I made you something.

I’ve been working on a big project that I really hope you’ll love since so many of you have given me the encouragement to finish it and share it with the world, but I can’t really announce it yet because I’m afraid I’ll jinx it.

But I will give you a hint:


PS. As always, if you want to print it out for personal use it’s yours, of course.  If you share it online just credit me.

PPS.  Click here to embiggen if you can’t read it.

PPPS.  Thank you.  More to come soon.

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  1. “Don’t Look Ethyl! ” But it was too late, she’d already been mooned.

  2. Are you making us a coloring book?!?!?!?!?! PLEASE tell me this is a coloring book…

  3. I will be right here when you are ready to share. All of us will be right here.

  4. Love this! Is it a coloring book? Can we buy this as a poster size? Wishing you the best of luck with this new project!

  5. I am going to buy the shit out of this if it is a coloring book. #ohpleaseohplease

  6. I can’t embiggen it. The link gives me a “can’t find it” error.

  7. From your roots on Earth you’re transforming into a being of pure light and exploring the cosmos?

  8. Won’t embiggen for me. 🙁 Lovely picture!! Please please please please be a coloring book!

  9. Right in there really hoping this is a coloring book. I would buy ten. (Well, no, maybe not TEN, but I would certainly buy enough to gift them to many people.) Your art is just as wonderful at evoking emotions as your words. There needs to be more of it in the world. <3

  10. LOVE this design. It needs to be on a t-shirt or a wall or something. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to “embiggen” it by clicking on it. 🙁

  11. squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! congrats! (congrats assuming that i understand your clue and am not doing a jinx. xo)

  12. Beautiful, Jenny. I hope these bring you as much peace in creating them as they bring to me in viewing them.

  13. I know TeamColoringBook has all the members, but I’m TeamChildren’sBook, because I want my nieces and nephews to have a book that addresses real life issues beyond “Everybody Poops.”

  14. ooooh I hope that the more to come means that I will be able to purchase some of your A-MAZING art on things. all kinds of things. tote bags, t-shirts, tattoo’d on cats… ya know.

    ps- maybe cat tattoos are a bit over the top

  15. I am already making room on my credit card to buy coloring books for everybody’s Christmas presents this year!

  16. Your artwork is so beautiful, meaningful, and moving. You are a woman of so many talents, Jenny!

  17. I am not going to jinx you, but I can think of 2 possible projects for this, and both are awesome!

  18. Yay!!! So exciting! I shared your pic that I colored the other day! I had just printed it out from your blog here. It was so much fun!! And also, my 8 year old son was so intrigued. He loved it too!

  19. I concur with anonymous person. We will be here! Also, it took me a hella long time to figure out how to spell concur. 🙂 Thank you internet!

  20. I wont guess at what the project is because it is being made by you and to me that is all that matters!! Soo freaking excited and cannot wait!

  21. Absolutely fabulous! I can hardly wait for the finished product, whatever it is. But I’m hoping it’s a coloring book. 🙃

  22. Yea! But is it a book of illustrations or is it a gallery showing?

  23. It should be a coloring WALLPAPER. Although any wallpaper is coloring wallpaper if you’re an adult and you don’t care about your security deposit I guess.

  24. Embiggen is my new favorite word, and this will be my new favorite book when you have manifested it.

    Love. Love. Love. 💕😄💋

  25. Ok, as much as I want this to be a coloring book, I just have to say that I would probably throw money at you if we could get those velvet coloring poster things that shed all over and destroy the cheap markers they come with. Paper money. Or digital money. I won’t throw coins at you. That would hurt.

  26. Can. Not. Wait. Whatever format you choose to share your fabulous art, I will be there. The words and images always touch that raw spot on my soul.

  27. LOVE this! if it did not suggest a huge number of needle pokes, I would even consider using the ink I have promised myself to celebrate recovery from surgery (when it happens)

  28. I am so enchanted by all of your art. Would you kindly stop being better than me at everything? 😛 Actually, don’t stop. because the world needs your everything-better-ness! I LOVE THIS SO MUCH.

  29. “Embiggen”! That’s my new favourite word! It replaces feeling ensaddened. I always love your word usement!

  30. Kudos on whatever you are working on! Looking forward to the big reveal.

  31. Oh Jenny, this is beautiful! It’s mood is reminiscent of one of my favorite children’s books (Dr. Seuss’s The Sneeches & Other Stories: The Pale Green Pants with Nobody Inside of Them) and therefore, very comforting. Thank you!

  32. You never cease to amaze — both with your talent, and with your generosity. Thank you, Jenny.

  33. Omgosh!!! I hope its what I think it is! EEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

    whispers in excitment good luck!!

    patienly stalks amazon for preorder

  34. I hope it’s a coloring book! You draw the most amazing pictures and coloring them in would be super peaceful!

  35. I am ALL for a book of your art, but I gotta say, I HATE the coloring books. I want to make them all tie dye looking & it takes too much time & I don’t have any time. they are too stressful for me. GAH! however, if this was a book of your art, printed on nice paper, 1 per page, so I could frame them & hang them on the wall??!!! – I AM SO THERE! I love your work & your words. they embiggen my heart & take away the shadows that lurk in my head. having them surround me in my own home would be like my own personal courage wallpaper! hoping upon all hopes!

  36. I’m going to say “children’s book” with incredible artwork. Even if it’s not, I’m super-excited for you!

  37. Thank you for this- it’s so so needed today (ahem, trying not to tear up in my office). It’s been a rough year- late pregnancy loss due to anencephaly, and the discovery of all sorts of genetic issues (I’m literally a (slight) mutant- who knew) have landed us in the weird land of assisted reproduction and the BabyCenter message boards full of so many sad souls.

    PS. Laughing to the point of hysterical hiccups over the bit of Furiously Happy about putting the cat through the airport metal detector over the eating necklace is frowned upon by the other couples in the IVF transfer recovery room

  38. I liked the picture as a piece of art. I’m still not entirely sure what it’s for, though. You may have to give me another hint. How many syllables?

  39. You’re making a moon? Awesome!

    But if it’s a colouring book, I’m still on board. I haven’t fully embraced this adult colouring book trend, but if it was yours I would love it.

  40. I’m going to love it! I’ve learned an easy way to make handmade paper, and I was already planning to print the shining princess on cardstock and mount it on handmade paper in a floating frame. Your art may wind up all over my house, and I will love it all! Your art makes me happy. Thank you!!

  41. I love your artwork. You are so talented! Coloring for adults is very therapeutic and lowers blood pressure and anxiety levels. (At least it does for me.) I’d definitely buy a book of your drawings to color! Please?

  42. Oooohhhh — an adult coloring book?

    Only problem is that, like the illustration you posted, I think many of your pieces are so beautiful in black and white that I wouldn’t want to colorize them!

    That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t buy it. Just means some of them might end up in frames on my wall just as they are….

  43. I’ve got my pens, markers and pencils at the ready. Please say it’s a coloring book 😊

  44. How beautiful. A candle in the dark? Or maybe a candle spreading get its light on the moon.

  45. It’s a drawing! Cool, what did I win?
    No, wait is this for a coloring book because that’s cool too.
    Hang on a second, are you announcing a Jenny Lawson/Neil Gaiman collaboration on a Dr. Who/Sandman crossover comic book?!?!? Because that would be fantastic!!!!

  46. You are a talented artist and a tease. I want to know my surprise now please and thank you very much! 😃

  47. Your blog ate my first comment, but all it said was “Thank you so much” so if two of them show up, that’s why…

  48. Embiggen. Makes me laugh every time. And a beautiful drawing too.

  49. Jenny- You’re so awesome!! Thanks for keeping the light on….it keeps the monsters at bay.

  50. Love it!!! I’m sharpening my color pencils to put on stand by, just in case it is what im hoping it is! Trees are awesome, there is just something special and majestic about an old tree! So, even if you are not working on what I hope you are working on, at least I have 2 of your awesome drawings to color. Thank you for sharing your art, it is amazing😸

  51. ART BOOK ART BOOK ART BOOK !!!! I will buy all the books! Well, maybe just 2, 1 to color and 1 to save 😉

  52. I have a weird thing about eyeballs and as I was looking at this, I started feeling my optic nerve twitch.

  53. Wait! Brilliant idea for new art project! Bloggess tarot cards! Your style would be amazing for a deck!!!

  54. It’s so tempting to share a big project before it’s released but I find that if I do, my passion for finishing the project diminishes. So excited for your new project!

  55. I love your artwork! Beautiful as always.

    I’m excitedly waiting for your awesome news, whenever you feel ready to share.

  56. Congratulations on your next endeavor! Based on this drawing, I’m certain it will be a success. Let the lovely things your fans have said whisper in your ear the next time you have doubts…

  57. So VERY, VERY excited for the top secret project. I am printing this one and coloring it in. Hugs!

  58. Absolutely stunning! The line work is superb and the shading is fantastic!!!!!

  59. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t even care what it is because I’m just THRILLED that a new Bloggess anything will soon be in the world!!! (Even though I’m hoping & crossing my fingers for my own guess.) 🙂

  60. Oh, just saw your post above mine!! jumping for joy & screaming in excitement

    This is going to be my FAVORITE coloring book ever!!!!! (Though, I agree with many others, it may be too beautiful to color.)

  61. If this is what I think it is, then finding out that both you and Lisa Frank are coming out with adult coloring books has taken my day from 0 to 100. (but if it’s not coloring book I’m still excited, I promise!)

  62. Thank you, it’s beautiful and thoughtful. I don’t need to color it; I like it just the way it is – and the same applies to you.

  63. Oh my gawd! You’re going to put a colouring book out into the world for us!!!!!
    that’s it, isn’t it!?!

  64. Coloring book, coloring book, coloring booooooooooook!!!!!!

    (I’m excited!)

  65. Accidentally clicked on the comments for “My House is Possibly on Fire” and was super confused as to why everyone was concerned with your “hole smoke”, and also how it related to the beautiful picture – maybe the tree branches represent the smoke although I still couldn’t figure out what hole it was coming out of….anyway, if it is indeed a coloring book I think your art will be perfect 🙂

  66. Jenny, you remind me of the girl with candles for hair that dreamed about and posted.
    You have brought much good into my life. You bring hope and understanding to my mentally I’ll daughter’s life, who is just a bit younger than your daughter.
    And just recently I was talking to my sister in law who told me her daughters were having problems with that lying bastard depression. And I shared your blog and book with her to share with her kids.
    Thank you for sharing your light, even if you don’t see it at times.

  67. Incredible and moving and brilliant. You are so insanely talented.

  68. Ooooh, happy dance! I’m making a guess and if it’s right I’ll need several copies!

  69. I cannot believe what you create when you’re having a bad year!!! You are an absolutely amazing being, and we’re lucky to share your world. Thank you, Jenny.

  70. An adult coloring book! Yay! You know a few pics with curse words would be fantastic! I adore you!

  71. I love your artwork! They kind of remind me of Charles Adams but with a cool natural beauty to them. They are fabulous!

  72. Betcha by God this has something to do with that dream you had.

    I just had a thought — if I start a blog dealing with the issues and challenges of being dominatrix, can I call it “The Floggess?”

  73. This brings so much confidence and peace to my chaotic heart. Thank you for being a vehicle of light to so many of us.

  74. B e a u tiful! I love trees but this is much more. Such detail and peace! Right now, I am doing a happy dance as you will be coming to my home town in 2 weeks. Yes, in two weeks, I will be able to hear you and see you in person, I am getting giddy!! Hold me down!!! So frickin’ excited……..ahhhhh. Welcome to Iowa🙂

  75. I hope you will have some of your artwork in your next book because it fascinates me and I love it. I am also looking forward to your next book. No pressure though.

  76. Both you AND Neil Gaiman are about to announce awesome projects. Good times! Day made :-).

  77. COLORING BOOK???!!! YAY!!! 😀

    Now please tell us it will be out in time for Christmas because everyone I know is going to get one under the tree!

  78. going to call suicide hotline…WHY DID THIS WEEK HAPPEN!?!?!?!?

    (Call the hotline. You have to stop going off your meds. I know you don’t always want to take them but sometimes we have no choice. Call your doctor. Call the hotline. Get back on your medication. It’s going to be okay. ~ Jenny)

  79. You know, everyone is clamouring for a colouring book, but I think your art looks best as you create it: in black and white. So I am hoping it’s an artbook!

  80. Jenny, it is so beautiful. You have a way that encapsulates the dark and turns it into something beautiful (even with its flaws) and give us all hope and strength. Its like the shadow you saw on the wall when your chandelier had burned out bulbs.
    Lots of love to you.

  81. Glad I found your CD book. I’m in. Thank-you for making me want to know more so I can understand myself and my family better.

  82. Sheesh, by the time I’m done scrolling through all the comments, I’ve forgotten what I wanted to say…Oh yeah, I love it. But clearly, so does everyone else.

  83. First, AWESOME new picture! Thank you.
    I plan to print, possibly color, and frame the Shine (You are a Light) picture for my home.
    Second… what? Is there a Bloggess art book, coloring book or art calendar on the way? W00t! I hope so. That would be BEYOND AWESOME. I LOVE you drawings. (In fact, maybe you should sell prints via Etsy. Just an idea.) Looking forward to whatever you’re plotting and planning. 😀

  84. If it’s what I think it is… EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. Possibly the art of friendship?:-) my name is Brandon m. Silva hit me up #17914572 GettingOut.com

  86. I am so in love with this! I didn’t notice the words at first, so when you said to embiggen it, I was confused. I see it now though, and I love, love, love it. I’m definitely going to print this out to put in front of my desk. Definitely a great reminder, and now I can’t wait for the big reveal! No pressure though, of course 😉

  87. I don’t care what it is. I will love it because you made it. It could be a tree made of wolverines, live old crabby miniature poodles and sausage gravy and I would love it.

  88. …”I’ll make my own”…. If I don’t have the strength to make my own then what??

  89. So excited! I ordered the little notebook from your shop because I loved your art, but was sad it was so small all the details got lost. Whatever you make, please make it pre-embiggened! And thank you, for being you.

  90. YOU are AMAZING! Love you and your art, keep up creating wonderful \things!

  91. Teach at a high school. Printed many of your drawings (thank you) and posted them on a bulletin board in the hallway. Finding your blog has been very healing for me, knowing there are “others” out there! And we know from experience that there are many of us hiding in high school, scared to show ourselves or beaten down if we do. So, just wanted you to know that you have helped me, and I’m sure your art will help others! Thank you!

  92. Lovely and inspirational. And I love the word “embiggen.” Good luck with your secret project.

  93. Three days of increasingly worse anxiety attacks where my body is fully convinced i cannot breathe and am about to have a heart attack. My own “victor” of ten years is at a loss of what to do. I hope when he cant see the stars hell find the moon instead. Send me vibes jenny, this is a rough one.

  94. I hope it’s a colouring book so I can share it with my babies. Because your art says “the world is sad sometimes bit shine on little firefly” and I’d like my kids to know that.

  95. I read all your books and I just LOVED them. They helped me go through some tough times as well so I thank you, thank you!!. I told many friend’s about your books too!!
    I didn’t know you are an artist!!! so wonderful!! I just wrote and illustrated a cat picture book. I know you love cats so I want to send you a copy. Where can I send it? You can just give me your agent’s office address if you don’t feel comfortable.. Looking forward to hearing from you!!
    A.N. Kang (Anna Kang)

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