Our house is haunted.

Since we moved into our house eight years ago Victor, Hailey and I have each seen a ghost here. It’s not a person though. It’s a large, dark dog that hangs out upstairs and it doesn’t bother us. We just see a glimpse of it around our legs once or twice a year and we always tell it, “Good dog” because I assume it belonged to one of the families who live here before us. But other than that this house is very peaceful.

Until a few weeks ago when we were woken up in the middle of the night by someone loudly knocking in our bathroom. We tiptoed around until we figured out it was coming from the bathroom window but there was no one there. We went back to bed. It started again.


Then we’d look…and silence. No one was there. No footprints outside the window.

And the next night it happened again.

Then again a few days later.

We’d lift the blinds but there was no one there. And it kept happening. Every time we thought it was finished it would come back.

Then, it happened in the daytime.

I was stepping out of the shower and I heard the tapping. I didn’t have my glasses on but I knew no one was there because I would have seen their silhouette through the blinds. So I screamed, “THIS IS NOT YOUR HOUSE, PEEPING TOM FUCKER” and then it stopped. And I relaxed and then it immediately started again so I grabbed my glasses and saw this.

I can only assume it’s taunting the ghost dog or that birds are getting perverted now too.

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  1. I heard something similar one day at work on the third story and I look over and it was a huge crow who must have seen their reflection and took issue with it. It was beautiful but I felt bad for it.

  2. Haha wow! We had a ghost dog in our flat in Edinburgh. I’d always here the “jingle jingle” of dog collar tags and smile and think “Aw. Our dog.”

    But we didn’t have a dog. (I had a lot on my mind at the time so I’d forget who was in my family at any given time during that stretch)

    However, I never SAW the dog. 😬

    Glad you found the source of the tapping! Night AND day though? That’s one bird who seems a bit obsessed and off their schedule.

    Stay safe! Tis the season!🎃


  3. My house has a cat ghost. It jumps on the bed and curls into the back of your knees. I’ve only seen it once, it’s a fat-headed stripy Tom. I have kitties, but they’re banned from upstairs because they all think 2AM is mommy play time. I love my kitty ghost.

  4. I lived in an apartment in college that had a ghost cat. It was a little fluffy white cat that mostly ran room to room. I would often see her running under my bed. She never bothered us or the cat we had living with us, she just showed up from time to time.

    That bird needs a better hobby.

  5. Mocking birds are the WORST if they have a nest, they will stare at you and attack the window. I had one do the same thing because I got too close to the nest outside and for 3 days it would attack the window and scream at me….without me even being anywhere near that damn nest.

  6. It looks like he’s attacking his reflection, thinking it’s another bird. I’ve been at work when a robin started hurling itself at my office window repeatedly, very disconcerting. I don’t know if there is anything you can put on your windows to make them less reflective.

  7. Omg that happens at my house too! There is a blue jay that likes to tap on my office window and also the bedroom window. It was terrifying until I found out what it was.

  8. Attacking his reflection. Can actually harm him so putting something over it – paper, cloth – can help. Cardinal boys do it a lot- will attack car mirrors. So we put a dock over it. Oh, and who’s a good dog?!

  9. Bird was the first thing I thought of. Mainly because we have a woodpecker that likes to attack our house from time to time.

  10. We had a ghost “cat” – we’d feel it walk up the bed and settle down. It’s gone now. I kinda miss it

  11. We had a cardinal do this for several weeks on our basement daylight window. We came to the conclusion he wanted to come and sit in the Christmas tree near the window but now I’m not so sure…

  12. Also here to add he may be attacking his reflection, thinking he’s protecting his territory

  13. I think at least one of my deceased cats is haunting our house (we’ve had 5 die here over time). I see motion out of the corner of my eye, or rustling where there is no living cat. For awhile cat toys squeaking on their own disturbed us but we realized that was the subwoofer. 😂

  14. Our cat became a ghost. She passed away while we lived in a house, and when the new owners bought it, would complain to the neighbor that the entire house smelled of cat pee. Our neighbor had been in our old home frequently and never smelled cat pee. Black Kitty Smush Mush didn’t like the new guy.

  15. Our house was haunted by a cat with long gray fur! Both my husband and I saw it constantly. Then, my beloved cat of 20 years, Firefly, passed away. We never saw the gray cat again. But we frequently hear Firefly’s meows and her nightly walk down the steps. Cats are pretty territorial. I guess Firefly told the gray spirit to move along. ❤️

  16. We had cherry trees on the farm where I grew up. There was a low-hung crank-out window which led to a roof in my bedroom. The crows would eat the cherries and get “drunk” and tap on this window, but not the regular sized window. It was disconcerting at first, but the crows must have been having a good time on all of the luscious cherries.

  17. This is familiar. I don’t know what kind of bird it is, but maybe it’s inherent to the species because my boyfriend had a similar situation where a bird that looked just like that would come tap on his window every morning for hours. As it was a window in the top part of a vaulted ceiling, it would echo through the house like mad. The bird finally disappeared one day – whether he became dinner to the local wildlife or just flew away, we’ll never know. I also had a bird that looked the same on my back patio just recently. He didn’t tap on the glass (probably because he couldn’t reach it from his perch), but he would sit on the backs of my patio chairs, peering in my sliding door while he pooped all over everything. I have photos of him peering in the window. I couldn’t believe how interested he was in what went on in my house!

  18. We had ghost cats when I was younger. We’d see them around our house all the time, but we didn’t have an indoor cat. So creepy.

  19. Mockingbirds are stubborn. Adopt it. Call it NeverMocker. Seriously put a piece of cardboard over the window so it no longer sees it’s reflection. It will go in a few days. Birds in Texas get weird this time of year.

  20. that would have scared the hell out of me in the middle of the night; good work on not peeing yourself right there. Small victories!

  21. My husband and I were home one morning and I heard a loud banging noise coming from our basement. It sounded like someone was throwing a basketball at the wall. I was too scared to go see what it was, so I sent my husband down there, armed with a baseball bat in case someone had broken in and was indeed playing basketball in our basement. Once he got down there he called out to me, laughing, and said I needed to come down. I was far too afraid, thinking some wild animal had gotten into the house (we live near a wooded area). He insisted, so I went downstairs and saw that a wild turkey had caught a glimpse of himself in our glass-windowed door, and started banging his head in what I can imagine was quite a glorious battle against an evil foe.

  22. After my dad passed away in 2016 (at home; cancer) there was a female cardinal that would hurl herself at the picture window in my parents’ kitchen. This went on every day for a couple of years, even after my mom put stickers on the window. It was unnerving for her. She thought it was my dad trying to send her some sort of message. It’s mostly stopped, but every now and again the cardinal will return.

  23. It’s a Northern mockingbird; they are intensely territorial, and ours are starting to spar already over their spaces for the coming mating season, which begins in a couple months. He is trying to scare off a rival in his reflection. I suggest window stickers or tissue paper to break up the reflection. Other birds may be tapping at their reflection as well.

    If you are awoken in spring or early summer by some damn bird singing his fool head off at 3 am, it’s probably a mockingbird. I take that singing as a sign that all is right with the world, smile, and go back to sleep.

  24. We had a young male robin that was obsessed with my son’s bedroom window one spring. He’d crash into it, flap wildly, then hop back on the nearby branch to plan his next assault. He’d start at 5 in the morning and go for hours. He resisted all our attempts to deter him — big owl silhouette, strings, decals. We learned that juvenile male robins often find a window and see their reflection as a challenger that must be vanquished. We named him Loco. He left after a few weeks of this, and I like to think that he’s older and wiser and shakes his head, chuckling, when he sees the next crop of teen robins crashing into imaginary rivals.

  25. HA! I have woodpeckers here and they are annoying as F and at night when you are home alone… has often startled the crap out of me

  26. When I saw his face I s c r e a m e d

    If you guys see birds tapping on weird stuff it’s because that’s how they get the ladies. Loudest bird always wins.

    Weird that he would do it at night though!

  27. bird: tap tap tap
    jenny: i’m going to tap right back at you
    bird: tap tap tap
    jenny: walks to window
    bird: flies away

  28. I worked at an office that had mirrored windows that started at ground level. Every day a cardinal would bang it’s entire body against the window and peck at it. Some days it was the male and others the female. The male would fly off and come back with food for her and feed her from his mouth. It was adorable and hilariously sad. Gotta love the birds.

  29. We had a robin do the same thing to our living room window, we finally had to cover the window on the outside since closing the drapes inside only made it madder. After two years it didn’t return again.

  30. We had cardinals bombarding our master bedroom windows during spring (mating season?). Then they started doing it to our master bath windows. Then finally they decided the large window over the front door was their target of choice. Repeatedly. For days. I felt trapped in Hitchcock’s The Birds, but the colorized version with blood red cardinals.
    My windows weren’t even that clean! 🤣
    We bought three plastic owls from one of the big box hardware stores and set them on the outside sills of each of the spaces. The bombardment finally stopped. And we still have them up even though one is headless, don’t ask, and haven’t had a recurrence for years.

  31. There are those terrible nail garlands you can install to keep birds away, but before doing that, maybe try making a paste of cayenne pepper and water and painting it on the window sill where it perches and maybe it won’t like it? There might also be some spray ‘bird off’ products you could research.
    At least it’s not a ghost…?

  32. They make stickers/window clings that are a silhouette of a hawk that you can put on the window which will keep birds from attacking the window. Or you can use spiderweb stickers/clings. Otherwise the mocking bird will keep tapping at his reflection and likely injure himself.
    I used to have a ghost of a lady living in my next door best friend neighbor’s house. You would see a fleeting glimpse of a blond lady walking around the house in a blue Victorian dress. We found her portrait in the basement of the house. She wasn’t scary at all, just liked to check up on new people when they entered her house.

  33. As scary as that was for you, at least it’s not hurting itself. I was just scarred for life yesterday at work. I work in a 12 story glass building. It was cloudy yesterday, which apparently makes it harder for the birds to distinguish that the mirrored glass is not a continuation of the sky. Just feet away from my perch, where I was enjoying sitting outside for a few minutes with no mask on during my lunch break, a bird that must have hit the building crashed to the ground, thrashed around for about 30 seconds and then died! It was awful!

  34. How cool that you’ve seen the dog. I felt my old (dead) dog crawl up onto my bed one night when I was mostly asleep and a little bit awake. I can’t imagine how buggy that bird must have been making you. Better to tap on the glass than to tear holes in your house. A few years ago we had a flicker (or some woodpecker) peck holes in the siding of our house. Two big ones!

  35. Our house has a cat ghost. I see it once in a while, a flicker of movement next to a doorframe. I’ve heard it drop to the floor. It has pulled things down to the floor.

  36. Birds see their reflection in the glass and thing some a-hole bird is trying to invade their territory so they go on the attack.

  37. my house is haunted too, we hear them only in my bedroom walking around when we are downstairs. They are generally harmless but I do think they were using my cat as a body occasionally (since I got a kitten my adult cat seems less crazy) but that’s a whole different story..lol.. I love your blog and books, I literally laugh outloud when reading them..thank you for bringing laughter in this unusual year!

  38. I used to have a road runner that would tap on my bedroom window every morning until I woke up and let my cat into the sunroom. They would spend hours chasing each other through the glass walls in some weird peak-a-boo game. I miss that bird.

  39. I’ve never lived anywhere haunted but my ex husband saw ghosts all the time. Everywhere. I do have a cat that tends to pop up and follow me around when I’m overly stressing out. It likes to stare at me judgingly from doorways too.

  40. Maybe get one of those noise-activated Hallmark things and put it right inside the window. When he taps, the thing starts flailing around, scaring him off until he stops doing it.

    I mean, it might not make you sleep better at first, but maybe over time, he’ll give up.

    Or get madder and more aggressive, one of the two.

  41. There is a particularly stupid woodpecker that used to live in our neighborhood. I wish he’d’ve just stuck to the glass – nooooo, HE had to try to drill through the chimney lining! So you’d be minding your own business and suddenly the whole house would sound like something was trying to jackhammer through metal. Because something WAS trying to jackhammer through metal.

  42. We had a bluebird doing that for several days. Lots of flying up and back down and hitting the bathroom window. I felt like it wanted in, but that window didn’t even open, so it was out of luck.

  43. We get phantom knocks on our front door! Took me awhile to figure out it was birds who would cling to the carved wood of the door and pick at the bugs that are around the edges. Now that I know what it is, I kind of like them there. They are like my security system… anyone tries breaking in and they are gonna get pecked by my team of attack birds!

  44. We had an Eastern Towhee that spent half the summer alternating between tapping on our window and attacking my husband’s car mirrors and windows.

  45. We have a ghost dog too! Every so often, my husband and I will see a little gray shadow run up the stairs. We thought we were imagining things until one night, all of the cats’ heads swiveled at the exact same time to the exact same place where we had just seen it scampering around the corner.

  46. We used to have a robin who would fight himself in his reflection in our window. We put a piece of foil in the window, and he finally stopped doing it. You could try that – can’t hurt. Otherwise, he’ll probably just continue to tap away…

  47. Solidarity, friend.
    We have, what I like to call, “Red Headed M@therF#ckers”, trying to drill holes in our house, at the crack of dawn.
    I do not wake up, at the crack of dawn, ever.
    Those little b@stards are lucky that they are a Protected Species.

  48. I used to stay once a week at a friend’s (empty) house to be close to my work. I was always woken up by a crow. It wouldn’t stop rapping on the glass door until I called out “Good morning”. Took me a few days to learn what was happening, but it was a lovely way to be woken up in the morning.

  49. My nephew’s bathroom was haunted as well. Took him ages to get a picture…of a woodpecker. What the woodpecker wanted no one knows. We now have one going at our house…which is has stucco not wood! I think they are going nuts.

  50. Throughout the year at we intermittently have a crazy cardinal who repeatedly dive bombs our window, preferably when the cat is nearby. He has done it so hard he has knocked himself down many times. He will sometimes do it for a couple of hours. Thankfully he only does it during the day, and only to the living room window!

  51. When I first moved into my house, there was a ghost of a gray cat that would dart through occasionally. He/she finally disappeared I guess. I don’t see it anymore

  52. After my dad died a couple of years ago, a bird came to my living room window, perched on the outside edge, and tapped at me for 3 1/2 days. I could swear it was Morse code, which my dad could understand but I cannot. I even videoed the bird for a while and asked people on reddit to translate it for me, but I was never able to find out exactly what dad was trying to tell me.

  53. This happened frequently this summer. First it was bluebirds, then a robin, then…..and no matter what we did they came back to the window or chose another one.

  54. Wow, that makes me think of the episode of the West Wing where a bird is constantly pecking on the window outside Josh’s office (Life on Mars, I think). And in a somewhat related side note, last month I had to leave my house at 5am to go to the hospital. As we were walking through the dark towards the car, something starts shrieking from a tree nearby. Thank goodness it followed the shriek with some recognizable owl hooting because I was about to run back in the house and call my procedure off! Nature can be spooky.

  55. When I was in high school in Tennessee there was a mockingbird pair in the back yard that would attack my daddy everytime he went into the back yard. It got so bad he would take a tennis racket out with him to wave at it (he wasn’t trying to hit it, just warn it off). This went on all summer, so we thought the birds were probably defending a nest. They never bothered anyone else though.

  56. right after my dad died a cardinal started pecking on his kitchen window. He got really loud when we talked with the relator about redecorating the kitchen. The realtor would say, shhhh Bill, we’re talking. Then we sold the house and he showed up 2 miles away at my brothers. Then my brother moved 10 miles away and the cardinal stayed behind. The new owners called up and said there is this crazy cardinal banging on our window. My bro said – yeah it’s my dad. I forgot to tell him we were moving.

    Dead silence.

  57. I lost my cat a couple years ago. I had her cremated and the night that I received her ashes, I felt her step onto my bed and curl up against my legs. Every now and then, I feel her on the bed. I like that my kitty has stayed with me.

  58. Every time I drove to my mom’s house I used to come out to bird poop all over my driver’s side mirror. The dang mockingbird would get enraged and peck at its reflection and poop on the car. Every time …

  59. …But you won’t find him there… he’s up on the roof with his boids. He keeps boids. Dirty… disgusting… filthy… lice-ridden boids. You used to be able to sit out on the stoop like a person. Not anymore! No, sir! Boids!… You get my drift?

    I’m not a Madam, I’m a Concierge!

    Storm the Klingon

  60. Silly bird! There is a product at the hardware store called “Tangle Foot”. It’s this sticky gooey stuff you can put on the window frame. Birds don’t like stepping in sticky gooey stuff and it will keep them from destroying your windows. I don’t believe it hurts them but you may want to double check.

  61. I’ve been bird-haunted twice. At one apartment building my living room had clerestory windows. A peacock who lived on the property would somehow manage to get onto the roof of my second-story apartment – I’d be working on the computer or reading a book in the living room and hear this machine-gun rapping above me, and the peacock would be pecking the clerestory window and staring at me. Wouldn’t stop until I closed the blinds.
    Then in the house I rented just before moving to the place we live now, I often saw a roadrunner hunting on my street or in my front yard. Various colorful eccentrics were also wandering through the neighborhood all the time and sometimes came to the door, usually trying to convert me or sell me magazines. One day I was reading on the couch in my living room and heard a rapping on the window. I figured it was somebody at the door and looked up, and the roadrunner was sitting on the windowsill staring at me. He was gone before I could get his picture, although I did get shots of him in the yard on other days.
    I love roadrunners, our state bird (New Mexico) – I heard a paleontologist describe a velociraptor as a giant roadrunner from hell once. Peacocks not so much. They strut, show off, aren’t very bright, are aggressive, and make a lot of noise – I think they’re Republicans.

  62. There’s a woodpecker who LOVES to attack the reflection he sees in our bathroom window. He’s hit it so hard and so many times that he broke the seal, and now we need to replace the window. I’d recommend putting something in the window, so you don’t have the same problem.

  63. Be happy it’s not a lonely mocking bird. Those ones will sing ALL NIGHT LONG. That lonely fucker wouldn’t shut up for weeks. Outside my window, singing loud and long, often mimicking the walk signal at the intersection. Oh how I wanted that thing dead!!!

  64. Our family business was located in a lovely two-story complex surrounded by trees. The windows had a reflective coating. Those trees were home to a “murder of crows.” I still have nightmares about the crows LOUDLY trying to peck their way into the building Imagine having fifteen of those fuc**ers tapping on the window at the same time!

  65. Several years ago, we had a bluebird attacking our window trying to impress his lady. For weeks, “Betty” sat patiently on our deck railing while “Biff” picked fights with his reflection. The frat boy of the bird world…

    I had a car that was haunted by a stray cat that I accidentally hit as it was crossing a highway, and then tried to rescue. It died in my car on the way to the vet, so I paid for them to cremate him, and thought that was it. Months later, I heard meowing in the back seat as I was driving around town. I pulled into a parking lot to take a look, thinking that our Persian had snuck into the car somehow, but nothing. It was the only time I ever heard anything. We later sold the car, and I would see it driving around our town. I always wondered if the new owners ever heard meowing, or if Kitty had moved on after I heard him.

  66. We had a woodpecker that enjoyed hammering away on the metal cap to our chimney. It echoed down the flue and sounded like machine gun fire. Scared the hell out of us every time!

  67. I grew up in a two story brick house. When I was a teenager something would wake me up occasionally at my upstairs window in the night. I was a total wuss and would just bury my head under the covers until the noise would stop. One night I came home late from wherever and, for the first time, I heard the noise while I was up and the lights were on. I couldn’t see out the window so I switched off the light and peered out. There was my pinhead idiot cat, spread-eagle hanging from the window screen. I started shouting “Mom, Mom, the cat is on the outside of my window!”. She called the cat from the back door and the cat disengaged himself from the screen and I watched in amazement as she ran headfirst down the brick wall to get in the house. I don’t recall it ever happening again.

    When I was much younger, I painted a cross over my bed using gold stain hoping that would ward off the vampires from Dark Shadows. I think it worked.

  68. I’ve dot video of a Baltimore oriole and his significant other doing the same thing in my kitchen window! It took a while because he kept leaving before I actually got to see him. But I finally caught him- with my phone camera, not literally caught him. His girl boldly hung out on the screen.

    Then more recently my daughter caught a bird knocking on my bedroom window. I told her that one was a friend of mine, I let him in at night and out in the morning lol!

  69. Ever since we bought this house 2 years ago I am regularly jolted from sleep by the sound of the side of a fist pounding on the door, except there’s no one there. It’s a brand new house so no one lived here before. It takes forever to fall back to sleep

  70. My dog would still scratch on the door every day, excited that i was home from school ready to greet me, long after she died. I would sometimes just sit there a moment, as i knew if i opened the door she wouldn’t be there.

  71. Foir two years we had a ruffed grouse that would chase our car up the road (it’s a VERY LONG road to the house…and if he caught up with the car he would start whacking at the back window. Grouses are extremely aggressive, especially during mating season, and we finally realized that he was seeing the reflection of Another Male Grouse and he was furious.

    So I think that’s what your jay was doing, seeing himself as a rival in the glass. Pretty thing, though…

  72. Every year, when the baby woodpeckers fledge, one or two will try to knock on the house (all cedar, stained siding) and one will knock on a metal chimney cap which sounds like a toddler with a pot and metal spoon. I have to open windows or go outside and have a talk with them. Then of course in the late winter, deer come by the east side of the house where there is always vinca vine growing and green and if they munch on vines the male’s antlers hit the downstairs windows. Drives the cats crazy. Flipping animals.

  73. Quite literally, we just watched your video, and a bird came to our front window and beat at it with his wings.

    Are you sure you aren’t channeling Tippi Hedren?

  74. I have had the holy bejesus scared out of me by a raven pecking the window in our bathroom. The window is in a raised area and faces over the house so I could not see what was going on for months. I finally saw it from the outside one day. I went through months and months of being scared stupid by that bird!

  75. Mockingbird. Very territorial. I’m guessing the nest is somewhere around there. And yeah, they’re up all night, too.

  76. Silly bird! There is a product at the hardware store called “Tangle Foot”. It’s this sticky gooey stuff you can put on the window frame. Birds don’t like stepping in sticky gooey stuff and it will keep them from destroying your windows. I don’t believe it hurts them but you may want to double check.

  77. It sees itself in the window reflection, and it doesn’t like what it sees, clearly. Peck that jerk right in the face.

  78. Thanks for the laugh!!🤣🤣🤣 We had a ghost cat for years that followed us every time we moved. I’d feel him jump up on the bed and think it was our actual cat, roll over to pet her, and nothing was there! After this happened several times I realized it was a ghost cat. Of course I guess she could be a ghost ferret or raccoon or small dog ghost, but there’s something about the way she walks across the mattress that says “Cat.” She stopped coming around for a long time until we moved back to our hometown and recently, one morning, there she was—padding across my bed! I love my ghost cat! She never sheds!

  79. I said “him” then “her”. I always thought of the ghost cat as a her but maybe deep down I’m not sure? 😁❤️

  80. Wow..that’s quite a story. I have seen a ghost or two in my day and am still visited in my sleep by my deceased mother who makes it very clear she’s aware of what’s happening in her childrens’ lives. Anyway, my family is moving a brand new buiin a few months but the building we’re in now is DEFINITELY haunted. There are many children in this building and I’m used to hearing loud running and yelling and all the usual kid noises. My kids are noisy too. But at night, it’s different. I hear what sounds like furniture being thrown around children screaming but not in playing. It sounds like their in pain and I try to drown it out by listening to my favorite podcasts. As soon as I turn it off, the noises stop. My daughter and mother have heard the noises. Also, my son’s learning toy goes off by itself after I’ve tuned it off. My daughter says she isn’t scared but I always ask whatever is there to not scare the children. But last night, my 22 month old was getting his pacifier out of the kitchen and I heard him flying down the hallway screaming. He can’t make sentences yet but something shook him up. He guided me back to the kitchen to check it out, but I saw nothing. As we left, I heard a noise that sounded like someone was banging on the pipes under the kitchen sink 😳 I think maybe our “friends” are getting restless so I’m gonna get dome sage and see what happens.

  81. So we lost our dog to a super aggressive cancer, and he was a great dog. We had him cremated, and the vet was taking longer than usual to get us his ashes because of Covid. One day my friend calls me and said “I was thinking about Petey this morning, he was really happy and I wanted to share” and I had just had a dream about him being really happy. So we were sharing and going “how crazy is that?!? at the same time we are thinking of him” I tell my husband and he said “I swear I felt him on the bed this morning” About 20 minutes later, we got a call from the vet that his ashes were ready for pick-up. And my husband and I just looked at each other and said “our boy is ready to come home!!” I’ve never really experienced anything like that, but it made me really happy.

    We just got a new puppy and he plays by himself but looks like he’s interacting with someone. So we’ve decided Petey is teaching him how to be a good boy.

  82. That’s a Northern Mockingbird. A mockingbird that hasn’t found a mate will sing all night long in the summer, and one that sees itself in the window will try to go after the intruder on its territory–or try to offer food to that lovely face, so if you see smears left behind on the glass that’s why.

    We had one that was clearly pretty lonely one summer and finally at midnight my husband threw the bathroom window open–and on impulse rather than uselessly trying to shoo it away he sang a song to it.

    The mockingbird went instantly quiet. When he stopped, the bird sang his song back to him! Cool thanks bro new song to attract the ladies! ‘Bye!

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