The 10th Annual James Garfield Miracle!

Hello and welcome to year 10 (TEN?!) of the James Garfield Miracle!

As you probably know, last year got gross when we had a few scammers show up and I considered just stopping the whole thing.  Many of you offered to help this year but frankly there are already organizations who do this shit way better than us so instead of just chucking the whole thing I decided to do one more year of the miracle but instead we’d go back to the simple, small way that this started.

So, if you are struggling this year and you need help getting your child a present for Hannukau/Christmas/whateveryoucelebrate then I am ready to Santa Claus it up and drop one lovely toy at your doorstep.

To make it fair and easy for everyone I’ve selected about 100 different gifts that I’ll link to and if you need help this holiday then you can pick one gift for each of your children from that list to put on your wishlist.  They’re all around $20-35 each and there’s stuff for babies to teens…art kits, book sets, dolls, science kits.

I always use the profits I make on affiliate links to buy toys for kids so that means that if you’ve clicked on one this year then you are the reason why I’m going to be able to buy toys for at least 100 kids this year.  That is amazing and I’m so grateful.  Thank you!

The wishlists will be posted in the comments so (as always) if you want to buy a present for a stranger you totally can.  Or you can donate to Project Night Night, an amazing organization that provides a tote bag, book, stuffed animal and security blanket to homeless or displaced kids throughout the year.  I just started today off with a $500 Project Night Night donation in you honor.

SO…if you want in on this you have to read all the directions and stick to the rules or otherwise you will be set on fire and pushed out a moving plane.  Or just banned.  Or maybe I’ll just delete you comment and look at you with that disappointed look your mom gives you when she knows you’re trying but are still fucking up.  One of those.  Here are the rules:


Okay, how do I do this?

You are my special angel.  Just look in the comments and find someone who has an unfilled Wishlist.  (If there’s nothing on their list it means their toy was already bought- yay!)  Buy their present and make sure when you check out that you select their shipping address.  (It won’t give you their full address but it’ll tell you the town you’re shipping it to.)  If you try to fill a wishlist but it doesn’t give you a shipping address that means the person didn’t assign a shipping address to the list so delete their present out of your cart and go to the next wishlist.  If it says “these are duplicates.  Someone else may have already bought this” when you try to check out then someone else already bought the stuff so delete it and try another one.

But what if I want to give more?

Then find another list and fill it.  Or donate to Project Night Night.  But don’t fill lists that aren’t following the rules or are asking for more because then it gets nuts.  After Xmas we’ll  open up a post where people can ask for food or clothes or whatever but for this Jame Garfield Miracle it’s just one simple gift per child.  🙂


You are my special angel.  Here are the things you have to know:   You have to make a BRAND NEW wishlist, you can only choose one gift per child to put on your wishlist, and it has to be a gift chosen from this list.  In your comment you need to say the city and State you’re in (it has to match what you have on your wishlist), how many kids you have, and a link to your wishlist.  (Add your country to the comment you’re outside of the US so people in your area can find you.)  Do not make multiple wish lists.  Just make one.  One of the most important things (people do this wrong every year so PLEASE do this part right) is that you have to assign a shipping address for this specific wishlist.  I’ll give you the details on setting up the wishlist below.

But what if I want something that isn’t on the list?

Sorry!   Next month we might do an open post where you can ask for clothes or food or specific stuff but for this it’s just one simple present from the list.  🙂

What if I want to make wish lists to surprise other people who I think need help?

Nope.  But you can totally tell them to come here and make their own.

I’ve never done this before.  How do I make a wishlist?

It’s pretty easy if you follow the formula.  I’ll walk you through:

On Amazon, click on Accounts & Lists and then “Create a list”.


Choose “wishlist”.  Name it “James Garfield 2020“, make it public, then choose “create list”.

On the right you’ll see something that says “…More”.  Click on that and choose “Manage list”.  Click on the drop-down for the shipping address and add yours.  Make sure that “keep purchased items on your list” and “don’t spoil my surprises” are NOT selected.  Save changes.

Now go to this list and pick out one present for your child.  When you have the one you want click on the “Add to list” drop down on the right (next to where the price is) and then select your “James Garfield 2020” list.  Click “view your list” to make sure it’s there.

If you have another kid just go back to the list and pick a present for them and add it to the same list.

Now you go to the comments below and leave a comment saying how many kids you have, what city and state you are, in and a link to your wishlist.  That’s it!

So for example, I would say, “Hi.  I live in San Antonio Texas, and I chose the art kit for my daughter.  Here’s my wishlist:  Thanks!”

(A quick note:  The list to choose from is an influencer list which isn’t affected by wishlist buys but if you happen to buy something directly from it I’ll be using any profits to buy more toys.  The list was created by lots of amazing people who came up with diverse toys and books and I’m so grateful to everyone who gave suggestions!)

Now…to go shopping.  Happy James Garfield Day!


(UPDATED:  Some of the stuff on the amazon list gets sold out so if it doesn’t give you the product with prime shipping pick something else.  I’ll try to keep the list updated to remove stuff that gets sold out and replace with similar choices.)

PS.  Please please please double check before you hit the submit button that you have assigned a shipping address to your wishlist, that your comment has a link to your wishlist, the city and state you live it and the number of kids you have.

UPDATED: As always, 99% of the people here are amazing and I love you.  Unfortunately there is one person here already pretending to be many different people so it is with a heavy heart that I suggest you donate to Project Night Night or Toys for Tots.  There are still people here who are amazing and need help and want to give help and I’ll still be giving more here and there but sadly you do have to be really, really cautious even with the new rules.  Maybe next year we can find a way to run this through my bookstore so that I can actually see the exact addresses things are going to.  Who knows.  But to everyone who helped and to everyone who opened up about needs and let us have some magic I  cannot thank you enough.   The sadness I feel at the one or two scammers does not dampen the happiness I feel at being able to part of the holiday celebrations for so many.  I super crazy love you.

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  1. God Bless you Jenny! God Bless James Garfield Day! Thank you for not letting the haters and scammers win

  2. I’m sorry this project got scammer-happy last year, but glad you’re taking on the challenge of doing it again. It’s a really nice thing to do.

  3. Hello, I’m in Oceanside CA. thank you so, so much, especially for starting both sections (give & receive) with “you are my special angel”. I have 3 boys, but I chose a game (exploding kittens) for all of them to play together with us. That way there’s more cheer to spread for other kids too. Here’s my list:

    (Looks like someone beat me to it! ~ Jenny)

  4. Happy Holidays all! This is the third year I have asked for help from the James Garfield miracle and I am so grateful. I have 2, a 7 year old boy and a 5 year old girl. We escaped from my abusive husband nearly 4 years ago and things are still so tight. I picked the art kit and the board game because while they are individual presents that each kiddo can open, they are both activities that we can do together. Thank you so much for your help!
    Here’s my wishlist:

    (Looks like someone beat me to it! ~ Jenny)

  5. What happens if the item on the list you want to select is not Prime eligible or is now over the price limit? For example, my daughter really would love the Go Glam nail stamping kit, but it is only available from other sellers and it’s now listed as $48+!

    (That seems to happen when things get sold out and redirect to third-party sellers. I replaced it with a prime nail stamp kit that’s available now but keep me posted if those keep happening. Keep in mind that you can only add stuff that’s Prime because third party sellers won’t send to wish lists. ~ Jenny)

  6. Thank you. I hadn’t planned to ask but my husband and I separated so things are very rough this year. Thank you.

    My 13 year old’s item.

    My 3 year old’s item.

    You are awesome. We are grateful.

    (You need to just make one wishlist, not two. You need to say what city and state you live in. You need to assign a shipping address to your list. ~ Jenny)

  7. I’m a single mother of two from Branford, CT

    (I think you forgot to post your list. ~ Jenny)

  8. I had planned to give this year… then I lost my job. We live in Pasadena, CA and I have one 6 year old boy, who is OBSESSED with wolves, so that’s what I picked for him. Thanks to all who make this happen and I’m sorry there are terrible people in the world who make what you do infinitely more difficult, Jenny.

    (Someone beat me to it! ~ Jenny)

  9. Current mom to 6 kids (foster and adopted) and could use a little blessing this year. 3m girl, 2.5 boy, 2x3yr girls, 4yr boy, and 5yr boy.

    (You didn’t say what town and state you are from and you didn’t assign a shipping address. Also, one of the things you picked has gone out of stock on prime so you may want to delete that one and pick a replacement.~ Jenny)

  10. I’m in Southgate, MI and I have 5 kids. I wrote a little bio in my wishlist! I did notice that one of the book items is $45 now but I added it right from Jenny’s link so I’m not sure what’s going on. I left it in my wishlist because my stepdaughter loves the movies and would love to have the book set. Thank you in advance, you lovely elves!!

    (Looks like someone got there first! 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  11. #8, I love how you wanted it for all three of your boys. Done. It’s a fun game, I hope you enjoy it with them.

  12. Hello! I’m Caity in Newport, OR and I have a 3.5 year old son and a 1 year old daughter. Here’s my list, thank you so much for doing this! ❤️

    ( I think you forgot your list. ~ Jenny)

  13. Hi guys. I really appreciate Jenny and everyone who comes together to do this. <3 This is the first year I have heard of it somehow but it’s such good timing, as I actually almost died this October of a rare autoimmune disease (called Addison’s disease) that I didn’t know I had before I went into the hospital, and now we are working to pay off the bill from that hospital stay. I live in Salem, Oregon and we have two little boys who want nothing more than to build a little LEGO town for their little plastic menagerie of animals to live in, so these are actually the perfect thing. Thank you again so much and I will come back and pay it forward next year! <3

    (Looks like someone beat me to it! ~ Jenny)

  14. You are a wonderful human being and the world is a better place for you being in it.

    (Honestly I only do this because I super love to do it. It is one of my favorite things and it feels like a present to me each year. ~ Jenny)

  15. Hi! We live in Smyrna, TN. I have 3 boys and 1 girl still at home. My daughter loves arts so I chose an art kit. One of my boys is a reader so I chose a set of books. Another of my boys is autistic and loves LEGOS so I chose one of those sets. My oldest likes science so I chose a circuit building set. Thanks so much! Their wishlist is:

    (Ordered and sent! ~ Jenny)

  16. TO Melanie Comment # 25
    I tried to fulfill your list but your ship to address is not coming up. Would you check your settings>

  17. Hi- I have 2 kids. I live in Mesa, AZ. I did want to choose the big art set, but it looks like it’s no longer available- I did choose something else for my daughter. Thank you so much for considering my kids!!!

    I chose the gel pens for my daughter and the Goblet of Fire for my son.

    (Someone beat me to it! ~ Jenny)

  18. Looks like quite a few of you didn’t successfully attach your address to your wish lists. Please double check!

  19. I am a single father to 5 wonderful kids. This year has been tight but I managed to keep a roof over our heads but it didn’t leave anything for the holidays. I tried to pick things that all 5 kids could share so that all of them could enjoy it. Thank you in advance! Jenny you are a god send! Kalamazoo

    (Two were already purchased. I bought the last three. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  20. FYI…apparently if stuff gets sold out on Amazon it sends you to “available from other sellers”. Don’t pick something from third parties because they can’t ship to wish lists. As I see the products get sold out I’ll delete that choice and replace with similar stuff. Just check back to make sure your stuff is still available if it isn’t already bought for you. If it is already bought then don’t worry. If it isn’t you can delete it and choose something else and repost your wishlist. If you can find THE EXACT SAME PRODUCT and it’s prime and the price is under $35 you can add it yourself. Hopefully that won’t happen often. You can tell if it’s sold out when you’re looking at the list because the price won’t show up. Thanks!

  21. Happy that you’ve taken charge and freed yourself from some of the BS scammers! The list is fabulous and inclusive and I love you all for it (especially love the teenaged ideas, they’re the hardest to shop for these days!)

    Much love and hope to spread the love as soon as possible


    (Looks like someone beat me to it! ~ Jenny)

  22. Thank you so so much for doing this again. Jenny you truly are an angel. I live in Canada so I made sure that the items from the wish list were equivalent to the USD price range. Girls aged 17, 4, and a newborn due right away. And a boy age 12. Thank you for checking out my list.

    (I can’t buy from Canada but I’m putting a note here for any Canadians looking to help! Jenny)

  23. Does this list now mean that those not in the states can’t get help? You’ve had some wonderful readers in different countries donate gifts to those children in those different countries. Like me. I live in England, and I’m not going to give my son story here now, just know social services is here and shouldn’t be, because my husband is going to therapy to be less abusive. Anyhow, I have to buy the kids gifts out of my grocery money, so in order to make sure we still eat, I’m doing one present per kid, I’ve got 4, but last year your readers saved Christmas for me. So I was just curious what your international readers can do?

    (Totally post and just say where you’re from. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  24. Hello.
    Its not whatwas on the list because i didnt find the stuff and the ones i found was too expensive when i put it in Canadian curency. But i kept the same idea.
    Thank youand merry xmas

  25. Hey Jenny! I want purchase for comment #13 but there tho address attached. HELP!

  26. Comment 40 here, forgot to say that I’m in Kalamazoo. I picked the books for Katt. Legos for Scott negate he loves space, the ginger headed doll for Autumn, the bear for Dominic because the neighbors dog got kids near a few weeks ago, the unicorn for April because she’s my shining light, and the bunny for Brigid which I think she’ll be calling bun bun.

    Thank you so much to the angels helping and to Jenny for doing this.

  27. Oops, forgot to put in my comment and I dont know how to edit, but I am in Missouri!!

  28. This is wonderful! The list is perfect! Now, let’s help some people who need it. I’m looking forward to it being an easier process and having honest requests this year-so glad you decided to keep it going. Love the JG Holiday Miracle!

  29. Hi! Rachel in Ga. Husband and I have four kids, 18, 16, 11 and 9. Our 18 year old suffers from bipolar depression, anxiety and suicidal tendencies. Three weeks ago she swallowed a large dose of her depression medication, and I had to quit my job to stay with her in the hospital and now care for her at home full time. Our wish list is here, I’m trying so hard during this time to remind all four of them how important they are, but it’s learning game, i feel like I’m failing some days and winning other days. Thank you so much, and especially for thoughts and prayers you can send our way. This is a tough time to leave a job, but nothing Is more important thank our kids.

    (Rachel, totally not your fault but the art kit changed price to $70 so can you delete that and pick something else? Also, the lavender cat isn’t prime anymore because Amazon sucks so can you delete and pick something else? I added some similar products that are in stock just now. Everything else is sent though. ~ Jenny)

  30. Stephanie from #27 I managed to wrangle it around so it let me send a less expensive set of the same books from another prime seller. (I have the order number if there are any worries or whatever) It should be there on the 8th. Merry Christmas!

  31. Vanessa S #32, the Lego set is no longer available from the seller and the closest in price is back ordered, could you put another item for that child?

  32. I would much rather be set on fire and pushed out of a plane than have you give me That Disappointed Look. shudder
    You know, the last few years I haven’t been able to really give gifts, even to my kids, except for things like new socks or a hat, but I am one who hates asking for help, and also one fortunate enough to have enough family that pretty much provided my kids with Christmas.
    I never asked for anything here, but this year, while still fairly poor-ish, I am very very happy to be able to participate and provide a little something for someone else’s child as well. My daughter actually would rather me spend my $ here than on her. So from my family, Jenny, we thank you for the massive committment of time and work you’ve put in so that we can do something for someone else. This makes a very merry Christmas for my heart. <3

    (I love you and your kids, Shannon. ~ Jenny)

  33. Thank you, Jenny! Thank you, James Garfield! Happy to help out Christina and her kids. And, I LOVE Project Night Night, so sent them some $$ too. Happy Christmas/Channukah/Year-end-festival of your choice to everyone.

  34. Hi. We are in Royse City, Texas. I have four boys. I picked a race car kit for each of my older two boys and a Razor scooter for each of my younger two.

    (You forgot your list. ~ Jenny)

  35. This is a fantastic gift list. Quality over quantity! Money is scarce, we survive on social security. I have severe agoraphobia so it would be hard (impossible?) to scour thrift stores.
    I learned last year that you can have a wonderful Christmas without piles of presents. I am thankful for this opportunity so they can receive a *nice * present.

  36. hi, gigi at post 39. i hope james garfield can get this message to you.

    i tried to buy your son’s gift but amazon is being a complete dick. do you mind dropping back into your list so i can choose it again? the one in my cart just gives me an error message. i’m really sorry.

  37. Tommy #54, a couple of items are on their way! FYI, they won’t be gift wrapped, so grab the boxes before your kiddos do!😀

  38. How long will this wonderfulness be posted? Asking as a Giver…

    (It stays up all month. I tend to blow my budget in the first few days but lots of people keep asking and helping all month. ~ Jenny)

  39. I am from Fort Worth, Texas, and I have 6 children, ages 12 – 20. I have requested gifts for the youngest 3 (12, 14, 15). I start a new job in January, so hopefully next year I will be able to help someone else on the list. This year, any help is appreciated. Thank you, Jenny, for having such a wonderful heart!

    (I’ve sent them all your way! ~ Jenny)

  40. Hi! My name is Stephanie Doscher. I’m from Piedmont, MO and I have 3 kids. This is my first year doing this and I am so very thankful that it’s offered. You are truly wonderful. Here is the link to the wish list. I chose a unicorn stuffy for my daughter, a magnetic block set for my youngest son and a magnetic fidget building block for my oldest son.

    (Someone beat me to it! ~ Jenny)

  41. We have Aiden who is almost 15, Ciera who is 11, and Gabriel and Dalton who are almost 3. I made the list on the Amazon UK site, going from Jenny’s list on the Amazon page, because shipping is atrocious from the US site, and I wanted this available to the international people like me. I’m hoping this is the last time I’ll need help. I turned down a visit from the health visitor because she gave me less than 24 hour notice for the visit, and we had plans when she wanted to come over. So she sent social services to me. My husband has been reported to social services 3-4 times now for emotional abuse, but he’s going to therapy to try to stop the behaviour. He really is trying. He does give me an allowance each week, but it goes for all the food, diapers (twins use a lot of diapers) cleaning supplies, house repairs ( for some reason I do all the house repairs, not him) and I’m trying to figure out how to get the kids presents while still feeding them. My ex husband is working under the table in the states to avoid paying child support. They are great kids. The pregnancy with the twins almost killed me, and I ended up with a condition called Sheehan’s Syndrome, plus I now have blood clots to worry about, blood thinners, plus I have a few other things wrong with me. I hate it, because “mom is always sick” it really sucks. This is the first year I haven’t spent at least a week in the hospital. I actually celebrated my son’s birthday and not in the hospital, like the previous two years. Anyhow, I picked one present for each kid. We live in Herne Bay, Kent, UK

    (Looks like it’s been filled! ~ Jenny)

  42. I love the List of Gifts, Jenny! Not only am I going to be able to help others in The Bloggess community with gifts, but the List has given me inspiration for gifts for my own children and their friends. I especially love the Creatable World dolls (which I had never seen before today).

    (Aren’t they great? Someone suggested them to me last week. So cool. ~ Jenny)

  43. I’m comment #94. I forgot my name. I’m Kris. I really wanted the sit and spin for the twins, but it was over £100 here, lol. I hope I did the wishlist right, picking the items on your list Jenny, and finding them on the UK site to post.

  44. Yay! James Garfield! Happy day everyone! Much love to all in need, and all giving with big hearts! I don’t have a list or need for my kids but I love, love, love giving!

  45. Hi Kelly (#77), Gabriel’s crystal growing set is on the way — not gift-wrapped, so as somebody else pointed out, you may need to intercept the delivery 🙂
    Happy holidays,

  46. My name is Erech. I live in Penn Yan NY and am a single father of two amazing boys, Davis who is 14 and EJ who is 12. We could really use some Christmas magic this season. I am disabled and we dont have many luxuries that I can provide. Any help would be so loved and appreciated. Ty you to all of Santa’s helpers.

    (Looks like they’re on the way! ~ Jenny)

  47. I’m commenter #87 & 90, I accidentally commented 2 times because I didnt think it posted the first time. I’m sorry!! I hope I posted it right!

  48. Hi Kittifairy (#83), stuff is on its way and scheduled for 12/9 delivery. A cheerful solstice season to you and your family.

  49. So to help I can go to anyone’s wish list and buy it? Then it automatically gets shipped to them? I just want to make sure I understand!

    (Yep! Click on the list and if there’s anything to buy just buy it and make sure you select their shipping address. It’ll be sent to them. ~ Jenny)

  50. Oops, I wasn’t logged in… don’t need anything, but ever so grateful to see this going again this year. I love James Garfield! Happy day to all you big-hearted people!

  51. Hi! I live in Gainesville, FL and I chose the building kit for my 5 year old Sebastian, the microphone for my little 4 year old songbird Violet, and the Harry Potter book for my 9 year old {step}daughter Bella. Here’s my wishlist:

    Thanks so much for any help!! Happy Holidays!!

    (Looks like it’s all on the way! ~ Jenny)

  52. Hi! I live in Gainesville, FL and I chose the building kit for my 5 year old Sebastian, the microphone for my little 4 year old songbird Violet, and the Harry Potter book for my 9 year old {step}daughter Bella. Here’s my wishlist:

    Thanks so much for any help!! Happy Holidays!!

    (Looks like it’s all on the way! ~ Jenny)

  53. Hi Alex and Mandie of cobleskill NY we live with a friend who’s a single mom we work together to make it and barely get by so this is a big help this time of year as a family we have five lovely kidos from ages 2 to 13 three boys and two girls I hope I did this right this time lol
    please let me know it I haven’t so I can fix it

    (Looks like it’s all been purchased! ~ Jenny)

  54. I didn’t mean to post multiple times!! I kept getting a message that my post couldn’t be made

  55. Single father of 5 kids from Kansas city, MO. I have 5 wonderful kids who I l would love to have a christmas. This was been a rough year and I barely managed to keep us in our home. I appreciate any and all help! Thank you.

    (All purchased! ~ Jenny)

  56. Momma to 4 amazing kiddos and fostering my niece’s 3 year old daughter, plus 4 year old and 5 year old boys, and 7 year old twin girls. Daddy is deployed again for round 3 over Christmas. We make Vegas our home near the base. Thank you so much for helping kids and parents out this Christmas!! Much love to you all.

    (Looks like someone beat me to it! ~ Jenny)

  57. Thank you for doing this! I just have one child at the moment my brother’s son Rhylam is staying with me temporarily and I’d love it if someone could help with this! He is 2 and just about as energetic as it gets. I myself have a 5 year old but I’ve bought all his gifts earlier this year and just cant take on buying for another at the moment.

    Thanks you.

    (Looks like it’s already on the way! ~ Jenny)

  58. Thank you so much for doing this! I live in Fort Worth, Texas and have created a list for my 4 little guys. Corbin, 5, would love the little fox blanket (and that tail is killing me!). Braxton, 9, and Jason, 11, are both into tabletop games (plus, it would be nice to have something to do as a family). The oldest, Parker, loves science and that crystal growing kit would be perfect.

    This community is absolutely amazing, and I hope that one year soon, I’ll be one of the helpers!

    (I think you forgot the list. ~ Jenny)

  59. I am a single father to 5 wonderful kids. This year has been tight but I managed to keep a roof over our heads but it didn’t leave anything for the holidays. I tried to pick things that all 5 kids could share so that all of them could enjoy it. Thank you in advance! Jenny you are a god send!

    (All purchased! ~ Jenny)

  60. Hi! I live in Monmouth, Maine and I have 3 kids ages 4, 10, and 11. Thank you for any help. Happy Holidays!

    (I sent two of the presents but for some reason it says they can’t deliver the doodle board to your address so maybe delete that and change it to something else? ~ Jenny)

  61. Let’s see if I can get this right on my 1st attempt 😂😂. We were helped a couple years ago and here we are again. No sad story this time, just drowning. My husband has been with the same company for 11 years and it’s going under fast. 2 of his last 4 paychecks have bounced. He’s looking for work but his experience is limited as he’s only been with this and one other company in all 28 years he has been working. We have 4 kids at home…. daughter is 16 and then 3 boys ages 13, 8 and 2. We are from Camden Ohio (Eaton address but it’s actually Camden). We appreciate any help that might come our way!

    (Looks like one was already bought and I sent the others. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  62. Hi from Florida. I made a wish list for my 8 year old obsessed with dinosaurs and my twin girls.

    (Kimberly, you have made three different lists for several different children. I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt that you were making them for other families but we don’t do that here. Please don’t post any more lists, okay? I wish you luck. ~ Jenny)

  63. Hello! Thank you so much for helping, I live in Vader, Wa. I have 4 kids, husbands hours were cut earlier this year and a newborn in Oct. We have fallen on some hard times this year and this would be amazing help.

    (Sent! ~ Jenny)

  64. My name is Shannon. I have 5 children and we live in Grove City, OH. This has been our hardest year financially since my husband’s suicide. This will not be our first Christmas without him, but it will be my most difficult one so far to provide for them. Thank you for any help. Also, Jenny thank you for reminding me that depression lies. You have no idea how much you have helped me.

    I tried posting once before, but it didn’t seem to post. So if I have 2 postings I appologize.

    (Your amazon list is listed as Lisa in Cobleskill. Lisa in Cobleskill has already had lists filled. Please do not post again. ~ Jenny)

  65. Anna comment #145, you wishlist link seems to be incorrect. When clicked on, it just brings me to the Amazon list page, not your specific list…

  66. I tried to buy for Tommy 141, and Stephanie 138. I’m getting duplicate warnings at checkout. Then when I checked the list has been filled. YAY! The lists are filling fast. Paige post 108 your link is broken.

  67. #13 – Leslie tried to fix it, but can’t edit the comment! She’s in Homewood, IL, and the second link is the correct one. So sorry!!!

  68. Should anything be done if different comments seem to be the same people/family? I don’t see how to contact you privately…

    (This is why I ask people to write where they are from in the comments. You can tell person pretending to be several people because their address is the same over and over. I’ve seen another that’s questionable but not sure if it’s just an accident. You can email me if you have questions. ~ Jenny)

  69. Jenny this curated list is beautiful! I love it! That must have been a lot of work. I wish someone else would wish for that unicorn because I want to gift it!

  70. Hi Gene #153–I’m trying to fill your list but I’m not seeing an address for you. Could you please double check to make sure it’s correct? I’d love to send your family some gifts. Thanks!

  71. I live In Albeton, Montana and have two wonderful granddaughters. Faith -6 loves unicorns and dolls. Tinsley – 8mo should be introduced to the family’s love of books.

    Thank you so much for this Jenny. You are an Angel!

  72. Hi every one
    Thank you so much to everyone that helps saves people’s Christmas’s your all angels.
    I am from the UK so I have selected stuff from the UK site I’m hoping this is OK, please let me know if anything is wrong. I have selected 4 items for girl age 11,boy 9,girl 8 and girl 5.
    Anything anyone can help with would be a very big help to me and I appreciate what everyone does. I currently work part time but am constantly scraping by week by week sometime day by day so Christmas is a nightmare for me and my anxiety is so high this year 🙁
    This is my list please let me know if anything is wrong and I can change

    Thank you once again xx
    Merry Christmas everyone xx

  73. HELLO from Jenny’s biggest stalker ( I kid, I think that was a thing a while back if I recall), I mean FAN! It’s been a tough year at our place this year up here in Minnesota, and I am reaching out to ask for assistance for my fabulously talented and snarkalicious 13 year old, to help get her something that is truly ON her wishlist, from one of her own favorite authors! Why yes, we do listen to your books every time we’re in the car, and no we’re NOT the family on that Audible commercial. Thank you for your time and consideration!! I promise to help out next year and pay it forward!

    (Looks like it’s on the way! ~ Jenny)

  74. I purchased one gift for commenter #99, but I couldn’t afford all three. I hope someone can pick up the other two.

  75. Shannon—Result of a Love Triangle (#155),
    I’m trying to buy something from your list but there doesn’t seem to be a shipping address attached.

  76. Leland, Ms

    I’m a father of 6. I’ve been feeling like I ruined christmas because my checks have started being garnished for something i didn’t know about and I haven’t been able to get a single thing for them for Christmas this year. We have Veronica who is 12, Leslie who is 9, Kohen who is 7 (8 in 3 days),Collin and Logan who are 5 and Spencer who just turned 2 last weekend! Thank you for doing this. You just saved our Christmas!

    Hope it’s okay I tell a few church members about this that I know may need some help.


    Greetings to ALL from chilly Minnesnowta! It’s been a rough year for my family, which is difficult to admit out loud. I have a fabulously talented, incredibly funny and loving, yet snarkalicious 14 year old whom loves Jenny ALMOST as much as I do (not quite kid, but good try!!)

    I genuinely appreciate any assistance, and if chosen PROMISE to pay it forward next year two fold!

    (Filled! ~ Jenny)

  78. Leland, Ms

    I’m a father of 6. I’ve been feeling like I ruined christmas because my checks have started being garnished for something i didn’t know about and I haven’t been able to get a single thing for them for Christmas this year. We have Veronica who is 12, Leslie who is 9, Kohen who is 7 (8 in 3 days),Collin and Logan who are 5 and Spencer who just turned 2 last weekend! Thank you for doing this. You just saved our Christmas!

    Hope it’s okay I tell a few church members about this that I know may need some help.

    (Looks like it’s filled! ~ Jenny)

  79. Merry Christmas, Gene! Your list is filled and I hope you and your family have a lovely holiday season. All the best for a happy 2020!

  80. Melissa Krueger (#181) and Shannon—Result of a Love Triangle (#155),
    I’m trying to buy presents from your lists but there doesn’t seem to be a shipping address attached.

  81. Detroit, Michigan

    I’m a single mom of 3 kids. My husband passed away in February and it’s been rough for us since. 1 boy who is 10. He’s a great drawer. 2 girls 2 & 4. My 4 year old has autism. This is the first year she really understands Christmas. Her language/communication is delayed.

    Thanks in advance for anyone who helps. Appreciate it so much. Here is my list:

    (Looks like it’s been filled! ~ Jenny)

  82. Allison #96, Julie #121/123 (microphone for Violet), and Laura #163: Your gifts are on their way. Wishing you a wonderful holiday, whichever one you celebrate. And thanks so much to Jenny for making this possible. Love and hugs to all!

  83. Thank u so much for this! I’m from Fernley NV. My husband was laid off this week and our kids could use something under the tree. I have added a item for each of our kiddos 12,14 and 15.

  84. Jenny!
    Did you mean the wish list to go to so some more donations would accrue from these presents to Project Night Night ?? Cos when I hit an item it’s going to

    (You can’t really use smile on wish lists, unfortunately. ~ Jenny)

  85. (continued because I hit enter too quickly) struggles so much but he loves Christmas. Thank you to all of the angels that make this happen. ❤️ Sending you all lots of light and holiday cheer ❤️

  86. Maureen (#112)

    List is filled but one of the 3 items will ship a couple of days after the others.

  87. Leena (#97) I purchased 5 items from your list. the Days of Wonder Ticket to Ride game is back ordered until 12/16. I did not purchase The Maze Runner set because Amazon tells me that it “can’t be shipped to a Wish List or gift registry address”

  88. Don’t know why my comments posted so many times. Sorry guys! 199,202 & 207 are me :(. Don’t know what happened. Can’t delete them 🙁

  89. This is incredible and I am in awe. My husband is deployed and this means the world to us. I promise to pay this forward. Thank you all so very much. Merry Christmas!

  90. Hello and thanks a lot for going through all the trouble of doing this to help others. I’m from Springvale Maine and have 4 kids Ashton (7), Michael (12), Mariah (13) and Miranda (16). I chose the scooter for Ashton since he has a ton of energy and doesn’t have a bike, the Bears vs Babies game for Michael because he’s in that stage where he’s into weird creepy things, the Elsa doll for Mariah because she LOVES everything Frozen or Toy Story and the gel pens for Miranda because she’s always drawing and coloring with colored pencils and I think she’d really like to try these out.

    I hope I did everything right and if not please let me know.

    Thanks again and I hope everyone has a great holiday.

    (Looks like it’s all on the way! ~ Jenny)

  91. Jenny, thank you so much for 10 years of miracles. I’m so grateful you continue to do this and it means the world to me that you and others care so much for those who are struggling. So much love to you, brings tears of joy to my eyes. Love love love! Love, Erech

  92. I want to get each if my kids a blanket. I have 5 kids. But there are only two options. Is it okay to add three other colors? Or do I have to just choose from the ones on the list.

    (The blankets are baby blankets so unless you have 5 babies that’s probably not a good idea. ~ Jenny)

  93. A friend just told me about this and what an amazing project! I’m a single mommy of 3 little rugrats. Harmony is 8, Lincoln is 5 and Grayson is 3. We get by but that’s about the extent of that. We live in a bubble with no family around so my kids won’t notice if we postpone Christmas a little while lol. I haven’t read through all the comments but I see there are some who seem in a pretty desperate state for their babies so please make sure those are filled first. If there’s any left to give after we could definitely use a Christmas miracle. Thank you for consider my munchkins!

    (One of your toys was sold out in prime but the rest are bought. You didn’t put your city in you comment though. ~ Jenny)

  94. Hello, I’m a single mommy with 3 little ones. Harmony is 8, lincoln is 5 and Grayson 3. I tried posting but for some reason it just stays on the same screen so if I already did I apologize but I’ve reloaded and don’t see it. Anyway we are from a former small town in Ohio, it’s getting too big for its britches now. But we don’t have any local family that we talk to so honestly my kids won’t know the difference if Christmas comes later this year so please if there are families in who NEED stuff for that morning we can wait. My kids do online schooling so the pressure isn’t as bad now because they won’t have it in their face all the time lol. Anyway, if it gets to us that would be amazing and if not that’s perfectly ok too, I still hope everyone has a merry Christmas and appreciate this opportunity more than y’all can imagine!!!

  95. Jenny and this community are simply amazing. I love the limits of the gifts to cut back on the scamming. That upset me so last year.

  96. Hey my name is Nicole i live in Morehead City NC. I have 5 kids. My 17 yro loves the maze runner movies so i figured we try the books. My 14 yro son loves the perry jackson movies so i went with the books also. My 7 yro son loves to build things so i chise the gear thing for him. My 2 yro loves ro draw so we’re going to try the water mat. Finally my 3mo is into bright colorful things so i went with the books. Here’s my link
    Thank y’all so much for everything you do! Merry Christmas and God Bless.

    (I bought you everything by the Maze Runner books. Amazon changed the price to like $50. But if you look at the list again you’ll see another set that’s under $30 that you can add to your wishlist instead. 🙂 ~Jenny)

  97. Hello, I’m a single mom with one daughter (age 12), and we live in London, UK, so I’m not sure whether anyone is willing to help, but if someone is willing, she loves to read, and this would be really appreciated, thank you so much.

    (Looks like it’s been filled! ~ Jenny)

  98. I don’t know who purchased the items from my list, but you are an angel! Truly, I’m crying as I write this. It’s such a scary and even humiliating feeling not being able to provide a Christmas for your little ones. To everyone helping out, please know that I am just so grateful. You are wonderful, wonderful people and I’m so lucky to be a part of this community.

  99. I got the first thing on the list for number 185. Thanks, Jenny, for being amazing.

  100. #233 Nicole, those soft books look so cool, they are on the way to you! Hope your little one enjoys!
    I feel so blessed to be able to help someone, and reading through all these comments just puts such a big smile on my face. Thank you Jenny for continuing this tradition! (And uh oh, some of the stuff on Jenny’s list looks like stuff I may have to buy for myself someday!)

  101. Hello! Thank you Jenny for the opportunity. I’m a single mom from Michigan with 4 adorable kiddos who is struggling this year. I chose items they would each love but also that they could play together with! Thank you to anyone considering blessing my children, you are amazing!
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

    (Already filled! ~ Jenny)

  102. I’m going to do Project NightNight. I don’t know ANY 5 and 6-kid families yet there are so many on here. I wish it didn’t still feel scammy!!

  103. Original post # 91 – Jenny Lawson, you are an angel! You’re wings may feel broken and tattered at times and your halo may be tilted or just plain fall off, but you are an angel, nonetheless. I am so thankful to have something to put under the tree for my children.

    (So happy to do it! ~ Jenny)

  104. Ashley #202 I was able to pick up one of your items! Hope your kiddos enjoy the John Green set – I love that they wanted books! It will be delivered on Wednesday 😊

  105. Virginia from Camden, TN, keep your eye out for the Amazon driver on the 9th. All four items are on the way!

  106. I have no idea who was kind enough to help with the gifts for my girls (#34), but I want to say thank you and hope you’ll see it. They will know the presents were given by generous people.

    We’ve spent the year trying to get back to normal after having to move after the hurricane. At Christmas last year we had just moved and were still in shock. I am hoping we can enjoy the holidays more this year and this helps.

  107. Kimberly L, #259, keep a sharp lookout for the Amazon driver! He’s on the way with 7 items and lots of love!

  108. Dorothy Young,
    Hope you see this! Thank you ever so much! Merry Christmas to you and yours!!

  109. Elsa doll and LOL dolls are no longer prime.

    (Deleted them and added new options. Amazon sucks sometimes. ~ Jenny)

  110. Jenny, Thank you for doing this. I wanted to choose a gift from an Angel tree but I don’t get out.
    You’ve made this a wonderful time for many families and for those who want to help but being broken gets in the way of life. 💜

  111. Thank you ever so much whoever’s gifted my little stowaway this Christmas!

    Sincerely poster #135

  112. To #234 – Elizabeth Joela – the books should arrive by Dec. 20. Best wishes!

  113. 3 kids in AR (#185) I changed the LOL doll to the tent. The LOL doll isnt Prime and has shipping charges now. Thank you to the person who got one of the gifts ! Merry Christmas !

  114. Melody of comment 269, 1book and slippers on the way. Sorry I couldn’t get all the books. 😔

  115. Please ignore my second post. Same list just posted twice accidentally. #276 & #277 are the exact same.

  116. You are an amazing human being making to world a happier place one toy at a time!

  117. Hello, I would love some help with my 4 kiddos. I have a Disney obsessed girl, 2 Harry Potter loving boys, and another girl who isn’t very into reading but has a big interest in history – her teacher has recommended Nathan Hales’ books before so I was thrilled to see them on the approved list! Thank you in advance.

    (Already filled! ~Jenny)

  118. Thank you so much 287!!! I can’t tell you how much tiny human is going to love it 💗💗💗

  119. Summer in China Grove, two of your three are on the way. Wrapped. Should arrive Sunday. Happy holidays from Oklahoma!

  120. Is anybody able to fulfill a Canadian wish list? #60? I’d appreciate it sooo much.

  121. I can’t believe that someone already bought my kids wishes. Thank you to whoever granted their wishes and thank you to Jenny for continuing the James Garfield Miracle.

  122. Mommabear at post 226 in Tx. The Lol dolls have an option for free shipping if you wait from the 16-18th

  123. Paige #60 all of your wish list is on its way from one Canadian girl to another! I really hope you and your kids are able to have a magical Christmas!

    Jenny, thank you for creating the James Garfield Christmas Miracle and reminding all of us how amazing people can be. I try to help as much as I can in honour of my mom who was always going out of her way to adopt people who just needed a little help along the way. She is missed!

  124. #277 Merry Christmas from one girl mom to another. Scooter is on the way, arriving Dec. 11! Hope someone else can get the other item for you. 🙂

  125. My name is Christian. I’m from gatier Ms. I have my daughter and two nieces living with me for now. There names are Caylee, Talia, And Aimee Aimee is 12 for her I chose the nail kit, Talia is 9 and for her I chose the barbie that was all on her wish list and for Caylee my daughter I chose candy land, that’s one of her favorite games and our old one is falling apart and missing half the cards so it would be great to get a new special one. I hope someone can help me merry Christmas

    (Already filled! ~ Jenny)

  126. New Mexico
    I have my 3 older teens living with me but also 4 younger grandkids living with me.
    I did my first post wrong – i am so sorry. If anyone can help with anything thatd be great. Thank you so much.

    (I sent everything but the scooter. Apparently I can only buy so many and then Amazon limits you since it’s a special deal. ~ Jenny)

  127. Hi! I have 2 boys, 2 and half, and 4. We live in a suburb of Los Angeles, Ca. My work hours have recently been cut and I would dearly love to provide some fun this christmas. Thank you so much beautiful angels. <3

  128. Comment # 294, Maria Springle, the slime and a Mr Potato Head are on their way to you. Happy Holidays!

  129. Rachel, comment number 70, I really want to help and my heart goes out to your 18 year old, that is such a difficult disorder to have. I would like to help but your wish list is empty. Do you still have any children who haven’t received gifts?

  130. Comment #311 – Elisa, thank you so very much!!! (I hope it’s okay to post thank yous!) God bless you and Happy Holidays! ♥

  131. #70 update Rachel, from Ga
    Jenny, Thank you for noting the changes to pricing and prime. I updated with your two new suggestions and removed the art set and lavender scented cat. Instead of the calico cat, i changed it to the llama if thats ok (its cheaper at the moment). She LOVES llamas and alpacas. If not, the calico cat is perfect. Thank you guys SO much.

    (Already filled! ~ Jenny)

  132. Thank you for doing this, Jenny. And thank you to all the generous folks out there helping strangers make Christmas better for their children.

    I live in Fairport, NY, with my 2 daughters. This has been a hell of a year for us. Without going into details, I’ll just say I would really appreciate some assistance for the holidays. I picked the magnet tiles kit for my 10 year old and the board game for my teenager, and my hope is that they will both want to do these things both individually and together as a family. Here’s hoping, anyway…

    Merry Christmas <3

    Our list:

    (Already filled! ~ Jenny)

  133. Comment 185 Thanks to whomever got each of the kids a gift ! May you all have a safe and Merry Christmas ! Thank you Jenny for doing this again this year ! I loved the idea of the list to choose from too. It made it so much easier !

  134. April (comment 221) – the bunny and the toddler rocker are on their way, arriving Sunday and Tuesday. It looks like some other elf snagged one gift 🙂

    The only thing left is the Maze Runner series, but it’s not Prime so can’t be shipped to you. I found this alternative version:

    I don’t think Jenny would object to that as a replacement. If you want to add that to your list or pick another option for the 4th boy I would be happy to get it 🙂

    Merry Christmas, from a fellow New Englander

  135. I’m #17. Want to say a big thank you to Jenny and the others that fulfilled my list! You are amazing!

  136. In reply to Rachel in GA (comment #70):

    I am going through something very similar with my teenager. She is 13 and recently has been in the psychiatric emergency department, we have had a mobile crisis team in our home, suicidal threats several times, frequent and severe emotional/behavioral outbursts… I feel like our lives are spiraling out of control here. I have had to take a leave from work as well, to be discussed with my manager tomorrow, and I am hoping they don’t let me go (seeing as I am a fairly new employee, I wouldn’t blame them…).

    Things are very dark right now for us, but I know how much it helps me when people share their stories and I don’t feel so alone. I have spent many nights crying, and many days wondering how we are going to make it through this. You are not alone, and I am sending love and strength your way.

  137. Hey my angels, my name is Diamond. I have 6 kids. It’s been a trying year to say the least. I just want my kids to have a great Christmas. They are so understanding. I love them so much.
    Jada 14
    Azelia 12
    Emilio 9
    Adrian 8
    Avah 6
    Penelope 11 months
    Houston, Texas!

    Thanks you for all you do!

  138. Amanda from PA – #325… Your list is taken care of but I only saw gifts listed for five of the kids. Can you update for the sixth? Don’t want anyone to be left out!

  139. Thank you Renee (#198) & the other generous Gifter. I can’t wait to see my daughters’ smiles when they open their special calming pets. I can hear their “awwwwws” already. Thank you Jenny for making the James Garfield holiday magic. Merry Christmas! ~ J (#189 / accidental 193.. oops)

  140. Anonymous from 327, I am getting an Amazon error on one of your items. The other is ordered.

  141. Jenny (224/228) – the slime and Mr Potato Head are on their way! The slime should arrive on Monday but the Mr Potato Head is currently out of stock and won’t ship till later in the month. It said arrival on Dec 23, so keep the faith!

    The vtech tool set isn’t available for Prime shipping so it can’t be sent via gift list. If you want to choose an alternative I would be happy to get it. Can’t leave one kid out 🙂

  142. Anonymous from 327, I’m getting an Amazon error on one of your items. Ordered the other.

  143. I’m just too big of a dumbass to figure this out so I will just sent in a donation to Night Night!
    Thanks special angle Jenny

  144. Hi, I’m #71. I swear that address was there, but when I went back, it wasn’t. The address should be there now. Thank you!

  145. Hi, Anon #327 here. Thank you to the person who ordered the magnet tiles set for my 10 year old! It looks like the board game sold out so I replaced it with a different game on the list. Thanks for the heads up 🙂

  146. Sorry I am from 321 and forgot to write I am in West Michigan! Here is the post:
    Thank you for organizing this! I have 3 little girls who would each love something from the list under the tree. Times are tough this year, and everything helps. Thanks to those out there willing to fill wishes, you are angels!

    (Looks like it’s already filled! ~ Jenny)

  147. Hi #306 here i made the list public not sure if there are still any issues with my list but thank you again in advance for considering to bless my family.

  148. Thank you so much Lindsay!!!! I will go fix it. I appreciate your heart so much!!!!!

  149. Kristi in comment 333, your words are strength. Thank you for sharing. You and yours are in my prayers. I’d be happy to chat visa email or text if you need an ear. Other than my husband, i don’t have anyone else who comes close to understanding. You can email me at r a c h e l r o s s i t e r 0 0 @ g m a i l . C o m if you’d feel comfortable. Jenny, feel free to delete if this is inappropriate. ❤️❤️

  150. It looks like I had picked the wrong color. Orange is prime other one wasn’t. Thank you so much, I would’ve never even noticed that.

  151. Hi!

    I’m a single mom trying to make Christmas great for 3 kids – a 9-year-old boy (my son), and two girls aged 2.5 and 4 years old (my nieces). my nieces’ father is in jail right now, so he can’t make a wishlist for them. I hope it’s ok to include them in mine.

    I chose Exploding Kittens because my son and I love playing games together. I chose the Barbie playsets for my nieces because they both love Barbie right now.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    I live in Searcy, Arkansas. Here is the wishlist:

    P.S. I don’t know if the post I tried to make earlier was published. I had a lot of trouble commenting because it kept wanting me to log into either WordPress, Twitter, or Facebook, but was also saying my passwords were wrong. I ended up having to reset my password in order to comment. But then, when I clicked “Post Comment”, it just refreshed the page and didn’t seem to actually post my comment. All that to say I apologize if there are two comments from me.

    (Filled! ~ Jenny)

  152. I wanted to say- we are using our neighbors address who told me about this (SantaneededinNM) because she is home with her youngest during the day and I work. Packages grow legs around here.

  153. Ticket To Ride is sold out
    Just FYI

    (I deleted it and added Ticket to Ride London. Thanks! ~ Jenny)

  154. Hi everyone. My name is Jen. I’m new to all of this and hope I did it right. I’m a single mom of twins 3 year old girls and a 7 year old boy. I’ve been through a lot and finally got the courage to leave my ex husband two months ago. (Almost ex, divorce is still underway.) I am staying with a relative and I’m desperate for help this holiday season and this is an actual miracle for my babies. Thank you for reading this and for providing miracles and HOPE for people like me.

    Love to all,


    (Filled! ~ Jenny)

  155. @Lindsay #363 THANK YOU! My little girl is going to be so excited. She LOVES unicorns! Merry Christmas!! From 321/354

  156. Hi! I´m original post 317. The Ticket to Ride game is sold out so I picked another board game. I hope that´s okay. If not, I can choose something else. Thank you.

    (As long as it’s from the list it’s okay. I added Ticket to Ride London to the list. 🙂 ~Jenny)

  157. JZ,
    Thank you so much for clearing our list! You are an angel! I am so grateful for the kindness and generosity.
    -Gene post 153

  158. Hi, I’m anon #327. I just want to say thank you to the person, or people, who bought the items for my two daughters from our list. This has been the hardest year we’ve ever been through, and it seems to be only getting worse and worse. So every bit of kindness we are shown means a lot to me. I really appreciate it. Merry Christmas. You’re angels to us <3

  159. Hi I am Mary (comment 373) I accidentally posted my list wrong and it was asking for contributors and not showing properly. So sorry! I have hopefully fixed it. If not please overlook my super tired mom brain! I have 5 kids ages 14,14,11,9, and 3. We live in Searcy Ar. I included some board games they can play together, some books for them to all read, and a dinosaur set for my youngest. Thank you.

    (Filled! ~ Jenny)

  160. Hi my name is Kristina,
    I’m a single mom Of two kids but this year I’ve been helping a friend out by keeping her 4 while she was in the hospital a few weeks and now I’ve had pneumonia for the past week and out of work so I’m set back for Christmas. So any help I can get for my two babies will Be a tremendous help for us. So I picked out the aqua magic mat for my baby boy and the little ones would have so much fun with that and the
    Bears vs babies For my 11 year old girl it looked like a fun family game and since we have so many more kids in the house now I think that would be a fun together gift!

    (You don’t have an address assigned to this wishlist. Also, you need to say what town you’re in. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  161. Hi, I’m James and I don’t see many men on here so this is a little embarrassing but it’s not about me. I have 3 kids. They’re Sage 4, Nora 7 and James 8. I do work a full time job but I’m a single dad. My kids’ mom overdosed 3 years ago and our lives were turned upside down. I knew she struggled with addiction but I had no idea it was anything like it was. She told me she was sober like I’m sure most addicts do when they aren’t but she definitely wasn’t. Our oldest found her in the bathroom. It still haunts him! She hasn’t been the same since and was put into a long term care facility because honestly it was just too much for me and the kids. Anyway, if there is anything I did wrong please just let me know and I’ll try to fix it quickly.

  162. From Detroit Michigan

    Hello. I am kortez. Dad of 2 kids. Their mom and I split earlier this year. We have joint custody but we plan to spend Christmas together so the kids can open gifts. Right now as it stands I won’t be able to get many gifts if anything. So glad I stumbled a crossed this. Thank you

    (Hey there! You said you have two kids but there are three gifts? ~ Jenny)

  163. I had to go more than half way through the comments to find the first request that had as yet been unfulfilled, having checked a dozen randomly, prior to that, It worries me that some request be overlooked, Are you somehow tracking those requests that get passed over? I would hope that someone’s request not be missed because it is in the midst of other fulfilled requests. Not that I want to add yet another task of oversight. This is awesome, and thank you for providing this opportunity to share.

    (Not every request is filled. I just fill what I can when I can. Other people fill lists as they find them. Typically lists that are done wrong or look suspicious are skipped and some are just missed because there’s only so much $ to go around. I try to just be happy about the ones that are done. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  164. Jen #369 Your list is taken care of and 2 will be there the 9, and the kitty slipper the 10th or 11th. I’m rooting for you!

  165. Thank you to the group of amazing angels. Each of my children will have a perfect-for-them item under the Christmas tree. ❤️

    -Rachel in Ga (original comment #70

  166. Hello all,

    This magical season is upon us once again and I am so grateful for this amazing miracle. I am currently on maternity leave and we are struggling to make ends meet. We have two boys ages 2 months & 8 years. My husband was laid off and just recently started working again but we are behind on everything. We truly appreciate the angels that answer the call and make Christmas morning spectacular for these kids. Thank you so much Jenny.

    Love and Light,


    (You didn’t include your town. ~ Jenny)

  167. Yay, this blog is one of my favorite parts of Christmas now. Besides the amazing people that help give my babies an awesome Christmas morning, reading the comments always puts all of the Christmas cheer in my heart and a smile on my face. I seriously love you guys. Thank you for doing this again, Jenny, and I love the way you did it this year!
    We live in Henderson, NV (right outside Las Vegas). This list is for Xavier- 15, Tariq-9, and Dejanira- 10 months (11 months in 4 days!)
    Here is the list. Thank you so so so much in advance.

    (Filled! ~ Jenny)

  168. Squee it’s ridiculous how happy I get reading these comments. So many happy kiddos on Christmas morning! And I was able to pass the link on to some families I know that are struggling- with strict instructions to read carefully and FOLLOW THE DANG INSTRUCTIONS lol

  169. Original post – 195
    Hello faithful Jenny followers,

    I totally botched my original post because I was juggling kids and trying to make dinner. Two out of 4 items have been bought for my four kiddos and I am over the moon. Thank you so, so much. ❤️ Truly, thank you ❤️ Our oldest son Nathan has an extremely complex medical history and we are still in the trenches of cancer survivorship and everything secondary to it. Nate will be undergoing an MRI of his brain and spine at Mass General in the next week or two to rule out a tumor. Nathan is 17 chronologically but developmentally a five or six year old and he absolutely loves Santa and Christmas. We are living in scary times again but we remain optimistic and feel the magic of the season. Thank you for the Angels who have blessed so many families. I read the comments and cry. We live amongst some really great human beings like Jenny and all of you. Thank you and may the spirit of love, gratitude and giving be upon us all. ❤️ Goffstown.

    (Your list was filled. ~ Jenny)


    I’m a single mom of 6 boys (three are triplets, my miracle babies) and a soon to be baby girl (finally and done)! Yes, it’s hard some days, but we get by. Recently I have been working less because of my doctor’s appointments, last appointment I found out I’m being induced on the 11th! With that being said, I’m hoping to get my boys a gift each. I honestly don’t know what they want, but I know they are grateful children and will be happy with what they recieve.

    Marcel 9 Art Set
    Elijah 7 Scooter
    Noah 7 Scooter
    Isiah 7 Scooter
    Francesco 6 Barbie Kitchen
    Liam 4 Dinosaur truck
    Fatima NB baby bath

    Yes. I let my boys play with Barbie’s 🤷🏻‍♀️.
    I let them express themselves. My 6 year old has been fascinated with Barbie’s
    since forever. I usually get him a barbie year. So I hope no one has a problem with this.

    Leland MS

  171. To James (#384-385) – Santa’s elves have got you covered! But you might want to check your Amazon wish list. The items are still there even after purchase.

  172. #388 – Have a blast with those games – they are on the way! (PS – Excellent choices! 🙂

  173. Hello from Toccoa,GA.I am a single mom of 3 wonderful kids.I recently had a massive heart attack and had to have 5 bypass open heart surgery not able to work anymore and not doing so well I’m in need with all kind clothes and food as well.Thanks to all that make Christmas for people like me God bless you all.Elizabeth is 14 and obsessed with jewelry so I chose earrings for her, Sarah is 11 she loves to make bracelets so I chose bracelet kit for her,and Nelson is 5 he has been asking for a hulk drinking cup so I put that on his.I’m in need of household needs such as toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags ect.

    (You can only pick one thing per child and it has to be from the list I gave you in the post. ~ Jenny)

  174. Hello,
    I am a single mom of 3 and am also in nursing school right now. I could really use a little help to round out my kids’ Christmas, as I just found out I have to move after the new year and the funds are now even slimmer.
    I am in Edmonds, WA. I have three kids, 17 yo girl, 13 yo girl, 12 yo boy.
    Thank you for considering!!

    (Filled! ~ Jenny)

  175. (original comment 267) I just wanted to say that I’m so sorry that there’s been scammers already, and I really appreciate the generosity. Because of this, my little one will have something we’ve been wanting to get him for months but haven’t been able to afford.

    (I’m so glad you were helped! ~ Jenny)

  176. Jessica Guthrie #414, I actually clicked your link on accident while scrolling because I’m requesting help, too, but it popped up a contributor link, not the wishlist. Thought you would want to know that it’s the wrong link so you can fix it and get your babies what they need 🙂

    Hi there! My name is Violet and I am in Portland, Oregon with 6 kids (yes, really, I promise!). We are a blended family and 2 of the kids were unexpectedly but joyously added to our household this year after a series of tragedies. Adjusting has been hard, emotionally and financially. Our kids are
    Z, 16, boy. Art kit
    S, 12, boy, nathan hale’s dangerous tales
    S, 10, nonbinary human, art kit
    Z, 10, girl, spa set
    F, 7.5, nonbinary human, snap circuits
    A, 6, girl, tracing pad

  178. Jenny I’m #206. I’m crying tears of joy right now. I’m so relieved that my kids WILL have a gift under the tree! You and this tribe are beyond amazing,wonderful magnificent people!

  179. Tracy, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Like seriously…. thank you! I wish I could tell you so you knew my heart truly appreciates this. I went to check my list and when it first loaded it still had them on there but after a couple minutes it reloaded to cleared. If for some reason they’re still showing up please let me know so I can remove the list.

  180. HANA #301.
    Thank you so so much. Admittedly I was worried mine would be missed because it was near the beginning and I wasn’t sure if people would scroll back that far when a lot of the list afterwards was completed already. I can’t express how grateful I am for your generosity and kindness. Each day feels hard for different reasons and my kids are the absolute best thing in my life. Their happiness means the world to me and you contributing to their smiles on Christmas morning make you a true angel. Wishing you the best during your holiday xoxo

  181. Jenny read your update and now I’m all bummed. I’m sorry this happens.
    PS I logged so I can like comments, I’m Dawn Hanson from 402. Hugs and cookies to you. I’m sorry some people are like that 🙁

  182. Ok I’m gonna stop refreshing this every 2 seconds and get some sleep. You’re all wonderful and amazing and thank you for some smiles after a long crappy day, even if there is a bit of a damper on it after the update 🙁 bug hugs to everyone struggling and all the Angels! Night everyone, see you in the morning ❤️ – Dawn (402)

  183. Wow, this is where all the holiday cheer has been! It’s been a rough year to say the least, hoping to climb out of this hole in 2020. Thankful for blessings for my three:

    We’re in Las Vegas. Max is 13 and has been my stoic young man this year, helping where he can. I know he’s had a lot of pressure to be “mature” but I really want him to hold on to childhood a bit longer.

    Blaire, my 11 year old daughter, is my “independent woman,” our, ar‘tist ❤️

    Molly turns 6 December 11. Our baby. She’s got an old soul and a free spirit. I expect to have many picnic and tea party invites in the near future. 😉

    Hugs and Christmas cheer to anyone reading this. Angels are definitely among us. ❤️

    (Filled! ~ Jenny)

  184. Thank you Jenny and all you Christmas Angels. I just read the update and it makes me so sad greedy people have to ruin it for the rest of us who just want to help our kids have a great Christmas. I’m glad I got 3 out of 6 of my kids taken care of. Thank you to who ever got them. #337

  185. Okay. It’s almost 2am and I got to comment # 336 before I got exhausted. I may jump back in and fill more depending on how things go. Thank you so much for being awesome. And please be careful in the comments. I’ve only seen 2 people try to scam the system but if you want to be safe just give to Project Night Night. Love!

  186. I have 4 kids and we live in Spring Creek Nevada. I chose the ticket to ride game, dinosaurs with truck, l.o.l. surprise and munchkin deluxe. This is amazing was shared to me by a friend who knows how much we are struggling. Any and all help is welcomed. God bless and Merry Christmas!

  187. J Wallace from comment 245- I have five real breathing children aged 5-17, can think of at least three other families in my town we personally know who have 5-6 children under 18, and they are all real as well. Yes, there are people who are assholes and try to take advantage of the generosity of Jenny and all these amazing people, but some of us just procreate a lot, take in other kids, or are fostering/adopting, etc. I contemplated requesting an item for each of my kids as we are in the dregs of bills that have kicked our ass and mental health that is making full time employment impossible but we’ll make it work, and being accused of scamming just for having five kids is a kick to the teeth I don’t need. Thank you everyone for your amazing generosity, thank you Jenny for putting this together, and for the assholes that are trying to take advantage- a non lethal but very annoying pox on you.

  188. Hello, I’m Lynn from the beautiful buckeye state O-H !! Anyway, I’ve just got 2 little guys 4 & 5. They’re a handful but I wouldn’t trade them for anything. That might not be completely true, I might if the price is right 😂😂 anyway, I am a working momma with a deadbeat baby daddy. Just out here hustling trying my best.

    (Filled! ~ Jenny)

  189. Hi, I don’t think this posted before so I am trying again – I will keep checking and if I’ve posted the comment twice, I am so sorry and I will delete the repeat comment.

    I’m Clare and I live in the UK. I have one son, who is always curious! Thank you for considering us, and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone. I chose the snap circuits for him, and this is the lisy:

    (Filled! ~ Jenny)

  190. Jenny – I am so so so sorry!! I am posting from my phone and it’s being a bit funny, so I thought that my comment hadn’t gone through. Have just seen my comment and the following one come through one after the other, I feel very foolish and I really am sorry.

    (No worries. It happens a lot. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  191. This is an amazing opportunity! Thank you Jenny for continuing the program and considering our family.

    A little about us – We have three children. Our youngest is a micropremie 2 pounder who has Cerebral Palsy and Autism and many other medical concerns. He works unbelievably hard at his 47 hours of weekly therapy. He has two amazing siblings (ages 14 and 12) who help make him the best he can be.

    My son loves Legos so I think the magnet tiles will be a big hit. My daughter is a big fan of games and we have played Ticket to Ride at a friends house, it would be fantastic to have our own for the whole family to enjoy.

    Our little guy has CP and Autism and regularly uses this BILIBO CHAIR to strengthen his core and regulate himself. It was a hard choice between this and a tent (my suggestion last week to add – thanks Jenny for considering that!!! Long term though I think he would use this a little more!)

    Any love you can share with us would be much appreciated!!!

    (Filled! ~ Jenny)

  192. Sorry – I’m in Easton, PA. Comment 446 (still have not slept, Evan has a feeding tube with overnight feedings and needs oxygen at night. Nursing has been non-existent last few months so I’m pretty much up all day and night). But our little guys safety is first!

  193. To #273, you wonderful person, thank you so much and know your Christmas gift will make my girl so happy!

  194. I don’t think my list posted for some reason. If it does Show up I will delete this one. I have 4 kids ages 13,12,10,and 7. The holidays always seem to be a struggle as it seems to be the time when everything falls apart. Appliance, vehicles, jobs it all seems to come crashing down this time of year. These gifts would go a long way to help with the holiday burden. Thank you to anyone who chooses to purchase anything from anyone’s list. You are the true spirit of Christmas. We are from Pewamo Michigan.

    (Filled! ~ Jenny)

  195. Jenny, thank you so very much!!! My kiddos will be so excited :):)
    Happy holidays!
    Hope you feel the magic you’ve let us see!
    Thank you!!!

  196. There are so many hopefull families here that I feel bad reposting but I don’t know what else to do. I double checked that I did it right but nothing has been purchased so maybe it’s just not in the cards? I love you all for making thus possible!

    Originally #331

    (You still haven’t said how many children you have and the town and city you are from. ~ Jenny)

  197. My 3 boys would love an item from this list! I have Negi (7, giant lego set that he would love and that’s worth it even if i step on all of them in the middle of the night), Oliver (6, Dr Seuss book set), and Izzy (3.5, dinosaur plushes). We are in Portage, MI. 🙂 I have confirmed with Santa that they’ve been Very Good this year, even in school.

    (Already filled! ~ Jenny)

  198. Mara 227 – your list seems to have gone up in price. Is there something else you could swap to?


  199. Anon from Mitchell, GA at 71 – the legos and the tent are on their way – look for them Monday.

  200. Original post – 401 hopefully the address is all set Thanks for the heads up Jenny!

    Hello all,

    This magical season is upon us once again and I am so grateful for this amazing miracle. I am currently on maternity leave and we are struggling to make ends meet. We have two boys ages 2 months & 8 years. My husband was laid off and just recently started working again but we are behind on everything. We truly appreciate the angels that answer the call and make Christmas morning spectacular for these kids. Thank you so much Jenny.

    Love and Light,

    Webster, NH

    (Filled! ~ Jenny)

  201. I gave to two different families. I hope they are legit. I’m sorry a few people are being assholes.
    You absolutely rock nevertheless!

  202. Paige – 450

    Your list from yesterday -60- was already filled by Hana -301- and you thanked her for it in post -428-.

    (Not sure but I think that may be a different paige. ~ Jenny)

  203. My name is Genivieve. I have 4 children Jasmine (12) Shel (10) Tia (8) and Bab short for Babette who is 15 months. I am a single mom, trying to make ends meet. Any help would be deeply appreciated. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!
    We live in Springfield Illinois, and Gene is our lotmate neighbor.

    (Can’t get the link to work? ~ Jenny)

  204. Paige -450-

    Your post yesterday -60- was filled by Hana -301- and you thanked her in post -428-

  205. Hi! Long time follower of your blog. My name is Jennifer. My son is Alvin. He has neurofibromatosis Type 1 and we go Monday to see if the brain tumor they found in September has grown. I’d love for someone to get him the Lego set I chose as we’re struggling this year due to his medical bills. We live in Washingtonville, OH.

    If anyone wants to follow his journey, you can find us on Facebook. Alvin’s Allies

    Here is the link to the wishlist.

    Thank you Jenny for being so amazing! washingtonville OH

    (Just sent the legos your way. Sending you both love! ~ Jenny)

  206. I’ve posted the last two years unfortunately. I have twin daughters, they’re 2.5 this year. My wife had a job interview last week and hopefully it pays enough that we can afford to put them in a preschool. I picked out the Magnatiles (which would be supervision only) and the spaceship tent that they can share.
    Here’s my list:

    Thanks to anyone who does this. Hopefully next year, however it’s done, we can be the ones helping out.

    (Already filled! ~ Jenny)

  207. Hi! I’m from Little Rock, AR, and I have a 2 year old son named JJ. I’m a single widowed mom. Our little family is experiencing some difficulties. I sincerely appreciate the help and for this outlet, which will allow me to provide a little something for my sweet boy. You are all very kind folks, and I appreciate you all very much. I wish you all a Merry Christmas. Take care!

    (Already filled! ~ Jenny)

  208. My name is Bekah, we live in Houston Texas, and I have a 5 year old daughter Elisabeth. Last year she asked for the third illustrated Harry Potter for Christmas and Santa came through. This year she asked for number 4 from Santa but we are unable to pay our bills at the moment. Please help us keep Santa alive for another year. Thank you.

    (Already filled! ~ Jenny)

  209. Hannah comment 459, all ordered. The 1100 PCs Building Bricks will arrive later than the others but still before Christmas, Dec 19.

  210. I’m reposting because I forgot city and state. Jefferson City, Missouri.

    I’ve posted the last two years unfortunately. I have twin daughters, they’re 2.5 this year. My wife had a job interview last week and hopefully it pays enough that we can afford to put them in a preschool. I picked out the Magnatiles (which would be supervision only) and the spaceship tent that they can share.
    Here’s my list:

    Thanks to anyone who does this. Hopefully next year, however it’s done, we can be the ones helping out.

    (Already filled! 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  211. Genivieve 468 Please read the rules. One item per child and you must only choose from the approved list. I don’t want to see your list deleted or ignored because you didn’t follow the rules. Thanks!