Booksgiving, part 4!

Four years ago this very day I decided to give away 30 copies of my books to people who maybe hadn’t been able to pick one up yet.  I gave them out quite quickly but then lots of other people were like, “I WANT TO GIVE BOOKS TO PEOPLE” and suddenly people were buying each other books and sharing their favorites and adding to their lists of what to read and listening to others about what book they really HAD to read this year and it was fucking incredible.  Honestly the only thing that would make it better would be if we all had otters to bathe, but I can’t provide otters so it’s BYODO.  (Bring Your Own Dirty Otter)  That gives us something to aim for in the future, I guess.

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We called the whole thing “Booksgiving” and have celebrated it every year since and this year is no exception.  SO.  Here’s what you do if you want a book.  Make a brand new wishlist with the one book that you want (and make sure that you assign a shipping address to it because otherwise it won’t work) and leave a link in the comments.  I’ll pop in and send a copy of Furiously Happy, or Let’s Pretend This Never Happened or YOU ARE HERE: An Owner’s Manual for Dangerous Minds to 30 lucky people.

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If you’ve already read all of those then feel free to chose a different book.  Depending on how much I have left (the books are different prices) I’ll try to send other books as well.

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The only rule is ONE BOOK PER PERSON ONLY ON YOUR LIST, with the exception being if you have a child and want to add a book for them too.

If you want to share your favorite book you’ve read recently in the comments that would be awesome.  Or if you wrote a book and want to pimp it out then go ahead.  And if you want to buy a book anonymously for a stranger just check through the comments.  A few books I’ve really loved this month are My Sister, the Serial Killer, The Woman Inside: A Novel, and The Hazel Wood.

Click here for a quick run-down of how to make a new wishlist (Don’t forget the step about adding your address to this specific wishlist!) and when you’re done just leave a comment with a link to your wishlist.  (If you don’t live in America just add that info in the comment so it’s easier to search for people in your area).  Make sure that the book you select is available for Prime shipping and isn’t from a 3rd party seller or a used bookstore because those can’t be shipped to wish lists.

If you decide to gift someone with a book just find a wishlist that has a book on it and buy it.  When you check out select the person’s wishlist address or registry address (You’ll just see their name and city, but not a whole address for privacy reasons).  If they don’t have an address they forgot to add it so delete the book from your cart and try another.

Now, let’s go book shopping!  (PS. This is the best pick-up line in the history of the world.)

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  1. 1
    Krista Jaspers

    Happy Booksgiving everyone!!


  2. Yay! I love Booksgiving! I have all of Jenny’s books, but here is one from another favorite author that I DON’T have. Here is my list. Can’t wait to see what others post

  3. Seriously? Omfg, that’s so cool.

    (I don’t have a UK account but maybe someone else does. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  4. GOOD GRAVY I’m in!!

    (You Are Here is on the way! ~ Jenny)

  5. Last year someone bought books for my daughter and me. This year I’ll buy books for someone else. Happy Booksgiving!

  6. Oh I have books to recommend! I love Mira Grant. Her NewsFlesh series is amazing. Think political thriller set post zombie uprising.

    (Love Mira Grant. ~ Jenny)

  7. I love the Booksgiving!!

    I’d love a book.



    (Sent! ~ Jenny)

  8. I’ll be looking through the comments, I love surprising people too.

    (Making a note here that you’re in the UK. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

    I really hope I can send a book to someone else too!!!

    (Furiously Happy is on the way! ~ Jenny)

  10. I would love You Are Here. It’s the only one of your books I don’ have.

    Also, nothing to do with books, but I’m pimping out my upcoming photo tour and workshop:

    (It’s coming your way! ~ Jenny)

  11. 11

    Today is my second favorite day of the year, only second to James Garfield Miracle. Looking through lists to find a good one to buy for someone!

    (Looks like someone beat me to it! ~ Jenny)

  12. This made my day! Thank you, Jenny! <3


    Jenny, I love this. I love you. I love the community you’ve built. And I love buying books for strangers.

    (Ha! By the time I went to checkout someone else had already sent it. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  14. Happy booksgiving! The only book of Jenny’s I don’t have is Let’s Pretend this Never

    (Looks like someone already bought it for you! ~ Jenny)

  15. Hi. Check out this list:

    (Looks like it’s already bought! ~ Jenny)

  16. Happy Booksgiving! Yay for books!

    Hi. Check out this list:

    (Sent! ~ Jenny)

  17. I lost my dream job yesterday because my RA was flaring and I couldn’t get there safely on transit. It was my first day and I ended up sobbing on regional rail. I’m on so much medicine now, but may be sad for a bit.

    Help my bad mood.

    (Looks like someone beat me to it. Sending you such love. RA is such a bastard. ~ Jenny)


    (You don’t have a shipping address for this list. ~ Jenny)

  19. 19
    Jennifer :-)

    Yay! I love booksgiving!!! Thank you!

    (Looks like it’s been bought! ~ Jenny)

  20. I recently discovered books by Brandon Sanderson and I’ve spent WAY too much time staying up at night reading them. Start with The Final Empire, first of the Mistborn series. Or, if you’re not afraid of a hefty tome and a series that’s not finished yet, pick up The Way of Kings. Fantasy at its best!

  21. This is such a cool project, Jenny. Thank you so much for always taking such good care of your fans. Your books have gotten me through a lot in the last few years, and I am eternally grateful. I never like to ask for things, but I figured it’s not rude if someone asks you to ask for something, so… Thank you again!

    (Sent! ~ Jenny)

  22. 22
    Ellen Dugosh

    Better than most holidays

    (Looks like someone was faster than me! ~ Jenny)

  23. Happy Booksgiving!! I added one book that I’ve been itching to read and one for my daughter

    (Looks like they’re on the way! ~ Jenny)


    (Looks like it’s on the way! ~ Jenny)

  25. Happy Booksgiving! Can’t wait to send a book to someone!!

    (Looks like it’s been bought! ~ Jenny)

  26. It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!! 🙂

    (Looks like someone beat me to it. ~ Jenny)

  27. A book I need…

    Y’all, I lost a dream job before it even started. My RA was flaring so hard I couldn’t safely take transit. It was supposed to be my first day. Instead, I ended up crying on my cutest blazer.

    Michelle Obama has it together though.

    (Looks like it’s on the way. So much love. ~ Jenny)

  28. 💖💖💖💖💖

    (Sent! Also I’m putting a note to myself here that this is where I paused to go pick up Hailey and dinner. I’ll be back in a few hours to buy more! ~ Jenny)

  29. This would be wonderful! Here is my list:

    (Looks like it’s on the way! ~ Jenny)

  30. I borrowed Furiously Happy from the library, but I would love to own it! Happy Booksgiving!

    (I tried to buy it but you don’t have a shipping address. Sorry! ~ Jenny)

  31. Happy booksgiving everyone! I don’t have any requests to make, but I did want to share that I just discovered the Miss Silver mysteries by Patricia Wentworth (former governess turned private investigator in 1930s/40s Britain), and if that’s your thing, then they are the thing for you.

  32. You are amazing! Thank you for doing this!! What a wonderful way to share the love! Link:

    (Looks like it’s on the way! ~ Jenny)

  33. Hi everyone! I love taking part in booksgiving. I feel really guilty this year because I can’t afford to spread the love. My work contract wasn’t renewed so I’m unemployed again and the brain weasels are strong. Here’s my list. I’ve asked for The Guilty Feminist because I love the podcast and I am a very guilty feminist!
    Hello. Please take a look at this list:

    (Sending you so much love. Adding a note here that you’re in the UK. ~ Jenny)

  34. Hi. Check out this list:

    I read this book from the library, and I’d like to actually have it. And I recommend for anyone interested in adding a bit of whimsy to their life. I added it in kindle and paperback for choice only, please just one or the other.

  35. Happy booksgiving!!Youre the best Jenny.

    (Looks like it’s on the way! ~ Jenny)

  36. 36
    Alexis Whyte

    I love today!!

    Hi. Check out this list:

    (Someone beat me to it! ~ Jenny)

  37. The list is called Wish List Furiously Happy, the book I’d like is Let’s Pretend this Never Happened. thank you!

    (I think you forgot the link? ~ Jenny)

  38. Sorry, I am post 17 and 27… I don’t think I can delete but it posted twice !

    I love this idea. We are voracious readers.

  40. Happy Nooksgiving Everyone!!!
    Let’s shop together—help me build my list on Amazon!

    (I think it’s been bought. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  41. Let’s shop together—help me build my list on Amazon!

  42. Hi. Check out this list:

    Thank you for running this! Last year, I was in a dark place and the book swapping really cheered me up!

    (I can’t get the link to work. ~ Jenny)

  43. My favorite holiday of the year!! :

  44. 45
    anne bradley

    Booksgiving is the best holiday ever!

  45. I need a coloring book ♡

    (I tried to buy it but you don’t have a shipping address attached yet. ~ Jenny)

  46. Jenny, you are an absolute godsend!! This day is better than Christmas!!!

    (Someone beat me to it! ~ Jenny)

  47. I love love love Booksgiving! I love getting books and I love sending books.

    (Looks like it’s on the way! ~ Jenny)


    Thank you so much for this!!!
    Jenny, you are the best!

    (I can’t get your link to work. ~ Jenny)

  49. The list is called Wish List Furiously Happy, the book I’d like is Let’s Pretend this Never Happened. thank you! and I forgot to add the link:

    (Can you add your shipping address? ~ Jenny)

  50. Katie, your book is on the way! 😁

  51. Jenny, I have all your books and love them! My favorite one to give away is “You are Here.” I’m going to forgo a freebie chance and hope others who haven’t read got them. I am going to share the url to my blog post that lists my Top 40’s Hits (books) that I read in 2018. You, of course, made the list, TWICE!

    My little book, a novelette, “The Pencil Sharpener” can be found on my website:

    I’m thankful for Booksgiving, your words, and otters!

    (Yay! Thank you! ~ Jenny)

  52. I love Booksgiving! I already have all of your books, but this one has been on my wishlist for awhile:

  53. Happy Booksgiving! I have all of Jenny’s books, so normally I wouldn’t ask but I’m having a terrible, no good, very bad week so I thought I would throw it out there. Hugs and Happy Reading!

    (Looks like its on the way! ~ Jenny)

  54. Yay–Happy Booksgiving!

    (Someone beat me to it! ~ Jenny)

  55. 57
    Jessica Homan

    Happy books giving! I get paid tomorrow so I’ll be back. My book

    (I can’t get your link to work. ~ Jenny)

  56. Booksgiving sounds magical!

  57. 59
    Tara Parsons
    Somehow I don’t have this one. And I’d love to gift one to someone as well…

    (Looks like its on the way! ~ Jenny)

  58. This is awesome! Here’s my link. Kindle edition is fine. Thanks.

  59. I love booksgiving. Last year I was able to give a book. This year I just can’t afford to. Job interview coming up, so send me good thoughts and maybe next year I can buy two.

    (Looks like it’s on the way! ~ Jenny)

  60. Happy Booksgiving! I start my new job next week as a social worker and I am getting a desk copy to loan to my teen clients as a way to show how lyrics and poetry and art can capture emotions!

  61. What a cool idea!

    (Sent! ~ Jenny)

  62. I love when people give so freely of themselves or a little cash. Surprises like this, random acts of sweetness are amazing. I wish this was something I could do on a regular basis. Maybe the world would be a slightly nicer place to be. Have fun everyone!

    (Someone beat me to it! ~ Jenny)

  63. Hi. Check out this list:

    I know my book is a Kindle format but it’s easier to hold for me. My email is vxb222 @ Gmail. Com if it’s needed

  64. Happy Booksgiving! 💜💜

    (Looks like it’s on the way! ~ Jenny)

  65. 67
    Madeline Quinn

    I am a new member in a Bloggess Fans book club online and each month the group colors a certain page in You Are Here, then they choose some to use as cover photos in the group. I don’t have any extra money to get my own copy but I am having major FOMO in my book club! These people are amazing and I have found myself laughing at them (and with them) so much recently and I hadn’t realized how much I needed it. (Shout out to Kimberly for adding me to the group!!) Thanks for considering me. <3

  66. Omg this is awesome…I’d been saving for these too.

  67. 69
    Krista Jaspers

    Tara Parsons your book is on the way!

  68. I don’t read as much as I should but if someone is looking for a recommendation for an older elementary kid, mine just devoured the Alcatraz vs Evil Librarians series.

  69. I already have a couple of copies of all of Jenny’s books but here’s one I’ve been eyeing up for a while:

    (Looks like it’s on the way! ~ Jenny)

  70. I’ve got all of Jenny’s books, and have a ton that I’m waiting to read at the moment so don’t need anything – but my fav book I read last year was ‘The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle’ by Haruki Murakami ( It was so good, I couldn’t put it down and tore through it in 2 days.

  71. 73
    Ryan J McGillen

    Happy Booksgiving to all and to all a good read!

  72. 74
    Kristin Bertier

    Happy Booksgiving!!!! One for me and one for my son. Love you all!!!

    (Looks like they’re on the way! ~ Jenny)

    So fun.

    (Looks like it’s on the way to you! ~ Jenny)

  74. Yay! Love it all! Love your books!
    Here’s my list…

  75. Hi. Check out this list:

    (I tried to buy it but you don’t have an address attached to it. ~ Jenny)

  76. 78

    #48, enjoy your book!

  77. In Canada. This has been on my list for ages, but haven’t been able to swing it.

  78. This is the first time I’m getting off my butt and participating even though I see this every year. I recently wrote a book. It’s a middle grade fantasy fiction involving some mischievous faeries and a chocolate eating dragon…so here is my fb page or you can visit my website

    Here is the link to my booksgiving wish list.

    You might think all the Dr Seuss books are for my kids. They’re not, I truly love and collect Dr. Seuss. I’m never growing up and you can’t make me. So there.

    (Your list has a lot of books on it. Can you make a new one with just the one book you want? Thanks! ~ Jenny)

  79. In case any of you know someone dealing with dementia, here’s my book:

    (I read this book. It was very good. ~ Jenny)

    emilypageart recently posted Tattoo Wrap-up #22.

  80. 82
    Happy Booksgiving!!
  81. Happy Booksgiving! Lets pretend this never happened for me and 2 phototicular books for my 2 kiddos. Both have Autism but these books keep them beyond interested.

    (Let’s Pretend This Never Happened is on the way! ~ Jenny)

  82. 84
    Nicole Gilbertson

    Booksgiving is always my favorite. I wish I could buy for someone else this year, but things have been rough. I will pay it forward when I can. Always.

    (Looks like someone has send it to you! ~ Jenny)

  83. 85
    Stacey Gudelis Anderson

    Last year was really difficult for me – I never saw this event. But now I have and I’m so thrilled that it occurs! I’d love to gift someone a book (I buy all of my friends Let’s Pretend…). Everyone deserves to laugh and feel understood. Thank you for doing this Jenny!

    (Can you add a shipping address to your list? ~ Jenny)

  84. Ahh! So excited I love booksgiving!! Now to find someones wishlist 😍

    (Looks like it’s on the way! ~ Jenny)

  85. Squuuueeee.

    (Looks like it’s on the way! ~ Jenny)


    I love that you do this every year, Jenny. Last year, I posted a wish list for my mom and she got picked and was so thrilled. 😀 You are awesome. 😀

    mommatrek recently posted He was going at it in beast mode.

  87. I love this. I already have and love all of Jenny’s books. I’m going to try to buy a book from someone’s list tonight.

    I recently read Happiness for Beginners by Katherine Center, and I highly recommend it! Such a great story about finding yourself and realizing how to find happiness in your daily life.

    (I love Katherine Center. ~ Jenny)

  88. 91
    Molly Stephens

    Lets pretend this never happened for me a a book for my two kiddos – happy reading! 📖

    (Let’s Pretend is on the way! ~ Jenny)

  89. Such an awesome idea! Here’s the list I created. 🙂

    (You are Here is on the way! ~ Jenny)

  90. 93
    Emily Dick O'Bryant

    I love being able to help others discover new books!!! I hope I can find someone who has a wishlist with a book for their kiddo.

  91. I feel dumb because I couldn’t put my name on the name part my phone is being dumb I love you Jenny!!!

  92. I want to recommend “Jane Two” by Sean Patrick Flanery, and “Dietland” by Sarai Walker!

  93. Happy Booksgiving!

    Here is my Wishlist:

    And thanks in advance!

    (Looks like it’s on the way! ~ Jenny)

  94. I’m in Canada and I’ve already got all of Jenny’s books but I love taking part in this tradition. Happy Booksgiving!

    (Looks like it’s on the way! ~ Jenny)

  95. You’re amazing. Thank you.

  96. 100
    Patricia Weiner

    YOU ARE HERE! I preordered this one but when it arrived my best friend promptly took it from me and Knowing how much she needed it, I acquiesced. Now every time we meet for coffee and coloring I’m jealous of her work.

    (I think you forgot the link. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  97. Would love a copy!😍 thanks!

    (I tried to buy it but you don’t have a shipping address attached yet. ~ Jenny)

  98. Reading has been one way I can beat the panic and anxiety. I hope others can have that same comfort 😊

    (Looks like it’s on the way! ~ Jenny)

  99. I have and love all of Jenny’s books, soI am asking for a copy of The Hazel Wood at her recommendation and a Frog and Toad book for my 4 year old, who is obsessed with them.

    My favorite book that I read last year is “My Grandmother asked me to tell you she’s sorry”. It’s completely magical.

  100. A bookgiving! What a great idea! Thank tout!!!

  101. Booksgiving is the best! I put two things on my list, a book for me and a something for my girls to share, they’re 13 and 15. When the girls have read their books they always share them with their cousins!

  102. 106
    Elena Austin

    I have all of your books (with back up copies of YOU ARE HERE) but this is a book I’ve had on my to read list since summer but haven’t gotten yet

  103. 107
    Sholeen Nett

    I’m reading through the LBJ biography series by Robert Caro. Together it is really a history of our political system with LBJ as an anti-hero, it’s fascinating. It’ll make you somewhat amazed, educated, mad and hopefully make you VOTE!!

  104. How awesome! I have all of Jenny’s books (including one signed!), so I put another book on my wishlist.

    Thank you!!!

  105. Here is my list:

    Tonya Chaves and Tara Parsons – you have books on the way!

    Happy Booksgiving to all! Jenny, thanks for making everyone’s day a lot brighter!

    (Looks like your book is on the way! ~ Jenny)

  106. Thanks. You’re amazing. I needed this today.

  107. I can’t get my link shortened! I However, I still wanted to comnent, I think booksgiving is very kind! Thank you for the goodness you are spreading
    I just found you and your books this week is a blessing because I learned this week my brain is a ‘bastard’ too. And your books are helping and even inspiring me. Thank you!!

  108. Happy booksgiving! I unfortunately cannot help someone money has been an issue! But i will pay it back! Love yall!

  109. Hi Jenny! I’d appreciate a copy of this book. I’m a mom and never get to read. I’ve had a hard week and this would make my day. Thanks.

  110. I have all of your books and I LOVE them! I’ve been going through a really hard time (divorce, disability, grief & loss, mental illness…) and I think I might just have to reread them, to bring some extra laughter into my life! When it rains, it pours, and your books, your blog and my cat come to my rescue. Oh, and your writing with pets videos. They never fail to make me laugh! You are real and you are hilarious and you bring joy and comfort to those of us going through tough times. Thank you so much for being YOU. Anyhow… There is a book I’ve been wanting to read but the waiting list at the library is so long! So I added it to my booksgiving list, here is the link!

  111. Hey Madeline (#67), it’s on the way!!

  112. Hi Jenny and All- your adorable dad made me want to record lil snippets of myself for my minions. Thanks for all that you do!

    Kendra Krebs

  113. 117
    Tracy Fleck

    Happy Booksgiving everyone!! I have all of Jenny’s and re-read…but would love to try out her book suggestions!


  114. WOOHOO! Booksgiving!

  115. My excited coworker is helping me add this. Thank you for the book.


  116. 120
    Danielle Lauzon

    OMG, I love booksgiving! What a nice surprise today. I recommend the Wayward Children series by Seanan McGuire, its dark, dreamy, magical. I’m wishing for the latest installment. Can’t wait to start book sending!

  117. Omg I forget the link.

    (You are Here is on the way to you! ~ Jenny)

  118. I love booksgiving! Reading is so important.
    I have so many books to catch up on already but I would love these books for my 2 kids. Thanks!

  119. Very awesome idea!!!! So hoping I did this correctly. My library has ONE copy and it has been out since it was released. 😕

    (I can’t get your link to work. ~ Jenny)

  120. I love this idea! Hi.

    (Looks like it’s on the way! ~ Jenny)

  121. Because I failed at posting it correctly at first!

    Happy Booksgiving everyone!

  122. 126
    Kendra Krebs

    Hi Jenny and All- your adorable dad made me want to record lil snippets of myself for my minions. Thanks for all that you do!! Here’s my link!

  123. 128
    Alexis Whyte

    Is it ok to send used copies of books? I want to make more people’s days and that would help my budget go farther.

    (Unfortunately you can’t usually send used books through wish lists. I wish you could though. ~ Jenny)

  124. Yay! I was wondering when this was happening!
    I’m in Canada

  125. This is amazing! I’m in the middle of a fibro flare and this post gives me faith in humanity. I’m in Canada ❤️❤️

    (Looks like it’s on the way! ~ Jenny)

  126. Happy Booksgiving!!!! Off to gift books to fellow Bloggess Tribe Members!

    (Looks like it’s on the way! ~ Jenny)

  127. Ginger #70
    My nephew loved the Nightmare Achademy series by Dean Lorey, ALL the Rick Riordan series, and The Tapestry series by Heny H. Neff.

  128. 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 This would make my month!
    Good vibes to everyone!

    (Looks like it’s on the way! ~ Jenny)

  129. 134
    Patricia Weiner

    Oops. I did it right this time….

    (You are Here is on the way! ~ Jenny)

  130. I think I did it wrong.. trying again:

    I love you Jenny!

  131. I’m game let’s see if it happens.

  132. 138

    Technically I own an electronic copy of Let’s Pretend this Never Happened…but it’s not the same. And I own hard copies of Jenny’s books so this would make my library complete.

    (Looks like someone beat me to it! ~ Jenny)

  133. Hello
    Here is my list.
    Thank you Jenny
    Hi. Check out this list:

  134. Happy Booksgiving! I already have Furiously Happy and I gifted it too a friend too! I am so excited to read the rest!

    Hi. Check out this list:

  135. 141
    Paloma Rodrigues

    Hello from Brazil!


    I added this book because is one of my favorites <3


    Hi. Check out this list:

    (I can’t get the link to work? ~ Jenny)

  137. I have all of Jenny’s books and my 15 year old is even doing a report of Let’s Pretend This Never Happened in his high school English class (teacher approved and is now hooked on Jenny too!)

  138. Hi,
    To help me start my dream…
    Thank you

    Hi. Check out this list:

  139. 145
    Marina Fowler

    Thank you, Bloggess for doing this. My car caught on fire last night. The fire department and the insurance company says it is supicious. The cop says it isn’t. It was 12 hours after it had been used and it was well below zero last night when it happened. I can’t replace it as I only had liability so I’m hoping to put a little sunshine in our day by getting me and the girls some coloring books/books as we are on a limited income. Thank you, again.


  140. I have no idea how to properly thank you on here or elsewhere, but <3 LAURA!!! #115 <3 – thank you endlessly!! I’m crying like a baby of your kindness. Love, Madeline

  141. HAPPY HAPPY BOOKSGIVING DAY, EVERYONE! Hope everyone has a readingful day!

    Hi. Check out this list:

  142. If anyone needs reading ideas, I am re-re-reading Dorothy Gilman’s Mrs. Pollifax series. A 60-ish grandmother decides she had nothing to lose by becoming a CIA spy and accidentally gets hired as an Innocent Tourist courier. Sounds comedic, but isn’t written for laughs. There are 14 books in the series.

    Sue recently posted Lizard stained glass panel.

  143. I love Booksgiving!!!

    (Looks like it’s on the way! ~ Jenny)

  144. Yay for Booksgiving!

    (Looks like it’s on the way! ~ Jenny)

  145. It’s the best time of the year! Happy Booksgiving to you, and you, and you. <3
    Thank you!

  146. This is so awesome!!! I absolutely LOVED Furiously Happy and I’d love to win a copy to share with friends! (I’m not sharing my copy cause you know I won’t get it back!) 🙂

    (Looks like someone beat me to it! ~ Jenny)

  147. Happy Booksgiving!

    (Sent! ~ Jenny)

  148. Yay! Books! I’ve wanted to read My Sister, the Serial Killer. Not in at the library yet. That book on my list and two others for the kids.

  149. Happy Booksgiving everyone!!!

    Kindle edition preferred, please ❤

    (It wouldn’t let me send the kindle edition so I send the hard copy. ~ Jenny)

  150. 159
    Molly Stephens

    No idea why mine wasnt clicky the first go but ill try again.

  151. Happy Booksgiving from Canada!

  152. Happy booksgiving! The most wonderful time of the year!

  153. 162
    AJ-The Short One

    Booksgiving is one of the things I look forward to every year.
    Here is my wish-and thank you in advance! YOU ARE HERE
    Looking for a dirty otter to join me in reading. I’ll let you know if he is available to rent by the day.

    (Looks like someone beat me to it! ~ Jenny)

  154. I would love to have a copy of “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened” in my collection again. I have given away every single copy (probably around 6 copies now) I’ve purchased, ’cause I keep running across poor souls that need it worse than me. Happy Booksgiving y’all!

    (Someone already sent it to you! 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  155. Yay Booksgiving! Looking forward to surprising someone else with a book too 🙂

    (Looks like it’s on the way! ~ Jenny)

  156. Heather, #55. It’s on its way! Hope you love it as much as I did!

  157. I love that you do this!!!

    knockingonfortysdoor recently posted An Exclusive Chat With Mama Bear (in my mind)….

  158. How have I missed this 3 times before?! Amazing. I’d love to complete my trilogy of Jenny Lawson.

    (Looks like it’s on the way! ~ Jenny)

  159. I’ve posted my list and purchased 2 books – this is so fun!
    A few of my favorites (lately) have been Calypso by David Sedaris, The Feather Thief by Kirk Wallace Johnson, Crazy Rich Asians, and SWELL by Liz Clark (she is amazing)!

  160. Books coming your way 68 and 48 💖💖💖😂

  161. 170
    Susan Hubert

    Hurrah for Booksgiving! Here is a list for me and two children.

  162. I have Furiously Happy, and it has helped me in the past.

    Ive had this one in my normal wish list for a while now.I just haven’t had extra to spare with being a single mum.But, one day!

    Thank you, Jenny, for being amazing.

    (Looks like it’s on the way! ~ Jenny)

  163. I love booksgiving! I have all of Jenny’s books, so this is one my whole family might enjoy.

  164. 173
    Arien Bates

    Hurray Booksgiving!

  165. I love giving books! And getting books. It’s like sharing hugs over long distances without actually having to touch people.

  166. 176
    Jessica Homan

    I’m comment 57. My link isnt working I think


    Not sure I am doing this right…

    (Looks like it’s on the way! ~ Jenny)

  168. Where has booksgiving been all my life?! Love your books but haven’t had a chance to nab this one!

    (Just adding a note here that you’re in Canada. ~ Jenny)

  169. This is such a great thing, and today’s my birthday too. Thank you to everyone who does this.

    (Happy birthday! Looks like it’s on the way! ~ Jenny)

  170. Happy Booksgiving!!

    (I can’t get your link to work. ~ Jenny)

  171. This is amazing! I need something positive to read that shows I’m not alone! Thanks!

  172. I love booksgiving.I dont know the logic, but I feel more compelled to go buy someone a book rather than just get my own off this list. I suppose giving is just more fun!

  173. 183

    Indalecio (#96) it might not be there until March…but’s it ordered 🙂

  174. I forgot to post the list above! Thanks again.

    (Can you add your shipping address to your list? ~ Jenny)

  175. I LOVE Booksgiving for so many reasons! Here is my book…I added one for both my nieces and one for my nephew. <3 <3

    I have all your books and would be happy to gift a copy of Furiously Happy to my sister if you want to send me one of yours, but would be interested in this one if you want to send something else.
    I recently read “The Woman Who Stole My Life” by Marion Keyes and it was a lot of fun. I always enjoy her books, if anyone else is looking for something new to read.

  177. Having a flare day and feeling sorry for myself. Today couldn’t come at a better time.
    Thanks and love you all.


  178. I didn’t know this was a thing! I signed up for your blog’s e-mails a few months ago, and I’m so glad I did. Booksgiving is a great tradition to do! How exciting!

    I’ve added Let’s Pretend This Never Happened onto my list! A good friend of mine has recommended it about a bazillion times. I also added one book for each of my two daughters — my 9 year old just finished the first Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children book and has been wanting the second, and my 12 year old has been begging for more books from Katie McGarry. I’d be so appreciative of any!

    Thanks so much for doing this! I can’t wait to spread some joy back once that tax return finally gets here… 🙂

    (Looks like it’s on the way! ~ Jenny)

  179. 189
    Danielle Lauzon

    Sharon #102- Neil Gaiman is just plain brilliant. Happy booksgiving!

  180. I hope I did this right! Really, I’m open minded so I’ll accept any book! ❤️🤓

    (Looks like it’s on the way! ~ Jenny)

  181. This is so cool!

  182. One of my favorite days of the year! 🙂 I always find so many new books to add to my read list from the comments.

  183. This is so awesome!! My wish list link:

  184. Need something to occupy my brain weasles. This should help.
    Hi. Check out this list:

  185. Happy Booksgiving, Snow #149 🙂 Amazon says the book should arrive next week.

  186. My wish! Let’s Pretend!

    (Someone beat me to it! ~ Jenny)

  187. Fixed the address issue on my list#39

  188. 199
    Theada Fowler

    I greatly appreciate this day as I’m 82 y/o and still love to color! I’m co-raising my great-granddaughter’s with my youngest daughter. We’ve had a rough day today. In case you missed Marina’s post, I included the girls in my wish list too with books I think they might like.


    (Looks like it’s on the way! ~ Jenny)

  189. I was SO generously gifted You Are Here and it made my day (LIFE). I would love to add my babies to this Booksgiving because I am obsessed with them, duh. Since I already received, I know this is a bit much, but I will tell them exactly where the books came from and use it as a pay it forward teaching moment. I added one book for each of them to my list.

    My daughter is 11 and has OCD, anxiety, depression, and ADHD and her life has basically been hell the last few years. She is almost ONE YEAR out of treatment for OCD and doing so much better, and I added a mom and me journal for us to pass back and forth.

    My son is 13 and seriously the most unteenager teenager ever. He is SO sweet and kind and he is constantly in his sister’s shadow because – hello did you read her list of diagnoses?! I added the first illustrated Harry Potter for him because he deserves some serious love and he’s a huge potter nerd and proud Ravenclaw.

    Thank you <3

  190. Yay Booksgiving! Here’s mine, now off to gift someone else. <3

  191. Dont think my previous comment posted! Giving it another shot:


  192. My daughter has been searching our local bookstores for this next book in a series and hasn’t been able to find it. She’d be ecstatic if this arrived in the mail. Also, thanks Jenny for doing this every year.

  193. Trish, #193, Jenny’s book arriving by Sat!!

  194. I’m so excited. I would LOVE any chance to get a signed copy of one of Jenny’s books for my non-profit to raffle off. We are getting ready for our annual fundraiser. I’m linking to our school, I’m not sure if I’m allowed to create an amazon page for us of if our director does so, I’ll just link to our school. We are a certified non-profit.

    My favorite book that I haven’t read yet is the new Faith Hunter book which comes out soon. I’m re-reading her series while I wait. Impatiently.

  195. Happy booksgiving!!!

  196. Woo hoo! Let’s shop together—help me build my list on Amazon!

  197. Woot Woot Bookshiviing time! If you haven’t read it I recommend The One Hundred year old man who climbed out the window and dissapeared. Link:



    I love this day! I sent strangers a book the last two years; such a fun thing to do. Also, I highly recommend reading “Educated” by Tara Westover and “Dopesick” by Beth Macy. I’ve read both in the last few months and they are heartbreaking and angering and will really make you think and feel all the feelings.

    Also, otters.

    (Looks like it’s on the way! ~ Jenny)

  199. My family all added one book to,this list!! Happy happy booksgiving

  200. 211
    Ashlee Fowler

    I actually set this up for my neice since her friend committed suicide this past weekend and she is having a very hard time with it. Just want to help her smile again. I put 2 because I wasn’t sure which would be better.

    (Sending so much love. ~ Jenny)

  201. 212

    tlhowe #177 – I switched it from kindle to paperback so I could send it to you 🙂 Happy Booksgiving!


    This might be the best day of the year!!! Thank you for allowing us to give and get from each other. I love this community

    (Let’s Pretend is on the way! ~Jenny)

  203. #197 you are in Australia could not send srry

  204. Canadian here! I’ve sent a couple of books to other Canadians. Here’s my list. (okay this may be the first year I’ve remembered to put my country AND the link in the same comment!)

  205. I love Booksgiving! Last year was my first time participating and so excited to do it again 🙂

    Thank you Jenny for this amazing holiday. ❤️

  207. Yay! I love Booksgiving! I would love to get this RBG version for young readers for my daughter and I to read over and over again!

  208. 219
    Annik Bernatchez

    I want an otter to bathe!!!!!! They’re my favourite!
    Love your books, love your brains Jenny (well the parts that don’t make you sad) 😘🥰

  209. Happy booksgiving everyone! 😊😁🎉

    (Looks like it’s on the way! ~Jenny)

  210. #207 no address

  211. Booksgiving is my FAVORITE. I have one on here for me, and one for my son who is in first grade.

  212. 223
    Kristin Bertier

    I was #74 I think I did it wrong, removed the kindle edition. Hope this works!

    (Looks like it’s on the way! ~ Jenny)

  213. Booksgiving makes me so happy!
    I chose one book that might help me with workung through PTSD (which turned out to be quite a struggle, to put it mildly).

    Please note: i live in The Netherlands, so pistage will be higher and i totally understand if you choose someone else to gift to.

    Lots of love! Tamar

    (Looks like it’s on the way! ~ Jenny)

  214. Erin (#174) it won’t ship for a week or more, but your book is on the way (and looks hella good too!)

  215. And for those who don’t know — if you go to, you can select a charity and future purchases you make on Amazon using that URL will result in a small donation to your charity. So you can give back while buying books (and lots of other stuff on the site)!

  216. #213 too many on list

  217. Your books make me laugh out loud. Everyone knows the knock, knock with the BIG Rooster….I was on a plane the other day and came across this segment of the book, and I was laughing so looouddd someone asked me if I was okay, because I was crying from laughing so hard. then I tried to explain what was so funny, and this guy didn’t get it, which made it THAT MUCH Funnier! OMG. The first time I read that in your blog, I sent it to everyone, and all laughed. BYW, even funnier than that, my husband will comment when we see any sort of rooster…he says “bock, bock, Mother F****” I keep telling him he is saying it wrong, but HUSBANDS think they are always right…. Bock, Bock for now…………..

  218. One of my favorite days of the year! I gifted Jenny’s book to four people for Christmas and will do for more here! For myself, I am just getting over the flu, a week of hell, and could use a pick me up. And for my kiddo who hated being separated from me for so long.

    Happy Booksgiving!!

  219. I teach special education at an urban middle school and oh do my kids get excited when they see a box on my back counter. They love any books that come in but always can tell when a book has “new book smell.” It means the world to them. Thank you all and Jenny!

    (I can’t get your link to work? ~ Jenny)

  220. After losing my 18yr old cat and then going through Hurricane Florence back in September, it’s been a rough fall and winter and I could use a pick up.

    (Sending you love. Looks like it’s on the way. ~ Jenny)

  221. Joyous Booksgiving to all!

    (I can’t get your link to work. ~ Jenny)

  222. #170 Susan Hubert: Nimona is on its way! It’s one of my favorites. – Sara A

  223. Happy Booksgiving Everyone!

    (Looks like it’s on the way! ~ Jenny)

    My 4 year old asked if she could do books giving this year. We’re going to pic a few people to gift to. These are her picks

  225. 236
    Angela Helene

    I’m in the first semester for an accelerated BSN program and could definitely use more Golden Girls in my life. Thank you!

    (Looks like it’s on the way! ~ Jenny)

  226. Here is a wish list, for books for my kids.

  227. What an amazing idea! I LOVED Furiously Happy and would love another book. What a great idea!!


    (Can you add your address? ~ Jenny)

  228. #211 Yours is on its way. It would get their right before Valentine’s day.

  229. I am in the throes of a real bummer of respiratory distress and would sure appreciate some cheer. Happy Booksgiving to all! Let’s shop together—help me build my list on Amazon!

  230. Here’s mine.

    And here is a book I haven’t read but plan to.
    Stay Sexy & Don’t Get Murdered: The Definitive How-To Guide

    Thank you, Jenny! Not just for doing this.

    (Looks like it’s on the way! Also, I love that book. SSDGM! ~ Jenny)

  231. I’ve never done this! I bought Furiously Happy and loved it. I would love any other of you books! I’ve posted a link to a book about history. I lived through it but I don’t think I understood it.

  232. I have all of of Jenny’s books. If anyone is in the giving mood, I would appreciate you giving to my grandnieces, my sister, and my mom rather than me. They are posts 145 and 199. Thank you!


    I’m hoping to get this one To help deal with some of my anxiety issues. Thanks so much in advance!!

  234. Hi #237! One of the books wouldn’t let me ship because it wasn’t allowed to be shipped from a Wish List?? But the other two are on the way!

  235. This is wonderful! Thank you, Jenny!

    (I can’t get your link to work. ~ Jenny)

  236. #230 link does not work.

  237. Yay, it’s Booksgiving! Here is a book I think could really help me (it’s in kindle format). Thanks to whoever wants to buy this book for this person who’s just figured out that she actually has ADHD (aka, me)
    Hi. Check out this list:

  238. I’d like to suggest “Noah the Narwhal” by our very own Judith (the human) Klausner. I don’t have a copy myself but from what I’ve heard, it’s fantastic! There are currently 4 left on Amazon!

  239. @annathebookworm2014 #179 – Happy Birthday! Your wish list is missing your address so we can’t send a book your way quite yet.

  240. I think Jenny has the best ideas ever! Anytime I need to smile I can count on her or all those that follow her. Laughs a billion!

  241. Anonymous #142 your book is on its way. It’s such a great book!

  242. 253
    Karin Luton

    I did not know about Booksgiving! How is it possible?! Buying books is one of my favorite things, and better yet as a gift! Here’s my wish list, or You Are Here 🙂

    Oops, didn’t do it right the first time!

  244. Booksgiving is one of my favorite surprise holidays. This year I’m going to give a book, but made a list too. Just in case. We can do a book-swap!

    Here is my list:

  245. ArtfulDani #103 your book and the Frog and Toad book for your kiddo are on their way! Happy Booksgiving!

  246. Aw… I just love Booksgiving! It’s the most wonderful holiday! My favorite book recently was Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik. So beautiful! Here is my list, one for each me and my two kiddos. Thank you again to Jenny for all of the love and joy you spread every year. I’m here to help moderate the list, if you want/need me to… I think you have my email address. Happy Booksgiving everyone! Link:

  247. #178 Canada

  248. We are a large family and most of our “family time” is spent building elaborate Halloween displays throughout the year. It also teaches the children about history. Last year was pirates, this year is witches. Also our oldest son has started building and carving tombstones for others’ Halloween props

  249. 260
    For the kiddos

    If you’re looking for a good book, I highly recommend The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson! Here’s my list:

  250. 261

    What a wonderful idea. I love surprising someone with a little something! My list is here, but I kinda already got a gift for myself by buying something for someone earlier in the comments, so if no one touches it that’s all good. Not any of Jenny’s books because I have them all, though. 😀

  251. 262
    Michelle Jeffers

    Pick me, pick me! I love your books! I don’t have this one yet.

    (Let’s Pretend This Never Happened is on the way! ~ Jenny)

  252. 263
    Melanie Henson

    Happy Booksgiving! This is the best holiday ever 🙂 I would love a copy of Furiously Happy of my very own! I have checked it out of the library so many times when I need a pick-me-up. It never fails to make me laugh out loud. <3

    (I think maybe you put the idea of Furiously Happy on your list but not the actual book? ~ Jenny)

  253. Booksgiving is amazing and would definitely bring some joy to our harried lives! Thank you!!

  254. I enjoye Booksgiving every year 🙂

  255. I can heartily recommend (and remember, I was a bookseller for over a decade) Joshilyn Jackson’s THE ALMOST SISTERS, and Brandon Sanderson’s LEGION. Or drop on by the Seattle Mystery Bookshop webpage. We may have closed our doors sniffle but we’re still pushing books like crazy people!

  256. Fabulous! Love this idea

    Hi. Check out this list:

    (Looks like it’s on the way! ~ Jenny)

  257. Happy Booksgiving! I had a really hard time choosing a book for me, so instead put a book each for my sons.

    (Looks like they’re on the way! ~ Jenny)

  258. Happy Booksgiving all!

    Here is my list:

    (I can’t get your link to work. ~ Jenny)

  259. Here’s my wishlist. My husband decided to dump me so it’s been kind of a rough 2 months.

    (Sending you so much love. Can you add a shipping address to your list? ~ Jenny)

  260. #65 – Should have a Kindle book waiting for you 🙂

  261. Happy Booksgiving everyone! I need a new copy of Furiously Happy because I keep loaning it out and never getting it back 😅 I’m not mad though because I truely believe it’s magic. Thank you!

    (Sent! ~ Jenny)

  262. Megan #244. Yours is on the way 🙂

  263. Julia #167 on it’s way.

  264. 276
    Kimberly Lovings

    I love this because I’m a book nerd! However, I’m just going to ask for Furiously Happy. I do a read aloud of parts of it at a women’s scrapbook retreat whenever I go and I’m always having to scramble to the library on my way out of town. It’s worth it for the midnight laughs. I tell a brief background of the players in your life, Jenny, usually a language disclaimer (although I forgot last week and lost someone with motherf&$c&$er) and then share a chapter. Sometimes I just read your blog posts. They love you!! So do I! But I’m a library girl for $$ reasons. Having my own copy would be a real treat. Thanks!!

    (Looks like someone beat me to it! ~ Jenny)

  265. Megan, #244 – on its way. Hope it helps (and I may check it out myself!)

  266. 278
    Danielle Lauzon

    #162 and #263 Your copies of Jenny’s books are on the way. Enjoy!

  267. Anonymous #137, I went to send you your book and it’s not set up to go to you. If you’ll add your address to the wish list, your book will be on its way!

  268. What a lovely idea! I have your books, but this one would be nice to have and read- especially when the darkness hits. 💜💜

    (Looks like it’s on the way! ~ Jenny)


    This is the best day of the year for me. I have sent a dozen or so to y’all and I can’t wait to look for more to send off to everyone. Here’s my list 🙂

  270. Angela (#236) – enjoy your book. I survived an accelerated BSN program and feel your pain. Hang in there – it’s worth it!!!

  271. I would greatly appreciate a copy of Furiously Happy if anyone can manage that, I’ll definitely try to pass on the love when I’m able ❤️

  272. Probably way too late….but juggling a preteen, 3 year old and newborn pretty much guarantees I’m never on time for anything anymore.

  273. My favorite day of the year!! Thanks Jenny! I love you and our beautiful community of weirdos and awesomeness.

  274. Amber H (267) – You Are Here will be there next week!

  275. FaereWolf #34 … your very own copy is on the way! I went to high school w/ the author… perhaps I should give this book a read too! 🙂 Enjoy and Happy Booksgiving!

  276. This does my heart good! You guys ROCK! Happy Booksgiving everyone!!

  277. 289
    Elizabeth M.

    I’ve got multiple copies of all of your books, so I’m asking for a different book that I can’t wait to read.

    Happy Booksgiving everyone!!!

  278. Allyson #284, you don’t seem to have a shipping address on the wishlist (or I can’t make it work, at least)

  279. hey, ya’ll. this is my second booksgiving, I am stocked to receive my books this time around!

  280. 292

    Man this is better than Festivus! Ive been looking for your Owners Manual….I definitely wish your books for everyone(ps- theyre even better to listen to with Jennys’ narration!).I am an idiot and do not know how to attach an address…duh but fun….thats me!

  281. did I already do this? I can’t find my post. and #280 enjoy your book.

  282. One of the funnest days of the year. I am struggling with a bad case of the winters right now and am in a major CRPS flare, so have been doing a ton of reading. I am in Canada so it’s nice and cold. 😉 am off to look for some wishes to fulfill now – that is the best part. I’ve included a book for my dude too – he has been eagerly awaiting this book for ages.

    Happy Booksgiving!!!!

  283. Yay!! I did this last year and it is great!!! I’m an art historian and I’ve been interested in PaleoArt- depictions of prehistoric animals in art. This book would help me keep researching!!! Check out this list:

  284. I’ve wanted to get your books Jenny for awhile. I remember when your first one came out. I don’t get to buy books very often and it doesn’t help my TBR list is really long. I’ve tried to see about getting your books from the library to be able to read but unfortunately they don’t have them in circulation here. I love reading your blog and I’m sure I would love reading your books.

  285. Oh dang, I forgot to include my list. Darn brain fog!

  286. Hi. Check out this list:

    Happy Booksgiving!!

  287. Ellie @ #164 Your book is on it’s way.
    Happy Booksgiving!

  288. 97 Tash…books in its way!

  289. Hi. Check out this list:

    Happy Booksgiving!

  290. Hey! If anyone is willing to send a book down Argentina way, I’d appreciate it a lot.
    Depression can be a ****.
    Thank you. Promise to pay it forward when I can 💚

  291. 303
    Karyn Hantzmon

    Ack! I commented on the wrong post! Here’s the link to my list:) You’re so awesome for doing this!

  292. This is absolutely awesome!!! You guys are the best!!! I cannot wait to send some books 🙂

    Booksgiving 4, bitches!!!!

  293. Happy Booksgiving, all! I went to high school w/ this author and was reminded of this book by a fellow “Booksgiving-er” (not a word, I know)… would be fun read!

  294. 306
    LeAnn Woodward

    Happy Booksgiving everyone! 🙂

  295. Happy Booksgiving! Merry Adventures to All!

  296. 308
    Desirae van de Sandt

    This is so cool! I’m looking forward to buying one for someone else too!

    Hi. Check out this list:

  297. Happy Booksgiving everyone! I look forward to receiving and purchasing a book. Thank you all for your generosity and love of books.

  298. Brandy, Kelly Corrigan is coming to you! (I love her books!) Happy Booksgiving!

  299. Jennifer #250, I added my address on. Thank you so much!

  300. Alexis #128

    I’m sure used is fine. I would be thrilled with used or new, and I’m sure everyone else would be too!

  301. Alexis Whyte Post #36 – keep an eye on your mailbox! 🙂 Happy Booksgiving!

  302. 314
    Rory's 2nd biggest fan

    SO COOL! Booksgiving is definitely my new favorite holiday 🙂

  303. Tamsin – #163 – it’s headed your way! Happy Booksgiving!

  304. I can only dream
    Hi. Check out this list:

  305. I notice that a lot of the lists click through to “collaboration lists” and you get a little warning… this is slightly different than when James Garfield happened and it added you automatically. Keep in mind if you build this kind of list someone “joins a group” to see your list and gets a TON of emails every time someone joins it etc. Also, people might not fill your list. Just make it a publicly shared list. Just my two cents….

  306. I look forward to this day every year! I love all the Happy Booksgiving generosity! Thanks, Jenny, for engineering this brilliant holiday. <3 On here is one I’ve been book-stalking and one for my book-loving toddler girls.

  307. I love all of your books, and have duplicates. I would love a book that I don’t have yet. I’m asking for one of the newer Asterix volumes, because reading them makes me happy.
    Thank you.

    PS: I have “My Sister The Serial Killer” on loan from the ebook library. I’m looking forward to reading it.

  308. #316 no address

  309. 323
    Valerie Baker

    Lulus mom, there’s no address on your list!

  310. I love all of your books, and have duplicates. I would love a book that I don’t have yet. I’m asking for one of the newer Asterix volumes, because reading them makes me happy.
    Thank you.

    Forgot the wish list link on the first post. Ooops.

    PS: I have “My Sister The Serial Killer” on loan from the ebook library. I’m looking forward to reading it.

  311. Booksgiving is by far the most amazing holiday! Last year my daughter and I received The Little Witch to read together at night. We have read it multiple times since and shared it with others. My daughter was so grateful that a stranger bought a book for her to enjoy. This holiday gives my heart the smiles.

  312. If anyone feels like it, I’d love a copy of You Are Here. Thank you so much.


    Here’s my list – last year someone offered me “let’s pretend” (thank you again !), this year I’d love to get “furiously happy” 🙂 I’m in France. I shared the first book around, at least 3 people read it so far: this present makes many people happy!

  314. This book is the final in a trilogy and I have no idea when my library will get it. I would love to be able to finish the series.

    Thank you for your kindness and happy booksgiving!

  315. This is my favorite HOLIDAY EVER… Thanks Jenny … sending books from wishlists is my favorite…. Thanks for sharing your lists new anonymous friends….

  316. Missy #234, enjoy!! 😀

  317. Tfw you can’t find a book to buy for another because BITCHEZ BE BUYING BOOKS FOR EACH OTHER 🙌🙌
    Robyn, I’ve heard you should read I’ll Be There in the Dark with the lights on, in a public place, surrounded by hired guards and a moat. Probably also an army of trained squirrels.
    I don’t actually know because I couldn’t read it. I’m way too scared of squirrels.

  318. 333
    Christina White

    Happy Booksgiving everyone! I’ve never done this before, only lurked, haha. So hopefully I did it right. 🙂 It’s me and my 2 kids.

  319. I love this holiday!! Thank you so much for creating this day, Jenny. It is a wonderful reminder that there are people out there that understand.


  320. Happy Booksgiving !
    I would love “You are Here” !
    There is 2 (2,99) books my daughter would love.
    Thank you !

  321. Missy #234, Enjoy!! Should be there by Valentine’s Day!

  322. I also loved My Soster, The Serial Killer! It was wonderful on audio.

    I can’t believe there’s a book of yours I don’t have yet, but here we are:

  323. Missy #234, Enjoy!! Should be there by Valentine’s Day!

  324. Never had the opportunity to read your books but I’ve been following your blog for years and I’ve always wanted to read your books as well! Happy Booksgiving!

  325. Because my library doesn’t carry it.
    I’ll be sure to pass it on.

  326. BOOKSGIVING! I don’t need a book; I’ll be shopping for other folks later when I get back from the gym, so it’s okay to skip me. But also, if you want to do an exchange, hit me up. Sometimes it is really just so lovely to know that someone else cares. You know?

    becomingcliche recently posted The Thing That Has Maybe Changed My Life.

  327. I’m from the UK but would love to get involved here! Happy booksgiving everyone! 🙂

  328. Booksgiving is the best! I hope the person I bought for enjoys their book!

  329. Allyson, post 284, I tried to send your book, but you don’t have a shipping address on your post.

  330. I would love a copy of The Immortalists, there’s a long wait at our library. Thank you!!

  331. 346
    Kayla Kibler

    It’s Okay to Laugh: (Crying Is Cool Too)
    by Nora McInerny Purmort

    I’ve been going through all of it lately, and having some scary scary mental issues. If someone decides to get it for me I would not be able to begin to thank them enough. Happy Booksgiving ya’ll!

  332. Booksgiving? Booksgiving!

    This one, because I haven’t been able to persuade either of my closest libraries to order it.

  333. I had just been thinking lately about how I needed to get a new book to read. what great timing! happy booksgiving 🙂

  334. On its way #314!!! This is so fun!!!

  335. Happy Booksgiving!!

    I would love You are Here.

    I have lots of time to read because I’m currently in chemo cycles so I have a few hours of treatment each day. Here is the link to my wish list (a book about processing grief).

  336. I have Let’s Pretend and You are Here. I would love to complete my collection with Furiously Happy!

  337. ♥️♥️♥️
    Love this, and will share the love!

  338. #345, The Immortalists was amazing!! On it’s way to you! Happy Booksgiving! 🙂

  339. Hopefully Amazon tells someone when the book has purchased off of their list! If not…..
    #61 Kadi
    #64 Jill
    #187 Tammy
    #188 Kristi (the 3rd book was a kindle edition, sorry!)
    #231 Jay
    #276 Kimberly
    your books are on the way! Hopefully you enjoy reading these books as much as I enjoyed getting to surprise you with them! What a great way to spread some happiness and goodwill!

    Happy reading 🙂


  340. 355
    Barbara Sullivan

    I wish everyone would add the title of the book they’re hoping for!I love looking at what others are reading in real life too and I’m sure I’ve made strangers uncomfortable while trying to get a peek at their book’s cover.
    I’m dying to read ( not literally) Little Panic by Amanda Stern about her life growing up with anxiety. My library is seriously deficient in mental health books and I’m not surprised that they don’t have this.
    Is anyone else fascinated by the intriguing situation with the author of the mega-hit A Woman in the Window?
    I personally suffer with agoraphobia so I devoured this book and loved it. The author, real name Dan Mallory, is the subject of a New Yorker profile detailing the author’s rise through the ranks of the publishing industry and the compulsive lying that propelled it. He has claimed to be bipolar. Fascinating.

  341. I got you, Kristin Bertier 74. Books for you and your son are on the way!

    romcomdojo recently posted You’re not psychic. Not even a little..

  342. Katie 325. The Fantastic Mr. Fox should be there on Saturday. I hope you and your daughter enjoy it.

  343. I have all of Jenny’s books, but would love to get this one:

    Always happy to give a book away for Booksgiving!

  344. 359

    One to lend to friends who need to have the magic of the Bloggess enrich their lives. And one for my 3-year-old. Thank you!

  345. Holy cow that was quick, thank you so much Anonymous 353! <3

  346. Happy Booksgiving, all you wonderful people!

    The latest Fiona Barton thriller would add some spice to the February doldrums, but in all honesty, I don’t need a new book …I have plenty…so feel free to head on down the list to someone who really does have a need!

  347. Aww man, I love this holiday!

    I’ve read Jenny’s books, so here’s my wish … how to stop feeling like sh*t. Because … relevant title (and wish!)

    Off to shop and pass it forward…

  348. Happy Booksgiving!

    I hope a Kindle book is ok, it’s much easier on my hands:

  349. becoming cliche #341 – Your book is on it’s way!

  350. Oops as #363, I forgot to say that the physical one is for my child!

  351. Kayla/346 … your book will arrive Saturday!

  352. Adore this so much! Your first book was immensely helpful to me, after pulling myself out of the worst depression of my life, I am happy to say I see the happiness of life. Your second book is on my list to read!

    My boyfriend is publishing an epic fantasy novella later this month, get a free copy and do us the hugest favor ever by leaving an Amazon review! The more reviews we can get the better will be seen by others! FREE BOOK > AMAZON >

    I’m currently reading 12 rules for life by Jordan Peterson.

  353. I would love to get a copy of You Are Here sent to my daughter, she’s away at school and has recently really been struggling with her mental health (MDD, PD, ADHD). She’s a big fan of Jenny, got Furiously Happy recently and has loved it. I think the coloring book would greatly help to keep her out of her own head for a bit (and it’d be so sweet to tell her that a stranger cares)

  354. Booksgiving is the best! Here’s one I’ve been wanting to read:

  355. 362 your book is on its way

  356. It’s been a rough year and a half and The Guilty Feminist seems like it would be such a great read. Happy Booksgiving everyonel. Oh and I’m in Canada.

  357. Happy Booksgiving! My list has one for me and one for my little guy.

  358. 373
    Gina A Hernandez
  359. 374
    Gina A Hernandez

    I got you, Becky, #372

  360. Booksgiving is one of my favorite holidays.

    my list:


    Happy booksgiving everyone. Will start shopping! So excited!!

  362. Check out this list:

    I used to have hardcopies of Jenny’s books but I opened my home to a rescue and quickly found out he loved Jenny too. 🐶😭 I cried and Ive never been able to bring myself to replace them.

  363. I know I totally messed this up but here goes!! :

  364. Hi, my name is Elizabeth and my little sister has chronic epilepsy. She’s still in high school, but this has been happening increasingly for a couple years now and although she’s been really strong through it all, my heart just breaks for her. It would mean so much if anyone would be so kind to give her a pick-me-up. Thank you so much.

  365. I loved Hazel Wood (from the library) and my Hazel would (see what I did there) would love to read it.


    Furiously Happy is one of my favorite books. I’d love to read Let’s Pretend This Never Happened. Thank you ❤️

    Would love to be able to share this wonderful holiday with the teens in my life. Here are all their book requests.

  368. Happy books giving! Thank you, Jenny


    Furiously Happy is one of my favorite books. I’d love to be able to read Let’s Pretend This Never Happened. Thank you ❤️

  370. 385
    Gina A Hernandez

    369, your book is on the way!!!

  371. I love this “holiday” and it’s amazing to see how awesome everyone is to complete strangers every year! <3

    I don’t have a book out, but please allow me to pimp out my friend’s books. She’s written a series, and has another one (series) coming out this summer. So if you like romance with a bit of pop culture, check out her books 🙂

    (And I make jewelry, so if you need a valentine, “galentine”, or maybe just something for your self, have a peek)

    Laurie recently posted F Cancer -- small rectangular pendant -- corner drilled --Sterling Silver by IntermezzoDesigns.

  372. Happy booksgiving Thursday everyone!!!! This has to be the best day ever. I was so low today and seeing this brings so much joy! Here is my family’s list. Thank you for this wonderful idea. ( off to find a book for another )

  373. 388
    Gina A Hernandez

    Ashlyn, #382, your books are on the way!!!

  374. I wish i could give back but im struggling moneys been tight but happy booksgiving!! I will be sure to give back when im able to!!

  375. 390

    This is an awesome idea. Things like this make me love the internet.

    Hi. Check out this list:

  376. I think I figured out how to do this:

    Jenny’s third book is on my list <3

    Y’all are awesome.

  377. Theada Fowler your books are on their way 🙂

  378. Happy booksgiving!! Wish list for my two girls

  379. 394
    Bernadette B

    Thanks to my cousin for notifying me of this

    the only book I’m missing from the Bloggess:

  380. 396
    Lana Phillips

    To those of you who requested Kindle books, how did you do the wish list? I want to make sure I did it right.

  381. I wrote a book called Bipolar Me, based on my blog of the same name. It’s available on Amazon at (I attended Jenny’s Blog-to-Book session at the Erma Bombeck Writers Workshop.)

    Janet Coburn recently posted Do You Know a King Baby?.

  382. If anyone needs a good giggle, I highly recommend the children’s book The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt. I’ve read it so many times to the grandkids (read it again, Gramma!) I practically know it by heart, and we still all laugh out loud. Another great and funny kids book is The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson. This one is in rhyme.

  383. Lexy post 387, you’re missing your link!

  384. Yay, booksgiving!!!!! The most wonderful time of the year 😘
    Can’t wait to buy some books!!

  385. Hurray for Booksgiving! Life is getter better every day. I have 4 TMS treatments left, 32 are done! We have a little camper coming soon and it’s going to be such a nice escape. Off to buy a book or two or three for others. Thank you!

  386. Lana Phillips 396, I do believe if you just have the Kindle book on your list, as well as an email address attached to your wishlist, when someone buys it they have “all buying options” and then they click “buy for others” when they do that it should send you the Kindle version of the book! Hope that helps!

  387. Happy booksgiving Thursday everyone!!!! This has to be the best day ever. I was so low today and seeing this brings so much joy! Here is my family’s list. Thank you for this wonderful idea. ( off to find a book for another )
    Messed up the first time !

  388. Mom to Meg #368, someone cares and Meg’s book is on the way!!

  389. Happy Booksgiving, #241!

  390. I have all of the bloggesses books but here is a book I need 🙂
    Hi. Check out this list:

  391. I have all your books… some multiple formats… I might have an issue…)

    This book would I think be very meaningful and special for myself and someone I love very much to read together.

  392. My 9 year old has claimed You are Here as her own so I find myself in need of a copy again!

  393. It’s my favorite time of the year!! Love Booksgiving. I have all of your books but would love to read this. Thank you!!

  394. Happy Booksgiving! I just discovered how wonderful Neil Gaiman is, and we have been reading Stardust out loud every night as a family. We would love to add this to our collection:

    Thank you–and now I’m off to search the lists to send books in return!

  395. 412
    Kylie Goodwin

    Thanks for doing this again. The books that my daughter has gotten in the past are some of our most treasured.

  396. 413
    Lana Phillips

    Thank you, Serine. I thought that was right.

  397. 414
    Tracy Fleck

    Krista Jasper your book is on the way! 🙂
    PS. I bought the pencil case that matches the dishtowel on your list last month! I noticed after I order the book!! LOL! Enjoy!
    DS Luca…I am going to read your Novella! Just bought it!

  398. Serena #56 a book is on its way to you. Enjoy!

  399. Happy Booksgiving! One for my kid too.

  400. Ash # 281 your book is on the way. Enjoy!!!

  401. 418
    purple_monkfish there aren’t many books on my list these days. I dunno why. I’m not really “in the book scene” any more so I don’t know what’s good and what’s worth reading and then I get overwhelmed and kinda.. hide.

    I need to dig out my copies of let’s pretend this never happend and furiously happy. I started reading the first in hospital years ago and then it got put into my home back and kinda.. lost. Whoops?
    dang hospital bags.

    Of course if anyone ever finds a copy of Estralita, let me know man. It’s been out of print for decades. We used to go to the Auckland Domain to see if we could find that statue, i’ve never been sure if it ever existed or not. But gosh that book was evocotive and inspirational.

    as for recomendations? I will ALWAYS suggest my favourite book of all time. The Neverending Story. Especially if you can find a copy in red and green. Oh so pretty and way easier to read.

    And for kids? Oliver Jeffers did Stuck and the Once there Was a Boy series both of which are hilarious. I still smile every time I read Stuck. It’s so ridiculous.
    the ladder gets me every single time.

  402. Not sure I’m doing this right, but here goes nothing!

    Now to pick some books from the list to send on!

  403. 421
    Katharine Whitman

    I don’t need any more books right now, but I love this tradition so I am going to go buy some people some books!!!! Thank you for wetting this up, Jenny!

  404. Here is my wish list:
    I got something for someone’s kid, too. I wasn’t going to ask for anything and then figured, what the heck. It’s always fun to get a package in the mail, right? Happy Booksgiving!

  405. Gina S. at #153, your book is allegedly arriving next Wednesday. Enjoy!

  406. love me some books and my mom told me about this so :00 happy booksgiving!

  407. Happy Booksgiving everyone!!! ❤️📚❤️

  408. I needed something like this to happen today.

  409. 427

    Books for folks are on their way! This is my favorite holiday! Here’s my list (a beloved paperback that I lost in a move, and a little something for my bookworm of a toddler). Merry Bookmas, y‘all!!

  410. Happy booksgiving everyone!!!

  411. Yay! I love booksgiving! Here’s my link! I’m adopting and this is a fictional book that takes place in my future children’s home country! I’ll put a book on for them, too 🙂

  412. 430
    Terri Justiniano

    Hey Jenny, i was just gifted your book Lets Pretend this Never Happened at for Yule. My friends came over, ate and discussed books and traded books we thought each other would like. My friend Rhoda actually bough me my copy of your book because she knew i would love it. I just finished it and have sung it’s praises so often on FB i think my friends are reading the book just to shut me up. I threatened to buy a case and give a copy to anyone who hits on me and say “if you can handle this, you know where to find me”. Thank you so much for being you.

  413. #2 and #24–your books are on the way!

  414. #2 and #24–your books are on the way!

  415. I read everything! So surprise me! I’ll give you my address if you email me, abankswaltz @ comcast . net
    I’ve got an 8 year old son and 9 year old daughter too, up to you if you want to include them. Thanks! Happy Booksgiving!

  416. Oh I just posted but I found a book I’ve been looking for.
    Let’s shop together—help me build my list on Amazon!

  417. Hi. Check out this list:

  418. OP #230…You would think copy/paste would be simple enough. Thank you all! Try #2

  419. 439

    Hey my name is Kym this is my first time doing this and I want to help with people get the books they need and want. Happy reading!!!!

  420. 440

    Hey my name is Kym this is my first time doing this and I want to help with people get the books they need and want. Happy reading!!!!

    Book Wish List 

  421. 441

    Happy Booksgiving!

    What a great day it is! This is a book I want so much but according to the wait list at the local library I will be waiting approx. 6 months. I was gifted a ticket at Christmas to see her speak in May and hope to get to read the book prior to seeing her.

  422. I would really like Furiously Happy. I just listened to your interview on the Hilarious World of Depression podcast, Jenny, and my friend recommended your book. I’m so sad I found you so late but so thankful I did!

  423. It’s like a used book shop, but even better! Thanks for doing this Jenny!

    Becky Weaver recently posted When Seasonal Depression Almost Killed Me.

  424. 444

    I love Booksgiving! Here’s my book, one from an author in Greenland that seemed like it needed to be read via real book. Now to find a book to buy!

    Thanks for continuing to do this!


  425. Angela 434, your book is on it’s way 😀

  426. 447
    Kristi (#188)


    Thank you so much! I am so excited! 😀

  427. My father passed away recently by suicide. I’ve added a few books for both my mother and myself to start to be able to make sense of it all and to figure out life without him.

  428. Happy Booksgiving, y’all!

  429. Such a great idea! Pass on kindness and love as much as possible! So much love for you all!

  430. I’ve wanted this book for a while so I could share the stories with my Girl Guide group.
    Hi. Check out this list:

  431. 452

    18 months ago I walked out of my work and never walked back in. I spent the first of many nights in the psych unit of the hospital. I left my career. But it’s hard healing wounds that are 40 years old. I WANT to be grateful for how far I’ve come. I WANT to be thankful that I’m surviving my battle with bipolar disorder. I WANT to not be paranoid anymore. So, here goes.

  432. Stephanie #450 your book is on it’s way!

  433. 455
    Pennalynn Lott

    Link for the book I want:

    Recommendation: The whole “Steerswoman” series by Rosemary Kirstein. Unique, smart, lots of plot twists. And when I say “smart” I mean this author did her homework in many, many disciplines to pull this series off.

  434. 456
    Bookshelf Rabbit

    Yay my favorite time of year!

  435. 457
    Kristi (#188)

    I rediscovered my love of reading last year and have been trying to make a point of reading at least one or two books every month. Since then, I’ve read some really great books and discovered amazing authors! Here are some of my favorites that I’d love to recommend:

    All the Light We Cannot See, by Anthony Doerr
    The Nightingale, by Kristin Hannah
    Stardust, by Neil Gaiman
    When Breath Becomes Air, by Paul Kalanithi
    The Girl With All the Gifts (and its prequel, The Boy on the Bridge), by M.R. Carey

    I’m currently reading The Silence of the Lambs, by Thomas Harris. I really didn’t like the first book of the series, Red Dragon, but I have been told the rest of the series is better, so here’s hoping! I do like it so far.

    Sorry, I love talking about books.

  436. 458
    Danielle Lauzon

    #380. Nice pun! Enjoy!

    Thanks to everyone that named their book recommendation too. Happy Giving!

  437. Best Holiday Ever.
    For as many times as I’ve read “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened” I don’t actually own a copy.

  438. Jenny
    Several of these addresses are Canadian and free prime doesn’t work… ;(

  439. Bethany #452, I don’t see your shipping address.

  440. 464
    Jennifer Salas

    I’m late again. I want some of your books to give away to my patients. We have a small library at our center. I work with substance abuse people who are trying to get their lives back that have been stolen from drugs and alcohol. I live in Austin, Texas.

  441. So… I’ve started a “Master List” in case you are wondering “why hasn’t my list been filled?” Or, “where can I find a list that hasn’t been filled, because people are being so awesomely generous?! I want to buy people books, but don’t have time to sift through the comments!” To be clear, ANYONE can comment on this list, ANYONE! Then I can click on your comment and fix it! This is for people who love a consolidated list. This doesn’t exclude anyone, and shouldn’t deter you from using the comment board all you’d like. It is just to help, because I love to help, and I love Jenny and her community. Also, anyone can help too if they’d like. Just submit a little request on the Master List, which is public! The “Master List” is updated so far up to comment 200:

  442. 466
    Kylie Goodwin

    I just sent a few books. I haven’t been able to cry since starting a new medication but I’ve got tears streaming down my face now. This brings me so much joy.

  443. Terri Justiniano, #430, there is no address connected to your wishlist.

  444. I find it so sad that some of the lists that I had left open earlier, in the 90’s comments, to see how much money I had in the bank, now have more/different books on them then they did a few hours ago.

  445. 469
    Kristi (#188)

    Sarah, #20 – I have heard so many great things about Brandon Sanderson’s books! I can’t wait to read something by him. (I’m slowly working my way down my “to-read” pile, and he’s on it somewhere! Ha ha.)


    Happy Booksgiving!

  447. THANK YOU SERINE 23!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  448. Mary, #419, your book is on the way!☺

  449. Sawan Tate, there’s a book coming your way. May it bring light when things seem to be nothing but dark

  450. Thanks for considering us. What a great holiday!

  451. You are just so generous and fantastic 💗😂💗

  452. Four years ago, I was broke and unemployed. I was lost and deep into depression, but I wanted so much to be able to buy books for people. I felt ashamed to put my name in there for my own needs. Now, I can, and I’m so excited to give someone else something special!

  453. 477

    Got you Bookshelf Rabbit! Adding your book to my reading list!

  454. Hi Sawan Tate (#448).
    Your book should arrive on Saturday.
    I’m sorry about your Dad.

  455. 479

    Mary #462 – corrected!

  456. 480

    I’ve had a really bad 2 days. Had to go in-house & it was horrible. I’m home now & at least I have a bed that isn’t a foam pad on a piece of plywood & people telling me I’m not taking my medicine when I AM (like clockwork — I’m anal about it). I’ve always wanted to read your books, Jenny. I have that one to auction for my bookstore & have been glancing at it when I can, but it’s due to go to some lucky winner, not me. I’d be grateful for ANY of your books. Especially right now.

    (I think this list works. I’m terrible with the Amazon list links on my iPad, which doesn’t like cutting and pasting)

    (Hey sweetness. I’m sending you so much love. Can you add your address to your list? ~ Jenny)

  457. Happy booksgiving. Thank you, Jenny.
    Hi. Check out this list:

  458. My most favorite holiday! I have wanted to read this book forever and the wait st the library is over six months!!

  459. Hello, Jenny!
    I never leave a comment, but I love all of your posts. You always help me with your words, thank you for that. And thank you for your kindness and generosity. I love Booksgiving! I already have yours, so I would like to read this one

    Thank you so much for this!

  460. Rachel, # 429, the books are headed your way! Congratulations on the future kiddo!

  461. 485
    Kristi (#188)

    While we’re here discussing books, I’d love suggestions for my 12 year old daughter! She’s been asking for romance books but I have trouble finding some that are age-appropriate. Some that she’s enjoyed have been:

    Love & Gelato, by Jenna Evans Welch
    Love & Luck, Jenna Evans Welch
    Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry
    What If Its Us by Becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera

    She also enjoys reading about gay and transgender teens. I think she’s curious and working on figuring herself out.

  462. Such a great holiday!

  463. Last year was my first booksgiving, and it came around less than a week after my mother passed. This whole thing brought me so much comfort, and I love that there are so many wonderful giving people. Here is my list for this year. I have been waiting to read this book for almost 2 years now!

  464. To Kristi #188….Either I am crazy ( definetly am) or you changed the last book to not being a kindle version but either way I got you! Hope your daughter enjoys! I felt so bad that the one daughter didn’t have anything coming!

  465. Bethany, #479, 2 are on the way. The other said it could be sent to a wishlist address. (??)


  466. Hi starcatbooks (#480),

    I just tried to send you a book, but apparently you did not list your mailing address. Please go do that.

    Do the books have to be hardback? I could buy more people books if they were cheaper, meaning paperbacks.

    Meredith Weberg

  467. Jenny, I can’t tell you how many times I have bought your books for a friend suffering from anxiety or depression, or suggested it to anyone in that boat. I use your books myself to help me fall asleep (anxiety = insomnia for me). I love the idea of Booksgiving. You are an amazing human being and I am so glad you share yourself with all of us!

  468. 492
    Kimberly Lovings

    Ellie – Thank you!!! You are spreading joy beyond just me since I will share this book but know how excited I am too!!! Happy booksgiving!

  469. You are the best!!! I was so blessed to get one of your books from you a few years ago on a Booksgiving! I have all three of your books!! This is a book I have been eyeing for over a year.

  470. This is my favorite series, I have books 1, 2 and 4. Book 3 is on my list. Happy Booksgiving!

  471. 495
    Kimberly Lovings

    Ellie – thank you! You are spreading joy beyond me since I will share this book with my friends! I so appreciate your kindness! Happy booksgiving!!!

  472. Ellie – you are so sweet, thank you!

    I changed it from kindle format because I didn’t know I had listed it in that format until you mentioned it.

    Thank you from all of us! 🙂

    -Kristi (#188)

  473. Nancy Kelly #371 it’s on its way…slowly apparently! There was only 1 option for shipping but sometime in the next few weeksThe Guilty Feminist should be at your door.

  474. 498

    Love Jenny and all her books. Still working on the colorbook 🙂

  475. This is my favorite holiday 🥰❤️

  476. Check out this list:
    Happy Booksgiving everyone!!! Been wanting to read this book for a while!!!

  477. Hi #416,
    A book will arrive on Tuesday (or Wednesday) for your daughter.

  478. Have you read Shane Koyczan? Amazing Canadian spoken word artist who tours high schools inspiring teens.

  479. I want to share this amazing holiday with the kids my son goes to youth group with. We have purchased books this year for 8 people. I couldn’t be prouder of these young humans. Here is their a book I need list. Thank you Jenny for giving us such a great chance to show how wonderful it is to find community here

  480. And of course I forgot to post the link

  481. Happy Booksgiving!!! What a fantastic idea. Here’s my list:

    A book I’ve really enjoyed in the past has been The Surgeon of Crawthorne. I think in the U.S., it’s called Professor and a Madman. It’s not too intellectual, but it’s a great read if you are a fan of the O.E.D.

    Any suggestions for a teen that likes either strong female character leads or non-binary characters? My kid is avoiding pronouns at the moment, but would love to read something that also isn’t too age-specific – so a teen with a reading level and comprehension of an adult.

  482. I love surprise books!!! Hope I can surprise someone else as well (or multiple someones!)

    Josh Gunderson recently posted We’re Getting Married Now, Those Are the Rules.

  483. 508
    Rebekah Bishop

    People who love paranormal romance, kickass women, and/or diverse voices should defiantly check out my Friend Jennifer Fisch-Ferguson’s work!

  484. Allyson Deaton (#284),
    You need to add your mailing address.

  485. HEY JENNY!! WHERE IS YOUR LIST? I’d like to give you a Booksgiving gift!!

  486. Serine,
    I’m #99. My list has been edited. I don’t know how to add my list on the sheet. Here it is.

  487. Booksgiving sounds like a great holiday. Thanks for considering.

  488. Hi Onecrazykid, kiddos book is on the way. Any fellow Canadians able to pick up moms book? #297 Jenny, thanks for a great Booksgiving. Love and hugs to all.

  489. 514
    Beth Larrabee

    I have all of Jenny’s books and I love them! Here’s a book that I’ve been wanting to read.

  490. I’d LOVE a copy of Jenny’s “You Are Here”, to de-stress a bit.
    Between lending son legal fees for child custody, endless medical issues and the cost of meds that go along with them, and a car that I swear is possessed with Gremlins, books have unfortunately become a “luxury” I just can’t afford.

  491. This is my my favorite holiday! Sending random almost strangers their wanted book is the ultimate in paying it forward.

  492. Updated to Post 355, have to put my daughter to bed, then I’ll catch up the rest of the list. You can also comment on the Master List if you notice a duplicate or missing address.

  493. Hi Sabrina (#393),
    Both books are on the way for your daughters. Enjoy!

  494. Thank you! Thank you!

  495. This is such an amazing thing. Hopefully I’m not too late!

  496. Happy Booksgiving!

    The one Jenny book I still lack. ❤️

  497. Kristi #188 and the second Miss Peregrine book is shipping new from a 3rd party seller so it will be there later than the other two!

  498. One of my favorite holidays! I love giving surprises!

    Here’s my book. I really do miss this man. My mom, Julia Child, Alton Brown, and Anthony Bourdain really inspired me to pursue my passion for cooking for the sheer joy of food, friends, and family.

  499. 526
    Justin Anderson
  500. Couldn’t have come at a better time this year as I’m on bedrest waiting out a ruptured cyst. Since I haven’t yet read Jenny’s books (shameful i know!) and could use the laughs, I decided it’s time to fix that! Happy booksgiving everyone!

  501. Seeing this made my day. Jenny, thank you for sharing your life with us. I’m an avid long time fan and have all of your books. Here’s my wish list. I’m diving into the list to make someone else’s day.

    Signed, an anxiety/OCD soul sister in New England.

  502. Got one of my Canadian girls and scrolling for the next! I love books giving! I’ve got all Jenny’s books, but I’ve heard great things about this one!

  503. Yay Booksgiving–such a fantastic idea!
    I love this community!

  504. 532
    Kristi (#188)

    #524 – Thank you! And thanks for the heads up! She’s going to be so happy when it gets here!


    Thanks Jenny and this fantastic community!

  506. 534

    My husband and I haven’t read “You Are Here” yet and would love to!

  507. My daughters birthday is this month, and she’s been wanting cat poetry. (I know right?)
    Here’s her book if anyone has a chance to get her one. 🙂

  508. My favorite holiday of the year!

  509. One more beautiful year of sharing and awesomness!!!!
    How amazed i am every year of this!!

  510. 539
    Christy Genta

    Happy Booksgiving! My favorite holiday ever! I’ve been struggling lately and my therapist recommended this book to me 😊

  511. Eve C, your book should arrive Monday.

  512. Happy Booksgiving!
    I am a struggling Native American Graduate Student studying New Media Journalism Master’s of Arts. I am drowning in thousands of dollars in student loans
    I read all of Jenny’s books. However, there is this book on Native American Journalism in the Digital Age that I really need for college and would really appreciate to receive.

    Here is Wenona Gardner’s Wishlist:

    Chi Migwetch,
    Thank you very much in Ojibwe.
    Wenona Gardner

    Wenona Lee Gardner recently posted Native American Witches Growing.

  513. Thank you, Laura!

    My favorite thing is coming on here and trying to find books that haven’t already been bought! We are made of magic!

  514. I guess im just alone. Ive posted twice but havent gottwb picked. Oh well.

    Thanks for doing this Jenny!

  516. Hi, here is the link to my booksgiving page thank you if anyone chooses to send my book. I love this tradition so much. Now I’m off to find someone to send a book to. Beeps Rule!

  517. 547

    Did I do my cart wrong or should I just figure this is like the rest of my week & go put my head in a bag? At least my cat loves me. She barfed all over my bed. Oh, and I found out my hospital not only lied to me about my psych visit, but about the fake UTI results so they cancelled the CRITICAL lumbar puncture I need done to rule out MS because my right leg stopped working and I spent the entirety of Christmas week in neurology. And now the hospital and the insturance commpany are fighting over that and they want me to pay tens of thousands of dollars. So yeah, I wanted to put my head in a bag, thought better of it, called psych, and they LIED about my visit and what they wanted to do and I spent a horrible night there for nothing.

    So fuck the books. I guess the bag is better.

    (No heads in bags, sweetness. Just add your address to your wishlist, okay? Sending you so much love. ~ Jenny)

  518. 548
    Meghan Lynch

    Hi. Check out this list:

    My favorite books this year have been the Nightengale by Kristen Hannah, everything buy Augustan Burroughs and David Sedaris, And I love Elin Hildenbrand-she’s a little fluffy, but I love her characters. I miss them when the books are over, and wonder how they are doing after.

  519. I love Booksgiving!
    Now, time to do the thing!


  520. 550

    Thanks! My husband and I would love “You Are Here.” We can share …

  521. (#521)
    No, you’re not too late! Look for your book to arrive early next week. Happy Booksgiving!
    Joe (#420)

  522. Zoey Moran, Girl In Pieces is on its way to you. Happy booksgiving!

  523. @480 starcatbooks — sorry to hear you’ve had such a rough week. You didn’t add an address to your wish list, so they can’t be purchased as gifts. If you click on “More” in the upper right corner, it should show “Manage List” and you can edit it there.

  524. I would absolutely love a copy of You Are Here as an early birthday present with a message from you!

  525. Mel omg thank u i love u

  526. Happy booksgiving! One for me and one for my daughter’s:.

    Thank you for considering me!

  527. 558

    Fixed address for #547. Thank you for pointing that out, Jennifer. I made the noob mistake (also fibro brain mistake and angry with hospital mistake of thinking Amazon looked at my saved address for my wish lists).

  528. Danielle Lauzon, #120, please add a shipping address! Also your wishlist is currently set to being a collaborative list.

  529. I love Booksgiving! I’ve already sent three books, but I made my list wrong.
    It’s all fixed now (fingers crossed) Link:
    I’m in Washington state.

    You guys are awesome <3

  530. Liz, #535, please add a shipping address!

  531. You are the awesomest of all awesome people everywhere ever!
    Booksgiving 2019

    (fingers crossed that I did this correctly)

  532. 563
    Rebecca Stromgren

    It’s the most wonderful time, of the year!
    This year, I actually got to send one!


    You’re books and honesty have helped me so much. I would love You are here. I find that mental illness is a daily struggle, but we are here!

    I gave my copy of furiously happy away and hope it keeps helping others.

    Also I am freezing my ass off in the polar vortex of Canada right now.

  534. Hello, I’m @393. Thank you so much for the coloring books for my girls, they will be so excited! Hugs to all!

  535. Jenny, I have all your books, and have gifted at least a half dozen copies to people who have said they’ve been helped by them! But I’d love to have either of the other two that you recommended.Link:

  536. i wish i was in a position to be able to buy books for other people…but i promise to loan them to other people when i’m done reading them….and either one is great…
    here’s my link…

    Happy booksgiving!

  538. Almost all the way updated! Here’s the Master List if you’d like it. Thanks to Jennifer for your help!

  539. This is always the best! I have or have read all of Jenny’s books. I am also unfortunately super broke due to long-term underemployment. If any kind soul feels generous, here is my wish list:

    I hope and pray to be able to be the gifter next year!

  540. I broke my leg today so it looks like I’ll have lots of time for reading!!!! Lupus and all of its side effects suck!!! Off to buy some books, this is so much fun!!🦄

  541. Thank you for doing this. I’ve bought a book for someone else and here is my link:

  542. Forgot my link!!! Booksgiving!!!!!!!!

  543. 574
    Molly Stephens

    Thank you Jenny!! Im so excited to own it 🙂 I read the copy at the Holbrook AZ library so many times before I moved and have missed it more than the town! Lol

  544. Last year I was having a rough time and there was a book I’d utterly fallen in love with and couldn’t justify purchasing for myself. Thanks to someone on here, that book sits on my shelf and I have read it several times and love it still. There’s nothing I’m needing this year-I work at a bookstore now, I’m good!-but I’m lucky enough that I can give to others.

    Also, y’all like books, check out “The Library Book”, by Susan Orlean. It’s the story of the worst library fire in US history, but also a love letter to libraries and books and how important these things are and it gave me so many feelings, y’all.

  545. I love booksgiving! Hoping I can give as well this year <3

  546. I posted a link earlier #399 but it was an invite link and not url and can’t tell if it’s working right or not. So just in case here is the, hopefully, correct link.

  547. 578

    It’s so stupid that I can’t stop crying tonight. Yesterday. Today. Tonight. And then I find out about this. I am stupid that I own a bookstore and can’t afford to buy myself a book. I can’t afford to buy new books for the store (haven’t for weeks) because we’re in the middle of fundraising & I keep ending up in the hospital. And now the insurance company wants over $30k for a 1-week stay with 4 MRIs, 2 CATs and multiple other neuro tests. And they still don’t know why my right leg stopped working on Christmas Eve. So yeah, here I am crying over a book that I want to cheer me up. And apparently either my link (#547?) is wrong still, or the cat was right about tonight when she barfed all over my bed and I’m bedbound and can’t clean it up until my husband comes home and does it for me. My life, let me show you it. I can’t stop crying. I hate mental illness.

  548. I was number 408… and I dunno who purchased it for me, but I just want to give a very heartfelt thank you. My spouse started transitioning about a year ago and it has been a very emotional journey. I saw someone fulfilled it within just a moment or two of me posting it. I just want that person to know it really warms my heart. I look forward to reading it with my spouse, and being able to laugh and cry our way through the book together.

  549. Booksgiving😍🌼👍 

    Happy booksgiving, maybe my fave new holiday!!
    Jenny Lawson you never cease to amaze me with your cool ideas.

  550. Hooray for Booksgiving! Here’s the list for my children, ages 8 and 9, who are both voracious readers

    We’ve participated twice before, both giving and receiving. It’s so much fun! My kids love that some stranger cares enough about their reading to send them a book, and they also really love picking just the right person to send a book to.

  551. #33 yours is on the way! Enjoy

  552. #33 yours is on the way! Enjoy

  553. List:

    Happy booksgiving friends. What is better then a book sent by a stranger??? I am so down for this holiday and it may be my fave.

  554. 585
    Debbie in AZ

    Happy Booksgiving! My request is a travel guide to Quebec. I am taking my 80 year old mother there this summer to celebrate her birthday. We have never been to Canada and are very excited about going. Link:

    I hope I did this correctly. I’m off to buy a book for someone else.

  555. Wow! So many completed lists so far! If you haven’t been gifted check out this Master List link and read the notes next to your post number, you may be missing a piece of information on your wishlist, and everyone wants to help you! Also, I’ve already come across a few “refilled” lists. Please don’t re-fill your wishlist, so that others may be gifted! I’ve deleted those lists off the Master List.

  556. Ok – so in true fashion, I was so excited that I forgot to say that I’m from Canada # 562 – thank you, and sorry 😉

  557. Happy booksging y’all

    Hi. Check out this list:

  558. 589
    Theada Fowler

    Thank you to the Anonymous person (Post 392) who bought the books for me and my great-granddaughters! The two older girls are so excited! It was hard to get them to sleep tonight as the oldest is going to a school event tomorrow where she got a grant for snowboarding! The baby/almost toddler got excited because the other two were excited. She loves to be read to as well! This day that started so horrendously is ending so gratuitously. (See posts 145 & 199 for references). Thank you again! <3

  559. 590

    #586, this Doc doesn’t go up to my listing, which is #547. Can I assume this is why I’m crying?

  560. Thank you so much. I’ve included a copy of You Are Here for myself to replace a loaned out copy that never came home. The others are for my littles to enjoy.

  561. @starcatbooks – you originally posted on 558 – your list is there. Hang in there – plenty of people still discovering the thread and sending out books 🙂

  562. 593

    Oh, cheesus. Just realized I wrote Bookmas instead of Booksgiving. Can’t even get my literary holidays straight. The excitement of sharing books was apparently too much for my brains!

  563. This is such wonderful and lovey idea! Happy Bookgivings, everyone! List:

  564. A note on Kindle Books: Be sure you include an e-mail address on your wishlist or in the “notes” section of your book so that someone can gift it to you!

  565. Happy booksgiving! I have two book recommendations- In Other Lands by Sarah Rees Brennan, for teens and pre-teens, and Priestdaddy by Patricia Lockwood for adults. They’re both laugh-out-loud funny, and touching, and clever and entirely wonderful.

  566. Serine, My posts aren’t on the master list. I changed the format of my book to a paper copy and added a book for my daughter, did this mark my list ‘refilled?’
    #255 and #560

  567. Thank you for such a lovely idea Jenny! Here is my wish list if anyone would be so kind:

  568. Folks — please remember Jenny’s rule: The only rule is ONE BOOK PER PERSON ONLY ON YOUR LIST, with the exception being if you have a child and want to add a book for them too.

    I know it’s hard to pick just one title, but let’s help make sure everyone has a chance to be gifted a book.

  569. I love this community! I would give you all otters if I could.
    And little sailor suits to dress them in of course.
    Jenny, you are furiously generous.

  570. 601
    Stacey Gudelis Anderson

    I think I accomplished adding my address. That hurt some brain cells right there. Please tell me this worked, and thank you, Jenny!

  571. Brenda – 597: your list is empty – it means your books are on the way!

  572. Happy Booksgiving, all! I’m so glad I remembered this year.
    Best books I’ve read this year have been the Wayward Children series by Seanan McGuire.
    My list:

    Thanks! Off to buy a book for a stranger…

  573. 591 Rats. Link worked on my end. Trying again Thanks much!

  574. Thank you Meredith!! I missed your comment, but was looking again and saw you were the one who gifted my girls. Thank you!!! May booksgiving bestow blessings upon you 🙂

  575. Happy Booksgiving! I have all of Jenny’s books, but I would love this book for my classroom. We are learning about empathy. Link:

  576. 608
    Jess Rickards

    My original comment with my list (375) isn’t on the master list, and now I’m paranoid that I’ve set the list up wrong and it’s already been filled but the book hasn’t disappeared off the list yet, and I don’t want to take away the joy of books from others and end up with multiple copies of mine, especially since I can’t really afford to gift anyone else this year (which is a little heartbreaking, but I keep reminding myself I can always make up for it in a future year when I’m in a better place financially). So does anyone know how I can verify that my list is set up right?

  577. 610
    Stacey Gudelis Anderson

    #581 I just gifted you one on your list -enjoy!!!

  578. Jess Rickards 608 — check to see if you have “Don’t spoil my surprises” selected under the Manage List settings — if you do, you’ll still see the book there even if someone else has already purchased it.

  579. Comment #446 here, I’m not sure who bought me my book already but thank you! You have really made my day <3 <3

  580. Books save my life and sanity on a daily basis and Booksgiving helps restore my faith in humanity, Thank you for this Jenny <3

  581. I loved this book, I got it from the library and laughed through the entire read. I would love to own a copy.
    Let’s shop together—help me build my list on Amazon!

  582. 615
    Marina Fowler

    Serine23 Thank you for doing the list I thought I had made my list public (post 145). And someone bought the girls books through my mom’s link (post 199).

    I would appreciate Jenny/The Bloggess’s Coloring Book myself if anyone is still interested in buying it for me, please. It helps take away the stress! Thank you.

  583. This is such a cool thing to do! I have all of your books, Jenny, – got the last one I needed for Christmas. My favorite book recently is The Hating Game. It was so funny and cute.
    I have a book I’m interested in and another for my Little Sister through Big Brothers Big Sisters. Her family doesn’t have a lot of extra money so I’d love to surprise her with a new book.

  584. 617
    Jess Rickards

    Jennifer #611 thanks! Looks like I have it set up right, phew! I must have just gotten missed on Serine’s pass through the comments, which is completely understandable in all the chaos of need and generosity that lives and breathes in this community. I would far rather get nothing than take something away from someone else who needs a little light in the darkness too!

  585. Jess Rickards… still need your link 🙂

  586. TYTYTYTYTYTYTYTY Jenny, Serine, Jennifer and the entire community!
    <3 <3 <3

  587. Jess Rickards, wait, I found it back at 375, you’re on the list. Thanks for getting it all set!

  588. 621
    Debbie in AZ

    Vanessa #572. Your book is on its way!

  589. Marina Fowler… still a collaboration. Try not sending it as an invite and uncheck that little box on “Manage List.”

  590. I loved this book, I got it from the library and laughed through the entire read. I would love to have a copy.

  591. I LOVE that you do this! Here’s my link:

  592. Serine23 I understand what you are saying in the database about collaborate. When we use the button, it copies an “invite” instead of the web link where we can see it without being added to the list. Here is the correct URL for my booklist. I’ll get my sister to redo hers even though she just reposted.

    This was the original post of 243:

  593. 626
    Jess Rickards

    Serine, you are an angel for doing all this work! <3

  594. I have tried and tried, and can’t get the list to post here! The only book I had on it, from last year’s giveaway, was You Are Here.
    This makes me crazy, but I’ll get a book for someone else..

  595. Whoops think I need to change my link from post 600. My phone also isnt playing well with wordpress.
    Hi. Check out this list:

  596. 629

    Jennifer, I’m misreading everything tonight. Fixed my list to only have one book on it. Was originally #558

  597. Serine23 – I just saw your google doc. Thanks for putting that together. So much easier to find someone that hasn’t been sent a book yet. I told myself no book buying until I read everything I already own, but I’m breaking that rule to buy a couple people their books!

  598. i have all of Jenny’s books and a pile of books waiting to be read – i am just happy to pay it forward to someone else this time!!
    Melissa, the book on empathy for your classroom is on its way!

    Happy booksgiving!

  599. 632
    Marina Fowler

    Okay, my sister, Sandra May figured it out Serine23! Thank you both!

    Here is the correct link for post 145!

  600. This is such a cool idea

  601. 634
    Jess Rickards

    Okay, managed to find a few bucks for such a worthy cause. #296, your book is on its way!

  602. This is my book wishlist. I’m sorry I dont have the “spoons” to make a whole new list today. My migraine is really kicking my butt. Happy books giving and thank you for doing this every year. I look forward to it so much!

    I have all your books and have given them as gifts, they really helped me through my (ongoing) divorce this year. Looking forward to fulfilling a couple book lists tomorrow when I am hopefully feeling better.

    Nina Potts book list:

  603. wynterose – thank you for fixing your list. I updated it on the list! 243 is good to go!

  604. I did put in a shipping address but the format I choose for my book was “Kindle”. I hope that’s alright. I love the Community that you’ve built here Jenny.
    I’m proud to be part of your tribe!

  605. Moolene 628 for original post 600. Thanks! Updated on the master list as well. Which is here folks and updated all the way through. I’ll do it again in the morning. Remember ANYONE can comment on the master, or ask to join and moderate. If you fill a list you can even comment on there that you filled it, and it will get deleted! Hope it helps a little:

  606. starcatbooks #629 — woohoo — looks like someone has sent something your way 🙂

  607. 145 updated as well!

  608. 641
    Jennifer Salas


  609. Happy Booksgiving! Hope I’m not too late to join the party; I worked late at the library tonight. 😊

  610. 644
    Jennifer Salas

    I posted about wanting your books for my patients and I’m always thinking of others: that’s what nurses do. I bought books last year, but would like to receive this year if someone wants to buy me one.

    Booksgiving part 4

  611. I still need #3 of your books Jenny! But I would also like this one…

  612. Booksgiving may be my second favorite holiday!
    My earlier comment was eaten, so I’m trying again.

  613. I don’t have any of your books yet. I am really missing out!!!!! This is my first booksgiving…what a fun holiday 😀

  614. 649

    I adore this project so,so much.

  615. This is an awesome idea! I added a book for my little bookworm.

    Hi. Check out this list:

  616. Cleared out some more fulfilled lists, and duplicate lists, you don’t need to re-post 🙂 But do check your details, LOTS of Kindle books without e-mail addresses to give them to. Also, found a certain person changing names and reposted their list about 6 times. They are NOT on the Master List. Here’s the list once more tonight! Happy Booksgiving! To bed!

  617. This is the best thing ever. ❤️ Hi. Check out this list:

  618. Its the most wonderful time of the year!! Happy Booksgiving!!

  619. Also, Jessie 643, gotta give such a cool book to someone working late at the library. I fulfilled your wishlist! G’night!

  620. 655
    Jane Kaddouri

    I kind of feel like I might suck for putting myself on this list, partly because I could buy my own book. Partly because Jenny, you get me through more really hard moments than you could possibly realize & having yet another gift from you seems like tempting the good-things-really-do-happen gods, but it’s been a crap year (since last Nov) and the idea of having something you sent right to me… wow. More than that, having my DAUGHTER (who thinks you & I may have been separated at birth) get something sent from you? Well, her happy face is my joy, so… So I’ve decided to be selfish.

    FWIW, the other books that make me laugh (in a different way from yours, but still laugh) are those of Lisa Lutz, who is a comic mystery genius and whose next works I anxiously anticipate. If any Jennians (what do we call ourselves? Jenny Heads? Furious Happiers? Unicorn Wranglers? I kind of like Jennians because it sounds like David Tennant might show up in Converse & that great brown coat & ask us to dinner) are interested in laughing, recognizing their more addictive selves, and delving into a good mystery, I recommend any of the Spellman Files books.

    Thanks y’all.

  621. Hi. Check out this list:
    Happy BooksGiving! Hope I am not to late! This is amazing! What a wonderful blessing.
    Thank you!

  622. 660
    Crystal Choate

    Here is the list for my 4 kiddos & myself.

  623. Sorry, inadvertent duplicate postings–531 & 533 are same link.
    So happy to participate–just bought a book for someone’s kid!

  624. 662
    Desirae van de Sandt

    #538 Amy…your book is on it’s way!

  625. 663
    Jane Kaddouri

    #584 Debbie in AZ – I think my mom must have brought me your message so you & your mom could have all the great adventures & stories & memories we did. Bonne voyage. And lots of love to you both (and my thanks for making ME feel better tonight!). xo Jane