UPDATED: A little present for you

UPDATED AGAIN (Wednesday afternoon):  Alright…I think this one will work.  Click here for what feels like the 11,000th version of the 2020 calendar:



UPDATED (Wednesday morning):  OKAY, STOP ORDERING.  Zazzle is pulling all calendars because of “content.”  At first I thought that my drawing for June was too risqué:

But turns out they say the police box on the cover is a Doctor Who copyright.  I’m a little irked that all police boxes are not TARDISes but also a little happy that all police boxes are TARDISes and also just really tired of redoing calendars.  But I’m going to fix this one and I’ll let you know when it’s fixed.


Original posting (Tuesday night):

It took a few days and several false starts and some weird errors where it seemed like it sold out in literally 2 minutes but now it’s fixed…  (I think.)

…so if you want one, just click right here.

(I was going to wait to post this until tomorrow but it’s half off tonight and I’m not sure it’ll still be on sale Wednesday.)

I’ve been working on drawings in the last month when I was dealing with some mental stuff and I’ve included several of those in the calendar.  But if you don’t want the calendar  or money is tight then I’m going to just put a few sketches here and you can just print them out yourself and color them or use them to cover holes in the wall or whatever.  (Click them to embiggen.)

The one above I did when I was feeling a bit angsty.  The one below I did when I was feeling…well…not as optimistic.

I don’t have an ending for this post because my head is made of pudding at the moment and I’m out of ADD meds.  Sorry.


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  1. Love the drawings! Thank you very much for your generosity. Thinking of you and sending you good wishes, support, and light in the darkness. You are not alone

  2. Love the drawings! Thank you for your generosity. Sending you love, support and light in the darkness. You are not alone.

  3. No worries! The day might have started out crappy but it got better. I went to the eye doctor and got my butt chewed for not getting new eye glasses last year (and probably won’t this year because I still can’t afford them). Plus I didn’t do the hot/warm washcloth compresses on my eyes twice a day like I was told to and I don’t put drops in my eyes as often as I’m supposed to as I can’t afford them either. However, when I tripped up the snowy/icy steps that I had tried to clean off as best I could with my MCTD, I didn’t hit my head when I fell. Could you imagine how they would have reacted if I had gone in with both eyes dilated from seeing the eye doctor and I’d hit my head too?!?!?!!! I’ll just settle for a couple of bruises from the blood thinner and will consider it a good day!

    Love &{hugs} to you

  4. I was thinking about getting the single page one but the preview shows the cover photo cropped/messed up so I was curious if that’s just an error or how it will really look before I order. Thanks!

    (I’d stick with the one it defaults to just in case. ~ Jenny)

  5. These are so beautiful I almost cried. I’ve been having a ruff time so I understand you may not be feeling totally ok. But just know you make me smile when I’m in some dark places. Thanks to all the peeps on here for just being yourselves. You’re all weirdly amazing

  6. Beautiful. It took me a minute to see the verbiage under the drawing of the girl in the circles. I was not sure why you claimed that one was less optimistic. Then I got it. Ha. You have some serious artistic talent!

  7. Thank you, Jenny. I also bought several other awesome things. Anyone who doesn’t think they are awesome must be lame and undeserving of receiving the items. Which will make future shopping easier.

  8. Thank you for the Calendar! I look forward to these every single year. It hangs in my office right by my desk. I am so excited to get this one.

  9. kind. generous. and lucky you not to sound weird but to be able to create THAT when angsty…in my dreams… butt then again… omg. so thanks from sacramento.

  10. saved to print later and ordered a bunch of cards…. donating in people’s names to non profits this year and they will all get notified via a Jenny Lawson card! (bit bummed the abominable one could not be printed – but got others!) ThHanks for being you and motivating us! <3

  11. Love the drawings, I can appreciate how much time went into them…and of course the bookstore…haven’t been able to comment anywhere lately, so this is a treat for me.

  12. Thank you, Jenny. I’m going to print out the first one, color it and stick it to the wall above my desk next to my son’s artwork.

    If anybody has any good thoughts, wishes, prayers, whatever…send them my way. I saw a rheumatologist for the first time last week and left her office feeling so upset and angry because she was a dismissive Karen McJudgeypants who basically blamed my chronic joint pain/stiffness on me being poor-adjacent and fat. I’m going to ask my regular, non-shitty doctor for another referral to a different doctor when I go in later this week for more bloodwork because I have a shitty thyroid that doesn’t like to do its job. I just am hoping that the second opinion is better than the first. Because while I can believe that I have bursitis in my right shoulder from overwork/repetitive stress due to my job (I’m a school lunch lady), I refuse to believe that I have bursitis in every single fucking joint in my body (even the non-weight bearing ones).

  13. Sending lots of hugs and good vibes to you (and get-ADD-meds-sooner vibes!). I love that the June picture is the cat displaying his butthole, that’s my birthday month and somehow it feels fitting. I just spent too much money on a new camera because mine is literally duct-taped together and seems to drain batteries in minutes (and my phone camera just doesn’t cut it), but hopefully the calendar will still be available when I get paid!

  14. So, half-price is $22.70? I guess I have to wait til next payday… 😢

    ($22.70 is the full price. I just bought one for under $12. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  15. 2020 – yippeeekayee mutha fucka -HERE WE COME!!!

    L-o-v-e I-t!!

    Thanks Jenny-I NEEDS THIS TODAY🙈


  16. Oh! The code said 20% off site wide, but I applied it anyway, and it was 50% off! Yay! I ordered it NOW!
    …a couple ramen dinner nights is worth it! 👍🏻

  17. Nope, not using Zazzle again. They ripped me off last year and I can’t afford to lose money. But it looks great.

  18. These are AMAZING! I just took a Zentangle class tonight so now I realize all of the work that went into making these drawings. So creative and inspiring! <3

  19. Aww… Thank you for the drawings! I went to Zazzle and got all the way to the final button for checking out with a 24 mo calendar when I realized I CAN’T charge anything else on a credit card because I’m actually broke! 🤣

  20. Hurry hurry blogess tribe buddies! Zazzle is even having a half off sale on the lovely calendars right this minute…before they sell out! My hubby doesn’t want catbutts on the wall (autospelll changed that to carnitas! Not the same thing at all)…so my office will be thrilled to have all of the fantastic bloggess art and mind droppings proudly displayed All. Year. Long.

  21. Jenny, I just ordered four calendars – I wish I could order more. I will one, and I will give one to one of my sisters, who has loved your stuff forever (even though she would hide it where her kids couldn’t see it – I think they’re both old enough now that she doesn’t do that!)

    I’m giving the third one to her to ‘gift’ to someone, and I will do the same with the fourth calendar. And I’ll watch the site to see if more sales come up, because I’m of the opinion that we all need more Bloggess in our lives! <3 Thank you for being willing to share so much of yourself with us all!

  22. off to the left where it says that one of the things you love today are those “f*ck off I’m reading socks” – i do too, i am wearing them right now. they were a gift from a bestie. alas, i have been studying what feels like non stop all semester – but that isn’t true – i have gotten really good at procrastination – i just know not to pick up a book as then i might lose days of studying rather than hours watching tv. i never procrastinate by cleaning. 😉
    p.s. even puddin’ headed you are wonderful.

  23. Thank you for the marvelous drawings! (We already have 5 wall calendars for next year. I’ll have to wait for yours next fall!)

  24. Oooooh! Ooooh! Oh! Love these both, and I’ve shared these with the following comment:

    ‘ Love these little graphics that can be enlarged and printed for adult colouring book practise! (Click on the link and go!)

    No, just because the word ‘adult’ is in there doesn’t automatically mean that there will be naked people in the graphic, although I’m fairly certain that such things must exist out there, possibly sold by Amazon! 😄’

  25. Jenny you are AWESOME! One of my Bestest friends is also Jenny. After I read Furiously Happy in my book club ,I introduced her to your books and she is also a fan. We both LOVE you and your books.We both wish you and NOWHERE all the very best!

  26. Discount still there! This is perfect. I had my first meeting with my new “team” at MD Andersen yesterday and 2020 is really going to be my year of fighting. I love your stuff makes me feel strong and hopeful without being sweet, flowery and trite. Thanks.

  27. You are truly a modern day artist. No joke. You are. Your art is wild and beautiful, and soulful. Please don’t cut your ear off (or any other body part ; )

  28. Hi everyone. Zazzle just cancelled my order due to their content guidelines. This happen to anyone else? It stated it may be due to copyrighted content. Did I do it wrong? Thanks.

  29. I wonder if you are on SSRI or SNRI. When I hit menopause my old prozac did nothing for me. I read a study that showed people (women specifically) with lower estrogen reacted better to SNRIs. I switched to Cymbalta (which also turns out to be a pain med, along with being a combined SSRI and SNRI) at 30 mg daily, and have never looked back (going on 3 years now). I still have mood swings occasionally, but they are so much milder I feel almost normal–mood wise;(socially I will always be an outsider with no skills–think loud, big gestures, weird unsettling smile; my husband is my front man whenever we go out). Anyway, good luck. And don’t trust doctors, trust yourself, you’re probably smarter than 9.9% of them (if not all of them!)

  30. My order was cancelled, too. I’ve emailed the content guideline peeps to get an answer. This happened last year a few time, too. Crazy-pants Zazzle! I’ll keep trying.

  31. love the calendar can’t afford it but saved the pictures and am going to color them and put them on my wall at my new mini dance studio. thank you…

  32. Just a heads up for folks – Zazzle defaulted my order to Premium shipping and puts shipping options down the page a bit so you don’t see them unless you scroll. Save $9 by waiting a few days.

  33. Was so excited to place my order, then a couple hours later got a notification that my order was cancelled, as the designs are in conflict with their content guidelines. What the. . . ???

  34. I am also having trouble ordering the calendar. My order keeps getting rejected because it “contains designs that are in conflict with” Zazzle’s content standards.

    I hope this gets fixed soon so I can buy this at 50% off!

  35. Mine was just canceled too citing content guidelines violation! grrr.

    “This product contains a design with an image and/or text that may be subject to copyright. Zazzle is not currently licensed to offer merchandise for this particular brand. If you are interested in purchasing officially licensed merchandise at Zazzle, please visit: http://www.zazzle.com/brands

  36. Oh oh. I just clicked and got this message:

    The product that you have requested is unavailable. This is likely because:
    You do not have access to the product (login)
    The product ID is not valid
    The product was deleted

  37. I tried to order two calendars and also got the order was cancelled due to conflict with design guidelines message. 😕 Hopefully the glitch will be resolved soon. Ordering a Bloggess Calendar has become a year end tradition for my daughter and I.

  38. Seems to be not available in Canada on zazzle.ca. Anyone find a way to order in Canada?

  39. Dear Bloggess & Tribe,

    We work Christmas miracles all the time, The James Garfield Miracle being the most amazing. There is a man who has a small bookstore in suburban Maryland. Patrick Darby has had bad luck and just been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, he has no insurance.

    HE’S GOING OUT OF BUSINESS IF HE CAN’T GET SOME HELP VERY FAST!!!! He needs $50K and has raised only $13K. Surely we can help him?????

    Please do a post about the Novel Books store. As you fight to open a local store, he is losing his beloved store. HELP?!

    Article about Patrick Darby and his little book store Novel Books:

    Novel Books store:

    His GoFundMe page:

  40. What a awesome way to make lemonade out of lemons! You’re very creative even when you feel like your head is filled with pudding. Some of our best artists and creative inventors throughout history are people who clearly struggled with mental health issues.

  41. Okay Pudding Head 😂 ordering now! But seriously my son calls everyone pudding head 😂

  42. I just checked, and my order from last night has not been cancelled! But I’m going to order another calendar on payday, because you are too, too wonderful, Jenny! I love the new cover! 🙂

  43. Blerg. Cancelled a second time. Went in again, and got a “Product Is No Longer Available” page. I’ll try again tomorrow! Zazzle is being extra-wonky. Gotta laugh!

  44. Oddly, the postcards I ordered with THE EXACT SAME DESIGN as the calendar, were not canceled. WTH? Some standards…

  45. The circular drawings (fantastic, btw)would look great on something similar to a popsocket!!!

  46. I wasn’t sure if the tiny dot where an…um anus on the cat should be was a speck on my phone. Even worst I slid my finger across that spot multiple times to make sure. Please use an * next time so I dont feel like hiding under my bed my 24 hours. Plus my own cat is looking for me, did he see me????

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