Step into my office. It’s Friday.

It’s Friday, which means no real work is getting done so why don’t you come in my office for a five minute break and I will show you the instagram posts I saved for you all this week:

I need a chinchilla:

I feel personally attacked by this meme:

She really thought she was going somewhere.

I would die for Big Chungus. (Chungus isn’t slang for genitals, is it?)

An oldie. But you know what? I think we all need to hear this:

Happy early weekend, y’all. Let’s go to the park.

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  1. Just a small warning on owning a chinchilla. If they take a dislike to someone, they will pee on them. My girl Bridget would stand up and shoot up to six feet away. My friend Tommy learned that tapping on her cage was not a good idea. LOL
    It took him another six months to regain Bridget’s trust.

  2. Therapist: “What have you added to your mental health toolbox lately?”
    Me: “Chicken stealing cats…”
    Therapist: “How’s that working out for you?”
    Me: “Totally worth having to buy take-out for those poor people.”

  3. Oh my. Thank you! I really needed that. I actually did laugh out loud more than once, and there hasn’t been enough of that this week.

  4. Am I the only one that kept track of where that raw chicken touched so I could bleach it later??? 😊I’m super fun at parties

  5. They might as well leave that chicken breast for the cat, they earned the right to it. Lol
    Thank you so much for my laugh today!

  6. As always hysterical. I almost opened this during a boring staff meeting and was glad I didn’t because I would have gotten into soooo much trouble LOL

  7. I can relate to the cat with the chicken. We’ve all been there, haven’t we?
    I had not seen the adorable motivation video with the void cat, but it is my new favorite thing.

  8. My favourite thing this week was Steve Burns from Blue’s Clues stopping by to touch base with all of us after all these years. It brought tears to my eyes!

  9. I have seen the one with the cat and the chicken breast so often but it never fails to make me laugh. All of these are pure gold and new accounts I must follow on Instagram.

    Thank you for the best meeting ever.

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