It is never too early for Halloween.

Some people might say it’s too early to decorate for Halloween but I don’t listen to those people because I’m literally that person who intentionally leaves Halloween decorations up all year. Halloween is a state of mind, after all, and it is my favorite holiday in the whole world.

This year will be different, of course. Hailey and I will still dress up and watch scary movies and I’ll leave a bucket of candy and children’s books on my porch for anyone who ventures out but that’s about it. However, this was the first year that I had a whole eerie window display to plan out for Nowhere Bookshop and it is my new favorite thing.

I was going to make ghosts reading books (ala “DYING FOR A GOOD BOOK?”) but then I thought maybe that was in poor taste during a pandemic and then I thought maybe a fire breathing dragon but I wasn’t sure if the fog machine would fuck with the books so I ended up with a fortune telling theme because I collect tarot cards and oracle decks and I already owned almost all of the props that I’d need.

And after a few hours of work…it was done!

(Those aren’t real owls, by the way. It know it’s illegal to taxidermy owls here. Please don’t call the game warden.)

And I was very, very proud of myself for finishing my very first window display.

And then I remembered that window displays should actually face the window.

So maybe not a perfect victory, but a victory nonetheless.

PS. I did manage to rearrange everything before I left so technically I think this counts as TWO window displays.

PPS. Want to shop for the books in the window and support Nowhere? We have curbside pick-up if you’re local and we ship everywhere if you’re not. Click here to see them all! (We have a giant selection on our website but these were just a choice few I loved.)

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  1. Great work! I teach visual merchandising and this is WONDERFUL use of props and merch and multiple focal points and levels! I could go on…
    But ya done good and if I’m ever teaching in the fashion dept again, I’m going to use this as an example!

  2. Ha! Looking at the first pics, I was thinking, “That’s lovely! But how does it look from outside??” Glad you turned it around! LOL Well done!

  3. Beautiful! And the fact that a lot of stuff is oriented away from the window will only deepen the mystery and make people want to know more. Like me, for instance.

  4. Also? My brooms and the sign for “Bat potion” by the front door stay up all year round, as well. 😉

  5. It is definitely never to early for Halloween! I’ve had a skeleton coming out of a planter on my front porch for over a week now…..and adding more as the days go!

  6. Simply wonderful! I love the owls and am relieved that they are not real taxidermized ones. (According to Spellcheck taxidermized is a real word. And I think there should be a Spellcheck for spells, to be sure you’re doing them right.)

  7. I love your love for Halloween! I started decorating as soon as the first fall lead dropped. My boyfriend just rolls his eyes and says “yes dear”. I’ll just keep adding to our home decor as the month passes!

  8. God I wish I could read right now. My depression and anxiety are tanking me badly, and I can’t concentrate enough to read. Hoping new meds will kick in soon.

  9. I married a man who says “Halloween is my Christmas!” so we’ve been decorating since Labor Day.
    We were supposed to get married on Halloween, so this year will be bittersweet, but we’ll get through.

  10. Jenny, Jenny, Jenny!
    This makes ME ridiculously happy too!
    I LOVE Halloween, but I especially LOVE seeing people overcome with joy!
    For what it’s worth…
    We went out and bought a beautiful 6 foot “slim” tree for my Halloween Tree. It’s “evergreen”, but I’ll make up for it with the Halloween lights and decorations.
    I usually build a tree out of found branches, paint it black and decorate it in my front garden. (Yes. I have been seen dragging ridiculously long, fallen tree branches on Main St. in my town.) It’s A LOT of work and this year I decided that buying an artificial tree was happening.
    It cost $120, but I justified it to my husband by saying that if I decorate it EVERY month, and not just Halloween, it’s like buying it for $10 per month! A bargain, obviously. (He doesn’t really understand New Math.)
    It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!!

  11. We refer to the Halloween season as “when we buy household decorations.” Because seriously, there is so much year-round Halloween stuff in this house that I don’t even notice that this is sort of weird anymore.

  12. I used to help with the front window display at my local B&N when I worked there. It was my favorite thing to do. You did a fabulous job! I love the cozy, snuggle up and read feel of the window display, I wish I lived in the area so I could walk by and peer in the windows and dream of when I can visit bookstores and browse again. Recently I went into my old B&N when they started allowing customers inside again, there was almost nobody there, so I figured it would be okay. It was like a maze of one way aisles only 1 person’s width between shelving. So weird and not conducive to book hunting. I got trapped by other customers while trying to go up to the check out station, had a mild panic attack, and decided no more in person bookstores until we have a safe, effective vaccine or a cure.

  13. That’s awesome, and such an introverted thing to do. 😂 I probably would do the same thing.

    Also, yes to Halloween all year.

    What a beautiful display.

  14. It’s not that I’ve had the bird cage with the faux hanging 🦇 out since last Halloween, it’s that I’ve only had one out.

  15. And then NEXT year, you can have a person (maybe even you) who can look into her crystal ball and recommend books to people!

  16. love the windows… and although I don’t decorate (for anything really except 1 room of christmas stuff) I do enjoy other people’s work!

  17. Amazing…love the ghosts idea too, but I get your hesitation. Always a treat to see your ideas come to fruition!

  18. If there is one blessing to be had by this crazy year, it’s that I’ve learned to let go of the stupid idea of “seasonal” displays having a timeline. I used to go nuts when people left up Christmas lights too long, or started Halloween too early. Now, if you want to have a lawn display all year ’round of Santa carving pumpkins with the help of the Easter bunny wearing an Uncle Sam costume, I say go for it! I’ll even help set it up. We all need a little happiness and whimsy.

  19. In the early ’90’s, I worked for a small independently owned book and gifts store in a small University town in Illinois. It took a year or so for the owner to trust me, but eventually she allowed me to “dress” the two windows. Oh, what fun! I was tingling watching your video because it brought back such lovely memories of changing the windows out monthly. You’ve created a masterpiece, Jenny! Can’t wait to see what happens next in your window-world.

  20. I love that the display wasn’t facing outside! That sounds like something I would do! You ROCK, Jenny!

  21. I love this window display- it’s spooky and Halloween but also beautiful! I’ve never thought of Halloween and beauty in the same strand of consciousness before. The owls (I know they aren’t real, for anyone who is going to scold me) are gorgeous! You never mentioned HP or JKR, but I momentarily was transported to the great hall and was eagerly wondering what news Hedwig was carrying toward me.

    We’re not trick or treating, but I’m dressing up as a Cyborg anyway. It’ll be my practice cyborg outfit because by 10/31/2021 surely Biden will have gotten vaccine production and distribution kicked into high gear.

    If not, my mask will just be part of my cyborgness. I don’t plan on replacing my nasopharynx or lungs with superhuman technology- so Even Cyborgs Get COVID.
    WHICH IS THE NAME OF THE NOVEL IM WRITING IN NOVEMBER!!! Jenny, you must be my muse. My idea originally had nothing to do with cyborgs or pandemics, but now it does. Score my 100% on Openness in the big 5 personality traits!

  22. Love the display and congratulations. Though I’m not a Halloween fan, I am a bookshop and reading supernatural books fan, so I’m thrilled with your creation!

  23. That is gorgeous! I read Tarot too, and have some oracle decks. I wish I could come and read in your window for Halloween month. Next year?

  24. Where did you get the owls? My co-worker thinks they will make a great addition to our office.

  25. I LOVE this window display so much, you did an amazing job!! If I were in Texas (and Covid wasn’t a thing), it would absolutely draw me into your beautiful book shop. Yay for things that make you happy!!

  26. Halloween is a state of mind. Despite being in that state since about June, I’m currently waaaay behind in my Halloween at Hogwarts prep. Who knew transforming one’s entire front porch into Hogwarts Castle would be so much work. Not to mention the time it takes to make a life size thestral.

  27. Never too early for Halloween. We started this weekend, though mostly interior as we need some more supplies to work with my son’s vision for the front yard.

  28. 1) This is boo-tiful, Jenny! I am so, so glad you are still able to find bits of happiness during this raging apocalyptic Dumpster Fire.

    2) I see that Terry Scratchett is wearing a Nowhere mask. (Yay!) Soooo, where are the Nowhere masks made for teh hoomans to wear?! Just sayin’…

    3) “I was going to make ghosts reading books (ala “DYING FOR A GOOD BOOK?”) but then I thought maybe that was in poor taste during a pandemic”
    Eh, some people are dying for want of a sense of humor. 🤷‍♂️
    And others of us are desperately dying for a good laugh. 😆
    And this pandemic is KILLIN’ IT!
    [Get it? Pandemic…Killin’ it…Anyone? Oookay, my little twisted brain and I will just go back over here to our corner…]

  29. I thought we were the only state that puts a kabosh on taxidermied owls. Hell we’re not even supposed to have taxidermied owl feathers without permission. I love your display though! You’re right it’s never too early for Halloween.

  30. 1) Boo-tiful, Jenny! I am so so glad you are still able to find bits of happiness during this raging apocalyptic Dumpster Fire. Go, you!

    2) I see that Terry Scratchett is wearing a Nowhere mask. (Yay!) Soooo, where are the Nowhere masks made for teh hoomans? Just sayin’….

    3) “I was going to make ghosts reading books (ala “DYING FOR A GOOD BOOK?”) but then I thought maybe that was in poor taste during a pandemic”
    Eh, some people are dying for want of a sense of humor. What can ya do?
    And the others of us are desperately dying for a good laugh.😆
    And this pandemic is KILLIN’ IT!
    [Get it? Pandemic….Killin’ it….anyone?… Oookay, my twisted little brain and I will just go back over here to our dark corner and quietly cackle to ourselves….]

    ps: Sorry if this ends up double posting. The twerp website ate my meticulously pecked out comment the first time!

  31. I agree that it’s never too early for Halloween! I leave all my witchy stuff out year round. Your window display looks amazing. If you want to read a truly scary true story, read Hunt for the Skinwalker. OMG!

  32. Oh Wendyski… get married anyway! Find someone who will do it socially distanced for you & a couple of witnesses…and then maybe YEET THE TREATS instead of rice.

    And rhen may you have a vaccinated reception on your first anniversary.

  33. Nice to see something joyful online. I’m going to dress up as a writer wearing clothing and re-tell the story about the old neighbour at my Mom’s apartment building who gave out cough drops, or the friend who gave out a slice of processed cheese.

  34. Planning on road tripping from WI once it’s safe to do so… in the meantime… I’m ordering as I can. Looks amaze-balls!

  35. Susan #17…is there any way to see one of your trees built out of fallen branches? I do a similar thing (and also make giant insects and spiders with branches and ivy) and would love to see your take on things.

  36. Halloween is the best holiday. Very few expectations and therefore very few disappointments, that is unless no one comes to my home. I’ve had to step up my game plan for Halloween and now I get about 15 tricks or treaters, yay!

  37. Proud of you; it is a beautiful window and I especially love the rose tablecloth; very fortune teller ❤️

  38. Yes! I have plenty of what ppl call Halloween 🎃 decorations I leave up year round. Awesome job on window display. Go u girl

  39. I drive by every day! At 7:30am and at 5:30pm.
    I promise I’ll make it in to pick up all the books I bought someday!!!

  40. I love everything about your bookstore! Just ordered a couple of books for my Halloween display and wanted to let you know that I appreciate how easy and organized it is to order from you. Halloween is my favorite holiday, too! ♥

  41. I’m sorry I can’t get over that HUGE CAT WEARING A MASK!! How cool is that?? (I’m a little behind on all forms of social reading so the cat may have been mentioned elsewhere but it’s still awesome!)

  42. You rocked it…both ways! Well done! I travel with a replica human skeleton in my vehicle all the time. Dressed for different seasons or holidays, etc his name is Vicktor in honor of Dr Frankenstein. Right now he is in the back seat of the car sporting a mask with a skeleton reclining on it and Vick is holding his marvelous rubber chicken friend and wearing a rainbow coloured boa which periodically loosens a feather out into the world to baffle any feather collector because most of the colours in this boa do not exist in the natural world! We have fun and he never badgers me for extras at the drive through, nor does he criticize my driving…

  43. Love the display! I can’t wait to bring out all of my Halloween decorations too. Bring on the fake bat skeletons and ghosties…

  44. IMG_7389.jpeg So happy that even my daughter has started decorating for “Spooky Season” (which started September 1 according to our calendar)

  45. I didn’t want to harsh your mellow by saying that it was technically backwards, but you figured it out (of course)! I think it’s awesome. 🙂 My daughter and I are seriously talking about a road trip to come to the bookstore when everything opens back up! Can’t wait. <3

  46. I try to emulate the reformed Scrooge in regards to Hallowe’en. He kept Christmas in his heart all year; I keep Hallowe’en in mine. I’m trying to figure out what we can do for the kids in our neighborhood this year. I wonder how much practice it would take to be able to accurately pitch candy into different kinds of Trick-or-Treat bags?

  47. I love this so much and it makes me happy too! I am part of a huge Halloween family and my son was even birn in Halloween when he was expected on Thansgiving. Smart kid chose being a pumpkin over a turkey lol. You are amazing and I alwaya look forward to your posts and tweets. Thank you for being you!!

  48. Joining the chorus of “OMG WHERE DID YOU GET THE OWLS I WANT ONE”!

    (Ha! I got them at Grandin Road. ~ Jenny)

  49. I’m re-listening to Furiously Happy and am so thankful for you. This dumpster of a year and political/world climate has really made my tenuous hold on sanity that much harder. I live in FL and this week Gov De Santis (Oftrump) decided to open the whole state back up and I’ve been in such a depression all week because of it. Doesn’t he care about us? There are lots of immunocompromised people in the world. Listening to your book helps. I love you!

  50. Halloween is my birthday (that’s right)! But even if it weren’t, it’d still be my favorite holiday. I love its scary parts and funny parts equally.

    I sure hope one day I get to visit your glorious book store! Love you and your quirky, creative ideas!

  51. Fantastic! I’ll be decorating this weekend…but not as much as I’d like because my cats ruin EVERYTHING.

  52. Love the display! I would have commented sooner but I was putting up Halloween decorations. Our motto for Halloween is a modified old Nike motto: “Why just do it when you can OVERdo it?” Yeah, we overdo, but it’s always just enough.

  53. I love, love, LOVE your display. The idea of a fortune teller is just amazing! This for sure put me in the Halloween spirit. I totally understand where you’re coming from when you said, “I’m literally that person who intentionally leaves Halloween decorations up all year.” I am that same person for every holiday!!

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