Humbled. Maybe too humbled.

I don’t often get recognized in public (partially because I don’t leave the house much but also because authors aren’t rockstars) but when I do it’s often very sweet and somewhat awkward because I’m always so happy to give readers a hug but then I usually have to apologize for being so boring in real life.  So today when this young girl handed me my chicken nuggets at the drive thru and then was like, “Oh my God, are you?  YOU ARE!” I just sort of smiled at her and the guy working the window with her looked at me and she said “DO YOU KNOW WHO SHE IS?” and he was like, “No.  Should I?” and she was like, “Seriously, Daniel?  What is your deal?” and then she apologized to me for Daniel and I was like, “No worries!  It’s sweet that you even recognized-” and then she turned to him and was like “Ms. Frizz, dude!” and he stared at her and she said, “From The Magic School Bus?” and he shrugged and she rolled her eyes and yelled, “MS. FRIZZLE IN THE HOUSE!

Thank you world, for always keeping me humble.

Ms. Frizzle out.

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  1. I have no idea who Ms Frizzle is here in Australia. You’re always Jenny the Bloggess to me. Partner of Victor and mother of Hailey and carer of a Giant Metal Chicken plus many stuffed animals.

  2. You would make the best foul-mouthed Ms. Frizzle ever! I’d watch the f@ck out of that show!

  3. Hey, Miss Frizz is the bomb. A wizard in control of a magic transforming school bus. Or the “source” of some INCREDIBLE hallucinogens…

  4. hee hee hee. I was once “recognized” by a half-dozen squealing girls as Fergie, Duchess of York? whatever. It took me a while to convince them otherwise, and when I finally got them to leave I heard one say “Please. That’s the worst fake American accent I’ve ever heard.” LOL

  5. That was fabulous!! I work with preschool children and they are always there to knock you back down to size in case you too impressed with yourself.

  6. And I am thinking, “Who the f**k is Ms. Frzzle?” It’s what I get for being born during the times of stone knives and bearskins.

  7. This is amazing. Please tell me that dress has pockets.

    (IT DOES! ~ Jenny)

  8. “The Magic School Bus Explores the Vagina” was a great episode.

  9. Haha fabulous. In the defence of the strange woman who thought you were a fictional character (my first thought…), it is World Book Day!

  10. Ms.Frizzle is a Timelord, so all is good.
    BIG complement.

    Also, after meeting you at a book tour reading in Portland, OR, I fangirl freaked- out to all my friends and made them look at pictures I took and excused myself by pretty much yelling,

  11. No idea who Ms. Frizzle is, but after reading that story and these comments, I really want to see that show. But even if Ms. Frizzle is an author, I’ll bet she isn’t as funny as you are. BTW, that’s a great dress – I wish I had a shirt in that print.

  12. Ms. Frizzle RULES. Also? I love your dress and would love to know where you got it?

    I was once “recognized” as Anna from Frozen by a little girl (I have red hair and had it in two braids and was wearing a dress.) Of course I had to pretend to be Anna!

    (I bought it from eshakti years ago. It’s out of stock now. Sorry! I just looked it up though and it is listed as “science teacher dress” so honestly I should have seen this coming. Jenny)

  13. Ms. Frizzle!!! This is amazing. I love those kind of moments.

    One time I got recognized back when I was still in a band – by a pizza delivery guy.

    I should clarify – By a pizza delivery guy when I opened my front door in my ugly pajamas, no make-up, and a coupon in my hand. It was a real rock star moment.

  14. For those of you that don’t know Ms. Frizzle, look up The Magic School Bus. You will not regret watching it. There is even a reboot Netflix original (I can’t think of the actual name, just search magic School bus).

    It’s definitely the dress. And no worries. I’d be cool being recognized as myself or as Ms Frizzle. She was the shit.

  15. I think that’s a huge compliment. I am, however, concerned about this young woman who doesn’t seem to understand the difference between animation and real life?

  16. For the record, I showed your picture to my class of freshmen without context except for “You see this person in the drive-through, who is it?” Ms Frizzle was the unanimous response.
    Dan Bressler

  17. Authors are rockstars Jenny! 🥰🤗❤️ I bet if you asked, Amanda Palmer would agree❤️ And you are in that “club” 🤗

  18. If you hugged me I’d spend the rest of the day in a daze, so it wouldn’t matter how boring you are in person. You are a writing rockstar. Seriously.

  19. That is SO AWESOME!!! No offense but almost better than being recognized as a rockstar author. MS FRIZZELL IS DA BOMB!!!

  20. It’s definitely the dress. Ms. Frizzle was AMAZING! I used to wish she was a real person. You as Ms. Frizzle would be phenomenal. I’d watch that show!

  21. I had to look her up because I’m too old. She’s a cartoon! But I agree the dress is the reason.

  22. I love, love Ms. Frizzle and I love you and you two are very different. As someone said, it’s the dress. That said, you are a rock star and if I saw you out in the real world, I would totally geek out. You would be embarrassed for me. Seriously.

  23. Hope: the Bloggess giveth and the Bloggess stompeth to crap. For a minute there, I was thinking maybe the world was getting smarter, but no . . . .

  24. Oh man…so humbling…but, at least they didn’t F up your drive-thru order.

  25. Before I even scrolled into the actual story, I saw your photo and thought, OMG, is that the top I just bought from ModCloth. So, just know that there’s a sister top to that on ModCloth. And now I’m going to rock it even harder.

  26. That dress is amazing and you would be the best Ms. Frizzle ever!!! This is a perfect intersection of two wonderful people, and you’re better than the Friz bc you’re 3D!!

    I watched Magic School Bus with my kids. ON PURPOSE.
    <3 <3 <3
    Also I think you should try to convince Victor to change your family’s last name to Frizzle.
    Also ALSO you should from now on be introduced like royalty, The Bloggess McFrizzleShizzle.

  28. The Frizz is a badass! At least she didn’t think you were Leona Helmsley!

  29. OMG! That is awesome, but I think it was the dress more than you. It’s a total compliment in my book. Ms. Frizzle rocks!

  30. This is the BEST story!! Take that as a compliment–Mr. Frizzle was my childhood hero! Besides, only the most intergalactic badass could pull off that dress, and you totally rock it! <3

  31. #LifeGoals One day, if I work hard enough and pump up my wardrobe, I will be mistaken for Ms. Frizzle too. They will never let me drive the school bus on field trips, though. 😐

  32. She does realize that’s a cartoon right? Uses to watch the Magic School Bus with my son. I would recognize you as you! Have a good day Ms Frizzle!

  33. It’s the dress. There is a slight resemblance, but that dress… 💫🌛🌎

  34. Maybe you should start getting residual checks! There must be a backlog of them… Congratulations on winning the lottery!

  35. So, she was dissing you? Send a link to this article to her manager. 🙂

  36. Was Mrs. Frizzle based on an actual human? I was once mistaken for a particular actress, which was very flattering, but most often, people in town that I don’t know just call me by name like they know me, just because my husband is a member of the Lions’ Club. He is always happy to demonstrate the roar. I am always happy if he does not.

  37. Thanks Jennie-spit my coffee out laughing out loud over this one! I’ll be cleaning up the coffee colored paperwork all over my desk now. Good one!

  38. LMFAO!!!!!! We were in Dallas last month for a national conference and our product manager had to fight off women that thought he was Tony Romo! He kept telling them OVER AND OVER that he was NOT and one of them even followed him to the bathroom and stuck her phone in his face when he walked out and took a picture of him. We were laughing our asses off as he walked back to the table as he’s grumbling “I can’t even fucking take a leak!”!! It was toooo funny!

  39. But…you don’t have the frizzy red hair (which is how I always assumed she got her name).

    Nice outfit though. 🙂 It is very Ms. Frizzle-esque.

  40. Ms. Frizzle was awesome and all but… she was a frigging cartoon character! Hello! Real life human being here. OMG… kids today.

  41. Sounds like you totally made her day without even trying and were then kind enough to share the story & give us all a good laugh! Thank you for this!

  42. I seriously want to see you do a science experiment! (And explain it to Victor) Thinking: Best Show Ever!

  43. To be honest, if I’m gonna get accidentally recognized as someone, I could do a lot worse than Ms. Frizzle.
    … That said, was there a live action MSB nobody told me about?

  44. That IS a very Frizzley dress. I’m not sure what that says about the quality of drive thru help these days though.


  45. It could be worse, Jenny. You could be Tina Fey and have someone think you’re Sarah Palin!
    Still a fun story, though! 🙂

  46. So many levels of awesomeness, you have achieved legendary cartoon status!

  47. Bawhahaha I’m dying 😂😂😂😂😂. I’m always waiting for the day I see you in the wild aka public but don’t worry I’ll be subtle so I don’t scare you and make you run

  48. Too funny! I have been called Ms. Frizzle by my college students, especially when my hair was red and wavy and I was driving my 1998 Saturn wagon that had artwork painted all over it. I teach college English and am always laughing at the wonderful antics of my students. I’m glad you were able to take your experience in stride. I love your books, and although the kids didn’t recognize you, it was a complement to be called and. drizzle. The kids really do love her. ❤️

  49. omg, that is a riot! at a costume contests for Halloween a couple years ago, someone dressed as ms frizzle & it was AMAZING!!!!! get a bouncy hair wig, great earrings, & lizard, a keychain & you have next year DONE. Victor could be the bus….

  50. As someone who lives in the Texas Hill Country, I actually have the chance, however slight, to run into you and I have actually thought it thru and I think I may just give you a little head nod from across the book store. So if you seed a giddy redhead nodding like an idiot from across the room it is just a fan saying, hey I love you and your work but I know you don’t really like people so I’ll stay over here.

  51. Jenny, I don’t know if you’ve ever read an episode of MockPaperScissors, but if you don’t mind a daily overload of serious snark, I suggest you at least try it. You know what they say ” If it feels good, do it. If it DOESN’T feel good, don’t do it more than twice.” But I don’t think that applies here; you might need to dip your toes in a few times, so to speak.
    You can find it here:

  52. As a sub at a middle school I earned the nickname Ms. Frizzle and I totally ran with it. I made a dress for Halloween. It got to the point that one of the teachers thought that really was my name. That made me so happy! I AM THE FRIZZ, not you!

  53. Now I am confused.. Did she think you were Lily Tomlin or the new one voiced by Kate McKinnon????

  54. Hilarious, Jenny! Thanks for sharing your day with us! It never ceases to amaze me what situations you end up in🙃

  55. Haha ive been Ms Frizzled a couple times now cause I started embracing my love of quirky patterns.And cat eye glasses. I had to go look her up when I got complimented on my dinosaur dress.Hey I say yup,im that cool! And so are you Jenny! ❤️

  56. I am confused. Who is Miss Frizzle? Did you create her Jenny? I’m glad authors reach out through social media for connection. You are being humble and kind.

  57. You’re awesome Jenny, no matter who the kids think you are. I wouldn’t have gotten the reference. That dress is fabulous, and if anyone is looking for science dresses, check out or Svaha on FB. They even have a group to ASK everyone for suggestions for prints we’d like to see. Kinda cool. I don’t get a commission, just think it’s nifty that they exist. And yes- pockets!

  58. You have just given me a flashback to 20 years ago when I went to a warehouse party while visiting a friend in Los Angeles and some dude on a lot of drugs became CONVINCED I was Scott Wolf (aka Bailey from “Party of Five”) and would NOT leave me alone about it. Which, while creepy in the moment, was super flattering after the fact, since this was right after he was in GO and was super buff while I was a scrawny undergrad surviving on ramen and whatever the coffee shop where I worked part-time threw out at the end of the night. And also hilarious as all I have in common with Scott Wolf is that we are both pale white guys with brown hair and dimples.

    Anyway, that’s the only time that’s ever happened and I hadn’t thought about it in years, so thanks for the trip down memory lane! Also: I used to go to warehouse parties… damn I got old.

  59. It was nice that you didn’t spoil her moment, and to be fair, you didn’t have Beyonce or cats with you. Or Rory, for that matter. I agree that with everyone who thought your dress was a big factor.

  60. At least you didn’t spoil her moment. And to be fair, you didn’t have Beyonce or cats with you. Or Rory for that matter. I agree with everyone who thought the dress was a factor.

  61. Ms. Frizzle!! The Magic School Bus goes through the drive thru. Maybe next field trip could involve taxidermy? LOL

  62. I’m old but my offspring watched as a tot and then we ordered the books from Scholastic! You DO rock the space dress!

  63. Well when you steal Ms Frizzle’s dress you get what’s coming to you 🙂

  64. Actually, did you know you sell beads to me at my local bead store? Or your identical twin sister does. Love the dress. I don’t think she really thought Jenny was Mrs. Frizzle, folks. She was using a pop culture reference to compliment her choice of outfit, the way I tell my friend, “Hello, Sailor Moon!” when she wears a particilar outfit. I know she isn’t literally Sailor Moon. Ms drive thru knew that too. But humbling, just the same, cause she didn’t actually know who you were, and she could have, maybe. Anyway, you rock, Jenny. You aren’t moonlighting at my bead store, are you? It’s kind of freaky.

  65. At least you look like somebody. I look like nobody. And I’m fine with that

    Sent from my iPhone


  66. Maybe it was the dress with all the planets on it? hahaha I love your dress by the way where did you get it??

  67. You were sweet and I was awkward when we met, and I call upon the encouragement you gave me almost daily. You, boring? Now THAT is a good one. I thank you every day.

  68. There is a school of thought that Mrs Frizzle is River Song and the bus is her Tardis lol. AND there is The Who song about the magic bus. Oh yeah, she rocks and so do you!

  69. I was just reading an article about Imposter Syndrome and I wondered if you ever experience it. Nice to know you are A. Out and about and B. Being appreciated

  70. If she knew who you really were she would bbnhave been speechless. Your brilliance and wit, your charm and aura of love …… and if anything like me your total and complete sexy AFness.

  71. At least you get recognised as someone else, with me im just always recognised as that awkward aspie guy who talks to the neighbourhood cats but ignores most of the human inhabitants.

    And sheesh, another Daniel?, the world does not need more Daniels…

  72. Huge compliment! I love Ms Frizzle! I show Magic School Bus episodes to my 6th grade science classes and they love them.

  73. I take it you’ve seen the interview of Rowen Atkinson (sp?) who was mistaken as the actor who plays Mr Bean? Well you should. Seems it’s a more common occurance than you think! Go you + Mrs Frizz! That’s so awesome!

  74. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Jenny! That’s so much perfection right now. The space dress is a dead giveaway. Out of curiosity, why on earth would the real Mrs. Frizzle rock the space dress off camera?

  75. Good placement of the picture. lol Yes, you could double for Mrs. Frizzle and it is a complement. 🙂

  76. One of my students once told me that he loved my sweater dress. I thought that was very sweet…And then the little guy followed it up with “You look just like El Macho.” Um, the burly, hairy-chested, balding Mexican wrestler who was the villain in Despicable Me? Um…Thanks? 😂 After that, I’d take being mistaken for Ms Frizzle any day!

  77. I was once “recognized” as a porn star named Foxy [something].

    It was a proud moment.

  78. I love the dress, too. I also found a website that has great fabric., so if you sew this might be the place to look

  79. Ms Frizzle is clearly a Time Lady whose TARDIS is her school bus, so that’s pretty cool.

  80. I saw you “out in public” a few months ago at a choir competition that Hailey was in and I was chaperoning for another school, and I wanted desperately to go up to you and give you a hug and tell you how much you have meant to me and my family and how you have gotten me through some of the roughest times in my life, but I did not want to interrupt you and Victor and Hailey on what was clearly family time. You are not at all boring! But, I wish I had gone in for that awkward hug now….
    Signed, That Weird Adult Chaperone That Was Obviously Fangirling Over There

  81. Hey Ms Frizzle is a rock star! LOL I’m not sure why she thought you looked like her – your hair isn’t even curly but ok. You just keep on being you and we will love you. 🙂

  82. Perhaps Ms Frizzle was actually created to be like ‘you’, Jenny…so, you ‘are’ indeed Ms. Fizzle?!

  83. I’m an English teacher (and aspiring writer). Authors ARE rock stars.

  84. Had to be the lovely dress because you do NOT look like Mrs.Frazzle. You are prettier! And WAAAYYY funnier.

  85. Hahahah! Both warm, open, and smart– as well as highly educational. I can see the resemblance. 🙂 Don’t be humbled, be proud!

  86. You must realize you bring out the crazy fangirl in all of us. I once Yelled up at you when you were climbing the stairs at Book People that I am a psychotherapist. Who knows what I was thinking?! You smiled politely and kept moving. Such poise and grace. (BTW, when I am with my sister and introduce myself as a psychotherapist, she adds, “Emphasis on the psycho.”

  87. Authors are my rockstars. If I saw you in public, it would be super awkward and I probably would say something very embarrassing (who am I kidding? I would totally shout out whatever random thing was in my head). And I have the track record to prove it. I’ve embarrassed myself in front of Neil Gaiman and Stephen King. Rock on with the Awkward!

  88. One time I was lamenting to my mom about a particularly stressful day at work & told her that at one point I actually shouted “I don’t have enough spoons for this!!!”, (which confused both my supervisor & the nearby patrons), and my mom said “What does that mean? Spoons? What?”. And I stared at her & said Jenny Lawson? The spoon story? She just sat there & I went OH MY GOD YOU DON’T KNOW WHO JENNY LAWSON IS?!?!?! She’s the leader of my people!!! So I proceeded to educate her for about an hour on your existence & awesomeness & then when I finished, I started telling her about your pets. And Beyonce. The giant metal chicken, not the singer. Stay awesome lady!

  89. In my world you are WAY better than a rock star. I would know you anywhere. And would want to give you a hug but would probably be too shy actually to do so. ♥♥♥♥3

  90. I would recognize you,and I would LOVE a hug from Miss Frizzle! Lol I’d know you Jenny stay awesome and drive that bus !

  91. BE BEST! That is an inspiring story. Rock on in your solar system dress, my dear.

  92. Well, it’s the dress, of course, that did it. AWESOME DRESS, by the way! I code by day. But during the night, I’m an astronomer so your dress absolutely ROCKS! This post is just too funny! Made me laugh! For some reason I have a face people seem to think they know somewhere and ask me “Have been to such a place or?” And I’m like “no”. But then they won’t let it go because they are positive they’ve seen me before. And I have no clue why. Eventually, I smile and walk away while they are still puzzling. Because I can only indulge them for so long. Hey! You were mistaken for someone cool, at least! 🙂
    By the way…I finally have the funds to now get your third book. And was heartbroken to see that Amazon said that not only are they out of stock. But they don’t know if they will every stock it again! WHAT IS UP WITH THAT? I love everything you have created and now I am denied this latest one? It’s the book “You Are Here: An Owner’s Manual for Dangerous Minds”. Please, please, please tell me it’s available elsewhere and not just Amazon. Or, at least, that you DO have plans to restock Amazon?

  93. Ignore me. I’m an idiot. I had put both the spiral and the paperback version of that book on my wish list. It’s the spiral one that is out of stock. lol. I’ve now ordered the paperback one. I’ll just go crawl under that rock over there…

  94. Both are good, humbled and too humbled. I love that girl, and I feel sorry for her when she goes home and says, “Guess who I met today!!!” and gets mocked for thinking a cartoon character is really human. I want her to always be that wowed by life!

  95. As a science teacher, I would be delighted to be mistaken for Mrs. Frizzle!

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  97. Obvously, it’s time to buy that 40-foot-long yellow schoolbus you always wanted

  98. Was it world book day where you are? Yesterday the schools and teachers here all dressed as characters for world book day

  99. People always think they know me from somewhere, and I promise they don’t. Can I just start telling them I’m The Bloggess and see how long it takes to circle back to you?

  100. I would definitely watch you as Ms. Frizzle in a remake, LOL. That’s so awesome. I will say, I’ve always though about what would happen if I saw you randomly out in the world… I would want to hug you but I wouldn’t want to seem creepy. Maybe someday I’ll meet you but when I do, if I seem awkward, it’s probably because I’m trying hard not to hug you and tell you I love you and come across as a psycho. Lol

  101. I just want to know if she thinks Ms. Frizzle is a real person. This interaction needs a sequel.

  102. Howling:). Love it! You could be so many worse people, right? I don’t even have to name them. You know who they are:).

  103. Jenny,
    Totally unrelated topic but I know you will enjoy this. Saw on YouTube a commercial for Lume, a full body deodorant. You must watch this.

  104. I’m guessing it was definitely the dress. Being mistaken for the coolest science teacher ever doesn’t sound so bad. Buuuuuut…being mistaken for a cartoon character, as an adult…lol. I’d probably share your sentiment.

  105. Okay, I was volunteering with my dogs at the hospital, where I take them to visit patients, staff and people’s visitors. And your book “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened” was sitting on a waiting room chair with a group of folks, and I, of course, scream “Jenny Lawson!!!” because “Yay!”. And the book’s owner immediately chimes in and we have a conversation about how awesome you are, and your books, and your blog, over the top of everyone skritching the dogs, which just added to the whole thing! And I did kinda want to hug her, just over shared-book-love, too, so it happens!

  106. OMG, I just snorted a piece of garlic bread through my nose, I was laughing so hard. And damn-ola, I sure need that today.

  107. Thank you for this one! I’m kind of both impressed and worried about the youth of America, but I’m just going to take it as a sign of their own special brand of magic that apparently includes portals between the world and TV so… cool!

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