in the comments, but I don’t have one set up. Maybe I’ll just go on Pinterest to see if I can figure out how…

    ends Pinterest lecture, bows, leaves the stage

  105. First… Love that a nurse got you what you needed and am hoping you are feeling better.

    Insurance… so many ugly thoughts run through my head on the issue. Over the years, with my myriad health issues, the inconsistency of what they will cover or partially cover is what galls me most… or approve but only after massive hoops have been jumped through… oh, wait, no, we were just kidding and wanted to see you jump through those hoops, not gonna approve after all…

    Booksgiving… it’s amazing to watch the generosity and kindness of how many people sent books and the joy brought to the recipients! What a fabulous event!

    Pinterest…. yep, not enough time for it or for making anything on it. Or the emotional energy to fight the failure emotions when I don’t/can’t be “More Than Martha Stewart Ever Hoped To Be”.

  106. Pinterest is the most majestic of time sucks.
    And Booksgiving was a beautiful event that was super cool to watch.

  107. To those of you struggling with medical costs and insurance medication issues–get political. Research which presidential, and especially congressional (Senate and House) candidates actually do care and strive to help people get better healthcare–support and Vote for these people Write your state legislators, national congress people and the president letting them know that they need to continue to press for affordable healthcare and not work to get more profits for drug and insurance companies.. Let them know that regulations added to medicare and Obamacare and the health industry legislation need to provide better care not take care away. If we and our families and friends keep the pressure on and act things will improve. I know it’s hard to do when you don’t feel well and have fires to put out but it is important.

  108. Pinterest is the Devil. I hate doing an internet search, thinking I’ve found what I need only to discover that it’s a post on somebody’s frickin’ Pinterest board, and I can’t find any additional information other than this person really liked it.

  109. Jenny, you are remarkable.

    If you felt the need to pay it forward ever again may I make a suggestion? is a tiny little group in upstate NY that does an awful lot of good. Their fearless leader is named Tara and she lost her father to Suicide due, ironically, to lack of medication and medical care because he had no isurance when he was laid off from his job. So insurance companies suck in SO MANY ways. ( my husband is totally an insurance agent, but he does the home and auto ones so he is absolutely NO HELP AT ALL when I have a health insurance melt down which is like twice a month and also, is not very much fun to be around when Inam trying to fuse glass with a torch and he is yelling ” That is a liability!” And ” ok, when you burn the house down make sure you grab the animals and fan the flames cause we are better off if it is a total loss.”) wow. That went off track with no effort on my part at all.

    Anyhow, Tara just opened an actual Stand Against Suicide building for meetings and support groups and I was thinking if you felt the need to donate a book she could have it there for people to borrow or read while they are there. It is the sort of book that would be awesome for that since each chapter is sort of it’s own short story. Plus, tears and laughter abound when reading that so I think it is a perfect addition.

    Deep breath. Long comment. Very sorry. Also, I make stuff. Like a lot of stuff. I do not make giraffe heads out of paper machet because I have been defeated by that and the rainbow loom but w everything else is fair game. I made some semicolon necklaces and donated them to SAS and sell them online and donate the money to SAS. I also made some ” Delression lies” pendant necklaces ( and credited you for the phrase) I would love to send some to you to give away to readers or friends or hang from various no longer alive Animals that you have around the house. I could even put some on collars for the live animals at the house. Totally your call. If you would like me to do that just shoot me an email and I will be honored to.

    Jenny, thank you. You can’t know how you have added joy and hope to my life. And to my husbands as well. He knows he isn’t alone in dealing with crazy ass women.

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