I’ve been around the world. But not really.

Every once in awhile some country decides to translate one of my books and then I look at the reviews and wonder if they hate me or love me or (like America) a little of both.  I just looked at instagram and these are a few I saw this month:

I think the last one is my favorite.

Thanks, world.

On an unrelated note, I’m on vacation with my family so the comment section is yours.  Use it to share cat videos, share your blog, tell us what you’re excited about, pimp out your business…whatever.  While the cat’s away the mice will share their twitter accounts so we can all follow each other.  I think that’s how it goes.







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  1. The top one is my favorite. Then again, I’m partial to raccoons for some reason.

  2. Alas, I have no business to pimp out. But I do wonder how your writing fares in translation. Do they do a good job of making precisely worded jokes about American pop culture, etc., retain their humor in not just a different language, but a different cultural backdrop?

  3. I desperately dream of being as witty as you one day. I go to sleep saying to myself “Please. Let me be Jenny Lawson when I grow up”.

  4. I started a blog, but it’s empty because I just don’t have the time. 140 characters is more my speed… on twitter @kayjemusic.

  5. Um, my blog is called “Beautiful and Broken” and I review products occasionally, and talk about stuff like how the T Rex really went extinct (it has to do with it’s wee baby arms), and why every time someone dies in my family it’s funny, and you can find it here: https://injenniswords.wordpress.com/
    I post random stupid stuff on my Instagram: @jennitemprano
    And I tweet sometimes: @PirateJenni13
    So..yeah. Jenny said we could share that, so there ya go. Go ahead and stalk me. Through those channels. Don’t come to my house. My dog will probably eat you.

  6. pimping a buisness:
    Telehealth Intensive Outpatient Program for people who have suffered trauma and experience anxiety, agoraphobia, etc.

  7. Congratulations on the worldwide accolades, Jenny! I’ve just published my autobiographical debut book, “Silicon Valley Girl: My Adolescent Life and Times, and an Ode to Generation X.” Readers of “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened” will LOVE it. I’m giving away 20 free copies on Goodreads, but you have to enter by 7/31/17. Go!

  8. Hello Bloggess Tribe mice!
    My blog is http://www.happycatastrophy.com
    Yeah- it’s misspelled. “Happy Catastrohe” was taken and hard apple cider is yummy.
    It’s a humor blog from the perspective of a driver in a clown car at a very long light.

    Hope to see ya there and can’t wait to read yours!


  9. This was the first blog I followed, and I take inspriation from it and Jenny’s upbeat, hilarious attitude. I aspire to be as good of a writer as she is, effectively conveying her life with her own style and voice. I love it.
    I would be forever grateful if any of you would chrck out my blog- https://samssmiles.wordpress.com/ and just give it a look. It’s about finding the small moments in every day that are worth smiling about. It’s still a baby, so any feedback (positive or negative) is beyond appreciated. 🙂 Thank you to anyone that lends a hand

  10. I recently took a job at a leather and fetishwear shop, thinking it wouldn’t be any weirder than any other retail position I’ve ever held. I miscalculated. (https://misfitmarjorie.com)

    I’m also on Twitter. I’ll try to be funnier there if anyone starts following me. (@esjanicot)

  11. I’m dealing with heartbreak and loss at the moment, and my world is so scrambled it feels like every breath is me running a marathon. I’m supposed to be working at my (unsurprisingly unpaid) journalism internship right now, but I’m checking on your blog instead to keep me grounded.

    Here’s my shameless self-promotion: http://www.booksareonlythebeginning.wordpress.com. Wherein I’m not nearly as witty as you, but I’ve got book reviews, recipe reviews (my favorite part), and just random ramblings on some days as well.

    Thank you for what you’ve done for me, and what you’ll continue to do for me. It’s because of you that I finally decided to make an appointment with a therapist and get a handle on my anxiety (although now she’ll probably have to deal two-fold with the depression that’s rearing its ugly head again). You’ve done so much for me, just through the words you write on the page and on the internet. Thank you.

  12. Ok, I gotta ask–is Bitch-Slapping-Squirrels a thing. Cause every time I tell someone what I saw, they kinda shrug like, yeah, I’ve seen that.
    I was in San Diego recently, chatting with my sister and staring out her front window to her fake lawn, where a rabbit was sitting for a rather long time, looking like a cow chewing its cud (I assume fake grass takes a bit more effort, so no judgement there). When out from a nearby line of shrubs hops this small grey squirrel. In no particular hurry he hops up to the rabbit, stops, stands, and then hauls off and Bitch-Slaps the poor, not-bothering-anybody bunny, right on the cheek. The rabbit stops chewing for a few seconds as if contemplating the meaning of life and how it contains some pretty rude squirrels, while the squirrel hops, again, in no particular hurry, back into the shrubbery. A few seconds later the rabbit starts chewing again, but that’s it. Like this happens everyday and it’s nothing to get worked up about, much less bother moving his arse.
    I burst out laughing and tell my sister what I just saw, and she shrugs and notes, yeah, the squirrels around here are pretty territorial, without skipping a beat she goes right back to talking about President Rump. Urg, I’ll take the strange inanities of bitch-slapping-squirrels, over those of “he I prefer to forget” any day. So now I’m going to Youtube squirrels and see what I’ve been missing.

  13. My infrequently updated and therefore no-sweat-to-follow blog is at knitoxford.wordpress.com. Where I talk fairly sarcastically and fake-self-deprecatingly about making stuff.

  14. Okay, I am in! Check out my blog and get inspired to make your dreams come true – IF I CAN DO IT, WE ALL CAN DO IT!
    I mean, I once asked how big a 6 inch sub is! See? Anything is possible!

    Jenny. I know you are looking at Giesers and shit, and won’t read this, but I love you. Like so much. And thanks for this!

  15. I write about women and anxiety at PlentyWoman.com. How-to’s, essays, worry journal exercises, guided meditations, and more. It’s mostly serious but I stumble into funny now and then 🙂

  16. Love this blog and have enjoyed checking out everyone else’s!! My blog is https://typicaljenn.com/. I’m still trying to be more consistent and keep up with it, but while I do so it’s nice to come across so many people who just enjoy writing and are willing to share. Have a great weekend!

  17. Ok, so I don’t have a blog as such…. put I do post my favorite recipes here: http://jonicooks.weebly.com/. I am by NO MEANS a chef so these are all super easy, fun and NOT diet friendly. Sorry kids, I just don’t roll without butter… 😉 Enjoy, and if you improve on any of them them PLEASE let me know.

    And since Jenny specifically mentioned plugging businesses, I also have one of those. I run events. I’m happy to work anywhere but I’m based in Toronto,Canada. Any “friend of Jenny’s” (I.e. All of you) is getting 15% off. I’m on a mission to make private event planning affordable, reasonable and above all respectful of clients. My page is http://www.practicalmagicevents.ca if anyone’s at all interested.

  18. Actually, question for the brain trust. I’d like to start blogging but the reality is the only time I have is typically mobile-dependent. Can anyone recommend a blogging platform with a good mobile app/interface? I haven’t been having much luck with my own research. Thanks!!

  19. Hey! Since you asked, I’ve got two blogs: Et Cetera, etc. (janetcobur.wordpress.com) and Bipolar Me (bipolarjan.wordpress.com). On the first I write about cats, language, education, funny stories, and whatever else crosses my mind. The other is – well, you figure it out.

  20. Love your work, Jenny! If anyone wants weird (unicorn hooded scarves) and traditional (Irish blankets) knitted awesomeness, check out my shop — knittingbyjen.com!

  21. Research on the phenomenon of cats on the internet and why that’s a thing. Not pimping out business or posting videos. I just thought it was a neat link that might interest people here. 🙂

  22. I have nothing to pimp, but I’m always happy to have more Bloggess friends on Twitter! @essie_boo – I will follow back. 🙂

  23. I don’t blog but I have a twitter account. But I rarely post anything except responses to other people’s tweets. So, if you love getting replies on your tweets, you can follow me and I’ll follow you back and comment on your stuff? 🙂 @kim_penn I’m also on FB, where I post about my kids, my grandkids and my pets but mostly about how much I love beer and hate Mondays. Also bacon (in the love not hate category). I’m Kim Weaver Penn on FB if you want to point and stare for a little while before friending. 🙂

  24. I have a blog about my current journey in life and discovering the new me. For a while I was calling it my “suicidal gardening blog” but my crazy drugs are working and now’s more about my quest to find out if I need brain surgery. But it is totally funny. I swear.

  25. I do have a business to pimp out and I’ll totally tell everyone the blouses personally requested I do so. (She totally did, right?)

    Octopus Business Services 🐙
    Bookkeeping, payroll, web design and grant writing.

    We’re on Facebook and Twitter, too!

  26. Happy, demented lunatic that is fractured and runs around in jumbo curlers….um….wow.

  27. Hi, my blog has morphed several times and is now a running tally of my efforts to watch through all 1001 of the 1001 Movies To See Before You Die. I’ve just discovered Buster Keaton and am girding my loins for a pretentious-sounding Erich von Stroheim thing (he liked to do 4-hour epics with lots of people standing still and emoting and it’s boring). The link is at the bottom.

    I also literally signed up for Instagram today, and don’t have anything in it right now so wait until I get home (7/29/2017) so I have a chance to upload travel pictures and stuff. https://www.instagram.com/wadswords/

  28. Happy, demented lunatic who is fractured and runs around in jumbo curlers…. um… an interesting collage when they are all jumbled together. Wait…..hmmmmm

  29. Why do they change the cover? Although I do really like the last one. It’s even cooler than the original.

  30. Hey all, I’m attempting to bake my way through The Great British Baking Show or The Great British Bake Off if you’re a Brit, and I’m blogging my way through the successes and the (not-quite-successes) on my blog: https://sometimesibakemistakesblog.wordpress.com

    Check it out if you want to feel like a much better baker in comparison. Or, just go straight to the original stuff and watch The Great British Baking Show. It’s on PBS now and I highly recommend it if you’re depressed or anxious about the state of the world and how people treat each other. The whole show is basically just people being nice to each other and eating cake. It’s great 🙂

  31. Hello! I just wanted to say that 1. I am nervous because I never comment on things like this? Which doesn’t really make sense, but here I am feeling weird just because, and 2. I blog! I have a website that links to some of my other works too – I felt so connected and comforted through Jenny’s writing that I wanted to try to be that person for someone else. Have a lovely weekend everyone!

  32. Wow great cool – I can’t edit my original comment. Well I guess if you click on my name it links to my website? I knew I would mess this up haha – so here is a second comment from me. https://www.hedgehogfiles.com/ uh, thanks for your patience y’all.

  33. Jesse
    I’ve got nothin’ to promote but have some words – love and gentleness solves a lot. Be kind. Think for yourself. Adopt a pet or 2 that need your love and will return it 100 fold.
    Oh here’s my Twit: https://twitter.com/JGrant3974

  34. I, too, love the last photo best! So imaginative.

    I wish I could be as funny as you, dearest Bloggess, but alas, not so funny in my writing as in person, especially since I write on some pretty serious topics, I guess.

    My blog is at https://www.TheAlexandriaPapers.com, where I mostly do entertainment reviews. I’m at on the twitter at https://twitter.con/Alexandria_SZ and invite everyone to come say “Hey.”

    Everyone except lawn gerbils and squrriel-hand-puppets.


  35. Hope the vacay goes well and you have a wonderful time Jenny! Nothing to promote but this latest post of mine is the most viewed I ever wrote, so sad that it is about my son who committed suicide…

  36. I challenged myself to write a post a day for a year. Some posts are more meaningful than others. Some are funnier than others. Either way, it is my story of my battle though a rare blood disorder, fight to understand my mental illness, attempt at motherhood, luck to have the best partner in the world, “adventures”, and just the way I see life. So here it is, https://dramamama365.wordpress.com/. Check it out and consider it your good deed for the day.

  37. Shameless self-promotion: I’m an intuitive life coach who works with people struggling with healing whether it’s from physical, mental, spiritual, sexual or relational issues. I help figure out the underlying problems and potential solutions. http://www.GreenHeartGuidance.com or @ElizabethGalen on Twitter

  38. Love you always….and your pets.

    Rover.com/serinar Use code: JOYWOLF20 for $20 off first booking with ANY sitter in USA or Canada!

  39. Love you always….and your pets.

    Rover.com/sit/serinar Use code: JOYWOLF20 for $20 off first booking with ANY sitter in USA or Canada!

    Misspelled my profile link! Lol….

  40. Headed for vacation on Anna Maria island on floridas gulf coast. Driving with the kids this year for the first time. Yikes! Looking for local breweries in the area. Planning to check out Motorworks in Bradenton and Cigar City in Tampa. Where else folks??? Be safe Jenny! Love to you and all here!!
    Heather K. In PA

  41. I love you, Jenny. Like others have said, I want to be you when I grow up. But then there would be a lot of Jenny Lawsons. That would probably be really ok, though.
    If you care to, I’m on twitter @MssAnneThropic

  42. I’m the mice who misses the cat?, who’s the cat here really… hmmm 🙂
    mindperceptions.wordpress.com is my ‘mice’ home. You’re welcome, obviously.. (you’ll see the door mat screaming that :)… in a nice way of course.

    see yah!

    my twitter is barely new…. the mice is figuring her way through…. @gracienjoroge

    that rhymes…

  43. The best part of my recent San Diego vacation was when we had to drive back to the zoo because 14yo daughter left her phone in the restroom. Husband was all “no way it’s still there, it’s GONE. People SUCK.” I said “I believe in people! I would turn it in!” And voila it was there. Now she’s grounded from it for leaving it there….

  44. If anyone is interested in essential oils-get a starter kit from young living through Danielle Murray https://yldist.com/daniellemurray/ , she has a family vlog channel with her husband and is a stay at mom of 5 girls. I love watching their vlogs even if I don’t share in all their beliefs. Also I recently found out about Thrive Market, they have great healthy brands for 25-50% off store prices and for every membership bought they donate one to a low income family- get 15% off your first order http://thrv.me/PCPTmP

    If this is too much promotion or just too much in general, please delete.

  45. I am a weird dog girl, so I don’t really follow twitter but I am on Facebook!

  46. This would be my chance to promote my porn blog if I had one, but all I have is a relatively lame one. If you can’t stand the suspense you can look in at any time at http://jono-ottosson.blogspot.com/ if you so desire. You are doing this at your own risk and I am not liable for any damage to your psyche.

  47. My first post didn’t post. Might be the link in it. If it posts twice I apologize. Free WiFi is not always predictable.

    I don’t have a blog to pimp out or a business to pimp out. But I do need help. Right now I feel so beaten down by life that its all I can do some mornings to get out of my van. Yeah, my husband and I are living in our van. I have nowhere to go during the day so I sit in his works parking lot 40 hours a week no matter the temperature and read, use the free WiFi to apply for jobs, wait for him to get off work. I could go to the library and sit all day but we have one cell phone, that he uses the google translate for customers as needed, and I’m afraid to miss a call for an interview. I shower and wash my clothes at my MILs, my kids stay there with our animals, but I cannot stay there because i caught her telling people I was bipolar, which I am not (not that there is anything wrong with that) I’ve been diagnosed with social anxiety and agoraphobia, so she could get sympathy for her “hardships” of having us there. She was also caught telling people everything that was going on in our lives, with embellishments, so that she could look saintly for taking us in. We have one rule in our family, What happens in our family stays in our family. The four of us are like Vegas without the casinos in that respect. Her constant passive aggressive antics and spreading falsehoods to anyone that would listen actually stressed me out to the point that my hair was falling out and I lost 40 pounds because every time I tried to eat I would choke on anything I tried to swallow that was solid. I lived on protein shakes and water for two months before her and I got in a big fight over her antics and she told me to get out. We’ve been in the van since May.

    We were given a mobile home that was in pretty bad shape. Every time we fix one thing we find four more things wrong that make it unsafe to live there. Between getting food for the kids and animals, the things we can keep good in a cooler for ourselves, bills like lot rent, cell, car insurance we are only able to get a sheet of drywall or subfloor each pay period and still end up scrambling for change for gas money by the end of a week. I don’t know how much longer I can live in the van and not lose it. So, if anyone would like to sponsor a sheet of drywall, or a sheet of plywood for the subfloor, I’d appreciate it. If you can’t, or don’t want to, I appreciate you reading this. Keep your fingers crossed for us because that kind of luck is welcome as well.

    I’m not asking for money, you can do an egift card to The Home Depot. It’ll go directly to drywall, plywood, roof repair stuff for the leaks, new wire for the electric. My email is klessov at gmail dot com. You can do an egift card via The Home Depots website.

    Again, if you cant , or don’t feel comfortable doing so, I understand. Its enough for people to put good luck out theatre for us and keep us in their thoughts.

  48. I love the second cover with the blanket over someone’s head as they sit on the laptop. That’s me some days.

    My blog is just dollhouse stuff, but there are other better blog links on it and you might get a kick out of them.

  49. Anyone fancy swinging by my travel blog? The lady bunch of entries are about a cruise I was sent in around Stewart Island, at the bottom of New Zealand to promote it. But then the ship ran aground on a rock. Awkward. It’s http://www.travelskite.com. Nobody reads it. It’ll be your discovery….

  50. You are in the place that was one of my most favorite trips ever….except don’t go in May when the Bears (autocorrect is saying bears is a proper noun and really, I agree in this case) come out of hibernation. Just wanted to share THAT fun. Really you don’t have to read the post I’m linking. Just look at the pictures. They say it all, really. https://booshy.wordpress.com/2009/03/23/yellowstone-important-things-from-a-rookie/

    Also I love you! Not in that way but in the I think you’re a really strong person to be able to share your weakest sides with everybody and still have a sense of humor about it. I’ve been around ever since the snoopy snow cone machine comment I made however many years ago. Hope you’re making so many awesome memories (duh, you are)!

  51. If ypu need a proofreader or editor, I am very thorough, have eorked for a best-selling authore and am chesp. Contact me at pwerths@sbcglobal.net.
    I cannot imagine being as,witttyas Jenny. I wish!

  52. This is the only blog I follow.
    Tried to read others, but so far they are all either junk or uninteresting to me.
    However, your blog, Jenny, ROCKS!

  53. WORKED…sheesh! AUTHOR. . CHEAP. Small type+fat fingers=great ad for proofreading! I would delete, but don’t know how!

  54. I personally don’t blog, Twitter much except to retreat obvious ostrich or post on Facebook much (maybe I’m a touch antisocial?) But I will take this opportunity to shamelessly promote my son’s web/graphic design site facebook.com/tunnelsharkdesigns. Check him out he’s really talented. And he’s my son so there is no bias whasoever. Mostly I just read Jenny’s blog to keep the depression/anxiety etc etc away like so many others here. So thanks for the links other Tribe mice!

  55. I like the second one best. Mostly because I didn’t know it was possible to use the letter ‘u’ so many times in one word…or whatever it is. Also because I often feel like I’m sitting on the floor and have fallen forward over my computer. But the title is the best part: Hic (?) Olmamis Gibi Yapalim. I don’t know how to pronounce this, but inside my head it sort of rolls around poetically. Olmamis Gibi Yapalim. Cool. And you probably have no idea how hard it has been to type all of this, with a big, purring cat curled up on the edge of the computer, with my left arm around her, who occasionally decides it’s time to stretch or stand up and lay down again, so that I have to tell her –AGAIN– that I cannot see through her head, but she is a snob and no matter how often I say this, she never pays any attention. She has always been of the opinion that the Egyptians had it right and cats should still be worshipped, but I still love her. So I apologize if this is not spelled correctly–it’s her fault.

  56. I sell pretty pictures. Alas, I have no pictures of cats on the road or mice playing or furiously happy raccoons. I wonder if I have pictures of any of the places you are going on your vacation. I may have pictures of places you would like to go. In any case, feel free to take a look and tell me if anything looks vaguely familiar. Or enticing. Or relaxing. Or whatever.

  57. That last one is probably my favorite, too.

    If anyone is interested in checking me out, literally all of my social media (facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, snapchat) is cupcakewitchery. Feel free to add me and talk at me (I have social anxiety, so I’m not the best at talking back, but I will definitely try). I need friends.

    I also have a few pictures up for sale on my RedBubble account: https://www.redbubble.com/people/ammphotography/shop/

  58. I love all of you folk, you make me laugh, cry, howl with rage/delight/sorrow/so many reactions, emotions and it is SO good to know I am part of Jenny’s tribe and that you are all as crazysane as I am…Thank you all for being the astonishing people you are…thank you for making me feel part of something infinite!!

  59. I have a fun business, but alas…my website got hacked by nasty stupid people a couple weeks ago, and my online presence is adrift….
    But someday soon, if you like, go to
    SFMassageSupply.com, and if we are both super duper lucky, you’ll get to see my website and maybe buy stuff.
    Cool, right? I know!

  60. I met you at the Erma Bombeck Writer’s Conference in April 2016 and loved your talk. Had my picture taken with you. Reading ‘Furiously Happy’ this week during my vacation which has been on my ‘to read list’ for ages. And love it. Your mind is amazing. Once I finish the English version, I’m going to read it in Estonian. And then I’ll read your first book which I just bought. I write mostly humor on my blog: http://www.shallowreflections.com.

  61. I wish I had something better to promote, but the only thing I’ve got going on for the moment is a Facebook page called “Gallery of the Absurd”, a page dedicated to celebrating some the most bizarre, strange, and absurd stuff to be found on the internet. Plus I add captions. Here ’tis-

  62. Yesterday I discovered a site that would deliver real New York and Chicago pizza here to my house in Phoenix, Arizona. So what did I order? New York BABKA. Because a chocolate and a cinnamon Babka is actually even better than Chicago Deep Dish, apparently. Having been to both Chicago and New York, I love both kinds of pizza — which, according to all the food sites, is totally weird and wrong. I should prefer one or the other. But honestly, I can’t decide. Maybe that’s my Western blood talking. Here we’re lucky if we can find a decent bagel. (It’s extremely difficult.) Oh! I should check and see if they can deliver H&H Bagels….

    And BTW, I’m extraordinarily jealous of you being in the Grand Tetons. I was born in Wyoming and my parents hauled me all over that area before I was seven, then moved me down to Arizona. I need to get back there…

  63. Started a fan club over on facebook on Memorial Day and we’re 200+ but we’d love to have you all. Lots of inappropriate memes and profanity. Come on in and say hello!

    “This a tribe of misfits who love and identify with The Bloggess and want to hang with people who do too. A place to discuss her blog postings and books.”

  64. I have nothing much to pimp out, except my writing blog that I don’t really update as much as I should. I don’t have twitter or Instagram or anything like that. However, I can share what I see as some wonderful news: This week, for the first time since the end of May, I worked all my scheduled hours (and had no panic attacks while doing so). I was out of work for a month and a half due to being in the hospital, and last week’s attempt at returning to work didn’t turn out so well. But this week did!

  65. But I have a genuine question for you:
    Will “You Are Here” be published in China? I moved to Beijing before it was published, and there’s a little book vendor I pass on the street, who often has English-language books, and even has some adult coloring books. I keep watching for you. Is it a lost cause?

  66. I drove by Alien Jerky in Baker, CA (the city is also home of the world’s tallest thermometer) today and thought of you. It was 111 degrees (holy shit!).

    Hope you’re having a blast!

  67. I love your blog and your books aaaand I don’t really know what to say so since you told me to pimp out my business


  68. P.S. I don’t have a blog. Or Twitter. Or Instagram. Or Snapchat. Or Pinterest. Or Facebook. Or whateverelseisoutthere. 😉 I will pimp out the animal shelter where I volunteer though: https://spcala.com (By way, unlike with the American Red Cross, there is no national “umbrella” organization in the spca or humane society world — they’re all independent, so please give to your local one!)

  69. Since you insisted…
    My Twitter: twitter.com/PanyaV [I think I’m funny… Also, accident-prone.]
    My blogs: panyav.tumblr.com [mostly reblogs of things I like, some crafts, some recipes] & musiquedujour.tumblr.com [just started in April, links to bands and videos of their songs that I listen to on any given day (putting my Asperger’s-induced OCD list-making to “good” use)]
    My Goodreads: goodreads.com/panyav [don’t write reviews, but some might be interested in my reading list]
    My Pinterest: pinterest.com/PanyaV [haven’t added anything in quite a while, want to start again]

  70. [I’m a doofus. Be nice if my links were actually clickable.]
    Since you insisted…
    My Twitter: http://twitter.com/PanyaV [I think I’m funny… Also, accident-prone.]
    My blogs: http://panyav.tumblr.com [mostly reblogs of things I like, some crafts, some recipes] & http://musiquedujour.tumblr.com [just started in April, links to bands and videos of their songs that I listen to on any given day (putting my Asperger’s-induced OCD list-making to “good” use)]
    My Goodreads: http://goodreads.com/panyav [don’t write reviews, but some might be interested in my reading list]
    My Pinterest: https://pinterest.com/PanyaV [haven’t added anything in quite a while, want to start again]

  71. My blog is a cautionary tale of epic proportions. I strive for imperfect perfection and end up picking myself off the floor.


    If nothing else, after reading my blog you can say, “at least THAT didn’t happen to me!”

    Jenny, thank you for making a difference in our lives with your fantastically funny stories! You scare my dogs because of the laughs that come out of me when reading your work, but they suck it up. You rock!

  72. I can help you raise money for your non-profit, if your non-profit needs money. Most do, but I don’t want to make assumptions. Maybe you’ve already solved world hunger or saved all the polar bears or something, so your organization doesn’t need the cash. But if you have solved world hunger or saved all the polar bears, you should consider getting a grant for marketing so you can tell people about it. The world needs to know that kind of stuff.

    Just started freelancing as a grant writer after 15 years working with non-profits. The largest grant I was awarded: $6.2 million from the U.S. Dept. of Education. The smallest: a packet of sunflower seeds for a community garden. Lots in between, too. Email me:
    annkrafcik at gmail dot com

  73. Hi Jenny…..love all your antics in your life. I have added a new one to my repertoire. Rescuing and rehabbing infant raccoons that have been orphaned!! I think I would have lots of fun with a taxidermy raccoon, but the real ones are super cool to watch playing and learning to hunt for food. I enjoy watching them trying to catch the live fish, and how the fish wiggle out of their hands and then they look like “where did it go?”. Keep up the great work you do Jenny!! = Dawn

  74. I like the second one…simply because the book colour is my favourite. Thanks for letting us put our blogs out on here. Please kindly look up ufuomajenniferesegine,wordpress.com . Have a fab weekend all.

  75. I like the second one…simply because the book colour is my favourite. Thanks for letting us put our blogs out on here. Please kindly look up ufuomajenniferesegine.wordpress.com . Have a fab weekend all.

  76. Jenny – thanks for the laughs. I look forward to reading your posts, and I hope to see you in person sometime to sign your books! Or maybe I’ll be able to locate one you stealth signed! My blog is Let’s Get Out of Here at https://mstturpin.wordpress.com/ I’m trying to write more, and hopefully spread a little laughter too.

  77. WooHoo!! The cat’s away! Here’s my contacts: twitter@elvagreen1232 and http://www.pininthetush.com (my wordpress blog), it’s about the biography I wrote and published about my father and for which I have just won a Foreword 2016 Bronze Book Award. The title is Eddie Green The Rise of an Early 1900s Black American Entertainment Pioneer. (published by http://www.bearmanormedia.com). My dream is that someday my book will travel the world and meet one of your books. I truly admire you for your accomplishments. Hello to all you other meeces!!!

  78. From what I’ve read, you only have good reviews in France! Furiously Happy even appeared in the french Cosmopolitan magazine as a “must read” . 😀

  79. Thanks for everything, Jenny! I’m proud of my new Muppet blog, all about the songs of the various Henson projects. I got stuck trying to revise one of my novels, and this is what’s allowing me to write again, to forget the fear of writing and remember the fun.

  80. No blog. No business. I had total knee replacement surgery about 3 weeks ago so if I had a blog it would be “OW OW OW OW OW OMG OW OW WHEN IS THIS GOING TO STOP OW OW OW oh today wasn’t so bad OW OW SHIT EVEN MORE OW” Although, as my wise and kindly cruel physical therapist said, “The pain you had before was bone pain and was only going to get worse. Now that’s all fixed. Now your pain is recovery and regaining strength pain. That’s GOOD pain!” To which I replied, “OW OW OW IT HURTS RIGHT NOW EITHER EFFING WAY OW OW OW I HATE YOU oh man that leg massage feels amazing don’t stop OW’

  81. Hi! I’m Lisa Orchard and I write for the YA genre. I’m working on a couple of very strong manuscripts that I’m very excited about. I also have a blog where I ramble on about my ideas to fix the world…I may be a little idealistic. 😉

  82. Love The Bloggess and love everyone here. I can’t even remember how many years I’ve been reading at this point…and when I, too, became obsessed with metal garden objects. Ha!

    Since the Bloggess said we could leave links and beg for support, I’ve transitioned into a new career doing movie reviews and would be most grateful for a “subscribe” on YouTube or a follow on Twitter or anything remotely similar. I’m on YT as https://www.youtube.com/user/ZoeHewittHosting and Twitter and Instagram @realZoeHewitt. I will continue reading through the comments now since they’re generally as good as the actual posts–love the Tribe.

  83. Hey Catherine of the knee replacement! I had one three years ago and frankly after a month of paying for therapy that I could bloody well do myself at my gym, I quit and did exactly that. I suggest you try to get in a really good habit of doing quad and hamstring strengthening exercises because those muscles have been the key to my leg doing so well. Now I can do all those activities I love, and missed: dancing, down-hill skiing, backpacking, etc, all at the age of 57. By the by, I was a wuss during my therapy and ended up crying every time. Keep up the OW-ing, it’s less embarrassing ; )

  84. Hey other followers of the great and powerful Blogess, check out my blog: Noteworthy Nonsense. It’s full of hilarious, relatable stories from my life, and there’s lot’s of swearing. (promise.)

  85. The only business I’ve ever thought about starting was walking dogs in my Boston neighborhood. I spend a lot of my free time walking anyway, so why not get paid to do it and do it with a dog instead of alone? But I’m pretty sure potential customers would google me, find me on social media, see how much I like dogs, and worry that I might not actually return their dog. I would definitely return all the dogs. But I can totally see why people might be suspicious of that, or think I would just do it for free so they don’t have to pay me (they would be right).

  86. Oh, hey. If this is an open forum to promote our stuff, I’d like to put the word out for our group called PlanetName. If you’re not sure what PlanetName is (since it’s kind of vague), we’re a group of geeky friends who met in college and enjoy nerdy things of all varieties. Someone suggested the term ‘nerd co-op’, which I think works well. Anyway, I feel like the nerd is strong with people here, so if you’d like to follow us on social media, we’re on facebook (planetname.net), twitter (@realplanetname), and instagram (@planetname). Give us a shoutout, if you’d like a follow-back (will likely follow-back anyway)!

  87. @thegrandsequoia- instagram 🙂 we do stuff ( like a real business) but mostly I post pictures of my lovable bulldog Travelling Amigo 🙂 cheers all ( I’ve started following as many @’s as I could see on the comment sections too!)

  88. I can pimp my business…if you have computer problems (and don’t like, if you’re here I KNOW you have a computer!) and need help fixing something, check out Chartrand Computing Services. Many problems can be solved remotely, and I promise we won’t scam you. http://www.chartrandcomputing.com New site coming soon – beta testers/critics welcome to PM me for details.

  89. OMG let the mice mayhem ensue! Jenny, Jenny, who can I turn to……. Sorry Jenny, your name elicits that kick-ass ’80s number (literally) by Tommy Tutone: “Jenny – 867-5309”! But for something completely different, here’s a post I wrote called, “Life’s Little Lessons & Why I Hate Chicken Balls!” http://wp.me/p4doQv-16U Hey Jenny, thanks for letting us take up vital real-estate in the cyber-comment space of your bitchin’ blog! Cher xo

  90. I must say that it’s not recommended read your books while eating or drinking, because you’ll spill it all over the room! And everyone around look at you thinking you’re crazy. If they read the books as well they’ll make sure of it.
    I absolutely love your work!
    P.S.: Sorry for my bad English, it’s a second language for me.

  91. Pimpin my business!-DotDotSmile with Carlie Mace
    Cute & Comfy kids clothing: 6/12 months up to size 12/14(which can fit some women running around a size 6)

    Looking for that perfect dress for your little girls first day of school? Love new trendy adorable clothing for your girl(s)? Well, come shop! You won’t be disappointed. These dresses; three different styles to choose from, are amazing & the twirl on these beauties will put a smile on any girls face. Boys clothing coming soon!

  92. I’m thinking of starting a podcast about the TV show Veronica Mars. If you might be interested in listening, I will post updates to my twitter: @HallieS86.

  93. That last book cover thingy is wicked amazeballs!

    Hey, nice party going on here! No one’s spilled punch on the carpet, or thrown up in the bushes outside yet – pretty impressive! I brought some virtual chocolate chip cookies and a bottle of Boru vodka to share. I’ll leave them both here on the kitchen counter, safely out of the way of the… interesting… Twister game taking place on the floor.

    Oh, and my blog is over at http://www.traciyork.com/ if anyone wants to take a peek. I just put the finishing touches on my free card reading for tomorrow’s Tarot Tuesday – it will be posted at 8am, EST if you’d like to cue spooky music read what the cards have in store for you this week…

    Hope you’re having an awesome family vaca, Jenny!

  94. I just wanna say something: You are a great Writer and your book is pretty funny and makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, cause I am anxious and every time when I blame myself about something or When I get depress, I remember your book and it makes me feel better. So thanks. And sorry if I wrote something wrong, english isn’t my mother tongue, I’m Brazilian.

  95. Jenny, you inspired me to start blogging a few months ago. I’ve neglected it for the past three months because of work and other personal issues, but I’m trying to get back into it because I love writing. So thank you for inspiring me to keep up with my passion. Your books and blog really help me a lot…more than you could know.

  96. OK Jenny, have a great vacation! I help people who feel broken to start to feel whole again. Mostly though I want to share my podcast where I interview women who have a (true, crazy, inspiring) story to share (hint hint hint ladies, who’s got a story?) Podcast episodes are here (including the latest one releasing tomorrow which is my ‘this is how crazy I was’ episode): http://rockingrawchef.com/category/podcasts/

  97. These photos are amazing! I love seeing all the different book covers.

    Also, I’m doing my first ever live Q&A on Sunday at 5pmEST and I’m so nervous that no one will show up. Please come? Any of you?

  98. Please follow me back on twitter mice: furiouslyhappy. And I have a blog called marblesandmania.com but I’m not as cool as Jenny :////

  99. I think you need an entire book based on Rory. This was my favorite part of your book. The stories of him had me in tears I laughed so hard , which I rarely do.

  100. Omg. Please tell me you weren’t in Florida or the smoky mountains. I just got home from Florida. We stopped to see the smoky mountains cause they were there. While visiting my sister in Florida I noticed your book and remembered I never finished it! Then I tried to remember if I loaned it to my sister on her last visit. Don’t worry, I didn’t finish it because I was afraid I would finish it, then it would be over. So I read it cover to cover while we were there. I annoyed everyone with reading parts of it aloud, and I tried to make it last the whole trip, but not cut it too close. I won, except I finished it a little early and then I missed you, but I had family to visit so I guess that was ok. I love you 💕

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