All of the things that don’t fit anywhere else.


I’ve had a rough time of things lately but today I feel human so let’s talk about all the stuff I haven’t told you because my head was too in-the-shit to let me write or even think that anything I had to say was worth writing down.

So. I had a meeting with my shrink and if the world wasn’t covered in plague I’d probably be doing a more extreme sort of treatment but since I can’t leave the house I’m instead doing the old-fashioned kickstarter of exercising and medication and hydration and self-care and all of the things that you’re supposed to be doing but I never do entirely correctly. Its too damn hot to be outside for long periods so if you have any suggestions on exercise videos I’m game. I don’t know anything about anything so if there’s a video you love that I can do please let me know…dance, yoga, tai chi…whatever.

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accurate lol

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Nowhere Bookshop is still going well, thank God. We’re still not open to the public but we’re doing curbside pick-up and online sales and we currently have openings in the Fantastic Strangelings Book Club if you want in. (We’ll be discussing this month’s book later this week and announcing next month’s book soon. It’s so good.) And next week I’ll do a livestream in the store so you can explore it with me and I can show you how amazing it is.

I’ve been working a lot on the cover of my next book. (It comes out next year.) I’d wanted to do taxidermy but nothing looked perfect, although this (online) find of old squirrels repurposed to be dancing/ fighting/dance-fighting was a real possibility for a bit…

But in the end I decided to partner with one of my favorite artists to doing something very, very different and I really hope you love it as much as I do. Still working out the final details but I’ll share it with you really soon.

My shrink recommended that I read more and laugh more and find things that make me smile and so I started a whole folder of things on instagram that made me laugh and I’m sharing a few with you here just in case you’re in the same strange headspace as me.

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Still here? Me too. Sending you love, sweet friend.

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  1. I’ve been worried about you, Jenny. I suck at self-care, but I hope you find a good way to do it while the world is all amuck. Your fans & friends will have a zillion ways to help, I’m sure. Just know that you’re treasured.

  2. I go back to Fitness They have 10 minute videos if I’m not feeling up to a commitment, and there are so many different types of workouts. Plus, the back and forth when both are on the screen is a good distraction from how much I’m sweating (and that one drop running down under my bra strap….ewwww!!)

  3. I freaking love Brandon Ferris and I love that you are human. I did PT today and felt a bit anxious when they put the compression ice pack on then again when it fell a flood (rained) but i pushed through it…i am very proud of you for doing the things and i keep making promises that i am going to check out your book club just don’t really ever make it there hopefully this week i will love and light Christine

  4. Ballet Based Movement on YouTube. It’s this lovely dance teacher and her mother and they do fairly straightforward moves that nonetheless make you feel so graceful and elegant and wonderful.

  5. The Les Mills On Demand app has been a lifesaver for me since my gym shut down. It has tons of videos of all lengths that include Tai Chi, “Body Flow” which is like yoga but with more movement, light weight-lifting, dancing–it has something for almost every mood, and all the moves can be modified for your own abilities. It’s $15/month and well-worth it.

  6. I love doing Yoga with Adrian on YouTube. She is real and funny and amazing ❤️ Thank you for the laughs. I needed them today. Glad to know I’m not the only one struggling.

  7. If you have a Switch, I recommend Ring Fit Adventure. It keeps you entertained and moving and professes the power of friendship. Kinda corny but also fun. Works for kids and adults.

  8. <3 If you want a witty you tube channel to let the time pass by, you could try Squirmy and Grubs. They're an interabled couple, so I have a soft spot for them as someone who is also in an interabled marriage, but they're just super funny and down to earth.

  9. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 that first cat trying to learn the savage dance took me out 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. I recommend BollyX workout videos. I can’t do any if the dances but the music is so bouncy and infectious it really helps me move. And since I’m in my house, it doesn’t matter how silly I look!

  11. If you like dancing, Nia is fun. It combines dance with martial arts and healing arts (like yoga, etc.) It helps me feel more regulated on the whole in a way that other exercise doesn’t. They have a free trial at You can also look on YouTube for short videos (search “Nia Technique” or “Nia dance fitness” for best results).

  12. Loved the first one with the pup and the cat so much! Loved them all ! Thanks for the giggle!

  13. I have been addicted to watching talking dog TikTok videos. They are the only things that make me smile lately. ❤️

  14. Anything on the “Yoga with Adrienne” YouTube channel is amazing. I really love the Yin practice on days I just don’t want to move at all. For Hydration- I’m finally getting the hang of it using Nalgene bottles I put in the freezer with half a lemon (in the bottle not the only other thing in my freezer..) and let them sit until there’s a nice coating of ice inside. It’s so much more refreshing and I’m drinking way more water than I normally would. Sending hugs ❤️I hope that at least some of the light and wonderful amazingness you put out in the world reflects back to you.

  15. You should check out prancercizing on YouTube. It’s exercise and highly entertaining.

  16. The melon guy. I nearly broke my ribs laughing. Thank you so much Jenny. Also try beachbody ballet and light yoga mix email me if you need info. ❤️❤️

  17. Thank you for sharing these links, I need those laughs! Check out Ryan Heffington on Instagram. He leads the absolute funnest dance classes.

  18. Somethings that’s been picking me up and making me grin lately is the book Boyfriend Material by Alexis Hall. It’s a Rom Com, which isn’t usually my thing, but it was recommended by someone else who isn’t usually into that, so I gave it a chance and I’m SO glad I did. I highly recommend ot.

  19. I have a few things I did that i realize now were self care. I threw away my ill fitting clothes. I bought all new bras, not cheap but thats how I spent some of my stimulus money. I take more naps now that im in the house all day working. I leave myself alone i.e. I don’t nag myself about exercise or my diet. And I break out of quarantine once a week for a day at the beach/ lake , no swimming. I sit as far away from the beach actually, I go to the part of the park where there is no swimming allowed and watch dogs swim and watch parents run after toddlers running toward the lake. ( if they made it i could save them, the water is shallow for an adult) so my self care looks more like neglect. Because I don’t nag myself to do more. So If I do something, it feels great.

  20. Thanks for the links–they got me laughing. I really like Jessica Smith’s exercise DVDs. They’re walking-based and easy enough that you can jump right in but also varied enough to keep it interesting. And she’s positive and encouraging. She has one or two people with her, so they demonstrate different levels of difficulty, so you can choose which works for you. And her voice isn’t annoying, which would be a deal-breaker for me. I have a few of her DVDs–I especially like the 6-mile one, since you can program it to play whichever mile(s) you want, in whatever order you want –pretty cool!

  21. The one of the girl falling of the wall – it took me five minutes to stop crying because I was laughing so hard! Nose still running …

  22. I’ve been having enough fun with Body Groove Fitness that it doesn’t feel like exercise, and they have people demonstrating low impact and/or disabled style routines along with the more active ones, and that’s nice for my arthritic days so I can get some moving in even when I normally would just want to lie down wrapped around a heating pad.

  23. Sending you so much love. 🖤 Can’t help with video… I am a big fan of watching Nukes Top Five on YouTube… spooky stuff. 🎃 I rediscovered Microsoft Paint which has kept me occupied. But you have the art stuff handled… so… spooky shit on YouTube is my recommendation. Hold on. Hugs hugs hugs. 🖤

  24. That border collie! My belly aches and I can’t stop crying! Thank you for sharing. Also, not sure if this is your thing, but when I started working from home back in March I joined My Peak Challenge so I could build a bit of strength. I’m in my 5th month, and it’s fabulous. There is a supportive community there too (I’m more of a loner, myself). Great program. Maybe more than you’re looking for. But I’d also suggest Yoga with Adriene.

  25. I have trouble exercising for long periods of time and need to modify sometimes. We bought “The MIrror” and it is the best investment we ever made. There are TONS of exercise programs on it – recorded and live – in varying lengths from 15 minutes to an hour. They start at beginner and level up. You can do yoga, stretching, aerobics, weight lifting, etc. I know this sounds like an advertisement but it isn’t. I genuinely have this in my home and it is really great 🙂

  26. The fox tickle giggles were so fun! I’m in the room by myself laughing and then continue laughing at what this must look like.
    Reading (obviously), puzzles and music have been a help to me. Started riding my bike outdoors in the morning too. Hugs to you.

  27. I’ll have to save these for morning, since I watched a couple and was in danger of waking the whole house with my snorts. Thanks for that Jenny, a laugh is excellent medicine.

  28. For exercise, I like Classical Stretch on PBS. It’s on weekday mornings and is gentle to do, and is only 22 minutes. I record it and can usually do an episode even if I’m tired after work.

  29. Total Body Project, on you tube or you can subscribe for free off their website (they don’t send a bunch of email either). An Australian Couple with “real” body types in the back ground. I love Daniel he is really funny and easy going. His wife Alex is lower key but very kind and a bit of subversive humor. Lots of free workouts at all kinds of levels.

  30. That stuff was the bomb. It gave me a very much needed laugh. Especially the blue thing in the mall. I’m keep remembering it and start laughing again. So thank you. Glad you are feeling better. I don’t have any workout videos to suggest but I need some so I will be checking out the other peoples suggestions. I do know that yoga helped me a lot in the past so I’ll be looking for a good video suggestion for that. Sending love & hugs and weirdness💜💜

  31. When nothing makes me laugh, I watch Kath and Kim, an Australian comedy series. Netflix or Prime, I have no memory. I’ve watched the whole series several times. Be sure to watch with Closed Captions on so you can catch all the malapropisms. Also, the Gilmore Girls got me through several years of intense depression/CPTSD. Watched over and over. I accomplished something today that I really needed to do. Hoping that I feel good about it at some point.
    Thanks for being so honest and authentic. It’s a relief to know that I can be the same with you.
    Instagram @whistlindell

  32. I feel your pain. I found out today I’m diabetic and that I’ve been having silent heart attacks. When I called my shithead employer about short term disability, they told me I can only use it if I have to be off work for surgery. I’m investigating, because they want me to use FMLA instead, which means no income. My doctor is telling me to cut out anything white or tan in my diet and to loose 10 lbs, and try to get my stress and anxiety under control without medication. LMFAO,😱😱😱😱😵😵😵😭😭😭😭. If you know any resources I can look into for help I’d appreciate it. Thanks for listening

  33. I love the original Zumba videos. The more recent stuff not as much. Also the old Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds videos where she has a “class” with her. My BFF and I used to work out to those a lot and since the same people are in the first few videos, we made up back stories for all of those people! (Okay, mostly I made up the stories, complete with inner monologues, and she laughed at me.) I still feel like I know those people!

  34. I detest exercise in almost every form. However, I have been playing yoga videos for my preschool class and found them so enjoyable that I do them at home. Check out the Cosmic Kids YouTube channel. It’s a lovely British lady who does yoga while telling stories and making funny faces and voices.

  35. Please Please PLEASE do more of this! Best curation of video greatness ever! Thank you!!

  36. My favorite form of exercise is Pound. I think you can buy DVDs online. You rock out to awesome music, get a great workout (which is absolutely modifiable to whatever your physical ability may be), and you get to hit things with drumsticks!

  37. My self care is getting to spend the next 3 days with my bestie! Nothing better at the moment 😊

  38. I may not be able to celebrate my Milestone Birthday with my family and friends, but this small celebration with you, is what I needed.
    This is the best birthday gift, ever.
    Thank you, SO MUCH!

  39. I love the FitOn app. It’s free and they have an unbelievable number of video classes for all different types of workouts, from stretching to yoga to weight training, Pilates, dance…so much stuff. I generally hate exercise and only do it because it keeps me sane (saner? Sanish?), but I actually look forward to these workouts.

    Also, your video collection made me almost pee, I laughed so hard. You are a treasure.

  40. Those were all hilarious and I really needed that – thank you! I’m sorry you’re not doing well lately. I’m not either. And I’m also trying to figure out how to exercise regularly when I hate exercising. I don’t know about videos but I bought an Oculus Quest recently mostly to play Beat Saber, which is a lot of fun and can be a workout when you get up to the harder levels, and there are others (that I haven’t bought yet) that would be more of a workout but still fun.

  41. Please also check out @ziregolf Twitter post of 7/38/2020 at 12:09. I wish I could include a link but I’m pretty technologically impaired. Thanks for your posts.☺️

  42. I’m sorry Jenny, I’m currently trying to fight off my second round of PPD. I can tell you having a baby during a plague sucks. Have you tried some yoga by shiva rea? She has DVDs- and her yoga flow is basically super uninhibited arm waving. Plus it will hurt muscles you didn’t know you had. I wish I could figure out how to post the super cute muffin who’s currently responsive for my sleep deprivation and hormonal imbalance, but I can’t figure that out on my phone. Hugs and snuggles from both of us.

  43. Love all the clips you shared. Most of them I hadn’t seen! I’m sorry you’re going thru such a rough time. I think a lot of us are just.. done. We are dealing with a bit more than the norm for us, with some health issues. It’s very draining, and we are already dealing w/ our normal amount of depression & anxiety. So glad my meds mostly work. I wish I could say the same for my youngest. (who is 23) I can’t wait to hear more about your new book! And yes, it’s true, I’ve never been off the east coast.. but Texas is now a bucket list, just to go to your bookstore some day. <3

  44. Due to a very rare set of weird circumstances, my pacemaker implantation later turned into open heart surgery. From ICU to SCU to inpatient rehab, I’m finally going home tomorrow. For 17 days I’ve been cared for and waited on, encouraged and supported by at least 100 wonderful, cheerful people who work in these units. Best care ever. But I haven’t had any belly laughs in a very long time until today, as I watched all the funniest things ever in your post! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

  45. I am so excited for your next book! Thanks for sharing all the cute videos.

  46. I needed this today – thank you!!

    Check out Yoga With Adriene on YouTube for a ton of free yoga videos. She’s fun and will give lots of options for all skill levels. I’ve been doing one of her 30 day programs and it’s made a big difference. She feels like family and is super supportive.

  47. Truth be told I hit a wall today… just not doing ok, covid, life stuff, etc. We’ve been doing mold cleanup ourselves for I don’t know how long now every single day and at this point I need a mental health day from doing it.

    Had to throw out my favourite unicorn shoes today (ballet flats with unicorn faces on them) because of mold and family authored cookbooks with family photos are going to be next. My depression is hammering at the door. Just feels hopeless and never ending. I know other people have it so much worse than I do.. I just can’t be better about any of it today. Just want to hide.

    Glad to see you’re healthfully doing things to get you through. I applaud you Jenny for doing everything you’re doing to positively move forward in your life during such an insane time, especially with being immunosuppressive. Your strength and grace are admirable. It’s freaking heroic, truly. You are an inspiration. 💗

  48. I highly recommend Yoga with Adrianne on YouTube; she has a lovely demeanor, very soothing, and an excellent yogi. Plus you can find sessions as short as 20 minutes!

  49. Jenny, I really enjoy the Body Groove dance workouts: you do them on your own level ad the instructor only guides you in the movements, you don’t have to follow exactly. Here’s a link to a fun one, but she does alll kinds of music so check out her other vids too if you’re

  50. For a workout that is not trying to kill you, check out “Jenny McClendon” on YouTube, or “Jenny Fit Start” on Facebook. She’s awesome!

  51. Hey Jenny, lovely to see you. This was awesome. Re: needing to laugh, have you enjoyed Space Force on Netflix? Other than the release of Hamilton, it’s the best thing to happen yet in 2020.

  52. YES! This is the absolutely best, most thorough, and easy to follow tai chi teaching, FREE series of videos that I have ever, EVER come across. Highly recommend!
    They’re on Loom, free (for now? not sure how Loom works), but downloadable. I really, really like them.

    If you disagree with my opinion, lay it on me, I can take it. I really do want to know–both for the validation, but more so because giving someone something they need to know on the day they need to know it is something I live for (and my daughter says that’s how she figured out that I’m a fairy godmother).

  53. My comment disappeared into the ether…in case it never comes back, I’m trying again because it was important to me (and apologize if the first one materializes).

    YES! This is the absolutely best, most thorough, and easy to follow tai chi teaching, FREE series of videos that I have ever, EVER come across. Highly recommend!
    They’re on Loom, free (for now? not sure how Loom works), but downloadable, in any case. I really, really like them.

    If you disagree with my opinion, lay it on me, I can take it. I really do want to know–both for the validation, but more so because giving someone something they need to know on the day they need to know it is something I live for. I’m good at it, too. (My daughter says that’s how she figured out that I’m a fairy godmother.)

  54. I second #19’s suggestion…but remember ladies, it’s not prancersizing unless there’s full camel toe involvement. Go big and shameless or go home! (See the videos if you have no idea what I’m talking about!)

  55. Oh, those are great to bookmark! Since you’re looking for fun fitness, I’m an immunocompromised yoga teach who is making yoga music videos during the pandemic: They’re short, simple yoga flows meant to be repeated as moving meditation, set to some of the best pop music around, including the Beatles, Janelle Monae, Adele, Talking Heads, Florence and the Machine, REM and more. Message me on Twitter and I can send you some free previews.


  56. Just sending love.🖤I like watching spooky shit on YouTube. Nukes Top Five is my favorite! I know that’s not an interactive video activity but… it does take up time and inspire the imagination. 🎃

  57. Self care for me right now consists of meditation, yoga, and walking. I’m not great at meditating but I listen to Deepak Chopra’s 21 day meditation experience (there’s a free one every few months or you can buy them) before I get out of bed in the morning and I find it helps. I love Yoga with Adriene on YouTube. She has a huge variety of classes and is all about loving yourself and doing what works for you. Since I also don’t go anywhere I walk in a big circle in my yard while listening to music.

  58. I recently bought a sledgehammer so I can try shovelgloving. It has no rules or structure other than you have to do it for fourteen minutes, every day, except holidays and weekends. I figure I can stick to that.

  59. I know I should be taking my meds regularly. . . . I think I need to move them to my home office. . . they’re not getting in. . . and they don’t do me any good in the bottle. Thank you for the memes. The cat preparing for dance class is classic. I forwarded it onto my Zumba teacher so she’d be aware of what goes on in my head when she discusses a new routine.
    Thank you, Jenny. You are a gift. 🙂

  60. Seeing that you’ve posted makes me happy, and reading your posts makes me even happier. I appreciate that you exist so much.

    I’ve been forcing myself to go take a walk outside to get away from my desk once a day, which I think is better for the things I see than for the exercise itself. Today I saw a cedar waxwing in a mulberry tree and a few different species of lake fish I can’t identify (though one was probably a sunny). The white clouds against the blue sky were gorgeous. I try to focus on that. And on breathing, which can be difficult to remember to do, sometimes.

  61. Exercise idea: The app from Peloton. You can pay a small fee and use their app even if you don’t have a Peloton bike or treadmill. They have fantastic yoga, strength training, meditation, stretching and outdoor walking/running/hiking classes where you need minimal equipment. The instructors are very knowledgeable and super supportive and encouraging. And entertaining, which Is what I need to get me through a class. We have the Peloton bike and treadmill, which I also highly recommend, but still I take their classes every day.

  62. Highly recommend checking out Pahla B fitness jusust search youtube. She it super nice, and the videos are for all fitness levels!
    Thanks for all the happy messages in bf this pist!

  63. On you tube warch ” Twitch” and Allison for an EASY dance workout. Since the quarantine they’ve been on every Monday Wednesday and Friday, for 4 months now. No dance exp needed at all and Hailey will love it too. Also watch ” I’m sorry” on Netflix…so funny. Keep smiling, this too will pass. Although it can’t come f$#king fast enough ❤

  64. Self care is hard especially now. I deleted Facebook off my phone which helped but I looked at it on my computer today and got sucked into awfulness. Thankfully I was able to convince myself to go to taekwondo and I feel so much better afterwards. I also really like the head space app. it as a meditation for every situation and it’s a great way to reset. I especially like it at night when I can’t get my brain to stop.

  65. I feel really weird self-promoting in your comments; but I also would love to help you feel better about exercise. So… if you are still looking for exercise videos, you can check out and give some of the classes a try! I stream 4 days a week, and the VODs stay up for 2 weeks after that.

    And regardless, I am sending you love and support, since this is a wacky time for us brains. <3

  66. I so needed these today! The cats were a bit concerned with the rap cat learning to dance, but otherwise they approved too 🙂

  67. If you’re looking for exercise options, I can’t recommend highly enough. I’ve been doing it for years, the teacher is amazing, there’s a new 15-minute workout everyday, and the instructor is just so great and real. Her animals and kids get in the way. She’s just great.

  68. Body Groove. Check it on youtube. Fun, lifts the spirit and makex me laugh

  69. I work for Nike and am 61 years old. The Nike Training Club Premium app is now free to everyone. There are excellent workouts to do at home for every level from yoga to HIIT. The password is justdoit. It’s been a sanity saver for me!

  70. Thank You Jenny. I wish I could express how much I needed this post today.
    It made a difference in my day. For the better.

  71. Thank you for all the videos and photos. It was a good few minutes. For exercise in your home, Pop Sugar Fitness on YouTube has some great videos. They’re free and go anywhere from 10-45 minutes depending on the workout. There are a bunch of dance exercise videos I enjoy. Here’s a link to a fun one that isn’t too hard and is only 15 minutes long. It’s a “pick me up” work out.

    I hope you find something you like here. You deserve to feel well.

  72. I had a sort of breakthrough/breakdown and ended up in bed from 7pm until now. It’s also the birthday of an old friend who died lst yer, so yeh, shittstic day.

  73. Don’t know if anyone has suggested them yet, but Kukuwa Fitness is doooope af. African dance by these smiling excited ladies who will give you life. They’re on YouTube in 15 minute increments for free, or you can join their website streaming thing for about $15 a month.

  74. My neighbor and friend are doing our best to keep each other from sliding into depression. We walk (physically distanced) when its not furnace weather. Otherwise, there is nothing as nurturing as YogaWith Adriene to ground me and keep my body cared for. Love your posts; looking forward to your next book.

  75. I am not the type of person to develop, regular good habits. I want to be, but never made it happen until I started doing restorative yoga with the Down Dog app (which gives you access to a bunch of work out types like barre and HIIT). It allows for a lot of customization including length, background music, how much instruction they give you, the instructor’s voice, experience level, and if you want to focus on any specific body area. They also have about a dozen other yoga types but I mostly do restorative. It makes my body feel GOOD and I feel better in my body. If you like new things, they switch up the routine every time. If you find one you like, you can keep it.

    Also, thank you for the funny posts. It is certainly a nice change to cry from laughing than just crying from frustration and despair.

  76. Kris @ 51,

    My husband was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes about ten years ago. He controls his blood sugar by diet. He tested three times a day, and that helped a LOT (it’s hard to drive the car with your eyes shut). Even so, getting a handle on how his blood sugar corresponded with his diet was frustrating.

    And then these miraculous devices were invented–CONTINUOUS GLUCOSE MONITORS. Insurance covers them. You stick the device on your arm, and change it to the other arm every two weeks. So much easier than forty-two finger sticks. It checks your glucose every five minutes, 24/7. My husband has the FREESTYLE LIBRA.

    You can dump all the readings it collected onto your computer, and wave a little reader at your arm (or your smart phone–there’s an app!). Having that info has made it so easy to get a handle on cause and effect.

    He just said, “I wish I’d had this thing ten years ago. It’s so easy!”

  77. I recently found DDP yoga. It’s a program designed and led by Diamond Dallas Page of WWE game and both it and he are surprising. Great yoga sessions made tremendously more fun by DDP.

  78. Thank you for the videos. They made me laugh. I’m having a tough week and feeling kind of useless and shitty.

  79. I loved the richard simmons sweating to the oldies exercise video. Fun , easy and the outfits from the 80s/90s would be a hoot now.
    I didnt realize i had postpartum depression but looking back i didand thishelped

  80. Exercise—we bought a rower. It is amazing and hard yet fun. Tonight I watched the hobbit and rowed down the river away from Smaug. Told the hub I need to watch castaway next and row with Wilson to get home. 😉

  81. Thank your shrink for me “My shrink recommended that I read more and laugh more and find things that make me smile…” for that timely reminder! And thank you, of course, for posting this and for the group of very funny things – the cat ‘learning’ to dance made me laught the loudest!

  82. My husband got a laptop desk exercise bike for playing video fames. We all use it!

  83. I loved, loved, loved what ha been making you laugh! Especially the first one with the cat learning to dance, thank you for making me laugh too.
    I watch Zumba dance videos when I can’t get outside to jog or to my virtual dance classes. Try this one, it will lead you down the rabbit hole of so many others. Good luck, have fun and keep laughing. As a wise person told us, your brain is lying to you!!!!

  84. thank you for making me giggle. those are fabulous. i am sharing with friends. sending big warm fuzzies. i usually send your book to people that i think may need a laugh, but since you wrote it…
    the one thing i can think of that has made me laugh, not as hard as Furiously Happy, but still, Calvin & Hobbes books. Some of the comedians on netflix get me laughing too. going to see if i can post a link to one for you on twitter.

  85. Jenny, have you ever looked up Dry Bar Comedy on YouTube? Quality standup comedy, they’ve got a lot of great comedians 😀

    Also look for James Veitch if you haven’t heard of him. He replies to spam emails, going along with the con and making the scammers answer ridiculous questions or follow along with crazy storylines. He’s on YouTube too but he also has a book, Dot Con, which I recently rediscovered in my Kindle library.

    Ooh, and while we’re on the subject of Kindle reads… I recently picked up Dan Wells’s book I Am Not A Serial Killer, which is about a teenage sociopath hunting a serial killing demon while trying to keep his own moral code intact. It’s horror, it’s kinda gory, and you would probably love it. (Trigger warnings, though, this is a violent book and the second one only gets more intense. And don’t read it at night, because you won’t get any sleep–either because of the horror aspect or because you can’t put it down.)

  86. Hang in there. And check out Tara Stiles yoga. I love that it’s basically no pressure. Either you can do the pose or you can’t. Plus she got an anxiety series which is great.

  87. Yoga with Kassandra on YouTube. I love her because she seems so much more down too earth than most of the other yoga stuff I’ve tried online. Like she says “don’t worry about it too much” a lot, so I don’t feel like a complete failure for not being able to reach the ground.

    She has tons of different videos and a lot for absolute beginners too. She does a lot of yin yoga, which is excersize where you don’t move, which sounds really easy, but is actually quite challenging at first, but it has done wonders for my nervous system. I have actually learned to calm the fuck down.

  88. Try Yoga with Adriene, especially her 30-day challenges. She also has single videos for about anything, from headaches to menstrual cramps to lower back pain. And she has such a good energy… She’s been a lifesaver in my darkest moments.

  89. I really like Fitness Marshal on YouTube. Don;t let the names fool you, the guy’s last name is Marshal. They are fun dance workouts, each one is only a single song long, and there are 3 dancers demonstrating various levels of oompf. Also, they are funny.

  90. The Yoga with Adriene videos on YouTube are really nice. She’s supportive and caring and lovely, and there are videos for all kinds of experience levels, time commitments, and energy levels.

  91. Hi Jenny, first sending you good vibes and as for exercise videos, I highly recommend Yoga with Kassandra on YouTube. She offers yin yoga classes, a gentle and passive style which to me is an awesome go-to when I don’t have the energy to exercise otherwise. She has different length classes, so you can do only 10 minutes if needed. It has saved me during quarantine, this little me-time, super soft and calming.
    That, and re-reading let’s pretend that never happened. But you may have already read that book?
    Lots of love and healing vibes,

  92. Thank you, Jenny for those delightful posts. We are in this together. I agree with some other posters: yoga, tai chi, or chi gong for nice, soothing movements. If you don’t want to leave your chair, how about “dancing in your seat”? Just put on some streaming music you like. Move your arms, legs and wiggle to the music while singing along.

  93. I like Jessica Smith Workouts on Youtube. She’s really honest and says stuff like “I know this hurts, but let’s do one more” and makes popcultural references, like one move is called the oompa-loompa! really funny 🙂

  94. OMG thank you Jenny! I have had a tough few days of late and needed to just laugh!! You are the best. Do take care of yourself and best of luck finding a good video to inspire you.

  95. Another recommendation for Mommastrong – the program is $5/month, and like someone said above, is amazing. The instructor is very real, talks openly about how life is just hard sometimes, and (this is my favorite part) she offers “fix-me’s” for everything from shoulder pain to anxiety, and every single one I’ve tried has measurably improved the particular problem I was having in that moment.

  96. Follow Twitch and his wife, Allison, on Instagram – They’re both dancers and do a very nice workout for people a few times a week. It’s just moving your body and it’s easy to do. And they’re very happy people who always make me smile.

  97. If you can afford it, please consider joining a small business yoga studio. Many of them are offering online classes or on demand subscriptions because of the pandemic. Plus yoga can be super great for mental health! I have a subscription to on demand classes from Home Yoga Barre (Pennsylvania) because it’s my local studio but I’m sure there are tons around the country if you want to support someone closer to you.

  98. Hey Jenny, hope you’re seeing lots of sunshine today. We found Team Body Project on youtube and we’re in love with their videos; they also have a Roku channel so they’re easy to find. This one is my favorite and a nice, calm aerobic workout for people not used to working out. Daniel (the instructor) is so positive and cheerful and encouraging! The ‘Real Start’ program (not Real Start Plus, big difference) is their beginner line.

  99. I’m so glad we’re both hanging in there, Jenny. I can’t wait to visit Nowhere when it’s safe to travel (and Nowhere is open) again. Unlike The Nothing, Nowhere sounds much more fun.

  100. Thank you for the videos. Too Funny!

    For online yoga, I’ve been doing Yoga with Adriene. She is super, super affirming, cute, funny, goofy. Her motto is Find What Feels Good.

  101. Hang in there, Jenny! Keep those funny memes/posts/videos coming… laughter really is the best medicine in certain cases. Now is certainly the time we all need a little light and laughter in our lives!

  102. Ok, I love the cat trying to follow a dance routine. I relate to him so much.
    Have you checked out The Fitness Marshall on YouTube? He always has dancers of different levels of skill and different sizes. I also like the Bollywood and Belly Dancing tutorials. Now, if my weirdlings wouldn’t get underfoot while doing them, that would be great…

  103. Body Groove is one I actually enjoyed and I HATE EXERCISING. It’s dancing but the instructor encourages participation in a playful way. There’s some videos on YouTube if you want to check it out. 😉

  104. Check out Dr. jerry Tennant. He’s in Texas and his work is revolutionary and he may be able to help you. Lots of vids on You Tube. Thank you for these hilarious videos. I had several belly laughs, a very good way to start the day and love the laughing foxes.

  105. Hi Jenny! Try Melissa Wood Health. Everything is online – 8 min arms, 40 minute yoga and pilates flow – whatever you want to try! First week is free for trial and reasonably priced after. I love her because she uses no music and talks you through alignment so that all of your focus goes to your body. This makes your workout more effective and when you are done you actually feel relaxed as you have not been focusing on whatever you normally are looping about in your mind – it helps after only a few minutes. Melissa has struggled with anxiety and speaks openly about it which makes me appreciate her even more. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

  106. Essentrics. It’ll seem a little cheesy at first, and you have to get over the fact that the woman who does most of it is like 100 years old but looks 30. It’s like a cross between tai chi and dancing and standing yoga and no-impact aerobics.

  107. You’ve probably already seen this, and it’s a cat food ad cleverly disguised as a video but…so good. There is a whole series of “Dear Kitten” videos on YouTube, this is the first one.

  108. We have a rowing machine — it doesn’t suck and I can watch shows or youtube while I use it. However! You might want to follow this Irish guy on Instagram. He’s super funny and his family is all about pitching in to make hilarious videos.

    He’s this guy:

  109. I feel all of your summer struggle during a pandemic pain and wish you the very best. Thanks for being one of the honest and funny people I go to when I need to commiserate.

    Highly recommend the free FitOn app. Jonathan Van Ness from Queer Eye has the most adorable yoga classes on there and they are like 6-15 minutes long, so not a huge time commitment. Plus, his energy is just joyful and a delight. Also, The Fitness Marshall on YouTube, similar energy and hilarious to try the dances. Trying to get any kind of exercise in during the heat/humidity has been a chore, but I always feel better after I get some. Same with water. Why is it so HARD to drink water?

  110. If you use Reddit, you need to see r\AnimalsBeingDerps It will make you laugh all day.

  111. I’m a yoga and fitness instructor that sucks at doing at-home workouts. I’m an introvert that loves teaching – my participants motivate me! So a pandemic has meant no teaching and no salary so I tried YouTube videos … but nothing fit. In the end, I decided to drop my money on: Yoga International (choose class by mood, time, and ability) and Les Mills on Demand (motivating music and lots of time options). Between these two, I normally start with a 15-30 minute option and I often find myself motivated enough to find a second short video to complete too! Tell yourself that you will commit a small amount of time (eg 15 minutes) – if you are not feeling it then you can stop. You will be surprised by how many times you keep going. Good luck.

  112. Funny animal videos are my go to for times when my depression/anxiety kicks in! There’s even a channel on my cable service that shows them A LOT!!! This past weekend it was funny animal videos all day Saturday and Sunday. I was thrilled.

  113. I love Diane Bondy on instagram and facebook (dianebodyofficial – something like that) for some great size inclusive yoga!

  114. I love your video clips, they make me laugh.
    For reading funny stuff besides yourself, I loved the James Herriot “All Creatures…” series of books, they’re funny and sweet and are all about keeping a stiff upper lip and carrying on in the face of the literal shit life throws at you. Also Bill Bryson’s “Walk In The Woods” book.
    For Exercise, I love My Community Yoga classes,
    They do Zoom classes for people of all abilities and levels, and the Restorative yoga, Yoga for Depression and Anxiety, Pregnancy and New Mom yoga, Chair yoga for the people who can’t stand up for any length of time, wonderful energy and instructors from the local yoga studio I used to go to before the pandemic. You can probably find lots of local to your area instructors and studios of Yoga, Tai Chi, etc offering online/Zoom instruction and you can help them keep from closing permanently by you by supporting them and supporting yourself at the same time.
    I also love the old Wii Fit video game exercises, they don’t make them anymore, but if you find used one for sale with the board, controllers and step you would enjoy playing while exercising. I also found exercise instruction posters by QuickFit on Amazon that help me with all sorts of exercise methods. Nothing beats turning up the music and just dancing or chair dancing.
    Yoga/meditative breathing helps with anxiety and depression.
    One of the self care things I do is feeding and watching the birds and squirrels and chipmunks. Some people love to garden, or walk or run. In this super hot weather I love getting up early in the morning when the sun is just coming up and enjoying the outside before it gets too hot, then I go inside and go back to sleep for a while. You’d be amazed at how peaceful and calming it is to just sit outside or walk around your yard when the world is just beginning to switch from night to day. I feel closest to the spiritual self when it’s just me and nature and the rest of the world is faded into the background or fast asleep.

  115. Suggest you check out Amber Ruffin on Youtube. She just posted an “Amber Says What?” that had me rolling, and she wore the gorgeous Emmy gown she wasn’t going to get a chance to wear as the Emmys have been called off.

  116. Yoga w/Adrienne on youtube. She is so lovely and so gentle. (and its free!)
    She almost always gets me out of a funk. Very good for beginners and there are videos like: yoga for depression, bad mood, hangover, the lady is brilliant.

  117. So I am not really an exercise video person (although, god help me, I did try those videos from THE FIRM in the mid-aughts, and they were were HARD, but they did what they said on the box, and very quickly if you followed their little calendar) but in my rapidly-advancing age I’ve discovered rowing. A good machine is not cheap (and you want a good one, is the gold standard and everything there may still be on backorder – they’re all made in Vermont). but it is low-impact, and you can go at your own pace, for however long or short a time you want, and there’s this really meditative quality to it – the back and forth, the way you have to focus on what each part of your body is up to, the sound of the flywheel. The best part is you can do it sitting down, and you technically don’t even need to put on SHOES.

  118. I LOVE dancing to The Fitness Marshall on YouTube. Me Too is one of my favorites. Sometimes I get a little lost, but I have so much fun anyway!

  119. Dance Dance Revolution – apparently there’s a 2020 version…
    Too hard for me – I use an ancient Mario Dance…

  120. Oh my god, I needed that laugh 😀 Thank you!

    Also, I’m sure several people have recommended it, but Yoga with Adrienne has been one of my go-tos for a while.

  121. Body Groove is really fun and funky, for exercise vids. TikTok may be spyware, I don’t care, but it’s so funny and cool. Lots of good people there making great content.

  122. I needed a kick in the butt reminding me that I need to MOVE once in a while. I’m letting myself get mired too deep in the muck. Anyway, thanks for the nudge. I hope you get a break soon.

  123. Sending love to you. 🖤 As far as not interactive video…I enjoy watching YouTube’s Nuke’s Top Five for quality paranormal content. Escapism, unless you’re living in a haunted house presently.

  124. Hi Jenny. I’ve discovered Yoga Nidra. I don’t really like yoga but this is yoga where you basically lie down, close your eyes and breathe. It stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system to promote healing. It’s AWESOME!
    Check out Soul Tree Yoga in CO. Take an online class on Mon and Wed nights. Try it once and you’ll be hooked. xo

  125. Jenny,
    Please tell me you already know about baby goats in pajamas. They are the only effective self-care I have discovered, with deep gratitude to Sunflower Farm Creamery. Here is a short video, only two baby goats:
    But for the full experience, a whole barn full of baby goats:
    You will not be sorry.

  126. I’ve been doing yoga daily for years. I recommend Yoga with Adrienne if you are new to it, because she spends more time explaining things. If you’re not new, try Yoga with Kassandra. She offers more variety in her workouts, and a whole slew of 10-minute morning stretch workouts, plus some yin yoga, which I love when I’m coming out of depression.

    With no gym and staying inside, I’m pretty sedentary these days, and heart issues run in my family, so I looked for cardio. There’s a lot of cardio on Youtube. My new favorite is “Team Body Project”. It’s an Australian duo with a lot of low impact, some interval, some seated for people with limited movement. If you want to hear an Aussie yelling at you “You’re a winner!” “You’re strong!” “Stay hydrated!”… you will love it.

  127. <3 hugs. I like the true facts videos on youtube by ze frank, there are new ones

  128. If you have a Nintendo Switch, Ring Fit Adventure is surprisingly fun and effective.

  129. Thank you! I needed this this morning!
    I get you on self care – so hard to do when everything hurts both emotionally and physically. I’ll keep trying if you will!

  130. Please take care of yourself, Jenny! You take such good care of the rest of us. I’ve been struggling the past few days and this post was exactly what my soul needed.

  131. I have watched all the videos so many times. Thank you!!!
    I love the Great British Baking Show (or whatever it’s called) on Netflix. It’s so pleasant. Beautiful bakes are made, in learning about treats I never heard of before, and the competitors are kind to each other. They always become friends and genuinely root for each other, which gives me hope for humanity. It reminds me there is good (and delicious food).

  132. I love Yoga with Adrienne…she has some short single videos or I love to do the 30 day videos, there’s several different ones. It is one of the only things I have been able to consistently do during this crazy year. Look her up on you tube.

  133. This is completely off-topic, but I’m reading this book and I keep thinking of you. It’s called The Bookshop of Yesterdays by Amy Meyerson. Lots of stuff about an indie book shop. Don’t wanna say any more. But for some reason I think you’d like it. 🤓

  134. This is completely off-topic, but I’m reading this book and I keep thinking of you. It’s called The Bookshop of Yesterdays by Amy Meyerson. Lots of stuff about an indie book shop. Don’t wanna say any more. But for some reason I think you’d like it. 🤓

  135. I’ve been struggling a lot lately too, mentally and physically. So I bought a terribly expensive treadmill (NordicTrack Commercial x22i) because I can still walk. This treadmill has a cushioned deck, a 22″ screen so I can watch Netflix, YouTube, etc., and it comes with a year of iFit so I can do walking tours of like Easter Island, Scotland, and Japan, or do guided exercise. The price tag was painful, but it’s made it so much easier for me to walk briskly for at least 20 minutes a day and that has helped me feel so much better mentally and physically. I figure keeping myself sane is worth taking on a little debt. ❤️

  136. I haven’t read all the replies, but if Yoga with Adrianne hasn’t been suggested to you yet, I HIGHLY recommend them! They’re low key, and not intimidating, and most of them are short enough that I can motivate myself to do them even when I’m not feeling like yoga at all!

  137. Those were awesome. Thank u Jenny. Hang in there. I’m trying to stick to some kind of routine for exercise but between weather and health issues and this virus going around it’s difficult. Reading and writing does help but those moments when I don’t feel I ever wanna get out of bed are something else. 🐱🐱🐱🐱 Help. 😂 And good books like old friends, yours among them. Excited for the next one.

  138. Fellow animal lover here. My fave animal IGs that I follow: doggosbeingdoggos, drsmashlove, animals.hilarious, wild_animalsgram (they sometimes put up commercial posts), the purringtonpost, easton_the_golden, oliverdagolden, avathetappingpei. Enjoy!

  139. I like Just Dance on the wii, and Lazy Dancer Tips on YouTube, which makes me feel like a ballerina and bonus bc she has cats that sometimes sit right in her way.

  140. Highly recommend Yoga with Adriene on Youtube. Tons of free videos. You can follow a monthly program or just do your own thing. She exudes kindness and focuses a lot on self-love. Plus she has a great sense of humour!

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