It’s been a long day

me:  Why is my computer making me update my Flash Player again?  I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THIS.

Victor:  It does update a lot.

me:  Honestly, I feel like I have to install a new one every week,  I wish they’d just come out with the last version first so I could skip all of this.

Victor:  …Wow.  You’re making my head hurt.

me:  Yeah.  I heard it as soon as it came out of my mouth.

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  1. Every day of my life! EVERY SINGLE DAY! Sometimes words and thoughts are hard, especially once they begin to leave your mouth!

  2. This was me and my computer all day yesterday. Only with passwords. It still hasn’t sorted itself out. If it’s going to demand I change my password you’d think it would tell all the other programs that depend on the same password, no?

  3. And it always seems to happen when the witness is someone that already thinks I’m a little off…..

  4. I believe Adobe is working on it. In other words, they are finally killing Flash Player.

  5. You sound just like me most days, makes my husband head hurt from all the laughing and just it causes and always his head hurts from trying to process what just come of of my month!

  6. OMG! I so hate this update stuff, why do we constantly have to do this..and it is always when you are in the middle of something important…like watching a video..LOL..I am right there with you…

  7. Uninstall flash player, it’s not needed for 99% of the web and its a security risk.

  8. I know exactly what you mean. Ha! I work in the web world and hear Flash is going away though. Maybe we’re all saved! Hooray!

  9. My husband does technical consulting for a living.

    Guess how much he loves it when I tell him that the little elves in my computer aren’t doing their jobs?

    In my world, everything electronic or mechanical works by PFM (P is for pure, M is for magic, you know the F), and I like it that way.

  10. Yep, this caused a twofer. I did a spit take on my monitor AS my boss walked by my office. Gotta go update my software now I suppose…

  11. “Why is my computer making me update my Flash Player again?”

    This is part of the long nightmare that is Flash. You see, everyone hates Flash. It’s mommy, Adobe, has abandoned it. But we’re still up to our asses in Flash content on the web. Big companies like Google, Apple and Mozilla are trying like hell to kill it for good. It’s taking a long time to get there.

    Up-side: Google and Apple managed to force it off mobile for the most part.

  12. Nope. You are right. These are my thoughts exactly. The constant updating!!!

  13. I don’t know if it’s Flash causing the problem, but whatever runs the ads on the side of my email will go down and freeze my browser while it tells me there’s a problem with a script. I have taken to “stealth” email – I only open it long enough to see if there’s anything important and close it immediately. WTF Comcast??!!

  14. Sometimes when I’m crabby I say out loud what I’m mad about. Saying it out loud puts a whole new perspective on it and a lot of the time I end up laughing at myself for being mad over something so dumb.

  15. Every time flash tries to update, I worry that it’s a fake update and that if I allow it, the fake update will infect my Mac with worms. I spend a good half hour thinking about it. Then I’ve missed an episode of Friends on TBS, all because of stupid worms. Like, worms are the last thing my Mac needs right now. Worms.

  16. Ugh … or really, just do it quietly in the background without bothering me or interfering with anything I’m doing.

    There are important cat videos that need to be watched and online shopping that needs to be shopped! And sometimes even work, dammit!

  17. I agree. If only we could get time to agree to behave in a non-linear fashion, I’d be all set.

    iTunes is the one I have the most trouble with. It takes an hour or two to download an update. Of course, part of it may have to do with the age of my computer, but still. Ain’t nobody got time for this!

  18. YES! Was trying to do some photo editing with Pic Monkey last night and suddenly I had to update my Flash Player. Every frickin’ time. I understand what you meant, and I wish the world worked that way, especially for technology.

  19. My Flash crashes at work all. the. time. And it’s not like I can go to our IT guys and say “Hey, i’m trying to listen to my podcasts and audio books and Flash keeps crashing….could you stop fixing work issues to rectify this?”. Sour pusses frown on that for some reason. Priorities, pssh…..

  20. I feel you. Friday a new client sent an encrypted email which got stuck in our spam filter then after IT released it my password wouldn’t work to open it so had to reset password and new password was sent in another encrypted email which also got blocked by the spam filter. bangs head on desk

  21. We should do everything Last First! I wouldnt have to eat another Brussel Sprout, I could wear my bra on the outside - its a very nice bra – and I could be paid without working. On the other hand, I would have to pay for electricity before actually using it and The Viking might get bored before I`m finished. Wink, wink.

  22. I think that when your computer needs to update to Flash Player, it should either have an animated comic of “the Flash” running across the screen until it is done. OR… It should play “What a Feeling” from Flashdance.

  23. New Murphy’s Law or something: You can only have as good a day as your computer is having. If your computer is having a bad day, I guarantee you will have a bad day. Unless, of course, you just finally hurl it out the window.

  24. what is the deal with the stupid FLASH player?? why does it have to announce it needs to update? who cares, can I just check a box that says PLEASE UPDATE from now until the end of time and quit asking me about updates.Flash and Adobe are the same way. NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR STUPID PROGRAMS UPDATING OR NOT!! just update them, quit making us answer messages.

  25. Years ago, on my honeymoon with my now-ex-husband, we went snorkeling in Cancun and afterwards hit up a McDonald’s before heading back to the resort. While eating my hamburger, I told my husband “Mexican McDonald’s is way saltier than American McDonald’s.” He stared at me for a minute and then said “You have salt on your lips from snorkeling in the ocean, it’s not the food.” Yeah. I’m a card carrying member of Mensa, y’all, and this escaped me.

  26. I don’t let my computer do ANY updates unless I specifically ask it to update a specific thing. I don’t use flash, so I probably uninstalled it forever ago. Dunno if that helps you.

  27. Java and Flash updates are my nemesises. Nemeses? Add that to my list!

  28. Java and flash both interfere with the software I use for work, but Windows seems to think the stuff is morphine, and does its best to force them on me anyhow.

  29. I’m pretty sure the only reason I am not remembered most for my absurdity is that I seem to attract a life which dwarfs my own absurdity with its inanity.

  30. I can’t find another way to reach u so I’m commenting here. Listening to Furiously Happy and first. I LOVE your potty mouth. I feel like you really can’t fully express your feelings without dropping the F bomb and this is a courtesy I extend to my teenage daughters so they will tell me everything. Second. The spoon theory might just change my life. And Third Thank You for making me feel like I’m not alone. My soon to be ex husband told me about this book and at first I was pissed because I thought HE thought he was Victor so I called him and he said no. That I was Victor. Which isn’t true. He has a chemical dependency and I have depression so basically we tried to kill each other with our issues. Or try to live each other to death. Either way it’s cool that we are both trying to be better.

  31. I hear you. This morning, my computer wouldn’t even recognize my password. I had to wait over an hour for someone from IT, then it took him 30 seconds to fix it. I wish I had his Jedi skills.

  32. I used to work with a gentleman who said he wasn’t going to buy a computer until they’d finished improving them.

    The scary thing is that now that I type that out I realize how old it makes me sound that I knew someone who never owned a computer.

  33. As soon as I install updates and restart and my computer says “updates are available”.
    Where’s my pencils?

  34. Reality hurts. I swear it is the number one cause of all my headaches.

  35. This is why I disable Flash almost all the time. It’s not longer useful for 99% of the web. It slows my web browser down and periodically causes things to crash. I’m so glad that Flash will be completely dead soon.

  36. when i rebooted my laptop the other literally took at least 17 tries to get flash working..had to fix so many programs first. ugh i hate that program!! (mutilatedwave)

  37. My head hurts too, but because I fell and broke my fall with my face (which I do NOT recommend), not because of anything you said😸

  38. flash player is dolt stuff. I don’t use it and don’t want to update it.

  39. Dear Blogess,
    Not commenting on your recent post but request some council.
    I have MS and have lately been concerned about gradual physical decline as well as peaking depression. Don’t wish to give in to the state that my mother was in (with the same condition) when she overdosed. Still, really enjoy the laughs your books have furnished.

  40. I hate when that happens! Literally every time I try to use it… why it hasnt been udated in FOREVER.
    but check out my blog for cute pictures of puggles to ease some of the computer crazies!

  41. Why the fuck do our computers send these incomprehensible notices to us anyway. Who knows what they mean? As long as I can get to my blog and yours, who gives a shit?

  42. How in the hell do I get an icon to put on my screen to be able to check in on you. I’m trying to check you blog and follow you on Instagram. I live in the wilds of Wyoming so you’re safe. Although I do visit friends from high school in Austin. Forty+ years ago. There’s something so reaffirming about being with people who have known that long that still invite you to hang. I’m grateful. Please know that you’re invited to stay in my ‘guest suite’ otherwise known as the doors that let you
    lock both the bedroom and bathroom door simultaneously. I love your slant on life and I share your struggles. Oh yeah, and we went to HS in ElPaso. Fuck it. It’s a long story filled with adversity, adventure and undisclosed drug adventures.

  43. At least Flash asks if you’d like to update. Windows 10, on the other hand, had weekly update requests that went something like this:
    “Hey, we have this great new operating system we know you’ll love. Want to try it now? ”
    “If you get Windows 10 now, it’s freeee! Later? Pay for it like the other sad sacks. Your choice!”
    “We know you’re hesitant because of the usual bugs in our new stuff. Bugs Schmugs we say!”
    “Your cats sent us an email telling us they’d like Windows 10. Won’t you think about the cats?”
    “Your computer illiterate Aunt Irma already installed hers. How’s that going to look for you?”
    “Wow–you must be really busy. How about next Tuesday we go ahead and install it for you.”
    “Knock knock, mother fucker! It’s Tuesday, and you know what that means! Say hello to Windows 10! Hope you weren’t in the middle of anything important…”

  44. Hi Jenny and everyone. I’ve had a really shitty day…..planned a fun kayaking trip for my staff…then they all slowly began to decline using some really shitty excuses, there is a snake in my garden, then when I ran outside in a sport’s bra to move my sprinkler, my neighbor drove his riding mower over to cop a look at my fat, gunned the mower, scared me, and I hit my head HARD on the brick wall of the house. I have a blue golf ball sized lump on my head. Possibly had a concussion…fucker! But I come visit this blog and you all make me smile…thank you! P.S. My new therapist says “depression is anger turned inward.” Interesting thought. Love you Jenny. I reread your books on a regular basis!

  45. What I’m afraid of: One of these days, instead of trying to lure me into clicking an obviously bogus link, the creeps are going to start making their virus contaminations via fake upgrades. To quote one of our exchange students, “Then I’m death meat.”

  46. I’m head over heels for you Baby! You are causing my family to wonder what the hell is so funny in that raccoon book mom is reading! I read a little to my husband who was scandalized. I married a harry nun. So gush gush and thank you. I’m not sure if it’s rude to ask so I’ll just tell you that I read your earlier blog post about maybe-lupus. I hope you got some helpful results and are well. You are not alone. I- for one- have adopted you as my new favorite sister who cracks me up and helps me through my weird days. Thank you!

  47. My computer does this too. Unfortunately, it is too old to run the latest version of Flash, so whenever I try to install it, it stops partway through.

  48. I have one computer at work that regularly tells its user that she needs to install Flash Updates, then refuses to actually do it. Sooo, yeah, it could be worse.

    Also, I had to talk my dad through updating to Windows 10 OVER THE PHONE! Including telling him how to get into the CMOS and change the boot order. It was brutal. (My sister says I’m a saint.) He also thinks they should come out with one operating system and never update it again. We agreed to disagree.

  49. I understood you. That wouldn’t have made my head hurt. I think I never experienced real frustration until computers were invented. (I’m old.)(On the outside anyway.)

  50. I hear you. Flash Player? Antivirus? Windows 7 and while it is updatting Windows 10 pops and says I need upgrade to Win10. And after the antivirus finished updatting, it says it’s scanning makes everything so slow. I can’t… i just can’t…I’m desperate as soon as i push start button

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  52. Your conversations with Victor are my fav posts. I read the others. I appreciate the deeper, more meaningful ones. I laugh at the You and Victor ones.

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