It’s Friday. Step into my office.

If we worked together in real life this is when I’d be like, “Psst. Come in my office and shut my door because I have instagrams to show you.” But this is the internet and the internet is real life in the time of covid so STEP INTO MY OFFICE AND SHUT MY DOOR BECAUSE I HAVE INSTAGRAMS TO SHOW YOU.

Never going swimming again. Like, I might not even take a bath:


Happy Friday, sweetness.

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  1. Made my morning………..what a hoot cats are!!~! I’ll go into your office anytime!!

  2. You’ve made a strong point in my revolving debate for Instagram. Well done Mrs Lawson. 👏👏

  3. 1. Was that fish a BASS? Because holy freaking crap. I am never getting in another lake again if that’s the kind of monster lurking in the depths.

    2. Do foxen really make that weird giggly noise?

  4. So funny! Thank you.
    (PS. foxes can carry rabies, so don’t try this at home.)
    I really feel for the chubby cat trying to escape the headboard, those pandemic pounds make everything a little more difficult and uncomfortable than before.

  5. Just hilarious! Love the woodcock. Tried to show this to my cocker spaniels but they were uninterested. They are supposed to chase those dudes?!?

  6. Oh my stars and garters, I legit snorted at more than a couple of these.

  7. These are all split a gut funny, I really needed this today! Thank you. 😘

  8. Great finds! Bigfoot strutting her stuff cracked me up – only 3 looks? Really?

  9. Yasssss!!!! I so needed this today (and to end this horrible week). Thanks, Jenny!

  10. Thank you so much! I seriously needed the laughs 💜 I hope you’re having an amazing day.

  11. This is just what I needed to see to give me the willpower to get out of bed 😍 thanks Jenny

  12. There are three national treasures associated with this post…Jenny, David Spade, and sasquatch! Also the Instagram post of the dogs with the shared brain cell…*chef’s kiss*

  13. Needed this so much today…relapsing depression and anxiety are hitting hard…I need my confidence right now…not my doubt…thanks for the smiles even if they are fleeting…

  14. Thanks for sharing! I legit snorted at the cat trapped in his little cat condo by the farting dog.

  15. I could really relate to the struggle bus cat when he looked back at his own fat belly in puzzlement. “What am I getting stuck on … wait … what the f*** is that doing there?” Been there, my friend.

  16. I started back to work this week. Sitting at the kitchen table laughing so hard tears rolled down my face. Thank you Jenny, I was afraid I was getting called into the office to be handed about 54 more tasks to do by Tuesday. No make that Monday by 3.

  17. That grouper. Another thing in the water that I did NOT need to know about. On a more positive note, my cat says,”Hewwo” (hello) when upset. “Hewwo, this a bullshit trip to the vet! Hewwo!”

  18. Thank you Jenny. I’m having a bad day and even though I cried through most of these, I feel a little better.❤️

  19. 3 looks – yep. That’s me. Although I would probably sub out hooker for church lady, but still….

  20. Thanks for the laughs. Saved me from going through a million Instagram posts.

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