Welcome to Nowhere!

So God knows when Nowhere Bookshop will be open for you to stroll through in real life but I want you to see it because it’s SO AMAZING and the team has done such a fantastic job of making it lovely and filling it with fabulous books and wonderful assorted stuff, so that’s why tonight I’m going to the bookshop and you are going to come with me. Sort of.

Basically I’m going to do a live walkthrough on instagram and you can shop online with me or just browse while I drink a cocktail and show you the stacks and point out some of my favorite things. (We ship all over and we have curbside pick-up available if you’re near San Antonio.) It’ll be about 6ish on the Nowhere Bookshop instagram. A few minutes ago I did a test showing my own bookshelves on my person instagram just to see if it would work and other than a few times when the connection got wonky it seems like it worked really well.

I saved the test video on my IGTV in case you’re bored and want to watch it but be aware that the comments people leave on instalive don’t show up in the IGTV so it looks like I’m talking to myself even more than I normally do.

Come browse an empty bookshop with me tonight, lovelies. The live will be here and I think most of our books are on our website right here. Just search for what you want. And we’ll make a special page with the stuff I spotlight tonight to make it easier to find.

Happy reading!

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  1. I am SO excited for the day it will be reasonable to voluntarily board a plane, fly from Boston to SanAntonio and visit your bookstore in person.

  2. So happy for you! I can’t wait to see how you decorate it for Halloween!

  3. Oh my goodness!
    I’ve NEVER been the first to post!
    I don’t even believe in signs from the universe except for right now when I posted my dearest wish (besides COVID related family and public health concerns and other issues I take an active stand on but won’t enumerate here so I don’t start a flame war)
    Jenny, I was having just a real shitstorm of a day and, as has been true so many more times than I can count, you’ve gotten my head back above water just by you being you in a public forum.
    Thank you!

  4. This might end up being a repeat but my most recent post is not showing up.
    I’ve NEVER been your first commenter. Commentor. Person who submits a comment.
    And I’ve been having a shitty day over nothing and I don’t believe in messages from the universe except that landing by total lucky timing as the first entry means a. Today isn’t actually shitty b. COVID will stop one day and I’ll fly down!
    I didn’t even know having the first comment was a goal til it happened just now!

  5. I cannot wait to have enough money to buy books and cannot wait to see Nowhere!!!! 😻 Virtually! (More excites about seeing it in person if the world sticks around that long) Either way, congratulations! 🖤🙌

  6. Perfect idea for an otherwise pretty shitty day. Can’t wait to take the tour with you.

  7. Can you record it for those of us that aren’t available at they time? Also, what time zone are you in? I’m on the west coast of Canada so trying to figure out what time 6pm is in Pacific time. Thanks!

  8. I cannot wait til it’s safe enough to visit! I love the Fantastic Strangelings Bookclub. It has been so much fun to read these amazing books.

  9. Wonderful tour and title were legible. Thank you for letting me drop in for a few minutes. Awesome distraction.

  10. Can you please record it for those of us who aren’t available at that time? Thanks

  11. I still need to get the embroidery to you. I’ll drop them off this weekend at the shop.

  12. That was great! It was very easy to see titles. I love seeing what you and other people have on their bookshelves. I also collect Alice in Wonderland books! I don’t have as many as you do but my daughter found a very small leatherbound edition with gold-tipped pages that was printed in 1928 and gave it to me for safekeeping (I’m hoping she’s forgotten that I have it), and a friend gave me The Annotated Alice, the Definitive Edition a few years ago.

    Can’t wait to see the Nowhere Bookshop walkthrough! 🙂

  13. This was a wonderful treat. Thank you Jenny. Do you have ‘Poems of Lewis Carroll’ selected by Myra Cohn Livingston? I received it in the 1970’s from my sister and still own and cherish it today. Has some really ‘bizarre’ poems. Read Chang and Eng years ago and also loved it. Just finished Mexican Gothic and really enjoyed it. Great job picking out our book club books each month!

  14. I love that you color coded your bookshelf. I always look for DVDs and books based on the color of their spine. People always look at my strangely when they ask to see or borrow something and I send them to my shelves to look at the blue ones. Lol

  15. That reminds me I need to get the two framed embroidery to you. I’ll drop them off this weekend at the store

  16. Opening a bookstore during a pandemic has to be hard. My first novel is about to be published and had all these dreams of walking to lots of small bookstores to see if they’d stock it and now… idk. All the same I’d love to see it on the shelves of Nowhere Bookshop. (It even references Furiously Happy.)

  17. You have NO idea how badly I wish I could work at your bookstore. So badly. All the badlies. I live in San Antonio! You’re one of my favorites! If only that were enough! Are you even hiring? I sound desperate and stalker-like, but it’s only sort of true. I just kind of love you and have applied to work at endless bookstores in my life and happen to have an English Lit degree but for some reason never get hired at any of these bookstores even though it’s my literal idea of heaven and now you have this incredible bookstore! What! Anyway. If you need any help, I’m so so down.

  18. I unfortunately couldn’t watch it live. I’d love it if you posted the recorded bookstore tour on this post, because I don’t do Facebook or Pinterest or Instagram or any other social media sites. Im looking forward to seeing the fantastic work you all have done on the store.

  19. I don’t think I saw it but since you like fairytales, have you read The Collected Writings of T.S. Spivet? A 12-yr old genius travels cross-country, hobo-style, to accept an award from the Smithsonian (they don’t know he’s 12). Besides the great story, it’s got wonderful drawings, charts, and copious sidenotes. It’s fun and touching and I can’t put it down.

  20. Argh my brain is eroding: the book is The Selected Works of T.S. Spivet… the author is Reif Larsen FFS. Apparently it’s now a movie too.

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