Hey. Let’s be friends.

So, I’ve had quite a few people lately reach out and say that they sometimes feel alone because there aren’t enough weirdos near them and they wish they could connect more to others in this community but they don’t know how.


And that makes sense because a great many of us here (including myself) are awkward introverts…






….and so making friends on the internet is a goddam miracle.


And it’s  awesome because on the internet you can find people who are weird in the same strange way you are.


There’s probably an easier way of doing this but let’s try this.  Want to get connected with other people who are awesome, broken and weird enough to think this place is not horribly offensive?  FUCK YEAH I DO!  Oh wait.  Sorry.  I answered myself.


If you want to make some new friends just leave a comment with your twitter handle or Facebook link and say something about yourself.

I’ll start.  I’m Jenny and I’m a writer.  I’m afraid of people and I like cat videos.  When I get depressed I hide so don’t be mad if I disappear sometimes.  I’m on Facebook here but I’m on twitter way more so here’s the link to me.

Let’s be friends?


And even if you aren’t on social media, know that you’re a part of the community and not alone.  I’m sending you hugs.  A variety of different ones depending on what you are personally comfortable with.








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PS. When I was looking for gifs this one came up under “I feel lonely.”  I thought I should share.


Love you.

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  1. Hi, all! I’m Adrienne. I love Doctor Who, pretty much any version of Sherlock Holmes from the last decade or so, and…a lot of other things on tv. I watch a lot of tv. I work in a library and when I’m not doing actual work, I’m looking at cute animals on Instagram. I live in Ithaca, NY, and since I’m an introvert and never leave home except to go to work and Wegmans, I never meet anybody. I’m https://www.facebook.com/adrienne.cook.9 if you’d like to add me, whether you live in the area or not.

  2. Greetings. I’m Cassie. I’m also on the tweeter @runsonbooks. I sometimes blog at http://runsonbooks.co, but sometimes I don’t for a while because I get too petrified by the world to do anything more than sit on the couch and play Cookie Cats on my iPad or read other blogs or tweets or watch YouTube videos of funny cute things.

    And I feel like a lot of people here just “get it,” and I’d like connecting sometimes with people who get it. No pressure, though.

    Also here offering up virtual hugs.

  3. Hi, I’m Michelle. I work from home in a little tourist town in northern AZ. I don’t see very many people, and I literally know six people that I’ve met in the two years I’ve lived here – and two of them do my nails and hair. I wouldn’t say I’m an introvert, but there’s no question my on-line friends far outweigh my IRL friends. My husband gets tired of being my only friend, but it works most of the time. I love to hike, garden, do homey arts and crafts, and cook. I don’t mind people, I just don’t know how to make friends.

  4. I love the Internet and making friends on social media. I’m hopeless in person. Too shy. But here and on my blog and on Twitter I can be who I want to be.

  5. I love this! Hi, I’m Josh! I go back and forth between “super shy” and “awkwardly enthusiastic” when it comes to people. I’m a writer, a librarian, and a geek. I tweet at @joshuamneff and I have two blogs, including a newer one where I write about my mental health: http://www.goblin-cartoons.com/

    (I’m also on Facebook, but I get nervous when people I don’t really know send me friend requests there.)

  6. I’m not on facebook or twitter, but I am on instagram (@jleroy15)…I also have a website where I talk about surviving cancer, writing things (yes i write about writing), my love for tigers and disney and sometimes my family. come say hi!

  7. I would love some friends. My twitter, I’m on all the time, is lchildre24. I’m a huge Once Upon A Time Fan. #EvilRegals love ice cream 🙂 hippie. So not good at describing myself.

  8. If anyone needs a friend..I’m here..or to talk. The tribe is helpful @runninginterror twitter

  9. I love everything about this post. If you want to check out my blog there’s a link below. On twitter and instagram I’m @KellyandGeoff. I’m in the greater Boston area.

  10. Hi, I’m Lisa and I’m a writer. I write about a lot of things but they mostly focus on being in my twenties with multiple chronic illnesses. I spend a lot of time in bed watching tv and reading when I’m sick. Would love to connect with theta in a similar boat, or anyone who loves tv and literature. My Twitter is @MSorsomething and my fb is http://www.facebook.com/damselinadresscanada

  11. Hi, I’m Garrick and I’m crying because I needed this SO HARD. I got pushed out of my job because of my age and because they could hire two younger people with my salary. Find me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/GaryStolz but if you send me a friend request, please send a comment that you’re responding to this post.

  12. Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening

    My name is Dann. But some people call me Dann. Freelance Writer, Author of a book, bass player, animal advocate. Coffee, tea, wine and beer are all perks of life. Portlandia is the funniest thing on television, and Tom Petty is a friggin genius.


  13. The one with all the hugging of the monitors? That’s me.
    Twitter me: @akamonty
    facebook me: facebook.com/shannon2

    Single mom, hermited by a kid with multiple, severe disabilities – I relish any adult conversation (which is mostly always online only). I’m shy in crowds, I don’t smalltalk, and suffer bouts of depression and anxiety.
    I’m mostly unhorrible but have my moments. #ExcellentFriendshipMaterial

  14. Hi. I’m Liz; I knit (and basically every other needlecraft ever?), I try to write but am super bad at being consistent about it, I’m militant about equal rights for all until I have to lie down and recover for a month at a time…also I am a fat hot mama of 1, and I have three cats. Super love people, so long as it’s through a screen and not, like… right here in front of me. That’s scary.

    I’m Yarngeek on twitter and instagram & a bunch of other places I don’t use, and I have yarngeek dot com, though again…super bad about consistently writing there. I have depression & anxiety, & my spouse is bipolar type 2, plus my stepson w traumatic brain injury & PTSD from his stint with the U.S. Army in Afghanistan, so…it’s basically a party all the time at my house, is what I’m saying.

    Here’s what I know: I love you guys. Thank you, Jenny, always, for being you, and for this space where somehow we all fit.

  15. I’m Riah, my twitter is at @moriahgemel and my blog posts here on WordPress are totally depressing and awful! But I’m okay.

  16. Hello new friends. I’m Caroline, @xcarex on the twitters and the instagrams. I have pink hair, 2 cats, I work at a museum, I like taxidermy and plastic dinosaurs. I mostly post about silly life stuff and fandom things (and my cats). I’m also in the midst of wedding planning so people who are also dealing with that nonsense would be nice to meet.

  17. Hi I’m Michael a.k.a. @CardinalBiggles on Twitter. First, I just want to say thank you to the 2 individuals who sent me Jenny’s books during the 2nd Annual Booksgiving. I did on Amazon but not sure if they went through. Something about me: I flunked out of nursing school and I’m currently in therapy because of it. YAY.

  18. Hi. I’m Jimmie. I seem like an extrovert, and I have to act like one quite often, but I’m not. It seems like I have a lot of friends, but I don’t. That should sound sad, but it’s not. I’m a writer of short stories who has yet to publish anywhere but at jimorama.com and I muddle on Twitter at @JimmieWrites. Come over and say Hi. I’ll say hi back! I’m like that. 🙂

  19. I’m Carol, an introvert who lives with three dogs in Denver. I can be found on Instagram @abikingviking. This week the feed will be filled with pictures of quilts and Savannah, Georgia because I’m going to QuiltCon.

  20. I’m Alan. I’m a librarian in Maryland. I read a lot and watch a lot of TV. Outside of my family and a very small group of friends(counted on one hand with fingers left over) I don’t really talk to people away from work. I’m not really good at making friends away from the computer. I’m on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/jalansimpson Twitter at https://twitter.com/theycallmetater and I blog at https://theycallmetater.com/ I post a lot on Facebook, not much on Twitter. I generally leave my Facebook public, so you don’t need to actuall friend me to see what I post.

  21. My name is Jasminder. I love philosophy and writing. I’m socially awkward, a very angry person, and love to hear other people’s stories. Share yours with me on Twitter @Reborn_Girl and I’ll share mine.

  22. Love you so much, Jenny. Thank you for what you do, and all of the other folx who respond here, hugs to all of you!!

  23. Search Bloggess Pals as a group on FB. Over 1000 weirdos make up this living, comforting, amazing tribe!

  24. Hi All. I’m Joy, a depressed anxiety-ridden sensitive sponge who has an Olympic gold medal in taking things out of concept. I’ll talk about just about anything (save for peacocks, because fuck those guys), and I’m just looking to make connections and maybe make you smile/laugh sometimes (probably against your will, you have been forewarned). You can find me on twitter @JoyPearson which is probably the easiest place to make contact me, as I’m rarely on FB these days. You can also read my blog wandlesswanderer.com if you want to read more about the rats’ nest that is my mind. BTW I seem like a big talker with a lot of confidence, but I’ll honestly start crying at the hint of hostility, so don’t be afraid of me.

  25. Hi! Ashley here. Lurker on the blog and such for years, but finally coming around to making friends. Mom of 2 incredible boys, wife, knitter (well, trying to be…), student, reader, socially a bit awkward, and in desperate need of a nap most days. Battling depression and anxiety since my younger son was born (a little over 5 years) and seem to be on the upside of it now. Renewed passion for life at the age of 32.
    Twitter: @ashley_kilbane
    Instagram: irishboys4me
    Facebook: Ashley Kilbane

  26. Hi. I’m Michelle. I retired very young due to spinal problems and spend a lot of time alone. I am an introvert but I do like people, with reservations. I’m a big, big fan of Jenny’s. I’m on Facebook mainly, Michelle Welborn Young. Friend me and leave a message that you’re not a troll. Thanks.

  27. @laurelpaig on twitter. Too much pressure to say something witty and sarcastic, so I’ll be weird and silent over here in the corner.

  28. Hi, I’m Erin. I live in a small town in western NY. I suffer from depression, anxiety and awkwardness. My husband left me 2 years ago and I’m not sure I will ever recover so I watch a lot of Netflix (currently binging on Call the Midwife). I don’t have any actual friends. I love Dr Who, David Tennant and writing. I’m on Facebook as Erin Howe. Love to you, Jenny.

  29. Can we do Instagram? I’m almost never on twitter because I’m too lazy to look up my password and connect it to my Instagram… I almost primarily post pics of my animals and my baby. But they are all adorable so that’s ok. My Instagram name is theonlyaras
    I’m Sara, I have bipolar disorder and anxiety. It makes me happy to read memoirish books by people who are slightly off like me. Jenny and David Sedaris are my favorites. Should I have used a comma there? Am I implying that Jenny’s last name is Sedaris? I’m paranoid about commas. I also hate it when someone ends something with ellipses. It makes me think they’re passive aggressive.

  30. Hi, I’m @bunnyhuffer on Twitter. I swear a lot, write some stuff people say is worth reading, complain about politics and my job (which are sometimes related), and have a soft spot for kids and other fuzzy critters. I can be a tough nut to crack, but I’m better than a macadamia once you get inside.

  31. I’m Vern and I live in Springfield, OR. I like playing on my computer, watching movies (I have a large collection) and it’s hard for me to get out most days which is horrible because I need to get out and do some kind of exercise like walking. I suffer from severe depression and meeting people is really hard to do, but I’m a really nice guy and I’m pretty laid back for most things. I’m @vbalbert on Twitter and while I don’t go on Facebook very often I can be messaged on it. Just look for Vernon Balbert. I’m the only one there.

  32. Hi, I’m Angel. I live in NC. I’ve moved back to the east coast from CA where I lived for 20 years. I’m on twitter (@sableazure). I play lots of video games from WoW to Gems of War to many hidden object games. I would like to get back to making chainmail. I have chronic illnesses that keep me from working so I’m online a lot.

  33. Hi …? I’m a biblioholic who writes grants for nonprofits. I live for music, cats, ACC college basketball, the Sonoran desert, the Church of Bloggessianism, and wearing my Ravenclaw lounge pants like it’s my damn job. My Muppet-identifier was always Gonzo or Fozzie.

    Everything scares me (like writing this), for various reasons, which makes my depression lie to me a lot. Some days I’m brave enough to admit it, on a few days I’m able to push past it, and on no days at all do I think I’ll ever stop being terrified of things other people consider normal, or that my brain might let me think of myself with a measure of grace and kindness.

    On the other hand, I’m a member of the 2017 Year of the Pillow Fort Beautifully Broken tribe, I am pretty smart, and I laugh with my whole body. So, I got that going for me.

    I love all y’all.

  34. Hi! I’m one of those people with a thin veneer of competence and success that, if you dig a bit, will reveal an inner core of crazy. I’m an aquatic ecologist, scientist, faculty member, mom, wife, total lefty, and animal rescuer. I struggle daily with a combination of ADD, anxiety, and depression.. plus the usual fraud syndrome. Jenny is one of my heroes and she reminds me that I can be crazy and successful and loved too. Here’s me. https://www.facebook.com/Amanda.Keiter.Rosenberger

  35. Hi! Angelle Conant here. I’m an introvert who loves pranks, Doctor Who, dark chocolate and making stuff. I’m also into New Girl and if you watch it, I’m basically a less outgoing Jess. I’m on Twitter @angelleconant – come join the #bloggesstribe, #thebloggesstribe! We love weirdos!

  36. I’m on Twitter (@Bookish_n_Batty). I spend much of my time hiding from my anxiety in books. I live in Austin, TX. There is a strong correlation between how many dogs I get to snuggle in a day and my mood.

  37. Hey, y’all! I’m on Twitter @LBWoznick. Freelance copy editor and copy writer. Sci fi and fantasy geek. Day dreamer extraordinaire. Shy and Southern.

  38. I’m Meredith and also a writer. I’m afraid of people too, going to such extremes to avoid them as waiting to take my trash out until after dark and holding my breath at the mailbox because stopping that long in the street is risky (for which holding my breath evidently serves some useful purpose). I’m on Twitter @PlentyWoman.

  39. Hi! I’m Elou and I am a weirdo. Pleased to meet you all! I am from Britain and I like pancakes a bit too much. Sometimes I forget to breathe because I don’t want people to look at me. Cue nervous laughter.

    I tweet from http://twitter.com/keychild
    I post too many photos on http://instagram.com/keychilde (and a few others but those are specifically weight loss or actual real photography related).
    I blog about life, books, more books, photography and anything that takes my fancy on http://eloucarroll.com

    I’d love for people to say hello!

    Sending mind pancakes to all of you. Gluten free as required. Substitutes will be made for people who do not like pancakes (but they’re probably not as good as the pancakes because my pancake imagination is superior to all other versions of my imagination).

  40. I’m Kari. I live on the border of North Dakota and Minnesota. Also on the border of crazy and awesome. Sometimes I need other people to tell me which side of that border I’m standing on. I like Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Sherlock, superheroes (especially Wonder Woman and Black Widow), Legos, animals, and drawing, among other things. I used to be fairly active on Twitter but the last few years it’s felt pretty lonely over there so I’m mostly a lurker these days. I’d love to have more tweety friends!
    I’m @karifur on Twitter, @thekarifur on Instagram, and I sometimes blog at karifur.WordPress.com

  41. I love this idea! I’m Larissa and I tweet @b0nb0n80 I’m pretty introverted so I like that I can interact with people without talking on the phone. I’m a sucker for anything Sherlock Holmes themed and I fangirl about Doctor Who and Supernatural and Neil Gaiman.

  42. Why not give it a try…
    My name’s Tomáš and I’m from Slovakia (Eastern Europe).
    I am a student on a grammar school (final year) and I would love to get in touch with enyone willing 🙂
    I love acting and basically everything that has to do with theater.
    I am (newly) on twitter @tomas_estok

  43. I love this! I’m Be. I have depression and anxiety and meeting new people is terrifying. I have a daughter, a son, and a fur-baby and I am on imgur all the time. I would love to meet new “oh dear God I can’t sleep” people. My twitter handle is eos_prime, my tumblr is eosprime, my imgur is EosPrime. I’m sure there are more but my brain is off.

  44. Hi. New to Facebook (Maura Shea) and on Twitter as BeetleGal27-
    Socially awkward and a born again feminist.

  45. Will you be my friend? I rehearsed saying that so it wouldn’t sound creepy. You can’t hear it, but trust me, it wasn’t anywhere near creepy. Love you and your blog!

  46. Oh yay! I’m Stefanie. I’m a novelist and I’m probably the worst person ever at social media-ing: I just remembered I had Twitter a couple weeks ago (@sniderwriter). I have OCD and enough anxiety for thirty people. Talents include hiding from everyone, assuming the worst, and producing vast amounts of heart-thudding adrenaline for absolutely no reason.

    I’m on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/sniderwriter/ — come say hi!

  47. I’m Lauren. I post more political nonsense than I should on Twitter, because it’s the only place free from colleagues or parents of students. I enjoy Doctor Who, Star Trek (TNG and Voyager because everything else is so so bad), and basically anything weird and fantastical. I listen to ghost story podcasts when I’m on plan time and have no students. Oh…I teach music; that’s my day job and also my night job, since I run a private studio after school hours. I play piano, guitar, and uke, plus I sing. I generally dislike most people because they expect me to do things like “hang out” and “go places” and my crippling social anxiety doesn’t allow me to do those things.

    Sorry. I’ve probably said too much about my boring self throws twitter handle at you @lkthompson89

  48. Hey! I’m Suzanne, also known as mydangblog. I write a weekly blog which can be found at the url educationalmentorship.com (it’s not about education or mentoring though–just my weird-ass life lol) and I can be found on Twitter at @mydangblog. Also a member of #BloggessTribe.

  49. Nice! I love this.

    I’m Sophia and I was the second Canadian to ever go inside a volcano. That will probably be my peak. I run on coffee and wine, and my cat is my best friend. I can’t figure out if that last thing is sad or awesome.

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/Talk2Sophie
    FB: https://www.facebook.com/sophia.j.ball

    PS – I sure hope these links don’t make the internet goblin running things behind-the-scenes think I’m a spam comment.
    PPS – It’s clear I have no idea how things work.
    PPPS – I’m okay with it though, cause things are usually more magical in my head.

  50. Loved this last time we did it, met some lovely people without the awkward actual meeting. I’m on twitter @heatherlhs11 I’m a mom, engineer and music fan. My latest daydream involved sneaking home to read a book and take a nap. Thank you Jenny!

  51. Hi, I’m Elaine. I like to make things. I find people exhausting, and just realized this is because I do work/take on assignments for everybody I know. https://www.facebook.com/elaine.ziman.9 I’m not really a tv watcher, but I do enjoy Steampunk and reading and making things out of fabric and yarn. I’m also a miniaturist.

  52. Hi, I’m Michelle. Long time follower of your blog and I love the community that has been built here. I’m super awkward, shy, and suffer bouts of anxiety and sometimes panic attacks. I like to cook and sometimes post stuff on my blog http://www.thatmrsmiller.com. I’m also on Twitter @thatmrsmiller.

  53. I find really hard to make friends, because people usually have the wrong image of me…They think I’m outspoken and angry, and I’m not… I shy and weird. I sufer from generalized anxiety and depression… I also like Doctor Who and David Tennant, dogs, Meryl Streep, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, the band The Doubleclicks and a bunch of other nerdy stuff.

  54. I’m Holly. I suck at describing myself but here we go! I live in Central IL, I like cooking and pop culture and some geeky stuff and true crime (I’m a Murderino). My Facebook mostly consists of pics of my four dogs (I can talk dogs for days. Why yes, I DO want to see pics of your pets!) I have a twitter but I don’t post much there because I don’t really get it. Let’s be friends!
    Twitter: @pitcowmama

  55. I didn’t do this the last time Jenny held an all-call for tribe members, but I’mma do it this time.

    I’m Jess, I’m 36, perennially underemployed, a substitute teacher, freelance journalist, cat lover, tea drunker, Regency Romance reader, Trekkie, Harry Potter fangirl, kindness enthusiast, liberal, aunt, and a damn fine cook. I can be found at @foundinwords over on the Twitter, via the blog linked to my name which I need to update more than I do. Please be my friend.

  56. Hi, I’m Becky or @GeckyBoz on Twitter. Library Assistant by day and Book Blogger for the rest of the day at my blog Bibliognome. I love YA, Science Fiction and a lot of other genres in between. My book choice can veer anywhere from MG, YA, comic books, to anything Fiction or beyond that catches my interest. Oh, and I’m drawn like a moth to a flame to books with superheroes or mermaids.
    I like crafting and glitter galore. I’m not so great at talking to people but I try. 🙂

  57. Hi everyone! I’m Hillary – I’m 35 and divorced with a toddler. I’m a blue liberal living in the southern red state of Georgia. I LOVE horror and Sci Fi, I’ve been working in the veterinary field for over 15 years, I’ve been told I’m eccentric and have always been the weird one – I would love to make friends with some like minded people 😍 If you happen to know any single weirdos that would be awesome too 😉

  58. Hi. I’m Tara. I suck at talking to people. People in general freak me out. I have a suicidal gardening blog called abandonpants (abandonpants.wordpress.com) – (it’s less suicidal now that I have all the drugs). In my spare time I also write and read trashy romance. I am an excellent crocheter, but I’ve kinda gotten tired of that. I only have one or two friends that live in the same town as me and I go months at a time without seeing them. I mostly talk to myself and sometimes internet people. I’m a pretty big nerd, but I love Joss Whedon’s stuff the most.

    Jenny, you and your community of weirdos have been my constant companions for years. <3

  59. Hi, I’m Charmarie! I’m a 36 year old mom of 3 humans (11, 17, and 37…wait, that one’s my husband!), a dog, 4 cats, and 7 sausage cats (ferrets). I live in Spokane, Washington. I am currently a full time student, 2 quarters away from my internship as a medical biller and coder, and I work part time for a few extra pennies sometimes too 🙂 I am a geek and addicted to Doctor Who, Sherlock, and Supernatural to name a few. I also love to read. And eat cake. Omnomnomnom! You can find me on Facebook posting random tampons (that was supposed to say ramblings, but auto incorrect changed it and I find it funnier), pics of my fur babies (the kids don’t like pictures), favorite thoughts/quotes, and lots of memes about the incompetent Commander in Cheeto (if you’re conservative, we probably won’t get along well!). Feel free to send a friend request, I like friends! http://www.facebook.com/charmarie.pitman

  60. I live in Virginia and I tweet @trixie_cats. I work from home and only speak with people on the phone. Love books, cats, “Bones” – an interesting collection of stuff.

  61. I’m Rachael (@SinclairArt on Twitter) and I draw pictures for a living. I like space, sci-fi and supernatural stuff, and coffee. I suffer with depression and GAD, have for as long as I can remember. Sometimes I feel so socially awkward and strange I get physically sick. So… yeah, hi!

  62. Thanks Jenny! 😀

    There’s an awesome group on FB that I’m a member of called Bloggess Pals… y’all should check us out.

    My FB is Taenerys Howlen, and my Twitter is @taeneryst. 😀 I love animals, video games, books, and general nerdity. Dark sense of humour, Game of Thrones fan (obvi) and love making stuff.

  63. Hi! I’m Pati, an introvert who loves to read, watch tv series and movies, but has some anxiety issues. I live in Brazil but feel really out of place here. I would love to make new friends! I’m mostly on tumblr (http://themeetcute.tumblr.com/) and on instagram @paticbarretto.

  64. Hi, my name is Stephen and I’m a novelist and book editor who crawled out from under my desk not so long ago to single-parent my 5-year-old granddaughter (for reasons) and while I am intimately familiar with The Lonely Place I am also keenly aware I probably don’t have the necessary emotional space to befriend others so maybe instead of reaching out you can just think kind thoughts or read my stories (where you’ll meet the me that’s mostly me anyway) and I will retreat to my safe place under the desk at the end of each day feeling slightly less alone.

  65. I am not on any social media, because I don’t have the time or the inclination. its all I can do to live my life, love my kid & husband & not fall apart from depression or anxiety. my favorite thing in the world is to laugh, so I love this blog & all of you followers. so go be social. i’ll just be me, the only way I know how.

  66. Hello! My name is Donna. I will put a few of my links here because I know we all use different means of communication (listed below this small comment). I am in my early 30s, I have one son who is 8. I love doctor who, sherlock, inspector lewis, pretty much anything on the BBC or PBS. I spent a lot of time at home since I have MDD and Social Anxiety Disorder. I had this awesome medication that worked but my husband and i are going to try to get pregnant in a month or so, so I am off all my meds (it sucks but my meds are new and have NO testing that proves they are safe during pregnancy). I am a medical coder who works from home so that kind of hinders any chances of making any friends. I have one amazing friend but she is always busy. I am sort of looking for anyone to chat with. I am also trying to lose weight, and am starting in on a challenge soon if anyone wants to join me! We can back each other up! Um, I am married, and my husband doesn’t quite get my MDD. The other week he complained that I am always depressed…. my son has ADHD and a mood disorder (so he is in special education classes to help with that, plus he has 3 major doctors he sees every other week , to weekly, depending on the doctor.) So life is hectic. But I am looking for some online friends who maybe want to chat about anything 🙂

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/MYONLYSECRET
    Tumblr: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/kaysblackrose

    Sorry I don’t list my Facebook until I really get to know people since that has photos of my family that are more personal, etc.

  67. I’m obsessed with serial killers, books, Doctor Who (10), Sherlock in all forms, quiet dark places and cats. My family is pretty special too. I’m broken and do not like meeting new people. This place is my haven. Thank you Jenny.@BrandeeBob on Twitter and Brandee Lancaster on Facebook.

  68. @mjd1236 I’m a fan. I express my political anger via tweets because I can’t on FB due to clients/job. I love Wonder Woman & small dogs. My kid (anxiety) & I (depression) both have mental health issues, so that can make a fun weekend. Slowly starting to realize we’re all normal, but with twirks.

  69. I’m Michelle and I’m a hermit. The past five years has been a series of unfortunate incidents, including sunshine trying to kill me with their car, by accident. My main joy is being alone, or left alone when there are people about, and Pintrest where I save all the weird memes about being introverted.

    My best pins are “Just.. me” and “Sarcasm, my favorite”. On Pintrest, I’m J Roberts from Yukon, Oklahoma

  70. Hi, I’m trillie. I come here because I like to hide from the real live humans outside. I am sometimes on Twitter, though it confuses me. I’m @trillz0r there, because a long time ago numbers were cooler than letters, except for the letter Z, which ruled them all.

  71. Hi I’m Mandi and I like wine, my dog, and starting too many crochet projects (4 blankets on the go right now) so that I can have a reason (other than washing my hair) to stay at home and hang out with my dog. I’m generally not a fan of people, I’m probably too paranoid (thank you catfish, true crime, and letsnotmeet) and I usually find myself in uncomfortable conversations where my humour is not appreciated (I’m super funny on the inside. Seriously, guys…) and I find the best way to overcome those pesky uncomfortable silences is to talk more. A lot more.

    Find me on Facebook here: https://m.facebook.com/mandi.chmelyk?ref=bookmarks

  72. Hi everyone! I’m Angie.. You can find me on Twitter @NerdyLibraryMe and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/LoveMySadiebug

    I’m kind of political. I work at a library, where I’m really good at pretending to like people. Mostly I strongly dislike them behind my smile. I have very few friends because I’d rather hide at home. But I love the idea of friends on social media!

  73. I followed everyone I could find. I’m @MajorBedhead on Twitter. My account is locked because I have a crazy stalker step-monster, but if you send me a request, I’ll accept it.

    I swear a lot, I rant about politics, and I sometimes post pictures of my cats.

  74. I’m kelcy and I’m a phd student, it takes over my life. I like to run and i’m too petrified of running with a group to join the running community and I like you internet people more. I’m at twitter at @kelcybrunner

  75. Your GIFS crack me up!
    I am Sarah. I like to write and take pictures. I open up really easily to people and then am disappointed by their lack of loyalty to me, which then makes me even MORE introverted. I have anxiety and chronic depression, but neither define me! I love my puppy ’cause even though he’s an asshole, he loves me relentlessly. Check out my blog at https://thompsonhouseblog.wordpress.com/

  76. @Ballpit_Gangsta on twitter
    Lover of all things cheese and dessert. Champion of rescue dogs and cats. Forever Awkward.
    Usually buried under blankets and cats with a pile of books and a large cup of coffee. Voracious reader, especially murder mysteries, YA, dystopian, sci-fi.
    Favorite things: Sherlock, TWD, Fallout, DC and Marvel, L&O SVU, Criminal Minds, Dr. Horrible, Cinder series, Alan Bradley, Hugh Howey, Kathy Reichs, Camilla Läckberg, Annelie Wendeberg, Jenny Lawson!! . A cook and a baker, tattooed.
    My cat has an instagram: Luna_The_Tortie_Monster
    Maximum introvert activate!
    upstate NYer transplanted to the DC area since ’11.

  77. I’m AngieD. I awkwardly laugh when I don’t know what to say,when I’m not sure what you said, or really any given time.
    My Twitter handle is : Coffeekona6 , and Coffeekona6string on Instagram

  78. I thought I’d just say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for being born. Because I enjoy reading your blog so much. It helps make my world a better place. I’m Angela Clifford on Facebook, in Snohomish WA (yes, that’s a place, not a thing.) I escape into books regularly, am owned by several cats and dogs, write hand written letters to friends in far away places, have a very patient and loving spousal unit (who is weird in his own way that’s mostly complimentary to mine) and that’s about all I want to share without sounding like a weird personal ad. 🙂

  79. @mjd1236 I use Twitter to vent my political anger. My kid & I have both have mental health issues – makes for fun weekends. I love Wonder Woman. & small dogs. Reading “Furiously Happy” with happy snorts of laughter. I am thinking I want a stuffed raccoon. maybe.

  80. I’m Sara, mother to twin special-needs daughters. I am a walking freak of nature, with so much broken or unusual it’s ridiculous, but the major ones are clinical major depression, chronic fatigue syndrome & epilepsy. I am quite a bit geeky & sciencey (is that a word?) but also quite lonely. Most of our “friends” & family gradually drifted away when they found out our daughters were special-needs. So I have no friends. Anybody wanna apply? You can find me on Twitter @SaraCVT (It stands for Certified Veterinary Technician–I was one before the girls were born.)

  81. Hi, I’m Kathy. I practically live on Facebook. I like animals more than people (because animals typically aren’t judgy). I’m middle-aged, live in the Midwest USA, and really just try to get along with people as best I can. The past year I’ve been trying to come out of my shell (which was pretty hard) so I guess I’m a work in progress. I like Doctor Who, Sherlock, and Hamilton, and am currently re-watching Battlestar Gallactica. I tend to read humor books or YA, and avoid “dark, serious works” because I don’t need to add anything gloomy to my life, thank you very much. I love naps, and would take a nap every day if I could get away with it! Anyway, I’m here on Facebook if you’d like to be friends: https://www.facebook.com/kathy.scheiner.1

  82. I’m Brit, moved to North Carolina about 2 years ago and don’t really know anyone here other than my boyfriend who works all the time. The recently created Bloggess Tribe group on facebook has been a godsend so I don’t feel quite so by myself all the time. My talents are acquiring unrelated rare illnesses, being cold in 80 degree weather, eating fried food, and working too much. I don’t twitter anymore but I’m usually hanging out here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/215188178932538/

  83. Hi, I’m Kim and I’m on Facebook right here: https://www.facebook.com/kweaverpenn

    Most if not all of my stuff is public, so if you want to just scope me out first that’s fine! I won’t know – and neither of us will need to feel awkward if I’m not your thing. 🙂

  84. Hi everyone, I’m Lisa. I have dealt with social anxiety my whole life, yet I often crave social interaction. Sucker for punishment? Yeah, kind of. I try to keep my social situations somewhat easy to manage and that seems to keep me from wanting to literally go hide. I write, I make stuff and sing and write music. My twitter handle is PollyEthylDecaf.

  85. This is wonderful!! I”m a socially anxious introvert who loves books and superheroes and cold weather and hiding from the world. I sometimes disappear for days or weeks at a time when my anxiety gets really bad but I always come back!!

    I’m @matchboxtag on Twitter. My Twitter is mostly me whining about work and my social anxiety and a little bit of stream of consciousness. With a large helping of me retweeting random nerdy stuff. Keep my Twitter locked cuz I’ve had people from work try to stalk me. But send me a friend request thingie and let me know you’re from here. I’d love new friends (even if I might be a bit scared of you at first).

    I’m thealienonbroadway on Tumblr. My Tumblr is part nerdy stuff and part low key social justice-y stuff. It’s mostly re logging and very little in the way of original posting. I don’t have many people to interact with there so some new, quiet but interactive, understanding friends would be so welcome!!

  86. Howdy, y’all. I’m Bekah, but you can refer to me as Queen of the Cat Ladies. I kissed George W. Bush while he was President (no, for real), and my most popular writing (outside of my former journalism career) was when I blogged about fat vaginas. I’m a heavy gal who loves Indian curry almost as much as I love Tim Curry. I love cats, cats, and more cats. Okay. I only actually have two. But that’s because my husband won’t let me get anymore. So now I also foster sick puppers for the shelter, because my man didn’t see THAT particular loophole coming. Please be my friend. I love reading more than anything, so I’ll totes send you books!!!! And cat pics. But you already knew that part.

  87. I am Jennifer and I am a high-functioning introvert. I write a little, and have a severely neglected blog at windwein.wordpress.com. In my real life I live in the Twin Cities, have a boring corporate job, and I’m married with four boys, ages 9-17. Feeling very much in a rut lately. I don’t check in with this little community nearly as often as I should, but I’m glad I stopped in today. I’m @redredwein on Twitter, and @jenniferalys on Instagram.

  88. Hi,I’m Crystal. I mostly avoid social media because it stresses me out and sends my anxiety and depression into a whirlwind. I’m not stable enough to have a real job but from to time I am a freelance photographer. I’m also a lactation specialist, so I freelance with that as well. One day, hopefully I’ll find my normal self again and will be able to rejoin the social media universe but just sharing myself now is a huge step.

  89. I love you and this tribe so much! I’m Tammy. I spend too much time listening to podcasts and on twitter. I laugh out loud a lot at work and my coworkers think I’m weird. Ok. I am weird. I live in NW AR, (that’s Arkansas for those of you playing along), but have friends as far away as Abu Dabi. (For realz. Not even lying. We went to college together and now I live vicariously through her instagram.) I’m a former teacher, avid reader, & dedicated TV binge watcher. On Twitter I’m https://twitter.com/tammyproctor (totally need to change that )and on instagram I’m https://instagram.com/ephsmom I mostly retweet people a lot and post pics of my cat and son. I’m also on words with friends as Tammy_Eaton though my husband would advise against playing me. 😀

  90. I’m Sarah, and I always thought I was the only person who would prefer to hide in the restroom than “network” at a conference. I’m @Sarahwrites67 on Twitter; http://www.facebook.com/sarah.w.rogers on FB. I am the most comically mis-career-matched PR person in the world, because dealing with people stresses me out. I get a little Julia Sugarbaker-y about progressive politics and equality.

  91. I’m Amelia. I’m 33. I’m awful at making friends. I’m awkward. My wife and I look enough alike that people think we’re twins, which is both funny and really disturbing at the same time. We have a 13 Year old. I am bipolar II with major anxiety and ADHD. I spend my days writing a novel, walking my dog, and editing other people’s books.

  92. Hi! I’m Caroline and I live near Philadelphia. I work from home, like cats and making things. I’m not really on social media a lot or I drop off it for stretches of time (anxiety and depression FTW!), but when I’m on I’m @origamiretreat on IG.

  93. I’m Emily, somewhat socially awkward and not sure how to make friends. I currently have 2 and one of them lives states away. tear I’m on Twitter at @Mumorexy and I just started a podcast that I’m excited about – She’s Running (I interview women who are running for office).

  94. I’m Esther – @essie_boo on Twitter. I’m a mother of a 9-year-old, wife of a 46-year-old and work part-time in classical music. I live in the UK but was born and raised in The Netherlands. I have multiple chronic illnesses and occasional depression and anxiety. #TheBloggessTribe made my life (and Twitter experience) so much better and I’m grateful for you all. Feel free to follow me, I will follow back. 🙂

  95. I’ve gained so many friends the last time this was done and I welcome more to come say hi. 🙂

    My name is Trace. On twitter, I am @gottageekout (https://twitter.com/gottageekout). I’m 31 and deal with a lot of anxiety and depression issues, as well as digestive issues that make it hard to push through the former stuff (s i g h). I do try to talk fun things on my twitter, like my interests in all sorts of media (gaming, tv shows, movies, podcasts), but ultimately I love chatting with people and hopefully being a nice and supportive person in return. If you want to add me, please go for it. I welcome all sorts of people.

  96. I made some awesome pocket friends last time Jenny did this, so I’m definitely on board again. 🙂 I’m on Twitter as @chisherman. Writer, former English major, biracial lesbian, early 40s, resident of Indiana with designs on moving elsewhere. 🙂

  97. I’m a (VERY) occasional writer, mom, wife and member of human race. Sometimes I’m depressed and/or anxious due to my brain, and sometimes I’m depressed and/or anxious due to the current administration. I try not to take myself too seriously.


  98. Hi, I’m Sharon. I don’t have many friends because I end up not saying or doing the right thing. I have good intentions – I’m inept. I have been suffering from anxiety/hypochondria for many years but has gotten more severe this past year. I try to be there for my kids and husband but have a difficult time participating in life due to my brain holding me hostage and torturing me. I rely heavily on distractions so I don’t think I’m dying from, at least, four different cancers/diseases all at one time. Right now I love Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese dramas. Occasionally I venture into amines. I went through a phase where I could only watch Alaska State Troopers (I don’t know why, either). Thank you for writing books, Jenny 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  99. Hi I’m Mandy. I love to read. It’s pretty much my escape from life. Well that and cats. I suffer from anxiety and tend to worry and overthink everything. Add in the fact that up until recently I had terrible luck dating and you have, well, a recipe for disaster. Nothing like being rejected in the dating world repeatedly to blow your anxiety level to epic proportions. I feel like mostly I relate much better to animals. I mean, they give you their undying love and attention in exchange for nothing more than hugs and food. So the few people I’m connected with, I’m super connected to. I’m a weird contradiction in that I actually do go out in the world and socialize but mostly I do so with other people who are actually are social so I can hide the fact that I’m actually awkward and often having trouble thinking of things to say to strangers. Is that weird? I’m mostly on FB although I also have a Twitter account (which I mostly used for tweeting cat stuff….) Anyway, thanks for sharing and well, for being you. It helps. Lets be weird friends!

    Twitter @angel1671_99

  100. I’m Rachel. Librarian, gamer and movie lover who occasionally treats my anxiety by watching horror movies. That works for me. I can get political, especially with issues related to the disabled community. I can be found on Twitter at @prncsspwr. I’m on FB but tend to not accept friend requests I don’t know.

  101. Hi, I am Chelsea. I am bipolar 2. I am also an artist – I make super colorful prints and really snarky cards. I hate doing art shows because I have to talk to people. I wear mostly all black. My dogs are my favorite people, besides my kid. He’s only 17 months and can say pepperoni, so obviously he is a genius with his priorities straight.
    I play piano and sing and mostly do those things in my basement with only my kiddo and fur-babies around.
    I really like Wonder Woman, Because she can make you tell the truth, how boss is that?!
    FB: http://www.facebook.com/chobeartdesign/
    IG: @chobeartdesign
    TW: @chobeart

  102. I’m Claire. I’m 40 in a few months time. I think animals are much nicer than people and my hobbies are dating unsuitable, cruel men, falling into Wiki-holes, watching Ralph the Rex and comfort eating.

  103. Hi; I’m Heather, 44 and I live in Portlandia with my 13yo daughter and boyfriend. I have been on medical leave for adrenal burnout/thyroid problems/small intestinal bacterial overgrowth for over 6 months, but before all of that anxiety, depression and depersonalization made normal life pretty rough so I’m relieved to have a timeout from the rat race. I’m super lonely because I don’t have the energy to leave the house very often and I don’t feel like anyone IRL understands me AT.ALL. Jenny Lawson’s Furiously Happy, blog, and ability to be honest even when it’s scary and/or opposite to what anyone else is saying inspired me to start a YouTube channel where I try to just go ahead and be my whole crazy self in front of anyone who wants to watch. I’m hoping it will help me find a community online of people who might get me. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-XgK3YO-FiU9OGeLJi3utg

  104. hi I’m Tara. I’m a 41 year old depression/anxiety ridden introvert in northern Alberta, Canada. I have 3 kids – all with special needs of one kind or another ranging from autism to Tourettes and ADHD which they no doubt inherited from myself and my ADD husband. They will have plenty to blame us for when they tell their counsellors about their childhoods. I love reading and wish I could disappear into a book on a regular basis. I’m on facebook https://www.facebook.com/tarasview and twitter too https://twitter.com/tarasview

  105. I am Sammi. I work as a librarian and I’m always tired. On twitter I’m @2cats1cup because I have two cats and one coffee mug. Sup?

  106. @beckles85 on the twitter. Please send me all the Supernatural and Doctor Who gifs. I’ve met so may awesome internet friends who get my brand of weird through Jenny’s weirdo roundups.

  107. Hello, lovelies! I’m Amy – ex-blogger, current copyeditor for a newspaper (so, yes, I am one of the Enemies! of! the! American! People!) and freelance writer in New York’s Capital Region. I work a lot, see a ton of live theater, sleep weird hours, watch more excellent television than is really possible, read constantly and work from home for the most part, so the majority of my interaction with humans is through my keyboard. My cat is my coworker, and mostly his feedback is “I will bite you now, stop moving so much, I’m trying to sleep.” I’m on Twitter at http://twitter.com/lucysfootball (I don’t tweet as much as I should, but I’m trying to remedy that) and have already sneakily followed some of you. I’ve been part of the Bloggess Tribe for ages but don’t speak up. So here I am. Hi!

  108. I’m Natalie. I’m a librarian and a writer. I’m a reader of many books and a complete dog lunatic. (I also love cats.) I love the TV show PSYCH and anything SHERLOCK HOLMES. I have one IRL friend and she isn’t quite as weird as me, but I still love her. My Dachshund is my best friend. I only leave the house if I absolutely have to. I’m on FB: https://m.facebook.com/natalie.forrest.127 and on Twitter as dogwithbooks / Natalie Forrest.

  109. I’m Juleah -@JuBrew1450 on Twitter and on Ferceberks https://www.facebook.com/juleah.m.brewer
    I am a serious introvert with General Anxiety Disorder and a super-rare neuromuscular disorder called Stiff Person Syndrome. I graduated last spring with a BA in Anthropology, and am looking at grad school in Forensic Anthropology, health allowing. I am super geeky have been a GISHWHES team captain for 5 years and LOVE it. , have 2 kids ages. 12 and 24, and am pretty freaking lonely most of the time. I am always down for making new friends especially in here!

  110. I’m Toni. I’m a pianist that loves words. I have a blog @ themadpianist.com where I rarely censor myself or my inner demons. I love to watch movies and read. I also take on way more projects than I can ever complete.

    I can be found on Twitter & Instagram @tgalls. I’m on fb too but only occasionally.

  111. Hey everyone! I’m an extroverted empath, which is a bizarre combination. I love going to gatherings and meeting new people–I do get high from it–and after about 2 hours, I’m ready to collapse and need hours/days to recover. I love reading and good television (The Americans is back in 2 weeks!) and baking, which I’m actually quite good at. My twitter is mostly me grumbling about my marketing clients anonymously or sports (mostly Cubs and Tottenham Hotspur) and the recent political clime (and occasionally, pictures of my two rescued greyhounds). You can find me at @fussybritches on the Twitters.

  112. I’m Melissa and currently can’t decide if I’m pissed that I’ve let my tea go cold and should toss it down the sink or am just going to say fuck it and drink it anyway just to show that tea who’s boss. I’m complicated. @misket126

  113. Hi, I am Cynthia. I live in the Midwest, and I hope it is okay if I am not shy or an introvert. I have been dealing with chronic fatigue for several years now, so it makes it hard for me to get out and do stuff and meet new people. I do deal with depression and reading Furiously Happy made me feel better about being me. I love this blog, because wierdness is okay, and the people here are strange in a wonderful way.

    I spend my time catering to my neurotic cat, posting stupid cat memes, drinking coffee and filling out medical paperwork. I don’t watch much tv, but I love Doctor Who, the Voice, British mysteries, and making fun of the Bachelor. I also read a lot.

    I am on twitter at @CynthiaMN5, but I tend to use facebook more. I’ll send friend requests because it feels wierd to give my Facebook page.

  114. Hey, I found some awesome new tribe members from your Facebook reach out post. I’m on there, but can only be found by friends of friends because I work in education, so have to hide! Thanks for being you. I’m happy to be a friend, even if I am the sort of friend you’d hide from some days! 😊

  115. Mom of 3 funny kids. SAHM because of my own chronic illnesses and a son with multiple, unpredictable medical issues. I’m painfully shy, and have crippling anxiety and depression, but I overcompensate with enthusiastic, awkward friendliness. I’m nerdy and weird. As you can see, I’m a winning combination of neuroses. Be my friend! On Facebook: kerleyj.

  116. LOL – this post literally made me laugh out loud. I go by the pen name thoughtfulstroll and you can find me on twitter @thoughtfulstrol (with one l). I am an ambivert. I suppose I am weird in my own way because I like people and enjoy embracing my own and other people’s weirdness. I am in training to be a counselor after all. My hobbies (too many to actually list) include lots of outdoorsy things, reading about the brain, anxiety, and depression, and playing with my two jack russell terriers.

  117. I’m Elise, nice to meetcha. I used to work out every day until I injured my feet and now can barely walk, that’s been tough. Now I spend most of my day online or watching TV or movies. I’m an aspiring blogger, but putting myself out there scares me. I’m a meme queen mostly. I’m weird, but it’s the fun kind of weird, with 3 weird kids and a completely normal husband who tolerates us all.
    I would love to find friends from all over online and in the Orlando area. Message me when you find me so I know it’s you:

  118. Just to let you all know. There is a Bloggess Pals Facebook group. Jennie did not start the group. We are all fans of hers and her books. It’s a good group with a lot of like minded people.

  119. Hey, y’all! I’m Priscilla (or Pris) and I’m a freelance writer and a latina feminist mama. I run a feminist lifestyle blog: http://www.prisblossom.com (still in its infancy–working on it!) I live in Denver (but I’m from Miami) with my husband and almost 3-year-old son. I like TV too much (currently live-tweeting and re-watching Twin Peaks). I’m a wannabe yogi, an amateur runner, queer lady, left-handed, vegetarian, and the daughter of immigrants (very important for me in these difficult days).

    Reach out here, there, and everywhere!
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/prisblossomwrites
    Twitter: http://twitter.com/prisblossom
    Instagram: http://instagram.com/prisblossom

    I’m friends with all who want to be friends with me 🙂

    Thanks for the books and blog, Jenny!

  120. Jenny, I love you so much, and I have from the start. You just sent me digging in my bag for a tissue. Everyone deserves to find people who will stand by them.

  121. My name is Donna. Long time lurker, first time posting.

    I’m a transplanted Southerner now living in Southern California. I like reading, snuggling with a kitty, and getting distracted by blogs; if at all possible I avoid mingling (gah, no!), talking on the telephone, and crowds. For work, I’m pretty good at pretending to be an extrovert, but it’s exhausting.

    I’m @dtaylor126 on Twitter, where I mostly read news and check out cat videos and pictures, but want to be more social there.

    Jenny, thank you for this safe space. It really means a lot.

  122. I’ve written and erased half a dozen times already and I don’t even have to submit this for edit. It will be cool to chat with some folks like me, who function when necessary,rock public speaking and yet, would rather spend my time alone in the forest. Or in some hot springs. Or a river. Anywhere the creepy coworkers/bosses aren’t. I’m on Facebook as Shelly Devoss, Instagram and twitter @madoilscientist

  123. Aw man, when you did this last year, I ended up finding such wonderful people! People who understand me. Truly understand. People that know what the darkness feels like. People I don’t have to explain anxiety to. People that don’t judge when I tell them I haven’t been outside in days. They don’t judge because they understand and have been there. It’s a wonderful feeling to truly see I’m not alone and to have people to talk about it with. Thank you for doing it last year and again this year. For anybody that wants to follow me on twitter my handle is http://www.twitter.com/mybleedingink and you’re all welcome to. Or follow my “The Bloggess Tribe” list on twitter with literally hundreds of people on it. 🙂 Thank you Jenny for being you and being our leader. ❤️

  124. Hello! Another introvert here. I’m currently living in SC with my boyfriend and two cats (Bill & Ted). I have MS, depression, and apparently I now also have hypertension (yay me). OH F*!K Ted is on the washer again so I’ll have to cut this short!

  125. Hi Jenny! Hi everyone! My name is Eva.
    Jenny, I just started ready “Furiously Happy,” (I first read “Let’s Pretend…”) and I was surprised (and also felt a sweet kinship with you) when I read that we share a lot of the same “personality traits” –including trich and skin picking and anxiety disorder and depression… Kind of a funny thing to get excited about! I am inspired by your sense of humor and your special brand of success getting though life. Not to mention the whole “best selling author” bit!

  126. I love this too. I’m on Facebook – Becky Mendelsohn, or Twitter @Becko7. I’d love some more friends. I’m many things, but mostly, I am ‘mom’ to 5 small cows and many chickens and ducks. I always wanted a farm, and 3 years ago we took the plunge.

  127. OK so…. I too am an introvert. I do ok occassionally with a few people, if I’m cooking. But thats only because I like to cook, that can be found here- http://artbytheplate.com I paint cause thats another solitary activity, that can be found here- https://www.facebook.com/lilgoddessart/ I also like to read, play with the cats, my pet cats not random cats mind you, not that they wouldn’t like someone to play with them or bring them treats, I just dont do that, my cats would be surly and jealous I’m sure. I also like to garden/plant flowers/play in the dirt cause its quiet outside. My fb is here https://www.facebook.com/patriciabarton13 just msg that its in response to this message otherwise i will miss it completely, or don’t, its up to you.

  128. I’m Justin, and I was a writer before I got sick. I’m a kind of boudoir paperweight now. I’ve been one of the token extroverts in the group since 2008. I like people, cats, and cheesy fandom art. I’m @cerddom on Twitter, and also cerddom on Tumblr, where I spend most of my time.

  129. @abookwormsdream Give me a mushy book with a shapeshifter, vampire, witch, wizard, steampunk or paranormal element and chances are I’ll give it a go. No surprise to find another Dr Who fan here either. Fascinated by minimalism. Why we behave as we do. Currently fascinated (in a horrifying can’t look away way) by politics. Dog lover. Stripy sock aficionado. Leftie. In both politics and handedness. I once went a whole year without shopping, much to my astonishment. Small space living floats my boat. (only metaphorically as I get seasick IRL). Widow. Optimist. Wish we’d get our crap together and put human rights first. I am Australian so can be classified as a time traveller to those elsewhere on the planet where it’s still yesterday. The old saying ‘I like to party, and by party, I mean read books’ is a proud guiding force for this lil ‘ol introvert!

  130. I’m Ann. I work from home so I don’t see people very often but I love seeing people but then sometimes I hate seeing people. It’s a bit confusing. I love cats and have many of them, am married to a lovely man, I like to bake and cook, I love TV, movies, board games, and comics and I have been known have anxiety issues. @aryooki on twitter.

  131. Hi, guys. I’m Natalie. I am a raging liberal, and I love my nieces more than anything. I have struggled with infertility and want a child more than I can express. My favorite show is Supernatural but I’m not really into the fandom. You can find me here: https://facebook.com/natalie.maria.98. I do have twitter, but I’m hardly ever on it: @natalie3179

  132. Hello! I’m Judi. When I was a kid, I used to read novelizations of movies that I loved that many, many people would deem “terrible.” So I have read the “novel” versions of, ahem, Independence Day, Broken Arrow and the JCVD classic Sudden Death. As in, I wish this two hour movie about crazy John Travolta on a train with a missile had more details- oh look, there’s a book version. That’s pretty much my personality in a nutshell. I live in a big house in Maine with a dog (because I can). I write commercials for a living and I write novels for myself. I have a lot of friends and am greedy for more. I’d be super nice to you.

  133. Hey, my name’s Alecia and I don’t usually comment here because big blogs scare me and I think people are looking at me and judging, but I read every post and I love the crazy people who hang out here. People in real life scare me too, but I’m getting better at pretending they don’t.

    I’m on Twitter way too much, where I’m @akkalonas. I write fantasy novels (the people in them don’t scare me) and blog random silliness at http://www.asakkalon.com . When I get home I’m going to find all the people who gave their Twitter handles in these comments and follow them on Twitter, and then be too shy to say anything to them.

  134. I miss an extrovert. Bit I have 6 kids. Several have special needs so leading the house is tricky. Several of my kids are adopted. We are in process of adopting another child from china ( 12 year old by- with cerebral palsy). My Facebook is open because my kids visit parents use it to stay in touch. I try to post the funny things about the awful parts of life. My sister just decided to adopt a teenager from china wok the same special need as our son. They have never adopted before. So it’s going to get pretty interesting on our pages fairly soon. My oldest has severe depression and my second has extreme social anxiety. So while I am not totally familiar with desptession beyond basic situational stuff, I watch my people struggle with it and wish I could do more. I’m Rebecca KINSEL Bingham on FB. My twitter got taken over by Russian hackers TWICE – so. Ian only on FB

  135. Hi Jenny, Hi everyone, I’m Shannon, and I’m a total dichotomy. I am super into health and partying. It seems like they wouldn’t go together very well but they do in my world. I am an artist, yoga teacher, essential oil geek, and I just started a blog. I love my dogs, husband of 17 years (most of the time), 3 chickens and my leather leggings.

    I check most of the social media every day I’m on twitter and Facebook as @srbrunskill instagram and blog EssentialOilsGangsta

    I can’t wait to check out yalll’s stuff so I can see who else finds Jenny hillarious!!! And Thank you Jenny for doing this, I am super grateful for getting a chance to meet some new people.

  136. My name is Brittany. My primary sources of social contact are my husband and dogs. Interests include PC gaming (currently into BF1 and For Honor), minimalism, tiny houses, cruelty-free taxidermy, vegan keto, belly dance, body modification, goats, and all things witchy. I have struggled with persistent depression and anxiety since around age 14, and I am an introvert to the extent that I have almost no online presence whatsoever. I use Instagram (graveyardowl) if anyone wants to say howdy!

  137. Hi, I’m Karyn, single mom to an 18-year-old daughter. I do medical transcription from home because it’s flexible and also people are outside. I have always been a geek, watched Doctor Who since it was on TV in black & white, played Dungeons & Dragons instead of going to the mall, I crochet whenever I can (yarn is cheaper than therapy), I suffer from asthma, allergies, anxiety and panic attacks which went away for a while but are now back. I love cats and huddling under blankets in my bed with cats and books and coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. We are relocating in 101 days from frozen new england (weather and people)to central florida where I will be happier and calmer and warmer. I’m not on twitter but you can find me on Facebook at Karyn Charity Penelope Werp (I change my name a lot on FB, this one is special to me and a very old friend) but Karyn is my real first name.

  138. Hi Jenny! Hi everybody! I’m Ashley. I write stuff for fun and sometimes for money and I spend most of my time at home with my dog (which I am totally okay with). Most of the time interacting with people makes me tired because of my introvertedness and general awkwardness but reading Jenny’s blogs always make me feel better – less alone. So thanks for that Jenny and thanks to all of you (who like me) know how awesome Jenny is.

    I don’t have Twitter (I know what am I thinking?!?!) but I do have a blog: https://smashleybashley.wordpress.com/ where sometimes I talk about serious stuff but most of the time I just talk about nachos or Golden Girls or just wanting people to be nice to each other.

  139. I’m Becky,
    I like my real life friends and they all understand that sometimes life is too peoplely (too many people, too much social, it’s gets tiring being so smiley and small-talky). So we can be twitter friends, @gourami609
    I post mainly about yarn, crochet, my kids, flowers and my side business. not always in that order. I use instagram to post to twitter because I’m lazy sometimes.

  140. I would love to join in, but am totally not connected to social media, and don’t want to be. I am so grateful for your blog, Jenny, because that is my connection to all the weird, wonderful, and broken people who surround you. I already feel like I have made friends here. Thank you for being here.

  141. Hello! I’m an introvert who sometimes feells out of place in the Bloggess Tribe, but I love the commarderie here and think I fit in because Internet hugs are my comfort level. I live Doctor Who, Star Trek TNG, board games, and the color maroon, because, reasons. I’m @DeannaWillmon on Twitter and DeannaKWilllmon on Facebook.

  142. Hi Y’all. I’m a writer and Reiki practitioner. I have depression and anxiety. Reiki helps a lot and I have a wonderful and supportive Husband but I often feel somewhat isolated in terms of the friend thing. I’ve dealt with this for many years so I feel like a tough and road weary warrior in this fight. I’ve traveled to some interesting places and I write novels.

    My facebook handle is:
    Twitter handle is:

  143. Hi! I’m Carol from Chicago. I’m a somewhat social introvert with depression and anxiety, and a self-described weirdo. I’m really into anything having to do with cats. I love to read – usually medieval British historical fiction or mysteries. I’m crazy about 80’s music and John Hughes movies. I’m still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. I don’t do twitter, but you can find me on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/caroline.mergl

  144. Hi, I’m Brooke. I’m a 30-something woman who often hides out in her home binging Netflix while trying to calm my anxiety. I also have an addiction to adopting pets, as we currently have nine. Yes, NINE. I am a bit snarky, laugh at my own jokes, and frequently freak out on twitter until I delete my ill-advised rants. Topics occasionally include my two kids or life in California as a midwestern transplant. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brooke.eikenberry. Twitter: @immabuzzybee

  145. Hmmm… reading over the comments here, and what I’m thinking as I ponder them, is, FORUM. See, you’ve got people sharing their Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and their own blogs and stuff, and each and every one of those connections is valid and good. BUT: You’ve also got people saying they are not comfortable with social media, and variations on that theme. Here’s the thing: A forum isn’t, technically, ‘social media’. It is pleasantly slow and pleasantly private (if locked down properly, which isn’t hard to do). I’m about as extreme as an introvert can be, and I don’t feel comfortable with the frenetic pace and public-ness of Facebook and Twitter, but I love posting, when and as I feel like it, on forums, when it’s a forum of like-minded folk with whom I share something important or compelling (in this case, it would be you, your world, and all that goes with that).

    Jenny, I think if you started a forum here on this website, your Constant Readers — of whom I’m one– might have a form, a way to make and keep connection, they’d really enjoy and benefit from. Nothing would be off-limits, all manner of fun could be had, and comfort and solace in equal measure if those are needed.

    Just my tuppence… much love to you, and to all who might need a bit today.

  146. This is amazing. I’m actually not an introvert, but I think too much, and I sometimes get overwhelmed then depressed. I, like Jenny, wish I could hug each of you in the way that is most comforting to you. (Excellent use of GIFs, Jenny!) I have a dear friend who is an introvert (probably an ambivert) and sometimes she “goes away.” It took me a long time to realize that it’s not me, but rather her way of dealing with what goes on in her head. I understand it, but I still find it painful. So I get (from an external perspective) how some of you feel. I am on the Twitterdom @antimichi

  147. Ok. I just joined twitter today to find Jenny. She is my daughter from another Mother. Thought I could blame my wierdnesses on the 60s. But, here y’all are! My tribe!
    There’s no place like this place anyplace. So, this must be the place!

  148. Hi, I’m Jaime Kay AKA Knotty Girl. I love long walks on the beach, meditating for hours to create a complete zen state, and speaking in soft gentle tones. I also like making up completely false tales like the above…because I do none of those things. Whilst I do have a southern accent, I’m half Puerto-Rican, curse and drink way too much and very much a weirdo.
    I’m a freelance writer in Alaska and that right there should prove I’m just one Lifetime for Women Celebrity Biopic away from a nervous breakdown.

  149. Hi, I’m Kortney. I’m a 37-year-old mom to two cats. I live with my best friend (who happens to be my ex-husband) and my boyfriend lives what feels like a million miles away (but is really only about 500). I love liberal politics, Superman, grocery shopping (!) and my cats. I get nervous in crowds, which makes my love of grocery shopping a pain in the butt.

    Twitter: @kortneyb
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ladyvader1979 (if you can’t find me on Facebook, send me an email and I’ll get with ya. I like to hide in case potential employers are more Batman fans than Superman fans)
    E-mail: lady.vader69@aol.com

  150. Well heck this is going to get lost in the huge reams of responses you will get but I’ll give it a shot anyone.
    I’m Laura, my husband and I moved back to Texas in 2015 (a place I said I would never return to). When we were looking to return and trying to decide where we would live I said “let’s live near Jenny, we could totally be friends. She and I could totally get into trouble together”. So this weekend we were driving to San Antonio from the Austin area and you came up in our conversation. The hubby was trying to give me pointers on how I could meet you and become friends with you; without coming across as a stalker/creeper/etc. I think you post today has just opened that door. 🙂
    About me – I work at home, meaning I cook, clean, carpool, laundry, etc. I’ve got 2 girls 23 and 10. A hubby whom I adore and make crazy. I like to read…lots…like multiple books a week. As far as the depression thing goes no biggie my hubby goes his rounds with depression so it is nothing new in my world.
    See you when you come to Austin!

  151. @laurelpaig Always. Can I sit in the corner with you? I’m chatty, but rarely witty or sarcastic unfortunately @LorindaSJohnson. Love Jenny’s books and blog 🙂

  152. Hi. I’m Sam! awkward wave

    I do IT shenanigans for a hospital. I’m working full time on a second Masters degree. I’m socially awkward and prefer animals to most people. I post animal pictures more than anything @ Facebook.com/xbilleh8x

    Pretty much the same for twitter @xbilleh8x.

    I’m super geeky and nerdy and dorky.

    Feel free to join my madness. 🙂

  153. Weird, geeky, introvert, hippy, witch, humanitarian, love small towns (I keep downsizing, now living just outside a town of about 7300), bibliophile, cynophile, pluviophile. Can be found on most social media as TheHippyWitch.

  154. Hello!! I’m Rachel (by Chicago). Super nice, plus size yoga teacher, rescues cats. Recently diagnosed with auto-immune issues, which make my hands hurt so I can’t type much. But I like hanging out in person! Facebook and Instagram are just my yoga page, but if you message me I will message you back!! <3

    Instagram: plussizeyoga

  155. This is the best idea, Jenny! Weirdos and introverts unite!
    My name is Tanya. Two of my 4 parents have cancer. All my pets died. My friend fell down a mountain and died. I am in love with a woman who will never love me. So I live in a perpetual state of pain and fight sadness and depression, often. BUT, I made the choice to embrace the pain and see beauty in death, life, crippling love and am living the absolute hell out of my life. I am finally chasing my dreams. I have wanted to be a writer since I was 12 and at the age of
    45 am writing my first novel. I started a blog to help me gain confidence, by exposing myself to criticism and learning to not give a fuck. Check out my link below. I am on Twitter: @theincurdreamer Instagram: the_incurabledreamer

    Looking forward to meeting you all! Fun!

    PS…I think Donald Trump is a dumb motherfucker. So there’s that.

  156. Brilliant idea!

    I am 42 and have dealt with depression and anxiety since I was in junior high. The past year has been going so much better for me as I finally have doctors who are helping me find the right solutions for my illnesses.

    FB: https://www.facebook.com/anne.elizabeth.bradley
    Twitter: @anpirestrksback

    And if you like pictures–lots of pictures:
    Instagram: theannepirestrikesback

    Looking forward to making some new friends.

  157. I’m Maria, I live in Buffalo, NY, and I spend too much time on twitter. You can find me @unconventional.

  158. Hi, I’m Troy, but if you call me that on my Twitter account (Krud) I will disavow all knowledge of that name, on account of a pervasive fear of my boss discovering my Twitter account. (Even though I use my real-life face for it, so… shrug) Anyway, while I’m not specifically, actively “looking” for friends, per se (partly because of the reasons touched upon in this blog post, but also because I’m currently trapped in a politically-drenched fugue state of sorts), I wanted to thank The Bloggess for this post, because it is important to remember that we’re not alone in our weirdness. Or whateverness. (Also, Opera thinks “Bloggess” is misspelled, but screw you, Opera!) Anyway, um… Feel free to say “hi” on Twitter, but there’s no obligation, cancel anytime.

  159. I’m Lori, a writer and editor lucky enough to work from home now, which is good because I don’t like actual humans (except the husband)…just dogs. 🙂 After losing both our elderly dogs last year, I now have a 6 month old golden retriever (Mozzie) and a 4 month old standard poodle (Oliver). I can go weeks without leaving my house, quite happily, but do go out more when I take the dogs. They take the pressure off. LOL! So if your dogs help you manage your weird-crazy, find me on Facebook. I’m always there. Always. https://www.facebook.com/lori.whitwam

  160. Hi Everyone – I’m a longtime lurker and I love this little corner of the internet!

    I live in the greater Denver area but am originally from North Dakota. By training I’m an economist and a yoga teacher. A year ago I quite a very good job in order to pursue personal projects (like creating this app http://www.focusminder.com and launching a coaching practice). In 2001 I was clinically depressed and suffered from insomnia. Sometimes it still creeps back in.

    I don’t do a ton with social media, but you can friend me at https://www.facebook.com/katie.sauerhart — just send me a message referencing The Bloggess.

    I also sometimes write here: https://journal.thriveglobal.com/search?q=sauerk
    Fellow introverts might like this post: https://journal.thriveglobal.com/an-introverts-guide-to-making-small-talk-932041159a6e#.rlea7f4w0

  161. Hello! My name is Rachel and I am super nice. I live by Chicago and love to read, do yoga, and rescue cats. Recently I’ve been diagnosed with auto-immune issues, so typing doesn’t feel great, but we can hang out in person if you live by me! My only social media is my yoga page, but if you message me I will message you back!! <3

    Instagram: plussizeyoga

  162. I’m Jodee. I’m an artist and a writer and I illustrate my humor blarg http://cheeseblarg.blogspot.com when I am not feeling too crappy from multiple autoimmune disease (Behcet’s – which mimics Lupus, Crohn’s, MS and RA all in one fun-filled ulcer fest, Interstitial Cystitis, HS, and Fibromyalgia). I also am way into food and food blog sometimes.

    I am almost always online and I love interacting with friends but I am often overwhelmed by feeling crappy in a way that makes me avoid social interactions unless coaxed to believe I am not just annoying everyone with being sick and weird all the time. I guess that is not a great way to make friends, but I am extremely interactive with people who are understanding, I guess.
    I am also a fat activist and body positive proponent, so I am picky about who I interact with for my own sanity and well-being, and I’m a bit of a SJW, so I’ll be talking at times about a bunch of feminist, ableism, racism, political stuff.
    So if a weird, fat, sick, politically active, but funny person sounds like someone you’d like to interact with, I’m here.
    and I’m weird about adding people to my personal facebook since I talk openly about sensitive things because I was raised by a narcissist but I am also here: https://www.facebook.com/cheeseblarg

  163. This is great! I don’t make friends easily and I am mostly a lurker on the internet. Even writing a comment makes me anxious as I am not a writer. I work, I mom, I crochet. I live in Washington and have a mild case of SAD. I like road trips and chase the sun often. I love my pets and bird watching and coffee. I’ve been married, divorced, and remarried.

  164. Hi y’all… I’m MsDarkstar. I’m self-employed which means that I work from home which translates to a Howard Huges-esque level of introversion and the related misfitness. I’m also an aspiring novelist and creatrix of scented things like bath fizzies and solid perfumes.

    If you have insomnia, you might want to visit my blog, it will likely lull you to sleep pretty quickly. You can find me on Twiiter here – https://twitter.com/MsCreatrix
    And the Facebook here – https://www.facebook.com/ldarkstar
    And also periodically on Instagram thusly – https://www.instagram.com/msdarkstar/

    I listen to Jenny’s audiobooks because I like to feel like she’s reading to me and a dream date would be sitting under a pile of kittens next to Jenny drinking wine slushies, listening to Dr. Pants and maybe having some true crime documentaries on in the background. I think I could probably also manage to make us snacks without setting anything on fire, which I’m sure Victor would appreciate.

    I moved to Texas from The Frozen Tundra 7 years ago. The one close friend I had moved to Chicago (and took with her the cats I loved and adored) so now I hang out in my office 18 hours a day, 6 days a week and surf instagoogletweetfacecabbage, work and watch YouTube makeup tutorials.

  165. First time mom of a 5 month old who rarely leaves the house. Live in rural Pennsylvania. Have a cat named Mr Meowgi. Love all things Sci Fi (including Doctor Who, Star Trek, Star Wars, etc). I love to craft and create as well (currently on a crochet kick). I manage depression with crafting and try to keep some semblance of sanity and alertness with a mild case of narcolepsy. Rarely use Twitter but I’m @beth_koppy and can be found on Facebook @ https://m.facebook.com/bethany.koppenhaver

  166. Hi, my name is Becky. I’m an anxiety prone introvert who would rather binge watch Dr. Who and knit then socialize. My facebook addie is http://www.facebook.com/becky.hageman.5. I’ve read “Furiously Happy” and “Let’s Pretend this Never Happened” and Jenny’s blog and feel a little less alone! Thank you, Jenny! #fanforlife

  167. Hey All! My name is Tasha. I don’t post a lot on twitter. Lately I’m more of a reader than a writer. I’m afraid my nerdy humor flies over people’s heads most of the time. I’m trying to overcome my awkwardness at life, it’s an ongoing struggle. If you want to add me, this is my twitter account.

  168. Hi, I’m Kelsey. I am a cancer researcher, an animal activist, a fiber person (knit/crochet/spin), and the co-founder of a cancer charity. I have GAD, RA, and a smidgen of depression. Sometimes, when the world is too big, loud, and chaotic, I hide in my house with my 4 cats and 2 pit bulls. I can only “do” a few hours in a crowd at a stretch. I used to be an actor and opera singer. I apologize for everything, especially if I have no control over it. My favorite curse word is “f*ck me til I cry.” I love David Bowie, Tom Waits, Stephen King, Maggie Smith, Judi Dench, and Neil Gaiman. I love Jenny and this whole universe of weirdness. Sorry for writing so much!

  169. Hi, I’m Marian. I live with two cats and a million books, and I think I’ve nearly earned my ‘official crazy cat lady’ badge. Because I’m disabled, I’m stuck in the house alone almost every day, so the internet is a lifeline. I love poetry, reading, writing, weird science and even politics (except when I’m in a depressive slump). If you’d like to, you can find me on Twitter, @crazyjane13.

  170. Jen – What about creating a Bloggess Fan Club group on facebook? That way people can come together and comment / rant / connect behind a computer screen?

    I’ve set up a group and will fill it with information and people are welcome to connect: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1862184844038957/ .
    Colleen Hoover (fav author) and My Favorite Murder (fav podcast) do this too and it’s excellent!
  171. I am a Dr. Who fan. I have a really hard time making new friends, but this post just lead me to one. LOL. I am newly on twitter @czoeg. (I think that’s right, I have little or now idea how to use the tweeter.)

  172. Hi my name is Jensen at the moment because I decided a new chapter of my life needed a new name. I’m a writer and drag queen who suffers from pretty severe BPD but other times loves the shit out of horror movies and eating A1 steak sauce by the spoonful. I recently went through a major life shift and am desperately seeking friends out there who share a similar fucked-up-edness but that I don’t have to talk to in person because I’m an extroverted introvert who fears people. My new Twitter handle is @dropdeadDolls.

  173. I really like this idea, and would love to make some friends! My name is Monica, I have a couple of children, a couple pets, a full time job in finance and am usually really shy and awkward until I get to know people, actually I will still be awkward even after I get to know you, but in the nicest way possible. 🙂 I would love to connect with some fun people from this site, my Twitter is @mjohns1202 and my IG is @mjyork81

  174. Hi! I’m Ayla and I live in Wales in the UK. My twitter is https://twitter.com/AylaOdd – I like writing, gaming and crafting in various ways (crochet, cross stitch, sewing etc). Soooo basically I’m weird and I make stuff. I have depression and all my friends live on the internet. Let’s be friends! (Also I love cats but don’t own any. Yet. )

  175. This is such a great idea!
    I love cats and Netflix. I’m currently watching Netflix from the north of Europe. I also like tacos. Yeah, tacos are great. I had a slip on the ice today and that was the highlight of my month. I recently went back on my meds and I hope I can figure out what I’m gonna do with my life. In the meanwhile overdose on TV and drink too much alcohol.
    You can find me on Twitter https://twitter.com/jennamalkki13

  176. Hiiiii. My name is Chelsey. I’m six months pregnant and a stay at home dog mom, soon to be stay at home tiny baby
    mom as well. I have twitter…and the handle is the same as my instagram @chelseylayne – but I really only use Instagram. There are a lot of pictures of animals and children and that’s pretty much my whole life.

  177. Hello, and thanks for doing this again, Jenny. I’m a writer, actor, and singer with no close friends or family. Going through a very tough time now. I don’t want to be defined by my personal issues or fandoms, but if you check me out on Twitter @PamelaBriggs, you can figure some of it out. Also, you may appreciate this story I wrote about someone with a superpower who has suicidal thoughts (and lives): http://bit.ly/VesselStory. Keep taking deep breaths. It helps.

  178. I’m Jessie. 19. From Germany. I suffer from BPD, anxiety disorder, anorexia and what else not. I love movies and animals. I have a little puppy myself, who is my biggest treasure 🙂
    My twitter is jessielouis1940 🙂 (Jenny, you follow me – for idk what reasons :D)
    And I’d really like other weirdoes to talk to 🙂

  179. So I barely got to the bottom of the first screen before finding two librarians… we do tend towards introversion, don’t we??? 🙂 Mine has been made worse by a couple of big moves during my adult life, which means my friends are scattered, and I haven’t made many friends in my new place yet. Anyway, I’m a librarian (the managing type, to be honest), and I have a silly hound named Charlie, and a slightly bossy cat named Lillypad, and two kids (12 and 8), and a great husband, and really a pretty great life overall. But more friends would be good. Twitter is probably best – I’m @sturmhaus there (https://twitter.com/sturmhaus).

  180. Hi. I am a queer mom of two cats. Tagatha Christie and Ollie Ollie Oxen-Free. (Ms. Free if you’re nasty). They are the reason I smile at all sometimes. I have a demanding corporate job that pays me to be upbeat and friendly. I’d like to believe I’m a hearty amount of Veronica Sawyer, Darlene Connor, and Claire Fisher. I read memoirs and biographies and find humans terrifying and endlessly fascinating. I’m grieving the recent loss of my dad. Holding myself together with coca-cola, hooded sweatshirts, and treating my local art museums like many treat church. I’m trying like hell to be an ally to people of color in the resistance and take great pride in being a feminist killjoy.

  181. Hi there! I’m Sylvia, and I am learning to embrace my weirdness. I live in the Midwest, which is currently warm in the middle of February, so it’s kind of freaking me out. My mind says, “Um, February?” and my heart says “OMG it’s warm! Must plant spinach!!!” I work at a library (yep! I get to be around books all day! And they pay me to be there!), which is cool, because I am also a writer. I write paranormal nonfiction — I sit in the dark talking to ghosts so you don’t have to — and my most recent book is 44 Years in Darkness.The story humanizes the struggle faced by a woman who battled mental illness in the 19th century, when it was even more stigmatized and misunderstood than it is today. I would LOVE to connect with people on here! Please visit me at http://www.sylviashults.wordpress.com, where I blog about things that amuse me, because I can.

  182. Hi! waves awkwardly I’m Kitten. I’m a pop-culture and makeup (although I rarely wear it) addict (especially Supernatural, Sherlock, Lucifer, etc…). I also am a graphic designer/mixed-media artist/photographer/singer/model. I am super into politics, which is thankfully more coming than it used to be. I love video games and YouTube and decorating my planners. I love to browse vintage and antique shops and buy things on the occasion I can afford to. I’m a dog person, mostly because of my severe cat allergy. If any of that interests you, feel free to come friend me.

    Facebook: Kit Kallisti (Message me saying you’re from here, or I may not know to accept your request.)
    Instagram: @iamtheimpala
    Twitter: @I_am_the_Impala
    Snapchat: @iamtheimpala

  183. So, y’all, I followed every single one of y’all on Twitter! Woot! This is going to be fun! That being said, check out the Twitter group: #TheBloggessTribe. We’re cool, I think.

  184. Hi, I’m a Jennifer (born in the 1970s), living in Central Texas. I have some issues with anxiety and mild OCD (for which I take medication). I work at Texas State, in the IT Department where they generally keep me away from the public (so I do a lot of back-end analytics for our various services). 🙂 I also teach/practice yoga, and I’m working on my black belt in Mixed Martial Arts. I have a degree in Studio Art (Illustration) and Technical Writing (UI design), so I do web stuff / painting in what little spare time I have.

    I would love to start a FB group with people who are in the Central Texas area, so we can have awkward introverted gatherings together. <3 My FB is fairly locked down, if you DM me, I will add you as a friend. Same on Twitter.

    FB: https://www.facebook.com/Jennifer.Ramirez.Johnson (DM me, I’ll add you as a friend)
    TW: https://twitter.com/jenni_froedrick

  185. I’m Jen. 🙂 Love animals, sunshine, tea, & donuts. Cat mom to Perseus & Luna. Foster dog mom for a rescue. Introvert to the max. Struggle with depression and anxiety and never feeling good enough. Twitter is @perseus_luna and is “run” by the cats. Would love to find other friendly people to follow. 🙂

  186. My tribe!!! Hi I’m Aileen from Miami. I’m happiest when I don’t have to leave my house. I hate talking on the phone . I love to knit and spin fiber into yarn on my spinning wheel, Adele. I love the smell of sheep! I’m most active on instagram as bellasocks where you can see pics of my knitting, spinning and my dogs and cat. I’m a hugger so big hugs, especially to you Jenny because your books saved me! xoxoxo

  187. I’m Danielle and I have 5 kids. After my daughter passed away I became socially awkward… It like I forgot how to talk to people. I don’t like to leave my house but when I do sometimes it’s not pretty (I tend to have panic attacks in stores). Will you be my friend?
    https://www.facebook.com/Daniel Veirs
    You can catch me on twitter but honestly I’m not sure how it works. Maybe you can explain it to me. You can get me @deveirs

  188. Hello, my name.is Marjorie and I spend a large amount of my life in the hospital.because I.have a very wonky heart and assorted other issues. I have two kids, twins, that are 24. I also.have two cats that add to the insanity. I live with my daughter and her signicant other in Brookline, Ma. I spend hours coloring grownup coloring books. I also watch almost the whole BRAVO lineuo, Animal Planet and anything scientific on WGBH. I do not like scify, anything scary, and anything space related. I’m afraid of almost everything. All my friends live on the internet, as does most of my political info. I hate Trump.

  189. This is a fabulous idea:) My name is Michelle, and I can be found on twitter @mj_flowergirl . I’m on fb and IG as Doodled Blooms because I am a coloring book creator and creativity facilitator, but those are more my professional accounts, so it feels disingenuous to suggest those for this group, but my twitter does suggest those two areas, soo, there’s my thoughts on that. I have a personal fb, but I get nervous and ignore folks I don’t the names of there:( I also blog about all kinds of awesome stuff at http://havecolorwilltravel.blogspot.com/ . I am incredibly introverted, but, for some fool reason, I am drawn to helping people learn things, so I find myself in the public eye as a teacher/instructor/facilitator more than my body and mind can really tolerate. Even too much social media engagement makes me feel like I need to stay in my house for days to recover (which doesn’t make sense to practically anybody, so I keep that to myself). I’m a super nerd, love the arts, dance, pop culture in all its wacky forms, and I have issues anxiety, depression and claustrophobia. Cheers, and Jenny you are super:)

  190. I’m a cat-loving Canadian living with my older mama in a beautiful national park, I’m terminally shy, but somehow have no problem doing community radio. I can be found @katesarahpower on twitter, or on the radio every Friday on vobb.org

  191. Yikes! There are sooo many ppl here already. Im much better in virtual world than real one, but I’m on Facebook at Gabe.burkhardt, and twitter @gabeburkhardt1 but my blog is probably a good way to see I’m crazy…but not scary crazy.

    Thanks Jenny for helping us get together!

  192. ’m Jennifer, All Things Jennifer. and I’m the total opposite of an introvert, off the chart extrovert in fact…but when you couple that with anxiety/depression and learning more about being an empath—well you get All Things. IWANTTOLOVEALLTHEPEOPLE. INEEDTOHIDEFROMALLTHEPEOPLE.

    It’s a wonderful life. No really, it is…but I do often wonder what normal would be like, must be boring.

    And internet friends, are just friends in my book…

    Tweet Tweet


  193. Hi! I’m Charity, I’m on Twitter (rarely) and IG (a little less rarely) as @charitycaroline and on facebook under Charity Caroline McDaniel (so creative!). I am a single mom, politically liberal, have a wonderful/asshole cat named Jonas. I’m good at being social on the computer but in face to face situations, not so much. I like Sherlock, Doctor Who, Psych, funny things, cute things…um…I also like food? And l like nice people. I can’t wait to make some new friends who embrace the weird as much as me 🙂

  194. I’m Stacey. I have social and general anxiety and don’t leave the house for weeks at a time. I’m an esthetician by trade but a stay at home wife for the last 4 years. I love all things geeky, proper grammar and spelling, and obsess over makeup. I’m a bit of a foodie as well. I live in a ugly town in southern alberta. I’ve been married for 18 years and literally have no friends. It’s hard to make friends where I live, especially since I’m not working, and I don’t go out unless needed. My twitter is @pastey and my instagram is @pasteys

  195. I <3 this idea SOOO much!!
    My name is Coleen I live in Southern IL near the border of St. Louis MO. I’m married with 2 adult children who still live at home. I am very bookish, former children’s librarian now just a retail slave.I love Cthulhu, Star Wars, and Doctor Who and am a certified (okay a certificate I made) board game geek. I have PTSD that has lead to anxiety and depression. Despite that, I’m frequently silly because you know, reasons. If you don’t mind all that but no bag of chips I’d love to be your friend.
    FB https://www.facebook.com/coleen.morgan2 (pretty please with sugar on top reference this post if you friend request me)
    Twitter @lollypopkin
    I hope we all make lots of friends!!

  196. Hello. Is it me you’re looking for? My name is Cynthia and I’m a mid-thirties introvert/bookworm living in Seattle. I recently relocated here to be with my fiancé and have made no new friends so far, unless you count the two cats I adopted almost immediately upon arrival. (And being disciples of Jenny Lawson, you probably do count them.) This wouldn’t bother me so much except I seem to be losing all my old friends. They’re all doing stuff like having babies, finding religion, voting for Trump, etc. and I find I don’t have much in common with them anymore. Being an introvert, I don’t get lonely very often but It’d be nice to interact with someone other than my fiancé occasionally. I enjoy typical introvert things plus one atypical thing: rock concerts. I despise loud noise and being touched by strangers … unless I’m watching a band. Go figure. If you’d like to chat about things we might have in common or just want an extra person to “like” your no doubt adorable cat pictures I can be found on Facebook below. Toodles!

  197. Yay! My twitter handle is @FidgetyWriter and I try to use that more than FB. My name is Nicole, I’m a writer and social worker and occasional pizza delivery person. I have 2 cats, Crescent and Toast that are my favorites ever. I’m moving to Austin, TX in 3 months and am super excited. Also, I have severe generalized anxiety with a medical phobia and clinical depression that comes and goes. I love books and animals and I feel awkward and weird basically all the time.

  198. Hi I’m Mabel on twitter @hermionemyown I never leave my house since I learned that Walmart delivers groceries. Now I never have to leave. I am lonely but stuck. My twitter is pretty political and heavily critical of the current administration so I don’t want to offend any new maybe friends, just beware.

  199. Hi I’m Amy. Im a married mom of two boys who are 4 and 2. I work as a nurse for kids and adults with disabilities. When I’m not working, I watch way too much TV, read, listen to podcasts, and of course play with my boys! I’m an introvert and deal with anxiety. Any new friends would be awesome 🙂

  200. Jenny, love you right back! This is a great idea!
    I’m Dory. @dorydorydory I have created a list of people who have #bloggesstribe or #thebloggesstribe in their bio. Go to my bio to find it and follow it. It’s very cool to have a feed of just bloggess tribe people.
    At my core, I’m an artist. I’m a photographer and graphic designer. I own my own business, the green cheetah photo&design.
    I’m a crazy chicken lady. I have 4 backyard chickens in the city. One died last night so I’m a wreck right now. Her name was Lily and she was the queen of my little flock.
    I manage clinical depression, generalized anxiety disorder, and I’m deaf (I have about 30% hearing and what I have is muddy). I’m learning ASL. I can’t hear shit and lipreading is fucking exhausting. I don’t fit in the hearing world because I can’t hear shit and I don’t fit in the deaf world because I’m not fluent in ASL. I really struggle with this.

  201. Thank you for doing this, Jenny. I’m Liz, in the UK, archaeologist, nerd and usually enslaved by rats but have none at the moment. I blog at ownedbyrats.wordpress.com about the rat-things, and gardeningamateur.wordpress.com because gardening is good for my stress levels, which are high. Can also be found on Twitter @LizMordue

  202. Hm. Okay. Twitchy, but I’ll try. I’m Theresa–severely broken (chronic severe depression, severe anxiety disorder, quite possibly bipolar, psychotic, critically anti-social, a bit OCD) middle-aged retired woman living in the miserable fiery depths of insanity that is called Okladuhma. I’m a Yankee by birth (New Jersey, raised in Massachusetts) and long to get home. Maybe some day. I need somewhere more liberal and less insane. Reasons I don’t belong in OK: liberal. Democrat. Woman. Atheist. I know, right?

    Lessee… I despise television, rarely go to movies (cannot bear crowds), live alone but for four cats. My fuzzy kids. I’m a knitter, a voracious reader, a writer. I hate people. Okay, I hate stupid people. I especially hate willfully ignorant people. I tweet (rarely and usually to complain) @iskandariya, have a rarely used tumblr blog at https://www.tumblr.com/blog/clockworkcats, and an also rarely used blog at http://iskandariya.livejournal.com/ There’s another livejournal for mostly writing purposes (read: NaNoWriMo) at http://clockworkcat.livejournal.com/
    I typically don’t share facebook–very few friends and family, since I keep it clean, and an aversion to strangers. After I get to know you, sure.

    Um… hi!?

  203. Well there you go… I found tons of people on Twitter then forgot to follow them before finding the next one. #faceplam

  204. Where would I be without #thebloggesstribe? Y’all are my sanity.
    I’m Heather, found mostly on Twitter @DisobedientPike.
    Thanks, Jenny, for this open invitation.

    Just today I realized I wish we had local “Furiously Happy” chapters. I want more partners in crime that I can be this special variety of ridiculous with.
    Maybe just a #FuriouslyHappyIn(insert place)?

    Hear me out.

    While I’m scared of people 85% of the time, I have moments when I feel normal and giddy and social, and in those moments, if I can’t make contact, instead of enjoying my solitude, I quickly switch to feeling lonely, foolish, and ashamed for not cultivating more ILR relationships. I’m moving to LA and I don’t know anyone and I’m nervous about missing my chances to be happy when the anxiety clouds part.

    I will also happily settle for people who will never have to see me face to face, but who will give me absurd suggestions for fun trouble to get into, who will cheer me on from the safety of their pillow forts, and who will hold me accountable for making the most of those opportunities to be truly furiously happy when I can.

    What I really want in a Furiously Happy chapter is friends who won’t be disappointed in each other when we all act like our typical “outside world = bad” selves. Who won’t look down on each other for backing out or flaking. Who know that being invited under pressure can feel as shitty as not being invited anymore because you aren’t up for stuff very often. Who can extend pressure-free invitations, just because they think you’re lovely to be around, when you’re up for being around.

    So much love for y’all.

  205. I messed up my link earlier (81), so I’m reposting, cause I don’t know how to edit my comment!

    Hi, I’m Charmarie! I’m a 36 year old mom of 3 humans (11, 17, and 37…wait, that one’s my husband!), a dog, 4 cats, and 7 sausage cats (ferrets). I live in Spokane, Washington. I am currently a full time student, 2 quarters away from my internship as a medical biller and coder, and I work part time for a few extra pennies sometimes too 🙂 I am a geek and addicted to Doctor Who, Sherlock, and Supernatural to name a few. I also love to read. And eat cake. Omnomnomnom! You can find me on Facebook posting random tampons (that was supposed to say ramblings, but auto incorrect changed it and I find it funnier), pics of my fur babies (the kids don’t like pictures), favorite thoughts/quotes, and lots of memes about the incompetent Commander in Cheeto (if you’re conservative, we probably won’t get along well!). Feel free to send a friend request, I like friends! http://www.facebook.com/Charmarie.p (this is the correct link!)

  206. Well, today I feel more outgoing so I’m gonna toss my hat into the ring so to speak and go for it too. One of my main resolutions this year was to be more active socially, at least online, and I really haven’t done doodly about it. So, if anyone, from anywhere, wants to be friends with a warped introvert INFJ who has an even more warped sense of humor, I’d love to hear from you. BTW, my FB is set to private and it stays that way. I’m sorta a cross between nerd meets hippie. Kinda sorta. Warped. 🙂 http://www.facebook.com/laura.saisha

  207. Hi! I’m Brittany & I’m a secret introvert. All say “Hi Brittany” In my real life I sell real estate and make home buyers furiously happy (love it Jenny). In my secret life I’m mom of a 4-year-old smart-ass just like me with the single exception that she is full-on extrovert, closet nerd & bookworm, lover of all alternative versions of The Wizard of Oz (Dorothy was SUPPOSED to be a bad-ass, I just know it), Star Wars fan, Harry Potter fan, in love with real estate Contracts/legal documents, and Knitter (don’t you dare reference rocking chairs or grandmas DAMMIT). AM I weird enough yet, or do I need to explain my oh-so-non-useful Art Degree? Need a weird friend or need to buy/sell/lease residential real estate in or around Austin, Texas? I’m your damn girl!


    Ahem, right, I’m Suzie… introvert, nerd, and reluctant possessor of multiple chronic illnesses. I have some great friends from my church, but I almost never see them since I’m so tired all the time. I love my marketing job, except when we have “networking” events and I have to be social and stand near people who look like they’re having fun, pretending I’m drinking alcohol so I’m not automatically the lamest person there.

    My twitter (@STreachler) mostly involves me geeking out about technology and also my dog. My instagram (snoozie84) is mostly my dog and cool places I find while playing PokemonGo (the only thing that gets me outside the house). I’m barely on facebook anymore… with the political landscape as it stands, too many of my friends use it as their personal scream pillow.

  209. P.S. Jenny I love your books and audio books. I have both. They make me laugh when no one else can. You are an amazing rockstar…you know without all the drugs and the guitar although you make take drugs the prescribed kind but that’s beside the point. You’re amazing and I wish I knew you IRL.

  210. I’m Karen. Going through a divorce after 25 years. 3 girls 18-23. Live in Chicago suburbs now, may move to Phoenix in fall. Introvert. Struggle with Depression. Huge sports fan. Obsessed with politics now, and scared of the crazy cheeto in the white house. On twitter all day, but don’t feel witty enough to say a lot. https://twitter.com/KarenLouise20

  211. I doubt this will get seen much, since I only sort of managed to read through all the replies there already, and it burned me out. I’m gonna post my links at the start because what comes after will probably get long.


    Hi, my name is Athena. I am 23 and I live in Wanganui, New Zealand (and if anyone is anywhere near me, please, I desperately need in-person friends too!). I’m polyamorous, and live with my disabled husband and our epileptic/ADHD partner, as well as my son who is three and a half right now. I come from a family of wall to wall autists, mostly high functioning, and I married one too. My son isn’t diagnosed currently, but almost certainly has HFA and ADHD same as his dad.
    I myself am chronically under-diagnosed, and struggling through trying to get diagnosis and therapy for my teens in an emotionally abusive household while trying to get pregnant with a second child. I have anxiety and depression and PCOS and I’m about 98% sure at this point that I also have fibromyalgia, which I might be diagnosed with but getting a straight answer out of doctors about diagnoses is absurdly difficult. My entire little family, myself included, excel most at falling through the cracks, and I struggle to get us the help we need because I look a lot more functional than I am. I want to be a writer, and had even started developing writing into a habit last year before an especially bad dip hit, but now I’m having too much trouble with stuff like ‘getting dressed’ to be able to make much progress.
    I’m not very good at maintaining friendships (I’m happy to talk, but kind of need prodding and I suck at starting convos), and when I try to make mum friends I mostly seem to make people hate me. I love cats, and books, and am really running out of brain at this point. Also, my memory is awful, so please don’t hate me if I forget who you are every time for a while <3

    Oh, also, I help run an IRC network that is very friendly to minorities, including chronically ill people. We’re very small, and lost one chance at growth when someone brought their channel over, but ended up leaving because we refused to tolerate the transphobic bullshit one of the chatters there was spouting, and the person who owned the channel took personal offense at that. We’d rather be small than tolerate hate.

    The main channel is #wyvern

  212. I’m Sarah, @DesertSolstice on Twitter. I’m a lawyer (but the least lawyer-ish lawyer you will ever meet and my goal is to stop being a lawyer and start being a writer, so there’s that). Married, no kids, animal lover. I can be anxious, awkward, and a little odd, but I’m very easy to talk to. I like wine, and working out so I can drink wine. I’m currently obsessed with Game of Thrones, but generally a fan of movies, books, and tv in most forms & genres. Find me & say his, and I’ll say hi back.

  213. I love you! My name is Grace. I am very anti social, but often lonely. I like cats and some dogs. I currently live in an internet black hole, so I only get online a few times a week. I can be found on twitter as @AmazingMrsLawson or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/amazingmrsgracelawson. I rarely tweet, and most of my facebook interaction is silently stalking friends’ pages liking their baby photos, but I may talk to you if you talk to me first. I am also on instagram as amazingmrslawson where I post many pictures of my cats and dogs.

  214. Hi. I’m scared but want friends. 41, disabled emotionally and physically. 3 dogs, 2 cats, 2 step-sons, 1 amazing wife. Currently addicted to Minecraft. @ancientladyblu1

  215. I’m Judy. I have a twitter but can’t remember the last time I used it. I live near San Francisco and I like hockey, Dr. Who, board games and the SCA. Plus lots of other things and nice people in general. I’m poly but don;t have a real outlet to talk about it because most of my friends aren’t, so maybe that’s something to talk about if you are too. When I get depressed I feel really alone, but want to talk to someone, but don;t want to bother anyone, so it’s catch 22. My facebook is https://www.facebook.com/judythpearce and if you message me or send me a friend request please let me know you’re from here becasue I’m a bit guarded with my page.

  216. Hi I’m Talwinder! I’ve got an unusually unique name so I tend to get scared when I introduce myself. I hate being around people too but online friends are a lot more easier! I suffer from major depression and anxiety, very suicidal and an eating disorder. I use Tumblr mostly to post works of my poems but there’s just other stuff I reblog too haha! I’m absolutely awkward sometimes so if I reply in a weird way it’s ’cause I just don’t know what to say haha!

  217. HI! I am a mom of two kids on the spectrum. I am on instagram at @kristinacloudy , I take pictures of trees and animals. I am on twitter as well @kristinacloudy . My life is super busy, and going out and meeting people stinks, so I just hang with my hubs and the interwebs.

  218. Hi I’m Maggie. I’m a part time student,full time mommy, and work part time at a radio station. I’m married to great guy who happens to work nights so I rarely get to spend time with him. Having a one year old makes it very hard to find friends in my tiny town in southeastern Illinois. I love binge watching TV. I will watch almost anything. I love theater, books, and watching most sports. I’m clumsy. I have depression and anxiety.

    I can’t figure out how to get a link to my twitter but My twitter name is @MissMaggie4

  219. wait! Is that PORN???? I mean I don’t know, because I don’t get out much, but….

  220. Hi everyone – I’m fashionably late, I see. I’m Vivienne. I’m a writer finishing her first novel (six chapters left to edit, thank you very much!), and I reluctantly agreed to become a crazy cat lady when I adopted two of the most adorable little monsters on the planet! I’m @lifevivified on twitter – https://twitter.com/lifevivified.

  221. Hi. I’m Jenni. Many of my dearest friends are online friends, so naturally, I love this idea.

    I live in Austin and I like writing, movies, books, tacos, dogs, tea, wine, hiking, trees, exploring, traveling, photo-taking, watching live theatre, and friends. I work for a software company, but in my heart, I’m traveling and writing and taking photos. Maybe someday I’ll be able to make a career of those things. Dream destinations are Argentina and South Africa. I’ve had several inconsistent attempts at blogging. This weekend I’m throwing an Oscar party in which all of the food items are Oscar-nominated movie puns.

    My Facebook is:

    I don’t use Twitter a ton, but I’m over there occasionally. My handle is @TheJenniWithAnI. And my Instagram is the same as my Twitter.

    Someone else already mentioned this above, but I think a Facebook group would be perfect for this. I’m already part of a similar one and it has a very active and thriving culture of friends (many of whom have never met in person).

  222. Hi, I’m Kristina. I like to cry over fictional characterso and pull pinterest fails. I also post weird things about my cats, kids, and weird things that are attracTed to me. Much like Jenny, I turn into a blanket burrito when I hit bottom. You can follow my styou’d at my blog.

  223. I’m Linda and I’m 58 years old. I have ovarian cancer for the second time. At the best of times I have a pronounced dark side. Sometimes I lie awake in the dark and cry because of my situation. I keep myself busy and distracted all day long so I can’t think. I love books, comedy, movies, art, and I’m a pianist. I taught piano for many years. I’m a very confused Christian (not the scary kind). I’m an introvert and one of my nightmare scenarios is not being in the mood to talk to people and then I see someone I know in the grocery store, and I keep trying to avoid them in those damned aisles. But I try to be outgoing and not avoid people. It’s difficult. I’m married to a wonderful extrovert. I find our current political situation very stressful. I feel hopeless about it sometimes.

  224. Hi, I’m Jen. I love these things:
    – Planted aquariums
    – Long finned white cloud tetras, and other fish too
    – Gardens (day lillies, succulents, sunflowers, daisies)
    – The Fibonacci numbers
    – Crochet (amigaryumi, scarves)
    – Candles and incense and smell good stuff
    – Rocks – crystals, minerals
    – Watercolor
    – Wood burning
    – My Little Free Library
    – Meditation
    – Pillows / Blankets
    – Wooden furniture, especially natural looking
    – Sewing (quilts, costumes)
    – Lakes, ponds and rivers
    – Humpback whales
    – Oak and sugar maple trees
    – Roleplaying games
    – Doing kind things
    – Attention from my husband
    – Containers (bins, wooden boxes, wooden display cases)
    – Crayons
    – The sound of my cats purring
    – Clean and tidy house
    – The Princess Bride, movie and book
    – A Wrinkle in Time
    – Ralph Waldo Emerson
    – Magnets
    – Fishing

  225. Hi, I’m Veronica, and currently unemployed so my human interaction is fairly limited… I do volunteer in wildlife rehab, which is awesome, but again, somewhat low on people. I have a weird phobia of the telephone, love sci-fi & fantasy, an introvert that’s extroverted around people I know (or in comfortable situations), but don’t leave the house much. Moved to a new city (Berkeley), and don’t know many people, so my weekly hangs have disappeared. I knit and craft and garden. I’m also an electrical engineer learning data science. I’m pretty active on insta (https://www.instagram.com/veronicadoesstuff/), sometimes twitter (@veveg) and since the election, rarely on FB (https://www.facebook.com/veronicapg), but I’d love to randomly chat with some folks every now and then. 🙂

  226. I’m Annie, @magickality on Twitter. I spend my days at a desk pretending like I care, and my nights/weekends as a writer/reader/Netflix binge-er and cat/dog mom. I’m a huge fan of The Walking Dead, Sherlock, Stranger Things (my latest TV love is The Santa Clarita Diet). I feel like we’re all family here anyway, so thanks, Jenny, this is a great way to get to know each other better!

  227. Hello friends. KY liberal fighting against the oppression of our time. Love to you all. Feel free to follow me on Twitter. Let’s be friends. @bphilli19

  228. I’m Kiryn and I’m currently a stay-at-home mom to the cutest baby ever, or so people keep telling me. Formerly a game tester for Chinese MMOs and a student of horticulture just for the hell of it. My mom was bipolar and the jury’s still out about me, but I’m basically a shut-in with no really close friends aside from my husband. Currently trapped in a tiny apartment in a forest near San Francisco, waiting out the crazy flooding so I can get back to gardening.

    My facebook is https://www.facebook.com/kiryn.silverwing. Don’t worry, I don’t spam facebook with baby pictures, I’ve got a separate privately shared photo album for that so people can opt in.

  229. Hi everybody! waving like an over caffeinated Kermit the Frog
    I manage an independent health food store in the TX hill country. I have two obese sassy cats, and feed a cuddly gang of feral cats. I like coffee too much. They told me I have a dumb disease called MS, but will be fine- I have coffee and cats.
    Thanks! Byeeeeeeee!
    PS I don’t eat my friends (anymore).

  230. Hi, I’m Tina. Anxiety, PTSD, and multiple autoimmune diseases. Sometimes I lose my voice when the world (or my own body) kicks my ass and sometimes I’m actually a delight to be around. I love to read, I love my critters, and I love knowing there are others in the world just like me. I’m on FB at https://www.facebook.com/tinahipphipp

    As always, thank you Jenny <3

  231. Hiiii.

    I’m G aka Momma Trek aka @AvgSupermom (if you’re on the twittery thing). I don’t do the facebook thing very well because I’m kind of paranoid about it. I also (as you might notice if you click my link) that I have a blog where I write about things. Though not very well. 🙂

  232. Hello there world of weirdos like me. I’m Faith and I work as a children’s assistant at my local library. I also do freelance photography and am going to Academy of Art (online of course because I’m afraid of anything remotely social) for my MA in art history. I’m afraid of many things including social situations, birds, death, and the whole world finally getting sick of each other like in WWI and everyone just losing their shit. I love watching baby sloths on youtube. I suffer mainly from anxiety and depression, but I do have a few other things going on including fibromyalgia. I’m on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/faith.swick and I’m on twitter here https://twitter.com/lifeoffaif. I also blog about my mental health (Inspired by Jenny <3 thank you Jenny, because of you I am now transparent about myself.) here http://lifeoffaif.com/

    I’ve been looking to connect more with people so please feel free to talk to me on any platform <3 love all you weirdos 🙂

  233. I’m Michael, aka Lead Vitamins. I make art, but think I suck, even though some of it sells. I want be be bigger and then the fraud monster comes out to play. I try to have a life, but spend a lot of time at home helping my wife who is on disability. But she’s getting better. Can someone take the big weight of suck off my chest now? The art is a bit weird, but it has meaning. I am on Instagram and Twitter as @Lead_Vitamins and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/leadvitamins. I put some stuff here: http://www.leadvitamins.com

  234. Hi, I’m Crystal. I like playing video games and knitting or cross stitching. It’s hard for me to find time to go out and make friends, so I also end up lurking on the internet a lot. I’m a nutritionist, currently living in Washington state, I’d love to find local friends or just new internet friends! Find me at Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/ImCrystalLynn

  235. Hi, all! I’m Traci, a jewelry designer who really gets very little jewelry designing (or other work) done. If it’s not due to my pain/fatigue level, it’s my inability to focus, or it’s…”What on earth do YOU want now? Stop pawing my leg!” Um… it’s my cats. I have three, and … Okay – Pixel is on my lap now, so hopefully I can finish a (all right, go ahead and turn around, Pixel) thought. He’s been needy all afternoon during the ONE afternoon I’m awake and wanting to work! Apart from all that, I read a lot, I’m a geek (Doctor Who, Marvel, stuff like that), and (believe it or not) I love cats. I’m 45 and married with no children.

    I’m depressive and have lots of anxiety problems, so I’d be glad to have friends who would understand when I’m freaking out so I don’t have to bother my husband with it. I’m in Milwaukee, but you don’t have to be. Bonus points if you’re in the area, though!

    I’m on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/traci.a.otte (Traci Southern Otte) – feel free to send me a friend request, but please message me first that you found me here so I know who you are.

  236. Hi. I’m Angie. I have a BFA double major in painting and sculpture. I love crafts of all sorts and doing all kinds of art. I also love books, especially Urban Fantasy. I love to learn new things. Kind of a nerd/geek. I have many tattoos and rainbow colored hair. I am a trained NAMI Connections support group leader. I deal with many mental health issues myself, and the list of diagnoses is long, and my past (since dismissed) misdiagnoses is pretty substantial as well. My biggest hurdle is my hypersensitivity to stress. I also get to cope with physical limitations.too. I am currently trying to re-enter the workforce and become self-sufficient. I have led a life full of ridiculously improbable situations such that if I ever write my autobiography, I will probably be required to list it in the Fiction category. I love the people I have already gotten to know in #TheBloggessTribe and #TheBloggessGang and always welcome more. I moved to a social activity desert part of the country a year ago. Nothing and no one comes here. Still searching for real life friends. People around here, especially in my age group (I’m a young 44), don’t accept me. I am Pro-Tolerance, Pro-Acceptance and Anti-Bullshit, Anti-Hate. I am Awkward, Anxious and (I sometimes think) Awesome. I am sure we can find something to talk about. I linked my name to my blog, but I haven’t written anything since November. I’m a night owl, and check twitter quite a bit in the afternoon-overnight hours. find me here: https://www.twitter.com/AShumake

  237. Makes my heart smile to see you making this all happen, Jenny.

    Nearly 300 people, all wanting to be friends.


  238. Hello Internets!

    I’m a 22yo, biomedical laboratory science student from Finland. I’ve struggled with depression, anxiety, and severe phobias since early teens. I enjoy music, movies, books,animals and have recently started to take dance classes. My only friends are my wonderful boyfriend and long distance bff who’s located in the US. Add me on FB here: https://www.facebook.com/miima.sonninen if you’d like to chat 🙂

  239. Hi, I’m Manders (@pixiepanther on twitter) and apparently I’m really good at faking that everything is alright. My twitter is full of squeeing over podcasts, random conversations, and cuss words. Also: I’m a hoarder of crafts and have a house of pets. I’m on tumblr (alovecraft) where I reblog a lot of Hawkeye stuff and sometimes mention the woes of working retail.

  240. Hello! I sometimes like to hide in my room away from my family and binge watch tv. Some of my favorites right now are TWD, SPN, & This is Us. My twitter handle is @dontjudgrmeyet9 I’m pretty boring on social media, but am always up to lend support where needed.

  241. Yea for librarians!!! I’m Kim, Im becoming a librarian. Only a few more months to go! I’m on Twitter (#givney42) and FB. Really my dog is on FB but I try to help his type. He’s really poor at spelling and grammer. He gets distracted easily by squirrels.

  242. oops that’s @dontjudgemeyet9
    See, don’t judge. I really do know how to spell.

  243. Hi I’m Sandi and I love cats (and dogs too). I work nights so I don’t see much of my friends and family because for some weird reason they’re always asleep when I’m awake. Ironically, I live in Florida – tbe Sunshine State. I have a very weird sense of humor thanks to my job as a 911 dispatcher. I’m on Twitter as @sandizani but I don’t tweet much. I use it mostly to follow my beloved Chicago Cubs and Outlander.

  244. I’m Lisa. I live in Texas. I’m an artist.
    I’m @lisavollrath on Twitter. And I’m on Patreon.
    Come and watch me paint things. But don’t get too close.

  245. Hello, I’m Lori. A.N.X.I.E.T.Y! And I’m completely insecure too. But….I’m loyal as shit, I’m menopausal, I’ll cry with you and then make you laugh because I make a pretty decent friend. Please send me friend requests on Facebook because the more the merrier. Also, I’m Canadian. That’s worth a point, right?


    PS: You can find Mrs. Completely on Facebook too:


    PPS: I am now freaking out because I can’t make my links behave like links! Other people can do this so why can’t I?! Gawd!! I’ve spent half an hour trying to make my shit pink! Deep breath. In. Out. In. Out. This is the reason I have anxiety and insecurity. Or maybe I’m like this because…..oh, never mind. Just be my friend. :o)

  246. I am a independent sales representative for a cosmetic company which saves me from trying to function in a regular job. Knowing I have to be somewhere for a set amount of time triggers my claustrophobia. You can find me on Facebook at Facebook.com/lindachetkauskas

  247. Hi, I’m Brandi – mild anxiety but a growing dislike / distrust for people the older I get. On Facebook but not Twitter. I’m super snarky and sarcastic, but in the very best way.

  248. I’m Jill. I live just north of Dallas with my husband, 2 kids, and a dog. I’m currently a librarian at a public library but I’m desperately looking for something new. No offense to the librarians out there!! I’m just ready to move on. Jenny has inspired me to look into freelance writing as a possible career. I just have to convince my husband, and myself, that I can make a career out of it. As an introvert, it’s not easy for me to make friends and I haven’t had many close friends since college. I love books, binging shows, history, and music. I’m @JillD1981 on Twitter so definitely follow me and I’ll follow back!

  249. My name is Susan I live in Maryland and have a hard time finding my tribe of weirdos. I’m not necessarily a complete introvert but I do have anxiety and depression which makes leaving the house difficult more often than I’d like.

    I love Harry Potter and Doctor Who. I love to quilt, knit and write but the writing is crap right now and definitely not going very well.

    I’m married and have four kids. We moved a year ago and I tried to initgrate myself into the local
    scene but I’m just at a different level of weirdness and don’t fit in so I stopped trying. Looking for my tribe of weirdos who get me and vice versa.

    I’m on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/ansusly22

  250. I’m feeling brave enough to try this time. My name is Cris (Cristina) and I live in southeastern Illinois. My home state is Nebraska, and it broke my heart to move away from Wyoming 17 years ago. I don’t much like living in Illinois but it’s where all my stuff is.

    I am 54 yrs. old and been married 35 years, with 2 grown sons; one of whom met Jenny at a book signing last year. Humble mother brag, he is a Ph.D. Candidate at the Univ. of TN in Knoxville. He is a Medieval Specialist. I have a little farm with 2 horses, and 8 cats in the house because I can’t handle keeping outdoor cats. We’re also the first farm off the highway so we get dumped animals. (I hate you people!) The last dumpees were a momma and kittens. I kept the kittens and #1 son came from Knoxville to get the momma. Someday we’ll have a German Shepherd again. When my husband retires he plans to breed and raise a few Haflinger Horse foals. Haflingers are the breed that we own and adore.

    I have a checklist of mental health issues, an abusive childhood history, and serious trust issues; in particular with women. I have no IRL friends unless you count the nice lady at the dry cleaner, the woman who does my hair, and the nurse who does my allergy shots. I am estranged from most of my family although we are connected on Facebook.

    I would love to be crafty and make all sorts of awesome things, but I have no skills or talent. I am an avid bread baker and King Arthur Flour is my mentor and bible for all things baking. I will talk horses, cats, and dogs all day long. I’m not a fan of other people’s children. I don’t hate your infant or toddler, I just have less than zero interest if I’m not biologically related. I would read a lot of books if my ADD didn’t make it difficult. The book on my desk right now is “The Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life” by Thomas Moore. It’s been sitting here at least 2 weeks and I haven’t cracked it open yet.

    I am a Pagan Witch, don’t discuss my personal politics with anyone or anywhere, believe in ghosts, and mostly watch the Science Channel. I’m not a girly-girl, have never watched The Housewives of anything, never saw an episode of American Idol or it’s other iterations, and think reality TV shows are ridiculous. I do really like Scorpion on CBS Monday nights though. Don’t like that they moved it to 9 p.m. my time. We keep the farmer’s 9 – 5; those are the hours we are in bed.

    I tried to really break out of my shell and sell Avon for a year and a half; even attended the Convention in Las Vegas last year. Hated every minute of it. When you are loathe to meet customers for deliveries this really isn’t your gig. I wanted to be a Veterinarian since before I could really pronounce the word so I’m highly interested in VetMed stuff. Learning Disabilities and circumstances prevented me from going forward with this dream but I’ve surrounded my life with animals and their care-taking.

    I’m not much of a verbal communicator, but as you can see I throw myself into the typewritten word. 😉 I am very active on Facebook, use my Twitter occasionally, and tend to forget that I have Instagram.

    If any of this sounds interesting to you, I can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/cris.potmesil

  251. Hi Jenny and thank you for the laughter. I’m Jess. A degreed librarian who works with doctors. Not sure how that happened. Often think the world wouldn’t much notice my absence. But then I remember: my 3 cats. I’m good at that. Being a cat companion. I’m a sci-fi junkie who believes in the multiverse theory. To relax, I build my dream house in my head. My home is my sanctuary and I have to talk myself into leaving it every day to go out and play “normal”. So glad y’all are here!🐾🐾❤️

  252. 308toxicmomtoolkitblog | February 21, 2017 at 5:50 pm
    My name is Susan I live in Maryland and have a hard time finding my tribe of weirdos. I’m not necessarily a complete introvert but I do have anxiety and depression which makes leaving the house difficult more often than I’d like.

    I love Harry Potter and Doctor Who. I love to quilt, knit and write but the writing is crap right now and definitely not going very well.

    I’m married and have four kids. We moved a year ago and I tried to initgrate myself into the local
    scene but I’m just at a different level of weirdness and don’t fit in so I stopped trying. Looking for my tribe of weirdos who get me and vice versa.

    I’m on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/ansusly22

  253. Awesome idea, Jenny! And that gif rocked my socks.

    My name is Taylor, and I go by RamblesByTay just about everywhere (Twitter, Telegram, Kik, Instagram). I’m mostly active on Twitter and Telegram. I’m a 21 year old student that practically lives off of Netflix, books, and pizza. My sense of humor ranges from lame dad jokes and cheesy puns, but I could probably laugh at anything. I also run a blog (www.ramblesbytay.com) about my life, my dreams, and whatever else I can throw in. I have really bad anxiety, so sometimes I might get quiet or awkward.

    Nice to meet you guys!

  254. I started reading through all of these lovely comments and then I got stressed and overwhelmed so I’ll need to come back later. I’m on Twitter all. the. time. I recently got a breast cancer diagnosis, so I guess maybe I’ll tweet about that? Undecided. But I’m currently obsessed with Blindspot, so if you also enjoy the greatest show on network television, let’s be friends.


  255. You know what? I’ve been thinking of asking for this very thing! I’m Sherri. My facebook is: https://www.facebook.com/iamjoyfulgirl; Twitter is: @joyfulgirl001. I work with software and mobile apps all day. My few friends are co-workers. Friends outside of work always want too much from me and let’s face it, I’d rather be at home with my son and my cat. I love to read, I love music, I really wish I could blog but I’m too overwhelmed with setting it up and whether or not I would write anything that anyone would want to read. I’m broken, anxious, depressed – some days. Other days, I’m surviving. I’m funny. Well, at least I think I am! 🙂 Also, I’m very sarcastic, which I think is my most redeeming trait. I’d be really happy to have some new friends like all of you. We get each other.

    Looking forward to reading all the posts above. Much love to you all!

  256. Hi, I’m Danielle…or as my super lurkey twitter account puts it: Banana Hammock @madcapbat (Don’t ask me…I was trying to pick something not super obvious because I don’t want people who know me in real life to be able to find me without my consent.) I’m on private, but don’t worry, I’ll add just about anyone. (By anyone, I just mean I won’t add bots, scammers or Brad Dingleman of the Vampire Brotherhood.)

    I lurk on every social media platform I use because my idiot brain is certain no one wants to be friends with me, or hear what I have to say. (Or maybe my brain is right, but lets not go down that self pity hole.) I’m fairly left leaning politically, and when I’m not lurking, I’m usually talking about things that happened in my life or cats. I enjoy making a fool out of myself for the amusement of others, and use humor as a coping mechanism for everything – which means I often say wildly inappropriate things, but mostly I mean well.

  257. Hello, fellow weirdos! I’m Allison from the Seattle-ish area. I’m a mom of 3 (two ASD, one NT). I’m a writer and have no idea whatsoever what’s currently popular in TV or music. In my spare time, of which there is little, I enjoy doing NSFW cross-stitch and window shopping on real estate websites. I collect books and headaches and have a strange fondness for disco and all things 80s. I live with a tedious mixture of chronic depression, various anxieties, and PTSD.

    You can follow me on Twitter @AllisonLuther.
    I blog about autism at simondoesntsay.com.
    My author page is allisonwaltersluther.com

    I’ll go back through later and follow everyone, but I have to go feed the monsters.

    P.S. I fretted way too long over what to write in this because I’m afraid no one will like me.

  258. Hi all, I’m Megan! I’m from New England. I enjoy being creative, and I’m currently trying to pursue my dreams of acting and music. I love books, movies, animals, adventures, and all things Disney. I have anxiety with depression, which is definitely frustrating a lot of the time, but I’m doing my best to not let it get in the way of living as full a life as possible. My twitter and instagram handles are the same – @megasaur13. Let’s be friends!

  259. I am @CJBeduhn on Twitter, and I apologize in advance for the Dragonvale and Zeldathon spam if anyone chooses to follow me 🙂

  260. Hello my name is Marci. I try to stay away from social media lately because I find it quite depressing and full of anger these days. I take care of my severely disabled son who requires full care. I also look after my wonderful mom, who has Alzheimer’s. I’ve had anxiety since I was a little girl, and it’s amazing to know that there are so many of you who know how that feels. I look forward to reading this blog every day because no matter what the subject, it never fails to make me laugh. We all need more laughter in our lives! Thank you Jenny! Can’t wait to get the next book!

  261. Hi, I’m Hope. I’m live in Maryland. I’m in my 40s, married with 16 and 21 year old daughters. I love the internet, reading (especially historical fiction) and am a total geek and love all things fandom, Star Wars, LoTR, Game of Thrones, Firefly, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Outlander, Disney, etc. etc. etc. I’m what they call a friendly introvert, I like people I just don’t like having to go out to interact with them too often. I have bipolar and major anxiety issues so it’s hard for me to leave the house most days but I try. I’m also politically liberal. Most of my friends are online. You can find me at https://www.facebook.com/hope.varnedoe but please message me first and tell me you found me here if you send a friend request.

  262. Hi, I’m Burti! I’m about to be 33 which I hope to be a mystical age. Or something. I’m Scottish and miss my closest friends – I studied with lots of Americans and other overseas students and sort of got left behind! My parents are nearby which is great but I’ve got inflammatory arthritis and can’t work more than a few hours at a “proper” job. I moved to a new city when I inherited my house, which is such a gift, but haven’t really established myself yet. I have a great neighbour with a dog, though! I abandoned an academic career because of my health but am doing editing freelance and for a voluntary journal. I love helping people do their best work.

    I’m an INFJ on the Myers Briggs test which matters to me because I’m an INFJ… I have done daft stuff like waving a urine sample jar at a receptionist absent-mindedly and accidentally got lunchtime-drunk alone in Slovenia (I don’t even drink… it was a linguistic issue) and hit the deck in a church hiding from an angry choir director. This is probably the stuff I should write about.

    I love to write but kept taking a hiatus from my personal blog when things were a bit intense for a while. So I decided to make a project for myself (and my recently retired-ish mother and her en-wheelchaired dodgy hip) and we’re going to travel to bucket list places and do bonkers journeys through the Himalayas and stuff. I need to roam…

    I’m on facebook (the page) at https://www.facebook.com/wanderingwounded/
    Twitter http://twitter.com/@WanderWound
    And there’s a website at http://wanderingwounded.com on wordpress

    My most public personal self is my Instagram, which is at least half dog pictures https://www.instagram.com/burtiburti
    And I like to collect things that make me laugh on Pinterest https://uk.pinterest.com/wanderingwounde/sickness-can-be-funny-too/

  263. Hey y’all! I’m Kristy. I’m a married mom of 3 born and raised in Canada. I used to have a really awesome job where I did important things and people needed me – but I got sick, and now I’m on disability and I spend my days managing my pain, taking about 52 bajillion medications, and trying to convince myself I’m still a worthy being 🙂 I am addicted to books and reading keeps me sane. I used to be an extrovert, but 5 years of being sick has turned me into an introvert – and my friends have sadly fallen away as a result as well. It’s super hard to be a friend to someone who is never able to make plans, cancels more than she shows, and is generally 10 times less interesting than she used to be (as I’m sure you can imagine!) Even online friendships are hard because sometimes, even facing the quiet, dark strokes of the computer text is more than my shaky brain can deal with. Ya feel me?
    I’m on instagram @kristymallet where I pretty much post quotes that make me think, pics of cool things I see and super cute pics of my kittens (yes, I’m an animal lover….tell me you didn’t see THAT coming? 😉 I also love languages (I’m learning French & Spanish), psychology (I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Psych), DisneyWorld (I’ve been 7 times), and music (I used to sing, play the piano and the sax before I got sick). And I’m super impressed at how many librarians there are in this group! I love librarians 🙂 That’s pretty much it for me.
    I am so thankful for you Jenny – for your books, for your blog, just for YOU. The vulnerability that you gifted us with through your books allowed us all to feel so less alone. And here you are, providing yet another opportunity to bring all of us beautifully broken pieces together. Who knows what new beauty may come out of this? <3

  264. Hello! I’m Megan and I used to be an extrovert before I got older and had an emotionally abusive boyfriend who made me doubt everything. I’m now happily engaged with two wonderful puppies and an adorable asshole cat. Afraid of social situations though I try to attend, I often find myself binge watching Netflix and looking up things like, “cats doing cute things” and “pit bulls in pajamas” on YouTube. I’d really love to be a part of a community that gets my weird. I’m on D.C. As Megan Pettit (I’m not sure how to post the link from my phone) in Lansdale pa. My twitter handle is LadyPhace and I have a blog here at http://www.ladyphacenonsense.wordpress.com

  265. I’m Annmarie and I have a mental illness. I’m disabled due to that illness and spend a lot of time in bed. When I’m not in bed (and sometimes when I am) I go on Facebook and Twitter (annmariea34). I’ve been mentally ill and weird my entire life. (That’s why I love it here.)

  266. I’ve long since wanted to create a company that matches up friends, like Match.com but without the sex and romance and marriage, more like with the going to zoos or the farmers market, hanging out, or doing some crafting or scrapbooking. I think a friend-finding company would be even more popular than the romance-matching companies, . I’m in my late 50s and if you think it’s tough to find friends when you’re in your 20s and 30s, wait until try it when you get older.

    Sadly, I’m too old to give a crap about Twitter or Facebook! I used to meet like-minded people on Lists! That was in the 90s!

  267. I’m Flynn, and I work in retail, where I constantly have to cover up my anxiety, depression, and introvert-like ways in order to make other people feel comfortable. And it exhausts me. When I get home, all I want to do is curl up in a ball and watch netflix/watch as many cute videos as possible. Or play video games.

    Also, I love pizza.

    Twitter: @Phlynnomenal
    FB:…as me on twitter. 🙂

  268. I’m Jennifer and I’m 41 years old and have chronic major depression along with C-PTSD. I’ve recently moved to the Seattle area from Oklahoma and since I’m extremely introverted I have had a difficult time making friends. Making friends as an adult is harder than it would seem! I love reading (historical fiction, memoirs, nonfiction,and classics to list a few genres), movies, and arts and crafts. I have four really great kids ages 21 to 10. I’m fairly liberal as far as politics go if that matters and I’d love to hear from anyone who like to talk about just about anything from life and kids to movies and living with mental illness. https://www.facebook.com/jnuchia

  269. What a fantastic idea! I’m Brianne, Canadian, wife, mother of 1 cat but soon to be adding another cat to my herd. My depression seems to have morphed into anxiety. Fun times. Total Trekkie, Whovian and I’ll read pretty much anything put in front of me. I’m not on facebook but can be found on twitter at https://twitter.com/BrianneJerry.

  270. I am a writer, connoisseur of books, in love with the odd and unusual, and incredibly talented at making things awkward.
    My twitter is @scribbles_dots

  271. Hi, I’m Cassie. I’m an awkward introvert that hides it really well from people that don’t actually know me. I’m an aspiring writer, which is to say I’m unemployed and my husband is amazing. To say I “like” reading seems wildly insufficient. Photography is my hobby, you can see some of it here: http://photographyismygame.blogspot.com/
    I enjoy Doctor Who, Supernatural, legos, pretty much all quadrupeds, and very few bipeds. My sense of humor is inappropriate, dark, and excellently timed. I’ve been called an Anglophile and I own it, I’ve also been called an OCD Kitchen Nazi, I’ll own that too. I’ve been diagnosed with Severe Depressive Disorder, then Atypical Depression, OCD, Borderline Personality Disorder.
    My twitter is here, though I don’t use it as much as facebook: https://twitter.com/domestikook
    Which is here: https://www.facebook.com/cassie.steger

  272. Hello! I’m Kate. I’m deeply introverted, though I hide it well when I need to. I’ve got a fun cocktail of ADHD, anxiety, depression, and what is probably rheumatoid arthritis. I work from home, so I don’t see humans other than my husband most days. I love DIY of all sorts. In a week, we will be buying our first home, which is definitely a fixer-upper. I’m incredibly stoked to get working on it. I also like to crochet and binge watch tv – Steven Universe, Dr. Who (of course), Buffy, and Please Like Me are my main jams at the moment. I would love to have some internet friends from this lovely tribe. You can find me at https://www.facebook.com/kate.reber or https://twitter.com/intrepidnovice (I am an egg with no tweets, but I promise I’m real! I just never know what to say).

  273. Hello fellow introverts and weirdos 🙂 I’m Rachael. I spend a lot of time riding around in a motorcycle helmet. That is my happy place – the place where I am protected and separate but still in the world and enjoying what it has to offer. The internet is like that for me, too. I can “see” the world and enjoy people but still be separate and do it on my own terms. I mostly talk about motorcycles, travel and roadside americana type stuff on my social accounts: fuzzygalore on twitter|instagram & my blog: http://www.fuzzygalore.com

    I truly admire your courage, Jenny especially maybe when it feels like you don’t have any. That’s when it is hardest to persevere… and you do.

  274. Hey! This is a great idea! I’m Michelle. I’m obsessed with true crime, make up, and learning how to stand up for myself. I love Hello Kitty, obscure Buffalo Bill memes and I’m that weirdo who is an extroverted introvert. Add me on Facebook, http://www.facebook.com/mgauvreau
    I’m also on Twitter but I always forget about it. PynkSparklyB

  275. This is amazing! I am Tanya, I love Star Trek AND Star Wars, yes it IS possible!
    And, I feel I need to say this before we go any further: I do not like Blade Runner, not at all.
    I am on twitter @TanyaDapkey The happiest day for me was when TheBloggess started following me – I literally cried with happiness! Lately, the internet has been a scary place and I hide from it for a day or two to regain my balance.
    I have general anxiety disorder with a sprinkling of agoraphobia. It’s manageable except when my husband wants to go see the Foo Fighters. I am an entomologist in the Philly area, I love being a mom and a nerd. Cheers you guys!

  276. Hiya folks. I’m Lisa, a full time college health educator in the Chicago area (northside) and a part time grad student in the Philadelphia area (because I don’t know how to not work hard and relax…thanks, parental units!). Given all that and the travel between the two, I only have a wee bit of time for socializing, but would love to do it with some my fellow weirdos.

    I don’t comment here often but love the community. I’m an extrovert once I get to know you (and when I’m in educator mode) but I really really hate small talk, so appear rather introverted in crowds of people. I love sci fi, especially Doctor Who and Star Trek but can be talked into almost any of it without much difficulty. I have a cat who glares at me quite condescendingly when I’m out of town too much. Rightly so. And house cleaning is my least favorite sport so we’ll be meeting up in public so I don’t embarrass myself.

    Twitter (not there very often, but I welcome followers): @LisaOnCampus
    FB (there at a probably somewhat unhealthy level): https://www.facebook.com/lisa.on.campus

  277. Hi! 👋 I’m Kim. I live in the Orlando area. Total introvert. Depression, anxiety. Chronic pain (spinal issues). Married 16 years with 3 boys currently putting us in the poor house with the food bill. Love Dr. Who, and other cool sci fy shows like Stranger Things… But I also like shows like Crazy Ex Girlfriend (and if you’re not watching this show, you must! Hilarious!) I usually manage to make it through the day having to be around other people, but being home alone is my happy place. Need to regroup. I like smaller groups or one on one better. Would love to meet more people, I’ve just never really met other people who get me. 😬 You guys know what I mean. You can look me up on Facebook: Kim Palin Madeiros, Twitter at kimmad6676, but I don’t post much there.

  278. Hi all! My name is Bailey. I live across the river from Boston with my partner and our two cats, Sir Hiss and Hambone. I have either major depressive disorder or bipolar 2, panic disorder with agoraphobia and PTSD. Occasionally I let my partner drag me out of my apartment into public but I’m definitely an introvert. I’m engnyath on twitter, though I don’t post a lot because usually I erase anything I write terrified that it’s awful and no one will want to read it. I also have a blog at http://www.redolent.me that I don’t update terribly often for the same reason. I love learning, though never did succeed at college. I read a lot. Recently I started Tai Chi which I like a lot and find really helpful dealing with trauma and PTSD stuff. I’m not very good at making friends, but my birthday is Thursday and maybe this is my year!

  279. Pocket friends are the best!!! I love this tribe. Sincerely. I’m on Twitter and Instagram the most. Be friends with me?

    Twitter: @jenniferflaig (a.k.a. https://twitter.com/jenniferflaig)
    Instagram:@jovigirl1983 (a.k.a. https://instagram.com/jovigirl1983)

    I found and followed as many as I could who have posted so far. If it helps, I also have a list on Twitter where you can see the members (link below) and find folks who share your interests. When the link opens, click on the number of “Members” (found under the group name on the left) to see all of the folks on the list. More will be added.

    Twitter list: https://twitter.com/JenniferFlaig/lists/thebloggesstribe
    Shortcut to the list Members: https://twitter.com/JenniferFlaig/lists/thebloggesstribe/members

    If you’re not familiar with Twitter lists, they’re an easy way to filter tweets made by specific people. You can create your own curated list or subscribe to someone else’s. For instance, with the list of folks in these comments, I’ll be able to quickly see tweets from this fabulous tribe. Please feel free to subscribe to this list if you’d like, but most importantly, to follow the awesome folks yourself.

    Maybe someday I’ll use Facebook as much as I used to…. I did send a request to join The Bloggess Gang group. That’s a start.

    P.S. This tribe has taught me that you can have a whole conversation in gifs. And that audiobooks are, indeed, fantastic.

    P.P.S. I don’t always talk about Bon Jovi. 😉

  280. I’m that gif of Nick from New Girl being hug-carried in the pool any time I try to interact with anyone.

    I’m Lucy. I write things and draw comics. I have chronic fatigue syndrome, a history of depression, various anxiety problems and a cat. I’m Australian and drink a lot of tea. Dinosaurs are cool. Tell me your favourite if you have one, and I’ll tell you why you’re wrong and it’s actually sinornithosaurus.

    I’m on Twitter as @SKTDinosaurs, and I could do with some Twitter friends.

  281. I love to read, and regularly practice meditation. I am married with two kids. I have BPD, OCD, and some other junk, but still fight through. I love twitter friends, cause I’m scared to leave the house most of the time lol @borderline_boss

  282. Hi! I’m Kate. I’m @GusAndLeo on Twitter. I just turned 40, I love cats and my anxiety lets me be selectively social. I love my tribe, though. Y’all keep me going when I’m ready to hide under the bed. <3

  283. Hi, strangelings! <3 I’m Beth. Tea enthusiast, crafty-things maker, and Muppet expert. (No really, I have given brief lectures to assembled groups of friends on the history of the Muppets and Jim Henson’s career.) I’m an aspiring author of Middle Grade novels, and my career dream is to someday write for and with kids (link to blog below). Living in the Pacific Northwest. Anxiety in the brain, chronic pain in the back. Imagine Pinkie Pie was given Twilight Sparkle’s obsessive organizational skills and overthinking, and you’ve got me.

    Things I want more of in my life: Dogs. Blues dancing. Platonic cuddles. Cheese platters. Craft parties. Movie nights. Blanket forts. Board games. Impromptu sing-a-longs. More dogs.

    Twitter @bethannacook

  284. I’m Jill and I love crafting. I am a cancer nurse but outside of being at work, I have no contact with people outside of my immediate family.

  285. My name is Christina. I moved from Chicago to Beijing to get away from a crappy ex-boyfriend and start something new, but now I live halfway around the world from anyone I know and I don’t speak the language so I have no friends. I write a lot about home and what that means to me on my blog christinazastrow.wordpress.com and I Facebook whenever China will let me https://www.facebook.com/christina.zastrow

  286. Thank you for this. Much needed. My name is T. I love reading, Wonder Woman, coffee, Joss Whedon, Demi Lovato, blogs, musicals, Oprah, Stephen King, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I love the smell of fabric softener. I’m awkward. I’m on the low end of the extroversion scale, but in my mind I think I’m an introvert. I also have mental health struggles. I’m working on them. My husband is the only one that knows the specifics. I’ll start telling people when I’m ready, I’m just nervous and scared of the stigma. I sometimes struggle with loneliness, but that’s why I’m posting now. I’m not alone and those of you who are out there are not alone.

  287. Lonely weirdo mom of three kids stuck in East Bay and waiting to move back to a small town in the Sierras where I have a real in-the-flesh crazy tribe. In the meantime I wear a lot of leggings for pants and pretend to get excited about Lula Roe parties while rarely leaving my house unless it is to fetch or deliver spawn or head out to the supermarket under the cover of darkness.

    Photographer, printmaker & paper crafter, 10 year Etsy(nerd)veteran, impossible thing believer.
    @kerri_renee personal
    @inmyigloovtg for my Etsy wares and art stuff

  288. Hi. My name is Mishi, and I’m @Mishiuska on Twitter. I’ve never made a friend online, so this might be interesting. I’m an atheist, liberal, pacifist, bipolar, INTJ, demisexual with two cats and a handful of close friends. I love dark chocolate and silly jokes. I don’t like to watch TV, and I don’t really care for the taste of pork or salt. I have been informed that this makes me a communist spy, but I just can’t see it. I hide from drama of all kinds. Usually drama is what they want to know about, right? Also, I can’t speak Russian. My mouth can’t make those shapes and sounds.
    I love to discuss serious issues or ideas, but I hate to argue over them. (Did I mention that I hate drama?)

  289. Salutations ~ I’m Jen. I love GOT, sci-fi, fantasy, and documentaries about places on my bucket list that I’ll probably never be able to visit. I’m an introvert INFJ, youngest child Gemini who seems to like taking personality tests, because the other personalities want to figure me out.

    I’m on Facebook as Jen Rosel Juenger, and have a blog about my messy life called Brea’s Air on WordPress.

  290. Hey, #bloggessfriends! My name is Kristian. I’m a managing editor, an indefatigable stepdad, and the inventor of nothing useful. I sometimes make jokes on the twitter, but mostly I brag on my amazing stepson who is literally made of magic. LITERALLY. We’ve run tests.

    I was in Jenny’s Furiously Happy promo video, which meant a whole lot to me, and it’s also when I got to know a whole bunch of weird, wonderful, broken and mended, then rebroken and duct taped people who are some of the nicest, kindest, oddballest weirdos I’ve ever met. (And I love them all) We sometimes make jokes with each other on the twitter, but mostly they listen to me bragging on my amazing stepson.

    I share a lot of his pictures.
    Seriously. Like, a lot.

    Anyway, I’m @unclejeet on Twitter and also unclejeet on Facebook. Send cookies.

  291. Hello. I’m Regina. I’ve been writing posts on this website for several years but today was the first day I ever published one and left it up. I’m super nervous about it. I would love to make some new online friends. My twitter account is @bangmaid that’s an Always Sunny in Philadelphia reference. I think this post is a great idea and I hope that I will be posting more of my drafts very shortly.

  292. I’m an anxiety fueled, panic-ridden, professional social avoider, depressive Canadian. I suck at therapy because of trust issues and giving my thoughts a voice to haunt me.

    I rarely use Facebook but occasionally post my book ‘reviews’ on Twitter (@lone_alien) and Goodreads. Like this post, they are generally re-written 428, 145, 842.679 times before I submit…Then obsess about deleting for the next 48 hours.

    I can be witty but usually wind up knee deep in a hole while continuing to dig looking for an out.

    Thank you Jenny for creating a safe space to feel safe among like-minded souls.

  293. Hi, I’m Wendy. I live in the FW part of DFW Texas. I’m on twitter @wlr312, but I’ve gotten a little sketchy lately about checking it because I can only take it in small doses. I love to read, lots of sci-fi/ fantasy and comic books. I’m a big geek, love all things Whedon but don’t watch much current TV. I hang out at Scarborough Faire (very large local ren fair) all spring. Liberal, passionate about intersectional feminism, fighting for POC and people who are LBGTQIA+, and making the world a better place through animal gifs. The #bloggessgang is amazing and you should come hang out with us.

  294. Hello new friends! I am Laura! I love fantasy novels, wrinkly dogs, and playing Pokémon with my boyfriend. I work part time for a political nonprofit for which about 1/3 of my time is spent reading about politics. My anxiety loves this job. I spend the rest of my time working at an animal shelter to try to cuddle the anxiety away. You can find me on twitter and Instagram @lauraphorton.

  295. I’m Nancy @Hali_Nancy on twitter. I’m socially awkward and fairly shy. I love books, music and art. I love my career but kinda wish I was a painter. I am also a gigantic nerd, Doctor Who is the best.

  296. I’m Denae. I have an alphabet soup of crazy. I’m a nerd. I love all things yarn. I am an NPR junkie in hiding because the world terrifies me right now, but I still listen to podcasts. I’m the worst at twitter. Instagram is whimsicalmeerkat. Facebook is facebook.com/denae.beirnee

  297. I’m Denae. I have an alphabet soup of crazy. I’m a nerd. I love all things yarn. I am an NPR junkie in hiding because the world terrifies me right now, but I still listen to podcasts. I’m the worst at twitter. Instagram is whimsicalmeerkat. Facebook is facebook.com/denae.beirnes. Post two because spelling my own name is hard.

  298. Hi everyone, I’m Jennifer. If anyone is looking to meet new people in their area offline, I suggest trying Meetup. I’ve met some great people that I would never have met otherwise. This is actually a group I run in my area that I started after I got tired of my friends getting married, having kids, or moving away 🙂 facebook.com/QCNightOut

  299. I’m Andrea. Canadian born, live with anxiety. I bake, I read, I do floral craft. Twitter is @Fallenthropy

  300. Hey everyone. I know I’m late to reply and probably no one will see this because who reads 364 comments, but hi. I’m Heather. I live in Arizona, I’m some sort of queer, I have bipolar and anxiety, and I love animals. I have two of my own, Eevie the cat and Hippie the dog. I found this site not long ago, back in September, and I now own both books, have preordered the third, and am saving up money to be able to meet Jenny in La Jolla CA in March. I love this place because I feel like I can be myself here. https://www.facebook.com/HeatherSS1

  301. I’m Peggy (https://www.facebook.com/peggy.j.hailey) and under my name on the Twitter, but I’m never on the Twitter. I’m a librarian who used to be a bookseller and I’m fascinated by aquatic creatures, cephalopods in particular, so if you want to talk books (I’m fond of the weird and offbeat, both fiction and non) or exchange adorable octopus photos, I’m your gal.

  302. I am Amy – supremely broken, currently a drop-out from life, trying to work my way through a major depressive episode and new mental health diagnosis of OCPD. I’m on Twitter @caffandcurse and would love to connect to other broken people.

  303. Me again (Ouzelum Bird, though it might say MrsMole, because I have too many online identities, so many that I’ve forgotten some of them, like that one, arrgh). I am an idiot, because while in a comment up above this one I blithely suggested that maybe there could be an online forum for all Jenny/Bloggess fans, boosters, friends, and hangers-on, I didn’t realize this site, her site, is on WordPress. And I’m not sure, but I think you can’t put up a forum on WordPress. (I could be wrong, of course, and indeed the probabilities favor that).

    Anyway, dudes and dudettes, if there is any interest at all in having such a forum, please express it in reply to my post, and if there’s enough interest (or cajolery, I like cajolery) I might, just might, go ahead and host the forum myself, using my own bandwidth and stuff, ’cause Jenny’s got enough going on without needing another headache in her life.

    And if there’s no interest at all, that will reveal what an awesomely stupid suggestion this is! =)

  304. I’m Kathy, I’m a writer and a gamer and while I desperately want to have a social circle and lots of friends to hang out with I really would rather sit in my recliner watching TV and playing on the Internet. I’ve recently crawled a little ways out of my hole in order to attempt to become politically aware. I can talk to people once I’ve been introduced and am given an opening into something I’m passionate about, and then I can be annoying and overbearing. Be my friend. Wildrider51 on Twitter.

  305. I’m really bad at Twitter but you can find me @Garrettlo. Sometimes I get sad, I rant about stuff (couch warrior mostly) on FB, and dogs! Oh, and cats too! Err, also, I cuss, I can’t spell + am an impulsive grammar rule breaker. Other than that I think I’m alright. Feel free join me on FB here https://m.facebook.com/lorigarrett65?ref=bookmarks

  306. I’m Jennifer, I’m 42, and I have depression, anxiety, a brain injury, a shitty childhood, an autistic son I adore, and a dearth of real friends. However, I’m happily part of #TheBloggessTribe on Twitter, where I’m @AdeleVarens and part of the Bloggess Pals group on Facebook, so thank you to Jenny for helping me and all of us weirdos find each other. I have a blog, but I don’t write in it much because I simply haven’t had time or energy. Maybe eventually.

  307. Hi I’m Cheryl. 31. Sometimes depressed, but always anxious. I’m kind of obsessed with goats and giraffes. And dogs, and cats….. and sloths… okay you probably get it. I like the fellow weirdos I have connected with through Jenny, and Jenny is just awesome. You can find me on twitter @cherylvscarol 🙂

  308. Hi! My name is ErinMarie and I am a chronic overthinker of everything…including writing this post. What if no one talks to me or likes me or…you get the idea. I have 3 dogs, 2 cats, a husband, and I write about theatre for a living. Sitting in the dark, believeing the imaginary is real, and I am around people but no one can talk to me, it’s delightful. I’m on twitter @talktheatretome

  309. Hi, I’m Rachel! I’m 23, I pretend I’m an adult, and try to take care of my poor one-eyed hamster. I like basically all animals; I dislike basically all bugs (fuck spiders). I deal with depression, general/social anxiety, probable PTSD (I was too young to officially diagnose at the time but showed all the symptoms, and disassociation. I’ve recently learned my strength is because I know I can be, and will be, broken but I get up every time and keep on going.

    If you ever want/need somebody to talk to, hit me up. @whenalionsleeps

    PS – If you follow me, send me a message to remind me to follow you back. Because I’m sometimes dumb and don’t want to miss out on good people.

  310. Hi, I’m Rachel from Denver, CO! Usually a lurker but I recently started taking up blogging and am coming out of my shell. I don’t do social media very well though but if anyone wants to check out my blog it’s http://www.healthmylifestyle.com. I share my health journey, fun facts about health (woot!), and my life in general. I’m also OCD and have high anxiety. Bet you can’t guess how long this comment took me to write!

  311. Hi! I’m Brittney and I have depression. I’m on and off meds because of reasons. Some of them aren’t very good. I’m on Twitter and Instagram as @whiddengem.

  312. Hi, I’m @jkkovar on twitter. I have a whopping 5 followers. Occasionally I’ll get another follower but they inevitably leave and I feel a little sad. I don’t post super exciting things so I guess I’m not that interesting to follow. I’d love more followers. Maybe it would incite me to post more exciting things. Love this community! Thanks for everything you do/are Jenny.

  313. Hey there! I’m Diane, otherwise known as Digby. When I was a kid, I opened the door, and Hypochondria barged in, followed by OCD, panic and anxiety. They’ve taken up permanent residence. On the up side, I’m learning to accept their presence, like unwelcome in-laws.

    I’m a book buyer for an indie bookstore, and a freelance writer. I blog about the nutty stuff we do, say, and think when confronted with the stuff that drives us nutty. Oh, and I blog about writing. Or non-writing as the case may be. Over at http://www.SquirrelsintheDoohickey.com. You’ll find me on Twitter, too: @digbydigz. Always happy to welcome new members to the tribe!

  314. Hi, my name is Yet Another Laura H. and I’m a weirdo. I post pictures of dead bugs and my cat on Instagram under sternje17 (this is also my Pinterest handle. Please message me or comment on something if you want to grab my attention on Pinterest, as I tend to be a serious bot magnet). I’m on Habitica and AO3 as Antrodemus (I’m steadily explaining all my fan theories and tying up loose ends and giving out happy endings as a personal project. So far, it’s all gen). @poetsbeforeedit on Twitter. I’m not on Facebook. I’ve added everyone up to @plentywoman on this thread. (That’s just a reminder to me. Serious ADD, dyspraxia, depression, and a speculative fiction addiction (mostly books). Running out of wallspace for bookshelves. Recovering slob, and very good at encouraging people with housework.

    I wish I could figure out how to do a video hangout without inviting ALL THE SPAMMERS EVER. We could have a sing-along! Wicked! The Buffy Musical! Hamilton! Disney! You know the Bloggess tribe would rock the WORLD.

  315. Wow. There are a bazillion responses to this post! I will go through them all at length later, but for now. . .

    I’m Jen and I live in Tucson, Arizona, with my service dog and my mom. I suffer from depression and anxiety and tweet at @Jen_fromWA

    I love to read, though recently I’m finding it hard to read because of a couple of games I discovered and the notifications they send me. But I’m trying to be better about managing my “social time.”

    I am mostly housebound, but I do sometimes leave the house, mostly on Thursdays, otherwise known as Library Day around here.

    I’m also active on Litsy as @reader44ever and far less active on Instagram, also as @reader44ever

    Lastly, I “blog” on Tumblr, http://reader44ever.tumblr.com (sometimes)


  316. Hi, I’m Kez and I am an extrovert with the heart of an introvert. Does that even make sense? I’m funny, awkward, uncoordinated and trying not to fuck up being a parent too badly. Right now I’m FREAKING the fuck out about my hubby and I trying IVF for the first time (we were lucky enough to have a gorgeous and quirky kid over 5 years ago and he needs a sibling but my body is all WE’LL SEE ABOUT THAT) and it’s been a long journey to finding people to surround ourselves with who actually give a fuck.
    I post daily on Facebook: http://facebook.com/awesomelyunprepared
    See, my blog is named Awesomely Unprepared because I swear it describes me life…despite my anxiety making me try to be overly prepared all the time. Y’know? Hit me up if you can relate! x

  317. Hi. I’m Julie. I’m on twitter as DixieSchnauzer. Because I love my dogs.
    I suffer from anxiety and mild depression. My daughter has depression and anxiety as well, which makes it hard for me to deal with my own issues because I’m usually helping her walk through hers. That said, I’m mostly controlled.


  318. Hi I’m Kim @photokimba on twitter. I’m a mom and a wife and lately it feels like I am not much else. I like to read and I’m always looking for book recommendations. I’m socially awkward and in 15 years I have not managed to make a friend in the town where I live. I’d love to get to know some other awkward weird people.

  319. I’m Kari, I’m a mom of a set of Irish Twin boys (oops!). I love to read and sew/embroider. My oldest son and husband suffer from anxiety and PTSD. I love to learn about different ways I can support them through their issues. I’m on FB as emoyn15

  320. Hi, I’m Tammie, aka tamster. I used to blog, but last year I lost my spirit guide, David Bowie and went through some rather dark times that morphed into some more stress in 2017, and gave up writing for the time being I have PTSD and I’m a confirmed introvert, that everyone thinks is an extrovert despite the fact I wave my Myers-Brigg results of INTJ frantically in front of their faces. I have way more tattoos than I can count, love space (the final frontier kind), computers, punk rock, canning and do embroidery. I play bass but not in a band (currently) I also have a degree in Poli Sci. Oh shit, yeah, the twitter account is: @Catrina_Woman, where you find a photo of our lifesized year round skeleton, Egon, playing bass.

  321. Oh yes! I need more friends that get me. I’m great one on one, but when I get into groups, I get awkward and find I have nothing to say, so people think I’m unfriendly, but really I’m just shy. I love knitting, reading, cats, and traveling. You’ll never find a better listener than me. I’m trained.

  322. Hi, I’m Emily, learned about your blog yesterday when someone said something about me writing. Said I should look at yours. I went through a totally break three years ago. I’m not all back yet. I may never be. I woke up and I’m 50 and starting everything over. Really amazingly scary. Been to the darkest dark and I am not going back. Studying in a Mythology Phd. Program. Crazy not stupid. haha. Want to write someday past my journals. Watched Brene Brown on being vulnerable on youtube last night. I love it that you reach out and ask us to lean in. So cool. Thanks…Can find me under mill em on facebook. I don’t twitter…

  323. Thank you for posting this! Sometimes things get so bad that all you can do is laugh. And then sometimes things get even worse, and you can’t laugh anymore…I’ve been there and I never want to go there again. So, my goal is to keep laughing no matter what. My name is MaryAlice and I’m a Pediatrics Resident in Portland, OR. I’m from NY originally. I got sick at the very beginning of residency, and since then have been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome…which is not a good thing to have when you’re trying to complete a medical residency (or really when you’re trying to do anything at all except lay and stare at the wall and feel like a failure). Needless to say, I feel alone and isolated a lot. My close friends are all 3,000 miles away. I haven’t been a very internet savvy person in the past, but I love this blog and I feel like a lot of us are like-minded. You can reach me as MaryAlice McNamara on FB or as “marycrack” on Instagram. Big hugs to everyone

  324. I has always been awkward and when asking a friend what I should do he said “just don’t be yourself” and that pretty much sums up my behavior when in public. I have very few friends but a fantastic 16 pound cat named Hot Sauce, 2 year old daughter not named Hot Sauce (I’m still not sure she likes me), and a supportive husband.

    I feel lonely a lot and feel like I can’t really truly connect with people who don’t have a dark side (depression, anxiety, OCD, GAD, PTSD, and so on) that they’re willing to be open about. I’m working on a book about having all these things (and more!) and hoping it will help others.

    I’m JesseLooPDX on Instagram.
    I started a blog. Today. Clearly I have impulse issues.
    I do plan to write eventually but have to wait until I have more energy. This post took my social energy for the month. Seriously.

    I love Jenny’s writing and everything she has done for all of us. Thank you, Jenny.

  325. I’m Linda, a crazy Canuck 🇨🇦, and I just read this great quote on the Power of Positivity’s Instagram page: ‘Life is so short. Spend it with friends who make you laugh and feel loved’. Jenny, that’s what you and The Bloggess Tribe do for me … make me laugh and feel loved. I’d love to return the same in kind to each of you. Find me here at http://twitter.com/_theheadcabbage and here https://instagram.com/linda_lou_63.

  326. Hi I’m Cara. I am such an introvert that in the last 5 days I haven’t spoken to anyone but my husband and kids. I love Doctor Who, Outlander, knitting, and reading. I’m on the Twitter @cara_vetor

  327. Love this! I’m a writer and love people but also have that thing Veronica Mars used to talk about. “Sometimes I just need to go off on my own. It’s just how I am.” Am the youngest mom of college kids around, so now I’m in that weird in-between space where my kids are young adults but I’m still way off from an empty nest. Have written about the working-class struggle to pay for college, from my own experience. Fan of all things 80s. Love TV shows with smart writing, but also have a mindless addiction to the Bravo and HGTV reality shows. Am a diehard bargain shopper, and passionate about animal rights/rescue. You can find me on Twitter at https://twitter.com/bobbidempsey

  328. Jenny,

    Each of your posts are like a hug and today I really needed one because I had to put my dog to sleep. Thanks for being there.


  329. Howdy,
    I’m Danielle…I’m always awkward even online, I love books, fantasy, scifi, fiction, psychology (So I can understand my own crazy, also because it un-nerves my therapists when I correct them. hehe), quantum physics and cosmology. I like SuperWhoLock and a bunch of other things and thingys. I write, but feel uncomfortable calling myself a writer because I feel like I don’t write enough… I read enough to call myself a reader. I go to college full-time and work 3 jobs…mostly with kids and honestly it’s my weekend job dealing with adults that drains me. A I have a lot of crazy in me….BPD, PTSD, and General Anxiety which sometimes boarders on being afraid to leave my bed. But I swear I am fun. I make weird funny sound effects… Anyway I live in a sunny place with no weridos and it’s been 3 years since I moved here and the depression of not having any friends here kinda sucks. Oh jez I made it sad again. I swear I am more interesting than I make myself seem. I live in southren california… I’m just going to stop here…..here’s my facebook link…hopefully https://www.facebook.com/danielleaurora.anderson

  330. Wow. This is an impressive list of interesting people.

    I’m Amanda. I just spent 20 min trying to think of how to describe myself but I think it can be summarized with “I’m currently in the middle of a 40 min long text conversation with my child about how amazing-slash-creepy ‘Spy in the Wild’ is on Animal Planet and my child is actually in the other room but we both are texting about this show instead of just watching the show together.” https://www.facebook.com/abellows and https://www.linkedin.com/in/amandabellows (I know this is odd but my fb page is pretty locked up since I have many photos of my kids there.)

  331. Love you & this idea! I’m Kris & painfully introverted. I’m a masters prepared nurse but don’t practice anymore due to anxiety and struggling with agoraphobia. (Yikes – I know) I work on my “crazy” daily and the Bloggess helps a lot. I love dogs, medical drama, pimple popping videos (lol) and other weird stuff. I’d love to connect with other weirdos out there! (And of course I use that word in the most loving of ways possible.) I love to laugh and if I didn’t laugh daily, I wouldn’t survive. My twitter is @kwaggonerrnmsn

  332. Golly gosh, already 400ish comments when I read this, haha.

    So, I’d love friends. Ideally, I’d actually love some offline friends, but hey, I’ll take what I can get. 😉 I’m not always on twitter, so feel free to poke me if you want to show me something (I’d love to read everything but I get too overwhelmed! And then because I’m sure I’ve missed important things, I panic and decide I shouldn’t read new things in case I get confused. So then I hide out in my notifications box and don’t read my feed.)

    I’m Dawni. I’m in my mid 30s. I have two “butterfly” babies (babyloss mama right here), a doggy furchild, and an alphabet of crazy that’s left me disabled. I’m into creative pursuits of many kinds, I tweet a mixture of random, funny, and mental health stuff. I’m frightened of people, especially the ones who matter to me, but if you have a dog with you, I will literally chase you down to ask if I can pat it. 😀 My twitter is https://twitter.com/bloodawni

  333. Hi I’m that Laura chick, you can find me on twitter as @thatlaurachick. I’m opinionated, RT lots of stuff with snarky comments, and try not to sound like an obsessive cat lady. I sound cool (not really) but I suffer from anxiety, depression, and chronic illness.

  334. My name is Michael. @culverm on Twitter, though I don’t tweet much. I am fading from this life. If you look me up on Twitter you will see a magnificent dog is my profile pic. He’s Patches. He died a month ago today. He was all I had in this life keeping me going. Taking care of him and giving him a great life, and he had a great life, was all I had. For money I used to do well at database software but that’s been fading for 5 years now. Nobody wants a 60 year old fat guy. I can’t make a decent enough living so my business fell apart. Then cancer which I am so far surviving. Then Patches got old and died right here on my living room floor so peacefully and quietly, looking at me while he left. Now I”m losing my house. i just hope I can sell it before foreclosure. I’m stupid with money. I’m a loser. I seem to lose everything. I don’t know why I’m here. I don’t know what I have that I could possibly give back to my fellow humans. I guess in a weird way I’m a success story because I survived beatings and psychological torture as a child. My purpose as an adult has mostly been to get well, to do inner work. I guess I recovered to the point where I got fairly healthy. But it hasn’t been enough. So that’s it. I know, blah blah blah whine whine whine. And none of you is a therapist. I get it. But I just had to say this here in this place that this very kind person, who I love to read and laugh with, provided for us. I wish you all well.

  335. My twitter name: like supernova but replace super with sloth. That also kind of describes my personality! Come hang with me.

  336. Hey y’all, I’m Jett. Some days I don’t give a fuck. Other days, I give too much of a fuck.

    You can find me on Twitter: @JettSuperior.

  337. OK, I’ll play. My name is Sharon. I’m a socially inept, introverted, extremely anxious, 58 yo who became disabled from years of suicidal Depression. I discovered mindfulness 6 years ago which probably saved my life and became a Buddhist about 4 years ago which is giving me a new life. I have an 11 yo Service Dog who definitely saved my life. I live with my boyfriend who does NOT enjoy being my only RL friend. I’m not sure if I can handle any new Skype friends (I have 3) and wouldn’t dream of talking to anyone on the phone, rarely go on twitter or Instagram, and feel too exposed to offer my Facebook. So…I plan to check out the Bloggess FB groups and hope to have the courage to eventually friend somebody listed here.

    A few more interesting details – I belong to several hiking groups, I sing in a premiere chorus, I am a nascent activist, love discussing politics and religion, read SF and fantasy, historical fiction (have you read Outlander?!!!!), the occasional mystery, thriller (especially medical), or biography. When I worked I was a medical research coordinator and nurse. (Because I’m not working, I have incredibly low self-esteem.) I’m looking for a puppy to train as a Service Dog and, if I find one, it will consume huge amounts of time and energy while ensuring another 10-15 good years.

    Twitter and Instagram as @sharonbw

  338. Hi I am Molly, and Twitter is @TheMollyCollie. Which is A. My real name and B. There is a Collie DOG name Molly the Collie with a series of children’s books and I am pretty sure I am older than the dog in both human and dog years. I live TX Hill Country adjacent. Most days I feel like I am a terrible corporate citizen in my day job and other times I am waiting to be found out as a fraud in life stuff. Until now when I just outed myself as not having it all together! Appreciate the camaraderie of others just fighting the good fight

  339. Hi, I’m Ris. I’m a geek and introvert with anxiety disorders and some sort of depression thing. I love many tv shows, movies, books, animals, and science. My books and tv tend more toward sci fi and fantasy. I’m not (yet) on twitter and don’t really like using facebook much, but I can be found on tumblr at stardusted-owl.tumblr.com

  340. I’m a well insulated (physically and mentally) work at home lawyer with a dark blue political bent and well controlled depression (yay for meds and exercise)! Mom of an adult son, married forever. Avid if lazy horse lover (some days I ride, others I stay on the ground and hand out treats like a carrot vending machine). Fan of Sherlock, but watch very little other TV (thanks for the Sherlock GIF, Jenny)! Amateur writer when the mood strikes. Member of Bloggess Pals, rarely purused twitter is @dustinggertie

  341. Jenny, you’re already my friend on Facebook, and I’m working on getting back to Twitter. I have a question for you, if you don’t mind. You know how you do Chester A. Arthur’s Christmas gifts? I am a recovered anorexic/bulimic, and one of my best friends who also suffers is dying. I’m trying to raise money for her, and I was wondering if you had any ideas to spread her story. Things you talk about go viral, and I know it isn’t fair to ask you to help me with this, but I am desperate. Can you please help me get the word out, or can anyone else in the comments help? I’m $2,990 into the $15,000 we need to get her into treatment, and I’m afraid she’s going to die before we reach the goal.

    Again, I’m so very sorry if this is inappropriate and you can totally delete it, but if you have any ideas (or any of your other friends do), please let me know. Here’s her GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/treatment-for-ariana

  342. Hey, When I saw this post last night no one had commented yet and I was too scared to be the first. I moved 2 years ago and only know 2 people in my new village. I’m working full time and studying part time so no time to socialise.
    My work forces me to talk to people all the time so when I get home I just can’t anymore. I spend too much time in books or on my laptop. My underused twitter account is @unacashin
    Jenny, you always make me smile in fact if i need to cheer myself up this is the place I come to most.

  343. Hi, I am Lindsay. I live overseas right now but the internet is my happy place and there are cool people on it. I struggle with anxiety and depression and nightmares. I hate car problems and pizza day makes thursday’s worthwhile. I take photos and I write in hopes that one day I could do more with it.

    I am on twitter and instagram as @theanxiousbutt. My website is 0rganizeddysfunction.com (below)

  344. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — Jenny Lawson, you may be the best person on earth. Who else would do something like this? I’m too much of an introvert to make friends with the other introverts, but it’s wonderful that others can have this chance. Bless you, and I hope your bad days are few and your fun days are many.

  345. Hi! awkward wave I’m Katie, I live in Lancaster, PA, and I have severe anxiety.
    I knit, crochet, spin, weave, cross stitch, sew, quilt, read, bake, cook, and love learning new crafts.
    I love anything nerdy or geeky, doctor who, supernatural, buffy, firefly, sherlock, supernatural, farscape, star trek/ wars, etc.
    I’m ktb38 on Twitter and Instagram, and basically everywhere, except snapchat, where I’m lumpypineapple.

  346. Hi I’m Nichole. I am too nervous to think of anything to say, because even casual confrontation makes me nervous. I also tweet strange and cryptic things at odd times of night. You can find me @breadloveaffair anywhere.

  347. I can’t do anything crafty (well, I’ve been Zentangling since before I knew it was a thing– does that count?) but I like all the same shows as Katie in Lancaster, plus I love Broadway, travel, and anything Disney. Every member of my family has/had depression and/or anxiety– ultimately I was widowed by mental illness. I’m hopelessly introverted, I can’t make heads or tails of Twitter, so I’m basically a recluse. But as I told the man I sat next to the last time I rode Expedition Everest by myself, I’m really a very nice person! In my head I think I’m a good friend, but something gets lost in translation between my brain and my mouth. Oh– I’m in Arkansas (I swear I didn’t vote for Trumperdinck) and I don’t have a twitter handle to share, but I promise I’m loyal as hell.

    Excuse me. I have to go lock myself in the bathroom and cry a little. Self-disclosure always does that to me. Hugs, y’all.

  348. Hey everyone! I’m Mitch Sturges and I’m an opera singer living in Vienna, Austria (but I’m from SLC, UT). I’m sometimes outgoing, as my career choose requires me to do, but that’s hard work – something I’m sure you all understand. I love meeting new people, so feel free to add me on Facebook, twitter or instagram (mitchthetenor for both)!

  349. Hi I’m Milly, I’m a loud obnoxious ball of ADHD, ptsd and a lovely stress disorder that paralyses my hands when I freak out. I collect retro videogames and am obsessed with comics, all the books, Star Wars and Star Trek. I get sick a lot (I currently have a killer throat infection) and break a lot of bones (Also currently repping 3 broken fingers) so I live on the internet where I can’t get eaten by germs.
    I was born in the U.K. but I’m currently living in the Netherlands. I’m on twitter way too much so if you enjoy rambling spiels about how I’m only allowed to eat apple sauce right now you can track me down @millycanread

  350. I like long walks on the beach and sunsets and . . . oh, wait, wrong account. i have eds and can’t get around much and even when i could i prefered animals to people. still do. I am an A type now trapped in a B type body. I write kids books and middle readers and am working on a YA novel that;s almost ready for the agent. I tweet in haiku at @MargoSolod and i have a blog at summerhoodisland.blogspot.com and a website at margosolodbooks.com.
    oh, and i’ve been to antarctica, bitches. deal with it.

  351. I just want to know if there’s ONE other person who obsesses over Radiohead AND BBC/Masterpiece period costume dramas as much as I do. Must petticoats and Thom Yorke be mutually exclusive interests? Can not one revel in angsty angst while still appreciating a finely constructed pelisse?

    Full disclosure: I’ve never watched Doctor Who. But I’m a Browncoat. It’s a scientific fact that this redeems me. In my head.

    Twitter @KRogersdotter


  352. Here goes…My name is Annie, and I’m a socially anxious introvert in Ohio. I love animals, reading, and being outdoors when I can. I listen to a lot of NPR and watch a lot of British period movies, HGTV, and cooking shows. I’m actually just starting to try to take steps to overcome my social anxiety if I can and making myself do things I’m afraid of…like posting online about myself! I just signed up for Twitter today so that I could post here. https://twitter.com/abeck101.

  353. Hi. I’m Lisa. I like baking sourdough bread and doing other complicated stuff in the kitchen. I love to read, quote silly movies from the 80’s and look at old photographs. I’m trying to learn German and improve my French so I can embarrass myself when I travel. I volunteer every summer with a national butterfly survey.

  354. I’m Elisabeth. I would actually love to find a RL friend. Someone to go to the SF movies hubby doesn’t like, talk books and writing and Doctor Who with over coffee. I live south of Youngstown, OH. There are lots of weirdos here, but it’s a different kind of weird. I only add people I know and would enjoy hanging out with on FB. I don’t know you yet, so don’t send a friend request. And I don’t tweet. So if this sounds like you, message me on FB–Elisabeth Rambo Nelson. (Note the “s” in my first name)

  355. I’m Theresa. I live in Houston TX. I’m a hermit by nature, and I leave my house only for dog classes and dog events, and to attend the occasional ComicCon. I’m also disabled due to a stroke, but I’ve figured out ways to do obedience, rally, and flyball with the dogs despite that. A good friend at my training club trains and shows one of my girls in agility too. If you like dogs and want to talk, I’m @zubiemom on Twitter and https://www.facebook.com/zubiemom.