Stop yelling at me.

This afternoon I was driving to pick up my meds and I was singing “Call Me Maybe” at the top of my lungs and I pulled up next to this burly guy in a truck at the red light and he rolls down his window and starts screaming “WHAT’S YOUR FUCKING DEAL, LADY?  I DID NOTHING TO YOU” and I was like, “Um…I know?  Why are you yelling at me?  I don’t even know who you are” and he stared at me with that same baffled look that Victor gives me and he explained that he’d watched me screaming at him in his rear view mirror for the last minute and I was all, “Dude. That was me singing.  I just sing really enthusiastically.”   And then he stared at me for a minute and all his anger washed away and he said, “Oh.  Shit.  My bad.  Turn it up.” And so I did, and “Call Me Maybe” was still on and HE SANG IT ALONG WITH ME.  Like, even doing a little dance in his car.  And suddenly it went from hurt feelings and road rage to a weird, impromptu highway dance party.

This is how I want the whole world to work.

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  1. This is awesome, and not at all where I thought this story was going.

  2. Totally awesome!!! But also sad how we immediately jump to such negative conclusions about other people like he did.

  3. This is how the whole world SHOULD work!!! Love this! And I love the song too. 🙂

  4. Making the world a better place, one carpool karaoke sesh at a time. This is why we love you.

  5. I love reading your books and your blog. Going through some dark times for myself and you get me to see some light in my day. Thank you!!

  6. I love that the way the world would work then, would be everyone confused and/or angry and afterwards everyone together. None of this hearts and flowers stuff right from the get go. : D

  7. This had better be in the book. I love this story and its teller.

  8. That is amazing. I can’t imagine it would ever go that well for me though.

  9. This is how the whole world SHOULD work. I’m down for any and ALL impromptu dance parties.

  10. OMG. I cannot tell you how much I needed this little bit of sunshine. Thank you.

  11. LMAO. That would totally be me. Or I could also be screaming profanities at the other driver, but the singing is 85% more likely.

  12. Assume good will goes a looooooong way. So grateful the story turned the direction it did. XOXO

  13. Gotta love the impromptu making of friends! Good for you! I want a good road rage story!

  14. Haha, that’s great, you need to invent a sign for the front of your car (in reverse so people can read in their rearview mirrors) “I’m singing not yelling at you dumb arse” lol

  15. Haaa, I totally called the ending, but only because I assume everything is fiction. You win at life today, Jenny.

  16. Occasionally if I yell at someone while driving and realize it was undeserved I will fake enthusiastic sing to avoid confrontation. It’s actually quite effective. Also will pretend to be yelling at someone in the phone. Also effective.

  17. Great story, it really let’s us know we never really know what someone else is thinking. Lol

  18. That made me feel so good about the world. If only for a very small part of the world and only for a few minutes. Awesome.

  19. That is an awesome story. But now I will have that song stuck in my head for days.

  20. And the Oscar in the “I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing” category goes to … Jenny!! I love this post. This is awesome. And what should happen always everywhere. I also sing really enthusiastically, which has earned me more than a few odd looks while driving and a couple thumbs-up from various police officers. Proud of those because I’m guessing, in their daily travels, they’ve seen a lot of car concert performers.

  21. This. This made my day. I was fighting off an anxiety attack earlier & my day hasn’t gone even close to how I planned & this helped immeasurably. Thank you for this anecdote!

  22. Can we please adult like this when it comes to politics. And, like, everything else? Because I feel like this is a metaphor for how things need to go if we’re gonna achieve world peace, or even just not kill each other in the next 5 minutes.

  23. This is my kind of awesome. And made the monsoon outside seem not so apocalyptic.

  24. Can we please adult like this when it comes to politics. And, like, everything else? Because I feel like this is a metaphor for how things need to go if we’re gonna achieve world peace, or even just not kill each other in the next 5 minutes.

  25. Oh, that’s how I want the world to work, too! Thank you for sharing this!

  26. This story is so awesome that i kind of want to say it happened to me. But then I wouldn’t get to plug your books, so…hard choices.

  27. I worry a lot when I’m singing and driving that people will think I’m yelling at them. I always hope when I do yell that people think I’m singing. I’m trying to sing more this yell, but it’s hard. I’m happy this had a happy ending.

  28. I wish everyone could just let go of their anger like that. Some people cling to it, even if they find they are in the wrong. I love the impromptu dance party. Keep on being your awesome self, Jenny! <3

  29. Great story! And I’m seriously relieved it ended well. I probably wouldn’t have been able to explain that I’d been singing, my hurt feelings would have made me cry immediately after he yelled at me. I guess I still have a lot to learn in the “dealing with unexpected attacks” area of my life.

  30. you know…I sing rather enthusiastically, too. but I’m in Houston. and I would bet there was a gimme cap, a tshirt with a slogan on it, and a plaid shirt worn over it by the dude in the pickup.

    between this story and finally having the spoons to dye my hair (seriously, over an inch and a half of roots)? mighty fine day indeed!! and Monday’s my birthday, so I can’t be rocking the roots. heh! bless you Henny, and you keep rockin on with your bad self!! (I’m 53 on Monday, and mama will call me Sunday night to remind me that she was in labor with me that many years ago…and I’ll remind her that if she’d got a move on, I wouldn’t have the horrible birthstone that I do. same conversation we’ve had for decades until I declared that if I was born in mountain time rather than central, I’d have ruby so…hey, less than an hour so I’ll just take it as a Sign that I’m right, and wear what I please!)

  31. This is awesome. I clicked on the title because I thought you might justify a post I wrote on FB yesterday about church leaders (I am one) who yell church things out of “love”, but we just sound mad and so can we just talk softer and be nicer and pay closer attention (basically). I even used “we” language and was kind about it. Just a thought, not trying to be right. And then someone yelled at me and it didn’t even sound like she read what I wrote, and I tried not to take it personally and wondered if I should fall of the earth but decided against it. And then others agreed with me. And so I unfollowed my yeller because some folks just get to be right. I love your story. Thank you for redeeming mine.

  32. How wonderful it would be if the world worked like that!

  33. Maybe that’s what this one guy was doing yesterday on my way home – I thought he was yelling at me but maybe he was just singing along with the radio…while using hand-gestures….probably.

  34. You’re probably getting tired of hearing this from me, but … I LOVE YOU JENNY! You make my day every single day!

  35. If all the world were like this, we would have no wars. Just a bunch of people rocking out to Carly Rae Jepsen.

  36. I’m less of a singer and more of a Conductor of Beautiful Music. People don’t think I’m yelling at them, they are more concerned that I might be trying to tell them something in Sign Language, like maybe their car is on fire.

  37. Impromptu Highway Dance Party is my new band name…ummm…when I get a band.

  38. Thank you for this. I always felt like people were misinterpreting when I do this in my car. Now I’m sure; maybe.

  39. “This is how I want the whole world to work.” <- a million times YES. It might have been easier to not make eye contact or in some other way not have that conversation, but I’m so glad you did. Thanks for spreading a bit of mundane – yet overwhelmingly touching – joy in the world.

  40. Absolutely EVERYONE in the country needs to hear this story! Love one another, y’all, and quit jumping to the negative!

  41. I had a friend tell me she saw me at an intersection…singing at the top of my lungs!! :))

  42. AWESOME STORY, made me laugh out loud at the end of a hard day. Thank you!

  43. Wow! I actually worry when I’m singing and driving that people will think I’m yelling! So I make sure to bob my head all perky and stuff to get the point across! <3

  44. I was taking my ninety-year-old mother in law to the podiatrist this morning (because that’s how I roll) and pulled into a parking spot to let her out. Looked out the window to see some guy mouthing “dumb broad” at me because I parked THREE SPOTS AWAY from him as he was trying to leave the lot. The resultant yell from me of “fuck you” (which didn’t even get a flinch from dear old mom in law) was nowhere near as satisfying as a dance off would have been. Next time I’ll roll down the window and sing “Call me maybe” 😉

  45. This restores my faith in humanity! Both of you were extraordinarily brave and honest, by the way. And yay for the shared singing!!

  46. I’m happy it wasn’t a road rage incident, just a road singing good time. We would hate to lose you because of an idiot.

  47. This totally restores my hope in humanity! This is about how I felt when this dude on a page I admin said he thought I was transgender, but then posted a photo that said “No matter if you’re a boy or a girl, it’s all okay as long as you’re cute!” I was like… thanks? I… I think??

    People, though…

  48. That sounds like something that’d happen in a musical and it is the most beautiful thing ever

  49. Today I was repeatedly honked at and screamed at by the guy behind me who was pissed that I refused to turn right on a red, because there is a sign at that intersection that says…. wait for it…. No Turn On Red. I’m pretty sure the asshole wasn’t just singing enthusiastically but now I’m imagining that perhaps that’s what he was doing, and I’m dying from laughter.

  50. I am so using this with my class – kids always think they know what other people are thinking. Thanks again for a great pick me up for the day and more help for my life!

  51. Where is the nomination form for saint-hood? You are making the world a liveable place lady….

  52. This made me so happy. I’m out to dinner with a friend of my husband (that I’m not a fan of), and I pulled this up while hiding in the bathroom. I’m in a much better mood to go back out. 🙂

  53. As a Sing At the Top of My Lungs driver myself, I’ve often wondered if people were thinking I’m yelling. I’m so glad yours turned out so well; it encourages me.

  54. I sing at the top of my lungs when I’m alone in the car too. It doesn’t hurt anyone but me. (I have made a couple dogs howl with my singing though.) Usually people just roll their eyes or roll up their window.

  55. This reminds me of the time a few years back when we were stuck in a really bad traffic jam (1 hour to go about 2 miles) and we had a sing/car dance party with the cars near us. I think we all won that day as soon as I broke out “Day-O (The Banana Boat Song)” from my IPod.

    So you keep singing loudly and car dancing because you never know when those moments come again.

  56. had a similar good story a few months ago. I needed car inspection, there was a car up at the wait line, there was another one way, way back by the air thingee. So I pulled in front of that car thinking the person was getting air. Went in to buy smokes, came out and this guy is all yelling at me that he was in line and I cut in. I said, hey I am so sorry, I couldn’t tell and I’ll move out of the way, I did, got behind him. Later he came up while he waited on inspection and said he was sorry he yelled at me and we chatted a bit – I told him no worries, I’m as likely as the next person to think the worst sometimes. Anyhow, he got his inspection and left. I got my inspection, when I went to pay I’m told ‘no charge’, the guy in front of you paid for your inspection too. That was so cool, I wish I could find him and buy him a beer!

  57. This is a perfect happy ending. I too put on one hell of a car concert. We should totally go on tour! Call me maybe?

  58. This is the greatest road-turned-sing-along ever in the history of time forever and ever amen.

  59. That’s kinda awesome. I was worried it was a roadrage type of incident. This was a pleasant surprise. Thanks for sharing!

  60. Yay! Real people connecting through jamming…Wish political opponents could do the same. Thank you very much. 🙂

  61. This is wonderful. Thank-you for showing us all how life should be done.

  62. I’m teetering on the edge of what could be a world-class depression, and it’s things like this that keep me smiling and moving forward despite the dark. Thanks, Jenny – and random truck guy!

  63. This morning I passed a truck hauling a Maersk container and yelled, “I am the captain now!” to myself (after taking my meds) and yet you have the best Houston traffic story of the day. Love it!

  64. Seriously? Everyone should assume the person yelling behind them is just singing enthusiastically. That way, if they pass the yeller (singer) they can wave and smile and thumbs-up. If the person WAS just singing, encouragement! If they were actually yelling, what could possibly be a better response than a huge grin and…encouragement! Either way, total win.

  65. I’m a codger-et and it really amazes me how quick some guys are to take offense. My (codger) husband and I were walking in the park one day and came upon a cluster of guys in their 20’s. One moved to make room for us to pass and I said, “Thank you.” He then got in my face and said WHAT DID YOU SAY? as if I had said F you. I repeated Thank you. I had in no way spoke in a tone of voice and that would convey the worst, and I think he was just being an a-hole in front of his friends. I wonder what his family is like.

  66. Ha! What a beautiful ending to a scary, confrontative situation! (My spellcheck says confrontative isn’t a word, but what the fuck does it know?)
    I like to think he took a lot from this situation, and his whole life is going to be better, because he has learned not to jump to conclusions.
    Party on!

  67. And once again, I love your blog so much. Thank you for this and everything.

  68. Amazing, right? Perception is everything. I flashed the peace sign at a guy who cut me off in Starbucks line and he actually looked sheepish. Good. He should. Party on.

  69. Fabulous ending! I also love to sing in my car, but have learned to watch for other drivers while singing songs with “fuck” in them, just in case people think I’m swearing at them.

  70. I did not expect that to turn out the way it did, but I am so glad that it did!

    At first it reminded me of this time when my family and I were sitting on the porch with our dogs when they began chasing a car and, as we yelled for them to come back, the car stopped and the dude jumped out and started throwing a fit. We tried to explain that we were just calling our dogs, but he was having none of it. Aaand then he mooned us. Maybe it is a guy thing or something? Then again I think he was high. Or drunk.

    More people should be like that guy – not the guy who showed us his bare butt, of course – and listen before going on with their road rage. And sing Call Me Maybe.

  71. Oh golly, maybe 25 years ago? Me, my 2 kids, our then exchange student, allll stuffed into my little Ford Ranger pickup with the elf seats and no ac so the windows are all down. Radio’s blasting Whole Lotta Love, all 4 of us rocking out at the top of our lungs just having the BEST time. We pull up to a red light, and the older gentleman in the vehicle to our right takes a long look at us and slowly closes his window, never taking his eyes off of us.

    We cracked up. And CRANKED it.

    Thank you for making me think of that again. What a happy memory (I’m sitting here all alone in my living room with just the biggest silly grin).

    PS. Datdamwuf? I LOVE your name.

  72. I tend to dance in my seat when I’m in the car when I’m at red lights or stopsigns. Complete with hand gestures. I wonder what people think I’m doing. LOL

  73. I firmly believe that a lot of things can be solved by car dancing and car karaoke.

  74. Someone pulled up beside me once and was singing “Stayin Alive” and doing hand gestures in perfect time with the music. Disco sucks so I ran the red light and drove away. I was having a bad day. NOTE: Always stop at red lights. This was a silly thing to do on my part.

  75. Hi 🙂
    Ok, so this is slightly random, and not really fitting perhaps, under this piece, but:
    I have finished writing something, have never done it before, don’t know anyone within the industry, don’t have an editor (though need one), and don’t have an agent. I don’t know what publishers one can rely on etc.

    Can anyone help? Someone within the industry: editor, agent, publisher who works with non fiction / realistic fiction, unsolicitored manuscripts is what I’m looking for.

    Thanks, any help simuch appreciated! 🙂

  76. That is so funny and so cool! If there were more people like that, I would leave the house more often!

  77. I was sure this post was going to end very differently! And now I have visions of tattooed truckies, ladies in red ball gowns and giant metal chickens dancing on car bonnets like in Fame!

  78. Oh I totally needed this story today! My Facebook feed was just making me disappointed in the world. Love this! 🙂

  79. This story just made my whole day! You have to sing/shout Call Me Maybe, it’s a rule.

  80. I’ve been living in Texas (Houston) for one year, and have seen time and again just how aggressive and violent drivers can be here. I’m so happy this turned out well!

  81. Best. Part. = Jenny sings “Call Me Maybe” in the car & So do I!! Big smiles reading this 😆 😄
    Thanks for sharing❣

  82. Absolutely!!! Everyone, make this happen! Turn frustration into mad singing and dancing skills! 😀

  83. I was just telling my friend yesterday that it’s all about communication. He took the time to ask what the heck was up, and everything was resolved. Otherwise he could have been seething all day. Good for him! Yay for a shared Katy Perry moment of joy.

  84. I laughed, and then cried, because so many things are mistaken like this, and so few are resolved this beautifully. So yay! Communication! More of this needs to happen.

  85. Okay, let’s see – we put the Palestinians in one car and the Israelis in another and make them put on their radios and see what happens. Heck, it’s worth a shot…

  86. I went to pre-order and amazon in it’s baffling wisdom was all, like, ‘I hear you! Here’s a related product I know you need: High potency parasite cleanse for humans.” And now I’m worried that cat’s been slipping something into my morning coffee…

  87. I was rocking out in my car once at a stop light when I looked over and realized the guy in the car next to me was watching. Instead of making fun of me, he gave me the thumbs up and starting rocking out too. People can be all kinds of awesome sometimes.Now we just have to get you into Carpool Karaoke!

  88. I sing like a T-Rex stuck in a tar pit. The best thing about getting my driver’s license 35 years ago was having a place to “sing” and not harming any one. I drive a 5-speed these days … it gives car-dancing a whole new meaning when you get the car rocking with the clutch at a red light.

  89. I completely agree, it would make everything so much better if things worked like that all the time. 😀

  90. Oh that’s lovely <3
    So glad that went from anger and misunderstanding to fun and solidarity 🙂 Kind of faith-restoring (a little).

  91. ♪♪ ♪♪ What the world needs now…. ♪♪ ♪♪
    Obviously! Singing at stop lights!

  92. i DREAM of people noticing and appreciating my car singing. this is the best thing i’ve read all week 🙂 <3

  93. Your Facebook link isn’t working. Please fix it because I so want to post that on Facebook. That IS the wY it should work.

  94. I was singing along to American Pie ever so enthusiastically while making dinner last night. Maybe more loudly than I’d ever sung it before. I’ve been trying to sing that song for thirty years and I was fucking killing it.

    I turn around and see the dog cowering in the far corner, looking at me worriedly. Everybody’s a critic, man.

  95. You may not be much of a singer (IDK, I’ve never had the pleasure…but I can’t imagine it would be bad, ’cause, well…I have a crush on you!) but one thing is for certain, you are HELLA inspirational!

  96. Every time I sing the Roller Skate song by Melanie (you’re to young, look it up) I have to sing it loud and my grandkids put their headphones on and just stare at me…what? I like to sing loud and proud!

  97. I love the way you handled his outburst, and I love the way he responded. Way to show some class AND have fun at a stoplight! Nice reminder that there is still some good in this world.

  98. As I read I saw this played out in comic strip form. Too bad I can’t draw.

  99. Maybe he had just read Michelle’s post at Rubber Shoes in Hell and thought you were taking road rage out via song…..I wish the weather we’re less horrible here so we could drive around with the windows down and sing with strangers!

  100. Either the air in Texas is different or you have a secret super power because here in CT there would be no apology or singing along. Made my day!

  101. I keep reading this over and over – and it’s awesome every time! I am grinning from ear to ear!

  102. I am way impressed that everybody (except me) can remember full lyrics!

  103. I need some kind of lighted sign I can turn on for other drivers, “Singing” so they know I’m not yelling at them. I would have one that says “Singing and Gesticulating, Bruh” but that’s a whole lot to read going down the road and some folks might call the law thinking I was doing something naughty. 😛

  104. I would have liked it better if the song was I’m all about that bass or Super freak. That would be awesome to joint car karaoke with an almost road rage incident with a man in a red truck, but I’m not the D.J.

    Still, bonus points for healing the damaged human spirit through song. Do you take requests?

  105. This is SUCH a cool story. Makes my whole day (or at least the next hour or so!)

  106. For years and years before my stroke I mostly walked to get around, and I am six feet tall and wear a black leather jacket. When you walk for transportation, you learn to walk quickly, so I used to catch up to and pass a lot of other pedestrians. There are some quasi-dangerous neighborhoods in Oakland that I regularly walked through while doing my normal business. It used to bug me when I caught up to women walking alone in these areas, as I could tell some of them were scared that I might be catching up to them in order to do them harm, which couldn’t have been farther from the truth. I thought about it, and after trying some other methods (such as stepping off of the sidewalk when I passed) I settled on waiting until I was in earshot and singing. It seemed to work the best, and calmed down the otherwise anxious women I has to pass on the sidewalks of Oakland.

  107. I love this. Love that you explained rather than just rolling up the window in fear of confrontation (I might have done that). Love that he took in the data you offered and drew a new conclusion. Love that you found new common ground. Communication for the win! Huzzah!

  108. I know this is unrelated but I found this video while aimlessly surfing the web, as we do. Anyway, I’ve read both of your books so I’m pretty sure this is something you’ll find interesting!

    P.S. I’m not sketchy and it’s not a virus. Actually it’s a video of a man who turned his cat who died at the tire of a car into a drone. Now that’s what I call ingenuity. Enjoy!

  109. This is why I make sure I always car dance when I car sing. (Well, no, it’s not why I car dance, that’s just who I am. BUT it does help prevent that. AND it makes it easy to change the lyrics to something hostile when another driver “makes bad driving decisions” and they’ll never know you are saying rude things.)

  110. Ok, here’s my happy story. I’m without a dryer since Christmas (long, stupid story) so I wash the clothes at home and go to the laundromat to dry them. Easier, because I get everything dried at once. Welp, I washed a mattress pad today, a big poofy thing with a life of its own and while I was going into the laundry o’mat, didn’t the damn thing escape from the basket and fall on the ground and GET ALL DIRTY. And I only had enough quarters to dry the clothes, not wash the mattress pad again. So, I decided I’d start the other clothes, go the stupormarket, buy some cat food, get money back and spend the extra hour washing and drying the rogue mattress pad.

    Just then, a swarm of Mennonite children rushed into the place, giggling and taping ziplok bags of quarters to the washing machines. It was their Random Acts of Kindness project — they were donating the price of washing a load of clothes (plus a verse from Isaiah) as part of a general niceness campaign.

    So — I used the quarters to wash the mattress pad. But I still went to the store, bought cat food and got some cash back on my card — because I then paid the $3.50 back into the Ziplock bag — paid it forward, rather. Because.

    Not as cool as the highway duet, though. But what could be?

  111. only Jenny. anyone else would now be a splatter on the yellow line.
    All I can think of is that Coke commercial, “I’d like to teach the world to sing…” but this, this is spontaneous and much realer.

  112. You never fail to make my face break into a stupid kind of smile that breaks into laughter lol… And just to let you know, I kinda listed you as one of my heroines in this online course exercise of ours where we had to list our heros and heroines. lol …

  113. “and he stared at me with that same baffled look that Victor gives me”

    Hahahaha love it

  114. I have done this many times myself.
    Road trips to Ikea, singing along – excitedly- to the Broadway recording of “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown”. People kept their distance.

  115. Years ago, on the way home from a funeral, I accidentally cut off another driver – we exchanged obscene gestures and yelled some. At the next stop light, we simultaneously began apologizing to one another – he even offered condolences when he heard where I’d been. It was a spontaneous moment of grace and, like your story, gives me hope for all of us.

  116. Thanks to you fearlessly sharing yourself with us, we can lighten up on ourselves a bit too and give ourselves permission to let a little ‘crazy’ out (like singing in the car). It isn’t the end of the world when we do, it can be fun and wonderful.

    Thanks for reminding us that even if the whole world doesn’t work like this, there are moments you can catch it trying to.

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  118. Seriously? This is better the 4th time you read it… gets teary from here on out…

  119. I just want you to know that I have read both your books and I find you incredibly funny and brave and open. I turn to your blog when I need a boost. I lost my daughter last year and life has been rough, and you make things a little lighter for me, so thank you. Hugs ❤️

  120. I did that once….I saw this woman in a car behind me with her mouth moving, and I thought she was talking to herself….. then my ex explained that she was probably singing. I felt stupid, yet relieved.

  121. This was totally happy-making! I hope you get to share a song with him again. Maybe you could do a duet on America’s Got Talent or something. I’d watch that.

  122. Sometimes, people are awesome. 🙂 Thank you for sharing this story!

    The Subway near us has good music. My son and I were eating, and chair-dancing (as you do) to one of our favorite boogie songs. I look over at a young boy who is staring as we do our “can’t-sit-still” dancing. I give him a huge smile, and he slowly starts to chair-boogie too.

    Just wanted to share.

  123. Truthfully, he must have felt entirely more befuddled than you did during the window-window showdown. His assumption that the lady with rolled-up windows was yelling directly at him. Can’t hear the music, can’t hear your screams.

  124. You just solved all our road rage problems and we should immediately put laws in to place that if you are involved in any sort of road rage, the cops make you pull over- they turn on UPTOWN FUNK and they make the perpetrators sing and dance together.
    No way anyone is going to shoot each other or beat each other after that.

  125. OMG – this is H-I-Larious! Sorry I’m late adding this comment like a creeper, been on vacation. I just wanted to add my own story about Call Me Maybe. My new husband, who was just my fiancé at the time, and I went to New Orleans earlier this year. Coming back, he took over driving and I decided to take a little nap in the passenger’s seat. I can’t really fall deep asleep while he’s driving, though, so I’m just drifting in and out. He has my Spotify on and is quietly jamming out when Call Me Maybe comes on in the rotation. I expect him to turn it or turn it off but he actually turns it up slightly. Then I hear humming. As the song nears its end, he actually hits the button to hear it repeat! And then turns it up a little louder. And SINGS it! I’m still trying to pretend sleep beside him but I’m thinking, ‘there’s NO WAY he’s listening to that song twice, in a row!’ Well, then he listens to it for a third time!
    Later when we stop for a bathroom break, I take over the radio and my phone and Call Me Maybe comes up again. He starts ribbing me, “why do you have that song? It’s awful” etc. And I look at him and tell him, “it wasn’t so awful when you listened to it. 3 times. In A ROW!” And now it’s become our road trip anthem! x)

  126. I was in the car last night, riding as the co-pilot as I do, when I started to think about this post. I read it back when you posted it, kept it in my tab in a browser for months only to lose the tab when my browser crashed. I was still thinking about it when I came to work today and decided I really needed to work my way back to it and read it again. This really is how I want the world to work — random people singing together I mean, not system crashes.

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