I made you something.

I’ve been too weird to write lately but I made you something.

Well, technically I made it for me to keep my hands and head busy, but maybe you need something as well.

(click to embiggen)

As always, you can print it, color it, burn it, whatever makes you happy.

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  1. I love it! Thank you! I’ve also been too weird to write…for a very long time now. Trying to figure out the magic thing to make it click back into place. Sending hugs!

  2. Like a fan of rainbows … promising things will get better after the storm. Thank you.

  3. This looks to me like many cookies in a box. Yum! Thanks for today’s sweet treat. And now I will make some tea to go with.

  4. Thank you. I really really needed this today. A totally depressing and anxious day here for me. Your posts and books bring me comfort and make me happy. I feel bad when you are suffering. Thank you for bringing some joy to my life.

  5. Ohhh I’m going to trace it on cloth and embroider it🧵.. thank you! I’ve been weirder than weird but I’m cutting myself some slack. Day drinking is allowed.

  6. Thank you thank you! You always seem to know when I need a little something to get me through my day! Today is a day like that, and you made me something special. I love that about you! <3

  7. Thank you for this. May life get less weird for all of us who need it. ❤

  8. Where’s Waldo?

    (I’m so sorry.)
    (This is MY weirdness manifesting.)
    (Sometimes I just can’t help myself.)

    (I crack myself up.)

  9. This made me smile so much and chuckle. Thanks Jenny! This work of art needs to be on things…cotton t-shirts, hoodie sweatshirts.. love!

  10. Oh my word this is beautiful. I kind of want to print it super large and make it wall art for a nursery for our baby on the way!! And then maybe cover the words in silver to represent a “silver lining.” 😍

  11. You have brought me great happiness… No. wait… Ok go ahead… For a second there I thought I was confusing Happiness with Gass, but indeed it was happiness embiggened by your artistic endeavor…
    Thanks you…

  12. You are so lovingly generous. It is beautiful.I needed a gift of kindness today. Thank you Jenny

  13. Miss Jenny, I just want to let you know that I’m so glad you are here!
    Life is strange and knowing you are understanding makes it easier to survive!
    Have a blessed 🙏 peaceful night!

  14. This makes me feel like I’m very small and hiding under a mushroom patch where no one can find me. I love it!

  15. I almot bought crayons when I was out having an obsession over colored hair wax that I cant find anywhere. Im going to get my colored markers, print this, and color it.

  16. Sorry you’re feeling weird(er than usual). 1. You reached out during your weirdness, so victory over the weirdness. 2. With the pandemic, weird is the new normal.

    Thank you for the positive you bring to us, even while feeling weird.

  17. It’s okay to feel weird. We will all be weird together with you. Virtual hugs to all my fellow weirdos!

  18. Wonderful, just like you! By the way, I bought a pretty, flowery, girly nightgown and thought of you….weird. Why? It has pockets!!!

  19. I may just turn this into an embroidery project.
    Thank you, for this.

  20. Reason to freak out: THIS WILL NEVER END. Reasons to be a little happier and a little more hopeful: Your twisted, pitch-perfect wit, helping us laugh a little through the tears, and your titanically generous and open heart, helping who knows how many broken people feel someone is there who understands and can show us how to keep on going, even if we fall from time to time. Thank you, Jenny Lawson.

  21. Thanks, Jenny. Love it. Printed it. I am using the spaces to write down things that DO make me happy, because I think it will help to have them all in one tidy place. I feel like a snake that needs to get rid of some old skin (aka, the stuff that isn’t working). Your art is timely and I bow to you. 😉

  22. Your weirdness makes the world better in so many ways.

    Just wondering though…I assume the tagline in your lovely drawing-gift was intended the “F-off” way, and not a suggestion to go out and mass-fornicate with annoying stuff?

    Sorry. I read things and then I probably think of too many things about things.

  23. I’ve had to keep my hands busy, too. I started cross stitching last year. You can see my latest on my instagram. Last year I did a portrait of David Bowie and, when I finished in March, I started one of Jimi Hendrix. I love the colors and find the repetition soothing.


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