Take the rest of the day off.

I am supposed to be working right now, but I’m not because FUCK WORK.  Work is hard and I will not remember the hours I would have spent doing laundry and answering emails so instead I am at the park with Hailey, where we are saying, “Fuck off, gravity.”  Well, I’m saying it.  She’s 11 so she’s just saying “THIS IS AWESOME.  LET’S PLAY EVERY DAY.”

And we can’t, because life doesn’t work that way.  But today, for a few hours, it does.  And it’s lovely.  And it’s worth doing.

So instead of writing a real post I’m spending this time catching pokemon (I CAUGHT A SNORLAX) and singing with my kid and we’re about to go home and watch (moderately) scary movies and then read.  And I’ll be behind on work, but ahead of the game on the things that count.

If you’re reading this I give you full permission to have a fun day with no guilt.  What would you be doing if you could do anything?  Do that thing.  Start a game of tag in your office, make a bonfire of all the emails you’re not going to answer, watch a movie, explore your city, stick googly eyes on random things in your house so that they are like small pets you don’t have to feed.  Whatever makes you happy.

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 2.42.36 PM

Have fun, y’all.

It’s later than you think.

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  1. Hey, I was thinking just that! Not that I am working, exactly. I’m reading your blog which is much more fun than the research they are paying me to read.

  2. I actually took off yesterday and today, in part, to stay home and do nothing…..and that’s what I have done. 🙂

  3. I am already having a great day because I managed to snag a Love Pain and Stitches bag when they dropped (if you’re not familiar, they’re incredibly awesome, creepy, hand-sewn bags that sell out in less than 5 minutes every time there’s a drop of them). So yes, thank you, I think I will go and celebrate with a fancy coffee and maybe some time at the beach. 😀

  4. I’m going to put googly eyes on everything in my office now so that I have an office full of pets! Thanks!

  5. I am in one of those moods too, where I just don’t want to do anything but hang out in my fort with a book and my dog…. Glad I’m not the only one who’s ready to just say fuck it

  6. Thank you for this. It’s been a week – heart issues, problems with my PKD, stressful job searching (while trying to figure out how to budget for bills with almost no income), and my husband’s ex-wife and her narcissism forcing us to go back to court at the end of September; I need to remember to NOT do stuff and make my anxiety worse. I’m gonna take a bath with a cup of tea, and then binge-watch my favorite movies that my husband won’t watch with me because he’s out of town. And Tuesday is the Magic Castle. So I need two days, ‘kay?

  7. Yes, it is later than you think.

    I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 44. I’m now 47 and fine. It was never an “Oh shit. I might die,” thing, but yeah, kind of hammered that lesson home.

    It’s later than you think because sometimes things happen sooner than you think.

  8. We decided today was “Fuck off Early Friday” at work, so I think that puts us squarely on the same page 🙂

  9. I’m watching The Office instead of doing pre-arrival homework for college; I’ll keep doing that!! Love the photo!

  10. Ha ha, I’m already on vacation so joke’s on you! Oh, wait…

    I’m at our Northwoods cabin and am about to take a nap. Sounds like a fantastic afternoon to me.

  11. I did work that involved coloring things, while sitting in our break room (officially known as the “Rumpus Room”) watching Doctor Who.

  12. I have to go buy googly eyes to stick around the house. I love that idea! 🙂 The writing on banana one was good too. 😀

  13. I have to stay ay work knowing that water is flowing into my basement. My just keeping reminding myself that I have a basement, I have a home, so I am doing okay. And some days okay is good enough.

  14. I’m not so sure about the email bonfire – I either have to print out the emails, which is a waste of toner and paper, or I have to set fire to my computer, which would not be very wise.

    I think I’ll just step away from the computer now and read a lovely ghosty type book. Thanks Jenny!

  15. Don’t have to tell me twice! Peace! I’m out! (someone make sure the boss doesn’t see me please)

  16. I’m reading this instead of working. Thanks for kicking off what I hope is a pattern of dinking off right to the weekend.

    Just kidding. I have a meeting in like 15 minutes. Just saying HI.

  17. I love you forever for this!! Oh I love you so much. SCREW WORK I’M STARTING A BONFIRE

  18. I’m sending this post to my boss so she knows to let me go home early. Your a best selling author we have to listen to you. Btw I was telling some Australians about poturdo now they have to see it. With all the Australians I’ve told that now have to see it there’s going to be a line just thought you should know. Btw I also tell them the whole story about poturdo and then they write down your name to buy your books so if your sells go up in Australia your welcome 😃

  19. I am already saying F*** Work but only because I’m on Doctor’s orders to do so since I’m still recovering from amy aneurysm I had in July (and surprised all of medical science by actually surviving).
    Anyway, as I chill and relax in my recovery, I just wanted to hi-five this post. It’s too hot today (in PA) to go to the park, but definitely gonna play Munchkin with my 10 year old cause he asked me to.

  20. I would be at the beach. Soaking up a moderate amount of sun and maybe swimming in the pacific. Maybe. There have been nasty shark reports here in the last few weeks. I wouldn’t definitely NOT be babysitting my mom’s tiny dog, NOT trying to make a dinner list for next week, and preferably NOT having to wear pants.

  21. Today I am watching Force Awakens for the second time this afternoon. Last night my kids and I stayed up until 2am laying on a blanket in the grass and counting the Perseid meteors.

  22. I love, love, love this post. My girls are 30 and 26. When they were in school, we’d take a couple of ditch days each year to just play and be together (I taught in the district they attended. Think anyone noticed? 😉 ). If the surf was up, we’d go surfing, or take a short road trip, or just hang out and watch movies. Those are some of my fondest memories. I also think it’s a wonderful lesson to teach our kids. Life needs to have fun woven into it as much as possible. Yay for a fun day!

  23. Instead of working I filled the little plastic pool in the backyard that we use to bathe the dogs and tried to get them to play in it with me since it is a bazillion degrees today and they love swimming. They just hid under the deck and looked at me suspiciously for trying to make bath time look fun. So I sprayed them with the hose to get them out from under the deck and they bolted through the dog door and rolled on the couch and now my house smells like wet animal that has been under the deck.

  24. Yaaaaaaay! Thanks,Ms. Lawson!! It’s my 30th 21st birthday so I will do whatever I want! Permission accepted! I’ve actually had a six day birthday away from work! So REALLY Fuck off, WORK!!

  25. Thank you for the permission. I am most likely going to see a funny movie this afternoon, because fuck everything else.

  26. I just started crying at work, because all I wanted was to be at home with my husband and my dogs, but I can’t. I have to be in this office 10 hours per day, every fucking day. And I miss being with them and the weekend isn’t enough.

  27. I’m headed out to go jump in a lake. Fuck working on my novel. And housework. If I am in the mood later, I may feed the pets. They hope so.

  28. I’m thinking Gym–then beer. May drymop the kitchen later, but only if I feel like it. Thanks.

  29. Thank you for the reminder, Jenny. Somehow, this made me cry. Not because its a bad thing, but because its so easy to forget the importance of play. Enjoy the park!

  30. I love this post SO much! Going to shut down the office at 4 pm today and go home and watch Jurassic World with my son for the 100th time while we thumb our noses at the rain.

  31. Awesome! Well I must have already gotten that memo because I have been in and out of the office lounge watching the Olympics most of the day rather than typing up some dumb settlement agreements that add NO fucking joy to my life.

  32. I’m actually being productive today, but that’s not the norm. Tomorrow I’m taking the day off. I will run, and eat, and drink coffee, and watch movies with my son (even if they feature singing chipmunks). Enjoy your day with Hailey!

  33. Can I pretty please have a rain check since I didn’t get to read this until the work week was over?

  34. It’s my husband’s birthday so we’re all taking the day off to do OMG ALL THE THINGS. Caught lots of Pokemon this morning. Now we’re home for resting and cake and then there will be games and more cake and then whatever else he wants to do. <3

  35. I would like to sit in a totally quiet spot with no phones, no pets, no other people, and just breathe in and out through my nose until I am totally calm. I may be locked in my bedroom closet later to accomplish this very thing. This week can just fuck right off.

  36. I too read this once home from the day job. As good as the week has been overall, even with one shitty fucked-up everyone can go to hell kind of day, it has been good. I would like a quiet drink at home then to be able to have all 5 pets settle in for the evening, and then write my ass off because my brain is talking too much. Another quiet drink, another few words.

    Rinse, lather and repeat.

  37. I’m so jealous of your Snorlax! I have never seen one in the wild. i hatched one, but I can’t even power him up, bc no candies. 🙁

  38. What were you and Hailey singing?
    I’ve been singing Animaniacs and can’t make it stop… but it actually makes me happy that I remembered the words!

  39. Awesome Thanks! I think Ill make a fuzzy naval…the drink, not put fuzz in my naval…in case that wasn’t clear. Then have some fun ….here kitty, kitty, kitty 😸

  40. What moderately scary movies do you watch? My girl is the same age as yours and wants to watch some, but I’m not sure what to see (not my preferred genre at all). Enjoy your day!

  41. After three months with no work, I finally have projects and I need money. So I wish I could join you in this day of freedom, or what my parents used to call “kazoo days,” which they got from an old “The Simpsons” calendar, but alas, I cannot. However, I am with you in spirit!

  42. Our office is having our version of the Olympics. Instead of a javelin, we are throwing Q-Tips. A cotton ball stands in for the shot put. Stand on a step stool and drop pennies into a cup for our “high dive”. Way too much fun!

  43. I have a one month old baby so I’m pretty sure I will never accomplish anything ever again except keeping the baby alive. If I could do anything at all it would be to sleep for 12 straight hours. Except my boobs would explode. But my husband is home so I can go take a long shower, which is a distant second for what I’d like to do most.

  44. THANK YOU! I was working on bookkeeping, but now I’m going to watch an old Western movie. 😀

  45. Found an ACTUAL cat while playing Pokemon go. It is declawed and shouldn’t be out in the park. I reported it to the police and now we are at the vet. I have a final exam tomorrow for grad school, but getting a health ok of this kitty is way more important to me. Looks like my girl Meemers will be getting a cat sister.

  46. I just bought a new donkey, which I didn’t need and shouldn’t have spent the money on, but he is beautiful and kind with a voice like a foghorn:)

  47. I’m really lucky. Where I work IS my fun place. I’m a zookeeper. I come to work and play every, single day. Today is Easter egg hunting. Several pairs of endangered tortoises popped out pre-kids, and I get to dig them up, weigh them, and get them ready to incubate. I’m also a computer teacher, which is also a giant playtime. Teaching kids to enjoy geeking out? I’m in. Next week, I’m teaching them about PokemonGo. They already know about it, but we’re going to talk about the phenomenon.

    Have fun goofing off. You’ve totally got it where it counts.

  48. Good for you! I decided to do the same thing today. I took a vacation day from work, took a four hour mommy nap (an uninterrupted nap-o-bliss) and am picking my kids up in a bit to spend the rest of the day with them playing video games and making brownie sundaes. I usually don’t take a vacation day unless there’s something going on, but I felt like I was getting super burned out with work and not sleeping because my preschooler is afraid of ghosts at night and my toddler is teething. I feel horrible guilt for still dropping them off at the sitter today but honestly I needed a few hours to myself to recharge so I can do a better job at being a fun mom and not just a stress induced yelling mom. Everyone deserves the “Fuck Off” Day. Also, I’m jealous of your Snorlax. I’ve got about a billion pidgeys and ratatas in my neighborhood and I’m nestled between 3 spawn bush thingies. Isn’t that some bullshit? Anyway, keep on keeping on and know that even though we’ve never met, I love you and you inspire me to be myself and remember it’s okay to not be the perfect person everyone expects. And also that it’s okay to struck with depression and anxiety but you always remind me that we can pull through it. So this is really just a long winded way of saying thank you for being you. Enjoy your Fuck Work and Responsibility day!

  49. Thanks, Jenny. Great advice. I will try to have a fun day walking around a local lake. No swings though. I’m way too old for that.

  50. Well you are where you should be..cause you never will get these moments with your child back again….and I’m retired so I am off anyway…

  51. Anything I want! Ooo, I’d take a match and light the wooden fence that the lady next door just put up. We moved in a year ago and she’s a people hated. She took down a metal fence, just on our side, to put up a 8 foot wooden fence so she could plant plants. How stupid does she think we are? I think she wants the 80 year old neighbors back since they never came out of the house and we love to be in our back garden. Light the fence and pass the marshmallows!

  52. I stuck it out at work today, but last night I put off sleeping (am always early to bed, a morning person, not a night owl) and stayed up really late to go lay in a field with my daughter and look for the shooting stars from the meteor show. Was super tired at work by the afternoon, but so worth it to have made that memory with her.

  53. Long ago, we called these “mental health” days. Oddly, as this world gets more stressful and intense, and I/we could use more of them, I have felt less free to take them. So thanks for this post. [Also, I LOVE putting googly eyes on things. You should see our microwave.]

  54. I am sitting watching Olympic Trampoline with my (16yo) baby girl. Because laundry and housework can wait, and when do you get to watch trampoline on tv? These athletes that you’ve never heard of work as hard as the big names, and probably have to have real jobs, too.

  55. Congrats on the Snorlax. I just beat a thunderstorm home, so I’ve been sitting in a lawn chair inside the garage watching it. And ignoring the husband grumbling about the rain getting in the garage because he clearly has no concept of the awesomeness of a strong thunderstorm.

  56. My son caught a Pikachu! He was so damn happy, he sent me a photo. I’m stuck in the office, but only for a little bit longer. Then he and I are going to go on a PokeWalk. 😉 thanks for the permission to ignore those school and college things I need to do for a little bit longer. (No worries, I’m still gonna make the deadlines.)

  57. This is exactly how I feel too. I am sitting outside with my puppy while the sedative from the trip to the vet wears off. (This puppy is 67 lbs. and does not wish to leave the farm, thus sedative.) He has ringworm which is no fun either, so I am hanging with my puppy instead of working, but also instead of hanging out in my studio so I am giving myself half points and a rain check for a studio date. But what I really want to do is sleep and nothing else.

  58. I so want to post a photo here, of one of my raccoons that looks exactly like an upside down Rory, but I can’t link to it so you’ll just have to imagine it.

  59. Love this post! I also loved your words, “It’s later than you think.” I’m so glad I’m not the only one who feels this way. 🙂 Thank you for supporting me even when you didn’t know you were! 🙂

  60. At the time and in the place where I grew up the ultimate compliment any woman could receive was, “You could eat off her floors!” So we had spotless floors but as far as I can remember no one ever ate off them.
    I may be like my mother in some ways, but spotless floors is not one of them. I’d rather be reading, thank you very much.

  61. A friend of mine died this morning. Another friend will likely not make it through the weekend. I’m in desperate need of some happy. Just hard to find any right now. Think I’ll go home and hug some loved ones.

  62. I’m spending today perfecting my hand-sewn pintuck technique while sitting on my back deck in the sun. It may sound boring to some, but for me it’s practically heaven.

  63. Today I stuck a picture of scary Nicolas Cage under my bosses mouse so it wouldn’t work and when he checked to see why BOOM. Nick Cage. And also I replaced my official work portrait with a Velociraptor.

    It was a good day.

  64. Saw this on a do-nothing afternoon in my office, with four hours to go, and needing to stay because my lovely wife drove with me to work today. Nowhere to go, nothing to do, blah. Glad you got to have fun with the awesome Hailey. You made her by the way. Never forget.

  65. I’m in major resistance about work; doing chores instead. I’ve decided to spend thirty minutes hunkering down getting a writing job done, and then I’ll head to the park with my picnic blanket and a good book. Maybe a chocolate.

    Great advice.

  66. Score Blogess!!! Love, love, love you! Why do I need to have 3 loves…hmmmm.

  67. Well I’m currently in Spain taking my first vacation since last year, and loving it. Iceland is tomorrow, then back to work by Wednesday. It’s our last family trip for a while since our son starts uni in the fall, so loving every sweet minute with him.

  68. Seriously you’re my favorite. I am in! Thanks for the reminder that ‘living’ is important too.

  69. Retired-I can do whatever whenever I want😍 so today I’m napping listening to Woodstock Revisited on my Amazon Echo. Retirement is awesome except you have to be old to get it☹️

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  70. The Google eye thing… have you watched Miranda? She does that with her produce. (Miranda Hart)

  71. I had the day off for one of those doctor’s appointments that should be totally fine? But is also scary, because it might not be. So I played with my cat and watched fish in the river and tried to think about anything else. Play when you get the chance, y’all. Play and love as hard as you can.

  72. Today is my 35th birthday and I spent it running around the park catching Pokemon and I had three different kinds of cake for lunch. Fuck adulting.

  73. You give most excellent advice. I had to do laundry today, but the rest of the time I’ve been sorting a big box of beads and stuff I won a couple years back. All the Shiny Things!

  74. I’m going to some cocaine now 😌Jk I’m going to go catch some zzzzz before my next shift at the hospital .

  75. Well I’m going to some cocaine now 😌Jk I’m going to go catch some zzzzz before my next shift at the hospital .

  76. It is stifling hot here so I am doing nothing but sitting in front of a fan….jen

  77. I wish I had a friend like you. I am, currently, trying my best to find one 😀

  78. I don’t know how I can love someone I never met, but I am thankful it is so and I am thankful for you.

  79. I actually took today off and we went to Maine for the weekend. What a wonderful idea it was! 😀

  80. All the yes to this one. Fiance and I spent the day doing moderately productive things and then stopped and went blueberry picking and then we cooked dinner together for the first time in what feels like forever and a day. There’s still laundry to do and books to organize and the coffee table is cluttered, but I really just don’t care.

  81. I wold NOT be moving. I’ll tell you that for free! Ugh. I’m so tired I can hardly life this finger to under my status to tell you how tired I am. But I’m happy you’re enjoying the day. It’s really the next best thing. Love you Jenny. So glad you are feeling better. xoxo

  82. “I am supposed to be working right now, but I’m not because FUCK WORK.”

    This is officially the best sentence of all time.

  83. YES! I stopped working at 5pm today for the same reasons. It’s been a hellacious week and it will be a stressful weekend, so I decided to cuddle my cat despite the 95 degree weather. Cat purrs are my favorite medicine. Totally worth it!

  84. I DID take today off (long reason), and because it’s too hot to do anything outside in Phoenix, I made bread and watched Doctor Who and played games. It’s a good day.

  85. And I’m crying. Exactly the thing I needed to read after a long week. Def escaping life this weekend into one of your books!

  86. Excuse me while I go buy a huge bag of googly eyes… I’m going to stick them on everything in my refrigerator to freak out my husband.

  87. Disabled without disability. Trying to get into writing as a career. Working on it. Slowly. Trying to build an audience without money has been an interesting challenge.

  88. Bravo Zulu! Never let these days go without a fight. They will end up being so incredibly valuable.

  89. For 35 years I worked at a job….a job where I punched a clock and sat in an office and later a cubby. No windows, 15 minutes break, 45 lunch and 15 in the afternoon. People peeked over the top of the cubbies like chipmunks making sure you were late from break or lunch. Don’t get me wrong..I am a contradiction because I did love my work and my boss and made a lot of good friends but cubby life is not something I want for my kids or grandkids. No matter how much you decorate it, it’s still a little fiber board and plexiglass cage. I flew out when I retired two years ago and now most days, I do what I want when I want. There is certainly a luscious freedom in not punching a clock but there is also the loss of connection. I love reading blogs but I don’t know you and as much as I like most of what you write, I need connection – face to face – real connection so I volunteer where I can touch and see people. I see now I could never work from home as I thought I wanted to do when I had the gall to be jealous of friends who did! Being out there and connecting and laughing and “doing lunch” is important. So I am glad you got out today and as you call it, F’d off. And I hope you do it more often….I hope we all do.

  90. I needed this after this morning. The D.J. asked a caller when he lost his virginity in which he responded 12!!! I was like ‘WTF! IP will be 12 in 7 months!’ Nice to see a kid being a kid! Gives me hope he will keep it till at least 14….

  91. Ok so I work in a pediatrics office and love the idea of the Googly eyes mostly because it makes me giggle and also because I wonder how long it would take people (including kida) to notice if I snuck around and did this. It’s a nice counter to “Its later than you think.” My mother died unexpectedly recently and it’s been a sad week in my brain. Have fun y’all. It’s later than you think is one of the wisest things I’ve read in quite some time. Thanks Jenny Lawson. Happy book writing. Can’t wait.

  92. I’m off for mental health reasons, so I’m not so carefree. I’m working toward it as I’m working toward many things….like being healthy enough for work and to maybe make some friends. My poor husband will get his life back to normal then, too. :'(

  93. Way ahead of you. I left work early last Thursday to watch Star Trek in an historic theater. FOR THE SECOND TIME. With real popcorn and natural butter….My cardiologist can stuff it….

  94. Oh my gosh – fruit friends! The part at the end of your post about sticking googly eyes on things reminded me of the brilliant British comedian Miranda Hart and her sitcom “Miranda.” She makes imaginary friends out of fruit and does all kinds of odd, fun stuff with them. I’m totally going to go and watch some “Miranda”. And “Call the Midwife.” She’s Chummy in that. Then I’m going to eat takeaway leftovers on the couch with my cat, read something that’s not uni related and write.

  95. I did just that. Wrote strangers cards and handmade things for inside. Oh yea, and tequila.

  96. Thank you for this. I’ve had two really shitty days of nothing but work, and I mean really hard physical work that has not been fun or gratifying except that I can now check some things off my to do list. Hence I have had two really shitty evening due to exceptionally foul moods. Tomorrow I’m taking your advice and saying fuck work. Sometimes you just need to read something that makes you laugh out loud to realize the absurd corners we paint ourselves into. So, fuck work, indeed!

  97. I think this is a lesson we all could use to slow down and take to heart. Hell, I don’t even technically “work”, but I still get caught up in the stressors of cleaning the house, making dinner, trying to stay sane and keep from inviting every stray cat into the house… It’s a balancing act, really…

  98. Today I am participating in a 24 hour poetry marathon…It starts in about 8 minutes my time, write a new poem and post every hour for 24 hours…I will either have a ball or need a place to hide bodies, possibly both!! I love words, and Jenny’s blog, well, it gives me hope all the time. So! This is my way of swinging in the park with my kid…

  99. I agree- sometimes the best thing we can do for our kiddos is to show them that a break from life and it is OK. Love that your day includes Pokemon…I caught a Weedlebellthingamabob and it is fabulous! Love and light!

  100. I am using this free day card tomorrow. No emails, no reviews to write, no worries about university. I’m gonna stay in bed and watch TV shows while eating as many waffles as I want/can. Thank you for the priority reminder! 🙂

  101. You deserve a break and congratulations on the SnorLax, I don’t have one yet!!! Yeah to Pokemon Go

  102. I got to take TWO days off from NOT working! Any day on set is a good day, although swinging in a park mighta been better. 🙂

  103. This post made me really happy!! And a lot less guilty to be spending time with my brother instead of writing my thesis…which really isn’t something I should be feeling guilty about to begin with, but grad school is a bit of a jerk that way, I guess.

    I hope everyone has a guilt-free happy day today!!

  104. I caught a Snorlax today too! Unfortunately I have stomach bug – so no leaving the house today… but I am shooting for tomorrow. Promised the 13th year old I’d take him to buy new sneakers for school and breakfast at IHOP… he’s just in it for the pancakes though. 🙂

  105. At my most recent Dr. appt. I learned my BP is “through the roof” very high-
    I am taking day(s) just trying to find my way to peace, calm. To the Tribe, please Take time for yourselves- Jenny’s advice is the BEST! Make your health & happiness a priority, & snuggle All the pets 💖💜💙🐶🐈

  106. My mind was already there! I took the day off to recover from a night of watching meteors rain down around us by hiking to an excellent waterfall and then running up and down giant sand dunes. Absolutely needed that day.

  107. My husband would like to catch a Snorlax. I’d like to tell work to leave me alone so I could play. I’m glad you have succeeded where we have failed. (Give us time, we’ll catch up!)

  108. Thank you. No matter what kind of shit day I am having you always make me laugh and that helps make me feel better <3 I hope your books outsell ever damn thing out there!

  109. Googly eyes so make things funny! I have a bag just to stick on random things and every single time I do I giggle like a little girl.

  110. Can I tell you how many times I’ve intended to buy a pack of self stick googly eyes and then not done it because they had poor reviews? I didn’t want to be disappointed again.

  111. Just finished running a 5K; figured since I was sweaty/gunky, I’d clean the house. Screw that!!!! I’m going to crash on the couch with a cold beer and watch other people run in the Olympics!

  112. I took your advice and experienced the most bizarre traffic jam I’ve ever been in. It consisted of me in a $400, 20 year old Kia getting stuck in traffic on a rice paddy road behind a 90 year old Korean woman on a Rascal scooter. It paid off when I got to eat vegetable and squid pancakes. Good times.

  113. When I’m at work, I tell everyone some day we are gonna go and race our office chairs down the slope of the hallway…we still haven’t done it but who knows…it may be the week we do.

  114. Don’t mean to brag BUT I managed to get 3 days off of work this week, soooo I’m all about fun right now. Of course working with a bunch of teens at a fast food place isn’t all fun and games and hell, I physically caught myself asking a customer if they wanted fries with their meal…I knew then that I had hit a new low…but ya three days off….having fun!

  115. One of us must have a TARDIS because I took your advice before you wrote the post and booked a spontaneous weekend in a hotel with my partner, so we could just do nothing but have fun. It cost way more than I normally would spend, but we haven’t had a holiday in years, and I thought that life is too short to just keep going on the hamster wheel without taking some time off for fun.

  116. When my son was young and Pokemon was a new cartoon show he loved, he would keep changing which Pokemon was his favorite and would keep asking me my favorite, and I always said Snorlax, mostly because it’s fun to say Snorlax. So he gave me a Snorlax sticker from his collection and I put it in my travel bag to take with me on business trips. He’s 23 now and Snorlax still comes with me on all my trips.

  117. I needed this.
    I got up early and got ready to go to my coffee shop and get a crap ton of work done… and then I literally said fuck it and climbed fully clothed back in bed to watch 6 hours of Gilmore Girls.

  118. My cat and I are reading Furiously Happy (again) today. We’re on the “Cats Are Selfish Yawners and They’re Totally Getting Away With It” chapter and she’s totally engulfed in it so I took a picture and Tweeted it to you. Haha. Have a great day!!

  119. I would like to take off work for the remaining time my partner has to live. He has stage 4 cancer and has an un-known number of months to live. I would take that time to hug him, kiss his bald head, sit in the sunshine, go on car rides, lay in bed and snuggle for hours on end, eat watermelon and giggle, rub his back to comfort him. I would do anything to take that time, but life happens and I must work for some of this special time I have left with him.

  120. I saw the title of this post last week and I was having a really low week. So, I took your advice without having the energy to read the whole post and THANK YOU! I needed to just shut down and give up for a day or two. Now I’m back at it and a little more with it.

  121. I want to finally thank you. I have been reading your blog and your books for years and I should have thanked you earlier. I believe there are some people that we have a magical connection with. You are one for me. (SARK has been another.) I came to your blog today after a post on Facebook triggered some tears because I was feeling guilty for taking a few days just for me. And, like magic, you were here to say just the right thing at just the right time. So thank you for making me believe in magic.

  122. I kind of am because I am on vacation at my favorite beach but I’m not having much fun because I broke my back last year so I can’t really go in the ocean and it’s been 90 degrees every day, so I can’t go out and walk the beach because my medications won’t let me get sun (like those poor kids who have that disease that won’t let you go outside during the daytime) so I’m struggling to come up with what I would do today if I could do anything and I think it’s go home and see my animals and sleep in my comfy bed instead of the bad mattresses they always put into beach houses. But I can’t go home until Saturday so I’m kind of stuck. I may have to wait to do whatever I want until I get home this weekend because right now all I really want is to snuggle up someplace rally comfortable and party n free with my cat. Does that even count?

  123. I sent this to my boss and explained that I had to have the afternoon off because my hero said so. 🙂 Also – WICKED JEALOUS of your Snorlax.

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