The Eighth Annual James Garfield Miracle.

Hey.  You.

Are you struggling to buy a toy for your child this year holidays?  Are you wanting to help others?  Do you like ecstatic taxidermied heads in santa hats?  If any of these apply then you are in the right place, because today marks the eighth (EIGHTH!?) annual James Garfield Miracle.

The backstory: I bought a very jolly but kinda f-ed up boar head (named James Garfield)  and Victor thought I was crazy so I sold some homemade Xmas cards to make up the $90 I paid for him but I made so much I decided to give the money back to parents struggling to buy a toy for their kid.

James Garfield and I love you.
James Garfield and I love you.

It went quickly but as soon as I ran out of cash a ton of other people stepped up and asked if they could send toys to strangers and it grew into a weird but lovely tradition.

Each year I think will be the last year but each year people who were helped in the past ask if we’ll do it again so they can give back.  For those who like something easier you can give to Project Night Night, a brilliant organization that provides a book, stuffed animal and security blanket to kids living in shelters, and also to Heifer because it’s nice to be able to donate the ass end of a water buffalo on the behalf of relatives that you don’t really like.  As always, there are no sponsors, no rules and no one gets anything out of it except the happiness of helping total strangers.


So here’s how it works:  If you are struggling this year and you don’t know how you are going to buy a toy for your child (or children) then follow these instructions:

Make a wishlist on Amazon and leave a comment below (with the age of your child, a link to your wishlist and anything else you want to share).  There are a few rules that you must follow.

1.  You are not allowed to feel bad about asking for help, because all of us have struggled at some point, and people LOVE to help.  In fact, lots of people helping are ones who were helped in the past and want to pay it forward.

2. It has to be a brand new wishlist (I’ll show you how to make one below) and (to make it fair and make sure we can help as many kids as possible) you should choose under $40 in toys (per kid).  We usually stick with just toys but if your kid needs a coat or socks or something to keep them warm you can add that, but keep it to under $60 (per kid).

3. It’s REALLY important that you follow the instructions on how to set up a public wishlist (your address isn’t shown publicly to anyone) because tons of people miss a step and their list gets ignored and that sucks.

4.  Continue to be awesome.

Here are the rules for people who want to give:

1. Find a comment with a link and send a present.  If the wishlist is empty that means that the list has been filled.  YAY!  If you buy something but it doesn’t give you the option to send it to the person’s registry address that means that they messed up so delete that present from your cart and go to the next person.  You’ll know if it’s messed up because Amazon will try to send the present to your address at checkout.

2.  Continue to be awesome.

Here’s the basic FAQ because we’ve done it enough to know all the problems:

  • How do I post my wishlist so that my kid gets a present?

Follow these step-by-step instructions:

Log in to Amazon and under “Accounts & Lists” choose “Create a list”.
Select “wish list” and name your list.  Make it “Public.”  See how “keep purchased items on my list” is selected?  Don’t do that.  Uncheck it.


On the list you just made click on “Edit this list” and this box will pop up.  See where it says “None” on shipping address?  You have to add a shipping address here so click “None” and select “Create new” and add your shipping address there.  (Double-check after you’ve saved it by clicking on “Edit this list” again.  The box will pop up and it should show your address instead of “None” if you’ve done it correctly.)
Please make sure “keep purchased items on your list” and “Don’t spoil my surprises” are NOT checked, otherwise things that have been bought will still show up and people could buy the same thing multiple times.

Now, go shopping.  Put up to $40 in books and toys (and up to $60 in coats/socks if needed) on your wishlist.  Instead of clicking “Add to cart” choose the “Add to list” drop-down under it and select your list.  (Make sure you choose a size if you need a coat or jacket.)  If possible, stick with things that offer Prime shipping and that arrive before the holiday.

If you don’t live in America please say where you live in the comments because it’s much cheaper for Canadian people to buy for Canadians, etc.

Once you’re done go to the comments here and put a link to your wishlist.  Here’s an example I made up:

I’m really struggling this year and have 2 young kids and 1 teenager.  They like books and movies.  I live in America.  I also added an inexpensive coat and mittens for one my youngest  just in case anyone could help.  Here’s my link:

  • What should I choose for my wishlist?

Picking things that are listed as “prime” eligible is ideal because shipping is free for people with prime memberships.  Remember the limits so that we can help as many kids as we can.  Books and art supplies and movies that kids can share are all great suggestions.  Here’s an example list I made with a ton of inexpensive books, toys, etc. that you can use as inspiration to get started.

I went to buy something from a list but the list was empty.

That is actually awesome.  That means everything from their list was bought.  Whoop!

I went to buy something from a list but there wasn’t an address attached to it. 

Then delete what you have in your cart and go to the next persons list.  That happens every year.  Leave a comment letting the person know that they need to add an address.

How do I know I’m using the right address?

When you’re looking at the wishlist it will say the name of the person.  When you check out select the same person’s name’s wishlist address or registry address.  If there isn’t one then they haven’t added their address so delete your cart and try the next person.

Are you checking to make sure people are real?

Sort of.  There are some things I do to check but go with your gut.  I do delete people if I know they aren’t real or aren’t following the rules but most people won’t go to the trouble to fake an account for crayons and kid’s books so just use your best judgement.

Can I thank the person who helped me?

You won’t know who they are, but you can totally say thanks in the comments.  You’ll know if something was bought because it will disappear from your list.

What if I don’t get what was sent to me?

It happens, but rarely.  Sometimes you’ll forget to put your address and your stuff goes to the person who bought it.  Or it’s at your neighbor’s house because you weren’t there to sign for it.  Or it was sold out and you’ll get it after the holiday.  It’s rare, but it can happen.

I can’t afford to buy something but I’d like to volunteer to make something or send a card to someone.

Okay.  Just put your email on your comment and they can connect with you.

I’d like to give even more to a particular person.

Awesome!  The best way to do that is to leave your email address in a comment and ask them to contact you so you can help them directly.  Please don’t ask them to add extra stuff to their wishlist because it gets way too confusing.

I want to give 10% off a product I make or let them enter a drawing if they like my Facebook page and tweet a bunch of crap about it.

No.  Sorry.  This is not that.

Will you be my friend?

Yes.  Yes, I will.

PS. This morning I donated $1,000 to Project Night Night in your name.   And now I’m going to fill as many wish lists as I can. The money I spend on this stuff comes directly from my affiliate links and from your support in buying my books, so if you can’t afford to help just know that if you came here this year these gifts are from you too.  In the last 7 years our community has given almost $400,000 to help kids during the holidays.  That is insane, y’all.  But a good kind of insane.

The best kind of insane.

PS. Pretty please stick to the max limit per kid.  You don’t need to add extra things so there are choices because then you end up getting way over the max if people fill your whole list and since there’s a limited amount of money to help some kids might end up getting more than a hundred dollars in gifts and others get nothing.  Thanks everyone!

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  1. James Garfield and you are quite lovely. I am good on the wishes myself, but will be eyeing some others to see if I can help! Thanks, lady!

  2. Jenny, Thanks so much for giving us all this opportunity to give back every year. It is a wonderful way to start of the holiday season.

  3. I saw the headline and started crying. I’ve been waiting for this. It’s the first year I’ll be able to give instead of receive. My heart is exploding with joy already.

  4. Look forward to this every year – just donated to Project Night Night and can’t wait for folks to start posting wishlists.

  5. I benefited from James Garfield day last year…that toy still gets played with daily, btw. I got a promotion this summer and I’ve been looking forward to paying it forward this year. Thank you for arranging this again, Jenny.

  6. Earlier this year, after a bad break up, my niece got back together with her longtime boyfriend. By March she discovered she was pregnant, they were married by May. In September he had some bad stomach pain and went to the ER, he ended up having his gallbladder removed. What should have been a hiccup on the road to family life ended up being a nightmare. The surgeon found what turned out to be stage 3 testicular cancer. The baby my niece was carrying was a statistical improbability. He is now going through 16 weeks of chemo and their son has since been born. Baby Andrew was born early when mommy was diagnosed with preeclampsia. With all the stress, medical bills, and her being the sole breadwinner, they are skipping Christmas this year. Their first Christmas as a married couple, and baby’s first Christmas. They are struggling to get by. I can’t bear the thought of a barren Christmas for Andrew. I asked her to make a list for him just in case anyone asked and she has no idea I’m posting this here. Thank you so much for even reading this far. Please keep Andrew and his parents in your thoughts this season as they work to stay healthy. Merry Christmas <3.

    (You wishlist is fulfilled! ~ Jenny)

  7. My wife and I just organized something similar to this through the hotel I work at.
    We sponsored a family of six and raised money to give them a bitchin’ Christmas by purchasing a buttload of toys and gift cards.
    You’re a true angel, Jenny Lawson, keep up the good work.

  8. I could use some help with my 5 kiddos this year. From losing my job to having to move in with a friend to try to save up, it’s just been a struggle. Any help would be so appreciated and I hope to pay it forward soon! My boys are 3, 5, 10 and 17 and my daughter is 13. Thank you for reading!

    (By the time I went to the register it was already telling me that stuff in my cart was already bought. YOU GUYS ARE SO FAST! I bought everything that was left but the gift card can’t be bought because people have to have your email address to send it digitally. Maybe delete it and switch it for something physical? ~ Jenny)

  9. I’m Leslie. A lot of you know me as the founder of Bloggess Pals. I’m also a disabled Mom of two who has had a rough year financially. My husband lost his job about 14 months ago when his company folded and has not been able to find steady work since so the four of us are living on my disability, child support and public assistance. Our food stamps, which were cut from almost $500 a month to $89 and will be going to $16 because the medical bills which are now being sent through the child support arrears system were decided to be income. So, we lost a significant portion of the limited income we once had. The Pals helped us with food, which I am eternally grateful for, and we are now left staring Christmas… So I have made a list and I am humbly sending you information about our two children.

    Our list and a little about them:

    Claire is 11. She is a tween through and through. She loves nerdy things and about the same stuff I do. She’s way tall because my ex is 6 foot 10, so she is 5 foot 8 almost 9, or why the stuff for her is tall women stuff. She’s also being bullied like crazy, so if you have a better idea of what to send her that’s fantastic. And as of this present moment, my darling daughter still believes in Santa.

    Cassie is 1, almost 2. She turns 2 two days after Christmas. I haven’t even figured out how to address that yet. She’s adorable and sweet while being rambunctious and climby all in one. Full toddler. She is receiving early intervention services for silent aspiration, and she takes it all all like a kid taking on the world. She’s pretty amazing. In fact today she just started trying to climb out of her crib.

    We try to be as positive as we can be. We just need a little help to get us through. I appreciate everything this miracle has given to all of us.

    (Your wishlist is fulfilled! I didn’t even get to open it before it was emptied. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  10. Wishlist for an almost 6 year old boy. I’ve had a lot of health problems this year (mostly mental, though I have surgery literally the day after Christmas as well, so that’s fun). Medical bills have really drained me.

    (Wishlist fulfilled! ~ Jenny)

  11. I’m reaching out to you today on behalf of my sister. 13 months ago her husband was badly injured in a car accident when his SUV was struck by a drunk driver. He was in the hospital for 9 weeks with 14 broken bones and has spent months rehab. She is currently the only one working to support the two of them and their 2 sons. Nate and Cole are 13 and 6. Nate loves to read and is obsessed with Game of Thrones (he’s read the books) though his mom won’t let him watch it. Cole loves all things oddball and unique(Just like his Aunt). Both boys like to play games and build things together. They are growing like weeds and will be getting some new clothes and shoes for Christmas because that is all my sister can afford right now and it is what they need, but that isn’t Christmas. Not for children. I compiled a list of some books, games, and small toys that the two of them can ultimately share. I know some of these things may not look appropriate, but these are unique children with exceptionally accepting parents. My sister is a wonder. I’m doing what I can but my situation is not so good either. Thankfully I don’t have children to provide for. Thank you so much!

    (Wishlist fulfilled! ~ Jenny)

  12. Hello

    I am a single mom of four beautiful children: a 9 year old boy, an 8 year old boy, a 4 year old girl, and a baby boy. This year has been a tough one for my family as I lost my mom unexpectedly over the summer and I have been struggling to catch up financially after those unexpected expenses. This means that Christmas shopping has been put on the back burner for now.

    9 year old son:

    8 year old son:

    4 year old daughter:

    Infant son:

    When my mom passed, I became responsible for my youngest sister, who is extremely mentally ill and my two year old niece. I’ve included a wish list for them too. My sister uses art as a way to deter herself from self harm so there are a lot of art supplies on her list.



    Thank you so much for this opportunity and thank you for helping!

    (Just an FYI that you’re over the $100 max on a couple of these lists. I’m guessing you’re adding choices but it’s really better to stick to the limit ($40 in toys and $60 in clothes) so that everyone can be helped. I sent you about $100 worth of gifts from each of your lists. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  13. I’ve been on the receiving side of this the past two years and am SO excited to give this year. Thanks for keeping this up Jenny and tribe- it’s amazing!

  14. Hi! I have 3 girls 13,15 and 17. All are creative and crafty and would really love soft fuzzy blankets and socks for their time at home over Christmas break. Each picked a craft and a pin because they’re “cool” but are not necessary. Everything is shared, I promise. I work full time and go to school but bills are crazy, especially this time of year. Thank you, Jenny and everyone- thank you

    (Your wishlist is fulfilled! ~ Jenny)

  15. Wow. Reading this makes me tear up.
    This year has been a struggle. Loss of a job, medical bills, hospital stays, special needs children, therapies, aba, school issues, roofer running off with money, and a broken water heater. Sigh. Life has its ups and downs and I am blessed with what we have.

    My boys are my world. I have four, ages 11, 9, 6 and 4. I made them a list of things they have been begging for, I hope that’s okay. Being on the Autism Spectrum, they have very set likes and interests.
    I added three items they need badly but are not toys. I would be grateful for them to get anything on their list though, so at least they have a special surprise this holiday under the tree.
    Hoping next year I can be a gift giver. Many blessing. <3

    (I bought several things from your list but a bunch showed up as already having been bought by someone else so I deleted those because I think maybe Amazon just hasn’t updated your list yet. I sent you the things on your list though that weren’t flagged as already purchased. ~ Jenny)

  16. I’ve been off work due to serious illness and Christmas just won’t happen without this. You guys are amazing. Jarrods list contains sheets and pillows because that’s what he needs and we couldn’t find prime clothing to fit him. Thanks to everyone for their kindness.
    Hi. Check out this list:

    Hi. Check out this list:

    (Your wishlists have been fulfilled! ~ Jenny)

  17. I’ve been out of work due to workers comp injury since June. I found out Monday that they are no longer covering my injury as workers comp, even tho I’ve not been cleared to go back to work, meaning my $1600/month just went POOF…. Thankfully we had decor and whatnot, but still… My fiance is still working but half our income is gone… Hoping I can be cleared to go back to work soon :/

    Lizzi is 10.5 yrs old. She loves doing crafts with either me or my mom, so I’ve included a boatload of different options. She loves hello Kitty and playing with her little sister.

    Aeris is 18 months and loves her kitchen set that she got for her birthday, even tho we have no food for it lol. Further down the list are other toys and books I feel she’d enjoy. She LOVES music and dancing, so the toy guitar would be awesome.

    (You’re quite a bit over the $100 max but I just sent you about $200 worth of gifts for your girls. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  18. This is a list I put together to help the low income families of children with disabilities I work with. I’ve already gotten some clothing items to give to these kids, but if anyone else is inclined to help, I would be so thankful!

  19. I love that you b do this. I wish I could get my act together to do a list, but I’m trying to not be homeless in Christmas.

  20. Love this idea and am honored to donate again this year. Thanks for making an easy way for strangers to bless strangers.

  21. desperatly need help shopping for my 2 daughters. after some large personal medical bills have come in last month, christmas shopping is going to be extremely tough for me this year :(. help is beyond appreciated!

    (Your wishlist is fulfilled! ~ Jenny)

  22. I love this every year. I’m not able to help as much as some years, but I’m still gonna do it!
    Love you, Jenny. Thank you for bringing such joy into the world.

  23. I AM SO HERE FOR THIS. I can help this year, and …. thank you. Thank you for letting me help.

  24. Jenny said we’re not allowed to feel bad about asking for help, but sometimes, you just can’t break through that “I’m a terrible parent” feeling. I was fortunate the last few years to be able to help other with their lists, and I hope to be able to do that again, next year. Unfortunately, this year seems to be the one where I swallow my pride and ask for help, you see, I have the best girls on the planet, they don’t ask for much, they helped my when I had to have surgery, and they are doing their best to help their dad with his struggle through manic depression and bipolar disorder. The girls don’t fight, they don’t argue, and they deserve so much more than I can ever give them. But, I need help ya’ll, I made a new wishlist per Jennys instructions, and I’m putting a list of the girls ages, sizes and interests I combined both of their wishlists and tried to make sure they both had equal amounts of things to choose from. Fun funky socks and fun under wear are ALWAYS needed.
    Any help is appreciated, and good thoughts and prayers go out to all of you.
    James Garfield
    Cici- 11 years old, 5’4
    She loves reading, art, drawing and weird nerdy stuff (truly taking after me!) Dr Who, DC and Marvel comics, Nightmare before Christmas, and Neil Gaiman books. She’s in a 2x tshirt, size 8 socks and underwear, and likes silly off the wall things.
    Hazel- 14 years old, 5’8 she’s going to be a giant!
    My social butterfly loves makeup, youtube, unicorns, being a princess, supernatural (the show), Disney Movies, stuffed animals and all things “girly” She’s in a 1-2x tshirt, size 9 socks and underwear.

    (You’ve got $200 worth of presents coming your way! ~ Jenny)

  25. My step daughter moved in with us unexpectedly last month. We’re so happy she’s with us, and finally in a safe home, but we spent all our money getting here here from 4 states away. She doesn’t have enough winter clothes and she and my other daughter live to color together. My step daughter is 16 and my daughter is 17. Not so little, but still deserving of a Christmas, I think. Anything you can do to help would be greatly appreciated.

    Hi. Check out this list:

    (Your wishlist has been fulfilled! Except two of your things are from third-party venders that aren’t available to sent through a wishlist so maybe delete them and add a replacement. ~ Jenny)

  26. I feel like I wait for this all year! Thank you for giving everyone this opportunity whether to give or receive.

  27. Hi. Check out this list:

    hi i have one two year old daughter, kailee, and she is honestly my saving grace this year. her father and I split rather unexpectedly and it left me in a rough financial spot being as i was previously a stay at home mom. i am now back in school and pulling myself back together but that means that this year money is very tight. my daughter loves dolls and play makeup she likes to do mine as well lol. any help would be so greatly appreciated.

    (Your wishlist is fulfilled! ~ Jenny)

  28. @Laura , #34: something coming your way
    @Suzanne Arthurs, #33: something coming your way
    @Candy, #17: something coming your way

  29. This year I e spent a total of six weeks in the hospital. Insurance helped some, but we are struggling. My little pumpkin just wants to have books to show off the mad reading skills!

    (Your wishlist is fulfilled! ~ Jenny)

  30. The fact that you do this is astonishing! I’m Issy and I’m on twitter as @MeSillyWoohoo so y’all can check me out if you want. I’m on Disability and my husband had to take off three weeks of FMLA last month. He’s off today for FMLA also because I’m without seizure meds until after Christmas for testing. I’ve got two kids who are SN’s also aged 11 and 13 and things are rough this year. I’m worrying how we’re going to get their gifts from Santa (Yes they still believe). We’ve been struggling even to get our bills paid so any help out is amazing! Thank you all! I’m in the USA too

    (Your wishlist is fulfilled! ~ Jenny)

  31. Crying too much to keep good track of what I purchased, but like 6 folks have something coming your way.

  32. I don’t think my list posted when I tried earlier, so I’ll try again.
    Last month my step daughter moved in with us unexpectedly. We’re grateful to have her with us and know that she’s finally in a safe home, but it did cost us our holiday savings to get her here from 4 states away. She doesn’t have enough winter clothes and she and my daughter love to color and draw together. They are 16 and 17, so not little, but still deserving of a few gifts, I think. Anything you can do to help out would be greatly appreciated! Gods bless!

    (It’s fulfilled except for two things that aren’t available right now. ~ Jenny)

  33. You guys have helped my son and me twice and I am so excited to be able to send a gift this year instead of receiving one. MERRY JAMES GARFIELD TO US ALL!

  34. This year is a hard one for me and my family. I’ve sorted the lists into three to make it easier. First is Autumn, Domnick, Matt, Melinda, and Betty. Autumn has spina bifida. Matt is special needs with several conditions, and Melinda is their disabled grandmum.

    Next is Scott and Brighid. Scott is 11 and adjusting to life with a new baby sister while having ODD (oppositional defianicy disorder).

    Last family are my two nieces. I know my sister will kill me for this but i don’t Carr. She’s saving money for a security deposit to get it off the place they are living and i know the holidays will be slim. Katt is 15, has aspergers syndrome, and wants to be a social worker. April is 20 months and delayed development because of down syndrome.

    Thank you for any help you can do for my family. Bless you James Garfield and you Jenny.

    (You have way over the max on your list but I’m sure you just wanted to makes sure everyone got something. You’ve got over $400 in gifts coming to your family so you should be about set. 🙂 Happy holidays! ~ Jenny)

  35. Hi everyone a family friend directed me here for some possible help. I’m a single father of 2 girls ( Khaleesi 3 1/2yr and Kaycee 1 1/2 ) We lost my wife/mother earlier this fall due to a car accident and currently the majority of my paycheck goes to paying rent/food and bills. I placed a couple coats and warm boots on the list which would be a huge help right now. Tried to pick out toys that each girl would like. If anyone can help Thank You from the bottom of my heart.

    (Your wishlist is fulfilled! ~ Jenny)

  36. Jenny, I just bought a little boy something! I feel Ah-mazing! Long live James Garfield!!

  37. This Year has been a tough one, My husband was diagnosed with cancer at the end of last year. We have a four year old and six year old boy. Who deserve some happiness this Christmas. We just have tons of medical bills and they keep coming. We can never quite keep up with them. We would appreciate any help anyone could give us this year.

    (Your wishlist is fulfilled! ~ Jenny)

  38. My girls’ list is complete in 10 minutes. I said Claire believes in Santa. I misspoke. I believe in Santa.

    (Me too. So many times I’ve gone to fill a list and found it was already empty. This is my favorite tradition. ~ Jenny)

  39. I’m so glad that you organize things like this for people! I was blessed by one of your mental health book buying sprees and it really made a difference for me! I don’t have much to share around but I’m checking out wishlists for something really small to help with because I know how much of a difference it can make.

    Long Live James Garfield!

  40. I would be so grateful for anything the kids can get. It’s been a rough year- and this really could make all the difference for my kids. They are 11, 14, and 17. They are awesome kids, and I hope that you will consider taking a look at their list. I broke the items down by their ages since there are 3 kids. Thank you so very, very much.

    (Your wishlist is fulfilled! ~ Jenny)

  41. “#26, Something for all 4 boys is on it’s way – Merry Christmas!”

    Oops, I meant #27 :> Sorry!

  42. My family’s story is that we’re homeless and living in a motel room. We’ve been here since September. When we were evicted from our home we unknowingly lost almost all of our belongings because our landlord threw them away instead of putting them in storage like he was legally obligated to.

    Our refusal to part with our pets leaves us with no real options for help from agencies that help house the homeless. It’s a mess.

    My daughter is 17 and she collects flags so I put them on her list. Her 18th birthday is actually Christmas Eve. I don’t know if that disqualifies her. If it does then Jenny please delete this.

    Here is Gianna’s list:

    (Teens are totally still kids. 🙂 Your wishlist is fulfilled! ~ Jenny)

  43. I really hate doing this. But it is all for my babies, got in a jam with bills and no incoming child support this year. Thank you if you want to help, Solomon and Eva Pearl will be thankful I promise.

    (Your wishlist is fulfilled! Also, I love how often I open a list to buy things and it’s already empty. You guys are magic. ~ Jenny)

  44. Hi! I have three neighbors that I’m trying to help out. Their parents both work, but never have enough to really give anything extra. Most months they don’t even have enough to pay all the bills. A lot of the time I help out by feeding them because they don’t qualify for any assistance. The only thing they wanted for Christmas was gift cards to the Walmart Grocery since its close enough to walk there, but I told them they each had to pick out one present. I’m not in a place financially where I can do anything extra right now, so any help would be great. Thanks for anything you guys can do!

    (Your wishlist is fulfilled! ~ Jenny)

  45. Heather #37- your shipping address isn’t showing up on Amazon. Please re-post when you’ve added it.

  46. Tiffannie (#44) – book set and makeup pouch on the way! The makeup pouch isn’t scheduled to get there until Dec. 29 at the earliest, so that may be a New Year’s present. Hope your girls enjoy!

  47. I had hoped to support this year, but instead I find myself in a year of the fiscal stupids. Houses and kidneys keep breaking, and therefore so does the savings. Thank you for being an awesome supporter of humans!


    (Your wishlist is fulfilled except for the game because when I try to buy it it says that it will add it to my digital library and I don’t know how to change it. ~ Jenny)

  48. My husband was injured at work last year and money has been tight. My son just wants a couple of books this year, he’s been so amazing and grown up and understanding about the holidays being a lot smaller this year, I’d be incredibly grateful to anyone who wants to help!

    (I think I’ve linked that properly?)

    (Your wishlist is fulfilled! ~ Jenny)

  49. I’m a foster mom, and recently had a child leave my care after being with me for over a year. She’s been reunited with her mom and her 4 siblings, and I’m so happy for them! This will be their first Christmas together as a family, with everyone living together under one roof. After looking after her children’s basic needs, there isn’t a lot left for extras such as Christmas gifts. I can’t afford to purchase gifts for the family, but it would mean a lot to them (and to me) if someone could help make their first Christmas together magical! The children are 11 months, 2.5 years, 8 years, and two 11 year olds. I’ve also added a gift for the mom; I’m not sure if that’s okay to do, but I thought it would be nice for her to have something after all of the hard work she’s been putting into having her family back together. Thank you all so much for reading!

    (Just noting here that this is a Canadian list in case we have any Canadians out there looking for a match. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  50. Oh my goodness, I’m crying here.

    I’ve had a pretty bad 24 hours full of anxiety, depression, self harm, invalidation of abuse, and PMS. Reading that people are helping each other like this is… unbelievably comforting.

    Hugs to those who like them, and sparkles and puppy tailwags to any who would prefer those instead. This is a lovely community. 🙂

  51. Thank you Jenny, thank you James Garfield, and thank you Amazon for making it so fun and easy. To all of you out there that need a little help, thank you for posting your lists and allowing this great Bloggess community to offer what we can. #17 Candy, some things coming your way.

  52. Hello,
    I have a 3 years old and a 5 years old and this years hubby and I agreed on no gifts because we were too tight on money.
    Once again Jen is making my year!! This is awesone
    Thank yoy soo much guys!!
    Hi. Check out this list:

    (Just making a note that this is a Canadian list in case we have any lovely Canadians looking for a match. ~ Jenny)

  53. OH THANK YOU JAMES GARFIELD for your toothy grin and holiday spirit. This warms my heart every year 😀

  54. Thank you so much for doing this. It’s been a hard year between getting a divorce and having to move in with my mom to take care of her I haven’t been able to work and I have 2 amazing little guys that are looking forward to a nice Christmas that I won’t be able to afford. My guys are 5 and 3. I would greatly appreciate any help you are willing to give. Happy Holidays and God bless you all.

    (Looks like you forgot to add an address to this wishlist. Can you update? ~ Jenny)

  55. This is one of my favorite things about Christmas 😃😃😃😃 I’ll help as so as I have money. Pleeeeease don’t let this be the last year

  56. I was so hoping to be able to donate this year, but was out of work for almost 3 months..trying to catch up still. Just got a raise, yay! But not in effect until after Christmas, of course lol. My son and I are on our own, and he is 13 now..still my baby but trying to be a moody teenager. I’m lucky he’s pretty understanding about our lack of funds, but I’d love for him to have a special Christmas. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

    (Your wishlist is fulfilled! ~ Jenny)

  57. This request is on behalf of two precious girls, ages 3 and 6. Their mother, who escaped from a brutally violent relationship, recently, is still recovering from her injuries and has not been able to get on her feet yet, financially. She felt she had no choice but to tell her 6-year old that there is no Santa. I am hoping we can prove that these is.

    (Your wishlist is fulfilled! ~ Jenny)

  58. Comments #26 and #46 you have presents coming to you! Thank you for letting me help, it makes my year to be able to help, and having come to terms this year with the fact that my depression is real and finally going on medication for it (thanks to the Bloggess and BP), letting me help you, is really you helping me 🙂 <3

  59. Hi! I am a single mom of four children ages 14, 12, 10 and 8. They like books, make up, horses, legos, mermaids and art stuff. Anything will help! This is wonderful!

    I have spent the last 7 years and all of my resources battling legally to protect them from our abuser.

    (Your wishlist is fulfilled except for the eyeliner which can’t be shipped to a wishlist address. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  60. We just had to move and it’s put us behind on just about everything. We were lucky enough to find a new place but it’s sort of messed up Christmas. I have a 12 year old daughter and a teenage son who are both amazing both amazing artists. I’ve never commented before, I really struggle with talking to people. I’d be so unbelievably grateful if I could get any help with xmas at all. This is just an amazing thing you do every year.

    (Your wishlist is fulfilled! ~ Jenny)

  61. After James Garfield helping me twice I’m trying to help my sister and her 4 kids this year. She’s recently left an abusive relationship and I’m SO proud of her. She got a new apartment and a great new job, but the costs of moving and leaving the relationship have meant little to no Christmas for her kids. I had her put together a wish list for them, which she hated doing because she can’t afford to do any more than small stockings for them. My nieces and nephews are all amazing and understand what their mom has been through so they’re not expecting anything, but they deserve a nice Christmas after what they’ve been through. 2 boys and 2 girls, ages 10-17. My husband and I are doing what we can, but we also have four and are just barely back on our feet after a rough few years. Anything at all, would be so appreciated, this community amazes me every year. (I’m having issues posting while at work so if this posts twice please delete one!)

    (Your wishlist is fulfilled! ~ Jenny)

  62. Is there a time limit here? I would like to organize something for our (very small) religious school to have the kids come here and pick thing off of wishlists with their parents, so they can sort of see what it’s like to go shopping for strangers, if that makes sense. I just wonder if I’d have to mobilize them quickly or will this go at least until Christmas?

    (It stays up for awhile but usually after a few days things slow down and we refocus. But Project Night Night is always needing help. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  63. So excited this is back!! I’m ready to shop and spread some Christmas joy! 💙💙💙

  64. Cassie (#15), Candy (#17) and SLee (#26), stuff is heading your way. Heather (#68), I can never find my socks either, so hopefully Elise will be able to hang onto the ones I just sent, and I can live vicariously through her. 😉

  65. You are just like an angel Jenny. God blessed you with a huge heart and an awesome sense of humor. You ROCK! Jenny Lawson!!!

  66. I love so much that you do this each year!! I have to ask my mom if I can use her credit card to buy a couple things, but I’m really really hoping I can help out a little this year.

  67. Last year you all helped me make Christmas special for 4 little ones who were in my care over the holidays. THANK YOU! They were so, so, so blessed (and so was I). This year I only have 2 with me over the holidays* and would love your help again. I did some clothing for each because they came to me with little.

    *I cannot provide real names for these kids, but ages and genders are specified.

    (Your wishlist is fulfilled! ~ Jenny)

  68. In September I lost my mother and fell into a spiral of depression and missed a lot of work. I have finally dug myself out of the “rabbit hole” as I like to call it and am trying to get back on my feet. Due to all of this I am behind on bills and struggling to get caught up (as of this morning my rent check bounced, my paycheck was shorter than expected). I don’t want my daughter to have to miss out on the holidays because I have to choose between rent, utilities and the holidays. Knowing she has something under the tree for the holidays will be a big stress reliever, she is a great kid with a big heart. She is almost 13 and her biggest passion is photography, she is also into games and coloring. Any help would be appreciated, thank you in advance!

    ($100 in gifts is on the way to your daughter! ~ Jenny)

  69. Tricia (#82), book on the way! The only other book left was not going to be released until 12/26.


    This has been a tough year for us. After working a job I loved for 11 years I was let go because I was unable to relocate. Relocation wasn’t an option because my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 lung and brain cancer. At this time the drs don’t know how long she has and I couldn’t move across the country knowing I wouldn’t be able to be there for her the way she always has been for me.

    For the past 3.5 months I’ve applied for job after job. Unfortunately I have received few interviews and the ones I have had haven’t lead to any solid offers. (Though keep your fingers crossed for me.. I might get good news tomorrow).

    We are a board game loving family. My kids are 11 and 13. We read, play board games, and love movies and most recently I’ve been teaching them to bake. Thank you for looking at my list.

    (Your wishlist has been fulfilled! ~ Jenny)

  71. I thought for sure this year would be better, I thought things would turn out differently for us this year, but alas after having to move in January and starting from nothing, we are looking at a 4ft christmas tree that won’t have anything under it this year. We have been struggling from month to month since my fiance was later off in October of 2016 and hasn’t been able to get a job since. 🙁 I have been hoping and praying for some help and heard about this last year and got some help, and was forever greatful, I was so hoping to be a helper this year, but it wasn’t months cards for me, I am now asking for help again I have tried to keep it limited and if anything is above the amounts let me k ow and I will change it I did try hard to follow the rules.

    For the middle youngest age 12

    For the youngest age 1

    For the middle oldest age 17

    For the oldest age 18

    Thank you in advance and Bless you all

    (Your wishlist is fulfilled except for three things that can’t be shipped to wishlist addresses. 🙂 ~Jenny)

  72. Autumn #95 – your entire wish list is on its way!!! Merry Christmas!!! 🎅🏽🎄💙💙💙

  73. Hi all. I’ve never been on this end of the fun before, but I have four kids and I took in my niece this year. My husband has been laid off for the last month and things aren’t great. I just need some help, as much as I hate to admit it.

    (Your wishlist has been fulfilled other than a few things that aren’t available. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  74. Christina, who is hoping for a coat for her stepdaughter – Amazon said it wasn’t able to ship some of the items on your list to a gift registry or the address you provided. Hope you’ll update your list so I can send something. 🙂

    Bloggess, thank you for doing this. I look forward to this every year.

  75. Hi. I have 5 boys, 3 are mine and the other 2 are my nephews I took in this year. Their ages are 7, 9, 12, 14, and 16. I recently went through a divorce this year and have really struggled. The 7, 9, and 12-year-old all have ADD/ADHD, and the 12-year-old has a few more letters behind his name. I have had to cut my work hours back due to all the doc and therapy appointments for all the kids. If you feel it your heart, please help a struggling mom out. It is all I can do to pay the bills right now.

    (Your wishlist is fulfilled except for a few things that aren’t available. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  76. I have five kids, ranging from 12 to 3. We’ve had a heck of a year. I left an abusive marriage, and wound up with a precarious job situation up until last month while I was recovering and getting life back on track for us. These kids are amazing troopers. An unexpected hospital stay for the youngest (he’s there right now) has thrown a huge wrench in my ability to afford a Christmas for them. My 12 year old would love any PS3 game, I just saved a Minecraft one because I know she’s played Minecraft. She has a PS3 from a family member but no games.

    (Your wishlist is fulfilled except for a few things that aren’t available. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  77. This was the year I was going to give back. I had money set aside to not only get presents for my daughter but get some for others too. And then my MIL got into a roll over hit and run this morning, on her way to take care of my daughter. Now we don’t know what is going to happen. She seems okay but still in the hospital. But at the very least now needs a new car and can’t watch our daughter for awhile. Which means I can’t work. So who knows. It hasn’t been a good day. But this post brings me some hope.
    Here is the small list I had made that I was going to get on next payday:

    (Lots of stuff headed your way! ~ Jenny)

  78. I just wanted to thank you (and those who donate). My granddaughters first Christmas was a rough year for us financially and otherwise. Because of you, she got a toy that she and now her baby sister can play with. Thank you for doing such a wonderful thing Jenny! 🤗

  79. Hi Melissa! (#94) Got some stuff heading your way! Looks like it’s two deliveries: Dot to Dot animals and Lego Minifigures on Dec 13-14, big paintbrushes and Rainbow Dash play doh on Dec 14.

  80. I am a single mother of one who has had an incredibly difficult year between custody issues and relocating, health issues and technically issues at work and christmas is a very rough time for us this year. I created a wishlist for my 8 year old daughter. She is big into action figures and toys that make you think.

    (Looks like a whole lot of gifts are coming her way. ~ Jenny)

  81. Hello, i am jessica. I have 3 kids, a girl who turns 11 next wednesday, and boys 7 and 5, who mostly share everything. Life being life Id appreciate the help. Thank you

    (Your list was fulfilled except the girls coat which was unavailable to be sent because it’s from a third-party vendor. ~ Jenny)

  82. Thank you for your kindness Thomas (MJ)! Elise will be over the moon to open her socks on Christmas morning! 🙂

  83. I started a decent job this year buy somehow between food rent medical and other life expenses things are tight this year. 13 year old artist 12 year old tween daughter. 1 year old boy
    Hi. Check out this list:

    (Your wishlist was filled except for one thing that’s unavailable to ship to a wishlist because it’s a third-party vendor. ~ Jenny)

  84. CP is a developmentally disabled 28 year old who just got his first independent living apartment. While I was able to scrape together miscellaneous items for him, there are other things that he really could use. If you would be able to help him, it would be a blessing for him. I wish there were ways to have “showers” for people like himself, like we do for brides. He has only his disability income and a small amount of food stamps.

    (Looks like he’s got a bunch of great stuff coming his way! ~ Jenny)

  85. Thank you Anonymous comment #93! Piper is going to LOVE the Pokemon cards!! <3 🙂

  86. Anonymous #48 Amazon says Cirque du Soleil doll cannot be sent to a wishlist address for some reason

  87. My husband and I have been struggling to get out of debt, which has left little extra for my son and daughter. They get so frustrated because we can’t do all the things they want to. My husband is disabled and the little he gets in social security makes it hard. If anyone can help us out, we will all be grateful. Thank you thank you.

    (Everything on your wishlist is fulfilled except a few things that aren’t available. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  88. James Garfield
    Link: Hi, this is for our two year old granddaughter who now lives with us. Her parents split up and our granddaughters dad left altogether, we moved several hours from our daughter, and so she no longer had free daycare. We ended up taking our granddaughter so our daughter could continue to work and have a place to live, it was too expensive for her to work and get daycare. She is getting herself together and trying to save enough to have her move back home with her and we will help pay daycare, but right now we are all strapped for expenses. We just want her to be able give our granddaugher a couple educational toys for Christmas. She is a bright, energetic little thing and so full of life. We want her to have something for her mom to put under the tree for her, she is off on Christmas eve and day and will get to have her with her. She is still young enough she doesn’t care what it is thankfully. Thanks for considering helping.

    (I don’t see anything at that link so maybe it’s all been bought? ~ Jenny)

  89. Hello and Thank you 🙂
    I’m a single mom to two boys. My oldest has autism, that is why his “toys” are more sensory related… the sound machine and the exercise ball. He’ll love them, truly 🙂
    My youngest loves drums and gaming.
    We in the middle of moving… right after Christmas, because I finally found a mold free house in the middle of no where where my oldest can’t be bothered by the sound of sirens (he reacts violently). So the timing is awful and trying to pay for a move and extra deposit/rent this month it’s just pegging my stress meter to the max. This would help out so much. Thank you 🙂

    (Your wishlist has been fulfilled! ~ Jenny)


    Hello, everyone. My list is for my three girls, ages 7, 8, and 9. We had a rough year, but they’ve been angels about it. There is a happy ending to our struggles. We just recently moved out of a hotel after a very long year and into a home. However, they’ve already been told we probably won’t be doing presents this year because there’s no money for it. If the girls wake up Christmas morning to any gifts at all I can tell you they’ll feel the magic of the James Garfield Miracle, and they’ll carry that gratitude with them forever. I am so proud of them, and they deserve so much more than I can give them.

    (Your wishlist is fulfilled! ~ Jenny)

  91. Very thankful for the James Garfield Miracle. My kids were blessed with some presents in the past. I’m happy for the opportunity to bless others this year. Merry Christmas!

  92. Jessica (comment 122), I have sent two things on your list your way! Merry Christmas!

  93. We are just another one of those families that struggles to make ends meet. We live paycheck to paycheck while my husband works full time and also attends college full time to become an electrical engineer. I am currently unemployed, searching for employment that will work within the limited hours my husband is home. We have 3 kids. Our girls are 6 and 4 years old, and our son is almost 2 and is special needs. We have been able to take care of a couple things the kids want for Christmas, but it’s going to be a meager year for us. I’ve included all 3 kids on the same wish list. Thank you in advance to anyone who is willing to help. Looking forward to the day when our family can pay it forward!

    (Your wishlist is fulfilled! ~ Jenny)

  94. Thank you so much for this! My name is Jillian and I am a newly single mom to two wonderful kids, Asher 4 and Ginger 16. This year has been really hard on our family as we are dealing with the loss of their dad. He sadly lost his battle with depression this past June. It was unexpected and heartbreaking. We have since moved to a new town bigger than our home town so I was able to find work to support my self and my kids. I was able to find a good stable job that provides us with enough to not have to struggle but keeps us from affording many luxuries. While I am forever grateful for the job it unfortunately disqualifies us from most local assistance due to being just above the PGL. I was able to buy each of my children 1 gift so if no one is able to help them they will have at least something. I really greatly appreciate you for hosting something like this, it is so beautiful and wonderful to be a part of!

    Here is the kid’s wishlist 🙂

    (Your wishlist has been fulfilled! ~ Jenny)

  95. James Garfield
    Link: I am not sure my last comment posted, I don’t see it. I hate to have it post twice, but also don’t want it to have not posted at all. 🙁 This is for our granddaughter who is two, living with us, but who gets to see her mom on her mom’s days off work only. Mom has become a single parent and is struggling and come use the help to put these couple of small educational gifts under the tree for baby girl. She is such a bright and energetic and sweet thing. She needs something good to have to open at her moms! Thank you!

    (I can’t the link to work but I think I saw you add a fixed one in a later comment? ~ Jenny)

  96. I don’t have any family to shop for. My husband and I buy things that strike our fancy throughout the year, so we don’t exchange gifts at Christmas. It’s brought so much joy to me to be able to send something to someone who otherwise wouldn’t be able to provide a gift at Christmas. Thank you Jenny for doing this. And thanks to everyone here, both the givers and receivers. You’re restoring my faith in humanity!

  97. ****I can’t edit my comment******
    I’m #44 and I wanted to stress that the list is suggestions, I would NEVER ask others to buy expensive bags/toys for my girls. It’s just stuff they like. Thank you so so much to whomever bought the makeup bag and paints. ❤️

    Jenny said we’re not allowed to feel bad about asking for help, but sometimes, you just can’t break through that “I’m a terrible parent” feeling. I was fortunate the last few years to be able to help other with their lists, and I hope to be able to do that again, next year. Unfortunately, this year seems to be the one where I swallow my pride and ask for help, you see, I have the best girls on the planet, they don’t ask for much, they helped my when I had to have surgery, and they are doing their best to help their dad with his struggle through manic depression and bipolar disorder. The girls don’t fight, they don’t argue, and they deserve so much more than I can ever give them. But, I need help ya’ll, I made a new wishlist per Jennys instructions, and I’m putting a list of the girls ages, sizes and interests I combined both of their wishlists and tried to make sure they both had equal amounts of things to choose from. Fun funky socks and fun under wear are ALWAYS needed.
    Any help is appreciated, and good thoughts and prayers go out to all of you.
    James Garfield
    Cici- 11 years old, 5’4
    She loves reading, art, drawing and weird nerdy stuff (truly taking after me!) Dr Who, DC and Marvel comics, Nightmare before Christmas, and Neil Gaiman books. She’s in a 2x tshirt, size 8 socks and underwear, and likes silly off the wall things.
    Hazel- 14 years old, 5’8 she’s going to be a giant!
    My social butterfly loves makeup, youtube, unicorns, being a princess, supernatural (the show), Disney Movies, stuffed animals and all things “girly” She’s in a 1-2x tshirt, size 9 socks and underwear.

    (Looks like she’s got a lot of great things coming. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  98. Hi my name is Olivia. My husband and I have 3 children. This past year has been very rough, I changed jobs to a lower paying position then shortly after found out my husband’s company would be closing. We moved in with my father in law (which is challenging on its own). My husband was out of work for over 4 months. He has finally found employment but at a much lower pay rate. We are starting to catch up on all the bills, but have little extra at the moment. We hope to have things turn around and be back on our feet soon. Thank you so much for helping our kids have a good Christmas, despite our current situation.
    Madalyn (15)
    Charlie (11)
    Dalton (4)

    (Lots of good stuff coming your way for each of them! ~ Jenny)

  99. Hi, I would like to request help for my family of 5. We’re a family filled with love but not a lot of other things this time of year. This single mom is humbling requesting help with things the kids need and want. Thank you!

    (Gifts coming your way! ~ Jenny)

  100. I’ll try to keep it short. We are a single income, homeschooling family of five. We have been blessed with an apartment full of love, food on our table and people that love us. We are grateful. This year has been tough on us due to medical bills for two of daughters. Zoe (7.5 years old) was diagnosed with scoliosis (specialists, MRI’s, X-Rays, consults and bills). She’s our STEM girl, wants to be a vet. Our youngest, Lucille (3 years old) has been battling allergies (environmental and food) all year. It’s been constant medication changes, testing, doctor visits, Epipens and bills. She’s our crazy, wild whirlwind! Then there’s Stella. She’s just a cute, little ball of energy. My girls are troopers. We’d love to put some fun under tree this year. As always, prayers, karma and good vibes welcome! Merry Christmas!

    (I can’t get your link to work. Can you try it again? ~ Jenny)

  101. We are having a hard time keeping our beautiful children fed and warm this season and Christmas gifts are just a pipedream. After a year of two pregnancy losses and several other medical emergencies, we are tapped out. I’d love if someone would get our children some gifts to end this year on a high note and send us into 2018 with a great start.

    Their wishlist with some necessities:

    (Lots of good things coming your way! ~ Jenny)

  102. It’s been another tough year for us thanks to my lovely friends depression & anxiety. My youngest (9, with autism) ended up in foster care because someone felt that social anxiety and parenting doesn’t mix. My 16 year old has the stress of my issues and our family being broken up along with teen stuff and not feeling like a priority because her bro gets the attention. Combine this with having to be on disability because of my mental health and it’s a real sh*tty loop to be in. 🙁 Again it’s food vs gifts. If anyone can help you’d be a blessing! 🙂

    I’m in Canada, but even with shipping some things are cheaper on the US site. Hopefully this doesn’t look greedy posting both lists. (cue infinite worry and panic about that fact for the next year)

    American Amazon list:

    Canadian list (only the books from US list+ one set that was cheaper here. everything else was too costly):

    (Your wishlist has been filled except for one thing that isn’t available until next year. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  103. R. Davis #70 – several items coming your way. Estimated delivery is Dec 9 and 10 (if they deliver to your area on Saturdays and Sundays)

    For everyone…. Project Night Night and Heifer International are both options for, so you can donate to an individual and one of these organizations at the same time!

  104. Are there any UK wishlists? I want to buy more but postage is so expensive and for some reason a UK Prime account doesn’t turn into a US Prime account.

  105. @Jenny (#136) – Something on it’s way to help with your son’s sensory sensitivity.

  106. Hello
    I have 2 daughters a 5 years old anda 3 years old.
    I want them to learn to play more together instead of fighting so that is why the walkie talkies… And the otherone is because i will never be able to afford that. It is too expensive for a toy.
    But i am still putting it there knowing that i am asking too much.
    Every xmas is hard for us because we are far from the family. We spend it together (the 4 of us) wishing we had the money to go back home and visit.
    We didnt go for 5 years… Our families doesnt know our children other than pictures.
    Anyway we are probably not the family that needs it the most.i have read some stories here and if it wasnt a rule i would feel bad for asking for help. Thank you soo much for being our xmas miracle

    (Just marking this as a Canadian wishlist. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  107. Hello! My name is Millie, I have three wonderful boys. Ages 7, 10 and 17. My husband works in the coal industry and this year to say the least has been very rough..we’ve had several set backs and all I want is for my boys to have a nice Christmas. They are such sweet, well behaved young breaks my heart that I can’t give them the world. I’ve made a little list for each..I’m not asking for much and to be perfectly honest, they aren’t hard kiddos to please. Thank you so much for everything that you all do..I cannot express how wonderful this is. Thank you, so very much.

    (Good things coming to you! ~ Jenny)

  108. My daughter is 12 (turning 13 the week before Christmas). I am a single mom on disability for my mental illness. It’s not uncommon for me to struggle this time of year– my illness is hitting me even harder this year. I’m trying to be all that my daughter needs and deserves but I see the effect it’s having on her. I see her struggling between wanting to enjoy the holiday like other kids her age and saying that we don’t need to even bother decorating around the house (because she knows it’s a mental/physical struggle for me). Any help getting her a few things would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    (Your wishlist has been fulfilled! ~ Jenny)

  109. Kaycee and Khaleesi’s dad I finished out you registry! Someone else has already stated purchasing. Merry Christmas!

  110. It’s been another rough year with missed time from work and sickness. I’ve got a few things my daughter asked for but there just wasn’t enough money left to do it. Anything is appreciated.
    My daughter is 9 and loves reading and anything crafty or sciency. Here’s our list.

    (Lots of good things coming your way! ~ Jenny)

  111. Thanks so much to Amber for sharing this, I’m humbled that so many are willing to give. My child Alex would love to be able to play Minecraft on my computer, but I just can’t afford it right now. We have coats and socks and things, but his bottom sheets are getting quite thin and our house is older and fairly cold so a heated blanket would keep heating costs down while keeping him warm at night. Thanks again to everyone and Merry Christmas!

    (Your wishlist has been fulfilled! ~ Jenny)

  112. Hey all. So my son is a one year old sweet little boy. We have been struggling financially for a while now and don’t have much past paying bills and keeping the trailer warm. I would love to be able to make this Christmas special for him but we just don’t have the funds. It’s just been a lot the last few months of pain from health issues and miscarriages and just depression. I wish to hope to be the one helping buy things in the up coming years. I want to just thank anyone that is willing to help from the bottom of my heart ❤️

    This is his list:


    (Your wishlist has been fulfilled! ~ Jenny)

  113. Thank you so much, Victoria (#149) and Sara (#144). You’re both incredible and generous. <3 Best wishes to you! I found a $5 dollar item on someone’s list that I bought. Knowing that my girls have been taken care of, I know I can spare that much. Thank you, Jenny for this amazing thing you’ve created.

  114. To whoever purchased the one weird item on the list that needed an explanation as to why my quirky child wants a bunch of tape, you make my heart happy! I love this community of people who are a little bit weird and so understand when others are just as strange! lol

  115. Hi, I’m a single mom to three whose car broke down thanksgiving week. It needs a new transmission! I had a second job especially for Christmas and some winter clothes but it was delivering newspapers so that’s out. I have two smart and curious girls, ages six and seven and an extremely adorable nine month old boy.
    I would be so grateful. Happy Holidays. (Deliberately)

    Hi. Check out this list:

    (Your wishlist has been fulfilled! ~ Jenny)

  116. We paid it forward last year from the previous year, but here we are again, hoping that with my husband and I both being in school for licenses (me for massage therapy and him for K-12 education) will pay off by next holiday season, and we will once again be able to pay forward.

    Hello! We are a close knit little family of three, our little man hitting 3.5 on Christmas day. We live with my mother who is disabled and wheelchair bound. I am her primary caregiver and starting school FT in January, my husband student teaches and goes to class, and our sweet little guy is the dearest helper, reader of short words and numbers, entertainer of grandma, and lover of all things with wheels or puppies. We have a year left in this living arrangement before my mother shifts to a senior community and the house is sold. Things seemed to be fine in September, but life hit us with a rapid fire succession of repairs, bills, and life changes that left us gasping for breath and using up all of our emergency funds. We have to save every penny for tuition and fuel, and yet this is the first year Rowan really understands Christmas. I don’t have it in me to tell him that there will be no gifts under his very first tree. Thank you all for your help and generosity. May it be returned to you 1000 fold.

    (Your wishlist has been fulfilled! ~ Jenny)

  117. Jess (#75), Gianna’s list is fulfilled. The book is on back order, so hopefully it ships before Christmas.

    vxb222 (#61) I sent some stuff your way for Katt and April.

  118. My son Everett is 5. He has sensory processing disorder. I added a couple of pull on jeans to his list because he cannot handle the feel of a real waist band and I’d love for him to be able to look nice in jeans instead of always in sweats or athletic pants. I’m disabled and on a very limited social security income and things have just been tough emotionally and physically. I appreciate any help. Thank you so much for doing this Jenny. His list is here:

    (Your wishlist has been fulfilled! ~ Jenny)

  119. Hey! Sorry if this a repost, I’ve attempted this 5 times now. Anyhow! We had a new baby a couple months ago! Yay! As a result I am out of work till January and it’s a bit tight this season. My 7 year old girl is amazing and deserves the world so it’s kind of a sucky feeling when you can’t amaze on christmas day. This is a grwat opportunuty and I’m so thankful Jenny offers it to us. To help and be helped with no strings attached. I’m definitely planning on helping next year. Thank you everyone and especially tgank you to Jenny for making the world a bit brighter.

    (Your wishlist has been fulfilled! ~ Jenny)

  120. So i am corrine i posted earlier but accidentally submitted before i was ready.

    I have 4 kids. 2 boy and 2 girls. Their father and i have recently split and i have had to take on all the bills of the household which means i am spread way too thin. Their father receives disability so cannot help much. The things on the list are suggestions and the girls can share the littlest pet shop things as they both love it.

    for my kids 


  121. CC (#167)- Saw the song writing journal on your list and had to buy that for your daughter, always happy to support a child’s creative mind!

  122. After the difficult time I have had the last few months finding this truly feels like a blessing. I’ve been given custody of my 6 grandchildren because their mom and dad have been having a hard time and recently lost their home. On top of having to get used to having kids at home again I’ve been experiencing a lot of pain in my hip and found out that I have to have a hip replacement so to say things have been difficult on me would be an understatement. What keeps me going during all of this is these kids and I would love to give them some relief this Christmas because all kids deserve that. My grandsons are 3, 5, 5, 8, and 10 and my grand daughter is 4. I would love any help you are able to give. Thank you so much for reading this and happy holidays.

  123. Jenny you are a most awesome and amazing person for do this! I have randomly filled a wish list. I’m glad I’m able to help!!

  124. @CC (#167) Something for your teen on it’s way, hope you both get to enjoy your Christmas a little.

    Thanks to you all being so brave as to ask for help, thanks to Jenny for organising this. I struggle with the pressure of “having a good Christmas” at the best of times and now my son’s all grown up and away at Uni now so I don’t get to see him – so being able to help out someone else’s Christmas has really made me feel Christmas for the first time this year! So thankyou for blessing us with being able to share.

  125. Agora (comment 175)–I don’t think you added a shipping address? I tried to purchase things from your list but didn’t get an address other than my own.

  126. Thank you all for even considering. I feel blessed and humble to be a part of this community. This is for three children, I put their names in the notes and thank you again

  127. This project gives me hope for the world. And this year I think we all REALLY need some hope.

  128. This is one of the best parts of my year, both because it gives me family a rare chance to feel like there’s more to look forward to than a medical-bill-collection-call stopping, and also because it gives us a rare chance to try finding things we can do for others, despite needing help ourselves. Thank you for doing this, Jenny, and thank you to everyone that gets involved!

    This is the wishlist I tried to set up — it includes both fun and practical things for my son Jamie. The practical things are somewhat fanciful clothing items, but that’s because it’s not easy to find things that meet the criteria of someone with Autism, a complete fantasy geek, and a tween, all at the same time.

    Thank you again, from one physically disabled mom, one neuro-disabled kid, and one utterly exhausted daddy stuck trying to be the only ‘functional’ one! <3

  129. To Struggling Mama,

    Some of your items weren’t eligible for Prime shipping. I did two day shipping, and I’m hoping they get there in time!

    Merry Christmas!

  130. Bethany #172 – The Vtech book was out of stock but it should still arrive by Christmas, it looks like all three things I bought will ship separately so keep your eyes out!

  131. Hi everyone! I have three kids and this year due to financial issues I am worried that they won’t have anything under the tree. Two of them also have birthdays this month and we aren’t really able to do much for that either. I would appreciate any help and I’m really hoping that next year, I can pay it forward.

  132. Holidays are an especially difficult time for me. I’ve just been denied Social Security Disability for the 3rd time because depression isn’t a disability, obviously…accept it is for me, and I am in complete despair. I have 8 month old twins, and I’d love for them to get much needed developmental toys and books for Christmas. I hate to ask, but I am in need! Seeing those bright shining faces on Christmas will do wonders to lift my spirits. Please if anyone could help, I’d be extremely grateful!!! Thank you!
    Make Someone’s Christmas Special

  133. naomimimi #176 – I also have a 3.5 year old boy who loves everything on wheels. I hope Rowan enjoys his fire truck.

  134. Filled a list for JJV – comment #42 – for the 15 year old. Items will be delivered on the 10th – one item will come later – hopefully by the 19th. Merry Christmas!

  135. Hi! I think this is simply wonderful and so great for you to do! I just recently had to have three surgeries including a hysterectomy so I haven’t been able to work much and I have been constantly sick since then. I have so much to catch up on and I haven’t bought the kids anything yet. I have a 15 year old boy, a 7 year old boy, and a 4 year old girl.

  136. Jenny, I’m noticing that someone else also bought the books for #137. When I check the purchased list, it says quantity “1” has “2”…is there any way that we can avoid this kind of duplication? Thanks!

  137. Erin, (currently comment 109, but the numbers change) a board game on the way. I’m very sorry about your mom and your heartless employer. Hope you get good news on the job front soon. Meanwhile, peace, love and a very merry to you and yours.

  138. Sara (#203) I also bought books for #137. Must be a glitch, bc usually the item goes away once it’s purchased. Maybe we did it at exactly the same time. Do you want one of us to cancel and then put the money towards someone else?

  139. Dena #200, I’ve had such a craptastic week and that made me tear up. Thank you, so so much.

  140. Katie (#171) for Alex. The wish list is fulfilled. I’m emailing you the code for the Minecraft game separately.

  141. This year is my first as a single mom and I am struggling. Financially and emotionally it is difficult. Most days I am not sure if my bills will get paid on time. Other days I worry that I am failing my children. So help if given would be greatly appreciated.


  142. Heather at comment 98- I’ve cleared your list except for the Wonder Woman blanket as it won’t allow wish list shipping. Please pick a different present for that kid and I’ll get it too. From one survivor of an abusive home, all my love and strength to you and yours.

  143. Already 200 in, I hope this works!
    4 boys. Zach, Ian. Matthew, and Eli. Since my husband’s MS diagnosis we struggle every month to make bills and medication. So I’m hoping we can have something under the tree. I’ve picked out socks, underwear, and a book for each boy. Much love if you can help make Christmas happen!
    Check out this list.
    Hi. Check out this list:

  144. This is for my bff. She’s a single mom to three 2,3 and 9. Her ex has decided that his new drug addiction is more important than paying his child support. She was helping a relative with a place to stay and when she told them money was tight and they would have to start contributing, they packed up in the middle of the night and left. She is always helping me when I need her and I would love to send her some help to make their Christmas brighter. Thank you from Canada

  145. I know this is a long shot.i have 4 kids and all that all 4 of them want for Christmas is a PlayStation 4.I work at ups and pay bills alone.I have an autistic son that I pay therapy for so it’s impossible to get this.Im hoping that someone can help purchase this gift for all of 4 kids.if not I have added smaller items.Butbif someone can get the bigger item for all of them to share I will delete the smaller ones.I hope everyone’s wishes come true.
    (Tons of stuff coming your way! ~ Jenny)

  146. Gift for CP (#125) on it’s way! Best of luck to him in his new house. Merry Christmas!

  147. Amy #171 thank you so much. Katt is going to flip over the watch and she’s in love with Welcome to Nightvale which is why i add the books. April will look so cute in her snow suit (which is good because it started snowing today, grrrrr)

  148. You all are angels!! My husband was injured this year and unable to work during his busy season, so now we’re struggling to make it through the lean season. I’m in America with an 11 y.o. boy and 10 y.o. girl.

  149. Little Eleanor just turned 1 in September. She’s the sweetest kid I know and is so proud of herself because she just learned how to walk(Lord help me…lol). I was hoping that we would be better off financially than we were last year, but due to life and it’s wonderful curveballs, that hasn’t happen. If you’re taking the time to look at this, thank you. <3

  150. I have two awesome nephews (aged 12 and 16) who’s parents have had hard times for several years. The boys don’t ask for much but I try to help with everyday items and some special things over the holidays. If a few dvds could be provided, they would be over the moon. Thanks for your consideration. (based in Ontario CANADA) (Jenny, you are a most amazing lady to think of others so much) Wish list

  151. Not sure if my post went through or not and I can’t find it so sorry if it’s a repost.

    In September I lost my mother and fell into a spiral of depression and missed a lot of work. I have finally dug myself out of the “rabbit hole” as I like to call it and am trying to get back on my feet. Due to all of this I am behind on bills and struggling to get caught up (as of this morning my rent check bounced, my paycheck was shorter than expected). I don’t want my daughter to have to miss out on the holidays because I have to choose between rent, utilities and the holidays. Knowing she has something under the tree for the holidays will be a big stress reliever, she is a great kid with a big heart. She is almost 13 and her biggest passion is photography, she is also into games and coloring. Any help would be appreciated, thank you in advance!

  152. Times are tough once again here, nothing horrible has happened, thank goodness, but we just can’t seem to get ahead. In fact we are now taking care of my mom who is on a fixed income, so money is just stretched almost to the breaking point. I truly hope to have a job next Christmas so that I can return the miracle next year. I have three fantastic kids Ethan, 18 who is on the Autism spectrum, Rowan, 15 who seriously is the best kids ever, and Katie, 9 who’s a love bug. I wish I could give them the world. Thank you for any help. I did add some warm weather gear (it’s cold here in Maine!) for each kiddo, but kept it under the guidelines. Thank you.

  153. hey Julie! #216 My mom had MS so I know how hard it is for the kids. Your list is done!

  154. I am asking for a few gifts for my 10 year old nephew, Skai. He is a great kid and we do not live in the same state but this year I will see him for Christmas. My sister-in-law is a single parent and the dad is not in the picture and I know she would never come out and ask for help. Anyways, just throwing this out there. Thank you.

  155. This is so amazing – I am so grateful for any help that may come my way. I wasn’t sure how I was going to make Christmas work this year. Hubby has been on ST Disability for an infection that ravaged his kidneys (which is a Godsend as I know some don’t even have that) however it only pays at 60%. Most necessities are covered, but extra is nonexistent. I have twin daughters, age 11, Ashlyn and Joslyn, who are happy that Daddy is going to eventually be OK and are not expecting anything for Christmas. So anything under the tree will be more than they expect.

    Ashlyn is the STEM kid while Joslyn is the artsy one. Two peas in a pod but completely different.

    Thank you and God Bless!

  156. Good afternoon i have been a follower of your blog for sometime now and this is just all sorts of awesome! Im a mother of two who just recently got laid off of one of my jobs ive been working 2 jobs for quite sometime now and although i am grateful to have more free time on my hands to dedicate to my girls, financially it has been tough! I tried to make the list as easy and humble as possible! Thank you!

  157. Hi, this is Seana from #192.

    I apologize for not introducing my family at the initial post. I was frantic to post in time so that the kids would have something under the tree. I’ve been stressed this month, trying to find a way to give something to the kids but all of our money had to go to extra bills this month. This is the year that Sydney learned the truth about Santa Claus and I told her he would be real in the spirit of Christmas inside us all and now we can’t even put up a tree. I feel like I am failing her and that it might seem that I’ve given up now that she knows. I’m so scared of her growing up and transitioning from the magic of childhood to the grim reality the rest of us know. Her other brothers know and understand but I want their Christmas to be a magical one too.

    Thank you so much you beautiful elves, you make be believe in Santa.

  158. Victoria (#208), I know it is a weird situation! I went ahead and canceled, and the list says one purchased of each book. I think we are good–I will just help someone else! 🙂

  159. I”m trying to fullfil a list request but when the addresses come up, there are multiple with names that are no where near the names shown here. How do you know which one to choose? I don’t think I’m doing this right 🙁

  160. To Bethany 226 and Little Eleanor, Merry Christmas! Sending love from our family to yours.

  161. Alyssa #65
    Tricia #82
    Bethany #172

    Check under your trees 🙂
    Merry Christmas to your families, all the way from France

  162. I have two munchkins, 10 & 4. We’ve been struggling for the past few years with losing jobs and health issues. I do my best to make sure they have what they need for holidays and this year we just don’t have enough to make sure they have what they want. Any help is greatly appreciated. <3

  163. I have a 13-year-old daughter, we are currently living with my mother. I’m disabled with a number of chronic health issues and money is really tight this year. She really would like some items that we can enjoy as a family like board games and puzzles which we put together on the kitchen table throughout the week. Thank you so much for any help that anyone can offer. I’m looking forward to helping others out in the next few years myself once my health is more stable and I’m able to work again.

  164. I don’t know if you’ve seen this article or not, but it should be right up your “taxidermy” alley A Curious Menagerie of Mutant Taxidermy

    | | | | | |


    | | | | A Curious Menagerie of Mutant Taxidermy

    In a cramped apartment in East New York, the artist Takeshi Yamada lives among his strange creations. |



  165. I have 4 girls and this past year has been really hard on us. I lost my job and we almost became homeless. I just can’t afford Christmas this year. Any help would be amazing!

  166. I tried to post earlier so if it’s a repost please forgive me. Now I’m anxious lol! I’m a single mom of 4 great kids. My chronic depression, anxiety and general wackadoo have been hard this year but I’m trying to keep it together. Two of my kids have learning issues and one is delayed. They’re really great kids who love each other and their mom a lot. I would really appreciate the help. Thanks! I think our wishlist is either or I’m anxious and trying my best to type this out.

  167. Honestly this year we are just having a hard time making ends meet. My almost two year old has kidney troubles that make us travel back and forth to the children’s hospital ninety miles away often. My husband is active duty military and I stay home with our two boys. In October we had to get rid of our second vehicle as the mechanical issues were more expensive than the value and now we are having issues with our only vehicle that has cost over 2,000 in wheel repair so far this month. It’s just a hard year and I’m hoping we will be able to have the few little things my little guys want under the tree. Thank you!

  168. #65, Ally, a few things headed your way. Merry Christmas! Sending healing prayers for your husband!

  169. To whomever cleaned out the middle oldest and the middle youngest lists and got the one item off the oldests list I thank u so very much!

  170. What a wonderful thing to do! I have a good friend who helped me out this year, so don’t need to post a list. I hope all who give know how much they’re appreciated.

  171. I’m trying to do this, but I can’t get past the Choose Gift Options screen. HELP!

  172. Hi. Check out this list:

    My husband retired from the Air Force in April of this year. Life on the outside is tough, people. My three kids are usually good kids and I would love to make sure they get a few good gifts. We have really been struggling to pay basic bills and mostly because our debt was increased due to having to charge a bunch of bills and groceries the past few months. They don’t need to know how bad things are or that we cant buy them all the things we want them to have. I pay it forward when I can and teach my kids that it is better to give, but they deserve some good as well. I have a 12 year old girl, 10 year old boy and a 6 year old boy.

  173. I’ve had some health problems that have made this year really suck financially, I would really appreciate any help getting some toys for my two kids.
    I have a ten year old daughter who loves art stuff, and an eight year old son who wants Legos. I put a coat on the wishlist also, my daughter had outgrown hers and really needs a warm one that fits.
    Thank you!!!

  174. About nine months ago, I moved my three children and I to the small town where I grew up, hoping to be able to financially breathe again, once outside of the Atlanta suburbs. Six weeks after moving, I was laid off from my job (I worked from home). Though a horrible time, I am incredibly thankful and blessed it didn’t happen before we moved. I’ve struggled to find a job that allows me to work while the kids are in school (they are too young to fend for themselves so that I could work afternoons or nights), and began subbing in local schools during this school year. It’s hard to make ends meet after paying the rent, and we spent a little time struggling with keeping the electricity on but now I’m working five days a well as a special education paraprofessional (yay!). I’ve finally begun to balance the basics again, but unfortunately I’m not in a place financially to provide Christmas and some winter clothes for the kids.

    We were recently blessed by a family who provided jackets for the kids, as it is (finally) getting cold here in Georgia. My oldest, a boy, just turned 14, my middle child, a girl, is nine and my youngest, also a girl, is seven. The kids love books and we have family game night twice a week (I always lose at Twister!). They picked out some clothes, books and board games for their Christmas wish lists and we put them on Amazon. Thank you for taking the time to read our story, and share a smile or virtual hug. I hope to be back here next year on the providing end. The kids’ lists are here:

    Boy (A)
    Girl (E)
    Girl (R)

  175. Lucy – look for Kris. It says my comment went through. I am a UK wisher. Without the James Garfield miracle, my kids wouldn’t get anything. I have 4 children, a 12 yo boy into oragami and neurobiology, a 9 year old daughter into art, and 9 month old boys who were born at 29 weeks and need winter clothes and just normal toys for babies. My wishlist is

  176. Thank you so much for organizing this. One of my favorite Christmas traditions.

  177. I thought this was going to be a wonderful year. It has been a complete roller-coaster of ups and downs. My wonderful mother, who lives with me and my 11 year old, was diagnosed with cancer. She is fighting it with everything she has, but in order to care for her, I have had to reduce my hours at work. My amazing son is such a caring, funny and curious boy and anything would be a help to make his Christmas a bit brighter. He loves animals, learning, Roblox and being active. We live in the U.K. I haven’t put this on the list, given that it is way too expensive, but if anyone in the UK can recommend a reasonable Bmx bike, I would be grateful for any suggestions! Wish List
    I am sorry for rambling. Life feels a bit unreal at the moment and finding the words is hard.

  178. @HeAther26r thank you so much! hes gonna go bananas! merry Christmas ya’ll n bless your hearts

  179. I am so touched and moved at the kindness that has been shown here today. thank you so much to everyone who is helping to buy items on the wish lists you have helped make this holiday so much less stressful for so many, myself included I cant begin to express how much this means to me.

  180. Re: myself #261 – I had to deselect that the order was a gift, otherwise I was stuck in the Gift Options screen and couldn’t get past it even though I hit the Save button over and over.
    If this worked correctly, I sent Millie Mullins #165 10 things.

  181. Michelle #262 – books for each of the kids.

    Michael #265 – dinosaur legos.

  182. This is a wonderful idea. We feel like a terrible parents when we can’t afford anything for our little girl’s first Christmas. She’s 7 months old and is growing like crazy so most of her clothing doesn’t fit. She’s already outgrowing her 12 month old clothing and she’s only 7 months old. And we’d love for her to have a toy or a book underneath the tree so she has something to open.

  183. (internet bugged out so no idea if it posted or not. Delete if this is a duplicate!)

    My husband and I are having a tough year– unfortunately, December is when all the quarterly bills are due AND we see the first results of cold weather heating hitting our energy bill on top of our usual scraping by, so Christmas gifts were long since decided to be just cuddling and spending time with the kids on a mutual day off. If there’s any way you could help give our three boys (Negi is 5, Oliver is 4, and Izzy is 2, just to keep the house a constant warzone) something to unwrap, that would be the greatest thing and I would probably start crying over it.

    They’re into Minecraft(because building and exploding bad guys are fun), Playmobil(because the dollhouse he insists is grandpa’s house is mainly populated by Playmobil and dinosaurs), and Minions(because he connects with them on a deep level re: bananas I guess) respectively, and I added a pair of socks because they need socks to go out in public and at school or something if I don’t want to be judged, and having some wiggle room in case the washer decides to eat one of the three pairs of socks they do have would be lovely. We live in Michigan, USA. Here’s my link:

    Thanks y’all, and stay blessed

  184. I purchased some things from 3 lists. We were helped so much the past two years by this miracle (which it truly, truly is). I know that feeling – when you’re not sure how you’re going to pull off Christmas. It is so, so, so hard to have to ask for help. You don’t want to post it. You don’t feel like you deserve it. We are so blessed to be able to help a little this year. Tears are streaming down my face. Thank you, Jenny, for starting this, and drawing us all near you so this can happen!

  185. This year hasn’t been that bad. I became employed full-time (at a Library!). My heart kid had some worrisome news back in March but her September check-up showed improvement. All in all, we’re okay. I had put back a little for toys but completely forgot about cold weather gear and yesterday we had to go buy some for everybody! In Houston we can usually get by with just a light jacket. I have four kiddos and have divided their lists.
    Boy, 3.5,
    Girl, 8,
    Girl, 11,
    Boy, 12,

  186. Hi! I’m jessica in the US. I have 2 amazing girls that don’t ask for much and when they do it always seems to be smaller things. The second half of this year really kids our butts when my husband truck febrile down. He need some It for workbench or he wouldn’t be able to make a pay check to pay the bills. Any help would make these two little girls have an awesome Christmas. Thanks for the consideration and the wish list is below. I have added socks because it doesn’t matter how little they wear them (prettt much for school, they always end up with holes. I laugh it off but Avila do add up.) my list is here. Hi. Check out this list:

    I really hope to be able to take part on the other side of this next year. This is such a blessing to have this opportunity. Thank you!

  187. You’d think working full time would get us ahead- but it covers the essentials and not much more. With my oldest kiddo moving into his first apartment, and my younger three either full on in the throes of puberty or heading into it, I can’t keep up, If anyone can help, that would be amazing, but if not- that’s completely okay too. Remember you are loved, and appreciated, and even though the holidays can be incredibly hard, you are not alone. Never alone.

  188. Said immediately, I am in the UK. You can use prime. I don’t see my original post, maybe it was way way to big. I just posted in response to someone looking for a UK list, and I responded to her, and I saw that comment come up.

    So, I’m going to do a small comment, in case my first was too long.

    My kids and I are expats in England. I got pregnant with twins with a high risk pregnancy, and before and after their birth, I almost died at least half a dozen times. Only my husband works, and he won’t give me money for presents. Says they have enough stuff, and we can’t afford it. And we can’t. The twins were born at 29 weeks. One is disabled and still on oxygen. He’s on a condenser machine, which raises our electric bill to huge heights. Our other needs surgery on his penis.

    The 12 year old boy helps me a lot. He helps with housework and the twins. He is brilliant, getting awards at school. He wants oragami paper and books on oragami. The coat I picked for him is adult sizes, because he is huge. His bio dad is 6’7 and he’s following after him.

    The 9 year old is into art. Paint, paper, pencils, an art easl. Anything where she can be creative. Sewing kit, fabrics, craft kits. Anything. The coat I picked for her follows school uniform regulations. They are strict

    The twins just need toys. They don’t have anymore and a good winter going out outfits.

    Any help is highly appreciated. I am trying to get out of a mentally abusive relationship where the kids and I are demeaned and degrades. He holds all financial reins. Which means I cannot buy presents unless he lets me. And he won’t let me. He can’t say no to presents input under his parents tree, and he won’t take them away, he’s not abusive like that. It’s all about making us feel like less. I am working at getting away, but it requires registering the twins as American at the Embassy and getting their passports. Plus renewing the other two’s passports. I have help with that. It’s so bad my friends have talked about a go fund me to help us escape.

    Our list is here

    Thank you for anyone who helps. You will have made all my kids Christmas. And mine, because I need to see them happy on Christmas, not disappointed. My husband has literally said all he wants to give them is coal. Well, not the twins, they are his, but he thinks with their age, they need nothing.

    Thank you again for your amazing kindness. One day I hope I can pay it forward

  189. Rachel in GA, I took care of your son’s list, but I couldn’t order the shoes because it’s a 3rd party seller.

    Michael #265 I finished up your list, with an exception of a lego thing because it said it might be a duplicate.

  190. B&C 281 Goodnight Moon was gone when I tried to check out, but two of our favorite books are headed your way. Merry Christmas to you and your little one.

  191. Kara C in Utah: sorry, I can’t figure nd your original post. You list is n the way along with a little something hang for you. Much love!

  192. For anything ne who wants to send “more”, Amazon let me add a gift cad to my order. Woo hoo!

  193. After a year of expensive medical bills and surgery, we are struggling to give our kids a Christmas. Nothing expected, everything appreciated, this is a wonderful thing people are doing for others and I hope next year we can pay it forward! My kids are easy to please, they love science, art, and reading, so I put one science or art kit and one book on the wish list for each of them. The thought of them waking up to nothing really breaks my heart.

    My kids are:
    N, 6 year old girl.
    K, 5 year old girl.
    L, 3 year old girl.
    S, 3 year old boy.

    Link to list:

    Any help is appreciated. My brother is struggling financially and is working 2 jobs to try and make ends meat. He has 2 children ages 2 and 2 months. Every time he thinks he gets a head something else happens. Most recently he had a water pipe break in his home causing a big financial burden and he needs to get it fixed before mold really starts to grow.

  195. The typo in my last post (#194), that I can’t edit, is driving me crazy! ::laughs:: Also, I guess I forgot to say much about us.

    Sooooo….I’m Leslie. I’m physically disabled enough that despite the war on drugs that’s taking chronic pain patients as most of its casualties in the USA, I’m on the kind of narcotics, 24/7/365, year after year, that are normally reserved for dying people….except they just let me occasionally move or try to think, without screaming too loudly and scaring my kid. Unfortunately, apparently that’s NOT disabled enough to actually collect Disability, go figure. I spend my pretending-to-be-functional time as the full-time caretaker for my son, doing advocacy/journalism/teaching/counseling work in disability and abuse realms, and attempting to get a few books written — one which is a book version of my program to teach school-aged kids to not only understand but relate to Sensory Processing Disorder (also a major component of Autism), and the other of which is a collection of quotes from my son formatted to fight common stigmas and prejudices about Autism, called “Things You Never Expected My Child To Say: The Wit & Wisdom of Autism”. In theory I’m also a professional artist, but I haven’t had the time or spoons for that in far too long.

    My husband James and I are Best Friends, and after being together for 20+ years (during which I’ve become progressively more disabled), married for 16+, special needs parents together for almost 13, dealing with medical-debt-related poverty for as long….basically a bunch of stuff which is all ‘supposed’ to lead to relationship issues….we still have the kind of relationship that people either find inspiring or disgusting, depending on the people. He works full time, does most of the errands, half the household tasks, most of the cooking, and spends his free time taking care of Jamie and I….and tells everyone how lucky he feels. He’s the most amazing man, husband and daddy, and he doesn’t give himself nearly enough credit because he gets caught up in what he CAN’T do, to take care of us as well as he wishes he could.

    Then there’s Jamie, on the edge of 13. A huge geek and bibliophile via nature and nurture, brilliant, wise, compassionate, empathetic, creative, supportive, encouraging, helpful, kind, hilarious, insightful….I could go on and on, and often do. He’s just one of the most amazing humans I not just know, but even simply have heard of. Care of extreme prematurity and some other medical schmedical complications at birth, he recovered physically after fighting for his life for the first two years, but was left neurologically disabled with Autism, an extremely complex and pervasive case of Sensory Processing Disorder, something neuro-muscular they haven’t pinned down, and now, care of already-borked emotional Modulation plus pubescent hormones, a killer case of generalized Anxiety, as well. He’s the kid who breaks all the stereotypes that matter — he’s mainstreamed in school and a high honors student, he’s the one who defends other people against bullies, etc. — but can’t break through what we call his Algernon complex….that he’s got the self-awareness to understand when his brain is causing problems for him, but not the ability to control it — so he ends up feeling terrible about himself because he feels like he’s letting down the rest of judgemental society, as well as the aspirations of the disabled community. Our life revolves around him, but for logistical reasons, there is so little of what we wish we could do for him (in so many senses), that we’re actually able to do.

    So yeah, a couple of things on a wishlist might not seem all that important, but they really are. Sometimes those little points of light are the only thing that help him find his way through all the darkness.

  196. I just can’t put into words what your generosity means to me and my family. I was in a really dark place yesterday. Depression is harder to beat when life is throwing stuff at you. It was telling me that I was worthless and a burden. My illness has cost my family more than Christmas. My husband travels for work and my boys take care of me. They’re great and selfless kids who assured me they didn’t need presents. As any parent knows, this makes you want gifts for them even more. My youngest had a friend pass away a few days ago and he’s the one all his friends come to for comfort. My oldest was just told there’s nothing else doctors can do to correct his hearing. They’re so tough but it breaks my heart. You have made a big difference in more than one life today. I really don’t usually share much but this time I had to. You were the raft that I needed to stay afloat. Thank you all.

  197. Star Cannan (266) Helmet, lightsaber and Just Dance on the way. Amazon said the Critters were a duplicate, that someone else had them in their cart at that moment, so hopefully they’re coming to you, too. 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

  198. Jenny, thanks so much for doing this again!

    I can’t do much this year as I’m helping a family friend with gifts for her daughters. But I’ve sent a few things: katbalog @202, B & C @ 281 and Bethany @230, you each have a few things headed your way.

  199. Hi, my name is Amanda and I’m a newly single mom of two boys, ages 10 and 7. Jon is my oldest. He is very responsible, gets good grades, and is my biggest help around the house and getting himself and his brother to school everyday. Hes into science and building things with his hands. Jon really likes to figure out how things work. Jasen is my youngest. He is wild and adventurous and is always saying something to make me bust a gut. He likes to explore and do anything that keeps his body moving.

  200. This is my favorite thing of the year – I save up my Amazon points specifically for this event! I haven’t been keeping track, but I’ve been sending a lot of books out. Wishing everyone a festive everything this time of year.

  201. This has been a rough year. My son raiden has add, he’s making huge strides but his struggles are also big(he is a problematic water. Meaning right now he refuses to eat almost everything. The only thing we can consistently get him to eat is breakfast subs from subway and chicken fingers from culvers. But not if I made those home made. It doesn’t click it’s the same food. )So I can’t work because he can’t handle daycare. So one income makes holidays rough. The stress and anxiety of dealing day in and out with his struggles is hard. But he is a wonderful boy who is loving and kid and smart. It’s just been a rough year.

  202. Kimmy | December 7, 2017 at 4:29 pm

    Kimmy – list fulfilled. Wishing you all a very, very Merry Christmas!

  203. I’ve got 4 kids at home (one has flown the nest/coop and is successfully supporting himself!!). My boys are 17, 15, and twins who are 9. We are losing our house this season and it’s just a hard time.
    On the list I tried to indicate that we’d love 2 of three different items: socks, gloves and nerf guns! Socks and gloves are for the big boys and nerf guns for the twins.
    I am grateful for any and all help. 💜Amy
    Hi. Check out this list:

  204. Amy H. (Comment 177) Thank you so much for your generosity. I can’t tell you how much it means to have people who are willing to help to make my daughter’s Christmas / birthday special.

  205. I have 2 amazing boys, ages 3 and 9. My exhusband is over 6 months behind on child support and I’ve been working 2 jobs to try to make ends meet.
    I don’t know if it’s okay to ask for the floor lamp for 9 year old. The boys share a bedroom and my 9 year old likes to read in bed but there’s not a place to put small lamp.

    9 year old’s list:
    3 year old’s list:

    Thank you!!

  206. Our little family of 5 is the most amazing unit. I’m disabled but run the house in my pajamas while my husband works his brand new job from home. He’s been laid off twice in the last two years, both times spending about half the year without while we scraped by but last month just as we were about to lose everything God opened a window for us 🙂

    I have 3 kids, V who is 17, G who is 14, and J who is 9.
    They’re pretty amazing. V was working while doing school but had to have some pretty extensive repeat surgeries this summer. G has his own health battles but has been doing well in school this year finally! J is an awesome little dude with a kind heart who enjoys befriending kids at school who have none. I’m proud of them all.

    I have a little list of things they picked out the last couple weeks or that J asked Santa for. Mostly a couple of clothes items or books and a few toy things for Jack. Really they will appreciate having anything and I will appreciate the help. Thank you so much and Merry Christmas!

    Here is their list:

  207. I’ve made list for my nephew’s son, age 5. They are a young couple struggling to support themselves and provide santa gifts for their little boy. They live in a one bedroom apartment and their son is always draping blankets over chairs for tents. I think he would love this fort kit so he can have a space of his own. Link:

  208. My auto correct changed Asd to add. Raiden is autistic not attention deficit disorder.

  209. Jenny #212
    Haha, I was positive it was me doing something wrong. My list is completely empty (within two hours? How is that even possible? ) Because of people like Jenny Lawson and you. Probably all people named Jenny are awesome.
    Thank you and please know that on Christmas morning I will be thinking of you.

  210. Hi, my name is Laura Adams and I’m a single mother to an amazing 8 year old boy. His name is Landyn. Landyn was diagnosed with severe autism before he was 2 years old. Shortly after that, we found out he has something called Chiari Malformation. So, at age 2 1/2, he went in for neurosurgery to decompress the Malformation. He has, and continues to smile through all his struggles and I love to be able to make holidays special for him. I have a hard time doing that though because of extremely limited income. Any and all help I could get making his Christmas extra special is GREATLY appreciated! Thank you in advance for considering my son in your Holiday giving! God bless.

  211. First and foremost i would like to introduce myself, my name is Rick and i am a single father of two beautiful girls Briana who is 7 and Diana who is 9. After 2 long years of family court i have finally gained full custody of my girls they suffered so much neglect and abuse from their mother and her partner that i just want our first Christmas together to be special and memorable but unfortunately i am a bit down on my luck, after the custody hearing i gathered up all my savings and put in a deposit for an apartment which we just moved into in late October. Due to all these new expenses i wont be able to do much for the holidays this year i would love to take my girls out on Christmas day for some dinner and the movies and have at least one small gift for each of them to open, unfortunately i was not able to find any reasonably priced clothing items on Amazon so i added a gift card for a store in which i know i can find great deals. Thank you for taking the time to read this and for all your generosity Happy Holidays!

  212. Hello, we are a blended family of 7. It is myself my husband and our 5 kids. There is Anthony, who is 17. Karen, who is 16, Katie, who is 14, Samantha, who is 4, and Amanda, who is 3. We usually do ok, but earlier this year my husband was laid off and we have been struggling ever since. We have gone through our savings and. can’t afford Christmas this year and would really appreciate some help. I made the kids a wish list and tried to keep them reasonable. I’m still working on it a little as Im moving a little bit slow tonight, so thanks for your patience. Thanks in advance, if anyone is able to help us. By the way, I am always looking to make friends, and I see so many wonderful friendships blossom on this blog so my email is if anyone wants to chat. Here is the kids wishlists thanks so much again to everyone who participates in especially to Jenny for putting this on every year!

  213. I love that items you have in your cart are swiped out from under you as you’re checking out. We’re rocking this giving thing, people.

  214. This is not for me or my fam — but my best friend’s battle with cancer cane to an end earlier this year. She had three kids, aged 10, 11 & 17. Now her husband is recently diagnosed. Along with their aunts, I am helping to pull Christmas together for them. Here is their list, and I am filled with gratitude for this opportunity. Thank you so much.

  215. I never ask for help so this is hard. I’m a stay at home mom of 3 kids (10, 14,16), 2 of which have special needs (both are in wheelchairs for completely different reasons). They’re my world & I’m feeling pretty down that we haven’t been able to afford Christmas presents. My hubby is a union carpenter & was recently laid off. We’re trying to be patient waiting on the call for another job but no luck yet. Any help would be greatly appreciated ❤️

  216. Wendy N THANK YOU! And, thanks for mentioning the shoes. I was going for cheapest with good ratings and didn’t realize it was 3rd party. I updated, just in case.

  217. Mama Nicole at Harvest Hill Academy, books and stuff heading your way. My dad died on Sunday, so this is in his honor. He loved children and dogs, so I’m happy to be sharing his love of books with your boys! Merry Christmas!!

  218. Hello everyone!

    I really thought I would have it together for Christmas this year, but it has been one series of bad events after another. My hubby suffered a back injury at work last year and has been fighting a workmens comp case in court for months now, just trying to get them to cover medical bills. Ick!

    Anyway, this has left us as a single income home, and in need of a little boost this Christmas! I have one little boy, age 7! Thank you to all the helpers! You are wonderful, generous people and I can’t wait to pay it forward when we are able!

  219. Hi all! I’m trying to help provide Christmas for my nieces and nephew this year. My brother is a single parent and recently underemployed. He is making rent and bills but doesn’t have a lot left over. I’ve already bought a toy for each of the kids, a movie they can share, and a board game. Sarah is just 5, Carrie and Robbie are almost 7. I was hoping maybe someone could help me out with a few books? They are in love with the nonsense words of Dr. Seuss so that is what I added here. Thank you all so much for your kindness. Happy James Garfield Miracle to all!

  220. For No. 159
    I fulfilled your whole US list. Hopefully everything gets there in time!
    I am the older sister of an autistic boy, who I loved very much (he died this year). I understand how hard/wonderful it is for your daughter. She’s lucky to have a mom who understands how she feels and cares enough to try to make the holidays special for her too.

  221. Mother Goode I fulfilled your wishlist except the husky. I think because it wasn’t Prime it wouldn’t let me ship it off a wish list(?) Try switching it out for something else so you can get that last toy sent!

  222. We live in a new state and my husband has a new job. We are still trying to get caught up and get settled. We have one little guy who is on the autism spectrum. He’s 10. He doesn’t understand all the money going toward bills and helping us to eat (and there’s seldom enough for that yet). He needs a coat and shoes. I also added a few toys that will help him or that he loves. If you can get him anything, it would be loved. Merry Christmas and many blessings to you all!

    Hi. Check out this list:

  223. Hi, I hate to do this but I’m going to because I’m doing the best I can and its just not enough. For almost a year my wife and I have lived in our van while our teenagers stayed with my mom. I was working full time until the end of August when I got hurt at work. My wife just started her job two days ago. We are currently living in a mobile home, without electric, because I need to run all new electric for it to be safe. So, we are heating it at night with kerosene heater. I’d just like them to get a few things. I balanced necessary things with a couple for fun cheap things. The slippers are a necessity because when we finally get the electric on we will be heating with small space heaters so it will be a bit chilly. Anything is appreciated because we lost everything we owned when we couldnt keep up with our storage payments. The kids have the few things they had with them at my moms. We had the clothes we had in a duffle bag and my work clothes for my wife and I. We are slowly replacing things at Goodwill but some things, like underwear, you dont want to buy used. Thank you so much.,


  224. Jennifer (Comment 351)
    All the toys on your wishlist are on their way to you! Merry Christmas!!

  225. I hope so much you do this again next year! I am needing help this year and posted above and after only a little time most of my list is already gone! It really is a miracle and seeing all the other comments and the gratitude I feel right now for the strangers who are sending my kids presents I would love coming back every year and to be able to help others once I’ve got my feet back under me. This is such an incredible thing and the Holiday spirit is so awesome here!!

  226. I posted earlier, but I think my link was bad to amazon. Anyway, gifts are great, but really I need pull-ups for my daughter. She is moving home with me after staying at my moms and starting daycare next Tuesday while I work. We are potty training and I have to give the daycare pull ups for her to wear all day. They are really expensive on top of daycare, rent, food etc, she’s 2 2/12 but, wears a 3t-4t pull up. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you hopefully this link works

  227. My 33 year old brother passed away on Thanksgiving half way across the country. I am heart broken. We are struggling with this sadness over the holidays. I had to unexpectedly fly to Texas with my parents to bring my brother home to PA. This was a huge cost that none of us were prepared for so a little extra christmas cheer for my kiddos would be a huge blessing as I’m trying to hold it together with a huge emptiness in my heart. I have 3 kids my daughter is 18 so I didn’t include her but my boys are 15 and 11. Thank you

  228. We’re a large family who are struggling this year due to medical bills. Despite both of us working after childcare my income doesn’t even cover our monthly medical payments. One of our boys has epilepsy and another was recently diagnosed with panic & anxiety disorder + social phobia. We’re to a point we can’t get the appointments they need due to what we owe, but we’re doing our best. Despite how things have been our family is strong and our kids are amazing! I’m making this wish list for them. It’s kinda hard to pick what to get my two teen boys, especially our son who struggles. I did my best though and I’m very grateful for any support and help this Christmas.

    Here is a wish list for our 4 boys, two gifts listed each. I did add socks, snow gloves, and warm thermal shirts.. that’s more of need that mom thought of rather then what the kids would ask for lol

    Hi. Check out this list:

  229. Thank you all for doing this for us this Christmas! My wife died a few years back and its been me and my girls ever since. A neighbor lady todld me about this list and helped me make a list for them.
    I have a severly autistic 20 year old daughter that absolutely adores Belle and a 8 yr old that likes books and making stuff and a 6 and a half year old that plays with everything and loves books too.
    I’m disabled and money is tight this time of year.
    I tried making a list of things for yall to pick from. Thank you so much

  230. I forgot my link

    356Alis | December 7, 2017 at 5:22 pm
    My 33 year old brother passed away on Thanksgiving half way across the country. I am heart broken. We are struggling with this sadness over the holidays. I had to unexpectedly fly to Texas with my parents to bring my brother home to PA. This was a huge cost that none of us were prepared for so a little extra christmas cheer for my kiddos would be a huge blessing as I’m trying to hold it together with a huge emptiness in my heart. I have 3 kids my daughter is 18 so I didn’t include her but my boys are 15 and 11. Thank you

  231. SCR from post 345:

    Your books are on their way! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  232. HI, Sara #87 – the mermaid tails won’t ship to a gift list. Is there anything else your girls would like? Looking for my Canadian peeps to share the James Garfield magic with!

  233. Corrine (Message #134) I was able to buy half of your wishlist for you. I hope someone can get the other half!

  234. heather26r (#186) – Thank you for buying the song writing journal for my daughter. She’s been taking a piano class at school (we’re lucky that her public middle school has a fantastic music department) and she has been enjoying it so much. She seems to be a natural at reading music and she’s been experimenting with trying to write some music. She’s already a pretty talented writer (stories, poetry, etc). I’ve been trying to encourage her to put the two together– I think she could write and compose amazing things. Thanks for helping me encourage this.

    Alan (#190) – Thanks for buying her the cap with cat ears. She is obsessed with all things cats. She loves anime and manga. She has a pretty weird/wacky sense of humor and personality. I just know she’ll love the hat. Thanks.

    I’m amazed by all of the generosity by so many people fulfilling these lists. So. Much. Love. I am humbled and thankful that there were people generous enough to buy a couple of the items on my wish list for my kiddo.

    — CC (#167)

  235. Jean, (comment 359), sending you the lite brite, the beauty and the beast tea set, and one of the books on your list.

  236. Lisa Sweet gift for your son on the way. My 19 year old has autism so I thought I would help you out. So happy to give this year.

  237. Hello I am hoping for some help with my two nieces we are in a bit of a bind this year with poorly timed unplanned expenses. I appreciate any help that you could give us. They are ages 9 and 12. and are really good kids and I would love to make sure they have something under the tree. I hope I have done everything right. I am trying to find a better coat the one she liked is 4 dollars over. Thanks in advance.

  238. OMG! You guys! I went to pick the kids up and make them supper and came back to the entire list fulfilled! YOU ARE MAGNIFICENT! Thank you! (I was #106.)

  239. Shelley number 135 your list came up an unknown page. Can you try a new list for your granddaughter?

  240. Jenny – When I tried to buy, the only address that came up on Amazon said Sadie’s Gift Registry address. As the initial post was simply from Anonymous, can I assume that is the address to use?

  241. Hey y’all we need help with our two “foster” kids presents. We have guardianship of them because their parents are too involved in drugs. Although we provide their everyday needs mostly without a struggle, Christmas is going to be hard this year. Any help we can get would be appreciated. Jacob is 4 and Danika is 9. Thanks again

  242. This is simply amazing! My husband didn’t want to tell people we need help this year, I found a way to get help and not embarrass him. I most definitely do not feel bad for asking for help. I’m so grateful. A lot happened this year. I’m 37 weeks pregnant with our little boy who is due Dec. 31st. It’s been a high risk pregnancy and I had to quit my job unexpectedly. It’s made things pretty tight around here. My daughter is nine and with so much changing for her, it’s really important to me that Christmas not be one of those things.
    Eva is a unicorn. In a sea of cookie cutters she stands out and does what she wants and says what she thinks. Her imagination has no limits. The pants on the list are important because she desperately wants stretchy pants with pockets. Her pants are unicorns too. Thank you so much for making Christmas happen for our sweet girl.
    Hi. Check out this list:
    Please let me know if I did it wrong so I can fix it.

  243. Thank you so much for doing this! It’s hard to know what to get my daughter Jessica. She seldom asks for anything as money is always just too tight. But I tried to pick out things that I think she would want but still need. She loves art, is always drawing or sketching or coloring something. Always wanting to experiment with something. I’d appreciate any help I can get and will absolutely pay it forward. Thanks everyone!


  244. Meg #112, Michelle #129 and Jess #141 – Santa is visiting you from Australia. Much love to you and your families at this tough time of year. Keep smiling and stay strong.
    Jenny – you are truly a miracle worker. Thank you.

    Jenny, this doesn’t strictly go with the miracle, as it’s for an adult and not a child, so I understand if you delete it. No hard feelings. I only ask as you have supported Heifer International.

    Heifer Farm (the Massachusetts educational facility of Heifer International) was told last month that they are closing. In fact, this weekend is their last hurrah. My friend is a volunteer/intern who had thought she had found her place; she loves sustainable farming, food justice and teaching kids about those things. Like many folks who work in not-for-profit, she doesn’t have much. I also work at an nfp (not Heifer) so don’t have a lot to give.

    She’s dedicated to the work, and has decided to head to the Arkansas facility even though it means she’ll get there just before Christmas, and be spending it with strangers.

    I’d love it if she would receive an enameled Dutch oven. She’s a great cook and sharing meals brings people together. I put the Dutch oven in the wish list, along with gift cards. If a few folks were to chip in a bit via gift card, I could afford the rest, I just can’t afford it all. If someone were to buy the actual Dutch oven, I would use any gift cards to help someone else on this list.

  246. This is for my best friend, Mandii. She works so hard and does everything for her boys. She is amazing and her boys deserve a good Christmas.

  247. Sarijane Blaser (121) I always try and buy some gifts for a girl who is the age my niece would be. Hope your girl enjoys her gifts – Kitty always loved Christmas.

  248. I don’t even know how to begin thanking everyone for their generosity. Perhaps when the tears dry and the shock fades, the words will come. You have given a precious family the Christmas they didn’t know they would have. Thank you, so much.

  249. Amanda from #117 here. Thank you so so much everyone! Everything is already ordered from my list, I can’t believe it! You are all wonderful! It’s going to be a rough couple days and weeks coming up but this will make Christmas something we can look forward to! I love everyone on here so much, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are amazing!!

    If there is anyone else out there willing to buy one more thing, I would love to see if my niece could benefit from this generosity. My BIL is overseas and my SIL just got her hours cut to where it almost costs her more with child care to work. Amelia loves to make jewelry so I thought the same kit I put on my list for Chloe would work for her too. Thank you everyone so much again!

    I’m starting at the first of the year to save again for next year!

  250. We are a newly blended family with five kids that has fallen on (hopefully temporary!) hard times. I went through a grueling 28 month divorce that has left me over $100,000 in debt. My divorce finalized in April. I’m fortunate enough to have met a wonderful man during that time, and we recently remarried. He was divorced with three kids, and I have two bio kids. My ex husband decided in September that he doesn’t need to pay child support, and we’ve had to come up with money to take him to court to try to enforce that order. In the meantime, the lack of support plus attorney’s fees means we have fallen behind on our mortgage and are struggling to pay our bills, even though I’ve been trying to pick up extra work to fill in the gaps. We unfortunately have no extra money to give these kids a Christmas. If anyone is able to help us, that would be an amazing and generous blessing. Thank you all.
    The kids are as follows:

    7 year old boy:

    10 year old girl:

    11 year old girl:

    11 year old boy:

    13 year old boy:

  251. We got really flubbed this year with our finances due to dental fees piling up and my husband’s shift getting changed (so less pay) plus our daughter turns one in about a week which we’ve been barely scraping together funds for. I’ve been stressed and picking up all kinds of odd jobs to try and make sure we can push through the holidays but it’s been beyond stressful! If anyone could help I’d be beyond appreciative!

  252. This is the first time in three years I have NOT had to make a wishlist for my kids. It’s such a struggle as a single parent with two kids and two absent fathers. This drive allowed my kids, and more importantly, I, to believe in the magic of Christmas.

    Jenny, you’re amazing for setting this up. I hope you pause on Christmas morning and think for a moment about all the smiles and excitement happening at that very moment because of this wonderfully generous drive you started. Thank you so much for being you.

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  253. Thank you so much for sending the book, “ms”!! <3 He is going to be ecstatic! If you’d be willing to give me your e-mail, I can try sending you a photo of him opening the gift, once he has it from ‘Santa’.

  254. Jillian #142, someone had already bought some of your wishlist, and I finished up the rest. I hope that you and your children have a blessed Christmas.

  255. Hi my name is Christina.I can’t find the list I put up however I am hoping someone can help this year.I am a single mom and I work for ups.I also pay for his speech therapy every week.So with rent and bills and car issues it’s hard.I have 4 kids 3 girls aged 8,4 and 3 and my son is 6 and has severe autism.He loves to play video games
    I usually try and purchase 1 big thing for them to share and then a few smaller things.However my car went out suddenly and I had to dig into Christmas to pay to get it fixed.All they want this year is a PlayStation 4 for all of them to play together.Christmas is going to be slim as I it have 20 bucks left in savings.I have added smaller gifts to their list of someone can’t help with the larger one.I will ask accept a used PlayStation 4 maybe if someone sees them cheaper or at a pawn shop.My email is and you can email me for address to send the cheaper one.Here is their list of someone is able to purchase the PS4 I will delete the rest of the list since that’s all they really want this year.Please help my kids have a miracle this year.God bless you all.

    (Tons of stuff coming your way! ~ Jenny)

  256. I know the rules say don’t feel bad for asking but I don’t think there’s any getting around that. I’m a writer with a YA novel on sub. Things are tough right now and any help would be greatly appreciated! My kiddos are 11,8, and 5. There are only a few books on the list. Thank you and I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!

    Christmas 2017

  257. I need help with basics for my six year old. I added books and play doh but I really would love the pajamas/socks and jacket. Single motherhood doesn’t allow for me to focus on anything besides making sure our bills are paid this month. Happy Holidays to your family!

  258. #214 iprobablywontbelieveyou – some gifts on their way to you. Hope you get everything else as well.

  259. Oh, how I love this! I’m new to the Tribe this year and am jumping with joy reading the comments. Unfortunately, I’m not working, so I’m being conservative filling wishlists. The moment I’m back to work, though, I’m socking away money so I can have more fun with this next year. James Garfield’s Miracle is amazing!

  260. Hey, my name’s Elizabeth and I’m a single mom with one daughter. Just last month she had to get scoliosis surgery because of her twisted back, and its been really hard for her, but I’m so proud of how brave she is. I’ve been struggling recently with work and the stress of hospital bills, so I feel guilty asking for help from a stranger. Please, help me out. Thank you with all my heart.

  261. Bee A (310) Thank you so very much. This year has been so stressful so I’ve just been trying not to think about Christmas at all.
    Maybe this weekend I’ll pull our little tree out and get a little festive. Thank you for giving us something to look forward to.

  262. My husbands and I have 5 kids total
    Makayla 11 year old girl
    Daniell 11 treat old girl
    David 9 year old boy
    Mekenzie 4 year old girl
    Nathaniel 2 year old boy
    2017 was very rough for our family. I had two hip surgies an emergency gallbladder surgery 2 weeks after my second hip surgery and my husband was involved in very bad motorcycle accident in between all of my surgies. Needless to say our children has a pretty poor summer vacation. My husband and I are now back to work but both still recovering from everything that has happened. We are just hoping for an amazing ending to a horrific year.

  263. First of all, thank you if you’ve made it this far down the list. I am surprised at how many people are added by the minute. This whole thing blows my mind and makes me so grateful to see the kindness out there.

    I have 3 kids ages 8, 15, and 16. We’ve found ourselves living with my brother after a surprise divorce this year. Things are hard. I’m working on getting us our own place but we left with so little that it’s going to take awhile to get essentials, much less anything fun.

    About the kids- Little miss 8 is a bright and funny girl. She loves to color and read. She asked for a Boogie board tablet. I didn’t think it would be do-able but it turns out it’s less than 20.00 right now This would be AMAZING for her! I’ve also added the book “Wonder” to her list. She has checked it out twice from the library and reads it over and over. She said she would love to have her own copy.

    Mr. 15 is a good kid. He is a loving brother and an awesome kid. He is also autistic. He has times where he is very verbal and responsive and other times where he kind of gets lost in his own head. When we moved, he discovered my brother’s CD’s. We’ve found he LOVES CD’s. He has a music player and a radio, but nothing makes him respond more than playing the CD’s. I don’t know if it’s seeing it spin, but he just lights up and listens to them over and over. I hoped to find some CD’s that he would enjoy, but tonight was not a verbal night and I wasn’t sure what to pick for him. I’ve asked for a gift card for a day that he is able to respond better. I also added some fun green headphones because he loves green and I know he will use them all the time.

    Miss 16 is a HUGE helper with her brother and sister. She has asked for makeup and Beauty and the Beast figurines. Makeup is one of the luxuries we don’t buy often right now, so I’ve added an Ulta gift card for her. We have one down the street and I know with sales and coupons it will go far!

    Thank you very much if you see this.

  264. Wow! You are all so wonderful! Thank you to Maggie Walker, Queen of the Weezils and everyone else who has bought items off my children’s wish list. Also, those helping everyone else’s on here! Bless you!!!

  265. I am a mother of 2 wonderful twins one boy and one girl i would truly appreciate at least one gift for each of them my son loves i spy books and my daughter only asked for shoes this year i wasnt too sure on the rules but i tried my best to stay within limits for both my children! Thank you to all you kind hearted individuals that are lending a helping hand this Christmas it is truly appreciated! Happy holidays!

  266. Leslie (#394) Thank you, but rather enjoy the moment with him than trying to capture it 🙂


  267. Hi Laura, #235, a few items are on their way to you. Merry Christmas and sending love your way!

  268. Kris: Something for you and the kids coming your way – your oldest’s present will be late since it said it was out of stock, but it is coming.

  269. I was #63 and then I had to post again somewhere in the 200s … Thank you so much to the people who helped my three kids this year and thank you to Jenny for doing this. This is such a wonderful community and I hope to be able to pay it forward next year! <3 <3 <3 Merry Christmas!

  270. I am a single mom of two, in the middle of finalizing adoption for my daughter who has been with me since she was a baby.

    She wants to be adopted and have a mermaid tail. I can do the first but if someone could help with the last, we would be a happy little fin family

    My son is 15 and kind of hard to figure out. But this year he wants to be on the move.

    He has asked me for wheeled shoes or a long hard skateboard.

  271. Im from comment 370 I am really trying to find a more affordable coat but so many say they are thin and poor quality. We are in Chicago with no car so we spend a lot of time walking outdoors and waiting at bus stops and it gets in the 20s and below especially at night. If anyone sees anything more suitable I will add it to my list. For now I will keep looking. Thanks again I really appreciate it.

  272. I am not sure if I got the link correct to a wishlist for my two little guys now, but I hope this one works.

    My youngest has hydronphrosis which is a reflucting kidney disease. He just had surgery this past year, but still has the same on both kidneys. One is listed as most severe at a five while the other is a three. We travel often back and forth to the children’s hospital while trying to make ends meet as a one income military family. My husband is often away being active duty and times are just hard this year between loosing our second vehicle, having major mechanical issues with our now family car, and m sons medical bills and expenses traveling back and forth as well as making sure care is in place for our oldest whom is five. we just could use a little help this year we are able to get second hand clothing at the local thrift shop for our growing boys and I have added items to my list my oldest has really been asking for to Santa that we have not been able to get (a LEGO set and grossery gang) while my youngest loves Daniel Tiger and building/putting things together. Thank you for any and all help. Happy Holidays!

  273. To Jamila , comment #225: You should be getting a package on Saturday. Merry Christmas!

  274. This year has been very tough for us. My mom and I have custody of my two beautiful granddaughters. Mom and I both are disabled and having a hard time. The girls just lost there Uncle a week ago and just not in the Christmas spirit. The love doing crafts and making jewelry. So I went threw and the girls picked this stuff out but if you see anything you might think they like they will. LOL We just had to move in with my mom and they are taking that hard also.I want to thank you for everything you all do. Merry Christmas and happy new year.

  275. Hi everyone. My name is Amy. My husband Justin and I have two wonderful kids. Our eldest is a 12 year old girl named Liz, and we have a 6 year old boy named Ollie. I am part of the Bloggess Pals on FB and have received so much support already that I really debated asking for more. We are having a very hard year and are trying to give our kids the best possible Christmas.

    What we are facing is that my husband’s stage 4 appendix cancer has stopped responding to chemotherapy, causing us to decide to switch to Hospice care. He spent 13 days in the hospital over Thanksgiving when he had a cancer related bowel obstruction. We ended up spending a large amount of our “extra” money for parking/travel/food during that time (the stupid hospital charged me every day to park to see my husband…) After 13 days and a poor prognosis of “a few weeks to a few months”, Justin decided he would rather spend the rest of his time with the kids and I at home than in pain and feeling awful in the hospital. He was discharged home a week and a half ago. I have spent this time organizing his care and meeting with different hospice employees while also taking care of him and trying to also take care of the kids and the house. I haven’t had the time to go out bargain shopping like I usually do for Christmas presents and we are running short on cash right now. We set up a gofundme page to help offset the medical and related bills, but I don’t think we’ll get that money in time to use some of it for presents. I’m hoping someone can help us get something special for the kids this year, and that I’ll be able to help someone else in the future. Justin and I hope to give the kids some good memories of our last Christmas together.

    Thank you for reading our story and considering helping us. All the love sent our way by friends/family/and even strangers has made this horrible journey a little easier.

    Liz is interested in Studio Ghibli, drawing, journals, and cats.
    Ollie loves Minecraft, Legos, Pokeman cards, and crafts.

  276. I posted earlier (comment #154) and I think my girls may have gotten lost in the shuffle. It happens. We’ve got the basics (socks, unders, pj’s) covered, but would really love to see some fun under the tree. They’re great girls, tough as nails, and we’d love them to have some good memories this year. I hate even asking (despite what Jenny said), but I’m swallowing my pride here. Hopefully we will be in a position next year to bless others. Thank you! I’ll leave the link again just in case.

  277. Looking for these items for a 16 year old girl. She is struggling with mental health and not having a lot of money for presents for her makes me soo upset. I want to see her smile and I know these will bring some joy. (if you can’t tell she loves cats and books)


  278. Canadian Jodi, Comment number 80 – Hope you like your presents. Love from Canadian Catherine. 🙂

  279. I really hope I did this right. — I have three kiddos, ages 8 and 2 year old twins. All three are boys. They are the loves of my life, and keep me going through the hard times. Unfortunately, this has been a challenging year. Suffice it to say that any and all help is truly appreciated. I just can’t thank you all enough. And Jenny, of course.

  280. It’s snowing in Texas and after watching my kids all run around like we don’t have a care in the world I got to sit back down and read all the comments that have come in after I posted my kids wishlist earlier (#324).

    Even if my kids don’t get one dang thing for Christmas, they have today, and I have the warmth from seeing several hundred strangers come together and make miracles. That is a special kind of magic.

    This year has been so hard, so many months of hungry, worried stress while my husband was out of work. Months of surgery and loss for my daughter , progress and regress for my middle son… but there is NOTHING like watching kids run around catching snowflakes. NOTHING. For a few minutes they just drop the world from their shoulders.

    I love you all. 🙂

  281. I am Grandma/Mom to two children. They have lost their father and because of long term illness the mother is not in the picture. They are both 11 years old. They try hard in school and at home and I would love to give them some special gifts this holiday. Thank you.
    I think this is the link to our wishlist

  282. To comment 125, he’s not a kid, but let him know how proud we all are that he’s on his own. You can never have too many good knives or enough spatulas, so the ones on the list are coming and I hope he has lots of fun cooking.

  283. Also if anyone would be interested in sending my daughter a birthday card in order to raise her spirits a little you can email me at for the address of where we’re currently staying. Or click my name for the link to my Facebook to message me.
    (Original story in comment 75)

  284. Your books are on their way. I grew up in a single parent household and while money was tight, my mom always managed to make sure we had access to a library and bought us books.

    Years ago someone gifted my kids something they wanted badly that we couldn’t afford at the time. It wasn’t much money wise, but damn, it meant so much to them and us. I am glad that I can pay that blessing forward for you and your kids. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  285. It is very humbling to ask for help, but I really appreciate what you are doing Jenny! I have 3 boys ages 15, 13, and 10. My husband has been out of work for several months and we have been struggling to get by. My parents used to help us out when times were tough, but they have both passed away and we don’t have any other family close to us. My oldest son has Autism but he loves to read comic books and listen to music. All of my boys enjoy running and I just try to keep up with them all. 🙂 I truly appreciate anything!

  286. To Jodi, #80, I just bought Nightmare Before Christmas, which looks to be the last item left on your list. Should be there by December 15th. Merry Christmas from a fellow Canadian!

  287. Ugh. I feel like a jackass. I did not read the $100 limit (40 toy/60 clothes). I will amend my wishlist for my friend’s kids. I’m sorry I didn’t follow the rules!

  288. We have our 13 year old son this year for Christmas. He has sensory and learning issues, but has been working really hard this year to get his reading level up to 6th grade, and has finally gotten there. We’re really proud of him and were hoping to give him some fun gifts for Christmas, but this last month has wiped us out. I fell and broke my ankle, and had to have several surgeries, and have not been able to work. My husband was hit in a winter auto accident, totaling our car, and adding to our medical bills. We are barely going to have enough for bills, let alone Christmas. If anyone feels like helping this awesome kid, his wish list is here:
    Thank you so much!

  289. Katbalog @ 202, the Avenger-themed items are on their way to your house. Merry Christmas from a Cap fan in Maryland. <3

  290. Cherilyn in NJ –
    Your teen daughter has 2 things headed her way from a nerdy book librarian in The southwest.
    . Merry Everything .

  291. Here I go ….. My kids Information: Sierra – 17, Damon – 6, Loki – 5 & William – 1.5 months …. I am 41 and really struggling this year as I left an abusive relationship and have nothing. We are starting over living at intentional communal community in America. So, to explain I lost literally every little thing in my home from the silverware, to all my books, my clothing, my toothbrush and anything you can think of. That was hard enough on me but the kids lost everything too. I am praying that someone can help out because I am at a loss otherwise. So I just put a few basic things on the list that the kids like and need – just in case anyone can help out. I would truly appreciate anything that anyone is willing to do. The only question I have is how will anyone know where to ship it. I never entered my address anywhere. Thank you for reading this!

  292. I just love this. I’d forgotten about it until I got the email for this post. 🙂 I can’t afford to participate this year, but hopefully next year.

  293. I was able to participate on the giving side of the James Garfield Miracle two years ago but unfortunately I have found myself on the other side the past two years. It is incredibly difficult to ask for help but my children deserve a Christmas. They are the sweetest souls! I have been able to buy them some basics for Christmas, things they need like a coat and shoes but that is all that will be under the tree this year. I have 5 kids. Sabrina is 9, Hayley is 8, Wyatt and Gavin are almost 7, and Nora is 13 months. My twins were born way to early and Wyatt has severe Cerebral Palsy with uncontrolled epilepsy. He requires complete care and is non verbal and is in a wheelchair. He has a smile and laugh that can soften even the hardest heart. I was fired from my job last month because I was in the ER with Wyatt because he stopped breathing during a particularly bad seizure. Gavin is his twin and luckily is a typical 7 year old. There bond is amazing and he is definitely his brothers best friend. Sabrina and Hayley are great girls and are the best helpers. They have had to deal with things no child should ever have to deal with. Nora is my little surprise and the best baby ever. My husband left just after Nora was born. He couldn’t take the stress of everything. So here we are. I am doing the very best I can. I know things will get better but I don’t want my children to miss out on the magic of Christmas while I’m waiting. They are absolute angels. Thank you for reading this! And thank you from the bottom of my heart for spreading the magic of Christmas even if you choose to fill someone else’s wishlist.

    Hi. Check out this list:

  294. Jenny,
    I came to your book signing in Wichita last year (I was wearing a moose hat) because you’re an inspiration to me. Little did I know you would help save my son’s life last month. I pledge to honor you and your causes in gratitude. Thank you for being you, even when you don’t want to be.

  295. Jenny,
    I came to your book signing in Wichita last year (I was wearing a moose hat) because you’re an inspiration to me. Little did I know you would help save my son’s life last month. I pledge to honor you and your causes in gratitude. Thank you for being you, even when you don’t want to be.

  296. Our father has been in and out of the hospital this last year. My siblings and I have had to take a lot of time off work. My oldest brother has had the hardest time as he’s a mechanic and doesn’t get much vacation time, so he’s had to take a bunch of unpaid personal leave to help. As such it would be great if he could get a bit of help to buy his kids Christmas presents this year.
    14 year old boy- My brother is teaching his youngest how to weld and I think Logan would love some equipment of his own.
    18 year old autistic boy- Mitch is autistic and is obsessed with Pokemon, so a semi-adult Pokemon shirt would be amazing for him.

  297. Jenny, thank you for organizing this. I’m a first -time participant and thoroughly enjoyed shopping.