I was going to name this post “Happy Howloween” but that seems cheesy. But I can’t think of anything else so let’s stick with that, okay?

After many days of Dorothy Barker in a plethora of outfits we have come to the final few candidates for best costume to wear on Halloween.

A few past crowd favorites:


Yesterday we tried something a little new.  Dottie was okay with it but as soon as I stopped petting her she’d shake it off.


Ferris Mewler was less enthusiastic.


And today we tried on the final costume: Dog Vader.  And she didn’t hate it but she didn’t look serious enough to carry it off completely.


“Dottie, look angry.  Look like you’re part of the dark side.”


“No.  You look like pirate sneezing.  Never mind.  Just look normal.”



So after all of this we’ve decided on the perfect costume for Dorothy Barker.

She’ll be going as a dog.  She’s good at it, she likes it, and it fits her.  And if anyone asks I’ll say she’s Lady Godiva.

Happy halloween, y’all.

78 thoughts on “I was going to name this post “Happy Howloween” but that seems cheesy. But I can’t think of anything else so let’s stick with that, okay?

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  1. Absolutely PERFECT! She makes a great looking dog. Just scary enough! (Too cute,also)

  2. Happy Halloween Jenny and everyone else! I always love this blog, but now that I’m laid up with a broken ankle, I especially appreciate knowing I can come here when the isolation and boredom of not being able to go anywhere or do anything that doesn’t involve being sedentary gets to be too much. Thanks for all the laughs and wisdom and compassion and honest weirdness. I love you, Jenny Lawson. You are a force for goo in the universe!

  3. This was the first year I finally admitted that I wanted to do it, and I bought halloween costumes and forced them to wear it. They were not pleased with my decision, but these are the consequences for being a bad roommate. They owe it to me really; I can’t remember the last time either one of them took out the trash.

  4. She should totally wear the Leia costume. Not many dogs or people can make Cinnamon Bun hairdos work! Happy Howloween!

  5. You make me want to dress my dogs up. I did once 9 years ago and Tank ripped it to shreds. Apparently he hates Disney or something.

  6. Good….Force for good in the universe. Though I suspect that you might also like being a force for goo!

  7. (Also Ferris Mewler totally reminds me of this one Achewood strip I read. “Cornelius… dogg… we got maaaanes…”)

  8. Hang a cross around her neck while she’s wearing the Vader costume and you’ve got an orthodox priest! (Check em’ out on google images) She even looks like she’s giving a benediction in the first pic! You could also put some lace around her neck, put a pair of glasses on her, and have her be Ruth Vader Ginsburg…

  9. Ferris Mewler looks like he is planning to maybe kill you in your sleep. Happy Halloween!

    I am going as a published author. I’m going to carry around a royalty check for $0.00 in my pocket. I wanted to go as an IRS agent, but my husband was afraid that might be too scary.

  10. I love them all. It took us half an hour to get sunglasses and a Roman toga on Titus, but we did get a great picture of him, which I have no idea how to share here. But he looks awesome. Well, he did until he tried to jump off the bed, got tangled in the toga and landed in a heap on the rug. No worries–he’s virtually indestructible. Me, I’m dressing up as middle-aged woman who likes to drink wine. I wear that costume a lot.

  11. That is SOME cooperation from those animals! If I got my cat, or even my toddler, to sit still long enough for a costume… well, that’d be deserving of candy on its own!

    Happy Halloween, Bloggess! Happy Halloween, errrbody!

  12. Quietly disappointed but very relieved that Dorothy Barker will be able to enjoy Halloween without being encased in foam or trying to work out which appendages are real. Happy Halloween!

  13. At least you didn’t call the post “Yappy Howloween.” That would be super cheesy, right?

    Dorothy Barker will rock her costume tonight. Meanwhile, I’ll be going as “Person napping on couch,” and I will rock that.

  14. Cats have such a way of expressing their disdain for idiot human activities. Ferris Mewler made me laugh.

  15. Next year turn the darth vader costume inside out. She could totally be one of those Bene Gessert chicks from Dune….

  16. And Hunter S Thomcat could be the Peeping Tom!!!
    (Hope in not the millionth to make this joke… I just had to get it out of my system before reading all the others and forgetting what I wanted to say.)

  17. Love Dorothy and the gang, but I HAVE BEEN PATIENTLY WAITING TO HEAR ABOUT DAVID TENNANT!! Please?

  18. I agree with you about the Darth Vader costume. Dorothy is just too happy to pull it off. But she made a swell lion!

  19. My daughter made our chihuahua a “”pupkin spice latte” this year. Not quite as cute as last year’s Dobby

  20. The look on Faris Mewler killed me, I’m crying 😂 Best thing I’ve seen all day and I’ve seen some amazing costumes including a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I looked at them and asked if they were gluten free. Ps I looooove gluten and I refuse to give it up

  21. Dorothy Barker RULES and the cats drool❣🐱🐈🐈🐈 But, I love 💗 them All. Happy Halloween 🎃. Am at homr battling Fibromyalgia and CFS with my newly-diagnosed osteoarthritis. I feel pure pain. This post is Full of joy. Hope you have a magical holiday & get All the Treats 👸 🎃 🍬

  22. I wish Halloween came more often, just so I can see more pictures of your pets trying on costumes. Ferris scowling was priceless, as was Furiously Happy Dorothy Vader.

  23. Ferris, that bad Lion King impersonation made me do a serious belly laugh! Dude, you look like you’re seriously contemplating using those thumbs and wishing they were big enough to place around someone’s, anyone’s neck. (They gotta sleep some time, buddy …)

  24. Erm, that last one of Ferris…I think you should be concerned…he appears to be developing an opposable thumb. And we all know that’s been the only obstacle keeping cats from total world domination. Look how far they’ve gotten without them.

  25. Victor gets his eyes scratched out by Ferris in 3…2…1…
    I think the Darth costume might be better on Hunter S. Thomcat, though.
    Happy Howloween…er…Meowloween…er…Monday.

  26. Yeah, Dottie totally wasn’t pulling off Vader. The Pom Pup has the same issue, she’s just too damn smiley to be scary, unless the costume touches her ears, in which case she just looks miserable. . We’ve previously pulled off a sailor costume, an astronaut, a snowflake, a cowgirl and a prisoner, but all sans hats/hoods.

    This year we’re going as curmudgeons-pretending-not-to-be-home. My costume is very convincing, but you cant see it because all the lights are off.

  27. When you said “she’d shake it off,” of course I assumed she was dressing like Taylor Swift. No?

  28. I liked Hank the Cow dog, but if she can’t carry off the cow dog look, maybe she should try a bloggess’ pet dog look. (Only fans of Hank the Cow Dog will understand this.)

  29. Our Golden was a ballerina. Not Black Swan ballerina, but cliche pink tutu ballerina. She ROCKED it. Next year I’Il get the cats involved.

  30. Love all Dottie’s outfits! I also love the secret photobomb of Neil Gaiman’s book in one of the photos. Because it wouldn’t be Halloween without Neil!

  31. All the outfits are great! Meanwhile, I’m sitting here dressed as a writer for Halloween. Usually I go as something more original. Like a mom. But I was too lazy to walk away from my laptop … #LeSigh

  32. The look on Ferris Mewler’s face. I can’t even. Mind you, I have coveted a lion mane for my own cats to be dissatisfied with. So much judgement.

  33. I feel like I should preface this comment by saying it is unrelated to dog costumes, unless of course the dog costume is a white coat:
    Anyway, I just finished Furiously Happy, and I have some good news. I know how to cure your insomnia. You see, there’s a whole chapter in the book where you talk about how white coats make you go involuntarily unconscious. I don’t know, but that sounds a lot like sleep to me.
    Slap a white coat on the bedroom ceiling, and thank me in the morning. Xoxo

  34. We don’t dress the pets; we barely dress ourselves (for Halloween, what did you think I meant?)…

    We decorated the apartment for the first time in our seven year marriage, but I’ve had ZERO trick-or-treaters because it’s in a gated building on a side street in North Hollyweird (Los Angeles). I should have known better, but there ARE children who live in this building, so I figured THEY’d come knocking, at least?

    #SaddestHalloweenEver #GuessImDrinkingTonight #GottaHideTheCandyFromStephenTho

  35. Me to my kids: Come here and see pictures of Dorothy Barker. Like we all know each other. 🙂

  36. Izzie is Elizabeth Taylor both ON Hallowe’en and OFF, complete with pearls and rhinestones. The Viking and I pretended we were Golem, crouching in our fort of quilts in the kitchen, with all the lights turned off, so no one would think we were home. We dimmed our tablets. And ate the chocolate that we should have been giving to kids. Fuck the kids. They don’t appreciate it. It was the best Hallowe’en ever.

  37. Thanks for the laugh! Dorothy Barker is laughing to. It´s her natural pose and for being so natural is more “laughabe” (?). I think you made the right choice because I didn´t see her say “yes to the dress” in those pictures.

  38. The pic of Dorothy Barker raising the paw up in the Vader suit screams, “I find your lack of dog treats disturbing. You have failed me for the LAST TIME.”

    If I ever get a Corgi, that poor dog is doomed. Those natural Yoda-like ears are getting put to good Halloween use.

  39. You all clearly got maximum fun out of the run-up to the big day, anyway. Everybody wins!

  40. Why are dogs, cats ore any other animal supposed to be funny in a costume? Saw a program aired here in Denmark; Housewives in Hollywood. There its a daily practice to dress up small dogs i costumes. Leaves me speechless. Not as speechless as watching the presidential election i USA, but sort of..
    Most of the animals here i strange costumes looks unhappy. So why? Anybody?

  41. My great grandson Leo went out as, you guessed i, a lion. He and Dorothy Barker would have made a delightful pair. Hope you all had a great time.

  42. Makes sense…my labs just terrified the kids while they were out.

    Question for you though – which Neil Gaiman book is that behind Dorothy? Don’t recognize the cover but it looks cool

  43. Is it just me or does she look like more Anne Boleyn in that costume than Darth Vader??

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