Tell me something good…

We’re on Day 5 of celebrating good things and this one might be a little disjointed because I pulled something in my neck and I’m on muscle relaxers and need a nap.  But today we’re celebrating great things going on with you.  Maybe you or someone you love did something you want to brag about.  Maybe you did something nice for yourself.  Maybe you survived the week.  Maybe you’re grateful for muscle relaxers and spellcheck.  Whatever it is, share it here.

As for me, I’m celebrating today because I sent a new chapter I wasn’t sure about to my agent and she loved it. Then I fell into a puddle of relief.  WHOOP!

Your turn.


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  1. My girl got a gratitude award at school this week. And perfect attendance for November. My cup runneth over

  2. For my birthday, I raised some money for the Trevor Project. I remember being that kid, and I hope I can help someone who is going through the same stuff I did at that age.

  3. I discovered I can transfer some of my old dvds to digital for $2/each on Seems trivial and dumb but I’m SO excited!!! Weekend made!

  4. I applied to grad school today! I’ve been too afraid to apply the last few years and took the plunge today!

  5. I have four books in my series now available, and was able to recover part of the 5th that I thought I had totally lost! Trust the cloud they said, it will keep everything safe. Meh.

  6. I was out collecting interesting street gravel when I found a pencil. It was only about an inch long, pretty chewed up, and had no eraser, but still… free pencil.

  7. I’m grateful that my sons are actually making it on their own in this world and show me they are awesome fricking adults every day!! <3 I love all the big and little things that are awesome!

  8. I have a bulging disc. I AM grateful for muscle relaxers. I also survived a fancy dinner with people way more senior than I am at work and was rewarded with dessert to take home (because we hadn’t hit the room minimum (yes, it was so fancy there was a minimum amount of money we had to spend to be in the room).

  9. There was an area of concern on my mammogram and I had to go in today for more films and an ultrasound. Everything came out clear. So I’m very happy about that.

  10. My son’s ASD assessment appointment finally came through, after waiting almost two and a half years to reach the top of the waiting list.

  11. I adopted two new kitties two weeks ago and they are getting along with our other two kitties and are super sweet and awesome!

    Related: two of my favorite podcasts are the Good Place podcast, which ends every episode by asking their guests “what’s good?“ And pop culture happy hour, which ends their podcast with a segment called “what’s making us happy“

    I’m a super grumpy person, so it’s nice to have those little reminders to think about stuff that’s good!

  12. Our cat reacted badly to new meds this morning.He’s fine now, like nothing ever happened! Oh, how I love Night. And I cancelled our plans this evening because after all that I was exhausted. Choosing to just be kind to myself paid off. Exactly when the show would’ve started, I got explosive shits. Yay for not sitting in an audience! 😀

  13. The CrafsMan has a new video out an my wife and I are going to get to lie in bed and watch it tonight. In world with so little wholesomeness in it, the CrafsMan is the hero we need but don’t deserve.

  14. A new lawn ornament for Christmas…..1/2 price……trivial, I know but small gestures make me happy.

  15. I got a gift for a friend ( one of the most humans of humans and the best friend anyone can have) and she is really excited about it.. feels soooo good .. I have a job, enough money to pay bills, tomorrow I have a date (yeah) is week.end and the black dog did not win this week.. I did.. and a friend wrote me a message ( I was starting to think he forgot about me) .. there is a lot of good things happens the last two days … makes me to conquer another day.. and another .. and the day after that .. which is a lot of days

  16. I got a new kitty 3 weeks ago and this is his first Christmas with us. He’s pulled 3 balls off the tree today without knocking the entire thing over which I consider a total win!

  17. Emmy is doing so good these days despite her medical challenges and I swear it feels like a Christmas miracle every single day lately.

  18. my neighbor who was sick paased away over a week ago. I offered to his family to take in his cat Endora if they needed a home for her. My neighbor would leave notes/toys from his cat to mine. His family did meed a home for her and I am currently working to get Endora (8 yr old russian blue) t& my 5yr old cat Ella (tricolor) to be comfortable with each other in my apartment. Kept them seperate for a week (switching rooms) until today. Endora is a sweet teddy bear and Ella is cuddly but fiesty. They are having faceoffs

  19. I plugged in two USB charging cables the other day, AND I GOT IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME!

  20. Today I realized I can do a yoga side plank without falling down! Okay it’s not much but I’ve been doing yoga for about a year now and I haven’t been able to accomplish this. And it sounds way better than “Today I brought vodka to work in my water bottle and no one noticed”……yep it’s a good day!

  21. We got a new kitty 3 weeks ago so this is his first Christmas with us. He managed to pull three balls off the tree today without knocking the entire thing over which I consider a total win!

  22. I had a week off work and gave myself full ‘permission ‘ to rest, play on my phone and per the dogs. I let it be ok to not use my week off work to be a super-mom and housewife as I unusually do!

  23. It’s Friday of a week after a 2 day holiday and I’m grateful to be grateful! All is fundamentally well today, and acceptance is the key for me! Thank you for reminding us to remember to be grateful! XO

  24. A beloved teacher at her school taught my 17 year old girl with severe anxiety/depression how to meditate. Today my needle phobic daughter got a voluntary vaccine, and she was beaming with pride. I only cried a little 🙂

  25. What’s good? I’m grateful for my amazing colleagues, who are also fabulous friends. They regularly keep me from doing stupid/irrational/bad things when I’m angry or just don’t understand something. And I’ve been angry a lot lately because things have been so stressful. I am lucky to work with three really amazing women and I hope I tell them that often enough.

  26. The Guardian, which is a reputable publication, printed a list of books being read by the astronauts on the ISS. One of those books is a book that I wrote. Yay me! (Before you ask, it’s called Who Moved My Rice?)

  27. The first big storm of the season did NOT cause any majors damage (flash flooding, mudslides, debris flows, etc) to our recent burn areas. Big sigh of relief.

  28. I’m grateful for great writers like Jenny Lawson who can write about the challenges she faces in such a way to help me through the day when anxiety and stress begin to feel overwhelming. I have a question for you. Can vegetarians eat animal crackers?

  29. My blog hit 1,000 visitors for a month for the very first time today! Thanks to everyone on here for their help in getting it there! Especially to Jenny, whose call to bloggers post really made it all happen. 😊

  30. Today was the first time I wrote with my writing partner since September. I know that may sound like not much, but considering I’m chronically ill and we used to write every single day, this is a big deal for me.

  31. I’ve lost 27 pounds on purpose. I need a new knee so must lose weight first. Very exciting.

  32. My doggo Bradley developed a bulging disk in early summer. He was limping and yelping if his brother bumped into him. With medications and acupuncture, he’s slowly improved. This week he’s finally back to his normal self, and both of us are sooooo grateful.

  33. I bought Christmas cookies yesterday, a LOT of Christmas cookies (Costco-sized). Then hubby came home with a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts. We’re now on a cookie ‘n’ doughnut diet, which totally beats the leftover turkey and stuffing diet.

  34. I’m grateful that Southern California finally got some rain, and I got to stay home and enjoy listening to it while cuddling cats and reading a good book.

  35. I’m in Washington, D.C. for work, we’re done early, and I’m going to the Smithsonian.

  36. I’m running a holiday deal on my artwork, which usually doesn’t really do much for my sales. Life of a starving artist and all that. But I sold 3 paintings in 2 days! Super stoked.

  37. A client have me a handmade holiday card yesterday with $100 in it, right when I’d realized we didn’t have enough money for the orthodontist payment this month. That was a super generous thing to do and is a huge help this month!

  38. Dearest Bloggess, sorry about the neck but woohoo on the chapter!
    My son is 3 for 3 on college acceptances and I am almost ready to launch my website, Middle Sages, for disgruntled middle aged women. Wait, that’s an oxymoron. So nervous that all this work will be for naught, but wtf, we’ll see. If for any reason any of y’all want to join my email list to let you know when it’s live, here’s a link (that I can’t make a clickable link so that doesn’t bode well. I guess cut and paste in your browser??).

  39. I’m still here. So are my cats. So far, so good even though they are trying to steal my lunch.

  40. My boss gave me a gift card for getting stuff done. I went to an estate sale and bought a bike jacket to paint. I don’t know yet if I will find someone who will want to request art or if I will just paint what I want and put it on etsy.

  41. After three solid weeks of neck/arm/shoulder/shoulder blade pain, I’m almost pain-free today! The kind of almost that acknowledges it’s not absolutely gone but I feel energized, human, and not afraid to move, THANK GOODNESS. Such a relief. And Hanukkah starts Sunday. Yay, time to make latkes!!

  42. I’m celebrating because my husband has been cleared to go back to work on Tuesday and because my book is closer to being a Real Thing. (I’m getting my author photo taken on Sunday.)

  43. I made a conscious effort to get out in nature today because, dammit, it does my mind and body good and I’ve been slacking on that. As I wandered about I spotted a piliated woodpecker! I haven’t seen one since I was a kid and it was pretty spectacular.

  44. My teenager had meniscus repair surgery AND my beloved father passed away unexpectedly last week and I’m still here getting up every day and getting shit done. Go me!

  45. It’s my birthday & I’m supposed to get to talk to my son today!!!!! He’s in Afghanistan & I haven’t talked to him for a month.

  46. I have today off, but only because my kids got sent home with head lice. scatches head furiously My house will be clean because of this, though, so I guess that’s good. Kind of.

  47. I made it to work every day this week and didn’t make up excuses to miss any therapy appointments. For me, lately, those are huge.

  48. I guess since the sweet release of death never came, I’ll survive yet another menstrual cycle. Women must be demons, nothing should bleed this much for a week and live. With my newfound powers, I’m happy to say that I live!

  49. I had a very bad time around thanksgiving. Things are starting to look a little brighter, but even better this that I didn’t really think about how suicide would mean it ends. In the past when I’ve been in spots like that suicide was there telling me that it could be all over. This time it was whispering, and mostly low enough my life drowned it out.

  50. For four years my autistic teenage son has lived three states away with his father, 5 hours away, and for various reasons I have had to do all the traveling to see him up there, which has always meant spending holidays with my ex and his wife and their family. That’s fine, but it hasn’t been easy. This year my circumstances are a little different, and my ex has offered to drive our son halfway so he can be here with me and my husband for Christmas this year, the first time he’ll even get to see my home here. I am so excited I can’t even believe it’s happening. I know I mentioned this earlier this week as my best thing “heard” recently, but this is the best best best thing going for me right now! <3

  51. My 13 year old daughter is giving me all the feels this week. She was telling her BFF that Christmas Eve (that we always spend with just us — me, hubs, daughter– and my parents), is better than Christmas.

    Then about an hour ago I got a text from her. It just said “Mommy ILY” (That’s I love you in text speak)

    My heart is happy.

  52. Things get really exciting in the CVS when you tell one of the clerks that you just saw a rat just run up Santa’s trousers!

    (There is a 3/4 size Santa mannequin in the window, and ratty came in through the loading door a few feet away.)

    We were attempting to shoot it back out the door when it ran behind the ATM, and I had to leave.

  53. Things get really exciting in the CVS when you tell one of the clerks that you just saw a rat just run up Santa’s trousers!

    (There is a 3/4 size Santa mannequin in the window, and ratty came in through the loading door a few feet away.)

    We were attempting to shoot it back out the door when it ran behind the ATM, and I had to leave.

  54. I got accepted to a RN to BSN program starting in January. I never thought I’d be a nurse much less in my forties. I love it.

  55. My ex posted to FB that he submitted his college transfer applications and petition to graduate. The breakup has been weird and painful but I was worried for a while that he wouldn’t keep doing good things for his life and that my leaving would drag him down. I’m really grateful to see him still out there doing the amazing things I know he’s capable of.

  56. I survived the week but more importantly my husband’s schedule finally is changing and we will be able to have at least a couple days off together after 6 months of being on completely different shifts!

  57. I am grateful for my son’s speech teacher. He recently had to endure the torture of assessments and the rest of his team were met with tears, hiding under the desk, running away etc… But not his wonderful speech teacher! She provided his assessments in a full on C3PO impression and let him answer first as R2D2 (his favorite character) and then as a human. I love her and cried literal tears in his IEP when she told me. I ordered R2D2 oven mitts for her for xmas. 🙂

  58. I’m in the submission process for my first novel and two agents have requested the full manuscript.

  59. My boyfriend apologized, admitted he was wrong and bought me cheer up gifts. my family and friends are healthy. its holiday time

  60. I used Amazon to send diapers and female hygiene products to a California congresswoman who was taking such items down to Tijuana.

  61. I finally made it to a friend’s house today! We have been trying for a silly long time, but it finally worked!

  62. My son and his partner have just bought their first house and I’m so proud of the amazing people they are

  63. I am coming up on my one year anniversary of my Instagram comic, Beththinksthings, and I haven’t run out of things to think and draw about. I am proud that I didn’t let my utter lack of drawing ability stand in my way of this silly hobby.

  64. I felt horrible last night because I discovered one of my kitties, my 13 year old sweet ginger boy kitty, had a horribly ingrown claw. I didn’t even know that could happen! It apparently has been like that for some time, but he never gave any indication that anything was wrong. I trim their nails, but apparently as they age they can experience rapid, rogue growth in a claw.

    GOOD NEWS is the trip to the vet was quick & easy and not too expensive. They were able to cut the ingrown part of the claw and remove it. He just sat there perfectly docile like he was at a salon (getting a “paw-dicure”) while they fixed it. They didn’t see any signs of infection, but they gave him an antibiotic injection just in case. He has to stay in the bathroom by himself for a couple days so the carpet and regular cat litter won’t disturb the scab healing, but he’s happy and content.

  65. I took my youngest dog to training this week (my husband usually does b/c he’s her person), and she rocked the class! I also survived my week!

  66. my girlie who suffers from anxiety, saved herself from full blown panic attack this morning!! happy Friday!

  67. I had to go to the Cancer Care Center yesterday, a month after finishing chemotherapy, because my port and catheter made my skin all irritated and red – and luckily, it WASN’T a blood clot, just a topical infection. So my mastectomy surgery is still on for next week. That’s right, I’m getting new improved boobs for Christmas! (well, the final new boobs will be after Christmas, but the bad ones that are trying to kill me will be out soon.)

  68. My son & daughter both got engaged this year. One on Halloween! And they’re getting married at our cabin within 2 months of each other so we get to save on time & money fixing the place up for parties. I love the new additions to our family.

  69. I was able to change my thesis chair and feel like I will be making real progress for. I am thankful for my understanding professors and my catl

  70. I’m working on my masters and my professor asked to use my latest assignment in her course in the future as an example of “exemplary program”. That was two weeks ago and when I’m feeling unsure about the work I’m doing in class I go back and look at the comment she made to remind myself I’m doing all right.

  71. My boss approved a day and a half off next week from my accrued flex time so I can work on my dollhouse! I’m very excited.

  72. We’re getting a new roof before Winter sets in and they’re almost finished, so no more leaking worries AND it will be quiet again soon.

  73. A book I’ve been waiting for just came in at the library AND the event I was planning to attend this weekend got cancelled because there’s a big snow storm in the forecast. Snowed in with a good book – that’s my idea of the perfect weekend!

  74. I finally sent my photography portfolio out to be printed. I haven’t been brave enough to post the pictures on the internet yet, but that’s coming next.

  75. My dog broke her toe right in half and it had to be amputated this week. The awesome part is she hasn’t realized her toe is missing and is still down to party!

  76. You know when you drink a perfect cup of coffee at the perfect time and you get all euphoric? I am right there right now and I love everyone and everything on the planet.

  77. We had a cyber review at work and the auditors complimented us on having well informed and dedicated staff. In a world where IT folks change jobs in a flash, it made me feel really proud that I have people who have stuck by me for over a decade.

  78. I’m 25 years old and finished my first college semester in years. Anxiety and depression are a bitch and I constantly feel like I’m too old to not have a college degree by now, especially since I have been trying to succeed for years now. But I am finally going to finish a semester (it was only one class) but I am so proud of myself. I love you Jenny Lawson, you have helped me so much through these past few years!

  79. My partner and I open our holiday show “Letters to Santa and Stranger Things” on December 6 and so far we have sold 2 tickets…but we are going to have the best damn show for those 2 people we can possibly have, we are going to make them laught so hard they may just pee a little, or a lot, depends on their bladder control.

  80. I made it back from a two-week vacation (Win #1!!) and had fewer than 200 emails waiting for me (Win #2!!). Also, no one died during my absence (Win #3!!)!

  81. I feel a little weird saying this, but just in case it helps anyone else …I contacted the Suicide Lifeline this week when I felt that I could not go on any more.

  82. I’ve spent a lot of emotional energy on other people past few weeks. A friend’s dying brother, brother passed, being an ear for several peeps connected to the whole thing. I was just, literally just, thinking about how tired I am, fighting every day to keep going. I’m not doing all I can to find a job, the money’s running out, and I’m fucking lonely. BUT, today I actually asked myself what I can do for myself today! And I went to the gym yesterday for the first time in decades and have at least one friend who will never let me go alone. (as long as I’m there by 6:30 am).

    You all help me realize that I’m not alone, even though I feel alone. And I smiled – not bad since I’ve been crying for the past two hours!

    And I, too, went right into hearing the song “Tell Me Something Good” in my head the minute I saw the subject line…brain worm in action!

    Thanks, everyone, for your incredible honesty. Sometimes I feel super crazy, like I’m a hot mess and no one else is anywhere near feeling like I do. But I’m not alone. xo

  83. I just finished writing a story for StoryWorth (which I learned about from you last year). It was about my husband’s renal cancer diagnosis and the miracle we received. The surgeon completely removed the 5lb. 4 oz. tumor. No radiation or chemotherapy needed. December 2 will be my husband’s 21st anniversary of being cancer free.

  84. Celebrating our daughter’s birthday with a cat theme (meow!) next weekend. We are very grateful for her wild, and sensitive nature.

  85. Two years ago my 12-year-old son called me at work and said he couldn’t go to school because he “just can’t do this anymore”. We got him an amazing therapist who worked with him and helped him discover his passion and together they outlined steps my son could take to achieve his vision. In a few weeks from today he and his friends are playing their first paying “gig” as a band. My son has blossomed and grown so much since those days and I marvel at his natural musical abilities and his everyday capabilities. Thank you for always shining a light on mental health and the awareness that we all struggle to be happy and find our spark.

  86. I’m going to get my first real Christmas tree in 12 years. When I moved out of my parents house and got my own condo I had bought a fake tree, which I NEVER liked. Now that I have my own house I am finally going back to a real tree. And to top it off I mentioned it at work because we were talking about weekend plans at lunch and a coworker offered me her cast iron very sturdy tree stand when I told her I was going to have to buy one.

  87. 3 of my co-workers have complimented my work this week. Most of what I do is in the background, so for anyone to notice it’s a big deal!

  88. My two year-old is napping, which doesn’t happen every day, but is a very good thing when it does. The baby isn’t napping at the same time, so I’m also grateful for dry shampoo and that the dinner plans we have tonight are for pizza here with a friend who won’t judge me for not having showered.

  89. I safely made it down from the high mountains in Colorado ahead of this weekend’s storm. The egg salad I made in celebration was especially appreciated by the less picky of my cats.

  90. After 2 months of living in Europe our belongings arrived last week so our house is starting to feel like home. I may have put the Christmas tree up before unpacking any clothes but it made me truly happy.

  91. I’ve been really grumbley (is that even a word?!) this week but I’ve survived it and have a weekend of rest ahead of me!

  92. My sister bought me and my girls a new Christmas tree on Black Friday. I had no idea and it was delivered yesterday, Hazel actually smiled when she saw it, my heart was happy.

  93. After a really rough week (sick dog, plumbing issues), I found out I got the job I just interviewed for!! It’s a better position than my current one with opportunities for professional growth. Plus, the extra money will help pay for my wedding next year. 🙂

  94. I’m moving to New Zealand for 18 months on 10th December. What an opportunity to see and discover – truly a very lucky bird. And thanks to husband for being seconded with work – he’s a good thing too 🙂

  95. I found a play I wrote in sixth grade. It’s hilariously cheesy. But it brought back some great memories.

  96. I had my 6yr olds parent teacher conference yesterday. He is advanced in most areas and starting in January him and a few other classmates will start going to 1st grade in the mornings.

  97. My son turned 9 yesterday, which means I’M HALFWAY THROUGH!

    Also, a publisher I edit for (they do ghostwritten romances) liked some story premises I submitted, so my next paycheck will be $300 bigger than expected.

  98. I am sort of struggling with life right now but my dog still thinks that I am awesome!

  99. It’s Friday. I survived another hellish work week, and tomorrow I get to see Michael Perry speak and then perform with his band. It’s the bright spot that has kept me going all week.

  100. Successfully completed another NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month — 50,000 words of new fiction written in the month of November). 🙂

  101. I’m going to lose NaNoWriMo, but I am so excited about my story, and I can’t wait to finish it in December. This will be my first finished novel ever.

  102. I teach at an alternative placement high school. I found out one of the students assigned to my homeroom has just been placed in the foster system after 3+ months of living on his own on the streets. This week I started some gears turning in the very cumbersome system to get him the help he needs to get his circumstances improved, starting with a gift certificate for an eye exam and corrective lenses (he needs them in a bad way). A couple of family members and I are going to chip in and try to get him a few more things like several pairs of school uniforms (he currently only has one, and has to wear it every day).

    Kids like him are why I was willing to take this job no one else seems to want.

  103. My first grandson, who was born 8 weeks early, at 3.5 lbs, is now three months old and weighs almost 9 lbs! Doctor says he’s “perfect” (but we already knew that).

  104. I am sooooo close to finishing my latest blog post about a subject that is kinda tough, and always feels like I’m about to get yelled at for: killing animals (geese) who I have previously loved and now want to eat. Crossing my fingers…

  105. I am donating 7 doll outfits complete with shoes for 18 inch dolls to Toys For Tots. After a 7 year hiatus, I started sewing again in May. This is big for me. 😎

  106. I have two – work related: A friend of mine is coming to work (temp position) starting Wednesday. Family related: My middle son is good. Very busy, but okay. He’s had some issues with health so when he goes radio silent, I panic. But he’s good.

  107. My third novel came out today. I finished writing it right after my father died, got it to my publisher on time, and then they promptly went out of business. I didn’t think it would ever see the light of day but my friends encouraged me to self-publish so I did. I’m glad I listened to them. And thankful for my editor, who loved the book so much that she made me like it again. (Writing while grieving isn’t a good idea. I hated the story by the time I finished it.)

    You can get it for Kindle here:

  108. I think my meds are starting to work. Had really great sleep the last couple nights. Am much less “sad” all the time. Not nearly as short with my family. Interested in some of my hobbies. It feels good.

  109. After months of no work, I got two single blog post gigs this week! And both are on books and writing.

  110. Twice this week, the car in front of me paid for my cappuccino and I paid it forward to the car behind. Love those little reminders that despite the world news, there are really nice people out there.

  111. My daughter (who is a junior in college) is majoring in industrial design. She’s looking at grad programs and will be studying abroad in France for a month this coming summer (and will have a marketing minor after two more classes on campus). She was also selected as a student orientation leader at her university, so she’ll have a summer job. Bittersweet because she’ll be going back and forth from home (her school is three hours away) but I’m incredibly proud of her for taking advantage of all of the opportunities she can.

  112. I’ve been really struggling with my health lately, and it’s drastically affecting my attendance at work. My supervisor asked to talk to me today, and I successfully fought down the part of me that was convinced I was about to be fired. Turns out, she wanted to reiterate that I’m a valued team-member and that my workplace will work with me however I need. I’m feeling so grateful to work in a place that wants to take care of its employees like this.

  113. I’ve stuck with blogging consistently for three months and haven’t completely freaked or over how it’s goign or how much I don’t know. I also watched my six year old be randomly kindness to someone who was having a rough day. It made my heart happy

  114. I connected with a bird that’s in training to be a teaching bird. It’s an adorable bluejay.

  115. Cat My friend told me about someone who was extremely allergic to cats until she found out Siamese cats were okay. So she got one but shortly, in a panic, told her husband that the cat was making a weird noise in it’s throat and she was rushing to the vet. It turns out it was purring

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  116. I finally downloaded all the photos off my phone (12k of them, actually) and come holiday break, I’m planning a scrapbook binge fest!

  117. I had a horrible October: illness, surgery, medications the entire month and major stress from school and work. In November I still was sick on meds but I rocked my first ever student art exhibit and have been off antibiotics for a whole week now! Yay!

  118. My daughter’s 6th grade drama (first half of the year – can’t be totally optimistic) was resolved this week. We’re all very relieved that we don’t have to hear stories about that one girl anymore – bonus: now, they’re friends!

  119. I wrote a 500-word flash fiction piece. First time I’ve written anything besides Facebook posts and the like in several years.

  120. Today I walked out of the job I have loved, and loathed, for almost 3 years. I managed to make it out the door before I yelled “I’m Free!” Celebrating the promise of new adventures ahead of me.

  121. I didn’t go to work today. I needed the day off. Unfortunately, I have a cold and slept all day. A cold I got from wiping snotty noses all week. I love the kids and the hugs they give me and the thank yous. I wouldn’t trade that for any job on earth!

  122. So good news and bad. For 20 years my brother has been estranged from me, my other brother and his (our ) dad. His wife had a massive heart attack this week and was taken off life support. That’s the bad news but my brother has accepted calls from all of us so the reconciliation has begun. That’s the good news.

  123. My college quarter is almost over! Final is Tuesday! Today I’m volunteering at the Scholastic Warehouse, so I’m surrounded by books! ❤️

  124. We just bought tickets to see the Rolling Stones next June! Gawd I hope they stay healthy. I keep thinking this has GOT to be the last show they do, but hoping I’m wrong of course.

  125. I am home from a long school day, and am currently sitting on the couch with a good book and my dog. It’s a good day now ☺️

  126. My (who recently moved in with me) niece got her first award ever at school this week. I’m so beyond proud of this kid.

  127. A couple days ago, I bought a box of vintage bottled drawing inks, calligraphy pens and assorted other drawing stuff from someone on Facebook marketplace. I was already tickled because he took less than his asking price.

    When I got to his house, he told me he was just going to give them to me because he looked more closely at the inks and realized they were separated or dried out. e He was afraid they would not work anymore, so wouldn’t take any money.

    In the box, there were vintage dip Speedball Flicker Pen nibs, 13 bottles of pre-1963 inks by Pelikan, Higgins, and Higgins AW Faber Castle, and an equally old bottle of Higgins pen cleaner.

    Yesterday, I emailed Chartpak (current owner of Higgins Inks) and asked if there was a way to salvage the separated inks.

    The company rep replied within a few hours. He told me more about them and said there was no way to revive them.

    However, he saw in my photo of everything that they were all part of the company’s brands. He asked if I would be willing to send him the bottles for their collection and in exchange he would send me new replacement inks and pen cleaner. 😊👌

    I’d already considered selling the bottles on eBay, but looked up their sales history and after fees and the hassle, his deal was better.

    And here I was so thankful just to receive those Speedball nibs. Art supply win! 😃

  128. My husband spotted a security problem at work, brought it to the attention of his superiors and then helped fix it. He got an award in front of everyone in the company last week. I am so proud of him!

  129. A few years ago I bought a pair of thigh high ladies boots for a Halloween Costume and, SURPRISE, they are super comfortable and warm so I wear them for winter. I bought a house recently and they disappeared during the move and I thought they were gone forever. I FOUND THEM AND NOW I AM HAPPY! I also bought myself some Power Rangers FunkoPops because I’m bad at shopping for Christmas Gifts for other people.

  130. The power came back on. After three days in the dark, I am so happy. I love electricity.

  131. I hike to help keep my brain quiet. It soothes me in a way nothing else does. Because of my stories and photos, others are starting to explore the trails around them as well.

  132. It’s my birthday and I still made it to the gym this morning before work! Doing something to help myself is a great way to start a new year.

  133. Today is my last day as a state employee – I’m retiring from a soul-sucking job. I’ve been raising two grandkids and now I get to be a stay at home mom. Serious shit, y’all. raises glass of wine Sláinte!

  134. It’s my mom’s birthday today and I got to have a lovely phone chat w/ her for almost 3 hours!! It was a good day. 🙂

  135. Having a seriously stressful few weeks at work- new boss, crazy deadlines = lots of late nights. My brilliant,beautiful daughter not only came over to put a surprise bottle of wine in my fridge {!} but she took out my recycling. Sometimes it’s something simply to make someone feel the love!

  136. Today was rough to start because sleep sucked last night. But then my daughter drove me to a craft store to get some yarn for an elf hat I’m making for my best friend, who I’ll see in a month. I’m excited to see her face when she unwraps it. If she had it her way, Christmas would be every single day.

  137. Welp…. for me. I have a headcold (not really bad tho) so I lay in bed this morning quietly listening to the rain on the roof of the motorhome (that’s another story – our tiny house life) and not feeling guilty for one moment about being in bed after 8am. The rain sounds amazing and the air is fresh with verdant things. And I’m going to knock off early and curl up on the couch and watch TV until my brains fall out. I have the best excuse ever. 😀

  138. I’m sitting in a laundromat right now with my husband because our dryer is not working and instead of being crabby after ending a long week moving wet laundry around trying to find a dryer that works in the flickering florecent light, we are laughing and writing our shopping list for a nice dinner he’s cooking tomorrow night for old friends…this a good life partner and I am grateful.

  139. Having a reading of my new play tomorrow at the Overtime Theater in San Antonio!

  140. Today I had to take my 2 girls to the eye doctor early in the morning and it made me extra anxious. I really wanted to cancel, but then I’d just have to deal with it later. One of my girls has mild autism, so every day is always a crap shoot. Doctor appointments are an extra crappy shoot. Getting eyes dilated is one of the crappiest. Everyone coped well. Moods stayed positive. No one was freaked out by being late to school, so we stopped for coca. Best trip to the eye doctor ever.

  141. We got a new laptop this week after our other one died. This is good because I can continue to keep up with my friends in #TheBloggessTribe <3 #NeverAlone

  142. The Cowboys beat the Saints last night…which is definitely a good thing, considering that New Orleans was supposed to freaking mop the floor with us.

  143. I’m on the academic job market and have FOUR preliminary interviews in the next week! A week and a half ago, I was bemoaning the fact that I’ve submitted nearly 30 applications since August and had no nibbles. Sometimes it just takes a while!

  144. I’ve been struggling with bulimia for the past three years, and recently it has been hard for me to eat without feeling the urge to throw up or feeling guilty, but today was the first time in a week I could eat without feeling guilty, I got to enjoy my lunch! And I’m going to KROQ’s Almost Acoustic Christmas next weeken and seeing some of my absolute favorite bands!

  145. I did a craft project with brain fog and not-my-usual materials, and thought it was not going to turn out, but it did! (okay, I screwed up in how I pinned-and-stiffened one out of the seven improv crochet snowflakes, but that is still a far, far better success ratio than I was expecting from how they were looking before their glue-and-water bath and their time on the Snowflake Torture Board)

  146. This week I organized all of my Sharpies and Prismacolor markers, and put all of my posters (colored and awaiting completion) in portfolio binders, even the 24×36 posters that had been rolled up for years. It’s inspired me to get back to coloring, which keeps me from sinking into depression this time of year.

  147. I moved to Ireland to live with my husband (after a 9 year long distance relationship) and I finally got a job offer today after months of applying! I am grateful for patience.

  148. My 3rd (and final) child got her driver’s license today on the first try! Then she got mad because we wouldn’t let her drive herself to a brand new shopping center she’s not been to yet in the dark and rain to meet a boy we don’t know. So I’m pretty sure we’ve got this parenting thing right, at least for today.

  149. I’m grateful to survive a week of being sick. I felt miserable and couldn’t sleep. Still sick and low energy but I’m here with you party hounds!

  150. I put myself out there and I start in a new d&d group next week. I know half the group but I’m nervous about the two i dont know.

  151. Home from rehab with my new knee, walking better and better.
    Yay for mobility. (also, yay for super helpful hubby)

  152. I work for the Superior Court in Phoenix, Arizona and I’m so proud to say that I just celebrated my 20-year anniversary! I think finding stability in the workforce is tough these days and therefore I’m extremely proud of myself for sticking it out for the past 20 years and hopefully 20 more to go since i’m still young enough to work for another 20+ years. I don’t WANT to work 20+ more years, but I can. 🙂

  153. Grateful that I was able to create and publish more comics, despite my panic attacks from the work week. It sucks that I’ve spent my time wrestling with my inner debilitating thoughts while putting on a brave face in dealing with some uncommunicative coworkers. Planning to rest more this weekend, goddess willing.

  154. I discovered you could buy turkey thighs from “some” whole foods and they are quite inexpensive – you sometimes have to ask for them. When I put about 5 lbs in my Instant Pot for about 90 minutes, with a splash of water and spices (smoked paprika!) – I end up with a wonderful broth and shredded turkey that I can use for pot pies, just as is, added to soups, frozen for later, etc. —

  155. My family is going to be spread across the continent this holiday season, so we have put in extra effort to be in each other’s lives,
    A bunch of us got together to make an advent calendar for part of the family, and shipping handmade stuff across the border is MUCH harder than i thought!
    For a while, I didn’t think it was going to be possible, bit it got there today, just in time!

  156. Our rescue Nib had puppies yesterday. She had 6 but unfortunately 4 died. I’m trying to be happy that 2 are alive and well but I’m just so sad about the other 4. I needed some happiness. Thanks guys. Hope everything stays awesome for all y’all.

  157. My unemployment was approved so I don’t have to panic about finding a job RIGHT NOW. My dog let me hold her for a good twenty minutes earlier. And I had pizza for dinner. It’s not anything major but it was nice for me.

  158. On our flight today from Reno to Phoenix to Chicago to London to Prague, our Chicago friends agreed to meet us at our favorite restaurant during our 5-hour layover. It was crazy and silly, but so unbelievably good to know we have friends who would do this without hesitation.

  159. My fiancee and I are getting married at the courthouse one week from today!! I spent the entirety of my 20s watching my friends get married and knowing that I would never find my person. I have never been happier to be wrong! And I’m forever grateful to the therapist who finally convinced me I might be worth it.

  160. My dog learned to open the gate at daycare and freed himself and all his friends into the office area. Chaos and hilarity ensued. He was not remorseful, but is continually awesome.

  161. So much wonderful and happy news and great attitudes. Hugs to you all!

    Jenny – I don’t thank you enough for your blog. SO many times – the much needed laugh-smile-cry at just the right time. When I’m too sick, down, whatever to check in, it comforts me to know I can binge when I’m back… and you and the comments tribe… deliver. Thank you so very much!

    Neck pain – so awful. I had a herniated disk @ 4 years ago and the PT and muscle relaxers were so helpful. So was the TheraCane I bought on recco from therapist. I still use it several times a week. Lots of places to get them – Amazon sells several. Search for Thera Cane, cane massager, trigger point therapy, etc. I get lots of knots in my neck, shoulders and upper back. This has been so great in breaking up the knots and helping tone down the pain. I’m not affiliated or getting paid or anything – just a very satisfied customer with lots of soft tissue and joint issues.

    My news – 2 months after knee replacement and I was able to walk up a flight of stairs for the first time last night. Regular walk – every other foot walk – not “up with the good, down with the bad” walk. Going downstairs will take longer, but this is a huge milestone for me. Yay!

    As much as I hate those Heel Slides, you get out of PT what you put in… so I’m off to stretch and march some more.

  162. -hour-and-a-half-long conversation with one of my oldest & dearest friends
    -getting off work an hour early today and walking in the woods/along the beach
    -remembering to FEED myself (and make reasonably healthy choices, at that)!

  163. Yes! I showed up at my keyboard and met my word count goals, finally got a new insurance plan (open enrollment fellow Yankees) and made some appointments. Self-care is trending up this week! Flannel sheets and laundry done. I keep a log in my journal titled “What Went Right Today” and these surely qualify. Also even catching the little demon spellcheck as I type this. Zowee! Have a nap, Jenny! Feel better!

  164. Last year at this time I didn’t know braille. Now I’m teaching it to students who are blind. Also, purchased your audio book of Let’s Pretend…even though I read it two years ago. Listen on my way to work. I love it!!!!

  165. I survived gall bladder removal surgery and four nights in the hospital. The surgery was done using a robot. Here’s to sleeping in my own bed and Tramadol!

  166. What a thrilling, comforting, inspiring page of “tell me something good”. I love every one and all this combined appreciation and gratitude changes the world a little bit for the better. Thank you everyone.

  167. I am not a failure a substitute teaching–my current job until I find something in my field. I thought for sure I would ruin kids lives, but everyone made it through the day, and one kid even told me I “seemed nice.”

  168. Took out my favorite dog at the shelter today and spent some time with her. Such a sweetie! <3

  169. Life is great, have had 2 surgeries on my neck. Pain has returned twice as bad as the two previous times and the doc said i am fucked. Nothing they can do.

  170. I’ve had a weird, demanding and uncomfortable week. Nothing major nothing wild, just lots of people creating drama and turbulence. But here it is Friday night, I’m coming down off a bit too much wine, and I’m looking forward to a weekend of relaxation and rest. And I’m not totally stressed out by my stress-fiilled week. So this is a very good thing.

  171. On Halloween, an injured Pitbull mix came to our door asking for help. We took her in and are fundraising for the surgery she need to repair her injured hind legs. She was immediately friendly to us and two of our dogs. One dog seemed to pose a threat to her and they are just starting to get along. We took her today to set up this weeken’s flyball tournament. It was her first real outing. She was friendly to all humans, not bothered by all the new dogs, and wasn’t the least bit nervous about my power chair. I don’t use it at home, so she’d never been around it, and many dogs are nervous or afraid around it. She was wonderful today! We’ll leave her home the next two days and let her relax, but now we know we can take her with us to dog events.

  172. My goal this year was to read a book a week, for a variety of reasons (i’m a slow reader, I feel like I haven’t accomplished much, feel like I’m not learning anything new, I feel lazy even though I workpart time and take care of my 90 year old dad etc etc) so I just finished my 52nd book. So I am letting myself feel good about this 🙂

  173. Today has been a good day. I’ve felt like I could do things and that isn’t always the case. I got out, talked to people, got a project started and cleaned a little. 😊

  174. I picked up the kitty who showed up at my door and convinced the husband to let us foster him!!!!

  175. I got a beading project done, I made a whole bunch of Christmas ornaments for friends from salt dough, and I got the baking complete for my cookie exchange. And I found a concert to attend tomorrow night for a little chamber music fix.

  176. My good thing is that I completed my last test in my last class for my Bachelors degree tonight. Next month I move to DC to start my Masters.

  177. We’re collecting new books for children/teens at a Domestic Violence shelter and my neighbor’s brother (author of children’s books) just donated a case of his books!

  178. I just NAILED a job interview and now get to do an audition to show off my skills. This is big girl, I can run with the big boys in the kitchen Food Network shit. I’m terrified and elated. And drinking LOTS of wine, because it isn’t until next week. I love my future boss, because I said I’d spent the night before making up questions he wouldn’t ask and he said”Okay. Give me your top two and your answers.” Bastard. But I did.

  179. I got a job! I got a job doing what I want to do at a really cool place! I’m pretty stoked!

  180. I have been suffering with a bad back for years. Due to an amazing team of specialists I am walking without pain. I am up to over a mile a day, and that is amazing considering the shape I was in six months ago. Wooohoooo!!!

  181. In two weeks, my daughter will have successfully made it through her first semester at college. This is the best because 2 years ago she had a mental breakdown and we almost had to commit her. She suffers from depression and a severe anxiety disorder. Her fight or flight reflex is always on, and the first month of college was really touch and go: something would happen and she would just flee from her dorm with no key, no shoes, no coat (she’s in Maine) and there were so many times I had to leave MA at midnight to pick her up…we really didn’t know what was gonna happen. BUT, the school did an amazing job with housing and she’s on an all girl floor with wonderful roommates, and she really researched colleges and herself to figure out where she truly belongs. She is working on herself so hard and has come so far, and she’s still alive….so yeah, that’s the best thing right now.

  182. I fell today. On my knees. I’m in pain, they HURT! But…I was carrying my beloved chihuahua at the time, and I protected her the whole way down. For that, I am GRATEFUL!!!

  183. I made it in time to finish work and get to my kid’s practice for a book competition he’s in. Superhero status. I did nothing once there. But I was there!

  184. Despite my sometimes-self-destructive tendencies, I made it to work on time all this week. I also got lucky this morning when a cop decided not to pull me over for speeding. Instead, they slowed down to the speed limit and proceeded to cause a massive bottleneck behind me. 😀

  185. Spoke with my 5 year old niece about how much she loves kindergarten and learned her sight word this week is fox.

  186. 2 friends took me out to dinner for my birthday. Plus we had a connection with the restaurant so they threw in a glass of champagne and an appetizer. It was a great night!!

  187. NEW CHAPTER YAY!!! I can’t wait to read whatever you are writing!!

    Let’s see, something good… My mom’s birthday was yesterday and we got to go out to eat, which is a rare treat for us. It was a ton of fun, even though mom’s food wasn’t that great. The building I work in is fully decorated for Christmas now, complete with multiple large trees, and it makes the entire work atmosphere feel different in the best way. Oh, and my work usually hands out small gift cards to all employees for the holidays, we got them this past payday and it’s $20! More then usual, and at a time when I can really use it!

  188. My son, (age 28, w/Asperger’s Syndrome, anxiety, panic attacks & depression) got his Driver’s License 6 weeks ago, got a car 4 weeks ago, and actually went to his counseling appointment ALONE for the first time ever!

  189. This time last year, I was in the middle of stage 3 cancer treatment. I’d had a lumpectomy and lymph node disection the day before Thanksgiving, and was “looking forward” to starting radiation. (Yeah, I really wasn’t.) This year, that’s all done. I’ve been given the all clear, and sent on my way. I can’t say I’m back to “normal”, but I have hair again, and a part time job, and my daughter and I recently returned from a trip to London to see the Dresden Dolls in concert, and it was wonderful. I’m still dealing with mental after effects, because holy crap!, but I would say it’s still a good thing to tell.

  190. Thank you Shari for the glimmer of hope at the end of cancer treatment. My daughter is at the beginning of her fight with stage4, lost her hair during chemo. The good thing is that there is Hope. And Love.

  191. I went to Highland Hospital for a blood draw today and it only took a few minutes and didn’t hurt at all.

  192. My electricity is not getting shut off and there’s enough $ left over to celebrate my 6 year anniversary tomorrow!

  193. I’ve suffered from severe depression & social anxiety for years, plus I have a pretty bad problem with my sciatica the last few years so I don’t get out of the house often. I’ve been having a major flare up of anxiety and it’s been almost impossible to get out of the house to run errands for the past few weeks to the point that I was scrounging in cabinets for food, because I needed to go to the grocery store. I’ve also been missing a ton of appointments the last couple of months. Thank goodness I manage to take the dog our at least twice a day and even that’s tough due to sleeping/hiding in bed a lot. Well, this week I went out 3 times: Sat to run errands & get groceries, Tues to the Dr and run an errands, and Thurs to run errands & see my therapist with which I had a really great session with. I’m feeling exhausted in all ways: mentally emotionally, and physically, because I did so much after doing almost nothing for so long, but I don’t care about all that, because I made it out of the house. WOOT!

  194. Had my first job this weekend with my new pet sitting business. And I started a blog and have managed to write 2 blog posts already. And I’ve been busy doing #itsinthebag handbags for charity Share The Dignity, which provides homeless women and victims of domestic violence a handbag full of sanity products and toiletries for Christmas.

  195. I’m driving in Chicago with only a phone to guide me after dropping my son off at a Srum and Bugle Corps clinic. I’m going to try to be brave and leave the hotel to see some of Chicago before picking him up Sunday.

  196. I’m happy my oldest finally decided she’s ready for counseling and that I have some amazing resources available to help me figure out where to go.

  197. I made it home from FL to AK with out of the ordinary assistance from my airline to find my two kitties are safe and my apt rode out the earthquake pretty well.

  198. Today I took a scary career step that had a December 1 deadline (it’s still November 30 in my world because I haven’t gone to bed yet) and not only didn’t wait until the very last minute, but did it despite the many, many absurd roadblocks I tried to create out of nothing to stop myself.

  199. My daughter who is a biology/genetics major at A&M got selected as 1 of 15 to go to Qatar for Spring Break. Excited for her!

    Congrats on your new book. Thank goodness we have your blog to fill the void between books.

  200. A new Jenny Lawson book is a good thing that someone I really like – has in the works. LOL
    I have coffee in my cup. Let’s celebrate that!

  201. I’m celebrating my rainbow! After a miscarriage in October last year, and three chemical pregnancies, I’m 5 weeks along!

  202. My toddler is using a diaper box from Costco like a turtle shell, and flipping gourd when his big brother tries to “rescue” him. It’s ludicrous and adorable.

  203. Adopted two black kitten brothers this week from a rescue. They are so much fun! And the one-eyed one has no trouble at all keeping up with his brother. They are a joy!!

  204. I’m working on a couple of projects and I’m seeing improvement. I’m getting help from a friend and she’s giving me the best advice and my writing is improving. 🙂

  205. I have so many blessings that I often take them for granted, or give myself too much credit for them, and don’t stop to be grateful. Trying to stop and be grateful.

  206. I have been homeless for quite a while with my 18 yr old son. He was having trouble getting to work and I was going down the rabbit hole and could not see any up, only down. A friend of mine showed up a couple of weeks ago and she took me home with her. Right now I actually have a bed and a room with a door. You don’t know how much that door means until you don’t have one. I can see up now. And my son can walk a mile in any direction and find someplace that is hiring.

  207. I finished NaNoWriMo for the 2nd year in a row AND adopted a giant senior pup this week!

  208. I struggle with SAD and have had a feeble couple of weeks, but I sold lots of plants at an Etsy sale today (my side hustle) so I am happy.

  209. It’s a friend’s birthday today, and I’m going to send him a real-life physical letter, that I type on my typewriter. We’re both old enough to have learned to type on typewriters, so hopefully the nostalgia will soften the blow.

  210. This year has been nothing but a BAD YEAR but good cause we are still alive to tell about it. Today I got on a local group and found this lady so sweet and my heart just fell in with them all. She also is having a rough time. She was selling bags of groceries to get her babies some Christmas. Well me with the big heart reached out and touch their lives in many ways. I gonated a 30 gallon trash bag full of toys for the children. Her boyfriend has been wanting to pop the question and had no ring. He loves her deeply. I had an older ring that was sterling silver very pretty. No family ties to it. I gave it to her boyfriend so he can ask her that very special question ‘ Will you Marry Me ‘. She said yes ! With the ring I gave him. I was so moved and touched it’s amazing to get that kind of feeling inside. I have my own struggles yes and Christmas is one of them. My health has went down hill this year and found out my heart isn’t working like it should be. 😢 But I’ve die the same think this young lady had did and get nothing but put down as she was getting the same response as well. Not everyone is out to screw people over… I’m just a mom who is sick with a husband who is sick as well. No need for people to be rude and hateful. Yes there are some people out there doing that and it makes it hard on the ones that truly need it.
    I payed it forward with a good feeling in my heart and no regrets. I hope they all have a blessed and A very merry Christmas
    As I do wish for everyone on her as well.
    Merry Christmas 🙏 🎄🎁

  211. Christmas shopping is done, all but one item has arrived, and we were well within budget. Woot! Which is good because I am getting an unexpectedly small paycheck, and the difference will cover that.

  212. … Also, a flame war exploded on a thread I was invested in on Facebook, and I looked it over and walked away rather than stir things up further even though they were OBVIOUSLY wrong. Five years ago, I wouldn’t have had that mature of a reaction.

  213. I found a great new massage therapist who loosened the scar tissue from my mastectomy, relieving pain I’ve had in my neck and shoulders for years!! Aaaaah!

  214. I made it through a really hard week and fought through self-doubt to go to an audition this morning with a clown I created.
    I got invited to be part of the show, and they’re even adjusting the script so I can perform non-verbal as per my preference!

  215. JENNY, JENNY…IF YOU ARE TAKING MUSCLE RELAXERS, DON’T DRINK AT THE SAME TIME!!!!! I had 2 cocktails a couple of weeks ago and then took 1/2 a muscle relaxer. Got up to pee in the middle of the night, PASSED OUT and needed 4 stitches in my lip from where I landed on the floor. I just want you to be safe!!

  216. I’m a day late, but grateful nit to have a migraine for the first day in i am not sure how long. And it rained and it’s sunny outside. Woo!

  217. I am grateful that kitty barf is so easily laundered off of bedding and blankets! (That’s what I am grateful for most recently….)

  218. I took my dog to meet another dog for a playdate. After an hour on leash we were able to let them go. Watched dogs play for almost 2 hours. What a fantastic mood booster!

  219. started a new job. Met a friend for dinner. Played with their dogs. Cleaned my new apt. Stressful yes. Figured out the WiFi! Set it up and everything. Very happy.

  220. My husband and I are in Sedona WITHOUT OUR KIDS!!!! We’re hiking and mountain biking our butts off. It’s raining here, which it never does, but Steve and I are hiking anyway, because we’re from the Pacific Northwest where we get 100 inches of rain a year.
    Also: There’s coconut bliss ice cream in the freezer, which I shall eat in a minute.

  221. One more good thing — I showed a dog at the shelter today and he got adopted! 🙂 Woo Hoo! 🙂

  222. I found out my work will sponsor my post graduate study for the year which is great and I dreamed I was at a cafe and Kate Bush was there and I said Oh please can I dance the choreography for Wuthering Heights for you so I did.

  223. I am blown away by the courage I see chronicled here and by the variety of accomplishments. I’m going through one of those got-of-bed-give-me-a-prize phases, but I have started a new blog and am editing an amazing anthology for our publishing house. And I have a roof over my head, clothes on my back, kids who managed to become phenomenally decent adult humans, and chocolate stashed in my study.

  224. So my kids have had a rough go at their first school, and we found a micro school that’s really saved them. My daughter is finally aging out of that school.and we have had to dive back into looking at schools. We have some good options! Yay! And it’s shown me how much she’s grown into a confident, person who knows herself. So Yay.

  225. Mr. G,
    could you please consider putting some items for your student on Amazon for the James Garfield Miracle (or other students you teach who need support). I’d really like to buy something for him.

  226. The kids and I put up our first Christmas tree in our own home today! 2 years homeless and we are under our own roof ❤

  227. Ok, so first off there’s the bit where my son (pretty much the best human ever despite being age 13, has Autism, an extremely pervasive and complex case of Sensory Processing Disorder, Seasonal Affective disorder interplaying with the symptoms of both of those, Generalized Anxiety with Depressive and OCD elements in relation to the ASD and SPD as well, and something neuro-muscular they never pinned down….also mainstreamed for school with only sensory supports in his IEP, and currently in 8th grade) is finally starting to get acknowledgement for how amazing he is that his school can’t ignore and deny. They tried to pretend he hasn’t won five regional photography contests already. They tried to pretend he didn’t single-handedly beat out the entire grade’s credited record for reading challenges. They tried to pretend he hasn’t exceeded all their requirements for character awards, every damn month, doing things like flipping all those viral inspiration porn stories on their heads and being the kid with Autism who is the only real friend to OTHER kids, who defends OTHER kids against bullies, who even defended another kid against a bullying TEACHER. They tried to pretend he hasn’t made honor roll every single quarter, high honor roll most of them (when I can get them to follow his IEP). But, now he just made press for being a finalist in the district spelling bee, and they can’t pretend he’s just a loveable inconvenience that needs to be ‘normalized’, any more!

    As if that wasn’t exciting enough….ok, so that’s the deal with my kiddo’s neurological disabilities. I’ve got a hell of a list of physical ones, including Mitral-Valve Prolapse with a nasty Dysautonomia symptom set, Migraines, Reynaud’s Disease (a circulatory disorder), Tendinitis, Fibromyalgia, Degenerative Arthritis for over 30 years now in every single joint from my feet through my hips into pelvis and lower back, nerve and muscle damage, a bone structural deformity, four ruptured discs just in my lumbar spine region (which means all of them), IBS, a cystic disorder, the symtoms of RA, MA, Lupus and Thyroid issues though I test negative for them, etc. My mental state includes CPTSD and a few extra layers of PTSD, but my body actually causes MORE trouble. Also, the government decided all my doctors and specialists are just making me up, because I’m too young to have been this disabled since I was nine. Eniways, here’s where it actually gets GOOD… Our offer was just accepted on a house. A house that has the potential to meet our son’s therapy needs as he continues to grow and develop and gain independence. A house that is already halfway accessible for me, both now and once I’m using a wheelchair all the time! We have a lot more hoops to jump through before we can close and have the security of knowing it’s ours, let alone before we’ve been able to fix it up and move in. And fundraising to help us fix it up so it CAN meet our health needs better is….not going well. But it’s a first step we felt like we’d never get to make! After over a decade of treading water in medical debt, we’re finally a big step closer to finally having a home of our own, that we can not just survive in, but LIVE!!

  228. Gah! It didn’t post my link. CAN I link? Is it ok to link to our GoFundMe? I guess….I guess I’ll share it and….you’ll get rid of it, if not? I mean we’re having a lot of trouble with our computers and our phones don’t pretend they are computers, so I might not be able to come back and add it right off, if you say yes, but you can always get rid of it since it’s your blog…

    …And I’m babbling.

  229. Yesterday (well, November 30, the day the original post went up) was my mom’s 83rd birthday, and she didn’t kick my ass because I forgot to send a card. I didn’t forget the birthday, mind you–I remembered it specifically because I had my mammogram scheduled (it came out fine, BTW), and Mom is a 10+-year survivor–I just had a massive brain fart and forgot the card.

    On a different note, everyone please check this out: Star Cat Books, a wonderful little bookstore in Bradford, VT, is in serious danger of going out of business if they can’t come up w/all the back rent before December 31st, and the landlord is getting progressively more jerky about it, so…hit the FB post, find the GoFundMe, Google them, do whatever, but help Nancy out, OK? We need to keep a good indie bookstore going in the Northeast Kingdom, damn it! (I apologize for spamming your page, Jenny, but it seemed like a good place to find lots of book lovers.)

  230. Went to a holiday bazaar at a neighborhood grade school. One section of the bazaar was for the students to sell their own projects. One little girl was selling little posters she made. My eye caught the one that said “Take a shot at evreything”. The misspelling alone was worth it. She was so happy when I bought it, and I was happy to put it on my fridge.

  231. It seems silly but I remembered to eat breakfast this morning! I’m notoriously awful about it but my new medication requires me to eat a meal before taking it and I’ve been worried I would keep forgetting. It’s one day, but every day is progress, right?

  232. I finally found time to donate several bags of clothes that weren’t being used… they’d been languishing in the living room, making me feel like a slacker, but now they’re being put to good use by a local homeless shelter & I think that is great for everyone involved.

  233. I’m crushing my courses (taking and teaching) this semester. Also, my husband got a job at Yale, which is crazy fancy to this Midwesterner.

  234. I finished my IC essay with ten minutes to the deadline and I won a raising canes giftcard at a school event! So good grades and good chicken!

  235. My husband will always be my “something good” no matter how shitty or wonderful the rest of my day is. His existence is enough.

  236. People have read my blog!!! haha I know that seems silly, but it’s a really exciting thing for me I hope I can be just a fraction as interesting as here 🙂

  237. My boyfriend and I bought our plane tickets this week to spend Christmas with my parents in Philly. I haven’t spent Christmas with my mom in almost 5 years so I am extremely excited for this. It’ll also be nice for us to have a real cold/winter Christmas for a change instead of hot Florida weather.

  238. I got a promotion (even though it wont start until Jan 15), my daughters cheer team won grand champions at a competition this weekend, and we successfully collected and stuffed 50 stockings to donate to the foster children in the area.

  239. My son placed 4th in Bible quizzing this weekend, above 11 kids between 2 and 7 years OLDER than him, (he is youngest on the district at 11 years old) and he has memorized 48 scriptures out of 52 they’ve been assigned this season so far! Now, while this is a bragging mom moment on my awesome kid, the thing that really gets me is, I didn’t think he was even studying! He studied on his own! I must be doing something right, finally!

  240. Job interview! My current job is not great; not a great situation or pay, but I had a job interview just a couple of days ago. I’m not guaranteed to get the job, but the interview reminds me that there are other opportunities out there!

  241. Giddily and grinch like I crept out of the furniture store today…I was delighted my hubs and I FINALLY after many years bought a grown-up super comfortable recliner couch today that was extremely discounted-thank you, cyber week! Husband wanted a recliner for years and the day finally came!

    Tip: It you go to a furniture store and see whatever you like is actually cheaper on the store website mention that to the staff before you buy-in our case, they honored the much lower cyber price over the instore price. Also look for furniture during Black Friday and cyber week-there are major discounts this time of the year on things you would not expect-also do not forget to coupon if applicable! Just sayin…

    This time of year I use my black belt in couponing and sale hunting to get gifts for loved ones that I normally would not be able to afford. Last year I bought a faux fancy high end Christmas tree for my mom who loves Christmas more than anyone-her face lit up as if she were a kid again. Things are things, but this is one of my small ways of letting the people I love know in my own way that I see them… I get them..

  242. My daughter has her first dance coming up and after cooing over expensive dresses throughout the mall, she fell in love with a $60 dress from a 50% off sale. Likewise her shoes were under $60. So the biggest expense was in my nerves — totally shot by spending Saturday afternoon AND part of Sunday in two different malls during Christmas.

    (We are still surviving in the Little Drummer Boy challenge but have been knocked out of Whammageddon. IE we didn’t hear anyone’s LDB but we did hear “Last Christmas I Gave You My Heart”.)

  243. My baby girl lost her first tooth on Sunday. She was already cute, but now she is so cute I want to puke. Also, turns out she likes Daria. I might just keep her <3

  244. I worked two days on a fundraiser for our local animal shelter. Had a blast and raised a little money. Then came home to discover that after nearly a year, my dog has learned how to go OUT the pet door as well as IN. IT’S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE, Y’ALL!!!!

  245. My library holds a new book drive for food-insecure kids in our community. Over the long winter break, each kid gets a bag of food and we had a new book to it. Today’s the day I pick up all of our donations from around campus and community and get to see cool new books and the generosity of people I live and work with.

  246. After losing my husband almost 2 years ago, this Christmas is my first with my boyfriend and his children and my children. I decided that we all needed Christmas stockings with our initials on them. Combing through the stockings, I found all but one (an incredible feat as there are now NINE of us!!!). Frustrated, I muttered under my breath “Initial stockings are a motherfucker!” The woman next to me began snort laughing and said she had been searching for a particular letter- WHICH I HAD SEEN SINCE I HAD BEEN COMBING THROUGH THOSE FUCKING STOCKINGS FOR OVER 30 MINUTES HOPING TO FIND AN EFFING “G”!!! She was so happy and she and her daughter helped me re-comb through the stockings looking for that damn “G”. We didn’t find one so I ordered them all online. But that is how “motherfucker” helps you make new friends!

  247. I survived the month of November after all the things that happened. One kid hospitalized for a week and then doctor appointments three times a week. Then, my oldest totaled his car out on Friday. They are both still here, so that is a good thing. Not sure if I will survive the rest of December though cause we are broke as all get out and nothing for Christmas for the kids, but we are still alive, so there is that.

  248. Reading these stories is a great lesson in resilience.

    My great thing is that after 3 months of dating my boyfriend and I swapped our first “I love you”s this weekend.

  249. I am grateful FOR my muscle relaxers! I have an incredibly rare neuromuscular disease called Stiff Person Syndrome and the muscle spasms get so bad that they can tear muscles, break bones etc, so my 6 different muscle relaxers help with this!

    I am grateful for the better days when I can stand beside my fellow justice warriors, the AZ Clinic Defense Force, at a rally yesterday for the children and asylum seekers and help protect these young and and amazing PoC’s from a terrorist- and alt-reich group that just shows up with their propaganda and shrill voices to disrupt and disrespect peaceful gatherings.

    I am immensely grateful to my husband, kids, and parents for picking up my slack when I’m stuck in bed for days on end because of pain, anxiety or both.

    Finally, I am so grateful for Jenny and this community that is so awesome: humor, love, taxidermy animals, giant metal chickens, and glimpses into your (Jenny) life makes me feel like I’m not such a weirdo and I have my people! So Happy Xmakwanzakkuhyulestivus to all, and to all a good muscle relaxer!

  250. I am thankful for you, your books and your blog. I cannot express in words how much they mean to me.

  251. I went to see the 25th anniversary of Sleepless in Seattle at a local theatre last night alone because 1) I really like seeing movies alone, and 2) my boyfriend really didn’t want to go. It started later than I thought and was texting my bf but wasn’t receiving any replies…There were only 2 other people in the opposite corner of the theatre and all of a sudden a man comes barreling towards me to sit in the seat RIGHT NEXT TO ME. Really?!?!?! I was ready to ask him to choose any other seat in the empty theatre when i realized IT WAS MY BF. He said after the football game ended, he realized he missed me and bought a ticket to surprise me! Plus, he saw that i was basically the only person in the theatre when he purchased his ticket…LOL. What a great surprise! <3 <3 <3

  252. I got to see a former student who hugged me tight and couldn’t wait to tell me about graduating and his plans for the future. He’s had a hard row to hoe; seeing him successful, and knowing I had a tiny part in helping it happen, gets me through.

  253. After two long years of tears and anxiety I successfully challenged the peer review board and got my initial teaching license. Now if only my impostor syndrome would let me believe that I am actually a good librarian I’d be all set. But baby steps!

  254. Went to see the Book of Mormon in NYC with hubby for his birthday this weekend and have not seen him laugh like that in a vary long time – it felt good to see

  255. I was offered a job in a field I really want to get back into. I’m so excited. Now to find decent child care.

  256. I have a home after being in limbo for several years and almost ending up more then once in a homeless shelter. I have amazing landlords who are so great to me,and share their cat and kitten with me so I have two new fur friends to purr and snuggle with. Pets of any kind are one of the best gifts we can have!

  257. Good things – ooh. Well, NaNoWriMo, of course. And I found a Kundalini Yoga series on YouTube, and I love it! So that happened and is happening.
    Future good? My sister is coming to visit me at the end of this week! All the way from Michigan to Vietnam!

  258. I was able to drive to Chicago over the weekend to see my honorary niece perform in the Nutcracker. It meant a lot to me to be there and I enjoyed seeing her do something she loves. Plus, by splitting the drive up into two days I was able to stop to see my best friend and her family. Her littlest one gave me the best hug before I left.

  259. It seems to be perennial winter up here, and the days get steadily shorter. But. Oh, but. in 17 days they start getting longer, at both ends. =)
    And I think we have enough wood put by this year to get us all the way through the winter.
    So, not bad.

  260. Today is the adoption anniversary for my two youngest kiddos. We fostered them for just shy of three years before the adoption. Making them mine was both the hardest and best thing I have ever done. Also, they were always mine.

  261. Ellie (#314) — I could comment on so many of these (although it doesn’t want to let me ‘like’ any of them), but then I’d be commenting until I missed the next month of blog posts here….but I couldn’t resist commenting on yours when I saw it near the end, there (and I know us that comment late rarely get noticed). I’ve had my own adventures needing a wheelchair in airports, so I feel ya! The very first time I received that service, the airport attendant pushing the chair, the chair and myself, all got STUCK in a security checkpoint spinner — you had to move WITH it while it spun, and it locked in place if you put pressure on the door (I guess so if you set off the alarm and tried to make a break for it, you couldn’t go anywhere), but the way the airport wheelchairs were sized/shaped, it was impossible to be in there (and neither myself nor the staff member pushing me were particularly large people, either) WITHOUT something pressing against the spinner wall. So yeah, I get pushed in there and….we all get stuck in it, right — of course — as it turns just enough that the glass enclosure wall to one side has our little pie slice of space totally blocked in. So then it’s a scramble to find someone with the key to override the security system so they can get us OUT of there, ideally before my family misses our connecting flight. It’s a good thing I’m semi-mobile and not all that large (and that I went to the bathroom before going through that part of the airport), because we had to actually climb/squeeze out of a gap near the top of the security spinner to get out of the thing, because no one could seem to get us out, themselves. Like I’ve got to climb on top of the chair and the staff guy has to kind of hoist/push me through the gap, while men on the other side are ready to try catching me and easing me down to another chair waiting for me on the other side. The airport had to change their protocols, after that little misadventure of ours!

  262. I’m starting to get back to traveling after a long hiatus. I have trips to AZ, Yosemite, DC, and Mexico to look forward to!

  263. Despite my current crippling depression, I spent time cuddling with our rats (pet rats, not home-invading feral rats). And by “cuddling” I mean they took turns standing on top of my head an pushing each other off.

  264. Jenny, I’ve been a lurker for a few months now and really appreciate your posts. Thank you!
    The last year has been really difficult emotionally but I am happy / thankful to have met someone wonderful who makes me feel that I can be happy again. I wasn’t even sure that was possible anymore but she has showed me that with a little luck and a some effort we can all get a chance to start over and find happiness.
    Thank you!

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