Hello!  And welcome to my birthday!  This post almost didn’t happen because last night the visual orbs that show up right as I fall into a depression started closing in and this morning I felt horrible, but then suddenly it all went bright again.  Welcome to my broken and unpredictable brain!

So I’m writing this quickly since my serotonin is real asshole and I want to get it all down in case this happiness is a trap.

So for my birthday I got juggling balls because I’m not talented enough to tap dance and juggling seems like the next best thing to be able to do to entertain people at parties when you don’t want to have awkward small talk with them, but turns out that to juggle you need to be able to both throw and catch things and I can’t do either, much less at the same time.  You’re supposed to start with just throwing a single ball back and forth (which is the least impressive juggling) and I dropped the ball half the time and then I managed to hit myself in the face with the ball hard enough that I suspected I’d have a black eye.  But I don’t because my balls are soft and that’s good because no one’s going to believe “No, no one is abusing me.  Honestly, I just punched myself in the eye with my ball.”  Unless they know me, in which case they’d be like, “Well, that sounds like you.  At least it isn’t two black eyes because those things usually come in pairs.  Balls that is.  Not eyes.  Although they come in pairs too.”  In their defense, people who hang out with me are weird and also awesome.  And sometimes imaginary.

Basically when I’m juggling I look like those otters that play with rocks.  You know those otters?  Hang on.

200w_d-1 tenor raw-3 raw-1 giphy

This is why otters are my favorite animals ever.  I’d like to go visit some today because I live next to Sea World but I can’t because I saw Blackfish so I’ve been avoiding it, but I just heard that Sea World was discontinuing their whale stuff so can I go now?  I don’t know the rules anymore.  I wish Sea World would call and say “Sorry about that whale stuff.  We didn’t know.  We’re fixing that shit now.  Wanna come play with otters?”  Because, yeah.  I totally do.  Also, it’s my birthday so you can’t yell at me for saying I want to go snuggle otters.  You can say “Totally do that!” or “Um…I wouldn’t if I were you” but you can’t yell at me.  (Strangers on the internet are laughing intensely at me right now for this logic.)

There’s actually a place in San Diego where you can swim with otters but they (for real) won’t return my calls.  Probably because they know I’ll sneak out with some otters and I’ll be like, “Oh, this lump in my swimsuit?  That’s a growth.  How rude of you to ask.  Now you made it embarrassed and it’s running away.  Like growths do.”

Anyway, if you want to do something for me for my birthday you can either leave a comment with something on it that makes you happy because it makes me happy to see you happy, or you can go buy one of my books.  For you or for someone else.  And then when your spouse is like, “What’s this charge on the credit card?” you can say, “Oh, I had to buy a birthday present for someone” and they’ll be like, “Wow, I’m glad you remember all the birthdays because I suck at it” and you’ll be like, “I KNOW.  YOU OWE ME” but really the gift is going to you.  EVERYONE WINS.  And if you already have my books then you can preorder the new one because half of it is drawings I made and you’re going to need several because you’ll either color them or rip them out and pin them on the wall and then you need another copy that you can lend to friends.  That’s how books work.  I think.

Thanks, y’all.  Happy birthday to us.


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  1. Happy Birthday Jenny. I want to thank you for being alive. Yup thank you. It has been very uplifting and encouraging to read your blog posts. And as for otters I say swim with them. Or buy yourself a Birthday Skunk. Cause you know you can have a pet skunk (with out the smelly part) And name it Pepe La Pew!!! And make sure you post lots of pictures. Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday! Feeling a little low myself but when I read your post I have an internal giggle.

  3. Happy birthday, fellow December baby! (Mine was the 14th)

    I bought the 2017 calendar – one for myself, and one for a friend. We both had awful 2016s, and we needed those calendars. We DESERVED those calendars!

  4. I am happy that I have a long weekend and can catch up on sleep. Plus, in two weeks, my mom and sister are coming to visit me for my birthday and we’re staying in a fancy hotel and hanging out for a weekend and I’m super pumped.

  5. Okay, I don’t color because I can’t keep in the lines and that really distressed me due to my ocd – however, in honor of your birthday I have ordered your new book and I will discover who I know that can color and make them color the pictures for me. Happy Birthday!~

  6. Happy birthday! For what it’s worth, I think it’s a much more entertaining trick to look like an adorable otter playing with a rock than to actually juggle. You win.

    And now I’ll go buy another copy of one of your books. 🙂

  7. I am eagerly waiting for tax returns to buy 2 of your books! What made me happy recently? The New mattress. Cause I had an old one that had butt indentions. Also finished your first book. That made me laugh so many times and during a rough period.

  8. Happy birthday, Jenny! You should totally go snuggle otters. I will be jealous, but I figure I can live vicariously through you. Whatever you do, enjoy!

  9. Happy happy birthday!!! Makes me happy to see a new Bloggess post! Also getting together with my weird yet wonderful sisters (I have five. Six if you county my sister-in-law.). Guess one good thing to come out of this election is that we are even closer than before

  10. Happy birthday Jenny!!

    The otters are adorable but for my birthday I want to snuggle Lemurs!!!!

  11. My daughter, who is not yet two, is fascinated with my husband’s juggling balls. They have lights in them so they glow. She tries to juggle but ends up holding one ball up, then the other, back and forth until she can’t contain her excitement and then throws them both in opposite directions. And then laughs and claps. And we laugh and clap and go find where the balls went. Its awesome even though she’s a terrible juggler.

    She also likes having them dropped on her (?) which I don’t understand at all, but she’ll bring them to you and then lay on the floor and point at her belly until you drop one on her and then she’ll laugh so hard I worry she’s going to forget to breathe.

    Toddlers can be pretty darn awesome for reminding you to be happy about all sorts of goofyness.

    Happy Birthday.

  12. It makes me happy that you are happy on your birthday! Wishing you many more happy days!

  13. Happy birthday, Jenny! Juggling skills take a while to master, so take time to practice. In other words, “don’t neglect the balls”.

  14. Happy Birthday Jenny!! 🤗 Jazz Hands for an amazing day!! My daughter sends her birthday wishes as well!! A certain book was her FAVORITE holiday gift 😊 Thank you for the awesomeness that is you!!!🎉🎂🎁

  15. 1) Happy birthday! You are the sauce that awesome is made of.
    2) Yay! Otters! I love them so much.
    3) Seriously, I really want you to have an amazingly happy birthday.
    4) Juggling is fun. Try juggling by standing facing something like your bed or couch so that you do not have to bend over so far to retrieve your balls.

  16. HAPPY birthday. No, seriously. HAPPY, HAPPY birthday. I mean it. Keep up with the juggling. My husband is good at it and can give you lessons. He tried with me, but I can’t get past (or into) the “throwing and catching two balls at once” part of it. Good luck! And, oh, yeah, HAPPY birthday. Don’t let your rowdy brain get you down. We love you and need your posts.

  17. Happy Birthday! I’m glad the whole juggling thing was kind of a disaster. What if you’d been really good at it, and then felt compelled to join the circus AND (worst of all!) give up your day job? I would hate that! We NEED you to keep writing! And I know the last thing you want to do on your birthday is disappoint us. So thank you! (It’s OK to thank someone for being inept, right?)

  18. Happy birthday! I’m not good at words, so I’m just going to say thank you for writing. I have both of your current books and will order the third when I have money again. You make me feel less alone and like my weirdness is ok. ❤

  19. Happy birthday! I suspect the real reason they’re not calling is because they heard about your koala suit and don’t even want to deal with whatever otter fantasy you’ve cooked up. Which is, you’re right, totally unfair of them. On the other hand, ferrets are basically land otters, so there you go.

  20. Happy happy birthday, Jenny!! I bought all your books, have pre-ordered the next and have told everyone I know about the magic of you! Today my wish for you is that it stays bright – real bright.! Thank the fucking Lord for this day and your birth – you are a gift to all of us!
    Keep the balls out of your face and don’t let that otter fall out of your pants! Keep writing and being amazing wonderful you!! You have no idea the joy you bring to my life! Thank you!!! 🎂🎉

  21. Happy Birthday!!

    You can totally go play with otters. Or spend the day juggling and pretending to be one. Whichever.

    (and juggle orbs maybe? Because if you are that bad at it, maybe you will break the orbs or lose them under the couch. That would be a fabulous birthday present!)

  22. Happy bird-day ! I wish you all the best today. Your blog reminds me that even when the darkness feels like its everywhere and the sky is falling…I’m not alone and that other folks are going through this too. Keep choosing to fight for your happiness and continue to remind us all that being furiously happy is one of the best choices to make every day.
    Lots of love, KrisP

  23. Happy Birthday, Jenny! I’m so, so glad you’re in this world. Have a beautiful day!

  24. Happy Birthday
    Happy Birthday
    Happy Birthday, dear Jenny.
    Happy Birthday
    Happy Birthday
    Happy Birthday to you!
    I wish you some joy and some peace and some loving.
    I wish you these things
    All the year through!

    This is the birthday song that I sing to all my dearest friends. Meeting you at the Corte Madera book signing last year made me very happy. You are a force for good in the universe!😘❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🎆🎆🎆🎆🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿

  25. Happy Birthday! It is my wonderful sister’s birthday today as wel!
    If it makes you feel any better- I feel the same way about chic fil’a as you do about Seaworld.
    Is it ok to go there now because I love the nuggets and marriage equality is the law of the land? Hmmmm

  26. For the record, otters are mustelids and produce an odor similar to skunks. So maybe admiring them from a distance is better for everyone. Plus, their teeth are hella sharp.

    For the record, you can take an easier step to juggling by learning to bounce the balls off the floor or wall in a juggling pattern. I took juggling in PE in high school. So that means that it gets the Presidential thumbs-up as a form of exercise. Although that particular president was the one who wanted ketchup to be considered a vegetable. Anyhoo.

    I got a kobo credit for Christmas, so I have yet another reason to buy your book. I will one day have it in hard-cover and autographed, but for now, ebook is cool.

  27. Happy, happy birthday, Jenny! For Christmas, I ordered your new book for my daughter (and one for me). It will show up in our mailboxes like, “Hey! Here I am! A very awesome and cool surprise for you!” This is only fitting; my daughter got me your first two books for my birthday. Best presents ever. You are a gift, Jenny. I hope those people with the otters wise up and call you back. You deserve to swim with otters and have nothing less than the most awesome birthday and coming year. Love and hugs to you.

  28. Happy birthday! Lots of things make me happy, this time of the year its snow because it sparkles like glitter and i dont get yelled at for randomly sprinkling glitter on the carpet.

  29. Juggling never made me happy, mainly because I couldn’t do it. When I was in college my summer job was as a “Play leader” at a playscheme, kinda like a summer camp but in which all the kids go home at 4pm.

    Best. Job. Ever. Especially when a “circus skills workshop” came one day and I was basically being paid to learn circus skills. Except I couldn’t do the juggling, but hey, I could do diablo, which is waaaaaay easier and looks all kinds of spectacular when you throw it up in the air and catch it again. Everyone should try diablo, because if I can do it most anyone can and I can’t even stand up straight without managing to fall over sometimes. Wait, that makes me sound like I’m drunk. I’m not, I’ve just got really terrible balance. Why am I still typing?

    Yeah, “play leader” was definitely the best job. Made me all kinds of happy, even if I never did get to learn lion taming at the circus skills workshop.

  30. Seeing you happy makes me happy. I think that might cause a paradox though because then I’d be happy because you’re happy and then you’d be happy because I’m happy and then it’d start all over again…. Anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  31. A very happy birthday to you, Jenny!

    Things that make me happy – the friends who won’t let me give up on myself and my cats!

    Here’s an otter video I hope you will enjoy.

  32. Happy birthday to you and your broken, unpredictable brain! Both you and your brain are a constant light and inspiration to me. Thank you for being MY gift again this year.

  33. Happy Happy Happy Birthday to one of my Favorite Weirdos! Enjoy your day, I hope you get cake.

  34. Happy Birthday Jenny! Something that makes me happy today is this quote: “Open your heart, fling your hopes high and set your dreams aloft. I am here to hold your hand.” – Maya Angelou
    I hope you have the best day!

  35. Thank you for completing another solar lap. Please continue to do so. The world is much better for having your awkward self in it!

  36. Happy birthday wonderful lady. I was given furiously happy audio book for Christmas. I have it as a book and it’s my go to read but now I can listen in my car too… Although possibly not when the kids are with me! I hope the dark stays gone longer for you. I’m clawing my way out at the moment but it’s been tough this time around. Keeping the lights on can be hard but totally worth it when you reach them.

  37. Happy Birthday, Jenny! Things that make me happy: My 2 dogs, 2 cats, 3 sugar gliders, 7 gerbils, 3 hamsters, 8 mice, 8 degus and 2 chinchillas.

    Thing that makes me unhappy: I can’t figure out how to post pictures of any of them so you can dwell on their cuteness.

  38. Happy Birthday! Here’s my birthday joy: My mother celebrated birthday 93, and she got all dolled up. And her hairdresser picked her up and brought her to the salon and did her hair and then brought her home. And the next morning, she went out for the newspaper and the garbage man saw her struggling to pick it up, so he stopped the truck, got her newspaper, carried it to the door for her. She said to me, “How nice people are! But it makes me wonder – how bad do I look?”

  39. Happy Birthday Jenny. Cats and books and sunshine make me happy. Have a good year and thanks for all you are doing for us x

  40. Happy Birthday!!! Totally go see the otters and enjoy it when you do!

    What is lighting my heart today is that my daughter has a ride home from treatment later, so I actually get a ‘free’ afternoon after dropping her off, instead of having a few hours then having to take an hour to drive back. I love the idea of a ‘free afternoon’ and am doing my best not to fill it with random busyness and instead to savor it.

  41. happy birthday!! as instructed, because i often do what internet strangers tell me to do, here are a few of the things that make me happy, in no particular order:

    my christmas trees
    “the little prince” book
    grilled cheese and tomato soup
    finding cash in the pocket of a jacket i haven’t worn in months
    going to the movies with friends
    having someone else’s baby fall asleep in my arms
    driving a pick em up
    your laugh
    campfires in the fall
    campfires in the spring

    you didn’t say how many somethings so i feel like this is a rather decent sized list and i should stop, but if you want me to go on, just let me know.

  42. Happy Birthday Jenny! Your blog is the only one I follow. A) Because you’re hilarious, and B) Because I have battled anxiety most of my life and I understand what bounces around in people’s heads that create obstacles in life. Keep on keeping on and go see the otters!!

  43. This Instagram account has lots of otter videos. Don’t know if it’s a pet or not because it’s in Japanese. But cute videos = win. @ponchan918

    Happy Birthday & hope you get through the day without any black eyes 🙂

  44. Happy birthday! I saw you at Willie’s the other night but didn’t say hi because anxiety. So hi! 😉

  45. Happy Birthday!! And as a present here’s a story from my sister that always cheers me up. First you need to understand that our dad is EXACTLY like Bluto/Brutus of the Popeye cartoons (BTW – why did they change that guy’s name from Bluto to Brutus?) He’s not very nice or fun to be around (Dad, not Bluto/Brutus – well probably both – or is it all 3 of those people) & when he’s mad his face turns red & steam comes out of his ears. So once upon a time he was getting a swimming pool put in so that had to put temporary fencing up in the backyard to contain his 5 dogs. Except instead of putting the fencing around the back door he just put it on the side of the house – which meant the dogs had to jump in & out of the window (single story house so nothing dangerous) to get outside. Except the 5 dogs were like “You want me to do what? Jump out the window? Are you crazy? There’s a perfectly good door right over there! WTF?” Except my sister & I did not know that all of this craziness was happening. Soooo my sister drops by the house & just walks in (because it’s our dad so why would you knock or ring the bell or announce yourself) only to find our not-slim father dressed in nothing but red panties (or I guess “briefs” when it’s a guy’s panties) climbing in & out of the window while yelling at the dogs “this is how you do it!” Soooo yea – picture that: Bluto/Brutus in nothing but red panties climbing in & out of a window to show 5 dogs that that is how it is done. Indeed.

  46. Happy Birthday, Jenny! I got you a gift from The Otter Project–well not so much a gift as a tiny donation in your honor. If otters make you happy, then they deserve to live on!

  47. The best people are born at the end of December! (My birthday is tomorrow, and I have another friend who is amazing whose birthday is also today.) A happiest of birthday anniversaries of your trips around the sun to you! (Yeah, that sentence will take some brain power.) As soon as Amazon gives me my credit for something I returned, I will be buying your Let’s Pretend book for my aunt because I know it will make her snort laugh (we both lived in Dallas for about 10 years), and I’m hoping she will be drinking coffee at the time because you know it’s really funny when you snort laugh coffee all over your book. That’s having a most excellent time, right there. Happy happy birthday! You’re the best!

  48. Yeah, I could barely leave this birthday message because I kept scrolling up to see the otters. Happy birthday!

  49. Happy Birthday!!! I just pre-ordered your book which happens to come out the week of my birthday. I’ll likely forget I ordered it by the March 7th release date and receiving it will be a nice birthday surprise.

  50. A very Merry, Happy Birthday to You, Jenny🎂❣❣💌 mine was right after CHRISTMAS & This year, *major milestone birthday Age…I was Remembered❣ So much joy because that’s ALWAYS been my birthday, but So often gets skipped over…
    YOU GO, swim w otters and give them Smooches 😉💘Love you, fellow Capricorn, Debra D.

  51. Yes, you can go to Sea World to play with the otters, but you have to slowly walk by the place with the sad whales and look at the whale-keepers judgmentally. It would probably also help if, as you leave, you shout “Free Willy!”
    Ada Palmer’s pseudo-utopian book “Too Like the Lightening” made me happy this year. I’m just hoping the world holds together long enough for me to read the sequel when it comes out in late March.

  52. Happy Birthday, Jenny Lawson! You are awesome, and one of the only things I miss about living in Texas. You signed my baby once, who was wearing a chicken onesie, and made my year. Hope your day is fabulous, just like you!!! ( too much gushing? I can’t stop! 😉

  53. Happy birthday tooooo youuuuuuuu! My cats make me happy. Their silliness and unexpected tricks make me smile every day. I’d totally hug otters if they weren’t equipped with those razor sharp fangs. That and the fact they eat fish. Need I say fish breath? Oh and my daily dose of serotonin.

  54. Snuggle otters! Happy birthday!!! Reading your posts make me happy, as well as snuggling babies. I’m glad that your darkness broke and you found the light, even if it is momentary. Have a great day, please!

  55. Happy birthday! I pre-ordered your new book! Thank you for existing, your words have saved me from despair innumerable times. I hope you get to play with otters real soon.

  56. If you want to start juggling, use small chiffon handkerchiefs – the float slowly so easy to catch and if you do throw one into your face it wont leave a mark! Happy Birthday!

  57. Lovely! It’s your birthday and we got the gift of a delightful post and the cutest otter pictures ever. Hope you get to snuggle one soon. Happy b’day!

  58. Happy December Birthday! Mine was the 20th. What makes me happy? You do! Reading your blog, reading your books, knowing you are out there and we have a weird tenuous connection. Keep on being awesome.

  59. Hippo Birdies two ewes, Hippo Birdies two ewes…Hippo Birdies Hippo Birdies…Hippo Birdies two ewes!!!!

  60. Happy Birthday! Does buying one of Carrie Fisher’s books count? I just bought Wishful Drinking.
    Have an Ottoful Say!

  61. Jenny, you started following my twitter @direwraithe the other night after I tweeted about how you and Carrie Fisher (RIP) were a big help in me finding the battlefield I needed to fight my own mental illness. That meant the world to me at that moment and I really can’t tell you how many people I’ve told about the huge impact this site and both of your books had on helping me figure out I needed help. So, that’s my Birthday gift to you, knowing you’re cool enough to have got a tough, hard-headed, stubborn ass to admit he needs help to be healthy. Happy Birthday and try not to run around in your birthday suit just because it’s called that!

  62. When I was learning to juggle I made the brilliant decision to practice with pool balls. Those suckers WILL give you a black eye when you bounce one off your face. (Ask me how I know). Turns out when you’re learning you tend to throw closer and closer to your face, presumably because you’re worried about losing control of them and overcompensate that way.
    Anyway, good luck with the juggling and the otters and Happy Birthday! 🎂🎉🎉

  63. Happy Birthday. I already own your books, and have pre-ordered the new one. But that isn’t what I am here to say….. When I was in high school, I got “Juggling for the Complete Klutz”. Not only did it teach me to juggle, but by walking slowly out to the playing fields in gym class, I was able to avoid getting partnered for tennis or picked for teams, and the teachers let me practice my juggling instead of participating in the team sports, which in retrospect, may not have helped my introverted nature, but at the time, I appreciated it.

    Anyhow…. Using the lessons from that book, I have taught well over 300 other people to juggle, and I am now quite comfortable starting conversations with strangers and even sometimes speaking in public. So what I am saying is, buy that book to go with your juggling balls, and you WILL be able to learn. (it also comes with 3 square beanbags that don’t roll away when you drop them, so a bit easier to learn with than balls).

  64. Happy Birthday! I want shopping, bought myself 2 outfits and overate at Chili’s. Your birthday is going great so far. That is till I realize I shouldn’t have spent that money. But as Scarlet O’here would say. I’ll think about that tomorrow. Today is about Jenny’s birthday!

  65. Happy birthday, Jenny – and thanks for being you! It’s really hard to say how much you’ve helped me find my footing during a very rocky few years, but my own personal Victor and I are sending you Rainbow Unicorn Success Club beams of love today.

  66. Hardly anyone can juggle anything, I can barely make it through the day without tripping over my own feet or missing a step on the stairs…but life is good in spite of the embarrassment. Happy birthday, Jenny. You brought a lot of laughter into my life during this super crappy year.

  67. Happy Birthday!! My birthday was last Thursday and it rocked, just cuz it did… so I hope yours rocks too, balls or no balls, just cuz!! E

  68. Happiest of birthdays, Jenny. Fingers crossed that the orbs were just brain confetti in honor of your birthday.

    Also, in honor of your birthday, I bought your calendar. I paid way more than I think I’ve ever paid for a calendar. Even though I receive approximately 30,000 free calendars every year because of a few donations I’ve made. Yours is a gift to myself that I’ll keep receiving all year.

    Huh. That’s not how birthdays work. But, then again, it is your birthday, so that’s exactly how birthdays work!

  69. Happy Birthday, I have pre-ordered your new book. Something that makes me happy besides you-who reminds me that depression is a liar and I should ignore and laugh at him. And not in the way where I ignore the fact that I must go to therapy, or take meds and do work but more in the ignore the part where he says “You know what you’ve been here too long. Your 5 year old doesn’t need you. She has 2 mommies for a reason.” And it seems reasonable when he says it so I have to repeat BS BS BS. And sometimes I repeat Jenny says its BS and then I re-read “Furiously Happy”. Or buy it and send it to someone who I know will enjoy it so I can make them talk to me about it. (look another present for you that book and Daniel Quinn’s “Ishmael” are the two books I have purchased the most) Anyway, the other thing that makes me happy is that goofy 5 year old. I just got her back yesterday from her other mommy’s house. And after a separation anxiety induced 45 min temper tantrum she finally stops and says to me : “Mama we know each other pretty well actually.” I nod but suspect a trap. She goes on to say, ” You know me better than ANYBODY mama”. I nod again, mentally preparing myself for the conversation where we discuss the fact that Christmas just passed and she cannot have every toy on the planet. Then she says “So why aren’t I getting the biggest hug in the world RIGHT now. So I can wrap my arms around your neck in a monkey death grip.” As she says this she waves her hand the way we do Ari, our dog, when we want her to come. So basically I am my 5 year old’s pet. Which may not be as charming for other people as it was for me. She got her hug I got my death grip and Jenny got book orders. Lots of winners here. Happy birthday to a writer that helps me tell my inner crazy no. I thank you, my kiddo doesn’t know it but she thanks you, Ari thanks you and all my friends too.

  70. I’ve been writing recently. I mean, I can completely control it, I can stop writing if I want to.
    Or not.
    But I’m really happy, because there was a point I thought everybody would hate my writing but people like it…? It’s fanfiction so it’s cool because we like the same stuff but it also made me feel better about my original creations.
    It makes me really, really happy.

  71. Happy Birthday Jenny! I hope you have had an awesome day! What makes me happy? Squirrels, and small children, and reading and knitting and taking long walks, talking and laughing with people I love. And of course finding random metal chickens and then taking pics with them and sending them to my sister. Thanks for spreading joy and happiness. ❤❤

  72. Wow! This is a bit strange and very cool. I was reading Furiously Happy this morning and got to thinking about you and depression and the scooter post (from 2007) that makes me crack up every time I read it. I went online to look it up again and there was your post asking about what makes us happy. So I want to gift you the scooter but add a water tank trailer for your otters.
    P.S. Yesterday I mailed you a book of poetry. For real. Happy Birthday!!!

  73. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! What makes me happy? I finally got a kitten. Alfie the kitty makes me happy. My niece has a kitten that she named Stormageddon, dark lord of all…so I had to have an Alfie.

  74. Happy Birthday! I tried to learn to juggle when I was a kid. I got to the part where you throw two bean bags back and forth and never moved past that so I can half juggle? Is half juggling a thing? Anyways hope you get to see some otters or something elselse cute and awesome.

  75. Gosh, I’m sorry your birthday is so close to Christmas. That’s a reason to drink if I ever heard one so ROCK THE CASBAH! It’s your birthday!

    PS. i think I bought three copies of your coloring book. Every time you mention it, I think “Oh, I better pre-order one!” not remembering that I had already done that. Twice apparently.

  76. Have a wonderful You Day, Ms Jenny.
    I repeat “depression is a liar, ya’ll” whenever I’m feeling funky, as my husband calls it. That helps me.
    Thank you for your wonderful books and sharing you life stories. Some of them make me snort laugh, which is a good thing.

  77. Happy Birthday Jenny! My 3 month old granddaughter makes me happy. I would leave a picture of her here if I could,

  78. From one December birthday to another, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Now go snuggle some otters. I’m pretty sure you get a pass on the SeaWorld issue if it’s your birthday.

  79. Your honesty and humour make me happy, also new xmas episodes of doctor who and Sherlock on telly. Happy birthday x

  80. Well I feel like I “otter” say Happy Birthday ….. 😉
    Giraffes make me happy – I wish to hug one.
    Penguins make me smile (however spelling penguin makes frown) – but I still want to cuddle one.
    Oxygen – well I like it a whole lot because without it – I couldn’t like anything else.

  81. Happy birthday! It’s mine too. Having a hard time with it trying not to sink into darkness. Thanks for the otter pictures. Otters always bring a little happiness.

  82. OH Jenny, of COURSE you love otters! They are my favorite, too! HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🙂 Here is something that makes me happy, although it is a weird one (I figured you wouldn’t mind): About 2 years ago, I had to be admitted to the psych hospital for a terribly bad depressive episode… on the same day, I also had to stop off at the endodontist for an emergency root canal on my way to the psych hospital crisis clinic. WTF, life?!? Anyhow, it kind of made me smile today, cuz I’m currently stressing about cleaning my house, and it helps me to remember that despite my brain’s best attempts to tell me I can’t handle shit, history proves that I have handled shit way harder (ewww gross, now I’m talking about hard shits…. hmmm….) than some GD house cleaning! So I guess you can say that insight and perspective make me happy? Well, insight, perspective, and otters. HBD!! xoxo

  83. Happy Birthday 🎂🎉🎁Mine was the 23rd and of course I was hit hard and was insanely depressed all day and cried! Hope your happiness continues all day!

  84. Happiest Birthday dear one!
    I already have all your books..except the coloring one, I work at an audiobook company soooo yeah, no coloring books here.
    Things that make me happy:
    YOU make me happy,
    My BFF,
    And most definitely much so I got a stuffed otter for Christmas. I suppose this would be the best time to mention I’m a 42yr old man.

  85. Happy birthday 🎂 Jenny! my squirrel boy fezziwig makes me run out in my pj’s in 20 degree weather with a crazy eyed glee to pass him shelled walnuts , berries & peanut butter crackers.
    Have a furiously happy day!

  86. Happy Birthday. December birthdays are awesome. Mine is the 31st. New Year’s Eve is actually a totally terrible day to have a birthday, at least when you are younger, because it is bad enough having no date for New Year’s, and then you automatically don’t have a date for your birthday either. Fortunately I am over that, and now we have dinner and fall asleep on the couch waiting for the ball to drop like everyone else. The dogs don’t care for the “fireworks” which some folks say are actually people festively shooting straight up into the air, but they (the pups, not the gun nuts) bring so much joy we are happy to help them through the noisiest part. I am happy that this Christmas was quietly joyful. I am happy we have eight grandchildren, and saw all of them this year. I am happy we are here, together after 36 years, and looking forward to more. I am happy you are you, and have been a comfort to so many including me.

  87. Happy birthday. Today I’m happy because I walked home from my poker game at one o’clock this morning and it was old and dark and the frost made everything twinkly and sparkly and glittery and magical… Like you. 😊

  88. OMG- I just found out I share my birthday with one of the most awesome people around. You taught me that it is ok to have a mental illness and to embrace my quirks that are a result of my silly brain. Thank you and happy anniversary of your entrance into this crazy orb.

  89. I believe you OTTER have a happy birthday. Yuk. Yuk. Yuk. Seriously, I’m so glad you were born and that you’re sharing your stories with the rest of us. Your wit and wisdom are priceless. I wish you many more years filled with health and happiness (and more books for the rest of us).

  90. Happy Happy Birthday!!! And also, as someone who decided to take up poi at 42, I commend you on the juggling and suggest that wear your bruises with pride. I am constantly pulling up pieces of clothing and showing off the giant black/green/red bruises saying things like “LOOK AT THIS ONE. It’s sooooo pretty!” Also, my friends have stopped inviting me to so many things. I wonder if it’s related?

  91. I live in San Diego and I want to snuggle otters but I don’t know where. My fire belly toads that are really frogs are singing while having frog sex. Does that count for anything?@

    Sent from my iPhone


  92. Happy birthday!
    I’ve bought 2 of your books and given them to strangers for xmas, so your welcome.
    And the guy at queen donuts have us a free donut today and I’m gonna make pie in celebration of your birthday.

  93. I love otters too! I grew up on a lake aannndd I was a bit spoiled. I never understood why I couldn’t HAVE an otter. I always say, it’s the one thing I asked for but didn’t get. Of course, my Dad would take me to the zoo and let me watch the otters play for hours at a time.

  94. Hoppy Birdy, Jenny!! Hope you have an otterfilled day! Hell yes that’s a word! And I totally think you should fly to Alaska NOW. Cause they have the most awesome otters anywhere! And sure you can swim with them! Just bring a lot of wetsuits because they hang out on little icebergs, and it will be kinda cold. Also, watch out for the salmon sharks. They’re related to Great White sharks and well… I love you, Jenny! ❌⭕❤ There’s no otter emoji, wtf!!

  95. I have a friend who worked with special needs kids and they went to the aquarium. On the bus on the way back to the school they noticed that one of the kids was smelling a bit fishy. Once they were getting off the bus they realized the fishy smell was coming from the child’s backpack, he had smuggled a penguin out of the aquarium.

  96. Happy birthday lovely lady! I agree, otters are awesome. We’re lucky enough to happen upon them quite frequently in these parts and (when not attacking Dad’s hens) they are brilliant. I could watch them all day! Anyway, I digress, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Have some cake 🎂

  97. Happy Birthday my fellow otter lover! I toast to you while sipping Hot Chocolate (with a shot of baileys) out of my new Sea Otter Creature Cup! Take every ounce of enjoyment and love out of your brightness, those spots may seem few and far between at times, but they make life worth it. We all love you Jenny!

    Joy Pearson

  98. Happy birthday, Jenny! Your posts always make me laugh. I’m happy because I just had lunch with a friend I hadn’t seen in over 5 years. Maybe you have a friend like that. Maybe someone you kept in touch with on social media but never actually got together with. You renew an old friendship, have a good meal, and maybe even bring home leftovers!

  99. Happy birthday! Two things, one – I’ve had that same problem with sea world (wanting to go but not being able to because of blackfish and hoping that they have fixed it so that we can go) and two – swimming with otters reminded me that yesterday when I was ice skating (badly) with my daughter, she said, “this would be a lot more fun if there were real penguins sliding around with us” and I thought yes, that would be more fun! Kids have all the best ideas.

  100. Slappy mirthday…er, bappy hirthday…er, sloppy burpday, er…. Happy Effin’ Birthday! You’re fabulous! Thank you for being you!

  101. You are in great company as my son’s birthday is today as well!! Which makes me deliriously happy……he is my blessing…………Happy Birthday and keep those balls in the air!!

  102. I think this will make both of us happy on your birthday. My son gave me your book for Christmas, so you sold a book (thus making you happy) and I get to read it (making me happy!)

  103. Happy birthday Jenny! Mine was yesterday and started out all rollercoastery too, but thankfully settled into a more manageable log ride 🙂 So I wish you log rides and otters for your birthday. You rock, Jenny.

  104. Happiest of Birthdays! On Tuesday myself and my partner are going to hang out with sloths and possibly tapirs at the zoo near us. The official word is that we get to hang out with and then feed the sloths but if the correct sloths aren’t available, we get to feed a tapir or aardvark instead. :3

  105. Happy birthday! We visited the otters at Cameron Park Zoo in Waco yesterday. It’s not THAT far from you in Texas terms, plus they have a clear slide so you can feel like you’re swimming with the otters and stay completely dry. Bonus: You can look like a total creep being the only adult going down the slide with a bunch of kids.

  106. Happy birthday!!! You should totally snuggle otters. You’d rock it. They’d love you. Like we all do.

    I’m happy because my sweetheart of a husband gave me three stacks of books for Christmas. The man knows the way to my heart.

  107. My birthday was the 27th which means that my hero, Carrie Fisher aka Princess Leia aka General Organa died on
    my birthday. Which made my birthday suck. Maybe I should learn to juggle and then the pain of my inevitable black eyes will be a distraction? Either way, happy birthday to you, Jenny, for being another of my heroes.

  108. A very happy birthingday to you! Things that make me happy? Your posts for one thing, and the fact you provide a venue for festive giving. I had so much fun playing secret Santa. My granddaughter Nina makes me happy. Music and humor and photography and reading books and learning new crafts makes me happy. Random acts of kindness makes me very happy. These are a few of my favorite things… 😉💗 and now I’m off to pre-order your book. May you have a Fantabulous day full of awesomesauce amazingness!

  109. Happy Birthday! Thanks for being you! Pre-ordered your book and my happy thing for the day is they just announced our office will be closed, not only for Monday but also tomorrow! Woot!

  110. Happy birthday, Jenny! I made gingerbread with my 10 year old niece for Christmas and that made me happy.

  111. Happy birthday!! What’s making me happy is that it’s also my sister’s birthday and we finally got the whole family on skype after trying on Thanksgiving and Christmas and failing.

  112. Happy Birthday! I already pre-ordered the new book, but you are so right about the tearing pages out that I’m going to order 2 more. It was lovely meeting you on the last book tour and you signed a copy of “Furiously Happy” for my step-daughter that she says has gotten her through some really difficult days.

  113. The world is a better place because you’re in it. Rock on, and thanks for giving me the word “stabby” to work with. I can explain my impulses so much better now. 😉 Happy Birthday!

  114. PS It Anusara me to no end that you have the no yelling birthingday rule too. 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

  115. You forgot that we can gel Happy Birthday. So here it goes HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!🍰😜

  116. Happy Birthday! Otters make me happy too. I love watching them play. Actually I love watching any animal playing. Keep on trying with the judgling. I was as bad as you. Years later
    I can now say…”Someday I will get it.” Lol

  117. Balloon animals are an equally amazing party trick that don’t require nearly as much hand eye coordinatation. Just as an fyi.

  118. Jenny – all the best to you on your Birthday and every day. I have learned, just to be on the safe side, not to read your posts at work after several of them (and the ensuing comments) left me redfaced with streaming tears from the force of holding in the laughter (this, I will add is not a great look in retail) — Wendi

  119. I’m pretty sure China stole your giant chicken idea. That’s ok though, who doesn’t need a Giant Chicken? happy birthday.

  120. Happy Birthday!

    I listened to you on the World Service yesterday, you were great! So that’s something that made me happy.


  121. Happy birthday, Jenny!! I have bought and/or recommended your books to just about everyone I know. Granted, I am kind of antisocial, so I don’t know a crap ton of people, but basically unless I hate someone, I’ll eventually tell them to read your books. And telling them that makes me happy, so it’s a win all around.

  122. Happy, happy birthday! There’s been a lot to drag us all into the dark lately, but your light helps keep me out. Thank you! What makes me happy? Snuggling puppies at the mall. You know, to socialize them. It’s a win-win because I get to look like Mother fucking Theresa (Teresa? I’m on break so I don’t even know what day it is). Anyway, it’s pretty awesome gig if you can get it.

  123. Okay, this is me joining thousands of others in saying that you make me happy! Thank you! and Happy Birthday and while your at it have three balls (oh, yeah you have that covered). You otter be in pictures, your beautiful to me…

  124. My eyes are playing tricks on me. I totally read that as “I’m not talented enough to lap dance…”

  125. Used to love otters till I found out they can be rapey bastards. Now I’m conflicted.

  126. Wow- there are so many comments you may or may not get to this one:) Well, it made me happy last week to hang out in a reading room at the library with many homeless people, and to see that Furiously Happy was propped up- featured-like- on one of the shelves. Men who are without a home and hang out at the library should totally get to read your book, and they can.

  127. Happy Birthday to US! That’s right; we share a day of birth (among other similarities) so I hope your day is equally spectacular and filled with joy.

  128. Are you saying balls in your face isn’t a good birthday present? Because that’s what I asked for for mine.

  129. Happy birthday, Jenny! Wishing you random otters and a lot of happiness! I have a standing gift request for the otter place in San Diego from my family. They don’t even ask what I want anymore because they know I want to go sit in a pool of otters. Also my daughter gave me a personalized autographed copy of Let’s Pretend This Never Happened for Christmas even though I had it in ebook and hard copy. Best gift ever!!! It is now living in the china cabinet with the rest of the family heirlooms where it belongs.

  130. It could suck more…my newest panic attack trigger…? Going to the bathroom. WTH. My brain is fucked up!

  131. Happy Birthday Jenny! Thank you for your silliness and your profound insights. Your posts make me smile, or tear up, depending. Hopefully, if I am responding correctly to your posts, then that will make you happy.

  132. Happy birthday! Today happens to be my older son’s birthday as well. He is 11 years old! I’m excited to find out you share birthdays. Because you make me furiously happy, and so does he 🙂 Also, I too would love to swim with otters!

  133. One thing that made me happy was seeing the you wrote the foreword to Hannah Hart’s book Buffering, I was so happy that two of my favorite internet people know each other and love each other’s work as much as I do! It makes the world seem smaller and less scary. Happy birthday Jenny!

  134. Moral dilemmas should not apply on one’s birthday. You totally otter go frolic with otters.
    Happy Birthday, Jenny!!
    Guess I’ll need a second copy of the new book so I can take pages out of one and have an intact copy, as well. Yay to more books!!

  135. STILL stalking you. Haha!
    What makes me HAPPY? The fact that I share the SAME BIRTHDAY (& year) with YOU! Sorry if that makes me strange.😉 But, while we have the same birthday as Ted Danson, Mary Tyler Moore and Jude Law (although, he is such a cutie!)…YOU are way cooler!
    Cheers and Happy Birthday and many more.
    Oh, and I bought all 3 books already. Need to re-read for the laughs, though.

  136. I started listening to “Furiously Happy” again during a particularly rough anxiety patch. It has made me feel much less isolated…thus, furiously happy. Happy Birthday, you’re changing lives!

  137. Happy Birthday!!! December birthdays make me happy (mine’s on the 18th) because although there are sucky people out there – this is your birthday AND your Christmas present – mostly they’re magical. I hope you have a wonderful day and your serotonin cooperates!

  138. I read Furiously Happy and fell in love…not in a creepy kind of way but in the maybe-it’s-time-I-talk-about-my-anxiety kind of way. I’m still on the hunt for a therapist because it turns out I’m picky about who I want routing around my thoughts but I wanted to thank you for being an advocate for mental health. It sometimes feels taboo to talk about but thank you for making it okay to have those discussions and to share the weirdness that sometimes enters my brain. Happy Birthday! Oh, and I bought the 2017 calendar…best ever!

  139. Happy birthday to us, Jenny! Every single year I’m surprised again until I remember that I knew that we share a birthday. That makes me smile. 🙂

  140. Happy Birthday to a truly beautiful soul. I have both of your books and have already pre-ordered the third. The best present I got all year was from you on Easter when you started #TheBloggessTribe. They have saved my life this year more than once. ❤️❤️

  141. Happy Birthday, Jenny!

    Something that makes me happy? Well, after getting up at 5:30, 6:00 or 7:00 for nearly a week, we finally got a chance for my son to take his driving test and he passed. So we now have three licensed drivers in the family. Also I got to sleep until 11:00 today, which was almost like a vacation.

  142. Happy birthday to someone else who get stuck with the merryChristmashappybirthday wish every year. I’m the 28th. Went to the beach and got my official I am a senior federal park pass yesterday. Go me. You make me laugh and we all have metal chickens.

  143. Happy birthday! I am happy it’s my birthday tomorrow. I love birthdays and finally figured out I just need to make a plan for my birthday to be awesome and not expect anyone else to do it. I also needed to lower my expectations a tad and that has also helped me enjoy every birthday a little more.

  144. Somethings that make me happy:
    My pillow
    Unexpected Ladybugs
    Thai Tea
    That giggle toddlers get that is so infectious, you can’t help but laugh too
    Seeing people being kind to others – especially when they don’t know you see them

  145. Happy Birthday Jenny!!! I totally get the wanting to play with otters. I want to go in and pet all the big cats, lions, tigers, leopards you name it – I want to pet it!! Have a great birthday, hope the sun shines all day for you! Hugs

  146. Happy birthday, you amazing creature. You have no idea the impact you’ve had on me over the years. So. Much. Love.

    Things that make me happy:

    My huge cat
    Doctor Who (especially Ten)
    Star Trek
    The picture of you with your cat on your head
    When my cat sits on my head
    Cat cafes–one just opened in Philadephia
    You should visit the cat cafe
    It’s called Kawaii Kitties
    Seriously, you just go in and pay to sit with cats and pet cats
    The coolest people hang out there
    They also serve coffee and bagels
    But not to the cats
    The cats eat dry food
    Also, the cats are adoptable

  147. Happy birthday, you lovely human. Things that make me happy: drinking tea, reading books, being outside (especially with my kids), blooper reels, organizing things, fireworks, and my family. I hope you have a wonderful day and that you feel loved.

  148. Jenny- if you ever come to Portland, there is a thing where you can feed the otters at the zoo. But you aren’t really supposed to play with them. But if you are my 25 year old step daughter, you leave your hand on the fish so the otter keeps touching you to get the fish. Happy Birthday!!!

  149. Happy birthday, Jenny! Thank you for being you because it’s really inspired and freed me to be my weird, awesome self! Wish I could send some otters to you, but instead I’m going to buy another one of your books to give to a friend. Wishing you lots of love and joy this year!

  150. Happy birthday! As far as your books go, I’ve read LPTNH 3 times and ordered copies for most of my friends that know how to read. Also, you’ve cost me a small fortune because I tend to order everything that shows up on your blog. Anyway, hope you have a wonderful birthday. Even though late December birthdays suck…mine was last week.

  151. Happy birthday to you! It’s also my birthday and I feel kind of crappy, because it’s become just another day. I lost my job so we can’t afford to go out and celebrate or get anything. I’m fighting off my usual depression as best I can, with help from the tiny little human that makes me happiest of all. Even if she’s exhausting right now… She’s got 6 teeth coming in, including 4 molars, so if anyone wants to trade her for a birthday cake, hit me up! (just kidding… Mostly.)

  152. Happy Birthday!!! I LOVE otters as well! They are so darn cute and so happy. On a trip to the zoo once, there were some otters that were, um, finding ways to make each other very, very happy. Like 5 of them, all taking turns making each other verrrry happy and squealing with delight. And I could NOT contain myself. Then a little boy next to me asked his mom, what are they doing mommy?? And I laughed so hard I cried. WAY too much fun at the zoo that day. And I agree with you on the whale thing as well, I will not visit another Sea World, etc unless they are whale free. The one is Miami is incredibly sad. The whale has the smallest tank, it’s just awful.

    Keep smiling, watching otter vids and enjoying your day!!!!!

  153. Happy birthday! However much you might struggle, please know that you mean so much to so many, including me. I read your first book after a long bout of menopausal depression, and it made me laugh so hard that a little bit of per came out. Just a little bit. 😂 And I was so tickled (Southern expression), that even the per was funny.

  154. Happy Birthday, Jenny! You are amazing and awesome and other good things that start with A.

  155. I’ve already got your books and I’ve gifted them out…but here’s what makes me happy…coffee, wine, my kid’s laughter, mozzarella sticks or really just cheese.

    Happy birthday, Jenny! Thank you for helping me overcome my fears of writing and talking about my anxiety and depression. Thank you for just being you.

  156. Happy birthday! Am in the middle of reading Furiously Happy, I love it. And…I just bought myself a cutout Rory from your shop. 🙂 Have a great New Year.

  157. Happy, Happy birthday, Jenny. I actually beat you to it, by 10 days and he DID yell at me on my Birthday. And it was my 50th too! But we were in Disney, and since that is my happy place, it wasn’t bad. Mickey was there to comfort me. And Goofy. So you see: if they do yell at you on your Birthday, you can still be happy 🙂 Have a good one, Jenny, and many, many returns!!

  158. Happy Birthday! Thank you again for posting on my daughter, Lanine’s page when she announced her surgery on Janunary 3rd! I can’t tell you how much that made her happy or thank you enough. She gets all SQUEE inside every time she thinks about it. She’s still a goth girl even in her mid 30’s. Right now what makes her happy, makes me happy. Now to figure out how to keep her husband out of the darkness when she’s in surgery and we all get to stand/sit around and wait for her to come out next week. Thank you again for your ray of sunshine! {hugs}

  159. Happy Birthday to US! That’s right; we share a day of birth (among other similarities) so I hope your day is equally spectacular and filled with joy

  160. Happy birthday to one of my favorite people in the world! I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but Sarah Donner wrote a song and filmed a video that she made after reading Furiously Happy!

    It’s so wonderful, I don’t know if you’ve seen it but it goes right along with your Furiously Happy video!
    Happy birthday my sweet and beautiful friend! ❤❤❤

  161. Happy birthday, Jenny! If I learned to juggle I’d totally punch myself in the eye with one of the balls because I’m REALLY a klutz. I hope you have a great birthday and that your serotonin levels stay even so depression doesn’t kick your ass. What makes me happy is that I just found out today that there’s a safari in Huntsville, AL, a couple of hours from where I live. If they treat the animals humanely I’m totes going there! I’m going to preorder 2 copies of your newest book tomorrow AND your 2017 calendar, so I’m really happy about that! Go snuggle all the otters you want and have a wonderful time!!!

  162. Happy birthday. Thanks for all the help you have given through your inspiring heartfelt words. I look forward to your next audio book.

  163. Happy birthday to my birthday month twin. Mine is the 31st. Love what you do, sorry that at times you need to wade thru some shit to get where you’re going. 🎂

  164. Happy Birthday, Jenny! My birthday was 10 days before yours and now I’m sad that I didn’t get to swim with otters… and also sad that I can’t swim. I hope your birthday wish comes true; I also hope that Victor doesn’t give you a stuffed otter as a gift because, frankly, that would be kind of horrific.

  165. Dear sweet, adorable, amusing AF Jenny: You are amazeballs. You make me happy. That you are happy on your birthday gives me warm fuzzies, because birthdays can be full of pressure to be happy even when you’re not, and I have noticed that you are doing better at admitting when you’re not ok, and that helps the ok times be okayer longer. I already have all of your books, and a preorder on Amazon for the new one is already paid for, and you’ve automagraphered the other two, not even a MONTH after my friend and I got out of the loony hospital for oddly uptight and freaky people last year, and we got to come see you together in Seattle. And were kinda manic at the time. But you were awesome and even let me hug you.

    The last two years have been super super super hard. And the hard isn’t over, but it’s different now, and it feels less desperate and less permanent. But we still keep the meds in a safe that I don’t have the combination to, and I’m still in DBT class and weekly therapy, and it’s still a choice to keep putting one foot in front of the other every day, and as predicted, every day sucks a little less than the one before (partially because there’s been no fresh horror, but I’ll take it), and I’m told that this is the way to eventually learn how to function again. Nothing has happened to make that untrue so far, and I’m starting to believe it.

    All of that is to just give you a little fresh context, because you answered one of my comments one day when I was in a really black hole and told me that I wasn’t a freak for wanting to get a safe for the meds, and that it’s ok to do whatever works best for me to keep me sunnyside up of the dirt. And that’s helped me immensely. Occasionally in my life, someone has told me how something I said or did had a positive effect on them, and it feels awkward, but it’s a good awkward, and that is probably what babysteps to ok feels like. So I wanted to give you an awkward gift on your birthday that is basically telling you that you have been part of the multi-dimensional team of therapies, relationships, tips and tricks that has kept me alive in the last two years, and lo and behold, some things still suck HARDCORE, but I’m still here to manage my feelings about them, which wasn’t guaranteed even last year.

    So, Jenny Lawson, rock-juggling otters are ADORABLE and they look like they’re having fun, so I say keep it up in spite of the potential for black eyes, because if it wasn’t fun, would they keep doing it? I think not. Otters are smarter than us about refusing to do the not-fun shit. They’d just stop and go float around holding hands or something. I like the wall suggestion someone gave you, but try to find one without art or a head on it someplace, maybe like a kitchen cabinet? Probably not a window. You’re welcome, Victor. Love you Jenny! Can’t wait for your coloring book to get here!

  166. Happy birthday! Thank you for being you, and sharing you with us, and letting us celebrate you, and helping us all celebrate each other and ourselves, in the process. More to the point, I would never yell at you for wanting to play with otters. I wouldn’t even yell at me for wanting to play with otters and it’s not even my birthday, I just had a crappy day which replaced my son spending several hours with his bestie with my having to spend several hours making angsty calls to customer service people. So yeah, I think otters for everyone would be a pretty awesome upswing right now. Unless they are the sort of people that make others have crappy days, in which case NO OTTERS FOR THEM, because they don’t deserve to celebrate you. Or something. I’m losing track. I think those customer service calls used up all the caffeine in my system.

  167. I freaking love otters, those totally made my day. Thank you for that. I hope you have an awesome otter filled birthday!! And lots of book sales. Hee hee.

  168. Things that make me happy….
    1. baths with good smelly stuff
    2. tea
    3. vodka
    4. cats
    5. stories i can get lost in
    6. my hubby
    7. long pointless drives through pretty places when you can stop and eat when you get hungry
    8. walks with no destination
    9. harry potter

  169. Happy Birthday Jenny!!! Hope your day is filled with JOY!!!. Your openness about mental health issues help all of us who suffer from depression and anxiety. Hoping for a happier 2017

  170. Happy Birthday Jenny and so thankful for you being born and here for us! Not going to lie but I really do wish I could hug some raccoons even though that seems risky but I want to anyways haha. But I would totally smuggle penguins out of Sea World! Anyways I also did wake up today feeling rather out of it and totally dead but I’m feeling better now knowing that today is your birthday! Enjoy your day and keep on juggling like everyone’s watching! (’cause they are haha.) 🙂

  171. Happiest birthday! You have been a source of light and hope as I have fought my battle with anxiety and it’s sidekick, depression. Every morning, I listed to Bill Wither’s “Lovely Day” and Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good.” Both give me hope and grooviness for the day ahead. Love you.

  172. I was going to try to post a picture of my cat, Romeo, but I can’t seem to figure out how to make it work, damn it…anyway, wishing you a very happy birthday, and may you eventually get to play with all the otters you could ever want, because hey, you deserve it, and after the whole kangaroo-and-sloth episode, surely they should know you’re more than competent around wild animals, right?

  173. Happy birthday! 🎉 🎂 I pre-ordered your book and ordered another one for my friend! Cheers!

  174. Happy birthday! Stick with the juggling, it is good for what ails you. I learned from the book Juggling for the Complete Klutz, and unlike riding a bike (for me at least) this is something you truly can’t forget how to do. Keeping a good thought for your other orbs to behave kindly toward you.

  175. I love that you and my son share a birthday. Happy birthday to both of you!! 🎁🎂❤

  176. Happy birthday to one of my biggest inspirations! I’d post a picture of my three cats but can’t figure out how.

    Just for the record you should TOTALLY go cuddle the otters

  177. Happy Birthday, Jenny! To me, and many others, you are like George Bailey from “It’s a Wonderful Life.” You have touched so many lives, including mine. I understand only too well the battle with depression, but I have found with you and your community a group of compassionate, like-minded, very funny people (because if we weren’t funny, we’d crawl into permnant holes). Thank you, thank you, thank you for being here! You mean more to me than you will ever know. Best wishes for a year of peace and health, and lots of laughs.

  178. Hey! Its my birthday too.
    And i am also in the down dumps. Bc. I fail at everything. But!
    We’re about to have snomaggedon here where i live – like a flash snowmaggendon…. they called it a squall… which is five minutes of falling white death terror on blizzard status followed by nothing. Uh. Nothing weather-wise.
    This makes me happy bc i enjoy running around outside (literally running – bc as an athlete doing your sport in rain or snow adds 78% more badassery to your badass level) in snow and feeling like a kid again.

    Happy birthday us!

  179. This is going to sound weird, but…looking at the image on the FB post for this made me wonder: have you ever considered designing fabric? Seriously, you do the most amazing intricate designs, and I think some of them would work up beautifully in fabric–I don’t know how one would go about doing something like this if you wanted to go whole-hog pro with licensing, etc., but does, IIRC, let you get fabric printed with your own designs. Just think–you could have dresses made with your own fabric!

  180. Happy Happy Birthday Jenny, just started listening to your book Furiously Happy and am LOVING it! Thank you for being you and writing about it – I laugh all the way to work and back (3 hr round trip)! Much love!

  181. Happy Birthday Jenny!!! I’ve been feeling blue lately so reading this made me happy! I’m so glad that you were born!!! Xoxo

  182. Happy Birthday! It is one of my daughter’s birthday today too, and my oldest was yesterday so we get cake two days in a row!

    I totally get the “that sounds like you”. When I posted on Facebook about a fish hitting my windshield, all my friends started saying things like ‘this only happens to you’, and ‘of course you got hit by a fish why would something normal happen?’ So yeah.

  183. Things that make me happy? Books! I have both of yours and I didn’t want them to end because they were the funniest books I have ever read. I feel like nothing else will compare so you have to keep writing more 🙂 Also dogs…dogs make me happy. I would like to get a pair of Dachshunds, because they need a friend while I’m at work. So 2 sounds right. My birthday is in a month and now I want to finds somewhere I can play with otters too. They were one of my favourites at the zoo as a kid.

  184. I went to seaworld for Halloween and went to see the sea lion high show. In the middle of the show the otter decided it would be way more fun to run around and play can’t catch me with his trainers backstage. This meant all the humans in the show had to stall until his game was over and he was ready to go back to work. Then, having seen all the fun his cast member was having, one of the sea lions decided to dive in the water and also go back stage to play in similar fashion. Fortunately, due to it being halloween, the humans were able to make lots of jokes about what a horror this show had turned into. It was probably the best marine animal/human collaborations I have ever seen.

  185. Happy birthday! Do some things that you really enjoy today. I too was on the verge of a cranky day, so I decided to knit rather than taking up a new activity. Probably a good choice for me as doing new things makes me headachey.

  186. Happy Birthday! I feel kinda special because my birthday was on Dec 8, so we are birthday month sisters or whatever. I want a baby otter. And a fox. And an echidna puggle because an unpuggled life is an incomplete life. Big hugs fr me, a fellow medicated introvert/birthday sister/fuzzy animal bothered.

  187. Have the happiest of birthdays, Jenny! I have officially killed a bag of chocolate in your honor. You’re welcome. What makes me happy? Of course, seeing that you have posted. Also, some vintage web sites like the Miss Doxie Cookie and the Geese story and from way back in 2000, the Pixyland site…
    Wishing you the best New Year!

  188. The mean swimming with otter people probably aren’t calling you back because they heard about the panda incident in Australia. But that’s still mean – it’s your birthday so I think they are required to call. It makes me happy to hear that you have perhaps dodged the depression monster for your birthday since I’ve been struggling lately. At least one of us should be happy! I will be vicariously happy through you. Happy birthday!!

  189. Happy Birthday, Jenny! I already bought all your books and I’ve preordered the new one…. and I listen to the audio audio book instead of hitting people or hiding under furniture….. Thanks for helping me stay sane… or ummm, nope, too late for that. Oh well! Thanks for making me feel less alone. Happy birthday!

  190. I’m so happy you were born, and that you decided to share your thoughts with us. You are one of the few who make me burst out in shaking laughter while reading. Happy birthday. We love you.

  191. First……Happy Birthday! And Happy New Year!
    Second…..You NEED Juggling for the Complete Klutz! It’s a for real book and it comes with square juggling bean bags (not balls because balls roll and are more difficult to pick up if you have to chase them around). My mother bought me this book back in the 80s as a Christmas gift/joke for a seriously uncoordinated daughter and it really works to teach you how to juggle plus it’s funny. The first lesson is literally how to drop the juggling bags because you will drop them and you should get used to picking them up. While I am not a circus caliber juggler, I am good enough to wow people who can’t juggle. Juggling can also be good stress relief. You can just focus on the juggling and forget all the crap that happened during the day. Sort of a zen clown thing. 🙂
    p.s. I now want to come back as a juggling otter in my next life.

  192. Happy Birthday dear Jenny. Your books make me happy. Your blog posts make me happy. Your instagram feed makes me happy. Your imperfect mind makes me happy because I feel that I am not alone in my illness. That sounds weird but you know what I mean, I’m sure. I’m going to buy some copies of your books today for some friends to celebrate your birthday. Cake may be involved too. What growth?? I don’t see a growth! Go for the swim!!!

  193. Happy Birthday! My daughter bought me your Ferociously Happy pillow for Christmas and it made me so very happy! I hope you are THAT happy for your birthday! You otter feel fantastic on your special day!

  194. Happy Birthday!!! And we have purchased all your books and we have ALREADY pre-ordered your NEW one! So thank you for these awesome gifts! Take care, be happy, it’s gonna be OK.

  195. Happy Birthday…in celebration I am going to watch Xmen movies, eat some popcorn and make my family some sort of casserole with mushroom soup and cheese involved in it. I don’t beleive any of it is GMO free, paleo, gluten free or nut free…not that I am going to add nuts..but in this house, we are all a little nuts, so it comes with the territory.

  196. Many happy returns of your day, Jenny! I’m glad our Texas sky showed some sun for you today, but man its bloody blustery out there! Took me 15 minute to combine out all the knots in my hair from my morning walk! But, the wind was good and cleansing, and I needed it after the week we’ve all had…maybe you needed it, too? Happy windy Texas birthday; I’m so happy you were born♡

  197. Happy birthday Jenny!
    I showed my daughter the cute little videos of the otters playing with rocks and she grabbed her stuffed otter, Kate (who she sleeps with every night and wears a dog-print skirt), to come watch too. Everyone was thrilled!

  198. Happy Birthday Jenny!!! So on the SeaWorld thing, the president of the Humane Society gave them the thumbs up this year, which is good because, Discovery Cove is owned by SeaWorld and I totally needed to swim with Dolphins. So I got to swim with Dolphins and one of the dolphins accidentally knocked me over with its tail and the staff were all like “OMG are you ok?!?” But I totally feel like I got more for my money than other people because the dolphin touched me more than anyone else… ok, it might have purposely (or porpoise-ly) knocked me over because I’m a vet tech and I totally was asking the staff about vaccines, blood draws and other medical care of dolphins and the dolphin was probably like “butch, try to draw my blood, I can totally knock you on your ass”. Cuz I hear dolphins can be douches, but I still love them. But then, cats are total douches too and I love the wild, angry cats that come into my clinic, so maybe I’m not to be trusted on who to like… Anyway, the point is, Happy Birthday, seeing Otters at SeaWorld is totally ok per the Humane Society and beware of douchey animals (or enjoy them like I do :)). I apologize for my earlier pun, but not really because it was fantastic!

  199. Happy Birthday! I hope you get to snuggle all the otters that you want between now and your next birthday!

  200. The above windy comment was from me. I am not anonymous, in fact I’m the total opposite. Cheers again to your birthday:) Michelle♡

  201. Happy birthday! This POST makes me happy! Well, they ALL do. Except for when they piss me off because I think, “I can write stuff. And I can be pretty funny sometimes. But I can’t be either nearly as well as that damn Jenny. Maybe I could if I worked at it harder, but then I’m kind of a slackass….” and I’m down the rabbit hole of self-loathing because I’m not Jenny-level on writing/humor AND I’m a slackass. [NOTE: This may or may not be exaggerated. TRUE but exaggerated.] Anyway, thank GOD that SOMEONE is this good at writing, humor, re-purposing taxidermied animals, even if it can’t be me.

  202. Happy Birthday Jenny!
    My birthday is the day after Christmas.
    I don’t know about you, but I have never had a party because of the time of year!

  203. Bitch not butch… stupid autocorrect! The dolphin wasn’t judging me on My femininity! That’s just absurd!

  204. Happy Birthday!! Bacon makes me happy. Bacon is my god. But my dog probably thinks she’s my god. But then she is a smart little bugger so she probably knows god and dog are reversies.

  205. Happy Birthday Jenny!!! I have a BFA in Theater and we actually learned to juggle in my movement class. I’m sure my parents had a hard time not rolling their eyes when I came home and proudly showed off what their tuition payments bought them. My daughter just had her first birthday on the 26th which makes me incredibly happy… and wistful.

  206. PS: read a funny dialogue.
    Lawyer: “… We are here today on account of the disappearance of —–, which disappearance has been rendered quite remarkable by its suddenness and and completeness!”
    Judge: “We all know why we’re here today, and his disappearance would have been a good deal more remarkable if it were gradual and incomplete…”

  207. Stand over the couch to practice juggling. It’s much easier, believe me. Oh, and Happy Anniversary of your 21st Birthday!

  208. Jenny, you are a source of joy, laughter, tears (the good kind), and I am so grateful you do what you do. I just hope you can feel how much you are adored by all of us. And the otters. They totally want to play catch with you 🙂

  209. Happy Birthday, Jenny! Thanks for being who & how you are. Oh, & do your mom a solid & tell her thanks for pushing you out of her va jay jay. It’s kind of her day too.

  210. Extra Happy Birthday to you…for all the years that the holidays may have overshadowed it :*( (I hope that’s not the case but I have a sad feeling that at one point or another it might be) Anyways Happy Birthday!!

  211. Before I even knew it was your birthday, I pre-ordered your new one because I just felt like treating myself. : ) Happy Birthday!

  212. Ok I’m going to post something that is a little TMI but it will totally make Jenny laugh and it’s her birthday so you can’t yell at me either. Ok here goes I work for a big theme park (not sea world) and we have to be bussed in from our parking. On the way back to my car the driver is driving crazy and at one point she hits a big dip a dip that’s been there for years and we all fly up in our seat about two feet and crash back down with a thud. I screamed a bit and my friend Alex looked and me and said “ohhh did that scare you.” I said no but yes but not for the reason you think. He looks at me like I’m crazy. So I tell him when we hit the big dip my boobs which are quite large flew up and almost hit me in the nose. It’s a little freaky when your boobs nearly break your nose and seeing my boobs in my face is a bit scary. So that’s the story about how I nearly broke my nose with my boobs. Your all welcome:0)

  213. Happy birthday! I hope you get to smuggle an otter out of its home for your birthday (which totally sounds dirty, but not what I mean…I swear). It’s funny, because I JUST emailed a picture of two otters to my mother. Because she is afraid of otters, since she lives on a (now-frozen) lake and there have been otters spotted near their house. My children are visiting them right now, so since I’m a mean daughter, I sent her the following picture of two otters frolicking on ice. Enjoy:

  214. My dear Jenny,
    I wish you the happiest of birthdays! After all you are my birthday twin (I’m the 1974 version).
    One of the things that make me happy is YOU. I stumbled upon Furiously Happy on Audible (after all who can resist a cover with Rory). You made me laugh so hard and brought tears to my eyes as I and my family have battled the dragons of anxiety and depression for many decades. I got copies for family and friends. But then I was done. Thankfully you had already written, Let’s Pretend This Never Happened, so I could listen to you more. You have read me to sleep on many nights, for which I am grateful. Thanks for “pretending you’re good at it” so I could hear your own voice and expression! No one could have done it better.
    Love you!

  215. Happy birthday! You make so many people so happy. Please don’t go play with the otters or do any other “pay to play” kind of thing. Just go out into nature and let the critters that actually want to play with or around you make you happy. Everyone wins that way, I promise. You might even see a unicorn.

  216. Happy Birthday Jenny.

    Things that make me happy: dogs or children doing acts of random mischief. People doing good things for others without any expectation of gratitude or getting anything back. People who are grateful. Smiling strangers. The look my partner’s best friend gives to her when they meet, and the obvious joy at seeing each other. A warm bed on a cold evening. Making something nice that I know someone I love will enjoy.

  217. Germinating seeds make me happy. It’s baby plants being born. I love baby things including animals, but baby plants are easier.

  218. Happy birthday! Thank you for sharing wonderful things, and not pretending to be okay when you’re not. I have all your books and have preordered “You are Here.”

    Nothing makes me happy right now. However, I just learned about this website full of fun stuff, which cheers me up (and which you probably already know about):

    You and the tribe make my life better in many ways. Your humor and advocacy have been very important to me. I also saw you on tour this summer. Thanks to your invitation to follow people on Twitter, I gained a load of followers myself, many of whom tweet things which lighten and warm my heart (and yeah, having more followers is good for my ego). When I was trying to log into Twitter at 3 a.m. the other day with my outdated connection, I couldn’t get in. But just thinking “#neveralone” helped, even though I couldn’t tweet.

    Question for the tribe — Jenny talked on tour about a concept someone else came up with — about everyone having a set number of “spoons” to spend on daily living. People with brain disorders don’t get their spoons replenished as often as others. I happened to have a plastic spoon in my purse, and gave it to her when she signed my book. I’ve tried to find the originator or blog post about the spoon analogy, and can’t. Is there a link?

    (My friend Christine from created it. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  219. Happy birthday! You are dear to me. Swim with otters. I swam with manta rays this fall in Hawaii and it was amazing and awe inspiring and made me very, very happy.

  220. I know a place where you could hang out with a river otter. He seems like like me okay but my friend accidentally ran into him one day and said he was kinda bitey. I figure maybe he was having a bad day or Preston did something to piss him off. Anyway, he lives in a quiet little bay on a lake on an island with an old pair of concrete steps. If you sit on the beach, you can watch him. Just watch out for the bobcat family that lives nearby. She has babies and might be a little defensive. All of this is true and it’s my life and if you ever want to come hang out with me in a national forest, I will totally find you a nice quiet place for us to hang out with some wildlife.

  221. Things that make me happy: my husband and I are expecting our first human baby (along with our three dogs, one cat, one fish, and one snail). Also none of our dogs have had to go to the vet in months and that’s a miracle on its own.

  222. I got the book you autographed (and hugged) for Christmas, and it made me so happy! Also, I lost 7 pounds in December and walked 50 total miles. Yay, me!

  223. Happy birthday, Jenny! It is my birthday today too. It is a tricky day. Between Christmas, New Year’s, and a Dec 29th birthday there is a lot of stock taking and contemplation right now. I find it a complicated day some years.

  224. Happy birthday Jenny. My happy thing is that I got a ukulele for Christmas (from myself because I’m a really good shopper for things for me) and I can already play the Lime in the Coconut song so I’m pretty proud of myself. Also I will be buying several of your new book (because, like I said, I’m a very good shopper for things for me).

  225. Happy, happy birthday, Jenny! I am going to pre-order your new book for my future sister-in-law (I already ordered one for myself a while ago) to give to her on her upcoming birthday. It makes me happy that I have a future sister-in-law who knows who you are and also adores you. Wishing you so many happy returns.

  226. Happy Birthday, Jenny! It’s my birthday, too, but I got a personal fan that plus into my phone. Otters would have been possibly the only thing cooler!

  227. Welllllll happy birthday. You want things that make me happy. What makes me happy is you are one of my favorite bloggers and you don’t live too far away from me. That makes me happy cause having my favorite people ear by is great ^.^

  228. happy birthday
    thank you for letting me feel that i am normal, its the rest of the world that is messed up.
    my favorite post of yours is,” knock knock, motherfucker.” i want a giant metal chicken like yours.
    i would like to know of a place where i can buy your” lets pretend this never happened book,” that takes checks, or cash. i cant be trusted with credit cards.
    the things that make me happy are my turkeys, the liveing,feathered kind, i live in the boonies of wv, so they are possible to have, and my dogs, dumbass and dammit. they named themselves, obviously.
    keep on being you, because it helps us much more than you realize.

  229. Jenny, you are the shit. You have made me proud to be the weird little asshole I am. Have the happiest birthday ever!

  230. Happy Birthday Jenny! In your honor I am going on Zazzle and ordering my 5th Bloggess-designed shirt. So Happy Birthday to me in a way as well! All the best. xo

  231. Happy birthday Jenny. My little cat Furi makes me happy. When I’m very depressed she is the only thing that makes me happy. I’ll post a picture of her on twitter for you. The new foster cat makes me happy too, but I don’t know Heer as well yet. I’ll post one of her as well. great big hug

  232. Happy birthday! Sleep and food make me happy, so I will do both today in your honor, and because I really like sleep and food.

  233. Happy birthday, Jenny! You are such an inspiration to SO many people, and screamingly funny. Hope your happy continues…

  234. Happy Birthday Jenny!!!! Luckily my husband has started reading your blog in an effort to understand my brain – so, buncha purchases with your name on it….no explanation required. <3

  235. Happy birthday! So, you are saying while “juggling” you are as adorable as an otter playing with a rock which is (I assume) 1000% accurate and hilarious. xxoo

  236. Happy Birthday! My birthday was yesterday, so it makes me happy to think you are my soul sister. 🐓

  237. I used to be depressed at birthdays, but have turned the corner where I don’t give a rat’s ass. But in your case, I will give you a rat’s ass. You’re welcome.

  238. I just finished reading Furiously Happy and now I am. You are a talented writer and make me laugh outloud. Thank you especially for the phrase “overprivileged what-the-fuckery”. I’m trying to think of sentences that will work with it.

  239. Happy Birthday!! I already have your books and re-reading them makes me happy. I have given numerous copies to friends too and that also makes me happy! Here’s to you!!!

  240. Happy birthday, Jenny! You are awesome and I feel even more connected to you now that I know you love otters too! They are by far my favourite animal (according to my husband, I make a special face every time I see one, and everyone claims it’s adorable). He saves otter gifs, pictures and videos to send to me every time I’m sad, and it never fails to cheer me up.

  241. Happiest of happy birthday wishes to you, Jenny. May this next trip around the sun bring you more good days than bad and more joy than sadness. You truly are a gift to the world. Thank you for being you.

  242. I am posting this from my blanket fort that i am coloring in, For Reals! My roommates are eyeing me but said the fort can stay up until dinner!

  243. I don’t think you can buy an otter on Amazon but at your pet store you could buy some ferrets and they are pretty damn fun to watch and take the bleake away. And you could post pictures for us non ferret-less people to make our sad go away for a tiny bit. Have a fabulous day. This is the day the angels sang and lifted up their hands because you were born.

  244. I was given a gift card for Christmas and it’s going to make both of us happy because it means I can buy a copy of You Are Here! WOOHOO!! I’m very excited. 🙂
    Happy Birthday!

  245. Happy birthday Jenny! What makes me happy is knowing my family loves and supports me even when I don’t care much about myself. It’s been a year of struggles, loss, learning about my own needs, values, and health, grace, and love. Next year, transitioning to living my values and letting go of what I thought I needed. Here’s to a year of learning and love!

  246. My younger kiddo’s online nickname is Otter, because I was calling my husband Significant Otter to be less gendered, and then I had to talk about kiddo so I called him Small Otter, and then my husband started talking to the people I was talking to so he got his own nickname and the kiddo ended up being just Otter. But it fits him because otters are like cats that swim, and they’re very playful, and all of those things describe him, too.

  247. Quite fortuitously it was my birthday 8 days ago and I bought the book Furiously Happy as a present for myself, and also as a present for my niece. I have commenced reading it. It makes me happy. Other things that make me happy: being capable of lulling people to sleep by reading them poetry, stealing valuables from people I have lulled to sleep with poetry, and having a song, the Lullaby Thief, written about and dedicated to me by a local singer-songwriter. I may have lied about one or two things here, but if that made you crack a smile then that made me happy too 🙂

  248. Oh, I’m totally buying your new book, but I was going to anyway so that doesn’t feel like a true birthday gift. Instead, I’m sending you this “Get Out of Jail Free” card — valid for one otter-borrowing- related arrest! Happy Birthday, darlin’!

  249. Happy Birthday! I hope it’s been awesome. I’ve pre-ordered your book and am anxiously awaiting it’s arrival in March. (That sounds like someone should throw me a book shower. I’d be down with that.)

  250. Happy birthday! Those otter pictures make me happy. I had seen only one before, and didn’t realize it was “a thing.” Plus, I just learned about “Nurtured by Nature” (never heard of it before), and it’s the next town over! Their website says they are booked solid through 2017. I did, however, search “swim with otters” and got several hits, by state.

    Also, I know how to treat a birthday near Christmas*…no combined gifts, no Christmas wrap, a special day for YOU! May you enjoy the day.
    *My sister’s was yesterday

  251. Hippo Birdie To You!
    Hippo Birdie To You!
    Hippo Birdie Dear Jenny!!!!!
    Hippo Birdie To You!

    (somehow, this version just seemed more appropriate for you than the standard. I hope you understand).

    Lots of love from a Canadian fan who totally gets you because I’m weird too. My Bipolar disorder makes me hallucinate music when I’m in a manic phase like I am now and after I’ve been up for like 5 days in a row without sleeping and it’s usually okay because the music is good but then it changes and becomes country music which is bad not that there’s anything wrong with country music but I don’t like it and that’s usually when I start to crash and burn into a depressive phase and sleep for 3 days straight except when I have to pee and then I get up and do that and sometimes I eat something but I don’t remember doing that until I come back to normal after I’ve woken up around the 3 day mark so I hope you have a Happy Birthday and I hope you liked my song. oxoxoxox Pam

  252. Happy Birthday!
    After trying to explain your books to my father in law when he was at our house on Christmas (I received Furiously Happy fro
    my husband) – I gave up and ordered him your books. He may or may not ever speak to me again. And I hope he doesn’t loan them to my mother in law.

  253. Happy Birthday! Have you seen Finding Dory? If you haven’t, you must. Otter snuggle party is a very important theme.

  254. Happy Birthday! And if you’ll agree to share your smuggled otters, I’ll totally serve as an alibi. And I live in Alaska, so that’d be the best alibi ever! “No, sir, she couldn’t have taken the otters. She was with me, thousands of miles away, the whole time!”

  255. Oof, late to the party, sorry, but super duper happy birthday Jenny! Love your blog, love your tweets, love your instagram, love your books. You are awesome!

  256. Happy Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!! Thanks for what you do when the cranky chems in your head are behaving, and thanks for coming back when they’ve been acting up! Lots of love to you!

  257. Happy birthday! I personally like manatees. They just float around and eat all day…and we have the same body type…squishy!

  258. Happy Birthday, Jenny! I hope you have an incredibly marvelous day and that this year is the best ever. I pre-ordered the new book and that makes me especially happy. Thank you for being the best thing to hit the Internet since porn.

  259. Happy Birthday!

    Only a soulless monster would deny you otter-snuggling on your birthday! Go snuggle all the otters you want! Ignore the fascist attendant who keeps saying “Uh, ma’am, it’s closing time. You really need to leave now”. 🙂

  260. French fries, flowering trees, fat ass rain drops and you. These are things that make me happy. Not necessarily in that order. Hope you have a joy filled day!

  261. Happy birthday Jenny. I hope you get everything you want for your birthday-otter swimming or whatever else your heart desires. I AM going to buy your new book. I own the first two.

  262. Happy birthday Jenny! Thank you so much for all that you do. In a world of misery, you’re a bright spark, lighting the way to a safe space. Please keep on being you.

  263. I love that our birthdays are back-to-back (mine’s tomorrow, as I tweeted). It’s an all out party-madness celebrate-til-you’re-hiding-under-the-bed kind of awesome. Happy Birthday!!

  264. French fries, flowering trees, fat ass rain drops and you. These are things that make me happy. Not necessarily in that order. Hope you have a joy filled day!

  265. Happy Birthday Jenny! Mine is tomorrow and I’m sitting in a McDonald’s playplace happily listening to Tracy Ulman on the piped in music. Her birthday is tomorrow too, I might be remembering that wrong but I’m not going to look it up because I like to think that we share a birthday. And now McD’s has screwed me because they followed it up with that Toni Basil earworm.

    Yet another way this place is unhealthy.

    Still, my kid is happily playing with strangers after a week of laying in the couch being sick (her symptoms are GONE, I’m not a monster) ands that’s making me very happy.

  266. Happy Birthday! And FYI, otters are really cute but they smell. A lot. And it’s not good. I would highly recommend against stealing one in your swimsuit.

  267. You are just the best. It seems like being you would make you happy all the time, since you’re so freaking amazing and all…but I know it doesn’t work like that. But you DO know that you bring BIG joy to us out here, and we’re sending it back to you. I know you know that . xo

  268. I can yell at you to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I hope you get to snuggle some otters post haste! Sending love to you on this auspicious Day! 💜💚

  269. Happy birthday Jenny! You’re amazing, your books are amazing, and my housemates and I love you. You make our lives so much better.
    Also, my birthday is Saturday (yes, New Year’s Eve, and yes, it’s a sucky birthday), and I’m turning 40. (WTF?? Especially for someone who didn’t expect to live to be 30…) BUT, I’m going out to dinner with friends, then we’re going to a burlesque show, and I’m going to be wearing a tiara the whole time, so it should (I hope) be a solidly happy birthday.
    AND, I’m going to buy your coloring book for myself as a birthday present, so happy birthday to us BOTH.

  270. Happy Happy Birthday! It’s my birthday too! It always makes me happy to know I share my special day with someone awesome. So now we can be awesome together.

    p.s. I’ve been thinking of taking up juggling too. I think I’ll have to give it a try now.

  271. What I really wanted for Christmas was a 3-toed sloth. I saw on WWF website that you can symbolically adopt one. I didn’t want a fake adoption certificate. I wanted a real one. But, apparently they can’t adapt to this environment or would be too slow to do so. I didn’t want too increase their status on the endangered list, so I settled for a suitcase. (Just what is my husband trying to tell me?)

  272. Happy birthday! You blog makes me happy. I feel like people here understand the random thoughts and impulses and everything here. I also love wine. And I’ve probably had too much tonight.

  273. I always treat my Birthday as a very special day – where I don’t do anything I don’t like – and try to do something special. (Like go see the otters and hope the whales have been sorted). That’s what I wish for you! A special day – with nothing unpleasant.

  274. Happy birthday! I’ve got two happy things I can share. The first is that I just got promoted today! I work in a library, which is my dream job, so I’m really, really excited about this.

    The second is that at my library I get to lead our book discussions, and I got to schedule FURIOUSLY HAPPY for my March discussion! I’ve read and loved both of your books, but as a person who regularly deals with anxiety, Furiously Happy means a lot to me. I’m thrilled that I’ll have the opportunity to share it with more people.

  275. Happy birthday to you, Jenny! Your light in the darkness inspires me. I am Bi-Polar II, have Bilateral Psoriatic Arthritic, and am Bi-Sexual. However, I am definitely not bi-partisan. I lean too far left! 😉 You are never alone. We are here for you. <3

  276. Happy Birthday, Jenny!!! WOOHOOO!

    I’ve been avoiding Sea World too, ever since the whole Blackfish thing because I just..IDK. It doesn’t feel right to go to a place where they force animals which are TOTALLY intelligent, sentient beings to perform and then go back to living in a bath tub. We totally need to find a way to actually SPEAK to the whales and dolphins and ASK them what they want instead of poking them with big sticks to make them do stupid tricks for us.

    That would be awesome..because now I”m curious as to what they would say. “Yeah you guys are DICKS but thanks for all the tasty fish.” Probably something like that.

  277. happy birthday! i usually leave photos of cakes featuring whatever it is the birthday person likes so i decided to see if i could find a taxidermy cake for you. i thought that might be a super weird thing to look for, but as it turns out, taxidermy cake is a thing and i found plenty (many for weddings and i’ll leave that discovery with no further comment). so upon finding pages of photos of taxidermy cakes, i am horrified and pleased. so then i wanted to find taxidermy cakes that came from animals that died naturally (or at least sort of) and found an entire art exhibit of them.

    i will also be buying your new book!

    thank you for all your writing.

  278. Happy birthday! I swam with stingrays the other day and they were just about as cool as otters. Also, there was a little shark, and I was like “Awwww” but the boat guy yelled at me to get back in case it bit me. But I don’t think it would have. Anyway, consider also stingrays because they’re friendly and smooth (but they spray salt water in your face if you try to kiss them–just warning you).

  279. Happy Bunny Dances!

    And explaining that you got a black eye while learning to juggle is a lot more dignified and believable than trying to explain that your cat gave you a black eye.

    Just… trust me on that one.

  280. Happy birthday Jenny – it makes me happy that my oldest son was able to spend Christmas (which is birthday) out of jail for the first time since 2009. He gave me his copy of Furiously Happy that I had sent to him while he was incarcerated!

  281. You are my hero! When I read Furiously Happy I realized that I am not alone in my madness! I believe you are my spirit animal…lol. happy birthday and I totally support the idea of snuggling with otters on your birthday!

  282. It makes me happy to tell people who say that mental illness is all in someone’s head that diabetes is all in someone’s pancreas. If they’re going to state obvious facts, so am I.
    You are funny and inspirational (is following you on twitter and facebook covering all my bases or cyber stalking?) and I hope you had a great birthday.

  283. I saw a birthday card once that read “To my significant otter” – I hope you significant otter is treating you right on your birthday! Many happy returns!

  284. Otters aren’t ,y thing, but penguins are! I want to post a penguin meme here, but can’t figure out how to! LOL Hope you had a great day!

  285. Happy birthday, Jenny! Wishing you joy, peace and love. Thank you for giving us so much of you and your talent. Love you!

  286. Ok, I’ll buy your next book as a birthday present to you, but you owe me a new set of sheets. I was reading “Furiously Happy” in bed last night, next to my sleeping husband, and the giraffe head chapter made me laugh silently so hard that I peed in the bed.

  287. Happy birthday! I’m kinda new to your blog, but I love it. I’m imagining pages of books taped all over your walls, and that is making me happy. So happy birthday to you!

  288. Happy birthday, Jenny! I just preordered “You Are Here” so thank you for having a birthday so that I needed to get you a present which will also be a present for me! You inspire me on a daily basis and have helped me and so many others. You are loved, Birthday Girl. <3

  289. Happy Birthday!! Many things make me happy. Bubble baths, My Little Ponies, Zeldathon, and thunderstorms among them. I hope you have as much happiness as you can handle today, and that it sticks with you for a long time.

  290. Happy birthday, Jenny! Reading your books helped me start to live again after my husband passed, and I can never thank you enough for it. Let’s pretend this never happened made me burst out laughing for the first time since he died, and it was an amazing blessing. Thank you, from the bottom, top and all other sides of my heart. I adore you!

  291. Leaving my Christmas tree up waaayyy after Christmas, eating halls cough drops even when I’m not sick, naps. Happy Birthday! !!!!!!

  292. Happy birthday, Jenny! Thanks for the gifts you give to us, your readers, so often: light in a sometimes very dark world, laughter from recognizing ourselves in your quirkiness, and a sense of belonging to a community of people who aren’t afraid to be real with each other. I hope you got to stay happy. I wish you a pile of playful sea otters (but not armed with rocks because who knows) and extra seratonin for when you need it.

  293. I have many awesome people on my twitter feed now because of the Bloggess Tribe, so you literally are responsible for so many smiles each and every day that you never even know about. But not in the creepy way that kind of almost sounded… I hope you had a wonderful birthday and know that you are incredibly loved! <3

  294. Birthday wishes! I love @TheDailyOtter twitter feed – like the Kardashians but cuter.

  295. I forgot to say I bought your other books and have your coloring book preordered. What makes me happy? Little white lights even when it’s not Christmas; See’s chocolates; my Yorkiepoo; kittens; having a stack of new books to read; Prismacolor colored pencils; hot cinnamon black tea with milk and sugar; lighting candles just because.

  296. What makes me happy? Kids, specifically my brother’s kids. At almost 50 I don’t feel responsible for a pet, let alone a child. But my kid brother and his wife cranked out 3, adopted q, and are expecting a new one. Watching them be assholes, or sweathearts, or conmen, or team mates… basically becoming people, is the BEST!

  297. I’m happy because my daughter is visiting and staying several more days than she normally does. And I’m happy to be able to pre-order your new coloring book at a discount and know that it will arrive on release day and I’ll probably forget so it will be a wonderful surprise! Happy Birthday you funny, crazy, generous, truly remarkable woman!

  298. Am failing to see why it would be bad to look like any one of those otters. They look like they are made of joy. Happy birthday, thank you for your words and I hope that you may always find joy, even if you only have one rock to juggle.

  299. Every year I forget that we share this day. And then you remind me. I also love otters…come back to SF and you can go to the Monterey Aquarium and see the coolest otters ever (all girls at the moment, which, cool). Happy birthday to us!

  300. Happy Birthday! My husband juggles. A couple years ago for Christmas when I asked what he wanted he seriously picked out some “nice” juggling balls and juggling clubs. It’s pretty impressive but also a little annoying because he is always picking up random objects and tossing them in the air.

  301. Happy birthday! I just wanted to say I love your books… a lot. I have fought mental illness since i was 3, my poor mother did her best but rarely did she ever find a good way to help. It wasn’t until PTSD was added to my list that I got into counseling and now I have the perfect psychiatrist for me (it only took 10 years to find him! Lol). Chemical assistance has always been difficult for me to come to terms with but since reading your books, I’m trying again and I have my fingers crossed that we will find the right ones this time. I promised myself I wouldn’t stop trying, for my son’s sake. Anyway, I love you and I hope you’ve had a fantastically wonderfully mad day!

    This is a video that always makes me laugh even when I hate that it does 🙂

  302. We share a birthday Jenny, and damn I wish I’d thought to ask for juggling balls. Have a great day 😊

  303. Happy, Happy Birthday Wordsmith Jenny 🙂
    YES go see the otters…they need you to fuss over them to help them recover from crying-in-terror child tourist types freaking out the poor critters.
    I loath my December birthday with all my heart. So, I think your serotonin is doing pretty good behaving itself…@ least from where I’m squinting @ it 😉
    Hugs, hugs, hugs, melissa

  304. Happy birthday Jenny! I’m happy that you got surprise brightness for your birthday. Also that I got to see otters at the national zoo playing in a bucket of ice water a couple years ago. Also I was a little jealous because I didn’t realize how hot spring in DC can be and was dressed in long pants!

  305. Truthfully the thing that is guaranteed to make me smile, every time, is your extra “frozen ball” chapter, in your first book. You are my savior from sadness.

  306. Don’t feel bad, I can’t juggle either. I have little hands, and can’t hold all the balls. If we ever meet, we can totally just hang out and not juggle. Hope your birthday is a happy one 🙂

  307. Happy Birthday, Jenny! I got up the courage to go by myself 200 miles to one of your book signings, and it was the start of a year of travels like I have never done before – Missouri, Tennessee, South Carolina and North Carolina, all by myself. I give you the credit for getting that started – THANK YOU!

  308. Happy Birthday! Today I was in an antique shop in Payson (Arizona) and they had numerous items of taxidermy, and I thought of you, but it was all really GOOD taxidermy and nothing was unusual or interesting, so I also thought “The Bloggess won’t think this is interesting,” but I took some pictures anyway, because the elk head (sixteen point) was REALLY cool. We took our dog out into the woods and found an elk skeleton but I didn’t have my phone with me so I couldn’t get any pictures of THAT.

    The other day we saw a coyote wandering in a residential area of Phoenix, near a park, right in the middle of town. Our dog was interested in that, too, but, well, he’s a dog.

  309. Happy Birthday Jenny. I bought your book “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened”. I actually wanted “Furiously Happy” but it was sold out on Amazon (Canada). Well done! I’ll get it for my birthday which isn’t til May.
    I can’t thank you enough for being so wonderfully weird. It helps to accept my own discomfort.
    You rock!

  310. Dear Jenny,
    A while a go you had written about your red dress project. I was going through a particularly difficult time in my life when I read your article. It inspired me to work on my photography. This year, I finally got up the nerve to print out some of my photos and give them to friends as gifts. The were a hit. Thanks to you. Happy Birthday.

  311. it makes me happy to come and read your writing!!! you’re hilarious and I love you 🙂 There! I said it! It’s true!!!!
    Happy birthday!!!

  312. Happy Birthday! Here is how awesome you and your writings are–I own all of your books, have made my 20 person book club read them and suggest them to everyone who asks for a good read! I was given my very own Beyoncé (she’s smaller) after making everyone I know read that post. She has made several moves and is part of the family. My daughter asked for a giant squid stuffed animal after we read the post about yours. We’re just down here in Houston wanting to join in more of your shenanigans (I use that word often enough that predictive text offers it at the first “n.”)🎉🍰🍩🍭🍰🎉

  313. Happy Birthday! Hope you are feeling better. I was in the hospital a few days before Christmas, but everything is fine and I got to have a wonderful holiday with my husband, kids and future daughter-in-law. It was very, very low key and was perfect! Oh, and I got this really great calendar for Christmas!! /Users/dolly/Desktop/Screen Shot 2016-12-29 at 7.28.11 PM.png

  314. Wow, so many posts! What a great thing to be able to touch so many lives in a positive way. Happy Birthday and all the unBirthdays in between. I remember the movie adaptation of “Ring of Bright Water” and absolutely loving the otters. It competed with “Born Free” for the most tears of sad-happiness when I was younger. In more recent years, I’ve found myself to be more partial to Bactrian Camels (two humped) after seeing “The Weeping Camel” and being given a reality check about life for a different culture. Plus, Camels are one of the few animals that move unilaterally instead of bilaterally (cats as well). I guess most animals make me happy to be around them. So, whether or not you get to snuggle with otters, if you at least get to snuggle with your pets, I’d call that good.

  315. Jenny, you make me laugh out loud when I read your books and that is a rare treat. I hope you have a creative year:) Keep writing because I can’t wait to buy your next book.

  316. Happy birthday and happy new year, Jenny! I hope 2017 is better to you and many of us than 2016 was.

    Things that make me happy: You, and otters.

  317. Today, I registered for my own domain name. It was scary because it feels so vain, like, who would want to read that crap? Then, I thought, maybe that is what Jenny Lawson thought when she started. I totally want to read her crap. Everyday. And I even got a Twitter account so I could stalk her real time. Jenny, can I call you Jenny? You make me want to be me. You showed the world you, happy birthday you! During times of depression I wonder if anything is real, or important, or lasting. You are Jenny (if you are going to let me call you that). You and your dead raccoons and your live otters. You, are. Amazing.

  318. Today I got a Pikachu with a Santa hat in Pokemon Go. It made both me and my 5 year old happy.

  319. Happy Birthday, Jenny! I just got “Furiously Happy” and I’m really looking forward to coloring it. Wait, am I doing it right?

  320. Happy Birthday Jenny!! Go snuggle some otters! My best Christmas present this year was your first book. I now have both. And the audio version of Furiously Happy. And I’ve pre-ordered You Are Here. And I may have a folder on my computer full of pictures of your cats and dead animals. Because they make me smile even when depression is lying to me.

  321. If today can’t be a happy day then pick another day next week and let ‘er rip. I’m happy this year is almost over. It’s been a hell of a ride 2016 but you and your dumpster fire of an existence can kiss my ass.

  322. Happy birthday! If you don’t already own Finding Dory, buy it just for the adorable otter scene!

  323. F those orbs of doom! Up with otters! And up with Jenny! My online community makes me happy because I am a lunatic introvert who radically loves people I never met! Bwahahahahaha!

  324. Last night I reread Beyoncé the giant metal chicken and I laughed so hard I hiccuped, my husband eased over to his side of the bed and the cat left in that type of huff that only small furry killing machines can pull off. Happy happy birthday.

  325. Happy Birthday, darling dear one. I’m buying fluffy socks tomorrow and I’m totally getting a pair in your honor. I hope to wear them while juggling rocks.

  326. Happy Birthday Jenny! I hope you enjoy yummy cake. The otter pics made me happy, they are adorable. It only slightly cheered me up while I’m stuck in bed with ‘flu like symptoms’ from cutting back on my dosage of antidepressants.

  327. Beautiful Jenny, blessings and otters to you today and everyday. As I drank coffee from my Beyoncé chicken mug and reviewed my Zazzle order (with Unicorn Success Club snuggle pillow & 2017 calendar shipment notice) I am happy & grateful to be one of your strangelings. Your books and writings are such joy for me, I cheer up even without using my miraculous sunshine lamp dealie. Happy Birthday dear American friend.

  328. We downsized into an RV last year, and this year we finally sold both of the sticks-and-bricks houses that were weighing us down both financially and mentally. We. Are. FREEEEEE!!!

  329. Happy birthday! I’m going to buy a copy of Furiously Happy and take it to Mexico on vacation in January. Last year I snort-laughed/cried through LPTNH and got strange looks from other beach goers.

  330. Have already ordered three copies of your new book Jenny…the happiest of birthdays to you. I mentioned to my daughter this morning that she seemed to be managing her OCD and anxiety very well. She laughed and said “you should see what it’s like in my brain, I’m constantly telling my brain to shut up” or words to that effect. Just a reminder that mental illness isn’t always visible, and the struggle is real.

  331. Wishing you super high seratonin levels for your birthday, and every day. What makes me happy is seeing, or even better, helping, someone go from despair to hope, from stumbling around lost in the dark to taking the hand that is invariably there reaching for them, from wanting to die to looking both ways before they cross the street, and from alone to still alone if that’s what they want, but knowing deep in their heart that they well and truly are not. Happy birthday to my friend I’ve never met but love like a sister.

  332. Somehow I had no idea you lived in San Diego (I live close to Sea World too and refuse to go). Hello and happy birthday from Ocean Beach.

  333. I once spent an hour at the Asian Small-Clawed otter exhibit in the Seattle zoo. AN HOUR. Because the wall was only up to my ribcage. And the otters just kept swimming by, right there. And the zoo had like, a million of them. And having a million otters to yourself is just greedy. And I had a big purse, and these particular otters are small, so… The only reason I wasn’t arrested for otter-smuggling was my boyfriend. He stayed by my side the entire hour and managed to talk me down. This is one of many reasons I’m dating him.

  334. Happy Birthday from me & my dog, Ricky Ricardo, who makes me happy. When I’m sad, he comes to me, sits up like a squirrel, & puts his little hands on my arm or chest. Then he looks deeply into my eyes until I start petting him, which is what he wanted all along. He plays me like a fiddle.

  335. Happy birthday, Jenny. You are the very freakin’ best kind of weird!

    What makes me happy? — Books and art! — and you do BOTH! Go, YOU!

    I am a lucky gal.

  336. Have a wonderful birthday Miss! You continue to inspire and bring joyous racous laughter into my days. Thank you for that and i promise to buy your newest book (already devoured the other two in between roflmao). You are amazing.

  337. Happy Birthday! My sister bought me several of your books for Christmas, and they make me invariably happier than Charlie Sheen with a bag of coke and lockable closets, so I should be good for this birthday and next year too, right? Or maybe last year? Is there such a thing as a birthday book grandfather clause? We should look into this.

  338. Happy Birthday! And what makes me happy is an anime called Yuri!!! On Ice, I highly recommend it.

  339. Happy Birthday, Jenny! I was going to buy a book for your birthday, but that fell through. I went to pre-order You Are Here on Kindle, because I already have the other two, but you can’t pre-order the Kindle version. I don’t buy actual books much any more, because shipping to New Zealand is outrageous. Which you already know, because you sent me the copy of Furiously Happy on CD that I won. (By the way, you sound much perkier and less sarcastic than I had imagined. And, I am loving the book immensely.)

    So, I will share what makes me happy:
    *my crazy, adorable, funny cats
    *when my monarchs come out of their chrysalises
    *beautiful scenery
    *cute animal pictures on the Internet
    *a message from one of my kids
    *baby elephants frolicking about, chasing birds or butterflies, with their trunks swinging wildly because they haven’t learned to control them yet
    *your blog

    Hope your birthday has been fantastic!

  340. Anything that involves cake is a happy day. And books. There’s nothing better than cake and books. And juggling. Cake and books and juggling. Maybe all three at once.

    Happy days to you, sweet soul!

  341. Happy Birthday! I drop things and fall off chairs all the time. You are a bright light for many people!

  342. Happy Birthday! I am getting a 3 day weekend and I will be spending it playing with my dog. My life has been way too peopley so I am pretending I am a hernit. My dog Bella Bean makes me happy! I hope your happiness bubble stays in place.

  343. Happy birthday, Jenny! Wishing you an awesome day, and a most excellent 2017. Thanks for all you do, and the very many laughs you have given me (in the best possible way) x

  344. Happy birthday Jenny! I would say that I would go out and buy one of your books, but I’ve already read Let’s Pretend this Didn’t Happen a few years ago and am currently reading Furiously Happy. I can’t tell you how much I love your books. They literally make my day while reading them, especially since I’m from Christoval and because we know Henry. He took my older two children turkey hunting the first time they ever went a few years ago, and this is my youngest with Henry, I mean Santa this Christmas. This photo makes me happy! lol

  345. Things That Make Me Happy
    A List for Jenny’s Birthday!

    seeing all kinds of couples when I’m out in public
    telling dogs to get a job
    putting together cute outfits
    day-dreaming in the shower
    contradicting myself for the pleasure (like saying I’m on a dating hiatus but then having met someone)
    making bad jokes on twitter
    listening to your audiobooks after a weird day
    my ssri
    being a happy loner who has amazing friends

  346. Happy Birthday, Jenny! After reading your tribute to Carrie Fisher the other day, I wanted to say thanks to you for being an inspiration to so many people. I first heard of you when I saw LPTNH, and was immediately drawn by the hilarious-looking taxidermied mouse. The book was fantastic, and then Furiously Happy, more fantastic. I only got a home computer last year (I’m a bit of a Luddite) but one of the best things I did was sign up for notifications of you posting your blog. I’m so happy when I read anything you write (and thanks for having the archives so I could see what I’d been missing for all those years!). This year has been very hard, for so many people. I have had so many rotten things happen to me, and many of my closest people, I almost feel this year is jinxed. You have made many of my days happy, as well as all the pictures of your pets (Dorothy Barker is the happiest-looking dog EVER). Seeing my son’s depression finally under control after many bad years makes me happy, and music is my own personal coping mechanism when not much else works. I am so amazed by how many wonderful followers you have collected, and the sense of community that happens here. Best wishes on your birthday and the coming year. And hoping you get all the otter hugs you so richly deserve. ❤️

  347. Had to take my narcissistic mother out for her birthday today.

    No joke: the restaurant we went to. Had only one booth open. It had a TAXIDERMIED BLACK BEAR in the booth. My mom ate her birthday dinner next to a black bear.

    Happy birthday!

  348. Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday!
    You wanna know something that makes me happy? Baby goats, that’s what. I keep telling you that you should hang out with them, because they are even cuter than otters – for real. Plus, they jump up on stuff and nibble on your hair, which gives the best haircuts ever.
    (One year, my then-four-year-old daughter always hung out with the baby goats while I helped the other mama goats give birth, and I kept hearing her giggle. When I checked on her, she was on the ground with the straw and goat poop and baby goats, and they kept jumping on her, which she loved. Later, I noticed that her hair looked weird, and at first I thought it was just slime from the baby goats’ mouth. But then I realized the goats actually chewed her hair, which cut it all fuzzy).
    So go hang out with a goat or two.

  349. Happy bday Jenny! I got us a chicken for the front porch. Her name is Mildred and while she appears to be a rooster she is in fact a chicken. My wiseacre sons have decided she is “poultry fluid” with regard to her gender identity. Nevertheless she’s a bad ass just like us. Smooches , p

  350. Happiest Happy Birthday to you! We don’t juggle but we had a snowball fight in the house Christmas Eve. We live in Florida so It was adorable fake snowballs, but still lots of family fun!