Last week I had to catch Dorothy Barker’s pee in a ladle 6 different times to get enough for the giant sample I needed to take to the oncologist and two different neighbors drove by and stared at me as they tried to figure out how the lady with a full-sized bear dressed as a wizard in her living room could get any weirder and I was just waiting for the all clear on the test to share that funny story, but.


But unfortunately Dottie does have bladder cancer.

Which sucks.  It’s about the worst cancer dogs can get.  There isn’t really a cure.  Usually dogs live for 6 months or less after diagnosis.  Because we caught it so early our oncologist thinks that with drugs we might be able to slow it down and could possibly have a year with her.

So yesterday I cried a lot.  Then I told Hailey and we cried some more.  Then Dottie looked at us like we were crazy and tried to distract us so we took her swimming in the pool and she had a blast.

And so did we.

A year is a long time.  It’s not long enough, but it’s something.  And at the moment Dottie is still the same crazy dog as ever so we are grateful.  And we will enjoy her and each other and all the fleeting things we take for granted when we think they will last forever.

Hug your pets.  Hug each other.  Remember to enjoy every moment.  And then remind me to do the same.


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  1. All my love, Jenny. Dottie is so lucky to have a crazy bear-hoarding mom like you.

  2. The best thing about having a pet is the unconditional love they give us.
    The worst thing about having a pet in that we will ultimately outlive them.

  3. I’m so very sorry. She’s such a beautiful puppy. She knows y’all love her very much! And it’s good that it was caught early. I wish I had something soothing and insightful to share other than we all love you, and we’re here for you! ♥

  4. All my love to you and your family! <3 Enjoy your precious time, I’ll go hug my doggo now.

  5. I am so sorry and am sending all the love to you and yours. Extra hugs for all!

  6. Oh, Jenny, I’m so sorry. So, so sorry. Nothing I can say will make it better, so please know that you are very, very deeply loved.

  7. Sending virtual hugs to the whole family. I lost two cats to cancer, so I feel your anguish. Here’s hoping you get many more wonderful months with Dottie.

  8. I’m so sorry, Jenny. My dog has a rectal tumor that we have opted not to treat because he is terrified of going to the vet, and for heaven’s sake, he’s 11, I’m not putting my 11 year old giant breed dog who is afraid of life through that. We are keeping him comfortable and for now he’s fine, and one day he won’t be and then we will have to make the world’s shittiest decision. But until then, we will give him the best time, just like you, Hailey and Victor will for her. All my love to you, your family, and all your pets.

  9. Hugs to you. It is always so difficult to lose a pet and they are never here long enough.

  10. I am so sorry, Jenny. Nothing I can say can help you feel better, but know I am hugging you and yours all the way out here in California

  11. Im so so sorry Jenny. This is heartbreaking. We are all here for you. Whether we are Vampires or not. Sending you, Victor, and Hailey the biggest virtual hug in the world.

  12. That is the saddest news possible. Hugs to you all. Enjoy the time remaining with her.

  13. I’m so sorry. Have been through this, and I know how hard it is. Just love her. It’s the only thing we can ever do that makes a difference.

  14. I am so sorry to hear this. All you can do is keep on loving her. You will know when it’s time. She will tell you.

  15. I’m so sorry to hear this. May she have many good days left to spend with you and yours.

  16. I am so sorry to hear this. I just had to bury one of my dear little dogs last week. You are so right about needing to hug our beloveds while they are belived as often as possible. Wishing you peace and grace on this journey.

  17. All my love to you and your family, and especially to Dorothy.

  18. I’m so sorry, Jenny and family. My only babies are my two pups, and they are a huge part of this family. Sending lots of love and hugs.

  19. Sorry to hear the news. Make the best of your time together. She is so lucky to have you for a mom! Make great memories!

  20. Oh, this is just awful news. I’m so, so sorry. She’s such a little sweetheart and I can’t even imagine how crushed you and the whole family must be. Doggies and kitties really do leave a paw print embedded in your heart, and it’s just devastating when something like this happens. I hope you can have as much time with her as possible to give her all the hugs and kisses and treats her little heart desires. I’m sure she knows how loved she is, and that’s all any of our little guys and gals want. Hugs to you.

  21. Jenny, I had a cat with stomach cancer and was told he had 8 weeks. Through a combination of medicine and magic, he lived – and lived well – for almost 2 years. So I am confident that Dottie, in whatever time she has, is going to live furiously happy. Much love to your whole family.

  22. I’m so sorry. Losing a pet is never easy. I hope you share some lasting memories, sending you and your family all the love.

  23. I was going to ask how she was doing just the other day when I saw you post the picture of her. I am so sorry the news wasn’t better. Wishing you guys peace and love during this time.

  24. I’m so sorry. I know you and your family will fill the time she has left with love.

  25. Crap. I am sorry to hear that, Jenny. Best wishes and good vibes to you and yours. Enjoy the time you have with Dorothy. Such a good dog.

  26. Oh I’m so sorry to hear about Dorothy Barker, I have no words except to say we love you, Dorothy, Hunter, Ferris, Hailey and Victor. Love each other and enjoy each other as much as you can! Charlie (my cat) and I are sending you much love, hugs, kisses and prayers!

  27. I’m so very sorry. I read a tweet once that I loved that said something like, dogs must think we’re magical elves that live for 500 years and take care of their species, I’ve always found that weirdly comforting. Hugs to all of you and Dottie B. She has some amazing elves will make the next year magical.

  28. Im so sorry Jenny. Positive thoughts to you and your family, and furry children.

  29. Sometimes, the best thing about pets is not knowing that they’re sick. They are awesome at living in the moment… something I’m horrible at.
    I desperately hope you get as much time as possible with Dottie so you can enjoy every beautiful little quirk and happy dash of that gorgeous little dog.

  30. I’m so sorry. I know how much your heart is hurting now. And how much you’ll treasure each moment with sweet Dottie from now on. <3 <3 <3

  31. Enjoy every minute, and please (as someone who lost a cat to kidney failure in May, over a few weeks) do not mourn her until she’s actually gone. You will cry enough when she’s gone. Look at her and say, you’re here now. It got me through knowing we were losing Oliver, and through the years our oldest cat, Gracie, had kidney disease. ALL THE LOVE.

  32. Jenny, IMHO, give her loads and loads of CBD (from cannabis, not hemp, with only a very tiny amount of THC in there, not enough to affect her, but it works with the CBD to make it even better. This stuff has cured lots of cancers in dogs — and people too. I am soooo sorry to hear this diagnosis, but there is definitely hope with the CBD and whatever the vet will have her on. Google CBD used in dog cancers. Huge virtual hugs to all of you.

  33. So so sorry to hear this. Sending love and hugs to you and the family. ❤️

  34. I’m so sorry. I’m glad you caught it early & I hope and pray she responds well to treatment.

  35. Stay positive…my 12 year old Cooper was diagnosed with heart failure back in February, I was told the meds would either work or they wouldn’t…I cried for days thinking the worst…it’s now July and he’s still running around being the goofy grumpy old man he’s always been…they told me worst case he had 6 months, best case two years…I cherish every day with him. Hug Dottie tight, and give her all the extra treats, and love. Sending positive thoughts to your family and little Dottie

  36. So sorry Jenny. I’m making a vet appointment for my furface (Jenny is her name) right now. Thanks for the reminder to keep the puppers health top priority too.

  37. Oh, Jenny, I’m so sorry – glad you have some time left with her and found out early enough that you didn’t get blindsided at the end. And sometimes it’s a blessing that pets don’t understand some things that are going on.

  38. I just lost my sweet girl at age 12. I was so worried about my other dog who I was convinced would mourn her forever, but I now secretly wonder if Rocky murdered her because he has been thriving. Like legitimately thrilled to be the only dog. Dogs don’t fear dread or fear death like some people do. I envy them for that. They have truly mastered the art of living one day at a time, one scratch, zoomie, treat, and car ride at a time. Every single second is an experience and gift for them. May you enjoy the entire year of experiences you have. ❤️

  39. I’m so sorry, sending you all love and hugs! ❤️🐶❤️🐶❤️

  40. I am so so so sorry Jennie. That dog has made me laugh on the worst days. I will cherish every video you post from now until then. Big huge digital hugs to you and Hailey. And best of tummy rubs and sacrum scratchies to Miss Dot.

  41. Dottie is lucky dog. A lot of people would put her down and get a new dog. Give her e and hugs from me & spoil her rotation. She will wait for you over the Rainbow Bridge.

  42. Yet another wonderful lesson our furbabies teach us; live for today. “What we have once enjoyed we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us.” Helen Keller

  43. When we got the terrible C news for our beloved Kitty I started doing #kittysbucketlist (you can use that hashtag on Instagram if you want to see) and let her do pretty much everything she wanted within reason along with spoiling the hell out of her. While it didn’t make it any easier, it gave me SO much comfort that while her last year with us had some bad days, she really enjoyed herself and I felt better after she passed knowing she had the best life possible. Our other cat went down in a weekend from cancer and we still have a hard time with that because we didn’t get a chance to spoil him like we did her.

    Hugs to you and the fam. I know how awful this time is and how much it hurts.

  44. I’m so very sorry. Let her do as many zoomies as she wants. She’s a sweetheart. Much love to your family 💜💜

  45. I’m very sorry to hear your sad news, and wishing you all much joy and happy memories-to-be in the time you have together.

  46. Dottie running and jumping is so special. She’s beautiful and sweet. So sorry Jenny to hear of her bladder. You’re a good momma. Sending you a hug and good wishes.

  47. Zoomies are the best! Cancer is NOT. I’m very sorry.
    We have hospice dogs from rescue who live with us regularly. The last thing you need right now is advice, because only you and Hailey and Victor know what is best. Reach out if you ever need anything.

  48. Oh, Jenny, I’m sorry! A year is a long time. My mother is having to start thinking about the tough decision with her little dog. Your family is in my thoughts always.

  49. I’m so very sorry, Jenny. All my love to you and your family. Dorothy Barker has made so many lives happier!

  50. Awww, I’m so sorry, sweetie! Enjoy being with her as much as you can. When our baby got sick, we threw all of the rules out of the window. You want a bowl of ice cream with whipped cream? Here ya go. Want to eat with us at the table? C’mon, baby. 💔Sending love and hugs!!!

  51. Sorry about Dottie. It’s so sad when you know your pet is going to be leaving you. Went through that back in the late 80s with my cat, Critter. He was beautiful and very loving. I have a xmas tree ornament with him on it that always goes on the tree.

  52. Sending hugs and well wishes <3 While this Is definitely a difficult time remember all those positive sweet pet moments that truly leave an impact and are still to come even with this news.

  53. Dorothy Barker was so incredibly lucky she found her people and got to be loved as she needed to be. Nobody can ask for more than that. Wishing you all the joy you can find and know how much you impacted her life. Much, much love ❤❤❤

  54. Words fail me, Jenny. So sorry for this news! Love & support to you, Hailey, & Victor!

  55. Jenny, sending buckets of love to you and all of your family, fur babies included.

  56. They can do some crazy medicinal magic these days. Had cat with intestinal lymphoma — prescribed chemo & steroids (both pills, cheap, & given at home — surprisingly). He was with us for years — 3+, in fact. And generally, they don’t get depressed about being sick (I guess we do that for them). They just enjoy life and you as much as they can. Hoping Dottie’s treatment is as positive as my Oliver’s!

  57. Jenny, I am so sorry. That really sucks. I hope you can continue having those joyful moments with her for as long as possible. Sending virtual hugs and positive thoughts to all of you. And someday maybe you can write that post about the ladle. I’ll be here to read it, even if it makes us all cry. ❤️

  58. I am so, so sorry, Jenny. I know what this is like, having just recently lost our dog about six months after her diagnosis with renal failure. Treasure the time you have left and take a lot of pictures and videos, especially of all of the cute, quirky things she does that you love. I’ve found a lot of comfort in my photos and videos this last month. I’ll be sending good vibes to you, Dottie, and the family that she defies the odds.

  59. I’m so sorry ❤ I don’t really know what to say, but I’m sorry you have to go through this.

    Liver cancer took our cat Tweek a year and a half ago and it sucks.

  60. Fuck Cancer. I hate it, but I love you and your family. Lots of hugs and powerful vibes of healing and strength.

  61. Fuck cancer. No one should get cancer and especially not dogs. You and Haley give each a hug from me and give Dottie some extra skritches too.

  62. I’m so very sorry; it sucks that pets (mostly) don’t live as long as we do. Try to enjoy her while you have this time; starting to mourn now, though understandable, won’t make it any easier when the time comes (ask me how I know).

  63. I’m so sorry to hear this. Sending your whole family love and light during this time.

  64. I’m sorry. If you haven’t read it yet, please consider “Sight Hound” by Pam Houston. It might hit too close to home at the moment and it’s not my intention to add to your sadness. It brought me some comfort after I lost a beloved dog to bone cancer.

  65. In January the dog we adopted 18 months prior (he was 10-12 years old at the time) was diagnosed with lung cancer, pancreatitis and failing kidneys; they told us we might as well put him down. We treated the pancreatitis and took him home. We spent $4,000 for 2 ER visits with him but the dog who should not have lived a month lived 6 more months! 6 months of walks, pets and goofiness! The key for him (I believe) was when he stopped eating his dog food I started cooking his meals. Chicken (lots of times just a rotisserie from the store), hamburger, steak mixed with rice, beans, corn basically any thing I could think of to feed a 95 pound giant of a dog. When he stopped eating he went fast. I found out too late that there is a service that will come to your home and euthanize your pet when it is time. I will do that next time as it has to be a more gentle, less scary time for them. All that being said, enjoy your time they are the greatest gift after family. I am so sorry you are going through this.

  66. I’m so sorry. I just lost my dog to bone cancer on July 10th. It’s never enough time. <3

  67. How lucky Dorothy is to have such a loving family and how lucky you all are to have such a wonderful companion. Today is the 4th anniversary of when I lost my heart dog, Walker. He is forever in my heart and soul. Give Dorothy a big smooch for me.

  68. All the best to you and Dottie. Just got home from the vet’s office myself with Jennyanydots, my sweet girl of 16 years. She has cardiac and blood pressure issues already and now we are waiting on bloodwork to find out if she is in renal failure which may very well lead to a very difficult decision. So I am right there with ya and understand completely. Hang in there and as you say, hug your pets.

  69. it is the unfortunate part of being and adult with pets, they don’t last forever and more often than not you have to make that horrible decision. We had to do it for one of our cats last summer. We still wish she’d just come around the corner and jump on the bed. I still have dreams that she is here and I wake up and am sad about it again.

  70. I am so sorry. I send love and prayers for a joyful a d gentle time you all have together…

  71. I’m so sorry to hear this. Something that made me feel better when we lost our old cat is that we appear to be immortal to these pets. Like elves. So the more pets you own, the more like a magical creature you are <3

  72. Sorry doesn’t begin to cover it, but it’s all we have for these times. Wishing you, Haley, Victor, and Dottie every bit of happiness you can squeeze out of the time you have left.

  73. Ah, crap! I did wonder if that was the case when you tweeted about your sucky day yesterday. I’m so sorry. Dottie is very lucky to be part of your family, and I’m sure you will make the most of every day you have left with her, but my heart still aches for you.


  74. I’m so sorry. Cancer sucks. On the plus side our dog with major major health issues has a lung tumor (probably cancer, we never confirmed because why poke the damn thing). I called in to re-fill his prescription for his many many other things wrong the other day and the vet was surprised he was still alive. I mean she didn’t exactly say that cuz that’s just rude but, I could tell she was like oooh you need mooore meds? I’m like yup. So, sometimes, these little creatures, they do their own dang thing and we just do our best to enjoy them while they’re here. hugs

  75. Oh, hell, Jenny, I’m so, so sorry. Spend your time with her being joyful, just like she is. My Romeo Schnauzer developed diabetes last July, and went blind in August. He’s doing so well at age 12! But I know we are on borrowed time. My heart goes out to you.

  76. Hugs, hugs, ear scritchies, and more hugs. Distribute as you see fit. 💜

  77. I’m so sorry. My 12 yo Golden has been battling un-treatable cancer for 3 months. She had tumors removed and now it’s just a waiting game to see how fast they grow back. I hope you get more than a year with Dottie. Give her all the treats, hold her often. I’ve accepted the inevitable, but I still don’t like it.

  78. I wrote a long nice response and accidentally closed the page and lost it.
    Anyway. I am so so sorry that you are going through this. It’s so tough to lose a pet. My dog is 13 and has an unknown liver disease that I’ve spent a lot of money trying to get diagnosed without luck, and I know he won’t live forever. I’ve had him since I was 12 (I’m 25 now) and I can’t imagine him not being here. It sucks watching our pets be sick and suffer.

    I want to suggest some things. Buy one of those paw print impression kits (you can buy just molding clay and DIY it or they have full kits with picture frames and such at chewy.com) and make an impression of her paw prints. It doesn’t sound like much, but you will treasure that forever. Also take lots and lots of pictures. Especially now while she’s still acting like herself. Take individual pictures of her with each member of the family and take some group pictures. Take pictures of her with the other pets as well. And take videos. Take them of her playing, her napping, and her barking. Barking might be annoying now, but there will be days when you miss it and long to hear that sound again. You will treasure these memories forever.

    Lastly, it’s okay to cry! It’s okay for Hailey to see you cry. It shows her that you’re human and that this hurts you too. It lets her know that you’re not alone.

    Again, I am so sorry. Make the most of however much time you have left. Tomorrow is never promised.

  79. So very sorry to hear this. We lost a wonderful dog to bladder cancer too. My all the rest of your days with her be full of everything good and fun. Give her all the treats she wants. Sending all of you a great big hug! 🐾❤️

  80. We just lost my cat Kusko. He was almost 19 years old. We are all devastated. Sending lots of love to you!

  81. I’m so sorry. It doesn’t matter whether we get 1 year, 10 years, or even 20, it’s never enough time. Losing a “pet” is heartbreaking no matter when it happens.

  82. In tears for you – I lost my 14 yo cocker spaniel to anal gland and metastatic liver cancer two days after that awful election in 2016. Our four footed companions are awesome – it’s all that unconditional love and acceptance, dontcha know – and I still grieve for my Cookie. So many hugs to Dottie, you and your family, and enjoy every moment you can…💜

  83. Fork. Jenny, I’m so sorry. May all the time you guys have left together be full of fun and love, creating memories to share forever.

  84. I’m sorry, I lost my well-loved cat Merlin not quite a year ago and it still hurts, but I also smile through the tears because of all the unconditional love we gave one another. Sending you and yours hugs and positive vibes.

  85. I’m so sorry. We just lost our beloved rescue, Riley, to cancer in January. It never gets easier, but the love is worth all. Hugs to you and Dottie.

  86. The sadness at the inevitable end of life with our beloved pets is already there when we first adopt them. This doesn’t make our sadness at their passing any less acute, but it has always inspired me to honor my deceased pet by adopting another. I don’t see this as “replacing” but as a loving tribute. I love my current dog Jesse more than I can express in words. But had my beloved Bernadette not passed away when she did, I never would have met the current incarnation of unconditional love with whom I currently share my living space. Dottie knows nothing of medical diagnoses, of course, and that’s why she’s still the same goofy wonderful dog she’s always been. The most loving thing you can do is to continue to treat her as such.

  87. I’m so sorry to hear about Dorothy. I’m sure you all will give her the best life during this ordeal.

  88. Aww, I’m so sorry! That’s really hard. Wishing you all all the best as you enjoy Dottie’s time with you, however long. I know she’ll feel your love and that is so important. Hugs!

  89. I’m so sorry. Losing a pet is so hard Anna getting a diagnosis is awful. I had to explain to my son why pets didn’t love as long as us when we lost I’ve of our cats to kidney failure. I told him that although they had less years they loved 100% and lived every day to the full so that even though their lives are shorter they fit as much love into them as we do. It made us both feel a little better. Can’t take the credit for that theory but I also can’t remember where I heard/read/saw it. Thinking of you all and glad to hear you’re focusing on the time your have rather than the time you don’t. Xx

  90. I’m so sorry, Jenny! Dogs live in the now, so if she feels fine she doesn’t know she’s sick. Love her and spoil her; make her remaining time as happy as possible. Take lots of pictures and videos.

  91. I’m so sorry. Fur babies are never in our lives long enough. Sending love and hugs.

  92. That does stink. But DB has the most wonderful life with you, “Zoomies” attests to that. And I’m sure she’s brought more joy to your world than her leaving will consume.

  93. I’m so sorry for your news – my childhood dog had pancreatic cancer and was given months to live. He outlived that by about 2 1/2 years, and we enjoyed all the time we had with him. It’s so hard to know that their time is shorter than it should be, but I hope she is able to enjoy herself for as long as you are lucky to have her. Virtual hugs to all of you –

  94. When you can, please let us know what animal or cancer related charities we may donate our time, money or talents to, to show you how much we appreciate the incomparable Dottie herself, and you, for sharing her with us.

  95. I am sorry you have to go through this. I lost my sweet kitty soulmate to an aggressive form of cancer several years ago. Even when we know it’s coming, it doesn’t make it easier. But as my husband told me at the time, make sure you don’t mourn her before she’s gone. Continue to love and spoil the crap out of her, and when it’s time to say goodbye you will know. ❤️

  96. I’m sure sorry to hear about the cancer. My heart aches for y’all. That’s what our last papillon died from. So you’re absolutely right in hanging on to the idea of making more memories. Hopefully you will have many fun moments together

  97. I am so sorry. 10 years ago our beloved 18 year old cat was diagnosed with kidney failure. With aggressive treatment we got an extra year with her before it got so bad we had to let her go, That extra time was precious even though it was difficult, and I still think of her every day. We get pets knowing that we will probably outlive them, but they become part of our family so quickly, and the pain is just as bad as losing any other family member, and knowing you will outlive them isn’t the same as feeling you will outlive them.

    Enjoy every moment you can with her.

  98. Awww…so very sorry. That’s some hard news. We know that we are likely going to outlive our pets, but that doesn’t make the loss any easier. Enjoy the remaining time and all the zoomies.

  99. Jenny, I am so sorry for you. Over the years I have lost two dogs after long fights with cancer. They were both my little buddies and followed me everywhere. Enjoy your time with her and remember you are giving her a great life.

  100. Jenny,
    I am so, so sorry to hear this. But, I am glad to know that you have time with her. Our 17 year old puppy mill dachshund has a cancerous mass over her right hip. It’s large and mostly benign, except for the part that isn’t. She’s 17 and isn’t eligible for surgery. She’s selectively deaf and mostly blind, but she’s still all there mentally and we’re going to keep her with us until her quality of life isn’t good enough or until she tells us it’s time to go. We’ll be here with you and your family and Dottie too. There’s never enough time with them, that’s the great flaw in the cosmic plan. But we love them almost as much as they love us. Grief is the price we pay for love, and with animals I will pay it over and over again.

    Bless you, your family, and especially Ms. Dorothy Barker.

  101. I know your pain. We lost a dog to bladder cancer also (though an atypical one). It hurts. It hurts a lot. My heart goes to you.

  102. So sorry to hear this. I hope you and your family have as much quality time with her as you can. I think I’ll go take a walk with my dogs right now.

  103. My dog (who was instead of a third human child) died unexpectedly while we were on Spring break. I would have given anything to have been able to say goodbye. When researching for the memoir I am writing about her, I read Dean Koontz’s memoir about his dog Trixie. Below is his explanation of why we give our hearts to dogs. I could not have said it better. “Dogs’ lives are short, too short, but you know that going in. There is going to be loss and great anguish, so you live fully in the moment with her. Never fail to share in her joy and innocence and delight, because you cannot support the illusion that your dog will be your lifelong companion. There is such beauty in the hard honesty of accepting and giving love, knowing it comes with an unbearable price.”

  104. This is MADE OF SUCK and I’m so sorry to hear it – but that sweet pup has had the most amazing, wonderful, well-loved and loving life as part of your family and I know she’s given your family so much joy and love. I know it won’t be easy, and we will all be here for you. xoxoxoxox

  105. I’m so sorry. We never get enough time with our dogs, but luckily every moment is packed with love. xo

  106. Been there recently. Didn’t catch it early. Sucked big time. Big love to all y’all.

  107. Ah, I was so hoping it would not be this. I am So sorry. Bit, yes, a yearis so much better than it could be. We are all here for you and Hailey, and Victor and especially Dottie. 💔

  108. So sorry to hear this news. You are the best Mom Dorothy Barker could have. They take a huge piece of our hearts! Enjoy her while you can, and thanks for the sentiment. Many hugs!

  109. So many hugs and so much love to all of you. It hurts so much. I’ve lost a dog to hemangiosarcoma. It’s not a good one either.
    Dottie has the best humans possible to go with her on this journey. And we the blog readers will be with you each step. (hugs)

  110. I’m so sorry. I lost my dog in January and it was so out of the blue, she was bad one day and the next she was dead, it was horrible and traumatic for me. A year sucks, but at least you still have time with her. Make the best of it. I’m so sorry again, but grieve is the price we pay for love, isn’t it?

  111. I’m so sorry. S
    Dorothy is a lucky pupper to have a momma like you. I’m sure you’ll make every moment she has left crazy and wonderful.

  112. Shit is right. I”m so sorry. Does Dorothy have a bucket list? Take her to all her favorite places and do all her favorite things together while you can. Take lots and lots of pictures and video (not that you don’t already). Make her last year spectacular for all of you.

  113. Jenny, I’m so sorry. I know I’m just a random freak on the internet, but … I will tell you that our dog had bladder cancer. His quality of life was excellent and we had him for two more years thanks to ozone treatments and a bunch of voodoo from a local holistic vet. It’s worth looking into.

  114. That sucks rocks thru a bendy straw!
    All my love, my kitties love AND all the love of my doggo.

  115. I’m so sorry! ❤️ There is never enough time with our fur children! A co-worker once told me that with every pet you have, you know going in that at some point you will have your heart broken, but the happiness when we have them far outweighs the sadness. Dottie is obviously very well loved, and she lalways looks so happy, so continue to enjoy every minute with her!

  116. Shoot….sucky news. We just had a cancer tumor removed from our cat. I’m at work til later…I’m sure I’ll hug some random stranger dog today before I get home to the family pack and squeeze all of them.

  117. Oh I am so sorry. I can’t imagine how you’re feeling. Just know we’re all out here and we love you.

  118. So much love and sorrow and tears of empathy from me to you and your family and your precious DB.

  119. I so hope she out lives her diagnosis and is like wtf I’m not dying idiots and she flounces out in a air of superiority

  120. I’m sorry you got this news, but glad you have more time with her.

  121. I’m so sorry. I lost my dog in January and it was so out of the blue, she was bad one day and the next she was dead, it was horrible and traumatic for me. I loved her so much. A year sucks, but at least you still have time with her. Make the best of it. I’m so sorry again, but grieve is the price we pay for love, isn’t it? Sending love and hugs for your family!

  122. I’m so sorry Jenny…my heart goes out to you, your family, and your fur babies.

  123. I’m so sorry, Jenny. We never have enough time with our pets and it sucks. I hope they know how much space they take up in our hearts (I think they do).
    My cat was diagnosed last April w/an enlarged spleen and they found mast cells on her liver. She is 16, but, I only adopted her 6 years ago. I researched the surgery and didn’t find any concrete evidence for spleen removal for prolonging the life of a cat (they said w/o it, 6 months). I also couldn’t afford the splenectomy which was more than $5k. I didn’t and don’t want my sweet girl to suffer, and she’s not. She’s living her best life, running around, playing, acting normal. It’s as if she never got the memo. I am thankful for her every day and I tell her that every day.
    It doesn’t seem like Dottie got the memo either. I adore her and I’ve never met her. Sending her good vibes. xo

  124. I’m so sorry to hear this. And I’m so happy she has a very loving family who is taking care of her. Working in the animal welfare industry, I see many pets who don’t have that. Much love to y’all.

  125. I’m so sorry to hear about Dottie. My Mo lived 2 years only taking meds (no chemo because I couldn’t afford it) after a oncology vet finally diagnosed him. I cried the whole way (1000 miles) home. Before that no one could give me answers. One vet even blamed me for giving him people food and told me I should just take a gun and shoot him. Yup, he said that. I finally saw a young vet who advised me to get an ultrasound in San Antonio, and go from there. (I went to Albuquerque instead) Btw, after he was diagnosed, I gave Mo WHATEVER he wanted to eat. Hugs

  126. I have never cried as long or as hard as when I found out my pup had lymphoma, last August. I had only 6 more months with her, but I loved on her extra, every single one of those days. Love to you, Jenny <3

  127. I am so, so sorry. I know Dorothy knows she is loved, and you’ll always do what is best for her.

  128. So very sorry to read this news. Sending hugs to you guys, ear skritches to the kitties and special belly rubs for Miss Dottie.❤️❤️❤️

  129. I’m so sorry. I can’t say anything that hasn’t already been said by this wonderful group of people. We love you all, and wish you all the longest time possible with a happy Dorothy. She’s a little light burning bright in this crazy world. Love to you all xx

  130. Oh my, this was not the news you wanted to hear. I’m so sorry. Just love her every moment until she tells you she’s ready to go on to her next big adventure.

  131. Jenny, a p.s. on the CBD suggestion. If the cancer is indeed early, there’s a good chance of curing it, and definitely extending her life for much, much longer. I have a friend with a little dog who had mouth cancer, not expected to last much longer. Once he was on CBD, he was in great shape for over a year longer, running around actively as normal. It couldn’t cure it, as it was so advanced to begin with, but improved his quality of life, and length of life, so very much.

  132. I am so sorry. At least you found out while you still have some time to pamper the shit out of her. We never have enough time with our fur family. Take lots of pictures. Shoot a lot of video. Grab those crazy, happy, snuggle times with her.
    She’s a fortunate pup to have you for a loving mom… bear and all!

  133. So much love to y’all. I can guarantee you that the entire Bloggess Tribe will be with you every step of the way on this, for the joys and the sadness. I, and so many of the rest of us, have lost furkid too and know this pain all too well. I lost my cat Bink just 6 months ago and know she will meet Dottie on the Rainbow Bridge when the time comes. But that’s ages from now. Enjoy every moment. I look forward to every adventure Dottie gets to have this year!

  134. Jenny and family,

    I am so sorry to hear about Dottie’s diagnosis. Her antics and adorable fuzzy feet have made me smile every time you share a picture or video with her in it. My little one is 12.5 years old and I am just dreading the time when I will have to say goodbye. I’m sending all my positive energy and love to everyone in the Lawson family.


  135. As an officer of a giant breed rescue, and an adoptive dog mom, I have been through this more times than I care to count. There are no words that anyone can say to make it better, but here’s my 2 cents. Cherish the time you have left. Make Dottie a bucket list, and tick those items off. Make memories you can cherish, and take pictures that will help you smile through the tears later. Hugs to you, your family, and all your paw babies. <3

  136. I just lost my little gaming companion and good snuggler, an American rat terrier, about a month or so ago, so I can relate. (We think she’d had a stroke – she was quite elderly.) Many hugs to you.

  137. So much love to y’all. I can guarantee you that the entire Bloggess Tribe will be with you every step of the way on this, for the joys and the sadness. I, and so many of the rest of us, have lost furkid too and know this pain all too well. I lost my cat Bink just 6 months ago and know she will meet Dottie on the Rainbow Bridge when the time comes. But that’s ages from now. Enjoy every moment. I look forward to every adventure Dottie gets to have this year!

  138. Oh fuck. I’m so sorry. Enjoy ALL the zoomies for as long as they last!

  139. So sorry for the bad news! Cancer sucks! I lost my sweet pup on 12/30. First dog I ever had. 🙁 It is so awful that they have such short lives compared to people. Extra petting and treats and loving while you can! And when you can’t do those things anymore, we are all here for you! <3

  140. I know that pain and I am so, so, so sorry. Try and enjoy every moment you have with her.

  141. So very sorry to hear of her diagnosis 😥 but I know you will all squeeze every drop of joy (not per 🤣) from this next year and sometimes ‘deadlines’ can be extended so…here is hoping!

  142. Dammit! 😢. I’m so sorry honey. She’s lucky to have you guys and know true love tho. ❤😘❤😘❤😘

  143. Massive Brain Fog day for me today, so wording poorly. Sending love, joy, sorrow, condolences, etc. You have a way of making us love what you love, Jenny, and we all love Dorothy B. And we’re all on this journey shoulder-to-shoulder with you. YANA.

  144. I’m so glad that she got to spend her life with you, and that you have her in your life too. Sending love and internet hugs

  145. We are so lucky to spend time with these beautiful 4 legged people and it’s really tough to know that’s limited. Have you read ‘The Art of Racing in the Rain’ by Garth Stein? It’s a story about our relationship with dogs told from the dogs perspective. I read it at a time that I was worried about one of my dogs and it gave me a strange comfort. Dottie is in good hands and she’ll help you to help her through this and keep you enjoying the moments.

  146. I’m SO sorry Jenny for the news. My cat was diagnosed with an abdominal cancerous mass and we only got a week before he left us, but we got a week. My vet says pets live in the moment so love all the moments you have left, HUGS!!!

  147. I’m so sorry. Over the years I’ve had to deal with one dog (uncontrolled seizures) and four cats (2 kidney failure, 2 cancer). The fact that the cats were all quite old did not make it any easier. The fact that the dog was only 8 was horrible. But you and all the tribe are right: love them as best we can for as long as we can.

  148. Oh, I’m so sorry to hear this. I’m glad you all caught it early, and hope the time you have left with sweet Dottie is wonderful and packed with extra love and silliness. I’ll be thinking of all of you and sending hugs!

  149. So sorry to hear, but I’m glad you have some time left with Dottie and hope she’s her same, crazy self for as long as possible.

  150. I’m so sorry! When you got Dottie, I was so excited because I had a papillon too! When my papillon passed, your posts with Dottie helped me through it. Thanks for sharing her with us, she’s a really amazing pupper!

  151. Jenny, I know it’s scant comfort now… But –
    In truth, there is no yesterday – it’s only a memory of something past.
    In truth, there is no tomorrow – there is only hope for something you wish to come.
    All any of us have is – RIGHT NOW. TODAY. This minute. Be in this minute all the way.


  152. damn………you will do well and so will she. Lucky she has YOU and YOURS!! Prayers.

  153. I’m so sorry, we lost our lovely boy to cancer last March, fuck cancer all over the place and back. We were lucky in that our last day was normal and full of walks until it suddenly wasn’t and three hours later we had to let him go. Make your time together count, throw out the rules and love her up big time.

  154. Sending you tons of love. I feel all of this quite intimately as we are having some challenges with our senior boy, Murphy. We don’t deserve the love our dogs bring to us and yet here we are. Being showered with it. Enjoy every moment and know no one could love Dottie the way you do.

  155. I just lost my 21 month old cat to some weird cancer. The vet said it was the most bizarre thing they’d ever seen. 21 month old cats do not get three huge masses in their abdomens and have to be put to sleep. We euthanized her on July 1st and I still can’t believe she’s gone. We got a new kitten and I keep calling her Chloe, which is totally not her name, and then I catch myself and cry a little.

    I am so sorry about Dottie. I truly hope for a whole year with the amazing vet and the treatment and your wonderful love and care. I know she couldn’t be more loved or spoiled and it’s so unfair. You have my deepest sympathies.

  156. So very sad to hear this. Our big, wonderful collie had nasal cancer and was given just a couple of months to live. We put him on a drug called Piroxicam and, with no additional treatment , he lived a happy life for another year and a half. Maybe Dottie might benefit from the drug as well?

  157. Dear Jenny and Family – I am so very sorry for this awful news! Now I’m going to say something that I hope won’t make the whole clan think I am a heartless bitch. Being married to a veterinarian and having worked at 2 different colleges of veterinary medicine, I have seen what cancer treatment can do to dog and cats. It’s the same thing that it does to people, only you can’t explain that to the dog or cat. I beg you to base what you do on Dorothy’s quality of life and on nothing else. If the treatment makes her feel like shit, just stop it and put her on palliative care. She will let you know when it’s time and you will know it. Because you are such a loving family I have no doubt that you will do everything in Dorothy’s best interest. I suspect she is going to have the time of her life in the future weeks. Sending huge hugs all around. PS I didn’t get my promotion. Just shows that the stars are all aligned badly right now.

  158. I’m so sorry to hear that news, Jenny. Dottie sure seems to be in fairly good spirits, what with the zooming and all on the hardwood floor though. Many hugs to you all, and a headkiss for Ms. Barker (assuming she’s ok with headkisses, that is).

  159. Words fail. It’s never easy. Take each day and enjoy it. Dogs are a gift, albeit a fleeting one. Same goes for cats. It’s rare to enjoy their unique company more than 15-20 years. Which is short, when you have a friend so valued and unflinchingly loving.

  160. I’m so sorry about the diagnosis. I know that all of you are going to help each other through this. All love and good healing energy.

  161. So very sorry about the diagnosis. Might IMMUNOTHERAPY help? A human dear to me was cured of bladder cancer as a result of that treatment. I’m sending healing thoughts to you all, hoping for the best. ❤️

  162. Oh dear. I’m so sorry that poor Dottie has that nasty “C” word. She is so lucky to have you as a momma. All my love and prayers for peace.

    Melissa O.

  163. I’m so sorry Jenny. What a blow. Please remember we are all sending our good thoughts and well wishes. Take time out this year to enjoy as much of it with her as possible!!

  164. So very sorry to hear this news Lawson family. Losing a pet is NEVER easy. We lost 2 of our dogs to cancer so I can totally relate. I hope the time you still have with her is filled with wonderful memories. Hugs!

  165. I’m going to cry too. I’m so so sorry. Pets are family and their loss is so hard. Hang in there.

  166. I’m so sorry to hear this. My cat died from cancer this year, so I totally feel you. Hugs to all.

  167. I am so sorry. Our Italian Greyhound Roma was diagnosed with cancer in the bones in her face three years ago. They gave her six months. She lived more than three years and we just had to say goodbye last week. Pray lots, hug and cherish lots more

  168. I’m so sorry. If it helps any, she will be missed and remembered fondly by a large group of internet strangers. She seems like a small dog with a very large personality.

  169. That sucks. I’m sitting here in tears with my dog in my lap looking at me like” what the fuck, tears again.” We’ve had a hard few months too and I’m not sure my Piper can handle anymore tears right now. Enjoy every moment and make a fun bucket list for ms. Barker. ❤️🐶

  170. I’m so sorry. It’s small comfort maybe but you have given her a fun and well-loved life and will until the end. She’s lucky to be part of your family.

  171. I am sorry to hear of Dottie’s diagnosis. You are all in my thoughts.

    Whenever I or any of my pets receive a bad diagnosis, I automatically get a 2nd opinion. (Of course, I realize that I have been able to do so financially up to now. Not everyone can.) I have caught misdiagnoses in both myself (a brain aneurysm instead of “just a bad headache & anxiety”) and in a couple of cats (different level of kidney issues, IBD instead of lymphoma, etc). Please know I mean no disrespect to your vets. It’s just an idea.

    Dottie is blessed to be in such a loving family. However this plays out, you all have each other and that makes all the difference.

  172. So, so sorry to hear this. Dorothy Barker has brought joy to my life just through you, so I can’t even imagine the amount of joy she brings to you. Love to you all.

  173. Sorry to hear about Dorothy. I had a Doberman that had a heart condition and specialists/text books said 6 months just like Dorothy. Well she lived over 3 additional years and actually died of some other issue. So don’t listen to the “time stamp” she has been given, God is the only one who can say how long any living being is on this earth. Enjoy every day with all those you love, especially our fur babies!

  174. I am so sorry. Dottie is such a love. Dogs break our hearts in the best and worst ways, but I don’t think I would want to be human without them.

  175. I lost my Hannah Bananah to cancer (Leukemia) in December… it was a struggle to manage her treatments and care for her, while mourning the inevitable, but I found a lot of comfort in documenting each day I got to spend with her after her diagnosis. You can check it out on Instagram #100happydayswithhannah… people told me after she passed that they loved seeing her daily updates…

    Hold on to the happy moments, and cry when you need to. She is surrounded by love. We should all be so lucky.

  176. So very sorry to hear this. We lost our dog to cancer recently and all I can think to say is to make the very most of the moments that you have together. Love to you and your family.

  177. I’m sooooo sorry for all of you! That’s the only flaw dogs have, they always have to leave us too soon. Hugs all around.

  178. Damn it. Dogs are the very best for knowing nothing but now, and as long as now is good, then everything is good. Love to you all.

  179. I’m so sorry, but I know you make the best of that year. And sometimes dogs surprise us and live beyond our expectations. Hopefully she does that. When it her time to go, she will let you know. And when she does just know that when they leave us they take a piece of our hearts with them and leave a piece of their heart in its place. She will always be with you. I’m crying as I write this because the only fault dogs have is that they don’t live long enough. Enjoy your time with Dottie. Sending you and her and your family hugs.

  180. Oh Jenny I am so very sorry. I hope you enjoy the time remaining with Dorothy. My condolences on this terrible news 🙁

  181. No matter what happens, or doesn’t, we never have enough time with our loved ones. ::hug::

  182. Enjoy your weird little bundle of love. I had Mandy who looks just like Dottie. The ladies brought her home, but she immediately bonded to me much to their chagrin and my good fortune. She was weird and very sweet.

  183. I’m really sorry. We found out yesterday our mini pin has a collapsing tracheas and her breathing will get progressively harder. Breaks my heart 💔 so I know exactly how you feel. <<>> to you.

  184. well, SHIT. I’m so sorry Jenny, I lost the sweetest most lovingest cat six years ago to the same thing. 13 years is NOT enough.

  185. This is going to be an incredibly painful time in y’all’s life…and incredibly precious – each day with Dottie overwhelming with emotions and moments you’ll want to remember forever. I’m so sorry you have to go through this.

  186. I am so sorry to hear the news, but I am glad that you have some future to create more lovely experiences for you all.

  187. I’m so very sorry, Jenny. I’m glad that you caught it early enough to have good times with sweet Dottie for a while yet. I wish I could give everyone a big old hug right now, but I’ll settle for hugging my own pup as long as he’ll let me tonight after I get home.💔

  188. I am really sorry to hear about your pup. My father’s dog died from bladder cancer a couple of years ago.

  189. Aw, damn. Was really hoping for good news for Dottie. Enjoy your time with her. I’m glad she’s still feeling good. I’ve lost two fir babies in the past 15 months, and it really, really sucks, but having them in our lives and knowing what great lives we’ve given them makes that pain bearable. She and her feline siblings are lucky indeed.

  190. Thank you for sharing that news. It must have been terrible to type and post it — making it real that way — Dottie is so beautiful, and so are you and the love you have for each other. Peace.

  191. 1 year = 7 years in dog life. I’ve lost 4 precious pups in my lifetime. When my last was doing so well with treatment during her final year, the vet said, “She doesn’t know she’s sick!” That was so true. Giving Dottie (and you) another year is a good decision. Much love to you all.

  192. I’m so sorry. There are no words to comfort. Just enjoy and know that you and yours are being sent love and hugs.

  193. Hugs to you and your family. Pets are an amazing part of the family and it’s hard when you know your time is limited.

  194. Enjoy every single moment with that sweet little floof. Much MUCH love to all of you.

  195. So much love to you all. A sick pet is about the worst and I hope you and Dottie have a wonderful time – she has a great family and that is everything.

  196. That super sucks. I’m glad she’s got an awesome family to help her fully enjoy however much time she still has.

  197. I know it has been said, but I am very sorry for all of you. Enjoy these last months, and I hope she feels well for most of that time and is still her spunky self.

  198. I am so sorry for the bad news, I spent 13 months with diagnosis / treatment until my best bud let me know it was time to let him go. If I’ve done nothing else I gave him a kick-ass life and I know that Dottie has had the same. The best part about knowing is making the most of the time you have left and letting her go with dignity.

  199. I’m so sorry Jenny. It’s great that she feels fine right now and is the same Dottie you know and love. It’s also great that you can appreciate her all the more, knowing the time remaining is limited. Do what you can to make her life and yours as awesome as possible until it’s time to say goodbye. Hugs to you and your family.

  200. I am so sorry. May the time she has left be pain free, and may it seem like 20 years. No one really knows when it’s our time to go, so love on her for however long she graces your life. All the best to you all…❤️

  201. So sorry, Jenny. One of my dogs died of bladder cancer. The good news is that you may have more than a year with her. Piroxicam is the drug they usually use (you have to get it from a compounding pharmacy, but it’s worth it). Also, there are some dietary strategies and other things that may help. Two of the resources to help you check things out: The Natural Vet’s Guide to Preventing and Treating Cancer by Shawn Messonnier, DVM, and The Dog Cancer Survival Guide by Demien Dressler and Susan Ettinger. A friend of mine had a dog with bladder cancer who lived two years after diagnosis. And yes, enjoy each moment you have with her.

  202. I’m so very sorry. I know when I found out my dog had cancer I dropped to my knees. It was a rare, but treatable cancer with a much better prognosis than Dottie. But the sword hung over our heads for a very long time of follow up xrays and ultrasounds until we could exhale a little. I know you will make each day special for her, for as long as you have her. But beware…she may play the “cancer card”. You know when she pulls stuff out of the trash can or pesters you for treats and it’s aggravating, and she will look at you with those eyes that say “well you know I have cancer, mama” and just like that all is forgiven. My dog was an unabashed player of the cancer card. 😊. But seriously, I know you will rise to the occasion. Big hugs, hon.

  203. I’m so sorry to hear this! I was really routing for Dottie and you guys. Unfortunately we are going through the same thing with our kittie. He is going in for surgery on my birthday next week to get biopsies done on his liver, small intestine, and lymph nodes. He either has IBD or Lymphoma and the biopsies will confirm one of those. Fingers crossed for our results being just IBD and not cancer.

    All you can do is remember that she has had the best life with you and you can keep giving her the best life until it is time for her to cross the rainbow bridge.

    All the Hugs

  204. Oh Jenny, I am so sorry to hear this. Sending lots of love and light to you and you human and furry family members

  205. So sad. I’ve loved and lost pets and it is so difficult. Give her a belly rub and a kiss on the noggin from all of us!!

  206. I am so sorry. I lost my cat last year to cancer. All I can say is I’m sorry.

  207. My dog lived 4 years with bladder cancer. Early detection is the absolute key. If the tumors are operable, do it before they spread. The advances in chemo drugs are truly amazing. Hang in there –

  208. I am very sorry to hear about little Dorothy Barker. Each of our pets is so precious to us, and it hurts to know when they are sick. And, despite it all, they carry on as though all is just the way things are. The hardest thing is knowing that it is not the way it should be.

  209. I’m so very sorry. May your time remaining be long, comfortable and full of love.

  210. I am so sorry to read this. sending love to you and your family.(furry kids included)

  211. Oh, I am so sorry to hear this, Jenny. Dogs bring so much joy, and then they break our hearts. I’ve seen two dogs through cancer (one successfully, one not), and regardless of the prognosis, it’s hard. Dorothy is so lucky to have her loving family. All my love to you, Victor, Hailey, and especially Dorothy.

  212. My dog had primary liver cancer after years of 4 different skin cancers. They tried to remove the liver tumor when he was 14 and couldn’t get it all – almost lost him during the surgery. They said he’d live another year. When he was 17 1/2, we decided his body had had enough – old age got him in the end. My heart goes out to you and I’m hoping for the best.

  213. For what it’s worth – there are studies being done with fenbendazole and mebendazole (deworming medicine – one trade name is “Panacur”) on cancer. And there are actually people who are taking the fenbendazole with CBD oil. Some have had decent results but it’s mostly anecdotal. If it were me, since Dorothy could take the fenbendazole anyway, I’d look into the information available. There’s bunches of stuff on the internet. On some of the comment threads, people talk about using this as a treatment for their pets who have cancer.

    And – no – I’m not into quackery. I do think they’ll find that it may be useful for some types of cancer.

    My thoughts are with you all. Most of us have lost beloved pets. It’s so difficult.

  214. Oh, I’m so very sorry. Long distance hugs to you all, especially DB. Our furry family members have such short times to be on this earth but are such a big part of our lives. We never know how long we have, anyway, so make every crazy day with her count. Love Lots.

  215. Jenny, I am so, so sorry. What a terrible thing to confront. I hope the Year of Dorothy Barker is spectacularly wonderful, which will not make up for her loss but… you know. I’m sorry.

  216. I’m so sorry. Hugs to you and Dorothy Barker from me and my own little one …

  217. We never have enough time with our pets. It’s the only thing that ducks about having them. When my 11 year old lab’s hips gave out on her, I knew I couldn’t watch her suffer more than a day. And with her littermate brother also in poor shape, I made the choice to have them go together. I gave them the best last day I could. It nearly killed me. I know you’ll give that dog the best damn year of her life. It will utterly wring you dry, and then, one day, you will pick yourself up and keep going. We’ll be here for you.

  218. Well now I’m crying. I’m so very sorry about Dottie. I lost my cat Darwin in January to cancer. In 2017 we found a tumor in his ear. He went to Iowa State and they ran all the tests and said that they recommended surgery to remove the entire ear canal, which typically would take care of it and he would go on to live out whatever years he had left. I struggled with the decision because it was a major surgery and he was about to turn 16. In the end I had it done. For 5 weeks after, I seriously thought I made the wrong choice. His recovery was rough. He had to wear a cone for 3 weeks. 2 weeks for the stitches to be removed and then an extra week because he got an infection in his good ear. He couldn’t blink or close his eye for almost 5 weeks. He slept on my chest with his face (and cone) touching mine for all 3 weeks. Then one day suddenly he was well. And we had a whole wonderful year where he was well and healthy. It was probably the best year of my life. We spent as much time as possible together. Unfortunately one year after his surgery, we found a tumor on the same side. I chose not to get him chemo on either occasion and still sometimes struggle with that, wondering if I’d still have him if I did. But I think it probably would have ruined the time we had left. He was my little soulmate and I miss and grieve him every day. But that year was a huge gift and I’m thankful for it. Follow your heart and choose what is best for both of you. Big hugs to all of you

  219. I’m so very sorry. Sending you and your family lost of love and hugs ❤

  220. I had to look because I thought I remembered you were a reluctant mother to Dottie but I couldn’t be sure because of Lupus-brain, but it turns out it’s one of those things that stuck. Fairly impressive considering there’s a lot of things that happened five years ago that when into the recycle bin of my brain. But I guess I remembered to tell you that as much as it hurts, it’s still worth it. It’s always worth it. Love and gentle hugs to you and Dottie and the family.

  221. I am so sorry about your pup. That’s terrible. My dog Max, a Pomeranian, also had that and I wanted to tell you that he was chipper and full of fun right up to the day he died. My vet said there’s no pain. They just eventually can’t pee anymore and that’s the end. It’s a cruel diagnosis but I hope you have a lot of quality time left.

  222. I’m so sorry. I got nine months with my cat Mystic after his cancer diagnosis and three months with his sister Magic. I treasured every moment and they were even more spoiled than usual…if that was possible. HUGS.

  223. Oh Jenny. My heart goes out to you and your family. Enjoy her to the best of your ability and for as long as you can. Huge hugs

  224. I had to look because I thought I remembered you were a reluctant mother to Dottie but I couldn’t be sure because of Lupus-brain, but it turns out it’s one of those things that stuck. Fairly impressive considering there’s a lot of things that happened five years ago that when into the recycle bin of my brain. But I guess I remembered to tell you that as much as it hurts, it’s still worth it. It’s always worth it. Love and gentle hugs to you and Dottie and the family.

  225. Oh, Jenny. This is such terrible news. I am so sorry to read about the result of the test for Dottie.

  226. 😞 💔 I’m so sorry for you all. Please try and enjoy every single second of their life, and hope she gets a full year. Hope even more, that miraculously she beats it! My dogs and I send love, and light, from our little corner of CA

  227. I’m so very sorry!! Prayers for Dottie, you & family!! It’s such a very hard thing!! 💔

  228. Been in your shit shoes before. Definitely sucks. The good news is she won’t really be in pain until the very end. At least that is how it was with my little Zoe. Might be a good idea to start teaching her how to use pee pads and invest in a spot bot. Other than that she should feel great and love the extra extra attention.

  229. I’m so, so sorry. She’s adorable, and so very lucky to have you all as her family. Big hugs to all.

  230. So sorry. My Dad was diagnosed with bladder cancer 5 yrs ago…..I’m so lucky to still have him!!!! You never know how much time you will have, praying it’s a long time for Dottie!!!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  231. UGH…that’s the WORST!. Sending all the positive energy I can. My sweet Sheltie had it and we did get just about a year and loved that time.

  232. I’m so sorry to hear this. 🙁 Sending love and lots of virtual leg shaking belly rubs. <3

  233. I wish I could figure out how to post a picture to you. We had a Rottweiler that a few years back ended up with a pyometra that took her life. Dogs are amazing animals and the world does not deserve them. Our girl was but 4 short years old and it’s never enough time. Hugs to you and your family for this. We have 5 dogs now lol and 2 cats and I love them all so much it terrifies me to think of losing them. Live in the moment and Dottie knows you love her and you gave her the best she could ever ask for! She is a pretty little girl and is very happy! She knows only the love you show her. Hugs to the cats as well because they may seem indifferent but I know you know they are not. ❤️❤️🐶🐱

  234. Dorothy Barker videos are some I watch when I need a smile, she is amazing. So very sorry, we lost our sweet doggie at 3 1/2 years old to a dumb overzealous vet. Enjoy that fun spunky beauty while she’s here ❤️

  235. Damn, I am so sorry. Whenever I see Dottie’s clips and pictures, it puts a smile on my face and warms my heart. She’s a beautiful special girl. I hope her good days last long and that you enjoy your time together. (((hugs)))

  236. I’m so sorry. I figured this was coming. Half of all dogs will die of cancer. The good and bad part are that you know, so you can go swimming and zooming often, and know that you wasted none of it. I heard we almost got hit by a big meteor but it missed, so look at this as a bonus. And PS- do consider getting her some Pet Fresh food, it prolonged the life of a couple other dogs, hope it works for her. Each day is a gift to a dog, and therefore to us.

  237. I’m so sorry. I never feel like I can say something meaningful at this type of news. Good news always makes things easier. Just know that I, like the rest of this wonderful family, is sending all of you love and hugs.

  238. I’m so sorry about Dottie. I lost my little black pug last summer, and I miss her terribly. My heart hurts for you. Sending lots of love you, Jenny.

  239. Oh honey. Prayers for Dottie and y’all. She had the best family and I know she loves you, too. Sending you hugs.

  240. I am so so sorry. All the hugs to you and your family and Dottie. I hope she continues to be her happy self and painless for as long as possible. Your community is here if you need to talk.
    Love, Lisa

  241. Lots of love to all of you. We’ll be with you as you go through this sucky journey. Praying for miracles.

  242. I’m so sorry about Dottie’s diagnosis, no matter how you slice it, it’s a shit sandwich. When our sweet boy, Jack was diagnosed with Hemangiosarcoma ( very shot life expectancy) the vet oncologist suggested we give him coriolus versicolor (turkey tail mushroom), you can get it in a tincture. We had another 160 days with him when the expectation was 14 after his splenectomy. Good luck and all the best wishes for your journey.

  243. All the love and then some ❤️❤️❤️ I’m in a similar situation with my cat. He’s got kidney and bone marrow issues and we don’t know how long he has. Trying to keep him comfy and enjoy what we have left. Will be thinking of you when we take our “walks” on the stairs outside my apartment – they are about the drabbest fucking stairs you can imagine, but they’re “OUTSIDE” so he loves it 😉
    Sending hugs to you all ❤️

  244. I am so sorry. Whether you know in advance or not, it still hurts. We lost one of our kitties to a brain tumour very suddenly just after New Year’s. We make sure we give our other 3 love and attention every day. Hug Dottie, love her as you do, knowing you’re giving her the best life ever. She’s blessed to be part of a lovely, loving family as you are blessed to have her. And big hugs for you! Please take good care.

  245. I’m crying for you and Haylie and Victor and Dottie. And a little for me and my fur baby lost to cancer. I’m so so sorry. Nothing can make it better. Hugs.

  246. I am so so sorry. All the hugs to you and your family and Dottie. I hope she continues to be her happy self and painless for as long as possible. Your tribe is here if you need to talk.
    Love, Lisa

  247. Dottie clearly won the canine lottery to be a member of your family!! Much love to you and yours!!

  248. I’m so sorry to hear this. Like you said, enjoy each day. Dogs give us so much joy. Try to enjoy the now and not focus on the future.

  249. The beginning of the month I lost one of our cats to cancer. He was fine 4 months ago. Then he started to go down hill quickly. Turns out he had a tumor. We found out too late. I did make his last days as good as possible with feeding him whatever he would be willing to eat and pate treats. Dottie is very lucky to have a family who loves her.

  250. I’m so, so sorry. I just lost mine two months ago and I’m still grieving. I’ll grieve with you. They are a part of our family. I’m glad you have time to hug her and let her know how much she is loved.

  251. I’m so sorry to hear this. Dorothy, of course, doesn’t seem bothered just now, so that’s nice. I hope she has the zoomies for a long time to come, and that there is a sudden miracle cure that arrives – a nice deus ex machina for you all. Good luck.

  252. Oh no… I know it’s so hard but have faith. My Timber was diagnosed with end stage cancer at 11 – it was devastating – but we tried treatment anyway – and she lived 3 more happy healthy years! I am eternally grateful for the time we had together – sending you all love and light!!!!

  253. I am so sorry you had to write this post. But you are right, one year is a long time, and I’m sure you will fill it with lots of happy memories.

  254. This is very sad news indeed. We’ll all hold you up, so you can get through. Just remember, dogs live in the moment, they worry about or care how long they live; but they do care that they are having a good life. Quality over quantity. Be that good life and when the time draws near, just remember a week too early is better than a day too late.

  255. You two are the best. She’ll help you write until the very end, I’m certain. Big hugs to you all.

  256. I’m so sorry to hear this, Jenny. Hoping for the best with her treatment. Sending love ❤️

  257. There are so many of us who have dealt with our adopted pet’s illnesses and deaths and not much can be said to alleviate the pain and sorrow that goes along with that. I grieve on a regular basis for the 3 buddies I have lost (Mindy the Shih-Tzu, Sadie the King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and Gizmo the sweetest Himilayan flamepoint cat who would be my shadow and talk with me everyday). It doesn’t get any easier and each one of my buddies has a big part of my heart. I am so sorry Jenny for what you all are going through. Hope you know that you have your tribe here always willing to share and comfort.

  258. SO sorry to hear of her diagnosis. Seems so wrong that it’s very treatable in humans (I know, I had it a year ago), yet not in dogs. I hope the meds will at least give you some time with her, however short it may seem. My heart goes out to you and your family <3

  259. everything I type is trite. Love to all of you and much enjoyment of your beloved puppy while you can.

  260. I’m sorry, Jenny. I don’t know what’s going on lately; all I’ve been hearing is bad news today. My husband is working on a legal case involving physical and sexual abuse of a child. My boss is dealing with a contested adoption and may have to give up the foster baby she’s been caring for the last 6 months (since the day she was born). My friend’s ex passed away from a brain tumor, leaving her 12-year old son fatherless. And apparently my father potentially has prostate cancer, and is refusing any kind of testing or treatment. When it rains it pours. I’ve spent a lot of time crying today, and I imagine you have too. Many of us probably have, for various reasons. Life isn’t fair, and for our sweet animal babies, it is far too short. My co-worker’s dog is in her “twilight years” at 15 and I see sorrow pass over her face occasionally knowing it won’t be long. Dogs should outlive us. Again, I’m sorry and hope Dottie’s final year will be her best ever. It’s wonderful that you’ve had her in your life, and she’s had you in hers.

  261. I’m so sorry to hear this news…the saddest thing about the animals who live with us is that their lives are so often shorter than ours. But- just as often- so very much wider! Make her time with you the best and you will know you’ve done all you can. And pardon me for this- but, then honor her memory by maybe rescuing another animal….? I know, too soon probably, but it’s something I do and it eases the pain. It makes me feel like a part of them lives on.

  262. Oh, Jenny.

         I am so sorry. But I know you'll do right by Dottie and the rest of your time together will be joyful. Lucky as you all are to have had her in your lives, never forget that Dottie was at least as lucky to have landed in the loving arms of the Lawson family. Her life may shorter than you had expected, but she could not have had a better one.


  263. So sorry to read this news. Hugging my dog as I read it and sending the whole family positive, healing thoughts.

  264. well shit… when my wilbur left i was able to put his ashes in a glass float. now he sits next to the end table and watches television with me just like he used to ( except when i roll him around on the floor so rico can bat at him. it’s so cute when the boys play!)

  265. I’m so sorry to hear it’s bladder cancer, poor Dottie. Take the time to grieve the short time left with her but then you have to make the most of the time you get to spend together. You have to do things which make her happy. That’s what I’m doing with my 2 girls who both have mitral valve disease, while we keep the congestive heart failure at bay.

  266. Iost my beautiful Malcolm after 9 beautiful years together. You’ll know when it’s time. Meanwhile, love her.

  267. Longtime lurker, first-time commenter…I just had to delurk and tell you how sorry I am about this news. I’m crazy for loving a dog I’ve never even met! 😝 but that’s how I feel. I’m devastated for you and your family.

    I know you’ll do right by Dottie – love her as long as you can. Sending you comfort and hugs…

    So very sorry…

  268. Someone posted that CBD cures cancer. It does not. Please speak to your veterinary oncologist, because anything she gets will at least partially go through her urinary tract and could in fact cause irritation- which means more cell changes and therefore more opportunity for cancerous cells.
    We all hope for things that will keep our loved ones with us longer. It just isn’t helpful to suggest things that are not true, and may in fact not help until the end.

  269. TOTAL love to you. Just put down my old man chihuahua last week due to congestive heart failure – he stopped eating. He was on meds for three years after diagnosis and lived well beyond the mean survival. Totally up to you what you can afford and how m7ch you can deal with her pain and complications. I kept him with me as ling as he was happy, let him go when it was confusing and painful for him but before horrible end-stage symptoms like fainting and trouble breathing. He would have hated that. Work with your vets for what you know is best. Know that it won’t matter how long you have to prepare, the grief will be the same.❤❤❤

  270. I’m so sad to hear this. My heart breaks for you all. We lost our 14 year old dog just a couple of weeks ago and even though we knew our time with her couldn’t last too many more years it was still so hard. Still is. Love to you all.

  271. I am so sorry to hear, blessings to you and your family. We’re here for you.

  272. 🙁 I’m so sorry. I had to say goodbye to my Tiki-cat last year due to stupid cancer, so I know how you feel. Cancer is stupid and mean.

  273. I am so very sorry. Light and love to Dorothy Barker and her very special humans.

  274. You have all of our sympathy. Dottie’s gonna have the BEST year ever, and you’ll create some fabulous memories! We love all of you.

  275. I am so sorry to hear this. I hope her time is as comfortable and joyful as possible, and full of wonderful moments together. We lost a wonderful dog to sinus cancer a few months ago and it’s so heartbreaking to get that knowledge. Also, a new study has found that a compound in wine is being developed for anxiety and depression. I think this means we should all get sloshed on red wine and give our pets lots of kisses.

  276. Oh, Jenny, I’m sorry. I lost my Sapphire-cat to cancer, but the vet did buy me a year with her through surgery. Cancer is such a bitch no matter what species is involved. Huge soppy hugs to you and your whole family. They’re never with us for long enough.

  277. Well that sucks. A bunch. I’m sorry Jenny. As always, hugs and kisses to you and yours. Xoxo

  278. My husband and I hoped so very much that Dottie would have a clean bill of health. We empathize so much with your entire family and understand all too well the painfully deafening devastation that comes with this news. Healing thoughts and prayers are with all of you, Jenny. I can’t even say sorry because sorry doesn’t even come close to the bigness of this kind of news..

    Lymphoma took my little pup 3 years ago. She was like my baby. I believe in soul mates/soul packs. I always felt a deep kinship with her…like she was apart of my soul pack- a soul mate. My car was recently totaled and the first thing I thought of was that I used to take her everywhere with me in that car and I wouldn’t be able to drive it anymore. I cried.

    Did your vet recommend any clinical trial options pertaining to her condition? You never know. l found this one. I’m not sure if they are still accepting patients. I know, I know…it’s in PA, but I figured I’d let you know about it.

    Also when my dog was diagnosed we bought a pet stroller (3 wheeled ones are the best mobility wise). You can get those for cheap online at Walmart and they do free pickup.

    During those last few months we enjoyed so much more together because of that. I could still take her out on long walks regardless of her lack of strength and energy. She loved feeling the wind in her face when I’d quickly push her. I took her to the beach for the first time during those last few months and she just smiled from ear to ear and stared out at the water in total wonder. She simply slobbered with excitement and joy. That day still makes me smile to think about it. I still wonder what she was thinking when she looked out at the ocean…

  279. My golden, Maddie was diagnosed with a brain tumor and given six weeks to live… That was three years ago! Believe in miracles. ❤🐾

  280. Ah, Jenny… I’m so sorry. Enjoy all the big, little, silly, fluffy moments you have left w/ her… sending you, your family, and Dottie all the love and hugs I can give! :}

  281. So sorry about that! I also lost a dog to cancer, but we found out near the end unfortunately.
    Seriously consider going into the vet with Dorothy Barker, and being in the room at end- it’s incredibly emotional and gut-wrenching, but I think it’s worth it.

  282. I’m so sorry to hear the news about Dottie. My heart is breaking for all of you. I know you and your family will give her the best life possible for as long as you can. Many gentle, healing hugs to you guys and your lovely, furry children.

  283. Sending lots of love to you all. Dottie is in the best possible place – with her beloved family. Cry, laugh, scream, shout, vent here. We’ve got you. xxxxx

  284. I had to put my baby girl down yesterday. Old age, seizures, cancer. I am broken and so totally feel your pain. 💔


  285. Jenny! And all the beautiful females in you home… I’m with you. Our family has a 105 pound Alaskan malamute. He is 11 and 12 is about the max for them. The vet says he is perfect senior health despite being covered in cysts. We are counting the days and he is the only pet my 8 and 11 year old girls have known. My love to you beautiful lady as you enjoy every second with Dottie. Thinking of you love!

    Heather in york PA

  286. I’m so sorry that the news wasn’t better. Hugs to you and yours.
    Dorothy Barker is an amazing dog and you are so lucky to have her. I’m honored you share all your wonderful animals with us.

  287. I’ve followed you religiously for years. Read all your books and I’ve cried with you and laughed with you in secret for what feels like forever. I remember when you got her. You were so worried because of what had happened previously. All I can say is, what happiness do these blessings bring us. I hope you and your beautiful family feel her sunshine every day and your heart is able to take in every minute. I know it may be hard to believe some days but.
    It. Will. Always. Have. Been. Worth. The. Heartbreak.

  288. That is sad news. I had to have my cat euthanized in June because he had bladder cancer. Enjoy Dorothy while you can.

  289. I’m so sorry Dottie has cancer. I’m hoping you get the time with her.

  290. I lost my own precious boy this year, He had multiple heart issues and 6-9 months but he lasted a year to the day he was diagnosed. It’s awful but you will love her until her last and make her life the best it can be. Tomorrow is never promised and you will appreciate every day. I’m sorry you got this news.

  291. And we will enjoy reading about her and seeing her videos for as long as she’s with us! Kind thoughts to you and your family. We lost our two girls a year ago and it is tough. It can be hard to remember the good times when your brain just wants to remind you of the bad, but keep doing it anyway!

  292. well damn. I guess we all sort of expected this, in some way, and even at that it sucks, doesn’t it. And the kindest thing you can do is not let Dorothy suffer. When it’s time, it’s time.

    But you knew that. And you have time to love her, and make memories, and slowly let her go, inside and out. Been there, more than once, and it’s never easy.

    Hugs you. And Dorothy.

  293. All my love & prayers 🙏🏻🕊💜😘 to you and your baby girl-Dottie! And, of course, your whole family! I guess we have to feel blessed for EVERY moment we have these little fur Babies! And then cry like hell when they leave us! Take good care of her! I KNOW she deserves it!

  294. I’m sorry this horrible, sad thing is happening to your sweet dog and your wonderful family. I am wishing you all the best doggy snuggles and doggy adventures for as long as you may have them.

  295. I’m so sorry, Jenny. I hope that this last year with her (or however long you have) is amazing.

  296. I’m so sorry you guys and Dottie got this tough news, but your perspective is amazing and true. I’m so glad you all enjoyed the day, and you’ll enjoy many more with her!

  297. I’m so sorry. She’s so young. I had a dog with a type of cancer that usually only grants about 60 more days after it’s finally diagnosed…and that’s what I got with him. He was his usual happy self for all but the last few weeks. The only “good thing”…as if there is one in a situation like this, is that I could prepare myself and prepare for how I wanted the end to be. I bought an urn, I researched a pet cemetery and arranged for a private cremation…my point is, I had a little time to get some closure which was soothing in its own way. I could at least control THAT.
    Much love and hugs to all of you…this is going to be one of the hardest things you’ll go through.

  298. Jenny- you may not see this but I hope you do!! We live about 30 mins south of SA. Our dog was just diagnosed with the same thing!! He’s a 5 year old miniature schnauzer. He was in horrible shape when we found out but he has responded extremely well to the medication!!! We just had a re-check after about a month on medication and the doctor couldn’t believe how much of a turnaround she saw. She said she doesn’t want to give us false hope but if he continues to have good checks for the next 6-8 months she might be able to say he’s in remission. She said she’s had another dog do this— so there is a little tiny ray of hope. Please hold on to it because that’s what we’re doing! Our vet told us the same thing about it being very aggressive and so on, but I believe in the impossible. Praying for y’all!

  299. So sorry Jenny they are our family, our babies and it is so hard to see them leave before we are ready 😢

  300. I feel you. My pup has a congenital issue that requires twice daily meds and testing 2x/year to make sure they’re not affecting her kidneys. She has at least one fatty tumor and has had multiple cancer scares (negative, thus far) but it still happy and otherwise healthy. Her sister passed away this year, after being completely healthy, when a sudden intestinal issue popped up. My girl is 8.5 and I’m in complete denial that we’re on the downswing… But, I wouldn’t trade a minute of time with her. #MyGrayGirl

  301. Oh Jenny, I am so sorry for you and your family. I have been in a similar spot with a dog with kidney disease. Even though it was caught early, there isn’t much you can do but keep them comfortable and feed them the insanely expensive food in hopes of slowing things down. I got almost a year with my Chi/Corgi mix Pedro after his diagnosis. I sincerely hope that the medication gives you as much time as possible with Dottie. Hugs to you all.

  302. I am so sorry about your pup. Our dog had the same diagnosis at 13. The vet put her on steroids and it helped give her energy and allowed her to function pretty well and also helped her be with us longer than the predicted 3 to 6 months. We were so grateful for her good quality of life with us during that time. I know it’s hard and your dog is so lucky to have you & your family’s love, and vice versa.

  303. sending all my love to you and your family ♡ embrace all the precious moments and give her all the love you can

  304. You have been and will continue to be the home/family/love of Dotties life. That isn’t sad at all…

    Our kitties are both rescues, and we spoil the.rotten. Crow is 85% fluff, 15% eyes, and 72% fierceness and cuddles. He also sleeps glued to my hip every night. Agatha is tortie with ‘tude. She flaunts us with her belly fur daily, and we occasionally risk our lives to touch such a forbidden playground.

    Love and healing to you and family.

  305. No, no, no, no, no! I am crying just reading this! Keep loving her and I will petition the universe for a miracle.

  306. I am sorry about Dorothy. Lots of days dogs are better than people. Have a fun day every day you can.

  307. On Jenny I’m so sorry .She’s such a good dog.I do think you should let her finish the book she’s been working on with the cats.Perhaps instead of “Writing with Pets”
    “Writing with Humans”

  308. My dog had bladder cancer. He lived longer than a year on the drugs. He was happy until the end. Hang in there. You could have a good long time with her still.

  309. Oh, I’m so, so sorry. You will give her her best life, but in the meantime, I’m just so sorry. All my love for Dottie and for you and your family

  310. Aw, hell. That does suck. I’ve got a friend in the same boat with her dog except it’s liver cancer. As you said, cherish every good minute.

  311. I’m so sorry to hear about Dorothy Barker. Just live it up and give her the best time she’ll ever have. Keeping you all in my thoughts.

  312. What helped me was a good friend friends advice; To remember all the wonderful times and not the one sad when she goes to dog heaven. I’m not particularly religious but.
    .ALL good dogs go-to heaven

  313. I’m so sorry to hear about this. I really hope you and your vet are able to find a treatment that works a miracle and gives you much more than just a year with her. She’s very lucky to have such a wonderful human who cares so much for her.

  314. Love is always fleeting and always present. Share it, give it, take it. Make a blanket out of it and wrap yourself up in it. I hope your time with all things is well spent and enjoyed.

  315. I am so very sorry. But a year is a long time. Make it her best year ever and your be6at ever year with her.

  316. My dog has a large bladder mass. I thought she would die soon. That was 11mounths ago. She loves her glam and happy life. She’s on CBD and a daily anti inflammatory drug. Happy for now.

  317. Hugs to you and the family. Our furry family bring us so much happiness, as well as emotional support. The journey you all are making is a heart-breaking one. I love how you were able to turn that painful moment with your daughter into a joyful moment/memory for all three of you.

  318. I am going through the same thing. My dog was diagnosed with lymphoma about a month ago and they generally live for 2-4 months after diagnosis. Every time I think I am coming to terms with losing her I break down again.
    We go for walks even when I’m tired and she gets to sniff for as long as she wants even if it makes me crazy. She gets treats whenever she asks for them and lots of snuggles.
    I try not to get too upset around her because it makes her depressed. I try to tell myself that it is a blessing that I have to spend time with her and make sure her days are all special. This is her time. Not mine.
    It is so difficult and I am so sorry that you and your family are going through this as well.
    Love and hugs from PA

  319. Jenny,
    Thank you for sharing the heart breaking news about your sweet fur baby. My heart aches for you and your family as you face such a diagnosis. Love and light to you as you go through each day with this cloud over Dottie. I hope and pray she can remain unaware that anything is amiss inside her, and continue to enjoy each and every day with all of you, as shevalways has.
    Praying for Dottie in PA

  320. Sending you love. I just lost one of my little pups in June to gastric cancer. We caught it in April and only had a few months but they were good months full of chicken and cuddles. I hope your days with Dottie are the same.

  321. Forgive me if someone else already suggested but: please consider at-home euthanasia when Dotty lets you know it’s her time. It’s widely available now and makes this experience so peaceful and soulful. We let go of our cat Tia while she was lying in her favorite spot of sunshine and it made it so much more bearable. I will never do it any other way now.

  322. I feel this post some much. My baby Jupiter who is only 7 and the youngest of all 4 of my pets is dying of liver disease. She was diagnosed about a year ago without a prognosis because we would not biopsy her liver. The liver supportive meds made it worse because she refused to take them and stopped eating. After a heart wrenching month we stopped that madness because it was awful to watch my baby that way. She has survived a whole year. She is incontinent so our house and furniture are covered in pee pads. I wake up 3-7 times a night to take her to pee. She is like a rumba she wanders aimlessly, gets stuck in corners and sometimes drags poo around the house. We call her Mr. Magoo! I try to talk about it do I can process it. Sometimes I can talk about it without crying other times I ball my eyes out. We are caring for her the best we can and she is so loved. Hugs for dotty! Pets are my best friend!

  323. Dearest Jenny,
    I am so sorry to read this devastating news
    I work in oncology and there is a “human” drug called Keytruda (Pembrolizumab) it is a chemotherapy drug and one of the specific FDA approved uses , in “humans ” is for bladder cancer. Now I do not know if the vet can get it or if the vet would be willing to give this chemo drug but I figured it is worth mentioning to you. Sending you and Hailey and Victor gentle hugs and blessings and buckets of ice cream and truck loads of spoons.

  324. Oh My Dear, I am so sorry. Dorothy Barker, your beloved companion, is teaching you about time. For her it is right now. A little later, it is still right now. She is not worried about the future, but living today. Boy is that a lesson worth learning! (I’m sure still working in it!). You will do right by your sweet girl. Meanwhile enjoy and love her and each other, and be kind to yourself. I am thinking of you all. ❤️


  325. I’m so sorry to hear this. She has a wonderful life full of love. Take everyday you have as a blessing. Sending loving bibes to you all.

  326. I’m so sorry, Jenny. We lost our little Scooter this year. Everyday I look at his picture on the fridge and touch it and tell him I love him. I am a 66yo man but I still cry for him. God Bless you.

  327. Sending ALL the love and hugs to you and Dottie. This is horrible, but you are right, one year is a long time, much longer than many get. I hope Dottie remains her adorable excited self for as long as possible.

  328. I lost my girl Athena to cancer a year ago today. It’s a very hard thing to lose a pet to illness, Jenny. I’m so sorry to hear about Dorothy.

  329. Aw, nuts. So sorry to hear about Ms. Barker, but you still can have good ole times with her, and that’s what I hope you’ll have: good ole memorable fuzzy-ass times.

  330. I am so terribly sorry. I lost a beloved dog just over a year ago, after a slow but visible decline. Try not to let your anticipatory grief color the rest of your time together (it is hard not to!), and enjoy every moment you can with her! There is an A.A, Milne quote, “How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” This seems particularly true about our furry family members.

  331. So sorry to hear this, and I can imagine how you feel. I had a Maltese that had lung cancer. He was only 4. We made the best of what time we had, as I know you will with Dottie. Jenny, you are loved by many many people and we will all be here for you when you need us.

  332. I’m sorry. Pet cancer is hard because they just understand why we’re doing weird things like catching their pee or going to the v-e-t so frequently and they can’t tell us when enough is enough already. Hugs.

  333. So sorry to hear this. Facing the inevitable loss of anything, human or animal, is such a heartbreaking place to be in. Enjoy the precious time you have left with your sweet companion. I have a constant fear in the back of my mind about my Doberman dying, though she’s only 2 and healthy thus far. I’m mentally preparing myself to either see her die of a heart attack while playing randomly, or watch my best friend slowly succumb to congestive heart failure. Neither an option I relish.

    Oh, I wanted to also mention that dogs don’t seem to be as negatively affected by chemo. Most dogs tolerate it exceptionally well, and don’t have the negative side effects that people do.

  334. So sorry to hear this. Facing the inevitable loss of anything, human or animal, is such a heartbreaking place to be in. Enjoy the precious time you have left with your sweet companion. I have a constant fear in the back of my mind about my Doberman dying, though she’s only 2 and healthy thus far. I’m mentally preparing myself to either see her die of a heart attack while playing randomly, or watch my best friend slowly succumb to congestive heart failure. Neither an option I relish.

    Oh, I wanted to also mention that dogs don’t seem to be as negatively affected by chemo. Most dogs tolerate it exceptionally well, and don’t have the negative side effects that people do.

  335. I am so sorry. Our animal companions are so precious and it’s so hard to say goodbye. My thought are with you. ❤️

  336. You could try a combination of hyperthermia and chemo therapy. My vet has a patient with bladder cancer an she tries to reduce the growth of the tumor so it gets operable. Ask your vet about it, maybe this is an option. Good luck!

  337. I am so, so sorry Jenny. That’s the worst. I’m sending you a great big hug. My brother-in-law had bladder cancer, but he’s fine now. Cuz he’s a human. I wish our furry friends weren’t so fragile. It teaches us so much about seizing the day. I’m sending you a great big hug. @Mary_Brew_

  338. Fenbendazole dog dewormer might help. See my cancer story rocks blog. It is not my blog, that is the name of it. People are trying this for cancer as well. Your books make me furiously happy and I want you to be also.

  339. My brother’s red-bone coon hound was diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2016, sh has a large tumor. She’s had chemo (pills) and other medications, but shes 12 years old now, and she’s surviving.

  340. Oh no! So sorry, that is devastating news for your family. Sending a hug…

  341. I am so sorry. We lost two of our three dogs earlier this year. I am sending good vibes your way and keeping you all in my prayers.

  342. The best thing about having a pet is the unconditional love they give us.
    The worst thing about having a pet in that we will ultimately outlive them.

  343. My very sweet Whippet, Uno, had transitional cell carcinoma of the urethra. I debated whether to treat as she hates the vet AND I AM THE VET. I ended up going to work on my day off (so she didn’t have to spend the day while I worked) and sitting in my office slowly giving her chemo meds IV. We’d share and ice cream cone on the way home. We did 6 doses of mitoxantrone 5 weeks apart along with piroxicam and she did amazing! She didn’t know she was sick (to the point that I had to delay a dose because she broke into the pantry and ate dark choc chips and I had to treat her for that first!) After the 5 doses, I would do a treatment of mitoxantrone whenever she started peeing small amounts and she felt great for 2 years. She was nearly 15 years old when it spread to her lungs and I had to let her go. So don’t let the stats scare you.

  344. Gads Jenny, I am sorry for the diagnosis . Try to enjoy the time you have with that crazy girl.

  345. I’m so sorry. She’s such a cute crazy critter and I always love seeing the photos and videos of her. Cancer sucks.

  346. All my thought for you and the whole family. Pets are pure joy, and it’s always so difficult to have anything happen to them…
    Dottie is lucky to be loved and cartes for so much.

  347. I’m sorry about Dottie’s diagnosis. Your time together is a continued gift. Sending hugs to you and yours from me, Frankie, Louie, and Geppetto our two doggies and kitty. xoxo

  348. I’m so sorry. I’m tearing up for you. It’s so fucking hard to lose them, they are with us for such a short time and it never gets easier. But- you give them a great life and then you open your home up to another and another. I try to remind myself that these guys are living the life… helping me live my best one as well and I’m just so lucky. Hugs to you and your family.

  349. I’m so sorry. I wish there was more to do, to say, or to help. All I can do is send my love and say, “Enjoy her and love her”. Hugs to you all.

  350. I’m so sorry Jenny. Shitty news. Fuck cancer. Cherish every moment and do a kick-ass bucket list for the wee lass and enjoy. xo Colleen

  351. I just, well this sucks, and I’m sorry. I’ve been down the dog-with-uncurable-cancer road and it is a hard journey and the end is awful, but just be sure to enjoy the hell out of the inbetween- that’s what will help you wade through the awful part at the end. But man, Dorothy has it so good with you and your family loving her. She loves you all so much and just wants to be happy with you all being happy with her! Sending so much love and good juju that the treatment works!

  352. My family lost our sweet, amazing Great Dane to bone cancer in February (on freaking Valentine’s Day no less.) It sucks. Losing a pet ALWAYS sucks…hugs and doggie kisses being sent from Nebraska.

  353. Jenny, I have friends who had a dog with bladder cancer live an extra decade just on maintenance meds. There is hope. Hold onto as long as her quality of life is good.

  354. Besides the meds, you might see if there’s a vet in your area that does acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. My friend had 3 large breed dogs who all reached the age of 15 with good quality of life till the last little bit by using the herbs. Hugs and best of luck to you all!

  355. Well that news sucks. We know you, Victor and Hailey will make Dottie’s life just grand. Take it 1 day at a time and no more than that. Maine Coons send purrs to all of you.

  356. I’m so sorry, Jenny. I hope you and your family and Dottie enjoy every moment you have together. And I hope it is some comfort to know that she has a wonderful life with you. <3

  357. I know the heartbreak you are going through, anyone who has had a dog or cat live a long time deals with the terrible sadness that comes with loving an animal that we usually outlive. I wish you light and love as you deal with this, and may Dorothy have many many days of happiness with your family

  358. Oh dammit. I’m sorry.
    We just found out my 14 year old cat has a heart murmur and maybe kidney disease. Getting more testing.
    It just keeps on happening doesn’t it? But no reason to stop having pets. In fact quite the opposite.

  359. We just went through this with one of our dogs. We were able to keep her alive, and with a good quality of life for an additional two years. The vet put her on piroxicam, and it held the cancer at bay for much longer than we thought. I’m sorry you all are going through this, and I will thing healthy, happy Dottie thoughts for you!

  360. We just went through this with one of our dogs. We were able to keep her alive, and with a good quality of life for an additional two years. The vet put her on piroxicam, and it held the cancer at bay for much longer than we thought. I’m sorry you all are going through this, and I will thingkhealthy, happy Dottie thoughts for you!

  361. I know I’m late with this, but I am so very sorry to read this. Big hugs to you and Hailey and Dottie.

  362. I don’t know if this translates to dogs but my mom had SEVERE bladder cancer. She lived way up in the mountains with very few doctors. The doctor she picked put live tuburculosis cells into her bladder and it killed the cancer. She was in her 80’s at the time, she is nearly 92 now. It is a question worth asking.

  363. I am so very sorry. May you still have many happy memories with Dottie.

  364. Well…shit. I was worried about that. I’m a vet. We have a feeling sometimes.
    Yes, spoil her and make her happy every day. Work with your vet on pain management and the other aspects of icky bladder disease. Sounds like you have a good team.
    Live every day. Tomorrow, I may get t-boned coming out of the parking lot. I’m having ice cream for dinner.
    You are in my thoughts.

  365. I had a three year old dog develop Breast Cancer! Didn’t even know they could get that. And to top it off, found out it could of been preventable had I gotten her fixed. Tore me up. I’m so sorry. I only had 2 months with mine after the diagnosis and very expensive surgeries…savor each moment. Dogs rule the world!!!

  366. Sending you all the love and good vibes and prayers and everything right now. Our fur babes are pure love. Enjoy all the seconds with your girl. <3

  367. Please check out Tumeric Users Group on Facebook. I take Golden Paste (made of tumeric, coconut or olive oil and freshly ground pepper) for my arthritis (and also give tumeric to my horse for his) and it’s amazing for that but there are many stories from people in this group about Golden Paste helping their dogs with cancer live longer. I’ve just started following your blog (via Jim Wright) so I don’t know the whole story about Dottie, but I know from experience it’s heartbreaking when one’s companion animal is ill and you are faced with the possibility of losing him or her. My best wishes to you.

  368. Jenny,there’s an NSAID called Rimadyl that has a documented side effect of mobilizing a dog’s immune system to fight cancer. It’s specifically documented with bladder cancer. I’m convinced that it lengthened my dog’s life after her diagnosis. Wishing all good things to you, your family, and your sweet girl.

  369. I’m so sorry you are going through this. I know more than I should about dog bladder cancer. We just lost our beloved Bandit. He was diagnosed in March. If you haven’t already found it, there is a great FB group that offers much needed support, encouragement and helpful advice. I had to bug out of it because it was too painful to see the posts after Bandit died, so I can’t remember the exact name but it includes the full “transitional cell carcinoma” in the title.

  370. I am wicked late to this post, and reading backwards and celebrated the latest news. But if you ever need to catch more dog pee, use a ladle (like for serving soup). I buy a bunch from the dollar store that look totally different from the ones I actually use to ladle soup in case you ever visit and I serve soup 😂.

  371. Um, I’m really late to this party, but I was watching the video, and saw the cat, on the right. Is your cat like a Matrix type being? He looks like he is hanging out and moving around sideways on that counter-side!
    ((((HUGS)))) to you guys, A&M is the best for this!

  372. So sorry. Dottie is such a little love. Praying y’all have lots of time ahead. Dogs are too good for this earth.

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