Dorothy Barker is your dog too. But you don’t have to walk her or take her out at midnight. So you win.


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  1. Are they all yours?!!!
    Where the hell are the cats? xx

    (It’s just one dog. Just lots of pictures. Jesus, could you imagine if I had a dozen of them? I could make a terrible, bitey blanket out of them. ~ Jenny)

  2. I was missing DB. And I love her so! Our Papillion is litter trained, so no midnight walks unless I really want to go out.

    He came trained that way; had a concussion and stayed that way.

    I had the concussion, not the dog. It was a little funny because the spouse would walk the dog and walk the wife.

  3. I’m a dog walker and pet sitter by trade so I’m really good at the walking and stuff. I measure my job security in poop. Not many can make that claim. Well I suppose people who rent those port-a-potties can also say that. And diaper manufacturers and, well nevermind. My point is if you ever need a dog walker or pet sitter I’m your woman. I’d have to take plane there, but it would totally be worth it for a nose boop. You can pay me in taxidermy.

  4. My puppy ate my garden shoe. The next day he pooped my garden shoe. I was at work. My husband is retired. The only moment of HIS retirement I loved MY job.

  5. We do that to my dog too!!! Only when you Boop her nose, she Boops your nose back. It goes on forever, until usually she gets bored of entertaining the human.

  6. Too adorable! And now I must try this with my Dog – and my three Cats. No midnight walks for me fortunately – I have a large back yard and a long tie out. I stand by the inside door and watch if it’s cold (because if I go out when it’s cold my muscles seize up) – but if it’s comfy? I go out and star gaze. Nose booping the dog – yup it’s now on my list.

  7. So cute! The little things brighten days.
    Actually reminds me of the talking dog video!
    Thank you for sharing with us!

  8. OMG – she is adorable, especially when she’s covering her face with her paws!

    My dog, when confronted with a “boop!” believes it’s a call to attack. She kinda sucks sometimes.

  9. I freakin’ LOVE your comment to Inner Chick above! “A terrible bitey blanket” I laughed until I almost embarrassed myself!

  10. We used to play a similar game with one of your dogs, except it was called “bite the finger”. It was kind of like a version of the hand slap game.

  11. This is inspired. I keep telling the future husband we need a dog. But then we puppysit our niece dog. And remember how nice it is to have the bed all to ourselves instead pf sharing with a giant dog…and to be able to stay in bed a tweet about how hungry I am for a few extra hours on weeeknd mornings. One day.

  12. Shadow and I play boop the nose. She retaliates by licking my ears. Did you know that small poodles have 5 inch long tongues and will stick ALL of it (or try to, anyway) into the ear hole to show their love? Or at least shadow does. 🙂

    Shadow is about the size of Dorothy Barker, in the 6.5 pound range. Dorothy is as adorable as Shadow is to me. Yay puppies!

  13. I tried playing “boop” (I first typed “boob”…that would be a whole other story/police charge) with our 18 lb terrier Countess Jasmine. She head-butted me & literally broke my nose. I don’t think she knows how to play.

  14. I wish I could pet her through the computer! I know petting a dog lowers your blood pressure and improves your mood and today I could use that! But this cute photo montage helps too!

  15. This is just what I needed this morning, thank you! Two days ago I said goodbye to my fur baby Fergie and I’m also in bed with a nasty head and chest cold. Fergie had a lot of issues lately and a lot of pain and I just couldn’t watch her suffer any more. I know they say it’s the most unselfish thing we can do for our pets but it feels selfish and extremely sad. So thank you again for bringing some light in to my day and give Dorothy Barker some special love from me!

  16. If we play Boop The Nose with our 6 year old dachshund he starts wriggling on his back like an otter and then licks you excessively. Like, cleaning your eyeballs excessively. My husband, who is the recipient of most of the licking, insists that the dog is prepping him for the end of the world when we’ll be doggie snacks. I’m not sure that’s actually true, but hubs is the zombie apocalypse expert, so I just nod and smile and Boop The Nose some more.

  17. So cute! I’ve never tried Got Your Nose with my dogs. Although if my Great Dane boops me back, I’ll end up with a black eye.

  18. Aren’t dogs the best? I talk to mine as if she can understand the most complex concepts:). And the full body wag I get every time I come home makes me think she does . . .

  19. Be careful if you try to do that to kids. I did it to mine when he was about 3 and it terrified him. He STILL talks about it and he is 25. Sigh. Another year of therapy …

  20. I have a 70lb boxer and we play “box your nose”. As soon as I make a fist he freezes and goes into stare down mode. It’s a tiny, ok a biggy bit creepy after awhile. He. Never. Blinks. One box on his nose and you’re into full on doggy hysteria. It’s a little dangerous….not near as cute as Dorothy.

  21. Awww. She’s my favorite kind of dog: Other People’s Dogs (because of that whole midnight thing). Thanks for sharing the adorableness.

  22. I say “dink”. Don’t ask me why. Probably because I’m damaged in some way. Anyway the look my dogs get on their faces is priceless and indescribable. It’s a combination of bafflement, annoyance, and indecisiveness because they’re clearly unsure how to react.
    Dalmatians are incredibly expressive dogs.

  23. My Barnpaws does NOT tolerate nose touching. He just does his spaniel soft-mouth thing, and suddenly your hand is being held in his mouth, not touching his nose. Silly doggies.

  24. GMTA — I just finished playing “boop your nose” with my pitty before getting onto the computer! I don’t get much response from her (which is probably a good thing, as she is 70 pounds), but she will spontaneously become a kissing machine and lick the hell out of your face, so there’s that. The cats reflexively lick their noses after being booped.

  25. Priceless! Thanks for photo documenting and sharing!! I tried it with one of mine. Got pounced on to get the nose back. Won’t be playing that again. Works better I think when your dog is less than 40 pounds.

  26. Thank you for sharing your dog with us. This makes me happy until we get our own puppy. Which might be never. Because we’re working fulltime and both our employers have a no-dogs-in-the-office-rule. I told my boss that my colleague and I could train him to be a proper office helper dog, bringing us the stapler and handing us pencils and stuff. He wasn’t quite convinced.

  27. I’m very happy to have a dog that does not need to go out at midnight. I enjoy the walks. It’s a nice time to be alone and listen to music(not alone with my thoughts, though. Those are too scary)

  28. Thanks for the giggle, Dorothy! While I don’t have to let you out at midnight, my 2 Maine Coon cats do the “walk across the face for breakfast” at 5 friggin AM!!!!! They weigh 9lbs and 13lbs.

  29. Dogs are awesome!

    Even at 2:00 a.m., when it’s 12 degrees outside, the wind is howling, and yes they have to go out RIGHT NOW. Admittedly, the awesome is hard to see at that moment but it’s there. 🙂

  30. I will play Got Your Nose with Mrs. Barker since my sweet puppy sadly crossed over the Rainbow Bridge last month. I definitely can’t play it with my cats, they think they are too cool for school.

  31. I have tried the Got Your Nose thing with my dog, in hopes that he would do something this adorable. Instead, he just looks at me as though I have a lobster growing out of the top of my head…

  32. I was saying how adorable she was, and Remy, our oldest Chiweenie, (father of eight more, five of whom still live with us) was sitting on a footstool looking around my shoulder acting like he thought so too.

  33. Oh man…who knew anything could be this cute?!? (except for cats, I knew they were cute). I need this on my wall, to keep the smiles coming

  34. Our JRT, Lady Lois, Duchess of Raleigh a.k.a. Lois Lane would love to meet Dorothy for a play date. Our big fat black kitty cat Selina Kyle is unimpressed with all canines.

  35. Thank you for your cromulent use of the word, ’embiggen.’ Also, Dorothy Barker is the cutest little thing ever.

  36. My dog is the least amused dog ever. I try to play “got your nose” with her, and she looks at me like I’m out of my mind (to be fair, I am, but I’d like to keep that from her). To add insult to injury, she can’t even pretend to have fun while I’m making ridiculous faces and gestures. She doesn’t fetch either; she throws. She’s got a pretty good aim, actually. Better than some humans I’ve known. I think she’d be a decent dog softball pitcher. ‘Cause that’s a thing. Yeah.

  37. Is it wrong of me to find this so incredibly hilarious AND cute at the same time that I kind of giggle-snorted in the most unladylike manner (read: like a wildebeest) humanly possible ? 😀 This is why dogs are so awesome and SO underrated/underappreciated by way too many people.

  38. Ha! I try to play this with my cats but they just look at me like “You humans are so fucking stupid” & point their buttholes at me with all kinds of “sniff it!” attitude.

  39. I 💜 your sweet dog, Dorothy Barker! I only WISH there were 12 of her! 🐕🐶 Jenny, you have the BEST pets, the pics are adorable! Thanks for sharing. 😉

  40. To the tune of The William Tell Overture;

    Cutie boop, cutie boop, cutie boop boop boop
    Cutie boop, cutie boop, cutie boop boop boop
    Cutie boop, cutie boop, cutie boop boop boop
    Cutie booooooop, cutie boop boop boop!


  41. My sweet doggie passed away last week and I am crushed. Dorothy Parker is doing an excellent job of being a long-distance canine comforter. Boop her for me, please!

    (Jenny, I caught up on the last week or so of your blog today and laughed so much healing. Your kindness, generosity, and particular vision of the world are so delightfully overwhelming that I always think, “Oh my God I LOVE YOU JENNY!!” when I read your stuff. (I swear I don’t mean it in a sexual and/or creepy way, but I know how it looks.) I can’t adequately express my gratitude for your existence and work. I also apologize for being awkwardly intensely complimentary in public. It’s just really important to me.)

  42. The other day I tried to play peek-a-boo with my dog because I read on the internet that if your dog understands “object permanence”, then he’s as intelligent as a toddler. Titus just looked at me with disgust and walked away,which tells me he’s more like a teenager.

  43. My dog and I play the “blankie game”, in which I throw a blanket over her and she attacks it until at last succeeding in finding her way out from underneath. Sometimes she just stays under the blanket though. There are no rules in “the blankie game”.

  44. D.P. is either an extremely tiny dog or you have colossal, sausage-sized fingers. We need to know.

    (Both? ~ Jenny)

  45. Dorothy is an OD of cute. Have you ever seen the video of John Cleese’s back yard? You must have similar tastes; I kept saying things like “A giraffe sculpture… Didn’t I read a Bloggess post about one of those she wanted?” Or “A metal dog guardian, I bet Jenny would love that!” Anyway, I hope the video doesn’t embed:

  46. Aww… Keep up the good work!
    btw, have you heard from Allie Brosh recently?

    (It’s been a few months, but she’s notoriously quiet for long stretches of time so it’s not so unusual. ~ Jenny)

  47. Thanks for the typo fix!

    The spouse occasionally threatens me with getting a pack of wild Papillons. Not sure how much he’d like all those vet bills – especially the dental ones. And it’s possible the cat of the household would become permanently velcroed to my noggin.

  48. i play ;got your nose’ with my dog too. she gets incredibly upset, even after you put it back. then again she also hates it when people sneeze so i think she just has a nose thing.

  49. I find myself re-reading this post quite often. Out Loud!! Voices for you and if course, your darling dog!! “You gots my nose” is my personal favorite part…it makes me laugh! Every.Time. Thanks for sharing Dorothy Barker, Jenny 💜 !!

  50. So, when left to my own devices I usually turn to humoring myself. Mike fell asleep before me one night, when I was due to get on a plane the next morning. I was too excited to sleep, so I creepily watched him and right as he hit that relaxed fall asleep stage, I booped his nose, with the accompanying vocals. He bolted awake and nearly shit himself. I laid there for hours giggling until I had to get to the airport. I love Boops.

  51. Just wanna say I love you! Not stalker Like love, but in omg I can relate love. Thank you for writing!

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