Isn’t it romantic?

me:  Do you realize that as of today we’ve been married longer than we haven’t been married?

Victor:  That can’t possibly be right.

me:  It is.  23 years today.  We were 22 when we were married.  We’ve been married the majority of our lives.

Victor:  It’s the long con.

me:  Damn right, baby.

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  1. Oh I love it, long con! I’ll have to remember that for my anniversary. Congratulations! This is an impressive accomplishment.

  2. Look at those children! I hope the adventure continues! Lasting love to you both❤️

  3. Ha! I love doing our math, too. Started dating at 16/17. Moved in together after 10 years. Bought a house after 11 years together. Got married after 16 years together. And this year will be our 22 wedding anniversary. 38/54 = 70.3% of my life with him. (!!)

    Congratulations! So happy to see other couples who still LIKE each other after marriage, houses, kids, illness, and internet fame. 😀

  4. Happy anniversary!!! I got married when I was 26 and this year is my 10th anniversary, I’ve got a ways to go still lol

  5. Congratulations! My husband and I were both 20 and we’ll be 16 years in 2 weeks.

  6. I love all of this. Happy anniversary to the couple with the most entertaining arguments about weird shit! Thanks for sharing snippets of the long con: it always makes my day.

  7. Happy Anniversary!!! You two were babies!!!! Such a beautiful bride!!!

  8. Congratulations! My husband and I were both 20 and we’ll be 16 years in 2 weeks.

  9. Happy Anniversary! I was married to Mike for almost of my adult life! We were just a few months shy of our 38th when he passed away from ALS.
    Sandy May/Wynterose

  10. A friend of mine once realized that he and his wife had hit the milestone, and he blurted out “I’ve been married longer than I have been ALIVE!” I do not recommend that as an opener, really.

    Happy anniversary!

  11. Congratulations! Happy Anniversary! Wishing you both many more years of health, happiness and prosperity!

  12. Happy anniversary you two lovebirds! Hazzah! That’s pretty incredible!

  13. Happy Anniversary you two!!!! Today just happens to be our 50th wedding anniversary. I hope to be around to congratulate you on you 50th.

  14. And that’s the dress he bought you!!! (Just finished your first book…moving on to Furiously Happy…which obviously you both still are.) 🙂 Happy Anniversary!

  15. Congrats to my favorite couple. Hubby and I are coming up on our 40th this winter. Is it possible that I was married before I was born?

  16. I’m on my 3rd marriage, so my most exciting milestone was when I could say I’ve been married to this hubby longer than the other 2 combined! lol! And now it’s 7 years since that, so I think I finally got it right! Happy Anniversary, Jenny & Victor! You’re so meant for each other! <3

  17. I’m ecstatic we had smilar wedding dresses. Congratulations on all these years together. Keep the long con going.

  18. Happy anniversary! You two are adorable!! Have cake, lots of cake. ❤️❤️

  19. My dress in 1985 had the same puffy sleeves. Think we were channeling Princess Di. Happy Anniversary!

  20. Happy Anniversary Jenny & Victor!

    Jenny, thank you for the joy and uncontrolled, snorting laughter you bring to my life! I only just stumbled over your writing recently, at work. Randomly fell into a blog post about a giant metal chicken that had me desperately trying to suppress yelps of laughter in front of colleagues and customers so they wouldn’t know I was screwing around on the internet instead of seriously grinding my nose off.

    I immediately told all my imaginary friends about my new hero and ordered all your books, which I am reading (and coloring) in reverse order and just finished the chapter about you getting married on the 4th of July. I’m glad I have years of your blog to explore, otherwise I’d be worried about missing you when I finish the book.

    You have inspired me to embrace and celebrate my own officially undiagnosed but still debilitating mental illness. It feels so much better to just say “Yep, that shit is for real.” And go with it.

    I hope you have a terrific day!

  21. A very happy anniversary to you two! Today my wife and I are celebrating our 19th dating anniversary. 🙂

  22. Congratulations!!! My sister and her husband have been married 39 years this year. Married at 19 and 21 years old. Time flies!! 😂

  23. Happy Anniversary!
    My hubby and I married young also. After I tell people how long we’ve been married, I add, I got married when I was twelve. Can’t believe that 27 years of marriage means I’m 50!

  24. Victor’s almost right. Life itself is the long con, but by staying together for 23 years, you’ve actually out-conned the con, and for that, I congratulate you both!

  25. My husband and I got married at 18, after two years of dating. We are fast approaching our 44th anniversary. It’s intimidating to think about! Congratulations on your anniversary!

  26. Wow, Victor looks like Tom Hanks body double from BIG!!!
    Happy anniversary!!

  27. Didn’t realize our anniversaries were so close. Greg and I have a really long con going. 41 years yesterday.

  28. Happy Anniversary!
    My hubby and I also married young. I always tell people that I was 12 when I got married. Twelve, 22 not too much difference.

  29. Happy anniversary! It’s my parents’ anniversary today too, 59 years. Dad always said they picked this date so they’d always have the day off.

  30. Coincidentally, I’ve been married 23 years too. To three different men. The jury is still out on who conned who. Congratulations to you and Victor, the funniest couple I know.

  31. Oh my gosh, you are both so adorable! Happy Anniversary, and very best wishes for many more

  32. Happy anniversary! We almost share an anniversary date… my hubby and I just celebrated 15 years yesterday 🙂

  33. My beloved auntie told her spouse on that fateful anniversary that they had been married longer than they’d been alive! 😀

  34. So, The Viking and I have been married for 2 years. We started discussing what we should do to commemorate the occasion when I had to admit, “What day did we get married again?” He said, “I don’t fucking know!” We know it is sometime in July and it was on a Friday, but that’s where our memories die. I’ll have to dig up the Marriage Certificate to find the exact date, but if we’re honest, it doesn’t really matter when or how long we’re married – we’ve just known each other for a thousand years.

    Congratulations for 23 years, though. 💚💙💜

  35. Congrats! You two have definitely survived through thick and thin! ❤️

  36. Happy Anniversary!! It’s a great time to get married! Our 25th was on the 2nd. <3

  37. A few years ago we reached the point where we’ve been together longer than we’ve been not together since we were high school sweethearts. 😍😜


  38. You two are the cutest! Congrats on making the long con work.

    Ours will hit 30 at the end of September.

  39. Happy Day! I’m just behind you at 22 years this past Jan 4th (we got married when I was 25). Here’s to the longest con EVER babies! 💕

  40. 37 years. ups and downs. Next Danger Phase of marriage- retirement. He’s already starting to bug the shit out of me!

  41. Happy Anniversary!
    We’re 41 years. 19 and 23 when we married, so 2x as long married as single for me. What a ride!

  42. Here is to another happy, healthy and prosperous 23+years together.
    Enjoy your day!

  43. Love and long life to you both. You look so young and full of hope in the picture. So glad it worked out for ypu. Happy Anniversary!

  44. OMG, you were young. Look at those faces! Congratulations and happy anniversary.

  45. Wow so excited for you. So young. So cute
    Wishing you many more years of uniqueness, adventure,
    And love. Love you guys

  46. In a recent conversation with a friend from grade school, I had to explain that I could not relate to her outrage regarding her boyfriend sucking face with another chick in a bar parking lot. My response was I’ve been married for 25 years that means I’m old and boring.

  47. Happy Anniversary, Jenny and Victor! Thank you for all the laughs, tears and information you have shared with us. I wish for you to have many more years together.

  48. I got married at 22 also! We just celebrated 12 years married in May. Happy anniversary!!!

  49. This IS the reason to celebrate today! You are both amazing together and produced an amazing daughter! Happy anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. There’s something a little “off” about your prom dress, there, Jenny… Just sayin’, there’s no way in hello y’all were old enough in that picture to get married.

    Congrats, geezers. 😂

  51. Happy anniversary! My anniversary today too, number 16. I was 26 and he was 39 – we both got confused and married someone totally wrong for us the first time round. Made sure to get it right on the second go!

  52. Hurray for the long con! We celebrate our 24th tomorrow (and our 26th year together)! To lifelong love!

  53. Today is my anniversary as well! We’ve been married 26 years and l was 18 when we got married. I love the idea of the “Long Con”.

  54. I have to share that after another very long dark night of depression and anxiety telling their lies, I saw this post when I woke up. I found the love of my life after age 40, but now have decided my goal is to be married to him for half my life. I’d better start taking better care of myself! Long con indeed.

  55. Happy anniversary — and many more to come in the long con!

    (We got married late: we’ll be in our late 60s when that happens. We just passed our 30th anniversary, so we’re getting close!)

  56. Happy Anniversary! Wishing you many more years of weird happiness!

    Seeing that photo of you and Victor reminded me that, when I saw my sister (six years younger) bouncing out of the house for the night at the same age I was when I got married, I asked my mother, “You let me get married when I was THAT AGE?!” Her response was a calm, “What was I going to do? — Tell you no?” HA! My second marriage “stuck” in so much as we are here, stuck with each other! LOL!

  57. Congratulations! It’s the same for us too! Met when I was 21, married him at 24 and this year marks our 25th! Wow… When did we turn into the old farts? Lol!

  58. Give it up for the long con yo! 22 yrs for us this year. We WAITED for everything. Marriage, house, kids. We were still skinny and I wasn’t yet brain damaged in ‘97. Maybe that’s what got us this far? Hell strokes for all in that case! Love you girl!

  59. congratulations! i’m so happy for all 3 of you!!!!
    my wasband didn’t have the staying power. wuss.

  60. Naaawwww!!!!! Look at the two of you, rocking weird married life together! Happy Anniversary! (Don’t tell Victor, but if he’d killed you, he’d be out on good behaviour by now…. 😉 just sayin…)

  61. This kind of fucked with my head a bit because I do books (librarian) not math 😉 Like you and Victor, my husband and I have been together a long time (25 years). Even though I don’t do math I like numbers and this concept is SO cool. We didn’t get married right away so we’ll need to wait to hit this milestone but there are SO many other applications that I can’t wait to figure out. Which leads me to say (for the millionth time 😉 I’m so glad you are in my life to share your amazing perspective.

  62. I married my husband at 51.
    Chances are pretty slim we’ll make it to my 102 birthday.
    I’m really happy that the math worked out for you!
    Many many more!

  63. Lol! My hubs and I hit that year a few years ago. I was kinda surprised it took so long

  64. Happy Anniversary. You both look gorgeous. Thirty two years for me and I hadn’t thought about it. I have been married for more years than not. He does have a good sense of humor.

  65. Happy anniversary y’all! You were older than my wife was when we got married. We still have a lot of fun, but not nat as much as you two!

  66. Congratulations!
    We want to see the picture when you guys renew your vows with Ruth Bader Ginsbear officiating.

  67. I shared this with my dad. He said your mom and I have been married twice as long as we were single. Next goal!

  68. CONGRATULATIONS! You’re both so adorable. <3

    My husband and I celebrated ours last month, and looking at our wedding photo, we were babies, too. ^_^ We’ve been together considerably longer than we haven’t been. (In fact, I just realized that our daughter is now as old as we were when we got married… good gods.)

  69. Just gorgeous! Hailey gets her good looks from you …with a little help from your friend!
    Happy Anniversary!!

  70. oh that is charming. Happy Anniversary.
    Ours is today, the 6th,(if this is the 6th) and our 51st. I can never remember if it’s the 6th or the 8th, and now I can never remember what day it actually is I’m standing in. Not good, but it’s handly for excuses about anniversaries and birthday cards..
    You look so young…and I must say you’ve both aged nicely…

  71. I too was married at 22 and we just celebrated 42 years together. The long con continues, Happy Anniversary!!

  72. Happy Anniversary!
    We’ve only been married since 2007 but we were 53/52. So wonderful to love and enjoy the one you’re with.
    Many more years of dancing in the rain to you!

  73. Oh my God! Look how young you guys were! Precious, and CONGRATS!!! <3

  74. WHOOHOO!

    Hubs and I have been together for 23 years, 20 of them married. We’ve been together longer than we were single too. 😀

  75. Pack a bag…we’re going on a tangent. I am reading a still not quite dry copy of LPTNH and why not quite dry (after 5 days) you might but probably aren’t asking is that I dropped it in the bath. I took a baking soda bath to relieve the itching from what I think were gnat bites but definitely some kind of bug. Anyway whilst soaking I grabbed the book to continue reading and forgetting that I used my phone as a bookmark, said iPhone skipped across the top of the water. Freaking (slightly) I quickly & nimbly grabbed my phone to save it, but the book got a bit lost in the shuffle. And rested upon my (slightly submerged) stomach. BUT I regained my senses after drying off my phone and saved the book from total saturation. Slightly (nicely said) worse for the wear but still TOTALLY readable. And thus I am now sitting on my deck reading the book. Amen.

  76. You are adorable! My husband and I were also married at 22, it’ll be 44 years for us soon. Hang in there – you can do it !😄❤

  77. Just seen this: I got together with my wife on my 23rd birthday, but we only got married 23 years TO THE DAY later, which I didn’t realise till that morning.

    Next wednesday it’ll be 25 years together. I got her pillows with Crowley and Aziraphael on. Don;t tell her.

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