Reaching out.

Yesterday I went to the post office and this happened:

I really am lucky in so many ways.

Several people said they wished that they could feel this type of love.  Several people said they wished that they could give this kind of love.

So why not?

If you want to send a card or note to someone who is a part of this community then check the comments.  If you want to receive a card or note from someone else then leave a comment with your address.  I’ll be sending a few myself because I know how wonderful it is to have an unexpected note reminding you that you are needed.

PS. This is a wonderful, trustworthy community but just to be on the safe side if you want to use your work address or your parents address or a PO box rather than your personal address that’s not really a terrible idea.  Totally up to you.


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  1. I would love to do both!!
    Snail mail (that isn’t a bill) is always a wonderful thing!
    Angie Herzberg
    1445 N Rock Road Suite 160
    Wichita, KS 67206

  2. I would be happy to send and receive! Let’s spread some love!

    Kim C
    8316 Arlington Blvd, suite 414
    Fairfax, VA 22031

  3. You are the best Jenny, You put the fun in mental issues. You put light in a dark tunnel that is Depression and mental illness. Thank you for all you have done for people like me and my wife

    Tony Williams
    5020 Dustin Dr
    Indianapolis, IN 46253

  4. I could use some love…

    Sarah Geller
    3716 Hastings Rd.
    Fort Wayne, IN 46805

  5. Dawn Costorf
    942 Trapelo Road
    Waltham, ma 02452

    Healing is hard… Trauma sucks… Depression lies… I’m still here

    Thank you for this community

  6. With how crappy I have been feeling lately, I could use a pick me up. I’m tired of feeling like the world is burning down around me. My anxiety is making me miserable, I have surgery coming up to remove a faulty gall bladder and that is scaring the hell out of me. I’ve never had any serious medical intervention, ever.
    Andrea Daniels
    106 – 9865 140 Street, Surrey BC Canada V3T 4M4

  7. That is something everyone could really use right now. You’re so smart.

    Sue Meyer
    918 Kingston court
    Shelbyville ky 40065

  8. I would be happy to send anyone who needs a card or note to cheer them up

  9. I love this. I’ll be sending but would also love mail. It is such a day brightener.

    304 East 1st St Apt 18
    Waterloo IL 62298

  10. i would love to do both! what an amazing idea!
    A. Kilbane
    28425 Forest Rd
    Willowick, OH 44092

    i cant wait to send some out!

  11. I will admit, when I saw that post it made me cry happy tears for the love showered on you. Depression gets hard, but our tribe keeps us going. Going to send as much love as possible!

    Sabetha Danes
    PO Box 63
    Marble Falls, TX 78654

  12. I love to send and receive mail! Its good for the soul. Im in <3
    My address is
    Jenny Taylor
    6952 S. Washington Ave
    Lansing MI 48911

  13. I could use a note or two. It’s been a rough few years.

    Shawna Biccum
    253 Central st
    Watertown, NY 13601

  14. R.Matchett
    Capital Safe and Lock Service
    680 Prospect Street, Fredericton New Brunswick Canada
    E3B 6G9

    Would absolutely love to do a “cheer up” mail swap with a fellow Canadian, I know shipping costs internationally can be $$$$ but nationally is not so bad!

  15. This is such a sweet and awesome idea. I’m not sure about leaving my address in the comments section, but I’m going to try and send some cards. I just took up water color and I have a bunch of tiny paintings that need homes 🙂

  16. I’ve been extremely stressed lately with so much uncertainty currently in my life. I’d love to feel needed right now, so why not give this a shot?

    Audrey Blair
    3090 Arborwoods Drive
    Alpharetta, GA 30022

  17. This is a beautiful idea! I’m in the UK and my address is 11 Ridge Close, Strood Green, Betchworth, Surrey, RH3 7HZ, UK.
    I will cruise the comments for a couple of folks to send to as well… X

  18. I would love some cheer-up/you are loved mail.
    Annie Williams
    700 Luther Dr.
    Mankato, MN 56001

  19. Yes! I’d love that! Also, my daughter is going through a hard time right now so I’m including her in parenthesis.

    Leslie Bolser (Claire)
    18601 Ashland Ave.
    Homewood, IL 60430

    Email : angellam at if you want to share email kindness instead.

  20. Yes, please.
    Also, one may want to check out postcrossing if you like sending and receiving the odd, random postcard from around the world.

    90 Quaker Hill Rd.
    Unity, ME 04988

  21. I have been having amped up anxiety, and the other night had the worst anxiety attack of my life in my best friends living room, surrounded by friends and sitting next to my mom.
    I am still struggling from it, as that created it’s own new anxiety that no place is safe. I sat on the floor at my mammogram and cried this morning, shaking, and then cried big giant tears during my blood draw.

    I am going to send some things out this weekend.
    Sandie Burns
    2349 Mead
    Highland, Mi 48357

  22. Sometimes a little pick me up is all you need. I’ll be sending some good vibes as well.

    J D K
    5924 Ballymeade St. SE
    Salem, OR 9736

  23. I love snail mail!!!

    c/o Peace of Mind Vacations
    P.O. Box 191141
    San Diego CA 92159
    United States

  24. I have been through a season of darkness, and there were so many times I wished someone could or would reach out and ask if I was ok. I’m better, and want to reach out to others now. Thanks Jenny!

  25. Jonnie Ricketts
    PO Box 170
    Middle Arm
    Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
    A0K 3R0

  26. I’ll do both!!

    Amy D
    2107 41st Street, Apt. C
    Astoria, NY 11105


  27. Thank you Jenny! You are the best….. LBM 19 Azalea Lane, Marlborough, MA 01752

  28. Snail mail is BLISS, to send and receive. This community is AMAZING!
    Jill Mort
    2312 Walker Ave
    Greensboro NC

  29. Happy to send and receive!
    Erin Harvey
    3034 Ramsgate Way
    Rancho Cordova, CA 95670

  30. THIS. Yes! I’d love to receive random letters of kindness and I hope I’m not the only one Reaching Out because I want to send letters, too. No creepers, tho. Mostly because my dog bites everyone but the people who live in the house. I wouldn’t wish him on a creeper, even.
    8392 Waters
    Macedonia, OH 44056

    Please don’t be a creeper. Seriously.

  31. Yep, we all deserve some love!
    Michelle, PO Box 653, Woodbine, NJ 08270

  32. This for my daughter who suffers from depression she is 26 years old.
    P.O.Box 397
    North Highlands California 95660.

  33. I’ll be sending out some and would love to receive some! Thanks Jenny.

    2 Anderson Ave
    Westbrook ME 04092

  34. In desperate need to give and receive. I’m in!
    Mel P.
    1120 Mulberry Ave
    Cheyenne, WY. 82001

  35. I had a panic attack at work on Monday – my first one, oh yay – so I kind of get what you went through the other day.

    I’d love to get some mail and I’ll do my best to send someone something, too.

    Julia Zegarra
    1 Grant St.
    Easthampton, MA 01027

  36. I am sorry if this is posting twice. My daughter is also going through a hard time, if you want to send some love.

    Leslie Bolser (Claire)
    18601 Ashland Ave
    Homewood, IL 60430

    Or you can email good stuff and love to us at anglelam at aol dot com.

  37. Bless your sweet heart. and I do NOT mean that in the southern you-might-be-an-idiot kind of way. thank you for being you!
    Kami Bumgardner
    2421 Carver Ave.
    Orlando, FL 32810

  38. Might I suggest the Touchnote app? I use it to send random postcards to my friends because who doesn’t like receiving random mail and I can do it from my phone and don’t have to get off my couch. It’s lazy.

  39. Welp, this is coming at a time when I’m really struggling so I’m totally up for trying this, if there’s anyone out there who won’t mind the international postage. Thanks so much for this and everything you do, Jenny.

    Jennifer Zeller
    Landwehrstr. 18
    97421 Schweinfurt

  40. You’re brilliant Jenny! I could use a pen pal too, I miss handwriting notes and letters! I’d love someone to appreciate my vast collection/hoard of antique stationary! <3

    L. McAdams
    PO. Box 434
    Quincy, CA 95971

  41. I would love to do both! Having a really rough week

    Cheri Crow
    2213 Crystal Creek Ln.
    Garland, TX 75040

  42. Job hunting with depression and anxiety is killing me. I could use some love.
    Laurie Dunsil
    61 Arlington Drive
    Apt. 1
    Batesville IN 47006

  43. What an amazing idea!! I’ll send some love but could also use some as well!
    Holly Jones
    55 Stonegate Drive
    Canton,IL 61520

  44. Who doesn’t feel better with random, non-bill, mail?! This is such a wonderful idea! I’ll be sending some out, but I’m all for receiving too 🙂
    Jeanette Wrestler
    140 Hodges Road
    Chesapeake, VA 23322

  45. I would love new penpals or to just get a postcard!

    Isabelle Simard
    724 ch du Portage
    Sainte-Cecile, NB
    E8T 2X4

  46. This is awesome! I’m gonna send out some cards to some of you who are having health issues/depression, because I’ve been there. Here come some letters… butbeware, they might contain some of my kids’s drawings…or even worse…glitter 😉

  47. Elaine Smith
    790 N. Cedar Bluff Rd
    Knoxville TN 37823

    I sent thank you and get well and atta-girl cards out to friends a couple of weeks ago — I though the cards were tacky but I did it anyway — my friends who received them were so pleased. I live in a pretty deep depression that twists everything I experience and makes every effort harder. But I know that every positive thing that I do adds positive energy to the world around me. So I keep going.

    Also I appreciate you and your blog very much.

  48. Stephanie A.
    ATTN: Accounting
    909 Aviation Pkwy STE 900
    Morrisville, NC 27560

  49. This is so kind, Thank you xx

    Summerhill Cottage
    113 High Street
    Mountain Ash
    CF45 3LN

    (Ps- I totally understand if you don’t want to mail to the UK, but just in case)

  50. Both for me! I’m moving at the end of June so , bring it on people’s! Human support all the way around!!
    5058 Westview Street
    N.Charleston, SC 29418

  51. Marianne T.
    336 Good st
    New Hamburg, Ontario
    N3A 2H9

    My best friend could use some life affirming love 💕

  52. I wish I still had my PO box! Unfortunately, I had a stalker problem a few years back when I was in the band so I have to keep my address offline, but I will totally send a cheesy Florida postcard to at least a few people on the comment thread! 🙂

  53. I LOVE this! Both ways is awesome…which I’m totes doing, even if my hand cramps from writing them all…however many I finally decide to do.

    Sarah Cass
    PO Box 554
    Danville, IN 46122

  54. I love this! ❤ Thank you!
    110-92 Stroud Cres
    London, Ontario
    Canada N6E1Y8

  55. This is such a wonderful idea <3
    I’m with zero supports & going thru such a sh*tstorm dealing with anxiety,depression, & agoraphobia… by myself. I’m currently in a one step forward zone by getting outside on the front step…at night! Honestly could use a hug, but would love words of support!
    I hate to add an extra step, but I don’t want my address all over the internets.
    You can email me at blue.spud@hotmail(dot)com & I’d be happy to provide one!
    Thanks for doing this Jenny <3

  56. Sarah Day
    561 Wendover Ave
    Westfield, IN 46074

    What a lovely idea. Thanks!

  57. This is an awesome idea. I would love to receive some happiness in my mailbox.

    Jennifer Pogue
    1903 Joyce st
    Marshall, tx

  58. The other day on Etsy I came across a vintage wedding telegram from April 5, 1947. It was sent to a couple that were getting married at the Darlings Regent Hotel in Edinburgh, Scotland. The message said: “May your life be full of song, and your husband provide the notes. –Greta and Sid”. I had to have it. It’s kind of a silly purchase – I mean what am I going to do with a vintage wedding telegram? I’ve never even been married! – but I love the message and I think the practice of sending telegrams (especially for weddings, if you can’t be there in person) or even notes and letters is something we should reinstate. It’s a beautiful way to send happy wishes just for whatever reason, and it’s a little more personal than texting (altho reaching out to say I love you whatever way is always good).

    And I love this idea of yours, too! My aunt calls it “a good mail day” when she gets something other than bills in her box. I love giving people “good mail days” and spreading the love. I don’t even check my mailbox every day because there’s rarely anything worth looking at in there anyway, unless I’ve ordered something online. Email and texting has robbed us of the simple pleasure of checking the mailbox. Let’s get it back! 🙂

  59. I’ll toss my hat in!

    Tara D
    850 5th Ave, 2nd floor
    Troy, NY 12182

    P.S. Shawna… I grew up in Potsdam 🙂

  60. You are so great for doing this Jenny! I’m having a bit of a depressive down-turn lately and some positive mail would be really nice.

    Andi Erb
    1815 Weldon Dr
    Houston Tx 77073

  61. For my daughter? She’s newly on her own and it’s a struggle.

    Beth P
    649 Cherry St
    Unit 211
    Terre Haute, IN 47807
    United States

  62. I could use some hopeful words.
    Laurie Dunsil
    61 Arlington Drive
    Apt 1
    Batesville IN 47006

  63. Thank you for this! I will definitely send a few things out myself. I love being able to send snail mail and hopefully cheer someone up.

    That being said, if anyone would like to write me I could really use it right now as well. Mom is in early stages of dementia (best as us and her doctor can tell) and only in her mid 60s. She and I have always had a very close relationship and watching her not be herself is very difficult for me and Dad. Sister has lost her mind and is suffering some sort of mental illness that has made her extremely hateful and horrible to all those around her. She has cut off family and it is tearing up my parents. Plus we can’t see my nephew anymore. Our little family is splitting and it’s a mess. =( Add that to chronic illness and mounting financial issues at home for me, plus my own quiet demons with depression and low-level anxiety… I feel like I need to curl up somewhere and hibernate until things blow over. Unfortunately that isn’t life and I know it. At least I have an awesome puppy and husband at home to support and love me!

    I’m a poet, so if you have some poetry you love, I’d love to receive it! Or any note at all, of course.

    Peace, love, and blessings to all.

    Lissa Clouser
    PO Box 2129
    Owasso, OK 74055

  64. Love this idea!!

    Tinnelle Hyde
    9253 Stansberry ave
    Saint Louis MO 63134

  65. I’m totally in for this.

    Lisa B.
    17 Woodstone Dr.
    Voorhees, NJ 08043

  66. This is an excellent idea! I know I could use the encouragement, it’s been rough lately, and I’d like to send encouragement to others.

    Malia Emary
    6207 N 108th Ave Cir
    Omaha, NE 68164

  67. Love this!
    i thought yesterday when I read your post how nice it would be to have such a huge support circle.

    Erin Wyatt
    601 N Grandview Dr
    Bloomington, IN. 47408

  68. Love this! ❤ thank you!

    Christine Phillips
    110-92 Stroud Cres
    London Ontario
    Canada N6E1Y8

  69. Maybe we should come up with a way of keeping track of which addresses are already picked by someone to receive a letter, that way everyone gets included. Could this be done by the intended sender “liking” the comment of the addressee they pick? That way everyone else knows to choose another one? I don’t know, just a thought.

    This idea is so cool by the way!

    Katja Gifford
    5099 SE Cascade Ct
    Hillsboro, OR 97123

  70. Jenny, you’re such a shining light. Thanks for being you.
    702 Toronto St
    Regina, SK
    S4R 8L1

  71. Sebrina Glenn
    2814 Mulberry Ave
    Muscatine, IA 52761

    I know I could always use a few kind words and would love to send others kind words, too.

  72. Getting real mail always makes me so happy to!! It’s been harder on me now living in a country where I don’t speak the language, really trying to learn, and having it rain almost every day is terribly effecting me. Would love something to add a bit of cheer.
    CMR 450 Box 1178
    APO, AE 09705

  73. Too paranoid to leave any of my addresses but I would love to send cards to other people! Thanks for facilitating Jenny.

  74. I am so down to send some special mail to this awesome community of amazing people!

  75. I am ALL about snail mail!!
    Robyn Burks
    760 Detroit Court
    Lincoln Park, Mi 48146

  76. I could definitely use some love … I’m relapsing on my eating disorder and could use some positive encouragement. Jenny, you are wonderful and your community is amazing!

    Jenn Emerson
    1342 Wyandotte St W, Apt # 3
    Windsor, ON
    N9B 1H2

  77. Fantastic idea! I’m totally in!
    Alisa Semmes
    2013 Douglas McArthur Dr.
    Starkville MS 39759

    18 WALDEN ST
    BURNSVILLE, MN 55337

    I can’t wait to send out some fun mail! It’ll be a fun way to spend my upcoming birthday!

  79. Moving next week! Feeling a little stressed/anxious. Could use some love!
    New address:

    Natalia Fleming
    28 Dunkirk Dr
    St. Thomas ON
    N5R 1R8

  80. How fun! I will do both.
    1815 Geneva St
    Dearborn, MI 48124

  81. I could use a little encouragement!

    Christy Follis
    415 NW Merrie Drive
    Corvallis, OR 97330

  82. How wonderful!

    Casey Livingstone
    7014 E Golf Links #303
    Tucson, AZ 85730.

    I will send some out too.
    Love and peace to you all!!

  83. You are right, there is nothing better than receiving something in the mail that ISN’T flyers or bills! Thank you so much for helping us spread the joy. I’ve got a few fun cards hanging around that I’d love to send out and would love to receive a couple myself. The last few months have been hard and I could really use a smile.

    Kathy Mills
    425 Pine Beach Blvd, #9
    Dorval, Quebec
    H9S 2X2

  84. I love this idea, but how do we make sure everyone gets something. I hate the idea of someone being brave and putting their hat in the ring and not getting any love in return.

  85. Jenny you are my hero. I’m going to do both!

    Samantha Poertner
    10 W 6th St.
    Washington, MO 63090

  86. I am sending you a card Jenny and I then saw this and it made me cry happy tears all over again. Happy Mail is the best mail!
    265 Copper Glow Ct.
    Henderson, NV 89074

  87. I would love to do both 😊

    Lisa Knapp
    3911 Sweetbrier St
    Casper, WY 82604

  88. I’m a 24/7 caregiver for my mom, and it’s really messing with my depression and anxiety. A pick-me-up would be wonderful.

    Deb V.
    2980 Shepard Rd.
    Normal, IL 61761

  89. Trying again cause my last one disappeared. I’m in a depressive slump and would really appreciate some positive mail!

    Andi Erb
    1815 Weldon Dr
    Houston Tx 77073

  90. Thank you, Jenny. I could definitely use some words of support. I always have a hard time in the winter when the sun goes away in Michigan. Everything seems so dark and hopeless. Thankfully, today is the Vernal Equinox so the light is returning, but if someone has positive energy to spare, I can surely use it!

    3244 Baylis Drive
    Ann Arbor, MI 48108

  91. This is such a wonderful idea!

    Melanie Ward
    159 Howell Cir. #318
    Greenville, SC 29615

  92. Jenny, you are amazing. I wish I had half the grace under fire that you do, but I don’t. I love your community, too; you always have the best comments. I will be sending, but would also like to receive. I have chronic depression, PTSD, and anxiety. I’m applying for disability, for physical and mental reasons. I have zero support system. I might be homeless in about six weeks. Something not a bill would be awesome to have in the mail. :::hugs to everyone who even thinks about participating in this experiment:::
    16 High St #6
    Lebanon, NH 03766

  93. I would love to get some love in the mail. Things have been so rough for our family since we moved that even post card would cheer me up.

    K Urpsis
    10614 Shady Preserve Dr
    Riverview, FL 33579

  94. It’s always so uplifting when I receive mail, especially from Bloggess Peeps!

    Nancy Ducharme
    868 Kilbirnie Dr
    Ottawa, ON K2J6G5

  95. This is my absolute favorite way to show love. I am so excited to do this! (and if you feel like it, here’s my info Jen G PO Box 52 Copenhagen, NY 13626)

  96. Sharon W
    2101 E. Coliseum Blvd.
    Fort Wayne, IN 46805

    Thank you so much for doing this. I have had a really rough patch lately, so it is nice to know people care!

    Jenny, what address do people use for you?

  97. Is it OK to add my 13 year old niece? She came to live with us last year, after a not so great earlier childhood. She’s been battling depression and anxiety for at least 4 years. She was cutting, but fingers crossed it’s been two months without doing that.

    PO Box 3086
    Gainesville, GA 30503

  98. I will both send and receive. My dad has stage 4 cancer and he’s 2500 miles away, my cousin (2 years older than I am) just died of something that might be hereditary, I have depression, chronic pain, and anxiety, and I don’t even want to get out of bed. I was doing Postcrossing for a while but I’d rather send/receive cards from people who understand and could use something besides medical bills in their mailbox.

    Kelly W.
    130 NW 16th St #220
    Oklahoma City OK 73103

  99. Anxiety is a miserable beast.

    Adrianne C.
    420 Keller St
    Petaluma CA 94952

  100. Great idea, Jenny!
    Terrie Mead
    966 Sherwood Forest Road
    Annapolis, Maryland 21401

  101. With the crappy way I’ve been feeling this year, I could use something positive to help light up the dark a little.

    Mia Svensson
    Trast.v 6
    27436 Skurup

  102. Love this! I am randomly selecting some names and sending some stuff. Here’s my addy:

    58 Dockside Drive, Lake Tapawingo, MO 64015.

  103. Oh I CAN’T wait, my 2 year old loves to color and “write” with pens. We will pick a few addresses and send some happy mail this weekend. You are a light, Jenny!

  104. I would absolutely love to both get and give!! This year has been rough on a lot of us…
    Carol Albers
    1105 London St #12
    Menasha, WI 54952

  105. Struggling with all the things – long work hours, full-time doctoral program, therapy… Would be so grateful for some 💕. Thanks, community!
    Andee Bowden
    8484 16th Street #707
    Silver Spring, MD 20910

  106. This is such a wonderful idea! I will be sending love out tomorrow! Such a great reminder that none of us are ever alone!

  107. I will be sending out letters, but would love to receive some in return.

    Jen Kurth
    2006 York St.
    Des Moines, IA 50316

  108. So I just talked myself out of listing my address because I’m sure that there are tons of people out there who are more sad than me. But then I listened to myself and thought that was stupid. There is enough sadness to go around. I am going to send some out too.

    Kelly Stoker
    1333 Carston Lane
    Chelsea MI 48118

  109. Shoot. I submitted a comment without all the information I needed to submit:

    Sharon W
    Department of Psychology
    Purdue University Fort Wayne
    2101 E. Coliseum Blvd.
    Fort Wayne, IN 46805.

    I don’t know if both comments will be published so…

    Thank you so much for doing this…I have had a really rough patch lately with my husband’s health, my own health, and disappointments at work, not to mention Indiana weather. So I really appreciate this.

    Jenny, what address do you use for people to send things to?

  110. Jenni S
    512 Main St W
    Nevis MN 56467

    I love this idea. I know it has been a tough winter for so many.

  111. For my daughter – she’s about to turn 19 and seems to be in a constant anxiety/depression cycle.

    Elizabeth M.
    124 Crabwall Court
    Holly Springs, NC 27540

  112. One of my friends is having a rough time and needs some love right now
    Alex Ziepke
    310 standifor ave
    Ruston,LA 71270

  113. My partner tragically lost his big brother last year on New Year’s Eve. He has been struggling TERRIBLY with this loss and blames himself for not having done more to stop it from happening (despite the fact that it was out of his hands AND he had already done more than most sane people would have even attempted in his shoes). This morning he was sobbing uncontrollably about how much he misses his brother. Doug often feels like he’s not as important to the people around him as he truly is, and it breaks my heart. If folks could send a few letters his way , it would be MASSIVELY appreciated. He desperately needs to be reminded that he’s a good person who’s worthy of love right now.

    Doug Allen
    c/o Fairfield Real Estate Mgmt. Corp.
    354 Turnpike Street, Suite 101-A
    Canton, MA 02021

  114. What a beautiful and thoughtful idea. Thank you for bringing such light into the world.

    3310 Scenic Drive
    Napa, CA 94558

  115. This is as awesome as you are 💙💙

    Jenny Peterson
    5509 Chateau Way
    Fairfield Oh 45015

  116. I would really appreciate some kind, supportive words! I’m struggling with all the things. 😞

    Andee B
    8484 16th Street Apt 707
    Silver Spring, MD 20910

  117. I’ve been in a very bad place lately, and I love getting mail. So here goes. I will definitely try to send some stuff out to ya’ll too. Here’s my info.

    Megan Fortner
    20434 5th Ave Ct E
    Spanaway, WA 98387

  118. This is a wonderful idea! I literally just used your first audiobook for some comfort earlier, because it makes me smile no matter what, and here you are, making me smile again!
    Jenny Duquette
    PO Box 7067
    Loudon, NH 03307

  119. Oh why not… lets do this! I participated in Booksgiving and James Garfield and it was so fulfilling. I may also have an issue with randomly buying stationary because its pretty and makes me feel good. Why not spread it around? A girl always likes to get pretty mail… well at least I do!

    Taylor Cogswell
    240 Holden Road
    Lansing, NY 14882

  120. Great idea. I love getting mail that isn’t a stinking bill or junk.

    Lisa Rhudy
    618 Townside Road
    Roanoke, VA 24014

  121. This is an awesome idea! I can’t wait to send stuff out.

    Anjelica Ruiz
    710 W Canty
    Dallas, TX 75208

  122. I would love to receive some random happy mail 🙂 and will send some out as well as soon as I can!

    Laura Kelly
    110 E. David Dr
    Hammond, LA 70401

  123. Trying again… last one seems to have disappeared into the Wild Blue Yonder.

    Is it OK to add my 13 year old niece? She came to live with us last year, after a not so great earlier childhood. She’s been battling depression and anxiety for at least 4 years. She was cutting, but fingers crossed it’s been two months without doing that.

    PO Box 3086
    Gainesville, GA 30503

  124. a surprise pick me up is always nice. Being lonely sucks.
    Jennifer S
    218-B Hickory Forest Rd
    Chapel Hill, NC 27516

  125. Erin S.
    318 Transylvania Pk Apt 5
    Lexington KY 40508

    And I’ll try to send some cards and love to other folks as well. There is nothing better than checking the mail and actually having something.

  126. I feel like things aren’t bad enough in my life to be asking semi-strangers for words of encouragement but I’m going to anyway. I’ve been feeling really trapped lately so I’ll take any sort of lifeline I can get.

    Elise Phillips
    3416 Harmony Street
    Amarillo TX 79109

  127. Love this idea! I could so use this lately. I’m going to send some too!

    Haley Hanzon
    1545 East 8425 South
    Sandy UT 84093

  128. You are amazing. I’ve been going through quite I bit lately. I would love to participate both ways!

    Moria Frazer
    6121 Rockfish Valley Hwy
    Afton, VA 22920

    Love to you all.

  129. Jenny – Thank you for being you. We all share in the madness & darkness, some more than others at different times. Love makes the world go ’round.

    Marsha Chambers
    7806 Tillman St.
    Dallas, TX 75217

  130. For my 14 year old daughter who doesn’t realize how beautiful,smart, kind, fun,funny, talented and Overall Amazing she is:

    Sierra A.,#233
    9099 Mail Service Center
    Raleigh, NC 27699

    (Nothing larger than a standard size card/letter, please)

  131. I’ve been struggling so hard for the past six months with changing from one medication that stopped working to another that made me feel worse, on the third that doesn’t seem to work either and getting ready to ask my doctor for something else when I see her next week… I’m getting so tired of the tremendous effort it takes me every day just to keep breathing. I would love a little note of encouragement, and I’ll try to send something out as well.
    3990 Keller Rd
    Holt, MI 48842

  132. I don’t have the energy to participate, but I just want to pile on the love for anyone who is struggling right now. You matter. Depression and anxiety suck, chronic health problems suck. These problems are huge, but they are not who you are. You are precious. Hang in there, take it minute by minute, and know that a better day will always come. Love, love, love <3

  133. I could definitely use some kind, supportive words! Thank you!

    Andee B
    8484 16th Street #707
    Silver Spring, MD 20910

  134. I think I will revisit this post next time I’m feeling down and send some love to someone who forgot they asked. What a cool idea Jenny. Thanks for being so open and raw and fantastic and awkward and true. It means the world to so many.

    Amanda Balch
    161 Smith St.
    Middletown, CT 06457

  135. I love this idea so much! I’d love to both send and receive some mail that isn’t a bill! 🙂

    Kristi Brown
    100 Willowick Dr
    Fairport, NY 14450

  136. Bit far off most likely, but…
    Mrs Josepha K.
    Noorderlicht 8
    3742ZJ Baarn
    the Netherlands

    Thank you!

  137. What a wonderful idea, Jenny! Thank you! I seem to be in a good place now after a dark winter, so I am off to write a few (or more) cards. Snail mail cards–so much nicer than bills!

  138. I’d love to send and receive some love! Jenny, you do. Such amazing things in this world!

    Angie L
    1613 Rockhurst ave
    Kettering, OH 45420

  139. Big life changes are making for daily panic attacks. Woot anxiety! I would love to cheer up others and could definitely use some cheering. This is an amazing community!
    Heather B
    4178 Ash Lawn Rd
    Indianapolis, IN 46234

  140. Eee! I’ve always wanted a pen pal! I’m a new mom, so if anyone wants pictures of a stranger’s child, Holla at me. Snail mail is the best.

    6600 Sierra college blvd
    Rocklin, CA 95677

    I’ll do my best to send some love out as well!

  141. Will send and would love to receive.
    Anita Larson
    4956 Virginia Ave N
    New Hope MN 55428

  142. Oh yay, an outlet for the 50 postcards by boss just gave me because she knows I love to send mail! Postcards from LA are comin’ your way!

  143. I miss snail mail…zines, unexpected care packages, handwritten letters in homemade envelopes… It would be wonderful to send and receive ♡
    Marlaina Morris
    PO Box 848
    Tracyton WA 98393

  144. This is such a lovely idea! You are such an inspiration Jenny.
    Roxanne Stefanko
    119 W Duffy St
    Savannah, GA 31401

  145. OMG, I would love this so much. I have a pinboard in my office for cool postcards. If anybody wanted to send me one, I’d be THRILLED.

    Joni Waldrup
    University of Montana
    Research & Sponsored Programs
    32 Campus Drive – 4104
    Missoula MT 59812

    <3 Thank you!

  146. oh, wow. Such a good idea. Thanks for sharing!
    Amy B. C.
    3444 Sunnyside Ave – you’d think anyone would be happy on Sunnyside Ave! lol
    Philadelphia, PA 19129


  147. I know my mom would love something like this. She broke her neck a year or two ago and had a metal plate put on her spine to correct the damage, but it’s totally ruined her life. She reads your books, Jenny, and both of us just love everything you write. I recently found you one twitter and am so thankful because now I can tell her about the things you say, until a new book comes out and she can read it herself!

    Her address is:
    10255 E Calle Estrella Fugaz
    Tucson, AZ 85747

    Her name is Terri. Thank you.

  148. Awesome idea! If there are any Dutchies around (or people who don’t want to put their address out there) you can mail me (your address) at: asfaroth at hotmail dot com. I have plenty of postcards that need a good home!

  149. Sending and receiving mail is one of my favorite things. I’ll start writing as soon as I get home.

    But in case anyone wants to send anything to me

    Ashley C
    7905 Parkwood Plaza Dr
    Fort Worth, TX 76137

  150. Oh! I want to do both!

    Abbey Bakker
    5527 Division St NW
    Unit 1
    Bemidji MN

  151. This is such a lovely idea. You are such an inspiration Jenny!
    Roxanne Stefanko
    119 W Duffy Street
    Savannah, GA 31401

  152. Blake
    4259 Berry Place, Valdese, NC 28690

    Thank you, Jenny, for creating this community and for sharing your humor and kindness with us. You have no idea how many dark days you have gotten me through.

  153. I could use a few caring words.

    Monica Flink
    3311 18th Street
    Bettendorf, IA

  154. Jenny and Rory Bristol
    P.O. Box 11391
    Prescott, AZ 86304

    We’d benefit from any random words of kindness, or total weirdness. As long as it’s not perishable!

  155. I’d love to send and receive as well! Life has been really hard lately

    Moriah C
    261 N. Madison Ave
    Apt. 416
    Pasadena, CA 91101

  156. I’m having a terrible emotional/psychological struggle right now, especially with things related to my job (I teach high school), but a few other things too. I work really hard all day every day and yet I feel like a useless, ineffective failure. I do have an anxiety disorder so objectively I know that some of it is just my brain being terrible, but it’s still hard to get through the day sometimes. I could really use some notes to keep around me when I need a reminder that… wow, I don’t even know what. Just that I’m not terrible, I guess?

    Edi Gonzalez
    P.O. Box 497
    McCamey TX 79752

    Thank you in advance for your support. I believe in giving back so I’ll be looking for people that I can help, too. What a beautiful idea this is. Thank you, Jenny. <3

  157. Recovering from knee replacement surgery. Could use some love

    Erica Mccreanor
    147 Cedar Street 2R
    Somerville, Ma 02144

  158. Jenny….you are a good human!! (Ok…a fcking great human!) This just is such a kind thing to do…who doesn’t need random acts of kindness? I sure as fck do! I just saw this after yelling at a lawyer, then sobbing in private–as I’ve been fighting my 🇨🇦Human Rights case (employer of over a decade refused simple accommodation -voice activated iPad–to assist with my job as social worker, RA riddled hands/elbows make typing challenging) {as you know, as a fellow RA Warrior👊🏻} It’s been a long battle, I could use a smile & some happy mail! I’m sooo hanging by a thread (our tribe has kept me sane) 💞 I’ll be paying it forward sending 💌 as well 💌📬

  159. Heather Lessells,
    794 Applewood Cres.,
    Milton, Ontario,
    L9T 3C4
    Jenny, pick me!! (Please)
    And anyone else is welcome to send mail cause I love getting mail!

  160. This is so great! Mail that isn’t a bill is such a joy to receive

    Kyla Daniels

    2702 S. Holt Rd
    Indianapolis, IN 46241

  161. Any way you can delete comment 196? I realized putting that address down was a bad idea. Still want to send out some love, though!

  162. I have been having an amazingly shittacular time. I am currently struggling with depression and life. I am also paranoid but still would appreciate it if a person wanted to share their struggle or the advice that they hold close to them or whatever else that helps when they feel that way. rhetorickiwi at gmail dot com

  163. Jenny – your blog and all its followers make me feel so much less alone when it comes to anxiety and depression. This is a wonderful idea and I hope it spreads loads of joy!
    702 W 14th Street
    Juniata, NE 68955

  164. I can’t wait to send out love and give love!!
    Kathryn Thrush
    14122 Smokey Way
    San Antonio, TX

  165. Talia A
    8202 SW 85 Terrace
    Miami, Fl 33143

    Things have gotten tough again and it’s moments like this where I remember to smile 🙂

  166. I quit a horrible job recently and am really struggling with depression. I could use some cheerful mail.

    Danielle Grey
    2793 Noble Rd.
    Apt. 2
    Cleveland Heights, OH 44121

    I’m going to try to send some too. Great idea.

  167. Since we’re spreading the love, if you know anyone in Nebraska or Iowa, I’d recommend reaching out to them this week to make sure they’re okay and so they know you’re thinking of them. There hasn’t been much on it in the national news, but we’ve basically spent the last week having our asses kicked by Mother Nature. Most of the people won’t complain (even if it’s really bad) but I’m sure they would appreciate the thought anyways.

    Thanks! Love this! Love Jenny! Love the Bloggess Tribe!

  168. This is such a wonderful ideal! It never hurts to encourage someone else. I don’t get to get my mail very often because we travel with my husbands work but I would love to recieve emails.

  169. This is a great idea

    Britni Brown
    706 Francis Spring Rd
    Jasper TN 37347

    (Quick note that we are moving this summer so if someone comes across this later on, it will not go to me after that time)

  170. I love, love, love this! I wanna do both. <3
    I could definitely use some kind words since I’m dealing with a chronically sick puppy, having a job I enjoy but neither pays or supports me enough, two slowly dying grandparents, and big plans with my partner to take the next step in our relationship. It’s a really overwhelming time for me.

    Lizzie Williamson
    260 Lincoln Street
    North Easton, MA 02356

  171. Oh wow – this is amazing. I’m going to definitely send some – I mail notes & cards for another group I’m in as well for parents of LGBTQ+ kids and think a broader base sounds even more fun. It would be incredible to receive some as well!
    Heather H
    127 Clements St NE
    Fort Walton Beach FL 32548

  172. We’re gonna need miracle name!

    Rachel Y
    293 Southpark Rd
    Littleton CO 80126

  173. My disability is about to be cut off and I’m pretty scared. I’m going to start working from home doing transcription but it won’t be the kind of money I’m used to, at least not for a while. Financial insecurity is terrifying, especially when you have so many (expensive) chronic illnesses.

    320 Macedon Dr
    Lexington, SC 29073

  174. Seems like there is nobody from France… too bad, I’d love to send some of my scrapbooked cards 🙂

    So if you’re in France, leave me a message, I’ll write! And probably send origami too 😉

    And my address is:

    2 voie de la roche Gauthier
    35380 Plélan-le-Grand

    (yes, it arrives without family name, because this is such a tiny village and my first name is on the mailbox :))

  175. I cried reading all the comments of those who want to give and recurve love. I adore this community. I love happy mail which I call tangible encouragement. Something I can hold on my bad days and know someone loves me because I can touch something tangible they sent me showing their love. I’m so excited to send some tangliblr encouragement and receive some. It’s been a really rough year so far.

    147 Pearl Chambers Drive
    Dawsonville, Georgia 30534


  176. Now I have somewhere to send my postcards. Yay!! You can send me one back at:

    4715 Castle Hill Road
    Raleigh, NC 27616

  177. WOW! I’m actually in tears at the response… (leaving a psychologically abusive marriage of nearly 29 years, is extraordinarily ugly, & depleting)… seeing this offered me a small piece of hope back regarding TRUE goodness in society✨

  178. I’d love to do both!! I’m going to randomly pick a few to send.

    Jen Burt
    65 Chatterton Valley Cres
    Foxboro, Ontario K0K 2B0

    Thank you for doing this Jenny!!

  179. Loved your books! I recently been diagnosed with a small list of craziness (Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar, PTSD, and now Borderline personality disorder). I feel like I’m losing my mind!! Would love to get an encouraging letter from someone telling me the world isn’t going to end lol.

    P.O. Box 1831
    Osage Beach, Missouri

  180. Extremely depressed. Please help. Feeling like a total garbage human right now. This week has been especially hard.
    Amanda Flint
    725 Riverwalk Way
    Irmo, SC 29063

  181. Looooove this idea, I have some stationary I’ve been dying to use. I’d also love to get some random happy mail!

    Caitlyn D
    3150 South Garrison Street
    Apartment 1412
    Corinth, Texas, 76210

  182. This is such a wonderful idea. I knew I was collecting these postcards for a reason!

    I could use some encouragement. I’ve been struggling with self doubt again and I feel the depression starting to creep back in.
    Kim B.
    533 E. Providencia Ave, APT 29
    Burbank, CA 91501

    Hugs to everyone <3

  183. Finally I know what to do with these postcards!

    But also I’m struggling a lot right now, so some love in the mail would be appreciated.

    900 Briar Bend CT
    Bryan, TX 77802

  184. Amazing idea Jenny!

    Shay Henshaw
    130-10 Runnymede Rd.
    Kingston, Ontario. K7M 2A1

    I’ll definitely be sending some out!

  185. I’d like to do both!

    Alicia G
    5600 N. Beach St. #1713
    Haltom Cify, TX 76137

  186. I’ll send out as I can. This is a great idea
    Serena A.
    1420 NW Lovejoy St #523
    Portland, OR 97209

  187. I am struggling. A lot. A note would be lovely.
    Sarah Renner
    16 Longspur Way
    Cambridge ON Canada
    N1T 2K4

  188. I just finished active treatment for breast cancer and am now in the shots & pills part of treatment while praying it doesn’t ever spread. I would love encouraging mail! (And I’ll be sending some myself!)

    Trish Lowery
    1603 Half Moon Ct
    Richmond, TX 77406

  189. I am pretty stuck here at home 24/7 and really have no irl friends. My access to internet is limited to when my neighbor is not home, so life really sucks right now. I know depression lies, but boy, it hard to fight sometimes. And meds just don’t always seem to kick it to the curb. I would love some happy mail. It would even give me a visitor, as the postman bring my mail to the door. He’s so nice and knows I can’t get to the mailboxes. If you include your address , I will write back too !
    300 North Franklin St
    Lot 12
    Christiansburg, Va

  190. My mailbox is usually empty expect for the occasional piece of junk mail. Receiving some real mail would be a wonderful thing to come home to.
    Lynnetta Miller
    361 S Fairmount St
    Pittsburgh, PA 15232

  191. International postage is expensive and I‘m not at home too often, but if someone would like to send some e-mail cheer ups to Germany, I‘d be so so grateful. Struggeling a lot lately, but I‘m still here and always keep telling myself that depression lies.

  192. I just found some incredible postcards when I was Marie Kondo-ing some craft boxes! Yay!
    Laura Pittsford
    328 NW Richmond Beach Road #307
    Shoreline, WA 98177

  193. I would love to receive something. I don’t have many friends, and often feel completely alone in my battle with depression and dealing with a heavy darkness. And I’ll definitely try to get some out too 🙂

    Rose Gresiak
    318 S Corl St
    State College, PA 16801

  194. This is a wonderful idea, I rarely get anything besides a few Christmas or Birthday cards.
    I remember back in the day when we had Pen Pals in school. This is even better.
    I can’t send something to everyone, the postage would bankrupt me LOL
    But I am going to pick 3 people I hope someone picks me too!
    Melzora Towne
    324 N. 7th
    Sterling, Ks. 67579

  195. My sister and her wife adopted a dog last week on the 5 year anniversary of the loss of their son. It turned out Maddie was sick – used as a breeding dog all of her life, suffering from PTSD, organ failure, hip dysplasia and a myriad of other issues. She, out of love and kindness, had to put the puppy to sleep 4 days later. SHe was Maddie’s angel and the only love and kindness that puppy ever felt. Send a card to someone for her. She is my sister and my best friend and my heart aches for her.

  196. It’s been a rough time for me lately. I’d love to smile a bit.
    Megan Bowbeer
    13852 Penn St.
    Whittier, CA 90602

  197. I love sending snail mail! Like getting it too!!
    P.O. Box 293 Hugo CO 80821
    Thanks for being there for us! Jenny you ROCK!! -Amy Littleton

  198. id love to be part of this
    -jenny tbo
    15 reservoir road Plymouth nh 03264

  199. Oh Jenny, what a fab idea! I could use some cheering up myself 🙂
    8856 McGarry Dr.
    Niagara Falls, ON
    L2H 3N9

    I’ll send out some smiles as well.

  200. Oh my gosh, this is the best
    6715 Crystal Downes Dr Se
    Caledonia, MI 49316

    I’ll also send some out.

  201. I wish I felt comfortable asking for love but this is one of my biggest issues and I just can’t do it. So I’ll probably just send some to other people instead. <3

  202. I love this idea.all I ask is nothing with glitter. My cats don’t like it and tbh they rule the house. I’d love postcards or stickers.

    Betty Smyth
    1109 lake st
    Kalamazoo, MI 49001

  203. I would love to get some encouragement and kind words. I’ve struggled with severe postpartum depression and anxiety this year. Im getting the help I need, but it’s a slow process.

    Carolyn N.
    1503 36th St. SW
    Rochester, MN 55902

  204. Love this idea!

    Theresa Saylor
    7320 Parkway Drive
    Hanover, MD. 21076


  205. My Mum would appreciate love and encouragement in her battle
    4 Calvin St. St. Catharines, Ontario,L2R4C3

  206. This is a wonderful idea! I’m excited to do both!
    Marnica Stoll
    723 13th SE Apt. 301
    Saint Cloud MN, 56304

  207. I am close to the edge. I can’t see a way out of my depression and anxiety. I cry every day. I dont think I will ever get better. I think it will do me good to send out some good energy. I could sure use some in return.
    Sarah D.
    437 2nd Street
    WWest Des Moines, Iowa 50265
    Thank you!

  208. Jenny, your posts and pictures do this same sort of thing for me. Give me a sense of community and of feeling understood.

    Susan Hubert
    135 Hare Rd.
    Crosby, TX 77532

  209. I’m excited! I’ve got about 20 pen pals and love to hear from new people. I enjoy sending out random stuff. Will reciprocate when I can.
    Jeanne K.
    443 E Loula Apt. A
    Olathe, KS 66061

  210. Such a wonderful idea! Thanks, Jenny, for thinking of all of us!

    I plan to send a few postcards, and I’d love to receive a few, too. I’ve struggled a lot this year with depression and anxiety plus one surgery in the fall and another coming up this spring. It’s been hard to keep up at work and at home while being in physical and emotional pain—just trying to get through each day has been tough. Thanks in advance to anyone who writes, and so much love to all of you in this great big amazing tribe.

    Samantha A J
    1714 Ella St
    Cincinnati, OH 45223

  211. Oh Jenny, what a wonderful idea!! I could use a cheerful note myself. And I will definitely send out a few smiles as well 🙂

    8856 McGarry Dr.
    Niagara Falls, On
    L2H 3N9

  212. I could use some cheering up. I’m an empty nester and struggle with Treatment Resistant Major Depressive Disorder, Anxiety and PTSD. I don’t get out of the house often. Sometimes the silence is deafening.
    Katie Greene
    212 N McDonald Street
    McDonald PA 15057

  213. I would love to do both! I’ve been really struggling lately. My psychosis always gets worse
    In the spring. But we’ve got this. I love the idea of “strangers-that-totally-get-each-other” support!
    Autumne A
    720 McKellar St N.
    Thunder Bay, ON
    P7C 4A6

  214. I’m glad you have this in your life, and I’m glad to have you and your followers in mine.

    I can’t express how much you have helped me over the years, heck, you’re still helping me while I’m trying to make heads or tails of life.

    Single mum, trying to figure things out, get my home repaired and trying not to stress too much about it, and deal with the news that my biological half sister passed away in January before I could meet her.. But, things will get better, they always do.

    Dani D
    9301 s brightonview dr
    Sandy ut 84070

    I wouldn’t mind a penpal.. and hey, maybe once things settle a bit, I can get the supplies I need to make coffee paintings to send out to people.

    Have a good day everyone, sorry about the venting.

  215. Becca Martin
    65 Edwin Street
    NG5 6AX

  216. Thrilled to do both!
    Jennifer B.
    523 Woodingham Place
    Columbus, OH 43213

  217. This would mean so much to me. I’m new to this city and have been having a really rough time with my anxiety the last few weeks, and don’t have much of a support system. Thanks to you all for being amazing.
    1500 S Lamar Blvd #3034
    Austin TX

  218. I absolutely love this! Spread some kindness and the world is so much better for everyone!

    Cassandra Nathanson
    997 E Pine Knoll Dr #1326
    Flagstaff, AZ 86001

  219. What a wonderful idea! Special Needs mommy here who is feeling a bit overwhelmed with school meetings/doctor appointments and just life in general. My daughter belongs to a kindness club at school and I plan on enlisting their help to make a bunch of your days brighter.

    Cari Allen
    7820 Northway Drive
    Hanover Park, IL 60133

  220. I would love to send something out. It makes me feel good to bring a smile to someone’s face.
    Having said that to receive a card that I can keep on my mantle would great.
    Paula Beauchamp
    1125 Drexel
    Dearborn, Mi.,48128
    I think this is a great thing you are doing Jenny . 😘

  221. Hi Jenny
    Not sure if you remember me, but I reached out to you at a low point years ago and you went above and beyond reaching out to me. LIfe has been up and down since then, but definitely on an upward swing most of the time. Unfortunately I was recently diagnosed with Stage 3 inflammatory breast cancer and the treatments have been pretty awful. Would love some get well and encouraging cards pls.
    L. Nathan
    4 Ashby Street #D
    Alexandria, VA 22305
    Thanks in advance!!

  222. This is so lovely. Thank you for creating a space where this can happen, Jenny.

    I’m too paranoid to put my address out there, but if anyone could send positive thoughts to a random girl in Canada, I’m hoping that the gallbladder specialist I’m going to be seeing says that the polyp in there is totally nothing to worry about. Thanks!

    Also, loads of good thoughts going out to the people in the US having their butts kicked by nature. I hope nature is much kinder in future weeks. Hang in there.

  223. Yes please. I’ll send one back. And a shameless plug since it’s relevant. I sell custom handmade cards. Check em out on facebook @KatsupkewlCreations

  224. Jona S
    10410 NW 86th Ct
    Kansas City, MO 64153

    For a narcoleptic who is trying to accomplish her dreams but lately it just seems like each day is trying to prove how it can be the hardest.

  225. I just started chemo, but my prognosis and my emotions are actually really good right now! By the time any mail would reach me I’ll be in the next painful part of the cycle, so feel free to send something to make me smile. I’m gonna send out some cards and trinkets while I feel good! Yay kindness! Yay love!
    Amy M.
    12935 NE 86th St, Kirkland, WA 98033

  226. I could definitely use some encouragement. Fighting depression, anxiety, stress, medical issues and never feel like I’m enough, though I try to always put on a happy face for others and hide my pain. I think this is an amazing idea and hope to be able to get out of this hole and mail out to some as well!

    Jessica Adams
    200 Atrium Way #901
    Columbia, SC 29223

  227. I would love to do both, but my social anxiety gets the better of me. I don’t have the confidence to do this. However, if you feel the need to send my husband a card, he has her suffering from a lot of physical health issues lately and is feeling really down. I would appreciate it!

    Harold Callender Jr
    522 2nd St NW
    Chisholm, MN 55719

  228. I love this idea, I believe we all have bad moments when we are sucked into the darkness…it has been comforting to know I am not alone. You make me laugh when I have not thought I could, thank you for that!

    107 9th Street
    Festus, MO 63028

  229. Love love love this…. feeling a bit down in the dumpies here in Big Sky Country
    Kate M
    140 Meagher Ave
    Bozeman, Mt 59718

  230. Count me in! I love sending/receiving happy mail almost as much as I love sending Christmas cards (spoiler: I love it a lot)! =)
    Kat B.
    4755 S Carson St Apt 40
    Carson City, NV 89701

  231. L. STEWART
    12360 135th Street
    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
    T5L 1X5

    I think I need a reminder that the world can be good. I’ve been trying to cut out toxic people and focus on the good, but that has just left me alone, angry, and bitter. I miss my Mom, but she doesn’t miss me until she needs money, I miss my friends, but they dont need me so they dont miss me.

  232. Just realized I didn’t say anything about myself. It’s been a long, dark, cold winter in the Midwest and I’ve really struggled with depression and anxiety that was the worst its ever been. Paralyzed by fear – of growing older, of dying alone, of not being lovable, of kids growing up and leaving, you name it and I’ll have a panic attack over it. Hard to make sense of any of it and hard to stop the constant worrying. A cheerful little note to know I’m not alone would mean the world. Love to you all.

    Deanna Lang
    8630 Savanna Oaks Bay, Unit E
    Woodbury, MN 55125

  233. Tara and Shawna- I grew up in Syracuse!

    I’ll be sending but would also love to receive. These are the kinds of things I keep near me for says that stink.
    Shannon Brennan
    34712 Pinehurst Greene Way
    Zephyrhills FL

  234. I would love to receive something. I haven’t received any personal mail since my dad died almost 3 years ago. I will also be sending something to someone else!

    Kristen M.
    6330 Tracy Pl.
    Mason, OH 45040

  235. What an amazing idea! I helped organize a penpal group among some fellow podcast listeners and then a small group of kids too. I love sending little notes to friends to remind them I am thinking of them!
    Alyssa Forvour
    2 Minuteman Court
    Halfmoon, NY 12065

  236. Colleen Rose
    2122 W. Piccadilly Rd.
    Phoenix, AZ 85015-5357

    2019 has been a dumpster fire year so far. The one bright spot was getting to hug David Tennant. Other than that, I would take a redo on life rather than redo the beginning of this year. And add that to still trying to deal with trauma from my past that I’ve only begun addressing in the past couple years, life has been one giant ball of anxiety and stress and depression in a never ending cycle. Jenny, knowing you and Wil and others like you are out there being open and talking about the things that affect you has helped me so much. I only hope that I can begin to see a light in the future.

  237. Everyone needs a cool mystery piece of mail

    1204 Quill Dr
    Plano Tx

  238. What a wonderful idea! I’ve been struggling loads with loneliness lately, as my physical health leaves me home alone a lot. I would love communication from the outside world that’s not digital! I will also endeavour to send things as and when I get out of the house.

    My address is:
    28 The Close
    Cleeve Prior
    WR11 8LF

  239. Love this. Would love to send and receive. Struggling with imposter syndrome at my job (baker/pastry cook). Working too many hours and not focusing on self-care. Feeling like folks only contact me for help and disappear when I need help.

    A Marshall
    6901 Delridge Way SW Apt A33
    Seattle, WA 98106

  240. I’d love to give and receive!
    Linda Kenyon
    840 Burksdale Road
    Norfolk VA 23518

  241. I absolutely love this idea. I hope to get a note/card in return. I will be sending this out soon.
    Crystal Updegraff
    850 W 7th St
    San Bernardino, CA 92410

  242. Love this! I’ve battled my own depression and anxiety for years but it’s daughter who is currently struggling and she could sure use as much light shining on that darkness as possible.
    Acacia (daughter)
    2403 Paul Minnie Ave.
    Santa Cruz, CA 95062

    Will send out some love!

  243. OMG! I love you all! Just knowing that I’m not alone in feeling the way I do gives me hope that someday (soon I hope) I will be able to feel happy again. Every morning I put on the mask and say the right words but all the time I’m dying inside. In my head I know it’s just the disease lying to me but in my heart, it’s still hard to keep moving. So in my heart and soul, I’m sending you all love and hope—-we’re in this together—-even if no one in the world knows or cares—-we know and we care—and that’s enough!

  244. Fantastic! Fabulous and awesome. I have anonymously sent out a couple letters then thought…why not include me, too? Lately, every time I open my mailbox, I curse a certain individual who took advantage of my generosity and owes me money, so it would be lovely to see something in there besides bills. (Okay, I let him take advantage…I actually curse myself for being so lame. Mamma told me not to lend money to friends.)
    260 Walnut Lane,
    Harrow, Ontario
    N0R 1G0

  245. Grenville McWilliam
    168 Timber Yard Rd
    RD 3
    Leeston 7683
    New Zealand

    Been dealing with some anti-muslim people recently and I could do with a pick me up.

  246. Great idea!! I will send one too!
    (Please send kid friendly mail if possible. I like to share the fun mail with my kid.)

    J. McCleaf
    313 W Courtland Ave
    Shiremanstown PA 17011

  247. I love this idea. Through my struggles, I’ve been asking for a sign. I think this just might be one. ❤️
    #EndTheStigma #SpreadLight

    Sarah Alsman
    376 S 100 E Apt. 71
    Washington, IN 47501

  248. I’d love to give and receive!
    Christina Snyder
    3624 62nd St.
    Des Moines, IA 50322

  249. What is your post box address? In case we want to send you cards & letters too.

  250. Corie White
    8531 Fallbrook Ave.
    West Hills, CA 91304

    I am excited to send some cards, too. 💕

  251. I would love to do both <3 this is quite possibly the lovliest thing I have seen in ages!
    Having suffered a recent bout of terrible anxiety myself (4 months of daily (and quite awful) physical symptoms that made me feel like i was losing my mind) , one of the things that has helped me work through it is knowing that I am not alone.. If I can give someone else a helping hand, I would love to do so.
    Sarah Nelson
    400 W Grand River Lot 129
    Webberville MI 48892

  252. I would love some love. Post hurricane PTSD and depression sads all the time here. No one person’s struggle is worse than the next. We all fight our battles. I’ll definitely be sending love soon to random people as well. I love this group!

    Karla Gladstone
    1217 Dewitt St.
    Panama City, FL 32401

  253. Betsy Hance
    424 Amalie Farms Drive
    Charleston SC 29492
    Appreciate the help in advance

  254. I’ll be snagging a bunch of thes random addressess to send happy mail too. I have a bunch of cards and stamps just waiting to bring smiles.

  255. If anyone would consider posting to New Zealand. We’re kinda having a rough time right now. 😔
    Lisa Webb
    9 Carvel Lane
    Porirua 5024
    New Zealand.

    I’ll be posting to some of you USA peeps too – might take awhile to get there so even more of a surprise – right?

  256. I’ve been in a depression cycle for months now and I could definitely use some kind words. I lost my job in December and still have not found a new one; I had surgery on my foot in December as well, and currently, I am recovering from a rollover car accident last week that should not have walked away from. One positive of the accident is that it confirmed that I still want to be here (I wasn’t so sure anymore). I know I’ll eventually get through the depression and misfortune, but it’s hard to manage when the people around you don’t fully understand how you feel.

    Miranda Jackson
    395 Stones River Cove
    Nashville, TN 37214

  257. No pressure, other people are far more in need than I am.

    Sarah May
    2000 44th St. S
    Ste 6
    Fargo, ND 58104

  258. I could definitely use some encouragement and love right now.
    Shanna H.
    27 Mount Vernon Street
    Gloucester, MA 01930

  259. Jenny, I so love this idea. Thanks for making this world a better place.
    I’ll be choosing a few random numbers and sending postcards to those people.
    I have moved recently to a rural town and don’t know many people yet. I have medical and anxiety issues and find it very difficult to speak to strangers (in person).
    I’m in Australia, so I don’t expect any in return – postage is a bitch.
    Noeline France
    92 Bexley Boulevard
    Drouin VIC 3818

  260. Heatherlee Moudry
    202 timberwyck st
    Apt 9
    Fetus Mo

    Thank you for this.

  261. I would love to join this:
    DeAnn Seneff
    3322 E Dry Creek Rd
    Phoenix, AZ 85044

  262. Berlin P.
    4181 Deer Run Blvd.
    Eagle Pass, TX 79852

    Been having some pretty brutal times and somehow still here. My cat Willow is the main person that keeps me going. Would love to send and receive good vibes 😊✨

  263. Heather Gleiser
    1520 Saddlebrook Lane
    Richmond, IN 47374

    I love getting snail mail!

  264. Heatherlee Moudry
    202 timberwyck st
    Apt 9
    Festus Mo

    Thank you for this.
    I agree with the poster above, trauma sucks, depression lies, healing hurts, but I’m still here too. <3

  265. Had some really difficult health issues lately. Cheerful mail would be amazing. Would love to do both:
    Ruth Repp
    235 Kohl Ave
    Lake Bluff, IL 60044

  266. I’ve a few I’ll be sending physical cards out to and have already sent some email love. I’ll keep checking for more email addys.

    I am helping myself by helping you. Love to all.

  267. 💥this is the correct one, ignore the other post please!! 😢💥
    Berlin P.
    4181 Deer Run Blvd.
    Eagle Pass, TX 78852 ( I would make a mistake on a previous post… made a typo on the address all derp 🙃)

    Been having some pretty brutal times and somehow still here. My cat Willow is the main person that keeps me going. Would love to send and receive good vibes 😊✨

  268. I will have to go pick up some postcards for this. Would love some in return. I’m not working due to a mysterious back problem, so I don’t get to go out and hang with a lot of people. Plus, friends have moved away. Gets lonely during the day when hubby is at work.

    Patty Royal
    486 Sheridan Drive Apt 2
    Sault Ste Marie, MI 49783

  269. Oh I need some inspiration right now and mail would be wonderful! I thought to myself this morning “HOW is it that I can be blessed but still depressed?”

    I will participate both ways:

    Betty Moreno
    3924 Laura Leigh Dr
    Friendswood, TX 77546

  270. I could use some love and cheer in my life and mailbox. Things are looking up a bit after starting a new job yesterday but being off work for over a month and a half has me struggling. This is such a great community and idea!

    Candy K
    3530 Homewood Ave
    Lansing, MI 48910

  271. I’m in -love both ideas!
    Nickole Rinde
    632 W Red Barberry dr
    Oro Valley,Az 85755

  272. Happy mail makes me happy!

    Julie Martinez
    1320 N Van Buren St
    San Angelo, TX 76901

    (Jenny, feel free to stop by next time you’re in town)

  273. I wish I had an address to send you cards n fun stuff like squished pennies. Mine is Lolly Caviness 36518 Wild Rose Circle Selbyville, Delaware 19975. Snail mail from everywhere is appreciated.

  274. I could always use a cheer-me-up message.

    Jen Speed
    PO Box 286
    Alberton, MT 59820

  275. Jenny, your book is the reason I went for help for my anxiety disorder. I felt like I wasnt alone after I read your book. Thank you. And thank you for this caring and compassionate community.

    Kathryn Beemer
    PO Box 120
    Port McNicoll, ON
    L0K 1R0

  276. I’d love some mail.
    353 E. Las Colinas Blvd, #109
    Irving, TX 75039

    I’ll send some out, as well.

  277. I’m in for both! I’m trying not to struggle right now , but apparently struggling is my strength! Who knew? (Still suck at it though!)

    Dawn G.
    820 N Maple Street
    Eaton, OH 45320-1533

  278. I love this… and need it. Both to send and receive.

    Courtney Bohl
    c/o Boise State University
    1910 University Dr.
    Boise ID 83725
    MS 1120

  279. This is so great Jenny. It is hard to keep going some times. A reminder that you’re not alone can be amazing. I will pick a few to send a note to!
    Samantha Lowrie
    541 Buena Vista Ave
    Fircrest, WA 98466

  280. Shall we have a hashtag so we can see the love each person sent and received?

  281. I would love to do both!

    Hunter Greene
    181 Luna Lane
    Hendersonville, TN 37075


  282. After 20+ something years in therapy for all my mental illness issues (bipolar, agoraphobia, anxiety). I finally found an amazing psychiatrist who I had been seeing for the past 6 months. She listened so sincerely & made me feel hopeful. I was told she would be out of the office for an undetermined amount of time, but today was given the official notice she would no longer be available. I am devastated. I am from a small town & the choices are severely limited. I would love some words of encouragement while I sort through this. I would like to give my email if that is okay. I am a bit nervous about giving my address …

  283. Littlewolf – sending magic healing energies your way.

    Sending cosmic support to all… and cards to some fellow Michiganders. Such a fun idea.

  284. I wish I had an address for you, Jenny so I could send cards and squished pennies. I collect them and I’m missing a few states. I love sending and receiving snail mail.

    I’m Lolly Caviness
    36518 Wild Rose Circle
    Selbyville, Delaware 19975
    All snail mail and funny things are welcome. I also love to gift others with handmade bookmarks, jewelry, and pillowcases.

  285. Love this idea!

    Johanna Rettich
    439 Edgebrook Ave.
    Brookville, OH 45309

  286. I would love to do both Please! MEP, 130 Hewitt St Apt A Lake Peekskill Ny 10537

  287. I’m in for both! I’d even be interested in anyone with a 13 (almost 14) year old boy or girl who has suicidal ideology to swap ideas and support.

    Dawn G.
    820 N Maple Street
    Eaton, OH 45320-1533

  288. This is an awesome idea, Jenny. I will send some out, but could also use one maybe. My best little ginger cat, Damien, had to be put down today due to a brain tumor. His was such a special little cat. I loved him so much.

    Amy Mankins
    33 S. William’s Street
    Johnstown, OH 43031

  289. What a great idea! I have really been struggling lately, I could use some extra support.

    Elizabeth Surton
    PO Box 42
    Cascade Locks, OR 97014

  290. I sometimes think I online shop just to receive mail. Mail can really brighten up a bad day!

    205-151 Taylor Rd
    Kelowna, BC V1X 8E2

  291. I love this idea! I just organized my stationary and would love to send little notes to someone and get some too! Great idea. I also have a son who we believe is on the spectrum (he is 18 now and was tested when he was 2 but didn’t fit into their little boxes to be put into a category) and is now being tested again. Would love to hear from anyone in a similar situation.

    Julanne Lorimor
    557 Bokman Place
    Sonoma CA 95476.

  292. You talk about snail mail, I inherited a large collection of Florida bound post cards from the early 1900’s. I plan on randomly sending ones that fit in envelopes to some of yall (yea it’s a word). Pass them along if they are not to your taste, believe me some are unusual. Love, Di

  293. Been struggling through depression and a heavy dose of anxiety lately. Taking it one day at a time and trying to get myself back to my “normal”. Would love to send and/or receive a card.

    Amanda George
    26 Read Street
    Riverside, RI 02915

  294. This is such a great idea. I love this tribe! I wish I had the time to send every single one of you something sparkly!
    I will send out as many as I can. xo

    Jessica Smith
    1253 S Stevens St
    Tacoma, WA 98406

  295. Suse Pain
    University of Roehampton
    M3C, Whitelands
    Holybourne Avenue
    Roehampton, London
    SW15 4JD

  296. Amazing.
    Mom of a critical baby here, and this is the kind of love we need in the world ♡
    513 A Sunnydale Place
    Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
    N2L 4S9

  297. This is soooo much better than sending a chain letter!!! Everyone loves to receive a card in the mail that is not a bill, junk, or jury duty summons. I’m sending out some cards as I love to buy stationary but don’t have many relatives left to send cards/letters to. Feel free to return the love.

    Alena Wagner
    Casper Country Club
    4149 Country Club Rd
    Casper, WY 82609

  298. I will definitely be sending some out! Like someone else said I’m also a bit worried some people who need it will not get any mail – maybe ask again in a few months if anyone are still wanting? 🙂
    I’m: Karen H-J, Gulstavvej 21, Fakkebjerg, 5935 Bagenkop, Denmark

  299. This would be awesome, I feel silly asking for kind words – but could really use some uplifting these past weeks…

    6619 132nd Ave NE #180
    Kirkland, WA 98033

  300. Lisa Kotila
    900 5th St N
    Dassel, MN 55325
    Thanks so much for reaching out, Jenny!

  301. Currently going through a particularly dark time right now. This is great.

    211 Taylor Street
    Little Chute WI 54140

  302. Well, I don’t have much to lose.

    Jasmine D.
    88 king st. #307
    Burlington, VT. 05401

  303. Thank you so much, Jenny, for making the world a better and more loving place. You do so much good, and you help us help each other–that’s the best!

  304. I just received some happy mail a couple days ago and sent out a happy package for someone who desperately needs it. Both getting and sending are so wonderful! I’ll be sending out some cards and would love to get some too! I’m fighting depression and starting meds for it for the first time in my life. It’s been a huge struggle to get through each day.
    K. Knight
    39 Huntington Mountain Drive
    Shickshinny, PA 18655

  305. I recently got a wedding invitation in the mail and it felt like Christmas. I unfortunately won’t be able to attend and they already knew that when they sent it. It felt so nice that they made me feel included anyway. Getting mail other than bills is always a treat.
    Kylie Goodwin
    351 College Blvd
    Grenada,Ms 38901
    I’ll send out a few cards and fun things when I have the extra spoons to handle it.

  306. I’m up for both! 🙂👐🏻

    Rebecca W.
    10367 Barcan Circle
    Columbia, MD 21044

  307. I know it’s long shot, me being out of the country but crossing fingers
    Silvina R. Bastianelli
    Ambrosoni 1191
    Victoria. Buenos Aires CP 1644

  308. Jenny,
    You are so awesome. I love this idea. Everyone could use some cheer every now and then! I will be sending several and if someone could throw a little love my way I could really use it.

    Amie Casal
    142 Anneswood Road
    Martinez, GA 30907

  309. If anyone gets down this far and wants to send something:

    Amber Bartlett
    8927 Rene St
    Lenexa, KS 66215

  310. Such a sweet idea. We ALL could use reminders that we are needed, loved, etc. Life is challenging and dealing with pain of all sorts is a sad constant for so many. Jenny, you give me hope and you inspire me. Blessings.

  311. Kristin Joslin
    2800 lawrenceburg ferry road
    Petersburg, Kay 41080

  312. I’m starting from the bottom and going up. I broke up with my therapist, then got back with my therapist, and other junk. It’s a roller coaster of depression and anxiety and random neurons telling me to hide forever.
    Sabrina P
    1316 E Susan Ln
    Tempe, AZ 85281

  313. I’m disabled and tired. I’m raising my 12 yr. old grandson and I’m having to be middle school all over again. Sometimes I get up at 6am, get him to school and then come home and go back to bed.
    Mary Neal
    154 Hillbrook Dr.
    Spartanburg SC 29307

  314. Would love a note of encouragement or whatever as I don’t really have any friends. I would conversely love to send some out to others. Thank you! 💜💜💜

    Sharon Summers
    9246 Todos Santos Dr
    Santee, CA 92071

  315. I used Google’s random number generator to select my five people to send, plus then I added the person directly above me and directly below me. Seven people total. I’m concerned that with the length of the list that some people might be overlooked. I’ll try to repeat the random numbers once every week or so, as long as I can still afford postage.

  316. Happy Snail Mail? Count me in too!
    Lesli Green
    241 W Chicago Ave. #3
    Las Vegas, NV 89102

  317. Thank you Jenny for this and everything you do! I have been struggling lately and I love that you are doing this. Thank you for all the laughs you have given me!

    Kathyern Martinez
    1357 San Lorenzo NW
    Albuquerque, NM

    I will be sending too!

  318. I had no idea we had so many Canadians! Some of you are even in the next town over from me! I’ll be trying to send some out as well.

    Talk about not being alone in our struggles. Just remember guys, #depressionlies.

  319. This comes at the right time. My boss/mentor/friend died suddenly and I have had to step into her shoes. My husband has a chronic debilitating illness. Another friend is moving across the continent. I have no relatives here and have been feeling very alone lately, but seeing all these people who want to connect makes me feel better. I hope to receive and will definitely be sending.

    Box 134
    Killam, AB
    T0B 2L0

  320. I could really use a note. I have been having a rough time, my latest med came in at over $100 with the co-pay so I can’t afford it and I NEED it, the serious awful drama around me at my workplace (not caused by my assistant but by third parties in town who know him and me), and I have been living with the Sword of Damocles over my head of the next stroke (not if but when). I feel like I’m both too young and old for this shit.

    Star Cat Books
    Nancy Hanger
    PO Box 924
    Bradford, VT 05033

  321. Thank you, Jenny. What a wonderful idea!

    Christy E. K.
    Strohmeierstrasse 39
    4062 Kirchberg-Thening


  322. Possible repost I cannot find the original post so I hope I am not double posting
    Hi Jenny,
    You are awesome. This is an amazing idea. I will be sending out several; if anyone gets the chance to send me one I would greatly appreciate it! Things have been super stressful lately and I have PPD and 3 kiddos by myself. I am in the middle of selling a house and moving across the country. I could use some love if anyone has time.

    Amie Casal
    142 Anneswood Road
    Martinez, GA 30907

  323. My mamaw loves getting mail, especially mail from exotic places, and especially mail that doesn’t pressure her to respond. (My sister and I send her postcards, but it sounds like she always feels like she has to respond to us–I know it’d be different to receive mail from a lovely stranger.) My papaw loves gardening and being a pastor, though macular degeneration is really limiting his independence. You can reach them at:

    Anna Mae (and/or Henry) Pittman
    14739 Poplar St.
    Southgate, MI 48195

    I’m going to spend the weekend writing out and addressing some postcards to as many of you as I can! Thank you to anyone who reaches out to my beautiful grandparents! <3

  324. Melissa R
    PO Box 902
    Marysville, CA 95901

    This is such a cool idea! I’ll be sure to send a few letters myself 🙂

  325. Getting out some envelopes and stamps and scrolling through for some addresses. Happy to help spread a little encouragement.

  326. I feel so broken and alone right now. This community is, as always, awesome.
    Carly K.
    391 Truro St
    Winnipeg, MB, Canada

  327. I would love to send and receive… but not sure if others are willing to mail internationally. If you or someone else wants to send to me in Canada, I am happy to send something out as well.

    Kris B
    #5 – 12102 92 Avenue
    Surrey, BC
    V3V 1G2
    Canada 🇨🇦

  328. Camille Clements
    513 East 26th St
    Cheyenne, WY 82001

    Picking a few peeps off this list right now to send something random to! 🙂 ❤️❤️

  329. I usually just lurk, I love this site and it’s people but my social anxiety (even over the net..) stops me from participating. But, I have a sister who is depressed and always feeling like she isn’t enough. Can I request for her?
    Rose Altamirano
    2524 Rye st.
    Las Vegas NV 89102

  330. Great idea. I’ve struggled this fall/winter, hoping spring is better. I’ll share the love.
    Lori Whitwam
    248 Hillmont Road
    New Bern NC 28562
    Thanks, Jenny, and we all love you!

  331. Me too please! Love this idea!!!
    Post office box 97244
    Lakewood, WA 98497

    Thank you!

  332. Here in Christchurch, New Zealand, feeling rather low and could do with some reminding about the good people in the world.

    A. Williams
    7 Highfield Lane
    New Zealand

    Will try to send a few off as well. The world needs more love!

  333. Wow.. would LOVE to get some love, having a tough time here.

    11639 Newbridge ct
    Reston va 20191

  334. Boy this is amazing!
    Shannon Harris
    6953 Fair Ridge Dr
    Indianapolis, IN 46221

  335. I could really use a nice card or note. I’ve been struggling for a while. My anxiety has been running rampant and it’s hard to remember that things are ok.

    A. Pachuta
    1902 Montour St.
    Coraopolis, PA 15108

  336. This would absolutely make my heart heart to both send and receive!
    I 💙💙💙💙💙💙 real mail, I believe my adult daughter who unfortunately inherited the family mental health funness could DEFINITELY use some love!

    Draea Lael or Jessika (wayward daughter)
    300 Wroten Rd
    Corinth MS 38834!

  337. I’m late as always. I love mail. Get severe anxiety from mail since before I can remember. Probably good to start new associations if anyone has a stamp for Canada. 1454 prestone drive, Orleans Ontario K1E 1M4 ❤

  338. Ohhh, this is exciting. I love sending snail mail. Getting the good pens out immediately!

    I would love some mail, too, if someone still has a spare stamp or two. I had a rough week with health stuff and I feel a bit like a failure, even though I know I shouldn’t (which is more failure and…you know how it goes.)

    Flat 2
    117 Alphington Rd
    Ex2 8JD

  339. I will send out some postcards I colored and would be thrilled to receive some mail as well. Going thru a rough patch and a random piece of friendly mail would definitely brighten my day.
    Tanya Bradley
    PO Box 572
    Lorain OH 44052

  340. Yes! More of this, please!

    Susan Gee
    418 Bluebird Circle
    East Ridge, TN 37412

    I will be sending some as well!

  341. I could use some encouragement. I have been dealing with depression all my adult life and have developed severe social anxiety. Menopause has gifted me with weather-sensitive migraines and I am having surgery to remove my gallbladder in 9 days. I’m feeling beaten up and discouraged. I’ll be sending out some cards, but I could use some myself.

    Jane M.
    219 N. Broadview Ave
    Wichita, KS 67208

  342. What fun! I would love to send and receive!
    Jayne Ash
    PO Box 3040
    Los Lunas, NM 87031

  343. I’d love to send some and get some! What a great way to connect people!

    16754 SE Austin Street
    Milwaukie OR 97267

  344. This is great!
    I emailed a couple of the Addy’s! I’ll try and do more (I hope no one minds the photos)
    I’m going through a rough patch, trying to keep moving forward. Jenny’s books have helped me several times over the last few years
    I love emails and letters
    Andy H.
    P.O. box 461
    Kahului Hi. 96732

  345. I’ve been down, really down, all winter. I’m 67 and very isolated. Have had depression since 5th grade. Could use some loving.

    Linda R.
    620 E Main St
    Epworth, IA 52045

  346. I love this idea!

    I could definitely use some nice thoughts and love right now! Going through an MS flare up while still having to work 2 jobs, and do school work is just exhausting both mentally and physically!

    Grace Kerns
    720 Elm St. Apt B
    Grayson, KY 41143

    I’ll be sure to try to send a little something to a few people as well! 🙂

  347. I have been practicing painting watercolor clouds lately, and now I know where to send some!

    Lee Hoyer
    351 Magers Hall
    Marquette, MI, 49855

  348. I just came through a long weekend of suicidal ideation and now some light is filtering through … to stumble on this post and consider the audacity that I might be able to give someone a little bit of light out of that darkness is making me tear up, Jenny. Guard that heart of yours. It’s golden. The Earth needs it.

  349. I’m so far down in the comments! But I love this so so much. I hope to get some out myself.

    Sara Saccol
    10 High St. 2
    Ayer, MA 01432

  350. Thank you, Jenny. ♡

    Lauren Friedman
    5550 Frank Ave NW
    North Canton, Ohio

  351. I would love to send and to receive. I love this idea! 💕💕
    Tara Speck
    9720 Pan Falls St.
    Las Vegas, NV

  352. This is so nice!

    Tajalli Harmsen-Ball
    2735 Braeburn Circle
    Ann Arbor, MI 48108

  353. Tiffany F.
    3919 Joshua Dr.
    Marion, IN
    Sometimes giving /getting a note is the best way to brighten a day!!

  354. Me! Me! What a good way to make someone’s day!
    Andrea Schnitz
    809 Cedarbend Way
    Chula Vista, CA 91910

  355. I think this sounds brilliant. And am excited to send some!! I love getting mail!
    H. Adams
    401 W Dover Circle
    Wasilla, AK 99654

  356. I love postcards. I put them around my desk at work . I will be sending some for sure. Love this so much.
    Shannon R
    1100 4th Ave SW
    Salmon Arm, BC
    V1E 1T1

  357. Wonderful idea—I was just trying to figure out what to do with my Bloggess calendars stacked in my office and now I’ll cut them up and make cards to send!

  358. I’m in between addresses at the moment, but could really (really really) use some hope via email if anyone has any to spare. Will start sending out postcards tomorrow!

  359. It is a wondrous and powerful thing; that at the moment you badly need concern and kindness, it comes from places you never, ever expected. It’s good to pay that forward.

  360. I hope I’m not biting off more than I can chew. I always send and rarely receive so I’ll add mine. I do love to send cards with un-used stickers in them. Adults love them as much as kids. Some times the cards I send are designed with stickers because they are blank inside because I have a BuJo and Junk Journal combined.

    Sandy May
    P.O. Box 33806
    Northglenn, CO 80233

    P.S. My married daughter my use the same P.O. Box with a different last name.

  361. I have been so down I haven’t left the house in weeks or the bed in several days. I was a teacher for years and loved helping people. Now when I wake up, I can’t find a single reason not to go back to sleep. I feel like whatever I had to give is gone. I gave up my career for my family but know they have their own lives and I’m left adrift. I know kids leave the nest and it’s a good thing. But man am I lonely. Will send some cards. Would love to receive one.

    Kerry Colvin
    1219 Bush Rd
    Abingdon, Md 21009

  362. What a lovely idea, mail that is not a bill or ad circular…

    Kelly Barnes
    961 Hollowell St
    Ontario CA 91762

  363. What a lovely idea, mail that is not a bill or ad circular…

    Kelly Barnes
    961 Hollowell St
    Ontario CA 91762

    (I hope this isn’t a duplicate… I did the same Reply a couple minutes ago and after Post Comment, it just refreshed the page & my comment was gone, so I’m trying again.)

  364. I would love some encouragement and silliness right now!

    Jennifer Rodger
    PO Box 458
    Hudson, NY 12534

  365. @JDK
    I live in SE salem too! No way! I’m down by the Courthouse gym. What a small world. I’m sending a note.

  366. I am SO grateful that today is a good day!! I send love and healing out to all, and I will be mailing out cards with lots of hugs in them……XOXOXO

  367. This is an Amazing idea!

    Josie Donald
    126 Sue Ella ct
    Townville SC, 29689

  368. I’ve been struggling hard this week too. This is a beautiful idea; the kindness of strangers bouys me every time. I hope my cards reach someone needing a lift!

    Shana N
    23 E. Ross Ave
    Sapulpa, OK 74066

  369. Also… I would love to leave my address and get some cool mail but…anxiety. LOL.

  370. I could use some good wishes. First, though, I need to thank Jenny for brightening my birthday back in January. She truly cares about her people. Thank you Jenny for being here.

    The past few weeks you could say I’ve had a few difficulties. I’m all out of tears.

    I had a severe allergic reaction to pesticide spraying in my apartment. I had to live in a motel until it could be cleaned. Six days later I returned to find that the cleaning had not been done, except for a very soggy carpet. I was charged $1500 for this crook to soak my carpet.

    Two days later, I pulled up part of the (still damp) carpet when I saw red stains had developed. The subflooring is rotted and there is mold under the carpet. They found mold under the kitchen cabinets too. I’m deathly allergic to mold. I don’t know where I go while the entire apartment is remodeled. Or how I’m going to pack everything and put it into storage.

    I’m a recluse and have no friends. Agoraphobia destroys friendships. The only family I have is my mother who has alzheimer’s and lives in a nursing home.

    All of that is disturbing and disheartening, but worst of all, my beloved little dog had a stroke Monday night. I don’t know if it’s related to the chemicals or perhaps the mold, he’s only six years old. Good news is he’s alive and apparently not in any pain. He wobbles like a drunken sailor and his head bobbles up and down. But he still smiles, he’s still here. And so am I.

    As much as I’d like to have some mail myself, I’m too embarrassed to post my name and address. Instead I’m going to pick a couple of your addresses and hope I can add some good karma into the world.

    Thanks for letting me vent.

  371. This is awesome! Happy to receive and send:)

    Susan Tamayo
    322 Lebanon St
    San Antonio, TX 78223

  372. I love this idea!! My kid and I could both use some light, and I’d love to share some as well. Jenny, where can I send you something? Fair warning: I am inordinately fond of glitter!

    Jenni Walker (and/or Rhys Bax)
    34 Warwick Rd
    Little Rock, AR 72205

  373. Colleen Dempsey Dotson
    720 Olive St. #1103
    St. Louis MO 63101

    Thank you.

  374. Naomey Clifton
    2910 Horning Rd
    Plattsmouth, NE 68048

    Its been a rough 6 months. Some days I’m amazed that I am still getting out of bed. The bloggess has been a great inspiration for looking forward at the possibility the future holds.

  375. I just picked 10 names and will be sending out letters to each of those people by the end of next week. I believe loving people is the most important thing we can do.

    Rosalie Noyes
    146 Century Dr
    West Seneca NY 14224
    United States

  376. I have a terminal illness, and one of the ways I keep my spirits up is to make cards. So I will be sending to as many of you that I can. I will put my return address on the envelope, so if you want to return one, that’s fine. If not, that’s perfectly okay. This is such a great wonderfully old-fashioned idea. I love it!

    Kasandra Maidmentt
    757 Gerussi Lane
    Gibsons, BC
    V0N 1V7 Canada

  377. I will send some out this weekend. This is a great idea.
    I can’t always tell the people around me how I am really feeling without them worrying about me.

    6 Jalan Ampas
    #20-08 The Viridian
    Singapore 329507

  378. I’ll give and take some love….❤️

    Sara Norris
    3417 Dahlia
    Midland, MI 48642

  379. This is an amazing idea. Everyone who struggles can use a letter of encouragement or a new friend that understands.
    Crystal Unger
    5 Henry Street
    Trenton, On, Canada
    K8V 3T2

  380. Naomey Clifton
    2910 Horning Rd
    Plattsmouth, NE 68048

    Its been a rough 6 months. Some days I’m amazed that I am still getting out of bed. The bloggess has been a great inspiration for looking forward at the possibility the future holds.

  381. I could really use some happiness 🙂 will send some too
    PO Box 303459
    Austin, TX 78703

  382. I’m not comfortable posting my address, but I’ll definitely be sending out a bunch of letters. I have an entire box of stationery and note cards that only get used occasionally. And I love the art of actual writing something by hand.