McDonald’s is stealing my dead weasel and it’s insultingly obvious.

If you are new here and you don’t know Juanita Weasel and all of her wonder then click here to meet her and then go here to bask in her memed glory.

Now that you know the backstory, check out the video below:

You could have just asked me if you wanted replica dead weasels in your happy meals, McDonalds. That’s just Basic Etiquette 101.



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  1. Nowhere else on the internet could I read a tweet that included the phrase, “Pretty sure I just found a doppelgänger of my dead weasel…”. Keep it weird 🙂

  2. Whoever is in charge of McDonald’s toy marketing needs better meds and to be fired. Probably in that order.

  3. This is one of those days when I’m so happy I work at home. I just burst out laughing sooooo loud! :o)

  4. Hey, that’s a Pokemon. So you need to sue Pokemon for copying Juanita, and then sue McDonalds for enabling them.

  5. My girlfriend, Evil Kitteh, is making some very odd, hyper squeeing noises because you called her a pokemon.

    Thank you, I think!

  6. Juanita needs a tiny Viking helmet with horns, and a shield and sword, and one of those metal breastplate thingies.

  7. It looks like Juanita’s long lost half brother. Will you dress him in overalls and a top hat to match her apron and pearls, please?

  8. They stole Glennon Doyle’s “Brutiful” to advertise their Brewtiful coffee, too.

  9. Weasel aside, I am so happy to know I’m not the only adult who sometimes gets Happy Meals.

  10. When I am having a long week, I just come here and find the best stories. Thanks for sharing! I had missed your posts about Juanita previously, and I am dying over here.

  11. Awww..that’s freaking adorable. And before you turned it over, I was thinking of that annoying sabertoothed squirrel from the Ice Age movies. Scrat? I think that’s his name.

  12. Fuck, I just have to get in one more med for insomniacs, Saphris. It’s for schizophrenics and Bipolar 1 people HOWEVER it makes 1 in 4 people tired and turns out it makes ME tired. Again, hit me up if you want real world advice

  13. Give Juanita her own wheel–preferably a friction wheel so you can pull her back and she can race across the floor. You could have Matchbox challenges, like it’s a new party game or something. Drinks would be the prize. Wow–I’m on a roll here…

  14. They need to pay you a dollar per you sold! Just think, out in the world right now..millions of children are playing with your weasel!!


    (Phrasing. ~ Jenny)

  15. I had a dead (at least I hope so) in my freezer for almost a year.I wanted to perform an autopsy but couldn’t find my high school dissection kit. If I had known there was a market for such things…

  16. weasel. The word weasel is missing from my post. Don’t want anyone to think there was a dead something else in my freezer.

  17. OK. All caught up on Juanita. But now totally lost on the whole Nathan Fillion twine thing involving Simon Pegg…. But I am not googling it. Totally keep falling down a Wikipedia hole…

  18. McDonald’s Corporate Dude: Our Happy Meal needs something special to go with those turd nuggets we pass off as chicken.
    Other McDonald’s Corporate Dude: I just read this blog and saw this picture of a stuffed weasel.
    McDonald’s Corporate Dude: Genius! Put a wheel in it so the kiddies can roll it around the restaurant and annoy other patrons instead of eating the crap food they begged their parents to buy them! And while you’re at it, let’s figure out how to increase the shelf life of a burger by three hundred more years. They’ll be eating McDonald’s at the apocalypse! Muhahaha!

  19. I love Juanita and I am also incensed by McD’s clear violation of copyright laws. But, even more, I am impressed with Kitty’s high five!

  20. Omg I don’t know what made me laugh more the post or the comments. Today some a$$ hole attacked me over a limited item (I work in a store) even though I saw he had 20 he bought from other employees (we have a limit 10) but this made everything soooo much better.

  21. Is that Rolly? (the cat, not the plastic thing)

    (Yep. She’s usually off napping but I think the smell of weasel drew her out. ~ Jenny)

  22. Love the post (I missed Juanita!), but the comments here are gold! My goodness, no wonder these people like you so much, they have the same weird humor! …. “They”, like I’m not one of them, haha. And is the fluffy poof Rolly? Don’t see him much.

  23. Copyright infringement! And I have to give a thumbs-up to hoosiersista for her “Furiously Happy Meal” comment. Thanks for your link to your Instagram account; I never get enough of Dorothy Barker and all your furry beasts.

  24. Lord, it’s so good to see a Juanita post again. It’s been far too long since she’s been front and center.

  25. Having had a few laughs recently about “It’s McDonald’s what did you expect?!” all I can say is “dead weasel” is probably one of the better things I can think of that might show up in your Happy Meal… But on a side note: if you can successfully sue McDonald’s over serving you hot coffee I think you could make a case for the similarities between their weasel and Juanita…. they would probably at least settle out of court anyway!

  26. I like Juanita Weasel and all, but my sentimental favorite is the fragile little alligator with his mouth WIDE open in astonishment / happiness. I adore him.

  27. OK, Jenny, this has nothing whatsoever to do with McDonald’s or weasels or much except that I think you might have to check out this woman’s work just because you should and probably already have. And she has the amazing webname of Rockstardinosaurpirateprincess. And I think you have some things in common. And she has an great little video on tea and sexual consent.

  28. We got the Juanita look alike in a Happy Meal last week and I have been letting my grandson play with her. i am ashamed to admit that I did not realize her true value. She will now go up on the mantle. With a dress on her.

  29. I’m sure someone has already said this, but does this mean that we can get a happy-meal-size Beyonce Chicken from MaccyDs now?? Is there some sort of loyalty card thing going on? We need to know! xx

  30. They TOTALLY ripped off Juanita. And if the “Eat More Kale” guy in VT can get sued by Chick-a-fil who thought (years after he started) that he was infringing on their copywrite of “Eat More Khicken”, then why can’t you sue MacDonald’s????

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  32. Now I don’t feel crazy for thinking that dumb thing looked slightly familiar when my son got one this week.

  33. I love your weirdness! I have a dead shark in a jar, I named Diego. Unfortunately, I can’t take him out to dress him up because he’s floating in something that looks like pool water– and he’d be all wet and fall-aparty.

  34. God Damn those toys have gotten weird. Give me those 80s and 90s ones back. Ninja turtles or somethin. Donald duck who races off the kitchen table when you pull him backwards to charge up the wheels when you let him go.

  35. Juanita looks as if she’s saying “Brosephine – if you don’t GTFO., Imma claw those eyes out”. And if you’re not playing the new Animal Crossing Pocket Camp app, then good for you – and you won’t understand where ‘brosephine’ came from.

  36. Haha!! As wonderful as Juanita Weasel is, maybe MacDonald’s came to Alberta for inspiration. And I can’t believe I am going to share a hidden wonder from my stomping grounds. :o) But, I give you…..The Gopher Hole Museum!

    You must check out the Dioramas. :o)

  37. I’m pretty sure I got a dead weasel in a happy meal once…. They might owe me a dollar too, or at least a new happy meal.

  38. Hi Jenny,
    On a completely unrelated note, I was wondering if there was any way i could get a copy of “Let’s pretend this never happened”? signed for my wife (Xmas gift) Thank you.

  39. Quick question. Did I miss the reason WHY MacDonalds is giving away weasels? Is it a political statement?

  40. Everyone is talking about the crazy toy thing. Why aren’t we commenting on high five kitty?!?! Seriously, are we that jaded? #saddayforcircuscats

  41. Yungoos is the worst Pokemon, (for the latest games) it can be found everywhere. Then later in the storyline, a little girl asks your character to go after the main villain because he stole her Yungoos. (To be fair he did it just it be a dick.)

    The entire time I was like “little girl you can literally find another one in the weed patch outside your door.”

    Please use the toy to make a scene/diorama where the real weasel fights the Yungoos.


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