Hi. I love you.

Our community is amazing.  It’s so strange and lovely and large that sometimes I just watch it from the edges and feel lucky to be a part.  If you are here you are a part of that community, even if you’ve never commented here.  You are here and you are special and I’m so grateful for you.  You have saved me.  You have saved each other.  You do not know your power.

The hard part of having a community is that grief is the tax you pay when we lose people we love.  You may already know that last week a much-loved member of our community, Cheo Jackson, died suddenly and unexpectedly.  He was funny and irreverent and reached out to others and (like his wife Anya) was an ardent and supportive member of #thebloggesstribe.  Today is his birthday and he always said that he wanted a party to celebrate his life rather than a somber funeral, so today -with Anya’s blessing- community members will celebrate him and his family by filling the day with random acts of kindness and joy.

Do something good and kind.  Laugh loudly.  Don’t wear pants.  Tell people you love them.  Embrace ridiculousness.  Be unapologetically yourself.  Inspire others.  Inspire yourself.  Salute the brave.

I’ll go first.  Today I will send books to a juvenile rehab center that needs donations.  Today I will smile at strangers even if they don’t smile back.  Today I will pay for the person behind me in the drive-thru and I will leave toys in the park and I will try harder to forgive myself for not being perfect.  I hope you’ll join me.

We’ll miss you, Cheo.  But you’re still with us.  You always will be.

Now go be happy, y’all.


And on an entirely different subject…

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  1. Be kind and recruit others to this community. Anyone who can help, or be helped. An author of a on-hiatus webcomic I love just used the “not enough spoons” metaphor apologizing for the lack of updates.

    Alex, if you see this, hope you find some extra spoons here…

  2. I love you back! I’ve spent the majority of my day sans pants and sending random gifts to people who need them. Cheo’s light lives on…

  3. I am giving away a brand new backpack, a lamb blankie, a bag of National Geographics (to a teacher), and a brand new Peter Rabbit Christmas book – all through my local Buy Nothing group, which has a lot of single moms in it. Also I will refill my bookhouse with different books. And for me — playing Christmas music all day. Blessings on Cheo’s family & all who loved & miss him.

  4. Cheo and I followed each other on Twitter but due to a variety of reasons, I hadn’t been on Twitter much lately, so I’m only just finding out… On his birthday. Happy birthday, hon. I didn’t know you well but I enjoyed your tweeting. Anya, I am so sorry for your loss. Sending you light, love and virtual hugs. Today, I am housebound but I will continue to work on my donation scarves later today in Cheo’s memory (I haven’t done any work on them in the last week).

  5. Done. Hubby and I just asked the neighbor to go hiking this afternoon. She is recovering from breast cancer, was fired from her job b/c she couldn’t make it to work during surgeries, chemo and radiation. We hope we make her day a bit brighter.

  6. I am so thankful for my Tribe, and for you for bringing them into my life! Today I am celebrating life, love, kindness, and Cheo
    And I’m not putting on pants.

  7. Jenny,

    I did mine in his memory but I prefer to keep it a secret. I am just weird like that. I miss this awesome member of our pocket squad but know how lucky I am to have had him as part of my tribe. He and Anya, along with dozens of other tribe members, helped save my life and bring me back from the darkness.

    I owe Cheo, Anya, you, and all the members of #thebloggesstribe a debt I may never be able to repay. Thank so damned much.

    All my love,
    Smuddle Buddy

  8. The community you’ve created here is nothing short of remarkable, and this post proves that you are magic; I was looking for an excuse to not wear pants today, and now I have one.

    I was also looking for some goodness and kindness and hope, but let’s not get sappy 😉

  9. I am heartsick at Cheo’s passing. Every time I look at my feed and see his name, I am reminded that he’s never going to share his opinion about pants again. He was one in 7 billion, and I miss him.

    I cleaned up after a stranger’s dog at the dog park. I love the idea of leaving toys in the park. I am SO on that! And I have Amazon wishlists from some of the tribe, so I’m gonna ninja-gift as much as my budget will allow. We need to be kind to one another.

  10. Ridiculous and Kind, or ridiculously kind- I think that I’ll try both. And then dance with my dog in the sun, and then make pies. We honor each other in so many ways and that is what makes us great

  11. I’m going to stay in my PJs for as long as possible, take care of my sick husband (who keeps on insisting he needs to help out today) and write those checks to the Family Giving Tree (https://familygivingtree.org/) and the local food bank. With the world seemingly going to hell in a hand basket, we need each other more than ever.

  12. Today is the 40th anniversary of my mother’s death. I am sad today. Also cleaning for unit inspection on Monday. Not sure if I will go out today.

    But hugs to those who are missing those thet love. And to those who are cleaning.

  13. I love you and your family, Jenny. I love you all. I have a severe flu and am stuck in bed, but I am without pants. I will also spew love all over the Web. I’ve been giving every spare dollar to a friend stuggling with a very serious cancer. I want her to see her son go to the Olympics. He is almost there, and she is only 41. ♥️

  14. In Cheo’s honour I wanted to wear no pants today but vacuuming sans pants can have dangerous consequences (so I am told). As it’s only 2:20 p.m. while I write this and housework is almost done, there is still time.

  15. What a beautiful way to celebrate a life. I’m sure he would be so happy this is his legacy. Much love to all 💗

  16. Jenny, thank you for writing this. Geoff and I are taking some time to be kind to ourselves today, then we’ll figure out where to go from there.
    Thank you for reminding all of us that while the price of community may be grief, the strength of community endures despite it.

  17. I am so sorry that such a bright light has gone out in our world but how wonderful that it inspires people to go out and do what he would have done. Thank you for this post!

  18. We were lucky to know Cheo. Thanks for making it so we did, Jenny. I love the Bloggess Tribe. And I love that you use your platform to spread so much kindness. You always have.

    Also: if you’re reading this & want to join us on Twitter, and it feels sort of weird and like you don’t know anyone, feel free to follow me! I don’t know everyone, but I’ll introduce you to those I know. And I’ll definitely follow you. 🙂 I’m @ emtamsyn 🙂

  19. This was lovely. Thank you so much for writing it. I miss him. After you brought us all together the first time, when you asked us all to share our Twitters, we all kind of found our lil groups, our pocket squads, and Cheo was the first one to reach out to me individually, in DMs. We managed to get pretty close pretty fast. He and his wife, both beautiful people full of love and light. He always had positive and encouraging things to say both to the group and to me when I was having bad days, when I would isolate from the world due to depression. I miss him. ❤️💔

  20. I will do my best but will totally be wearing pants – that’s my first act of kindness! LOL

  21. Today I saved a little mouse after the cat dropped him in the dishwater. He was swimming his little brains out and deserved a second chance. I may have to throw away the dishes that were in the sink though.

  22. I let a guy go in line in front of me at Peet’s Coffee. And I REALLY wanted my coffee. I’m counting it as a random act of kindness.
    Oh, I also bought a toy to take to a toy drive on Tuesday.

  23. This community is a giant heart, beating because of the brutal beauty we all encounter, not inspite of it. I count my lucky stars that I’m a part of it. I come here to laugh and to love and for a safe, welcoming place to feel. Thank you, one and all. 👊🏼, Jenny!

  24. Will try tomorrow. Hiding today as a huge piece of my front tooth broke off yesterday.

  25. Thank you for always making me smile, just because you are you. I paid for the people behind me at Starbucks, and now I’ll head out and will go find ways to compliment complete strangers at our local Christmas tree lighting. Have to wear pants for that, but will do this for you, for him and for the community. xoxo

  26. I read furiously happy on my phone in bed on the nights i can’t sleep or the depression is too much. i color pages from you are here during the hard days to remind myself i am worthy of breaks and to keep my hands too busy to cut. what you’ve done is nothing short of remarkable, and i find hope in your story every single day, and the courage to keep going. and a lot of laughs, which also makes me feel better 🙂 thanks for the difference you make!

  27. I’m very happy to be a member of this community, even if I don’t always comment. I’ve met some amazing people reading comments and following their blogs. I’m grateful to you for bringing us together and today I will endeavor to be awesome (I’m already not wearing pants, so I got that down). <3

  28. This is a great community. I don’t know if people are doing amazon wishlists this year, but if they are, I’d like to try to donate this year.

  29. I let the Veteran ahead of me in line have my coupon @ the thrift store bcz I sensed he wouldn’t let me pay for his $3 purchase.

  30. Thank you for this community! I love reading your words, your truths, your heart! You make us better, even when you can’t feel it!

  31. We should all be kind every day, so a little reminder doesn’t hurt. Some of us are having a shitty Christmas for reasons other than money (my sister died in September, and mother died on Wednesday). Doing something nice for people whose Christmas is shitty because they can’t afford to treat their kids makes my holiday season more bearable. I won’t see the happy smiles, but I know I’ll feel them in my heart.

  32. Hi, I have a question about the Christmas program and cannot find out where to contact you and not sure where to comment. You have so many funny ass posts I feel like if I were to ask I would look real weird and award commenting in any random post of yours. Thank you !

    (Jenny@thebloggess.com. 🙂 But if the question is when are we going to do it again I think it’ll be in a week or so. ~ Jenny)

  33. Today I stood in Target and unapologetically sang ‘Deck the Halls’ with an employee. Spreading joy!!

  34. As a teacher, I love what INSYL is doing. These are things that I see missing in the curriculum in Canada as well. Maybe I can write a children’s book. HA.
    Also, didn’t know Cheo, but I’m sorry for the loss of a friend for those who knew him. As a new blogger, I’m noticing a lot of positivity and support among the blogging community. It is refreshing and my soul is soaking it up. I have been in a world of energy-sucking negativity for years now and all of you who I’ve been connecting with are helping me heal. Thanks for the love and positive vibes!

  35. Packaging up a box of goodies for a friend and her daughter going through a rough time. Wrapping books for all my friends’ little ones for the holidays. Trying to bring a little light to my corner of the world.

  36. How do I contact you directly? I have a question about the Christmas program that was held last year and several years before I a friend had told me about the program. Thank you for keeping me entertained in my shitty life and hope my comment about the program does not sour anyone’s mood at all.

  37. Hugs and live to Anya and Cheo’s family, and to you, Jenny for givng a space for misfits to finds each other.

  38. Believe it or not, we do have winter in Las Vegas. There is a freeze warning out for early Tuesday morning. Today I will clean out the coat closet (who needs more than 2 coats in Vegas?) and give the extras to my sweet 83 year old neighbor who will take them to the LV Rescue Mission. She helps serve dinner there twice a week, every week, without fail.
    And I will support a friend who has decided to forego chemo in favor of an alternative treatment that sounds a bit far out to me.
    And instead of waiting for my sons to call me, I’ll call them. My father died thinking that I didn’t love him (which was SO wrong) and I don’t want any similar misunderstandings amongst my family and friends.

  39. Yesterday I left extra quarters at the pay station for parking meters. Stuck some in the coin return slot, and put some on top of the pay station. And I let someone else go first when they opened a faster checkout line at the grocery store. And today, I’m having a donut for late snack. Shine on, Cheo.

  40. I didn’t know Cheo in any way, but I’m sorry about his passing. Today I’m putting money in every Salvation Army bucket I see. Thank you Jenny, for letting us know and calling us to action, however small; for sharing yourself and providing sanity; and just…thank you.

  41. Thank you for honoring him this way. I’m part of the Twitter Tribe, too, for which I’m endlessly grateful. Sending love out for Cheo today. Happy birthday, buddy. @katatwell

  42. Done. Just committed to an on-going monthly donation to Charity Water, a remarkable organization that strives to bring the world clean, safe water. Thank you for inspiring us all, Jenny.

  43. Well done. And remember to be kind to yourselves, too. We all need to remember that now and then. ❤️

  44. Love to you and all the tribe 💙 I might not always comment, but I can’t tell you how many times your posts and the comments have picked me up on some of my lowest days !
    I couldn’t do anything financially, but today I stepped out of my comfort bubble in Cheo’s honor !
    I smiled and said hello to strangers and even hugged a little lady lady at the library. She looked like she needed it today (and she told me she did !) I also placed a few painted “pick me up” stones in the library flower bed for others to find 😀
    Happy Birthday Cheo 💖

  45. Lot of hugs and love to everyone, Happy Birthday Cheo. I wished I had gotten to know you but I have heard so many wonderful things about you and your wife. Today in your honor I will be sure to help anyone in public when I have to go out later, which is something I never like to do unless forced, such as hold the door, say hello to a stranger or more, help them with anything like bringing their cart back inside to save them the hassle of doing it themselves. If I were financially better off I would offer to pay for the person behind me, my luck the person behind me would have $100 bucks of items. I will be using my Link Card.

    I am so sorry for your loss and sending you so many hugs and love. I will continue to do this as a reminder to help others as it is not only monetarily that matters, the simple things can make a persons day. This is something I would like to do as a personal goal since I do not like to go out in public due to anxiety but this idea is very good and can help me better myself. Thank you Cheo! May you be happy and free wherever you may be now <3

  46. Jenny, thank you for all that you do for us. Reading your books and becoming a member of The Bloggess Tribe has changed my life. Cheo was an amazing man who left this world far too soon. I’m forever grateful that I got to know him a little through the tribe and ache for his family and friends who have to learn to live without him.

  47. Jenny, you are simply amazing. Today I want to thank you for your books, your blog and this community. When I was in a rehab facility detoxing from years of alcohol abuse, I read your first two books several times. They showed me that I can laugh again and that I’m not perfect, and that it was okay to be weak, and that the bad days will pass. I have been sober for quite a while now. I now embrace being furiously happy. So, on this day when we are all doing good things I am saying thank you.

  48. Jenny, you are simply amazing. Today I want to thank you for your books, your blog and this community. When I was in a rehab facility detoxing from years of alcohol abuse, I read your first two books several times. They showed me that I can laugh again and that I’m not perfect, and that it was okay to be weak, and that the bad days will pass. I have been sober for quite a while now. I now embrace being furiously happy. So, on this day when we are all doing good things I am saying thank you.

  49. I don’t even own pants so I’m good! I really want to be more than a lurker in this community but words are hard and blahhh

  50. I appreciate you, Jenny, but if you are a guy, and are out in public, and especially at work, please wear pants.

  51. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I shared my pie with my bestest friend, and I really needed pie.

  52. I stayed up late last night, and got up early, to make a paper mache flamingo for the top of my Christmas tree, because I woke up in the middle of the night this week knowing that I needed a flamingo themed Christmas tree, and the internet let me down – I couldn’t find what I wanted anywhere. Anyway, my family mocked me and called me a weirdo, but that creativity and quirkiness is my favourite part of myself, and I’m tired of tamping it down. It’s my favourite part of this community as well, and life is too short not to celebrate it. I’m sorry for the loss of your friend.

  53. Thank you, Jenny. I love you and this community and am buying gift cards today for people who need them for the holidays. Cheers to Cheo! I didn’t know him; he sounds like he was a very special guy.

  54. I’m never able to articulate how much I admire and respect you and so many of the people here.
    Today, we paid for a woman’s lunch. We tried for anonymous, but got ratted out and she said we had no idea what it meant. That her husband died a year ago and she has trouble eating alone.

  55. Oh and I bought my Mom a 3 foot tall metal chicken. Since he’s (not sure why he’s a he) only 3 feet tall, his name is Yonce’.

  56. I’m pretty new here, so I didn’t know Cheo, but I’m very sorry for all of you who knew and loved him and are missing him now. I’d say I spent the whole day without pants, but that’s pretty normal for me when I’m at home. LOL. Anyway, I found out today a good friend broke her ankle in three places and won’t be able to work, which means she’ll have a hard time making a good Christmas for her five kids. So, in Cheo’s honor, I’m going to see what I can do about drumming up some donations from other friends to help her out. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  57. Thanks for sharing this love!

    I wore pants, but I did sing really loudly for a really long time.

  58. I did not know Cheo but am sure the light for those who did, shines a little bit dimmer with his passing. The main reason I am Posting is to wish you and yours a Merry and Safe Holiday season. I appreciate the effort you but into this blog.

  59. Shared my chocolate on the plane, and smiled at every person I saw today. Thank you Jenny

  60. I’ve never commented, but I relate to this one. My husband died unexpectedly on Thanksgiving day when he was 44 and I was 39 with two young children. And he was a very, very good man. Thank you for the reminder to be KIND! Today I took three 6th-grade girls to buy Christmas presents for children in foster homes. I admit that I didn’t reach out like this before I lost him. I don’t know Cheo, but obviously he was special and the world is a smaller place without him. God bless him, his family and his spirit. And bless you Blogess for the joy you bring to so many.

  61. Who is this person? Maybe a little more background on what his relationship to your blog was?

  62. So I totally read this before bed (fail for the day), but will smile more and find a way to spread some generosity and cheer tomorrow!! Love you, and this community, Jenny! Peace, Cheo – hope you had a great party in heaven today.

  63. I love you Jenny! You make me happy to be alive when there’s so much sadness all around. And you make me laugh so hard I pee my pants (well just a little). I am sorry for the loss of your friend. I will be kind and giving today.

  64. Love love love you Jenny and all in this community! I love to make people smile, and that had been one of my goals in life! I walk with a smile on my face most of the time (never say always or never, it will bite you in the ass) so I don’t have a resting bitch face!! Have a Great Day everybody!!

  65. Happy belated birthday, Cheo! What a beautiful way to celebrate his life and family. Today I will focus on inspiring and not taking life too seriously. And counting my blessings! Tomorrow when I visit a local women’s shelter I’ll take some goodies to share. XOXO

  66. So sorry about the loss of a beloved part of this community.
    Love the idea of spreading kindness, love and generosity in his name.

  67. I wish I had know Cheo. Happy Birthday to Cheo and thanks to such a wonderful caring group spreading kindness and joy in his memory. I will be kind today to all I meet and see what random happiness I can conjure <3

  68. I didn’t know Cheo but if you loved him, me too. Thank you for being the light in my day. Today we are filling stockings for our local children’s cancer society and hopefully blessing others.

  69. I rarely comment but reading this blog and it’s comments makes me feel less crappy about being a bit odd sometimes. Thanx to Jenny and all…
    Sorry for your loss. It always sucks.

  70. Had a bad day at work so was grumpy all day. Just read this post so pants coming off and good deeds about to start. Happy birthday Cheo, rest in bliss.

  71. Hey Jenny. I am new to your site. I just read Furiously Happy and loved, loved, loved it. I too am one of the crazies. Depressive, anxious, and wide awake all night long without drugs. Ambien has been one of the best friends I have ever made. Better living through pharmaceuticals! Fuckital 40mg.

  72. Today I will tell someone that I’ve loved for years (and they don’t know), that I love them. Will probably drive them away, but that’s life. They should know.

  73. Today I stopped at a convenience store because my oil light was on in the car (this has never happened to me before and still 1000 miles until the next oil change so I was totally WTF?). As I pulled into a spot, a homeless man walked up and sat down right near where I was. It gave me pause and I thought about moving the car for safety’s sake, but decided he didn’t look like the genuinely crazy kind, so I went about my business. There is also a McDonalds drive thru attached to this place, and it ran right next to where I was pulled in and homeless guy was sitting. I often hand homeless people $5 because I like that it goes directly to them and they get the benefit immediately. I also then feel no guilt in saying “no” when the grocery stores ask me to donate to some large charity at checkout. I tell them, “I contribute in more direct ways.” Before I could offer the guy $5 tho, someone going through the drive thru asked if homeless guy would like some food, and bought him a couple burgers and a drink, which I thought was super nice of drive-thru guy. When homeless guy saw I was checking the oil in the car, he offered to help. I said “thanks, I can handle it,” but we had a chat about what happened – the light was on, I had to buy a couple quarts, not sure what’s going on with that, he said he didn’t see anything dripping from his vantage point, etc. I think he was happy just to have someone talk to him in a normal manner while he ate his lunch. Just before I left, I handed homeless guy the remaining $8 from the $20 I’d paid for my oil with, and said, “For your next meal, yeah?” He was grateful, and I left with a smile. 🙂 It was all of 10 minutes out of my life, but was probably the best 10 minutes I’ll spend today. (And now I have to hit the oil change place and find out what’s going on for real! LOL)

  74. I plan to jump in every puddle on my way home from work because its joyful and quirky 😉

  75. I didn’t read this post until this evening, so I will spread cheer tomorrow in his honor, to the best of my ability. What a lovely way to respond to a loss.

  76. It’s incredible reading so many comments, sharing stories and expressions of kindness, joy, silliness, and generosity. Here’s to paying it forward. Happy birthday, Cheo.
    After having a day in which living felt like a really bad idea, thanks, everyone, for the reminder that it’s ok to be broken.
    I’m going to tell a lot of people they’re valuable, and give my coworkers cake. (Without icing, because sometimes depression means you only get halfway through baking a cake before you end up hiding under a quilt.)

  77. We love you too….thank you for all the reminders to love each other, and to also try to love ourselves. It is all too needed, and all too hard, sometimes, especially when so much of the world encourages otherwise.

    If it’s any help, the day you posted this (I was having issues posting a comment, then, so I kept the page open to keep trying until it worked) I once again served as Emergency Mom. It’s a role I have long held, but officially took on earlier this season while helping with my son’s school play, when I ended up the lifeline for a suicidal thirteen year old girl. The deal is that any of the kids — friends with my son or not — can get my number and text me any time they want/need, in relation to an issue they are having, or something they are concerned about in relation to someone else. As ‘the cool mom’ I am part mom, part mentor, part friend, and they can come to me for advice, help, support or whatever, if they need someone more experienced or reliable than a peer, but don’t feel comfortable turning to their own parents/relatives/caretakers, or school staff, or whatever. They know I will follow protocols if need be, but I go about things in a way they feel more comfortable with. This way things….sometimes really, really serious things….are tackled before they become regrets immediately or down the line, when otherwise they might not have been because they didn’t trust anyone to respect them enough to take them seriously on their own level.

  78. When I read the first line of this post, I was all sad panda because I thought you meant YOUR community where you live. Then I realized you meant OUR community of lovable weirdos. I love you and all the other misfits! Cheo is smiling down on all of us. <3

  79. You have reminded me how important people like you are. You have saved me. Your humor frequently pulls me from the dank depths of depression and anxiety, and inspires me to write. I love you! Thank you for being you, and for all you do.

  80. Hey lovely people. My heart is hurting right now…someone very dear to me struggling in their marriage, and my uncertain mammo which will get resolved, one way or the other, tomorrow. Also, December is the month in which I lost both parents. It’s really hard right now. But I love and am refreshed by the acts of kindness and love that y’all are doing. THANK YOU for representing love and light.

  81. Today instead of returning the toy that both my mom and I got for my niece and nephew, I will put it in the toys for tots bin. Even though that $20 is a lot for me right now, it’s even more for a family that can’t afford toys for their kids.
    I will also be gentle with myself, while also practicing the harder type of self care where I do things I don’t want to, that will make my life better in the (hopefully not too distant) future.
    I will call my grandpa just to tell him that I love him and let him know what his great grand-dog has been up to.

  82. Thank you for reminding us all to be more accepting of our imperfections. We forgive others of their flaws, yet are hard on ourselves. Let’s all look at ourselves and promise to be accepting of a different flaw each day before Christmas. And just maybe we will have accepted ourselves completely by Christmas Day. It would be the nicest of all gifts we could give ourselves. And as we model it for our children, the nicest gift we could ever give them.

  83. This was so nice. I always love your random posts especially when I find a little bit of myself in them. Good thing I’m not wearing pants right now <3

  84. Hi Jenny. Thank you so much for honoring my brother Cheo. You’ve inspired me to join WordPress, and I’ve published my first post, Cheo’s obituary. An abbreviated version will appear in print in Dallas in the near future, but because of the cost (who knew it cost so much to die?) it will be much shorter, and probably without a photo.

    Thank you also to all the readers of The Bloggess who have done random acts of kindness in remembering and celebrating Cheo and his giving character. #TheBloggessTribe has blessed me, my family, and Cheo’s widow, Anya, and their children in more ways that you can imagine.


    Obituary: Cheo K. Jackson, 1973-2017

  85. I bought donuts for my retail crew. Most of them were grateful, if not confused by the randomness of it. The only one who wasn’t grateful had already eaten her allotted “cheat” and did not partake.

    I miss Cheo. I’m so grateful that you know who we are, here in your tribe! I wouldn’t want to be in anyone else’s tribe. There’s none better than #TheBloggessTribe.

  86. My boss wouldn’t let me go without pants, but a little boy who is battling medical issues was treated to a birthday that dreams are made of, by his sports heroes. Thank you, Cheo, for your inspiration.

  87. My boss wouldn’t let me go without pants, but a little boy who is battling medical issues was treated to a birthday that dreams are made of, by his sports heroes. Thank you, Cheo, for your inspiration.

  88. Thank you for writing such beautiful words in honor of my brother. My parents and my other brother Zik love reading about all that wonderful things people have to say about Cheo.Mahalo

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