Well that’s just surreal.

So the Chinese version of Furiously Happy was recently published and for some reason they gave Rory a head band which seems weird but it’s obviously working because I just found out that Furiously Happy is a National Bestseller in China.  So much so that they can’t keep it in stock.

WTF, y’all.

And to make it even more surreal, I just got these pictures from Dook in China.  I don’t know your last name, Dook, but you are my special favorite person…


Hang on…

Wait for it.

That last picture?  That’s my 40 foot tall dead raccoon waving wildly to people on the other side of the world.  And also part of Dook’s thumb.  I’m almost positive that this is some sort of fever dream or that I’m in a coma.

So far this is my favorite coma.

PS. If you read Chinese can you tell me what these posters say?  I’m assuming something like, “Y’ALL, THIS BITCH IS CRAZY.  READ THIS AND FEEL BETTER ABOUT YOURSELF.”  True in any language.

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  1. While I sit here at the desk, reading the fantastic news, my cut out Rory is so excited! I think it’s making my Dalak nervous….. Anyway, congratulations!!

  2. Why did Rory not have a headband before? He is working those jazz hands hard and sweating in his eyes is not going to make his Furiously Happy. Congrats Jenny!

  3. Amazing!!! You are amazing, the book is amazing, and Rory is amazing. You deserve all the awesomness the world has to offer!! Congratulations!!!!

  4. After feeling so happy for you, my next immediate thought was: that is some beautiful book stacking! Like, first class. I love neatly stacking books, sigh.

  5. The title of the book is “I’m So Happy I could Die!” according to my son. I tried having him translate everything, but he started giggling as he was reading it and walked out of the room shaking his head.

  6. That book is going to help so many people over there. Congratulations!!!

  7. I also love their extensive use of !!!! Way to go China and Jenny!!!!

  8. Congratulations on proving, once again, that no one is the “only one”. Thank you, Jenny
    Now celebrate! 👍✌️❤️🎶

  9. OMG!!! I am SO happy for you! Your books were hugely helpful in my struggle and I’m thrilled that you will be able to help people on the other side of the planet. Congratulations!

  10. Wow! What an accomplishment! Congratulations! I kind of love Rory’s little headband. 😀

  11. Congratulations!
    If they ever make another Sonic the Hedgehog game, Rory should get a guest appearance.

  12. You are going to help so many people in China. They need you there so much Jenny. This is wonderful.

  13. I asked a friend about the pic before the last one and she said it translates as:

    “So happy I could die!!!”
    I’m at rock bottom, I’m so happy I could die!
    New book from the world’s happiest author who is suffering from depression.

    Congrats, that’s awesome!

  14. How freakin’ cool is that?! You totally need to see if Dook (nice work, Dook, whoever you are) can snag some of those cut-outs of the headbandit and send them to you. Or maybe the 40-ft marquee when they’re done with it? I’m sure you could find a place for it.

  15. Google Translate says, “Highly viable death!! I’m Life My Low Valley, now I am highly excited! The world’s most pleasant depression patients have been completed!”

  16. I loved the display where there are flowers in a picket-fence holder- box. Artful and pretty!

  17. Rory channelling his inner Richard Simmons–love it! Now you just have to become big in Japan…tonight, big in Japan…all right…

  18. The truth you speak is universal!! Of course it’s a hit in China! And anywhere else it gets published. You go girl.

  19. If you had told me that this originated from the same people who brought us tentacle sex, yaoi, that Pokemon who wears his mom’s skull as a headpiece and Pearl Harbor, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised. That’s how close you mesh with the Asian mind.

  20. For those who are curious about the Chinese title, it’s 高兴死了 (gāo xìng sǐ le). The first two characters (高兴 / gāo xìng) translate as “happy” (lit. “big emotion”), the third (死 / sǐ) means “death/die”, and the final (了 / le) is an aspect marker that indicates completed action. So Hannah’s (above) friend’s translation of “So happy I could die!!!” sounds like it makes sense.

  21. According to my daughter, in the first picture, the book title and the sign over Rory’s head means “Happy to die”.

  22. This is amazing. THANK YOU CHINA!!!!!

    And Bill Peschel (the dude who commented above me) that Pokemon is called Cubone (and I clearly know way too much about Pokemon). And the whole tentacle sex ting and yaoi? That’s not Chinese. That’s Japanese…they take “weird shit” to a whole ‘nother level.

  23. Honestly? This made me furiously happy. Complete with tears. Rock on with your bad self, Jenny. xo

  24. I am gobsmacked! You have the absolute weirdest and sometimes wonderful things happen to you!!! Congratulations!

  25. I don’t speak Chinese, but I’m pretty sure you’re spot on in your interpretation of what it says. Having said that, I’ll change it to “a hilariously funny crazy lady who will make you laugh at what you think is troubling in your life.” You make me happy, Jenny, don’t ever change.

  26. The sign above Rory’s head in the girst pic literally means deathly happy. I will work on translating the rest for you. First I need Chevy’s chips and salsa. Cheers! Gina

  27. Rory’s now like the Richard Simmons of raccoons! “Move those jazz hands ladies!”

  28. The sign above Rory’s head in the first pic literally says “Happy to Death”. I will work on translating the others for you after Chevy’s chips and salsa. 🙂

  29. Those photos just get better, and the pictures of Rory get bigger, as I scroll down, until OH my GOSH there he is 40 feet tall on the side of a building! How cool is that!!
    I hope the book is a great success in China, although with luck the translation is better than what you get with Google Translate!
    congratulations, Jenny!! ♥

  30. Is that a representation of your lady garden next to those books? It looks very pretty and kept up.

  31. All of these Google Translations are starting to sound like “I’ve experienced the sweet release of death! And you can too!”.

  32. The real Rory definitely needs a headband — in fact SEVERAL — so he can change with the seasons or on fashion whims. Sort of like those geese in my former neighbor’s yard who occasionally would wear a BDSM ensemble — the geese, I mean; not sure about the neighbors. No judge.

    Congrats, Jenny! This is just too coolamatious for words!

  33. Don’t downplay your own good work through self-deprecating humor! Everyone wants a gigantic Rory, this is NOT a practical joke!

  34. Wow, congrats…now you’re helping people and making them laugh WORLDWIDE❣️

  35. Looking at all the potential translations above, it looks like time for a contest. “Possible Asian translation of Jenny’s book.” (It wouldn’t even have to be close to real). One of the more interesting things in Japan (yeah, I know not China) was Japanese translations into English of phrases they put on things…like the back of SUV’s. “Happy Nature Time” was one of them. Somehow burning gas for ‘Happy Nature Time’ seemed counter productive but hey. So I suggest a contest on wild and wacky things for Rory to be saying…although the Chinese phrase is pretty much a winner.

  36. Is Rory wearing a headband? As if he’s in a 1980s Richards Simmons workout routine? Also, “world’s brightest leopard” reminds me of an old Guided By Voices song, “Bright Paper Werewolves.”

  37. Wait… is the 2nd picture supposed to be a “lady garden” LMFAO!
    Everything about this post is awesome 🙂

  38. They are on to something Rory looks great in that head band. You’re winning at life Jenny I’m so happy for you.

  39. Love the books, love the blog. You make my day so cheerful…sallie

  40. Very over the top promotions! Congrats. The headband is totally all about Richie Tenenbaum, from Wes Anderson’s “The Royal Tenenbaums”. Same color scheme and everything.

  41. As a Chinese American, I agree with Gina’s translation of “Happy to Death” rather than the literal translation of every word. We add “si le” (to die) at the end of a lot of phrases, so one can be cold to death (similar to freezing to death), hot to death, tired to death, sick to death, etc.

  42. According to Google Translate app: Happy to die!!!! I’m at the bottom of my life. I’m Happy to die now! The happiest depressed patients in the world have published. Shop to buy, good gift right now.

  43. Per my coworker the top says something like “At humanities deepest trough (or lowest level of humanity), I am Happy to Death!” Then at the bottom is says “Collecting my happiest moments, to use them to overcome my lowest (or “rotten cake”) days.”

  44. So I have a friend that lived in China and was fluent in Chinese! He claims that this may be a very out of date meaning, since current Chinese colloquialisms are different than those he learned, but in the sign posted, the major Characters listed are “high, happy, die, and past tense” – so the rough translation is something like ” laughed / was happy to death”. He didn’t think that would be helpful – but I think it’s marvelous! Enjoy! Ann

  45. Hooray!! Rory cupcakes for everyone! (to clarify, cupcakes with Rory’s pic on them, not cupcakes made of Rory…)

  46. You are globally awesome! People will be ordering Rory socks in China!

    Congratulations, Jenny. You deserve this, and I think this means that you wrote a book that touched a chord in humans worldwide. That is extraordinary.

  47. Lady Garden. I don’t think that means what they think it means. Hilarious.

  48. That headband makes me think Rory has a future advertising Dairylea Lunchables.
    (Of course they may have a new ad agency now and that may make no sense at all to anyone else, but at our house the platypus and the jackalope doing aerobics to the Bonny Tyler soundtrack is still on heavy YoiTube rotation….)

  49. You are universal, Jenny. Just wait until the beings on some far-off planet show up and ask for publishing rights!

  50. Thrilled for you!!! The only thing is, I see headband on somebody who isn’t at the gym (as if I am ever there seeing headbands….) and I think Christopher Walked. Though I did see him doing Chekhov and he for sure wasn’t wearing one then. ♥️ ♥️ ♥️

  51. The sign in front to the store Google translate says:
    “Happy to die! I’m dead in my life. I’m happy to die now! The happiest depression patient in the world has published! Into the store to buy, gift phase gift period.

  52. Oh my god. I’m so happy for you I’m crying. Thank you for taking me on this ride!

  53. Having gone through some serious challenges this year, I will say the audio version of this book got me through many a dark night when I couldn’t sleep due to anxiety and “crazy brain” as I call it. I’m so happy this book is being shared with the rest of the world! I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed it and related to it, and you. Can’t wait to read your next masterpiece and I’m so happy for your continued success 🙂

  54. Lol these Google translations have me rollin’… fuck. I CANNOT. But in all seriousness, Jenny, this book was dope, inspiring, and deserves all the success that it’s getting and more.

  55. So happy for you! You have helped me and friends of mine by voicing what we couldn’t. Now China has found those wonderful laughs and tears from your words that so many people need. Tell that asshole imposter syndrome to shove it for five mintes and let you be happy <3

  56. Please tell me you are going to do a book signing in China…that should be good for at least a couple of weeks of blogs or a chapter in your next book.

  57. As awesome as the sign is badly translated to English, I want to reread the whole book ****translated back into English after having been translated to Chinese.*** In original English it is already funny enough to cry while laughing. In Post-Chinese-English I’m pretty sure we could all at some point soil our pants because we have actually died laughing.

  58. Wow, they do love their exclamation marks, huh. That last picture is just so freaking amazing, I can’t imagine how you felt to see that! Every single time you post about your books being translated I find myself wishing I knew more languages so I could ‘rediscover’ your books in other languages. (You are totally going to put a headband on Rory now, right? I mean you really really need to after seeing that!)

  59. congrats! love the fenced flowers with the towering books. and i agree with others that the headband should have shown up long ago.

    i expect japan to follow suit.

  60. The title of the book could translate as “I’m dead happy”, “I’m so happy I could die” or “I’m happy to die for”. Which is actually the Chinese way to say “Furiously happy”.

    The big red (or black) sentence at the top of each banner translates as “I’m at the lowest point in my life, I’m so happy I could die”.

  61. “The world’s brightest leopard depression” absolutely must be the title of a future post. Or book.
    We can give it, oh, three years. You’re probably going to have to acquire a taxidermied leopard first. Victor will understand. It’s Chinese meets Google, two of the most powerful forces on our planet. There is no turning back.

  62. Just going by the second picture:
    “I am at a low point in my life, and I’m so happy I could die!”
    A person with depression, using happiness to swept the charts in America.
    (Then a list of awards)
    I crazily collect each happy moment,
    and use them to combat the days that are bad.

    And apparently there is a gift with the book, until supplies last.

  63. People are suggesting you get a headband for real-world Rory.
    How about skipping directly to a tiara?

  64. Rory, small but mighty ambassador for world peace through laughter, truth telling and understanding. No wonder they added the headband.
    Wow, there’s so much pleasure in watching your success! C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S!!

  65. Bill Peschel, that’s amazing. Every single word of what you said was wrong. All of that is JAPANESE, not Chinese. Way to generalize Asian culture, there, bud. 😒

  66. Jenny, this is awesome. You are awesome. You deserve all the goodness that this success brings you. Keep being awesome.

    I just said awesome 3 times in like 50 words. Make it 4. THAT IS ALSO AWESOME, but not as awesome as you are! This calls for rock hands!


  67. Ermagerd, Jenny! That’s fantastic! I mean, we ALL know you’re the bomb dot com, but why has no one in THIS country publicized any of your books with a 40-foot headbanded Rory? Sheesh!

  68. Jenny please ask your publisher to give us the translation, it’s driving me nuts. And the headband rocks!

  69. Congratulations Jenny. I have bought Furiously Happy for so many friends and I will continue to do so. It is literally life changing.

  70. I even showed this to my husband who is basically clueless about such things and he chuckled ferociously at the raccoon and the chinese translations (this a good thing) and all I can say is, you have arrived, and if this book were a car it would be a stretch limo with two drivers and a wine rack in the back seat… I couldn’t be happier for you.

  71. Rory will also go over well in Japan, where a raccoon dog is everyone’s favorite god- Tanuki. But Tanuki has huge balls and loves his liquor, so I can’t wait to see what Rory looks like on THAT cover!

  72. Maybe the headband makes Rory look more kawaii? Lol he’s cute enough already … or maybe it gives him secret super powers. Either way, congratulations. 🤓

  73. Holy shit, that’s amazing!!! You know you’ve arrived when a stranger from another country sends you a partial picture of his thumb.

  74. The headband makes him look like Crash Bandicoot. Love your books!

  75. I keep looking at the picture of the books with the flowers (#2) and I can’t help but think it looks like your books are giving birth to a little flower decoration. It’s very vaginal + it is in China, so this wins the Internet for me today.

  76. I had the misfortune of learning to cross-stitch during the hayday of jazzercise, blue geese, and teddy bears on stuff. I made a cross-stitched teddy bear wearing exercise gear that my sister still proudly displays to this day (to shame me, I think). Anyway, I saw that picture and thought maybe I should steal back the stitching and with minor alterations I would have a Rory stitch that would finally make me one of the cool kids.

  77. With the funny google translate of the banner i wonder how truly strange the book would be if you got a copy in Chinese and used google to take it back to english… like how much would it change?

  78. That’s so awesome!!! I recently just got done listening to your audio book and loved every minute of it!! I have recommend the book to everyone I know!

  79. My friend from China tried to explain some of the signs to me. Here goes:
    -The book title and caption above Rory’s head in the first picture “I’m so happy I could die”
    -The rough translation of the top line on the stand up banner next to the book display is “I used to be in hell but now I’m in heaven”
    – The rough translation of the two lines above the book on that banner is “Collect the happy moments to use as inspiration when there are bad moments”

  80. In the fourth photo, the words under the red words roughly say, “I was quite depressed, but now I am so happy I could die.” When I say it’s a very rough translation, I mean it. One of the words used in the sentence literally means “low”, which seems to allude to depression or feeling depressed. I can read chinese but I am not fluent so my translation may be off. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

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