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  1. Twitter is amazing. I know a lot of people complain that it’s now dominated by commercial companies wanting to make money but it’s still a real space for real people to make an enduring connection. I love my Twitter friends.

  2. Being in your twitter orbit is never boring, Jenny.
    If you ask me, those clowns are crazy; they’ll never find a better home.

  3. Long day…read comment 5 as “obit” not “orbit”. Had mild heart attack. Am fine.

  4. Ahhhh, so that’s the trick to keeping the clowns at bay. Feed them something other than ropes. Doll brains, perhaps? What else do clowns eat? I wouldn’t know because I don’t let any of them ANYWHERE NEAR ME!!!

  5. Twitter is one of the few places where you can be absolutely outraged and hysterical with laughter all within the space of a few seconds. Sometimes both at the same time.

  6. I got a new dictionary from the American Heritage Dictionary people because they liked my word usage on twitter. And, for no reason at all, Wil Wheaton blocked me for a short time. On Facebook, I would never have known I was being snubbed.

  7. And now that clowns have been mentioned, I probably won’t sleep again tonight. But yes, Twitter is awesome. Too bad I don’t have many followers. But that can be a good thing sometimes…?

  8. So, Jenny, I have a creepy clown doll to send you. Are you saying you don’t want it?

  9. I like twitter, but it is generally very time consuming.
    Facebook is where you go for friends, twitter is where you go when you want to see how your friends really are.

  10. I’m not lying Jenny when I say your the only reason I have twitter and the only reason I got an Instagram. True story

  11. I had to leave twitter; I kept getting too many marriage proposals. (Hey, it could happen. Yes, it could too!…Oh, okay; I got ONE proposal, all right?! Sheeze.)

  12. Maureen is an OUTSTANDING Twitter follow if y’all aren’t following her yet!

  13. I love Twitter, too. I love that I found you there (not that you were missing, or anything, or, um.). I love that you’ve found us, your tribe, there, and that we’ve found each other there. Also, I love that I’m no longer missing, I guess.

    Ennyhoo. Thanks for getting closer to your “normal” and letting us know, and also for letting us know when life feels shit for you, like your xanax post from what, yesterday? Please stick with us, for as long as you can. We need you, both in times of loving Twitter and in times of feeling total shit.

  14. I have to admit I’ve never heard of Maureen Johnson (gasp!) and had to go look her up…. I now have multiple new books on my wishlist, lol. I’m glad you post the best of your Twitter convos here because I just can’t do Twitter… I have an account but haven’t logged on in at least a year.

  15. You retweeted my photo once! Between that and George Takei doing the same, my social media bucket list has been filled. ☺️

  16. Twitter is a great equalizer, and some barriers drop. I once tweeted a cute image of my daughter reading one of her favorite author’s books in costume, and that author retreated it. There was great joy in Kidville.

  17. And this is why I keep coming back here. And back to Twitter. These are my people.
    And I’m one of the clowns.
    (Not posting a pic of myself as a clown out of respect for those with coulrophobia.)

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