The best thing all day

Someone took a bunch of music videos and removed the actual music, re-recorded it, and it’s the best thing I’ve seen all day:

Moral:  Even the coolest people in the world look like dorks without backup music.  So if you feel stupid or awkward, it’s probably just because you don’t have music behind you.

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  1. I beg to differ. When I ride my bicycle, it’s all the Wicked Witch of the West/Mrs. Gulch backup music.

    doot dootly doot do do doo
    doot dootly doot do do doo

  2. You know when you try to “sing” a song your thinking of to someone? My husband and I always preface by saying, “I can’t sing it right, but….” Well, this is how we sound!

  3. So, the fact that my cat was watching this attentively, just like he does when I sing and dance for him makes me very sad. I tried to point out that I actually look and sound MUCH better than this, but he didn’t seem convinced…

  4. Thanks to the person/people who did this, and to you for presenting it to more of us. It may help in future. Also, it’s hard to get your cues right without the soundtrack that they lay in after the fact.

  5. So, basically, this video is Bowie and Jagger re-enacting a typical Tuesday night for me and my husband, complete with those exact sweatpants.

  6. This s hilarious…..literal videos.;ylt=AwrBT9wCHMtXaAQA0jbBGOd;_ylu=X3oDMTByMjB0aG5zBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzYw–?p=literal+videos&

  7. This was awesome. Makes me feel better about yesterday’s singing to myself at the computer. I didn’t realize it was out loud till I heard people trying not to laugh best part it was a song I made up 😂😂😂😂

  8. When I do something stupid, I’m going to start saying, “Sorry, that looks cooler with my backup music.” Then people might look at me like I’m even weirder….but I’ll edit them out in my life’s music video. Nbd.

  9. Jen you are absolutely right!

    best pick me up ever Jenny!! You post a lot great laugh until you cry pick me up videos.

  10. As someone who has had an extreme dislike of Mick Jagger forever, this is something I’d seen linked to but had avoided because ewwww, Mick Jagger but now I’m happy I saw it. Thanks Jenny!

  11. I always knew all my problems would go away if I just had the appropriate soundtrack…

  12. Oh that YouTubez and that interwebs. Anything can be dug up with enough taps.
    This is pretty great.

  13. My alarm clock is the music from Indiana Jones, so it gets stuck in my head, and I end up humming it at random points throughout the day. Having dramatic theme music while I mark exams, go to the supermarket, find my keys, etc… really makes my day (seem) much more exciting!
    I highly recommend humming whatever your version of “dramatic theme music” is while you go about your day. Even if noone else can hear it, at least YOU will know that you have an orchestra backing you up! 😀

  14. I love literal videos. If you haven’t watched those, you should…but go pee first. My favorite is Billy Idol’s White wedding…if you can find it.

  15. I love literal videos. If you haven’t watched those, you should…but go pee first. My favorite is Billy Idol’s White wedding…if you can find it. A lot of them are on Funny or Die.

  16. Oh my god. That was probably the funniest thing I’ve seen in awhile. It doesn’t help that it was Bowie and Jagger who I’ve er..heard..might have had a bit of a fling once. Which I can TOTALLY believe probably happened.

  17. OMG!!! I HOLLERED!! Too funny and God knows I needed the laugh. I love your blog. Usually when I “lie” and put up the letters LOL I’m not laughing at all, let alone out loud, but your blog literally makes me laugh and smile to the point that my hubby is peeking over my shoulder, making sure I haven’t sparked a new internet romance.

  18. Oh, and they ended on the butt shot! hahahahaha Priceless, and brought a smile to my face. Nicely done! 😀

  19. Good to know that “cool” people need help to look that way. It gives hope to the rest of us.

  20. I usually don’t click through to videos. This one was well worth it. And I can tell myself “Hey, I sing better than Jagger.” Because sometimes I need that.

  21. My favourite bit is around the two minute mark, where I imagine Bowie creaking behind Mick so he can pop up on the other side 😀

  22. I must NEVER be eating and reading your posts st the same time. I choked on cupcake/laughter and my poor dog, Esther, got scared and jumped on me. ( Perhaps she was trying to give doggie medical assistance but i really think she was trying to steal the cupcake.). Thank you for the laugh that almost killed me!

  23. I’m dying laughing – thank you Jenny. This is the best thing I’ve seen all day also!

  24. A lot of movies are this way as well. They make no sense when you remove the background music. Think of the award ceremony from Star Wars: A New Hope. They march down this super long hall with all those people watching, just smiling back and forth at east other. No speeches, no orchestra or band. Just awkward.

    Thank you for sharing with us!

  25. So that has been my problem my whole, something as simple as that?!?! Thanks, Jenny. Thanks for fixing me! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  26. OMG. Dorks! I love me some dorks. This somehow reminds me of that kid who danced and sang at a game to “Living on a Prayer” — so fantastically dorky, and owning that shit.

  27. That’s what I sound like! When The Viking turns off the music I was singing to! And some of those dance moves come right outta my house….like the kicking into the hallway and the bouncy little jumps. Those are my house-cleaning moves, boys!

  28. NOW i know why i try to live my life like a music video. I feel less like a dork when i add music to the montage of my life in my head

  29. This quote makes me feel so much less dorky! “So if you feel stupid or awkward, it’s probably just because you don’t have music behind you.”

  30. OMG – This is genius! Made me laugh out loud. Also made me realize that WE’RE ALL ONLY HUMAN. Cough Well except for my parents. They’re demi-gods. Almost.

  31. Oh dear. At least Bowie sounded half-way decent; Mick sounded like he was just recovering from laryngitis and a hard night of cigarettes.

  32. Let’s be honest. It was never the best video, even WITH the music. I always assumed the video was made on a “you can’t film a video for $200” bet.

  33. I have a tendency to put background music into certain situations just to amuse myself. For example, the next time you go to an airport, once you clear security, sit down somewhere and watch people walk by. On your headphones, play the theme music to the Pink Panther. I DARE you to not laugh!

    I also was watching people do aqua aerobics on vacation one year. In my mind, I put the “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” from the Nutcracker. I was remembering the movie “Caddyshack”.

  34. I don’t know whether I find this more hilarious, or disturbing. Did the voices remind anyone else of Salad Fingers, or was that just me? At least it didn’t have THAT music, though… 😛

  35. I made an absolutely devastating discovery yesterday. This is the first thing to interrupt my crying in two days! Thanks Jenny!

  36. perfect. Ive never liked the Rolling Stones more than during this video. (Im assuming part of that is mick Jagger, right?

  37. Brilliant! What fun! And I could watch without interrupting my hubby’s TV, except when I laughed. Good find.

  38. my takeaway is not to piss off a Foley artist that happens to have a laptop and an imperial poop ton of free time

  39. Recently, I showed the original to my children, to demonstrate what “cool” looked like in 1985.

    They. Were. Horrified.

    They cried, hugged me, and apologized profusely for every talk-back, slammed door, and eye-roll EVER. And now, three weeks later, they still whisper and tiptoe around me.

    I wish I’d shown them this one first, because then they’d be pouring extra wine for me, too.

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