I didn’t want to write this post.

Okay, if you are having massive anxiety and can’t deal with any more bad news and you’re already doing hand washing and social distancing then skip this post and feel this giant hug from me and go read a book in the bath.  I super love you and we’re all going to get through this.

Everyone else?  First off, I apologize for writing this because I know you come here for laughter and we need laughter more than ever but I have some stuff to tell you and I need to vent and I need you to listen.

Most of you are doing all that you can to stay safe and keep others safe.  Some of you are heroically working first responder jobs or other essential jobs and I can’t thank you enough.  Some of you are posting bullshit on Facebook about how coronavirus is a hoax and you’re not changing anything and are encouraging others to do the same because no one you know is sick.  *INSERT GLARE HERE TO SEVERAL PEOPLE WHO I LOVE BUT WANT TO STAB IN THE KNEE WITH A FORK*

I have 5k Facebook friends so I see a lot of people’s lives through the screen.  A lot of them are sick or have sick family members.  Most can’t get tested so you’re not hearing their numbers.  Some have been tested and are positive for coronavirus.  At least one of them has died.  There will be more.

But still I see people I love say, “It’s not real.”  Or “I’d rather get it now and get it over with.”  Or, “It’s just a hoax.”  It is not a hoax.

My sweet niece was in Europe when this started getting scary.  And before you start yelling about irresponsible traveling she was actually living in Belgium to help Syrian refugees so she’s a goddam saint.  My sister Lisa insisted she come home to California, which was the right call but she was exposed to a lot of sick people on the plane and in the overcrowded airports that were in disarray so she’s in full quarantine at their house…like sheets over her part of the house like in ET and unable to throw her trash away and just a crazy sort of living that makes us all feel lucky that they have the ability to do it.  She’s feeling fine (but bored probably) but a few days ago my sister started feeling sick.  She’s sicker now, with a fever that goes from 100-103 and so she’s quarantined in her room until further notice.  Does she have covid?  Probably.  But you won’t see her number on the lists because the tests aren’t easily available so it’s not being reported.  There is so much misinformation or lack of information that honestly I’m afraid to even share this stuff because it all changes so fast, but I’m going to share what I know as of now so you can have a better idea of what it’s like living through this and not really knowing.  I’m not calling Lisa because it makes her cough so we communicate through texts.  Here’s what it’s like in her world right now:

(By the way, the tylenol thing (in case you haven’t heard) is a great example of how fast information changes.  The WHO said that anti-inflammatories could aggravate COVID but a few hours ago they just announced that now they think it’s fine.)

So here’s the deal:  My sister will probably be fine.  The majority of us will either avoid the infection or we’ll survive it.  But a lot of people won’t.  And a lot will have serious health problems for the rest of their lives from it.  That’s why it’s important to stay home when you can, to social distance, to support the vulnerable who need help, to thank the people who are out delivering groceries or working at the pharmacy, to support businesses in safe and responsible ways and to not spread fear, racism, or misinformation.

I see people in my Facebook feed saying that we should just get this over with now and let everyone get sick at once and recover.  I thought myself until I realized that it was so contagious and serious that there literally are not enough ventilators or beds to keep people alive if we flood the system.  Plus, the doctors and nurses are getting sick so there are less of them to help save the people we love during the peaks.  That’s why that “flatten the curve thing” is important.  We have to slow the spread so there are enough vents and doctors and nurses and beds for everyone who needs them.  This is why I am asking you (if you aren’t already) to social distance, to wash your hands, to call the vulnerable in your neighborhood who need help and may not know how to get supplies that they need and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD stop posting bullshit about how this isn’t real or important.

Right now a lot of people have this backward.  They think they should wear a mask to keep from getting sick when they are out.  You wear a mask to keep others from getting sick from you.  You should assume you are infected and work in a way that keeps other people safe.  Because honestly you very well may be sick.  Many, many people are asymptomatic and are spreading it without realizing it.  You may be sick right now.  I may be too even though I haven’t seen anyone outside of Victor and Hailey in what feels like forever.

We are very, very lucky in that Victor and I work from home and Hailey goes to correspondence school and we have the resources to stay home for now.  Not everyone does and if you want to yell at me here you totally can because a lot of people are in super shitty situations and need to vent.  There’s a lot of bad out there and a lot of fear.  But there’s also a lot of good.  And I see so many people staying home as a sign of love to the people who will have a better chance of surviving this if we slow this down.  And I see people reaching out to help others when they can.  And that’s a good thing.

A special note to those of you who, like me, deal with mental illness.  This shit is fucked up, right?  I know.  I know it exacerbates all your issues and you can’t escape your house and it can trigger anxiety and depression and OCD and it’s a quick spiral.  You are not alone.  Keep taking your meds.  Get sunlight.  Take walks if you can.  Drink water.  Keep your appointments with your doctor who should be happy to do them on the phone.  Know that this is not forever.  Enjoy the laughter when it comes.  You are not alone.  Neither am I.

For the people who are suddenly working at home with their family and are thinking that the real fatalities are going to come when you all strangle each other, just know that this will end and that it will make an amazing story you’ll tell your grandkids.  About all the memes you sent each other.  I don’t know.  Actually, wait, I do have one thing that helps.  In our house we have an imaginary coworker named Kevin and when something goes wrong (the house is a mess, no one let the dog out, etc.) we blame Kevin.  The thing heard most in our house right now is, “FUCKING KEVIN“.  Honestly, he’s a real dick but thank god he’s here.

Another hint that’s helping me?  Zoom.  I didn’t even know what it was and tech scares me but it’s basically like a free online meeting room where you can invite all your friends and have a video call/happy hour together in your pajamas.  It was super easy to install and I’m an idiot and did it myself so try it.  (This isn’t an ad, I swear.)

Fingers crossed that sometime soon this will be a strange adventure we all lived through.  We will probably always remember what we did during our plague year so make it memorable.  Play cards with your kids.  Read all the books you ever wanted.  Attempt to work even though it’s impossible to concentrate.  Write.  Binge watch everything.  Be kind even when you don’t have to.  Remember others.  Take care of yourself and know your limitations. Realize it’s okay to not be perfect or to feel whatever you feel.  Laugh.  Cry if you need to.  Ask for help.  Call your family.  Watch the stars from the backyard.  Make your kid teach you tik tok dances.  Don’t panic.  Forgive people for being dumb.  Hold politicians accountable.  And most of all, remember that we will get through this.  But only if we work together.  (But separately and from your own home.)

If you have any hints of things that have helped you in this weird time please leave them in the comments.

I super crazy love you guys.

PS.  There may be angry people in the comments.  Sometimes justifiably angry and sometimes not.  That’s okay.  You can yell at me.  Don’t yell at each other.  Focus on the good.  It’s harder to see sometimes, but I promise you, it’s there.


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  1. Love and health to you and yours, Jenny. Thanks to Lisa for openness and taking proper precautions. Much love.

  2. Thank you! Hugs from an anxiety-ridden home bound public school teacher.

  3. Love you. I’m too stubborn to get a critical case. I hope.

    (Love you back. Now wash your hands and have some soup. ~ Jenny)

  4. I hope your sister feels better soon! As if getting sick isn’t scary enough, our idiot government makes it worse. I’m fortunate I live in an area that hasn’t seen many cases yet, but I know it’s coming. I’ve been concerned, but not scared. When I watched our president declare a national emergency, and then listen to all these politicians and corporations talking, that’s when I got scared.

  5. I still can’t believe that there are people who think this is fakenews. I hope your sister and family recover quickly. I hope you and yours (and your readers and their families) stay safe and healthy.

  6. I’m currently terribly frustrated with the lack of information coming from the people actually in authority to make decisions like the entire chain up from my boss and just… ah! Makes me want to scream! This is serious and it feels like “wait and see” is just “pretend it’s not happening.” But I’m also going to put a positive here! If you’re quarantining or self-isolating and you feel well enough to want mental stimulation, check out Zooniverse (I don’t know how the comments here deal with links, but just search Zooniverse and it should pop right up). It’s a website where you help scientists do science by basically acting as a gigantic world-wide many-brained computer with all the other people also working on their projects! It’s communal AND helpful in a world that feels like it’s kind of lacking all of the above right now.

  7. You are a light in the frigging darkness, Jenny. Stay healthy and well with your family. Sending love and light and peace and good juju…but no hugs, because…damn. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  8. You are so right about so much here! I code (read bill) for a hospital here….and so many of the notes I read basically say “we think you have it but you don’t qualify for testing. So assume you have it and stay quarantined until you are fever free without fever reducers for 4 DAYS.”

  9. Thank you for this, Jenny. I have been trying to hold it together since this all broke out. I am in a “high risk” category and terrified that my toddler-like immune system will get hit hard by this and I may die or have long-lasting effects. A cold knocks me on my butt.

    I am an extrovert. I act. I dance. I sing. I am already dreading the shelter in place order that is coming. Already looking at things I can do to help stave off boredom and/or murder. This is scary all around. I hope everyone knows that we are all in this together.

  10. It’s scary, for sure. We’re trying to keep things light and fun (calling it “exiled for the good of the realm” helps) and supporting local businesses however we can, but a lot of my social distancing has been from social media because of the crazies and conspiracy lovers. Coronavirus “truthers” are honestly scarier to me than the bug itself; the virus wants to bring me down, but the conspiracies target my family, and the most vulnerable among us.

    Stay safe, sane, and keep sending those virtual hugs – they’re powerful medicine for what ails us.

  11. Thanks for your post. And hope your sister starts feeling a million percent better, soon!

  12. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I’m crying. I never cry. Thank you for sharing this Jenny and tell your sister and everyone in your family that my family is pulling for a speedy recovery.
    Love you all.

  13. I am waiting for my test results but identify with everything your sister said. It really is messed up and not fun. I even work at home and rarely leave but I went to one thing with my boyfriend 2 weeks ago and someone had just gotten back from international travels so who knows.

  14. Sending love and hugs – keep on doing what you’re doing , and very best wishes to your sister & family.
    This thing is scary . I can’t work from home and as an asthmatic I am considered higher risk for being badly affected. It’s very worrying.

  15. The truth needs to be stated plainly and without sugar coating. Thanks you for your directness.

    Prayers for loved ones and all of the ‘extended family’ who come together to read these posts. Take a deep breathe. Be kind. Love each other. Take another deep breathe.

  16. Love you! Glad you posted this. I don’t usually reply to your posts but thought I’d chime in with something positive. no shouting here. So important to protect health care workers! I am lucky in that I can work from home, but my husband can not really do that. He owns a business, if he comes home, or even worse — gets sick — his business will be gone. We are also searching for ways we can help others in our community; ordering take-out from restaurants seems like so little 🙁

  17. Social distancing is kinda my jam so I’m good. I’m so, so sorry that your sister is sick.

  18. I have a real co-worker named Kevin. I hope I can still use that. I don’t think he’ll mind.

  19. My brother-in-law got sick. He qualified for a COVID 19 test (not easily done). He was swabbed in the hospital parking lot and told he’d get results in 4 days. 2 days later the state (New Hampshire) called him to say they wouldn’t process his test unless he was in intensive care. So, be warned, being qualified to get tested is not the same as being qualified to get results. If anyone has any connections in the NBA, hit me up.

  20. I started a daily check-in thread on Facebook every day. I’m calling it Wendy’s Pandemic Parlor and I mention a daily special. (yesterday’s was an XL bran muffin and a free roll of TP with every purchase). It was inspired by author Ursula Vernon doing something similar on Twitter. only 3 days in and I have 50-60 people commenting on there every day – venting, sharing memes and recipes, and ways we are all coping. It’s a little daunting but it also gives me a reason to get out of bed (well at least to roll over and pull up my Facebbok app) I posted a calendar of free online concerts so “we” can have live music. It’s a little freakishly reminiscent of the “Aunties” from Mira Grant’s Newsflesh books * but it seems to be helping people so I’ll keep it up.

    *For those who are doing pandemic rereads of things like the Newsflesh books, World War Z or The Stand, I appreciate that everyone copes in their own way but still think y’all are nuts. I’m at about “Fluffy Bunny Has A Picnic” level of escapist reading at this point.

  21. Thank you for sharing- today is our first day of everyone at home. I think having Kevin as a coworker is BRILLIANT!

  22. I’m working from home and I’m single. Yay, me. I have people checking on me via video and IM daily. It helps. Fucking Kevin!

  23. I got an email from my therapist today that said to replace the word “quarantine” with “cocoon” and use this time to renew. Loving that message as Spring comes.

  24. Thank you for sharing this! People need to get their heads out of their asses and start paying attention. People are dying! People are risking their lives to help.

    I hope your sister and niece bounce back quickly.

    Hiding out in my house in Canada, hoping people start to take this seriously. It’s going to take teamwork.

  25. Zoom is being overwhelmed with all the people using it and keeps crashing apparently. I have gone back to good old Skype instead. But virtual parties are definitely a good idea. Try playing charades, or silly word games. Be creative in your socializing!

  26. Thanks for that sharing that Jenny and Lisa. Here’s what I am doing, although not sure my employer will consider this “working from home”. I am releasing my in-progress novel (it’s funny!) as a serial and am posting weekly episodes on my blog. It’s not perfect, but it’s easy to read and it’s fast-paced and it’s funny and not too long and I hope you guys give it a go and if you like it, share it, you know, because maybe it’s time for this story to shine. It’s all about love and laughter and although there’s a dark side, it’s not dark dark if you know what I mean. It’s just a little crooked. You’ll see. Not everybody’s exactly on the up-and-up and you’ll have to suspend disbelief because sometimes fish talk and people turn into birds. But mostly it’s about a diverse six or seven people who find themselves and each other through the weird and wonderful world of antique store Clutterbucks, and it’s my way of delivering laughter, with love. Episode One linked below and thank you, Jenny, for letting me use your platform to share this.

  27. I hope your sister is better soon. Thanks for being here for all of us. <3

  28. Best wishes to you and your sister – hope she recovers soon.
    I am terrified by this thing. I can’t work from home, although I’m social distancing as much as possible, but I’m very conscious that I’m high risk for complications if I get it.
    Makes me angry seeing people not taking it seriously.

  29. Saying prayers for you and your family and hoping your sister is as comfortable as she can be!

  30. Thank you for the Real Talk!!! I have watched in shock as people have crammed their fingers in their ears, shut their eyes and yelled “I’m not listening!!” I have gotten into arguments with “friends” on social media more times in the last week than I have probably ever.

  31. I was going to wear my Nowhere Bookshop t-shirt, but it went from 60 degrees from snowing overnight. Keep safe, keep healthy, keep laughing

  32. Thank you so so much for posting this. I hope your sister gets well soon & appreciate her tips. I don’t care if people get mad, we need to start a zero tolerance policy for mis-information & nonsense, particularly on Facebook. Maybe we can all start flooding posts w links to correct info like CDC, WHO, and state health department websites? No arguing or attempting to convince them (if folks are still not accepting what is actually happening there’s not much to be done), but just something like ‘That is not correct information please go to http://www.link.reality so that anyone they know who’s reading the post can be informed?

  33. So much love to you and yours Jenny. I’m working from home for the first time ever (other than a day here and there) along with my entire company doing same. We are managing. But being home 24/7 with my husband not out of choice? CHALLENGING. And my kitten is tossing shit off my desk left and right (the other one, old lady cat is perfect and just sleeps at my feet). But I have windows to look out of, a stocked fridge and plenty of TP because I have a friend in Hong Kong who put the fear in me nearly 2 MONTHS AGO and I took that seriously. Will venture out only for essentials as little as necessary (bagels, yea umm, that’s going to happen shortly but they will bring to my car and deposit in the trunk if I pay by phone – Gosh I love the world we life in in spite of all this). Anyhoo – passing this along to all my friends/co-workers/family. Keep healthy!

  34. Thank you for sharing this. I’m having a hard time making this real for some of the people I care about, but if more people don’t start participating in mitigation and curve-smooshing actions, so many of us will die.
    Don’t make the doctors have to choose who lives, people. It isn’t kind. Stay home if you can. Stay safe. Stay kind.

  35. So sorry to hear about your sister. This shit is crazy.
    Hang in there, you and your family! Sending you all love and best wishes!

  36. Tough situations can also bring out new talents or skills you didn’t know you had. I WFH already, my kids do online school, with my wife being the kids’ learning facilitator. Since everyone has had to move to a situation somewhat like our normal, she’s become the expert in all of her wide ranging FB groups, from crochet pattern sharers to type-2 diabetics to Sims players, and many others. She is collecting resources for parents to give kids things to do. She is connecting folks between communities. She is having the time of her life being the neighborhood “fixer”. It is a totally empowering and awesome thing to see her come out of her housewife shell and take respected leadership in her many little (and big) groups.

  37. THANK YOU, Jenny Lawson. Just one more reason to love and respect you. From the Bay Area, where we are seriously sheltering in place. And sharing toilet stashes (remotely and sanitariily) with neighbors.

  38. Damn that Kevin anyway. This is important info – bless your sister. You (all) stay safe. HUGS

  39. Jenny! I was just thinking of writing you so I hope you see this! I recently responded to all the kind people who mailed me uplifting thoughts on cards from your post last year! I want to tell you that I am STILL receiving on occasion and HECK FIRE! Your readers are terrifically amazing 💖
    Love you all, so much!

  40. Thank you so much — that is beautiful, and just what I needed to read. Please take care!!

  41. Thank you for posting this. Your advice is wonderful. Sending good thoughts for your sister and everyone else who has this terrible thing.

  42. I’m very sorry to hear this. Thank you and your sister for sharing her story because it may be the first time one of your followers hears of a person connected to them who is ill. I think as it spreads to co-workers, friends, family etc., people will take it more seriously and then freak out. Denial is not just a river in Egypt, as they say. Remember that you made a BOOKSTORE and when this is over it will be awesome!

  43. Thank you Jenny for posting this- people need to take this seriously. So sorry to hear that your sister and niece are sick and wish them a speedy recovery.

  44. Hope your sister feels better soon! And amen about zoom – friends and I have been having hangouts where we just open up zoom in our homes and all hang out for a few hours. We wander in and out, cooking meals in different time zones, catching up, watching each others kids have melt downs or dance for us. Its been a nice way to feel connected and spend time with people we have been meaning to hang out with for ages, but rarely do!

  45. Thank you so much for sharing this. My best wishes to your sister and niece and all your family. <3

  46. Amen sister! You said it all better than I’ve heard elsewhere. Let’s all hang in there, be nice, stop hoarding & stockpiling, take it all seriously, wash your hands & be patient!

  47. Thank you for sharing this, Jenny. People need to know. My husband and I are very lucky that it’s easy for us to be at home as far as work, so we are here hunkering down. Despite my empathic extrovert tendencies needing human contact.

  48. I’m quitting Facebook this week and maybe longer because all I see are corona posts. I’m really getting sick of it. Like, reading about it makes my chest hurt and I think “Oh no, trouble breathing is a symptom!” and then I social-media distance and I’m cool. Honestly, I only skimmed this post. It’s important but it’s also triggering.
    GO OUTSIDE. Fresh air and sunshine will fix what ails you. As a ginger, sunshine is evil, but right now it’s a necessary evil.
    DON’T DIE, JENNY. Please, don’t die? For me? I know I’m a stranger from Kyle, TX but I need you even if you don’t know me.

  49. Neither my wife nor I have a fever, but most of the other symptoms. My doctor has still asked us to do a 14 day quarantine. Reading pieces like this makes me so glad that people are fighting back against the ignorance and denial with hope and compassion and facts. Thank you.

  50. I love 💕 you Jenny but you are incorrect on one point. Wearing N95 mask 😷 for me as a diabetic does protect me from getting the Corvid-19 virus according to Dr Amanda Luu. She said for me to wear gloves and N95 masks to protect myself. But I advise not wear the N95 masks on the streets because I got assaulted by 4 black men for wearing my mask. They screamed “Die! Die! Die we are all going die!” They began throwing things at me. I managed to dodge but when I got inside Walmart staff refused to call 911. So Melissa from my insurance began to say “Fuck this, I’m calling the police.” So she called Milwaukee Police 🚔 and District 6 police officer Badge #2329 searched for the predators and personally escorted me out the store and through their parking lot so I could safely get home!

    I am at St Catherine’s Residence for Women
    Wenona Gardner
    1032 E Knapp St
    Apt# 409A
    Milwaukee, WI 53202

  51. Thanks Jenny – here in NYC no ONE thinks its a hoax – we have blue sunglasses on though;)
    One think i did that others may find helpful – i put a new rule on my inbox – any subject header that has the word Covid or Corona goes right into a folder that says Covid19. If i wanna look – i can but since everyone is bombarding with BS – it got so overwhelming to me i couldn’t read my emails and this has been just a terrific fix!!! Hope that helps someone:) XO XSTACY

  52. Ohhh, please don’t use zoom unless you really, really need it. All these college kids that are trying to finish up online… this is how they’re taking their courses. Not to mention all the people now working from home who are using it for meetings. My daughter’s therapist is using it today to do a virtual therapy session. The more people using it, the more chance there is of overloading the servers. So please use it sparingly.

    I really hope your sister and her family recover quickly!

  53. My grown son (age 25) who lives on the other side of the country from me began having symptoms on Sunday. He had to wait until Tues to see a dr. (But they saw him so I’m grateful for THAT!). Poor guy had to sit in his car when he got there..they came out in masks, gloves, protective eyewear and escorted him in through a side door to a quarantined exam room. Ran rapid flu test (for A and B)… came back negative. But up to 50% of rapid test negatives are false negatives. The labs are overloaded so they won’t send the swab to culture it. Since he’s not high risk, they won’t test for COVID. Two weeks of quarantine…but he has to pick up his prescriptions and food. He won’t get paid leave because he just started his job in January. It stinks alllll the way around. But I’m grateful that he’s young and healthy and he’ll be fine. Thanks for letting me vent. 😢I hope your sister is better soon…😘

  54. Best wishes and all of the good vibes to you and your family!
    My mom is old and sick (but still awesome) and I’m her main caregiver. I am also lucky that I have a job where I have zero contact with the public and can keep myself relatively germ free. My boyfriend, however, does not. So guess what, I haven’t hugged my mom in a week! If the “it’s not serious”-ites had a mom as cool as mine that they couldn’t hug because they were afraid of passing germs, they’d sing a different song.
    At least a quarantine can’t keep me from being a spoiled rotten brat. She packed me a lunch, left it on her porch and talked me down off today’s ledge through her screen door about an hour ago!

  55. I live in one of the Washington counties that’s basically on lockdown, and NobleSpouse is in a physical therapy rehab facility that’s keeping visitors out as a precaution. He should be home this weekend, but I haven’t seen him him person for a week (yay for technology). They have a vulnerable population (including Spouse) and it’s encouraging to see how seriously the staff is taking this disease.

    Seriously, I listen to the local NPR affiliate most days, and COVID-19 is nearly all they talk about. I’m very fortunate, as I can work from home, but I’m draconian about wiping everything down.

    (have to note that not cleaning out the car has its advantages. I found a 2-pack of Clorox disinfecting wipes buried under a pile of grocery bags! Too bad there wasn’t toilet paper there as well….)

  56. I’m one of the ones working for the moment, but going to and from my work, I pass two of the big rooster statues. I always yell “Knock knock, MF” at them to and from work and giggle crazily afterwards, so thank you for my small amount of joy before and after work!!

  57. Thank you for all of this information Jenny and thank you to your sister for allowing you to share it ! Sending lots of love and light to your entire family and a huge mental margarita as well as mental bowl of chicken soup for your sister (if it can be for the soul, we can send mental bowls of it when we can’t deliver homemade). Hugs to all (once again mental/ virtual)

  58. One population who is particularly hot hard in this are addicts/alcoholics who rely on meetings to stay clean. With social distancing, meetings are getting shut down. I’d like to throw out a couple of links for people looking for resources. Be attended a couple of NA meetings on Zoom and have found them to be a tremendous resource.


  59. check in on your friends and family with mental illness. text, call, email, just let them know you care about them even though they’re stuck all alone and the depression and anxiety are surging up and trying to drag them back under. send them funny pictures. funny videos. stuff that has nothing to do with the damn virus and can help distract them and make them smile and feel a little less isolated trapped and alone. and keep checking on them.

  60. Thank you for sharing your experience and for being so beautifully honest. One thing I am doing to help me stay relatively sane is tackling projects. I make myself devote at least 20 minutes to a task (if I get into it, I give as much time to it as I want). That little amount of time distracts me and is almost meditative. I’m about to go draw a city skyline. And I don’t draw! Doesn’t matter. I know I will be occupied and away from darkness for a little while. Good luck, everyone. Be kind to yourselves.

  61. I recently retired and the dog and I have been isolating without much stress, but my husband is still going to work every day, so if he gets sick I’m kinda screwed. My son-in-law is an RN, so my daughter and their son will probably be exposed. I am systematically Facebook unfriending anyone whose posts show they still aren’t taking this seriously. Thank you, Jenny, for sharing the real-life experience of someone who has contracted the virus, as scary and surreal as it is. I’m going to go wash my hands again right now and clean something. Probably won’t make any difference, but it makes me feel better. Virtual hugs to you & your family.

  62. We humans contain multitudes. Grateful and anxious simultaneously! Happy and thankful for your perspective, Jenny. Sending big hugs too. If anyone is interested, I’m doing a virtual emotional check-in on Sunday, March 22 at 12pm PT/3pm ET. If anyone is interested, they can email message me on Instagram for details/invite! https://www.instagram.com/youmeempathy/ Remember, feely humans, our bodies are isolated, but our hearts aren’t. HUGS – Nōn

  63. Thanks for writing this. I’m in the SF Bay Area, under a shelter-in-place order. Fortunately, walking your dog is still allowed! Virtual happy hours and knit/crochet/other craft lessons are great, as is a group a friend made on fb called “Creations from Quarantine,” where people are sharing their and their kids’ crafts, meals, music, and other endeavors. Start one with your friends!

  64. i love Kevin. We are DEFINITELY going to have interviews today and then decide. I DO like the alliteration of the “K” sound.

  65. For the record, I don’t come here necessarily for laughter. I come here so I know I’m not alone.

  66. I saw my doctor today, got steroids and antibiotics for bronchitis. Obviously no Covid-test. Supposed to go back to work on Saturday after 2 days off to medicate and heal….I really want to work; but how do we (my doctor & I) actually know for sure that this is not the virus? I feel as though I should isolate, but with no positive test result, I am expected back at work. Feel guilty if I stay home, feel guilty if I go to work…..

  67. I just got tested yesterday. I was eligible for a test in a state where tests are strictly rationed because I’m a doctor and I have moderate symptoms. I’m short of breath and can’t climb stairs and talk at the same time, when three weeks ago I was having fun training for a 10K. I’m grateful to have been tested. 48-72 hours and I’ll know.
    I didn’t want to be a silent vector, and I do want to be able to step in and cover shifts at the hospital I’m affiliated with loses docs temporarily to the illness and have to be in isolation while they recover, and the docs that have died and the ones who will die. I felt like as a doctor working part time, once I got short of breath I had to get tested, because without a test I couldn’t in good conscience fill in. First responders, police, fire fighters, nurses, doctors and countless other worthy professions are going to die. I got my text and went back to my car and cried, no, sobbed- the kind of sobbing that hurts your chest and is anguish so deep that to let it out, you temporarily can’t breathe- the people doing the test thought i was scared for myself. I’m not. I’m grieving for everyone who deserves a test, a nasal cannula and oxygen, to be intubated, who need Purell or just food, all the people that this is going to effect because this is real. It is very nearly like yelling FIRE in a crowded theater in that your words give the wrong message and people die as a result. I do think the folks who say this isn’t real will at some point in their life get their foot run over and I hope nobody cares.
    Jenny, thank you for this post. You are doing such good. Fingers crossed I’m not infected so I can also do some good, person by person, in the hospital.

    (And now I’m crying. Thank you for what you do. I’m sending you so much love. ~ Jenny)

  68. Thank you for writing this. There’s so much mis-information out there and the blase attitude people are having is just terrible. I live in California and have a good support system via text that is definitely helping me through this. I have said the same things you’ve written here and its a good reminder that we are not alone. I will keep your sister and her family in my thoughts. My husband’s supposed to start working from home so I may have to steal “fucking Kevin” from you soon.

  69. YES! Thank you! I learned this morning that MN has 1700 samples they can’t test. It’s definitely everywhere, and some of us are fighting it off without getting a bit sick. I’m glad we can all know everything pretty quickly, but at the same time, we’re not evolved to know how to know everything so quickly.

  70. You know, I am trying my best, so I would like you to get all the way off my back. I promise I am trying to get more organized, less clumsy, more patient. Whatever you need I will try.

  71. For a post you didn’t want write, I think you did splendidly. And I don’t think people should yell at anyone on this site. Trust me, there is still no shortage of yelling and blaming.

  72. Ah, Jenny—thank you for caring so much—and in a loud voice! And for
    continuing to love, reach out, be vulnerable, and stare down the lazy,
    self-serving bullshit we’re bombarded with daily. My prayers now include
    your sister. Please take cover & escape when you need to,
    but also please don’t disappear. You may feel anxious & uncertain about
    many things, but you are strong & steady when it comes to standing
    with what really matters! And you are needed! There would be an
    unfillable Jenny-shaped hole in the world if you ever went quiet, and
    what a loss that would be! Much love to you & yours.

  73. So much crazy love for you Jenny. Your books saved my life when I read them in the psych ward, and you’re still saving me. I live alone, and am self isolating because I’m high risk. Getting stir crazy, and fighting the panic attacks is getting harder. Somehow we’ll get through this, right? Right.

  74. You’re awesome. Thanks for being you. Love and hugs to you and your family.

  75. Thank you for sharing this. I do not understand people who do not take this seriously. My employer will not take it seriously and I am pregnant, not able to work from home and have a 1 year old at home. I am sending you and your niece positive vibes and love through the internet. Thanks for all you do Jenny.

  76. Also support small businesses! If you want to buy things to ship to you to keep you/family entertained see if you can buy it through a small business. I bought a couple board games last night from an independent games store in my city.

    My wife has a co-worker who’s wife is a nurse and pregnant and now sick. They have an 18 month old at home and the co-worker is trying to do everything to keep their child from getting it. We have offered to drop things off for them. It’s all about keeping distance and helping where you can

  77. Having just moved across country with pretty much no household goods and no food, I went to the store full of dread. Food is more important than a coffee pot (not by much…) . I’m stocked now, so home it is. Hey, wash your produce EXTRA well now. Who knows who has been touching that apple? Prayers for Lisa and her family. Get well! Hugs to the Lawson clan. Snuggles with Dottie

  78. Dear Jenny, thank you so much for sharing this story, maybe it will make someone think twice before they go into the world. The county I live in is going into shelter in place mode today at 5pm. I’ve tried to add just a few thing to our cupboard so I don’t have to go out again to shop for a couple of weeks. Sadly our little rural community is too isolated for grocery delivery service or instacart. Everyone including me, is immune compromised in our household including my Dad who is fighting cancer and the plain old flu (thank goddess). Best wishes to your family and everyone else in the world that in a years time, this is comedy gold.

  79. THANK you for a most excellent post. All true. My daughter has bad asthma and had a 2 day fever with shortness of breath, and could not be tested. Here in Montana the doctors have to decide who to use the limited tests on and they seem to be using it for people who have severe symptoms and need the hospttal, or for people who have traveled to high risk areas. She assumed she was sick with it and is trying to isolate, but her BOSS said she had to come to work as soon as her fever came down. Her boss actually read “The Secret”and is now telling everyone if they think positive the virus won’t infect them. You can’t make this up–so crazy.

  80. I am so lucky, because I am being paid to sit at home while my Library is closed. So many people are scared for their health and quickly going broke from being laid off. It’s all so crazy making. Hang in there, everyone.

  81. This Saturday my friends and I are going to read A Midsummer Night’s Dream on https://www.twitch.tv/somattygamez/ at 2pm Mountain. Because all the talented people are out there on twitter and fb sharing their music and art … so we’re gonna add to it!

  82. Get a Steam account (if you don’t have one already). Its a free online gaming platform. Then you can download these multiplayer board games from the creators of You Don’t Know Jack. They’re called Jackbox Party Packs (not dirty, I swear). You do have to pay for them, but IT IS SO WORTH IT. Everyone uses their phone to login to the game (no app to download, just a website) and play virtual board games against each other. The games are hilarious and so much fun to play. Our favorites are Drawful, Fibbage, Murder Trivia Night, and Quiplash. Seriously, it has kept us from killing each other out of sheer boredom so many times.

  83. Thanks for writing about this. We would ALL like to believe that it is being overblown, but it is not. I am able to work from home some of the time but my husband still goes out everyday. The children are a bit bored and keep asking to go out in our neighborhood and hang with friends. Um, no. So they’re perturbed at me of course. My daughter has heart defects with a normal oxygen saturation that hovers around 85 so I have mini-panics over this too frequently. Flatten the curve, flatten it please. I don’t want her to need the hospital during this time and I’m scared it won’t be available if she does. My friends on social media are frustrating to me, too. I want to scream when they complain the zoo/nail salon/restaurant is closed or they think children will fall behind in school, I know there are more serious problems with small businesses not surviving and such but I just want my child not to die. She won’t. I’m being silly. But my brain goes there and my chest freezes and I can not breathe. So thanks for being a space to vent.

  84. I don’t know how widely known zooniverse.org is, but hoping to get the kids involved in some citizen science! Watch penguins! For SCIENCE!

  85. I am an EMT on a 911 ambulance in AZ. I am on Day 7 of symptoms…persistent low grade fever, dry cough, headache, but MOSTLY FATIGUE! Your eyes burn so you close them and you lose an hour or two! Vacuumed the house, sat down, woke up 2 hrs later. Lots of fluids and rest. I just got swabbed for COVID…whether positive or negative…my body is fighting something. Thinking of your sister and your whole family. We WILL be ok.

  86. I’m so worried that I’ll get sick. I work in retail and we’re one of the biggest superstore chains in North America, so the corporate offices won’t let us shut down. I don’t have a choice but to go into work, and I’m putting the health and safety of a lot of people on the line for minimum wage. It’s stressful and scary and so much more exhausting now that half the customers are yelling at me about things I can’t change. I know it’s an essential service, I work in the grocery so I know I have an important part to play. I’m just tired of being shamed for going to work and not social distancing like everyone says I should be. I can’t. I just can’t.

    (You are doing an essential job. Thank you for doing it. ~ Jenny)

  87. Get a Steam account (if you don’t have one already). Its a free online gaming platform. Then you can download these multiplayer board games from the creators of You Don’t Know Jack. They’re called Jackbox Party Packs (not dirty, I swear). You do have to pay for them, but IT IS SO WORTH IT. Everyone uses their phone to login to the game (no app to download, just a website) and play virtual board games against each other. The games are hilarious and so much fun to play. Our favorites are Drawful, Fibbage, Murder Trivia Night, and Quiplash. Seriously, it has kept us from killing each other out of sheer boredom so many times.

  88. My Generalized Anxiety Disorder is on freaking overdrive. My over-amped body, along with my uber-anxious brain, are lying yet again, convincing me that my restless leg syndrome is something more serious (Parkinson’s? ALS?) and that my anxiety-driven heart pounding is obviously some sort of fatal heart disorder. I feel like every nerve in my body is on fire and every muscle is spring loaded. But I do the things that work. Get my regular job responsibilities done from home, which as a special education teacher is a whole new world indeed. Try to meditate. Do everything I can to just calm the hell down, and know that we will come out of this with stories to tell. I think the unknown is the worst part. Not knowing when it will end, how bad it will get, or if anyone I love will become infected. Love to your family, Jenny, and I hope to hell Kevin gets his act together.

  89. Thank you (and your sister) for sharing your personal experience with us! Info is crucial, and yet there is so little right now. I just checked our medicine cabinet and sure enough – no fever reducer! Remedying that stat! We stocked up on organic gummy bears and chocolate chips, but somehow managed to forget actual medicine when we prepared for the distancing last week!! We needed a grownup to set our priorities straight – thank you♡
    Loads of get-well-soon energy to your sister!!!

  90. Yeah. My hubby is named Kevin. We’ll have to yell at “Victor”. That seems fair.
    Our version of “how was your day, Honey?” has become “Have you washed your hands?” while checking foreheads for fever.
    We’re fine. I say as my eye twitches.

  91. Hi Jenny. A Canadian friend here. Best healing wishes to your family. For something awesome to do on Saturday afternoon search Choir Choir Choir on Facebook. It’s two talented and funny musicians who teach popular songs to groups of people to sing together. Usually in a bar but times being what they are they have started on Facebook. It’s a fun way to be with other people and have fun virtually. Stay safe.

  92. Sending you some good things to try and give you & yours something good to think about.
    3 people doing remote work and remote school here. Things that are helping us? My 13yo has custody of my good headphones so she can listen to her bands on endless repeat. My husband is cooking anything in the freezer that’s been there longer than this spring. And I am planting more garden this year than ever before because I need the promise of things to come. We are taking turns on the exercise bike…my time is 7am so I “bike to work.”
    We are debating getting chickens and restarting our beehives. All of this in the 10 hours/week we got back by stopping the commute.
    Hugs to you all.

  93. I so love y’all. Keep sharing. The good and the bad.

    Also, fyi, I have a lot of friends and a few deal with some very serious mental illness that can cause delusions or paranoia so if you see a comment that seems extreme or strange it’s very possible that they’re dealing with a lot more than it seems. Just be kind. I know you will.

    Also, the hints about not overusing zoom are good ones. Lot’s of people need it and it can get laggy if there are too many people using it so if you can Skype or FaceTime instead you should.

  94. I hope your sister gets well soon, and manages to keep it to herself. Terrifying times.

    Our Provincial Health Officer, Dr Bonnie Henry, has been keeping me sane throughout this. She is calming, keeping us informed, and enacting her full powers now that there has been a state of emergency and public health emergency declaration. Her and the front life medical professionals are the real heroes here.

  95. Thank you for the post, and I’ve definitely come here for more than just laughter for a long time. I recently had to rejoin (make a fake) facebook in order to even see most updates from my local government in any sort of timely fashion. It fully reminds me why I left it a couple years ago. I love social media, but for some reason FB only ever seems to fill me with anger, frustration, and sadness. I miss believing that my community cared about one another without ulterior motives.

  96. Thank you Jenny. It is important for people to also realize that it is possible to get a viral illness and not die but Never Recover. This is a very compelling reason for everyone to protect themselves from this virus. Unfortunately, many people infected with COVID-19 will go on to develop ME/CFS, a debilitating lifelong illness. You can read more about the disease here (https://www.cdc.gov/me-cfs/about/index.html). I certainly do not want to be alarmist; my purpose is to raise awareness. I have had ME/CFS for 3 years. It is the most common disease that ‘no one’ has ever heard of. I would not wish it on my worst enemy.

  97. “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” – Fred Rogers

    You, Jenny, are one of the helpers.

  98. I needed this today! Got maybe 3 hours sleep last night with a severe storm outside(which typically bring me joy and peace) but alas, tornado warnings within my state of TX(my true serenity was back in Port Angeles, WA..
    Rain, no twisters).

    I have crippling anxiety (mostly of the outside world and death), which affects me physically almost daily and drains my super supportive Hubby emotionally. I’m not allowed to read the news anymore (cant watch on tv cuz we havent had cable in years, hence internet read), so Hub gives me bits of info in spoonfuls.

    My youngest girls are 3 and 5. My 5yr old doesnt understand why she cant go back to Kindergarten. I’m a stay at home mum amd am happy being an introvert, but my 3yr old is already picking fights with her sis being home.

    My mom is 56, my stepdad (TRUE DAD!) is 76 (and obviously a pimp scoring my mom with their age diff and being soulmates the last 30yrs). My Grandpa, who helped raise me, is an uber healthy 81. I’m in SHAMBLES thinking of losing ANY of them due to Throat-Slicey-Worthy Spreaders!!

    We wish this was seriously, SERIOUSLY, the Zombie Apocalypse. Zombies dont stupidly go to the beach for Spring Break on Quaratine Alert, or buy EVERYTHING from the store just to hoard it (hell, we’ve been preppers for years, but we’re not assholes buying crap we know others need). Put in a grocery order to up our normal bi-weekly grocery run yesterday, NO FRIGGIN MILK or MEAT!!).

    Again, Zombies please! Hungry for brains, not tasty animals and gallons of milk.

    We ♡ U Jenny! Thanks for being my much needed rainy days!

  99. A very important message Jenny. If anyone still isn’t convinced, think of people like my niece, who will die if someone passes the virus on to her. She has cystic fibrosis and has been told that she will not survive if she catches it. Everyone look after themselves, and ultimately others too.

  100. Thank you, Jenny, for writing this post. It’s so crucial. I was about ready to slap the shit out of hoarders. I live in California. There are no eggs in any of the stores right now because dumb people are hoarding. Eggs don’t keep for more than a few weeks, so o don’t know why they are hoarding them. Three weeks ago our Grocery Outlet had so many eggs they were selling them for .97 cents per dozen. Now every store is out of them, and milk, bread, and meat. People are buying way more than they reasonably need and many people are going without. I know people who don’t have toilet paper, yet I see people leaving Costco with two giant carts full. It’s ridiculous. Your voice is the voice of sanity through this crazy time. Love and hugs to you.

  101. I hope your sister recovers quickly and that f* Kevin picks up his shit! He’s leaving the lights on and cupboards open, toilet seat up, and and and. Come the f* on Kevin! It’s not helpful that you’re pissing us all off!!

  102. I suffer from severe asthma and just went back to work (at the physical location) the week before this all started. I am lucky enough that I get to work remotely& however we had someone in the office where I worked test positive. Now my high anxiety & OCD have kicked into overdrive because I am one of those people that has a “compromised” immune system. People don’t understand that it is not only the elderly who can die from COVID-19, but severe asthmatics, those who have/had cancer, even those with arthritis are more susceptible to having extreme difficulties if we were to catch it. So for those who say that “we should all catch it now and get it over with.” Thank you for being dumb enough to basically say,”let’s kill a lot of people” without really KNOWING what you are saying. This thing is real and since I work for a Company that allows us to work remotely while all of this is happening, then I am happy to do so. I just wish people would leave enough toilet paper for everyone else. When I first knew I was going to be staying home for the foreseeable future, I only bought one large package of TP, now you can’t find it anywhere and that is sad. It is making my anxiety levels higher. I just want people to be kind to one another, don’t be selfish, and think about what you are REALLY saying before you say it.

  103. Pretty sure my post got munched somewhere. Dangit.

    Short-short version:

    Thank you Jenny. I needed this. I don’t just come here for the laughs.

    High-risk person here so my world consists of my apartment and occasionally a peek down the apartment hallway if I’m expecting a delivery. Learning to slowly come to terms with that.

    Yesterday was an absolute shit-show in my part of the universe.

    I’m feeling shaky but okay today, so again thank you.

    We have Microsoft Teams at work, so I started a channel for my colleagues and I called “WFH – Chat and Wellness” as a way to check in with each other every day not for work stuff but to share how we’re feeling, how we’re doing emotionally/mentally, to share cute kitten videos, yoga/tai chi youtube channels, and whatever other silliness/helpful things we can find to help each of us get through this, together but separately from our own homes. 😉

    As I mentioned, I hope your niece and sister get well soon, Jenny! Sending everyone who needs it or wants it a great big virtual HUG. (I am seriously going to need a real freaking hug when this is all over.) <3

  104. This whole situation is some sucky bullshit, but the Kevin thing cracks me up. I have a tumor (benign; I’m fine!) that I call Kevin; he’s the wooooorst.

  105. I work in a public library. We are currently closed to the public, but it just feels silly to be at work. I cannot focus and I don’t feel overly productive. Yes there are a number of projects we are working on that are easier without the public, but soon those projects will be few. Our city officials would gladly take us in other buildings to help with their cleaning efforts I think. I am mentally exhausted and would like to be self isolated for a week or more. I am sure this sounds selfish or like I am in denial I assure you I am not. Love you Jenny, thank you for posting your experience with this crazy virus. *hugs and I hope your sister is on the mend soon.

  106. I work in a grocery store so I’m deemed an essential worker. Not that I’m paid like I’m essential. I had no idea when I took this job that this would be my life. It is absolutely surreal to see all of the people coming in to shop in masks and gloves. One lady came in wearing a welding mask. It’s a lot of risk for little pay, but I get thanked daily by customers and that helps get me through.

  107. Weaving. Weaving keeps me grounded. Oh, and I love you Jenny, is that okay to say here? And your sister too, and I do hope she is doing better soon!

  108. My nephew just texted me “I am loving WFH life. Roll out of bed 5 mins before work and “commute” to kitchen table. Listen to a conference call while sitting on throne. Why did we ever put up with “going to work”

  109. Thank you for being here for us. Thanks all of you for being here for each other!

  110. We’re is near isolation but have a health care worker. She’s at an elder care facility that is working so hard to keep the virus out. We’ve had acquaintances say we’re nuts for our extreme social distancing. Out only for necessities and work for those that must. But we have high risk people. So go ahead think we are nuts we’ll be hunkered down here at home.

    I’m so frustrated with the lack of concern in some and worried with cause for our health care worker. And at that same time I’m so very blessed most of us can work from home or are home due to school closings.

  111. I was at the grocery store a few days ago picking up some essentials. I live alone so I didn’t need to buy much. The woman ahead of me had three 4 litre bags of milk on the conveyor belt (yes, in my part of Canada milk is sold in bags).

    The cashier told her she could only buy two of them – the store had a two per person limit. The woman explained in distress that she had small children at home and they go through milk pretty quickly (yes, I know this may or may not actually be true).

    Long story short, I picked up her extra bag, put it next to my one bag and said, it looks like I’m buying two bags today.

    It takes so little to help someone – please everyone be good and kind to each other.

  112. One morning I woke up and found out that suddenly, 70 years into a life, I am a vulnerable population, which in this context means “older than dirt.” THAT was a shock, but I am determined to do what I can to help. So, I am self isolating, walking in my neighborhood for exercise, paying for things like the haircut I won’t get (because the guy who cuts my hair still has to eat), ordering from Imperfect Foods (which has home delivery) and contributing to my local food bank. The hardest thing is letting my wonderful neighbors help me by picking up groceries when they are going out anyway.

    As hard as this is, we need to remember that all things are change. We need to ldraw on our better selves, and do what is right not what is convenient. We need to be our own heroes.

    Regards to Jenny and all the Strangelings

    Cyndi in Seattle

  113. This is so hard. I came home from a residential mental health facility after being gone 5 weeks on Monday, and this is what I come back to. Isolated and depressed all over again. Therapy helps, but I have a long ways to go. Thank you for being you and for providing encouragement during this difficult time.

  114. I absolutely agree with everything you’ve said. This is awful for my germ specific OCD. I mean, I could never even have imagined this fuckery. I used to joke that Trump would kill us all but it was supposed to be a joke… So, I also have a compromised immune system. I’m staying home except when I drive to the nearby pond to walk. Everyone else in my town is here too. I hope it’s okay since I’m outside. I’m sitting on a bench wondering if it’s covered in germs. Sigh…It sucks that you can’t get hand sanitizer anywhere. I use my little bottle sparingly. I usually keep a large bottle but I had run out of that and rubbing alcohol. It’s almost comical. I feel a lot of fear and yet, I also know it will be okay as long as we continue to be kind to one another. My husband does our shopping and gets things for the elderly neighbors. We will get through this.

  115. Thank you for posting this! We’re in Seattle and it’s like the world turned upside down in less than 2 weeks. Every day feels like we’re stuck in a weird bad dream. We’re trying hard to flatten the curve by staying home, 6’ away from others when we have to go out, and washing our hands until they are chapped af. Why? Because the region has 5000 hospital beds. If social distancing works, we may only be at maximum capacity (5000 very sick people). If it doesn’t work, they expect 5 times more very sick people (25,000 very sick people, or one bed for every 5 people). Medical staff will have to decide who might live and who dies since they can’t treat them all. The hospitals are already short staffed, all medical staff are working non stop and they don’t have enough masks or medical supplies. We only have 560 cases right now in king county (1000+ in WA). We expect at least 10 times that amount.

    It’s crazy how fast it will come over everyone’s region like a wave.

    The earlier people can do thorough social distancing the better off their region will be. Stay 6’ apart from everyone, wash the hell out of your hands, and don’t go anywhere unless you have to (including insanely packed Costco and other big grocery stores 😬)

  116. Thanks for this. In Seattle (US ground zero, I guess) we’re on day 14 of our orders to stay the fuck away from other people, and we’re proving it works. The numbers of people testing positive are growing very slowly, not skyrocketing like a lot of other places. So when you’re told to stay home, Just. Stay. Home. We’re lucky here that we have tests being created & processed locally, and a government working to take care of the people losing their work… But I worry so much about the rest of the country…

    On a positive note, as someone stuck at home with just myself and a cat for 2 weeks (and counting), what’s keeping me sane is moving around instead of being a lump (seriously, you can get your 10k steps walking around the living room as you watch TV!), and online friends. Even though everyone is scared and anxious, feeling that way together makes it SO much easier.

  117. My daughter (age 22) is in the same boat . She is improving so they won’t give her a test! So she has to live in isolation and I can’t be near her, or touch her, or look in her beautiful eyes and it is killing me. I’m just screaming at the TV anytime the gov’t gets on and bullshits about lots of testing and lots of masks and other happy talk. We are near NYC so it’s very scary. Praying for your sister, my daughter, and all those affected. Please let us know how she is. I am a worry machine right now.
    Love you Jenny. ❤️❤️

  118. Would you give me permission to post on Facebook a translation in French of the following paragraph. I will be certain to mention you and your Blog.

  119. Oh how this hits home. A month before all of this broke out I lost my job. I thought easy peasy I’ll get another one. Well, now no one is hiring, I am out of work, out of funds, I live alone so I don’t even have anyone to help or talk to. But I know others have it worse. I’ll make the best out of the items I have, and piss through my savings but so far I am healthy. I spend my days cooking what’s in the fridge for freezer meals to keep me occupied. Drinking starts soon 🙂 We’ll make it through this stronger.

  120. You’re doing good stuff here, Jenny. I hope your sister is starting to feel better soon, sending you all huge love from the other side of the pacific.

  121. Thank God for your book club! If it weren’t for it, I would have nothing to read. (Mind you I have about a dozen books on the shelf that I got because “it would be good for me to expand my brain with the beauty of these literary masterpieces.” But they are no fun. Sorry Tolstoy – not gonna happen today sir.) I had three books waiting for me at my local library, but they closed it. So, I will be reading March’s book extra slooooow. And I’m happy about it because it is really good. And fun.

  122. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is the best thing I’ve read on the situation. Thanks to your sister for letting you write about her. Thank you for inspiring us to love each other and be safe.

  123. Also, if Zoom is crowed/laggy and you need an alternative, what about Discord? People have been using it in the gaming community for years. Not sure if it supports video/audio chat, but it’s worth checking out.

    Also, Slack has a free account service that also works like a chat program and I believe it will do video chat calls too.

  124. We homeschool and my husband and I work from home, but we are quarantining ourselves for another 8 days from my motherinlaw who gets the living room, her bathroom and her bedroom. This is a crazy time, but my 6 year old has already declared it the best time ever – because he gets unlimited attention from his mom and dad, he gets to play on his iPad as much as he wants, he now has a refrigerator in his room (to limit movement from our quarantine zone to the kitchen), AND we have a dance party every night.

    Thank you SO much for sharing this. Sending your sister love and wishes for fast healing.

    Also, there’s an app called “Rave” which allows you to watch videos and talk or text with your friends at the same time. THAT is really cool. All the homeschool moms and I got together today to text while watching video of a beach (which is usually our Friday park day).

    We’ve got this.

  125. I have symptoms, too, and we here in my neck of the woods have no way to test. No known method of transmission (haven’t traveled anywhere, haven’t been in contact with someone who was showing symptoms). So I’m in isolation at home. I have had several nights of sleepless worry punctuated with short bursts of sleep that included nightmares.

    I’m doing better and Jenny, I have every reason to think your sister will be ok as well. It does take a loooong time to recover, though, so don’t be discouraged if she plateaus from time to time. It’s not a sign of anything bad. It just seems to be how this virus works.

    I have some contacts in the medical community. You all have no idea. They have zero political interests, and are just reporting the facts they are seeing here, and the facts they are hearing from their colleagues abroad. Trust them when they warn us: this is gonna get a LOT worse before it gets better.

    So do your part. Stay away from others. Follow the rules as they are laid out by the people who know shit (NOT the politicians, but rather, the doctors).

    Take care of yourself and your partners and kids. Reach out to your isolated neighbors, let them know you care.

    Learn to live with the “inconvenience.” Yeah. Shit is gonna seriously suck for a while. But this will eventually pass so just treat this as the one big test in life that we all have to go through. Most of our grandparents went through much, much worse in WWII.

    We can do this.

  126. Hey, fellow Seattlites up thread, good job staying home. We have the power to flatten the curve. Nice staying home with you all (remotely of course!). ❤️

    Cyndi in Seattle

  127. My work sucks, they say since we’re in cubicles we’re fine. We’re in southeast PA, it’s not fine. Our network is awful so only so many people can vpn in, it’s a problem every time there’s a snowstorm and people try to work from home, yet they don’t invest to make it better. They took away overtime too, which none of us understand how that’s supposed to help, but it was part of the email talking about social distancing. At least they made all meeting web based, now if only everyone would follow that.

    Using zoom for the first time tonight to hang out with friends.

  128. Thank you for this. I deleted Facebook last night over the absolute stupidity from people I thought were smart-ish. One who said she talked to a woman in Walmart who said that this virus has been around for a year and that blah blah blah. I have a cold and I just got put on a 14 day unpaid quarantine from work. Maybe we are overreacting but I don’t think so. It’s the stupidity that is going to make this go insane and kill some of us. Thanks for making me belly laugh! Marcie

  129. Thanks. I’m in the middle of “Indifference” (my partner) and “paranoia” (my daughter). I’m trying to hold it together in the middle somewhere – while working from home, while being the adult and taking care of things to ensure we are all ok. I’m really tired and stressed out, and really appreciate you Jenny. Thanks for a minute of respite. I sincerely hope your sister and niece recover with no lasting effects. Virtual smooch! -Michelle

  130. Thanks. Love to you and your family. <3
    I live in Ohio and honestly never expected to approve of anything mike dewine does, but I’ve appreciated the fact that he listens to his scientific advisors and isn’t scared to jump ahead. The rest of his term has been (and is likely to continue) filled with decisions and positions from ugh to horrible, but right now I’m less worried than I would otherwise be.

  131. Thank you for posting this! I’m currently very annoyed with a neighbor because they think it’s a good idea to have a party and invite the entire neighborhood! We’ve had one confirmed case and one presumptive positive in my town. I worry that the numbers will go up if morons like my neighbor don’t take this seriously. I hope your sister is okay. My nightmare is my younger brother gets it and gives it to our parents (both are immune compromised). Trying not to stress is the hardest part of all this.

  132. My son works in a pub style restaurant and his boss closed the business while we are social distancing. He told all of the employees that they could have all of the perishable item in the kitchen to take home. It is nice to see someone not trying to profit from this situation. In Canada all of the people laid off will qualify for unemployment insurance payments. That way it is easier to stay home when your job has closed its doors. Jenny you are amazing. My son gave me all of your books for Christmas and my family knows when I read them because I laugh so hard I can’t breathe. You give us permission to show our crazy instead of trying to hide it. ❤️❤️❤️

  133. Thank you for the honesty and great suggestions Jenny. Your loved ones are in my prayers.
    I haven’t been up to reading everyone’s post yet, but I’m glad people are connecting. I’m here on the east coast in the tiniest state. I had an outpatient, non-elective surgery today for biopsies. The hospital staff is doing the best they can, but they were all told to wear their masks for 2 days if they are nursing staff or 2 procedures if in an O.R. They are making sure doctors haven’t let their certifications lapse on a special fitted mask they have to wear under certain conditions. I fear they Will struggle to keep up with demands and needed supplies. Keep them and everyone fighting this in your thoughts. Take care of yourselves. I would’ve never considered hanging sheets to separate myself from family members that continue to have to be present in their capacity as essential staff for the govt and college, their in the bleach load now the sheets – not the kids! Love all of you who make me feel as normal as the rest of you.

  134. My husband and I are night people—we are retired and don’t head to bed until sometime between 1-3, don’t get up till 8-11. It became real to us when we found ourselves stumbling around at 5:30 am on Wednesday hastily grabbing clothes so we could go to the “over 60” shopping hour at the grocery store. (I don’t know why they feel old people are up at that time, we’re retired for Pete’s sake) The store had just opened and was sparkly clean. There were still empty shelves and restocking was going on, but there was enough that a person could be well fed if they weren’t set on specific brands or sizes. Still no TP, what is the deal with that? Everyone seemed respectful of personal space and there were no fights over products so I think it went really well. As we were leaving my husband noted that the only negative was dealing with a parking lot full of old people driving around.

    I’m sorry about your sister, we keep checking on family (my mom is 94 and in a senior living center) and so far all are OK. Our sons are still working outside the home and we’re hoping that changes soon. The concept of the illness curve is difficult for many to understand and they’re the ones who appear to be putting us at risk. Grrr.

  135. I adore you. You speak my language. Thank you for keeping it real. My daughter and I have a FUCKING KEVIN as well in our home. He’s such an ass. Best wishes to your sister and her family and anyone reading this!

  136. I don’t have a kid at home, but this would be an excellent time to teach some life skills. You know, how to sew on a button, how to cook something basic, how to write a check, how to properly clean… things people need to know but they don’t teach in most schools and it always gets pushed to the back burner.

    Wishing a speedy recovery to your niece and sister. Be Well.

  137. Hi Jenny! Thank you for posting this!! I hope your sister and niece get well very soon!! Hugs to you!!!

  138. I do want to scream, but not at you, and am proud of you for writing this difficult very personal PSA. Much love to Lisa and all the family and fuck Kevin get it together!
    I want to scream at our stupid ass country not testing people, not doing the procedure correctly even if they do the test, or sending it for testing even if done, like LMcCJ’s brother in her comment above. I’ve heard too many stories of people being sick and not getting tested. This is not your doctor or your hospitals fault it’s our government’s fault. Every last death, illness and lifelong side effects should be on their heads! On their heads rolling across the floor GOT style.
    I just called my pharmacy for a refill, they’re a “small town” pharmacy and know everyone of their customers by name kind of place. They can’t even get hand sanitizer for their workers, let alone their customers. She said they hadn’t been able to get a shipment for weeks!
    WHY ARE THEY ONLY TESTING PEOPLE IN THE ICU? This is what’s helping the conspiracy theorists, they see no data and think it’s all bs. It’s not, but showing some data would definitely help people realize this is real. Our local health dept is lying about the number of cases here. A local doctors husband has it, but they did the test incorrectly so it came back negative. He still is in self quarantine. He explained the EXACT same symptoms as your sister. VOTE is right. Vote like your lives and your families lives depend on it, because it does. The insanity going on in the WH right now needs stopped before something even worse happens and it could with the con man we have.

  139. This is all around shitshow and I hope that your sister gets better without lifelong health effects.

    I live with my parents and for the last two days, I’ve been working from home. Our office doctor told me that only I should go outside for shopping and this should be only when it’s absolutely necessary. But my dad goes outside for shopping three or four times a day! He’s 67! He has asthma! And he has endless energy. My mom is fuming because she’s been in the house since yesterday and I’m thanking my lucky stars that neither of them feels remotely sick. Tomorrow, I’ll be going out for groceries and hopefully, my parents will stay at home. I get that our neighbourhood is all about open places and my parents never really interact with anyone while they’re out but it still gives me so much anxiety.

    Also, like you, I have OCD and depression. My stupid genes added ADHD into the mix and I’m driving up the wall, but I’m trying my best. Hopefully, we will be able to flatten the curve with social distancing and get through this plague as well. But I’m still scared. I was planning to send job applications outside of my country but now I’m not sure. I only have my parents and if someone happened to them, I would never forgive myself. Does this make any sense?

  140. I hope your sister is feeling better soon! This has been hard on my anxiety and OCD. I work in a grocery store and that doesn’t help at all. I’m just trying to be diligent about washing my hands and not touching my face and am trying my best to get through each day. Hoping this passes soon.

  141. Hoping you and yours are safe, and your sister and her family recover soon. Personally I’m in the “get it over with” camp, but more because I am at risk, as a diabetic with a bunch of other issues… I realise I could very well die this year, and I don’t like living in dread. If I’m going to kick the bucket, well, bring me a bucket. At the same time I don’t want to make my husband a widower at 35. I worked hard to get the diabetes under control so I wouldn’t put him through that kind of grief, and now this. So I’m staying indoors, but I don’t know how long I can keep that up. These are scary times. I’m sorry Nowhere’s getting nowhere at the moment… But think of it this way, you have a bookstore all to yourself. Best place to ride out the Apocalyps.I love you. Thank you for your books, blog and sincerity. ❤

  142. Just an FYI my office uses Zoom and I just got off one that had over 100 people in it and we had no technical issues. My hubs office had a Sysco conference call and it was stupidly complicated and they didn’t have enough lines for people to be able to call in on. So yes use Zoom to say hi to friends and family until you can hug them irl again.

    Jenny give Lisa a hug for me when this is all over. I’m staying positive by looking forward to doing things once we’ve flattened the curve and created a vaccine(for those that can have them). One of the things on my list is visiting Nowhere once you are able to open.

  143. Oh, your sister and her family and your family will all be in my thoughts. I am social distancing and handwashing and being very anxious but also reading lots of books. Hang in there, all.

  144. Thank you for sharing. The collective like, boredom? or cowardice? people are displaying towards a VERY REAL THREAT annoys me. People are like “ew? I have to cook? but I’m bored!” GTFO. Actually don’t. Stay.

    I wish your sister a speedy recovery. And thank you for always telling the truth.

  145. Oh and why are stars and famous athletes able to be tested, but not us “commoners?”

  146. I’m so sorry, Jenny. I hope your sister gets through this okay… she sounds like she’s being smart and handling it well!

    I don’t have any hints or tricks to getting through this, just a vent about how much this sucks. I’m a band teacher in NY, and I cried with my middle school band kids on Friday because we all knew we might not see each other for the rest of the year. Our musical, the first one I’ve ever directed, got cancelled. And, to top off the shit sundae, I’ve been struggling with infertility and my doctor just told me today that they’re being told to suspend all procedures and fertility treatments until further notice. It’s the smart thing to do, but it still sucks. Meanwhile, my parents are both immunocompromised and I’m so scared for them.

    All this is to say, everything sucks, but I started rereading “Furiously Happy” today to cheer myself up. Thank you, Jenny, for being a bright light in so many lives, including mine.

  147. As someone who has Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME/cfs), a disease that starts – for many – with a virus and the person never recovers, your sentence: “And a lot will have serious health problems for the rest of their lives from it.” is what scares me the most. I don’t wish this on anyone. (Okay, maybe a few people.)

    My life continues as normal thru this because I’m 95% homebound anyway from disability due to ME, except I can’t use social media as a distraction anymore because it’s too much, as you’ve pointed out. (which sucks, as it’s my #1 distraction) Oh, and doctors are calling me to cancel, rather than me canceling because I’m too unwell to go.

    Like you say, everyone be kind to each other, and we’ll make it thru this.

    @dSavannahCreate from dSavannahRambles

  148. Thanks for posting this, Jenny. Helps me to not feel so alone. I’ve been sick with every symptom of COVID-19 for two weeks today. Self-quarantined in the house alone while my fire-fighter boyfriend is away at work. The doctors won’t test me, the county won’t test me. I’ve had pneumonia with it and lucky that part has passed and I can partially breathe now. I’m young and usually healthy, I’ll be okay, but others won’t and I feel like no one hears me. I understand how your sister feels and the frustrations of not being tested. I’m in California stuck away from home (Utah) where my parents are scared for me and our family coffee shop business is trying to stay above water and keep our employees above water and not lose our house. I’m furiously working from home even though I can’t think straight. I have mental illness as well and this has all been so scary and hard. I’m not a super social person but staying inside alone for so long has been so isolating and triggering. I keep practicing gratitude and hoping that this all gets better and we can all be okay and I can go outside again and my family can keep our house and our business and my friends and coworkers can pay their bills and we can all find bread, eggs, milk, and toilet paper again (none in my area). I don’t mean to be negative, just feeling lost in this dark place right now. I hope we can all find the light together soon. Thank you for putting your sister’s story out here. There are so many others like her. I am one of them.

  149. I have chronic illness issues (among other things) and I commute 2 hours in each direction for work in NYC. It sounds worse than it is, but it does start to really wear on me. I’m lucky that I have a job who has allowed us to work from home beginning this week, so I’m actually trying to take this as a blessing in disguise and use it to try and get healthy – sleep more, go for a walk, don’t spend hours of my life on trains underground. So that if nothing else good comes from this, at least I can try, TRY, to get myself back on track.

  150. Louder for the people in the back!! Seriously, thank you for this. I am a single mom who drives Uber full time. I have RA and a profoundly herniated disc. I have been unable to work as a nurse for the past two years. I am terrified that I will no longer be able to drive and provide for my daughter and myself. I am not terrified that I will catch the virus and become ill. I am terrified that I wont be able to pay my bills. It is such a horrible time for so many people for so many different reasons. My daughter is safely ensconced at her Dad’s house away from me and that makes it even harder. Lots of love and warm thoughts to you, your sister and family.

  151. Thanks for the shout out to those of us who packed up their tech from work and hauled it all home to the kitchen table so that the cat would have something new to play with! Now if only Kevin would do his job and get the internet running fast enough to actually get the office work done!

  152. Thank you Jenny! Today is the first day I’ve been really sad. My husband is a RN at our local hospital, so my family is quarantining ourselves so we don’t inadvertently pass the virus to others. We are not sick, but you can be contagious before you show symptoms. The numbers of positive cases in our state are seriously under reported. They say our county has 1 positive case, but there have been people tested who very likely have it, but their results are not back and it’s been well over a week.

    Thank you for sharing your sister’s story. I’m praying for her and everyone affected by this, which I guess is everyone.

    I don’t comment very often, but your books have helped me a great deal. Thank you!

  153. My suggestion for staying sane (at least to not get any more depressed and anxious than necessary) is to limit how much I watch the news. I feel myself spiraling when I watch a news channel hour after hour. So much of it is repetitive and my phone will give me an alert if anything really new happens. Now is the time to binge watch something light and airy like a monster movie!
    Sending positive thoughts to your sister!

  154. I’ve read your blog for years, never commented because–I don’t know why. But I am sending you hugs, support and hope dear. Thank you. You are one of my idols and I wish your sister all the best.

  155. I recently posted this on Facebook and Twitter, and it seemed to help some folks:

    Around 7 pm, my boyfriend and I have been enforcing what we refer to as a “COVID-19 curfew”.

    During this curfew, we are not allowed to:

    -Talk about the virus
    -Go on social media like Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit (avoiding the Internet altogether is ideal, apart from stuff like Netflix, Hulu, etc.)

    When one of us catches the other breaking the rules, we yell “CURFEW!” then go back to watching Dave on Hulu or reading a good book.

    It’s important to be informed, but it’s also important to take care of your mental health—especially in the hours before going to bed.

  156. I’m lucky enough to be able to work from home and trying to figure out how to homeschool my kid. So many online resources have been made available, it’s incredible! Mo Willems is doing daily lunch doodles through the Kennedy Center, online. My kid is learning to draw and Mo has been instrumental in that process!

  157. Okay, yes! I’m in Sacramento, and it has hit our community and what your sister is saying about so many people not even being tested is the truth. They say it’s a “case by case” thing, but it seems like it’s more of a tactic to downplay how this virus has definitely shifted from “you only will get it if…” to “it’s definitely in the community, no matter if you have never traveled anywhere and chances of getting it are exponentially higher then we are admitting”. But!!! Social distancing works, washing hands works, and I for one have seen my anxiety greatly improved with having my husband home with my and my baby. (We are the lucky ones, I know. As a Social Worker, there is no chance of job/income loss. My heart breaks for those who don’t have that guarantee). So be smart,y’all. Stay safe. Share what you have if your neighbors don’t have any. And like a lot of med professionals have said: positivity heals. Turn off the news and binge some comedy. It’s for your health. Love to all!!

  158. To all of Jenny’s readers … if you are low risk, live with folks who are low risk and have the time and strength, MANY of the volunteers at Food Pantries across the nation are over 65 so can no longer help. They are desperate for people to sort and hand out food. Please, contact your local 2nd Harvest, food pantry, or whatever it’s called in your area and ask how you can help. The distribution location we went to Tuesday usually has 35 volunteers, and we had 7, only one of which (me) was a regular. As panicked as we all feel, imagine how you’d feel if you were already food-insecure.

  159. All the best to Lisa and lots of spoons to you all. I’m in Germany and people are being such dicks about staying home that the government is going to lock us allll up. There have been reports of “Corona parties”. Seriously. We’ve been incredibly fortunate so far in that our death rate is incredibly low, so far, considering we’ve got 14000 confirmed cases now. Let’s celebrate that (in the comfort of our own home) instead of using it as an excuse to go out anyway, because it’s “not that bad”. If it’s not that bad where you are, listen to the Italians about how bad it could be and don’t let it get there. We’re not powerless. We can make a massive difference just by staying home.

  160. Long before I met him, as he tells it, my husband’s family had a dog. If something was, um, left on the rug, or knocked about or whatever, they would claim an imaginary dog they had named Napoleon had done it. Oddly enough, their own dog evidently behaved pretty damn well once he realized he had, by misbehaving, made his family create an alternate-reality animal to give him a break. Now, when our cats jump up on the kitchen cabinets, I wonder if we need to invent, say, Napoleon and Josephine, or Ian and Sylvia. Oh wait. Our boys are both (non-practicing) males. So I have to come up with a couple of guy names. At any rate, unlike Bob’s dog of old, these loonies will doubtless view it differently: “Cool! They’re blaming somebody else! Let’s jump up there again!” But all of that is just to say, you go, Jenny: let that bastard Kevin take the heat. Lately there is more than enough to go around.

  161. Love you, Jenny! Good wishes and prayers for your whole family! One thing I do if I must go out is take my temperature before I leave the house! Don’t want to be the cause of anyone getting sick!

  162. I decided that it was time for me to stay home. I’m over 60 and diabetic and I have such a list of projects that I can do from gaming (Yes, I love video games and not the sweet and light ones.), to yard projects such as planting lots of flowers and veggies… and I hate working in the yard. Lol. My family all live near me and I feel so lucky having them near by.
    For all of those who haven’t made the hard decision to stay home, I understand. We all need to pay our bills and there is a whole lot of fear not only about the virus but what happens later when we can’t make our mortgages or the power bill? Most of us are in that boat and it’s leaking.
    Be that as it may, thank you for this post. Hard things need to be said and hopefully those who are too selfish to think beyond themselves will grow up and listen and make better choices.
    Be safe out there ya’ll. i love this community and hope we all come out stronger .

  163. Love and prayers to you and your family! My cousin is an RN and I worry about her every time she goes into work, which is a lot because of this. Thank you (and your sister) for sharing your sister’s story!

  164. Thanks for sharing that Jenny (and huge thanks to your sister for allowing you to).

    I wondered how much was true, because our prime moron and your 45 seem to be going about all the wrong ways to handle it and because I didn’t know anyone. The shit got real today for me, though, when my mum (who I share a house with) was called for a doctors appointment because of a clerical error and ended up in a waiting room with people who possibly had the virus, then got sent home because she shouldn’t have been there. I complained and was reassured that nobody with the virus was there, but it was so scary.

    I think, in defence of those posting online (I’m not one of them, I tend to keep my conspiracy theories safely in my head) I think claiming it’s a hoax makes it easier to deal with. I had convinced myself it was very unlikely to be as bad as they were saying, but then my fear today proved I was terrified, so obviously my hoax theory was a defence mechanism.

    I have anxiety (and other things) so the way people are dealing with this is giving me panic attacks. People are being crazy with shopping and the things I need to have because of OCD are the things other people are in a feeding frenzy over. On the other hand, if I get rational, as a result of my normal overzealousness with regards to toilet paper, hand gel, hand soap and anti-bacterial wipes, we are well stocked, so shouldn’t need to worry. It’s also a small amusement to me that the things I obsess about are the things the whole population is obsessed by atm, so I am practically sane by comparison.

    Best wishes to you and your family, I hope your sister gets better soon.

  165. The next time your depression starts whispering lies to you, I hope you remember to come back to this post and see how important you actually are to the world. Beyond what you do to help spread the message about mental health issues, you help people in so many ways, just by trying to spread important information and a little hope. Because sometimes, helpful information and a little hope is the difference between making it and, well, not.
    So, you know, thank you.

  166. Just remember everyone, don’t believe everything you hear, see and especially think. We are all flawed and justifiably so, we are human. To err is human they say, be kind and stop being cruel, thoughtless monsters. Karma really does work, it always comes back around.

  167. Thank you Jenny. You don’t know how much you help me through reading your posts. I am shaking with anxiety right now, and don’t know if I will be able to get my med refills tomorrow. I am praying for your sister and for all of us in this crazy world. God bless us all.

  168. Strangely enough, aarp.org has a lot of good information on all of this. I do work there, but I get nothing for saying this.

  169. I’ve been reading your blog for many years. I think this may be the most important thing you’ve ever written. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I look forward to hearing of your sister’s quick recovery.

  170. Good luck to your sister and niece – I hope they recover quickly. I am an “essential worker” so I am at work for the time being. Fortunately, I don’t have to see anyone unless I want to. Right now, I’m laughing because my boss keeps sending out the “phone tree” and getting emails back from everyone saying “oh – that’s not my current number. Oops.” He’s on at least the 4th revision now.

    When I am at home (the week after next – we’re rotating through who has to come in), I will be avoiding my kid, because she’s been trying to teach me TikTok dances for a month now. I guess I’ll tell her to teach them to Kevin!

  171. Just so people know, and if anyone wants to join me in this. I still have this post


    Of Jenny’s saved, and I finally got around to sending out cards that I have had stashed for months. And I will continue sending them out, because maybe they aren’t a year late. Maybe they’re right on time. So if you’ve got some random cards or paper and envelopes and stamps hanging around, and want to join me in sending stuff, just go skim for a few addresses. That’s what I’ll be doing.

  172. My uncle (over 70 and with multiple health problems) and my aunt (better health but still over 70) both got it. He just spent 7 days in the hospital. He is home now and resting. She says she feels better. They are the type of people who would have ignored the early warnings and gone about their daily, pretty social, lives. I’m sure they got it from their own stupid behavior. I won’t say that to them or any other family member because I do love them. This is real.

  173. Another fabulous article and you have hit the mark with everything you have said. I am writing you from Canada…you know fresh air, wide open spaces etc. LOL! The borders are closed now…surreal…walking through near empty malls … surreal….grocery stores whose stock is literally obliterated and people fighting over things when there isn’t an issue with food supplies, or tp for that matter. I was doing just fine. My OCD Anxiety and Panic were at dull roar, and it wasn’t until I went to the store to get some cat food..(note not to hoard cat food), that I flipped. Being an empath on top of everything else, I picked up on the panic in the grocery store, and it was so excessive I went into a downward spiral fast. 2mg of Ativan couldn’t even pull me out of it. I kept telling myself this too shall pass. I am self employed and have been the owner operator of Kitty Kompany Professional Pet Sitting Services for 18 wonderful years…now I’m on the brink of bankruptcy. Over $4000 worth of jobs have cancelled in the last 2 weeks. The two part time jobs I do to cover for the slow seasons have been shut down, and counting pennies is beginning to give me hives. Having said all of that…so many people say, the government has plans for small business just call them. I swear to God the next person that says that to me is going to be strangled. Just call them…what me and 10 million other folks, and just which number exactly? It’s not an EI issue because I’m self employed so haven’t paid into it for years. I would have to prove my losses, and would have to involve all of my clients. I went to the bank and withdrew a paltrey pathetically small RRSP I had, and they told me that with all the craziness it will take about a month for me to see the funds…wait a sec…you are charging me $3000 in taxes, and going to take a month to give me MY money. If there is a no handshaking rule I had to quickly abort the idea of strangling someone. So I went to a shop close by and picked up a couple of second hand books. I feel exhausted, like life is really just beating the proverbial shit out of me, but when I look around at all the tired worried eyes around me, I know I am not alone. This is a mess….and sometimes I wonder if this is natural selection at it’s finest? We screw up the earth, with climate change etc and the earth says, okay guys time to get even. I know I know, morbid way to think. Anyhow…thanks for the article an a place to vent. I appreciate it more than you can ever know. Must go eat a very large infused gummy bear infused with the finest BC Bud you can find. That helps…except I am just perpetually tired throughout the days. Oh well…don’t have to work, and if I can keep myself from worrying, I am less likely to drive me and my hubby around the bend.

  174. Thank you for posting your sister’s experience. I was in the ER last night with 104 fever. Today I feel fine and I was about to write it off as some weird “not Covid” thing (even though everyone in the hospital was rightly behaving as if I did have it – full hazmat gear for all!) since I don’t have a cough or difficulty breathing. Her experience has made me think twice about my assumptions.

  175. I’m lucky enough to be paid to stay home from my library job. I feel so bad for all the people being laid off, with no hope of another job. Although I’m an expert at self-isolating, this feels so much worse when it’s forced on me. I can only hope I am helping to flatten the curve. Best wishes to your sister. Thanks for being here, Jenny. You always say the right things.

  176. Love you, Jenny. Thanks for sharing. 100% everything you said. Good health to your sister and family and to us all.

  177. Well said. It was the family in New Jersey whose story got to me (Fusco’s: matriarch and two grown children died without knowing of the others… and 9 remaining children. Had family dinner and everyone was exposed.

  178. Sending you and the family All the Good Wishes for bouncing back ,and staying healthy.

  179. I just want echo the need to isolate.

    I’m in an outbreak area and my lungs are compromised due to the last outbreak, H1N1. For those of you who don’t think this is urgent, or think because you are younger it’s not that important, you don’t know what you don’t know. I urge you to read the newsweek article titled, “Young and unafraid of the pandemic? Good for you. Now stop killing people.” To find out what’s actually going on right now on the ground in places like Italy. I urge you to realize that while you may not die if you get sick, you could get very, very sick. You could be left with life long health damage and be sick for over a year, never able to return to work. How do I know? I lived it. This is what they are seeing in other countries. Now is not the time to hesitate. Now is the time for everyone to isolate as best as possible because there are only so many hospital beds and respirators. This isn’t about you, this is about “we”. We the people need to think about how our actions could hurt others and possibly at one point in the near future, your loved ones and yourself.

  180. I became sick after visiting Seattle and even though I didn’t really think I had the coronavirus, friends and family pressured me to get tested just to be sure. Same thing as what your sister described. I called my doctor first who had no clue where I could be tested. They told me to go to an ER. We have since learned you need to avoid ERs. I called the coronavirus hotline, the Texas health department, serval local health agencies and one very confused mortgage company, whose number I had been given by mistake.

    Finally, I called a ER and was told I’m not sick enough to be tested. You need to be in respiratory distress. So, I’m feeling better but I’ll never know if I had the coronavirus and possibly spread it to other people. OH! Btw, I did self quarantine when I started to feel sick. But I hear you can spread the virus even if you feel fine.

  181. I texted my daughter in law and asked her for pictures of my grandson. He’s 9 months old and adorable. Made me smile.

  182. My mind is generally going in 10 directions at once right now, but a couple of thoughts I keep coming back to:
    1) My oldest (20 yrs old) is a gamer who finds in person social situations challenging but has a solid online social circle. Normally I am worried about him and if he has enough “real” connections in his life. Right now I feel like he’s the person in our family who is handling all this the best.
    2) My mom is a polio survivor. She was around 2 years old when she got sick, spent time in an iron lung so she wouldn’t die, had to attend private Catholic schools as a child as public schools weren’t equipped to deal with kids with disabilities (she needs crutches to walk) and is now developing post-polio symptoms as she’s aging. But she survived when thousands of kids didn’t. What we’re experiencing right now resembles what my grandparents went through as parents, but at least (for now) the risk to my children’s health is low. For that I am very thankful.

  183. Friendly tip for those new to working at home – try your best to keep to a routine. Get up, shower, drink your water/coffee/tea/juice, then work – but remember to take a lunch break, then make sure you SHUT ER DOWN at the end of the day. That’s still the hardest thing for me after 7 years. There’s nowhere to go, might as well work – but remember to give your brain a break too. Good luck guys, we’ll get through it together.

  184. Thoughts to your sister, thoughts to you, thoughts to everyone. Sending the GOOD vibes.

  185. First, here hoping your sister gets well soon and you and the family stay healthy. I’m down here in ground zero for Florida (Broward county). Staying home, reading, watching tv and hoping this will all be better soon. Sending ❤️

  186. We are self-quarantining due to our daughters terminal respiratory illness. My boss wouldn’t give medical leave, so he let me go. We had been slowly stocking up on food and essentials so thankfully we are good for a few weeks. But then what? All we can do is buckle down and hope one of our side hustles can get us through this. I’m in a constant state of feeling like i’m over and under reacting.

    I’m so mad at our state. You’re better than this Texas! There is no way to know where the virus is, or how it’s spreading if we aren’t wide spread testing. I keep telling myself, this too shall pass.

  187. I’m sorry about your sister and niece and hope they are restored to health quickly as I do for all affected yesterday, now, and later. Germs are invisible little assholes, worse than your Kevin. I am a high school English teacher who is fortunate enough to be home with two teenage daughters, two dogs, one cat, and one husband. I still have many household, family, and academic loose ends to keep me busier than ever, but the pressure is off. There is beauty in the extra time that has shifted from checklists to checking in on each other. Praying for the health and wellness of our world.

  188. You are the best Jenny. I am sending love and healing for Lisa and your niece. The stories about the tests being non-existent are terrifying and sobering (and I have been drinking a lot lately). Thank you as always, for sharing your life with us. With Kevin as my new home co-worker, things are looking up already.

  189. I am hesitant to post this because I too don’t want to add to people’s anxiety, but I need to second Jenny’s message. Even if you don’t get Covid 19. Take this seriously. There is other stuff out there too, influenza, pneumonia. These will lower your resistance. You or someone you love is going to get very sick in the comings weeks/months. Do everything you can to not be the person who infects your family and friends.

    In an ironic twist of fate we flew to San Antonio to visit our son and since I knew you were working on your new bookshop even stopped to peer in the window and somehow felt connected to you even though we have never met. Got back from San Antonio and a week later I came down with a fever, cough, body aches, etc. Self quarantined immediately and was sick at home with temps going between 99-101 for 4 days. Day 4 I call the local hospital to get tested but didn’t meet the criteria. I could have gone to ER, but kept thinking this will get better. By now I suspect my judgement is impaired and I also had been misinterpreting what shortness of breath means. Day 5 fever 102. Day 6 I’m definitely having shortness of breath and confusion so call again and they tell me to go to ER, they bring me into isolation and that’s where I stay for the next 3 days. Diagnosed with a bacterial pneumonia. The pneumonia responded quickly to antibiotics, thank you science. I was discharged and am quarantined at home. I was tested for Covid 19 the first day in the hospital but they still don’t have the results back and won’t for a few more days. Do I have Covid 19 or just poorly timed bacterial pneumonia. I don’t know. What I do know is. The nurses and doctors were fabulous but they are learning as they go. Don’t make there jobs any harder than they already are. If by staying home you help to cut down on all the other things that are out there, then thank you. Oh and the other thing I know but don’t always practice is be gentle with yourself and kind to others. See you on the other side.

  190. Thank you. I just finished another debate with my 18 year old son about why I am not okay with him going to his girlfriend’s house. Its not worth the risk. We are quarantined. No regrets.

    Thank you. This is important.

  191. I am one of the people who has caught some flak from people for irresponsible travel because I am currently in Vietnam. However, I haven’t traveled. I have lived here for the last two years.

    For any of the idiots who don’t think this is real, they should come see it from this side of the world.

  192. Thank you so much for writing this, Jenny. You are reaching a lot of people who may not be reached by “the news”. Stay well

  193. A note on testing. Right now what we have a major shortage of is tests. Why this is the case will be for later on when the finger pointing and blame laying stage of crisis management is appropriate. Primary purpose of testing in this case was to gather data on the virus to help figure out how to manage the spread. At this point, being screened is only really helpful if you have symptoms and need to determine the correct treatment and management. The lack of organization and coordination with the response and testing is NOT because of some conspiracy. Never assume malice when incompetence is the most obvious answer. Take a look at Singapore for what an organized response is like. They learned from past epidemics and took measures to ensure that they were ready for future issues, since this is going to continue to be a problem as time goes on.

  194. Jenny, thank you. I have always been medically vulnerable but I have never felt more vulnerable. So much worry for my babies (9 and 18) if something happens to me.

    So much love for your fucking awesome sister and her fucking awesome daughter! And the whole clan.

    Stay well. Stay beautiful. Stay you!

  195. Thank you for this. Super crazy love you back and sending good thoughts for your sister and niece!! xoxox

  196. My brother’s name is Kevin. Glad I’m not the only one telling him to fuck off.

  197. Jenny, I’m super proud of you for writing this. Sending safe, electronic hugs from quarantine in Paris, France.

  198. May I borrow your fork when you’re done with it? I too have family members that I love dearly but just DO NOT GET IT! I promise I’ll make sure its completely non-contagious when I return it to you.

  199. I have the SAME symptoms, the same way, as your sister and when I valled urgent care and then the ER they were way less than helpful. I’m also a breastfeeding mom to a baby interolerang of dairy/soy/wheat/nuts and more, so I need to stay healthy sonshe can have necessary sustenance!

    We’ll make it through this thing. Your Kevin coworker thing is funny. Someone on ywitter was talking aboutvtheir imaginary Cheryl coworker last week and it made me laugh. This is a trend I can go with.

  200. And on that note I’m gonna go call my sister. She’s 74 and lives in Florida where they all seem to taking this as a Spring Break! I’ll say a prayer for your sister, niece and everyone else!

  201. The mental health agency I work with has canceled all in contact with clients until further notice. I rely on my case manager for rides to important appointments. So for now, I just remain stuck at home. I can’t think of a worse recipe for disaster than those with mental illness not getting the help they need & that is exactly what is happening where I am. Sending love to you, your sister, & to everyone else during this clusterfuck of a time.

  202. I can’t watch the news anymore, I’m getting super anxiety. I think I’ve read too many apocolipse books, lol. I panic when I see the empty streets in Italy. Plus my mom (74) and I (40) are both immunodeficient. Xanax, xanax, xanax!

  203. I’ve been almost entirely housebound for the past 8 months or so, so I can do this standing on my head (if I could stand on my head in bed because that’s where I am 99% of the day).
    If you get cabin fever during your isolation as a person who has the joy of being able to leave the house, may I suggest my favorite pass time now of “traveling via youtube.” I have a ridiculous amount of food intolerances now, which I didn’t have growing up, and I love food, so my favorites are Disney food videos (Mr. Cheezy Pop is a fave, and Wonderful World of Food). It feels like visiting Disney with friends, where you don’t have to pay money or get sick from foods you can’t eat while still getting to enjoy their consumption, and best of all, you don’t have to wear pants. I also love Tess from Delish who does Iconic Eats, where she eats everything at amusement parks around the country. Googling top desserts in NYC and things like that get awesome videos too.
    There are tons of videos of cities all over the world, from people showing you around, to just POV walks through cities with no talking (a video of a person walking around NYC for a few hours in the rain is another favorite to relax to). And for me at least, they help me feel less isolated and alone, so it might work for you too.

  204. Humanity is still good. We will get through this. Humor and laughter helps. We have each other to pull us through this. High five!!!

  205. The WHO updated its article TODAY (3/19/20) saying “Based on currently available information, WHO does not recommend against the use of ibuprofen.” I’m glad because I have a problem with acetaminophen.

    I’ve been following you since I saw your video “Judgement, Your Soaking In It” and felt like I found a kindred spirit.

    I hope your sister recovers soon. I’ve seen so many news posts and scam posts – but this is the only post I’ve seen actually talking about someone having it. I’ve avoided Facebook because the panic and hate just gets my anxiety going. I also have asthma/COPD (never smoked) and have had to keep inside. As an agoraphobic, I rarely leave anyway, but the increased social isolation – from even social media platforms – has been…. isolating.

    Thank you for being a voice in the wilderness. Thank you for being full of hopeful messages – and reason.

  206. Excellent post. It’s fortunate & sad that there is more useful information on a blog written
    by a funny woman with a taxidermy fixation than from the government that is supposed to
    be acting for the greater good instead of fudging the numbers & dazzling us with b.s. Good
    energy to your sister & niece. And you Victor & darling daughter. Even hoping for the best
    for that little pissant Kevin! And toilet paper hoarders remember: it’s a respiratory infection!
    It’s not gas station sushi!

  207. Thanks Jenny, for sharing this and your sister’s story. Things are similar here in Canada. My husband is a supervisor at a homeless shelter and that’s another population we need to worry about…our friends on the street who are already compromised. Stay healthy and think positive thoughts. That’s what I’m doing!

  208. So tell me, is Kevin the dumbass that came up with elbow bumps? So they tell you to cough and sneeze into your elbow and then they want you to bump it against some healthy person’s elbow? what the fuck Kevin?!

  209. Thank you for this post! I hope your sister gets well quickly and your niece’s isolation is uneventful.
    People in my community (many communities, no doubt) are using Nextdoor to offer their emotional support and practical help to others who need a hand in their daily lives – it’s an outpouring of generosity that boosts my faith in the fundamental decency of most people.
    Support groups, any of the 12-step programs or others, have online meetings that can be a great resource when folks are hunkered down at home. Not only human contact in gerneral, but kindred spirits. For anyone who grew up in a sort-of-fucked-up family, the Adult Children of Alcoholics program can be a lifesaver – it’s not only for those with actual alcoholic parents, rather anyone whose parents weren’t able to meet their kids’ needs for whatever reason. It’s not about playing the victim or blaming anyone, it’s about recognizing a different set of strengths and vulnerabilities due to having grown up in a different culture. They have a shit-ton of online meetings listed here: https://adultchildren.org/quick-search/?onlinebt=Click+Here
    Finally, this is a great chance for all us aspiring novelists to write those great books that have been itching to get out of our heads for years. Someone predicted a baby boom starting nine months from now; I’m forecasting a tsunami of new books.

  210. Thank you for this. Definitely going to be yelling at Kevin from now on rather than getting frustrated with my roommates, lol.

    It baffles me that people think this is fake. I have a coworker who has all the symptoms, but won’t be tested unless they develop pneumonia.. it’s insane. I feel fine but have been obviously staying inside, I don’t want to get anyone sick.
    One of my Facebook friends keeps making posts about how the virus is fake and it’s actually 5G cellphone towers giving up radiation poisoning. I can’t face palm hard enough. The amount of misinformation is really unsettling, and it’s only helping the virus spread faster

  211. Got off a cruise and 3 days later started coughing. I had isolated myself prior to coughing on a just in case basis. My neighbors have been dropping off food, medicine, even emergency doughnuts. I can’t even count how many have reached out to me, offering me everything from toilet paper to an ear to a needed shot of vodka. I am surrounded by the good, and that’s what I’m focusing on. You choose what you take from every experience in life. I’m in awe of the kindness I have received.

  212. I understand how you are felling to a certain extent. My oldest daughter (22) is a single mom with a 7 month old. She lives 3 hours away from us. Tuesday she started feeling crappy and just wrote it off because she is moving into a new place. That night, she started shaking all over for a few hours. She took some ibuprofen and called it stress. Yesterday the fever started. She went to the doctor and was diagnosed with influenza A. At the time of her appointment she was tachycardic and had a dry cough. This really got the doctors concerned. She was tested for COVID-19 and we are currently waiting on the results. I am scared to death for her and my baby grandson. I really don’t know what to do. There are many other really bad things going on with us right now, but this is by far my biggest concern. This shit is real. This shit is scary. I am adding your sister and family to my prayers. Sending love and prayers.

  213. Oh, Jenny, thank you so much for this. Not everything can/has to be funny.

    Today I found out that three people I care for have The Virus. One is a Dutch friend who’s now in intensive care, her husband is “just” at the bad flu level. One didn’t get a test because America. I don’t really have anything smart to say other than that I hope your sister recovers, none of you have to post from the hospital, and that the new world – because this is going to alter everything – will be slightly more humane. (Dreams are free.)

  214. Jenny, I love you more than you can possibly imagine even though we have only met once or twice. I am pulling for your dear sister to get better soon and beat this nasty little buggers. I am staying home except for the occasional run to the store or Starbucks (order online; grab the cup and don’t touch anything else!). I really hope this will be over soon. Thanks a lot Kevin!

  215. SO MUCH love and hope to you, your sister and all your families and all of us and our families. I’m shelter in place after an abbreviated day at work tomorrow. Fortunately (?) I haven’t had time to read my Booksgiving gift yet, so that’s top of my list. –Pegkitty

  216. ♥️🐸 This is exactly what I needed today, and the rest of however long this craziness is going to last. Big monster hugs!!

  217. Sending you and yours love and healing vibes, Jenny. You cheer us up all the time, I love you and return the favor.

  218. I work at a salad bar in a grocery store. My department is mostly shut down but I am now working six days a week and helping other departments restock. We’re desperately seeking temp help because I think they anticipate us all getting sick at some point. There’s no social distancing really. We (department heads) have daily, in person meetings to talk about the latest developments. So I get tired of all the “we’re all in isolation” posts but also thank you. When we get sick the health care system won’t be overwhelmed.
    Also? No, we don’t have any more hands sanitizer yet.

  219. Thank you for just being you and sharing your sister’s story. This helps.

  220. I’m disappointed in all the people saying I should just stay home. Be part of the solution, not part of the problem. I’d love to stay home but I wouldn’t have a job to go back to after this is over. Neither would my 7 months pregnant daughter. What do we do? Stay home and then loose our homes when this is over? I just don’t know. Both of us have been deemed “essential” in our employment. That’s debatable. There are no easy answers. Except for the people who have the privilege of being able to stay home and stay safe. Lucky you. I really mean that, you are truly lucky.

  221. Stay safe and as healthy as you all can. We are all in this together-yes, even the nay sayers, kooks and that fucking Kevin (now I know where he disappears to when he says he’s just ‘taking out the trash’, uh huh, suuurrre Kevin). And we can do this, with love, hope and simple kindness towards others. Beaming you all positive thoughts!!
    P.S If you should Kevin, please tell him the trash is ready to go out.

  222. My sister and her husband came home from a vacation in Germany and are self-quarantined. They are both doctors in NH. You would think that one of the rare tests could be used on them so that if they do NOT have the virus they could get to work helping people. But no. No tests = fewer doctors. The shortage of tests is ridiculous.

  223. Jenny I wish your sister well and hope she is feeling better soon. Thank you for sharing her story and thanks to Lisa for allowing it. It is so important to understand how this could be any of us right now sharing this situation. We all need to do our parts to help one another. BTW I’m a Jennifer and my sister is Lisa too! Be well.

  224. The company where I work reported that scammers are already calling people asking for their Social Security numbers so they can send them a Coronavirus test kit. Please warn anyone that you think is vulnerable.

    Rumour has it that a number of test kits were stolen which will probably get sold on the black market. I don’t know where this happened if the kits have a tracking number and how they would get them to a lab to get results.

    I hope all recover soon.

  225. We yell “Damnn it Hector” or “Hector Wooteeni Johnson!” A lot! Hector is a 2 year old street Bengal kitten who is into everything. Luckily he’s cute, cuddly & has the softest fur. Worst coworker ever! Now we know why all the other animals give us a look like “we fucking told you.”

  226. Thank you for your post and I’m sending my prayers to your family. I’m in Northern California where most of this part of the State is in a “Shelter in Place order”. Basically, lockdown for the entire community. All non-essential businesses closed, most services stoped. This is no joke! For those of you who think this is funny—look around you—-some of the people you know and love will die of this and some of the businesses you count on won’t be reopening. This is going to be a historic event and not for happy reasons. Pay attention, this is going to be your children’s 9/11. This is going to be a before and after a moment. This is important, this is real, people will die and communities will change. I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer but there it is—I don’t really care if stupid people put themselves in danger but I do care that they think it’s OK to put the rest of us in danger. Stay safe everyone. and keep laughing—it helps make “shelter in play” a little easier.

  227. Thanks, Jenny! We all need to support each other. Have you thought about starting a “living in the new normal” chat/group/blog where people can write about their experiences? As a therapist, I know that sharing our experiences helps to manage anxiety by universalizing our feelings. Here in the DMV (DC, MD, & VA) we have been upended, gobsmacked, and paralyzed. Life has done a complete 360 in a two week period. I keep applying the stages of grief to this. 🙄🙄.

  228. I’m a front line health care worker at a trauma center and this is real. Not many cases where I live, but we’re all holding our breath. We’re living in interesting times.

  229. Thank you for this post. Anyone reading the news should be pretty clear by now that the only reason the US has fewer cases to report than other countries is super simple. Out idiot government refused to use the same test kits that WHO put out there. Instead they insisted on creating their own and they failed initially and the companies making them have to ramp up a singular test for the US. Even now! We should be using those tests. And I hope the people who bought up all the supplies our healthcare and frontline people need the most, that those of us at serious risk of death need will free them up for a rational price and the gov will pump money to the companies who can fill the need. I wish the assholes who are still working against universal health care as I type would stop it and be human.

    And then there is the ridiculous way in which the supposed ‘leader of the free world’ has set us apart from our allies instead of helping them, and them helping us. We are a global society, every government should be working TOGETHER to help each other.

    PS: stop hoarding toilet paper, for the love of all that is kind and right. It’s not saving you from anything. Stop hoarding food, especially meat!!! The supply chain is not broken, the people hoarding are broken!!! STOP IT.

    PSS: stop hoarding the sanitizer, some of us truly need a bit and you have a box in your basement. stop it!!!

    And finally, SIX FEET, stay SIX FEET away from people in the store!!!!. You won’t get through the line any faster crowding me or anyone else. I live alone and though some people help, I have to go out because delivery is not working for FOOD here. Many of us are immune fucked and ancer fucked, you can easily kill me and all my brethren if you give us COVID-19 because it’s too inconvenient for you to stand the hell back!

    I don’t hate you, but at this point if you are acting like this is only about you and to hell with the rest of us, I don’t care for you either.

  230. Hugs hugs hugs!! At least the virtual kind are safe. I’m a nurse, so I can’t stay home, and let me tell you, things are crazy at my Hospital. All hospitals,I expect. We’re admitting a suspected Covid patient right now who’s having contractions. Babies don’t understand quarantine and they just keep coming.

    Anyway. All will be well. Eventually. Love you!

  231. I’m so deeply grateful that we have our animals with us as we live through this insane time. Yes, I’m “sheltering in place”, but I have the companionship of the most wonderful cat in the world. Chin-rubs and base-of-tail-scritches to all of our beloved fur babies. <3

  232. This is horrible, this virus is horrible. People are dieing. We are all scared. Society is at a stand still, but you know what else I think may happen? People are going to realize the truth. We are going to realize that we all matter, that the work force is more important than the billionaires and millionaires. We are going to realize that helping, that socialism, is healthy and right and good. That we aren’t meant to live in pain and struggle, that we should be able to just enjoy. We are going to realize that we should all be helping one another, that that’s the only way we survive. We are going to finally see that we are killing our beautiful mother earth and that we have the resources and science and will to stop it. We’re going to see we’ve all been lied to, that we’re taking in too much information and too many lies. I think this is how things may change, this is how it may get better. I’m one of those that are at high risk, I may die from all this I may not, but at this point I’m willing, at this point it’s gotten so bad that I’m willing to go. If it means my neice can live in hope, if it means our world will have more years, if it means we are all just a little more kind, a little bit better a little more how we’re suppose to be, if it means all that than maybe there is way more hope, than doom. Maybe we will come through all this stronger like humanity has always seem able to be, like I think, like I hope, we can.

  233. This is the hardest thing – in most disasters, natural or man-made, people can come together and share comfort and assistance – and in this, that’s exactly the opposite of what’s possible.

    Stay safe, Jenny; keep your family safe; and I hope your sister recovers fully. Sending lots of healing and love…

  234. Thank you!! Thank you so much! I’ve been working long hours trying to help my staff stay home and safe. I go to work and come home exhausted. Knowing this isn’t ending soon. Watching ther news and seeing how many more deaths happened in Italy. I’m do overwhelmed and having myself a nice cry with a glass of wine.
    I can’t see my grandson or any of my children. I don’t want to risk exposing them. I don’t know how long it will be before I’m able to hug my grandson and that I’d tearing me up. This shit is serious and fucking scary.

  235. It’s crazy how tests are available in some areas and not in others. Sending prayers, healing thoughts, light, love and long distance hugs to your sister, you and all dealing with this illness.

  236. We are all neighbors my friends and I thank you all for keeping things going even though it is weird and kinda scary out in the world right now. I work in housekeeping at our local hospital and we have a care facility as well, so we are doing our best to stay ahead of the crazy and keep everyone from not being sad because now nobody can come visit them and there is no bingo or any multi gatherings and it sucks, but just gotta keep showing up, cleaning toilets and letting folks know they are loved…as are all of you reading this right now!!! So, hang in there, wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands, make good choices and don’t lick your friends.:) Rock on!

  237. What is helping me is your regular posts. Thanks for your humour, honesty and dedication to everyone. From, your pals in Canada.

  238. JENNY I don’t know what to do. If I close my bookstore, unlike you, I will go out of business. BUT I HAVE LUPUS. And if I keep my store open, there probably won’t be enough income anyway, but I have bills that have to be paid even if I’m not there (my security system works off an Internet connection).

    I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO. I don’t have a huge following of people who would buy books from me like you do. I have no other income. I’m disabled, I have lupus, and I have generalized anxiety disorder and depression (for now, under control). But without the store I HAVE NOTHING.

    What to do? I’m trapped.

  239. They released today a medication for RA called Planequil can treat COVID-19. Maybe someone can Rx this for your sister. Sending many hugs and love your way!!!

  240. Thank you for such a wonderful and honest post Jenny!

    While I’m not in denial or think its fake or whatever, I have been distancing myself from the statistics/warnings/panic. I’m doing what I can in terms of social distancing, washing hands, etc (though I’m still going to work, for now at least, I believe it’s a lower-risk place than pretty much anywhere else in town, literally only 4 people in a huge building). I’d actually been having serious anxiety issues before this whole thing blew up, I’m only on my third week with a new medication, so I’m being very very cautious about what I read and how much information I take in.

    The thing I’m worried about most is my mom. She lives with me, she is so very important to me, my best friend, I need her in my life as long as possible. But she has multiple medical issues that make her very high-risk (including low blood platelets and kidney failure). I’m trying so hard to keep her at home as much as possible, but she has important doctors appts, and that makes me concerned about possible exposure.

  241. I like your co-worker Kevin. The Domino’s Pizza where I work is haunted, it’s just an accepted fact, but he’s not a BAD ghost. He’s basically just a occasionally alarming invisible co-worker. Everyone has a name for him, and we also joke that he’s “The Overnight Manager” (after we close). It’s just funny that when shit breaks, or something falls over without warning, we all just go “What’s the ghost done now?”

  242. Just this evening my county issued an isolation order. Funny that – they started testing people a couple of days ago and suddenly there’s a dozen verified cases. I assume there have been more that nobody knew about. I’ll be okay – I mean, I am a natural introvert anyway – but I don’t know if I’ll be working next week and my wonderful boyfriend was laid off until probably June at least. Shit’s real, people.

    Virtual hugs to all who want them.

  243. We live in a tourist town in Vietnam. Most of the tourism is from China and Korea. Businesses are hurting. One of our favorite restaurants started a promotion of 30% off your meal if you live in town – I always take a picture and share online that they are open for business. Another restaurant that caters to westerners reminded everyone that they will deliver while we all stay inside!
    Vietnam is doing an amazing job handling Covid-19, but we all have to help however we can.

  244. I work at a pharmacy attached to the local mental health center. We have so many clients that can only pick up one week of meds at a time for their own safety. I even have a guy that picks up his meds one DAY at a time because that’s all he can handle. I had to reassure this poor man that there wasn’t going to be a “famine”, for gawds sake. The youth inpatient unit sent all their kids home, and it is now closed for the foreseeable future. They are not overreacting; our county went from 5 cases to 19 in just 24 hours. My customers are very vulnerable individuals. I’m sanitizing our lobby every two hours.

    So far, all of us in the pharmacy are okay, but I feel like it’s a matter of WHEN, not IF, the virus will start taking us out. I work the front counter, deliver to the inpatient units, and take a growing number of mail outs to the post office every day. I haven’t even had a cold since last April, but I ended up with a four month long leave of absence due to “Post-viral Fatigue Syndrome” after what was just a seemingly routine case of ‘snot-faucet nose’ then. Truthfully, I’m flat out terrified I’m going to lose another third of a year of my life to that mystery crap because no one understands it well enough to say if my immune system could/might/will go haywire again or not.

    I would dearly love to self-isolate, but we are considered front line health care and necessary services. I am NEEDED at my work. Clients ask us if we will close, and I tell them we will be open and there for them up to the last man standing.

  245. Hi Jenny, this is Sajid from Bangladesh. I am so so SO distressed to hear about Lisa and I really hope she recovers soon. And I totally understand about the less than sufficient measures adopted by authorities to support those in need- here in Bangladesh, there is literally no support whatsoever and the authorities are still letting thousands of people enter the country from abroad every day. As you can guess, their testing measures for the immigrants are extremely doubtful. And we still haven’t witnessed any drastic measures even though the virus is now transmitted locally. So I really am very scared, our schools have only been closed for like, a week and our exams are looming, despite this glum situation. I hope you guys get well soon, please do take care of yourselves and my prayers for Lisa. Love y’all.

  246. I am so sorry to hear about Lisa.The great news is that a vast majority of people fully recover and that is what you need to focus on right now. Distressing days indeed and I thank you for increasing your posts, tweets and blogs as of late. We so desperately need these right now and it can’t be easy for you.

    This message reminded me to reach out to my niece via a text who has her own battles with mental illness. We need to do more of this each and every day; who knows how long this will last. Unfortunately no one knows, but one thing I know, it will be a hell of a party when we see the last of this fucking virus!

  247. So glad you posted this. I’m so pissed seeing all the hoax posts on Facebook or the posts that say it’s not a big deal. I hope you stay safe and your sister gets better soon! 💕

    I hate that I have to go into work during this time at a coffee shop because I’m so worried I’ll catch or spread something even though I feel fine, but I need the paycheck. :/

  248. Wishing your sister a speedy recovery and protection for others in her house. My husband was very sick in October to the point he could have died if he hadn’t gone to the ER when he did. He is still having some issues. I have severe anxiety and worry about him going to work every day. He is a city bus driver, so he could easily be exposed by someone who isn’t yet showing symptoms or just doesn’t care. My son and I also come in contact with unknown members of the public every day. I get angry when I see people who are making so light of the whole pandemic. Yes, let’s laugh, but realize it IS serious.

  249. Good news is that local mental health authorities are staying open and operating the best we can. More telemed options and refilling meds for 30 days to bridge the gap if appointments get rescheduled for the next month.

  250. I too have been reminding people that this is history we’re living through! I’m lucky, like you, and able to work from home and proud that the University I work for is already putting research studies together on COVID19. It’s just a mind boggling, fascinating, scary, amazing crazy time! If I don’t focus on my work then my brain is like a freakin tilt a whirl of “oh that’s cool to immediately “that’s terrifying”…so much to do, think about and to NOT think about…anyway!
    Thank you for the awesome post! I wish your sister a speedy recovery and I hope that you and your family (and Kevin?) stay healthy happy and as sane as ya need to be.

  251. I am sorry, your sister has it.
    Right now. Stay home, self quarantine if she starts having breathing problems 911. (I mean her). Test is almost pointless at this point.
    Keep us posted. Please be detailed, symptoms are important to keep a record of. What shes doing helps identify it.
    Melissa at #23? Are you sure they said A and B?
    Shell get through this. What state is she in Texas? What’s the outside temperature for the last week?

  252. I am sorry, your sister has it.
    Right now. Stay home, self quarantine if she starts having breathing problems 911. (I mean her). Test is almost pointless at this point.
    Keep us posted. Please be detailed, symptoms are important to keep a record of. What shes doing helps identify it.
    Melissa at #23? Are you sure they said A and B?
    Shell get through this. What state is she in Texas? What’s the outside temperature for the last week?
    Everyone: if you have symptoms and want to get tested the flu test if positive will rule out covid19

  253. Thank you Jenny. I thought there was a line between terror and anger with this whole thing, and was kinda scaring myself with how angry it was making me. I guess I felt it was being blown way out of proportion, and I’m not truly convinced otherwise yet, but I don’t Facebook, and I don’t have friends on anywhere near the scale you do, so your poor sister and niece are the only people I”know” that have this thing, and I’m so very sorry that they are sick, that anyone is sick for that matter. I do love your Kevin. He’s gonna get all the blame at work from now on. I bet he started this whole mess.

  254. This is one of the most sensible, smart articles I have read. Thank you for posting it. Hope your sister and niece get well soon.

  255. I just wrote a long rant about it too with links and answers (not sure if I’m allowed to post it here).

    But just want to send everyone warm vibes and make sure you all fact check information you’re told/find and if you’re not worried then err on the side of caution because at the end of the day, surely that’s always the most sensible thing??!!

  256. Thank you for sharing. I’m bunkered down in my apartment in San Francisco with my dog. I am one of the very lucky people who will probably get paid through all this, even if I run out of work. I work at a non-profit and I am paid with grant money that is not likely to be yanked.

    However…last Friday, 4 days after my 40th birthday, I got a very bad annual review at work and I came home shattered. And then on Saturday morning, my girlfriend of six months came over and out of NOWHERE told me she was breaking up with me. I’m trying really hard to maintain through all this. Man I hope I don’t run out of my antidepressants.

  257. Hurray, Jenny. And thanks, too, to Lisa –
    I would like to share with all of you, one little thing, an idea – Someday, sooner than later, this is going to ease back down … In addition to, or maybe in spite of, the real worries, stresses, and prayers for everyone’s family and friends – I’m not, not at all minimalizing all the Real –

    But, also, Let’s remember to notice: the “adventure” we’re all on, just now – it is a pretty significant “challenge”, non-routine, pull-together, a real “historic blow” – that Everyone is in, together. This IS a historic event – – and WE All are in it.

    And we Are going to get through this, and we’ll do our absolute danged-est to keep everyone with us.

    Someday, soon, even if it can’t be soon enough, “This” will be over. In years from now, people, we, children, ourselves may even ask, “How did you/we ever get through that??”

    My idea is, make notes, photos, draw!, to remember and share, be ready to share with … maybe … another generation/s, what it was like when disaster united us all, and we made “do”, and stayed in social isolation … so we can share this piece of history with our family and friends, when the dangers are long-gone.

    When the dangers subside, disappear, I expect we’ll have a renewed Appreciation – for just how important (real, as opposed to ‘cyber-) Real Social interactions are to all of us, and just what is of true importance to us all. And how much we Need others … seen and unseen in our lives.

    I hope we all will be proud of how we all Do get through “this”. I hope history will shine a proud light on us, too.

    Think Better thoughts, then, even better ones – bring more positivity into your days.

    Because, why not?!? 🌼

  258. The brain weasels are scurrying around in my head like mad. I started prepping in January the best I could with our very limited resources. I had a really strong gut feeling about this getting really bad. Thank god that our local food bank has been well stocked the last few months, or we would be in an even worse situation. I was able to get shelf stable things to hold us over, even if it means eating beans and rice for a couple weeks. I have asthma and fibromyalgia, so my immune system is already wonky, plus I’m disabled from a back injury. My husband still goes to work since he works at a truck stop. It’s both good and bad. Good because he is getting paid, bad because he is still out there working 60+ hours a week. I’m having tons of panic attacks and nightmares, but I can’t take antidepressants because my brain chemistry hates them. I’m struggling, and it’s really freaking hard. I’m trying to stay distracted with knitting, sewing, and diamond painting. Please stay home as much as possible, and stay safe everyone.

  259. The Zoom idea is a super good one. I have two support groups I go to weekly. The isolation of being here with two high anxiety, terrified teenagers under government induced quarantine (not exposed that we know, but staying home for civic duty) has been super rough for me. The past two nights I’ve used zoom to gather with a few members of each support group and it has helped SO MUCH. Free account gets 40 minute meetings. Such a blessing.

    Thanks for your love comments mixed into the rebukes, Jenny. We need that love as much as the reminders!

    A friend who doesn’t actually know you!!

  260. Thank you for this. My husband and I are both healthcare workers. We are extremely lucky to have respirators that we bought ourselves for work. I cry every day over this horrible time, praying we have enough ventilators and staff who can take care of those patients. I assume literally every patient has it even if tests are not available. I can’t risk my family.

    Everyone please take care of yourselves and stay home as much as possible. We’re doing grocery runs for family members that are at higher risk. Please flatten the curve so we can take care of your family members.

  261. Thank you for sharing this. No yelling from me. Just a virtual hug. I hope your sister and family recover fully.

  262. hi there, Ilive in Alsace , France, where this has been going on for weeks now. Thank you Jenny, what you say is absolutely right : JUST ASSUME YOU HAVE IT AND DO STAY HOME. tests are not the issue. At all. We get fines, now, if we go out, if you need to go out for meds, or food you need to fill in a form. It’s the only way to have people listen, it didn’t work just telling them to stay home. I’ve had it now for a week, I’m ok, I’m not gonna die from it, but it makes me sick thinking I might have caused someone’s death from interraction before the symptoms (and we had been wearing masks at work for weeks).
    Left wing french politics also means employees will get 84% of their wages staying home, working or not. Just saying.

  263. Love and hugs to the world! Pray for everyone in the world. Practice patience, kindness and understanding. We are all in this together! My community yoga organization is doing online classes on Zoom, it’s a lifesaver for anxiety,. Do yoga, drink water, meditate, eat healthy. Say “I will survive” over and over, better yet sing the Gloria Gaynor song. Sing it out loud! Or sing “the sun will come out tomorrow” from the musical Annie. Watch musicals on your tv, they help you sing songs that are mostly uplifting and catchy. Dance like you just don’t care who is watching. Have front porch or balcony or out the window cocktail hours and/or sing alongs with your neighbors. Look for the beauty in Spring, the birds and the animals don’t know about covid-19, they’re getting busy reproducing and raising little ones and remind us life will go on. Reach out to your loved ones, and forgive your not-so-loved ones, you may regret it if you don’t do it now. Find something that makes you laugh everyday. Get creative and crafty. Find gratefulness in the little things. Most of all, this is serious folks, do not socialize in person with anyone outside your home. Stay 6 feet away from everyone when you go out for necessities, sterilize everything you touch, wash everything that you can, especially your clothes immediately after coming home, assume everyone, including you, are infected and need to do everything in your power not to spread the virus. Flatten the curve!!!

  264. Jenny, first, I am sorry your sister is sick and pray she comes out the other side of this. This whole thing is a nightmare.
    As an agoraphobic, I know you understand, staying home is easy usually. I had my routine – teach my water therapy class T/Th & run & errands those days if I was up to it. Doctors appts on the other days when needed. Otherwise, home unless it wad a date night with hubs.
    Being told to stay home is not easy. I should be ecstatic. But now I need this to do that project and I need that to finish the other thing.
    On top of it, I already am a compulsive hand washer – to the point I will wash my hands so much the skin starts to peel on my palms.
    I’m also a germaphobe but a hugger. Figure that one out. I’m talking squealing with joy, hobbling as fast as my gimpy legs will take me, bear hug kind of gal. The joy of seeing my friends overwhelms my germaphobeness. I can bath in handsanitizer later.
    You are a personal inspiration to me. I started reading your blog I think back in 2009? You were still very much agoraphobic. (I remember three blog about a brand coming to you to play.) Now you’ve come so far. I can’t remember if the ECT treatments made that much of a difference. I’ve been offline because if concussion protocols. So, I am going to stop writing a blog on your blog. Best ro you and your sister. To all of you.

  265. Stay safe you and your family – and I will keep your sister and niece in my prayers.

  266. I have a friend in Austin that was coughing so bad that he coughed up blood. He’s now in and out of consciousness in the ICU and for a few days he had a fever of 104.1. They ordered him a test but last I heard they couldn’t spare him one (not surprised). I don’t know if he’ll be okay, and if (god forbid) he dies, they won’t count it as a case, because surprise surprise, they didn’t test him. But he’s in his early 40’s and this shit is scary. I just keep hoping he’s okay. I love him and I can’t believe this is real.

    People have it. It’s real. It’s scary. I’m scared of the virus and I’m scared of the people that think it’s a hoax or don’t care that it’s out there and I’m scared of all the people that are hoarding. It’s a scary time.

  267. I work admitting/registration in an ER. Front lines. We are implementing rules for everyone’s safety. I understand that no one likes having visitor restrictions and visiting hours etc, but please be kind and understanding that our safety policies are for you and your loved ones! Also, we are still seeing anyone who comes through our doors…but if it isn’t life or death or severe pain, please consider if it is a MUST that you go to an emergency room rather than a primary care or urgent care. I’m just sayin, limit you’re exposure and let us use our nurses, doctors, and resources on people who REALLY need emergency care.

  268. If anyone is unfortunate enough to get this, please don’t rush to socialise as soon as you are feeling better. A friend of ours is in hospital in Australia, he apparently recovered (we were chatting on video last weekend and he seemed absolutely fine) and was symptom-free for three or four days before the fever hit him again for another few days. Luckily the hospital doesn’t have many cases so they’re learning as much as they can from him, and this includes insisting on him getting negative tests two days in a row before they will let him go home, anywhere else he would probably have been sent home to free up the bed. He fell ill 21 days ago, has been in hospital for 16 days, and his most recent test, yesterday, came back positive again.

    We’re in London, UK, and avoiding going out unless we absolutely have to, luckily my other half already works from home and I am distracting myself with crafty things when I can. Just found out our local pharmacy has closed because of “flu symptoms in staff”, so that’s all a bit too close for comfort. And a report has just been released saying that we will have to have some level of social distancing in the UK for the next year.

    Try to stay positive but be realistic. Take care of yourselves and your loved ones and don’t take any unnecessary risks. Love and virtual hugs to you all.

  269. Thank you for writing this. Thank you to everyone who is taking this seriously. To everyone who is sacrificing, whether you’re a physician, cleaning staff, grocery clerk, delivery driver, or just lost your job because of this horrible virus… to everyone who is trying to help: THANK YOU.

    Love to you all.

    Also I’m gonna vent a little. I hope is ok. But dudes. Even if this were a hoax… don’t you think this country, this wonderful country that I love, should be able to mobilize quickly, test for a virus, provide everyone with masks, gloves, etc that needs them, have ventilators? Other countries have this ability. Why don’t we?

  270. Jenny, I legit teared up when I read this. I hope that your sister gets better because what she said is what I keep hearing is happening all over the place. The Orange Turd keeps promising more tests, faster turn around time on those tests and I’m like, “Oh really? MUST BE NICE TO BE FUCKING RICH.” because it seems like only celebrities and other 1%ers are able to actually get the tests. 🙁

  271. I love you and your family, because through your writing you all feel like my own. I am now worried about your sister, but have faith that you will keep us updated. Thank you for telling everyone about this.

  272. I hope your sister stays safe. This will happen in more states in the US shortly. New York is already beyond the tipping point and as people flee there it will spread to other states they need to shutdown travel domestically too.

  273. Love and all good thoughts to you and yours.

    I work at a behavioral health day program as a peer support specialist/care coordinator/office manager, and we shut down to participants yesterday. For many of our participants, we are a lifeline; so many of them said “I don’t know what I’m going to do without you.”

    Today is my last day on site, and I’ll find out by end of day if I still have a job or not.

    I’m trying hard to use all the tools and skills I pass on to the people I support … resilience, mindfulness, holding on to hope.

  274. Decades ago, to stop my boyfriend (now husband) and I from bickering, a friend of our offered to take the blame for everything. Our family has been blaming him for things ever since. If it’s been too long since we’ve seen him, we’ll call or text him just to blame him for something ridiculous. It helps!

  275. Internet Hugs and Kisses, Jenny. I know this situation is the last thing you need for your anxiety. But we will get through this with help from friends and family.
    Keep us informed of your sister’s condition and we will send good thoughts to help her feel better.

  276. W don’t have a Kevin to blame. We have “Our Evil Twin, Skippy” – he has gotten blamed my whole life and still is the doer of evil.

  277. I’ve been doing really well so far, i worked a ton on my thesis (from home, ofcourse) managed to get out and get my own groceries and kept excercising daily. but today I just feel like I need a hug..
    I’m not angry, I’m just a bit sad.

    Anyways all the best to you and your family. I hope your sister feels better soon, without it coming crashing back.
    For anyone who reads this and needs a virtual hug, have one: hug, these are non-contagious.

    Also, stay as sane as possible and flatteb the curve where you can by not doing unnecessary things outside. Nothing is more important right now than our (collective) health. It’s okay to not get everything done you planned, or to be upset, or angry, at the state of the world. But all over the place there are alsp beautiful things happening, for example, where I live they set up a facebook page and spread flyers. Everyone who needs help can mention that in the Facebook or call the number on the flyers and then someone will help you do your groceries, walk your dog, bring meals, etc. We’re doing all we can to stay safe and flattenthecurve here.

  278. Can confirm. I am in a high risk group. Asthma and immunocompromised. I started feeling sick earlier this week. I called my doctor to be safe. After asking a few questions, they referred me to a testing site. After waiting a few hours for them to call back, the testing site asked a few more questions. Then determined that they would not test me because I have had no known contact with someone who has tested positive, despite having all the symptoms. How the eff would I know since they aren’t testing anyone! So I asked what to do if I, you know, start to die. I was told to go to the ER. The numbers are a lot higher here in the US, you guys. Don’t let those “official” numbers being reported fool you.

  279. Jenny, thank you for sharing this. My sister works in a Hospital and the issue is that they do not have enough if the activating ingredient for the tests. Or enough tests. So everyone is just screwed apparently, unless you are a celebrity that can just blow a ton of $ on a test. I wish the idiot President would just shut down the entire country already. But he is more concerned about the stock market and the economy. So what if a few thousand people die, no biggie right?? I am currently working as a temp for a Health Insurance Co. They let all of the full timers work remotely starting today. Temps must come to the office. So apparently I am not as important as others?? Interesting decision from a Health Insurance co……. BLEH! Alteast I have a job I guess. Take care everyone! I hope Lisa and co are all okay. 🙂

  280. My husband is a doctor, so I have to assume at some point he’ll get it and we’ll all (me and our two and three-year olds) get it too. I’m just thankful that it’s not typically severe in children. I do worry about my husband though and all of the medical providers who will be so overexposed and overtired. For the moment, we are getting outside as much as we can and keeping the girls busy with arts and crafts and baking and a whole lot of Frozen 2. If personal contact wasn’t forbidden, I would happily French kiss whatever gorgeous person at Disney made the decision to put it on Disney+ early. I am trying to trade my Twitter time for fiction to improve my mental health. I’ll be thinking of you and your family. I also have a sister named Lisa who is absolutely indispensable.

  281. Kevin’s problem is that he went shopping when the quarantine threat loomed and bought a case load of Bacardi rum instead of toilet paper. He insists that if he drinks enough rum he won’t care anymore about the toilet paper issue or that locusts may hit Utah next. He is getting hard to understand, slurring his words, mumbling and falling down a lot but I’m sure I heard him refer to his self-imposed quarantine as “house arrest”.
    Take note of this important fact:
    This is the first time in history that the human race could possibly be saved if you just stay at home and lie down in front of your TV and do nothing else for the next 14 days.
    Let’s not screw this up, people! Glue yourself to your TV. Stay home! Yes, you’ve seen that Hallmark re-run a zillion times but you need do this. No, the phone won’t work, your arms get too tired holding it up all day and night. TV is the answer, people, old-fashioned old-people Boomer TV.
    Stay safe everyone. Hoping for speedy full recovery for anyone suffering.

  282. Also, please consider being a financial lifeline to anybody who was already barely scraping by when their workplace suspended operations. (The US has so many people in this position.) A few hundred dollars or gift cards or whatever could make all the difference in their lives now and lets them know they are not just being abandoned.

  283. Bless you. You post is a nice tonic to all of us being told to be “efficient and effective” at home…

  284. Thank you for getting stabby with people who are stoking fear and panic and spreading misinformation. Apparently I won the virus lottery, but I contracted both the swine flu and SARS (both from travelling). I alternated between thinking I was dying and wishing I was dying. Please take care of yourself and everyone else. You don’t want to find out the hard way that this is not a hoax.

  285. I SO appreciate your posting this, Jenny! As we all know, you ROCK. Sending love, appreciation, positive mojo and prayers for everyone’s safety.

  286. Sewing people out there: Deaconess Hospital in Evansville Indiana is asking for home-sewn face masks which they will sterilize and use to help hospital staff stay safe. CDC approves this approach during dire emergencies and shortages. I’m contacting our local hospital and clinic about donating our extra N95s (we use them in arts and crafts) and will offer to make home made masks, too. The Deaconess Hospital wants them made according to The Turban Project’s pattern (see their website for video and pattern). If your local hospital/clinic or other first responders don’t need them, might want to mail them to Deaconess or others who do. Masks can help keep our healers on the job.

  287. My sister and I signed up to sew medical masks for a hospital in our area. I’m getting our first grocery delivery today…I’m impressed at how much getting a carton of milk, eggs and some frozen strawberries feels so much like Christmas! Sadly I have to put on pants for the first time in more than a week, which reduces the fun, but somebody’s gotta collect the stuff!

  288. I need a Kevin!!!!!! Desperately. that way I can stop calling out my husband or daughter. Other daughter is in isolation for the FLU! So our house is isolation on 2 levels, much like your sister’s house.
    Thanks for sharing.

  289. I work in outpatient healthcare. If you have an urgent exam ( not covid related because we just aren’t set up or equipped to handle that) we are here. But the people coming in are those that aren’t working because of the quarantine and are showing up with scripts for exams that are weeks and months old. Stay home! I know you’re not working and its convenient to get scanned now, but your chronic aches and pains can wait just a little longer. My 2 cents. Stay safe and get better everyone!

  290. I am a nurse, so I am still going to work. I also struggle with anxiety, MDD, and OCD, and my therapist is my lifeline. I worry about how I will cope if our therapy schedule gets crazily impacted. But anyway PLEASE STAY HOME. There are some of us who can’t, and we are relying on you to flatten the curve and stop the spread of the virus. We are all in this together.

  291. My son is an ER doctor. He is self-quarantining to protect others. He goes to the hospital to work his shifts and then goes home. He won’t visit us because we’re both over 60 and I have asthma. I know he’s right, but it’s really hard not to be able to see him. I’m incredibly proud of him for the work he is doing and hope he stays well.

  292. I’m sorry to hear about your sister and niece. I’m proud of them for taking appropriate safety measures though, even when it’s really difficult. We will make it through this! Remember the quote (not sure who wrote it) you’ve survived 100% of your bad days so far. You’ll survive this too.

  293. I am so very sorry about your sister and niece, Jenny. I pray for their swift recovery! Please keep us updated! Prayers for them and for the rest of your fam at this time. I’m so sorry that this is such a scary time for everyone- I myself feel really helpless w/all of this.

    I know everything is terrifying right now for everyone so I figured I’d post positive tips that are helping my family and I at this extraordinarily difficult time. These may seem silly, but they’re helping my fam and I to cope:

    Since my husband and I are at home now more than ever in a one bedroom (fucking) apartment, lol
    I’m cleaning regularly from an energy perspective. I’ve read that regularly cleaning your home (vacuuming, dusting, mopping etc) helps clear negative energy from your space that can build overtime due to negative emotions, negative events, etc. Honestly, I feel an energy difference already myself after just cleaning today and yesterday (I’m an empath though so that maybe just me). I’ve also read that cleaning with salt water can also be purifying energetically for your space.

    Allowing fresh air into your space (opening sliders and windows) to allow fresh air into your home (weather allowing) helps negate negative energy as well as lighting candles.

    Hope this helps! Sending love, healing light, and prayers to everyone! Hearts, stars, and HUGS!

  294. I remain thankful for your presence in the universe. Hope you and your family stay well. Weird times.

  295. I had a blackout moment the other night, and my son caught it. I bit thru my lip and bled on the carpet. wtf, people. My son thinks I should not drink. I think he might be right. wtf???? I am embarressed and ashamed, but I like being numb….. Now what??

  296. I know people are very frustrated with public health right now but I promise on behalf of myself and my coworkers, we are doing the very best we can. Many public health departments lost a lot of staff in the last recession and never got them back, so we’ve been short staffed forever and of course now we need more people, not less. If we don’t offer you a test its usually because there just aren’t any to be had. I’m spending my day today writing FAQs for our staff to answer calls with and the question was “where can I go to be tested”…. I started writing “contact your local health department to find out where to go” before I realized oh shoot. I AM the local health department.

    We’ll get through this, people. There are tons of inspiring people working really hard, and I have no doubt that we can do amazing things together.

  297. Valerie: you don’t need to be embarassed or ashamed, but there are people who have gone through your situation and come out the other side. Please, call AA. They won’t be holding meetings in person, but they will know how to help you, even in this time of great trouble.

  298. Here are my problems with this whole thing. First off, all of us aren’t going to be here to look back at what we did during the plague. Some of us won’t make it through. And the ‘I have the resources’ but ‘my heart goes out to those who don’t’ (this is me, and all of my mostly white, middle and upper class people with stocked freezers and ‘work from home and make bank’ situations!) and ‘my heart goes out’ is so tinny and shallow and shitty and sounds like the new ‘thoughts and prayers’ from Republicans after school shootings.. We have to get to the next paragraph: how are these people going to get by????? How can we ACTUALLY help? Why are we so lucky and so many are not? It breaks my fucking heart!

  299. All my love and healing thoughts to your sister and niece!! Soon we will all know someone, directly or indirectly that has this damn thing, and we need to be there for one another.

  300. I work with a karen. I have an “,essential job’s and now I’ll be at home. So instead of yelling “karen!!! Geez!!!” Maybe I’ll get a “Chad”.

  301. Oh Jenny, I will be praying for your family. I’m not gonna lie, this is pretty rough shit. In my case, I’m not immunocompromised but am in the higher risk group with asthma. Last week, I had to travel for work and had meetings with foreign nationals from the UK, Netherlands, and Germany. The Italian contingent was forbidden to come. I did as much as I could to practice some social distancing along with the hand washing and wiping down critical surfaces like the airplane seat area. I’m blessed not to have contracted COVID-19 (so far) but wound up with a hellacious case of bronchitis that started off like allergy trouble. I followed the CDC guidelines even though I’m fever free. Had a phone appointment with the doctor. Luckily for everyone else, I care enough not to share my germs, so have been out of the house only once since last Saturday. I had to pick up Rx from CVS and needed OTC stuff they didn’t have in drive thru. You should have seen the looks I got with my mask on. But still, I cared enough to protect everyone else. Beyond that, I’ve been home. Had to have my boyfriend take my dog Gracie to the vet for her annual checkup since I’m still sick. She can be a handful, so he’s a saint for taking her. I seem to be getting a little better every day, so I guess it was bacterial. At any rate, I’ve been trying to take some of your advice.

    One more thing…would you please pass on that some AA and Al-Anon groups are meeting virtually if their meeting venue is closed? This is really important to those who are struggling to stay sober in the midst of this chaos. Thanks in advance!

  302. Thanks for the post from a physically sick psychotherapist whose practice will most likely be closed down as a result of this. On behalf of my profession, PLEASE tell people to use non-HIPAA video chat programs like Facetime, Google Meets, Amazon video, etc. for their social connection needs. Medical and mental health providers are trying to get online to provide safe, private, affordable care. Zoom servers are crashing during appointments. We need the resources to keep helping you! It’s rare that mnetal health professionals can afford the agency rates for these progeams, which are upwards of $200/mo.

  303. Thank you Jenny. Big virtual hug to you and yours. As always, I am so grateful for your presence.

  304. Im in the UK. people dont care / arent listening. Ive fallen out with one person who was a “friend” already. fed up with humans.

  305. Thank you so much for posting this. I agree with everything 💯 %. I’ve had post partum since January and bonus we happen to be in a pandemic now. I’ve felt alone and terrified. I have Lupus, APS, Sjogren and Hoshimoto; all autoimmune diseases. My anxiety is through the roof and my depression has only gotten worse. I wish all of the human race were on board with social distancing, but as you said, I too have seen in social media they think it’s a democratic hoax(huh)? And it’s just like the flu and media is hyping it up. Anyways, thank you for sharing as it makes me feel slightly less alone. 💓

  306. My husband is one of those it’s all got bullshit to scare us and overall us, it’s no big deal people. He refuses to be cautious and won’t wash his hands more or any other precaution. I’m asthmatic. Every day l feel like he is gleefully signing my death warrant.

    Today I put half a container of feta cheese on my salad cuz if I’m gonna die soon I might as well have spectacular salads. I like salad for all those thinking poor girl doesn’t even get a chocolate bar….

  307. I am super lucky that I have almost 70 hours PTO saved up, so I decided to go on furlough at my job. My mother is immuno-compromised and I worry about bringing it home to her. We’re in the midwest, so it’s not hit us hard yet. I worry for when it does. I worry for those without vacation time saved up, or any sick time left or at all since it’s just March.

    Luckily my anxiety is always high so this is a normal thing for me, also being introverted I don’t mind the isolation. Thank you for sharing your sister’s story with us. <3

  308. Sorry about your sister and niece. I hope they fully recover.

    The helpful stuff thus far:
    1. Pluto the dog. If you haven’t seen the Facebook posts of this adorable dog talking then you MUST search for Pluto.He is also on Instagram, etc.

    Kids in my neighborhood are painting and colouring pictures of rainbows and posting them in the house windows pointing at the street. Some say « we will be fine. » (but in French because I’m in Québec). They make me smile as I get a little jolt of innocence, happiness and hope each time I pass one. I’m going to do the same in our window with my kids. Spread the love.
    30 day Facebook newsfeed blocks on the USA friends or relatives that post upsetting stuff like: « Don’t blame Trump . What was he supposed to do about it?» or « the annual flu kills X people per year, stop freaking out ».
    We used fb messenger to play a remote game of jackbox with my stepson who lives 4 hours away. We should try zoom too.
    Bob Ross. My daughter had us create paintings by following a Bob Ross show. It was fun! Just watching him is relaxing. He has a yogi voice and says stuff like « happy trees »
    My husband picks up and delivers food for our local food bank. Me too normally, but I’ve had a cold, so not now. Helping others always feels good.
    My husband wants to send out a letter to neighbors (many are older) offering to help them as needed, deliveries, etc. My heart loves the idea, but I’m an introvert so reaching out to a bunch of strangers always feels weird. We are new in this town, ACTUALLY, he wants to go door to door with the satellite photo of our street, introduce himself, and ask people to provide their contact info, so that if needed we can help each other on our street. I am pushing for the one way letter because his idea sounds scary to receive.
    Board games and movie nights with the kids.
    Our kids’ school is using zoom to continue educating them remotely. The kids love seeing each other, and the normalcy of having school each day is good for all of us.

  309. I’m nearly positive my husband has it. Same symptoms as your sister, can’t get tested. He’s starting to feel better but going on day 11 of this. We were exposed via travel. I know I’m probably carrying it and watching myself while trying my hardest to maintain a home, keep supplies up, and staying sane. The ones who act like this isn’t a thing infuriated me. Because of this I may never see my elderly parents again who live 1700 miles away. Because of this my children don’t get a birthday party with their friends. Because of this many have died and will continue to die. People have lost their jobs. Some don’t know how they are going to feed their kids. But still the beaches that are in driving distance from me have been full all day and people are treating it like an extended vacation. My heart goes out to your sister and family Jenny ❤️❤️❤️

  310. For those of us who have transitioned to working from home, I saw a post that suggested starting a group chat with your co-workers where you talk about what your pets are doing, but you call THEM your co-worker. I.e. “my co-worker just pooped in box outside my office” or “my co-worker is asleep on the printer” Does wonders for your mood lol

  311. We’ve had a Mark and a Cheryl, but thanks to Hailey what most often comes out of my mouth is, for Christ’s sake, Lois!

  312. THANK YOU. I hope your sister and her family are okay, and you all stay safe.

  313. In all this uproar, I’m surprised that no one is advocating one of the best ways to spend time alone. As an added bonus – it keeps your hands far away from your face! Might cause a shortage of batteries, though…

  314. I totally agree with you! I don’t understand the people who think it’s a hoax or some who believe this is some kind of political stunt during an election year. This is world-wide and I can only assume these people live under rocks and don’t know anyone or anything beyond their one foot of existence. I have friends in Asia and Italy. This is not something to be taken lightly and we all need to work together to be as safe as possible. Thank you, Jenny…I just quit my second job because of this post. (My first job is working from home so I’m good there!)

  315. I know we’re not supposed to leave our homes, but could you make one exception and send Kevin over? I could really use him. The dick head.

  316. I hope Lisa and her family are all healthy again soon. Thank Lisa for sharing.
    I have a son who is a medic in the Army. I talk to him at least every other day. They have no testing kits either. I find this insane.
    I have a 17 yo daughter who graduates high school this spring. I am sad for her as we are all home bound now and it’s looking more and more like Prom and Graduation will be cancelled. 12 years of work and they don’t get to cross that stage. And she suffers from anxiety issues and depression so isolation is not helping her at all.
    I am immunocompromised so that adds to the fun. Wondering if my rheumy doc is going to make me stay home for my appointment next week.
    And my dad has been in and out of the hospital for the last 3 weeks for his heart. This last time (yesterday) my brother and I suspect he might be having anxiety attacks about everything going on, but he doesn’t know that those can feel like a heart attack, which he has had.
    I’m an information nut. The more I know about something the better I feel. It makes me feel like if I know everything I can then I have some control over how to react to it.
    I wish I could smack all the people still not believing in this and putting us at risk.
    Stay safe Jenny and family.

  317. Hi,
    I was so impressed that you shared the story about your sister. I was wondering whether I could send it to Rachel Maddow with MSNBC. I think that people should hear what is really happening to people who contract COVIN-19. I was so shocked to hear that persons who are really sick are treated with such callous disregard. I will only send the post if you agree.
    Be safe! Kristi Vitelli

  318. Hope you sister is feeling better Jenny, sending you and yours hugs.

    By the way we are getting a Kevin 🙂

  319. Hope you sister is feeling better Jenny, sending big hugs to you and yours,

    We are getting a Kevin 🙂

  320. You are honestly one of the kindest people on the internet. It’s totally unfair that your brain ever tells you anything bad about yourself. You shed so much hope and generosity, and you inspire me to do better. Thank you for being you.

  321. I am up at 5:00 AM. I was in Northern Italy. Home now but social distancing from the spouse. Thank you for sharing about your sister. Sending hugs and love. One thing that is helping me as Mr. Rogers says is looking for the helpers. Writers and illustrators are going on-line and making videos and suggesting book related activities. https://www.continuum.umn.edu/kerlan/. We will get through this. Maybe you would like to read aloud a book on video and we will post. Take care everybody.

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  323. I live in Alabama, where the only reason our numbers are so low is because nobody is able to get tested. My best friend’s friend is a nurse and she was only able to get tested after three days of begging for the test because she was positive she had it, after working with patients who had it. It luckily came back negative, but she had every single symptom they list.

    My dad was one of those who thought it was a hoax until it actually hit Alabama and now he’s gone full panic-mode. I read the comments on the local news site (I only follow one now, unfollowed the others during the 2016 election because they were too full of stupid) and I hate myself for doing it. Nobody is taking this seriously. People are complaining that retail stores are closed (“What else am I supposed to do with my kids?”) and that hair salons have been shuttered. It’s absolutely madness.

    I have had more panic attacks in the last week than I care to count. I am worried. For my job (I’m working from home right now, but who’s to say they won’t decide to cut us loose or make us go on leave without pay in the near future?). For my wedding (it’s in November so I’m hoping and praying that it’s safe and everything will settle down by the fall, but I am beginning to have doubts). For my fiance (because he’s got asthma and a lot of health issues already, so if he catches it, he will be hospitalized like he was when he caught swine flu). The anxiety is almost out of control.

    I’m playing Animal Crossing to try and combat it but there’s only so much you can do before everything starts to creep back in and your world begins to shut down.

  324. This is a weird time indeed. Two weeks ago I decided to stay home from work because I myself was under the weather. This week I will be returning to work at Amazon. My job has now become an “essential” and “front lines” job. I wish I didn’t have to return to work but bills are there to be paid. Another reason I didn’t want to return to Amazon so quickly are the warehouse conditions such as employee distance and the total number of people in the actual warehouse. Yeah giving me double overtime pay and a few dollars raise is great but getting sick or dying is not what I want. I would hate to have my wife or daughter get sick too.

    I loved your thoughts and words once again and will keep them in my heart. I also want to keep you and your sister and your family in my prayers. God Bless…

  325. Amen. You’re the best, Jenny. Hoping your sister feels better every day from here on out.

  326. i caught the damn thing too, and like your relatives, couldn’t get tested. i even went to the hospital where i was triaged in a tent and then taken into a closed off part of the emergency room where i received a chest X-ray, an EKG on my heart (i think just cuz they wanted me to think they were really DOING something) and then sent home with a lot of weird and vague mumblings about why they can’t test me, but to go home and not leave. FOR A LONG TIME. As i was escorted out they gave me paperwork on how to self-quarantine since i have COVID-19. All the while, their bare, red and raw hands haunted me and kept me from losing my shit right there and demand they DO something. There is nothing they can do. And now that i’ve seen behind the green curtain, i’m scared as shit. We cannot rely on the medical system to help us with this. They don’t have the tools or the knowledge about this virus or ANYTHING that can help us. All that can help is rest, good food, lots of fluids, and a positive mind set (which is the hardest thing of all). i’m on day 10 of quarantine, am now laid off my job and looking at a long, long time before i see family and friends again. Thank you for staying funny. i have found that to be the best medicine. Stay safe, stay well and most of all STAY HOME.

  327. My husband’s name is Kevin, it is a daily thing these days for me to say “fucking Kevin!” as well. I am sending healing vibes out to your sister & her family. And I super love you too! I’ve been re-reading Furiously Happy this last week, and remembering when I got to meet you.

  328. This was beautiful, Jenny. Thanks for having the courage to send this out and risk being unpopular with certain people. My take? Those people who are pissed off by this aren’t worth your time and effort anyway.

  329. Jenny, thank you thank you thank you for this post. It was just what I needed to see right now. Every part of it. Sending love to you and your family

  330. I share your view for the most part, I presume that some factors are worth using
    a more sophisticated look to understand what
    is happening.

  331. I know that I am commenting late. But here is the thing, I have been working on myself and have made a lot of improvement. I am more focused and my belief that everything will eventually be okay is stronger than ever before. I know its not much but I am super proud of myself and I just wanted you (whoever’s reading this comment out of an ocean of comments) know.

  332. This is a weird time indeed. Two weeks ago I decided to stay home from work because I myself was under the weather.

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