And you can tell everybody that is your song…

Yesterday I wrote about how 2017 is going to be The Year of the Pillow Fort and you were all in so we’re gonna need a bigger fort, or probably just good internet connectivity since most of us are too introverted to leave our own homes. And in the spirit of encouraging ridiculous laughter about very stupid things no one else gets, I’d like to nominate this as our song of the year.

Turn down your speakers if you work in an office. Or turn them way up because it might mask the sound of you laughing hysterically. It might just be me.

PS. Victor says it probably is just me, and he’d appreciate it if I stopped blasting this song and doing the robot in his office while he’s on conference calls but I believe in sharing the magic.  Also, I’m not doing the robot.  I’m doing The Cabbage Patch.  Just, really, really badly.

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  1. This is for Victor — Victor, we totally appreciate your hanging in here with Jenny. We kind of collectively pick on you, in your role as a foil to craziness, but really, you rock! Thank you!

  2. This song may be just the inspiration I need to get a new job! Kidding to my boss who also follows you. Really. Just kidding.

    Perhaps you can arrange Victor’s next conference call so they’re playing the song on the other end too.

  3. That pause right around the 2 minute mark. Just when you think it’s done, and starts back up again. Genius. Crying from laughter.

  4. I have to ask… how do your animals feel about this fantastic cacophony of madness? 🙂

  5. I love you, I love Britney and I love this Toxic arrangement. Nomination approved!

  6. This reminds me of when I was a kid and my mom bought me a recorder at a fair… biggest mistake she ever made.

  7. NOT THE RECORDER! PLEASE!! Memories of my daughter’s 4th grade music class concert! Flashbacks, twitching, ear drums wincing!!! Grabbing support animals NOW! 😵

  8. Seriously (almost as bad as starting a sentence with honestly or literally), your daily blog is an inspiration. Yesterday, I didn’t get out of my pillow fort enough to write.

  9. Great. Now that we’ve lined up a distinctive and inspiring anthem, who’s gonna perform it during Super Bowl Half-Time show? We’re all obviously otherwise tied up with the new construction (Since the world really needs some balance, maybe “Bloggess Towers”? Something in multicolored cotton, pet hair, and smelling like bed-head). Maybe someone could reach out to Mariah Carey? For some reason, I feel like this might be in her wheel house…

  10. “I love you, but you don’t know what you’re talking about” -Moonlight Kingdom.

    I say that to my husband every time he won’t get with the program.

  11. It may be called shittyfluted, but to me, it sounds a lot more like shittykazooed. I wonder though if the London Philharmonic has a copyright on their version of shittykazooed?

  12. This is awesome. [Disclaimer: I have no idea what it’s SUPPOSED to sound like, which probably detracts from some of its awesomeness.]

  13. This reminds me of my recorder playing days. I think this mirrors how my version of “Mary Had a Little Lamb” went down. I can’t see past my tears…I’m laughing so hard.

  14. I think this is an excellent theme song, but for the protection of all ears I suggest we only play it on the high holidays.
    Also, if you dance while pretending you’re C3PO, every dance is the robot.

  15. This is hilarious.It sounds like drunken kazoo players got together to each play a different song simultaneously.

  16. Thanks for the giggles
    That is almost as good as this…

    Which would also be an amazing “remix” theme song!
    I love how totally warped your brain is!

  17. This is totally the best and the worst thing I have ever heard….combined! I love it. Theme song approved!

  18. My daughter starts recorder soon (Why, fourth grade music teacher, why?) so I imagine my house will be sounding a lot like this. Shittyfluted.

  19. Earbuds at work be praised. My co-workers already wonder why I laugh randomly in an office that is library quiet….. kinda eerie here to be honest……. just silence, typing, and my random giggling….. thank you.

  20. Oh my fucking whatever!! Jenny, I so get you right now!! Course I did just find some pot in an old purse, but thank you for the laugh. Ya know, my boyfriend has tried to get me to believe that his “what I know as a hicky–that I didn’t make” is actually a bruise” lol

  21. I remember learning the recorder in Grade 5–that’s what our class sounded like. Then I took up the bagpipes in high school for a short time, and I sounded like that screaming goat…

  22. My dog did not appreciate it, but, she’s not really been paying attention to current events. I choose to shield her from that part of life.

  23. My dog did not even react. I’m thinking I’ve desensitized her with my shower singing:). Thanks for the laugh, Jenny!

  24. ohmyfuck, i just hit my head when i doubled over laughing. hilarious!
    and now i pray:
    dear lord, thank you for the internet. and the bloggess! xo

  25. I had to unplug my headphones so my daughter could hear what I was laughing at, I was laughing too hard to explain.

  26. My cats just ran from my bed when the video started and are now giving me hurt and angry looks but I’m laughing too hard to soothe them! 😂😂

  27. I was thinking more along the lines of the Tom Lehrer songbook for my theme song. This one sounds too much like someone is DEcomposing!

  28. I pulled a muscle in my back and it hurts to laugh, but omg!!! Reminds me of my own shittyflute experiences in public school – did everyone have to learn that?

  29. This is perfect! Hard to feel down when you listen to that! Plus… Shittyflute has done a ton of other songs! I think it’s my favourite YouTube channel!

  30. That is either the worst song I have ever heard OR a brilliant satire. Either way, my esteem for Britney Spears has jumped fairly high into positive territory. And the song does seem like it will fit perfectly with what anybody but the alt-right thinks will happen after Jan. 20. Another spot-on post by the greatest Jenny of all.

  31. I might have to sneak off to the employee bathroom to listen to this and dance. I need something to get me through.

  32. Oh my farting goat god! Not only was I laughing so hard big fat tears were rolling down my face (which was JUST what I needed since I just got back in from a run and it’s cold and oogie out there and all that rushing wind hurt my ears. Ow) but both of my cats came over to investigate the strange noises coming out of my Chromebook and Bella (my female) gave me that look like “MAWM! What the shit? Seriously, mawm? WHAT. THE.SHIT?”

  33. I didn’t realize if you clicked on one video and then the other (in this instance shittyflute and the pat Metheny vid) it would play them both at the same time. Took me a moment to realize I was listening to both mixed together. Uh, it certainly improved one of the tunes at least. : )

  34. So So Funny, but also painful (in that it reminds ALL of us of elementary school); I was grateful that when I clicked on the comments, it ceased playing (which means I have to go back to listen to the whole thing, because apparently, I missed some good shit).

    I DO also love the screaming goats compilation. THAT was a hoot… or a howl… or, well, something else.

    So Pillowforts and Toxic and Wine Slushies, OH MYYYYY!

  35. I read the title and thought you were going to tell me Elton John died. Not that I’m disappointed that he’s not dead (because I’m not a horrible person and Crocodile Rock isn’t bad enough to warrant a death sentence) but I was all braced and now my ambivalance has nowhere to go.

  36. OMG, Yes, absolutely the perfect music for this administration! I listened to the whole thing and laughed all through it, because by an amazing coincidence just this morning I bought a recorder and a little how-to book because they say old people need to learn a musical instrument or their mind matter will shrink, so now I know what to expect from myself.

  37. This is the greatest, and I’m pretty sure I can reach this level of musical talent 😂😂😂

  38. My husband says that is wrong and bad, while tapping his feet
    To the music!
    Maybe they could just play this at the innoguration?

  39. How is god’s white and snowy earth did you find this mess? It reminds me of a Hindu temple that I went to where they have this piece of electric equipment that blast this thing throughout the temple complex. It’s going to stick with me until I listen to Cat Dreams on Spotify (yes, that’s a real playlist!).

  40. I had to actually stop it because the cats were going bonkers. LOL. That cracked me right up. XD Thanks for that laugh, Jenny. Damn, that was hilarious.

  41. It is sort of like listening to a 4th grade band concert. But not as good.

  42. My cats unanimously decided that this song CANNOT be played in our home. Although it seems to be fairly representative of the 2017 shit show.

  43. This type of music is why I decided to be a music therapist and NOT a music educator! Can you imagine a classroom full of off-key 9 year olds playing things like this? I can. I lived it for a short time before dropping Music Ed as part of dual major! Now I can enjoy things like this instead of living it!

  44. When I first read about this, I wasn’t wearing my glasses, and thought 2017 would be “The Year of the Blanket Fart”. I’m so glad I was wrong!

  45. I don’t even remember what my life was like before I heard shittyfluted pop songs.
    Mainly because of the shittyringing in my ears causing remarkable brain fog.

  46. My cat ran over to see if she could smother the noise with her body. It didn’t work……..I’m still dancing!

  47. I have the volume off cause I’m in a coffee shop and they have their own music going, but I’m still laughing at your post. I’m guessing it’s funnier than the video, but I guess I could give Brittany a chance.

  48. I did not think I was going to laugh…and then I did. I may have snort-laughed. Did not expect to be so entertained.

  49. Crying. I thought the 20th Century Fox theme shittyfluted was the funniest thing I’d ever heard. Our new theme song is the closest of possible seconds, maybe even a tie. But if we need a great big show opener. . .

  50. This is my first exposure to shittyflute and I swear I almost had an aneurysm I was laughing so hard! There are not enough thank you’s in the world for me to adequately express my gratitude. You are my queen!

  51. Rumor is Trump has slated this as the theme song for his celebratory one-man show on 01/20/2017. Many performers including Ted Nugent and one of the college marching bands will cover this with choreography by “Liltle Hands Kanye West” and “William Louis Smooth-Moving Rudy Giuliani.”

  52. Yesterday your post made me cry, because I just ended a relationship the day before Christmas so everything makes me cry, and I so needed your pillow fort and animals. Today, though, I laughed my ass off, first with the shittyfluting, then with everyone else’s contributions (I still can’t stop giggling at those screaming goats). I love reading your blog, and being able to read all the comments without worrying about reading any negative shit just adds to the pleasure. Thanks for the safe place, Jenny.

  53. Is it okay that my 17 year old son liked this as much as I did? I haven’t laughed so long since seeing Stephen Wright live in the 80’s man. This is an awesome fort!!

  54. That song is pure gold!! But how is that not scaring your cats? Mine is now nowhere to be seen, lol.

  55. I don’t normally commment.. but was listening to this at the breakfast table and my own year old daughter said “what is that Horrible noise?” And did not understand when I broke out in hysterical laughter. Thank you for getting my days off to an awesome start!

  56. You know what makes me really upset? It took quite a while but I just finished reading your entire archives. Having first read the books. Twice each. What am I going to do with my life now?

    (You’re the best person ever. Please don’t change. Except the depression bits. Fuck those.)

  57. Seriously Victor…how in the world can you mistake the Cabbage Patch for the Robot? Clearly you need a lesson in 80’s dancing.
    And, for what it’s worth, I teach the Cabbage Patch to my daughter and her friends, who roll their eyes every time. I say…you can never know too much shit.

  58. That was fun. Just before I read this post I was driving my long commute, and I finished listening to Neil Young, who was kind of bringing me down, so I put on Angelique Kidjo, one of the most high energy performers I’ve ever seen, and immediately I had a smile on my face.

  59. Hilarious! Thank goodness I keep earphones in my office desk. It takes confidence to play that badly. As my oldest daughter says about her childhood (she is now 30), “You can make anything a projectile if you just have confidence in yourself.” Obviously we were not helicopter parents.

  60. oops! You are my hero for the Vampire Brotherhood post. This one’s good, but that’s what I meant to comment on.

  61. Wow. Ok. I shared with friends and coworkers. And I laughed throughout the entire video. As a former clarinet player, this is how everything sounds. Awesome!

  62. I will retreat to my current earworm, Ida Maria’s “I like you so much better when you’re naked (I like me so much better when you’re naked).” With her “Cherry Red” for a palate cleaner.

  63. I really need to not be drinking coffee when I click play on these videos! I laughed so hard I cried. Then went on a ShittyFlute bender.

  64. hahaha….. I am at work, but have headphones. So, now I am laughing out loud hysterically, and my coworkers have no idea why. Although, come to think of it, this isn’t that much different than any other day…

  65. I have an ear infection, so I could only listen for about 30 seconds before the pain became unendurable. LOL

  66. OMFG. It’s January 20th. THAT DAY. And I’m not in the greatest mood and I realized I was behind on reading your blog and knew that would cheer me up. This shittyflute video has just turned my whole day around. So ridiculous! I’m laughing so hard!

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